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The devil be like

The devil be like let’s give kids labels to find community but those communities are actually Discords that atomize them further; then when they try to find flesh space community the labels they’ve been engrained with further separate them others; eventually when all of their human functions have been severed they find themselves alone in…

Sorry gengar my pokemon plushy

PART 1 (true story) Ive never been so downbad in my life until today at 9:00pm. The thing ive done is something im going to regret, im going to hate myself for, im going to disappointed in myself. Basically it was a typical day as ever i got back from practice at 5:00pm I decided…

Australian painter boyfriend

So guys, is this normal or do you see any red flags? My boyfriend is an aspiring painter from Austria but he’s been living in Germany for quite a while. When he was younger, he and his boys got into a bit of trouble after trying to overthrow the government. He even had to spend…

55…. no social life… does it get ANY BETTER????

I have no kids, I am not married but I live withmy partner of 13 years. We have around 20 cats so we can never travel. I hoped I could connect with a friend of mine but she moved way down into Kentucky (I live in the eastern part of Cincinnati) She is married and…

Yes, I can repost memes!

There is no such thing as creation or invention, as each invention ever presented in human history is either an inspiration from nature or an improvement of the previous invention. There is no such thing as original ideas, original ideas need a base context to even formulate which is not technically original. It is a…