AITA for killing my whole family?

For context. me (31M) and my mom (70F) were arguing because I didn’t pay this month’s rent and how I didn’t get a job and I need to work and all etc…. Now I was really mad because I was getting ready to watch the Mr.Beast stream that started in 20 mins and she wouldn’t let me and kept going making me sit for that whole 20 minutes to listen to her listening tell me that my gambling addiction is becoming a real issue and this bitcoin this isn’t going anywhere, at this point she was spitting and slobbering so much that her denchers fell out onto the carpet. I took this opportunity to hit back and kicked her denchers down the stairs, of course she got really and started screaming, spit and her breakfast from that morning came flying out, so out of rage anger I threw her down the stairs while screaming back at her. She flew down the stairs like a kamkazi plane that had been shot down and resulted with her exploding on impact. My sister wasn’t home at the time, so I decided to pick some pieces of my mom’s cranium and speared it on the walls in the house along with me going into my sister’s room and taking the nastiest most vile shit on her pillow that mankind could possibly ever produce.

so with that done and out of the way, I made my way to my room to accquire my weapons for my vengeance against my normie family full of stupid christians and extended family. After dressing up for my outing, I carried my mom’s corpse to the bathtub and overflooded it to make it look like an accident. Once that was all taken care of, I headed off to my uncle’s but this time I did it differently instead of just shooting them head on. I lined them all up against the wall from oldest to least oldest and shot them executioner style with my []( 4×4 nerf elite glock 1000, semi auto boltactlion machine pistol minigun nuke rail gun. Currently I’m sitting in my room typing this out in hopes to recieve some moral support on this because I think what I did was right. However my discord girlfriend who strangely sounds like an older man says I should post this here and see what others have to say on the matter.

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