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Post mistakenly made on r/steam and now deleted

Elden Ring DLC Broke Steam So I just purchased and began to download the Elden Ring DLC on my PC. It got to 100% download progress, and then got stuck on “Installing”. This alone is a simple enough issue, so I looked it up and found people saying to restart my computer/steam. I tried restarting…

Cucks aren’t weak

It should be a badge of honor to be a cuck man. Let’s change the narrative. These guys are some of the STRONGEST men on the planet! It’s sad that cucks are seen as weak, unstable and people with inferiority complexity. No all of these are lies as it takes real and strong men to…

Martial arts circlejerk

Hello everyone! I (M46) am a yellow belt in Taekwondo and I have a lot of friends in the martial arts community. But all of my friends take Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and they are always shitting on me and telling me that TKD will never be useful in a street fight. Every time they tell me…

Is kissing the homies actually gay?

Okay so me and my friend group all used to get together a couple weeks ago. We are all boys and basically we all got put on dates set up by our other friends. It’s five of us and five other girls getting ready for dates. We admit to each other in our friend group…

People who leaves comment on porn video.

I was watching a porn video once, and the comments section happened to be visible. From it I learned, with my dick still in my hand, that the girl I was looking at had killed herself with a shotgun a few weeks before. So I would also like an answer to this question. -TheVegetaMonologues