A testament to dick shaped rockets

Built during the Space Race to compete with the Soviet Union, the Saturn V Rocket was launched on July 16, 1969 and was used during the Apollo 11 mission and spearheaded America’s effort in landing on the moon. Not only was it an engineering marvel far ahead of its time, it would later lay the cornerstone for building newer and better rockets. It was a testament to the feats mankind can achieve on this “pale blue dot” and it secures a place among some of the best inventions humanity has ever created. Moreover on the engineering and capabilities of the Saturn V, it was able to generate 34 million newtons of energy during launch, had a 310,000 lbs payload, and was a 363 feet, truly marking it as one of humanity’s best creations yet, as it still stands as one of the most powerful rockets NASA has to offer. One thing overlooked, however, is it’s political symbolism, as it showed how truly influential and powerful America was during the Space Age. This brings me to its dick shape. The Saturn V was shaped like a dick, perhaps purposely, and in a way showed America’s raw ambition to beat the Soviets, as well as its justified distaste towards Communism. It was a dick flying through the sky, a dick integral to the Apollo 11 mission, and was respresentative of our superior engineering and space program. In addition, the launching of the Saturn V and the planting of the American flag into the grey lifeless rock known as the moon, was one of, if not, the most televised event in history, meaning that everyone would know we were launching a large boner through the sky to combat the Soviet Unions power of influence. While the Motherland watched in awe as we beat them at the space race, we launched our glorious 363 foot cock known as the Saturn V to the moon so that Soviets could know their glorious nation was boned, porked, and fucked. Metaphorically, NASA was the handsome Chad with a defined jawline thrusting inwards to the MILF that was the Soviet Union, and the Saturn V was the cock that made it possible. We fucked their Motherland. Next time you see a rocket, next time you see the ISS fly over your town or city, next time you see another launch from NASA, show some patriotism and remeber the technological marvel that is the Saturn V which made all this possible.

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