Chat admin lost their shit after getting criticized and this was their post after shutting down the chat

Okay so, you have criticism? Send them to the suggestion forum, barely anyone ever sends anything there. I’ve noticed its because a lot of people would rather complain than give criticism because it’s easier than having to actually think about how to implement suggestions.

If someone was banned, warned, striked etc whatever, then we have a valid reason based on what the rules are. If they weren’t, then they’re owed an explanation and removal of said punishment but that comes from a discussion between user and staff.

You’re allowed to hate staff, dislike us, etc. But if you’re going to expect change you have to provide info. You can’t just go “I hate this grr” and expect literally anything to come of it. Help us to help you rather than just being angry and not helping anyone let alone your friends.

Things aren’t perfect, and they won’t ever be. But I want to help make things more fair so please leave your suggestions in the suggestion forum (found on the official page). Also realize that there will always be more to a story than just one side and unless said user gives us permission we aren’t allowed to tell you anything except if something is the truth, a lie or untrue.

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