17/M- I accidentally ejaculated at my physical exam, did I sexually harass her?

I had to get a mandatory physical exam yesterday for school, and I was praying the doctor was gonna be some old dude or something. The idea of a woman seeing me naked and stuff made me really anxious, I don’t know why. I like girls and all but I’m just really awkward around them and I’ve definitely never been naked in front of one.

Unfortunately my physical was gonna be done by a young, really pretty Asian lady. She took my weight and all that stuff and then asked me to take my clothes off. I asked “Do I have to take my underwear off too” and she said “Yes please, don’t worry I do this every day”. I had a huge erection, and she said it was normal. I felt so fucking embarrassed but I couldn’t help being aroused. She was just so gorgeous and it just turned me on that she was seeing and touching my body. But still I tried to think of super gross things to make my boner go away but it didn’t work. And the second she lightly pushed my dick up to check my balls I just exploded all over her sleeve. I absolutely wanted to die. I said “I’m sorry I’m sorry I didn’t mean to”. She said it was fine but idk she seemed like she might have been upset.

I’m so mortified by the whole thing can’t stop thinking about it. But even worse I’m worried it might’ve been sexual harassment or something since I literally jizzed on a woman.

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