Can you get someone charged for farting in your sandwiches? (from r/TooAfraidToAsk)

My friend’s wife used to make up a sandwich every evening for him to take to work the following day. Recently he found out that whenever they had an argument she would fart into the sandwich multiple times as she was making it. The only reason he found out is because she let it slip to a friend while drunk and the information got back to him. He says it really disturbed him and actually brought him to tears. He said for months he had been noticing that his sandwiches sometimes tasted “funky” and sometimes had a weird musky scent. He had actually asked his wife on a few occasions if she was sure the meat she was using was still in date. They’ve now separated as a result of this revelation and he doesn’t know what to do about it. Someone suggested that he could report it to the police but does anyone think the police would take that seriously?

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