Chronic femboy addiction

It was simple at first. A friend of mine posted a feminine version of a male character and I thought “huh that doesn’t look that bad” and that singular moment started a slow dive into the femboy rabbit hole, going deeper and deeper over the course of half a year. I had learned the term of femboy shortly after that moment. I joked about femboys. “imagine if this person had a maid costume that would be pretty funny” I would find femboy content and think “kinda cute ig” and it continued. I would go out of way to mention femboys to those I talk too, on occasion showing them memes, pretending that my whole involvement with femboys were purely ironic. And then it got worse, as I began to come across femboy porn, and would actually give it a good look for a second. A while after I began to intentionally look at femboy porn, locking my fate and dooming me. I began to fantasize about femboys, thinking more about them every day. The only thing I want anymore is a cute guy in a dress to cuddle with and fuck. Discovering femboys showed me a hunger and void in my heart that I wasn’t even aware of, leaving me alone and confused. I don’t even go outside anymore, I just sit and think all day about cute fem sex, twisting in bed as I get hornier by the moment. This curse has left me a euphoric yet empty man.

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