Babbling Book copypasta after it was translated into 6 different languages then back to english (x-post /r/hearthstone)

The book’s speech quickly became my favorite cards. It is such a positive and generous. I actually useless, he threw himself on the table, and it gives you a spelling jerk jerk use after the game. And you can also get this wonderful opportunity 1/1 flat thing, but it’s usually harmless will also be deleted. But apart from BB, higher only positive things. He appeared on the board, “you want to cast spells?” And I thought: “Yes BB, I want to cast a spell, make this dog feces” when it attacks, it’s like “hөgzhilteydevshүүlsen”, I really like,. “Yes, they are so funny,” he says, that “I will destroy you,” something macho dog feces is the same as “Nakh spell – it’s fun,” it seems very happy, I think it is a no lifeless objects, literally took to life magic. . Realize that life – is a temporary magical gift, but the guy just fucking love, I mean, look at his face, he was just happy that I literally never sad OUHDNS speech aboard idk if he did not do it …… or very few, but as long as he (or she) is pretty cool

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