among us imposter dungeons and dragons item (very rare)

one day, the skies decided to besto upon the earth a mysterious, ornate red potion. upon drinking, you begin to slowly and methodically transform into an among us imposter over the course of 2 minutes. 

after the transfermation you are a among us imposter and gain the following abilities: 

cha or wis goes up by 2

proficiency in either deception or insight

you are small size

enemies are so surprised to see you you always surprise them in combat

when attacking a surprised emeny you do 3 extra damage to it

you can either use the shield or darkness spell once per drinking potion cause gardian angel or sabatoge

you have disembodied hands and as such have 10ft reach instead of 5ft

25ft foot speed

you can no longer speak, only write to communicate

you can choose from 16 colors what color imposter you are

can cast disguise self or misty step at will because shapeshifting or venting

your sneak attack dice become d20s if your a rouge

every time you kill an enemy theres a 4% chance a alarm plays and notes play that sound like “dun dun dun, dun” that can be heard for 100 feet 

all affects last for 49 hours and on the 50th you begin a grueling process to transition back to your normal self. This process takes 1 hour to detransition and it just sucks, its just the worst. you return to 1 hp and are knocked out for a minute or two. 

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