A Sigma Male Law School Schedule

2:00 am- Wake up
2.05am-Cold shower
2.15am-breakfast,almonds, breast milk bought off Facebook, 50mg adderall
2:30am- begin workout,incline bench 2 plates,12×12 with 30 seconds of rest, no warmup.
2:45am-edging,4hrs (for discipline)
6:45am-cold shower
7:00am-begin reading assignments for the day. Quimbee only, 5 minutes max per case. I haven’t bought a single textbook.
8:00am-arrive at school
8:05am-Get to the library to establish dominance.
8:06am-get kicked out from the library for “repeated inappropriate comments” and “predatory behaviour”
8:10am-sprint back home
9:10am-lunch-raw cod, berries foraged on the way home, small pebbles (for digestion),50mg of Adderall
9:10am-edging(as punishment)
9:30am-2:00-class. I cold call the professors.
2:00pm-sprint back home
2:30pm-bed time

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