Am I A Sussy Baka?

So my parents recently hired someone to clean and repair the vents. I’m above 200 pounds and play Genshin Impact and among us. I also enjoy playing League of Legends and Raid Shadow Legends. To correct it, the cleaner and the repairman entered into the venation. I was trembling, farting, and weeping at the same time. There was no way this wasn’t a reference to among us. I couldn’t take it any longer, so I marched up to the vent and yelled, “when the impostor is sus!” They were acting sus, so I assumed they were imposters or mechanics. I took a knife and crawled for quite some time until I discovered them. They seemed terrified. and I offered them the sus jerma expression, which was spot on. They attempted to flee, but I caught one of   the  I grabbed him and stabbed him after whispering in his ear, “I’m going to vent you to hell” I tried to tackle him, but he pepper sprayed me, which wasn’t very wholesome and was rather sus. I’ll be in court shortly. 

Am I a sussy baka?

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