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Orphan Morgan is Not Black (found on YT)

Let me tell you something. I play RED dead. You don’t play as black person. This is a stink and one of them hacks. It’s like you can have like bears. At camp or you could be offered when you’re playing against John. Yeah, no, if you’re kindna, leave this and then you’re like. Oh,…

“Why are you saying you’re sorry? You didn’t do anything…”

Ah. Yes. Because saying sorry means admitting to fault. Not like the word “sorry” is derived from the word “sorrow”, which is the feeling of empathy a person has when something bad happens to another. It’s not like the word is used in order to show that you, as a thinking, feeling human have the…

Help. My gf(17) gets mad when I(13) call her cheating “bruh moments”

And I am not sure what to do. She hooked up with some guys and instead of breaking down and crying or whatever she wanted me to do I just played bruh bass boosted for five minutes while staring at her so she’s angry now but what should I do. Edit: stop calling her a…

r/imaginarymapscj civil war copypasta

STOP POSTING ABOUT CIVIL WARS! I’M TIRED OF SEEING IT! WHEN I GO ON THIS SUBREDDIT IT’S CIVIL WARS, WHEN I SCROLL MORE IT’S FUCKING CIVIL WARS! I was in this subreddit, right? and ALL OF THE POSTS were just civil war stuff. I-I showed my champion underwear to my girlfriend and I scribbled Confederate-Union…

🎶Are you still selling the 30 inch TV🎶

🎶No sorry I sold it a few days ago🎶 🎶How about $200🎶 🎶I already sold it sorry🎶 🎶$250🎶 🎶I literally do not have it🎶 🎶Then don’t waste my time🎶

Redneck Russ

1: Fuck I love big black nigger cock 2: I fucking crave that big black chocolate nigger meat 3: I’ll fuckin do anything a nigger tells me to do 4: I love some big fucking black fucking nigger meat 5: Fuck, I love niggers 6: Fuck, I love nigger cock 7: Fuck, I want some nigger…