Better Call Saul is Overrated

I cant fully justify my opinion, but ill try my best.
I cant believe people say that bcs is as good or even better than breaking bad. Its literally a downgrade.
Its less dramatic, less climatic and less action packed. It never made me anxious, and the ending was dumb.
I didnt feel for any character. Everything seemed like a mess and happened with no certain goal. Also knowing the fate for most characters from breaking bad made things even more predictable and unimpressive. Breaking bad is raw, it takes you through every emotion. It doesnt sugar-coat everything like bcs. You feel for each character. Its genuinely heartbreaking. Even after finishing bcs just a month ago i dont remember ANYTHING from it. Breaking bad was packed with more things. An explosion of events, it was insane. It played with you psychologically, making you feel like walter is the good guy and everyone else is an asshole. Bcs didnt have that short of emotional roller coaster. Just a monotonous thing. And we never trully saw what the hell saul was doing in his last law office (when he called himself saul and also had that expensive house). Like I expected some stories from all the bad guys that went to him but nope, nothing.
And the breaking bad actors, what was the point? Just to hype up people for no reason. Jesse sounded terrible, he didnt even try. Yeah ok hes 40, not 20 anymore, but come on. Basically I think all of the hype for the series came from breaking bad’s existence. If there was just bcs (without the throwback scenes and the last episodes of the 5th season) and breaking bad didnt exist NOONE would like it.
And whats with the repetition? Like the mall police officer scam in the last season.Did they really need to show so many clips of saul distracting the guy with the cinnamon roll? And all of that build up for nothing particularly impressive.
And the ending, yeah I understand the point and the message, but any human would do 7 years instead of 86 or whatever it was. If he was out he could at least, live AND he would be able to see kim not problem. But with his choice he basically choose to live a life of pointless torment. I know being a lawyer was everything for him, and he would never be able to become one again even with 7 years imprisoment, but come on.

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