Creepy weeb awkwardly flirting with disgusted girl defends himself

Like what? How is it my fault that the girl has never had a human interaction before except with maybe the store clerk and that she’s antisocial and paranoid? I mean, what’s the inclination here? That I’m weird, come off strong or rapey? I wouldn’t consider myself any of those, and if you were to ask my friends, I’m sure they’d say the same. The thing is though, I agree. I’ve had several similar interactions, but they’ve all been successful. Last year in sports class there was a guy, probably a couple years older than me, who had a Tupac t-shirt on. I essentially walked up to him and said: “Hey homie. I respect you. You have good taste in music.” Then we had a short talk about music. To prove that this is not just a guy thing either, a while back there was a girl on my bus, who was wearing a Kakegurui slave necklace (you’d understand if you watched Kakegurui). Once again, I walked up to her and asked: “Hey, you’ve watched Kakegurui?” She later revealed to me that she was actually feeling uncomfortable because of how bold I was, and the fact that she’d previously had bad experiences with men. But instead of reacting like this girl, she responded with: “Yes, I read the manga recently.” We proceeded to have a long talk about manga and anime, so although I am the type to have that sort of conversation, I do not believe that girl’s reaction is my fault. It’s not warranted and she’s absolutely the weird one lmao

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