200+ IQ Navy Seals

Whatever the fuck did thou presently fucking assume regarding me, thou undersized bitch? I’ll have thou comprehend I graduated peak of my period within the Navy Seals, furthermore I’ve been associated with copious clandestine incursions against Al-Quaeda, furthermore, I possess above 300 authenticated kills. I am enlightened in gorilla counterinsurgency moreover I’m the uppermost sharpshooter in the undivided US equipped organizations. Thou are nothing to me except merely another victim. I will clear thou the fuck out by exactitude the counterparts regarding which has nevermore occurred previously upon this Earth, register my fucking expressions. Thou presume yourself can get away with declaring such shit toward me aloft the Internet? Reminisce anew, fucker. While we converse I am reaching my confidential arrangement of detectives athwart the USA moreover your IP continues being ascertained without suspension, therefore, thou better equip for the hurricane, worm. That hurricane that washes out that inadequate petty something thou denominates as your presence. You’re fucking stagnant, child. I can be wherever, anytime, plus I can abolish thou in beyond seven hundred measures, and that’s simply with my unornamented hands. Not solely am I extensively enlightened in weaponless conflict, but I possess admittance over the complete stockpile concerning the United States Marine Corps moreover I will utilize that to its complete scope to wash your discontented posterior off the appearance regarding the landmass, thou undersized shit. If simply thou could have comprehended what unholy retaliation your limited “intellectual” animadversion was about to take down against yourself, possibly thou would have maintained your fucking lingua. However, thou couldn’t, thou didn’t, and momentarily you’re spending the value, thou goddamn nincompoop. I will shit fierceness wholly covering yourself plus thou will asphyxiate inside it. You’re fucking stagnant, child.

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