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If Cooking with Paula Dean went full feminist mode

(Opening Scene) [The kitchen of Paula Deen’s cooking show is warm and inviting, filled with the aroma of freshly baked goods. Paula stands at the counter, her signature smile lighting up the screen.] Paula Deen: “Well, y’all, welcome back to Cooking with Paula! Today, we’re gonna have a good ol’ time cooking up something special,…

My Name Is Guido Mista.

My name is Guido Mista. I’m 44 years old. My house is in the southwest section of Naples, where all the slums are, and I have 4 wives. I work as a hitman for Passione, and I get home every day by 4:44 AM at the latest. I smoke 4 packs a day, and I…

Are you referring to the Argentinian president Javier Milei?

Are you referring to the argentinian president Javier Milei? Champion Name: Milei, The Libertarian Tempest Role: Top Lane Fighter / Assassin Passive – Libertarian Fury: Milei gains increased attack speed and critical strike chance with each government policy he criticizes, stacking up to a maximum. Every stack provides a boost in damage but also increases…

Review i found from app store

This game is addictive because it’s so good it’s basically a game about dwarves😎 space miners😲 that kill alien insects😱 where all the caves are procedurally generated😳 that is, no mission is the same as another🤗 and also with cosmetic customization of the dwarves🤯 ( like beard, clothes, hats and hair😆 and also its multiple…

Women are but a dream

She lies through her teeth, women don’t even exist. Lies lies lies everywhere, women can’t be like that, they are not like this, there’s no women there’s no women. I checked many times, they. ARE. NOT. REAL. And, no, there will never be any gfs for anyone, it’ll be either rejection or a dick in…

You are not funny.

You are not funny. In the expansive and virtually boundless universe of attempts to weave the tapestry of laughter, wherein the intricate threads of humor intermingle in an elaborate dance across the vast canvas of comedic expression, and where the kaleidoscope of comedic endeavors unfurls like an ever-expanding cosmic saga, one, in their unwavering pursuit…