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My question for loli enjoyers:

My question for loli enjoyers: what if you caught me whacking it hard to a drawing of a desecrated corpse? Like I was beating my meat like it owed me money and on my screen was an anime style drawing of a car crash victim. Not even nude. Just a mostly realistic depiction of a…

Tetris is the perfect sex game

Tetris is the perfect sex game, think about it. It’s about matching tetromino figures perfectly, filling holes with line blocks, it’s the perfect metaphor for penis and vulva. You can also choose how rough it’s gonna be, pick a comfortable speed and ram it in or slowly descend it. All the tetromino shapes are extremely…

I once wore my sisters panties to school and got bullied

It was a Friday morning and my mum kept shouting at me to wake up. I never woke up and at 7:50am, (5 mins before i had to leave) I suddenly opened my eyes and literally pannicked like never before. I had to get changed as fast as possible so I grabbed my school uniform…

reddit moemnt

Same, it’s actually kinda hard as someone going thru puberty with games this do this, literally. Like I actually get turned on so easily it effects my performance, so I try to avoid these types of games, or mod the game (practical armors for Skyrim, peak modding).


Me personally? I’m rocking a bunch of fantasy shit, as well as just an absolute specimen of a dildo okay? 12 inches long, adorned with veins that run tip to base just like the United States highway system. Featuring both suction cup and cum shot ability this bad boy will stick just about anywhere and…