A long comment regarding Sheldon from Big Bang Theory

To be fair, Sheldon was on the verge of an anxiety attack when he walked into the apartment for his birthday party. A few seconds later, he escaped into the bathroom.

By the time that Leslie called him a dumbass he had settled down and started enjoying the party.

As for Amy, she had a lot of patience in dealing with Sheldon’s issues over the years. When we first met her, she had put up some pretty thick walls as a defense mechanism. Her interactions with everyone at first were very blunt. It seemed that she had gotten to a point of saying what she wanted, because otherwise people would take advantage of her.

Eventually, after she meets Sheldon and then the rest of the gang, she goes through the adolescence she never really had. She learns to trust them and that they won’t try and hurt her. As she opens back up, she becomes far more social and wants the others to like her. The scars of being excluded stayed with her throughout though.

Once she starts seeing the possibilities, she becomes more attracted to Sheldon. For his part, he is fighting his own internal battles. This goes on for a long time. They have both fallen in love with each other, but their relationship still has issues and there’s a lack of communication on both their parts.

Part of their problems revolved around Sheldon’s issues around touching and germs. He is working on it, but that is a long, uphill climb for him. But, I would say that the attraction started the first time he called her a vixen back in season 4. The same is true of her. The look that they give each other is one that says that their is a lot more that is going to happen between them. So, while Sheldon is working on his own issues, Amy is physically attracted to him and yet knows that there are boundaries that she cannot cross. She can’t force herself on him and so she doesn’t. She had a great deal of patience on that front. But he knows that she would like more from him and is trying to get to a point where he can provide it. It’s frustrating for both of them and causes tension.

The fact that Sheldon wouldn’t make her a priority finally gets to her and she breaks up with him. A lot of this could have been handled differently with some very heartfelt conversations, but neither of them was able to make themselves that vulnerable to the other yet.

Once they get back together, their relationship is better than it has ever been. They have worked through what had been holding them back. Sheldon realized when he was too self-centered and would correct his behavior. Amy found her voice with him again and told him what she was feeling. She wasn’t worried that he would leave her.

For both of them, their lives got much better with the other in it. Before her, I don’t think you could say that Sheldon was actually happy. He didn’t smile much and he was very guarded in everything he did. Once she was around, she helped him to stay calm and he was just in a better place.

Had she never met Sheldon, Amy’s life would have been very lonely. Not only was it her interactions with him, but the fact that Penny and Bernadette were around also helped. Once she came out of her shell, she started enjoying life. Amy herself described what she thought her life would have been like without Sheldon and she was singing Happy Birthday to herself with tears in the frosting.

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