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Hey there, I’m Giorgos

Hey there, I’m Giorgos, and I’ve got to say, I’m not one to brag, but when it comes to Overwatch, I’m pretty confident that I’m the best Soldier: 76 player you’ll ever come across. I’ve poured countless hours into mastering every aspect of his gameplay, from the pinpoint accuracy of his pulse rifle to the…

I hear my mother getting upset at my younger sister so I go upstairs to defend

I hear my mother getting upset at my younger sister so I go upstairs to defend. โ€œI want my kids to be straightโ€ like my mother says today Saturday Sept 16 2023 around 1:51 PM โ€œWhat if your kids are not straight?โ€ like I reply. Sexuality is a spectrum. I tell her I see no…


i fucking hate country humans. how tf are you gonna be making ships of countrys? people make fandoms of literally anything istg. “country’s react to americas aus ๐Ÿฅบ” NO. AMERICA DOES NOT HAVE FUCKING “ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSES” BECAUSE AMERICA IS NOT A HUMAN!!! ITS A FUCKING COUNTRY. and people streotype them so bad too, like they…

Transcripts from the Trials

“All I wanted was to be a useful engine. Useful engines always arrive on time. Useful engines follow orders.” “And were you aware of where you were taking the people you transported?” “I had only a vague idea sir. I knew they were prisoners. I never knew what was going to…I just…I had my orders…

I hate tomatoes part 2

I was getting done mushing up the 2kg of tomatoes which I fucking hate when this annoying bitch decided to fucking yell at me for doing it with my bare hands, like holy fuck could you not put a pack of rubber gloves before making me do this shit? Not to fucking mention I wanted…