Could a woman survive on a sperm-only diet?

Could a woman survive on a sperm-only diet?

Hypothetically, yes.

[According to ‘Health’]( a woman in her twenties needs 1,949 calories per day.

[Then Aked Scien Tists]( worked out that that one serving of cum contains 5 calories. Thus, in order for a woman to at a days calorie intake in a day, she needs to eat 390 servings of cum a day.

Lets then assume the average man can cum on average twice a day (and some days that’s being generous). Thus you would need the man juices of 195 men every single day in order to intake just the calories.

[UK Labour laws]( state that the minimum wage of any employable staff is £6.31 per hour. Assuming you could employ them for just the two hours of jerking, and not the wait time, the cost for all this sperm, per day is £2,460.90, for locally sourced semen, though you may be able to import it from abroad for less.

Comparatively speaking, a Big Mac contains 492 calories, at least according to [Mensfi Tness](, and costs £2.59 according to a recent scientific experiment I conducted. Thus you would only need 4 Big Macs, (costing £10.36 total) for the full calorie intake. Much cheaper. In addition, if the woman in question is rude to her server, she’ll get some free cum on her burgers anyway.

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