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While i was in school’s bathroom i found a wierdo jerking off

I saw his thighs next to the door, and the soap in the bathroom disappeared, and i’m hearing squeezing and the smell is soap. This kid should be a 7th grader due to his thighs not very hairy, Also, at the same bathroom me and the boys found semen on the floor, what should we…


Miks sa ei maga, poiss? Kas vanaema pole sulle rääkinud soovanast — lapsed, kes õhtul jonnivad, või õhtuti magama ei jää, neile tuleb öösel soost järgi koll, kes paneb nad kotti ja lohistab rappa.Või võib ka tulla kuri nõid, kes lendab öösel korstnast sisse, ning otsib üles kõik lapsed, kes veel öösel üleval on, ning…

From a mortal kombat youtube comment

I can’t take it anymore. I’ve seen literally every Rule34post there is of Mileena. My dreams are nothing butconstant titfucking sex with her. I’m sick of waking upevery morning with six nuts in my boxers and knowingthat those are nuts that should’ve been busted inside ofher cleavage. I’d fuck between her perfect porno mommyworthy tits…

I got cockblocked by a security guard 💀

Aight the title sounds weird af, but anyways. I was at a party organised by the school where I met this girl. For background: In Sweden we have a thing called “inspark” where people who just started, our equivalent of, high school go to a club and party. And as a normal club, there were…

From a book I was read to in kindergarten

“He had a large bellows with a long, thin tip of ivory. He asserted that by inserting this tip eight inches into the anus and inhaling gas, he could make the bowels thin and soft, as if dried and the bladder. And if the disease is more ancient and violent, the physician forces air into…