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  1. you should set yourself on fire and drive yourself down a hill in a shopping cart and call yourself a…

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I love fuckinf bees

I love fuckinf bees Call me a kaan. I don’t care. I love fucking bees. I keep a bee hive in my bedroom for me to shove my dick in each day, the stinging hurts but feels so fucking good. I give my little bees flowers every day, my little love bees. God they are…

Literally copy-pasted from google

Proteus syndrome is a rare genetic condition that causes excessive growth of your bones, skin, organs and/or tissues. The disease causes parts of your body to grow out of proportion with the rest of it. The overgrowth is usually asymmetrical, meaning it affects the right and left sides of your body differently.

Am I overreacting? (very mild NSFW

(I get that this isn’t AITA, but I don’t think this really belongs in AITA) So I (16F) was sitting in the school hall when someone started kicking my seat. I thought “annoying, but whatever”, but all of a sudden, their foot nudged my butt (it was one of those chairs with a hole in…

I made this at 1am in an xbox party hope u enjoy

I accidentally fucked a notebook in the middle of math class I am a 7th grade trans man who underwent penis surgery to give me a massive tallywacker I was really lonely and have always been attracted to girls So I started drawing art in my notebook to distract myself At first it was nothing,…

Apples enemy number one

What the fuck did you just fucking say about Coolstar, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in Apple’s Bug Bounty, and I’ve been involved in numerous exploits on various iOS firmwares, and I have over 300 confirmed jailbreak releases. I am trained in system process modding and I’m…