Alexander the Great 🇵🇰
An Ode to Ball Suckin’
Avril 4Ever U Suck Billie
AITA For throwing a small heavy object(particle of m=5kg) at a random pedestrian?
Actual comment written by a real person
Average 17 year old Asian
Anybody else sexually obsessed with tack shooters?
An Old Man’s Copypasta
Actually being gay is more hetero than being hetero.
About ME:
A positive message written by Chatgpt
aporeon is undoubtedly
Arthur Morgan pulls up on the opps
A toilet experience
A casual sighting of Superman
Are most people dumb?
A 90s kid with too much longing
Among Us at 3am Challenge. I made this one, comment any copypastas you want me to make next.
A Brand New Baseball Recipe
Another devastating blow to the hot pocket wokeocracy
Araki is a vampire or smth
Anyone familiar with the name redo of healer?
All over the internet, I notice you churlish cretins lauding the supposedly intellectual television program known as Rick and Morty to make yourselves appear more intelligent by extension, as you are ardent watchers of the aforementioned show.
Angela Zeigler is perfect
Axel in Adopt Me
Akab Yssus
Average solar flare fan
A Texans response to Mexican immigration
Alright, listen up you fucking losers!
Anon hates consultants
Another gem from r/reptilians
A robot wrote this story.
annoying roasts
Alright, we’re gonna get you sworn in. Raise your right hand.
AITA for killing my whole family?
A very accurate summary of Pearl Harbor
A story time:
Advice from a Psychologist Regarding Youth Sexuality
A fools dream
a potential side effect of twitch simpery
An analogy of 9/11 to children eating ice cream
A Man Dance With A Pit Bull
About feelings for a woman
A message to class comm
Average American
A justification on my actions
An explanation
Albert Einstein’s Birthday
A missile must travel ludicrous distances to reach its target
Audio/se/ % signs and random gibberish
AITA for not buying my girlfriend a skirt
A list of gag names (names that sound like something else)
AITA for “moaning”
AITA for not letting a troll get away with trolling me?
An Open Letter to Academia
Actually there are 22 states of matter 1.solid 2.liquid 3.gas 4.plasma
Andrew tate saves a cat
Automation Copypasta – Part 1
An explanation for the Ball and Vase Paradox
Adventure time lore
AITA for expelling excrement from the human body?
a speech about reddit
A letter to SuperEvilAzmil on ROBLOX
AI csgo copy pasta (from warowl’s vid)
A thesis on chadmaxxing or something
Ai copypasta about 9/11 in UwU text style.
average insult made by chatpgt
anon lost his grip on reality
Amouranth’s Bath Water
Average game review on steam
a real threat sent to me
AI Neckbeard
Ai generated twitter callout post
AI generated smelly balls
an eaters story
A revised edition of daddies cummies:
among us horny imposter
Actual excerpt from a news article from the North Korean government-backed news
Answer to “the clip you asked for” bots on youtube
Anticommunism Jojo copypasta
A tf2 copypasta
aita for spanking my gf after she refuses to cook me lunch?
A thing somebody sent me on amino
all of my pronouns
Andrew cake 🎂🎂
actual vent of someone
AITA for beating my child?
Aita for 🇨🇱😭🥪😭👍🐙 my 🐧🤰✴️😉🦂?
As I went in…
A message to all the haters
AITA for not inviting my pregnant wife to our honeymoon?
Average anime lore
A little rant i wrote about something very important
A truthfull message
A short summary of Kangaroos in Middle English
Anyone else ever flet like this ?!?
a kevin saved my life AMA
Andrew Tate progressively loosing his mind in his prison cell
AI will be the true Antichrist
Aliens are hos pasta
AITA For Stealing From My Ex Wife?
An copypasta from discord
An introduction to copypasta
A message for GothamChess
All Samsung emojis
aight basic man
Average redditor with a foot fetish
AITA: my girlfriend doesn’t want me to play Peggle 2
Awkward Turtle boss fight with all his phases part one
As someone
Akira Fan Ranting Against The Copyright System
AI Generated conversation between Saul Goodman and Eric Cartman.
A Message to all the Religion kids that want to play Sons of the forest but there parents don’t want to.
A guy talking about a weird license plate on a car
A bright blue 2002 skyline gtr
actually, it was link
Among Us [ Continued In Comments ]
A writing a saw in my school’s bathroom wall
AITA for Evicting a Single Mom of 6 over 25 Seconds of Late Rent Payment?
Atomic Heart Robot Twins commentary (from a YT comment)
An accidental manifesto I wrote in response to “Twitter slacktivists making a fuss about plastic straws and Hogwarts Legacy aren’t helping anyone, but at their spirit is in the right place!”
AI cannot make art
AITA for sacrificing my friend’s soul for demonic powers
a very risky copypasta to paste
Australia Is not Real
A christmas tribute for blue waffles
Actual NPC.
a copypasta of a dm my friend received from her messed up ex-boyfriend over liking madoka magica.
An eater
Am I the asshole for beating the shit out of my anime obsessed son?
Average SoT player
Arby’s Response To Burger King
AITA for throwing my girlfriend off of a bridge for refusing to buy a sandwich
Astoflo <3
AITA for calling my sister a whore because she refused to sleep with me?
A list of men that I would do anything to suck their dicks:
A list of men that I would do anything to suck their dicks:
A list of men that I would do anything to suck their dicks:
a beautiful story about cum
AITA for imagining my girlfriend as Alex from Minecraft during sex?
As an adult who barely understands the ““amogus”” meme…
Addicted to jerking off on Omegle
AITA for murdering everyone I meet?
A lap dance is so much better when the stripper is crying
AITA for leaving my dying grandma to listen to Yeat’s new album AftërLyfe and do percs in Poland?
AITA for letting my dog hump my girlfriend during sex?
AITA for killing myself?
Average left wing meme:
An excerpt out of Moby Dick chapter 94
Asexuality(probable repost)
Adin Ross discovering fascism (transcribed)
an actual convo i had with a random league player after losing the game
An email from the Communist Coalition of Sex
AITA for putting my son into coma
An Interesting Title
Auto mod
A Written Account of Gordon Freeman’s Actions during the Resonance Cascade Event
All Burger King ad Lyrics
AITA for furiously masturbating?
Albanian boy in my class
Area 51: The Alien Interview (1997)
A Walter White x Saul Goodman Copypasta, written by OpenAI
Andrew Tate changed my life (Hu Tao copypasta edit)
AITA for making a joke at the meal table?
Atomic heart has my heart
Army Femboys
AITA for Getting pregnant?
AITA for using ChatGPT to finish my book?
An incredibly detailed copypasta
A warning
andrew tate’s copypasta
a kid asks “mommy how are babies made?”
Assassination, double the ass and a nation.
Are you a fan of Huey Lewis and The News?
A heartwarming tale
AITA for cumming to Abella Danger’s “The Squirting Maid” 263 days in a row and ignoring my girlfriend?
a copypasta directly hating against the mee6 discord bot
Average valorant player(can confirm)
Andrew Tate impregnation (Klee copypasta edit)
An average discord message between me and my friend
a normal conversation
A rap about eco-friendly alternatives to traditional toilet paper generated by Chat GPT
AMD Ryzen ThreadMisser
A Hooters waitress convinced me I wasn’t straight.
ai generated story cannabilism
average hamza video
Are Kerbals Breedable?
Are Kerbals Breedable?
An essay about why Android is better than IOS (generated by AI)
Average r/AnarchyChess user.
Am I a freak for wanting a penis to suck on at all times, even in a non-sexual setting?
Actual NATO Quote
AITA for sending my son to Kiev?
All My Friends That Come Over Say My Cat Is Ugly
Anyone want a gently mommy?
Animan Studios lore
An atheist just took a holy shit in my bathroom
As a black transgender feminist, I hope we can engage in constructive dialogue and work towards creating a world where every individual is valued and respected.
Ass analysis
An in depth inquiry into the child labour industry that is “chess”
Anime FBI Warning.
Am I the asshole for stabbing my girlfriends and telling her that women live to serve men and are all whores who deserve to do die?
Aerodynamics of Shrek’s cock
Anyways I’m bored so I’m gonna explain stands
All of fnaf lore
Average Discord Server Experience
And Besides
A letter to Marvel regarding the new Ant Man movie.
AITA for posting the bus masturbation copypasta
acho que sou superior de tão umilde que sou.
AITA for shooting my wife up the vagina with a double barrel shotgun during sex?
a bot copypasta (mods dont ban)
Among Us: The Surprise Hit That Could Be The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread (Or At Least, The Best Game Of All Time…Maybe)
Alternative fourth channel :nerd emoji:
AITA for ejaculating during a movie with the “bros” and then they beat me (37M) up and broke my (37M) dick (4.23″)?
Average Ohio state fan when they lose to Michigan
A depressed alcoholic speaks of his troubles in regard to the anime community (from r/okbuddybaka)
A rant sent to my friend under the assumption that they were a “femboy cumslut”.
Ass Toilet
A Copypasta I made myself
AITA for beating up a child because they called Touhou an Anime?
Anybody have copypasta for the breaking bad thing?
Actually friction in this case has little to do with it.
Allison Fiona Nude show off Perfect BOOBS!!!
Are they mothers or men talking?
Ass pennies
Ah yes back when Matrix had clean looking, longer take action cuts instead of trying to chop every scene into a blender. This movie has aged EXTREMELY well.
antique forbidden 4chan copypasta found in the deepest pits of hell
ahoy posting
AITA for playing Fortnite?
Angry Rant About World War I
About me:
A response to gigachad
Anon hates Wayland
After spending time on this sub, I’m convinced that AI cults will be a major problem going forward.
a Burger king Burger ad
Antisemitic claims that Jews control the economy are bullshit
A long comment regarding Sheldon from Big Bang Theory
AI has completely broken my dick
Against the rules
Angry Gamer
a whole cashew
a heartfelt message from Matt Walsh to dylan
AI generated version of adolf hitler vs darth vader
An essay about why zoophiles are bad written by AI
Average Gacha Player
A pocket text from my phone
A response to vile copypastas while being vile in it of itself..
A mod on their high horse
AITA for killing a kid who Called me a femboy
AITA for pissing in my cat’s mouth?
a Reaction to this video: https://youtu.be/hqwP6uuYOWo
AITA for blowing my son’s head off with a shotgun?
A Very Breen Welcome
Are bisexual males just coping women?
Are bisexual females just coping men?
An actual review I found for a 19th century German dictionary
Alright, listen up you little muggle.
A list of Republican politicians accused of sexual assault/pedophilia
another part that i had in my drafts and finished
Allison Fiona Nude Masturbate – Hot Video
A comment on Dark Priest Cosplay on DeviantArt
AITA for yelling at my wife and making her sleep on the couch because she laughed when I told her to suck my ballsies?
An essay to insult someone (Original, I wrote this in two days.)
A better breeding Pokemon than Vaporeon.
AITA for checking my fiancés email and flipping out over comments he left on random women’s NSFW Reddit posts
A thing that my science class uses for a regularly occurring assignment. The “finches beaks” part has never been changed.
a good response if someone sends u a weenier pic
Am I the Asshole for burning down the white house
A debate between Trump and Biden about Dune
AITA for becoming Walter White?
An actual comment from drugscirclejerk
An actual dream i had last night
a copypasta i made to kind of make fun of someone
archive of our own
a gem from r/ incest confessionds
An interesting title
An important message
Are you ever watching TV with your family, with your parents sitting across from you, trying with all your strength to not cum during a Frosted Flakes commercial?
Apolgy for bad english
About Bing AI
Average discord user
Among us lore generated by ChatGPT
Allison Fiona show off Perfect BOOBS!!!
A dick is like a tree
AITA for beating my boyfriend to death
A Vey Bad Translation of a Game Theory
Angry Birds rap
Any species that doesn’t look like a penis?
Ava is so hot
As a sniper
AITA for tickling my mother to death?
avatar review
a dad sent this to a group chat
Among Us is ruined my fucking life
An essay of insults.
Anon mods Skyrim
Apropos Ekphrasis on the Subject of Certain Imagery, a Picture, ‘can we just call, Paintings, photographs, synthesis whatever all of it just, ‘pictures?”
Attack Hole
A comment in a r/deadbydaylight post by me
AITA For prioritizing my Call of Duty Camo grinds over my children?
Ask for money and get advice
An ode to artificial intelligence
Average Death Note fan
AITA: For kidnapping my girlfriends little sister?
AITA for kissing my friend
A genuine reply someone made
AITA for turning my teacher in to the authorities?
Assumptions are bad…
Anon denies friend request
AITA for writing the entire Delta P video transcript to see what this subreddit’s bots would turn it into
AITA for ejaculating on an elderly person
An educated and levelheaded response to a Rick roll
AI generated story about a man and his Pikachu
all deltsrune items chapter 1 – 2
AITA for asking my wife to respect my title a pilot?
A 12 year old boy named Jimmy
A description from FB Marketplace – Greta Thunberg’s Worst Nightmare
American culture is centered around niggers
As of today, I’m a former PCMR member.
A How To Guide On Pussy Slapping.
A copypasta I stole from Velma’s google reviews
AITA for pulling off my grandmother’s breathing device?
An AI wrote this about stewart littile
AITA for creating a disaster at a public pool with Nutella, causing injury, death, and thousands of dollars in damage?
All Tomorrows version of the flame atronach copypasta
Asking for a friend.
AITA for eradicating the human race?
Attack on Titan
Adolf Hitler, rules system, rule #34
arcane odyssey copypasta
Am I softlocked playing minecraft?
A comment on how the FAMAS magazine isn’t divisible by 3
Arthur doesn’t rescue Micah from jail
American Psycho (Book) Skin Care
Ableist Mr Beast from u/PerfektNova
AI generated conversation
After extensively researching the topic, mulling over every scrap of information I had, and spending untold hours pondering the answer, I’ve concluded that Rek’sai is The Perfect Woman.
AITA for fucking my hamster to death?
about the gay sex scene in TLOU episode 3. someone wanted their porn and their gore seperate
Ai generated story
AITA for storming out of a dinner party?
AITA for replacing my bitch wife’s staircase with cardboard?
Amng🚨Us is🔥 lit😎😎
attack on titan won’t have anime original ending
About a Christopher Nolan movie
A Boomer Rant About McDonalds
asakura archive on yt
Anyone else have this problem?
AITA for being gay?
And I snuck…
Average Solar flare fan
A reddit mod found in its natural habitat (rare)
AITA for killing my grandpa?
Are you fucking serious? You intolerant bitch!
AITA for accidentally using my wife to bulk (100k calories)?
A Review of Top Gun Maverick Written in Old English
average discord conversation:
A Eulogy to Sierra Mist.
A revolutionary new way to clean yourself in the shower!
