Average Jotaro Kujo fan

Fuck man. Jotaro is so fucking hot. I want him to grab me with his huge arms and pull me into his hulking frame and just kiss me over and over without even letting me stop for a gulp of air. Just thinking about his body gets me all sweaty. I want Jotaro to leap on top of me and start thrusting his large, uncircumcised member into my mouth without even asking for consent. He doesn’t need it – I’m already his. Jotaro should just press me against a wall and start shoving it into my gaping asshole. His throbbing, pleasure-inducing cock would feel so amazing inside my puny body. God, I’m starting to hyperventilate. I’m going to die. The mere thought of Mr Kujo’s amazing abs get me so wild. Not even a Greek God has anything when compared to his rugged beauty. Why can’t Jotaro just press down his imposing boot on my neck and force to to say “harder”? All I want is for him to shovel his fresh, steaming faeces into my mouth while aggressively using his cinderblock fists to beat my stomach. As the tears roll down my shit-stained face I want him to remind me that I wanted this, that I NEED this. Fuck. I need an ambulance.

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