bad oc, change it right now

not to be that person but you should know so much better than to be an asshole to staff when they tell you that your character needs to stop being an ass, I don’t care if you were pissed off but that is NOT something you say to ANYONE you don’t know or have a friendship with, it’s fucking disgusting whether you thought you were being funny or looked cool (news flash, you made yourself look like a coward and a dickhead) because you’re purposefully making people uncomfortable. I’m already pissed off because of your arguing and your oc, and I wasn’t even going to fully read this argument until you had the actual nerve to go in and say that to MY partner system. if I don’t see an apology from you whenever you’re out of time out you can kiss your oc’s ass goodbye because I will set him up to be the first death and I will ban you the moment he’s gone. I’m not expecting an apology to only my partner system, I’m expecting an apology to the other roleplayers for the behavior of your character, and to the staff for your behavior.

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