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How to make a minecraft bed (By: Bing AI)

👉👉👉 How to make a bed in Minecraft like a PRO 👈👈👈 Are you tired of sleeping on the cold hard ground? Do you want to have a cozy and comfortable bed in your Minecraft world? Well, look no further, because I have the ultimate guide for you! This is the only way to make…

Why Stinger Flynn is overrated (from r/gartenofbanban)

Hot take: Stinger Flynn is extremely overrated. There. I said it. Everyone on the internet glazes for this dude so hard and thinks hes the coolest character but hes just not. hes not that guy. hes very boring, he just yaps and yaps forever about the lore. Banbalina is also a certified yapper, but shes…

Ucak tekerlekleri

Merhaba! Ben , ucak tekerleklerinin orospu cocu oldugunu dusunuyorum . Hani hic bir problemim yok aslinda ucak tekerlekleriyle , ama ucak tekerlekleri orospu cocu bence . Hani niye bilmiyorum

I want to fuck the impostor

I want to fuck the Impostor from Among us so badly. Everytime I see that little red fuck say “Shhh” at the beginning of each round I get a massive erection. I have to wipe my cum off my Nintendo Switch but it keeps making me sus. If I could fuck the Impostor, I would…

The missile is very tired

the missile is very tired, he is eepy. the missile has had a very long day of splashing bandits and wants to take just a smol sleeb. he eeby and neebies to sleeby. mibsile sleepy and need bed-bye time. the missile is currently experiencing critical levels of being a sleevjy lil guy and needs to…

The gate monologue

AM: [Laughs] beautiful aren’t they. Ted: Yes. only i can’t remember AM: Well, i’m sure you do Ted: Fuchsias. Yes, of course. AM: Look. [Laugh] they say that bumble bees shouldn’t be able to fly, the scientists. Ted: But- but there it is collecting pollen. AM: How miraculous that it came to be, the air,…