Autistic dude in group chat I’m in

[Friend 1] and I and occasionally [friend 2] are the only source of intellectual stimulation in this chat. Like all we talk about on here is dumb shit which is why I haven’t been on this chat as much it’s just a bunch of the same and it’s getting tiring. There’s no push no drive no big goals that we all work towards there’s not a sense of growth mindset. It’s just [me] bragging about how many sleazy boys and girls he’s slept with followed by [friend 3] video game rants as well as occasionally decent memes and furry porn. [Friend 2] and [me] going back and forth about wierd and obscure shit and sending videos and snaps into it all the fucking time. This is why I enjoyed what [friend 1] [friend 2] and I were doing with playing music because it seemed for the first time the fellas were doing something different something that could help to bring us together the common interest of music that we shared and appreciation and joy of playing it together and it helped to partly help eachother out and we need to do that more

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