AITA for wondering if i could get a good deal on a dead guys truck engine? (r/teenagers)

me(16m) and my family were driving home from Applebee’s when a white Silverado swerved across our lane down into the ditch and straight into a tree,

since were not dicks we pull off to the side of the road me and my dad jumped out and ran down the ditch to the truck and let me tell you it was BAD he had hit a pretty thick tree going about 65 70 mph the roof was peeled back like a tuna can lid shit was quite literally fucked,

i started dialing 911 and began trying to relay where the accident had happened and what the situation was, whilst i was talking to the dispatcher i noticed 5.3 vortec exhaust manifolds sticking out of the wheel well (5.3 vortec’s are a fucking power house when it has the right things done to it) for a split second i wondered if i could end up getting my hands on that motor for cheap.

the guy did not make it out he was dead before he hit the tree

does this make me a bad person or is it just my undiagnosed autism

ps. sorry for shit layout and all its late and im tired

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