Based on what copypasta but it’s for people who post “nevermind I fixed it” on programming forums

“Never mind, figured it out”? Figured out what? The cure to your small penis? Please speak the fuck up and explain the damn solution you fuckin troglodyte, do you think God gave us a freedom of speech just to spew useless forum posts that are no help to anyone who also has your problem and don’t even say how you found it? Like please you always complain about why no one likes you or no one thinks you’re helping because you’re always spewing useless shit like got it nvm issue solved figured it out and when people ask you to try to explain what it is and you just say nothing like what? What the fuck is helpful about that do you think you’ll just become a senior developer that will get a standing ovation just because you said “nevermind fixed it” and left? HELL NO YOU FUCKIN IDIOT, so please speak the fuck up and tell me how you solved the problem you dumb bitch

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