So basically I went to the shops and everyone kept looking at me cause I wore just underpants and a singlet to coles and basically this guy ask me if I’m alright and need help, I reply no I’m just a kid , he chuckles and then some kids video me and laugh . I cried and ran to my mum and then wanted to leave already but she insisted I don’t look bad with underpants and a singlet on . I thought it was normal to wear this stuff and that people would like me for it, but I guess not. I ordered a cheeseburger meal from McDonald’s and they spat in my drink and put shit in my burger . I thought why . I gave them money and didn’t complain . My mum said people have been talking about me and she feels ashamed . So I did what I did , I pulled down my pants and showed everyone my pp and started twirking . My mum was ashamed and sent me to Austria to become a stripper .

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