Bill Nye + Neil deGrasse Tyson 🥵🥵🥵💦💦💦

“Bill Nye he loves creampies” Neil Tyson moaned erotically to the tune of Nye’s famed theme song. He bent over Bill so he could softly whisper the tune in Nye’s side head auditory organ. Tyson’s ample-proportioned cream stick of reproduction was positioned vertically to his physical being, well-trained by years of wrestling, that fine sport. The sticky rod was as long as a red wavelength but with the energy of a violet one. Nye bared his anus before the astrophysicist, every glorious crevasse beckoning to be stretched. Tyson inserted his genitalia into Nye’s backside, causing the latter to emit a sound not unlike that of a moose ( ). Tyson pulled his male member out of Nye’s rump, before inserting it again with a force that betrayed his great lust, the hormones of arousal permeating his encephalon. This action was repeated with accumulating vigor and velocity, the friction between their epidermises bringing them ever closer to that most tantalizing prize, climax.

“I’m gonna dominate you like an allele”, Tyson moaned, to which Nye let out, “fill me like an enzyme fills a substrate” and “split me in two like you’re helicase”. The dirty talk continued, sometimes the participants screaming in ecstasy, their love-making radiating light and heat like a system of binary stars, revolving around one another for endless eons.

“Damn that’s a nice black hole”, followed by “I’m gonna probe Uranus”, Neil Tyson moaned, getting (Astro)physical. “I want the BBC inside me” the science guy begged. Tyson erotically inserted the British Broadcasting Corporation into Nye’s rectum. “Oh God” Nye moaned and sighed. “There is no God” Tyson said, his mouth sound wave emissions oozing with sex.

Then Neil decided to fulfill and indulge Bill’s fetish for humiliation, all the while pumping him full. “You’re so basic, you’re sodium hydroxide” Tyson taunted sexily, bringing down his upper right five-figured extremity to collide with Nye’s plump, juicy buttock. “If you were a triangle, you’d be obtuse”. Again and again he slapped Nye’s supple ass until the optimal crimson hue was achieved. “You’re not even a scientist, Bill Nye. You have a bachelor’s degree in engineering. You’re just an engineer, and not even a particularly educated one”. Tyson dominatingly shouted, “not a scientist, just an engineer. Not a scientist, just an engineer. Just an engineer”. Nye’s spheres of sight rolled backwards in copulatory excitement. Tyson continued the erotic berating. “Cornell alum, eh? Worst of the Ivies. I have an astrophysics PhD from Harvard. You have an engineering bachelor’s degree from Cornell. If we were acids, you’d be acetic. Weak!”

Soon orgasm was achieved, Tyson pushing as deep into Nye as was physically possible, their coital vocalizations reaching greater and greater decibel values. Millions of years of evolution by natural selection led the act of mating to release many endorphins, imbuing the lives of meaningless, ephemeral beings with momentary bliss amidst the enveloping empty dark void. A fluid was emitted from Neil’s urethra, pale in tone and full of atoms that vibrated with immense energy.

The copulation was complete. Neil removed his penis from Nye’s anus, his testicles swinging slightly from the effort. Neil observed the dripping hole with a sense of overwhelming satisfaction. Bill Nye the Science Guy was full of his cum. Nye was claimed. Creampied. Tyson had done what he was meant to do.

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