cupping massage w/ general grievous

I was in China and went with a friend to a blind masseuse. Basically, a 4 and a half foot tall blind guy massaged my soul for about an hour, at the low low price of $5. Best massage of my life. When it was done, I never felt better. Then my friend says “now let’s do the cups.” I had never heard of cupping before, so I inquired and then politely declined. I got what I came for.

My friend and a couple of folks in the massage parlor proceeded to flood me with all of the benefits and how it would change my life. Outnumbered, and exhausted from the aforementioned massage, I gave in. For the next half hour, I had half of the muscles and fat on my body siphoned into glass cups…pinching, pressure, pain. It undid all of the benefits of the massage. Not only that, but it cost double what the massage did. At the end of the night, I was out $15 and it looked like my back was in a fist fight with General Grievous and lost.

1/10, would not recommend.

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