ANDREW TATE (早上好中国 现在我有冰淇淋 我很喜欢冰)
Abridged Description Of Eaters From Terraria
Are balls even worth it?
ABC da Amazônia (that’s a Brazilian commercial)
Angry Birds 2 Ad “Eggs and Sausages” Lore…
AITH (Am I the homosexual) for having hot intimate gay sex with my best friend?
a big problem
Automod response trigger
Angry asian kid with speakers
alright lemme pause forza horizon 5
AI generated spongebob episode
Albert Fish
Ayaka from Genshin Impact
AITA for burning my sons gift right after he received it
Amogus army copypasta
A review of Netscape I found and It’s extremely cursed.
AITA for robbing a 5 year old at gunpoint and stole his copy of lego star wars?
Apex Legends
AITA for being slighty upset that my husband is making our children participate in fights to the death?
average cn member when r/comics
a rare redditor enjoyer found in the wild
A satire post I made in the Young Sheldon and Better Call Saul Subreddit: I’m pretty sure there’s a Better Call Saul reference in Young Sheldon. SPOILER WARNING FOR YOUNG SHELDON AND BREAKING BAD/ BETTER CALL SAUL
average Character.ai response
A list of some of my favorite porn on Reddit. You’re welcome
A Hentai made with BeamNG (with a taste of r/polandballusers)
A kid in my school keeps making ‘deez nuts’ jokes.
Adult Swim cuts ties with Justin Roiland (Found in r/rickandmorty)
A Google review of Cellucor C4 pre-workout
AITA for repeatedly calling an 8 year old the “N word” on Fortnite until he cried?
Art of vabbing
AITA for missing an actual emergency because I turned off my phone to avoid my wife’s unnecessary contact attempts during my tech-free weekend?
A comment on my r/MySingingMonsters post
Anime fans
a letter I received at work
AITA for sleeping with the wife of the man who saved my wife thrice?
Aww, Does sweetie want a nice mistress to pamper him? ☺
An inspiring story about Half Life: Source
A reddit mod observed in its natural habitat (rare)
A post I found on r/Dreams
Ataturk is the founder of anime
AITA for brutally slaughtering a poor sick old man and his entire family?
A reply to “lauren southern is hot”
Attack helicopter
Atomic Decat
Atypical Hygiene
AITA for mowing down a building with people inside with a bulldozer?
alphabet lore lore
All my coworkers want to fuck me 😭
astrosurf (guess what sub)
am I gay? (from r/getoffurchest)
About a vape shop that burned down
All Hitler crimes
a reply from OP in this post https://www.reddit.com/r/Ningen/comments/10fq1l7/hi_guys_im_retarded/
An active member of a discord server I’m in left because he wouldn’t get mod and dmed this to another person.
AITA for refusing to watch my sister’s cat while she’s on vacation? [a chatGPT fiction]
Approaching friend territory
AI weiner
Are you a Twitter transplant or a new user or something? Why did you ruin the chain? I’m going to do you a favor, here’s how it goes on Reddit:
A post in a university subreddit from somebody who seems like they may be a shooter at some point
a message to anyone who has the balls to mention an another allophone for all i give a fuck regarding the stupid “Waffle House has Found its New Host” bullshit
anon was too based
Asked ChatGPT to write a rap song about Reddit and the things that Redditors like.
A short story I had to write in 8th grade that included our vocab terms
A Nikocado Avocado CreepyPasta
AITA for having sex with my neighbor’s dog while she was away?
After years of waiting Reddit Island is finally kicking off!
anti grammar nazi
AITA for explosive diarrheaing all over my wife for eating my animal crackers?
An AI’s response to my poem
A capybara is…
Ancient Roman history nerd
Australian court (video transcript)
Are you enjoying that Xiangsheng 🤤
an enlarged prostate can be an issue
An Origin Story
AI generated text with starting words “I fucked ur mom”
Anti-Waffle House message from the SCP foundation
Art Criticism
AITA I (9M) cheated on my wife (58F)
Ai art is cringe?
AITA for asking my family to upvote my reddit post?
An Avatar love story
At Nike Headquarters… (u/freemanboyd)
Ai generated shrek sex
A Story From North America
am i gay?
Andrew Tate x y/n
AITA for whale burping at my daughter’s school function which caused her a near death experience?
AITA for sell my wife and not buy back?
AI Generated text is cursed, but so is Chick-Fil-A
Anime is literally the best thing ever
ant man 3
A Solution to the Explosive Diarrhea Question.
A idea for a SpongeBob episode
A Copypasta that causes Nintendo to sue the site with said pasta
And honestly, I’m not even a Tate stan
AI generated text about how it would fuck vaporeon.
AITA for role playing as Walter white during sex?
among us
A precise description of you.
A youtube comment on a Landmark video (Escape from Tarkov YouTuber)
andrew tate fans are delusional as hell
Alephgalactus competitive Pokemon rant
Adolf Hitler x Femboy George Floyd
A guy lost an arguement to a chainsaw-man fan and in rage fucked or raped everything that he’s opponent relates to or owns, At the end the guy is turning into an actual demon and killing the opponent in real life.
A code to the world secret you must know this as fast as possible
All mighty texan takeover
Allmighty texan takeover
A comment I saw on r/Askreddit
automatic toilet
Are you?
A letter to my great friend Bob
Albanian Supremecy
Are you a Software Engineer living outside the U.S.?
aranara copypasta
Airdropped a swastika in class
Am I crazy, or is this YouTube channel trying to corrupt children?
An announcement!
AITA for eating dog In front Chinese people?
AITA for trying to get with a female?
Asking ChatGPT to write a copypasta about reddit
AITA for charting on my gf
Abortion rally rant transcript
A Hymn for Kim John Un
Assfucker ran over my daughter
angry redditor in my DMs
Average femboy introducing themself
AITA for absolutely annihilating a child’s skull?
A comment I found on tiktok
Apple user’s greentext
Apple user’s greentext
Apple user’s greentext
A response to someone taking too long to deal with their nieces and nephwes (by me)
Astolfo is so hot
Apology video
Art doesn’t exist
About tree at the back of Hill Hall: A Passport camper threw toilet paper from dorm room 232 in Hill Hall onto this tree on the night of Day 3 of Passport Camp 2022. Toilet paper was not the only thing thrown on this tree, something blue was also hanging on this tree.
a commentor on railtracks
America in the 1950s
Art doesn’t exist
Among Us is love, Among Us is life
A haiku post
Anna Blue – So Alone YouTube Comment
ASUS™ is teaming up with r/Copypasta for a subreddit givaway!
Anime Girls
ammo’s last stand
Apology Video
AI Adin Ross talking about Skyler White
Average r/teenagers post
Amerikan Reich
Anon is a Lady Dimitrescu appreciator (found on kemono.party)
add more info
All of you spoiled westerners.
AITA for saying to my brother that he “Doesn’t matter to me”
Armchair psychologist
among us wingdings
AITA for smoking crack in my living room on the day that my two younger cousins visited?
Amok Runner bench conversation
AITA for cheating on my gf
A message from the Nightvale Medical Board.
a twitter copypasta by @chiguirlover77
AITA for trying a funny trick at my neighbors birthday party
AITA For invading Soviet Union
alien sran
a thing written by a friend
Am I the only one who doesn’t like Ellen Degeneres?
an award has been presented to you for being extremely fucking gay
Andrew Tate statement
Ai suicide
A woman who is dramatic during sex should be discarded immediately.
Andrew Taint is a beta
Average redditor response
absolutely hate it when i’m poopin and i just get randomly hard and my tip touches the inside of the bowl 🤢
asian women
A scottish Star Wars tale
Andrew Tate quote
A rant about about Wednesday Addams that kinda loses directions it goes on.
A rant I found on AOTY
actual comment under a video about ADHD
Any woman is prettier than your right hand
Actual FS22 review
Arriving in toronto airport
A comment that was posted to my YouTube video
A top from an OG redditor
Among us
Average fnf fan
Another weird one from Yahoo Answers.
Ambatukam “ambasing” omaygot Speech.
a passionate arm wrestling fan on youtube said this…
a gem I found on r/dreamgenderlove
a reply on r/BanVideoGames
AITA for cheating on my gf with a hot femboy?
A woodworker gets advised to make his chess pieces smaller – or to get a bigger board
assa marine. Dennis chensoman
Andrew Tate is being done dirty.
ALPHA MALE TATE(The copypasta I created has a photo to go with it but I could not attach it)
Anon tried to set up a fight.
Ass or Tits?
Among us is so hot
a detrimentally high IQ and a relentless desire for correctness
A tip.
Adol and Dana relationship can’t just be platonic
AITA for buying a white girl from the slave market?
A truly amazing YouTube video and it’s story.
Andrew Tate gave me a blowjob
Actually, the Beatles…
A Filipino man was being interviewed in a podcast (we’ll call him squid fucker).
AITA for killing people for comitting crimes?
Amongus Obsession
Andrew Tate going to Jail will not effect his career
Anuncio importante
A guy in response to an image of an anime girl
A World Without Men
AITAfor buying markipliers only fans with my friends despite my boyfriends (18M) insecurity
Alpine Texas Losers
AI generated essay on why you get no bitches and stack no paper
Andrew Tate is LITERALLY ME
anon loses his lost
Andrew Tate caught in Romania
Asked ChatGPT to rewrite it’s reply with UwU
AITA for enabling my son?
Andrea Taint is a Beta to Greta Thunberg.
Andrew Tate
A date on the high(way)
Are you ok?
AITA for not eating drywall?
A gross true story I found on Reddit💀
All of the Appalachian mountains used to belong to an ancient West Virginian race. (from comment in r/2appalachian4you)
average Andrew Tate simp (found on Twitter)
amongus v2
Average Video Game Journalism Article
An Andrew Tate Theory
AITA for skinning my infant son?
A response to the NSFW train copypasta
A fun little recepie an AI made (chatGPT)
Andrew Tate rap
Average animesexual
Advice on picking up a minor?
AITA For Killing My Political Rival To Win The Election?
Anti gay breaking bad copypasta
AITA for taking a shit in the middle of Dillard’s because God told me to?
average family dude episode
anime girls
Amazing pasta commented in r/confidentlyincorrect
AITA for making a joke about my neighbors wife’s stillborn child?
Abe Lincoln’s Get-Some-Bitches Address (sorry that was the best I could come up with)
AITA for cheating on my wife with a minion?
Abe Lincoln’s Gets-Bitches Address (sorry that was the best I could come up with)
avg Loli enjoyer
Anthony Fantano
A christmas copypasta to warm your hearts
a poem about mercy’s feet
Amazing Hollow Knight is most atractive game ..
Airsoft BDSM
Airsoft BDSM
A comment on fat fetish and inflation fetish and the woke left
Allison Fiona show off Nipple in see-through suit !!!
A friendly reminder to casuals that Smogon was never about fun
A real comment I found about astrology(except I replaced the linked article)
Avatar: The Way Of Water
An interesting title
AITA for subscribing to my girlfriend’s sister’s Onlyfans
Average Italian day
AI Generated BTS undergoing army training Fan Fiction
A 4chan essay about lolis (by anon)
All I want for Susmas
A Donald Trump Boy Pussy Copypasta With Several Other Copypastas Mixed In! (Half Oc)
Anytime Andrew state appears online
against weezerphobia copypasta
Average 14 year old girl statement
A lonely 4channer attempts to upload porn
A coomer dropped this in the discord group chat. Thought this belonged here
a story about my uncle klerbonser
ALL Minecraft Hacks
Apple autocorrect
A friend wrote this
AI gives instructions on how to make a murder machine.
A Clockwork Orange opening
Anyone here just goes out at night and fights people?
As a Reddit mod…
AITA for trying to prove a point to my mum (worst day of my life)
An A.I wrote this among us love story
A song lil bro made
accusations from the female members of this group…
Among us
And that’s one of the problems with violence in games.
A genuine response to “🤓” found in the wild
a proposition on foxes
An excerpt from my friends diary he gave me
AI generated AITA
Algebra II stories
America Is Dying
Amongous is always and forever
A friend’s message at night.
average valorant player
Awe inspiring game ( No More Heroes 2 )
Am i the bad guy for pretending to be my sister and send my diary photos?
A tale of down badness
Average colts fan after losing
A Among Us Poem
A better philosophy essay on Mario.
AITA For murdering my pregnant wife?
Audio to text
Accounting Nerd
AITA for accidentally calling a discord moderator “mom”?
Are you feeling sick?
As an IRL crackhead
AITA for committing 3 counts of manslaughter?
AITA for being into kink sex
A comment made on a post where jhon cena gets a chair as a present in a match (wwe) (comment by : u/IDONTKNOWWHOAMie)
A putrid egg
a fat man?
Ambasing the erotic ruler of germany
Andrew Tate is my lord
Alex McJones’ RANT in Scotspeak
An intresting title
A game changing deal
A message to nuts.
Am I gay for letting my best friend eat my ass and finishing in my mouth… and fucking me?
An essay on why morbius is a cinematic masterpiece
All-revealing masturbation
American are sloppy in the art of killings
A Sincere Apology
A post I find on 4chan /b/
Asshope Son
An explanation of this message by ChatGPT
apology about saying kys
Allison Fiona Naked nipple on Cam !!!
an ode to r/copypasta
AI generated story from u/aria_grey in r/Cr1TiKaL
AI-written essay on why Barack Obama should be a playable character in Smash Bros.
a reaction to someone correcting your spelling
anon asks for advice
average youtube comment
Alternate version of Emojis
asked an AI to write a romance story
Anyone else play/played PvZ Heroes?
aw hell nah what the fuck goin on in Ohio
Astronomy isn’t real.
Alex G
Alpha Sherlock
AITA for taking my bf’s body oil?
A story by ChatGPT about a man with schizophrenia who believes that his carpet is plotting against him
A reply i found on archive.org
alcoholics anonymous
Attention all Stardust Crusaders
astolfo copypasta
A British-Pakistani friend of mine wrote this in reaction to the English losing the football game to the French
Another gem from r/teenagers
AI generated scene from the godather with patrick star instead
AI generated copypasta about SpongeBob’s nose
Attention all amogus gamers, Rick Grimes is in trouble and he needs your help… – Messing around with ChatGPT
Airplanes are sturdy, well-designed vehicles that are built to withstand a wide range of conditions and hazards. It is highly unlikely that a dragon, or any other mythical creature, could cause significant damage to an airplane.
A prayer to Sandy Cheeks
All midgets love being oiled
A prayer to Sandy Cheeks
Anarchy Chess
AITA for buying markipliers only fans with my friends despite my boyfriends (18M) insecurity?
Andrew tate advice on heart attacks
Addressing what gimmick accounts need to understand
A poem
Actual quote from the steam game awards from tonight
AITA for hiring a gay stripper for my homophobic dad?
a fucking ai wrote this….
