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Best Roast of 2024

U not tuff U not cool U not famous U not about that life U get no hoes U got no motion U got no friends U got no dad i bet you smell like shit


Guys, actually you’re a nerd. You stupid nerd! According to my calculations, you’re a nerd? Also whoever made Rainbow Six Siege, I want to suck your cock. Your volumptious cock is my lord. Oh, your majesty, you say you want a nice sucking? Say no more my king. Oh wow, my cock lord, has your…

What a Hypocrite!!!

He’s such a hypocrite. He usually says stuff and then proceeds to contradict what he said a few minutes ago. He’s a two-faced snake, a fanatic sociopathic narcissist who is driven by his insufferable ego and hyper inflated sense of self worth/importance. A tough guy only online. A shower of poor sportsmanship. A cheater at…

One of our parents hid a rosary in the baby room

One of our parents hid a rosary in the baby room My and her parents are very aware of our stances, still one of them hid this in the baby bookshelf during their stay. Only happen to find it by accident

Erm, what the sigma

It sounds like you’re combining some internet slang and memes! Here’s a fun mix-up of what you might be looking for: Skibidi: This term could be referencing the popular dance challenge inspired by the song “Skibidi” by Little Big, characterized by its energetic and quirky moves. Gyatt: This seems to be a playful or exaggerated…


*You of all people should know — there’s nothing so cruel as memory. The pointy, bitey little thunderbolts. Unwanted party crashers, screaming through your synapses. Inescapable, unrelenting… not at all friendly. You can’t even escape into madness! And then you meet someone who changes your life — and you feel that you don’t even know…