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  1. Greetings bruv, allow me to communicate with you momentarily. Why are fellows conversing that you’re going around conversing that you’ve…

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How.. fast do nipples work?

Aight so I’m gay and also dumb as shit. Say there’s this person with working, lactating nipples. And then either a baby or a kinky adult starts sucking on one of those bad boys with full intention on getting that good shit OUT. How long, from the moment of the suckening, does it take for…

hollow knight

I got my 12 year old nephew Hollow knight for thanksgiving and tried to walk him through the first two stages and he just got frustrated and wouldn’t even read the amazing text lore and wanted to quit in greenpath and play a different game. I’m angry with him now because he doesn’t even appreciate…

Bro gave us the lore

She is a well known actress who lives right across the street of some dude, that I once met at a gas station. He said that her mother was once a friend of a guy named Tony. He could make the best sandwiches in town. They were made with cheese and a sprinkle of Oregano.…

copypasta from AITA (it got deleted)

Am I the AITA FOR PUNCHING MY FRIEND? JANUARY, 14:was in 4th grade (9-10 years old) and I was just depressed, no friends and so I decided to make friends with this girl on the playground and she was high key kinda a bully, ngl.MARCH 2:She punched and fought people but we were great friends…

youre using us you piece of shit

you’re using us, you piece of shit. do you know how jealous we all are of you? how much bitterness you inspire within us? using our pain and grief as a backdrop to your successes. I don’t blame you, but I wish you would go away.