AITA for minting my marriage certificate on the blockchain so my wife can’t divorce me
AI generated durch copypasta
An air fryer?
As a proud American
arab funny
A little trolling?
As a police officer for 24 years [OC]
A short play about glizzies that I wrote in the style of Shakespeare
a comment on a post in r/oddlyterrifying
Anne Frank
A list pf symptoms I felt when I was high
Are you kidding me?
A lot of slurs don’t have the edge of the N-Word
A Message for All Degenerates
AI wrote this
Average Elvis Enjoyer
Anime waifu dreams.
Among Us in the King James Bible
A story about Kanye West
Ah, I see you’re a fan of the popular “ratio” meme. How very “hip” of you. **SAUL GOODMAN**
A legitimate experience I just had that I thought would fit here. Too short for /TIFU
AITA for stopping a case of SEXISM?
A visit to the aquarium.
ai generated copypasta (ChatGPT)
AITA for fucking a pigeon?
Accidentally broke the only legendary blu-ray copy of morbius
Angel Devil ❤️❤️❤️
An anime-villain like responde to an argument
Average Nosleep post
Anal sex
A farmer buys a young cock
A wise old Chinese man once told me
Anne Frank x Hitler
are you fucking sure mate
Average day in ohio
AITA for cumming on my transgender girlfriend’s blanket?
Angler Hate Copypasta
An apology from the subreddit
Avergare okbuddybaka user fantast
AITA for fucking a squirrel
Alvin and the Deep Fryer
A Fun fact about the B-21 Raider!
AI generated story about Harry
ASAP help dog ate meth
Ah, I see you are a man(weeb trash) of culture(degenerate porn) as well
Allison Fiona Natural Boobs Shake!!! Oh Yeah
A girl tried talking to me today… it was awkward
Animated Breaking Bad Movie
AI written story about Ben Shapiro destroying a liberal
A frogge
And it came to pass that a man was troubled by a peanut butter sandwich, for it had been placed within his VCR, and he knew not how to remove it. And he cried out to the Lord, saying, “Oh, Lord, how can I remove this sandwich from my
average giga chad pfp
Attention all Gen Zers! 🗣️
ACLCD (all cops like Celine Dion)
AITA for attempting to drown my newborn baby?
Anyone else think the screaming should be nerfed?
Age of Mythology Voice Lines
AITA for sucking a dead owl’s nipples during Christmas dinner with my girlfriend’s family?
A dancer
Aw my God bruh
A joint announcement from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to the world.
An interesting title
Actchually the show wast really THAT great 🤓🤓
Alucard’s Check Your Privilegie Monologue
Are u serious?
Accidentally came in my fish tank (OC)
Amy Schumer
Anything for my queen
A very wholesome one
AITA for saving a childs life?
all copypastas currently on my pone
Al-Qaeda no she betta don’t!
attention citizen
anyone know if this spongebob episode I was thinking about was real or did I just make it up?
Anime Bad
An Actual Comment Left On One Of My Recent Steven Crowder Videos
A poem one of my neighbors wrote about a scrooge-esque miserly business owner who lives in our neighborhood
Adolph the nazi reindeer
A very original copypasta about Gintama
Authentic Overwatch Match
AITA for breaking up with my dog boyfriend for my son?
A Message of Solidarity: Russians and Ukrainians are one people!
Asuka is the 21th century aphrodite
allignment dante pasta
A letter to Morten616.
A letter to Morten616
A day that will live in infamy
A letter to Morten616.
Among us sussy powers
An Exorcism Prayer – Warning: To be said by a Priest only
all of jetstream sam’s taunt i might have missed some against jack
Anyone looking for a top notch stroking bud
Average Redditor To Female
Amelia Earhart
another way to say shut up
Arabian Psycho copypasta from arabian psycho youtube video (very sigma based literally me)
Average FitMC video
Ash x Pacho
a comment in castiron subreddit.
Azurlane schizo posting
An example sentence from Urban Dictionary
Albanian pride
AITA for accidentally starting a terrorist organization?
A post I find on 4chan /b/ about diapers
Average my anime list review
AFK on Discord
Another gem from r/popularopinion
A real man’s reaction to NNN
And you proceed to explain the joke like another child [OC]
all desth note rules
A better timeline where Hitler got accepted into Art School
A post I keep seeing on 4chan /b/ broad
andrew tate
Armed hero
A message to Cyclizar
An alternate version of Compatible Vaporeon that’s been going around lately
Antivirus specs
alter version of the hard cock csgo lan party
AITA for depriving teen step sons of fap time?
A fun gift from my wife
Andrew Tate is a good man.
After eating gassy or smelly food I like to go to the store and rip ass down the aisles. People’s bad reactions to my gas legitimately arouses me.
AITA for burning down all of my neighborhood’s convenience stores?
Among Us Sex Simulator 2022
AITA for dating the priest at my church
AITA for cumming over my pug?
AITA for getting my balls stuck in an industrial grade waffle iron.
Aiten fsa mish pannek boyvix gyro nuciform sera dream decimator
A post I find on 4chan
AITA for nutting on my friend’s chicken thighs?
Amazon river fish care more about this than I do
Award speech
AITA for raping a duck?
Anyone know how to get rid of a 54 kg female body?
An actual quote from Texas A&M’s Midnight Yell prior to their game against Appalachian State.
According to HuffPost
Allison Fiona Naked BIG BOOTY teasing
All me & my mates agree that my girlfriend has a really nice looking pussy (vagina) . Feeling proud 😇
Attention Piratefolk: This subreddit is garbage.
Adolf Hitler Hamilton parody
an actual, real tutorial for ONE LEVEL in a game.
Average Birmingham citizen
Anya Taylor Joy
An Overlong Commentary, to, “Misplaced Faith in One-Point-Five,” apropos Groupthink, Cop 27 Etc. over on r/collapze Мотхерфуцкер Но You Will Love it as I have told you to, Реад, Мотхерфуцкер, ᴅᴏ ᴜᴛ ᴅᴇs Мотхерфуцкер, Реад, Фуцкьс Саке, Nothing Ever Comes Easy, No More, Does it? A Dialogue for 1 Voice
Allison Fiona Naked BIG BOOTY teasing
Action actors should be arrested!!!!😩😐🤨🙁☹️😎😵🙁😨🤓
A s s
all the “among us’s” in the bible
About Andrew Tate…
AITA for being mildly annoyed at my girlfriend for using one of my eggs?
a ratio i made by combining two existing copypastas
All hentai ever
A real man would know it looks girly, and wouldn’t wear it.
Autistic console peasant Unrealeck aka HellsAtrium has his small tiny white dick laughed at by black Muslim TheBoGarceRebeu
A helpful suggestion from the NASA twitch chat
an actual Tinder message
AITA for killing a couple of orphans just because i felt like it
A biologically male Human walks into a bar
Abortions are meta?
A message from the universe 💫🌟
Abortions are meta?
an ode to jon bon jovi
A real comment from Askreddit btw
Allison Fiona!!! Hot show her big tits – New video update
A copypasta written by an AI (OpenAI Playground)
Accidentally hooked up with my mate’s dad (from TIFU)
A single sperm cell has 37.5 megabytes of data, 1 millilitre of sperm contain contains 100 million cells. Considering the average ejaculation is about 2.25 millilitres of sperm and takes 5 seconds, the average bandwidth of a human penis is 1678 TB
Attention Citizen!
As a Native English speaker I can only say I hate foriegners who learn English
A writing circle jerk that describes random reddit posts you find early in the morning
AITA for relentlessly beating a homeless man?
a beautiful peom from shittytranslater3
a wise shitposter once said…
As a 23 year old cis woman
Albanian virus
An actual comment on a markiplier video
actual thing I found on quora
Any other straight guys get off to gay porn?
Attraction to “minors” is natural by evolution standards.
a role-playing idea with gummy bears
A Roblox Report i read on snapchat
AITA for suffocating my sister for swearing at me?
AITA for wanting to punch a baby?
AITA to be mad at my friend for creating a fursona out of my cat?
AITA for loving someone too much?
A Defense of Mohg : The Voice of Reason in The Lands Between
Average Jordan Peterson Fanboy
an announcement in a server i’m in
Allison Fiona!!! Hot big tits on bedroom – New video update
A concerned redditor reached out to us about you.
Aita for playing stumble guys.
addicted to sex, help me, i guess? (found on r/teenagers 💀)
Am I the jerk for fucking my brothers cake?
Actually just the opening paragraph for Wikipedia’s entry for the colour ‘Brown’. lmao
AITA For firing 7,500 employees?
American dream
Allison Fiona!!! Nude show pink boobs – New video update
Among Us Jokes & Puns List: 25 Best From This Game You Like
A reply to an open letter from Turkey
American TV Show Review
A Home Alone Review
A message to all the Fuckistanis out there
A sexy girl talked to me!
A message for my haters:
Apology for bad puns, using cat puns
a modest proposal 🙈🙈
Antoons Defending Cosmodore youtube comment
An open letter from Turkey to Pakistan.
Are you 18 or older in the US? GET OUT AND VOTE.
All Robot & Computers Must Shut The Hell Up
A discord apology
Ancient loss
a dream I had last night
an ode to the left
american culture
An actual, unedited comment I found under a non-sexual picture of a girl holding a piglet
Anyone else straight(or mostly straight) but really attracted to dicks and cum?
a title
A story from a friend who wrote this on discord for absolutely no reason
Armenian copypasta
An interesting title
Affirmative subliminal words 🤗🤗🤗
A comment on an animation about liberal elmo
An interesting title
Angry European
Adam and Eve’s dildo ad
ATTENTION ALL FIRERFIGHTERS (this got removed from r/firefighting)
Are you kidding?
Allison Fiona!!! F.ucking with her BF so hot
Allison Fiona!!! F.ucking with her BF so hot
A real email
A comment I saw
As an orthodox Jewish Rabbi
All I ever think about is getting a nice gf (4chan sea slug autistic gf)
Allison Fiona!!! Sexy with erotic body
Apple to roll out software upgrades to enable 5G in Indian devices from next week
Are you serious right neow?
A response to “It’s actually gnu/Linux”
A speech if you will
Alpha Male Quora Response
average discord mod
All the emojis
An actual youtube comment
Actual post on my college’s anonymous tinder page
aww mustard!
A review I found for “Changed” on Steam
As an American of English descent…
A gamer complains about quicktime events
a friendly surprise
Ayoo Caught in 64K UHD surround sound 16 Gigs ram, HDR GEFORCE RTX, TI-80 texas insturments, Triple A duracell battery ultrapower100 Cargador Compatible iPhone 1A 5 W 1400 + Cable 100% 1 Metro Blanco Compatible iPhone 5 5 C 5S 6 SE 6S 7 8 X XR XS XS MAX GoPro hero 1 2 terrabyte xbox series x Dell Ul
A fifth of Americans can’t locate the US in a world map, why do you think so?
aita chose my e girlfriend over my online bestfriend of 16 years
A comment on r34 by anon 7516744
Another campaign to downvote cummybot9999. also some unreadable copypasta i found on the interwebz
A grammatical error?!?
AITA for having sex with my sister?
A petersonian take on beauty and the beast
Another way Bobby Fischer and Wesley So (“w”esley “s”o in this case) are related: Tigran V Petrosian and Tigran L Petrosian
A comment I found on a religious site
Aoex legends player when mirage
About Slamfest ’99…
Andrew Garfield
an all-white picture
among us sex
AITA for ruining the new spiderman movie for a ton of people? (Found on r/AmItheAngel)
AITA: I (31m) encouraged my wife(28f) to sleep with my opponent (28m) in a chess match,which led to his divorce and my win.
Amongus has singlehandedly ruined my life
Another stupid Dream copypasta
A Guy On The Youtube Comment Section
Awww! What a shit karma score!
As a gay man…
A story from my good friend, Mr Hippo.
A message to everyone who makes jokes about body counts.
According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don’t care about what humans think is possible. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black.
Amogus 2
A copypasta, from ye olde days of 2019 old roblox revival “Finobe”
AITA for telling my uncle that he’s a donkey ?
AITA:I(31m) encouraged my wife(28f) to sleep with my opponent (28m) which led to his divorce and my win.
A girl moved schools because she ripped a fat fart on me during homecoming (from r/teenagers)
ash kechyagirl
Actual tags from a Roblox game
A Copypasta from the xChiaki1x Server
a very questionable comment on a video about a pizza place
A simple fuck you works.
Average PCM user
An original copypasta about dream stans
An actual shitpost
A shit fit someone threw in the comments of a post on r/fantheories
Amputated limp
A person on discord said this (seriously)
Angy man go crazy
An AI’s idea of a song about baguettes
A text I mistakenly sent to my mom that was meant for my brother
Attention Citizens of Glorious CCP
A massage to your love ones
A Witch Cursed My Balls Into a Guitar and Now I Can’t Stop Playing Them
A Berserk Fan Theory
A rose of friendship
Argument comeback copypasta
Among us gay porn copypasta
A happy little hit of NFT copium
A complaint regarding your comments
A beautiful poem🥰🥰
A response to people saying “i dont give a fuck”
Are you mentally well? You not only sound like a crayon eating idiot you are just plain wrong.
Average Spirit Airlines Flight
AITA for calling out my boss for his innapropiate comments to my coworker?
Attention all ROBLOX Gamers!
A Productive Session With Your Therapist
A Clean Source of energy
average redditor on r/relationships
absolute proof that men are funnier than women
Amerie – One Thing Lyrics
All anyone has to do to expose black gay atheist CosmicSoulstorm’s long history of trolling is google his name. It will show you all his sock accounts and long history of trolling. This is a huge victory for michaeldsuarez, hellsatrium, kookyinc, unrealeck, arzock, and venomfrogx
Agito’s Burning Form debut is a fuckin cinematic masterpiece
Average butthurt Icelandic person
A comment about an underage girl
An actual response to “Go fuck yourself” in this subreddit
a comment i saw on rateyourmusic.com
Alright, I just finished translating a greek meme to english. Hope it becomes a copypasta.
A thumbs down for commenting on YouTube videos
A response to “thicc” on r/Terraria
All dream stans should spontaneously combust
Anyways.. I started blasting
A comment from a post about pokimane self-blurring her feet
average r/pokemon user
An actual comment on a Donald Trump Instagram post from December 19, 2020
actual post from r/teenagers
Average Linux User
A meditative insight: Ego death in the bathroom.
Another absolute belter from r/sex
Amount of Milk to Create Cheese Moon
Average Redditor found on r/teenagers
android fanboy
All the problems with Gen Z
A real man plays beatsaber like it’s meant to be played.
