AITA for Evicting a Single Mom of 6 over 25 Seconds of Late Rent Payment?

Hey Reddit, I know the title sounds bad, but hear me out. I own an apartment complex and I’ve been renting to this single mom of six for 13 years. She’s always been a good tenant, but this month she was 25 seconds late on her rent payment. And I mean, come on, 25 seconds?

Now, I know some of you may say that I’m being petty, but I was just trying to make a statement. You see, I believe in punctuality and responsibility, and I couldn’t let her slide just because she had a good reason.

Speaking of her reason, she claimed that her son needed heart surgery and she had trouble coming up with the money. But come on, who doesn’t have a credit card these days? Plus, I’m sure her son’s heart can wait a few more days until she gets her finances in order.

I know some of you may be thinking, “But she’s been a good tenant for 13 years, can’t you cut her some slack?” Well, no, I can’t. Rules are rules, and if I make an exception for her, then I’ll have to make an exception for everyone.

Plus, I have to admit, I kind of enjoyed seeing the look on her face when I handed her the eviction notice. It was like she couldn’t believe it was happening. But hey, that’s what happens when you’re not on time with your rent payment.

So, Reddit, am I the asshole for evicting a single mom of six over 25 seconds of late rent payment? Personally, I think I’m in the right, but I’m open to hearing your opinions.

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