Creepers are sexy, hear me out.

I’ve always wanted to fuck a creeper from minecraft. The idea of my cock diving into its tight green chocolate starfish is my only motivation for day to day activities. Living even. The sheer possibility of it makes me lust endlessly to the point of which whenever I see even just the sole color of green, I get hard and must immediately fuck it or jerk off. I’ve painted my walls green, with little black boxes to more accurately represent a creeper. I have to paint a new coat every month or so- to get rid of the stains produced by my endless stream of cum that eventually turn my walls a creamy white. My pillows are green, I fuck them every night, putting a green fleshlight in between them while I search up creeper hentai. The scent of rotten cum fills the air in my room, fills my nose while I sleep. I don’t care. It turns me on, and then I cum more. How would I fuck a creeper you ask? Firstly, I would come up behind it in the night, sneaking like they love to sneak on me. Oh how many times I’ve jizzed over my destroyed homes. Why? Because a creeper blew it up, and I would in turn imagine a creeper “blowing” me like that. When I sneak up on it, I will quickly “plug” all of its holes: my cock in its green ass, my fingers in its mouth, and the other hand on its throbbing green cock, ready to explode, it pulsates- I know this because I’ve watched them explode many times, and always notice that they are rock hard when they do it, and so am I to be honest.
I would fuck that little green piece of shit so hard while I jerk that dick off. I would come at least 17 times, but I wouldn’t let that little green dick ever get soft I would jerk it so fast. When it finally cums, the creeper and I will explode in an amazing manner, filling the entire world with my jizz, and his green cum.
Pure ecstasy.

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