A cool story about Kushim
amongorrheus amogi species (credit to u/BeeHoneyFish
A reply to a shower thought post
An artist of imbecility.
Anon gets beaten up
Average Mobile game
Average Game of CummStone
Atlanta Falcons moment
awesome toddler
A hurricane fantasy copypasta
Armom please . . . ,
A blizzard fan explaining their obsession with a game they claim not to play (r/wow)
Alright, you want a war?
alright… you want a war?
A letter a man wrote to Elon Musk
Ascended Mind
all the sponge things
Africa [OC]
armpit hair collection (tw: cringe)
Average Hero Hei defender
Aquatic Teenager Hunger Fucking
a girl on… REDDIT?
A. tibei
A letter to Anti-Anti-Vaxxers
a user on r/instantkarma
anti vax facebook mom comparing covid 19 vaccine to holocaust
Art Hoes
A Message From Nik
A guy who dated a girl that farts
A chef explaining why air fryers are a scam on r/unpopularopinion
A confession of love for Nekoarc
An alert to the uruguayans
Average /r/relationship_advice post
Am I transreligious?
A response from an NFT owner to someone who screenshotted interesting ape #2371. Felt it should go here
Anon has a question about Monsters, Inc.
as a person who has lots of sex all the time, i can say that this game is 100% accurate to having sex with sexy women.
A strange encounter
Average BTS fan
An Proud Indian Patriot
A classic r/sex moment
Authright people make shit tops.
Actual review of Call of Duty: Vanguard
A torrent-of-wintery-white, streaming warmly down my pant leg…
average battlefield fan
A reply after someone took a screenshot of their NFT
Amazon review for a tungsten cube.
A tale of two cums
Actual review someone made of an Mahavishnu Orchestra album
A Critics review of the new NFT TV show “The Red Ape Family”
Almost 300 years ago, Benjamin Franklin went through his own inner struggle over whether to have his sons variolated against smallpox, which was then a cutting-edge medical technology.
a response to “you’ve been hacked emails”
angel dusts “no no jokes are funny” quote from the pilot
Average NFT Owner
At the risk of sounding entitled… I have to vent today.
Are The Beatles Bad People?
average incel
AITA for killing my kid?
A love letter to a sim
Amazing new masturbatiin I gulf
among us mental breakdown I can’t fucking take it
About dream’s recent community post… (emoji version)
Average Polish Person. B)
An actual email by one of my mom’s patients (with personal details changed)
Anyone else like RPing a serial killer?
A highly specific one.
About dreams recent community post…
Average Evangelion Enjoyer
Author rants about homosexuals in an NSFW Pokemon fanfiction somehow posted in 1950
average COD consoomer
Amo Ngu S
A modest response to a different opinion
Amogus 😳😳 rap 2021 🤑🤑
Ate ass. Still feel empty. Miss my Ex.
Asking a man for his zodiac sign can be a great vetting strategy
Attention! Attention all shoppers! There is a CUM alert in aisle 4!
A twitter dm someone sent in response to Animal Crossing baking irl
A bot, trained on r/copypasta, made a copypasta
Asking for sources on Reddit
Average Civic Owner:
Anders Mindorf donated DKK20 through super chat!
A meme on TikTok right now that people suggested would make a great copypasta
Apex legends Aim assist
Am I fucked?
As a carnivore (which I hate 😤 but the fact is I am ❗️ )
Anarchychess is my new favorite sub
Average Genshin Impact player discord profile.
A letter to Travis Scott
A review of a sex game found on steam
Average redditor lives in your brain rent-free
A response to u/documentingLaziness
A paragraph from one of my friend’s English essays about living life on the road
Among Us Centered Game Dev Tycoon Review
An actual DM my friend received
AITA for grounding my 12 yo daughter because she wants to buy sex toys online and being mad at my wife because encourages it?
As a person who has lots of sex
Air Velocity of a Bald Eagle
As a person who has lots of sex all the time
A random r/childfree post but I swapped children with gaming
Another one from r/nofap
a commie’s opinion on kyle rittenhouse
America Star Power
As per r/UrinalCakeLife
Astroworld was with satan
A Gacha video made me cry 😭😢 (gone wrong gone right gone left gone Sasugay)
Am I screwed for pissing on a fire hydrant at 8 a.m.? The school just sent me an e-mail.
Am I screwed for pissing on a fire hydrant at 8 a.m.? The school just sent me an e-mail.
AITA for removing every form of entertainment from my son after he ahd a B- on a test?
Average r/dankmemes user
A message to u/savevideobot
AITA for fixing the economy?
Actually my life is pretty awesome
Anak jaksel
Are you happy?
Average-dicked dude
A comment on a youtube video
another erotic fantasy from r/mariojudah
All words containing “sus”
A funny story
All three of Patrick Bateman’s musical monologues from American Psycho.
Arc of a Neckbeard – Thank you u/FuckYeahPhotography
Ants love cum.
Attack on Titan copy pasta
AI can’t do anything
Aztrosist’s “you fell off + ratio”
Aita, i (16m) bullied my boyfriend after finding out he was gay
An NFT Tiktoker’s response to someone who said he was allergic to women
A comment from r/amongusporn
Anyone else really hate minorities when they are high? (from r/heroin)
A reply about dark souls 3
AITA for inviting my friends to my house so we could beat the everloving shit out of my mother?
Anti-Navy Seal(Short)
anti dream stan
AITA for destroying a rocket ship and killing 6 people?
A perfect response on a tweet asking how people would approach a woman in a grocery store
A story by [[EGGO]]#8205
Australia’s TOTALITARIAN NWO REGIME strikes again. Maybe if you liked GUNS we’d be able to help you SHEEP
AITA for stabbing my mom for threatening to take my phone away?
A relatable experience
Angry New Yorker gets in a tussle’ with you
An ogre walks into a bar
Average life of a kazuya main
assi toni
Ana from speluny 2
Attack Helicopter (from r/196)
A response from a crypto guy who saw someone else screenshoted his NFT art
A comment on pornhub
Also from r/nonutnovember
Accidentally created this from coding project
A normal day in Anchorage, Kentucky
Average Linux User
Attention Redditors
A cashless society means no cash. . Zero
a humble minecraft request
A post on r/unpopularopinion about deodorant but only the edits
And the week
A extended the “Woody Got Wood” Copypasta using AI
And I ask you, man, are you proud of yourself?
A 10-Year-Old Anime Fan Who Knows What Good Writing Is.
A copypasta written by me to fight the propaganda they throw at you.
A slight dent in the back
Anyone Who Gets Steam Deck In December Has Responsibility to the Steam Deck Community
As a Jewish man
An English major’s response to the question: What music do you like?
August 13th, 2015
AITA for getting my wife a penis shaped cake?
A Very Strange Dream I Had
A “real” person
AITA for drinking whiskey in the office at 10:30 in the morning?
Australian insults that no one really understands! written by yours truly B)
Among Us Fortnite, but in french
animemes subreddit list the after NNN
AITA for punching my brother because he made fun of Eminem? (OC)
among us femboy penis (alternate)
Ashurbanipal goes at it
An amazing story written by AI
A Hypothetical Blonde Hair, Blue/Green Eyed Micronation Utopia
angry stalinist furry
Am I the asshole? 😟
Average reditors schedule
Average r/neoliberal user
average anime fan
Adderall and Penis Shrinkage
Am tired of just texting female’s
Alpha men [found in youtube comment section]
Apex legends shivfps
A criticism of Kanye West
A degenerate furry steam comment
An Update on Our Outage
Anyone else peeved at the slander of Jason Zuckerberg?
Actual comment from r/pcmasterrace
A bang review
Average Bosnian person
A Personified Date
Among Us trick or treating
among roblox
Average PCM user
an angry redditor.
A gem i found kn 4chan
Arrested for researching the benefits of not fapping.
And I thought furries were bad…
Anime is the sigh of the oppressed
Adv intro
Am i still grunge if i shower? (From r/grunge)
Am I still grunge if I shower?
Anal absorption guidelines
Average Roblox Player Pasta
Aren’t you guys tired of these annoying, know it all Santa deniers?
A reply to a tweet about Roblox being down
A cresting tsunami of support for Joe Biden.
An interesting funny copypasta
Anime is a psychological warfare weapon
AITA for getting my wife a penis shaped cake?
A weeb’s way of reviewing anime
Audiophile Copypasta found in wild
Average discord account
A weird dream I had…
A comment on rule 34 paheal
A dune fan I found on facebook
A comment from r/technology
A man has fallen into the river in LEGO City! Start the new Social Credit Test!
AITA for killing the my self and floor
as a person who has lots of sex all the time
As long as you acknowledge that as your own little warped and delusional socialist
Axel F
Actual comment from Askreddit
Ahh yes
Annoying orange
Atheism rap
a small trollface for discord messages
AITA for using granny’s ashes to make a ciggy?
Awooga awooga
A bot said this to me
A story in quotes [EMOTIONAL TOUR-DE-FORCE]
Ay Steve!
Armpit hair
Armpit hair
Angry minecraft anarchy server owner
An old copypasta I found
A swindler passes by a bird in the stairwell of an apartment building… (from r/WordAvalanches)
According to this, Bezos owns 54.5 million shares in Amazon, which is 10.88 percent of the company (this means there are 500M shares).
A few thoughts about the cars universe
A response to the question “what the fuck is it with you and dolphins?”
Ankha Ride is hot and all
Another 55 Days Copy Pasta
A pinned Tweet I saw
a steam review for my friend peppa pig
AITA for assuming a Japanese girl was a geisha?
AssBeater420 was an amazing individual. Assbeater420 was more than a friend. A partner. A gamer. A chad. He brought us racial justice, education about racism, and economic problems. This is a great injustice. Sign this petition so AssBeater420 will be unbanned, which he rightfully deserves.
A love letter to all femboys <3
All emojis
A date with Maisie Williams from game of thrones
AITA for committing numerous war crimes during my time serving in the Korean war?
americans are fat
AITA for causing mass genocide of furries?
AITA for fucking your mom?
Amazing sound quality, wtf!— Have you guys ever heard of these things called Compact Discs?!?!?!
Anon will not stop
A comment I found on the iCarly Wiki on Fandom
A friend challenged me to write a copypasta, I used a fraction of my power. Read at your own risk
Avergae Atheist
About immigrants
AITA for ordering fast food at a Hibachi restaurant?
A polite (and acrostic) way to invite someone to GO OUTSIDE
All the cum in the English language, organized by letter.
As a Korean, Squid Game can fuck right off
Average twitter bio
An essay on flavored condoms
A quote from ElectroBOOM on graphite being called lead
A story, about an animal known as “Chungus”
A shovel is a great prop to walk around with
another r/childfree post but “child” is replaced with “French person”
An interesting copypasta
Ah yes an age old argument
Attention Citizen
am i going crazy or did i have a weird copy?
AMOGUS High School Girl
AITA for making my cleaning women do her job?
All women aim for the top 20% of men and not the remaining 80% >=(
Alt Poke, you vile creature.
Actual r/offmychest post (Even though it’s 100% a joke)
A Spore Review
Attention citizen!
AITA for no longer letting boyfriend eat what I cook after he rated my food infront of my family?
A spam email from india a friend of mine received
A YouTube comment under Mac Tonight ad
A satire comment I found under a r/Cringetopia post.
Apples are racist
About me? I’m depressed and somewhat insane. I’m not completely insane which is good. Other than that I’m a semi decent person that cares about his friends.
About u/Doug-DeMuro
Astrophysics discord server
A Bill for an act introducing a new mathematical truth
Angry Video Game Nerd “Football”
Ally Club copypasta
A response to anything
Authentic raging copypasta made from two days worth of comments from a user on r/averageredditor
An “argument” I had with my friend. + is me, and – is my friend.
A comment i found
Amogus Nipples
A world without mustard
ahh lovely lovely paragraph to send to someone you hate <3
a mere MII COSTUME OF Shantae……
Average twitter bio (deluxe)
A comment from r/genshinimpact
A review of a local tunnel
A letter to apple
Anyone else see or hear that drone fly over campus?
Asian girls make me cum
Anti dreamsexual
A very concise way to say you agree with a comment
AITA for asking redditors to stop posting r/teenagers posts?
Average twitter bio
A Christmas Poem
An OC copypasta! I would literally do anything in the world just to get a whiff of Oprah Winfrey’s cooch or butt.
Actual post from r/Libertarian…
Aladdin vs. Hercules fight
Askreddit is doomed
AITA reddit?
Anyone remember that meme from 2013?
An encouraging speech
Average r/BadChoicesGoodStories user
a response to end all responses
Asking for free rocket league merch on twitter
an email my friend got from the trump team
Aleluija or whatever how you spell it on english but google translated
A laks TikTok
Adventures in China
Alpha-Chad isn’t intimidated by your dick!
AITA for pooping on my friends bed (A legit post from AITA)
Anyone else ever have sex with a spirit?
Amog 😱
amogus syndrome
AITA for comparing my classmate to a celebrity?
A true copypasta
Avril Lavigne has the perfect face
A confessional from anon member of a Facebook group
Aria Alexander
A long text about how the joke isn’t funny. This isn’t mine just something I found a while ago.
Average Mets game
Adam Driver
A r/childree copypasta
Actual interaction I had with my gf the other night during sexy times:
Among Us: The Movie
A Wall of Text
AITA for repeatedly punching my son’s face as hard as I can?
amogus drip lyrics
AITA For sexually assaulting someone?
ah no pho today sorry
Allay kidnapping
A Critique of Playboi Carti
Average r/lgbt user
alternative sexual archetypes in the marketplace (‘fastest mario’)
Actual post i found on r/IllegalLifeprotips
Are self made allowed?
A Navy Seal Helped Make This Guy’s Life So Much Better!
Analysis of Business cards from American Psycho the movie
Anal is fucking disgusting
Anal is fucking disgusting.
A guy lights up a cat covered with gasoline
A comment on an Adele Stan Twitter meme video
Amazon review
A list with every identifiable gender [that starts with A] according to the LGBTA Wiki:
Arataki Itto
A nerd suffocated his friend to death using his stinky ass and I cannot stop fucking thinking about it
Are you people nuts.
A bugs life
Anon asks a serious question.
A weird town name from each state
a horse walks into a bar
And they went off to win Squid Game….Never to be heard of again.
An article about Jar Jar Binks written by an AI
an actual post from r/dogfree
Average South Indian Nationalist
A message a kid from our school unironically sent
A Squid Game 3D review
another depressing copypasta, from r/depression
anti lgbt
Anime sex
A man must have standards
American war crimes timeline
AI-generated poem by the bot u/uwotm8_GPT2
Ay bruh that show pretty mid
Actual thing someone said in a discord server im in
As a child in China
Archer season 1 episode 5
AITA for not wanting to adopt an ugly child?
