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Roblox 4chan group

Why are you guys such wannabes? you are literally dollhousians. You guys have a guy/girl, you guys have friends, you have it all. i dont get why you pretend and larp as a truecel when in reality you’re wannabe normies. you are NOT a lonercel, you do NOT struggle, you are NOT schzjoid, you are…

I drowned myself so a hot Life Gaurd would hold me.(from r/confession)

So this happened when I was 10 I think. I could always swim and I went to vacation with friends family. I went beach and saw this hot life gaurd. I’d never felt so enamored by another man before. I wanted him to hold me. I tried talking to him but he was distant and…

Hawk Tuah Girl dragging the Hawk Tuah meme

Dude you know what’s crazy? Is that that Hawk Tuah, like meme, dude it is still massive. Yeah. MASSIVE. I mean I’m seeing new ones that I’ve never seen before that have millions of likes and views, still, that are popping up all over the place. You know what else is crazy? Like how, all…

Had sex for the first time and now I’m confused

Had sex for the first time and now I’m confused I took a 3 day break from masterbating before doing it I’m 17 and this was my first time . It’s not like it’s hard for me to get it up I get a raging boner and precum by just kissing my gf . I…



Goodra copypasta

I do not intend to undermine the value of the previous entrepreneur’s research, but I wish to state my observations. While Vaporeon might be the most compatible for interspecies breeding, Goodra is most likely yielding the most gratifying experience. Being made of pure goo, you can actually penetrate Goodra from wherever, and whenever you wish.…