As a child in China
a counter to ratio
As a child in China, you’re pretty much an athlete-in-training when you’re not in school.
Always take pasta save the 15 euro
any ethical committee would attest to that.
Aioli overthrows mayonnaise.
A response to a Facebook post telling people to talk to a real woman instead of focusing on fictional high school girls who aren’t even of legal age
A nerd suffocated his friend to death using his ass and I cannot stop fucking thinking about it
AITA for not giving my sister a bachelorette’s party nickname? NSFW
A tasteful review
A nerd suffocated his friend to death using his ass and I cannot stop fucking thinking about it
A story of my childhood
Among Us Monster Cock
All the copy pastas I have saved in my notes folder
A punishment upon us
About u/ExtraCummyBot1000 new censoring words system
Automod Diss Track made by a redditor
Another test post
All emojis list [2021]
Attention citizen
a tale of trolling.
An Intellectual Discussion of the Parallels between Rick and Morty and Orwell’s 1984.
Any recommendations on how to simulate a real titfuck?
another post from r/dogfree
Am I the only one who likes both Cummy Bots?
A serious response from a shitposty steam group
Among Us in the bath
Among Us version of Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life
Actual comment I found
An actual twitter bio
AITA for using a flamethrower on my step-sister?
Are we going to fight or kiss?
All of EDP445’s Possible Endings (found on r/EDP445)
A giant file with more than 300 000 characters of copy-pastas, all regarding a single streamer!
Answer to “How many dates can a girl go without a kiss?”
An r/squidgame user
A response to a female redditor writing in Arabic
an actual comment
anime battle arena
Annoyed alpha male
A copypasta my friend on discord made
ankha zone video comment
An insult
A comment made on the HLVRAI Dr Coomer Fandom Wiki Page
A rant I made on Twitter about how boring Rotifera (the animal phylum) is
a birthday greeting
Ah yes
A story about clay…
A funny reponse to an argument, lots of editing potential
An og from my discord server
Always call out anti-vaxxers when you see them
A real review of a vaporwave record
ai text generators
A woman and a redditor?
A comment on “If the joker could beatbox”
A short one but a good one
Are you telling me a squid made this game?
AMA Recovering Finasteride Abuse (PFSIFA)
Assassin’s creed is a good franchise
Asking for a friend
As I type this.. I am filled with so much emotion
A Comment I Found under Another Copypasta
A post about cocks
a message i received after a game of valorant
absolutely bonkers comment i found on r/oneliners
About someone with huge tits
A Lesson on Tug-of-War from Squid Game.
A Dramatic Reading from gamerfaroe
An interesting thought.
A Facebook man gives us the good news
AITA for killing my (54M) wife (7F) with my PS3 remote because she didn’t let me continue playing a game (coc)
AI generated sentence
a real post from r/sex
A genuine spam email
Annoying and repetitive youtube comments
A comment on a video of a monkey sucking its thumb
A game streaming problem (Taken from the Microsoft’s Xbox forum)
A toncrap of English words. Get rekt, phone users.
An except from Your Mother manifesto, 1066
Airplanes- B. o. B. Feat. Hayley💙💜
Average incel
anyone else addicted to torrenting? (r/torrents)
Arnold’s Pizza Shop
a message for all you liberals out there
All Wikipedia pages concerning “Cringe”
An interesting title
amogus rage quit
A Gorey Demise
AITA for accidentally making my brother cry?
AITA but it’s GPT-J bot generated
Anon thinks about the hyper dick
Among us
As a straight guy, erect cocks are more attractive than boobs
alien text i guess
Avarage Rule 34 comment
Anime is the embodiment of all evil
AITA for Intruding on My Wife and Her Boyfriend While They Were Having Sex?
A day of farts
An excerpt from my Discord server.
a series of questions about his point
Amogus refence
Among us cock vore rant
Aurora Borealis by Lemon Demon
A post on r/unethicallifeprotips asking how to get the vaccine while underage
An interpretationof Celeste
Asian fetishist would like you to know that they don’t have sweat glands.
Australia 2021
An actual review of eFootball 2022, currently the worst rated game of Steam
Alvin the sussy imposter
Amy’s Baking Company in the style of Pawn Stars
Assuming (Who Asked) is imaginary,
Actual text a dating app bot sent me
Actual Sign from a Local Restaurant
A comment on nhentai.net
A league of legends player’s birthday wish for Katarina
Actually, Ralsei’s age isn’t actually disclosed in the game and I don’t think you should be spreading lies like this. I should legally be able to rail Ralsei’s fat fucking goat ass and if you think you can stop me you got another thing coming. I’m cumming, inside Ralsei, right now, try to stop me. J
A comment on r/tifu
a random shitpost I wrote because I was bored
Average loser
among us rap
As a parent, would you let your kids masturbate in private?
A bit of a vent
An interesting fact about Squid and Inklings
A copypasta taken from a furry steam profile
Alright, I’ve been thinking.
A genuine response to a comment I left about how its sus to have your girl lick your asshole
Alright, Theory Time (found on a Sonic Rush Ost Video on youtube)
AITA for punching a disabled midget?
A letter to my dead king
a letter to my dead king
Anti-Mihoyo Genshin copypasta
Angry Email to a Professor at UW-Madison
Another AI Copypasta
A statement from a certain ‘Jewish Frog’
Alana McLaughlin is a personal trans hero of mine and has been for sometime
Ape sex
A job where all the employees have sex with each other
a response to “no u”
AITA For requiring that kids be dressed EMO AF at my wedding?
All hail mihoyo
A Cummy Cunt hate poem I made (feel free to use it)
A nice man does a nice thing
A list of all known swear words and racial slurs version 1.1
A comment under Lil Pump’s “Gucci Gang”
AITA for setting my 2-year-old niece on fire?
Ankha porn big funny
America 2030 [Found on 4Chan]
Average good anime memes user
Adam ruins everything
A bag full of ice.
A proper response to CummyBot9999
answer it
A question I legitimately thought when my brain was fried after work
After a long day of work, Kanye West goes to his Kanye Nest to take his Kanye Rest.
A list of all known swear words and racial slurs version 1.0
A comment I found but I replace every n-word or “black” with clown. 👌🤡
Among Us Battle Royale
A diss track for Cummy Bot 9999 to send it back to downvote hell where it belongs
AITA for having sex with lolli gf???
another futa related one
ACAB is a dangerous mentality to spread.
Anti Against Hate Subreddits copypasta (anti anglo)
A rant to all the girls here who treat us good guys badly
A Poem by friggity
Am I the asshole for locking my boyfriend’s grandma in a dog cage because my bf wouldn’t take me back after I cheated on him 🙄
Am I the asshole for being mad at my bestie and beating the absolute dog shit outta her like molly whopping this hoe like dog walking this bitch because she got cancer ♋
A Book I Wrote When I Was 9
Alex Jones
Azur lane fans need to chill TF out near maritime museums.
Average American (r/relationship_advice)
A post on r/relationship_advice
A message for anyone affected by E-Girls
A Philosophical Thought Experiment I had with my mate on Discord.
a discord dm
A great philosopher on the human existence
are you a girl (not to freak out or anything) 🥵🥵😩💦
Anime fan
Are there any downsides to owning a Dodge Challenger?
Among us Cock.
awsome comment on a cnet article
And so that is how I believe that through development of my methodology and logical system I believe
A comment made on a piece of among us porn
An answer from Quora
Anon becomes a Nazi
An essay on the significance of thlamming your penith in the car door
An interesting comment I found.
Australia is bleeding
Awwww🥺🥺ythe spoingus 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱go thatg 🚖
A very big insult some guy sent to me UNIRONICALLY
About me
A short view back to the past
A comment on a Blue Lives Matter post on Instagram
An explanation of Ankha Zone
A server I’m a part of just got their new favorite pasta
AITA for stuffing general chicken and rice in my asshole?
AITA for deleting 30,000 emails?
Ass man
AITA for making 8 year old nephew poop himself during the family dinner?
AITA for shooting my 10 year old brother who was watching t*k t*k (TW t*k t*k)
A review for a “straight pride” flag
AITA for siphoning out my friend’s blinker fluid and replacing it with lighter fluid?
audiophile shit
A Pickle for the Knowing Ones, by Timothy Dexter
AITA for doing my job as intended?
AITA for breaking my son’s Xbox?
A translation and transcription of the insane rambling of an extremely religious sexist and homophobic man
A Reddit comment about Playboi Carti
Anal (Taken from R/thesopranos)
A Steam game review
As a preteen, all I wanted was a girlfriend with big tits.
A grilled cheese sandwich?
Andrew, I can’t and won’t make this any simpler for you.
annoying friend
Average DeviantArt weirdo comment
A response on how to pray to RNGesus found on an old Destiny forum
A random Twitch channel description
About churches and cum
Atheist college professor vs us marine
AITA for telling my wife to klung nip when she busternated about my foogish new languaspeak?
As a cars connoisseur
Accidentally submitted my Carti x Uzi fanfic to my English teacher
Anon takes a test with ProctorU
Accidentally submitted my Carti x Uzi fanfic to my English teacher (r/playboi carti)
Against Determinism
All gave some, some gave all.
A Carnival of Death
Accidentally submitted my Carti x Uzi fanfic to my English teacher
a guy who is very obsessed with america
Anti-Among us Jokes
AITA (am I the asshole) for going back in time to stop John Wilkes Booth from killing Abraham Lincoln, so that I could kill him myself?
Absolutely disgusting
American Football fan calling it soccer
Average Reaction to female in CoD lobby
A post of r/teenagers from 7 years ago
Accidentally submitted my Carti x Uzi fanfic to my English teacher
A message to all betas out there!
All I want is a wank.
Angry birds Capitalism Copypasta
About teen titans
aaaaaaaaaa part 2
AITA for always being right?
Average vinyl enjoyer’s dreams
AITA for accidentally awakening a demon?
An actual comment on r/penectomy
An 18+ bot commented a spam link below a project I worked on with some friends. This was one of my friends’ response:
A message I received from a man
Apple should develop a pair of digital glasses that blur out certain parts of peoples bodies
AITA for shooting my daughter and then beating her to death?
A devilish lick
Average League player
Andrew Jackson is the biggest piece of shit ever. However
AOT manga ending iconic panel copypasta.
After a long day, Kanye West goes to his Kanye west to take a Kanye rest
a quote from Raditz in the funimation dub I thought was funny
A tweet on my timeline
Am I Down Bad Or Is This Normal
Archive of a walugi x wario fan fiction
a slap on titan armin speech
Advice from an ass-muncher redditor
A Twitter statement. (Satire)
A message from my 70 year old pedophile teacher
A post to a fandom wiki?
A note found in public
AITA for kicking my creations out of my garden for eating an apple?
a very Minaj fantasy
A response to the Navy Seals copypasta
An in depth analysis on Godzilla and King Kong’s pp sizes
AITA for murdering my Family?
a dumb pasta i made on spot about camila’s met gala outfit
A Requiem for Cummy Bot
Alex Jones’s Gloves are off Rant
And I say
A little something for the Morrowind fans, courtesy of r/trueSTL
Addressing the issues
Ai generating dating problems
A real comment from the top rated NHentai Doujin
Attention all liberals
Already deleted don’t even bother
A message sent to a POC from a WW
Apologies in advance
anti-furry rap
About the pantheon of Chads from a discord server.
Average Linux user
Am I the Asshole?
Angry birds society
Android is better
A True Connoisseur
A normal day
A scratch review I found
A message to the grammar nazis on the internet
Attn; Dear Beneficiary,
Affordable and nice and comfy chair please dm if find!! :)))
A reply to an ‘Uranus’ joke
An “offensive” joke on r/mademesmile
A little something I wrote when my friend asked me what the theoretical best Pokemon is.
Askreddit users be like
A comprehensive guide to sex with dolphins
Around the world lyrics
A non-satirical rant I found on a fundamentalist website
Average redditor
Acid cock
Average Redditor
a responce to the new Kraft Mayo ad on Reddit “tell us why you love mayo and we’ll tell you why we don’t care”
Am I the only one who enjoyed-
Angry Animator Rants
A lengthy, unbroken spiel from a Facebook group I’m in.
AOC is punk rock
Are you a “boy”? (Male version of are you a girl)
an actual instagram caption someone i know unironically wrote out
All I Know Is Pain
AITA for feeling uncomfortable?
Anonymoose by u/nestle_fucker_69
A Quilt of a country by Anna Quindlen
A treatsie on crypto, for nonbelievers
At what point did we go so wrong?
Almost got banned from a Discord for posting the original “Based on what?” pasta so I made this edit
an insult that one of my friends on discord used an ai to make
aita for cumming to Donald trump
A copied response from “I caught my 14 year old son watching My Little Pony. What should I do?” on Quora.
Andy dalton
a touching story about keanu reeves
A real apology
angry bald man talks
Angry Shakespeare
A year down, a lifetime to go
An automatically generated shit post storu
A spoonful of jizz
Average GTA online user
About Iosef Stalin
Ass pissing is the most effective sexual move
A love letter a friend’s friend wrote to a fucking anime girl
Another on stl
About the book “A very hungry Caterpillar”…
age difference issues??
Advanced chess theory
A humorous your mother joke
All 24 ways to say “the” in Biblical Greek
AITA for acting like this towards my best friend and his girlfriend?
Awakening is not a matter of intelligence
A civil debate on European integration between an Austrian and a Spaniard on /int/
A 9/11 story
A magnificent song
Among Us
among(triger warnin amogu)
anoyagorange fard?? 😳
Azusa is MY WIFE.
A comment from a user in r/gunners.
A comment on r/fuckwalls
Agent Smith touches Victoria’s boobs
Advice Needed: I Caught My Stepsister Cumming on My Xbox Remote
A love letter by u/Elneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Avengers age of untrol ultimate plot twist
Absolutely Disgusting
A simple guide on how to troll r/GenZedong
A Tale of Chess
A comment found on one of morgz dart video.
A Dear mods post found in the wild
An obituary written by an AI
All vaccines will expire on 10/20/2021.
around half of the Navy Seal copypasta but I translated it into the phonetic alphabet.
Add a title
AITA For banning my sister from my wedding since she won’t follow the dress code?
Average r/femaledatingstrategy user
Adjusting boxers turn me on
Among ass. Oh my god among us and sex has been combined.
Access to your female vagina
Antivaxxer thinks he is r/iamverybadass
A response to someone’s meatloaf recipe
A socially deprived loli aficionado
AITA for cock voring the entire world?
A genuine review for “*NEW* SCUFFED EPIC BHOP SIMULATOR 2023 (POG CHAMP)” on Steam.
Astonishing Fluffmobile
As a straight guy, erect cocks are more attractive than boobs. (The10thDentist)
Anyone got a copy paste for all the discriminations
a my hero academia roleplay discord submission for katsuki bakugo
American Tail Fanfiction
AITA for being upset at my neighbor (53M)?
Actual history
Anyone else stay in the bathroom at work to socialize?
Aren’t you a saucy bitch today
A Real Text I got
a promise to God
apple watch
A big fatty steak with salt and a glass of water is the healthiest meal a person can eat and it’s the best for the environment.
A friend of mine likes Asuka from Tekken and made this
Actually it’s 1 in 308,915,776
a random dm I got
AITA because I cummed in my friends diaper?
adopt me
ABBA is ABBA Backwards guys
As a teen girl, what got you the most wet (horny)?
Amazing girlie
At this point the porn industry, especially on Reddit, is boring.
Albania won ww1
Anglo Cockslut
Aubrey Graham
And then here I come and wreck the cultural discourse to pieces
A Space Chimps 2 review on Letterboxd
AI generated text
Anime comments in Spanish are wild
Applebee’s hate by u/igni19
Apple emoji
allergy advice use by date %RI batch number
Are readers the most oppressed minority?
Apple Emoji.
AITA for getting my morbidly obese coworker fired?
Agenda 21
Anti-Chronos Entropy Protection in 3-in-1 Toothpaste by Ouro Kronii
A message to all bed-owners
Amogus sussy balls
Am I the asshole?
Adam Jensen Defecates [NSFW] from r/Deus_Ex
AITA for kicking the teachers son?
A discussion of “🥴”
Amelia Watson is literally my ex fiance
Angry tankie
Anti Tankie libcuck ultranationalist china front
Another GNU/Linux Copypasta.
A banger
Among Us ISN’T Sus
Amogus Addiction
Amogus sex
Anime has become too mainstream in school
Among Us emoji
Amogus is a plague
Absolutely losing my shit over this ad from a furry personals channel
A rant about “10 Assorted Fun Sized Transformations”
Am I The Asshole for dropping my 6 year old off at an orphanage for his inability to Minecraft pvp?
A vision of the future.
Anyone else sometimes thinks about how weak and pathetic men really are?
A review I read about The Witcher 3.
Among Us is Dead to Me….
Animal instagram page
AITA from subreddit drama
among us s s ssm sss
An Interesting Copypasta found under piratedgames website
Alien is gay
Apple symbol
An actual threat made to antifa
a message from gregg
AITA for stabbing my SO (27F) 37 times in the chest?
Amogus alphabet
are my standards too high
Another r/teenagers post
A Facebook data mining post was asking people if they ever had a DUI so I wrote up suitable copypasta
a reddit comment about anthony fantano giving sematary a 8 out of 10
All men under 6 foot should be sterilised
After what distance is an orgy still considered an orgy? (from r/NoStupidQuestions)
another copypasta to archive
A cute girl asked me for a pencil
After what distance is an orgy still considered an orgy?
About Candace Owens
a poem for claire <3
Anybody wanna trade houses
As the yongsters say nowdays: “trigger alert”. Ha.
A very important proposition
Amogus Rule 34
AITA for kicking my unvaccinated bull out?
A real comment on r/documentedfights
ABBA making holograms of their younger selves to do a show is post-apocalyptic nightmare fuel.
Apple Geniuses
Anime porn question for a mum
Animesexuals are valid!
A dm a friend and I got after we targeted a guy in a smash game
Anyone knows the dialog that Mista said at the end of torture dance
A list of Rickroll links , 2021 version
a review for the game called bandori
A post on a game’s subreddit
AITA for grounding my daughter for using an “evil spell” on her deceased mother
And we’re only 14.
A Quote from Eric Hubbs:
A rant about women
A Game Made For Predators?? HOW IS THIS ALLOWED?!
Abomination i found on r/cursedcomments
Angel traps
An enlightened comment from the one and only hapydog
A day in the life of a Sigma Male
Average youtube comment
Anon is Ultra-Based
an opening crawl from a video back in 2009
albania vlog
AITA for creating jojo Hentai?
AITA for dropping my 6 year old off at an orphanage for his inability to trade options
About Papa Smurf and Smurfette
AITA (am I the asshole) for committing war crimes?
a normal conversation
A Word From Optimus Prime
Ai generated copypasta
AITA for taking my stepsons computer away?
A List Of Sexually-suggestive Names
am I gay?????
An Inquiry As To The Nature of Spongebob Squarepants’ Anatomy
A masochist’s copypasta
A penis walks into a bar
Advice on teaching a parrot to unlearn a word
About The Game I Bought From The List I Made Using Geo For Money
Astolfo Religion
a story my told me
Advice on teaching a parrot to unlearn a word
AITA for kicking my brother out because of his piss tub party?
AITA piss tubs
Attorney Online Has Gone To Shit
An interesting Carl-bot trigger
AITA for being bri*ish?
a NNN copypasta. enjoy
Abraham Lincoln’s Nudie Mags
A dm I got on reddit some time back on an older account I dont use anymore
As seen in r/winstupidprizes
AITA for being pissed my sister threw away my Nazi medals? (straight from r/aita)
A scientific look on the Horni vs. Bonk wars
An entertaining form of… light-humor.
A copypasta that causes China to ban the site with said pasta
A comment I found from a fortnite post from r/PS4
are you going to weep?
AITA for asking a girl politely to smell her right armpit?
AITA – Wouldn’t let a Guy Piss on My Home
A rant in the Twitch chat regarding BTD6
Almost done, just a couple of quick questions before we get started
apparently my friend was dmed this (NSFW)
A text message I got from a guy I went to high school with.
A copypasta-like thing
Animal crossing is evil!!! 😡😡
As a straight guy, erect cocks are more attractive than boobs.
A very amusing your mother joke part 2
A Story about what happend to my friend and her nose whilst eating
As a straight guy, erect cocks are more attractive than boobs
A Lizard’s Dream
A beautiful song
Anime fans cannot be racist
AITA for beating the people who ended my career?
An ode to BBWs
Astronaut In The Ocean Sus Edition
As a straight guy, erect cocks are more attractive than boobs
A very sexual story
a bit late but shut up l*beral
a coworker’s reply all to my entire company’s vaccination email. enjoy!!!!!!!
Actual DM I received in 2020 to a mock govt discord server
Average hazbin hotel fan
AITA for killing everyone with my boobs?
A random youtube comment on a genshin guide.
Arsonist’s ABCs
A comment from a Shower Thoughts post
Am i a valid DID system?
As a straight guy, erect cocks are more attractive than boobs.
Am I a valid system 🥺
Add an Interesting Title.
As a straight guy, erect cocks are more attractive than boobs
Am I a valid system 🥺
A centaur maybe?
Any response to a cringe Gen Z post
Autobiography of a Furry! (found in an old Roblox forum post)
a parody i wrote
As a straight guy, erect cocks are more attractive than boobs
All hail Dexter’s Mom!
An old mentor finds Reddit
Anti smoking ads
Angry porn reviewer talks about egirls/camgirls
Average Genshin kiddy diddler
America’s army uses sticks for weapons
An actual post I found on r/atheism
Among Us: The Movie
AITA For Blending My Sister’s Hamsters?
Astronaut in the ocean
As 25,000+ of us filled the streets in Brisbane yesterday
As a man with a pretty severe breast fetish (found on r/greentext)
Alright so i was just walking down the road for a bit
Australia = auscwhitz
As a man with a pretty severe breast fetish I may be able to offer some insight.
A bar walks into a man
A reply to a (can you guess???) Copypasta
Animesexual copypasta
alternative parenting
Apple Bottom Jeans (Arabic)
average bestie
Are you mad or nah?
Among us crewmate is hot
An actual email I sent to the guy who made Nyan Cat when I was 11 (False copyright claim was made)
average animephobe response
AITA for killing a cat and her kittens?
Ay lmao
An ai made this and I think it’s good
Anonymous Confession
Actually a true story, but I’m not sure I got the details right.
Anti-Transphobia Rant
A review about the anime “Redo of Healer” I found
A comment on r/greentext
Anti-vax wall of text.
A poem about tendies
A comment I found in a Facebook group
AITA For Saving A Little Puppy From Fucking Dying To A Pit Of Crocodiles?
An Ode to Waffle House
A tribute to our Queen Lila
a reply to a satire comment about surgery andhow surgeons are paid to make the wrong incisions
A girl…. who likes Reddit?!?!?
Anecdote with your mother
A real conversation I just witnessed; Why i hate niggers…
A message from a fully developed grown succeeeful educated man
a part of the wikipedia page of the m16
Ahegao Hoodies are the new punk.
A review from steam on a game called Sex Lady Sonia
At 30, I’ve seemingly been orgasming the wrong way as a guy.
Are internet insults like “terminally online” and “touch grass” indicators of Baudrillardian Hyperreality?
A weird story I wrote for my friends a while back
AITA For Listening to Hitler’s Speeches to Hype Myself at the Gym?
Add A Nicki Minaj Skin
A Snapchat message I found on tiktok
Absolute gold on r/relationship_advice
a reply i got on discord when i said that i hated majoras mask
Anyone here is not gay, but turned on by fat men?
A breakdown i saw in a r/196 comments section
AITA for disrespecting Jesus in Religion class?
As a black combat veteran who fought actual Taliban in actual Afghanistan, if you compare GOP/conservatives to the Taliban: go fuck yourself
A sad tale of woe from AskReddit
An immature thing I said back 7 months ago
A comment I found on a meme….
Affront to god
a thing from r/196
Are you fucking kidding me?
A Warning to Stans
Allah astral projecting
Appeal to Barack Biden
A robocall for your Senator
A review I found on Rotten Tomatoes for Garfield – The Movie
All of Merasmus’ voice lines
A FitMC video script
Anyone else kill people in Skyrim/fallout and undress them, carry their body to a position, and pretend to have sexy time with them while you play with yourself?
Ace Combat | All of Strangereal’s Conflicts Summarized |
Average neckbeard
AITA/TIFU for using the wrong pronouns with a stranger
Are all sailor moon fans like this?
average horny redditor
Another one from r/freefolk
A detailed analysis on why censoring nudity in Cyberpunk 2077 was a mistake and why nudity should be reintroduced in Cyberpunk 2077 as a part of a game fixing and improving process. (from r/games)
Andrew Cuomo is love
A detailed explanation as to why the Dream SMP was so great
A detailed analysis on why censoring nudity in Cyberpunk 2077 was a mistake and why nudity should be reintroduced in Cyberpunk 2077 as a part of a game fixing and improving process.
A detailed analysis on why censoring nudity in Cyberpunk 2077 was a mistake and why nudity should be reintroduced in Cyberpunk 2077 as a part of a game fixing and improving process.
Atlanta and Detroit
Analysis of “Banana Man” by Tally Hall: a response
A liberal muslim homosexual ACLU lawyer professor and abortion doctor was teaching a class on Karl Marx, a known atheist.
AITA for eating (chewing and swaloing) my cat (5F)
An apology
Add skin with big boob and sex in the Game
AITA for buying my girlfriend an Assad Cake?
A comment found on the r/gaming troll post
a copypasta i made with my friend dirty
a halo 2 review
a reply to a hate tweet about addison rae
Amongusian (The Perfect)
Aquatic love
Aww, mustard!
Among us “send this to 50 friends”
A dream but google translated lmao
a letter to the taliban
An open challenge to pro-vaxxers
Anal Herpes and Plugging Meth
Ascending sex
An Actual copypasta used by car insurance online agents who are totally not robots
Am I Gay (From /r/noFap)
A wall of text someone sent me after I criticized Elon Musk haters
Amogus ctrl, c + ctrl, v ver. 2
Average Reddit Post
Anal herpes and plugging meth
Anal herpes and plugging meth
Atheists aren’t taken seriously as a marginalized group by anyone but ourselves.
actual education for your brains after 5 hours of straight reddit
A post from a user on r/feminineboys
Average discord 9 year olds
Astolfo and vegeta both weigh 56kg
A strange dream
Alright I’ve got a bone to pick with you Mr. Smith
An answer on r/morbidquestions about controversial opinions
Am i the only one who thinks headcrabs are the cutest things in the world?
AITA for creating gravity?
A request, IDK if this sub allows those or not
A respond to “you must be fun at parties”
Alex Turner Once Said, You Could Say They Were Selling Like Ghost Cookies
Awkward Situation
AITA bc I killed my mom for not letting shit on the floor?
American in the ocean
All blasters function
All the jojo references a cringe newbie jojo fanboy would spam.
A comment from a question about the worst county on /r/askuk
A text wall someone sent me after I criticized Elon Musk (TW: homophobia)
Angry Starbucks sandwich milf review
Alright explain this to me
Air pump
A random furry copypasta I made up
Anywhere to get Kevlar lined tactical fursuit?
Actual e-mail I got (borderline nsfw idk mods can decide)
Altaria TED Talk
Among Us Reference WHEN THE IMPOSTER IS SUS!!!!!!!! AMOGUS!!
An actual comment I found on r/2balkan4you
An actual message a mod of r/sino sent me after I was banned
An erotic description of Rohit Sharma, an Indian cricketer
A heavy weapons expert talks about his weapon that he uses in war, which is quite heavy.
Astolfo [OC]
a random comment from r/istodayfridaythe13th
African Evolution
All of the hay that he buys is already baled. It’s in a stack and they just buy the stack.
A weird 12 year old wrote this in a discord server I was in when in an argument. I title it: Anger of Homescapers
A word from Linus S*x Tips
Ace attorney mini rant
An obscure copypasta gold: I shat my intestines out
A Discord admin blocked me for posting a figure
AMC mmmmmm
A Public Serivce Announcement
A fat fucking zero
A Discord rant where somebody unironically compares Dhar Mann to the Holocaust
awww the scrunkly copypasta
Amongus is not a profitable endeavor
Average NFT fan
AI completed copypasta [Input is in bold]
A wonderful quote by science fiction writer Isaac Asimov himself
Anime is against god
A Royal Flush
Anime is so unrealistic
Allegations response
a response to a mordetwi joke
AITA for refusing to turn off Kanye West after my GF’s friend requested I do?
Another Copypasta found on R/AnimeHate
A desperate attempt by a scammer
As a pyro main with over 7000 hours
Anyone else notice all these fanboys or should I say femboys as they are estrogen based males are excited for infinite? A message to them
Avatar Reddit ughtea (bhs indo dalam aksara Jawa)
A live comment i found on an EA presentation
Anons cloaca facts
A long insult in r/teenagers
Ariana Grande
AITA for murdering my daughter for using TikToks?
a tale from planet fitness
Announcement from Kohl’s
animemes has gone too far
Ain’t big enough for the both of us
Assuming climate change continues unabated, based on our best projections, where will be the best places to live in the coming decades?
Amogus mogus
A Gem from r/benshapiro this am
AITA for bombing several refugee camps
Announcing r/GirlyBois
A critical analysis of “What the Dog Doin”
Assorted Fs in the chat: r/Teenagers
Amogus copypasta in hindi
AI generated copypasta from deepai using the information: “what the fuck are you doing?”.
All these girls want is money and cucumbers
A real post from r/AmITheAsshole
AITA for blowing up my high school with propane bombs and violently executing the survivors?
An (I think) original copypasta commented several times under an r/196 post about thanos spending a week in Bulgaria.
Average day on Twitter
A response to “K”
A good insult
Accidentally made cursed mega man fanfiction using a story generator
About 11 years ago
AITA (am I the asshole) for being racist?
A Fun Fact
AITA for beating the shit out of my wife
A comment from r/AskReddit
AITA for not sharing my (23m) cum with my gf (69.3.14f)?
all wrong pi digits extracted and replaced with correct digits because fuck u/JustAllanTV
Another Pokémon Copypasta (found on r/Tech1e)
A woman found a horde of 450,000 bees living inside the walls of her home
A drunk guy argues about communism with a dog
AITA for doing my mom?
A Minecraft essay by one of my discord friend.
AITA (am I the asshole) for pissing on the moon?
angry copypasta
Average redditor
An Interesting Title
A simple request (from r/creepyPMs)
American mom’s
armadilo army
Actual valorant chat message
AITA for drop kicking my mother?
AITA (am I the asshole) for being racist?
AdVenture capitalist review on Steam
AITA for killing my stepdaughter?
A steam game review
Among us????????????
Anime girls > real girls
Another gem from r/Confessions: I masturbate to Jabba the hutt.
A toy story
After he realized the moral implications of swallowing cum…
Arby’s is pretty cool
a reply i found to a comment i found under the music video for once in a lifetime by talking heads
Artikel 1 (German “Basic Law” Article 1, because of your behavior)
a beautiful written work courtesy of BigManWillyX. this is an unread paragraph of a Hamish_Mad discord mod applications stream.
anyone know where this came from
Among has has ruined my life.
A comment from the great u/Elneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
A small list of real children’s book names from google shopping
A copypasta i made
average r/comedycemetary comment lmao
Are your toes tasty enough for my amazing toenails?
All of cummy’s variations
Ah, those halcyon days of childhood.
AITA for pissing in a bottle on a bus?
Anteater by wilbur soot (prepared for the hate cause of that lol)
All of the different levels of PC users
American soilder guns down nazis with a thompson
a comment i found on steam lol
Argentium Club
AITA for not sharing my McDonald’s order with my friends?
A comment on u/awkwardtheturtle’s profile
Alexa, play the funny robot song.
A Message to Klean (From The EFT subreddit)
AITA for making a child cry
Among Us is ruining my fucking life
Art below (upvote if cultured)
AITA for putting a sign on my bathroom door?
Among Us musical analysis
Average Nintendo-focused game Youtuber from 2013-2018 reviewing Sonic 06
A comment I found on a thread
an old copypasta whose grammar i fixed up
Are furries a cult?
Angry Iranian in some Discord server
Ape sex server hampters
A review on the steam hentai game, “mirror”
Amazon review for sugar free gummy bears
all i want is for this to spread like wildfire
a response to “cereal is soup”
A comment on a post about a bloody asshole and how to help.
A message to Troom Troom
An actual comment in r/DC_Cinematic on why ZSJ’s Knightmare scene is better than TDK’s Interrogation scene.
awkwardtheturtle, average redditor
Anyone out there who can tell me what our end game is with the covid 19?
all but the first moon landing were faked.
Amazon review on Albanese gummy bears
Areyerya Stornk is a girlboss
AITA for trying to get a customer to blow me?
Arya Stark
Anime + boobs copypasta
automoderator’s response to typing “based” in r/shitposting.
American tourists in a French restaurant
A day in the life of u/AwkwardTheTurtle
AITA for selling Nevada to Kim Jong Un?
An Awkward Turtle
Alright Instagram, its Shoutout Time
A user on femboys
AITA for not showing up to my own funeral?
Ancient Egyptians
A collection of insults to use at your leisure
AITA for taking AITA advice?
Arabic Travis Scott burger
Advice needed
A response to u/awkwardturtle
actual post I found on r/SinkPissers
AITA for putting my cummies into Stacy’s triple venti halfsweet nonfat caramel frappuccino?
Ah, I see you just used the n-word.
Again people who don’t understand that baguettes are art.
A reply to u/awkwardtheturtle, mod of r/mildlyinfuriating
Anyone else really really love goku? 🥊
A new video will be out soon
Amogus is exquisite
Absolutely immoral game (Reigns)
A thought
All සිංනල characters meanings
An actual thing someone typed on discord (spoilers for katana zero the game)
A certain mod created a thread dedicated to letting people hate on him. Here is a response from that thread – “Fuck You”
America has an asterisk on all of their wars
A wank on my drive?!
A retarded 33 page document O wrote about a YouTube series im working on.
Assassinate’ is the most beautiful word in the English language, and no one can change my mind.
Another one from r/teenagers
Anime hate speech (hard r warning)
An actual comment on the bungie forums relating to this weeks twab
a unironic response from a mod on a server i know
AITA for fortnite dancing while a family burned in a car?
Any Terms and Conditions recommendations?
Among Us copypasta but the emojis are replaced with their names
Actually I am a homonculeous
A comment under Kari Byron’s selfie on Twitter.
Allez Les Blues
Ay can I get
A Chronic Masturbator’s Lament
Anime Saved my Life
Ashot and Yar, the iconic conversation between two Freedom members in STALKER Clear Sky
Atheism Rap
A rap
A Barber Story
Alright, serious question. (Serious) (Serious [Serious {Serious}])
actually happened wtf
Aw mustard
AITA for making a post about r/AITA on r/Copypasta
ASAP rocky on 300ug
A reply I got to a Youtube comment I made.
Autism isn’t a excuse for racism
Anon is uncomfortable
Advertisement posted in my discord server, it’s too good not to post here
Amelia Bedelia
All the three letter words I can think of.
An old post from the mqin apex subreddit
AMD’s All new Genital Competition!
Am I a pedophile?
A Dhar-Man copypasta from a friend, 10/10
A review of the bee movie by Zachary E. Rupert
A Childhood that was naught but a fever dream
All greentexts are fake
among us?!?!?!?!?!?! 6942069420694206942069420694206942069420?!?!?!?!?!?!
An easy way to have incest relationship
arachnophobic? unfollowed. i thought i wasn’t following any queerphobes, but i guess you managed to slip past. i don’t know what label you hate, but fuck you.
AITA for pissing in a soda cup during a movie?
Armchair Historian
AITA for stomping and pissing on a poor defenceless puppy before throwing it into a pond?
An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
An old Brazilian song
Another 2b2t worthy-copypasta found on the same 2b2t video
A steamy night with imposter 😳🥵
An actual conversation on r/unpopularopinion
A woman and a redditor?
Attack on Cock (s3 spoilers for aot kinda)
About One Punch Man
As a guy the current culture has made it incredibly easy to get a girlfriend
A heartfelt message
Among us sus?
A single, solitary snail
A book I read from the library in Space Station 13 about a moth waifu
A honest Xbox fanboy
a discord message from a couple years ago
ASCII microwave wojack
Among Us Donald Trump fanfiction
All the words containing tit in it
Actual Discord arguement
An open letter to NATO
AITA for drop kicking my 2 month old sister down the stairs?
Anon wants to stop hating women
Am I the jerk for not releasing an Album when I said I would?
Average dream fan
A shower gets turned on whenever it sees a naked person
AITA for complaining about an Amber Alert?
Adopt an apostrophe. (by Sabagegah)
A toaster is half the price, and has a completely different function. You can get the same effect as an air fryer with the oven you already have for a 5$ tray with half the upkeep.
Any trained man can defeat a gorilla with a knife. With bare hands it’s not necessarily more complicated, it just requires technique.
Anti Anti Virus Copypasta
A post I found while sorting with controversial
Anime is good
art copypasta
A🅱️igail 🅱️apiro
A comment in r/antimaskers
Anime saves a life
Anime isn’t some terrifying menace that anyone needs to be afraid of or “helped” from
Average YouTube advertisement
Anima saved my life.
Anime bussy sucka
A discord message I sent about Africa
Anime isn’t some terrifying menace that anyone needs to be afraid of
average r/teenagers userr
A comment I found on r/cringetopia (yes I know the account is a troll.)
a acidental copy pasta that i created
AT4 love story courtesy of u/TrooperUnit001
A very wrong Copypasta
AITA for making an among us reference at my grandmother’s funeral? READ BEFORE DOWNVOTING!!!
A reply to one of my posts
A certain amount of respect
A copypasta to reply to something you have a unreasonable hatred for/to
A Vagina Rhyme
An extract from r/teenagers, ‘i just walked in on my parents having sex’
AITA for taking too long to walk down the stairs?
Alphabetical order
AITA for giving a three year old beer?
AITA for giving a three year old beer?
average furry’s search history
Aww hell nah squidward got the janky ass hitbox
A response to “K”
A gem from r/earlsweatshirt
Ask for donda? (r/Kanye)
An email I got this morning
Average day of a sigma male
Apparently I am not a virgin and I am pissed
A message I got on discord.
amubg sus
Apres Recommendation that, “BE GAY, DO CRIMES, ACAB,” might be an alternative path forward worth living for, the Genius and Handsome and Brave and Funny, Fashionable,
A persons last words as he left a discord server
Actual comment on the R&M sub
a tragic story
A nice pair of balls is underrated.
A nice pair of balls is underrated (found on r/unpopularopinion
Attraction to “minors” is natural by evolution standards.
A Nice Pair Of Balls Is Underrated
A nice pair of balls is underrated. (From r/unpopularopinions)
Among us has ruined my life
AITA for epically trolling my school?
Anon is the world’s greatest hacker
automod funny
AITA for getting harassed at Burger King?
A “modified sending” from r/dnd.
Advice for listening to the song Mask by Dream
Among us happy meal
Angloid vs Mongoloid based debate
Among Us
Auto tune
And the thing, is that bird knows that’s the Fling zone.
A guys response to TL;DR
A kid literally just opened my apartment door and started walking in
AITA for telling a woman her child died to escape a mother like her?
a bit of the lyrics from chug jug with you and emojis
Automod pog
A reply to someone (“bwabster”) saying “horny jail”
A threat
a dude defends his mom
AITA for using chemical bombs on a building containing an orphanage, daycare and office because they banned nestle products?
A Jojo reference
A paragraph i wrote to an account advertising clothing
a diehard klee fan’s twitter post turned to a copypasta. i did all this manually
Anon shows how to reeeeee at [INSERT TARGET GROUP HERE]
A punk arguing over nothing
As a lifelong lil Nas X fan…
Among us unfunny joke
A bunch of nos saying yes
Alpha male weightlifting routine
A message to the assholes who banned u/SaveVideo
AITA for making blue (among us) jerk me off?
Anyone else tired of seeing
A classical futa game review by Chomsuke
Among us with my friend Bob
All about family
An interesting title
among us smut
An legendary comment by Chipper 886 on an calamity terraria video
AITA for telling my anorexic girlfriend she looks malnourished?
Absolute fire from a man of the law
a real prank invasion tweet
A ruleset copypasta to annoy servers
among us memes aren’t funny
AITA for telling my anorexic girlfriend she looks malnourished?
A conversation about gods with my friend
A mans reply to “it takes you an hour to finish”
Ayo Girl You Got Dah Wagon!
An admin in my friends discord had a melt down and I made it into a copypasta
Alright idiots listen up…
AITA for telling my anorexic girlfriend she looks malnourished?
an alpha male’s guide to accessories
Automated Delete
A Foolish Samurai Warrior
A weird dream I had
a r/genzdong copypasta
Augusta and his bling-bling
Among Us represents class struggle
A copypasta about the public pool.
AITA I punched my classmate and my teacher because they said among us is bad
A Friendly PSA about Cheese
An anonymous redditor liked how submissive and breedable you are so much that they’ve sent you an unsolicited dick pic.
Actual comment on reddit
a half ass successor to the “real emo” copypasta
Am i the only one?
A gem from r/4chan
Am I the only person who thinks You Can’t Quit Me Baby is about busting a fat nut?
A guy from a pawn shop told me that op has started a child prostitution business and punches babies. All the evidence was on a flashdrive, but he lost it. **REPORT THE SCANDAL**. **OP AND HIS SUPPORTERS EAT BABIES**
A tale of romance, camaraderie, humor, and heartbreak
A message I sent to the mods of r/funny
An Important Notice
AITA for getting scared because my little sister called me sus?
A japanese, an egyptian, a canadian and a serbian walk into a bar
Anime is garbage
Against all the evil that hell can conjure, all the wickedness that mankind can produce. We’ll send unto them, only you. Rip and Tear until it is done
Among us problem from write anonymously. Com
Arabic Navy Seal: the correct non-google-translate version
About to post this in r/mentalhealth
A copypasta made by a bot
Attention All Cheaters
AOC Among Us essay
A Guide on How to Drink Water
Among Us Review – PLEASE READ
An Egyptian comment regarding the Ethiopian renaissance dam
A Dhar Mann video
Alberto sus!
Am I the asshole?
AnthPo’s Onlyfans
A funny thing happened at the mall
A message from the desk of Donald Trump
a comment i found on a video thats the 4kids “Characters” singing the star bangled banner
Archmage Vargoth???
Apology Video
A post I found on r/Civ
Average rust tryhard
AITA for being bad to my mother after she answered in a way I didn’t like?
AITA for uhhhhhhhhhhh
Amogus sus
AP Physics C. (Found on r/APStudents)
A Page Too Far.
A guy wrote me this after a CS:GO match:
Among us has ruined my life
A copypasta that causes FurAffinity to ban the post with said pasta
A story I found don’t know if it has been posted before
another one of these copypastas…
Aluminium Termites (from the climbing subreddit)
Astronaut in the ocean copypasta
All For One represents capitalism(from Oceaniz)
ass balls
A cautionary tale about the 2nd jab
A while back I found a man whose YouTube channel was entirely dedicated to him giving face-on-camera reviews of various hentai videos
AMGS Translation: The Emergency Meeting of the Crewmates
AITA for calling my date “fatwhorechungus” after she made fun of my piss fetish???
A Horny Sonic Fan’s Thought Process
A letter of scuse from Italiani to British
an actual response to a post on r/askreddit asking people why they don’t sleep naked
advertisement for something I saw on tv or some crap like that
Another rick and morty copypasta i found
Amogus reference?
A non soccer fan enjoying last Sunday’s match
A very interesting clinic for a copypasta
AITA for wasting a cops time?
a thing that i found from an anon
A redditor shares his sex life.
AITA for showing my tattoo near my pussy?(r/AITA)
A nice love letter i sent to my brothers friend who shat in my car.
A Response to Sonic the Hedghog
Among Us Theory
A Bri’ish man’s thoughts on Engerland.
Amogus Guy Saddam Hussein
A review left on a Duck Dynasty video game
An interesting title
A soccer/football copypasta that has been used on Twitter a lot recently
A thing I made on Discord
Ascii art of everything
an irish person wrote this
AITA for being an actual asshole that shit my owners pants?
An england fan’s reaction to their loss
Arnold Gets Pissed
Anarchoprimitivism is inevitable
Asking for advice. No judgements
A persons comment under a photo of sandycheekscockvore
Any Turks here who has had sex with a Greek or vice versa? Did you ever reference the fall of Constantinople during sex? Just curious.
Among Us Porn
an accidental copypasta i made on july 4th
A rant about flies
Answer to “Would you like to see more videos like this?”
An alien discovers sex
average postal movie fan
A lot of stuff with the f word
A poem for thy
any woman born after 1993 can’t cook
Actual post from a weeb Facebook group. Translated from Spanish to English by me
As Seen On The Hub
AITA I was refused to use a public restroom, so I shat in the parking lot.
AITA response from Jesus
ATF By Leaving My Friend Behind In The Woods?
A telling from my grandpa.
Ass ass ass
Advice: I’m liberal with a Republican fetish. Is that creepy?
Among Us Discord Server Rules
Anyone there with Pfizer kids?
A comment on a steam profile
AITA for calling my wife’s daughter a chungus?
A man of cultures guide to toasters.
Amon gus in school
An Ode To Shrek
Among us is good
AITA for bringing an AR-15 to a daycare?
Actual clownery
A Pasta for citizens of China
Am I being too sensitive not wanting my dog chewing on LeBron James from BarkBox?
AskReddit strong
A doomer’s ballad on the gaming industry
All time most awesome fap story:
A pregnant woman goes into labor she gives birth to a baby boy
Am gonna fucking say what all of of you were already thinking
AITA for not telling my girlfriend she’s gay since I haven’t come out yet and identified as a woman?
A similar event took place.
Are you about to say that you use TikTok?
AITA for jacking off into soda cans and making my neighbors move?
attention all femboys/cute girls on the server:
a comment on a post on r/ddlc
Another thing I like about being gay
among us is a government ploy to trick you
A message from Sir Reginald Cockswallow of Clackershire
Adin tweet after getting banned from twitch
Among Us official Irish translation launched in ‘cultural victory for the Irish community
Am I bisexual?
Avocados 🥑 from mexico 🇲🇽 is not funny
Algeria 🇩🇿
After taking my high school accounting class, I know this is the career for me
A Story of Cum and Shame…
Arzurius Skin coming soon
antinatalist rant
a review of Mein Kampf
Among us imposter x reader
A tic-tock music nerds reaction to someone trying to seem Interested
Anons demonic encounter with Shroomjak
AITA for putting an extra bike lock on random peoples bikes
An exceedingly excellent “Your Mother” joke
A long night
Amber Alert
Atheist names?
ASUS™ is teaming up with r/Copypasta for a subreddit givaway!
American Psycho Confession Call
AITA my classmate “saved goldfish” by releasing them into the ocean, I called her a dumbass
A mosquito almost bit my dick!! 😡😡
Among Us but every A is replaced with ඞ
Atheist names?
AITA for saving 20 orphans from a fire?
ASUS™ is teaming up with r/Copypasta for a subreddit givaway!
Among us meal
am I a dickhead for leaving a child to get hit by 17 cars?
Among Us got me fired
Am I The Asshole for saving a baby from a burning building?
A comment i found on Instagram ig
A comment on r/askreddit
As the founding father intended
Are you a “boy”??
A real post I found in r/NoFap
average comment on chess video
A very sad post from r/Ugly
Anime Review for Negima?!
All youtube comments
a thing i made about ducks
a comment I made that I copy pasted everywhere during the YouTube COPPA fear-mongering era
all my bitches dumb cuz they gime all there brains
are you winning son?
A strange comment i found-
Autocorrect Madness
Angry mom is mad that you swore in front of her son
As a black, Jewish, god fearing CHRISTIAN trans woman who 💕 💕 her guns.
Al-Fatihah (English translation by me)
An anime review to piss off a weeb(courtesy of MAL)
A copypasta in my discord server
A true gift
Average r/atheism user
Asking the real questions
A Pokimane fan’s response when I said she was invading Mizkif’s personal space In a podcast clip
AITA for proving my cousin wrong with fact and logic?
a REAL description of a rotom art
A cry for everyone to look their best (Found on r/teenagers)
Among us is the worst thing to happen to humanity
Among Us Steam Review 1,132.1 hrs on record (1,000.5 hrs at review time) POSTED: JUNE 16
A gem from r/gayspiderbrothel
Angry WASP Tech Support from garbage dump forums getting DDoSed by normal society.
Asian Mom
Anime Is Corrupting The Youth
Among Us – Not Recommended – 0.0 hrs last two weeks / 40.6 hrs on record – Posted Jun 27 @ 9:13am
A discord user’s ballad
Average ohioan tells about their childhood
An actual post on r/Justunsubbed
Among Us Porn
A comment from r/greentext
An important Discussion from somebody important:
Am I going to becom pregant?!?!?
America 2031
Among us porn
Askreddit Sex Question Response (again)
A gift brought by broad (seen in the Facebook wilds)
Attention r/EmojiPolice
among us
Ah this takes me back. I’ve seen what getting jizzed on by a group of people does to a man
Average Westaboo
ADHD pick up line from a friend
Actual response someone gave when told to touch grass
A Destiny 2 copypasta, brought to you by a Discord server
Alvin and the ChipHUNKs Chapter one, part one: the vagina surgery
A open letter to chess24
AITA for saying racial slurs at a family barbecue?
Among us
a nice argument
Amongus hot segs
A comment on my post in r/lego
A friend emailed this to me.
And just like that we’ve been locked down again
An open letter to r/Braincels (from subreddit simulation bot)
A gem I found on 4chan
akechi speech (persona 5 spoilers)
A gem from the 10th Dentist about shoving things in your dick hole
amogus ruined anything and everything
A woman in a hot air balloon
AITA for getting furious after gf asked me if I was ok with her trying webcam modelling?
Among Us is no longer ficiton
Airpod Autofellatio
a little story 😳
A comments on r/BeAmazed
A Wedding after a divoce
Ate my cum last night.
A list of kokichi”s crimes
Advance TERF Wars: Shining Stones of TERFs and Necrophiles
A comment from a /r/trashyboners post
a comment i found on wait but why
A play that I wrote. Amateurish, I know
Ant restroom slander
A Comprehensive History of Collegiate Maple Syrup Making
A comment from an r/4chan mod on women who wear high-waisted shorts
among us free is real
A message to Eren Yeager
Avocados 🥑 from México 🇲🇽
AITA for not accommodating my brother in law during my birthday dinner and telling him his taste wasn’t my priority?
Amogus sucks
An honest review of “Chocolate with nuts” and SpongeBob as a whole.
AITA cursed
a very important question
A comment on a rubber band AK47 tutorial video
Add a title
A sperm cell’s tragedy.
Alodda money
A response to the “I edited x” copypastas.
Are my dreams about Dream normal?
A gift I was send on discord;
a message to all the dream antis
A follow-up to dig up the underground eeveelution pastas
Adam ruins everything (from r/GoCommitDie)
Autogenerated copypasta (code in comments).
A reaction to a Piper Perri meme.
a ticket to the ball
A comment section on a funny video
A world with no cum
A shirtless Mr. Bezos holding his phone in his left hand
AI Generated Cock Story
A conversation in a discord server I’m in
angry crying soyjak
Actual post from r/TIFU
A Critique of the US Culture Motivated Casting of a Slavic Culture-Themed Series (repost, cause past one was deleted)
Ah, yes, a cogent response from a dim-witted individual.
A one word at a time thing me and my friends made.
A response from r/askreddit
A message from Lord Maximus
Are crabs better than money? (from r/HumansBeingBros)
A ban appeal a friend of mine who moderates a game got
A post worthy of 10,000 upvotes on this subreddit.
Alexa, why will I die alone?
a few hardware issues with my nintendo switch (please fix these nintendo)
a story by CokeheadTortoise
All I did was say that boiled mint ice cream was tea
Anon has an orgasm
A real thing that my 2 yo daughter said to me this morning!
An Interesting Title
A femboy? In r/196?
Average spam e-mail
Anon talks about changing Remi
Ass rape
Anyone else kill people in Skyrim/Fallout and undress them, carry their body to a position, and pretend to have sexy time with them while you play with yourself?
Average Tyler CMIYGL fan
A hilarious post from r/Austin
a stream of my load when i cum into polar bear paw
A woman??
amogus song
A little discussion over Discord
Among Us Impostor is responsible for 9/11
A journey that feels like a dream/nightmare
A copy pasta I saw in the AI dungeon subreddit.
Among Us SUS
A paragraph from a tiktok bad bitch before she left a discord server.
A copypasta about feet
A real cock.
ai dungeon hitler x stalin
Average comment on r/gay
average enjoyer
a Classic Valorant Copypasta
a wall of sussy baka joke(use it to offend someone in discord)
About someone not joining in Smash Bros
Almost everyday I think I stink of poop
Ass Worship
Anal secks
A very horrible rap about the fall of the ottoman empire
Arguing with an atheist be like
A copypasta is a block of text which is copied and pasted across the Internet by individuals through online forums and social networking websites. Copypastas are said to be similar to spam
A 4chan anon prefers younger girls
Asain History Month Awareness
Anti troll copypasta
A picture taken from your webcam
A salty message from someone who lost
angy facebook mcdonalds rampage
Among us story
A Steam review for Guilty Gear Strive:
A masterpiece found on r/okaybuddyretard
According to Wikipedia the word “the” is the most used English word. So it would be useful to have a copypasta in order to safe time.
an actual tweet directed towards my friend after stating he didnt like a friday night funkin mod
A non-negotiable offer
Average Twitter Users be Like
Adult content warning message for dark alliance on steam
A comment by u/BlankPT
A Pokemon Glazed Blazed Review by HansomeBoiDaBEsTlovesPøKEmOn
A boomer got mad at my sussus amogus reference
Another originalpasta
A gem from r/holup about karens
a gas station story
A joyous rap from r/conservativerap
A Puro Erotica.
Another banger from r/conservativerap
Amogus rap battle nerdout
amoung us
A short little copypasta to use whenever someone annoying replies with “yikes.” Feel free to expand it in the replies.
An underrated game – calcUlator
All men are animals
among us september 2001
a short story i generated in a website
An educated debate on which Disney animal has a fatter ass.
Astolfo Copypasta
Anon like your ass
Average discord admin
ASMR isn’t sexual
Ankle Dan (extended)
Actual twitter reply to Steel Wool’s LGBTQ+ icons
Another amogus pasta
Another Shrek fanfic, by GPT-2 AI
Aye lill family see here’s the thing about you. You are a keyboard bully and you think it’s cute to offend EVERYONE that is different than YOU! How dare you openly post such hateful things? What in the actual fuck is wrong with you? You are proof as to why your mother should have swallowed you sorry
An open letter to this sub.
a sad comment on youtube
AITA for growling at a stranger?
Actual fucking email i just found in my spam folder
A discord moderator killed my girlfriend.
A copypasta I found on r/tankiejerk. (Hope this does not violate rule 5.)
Alvin’s among us rap
Another nefarious g#mer on r/banvideogames
A random comment on a holesome-ish nhentai post
Anon hates women
A beauty from r/rocketleague
Among us happy meal but INCREDIBLY VERBOSE
AL SUD SE HAI 30 ANNI (ita copypasta)
an apology
Applause by Lady Gaga Emojified
Actual police report from Camp Pendleton
Arabic spam
A gem from r/teenagers
A top post on r/teenagers
A message from Onision
Achually I don’t spend all my time on Reddit
Amazon review of Sugar Free Gummy Bears
also, you’re annoying as fuck and i highly recommend you doing some inner work and taking up a hobby but no i’m not going to block u.
A TNO reference
A femboy? On r/196?!
Actual post on r/tifu
A comment on the “I hate alt girls” post
All Hail Joe
An Essay On Why You Should Get Mario Kart 8 Deluxe For Your Kid
About living in Japan
Are black people closer to Apes than to Humans?
alex gay
a marxists take on anal
A coward ?! I dare u to say that to me face to face u piece of shit
A useful link
A comment on r/TIHI about whether the monster mash is a dance or a song (oc)
Actual thing a Sony fanboy said in defense of calling Metroid an “indie” game
Actual DM a Girl On Twitter Got
A simple 3D lol
A positive rant about weed
Air fryer sex
Amongus shitting tooτhpaste
align the central chakras bro
As a straight guy, have you ever sucked another man’s penis? If so, what was it like? Did you let him ejaculate in your mouth?
African priest reveals holy member growth method
anyone else?
As a non-rich male, college should be the absolute best years of life!
Amog us SUS
A review for an Uncharted clone on Steam
Are you a simp?
A Comment Under A Kendall Jenner Image
A new gem from a certain traditional christian
Ah, why would you swallow a spider?
A poem about tents
Amogus has destroyed my life
A gem from r/gaming circle jerk about political compass memes NSFW
A spam message I received
Amogus sussy baka song? I honestly have no fuckinh clue
Amogus curse
Another gold from u/lovestopl3asure/
AITA for spending the money my wife and I have been saving for our wedding on penis reduction surgery?
All 45 US presidents in Schlatt form
A persons response to “no one cares” on roblox
A comment on r/greentext
Adults are far more stupid than I had anticipated as a child.
Adults r dumb
Among us is life
Arnie’s Stogies
All the joe, ligma, yuri jokes conpiled
Among us sussy fanfic, part 2.
Among us sussy fanfic, part 1.
A comment on r/WTF
A little theory of mine…
Anon is closeted.
Attainment of a codpiece
A comment from a post in /r/confessions
Am I doing this right?
A comment i found while on r/ginger
After you read this, I guarantee you will feel sorry for me.
AVP storyboard
Asshole am I?
About the Starfield trailer…
amogus review
Ailurus Morbid Reality opening
A reply to u/elneeeeeeeeeee
amogus pp
Amogus kazakhstan halal
All Girls are Racist
Aren’t people strange about clowns?
A actual woman said this to me, fucking bitch.
Alright, so I found out that forza horizon 5 was going to be in mexico..
Among Us Jubilee
Average Tumblr story
A brief talk on Asiagodtone
Android Green Bubbles
A love letter
Among us X Astronaut in the ocean
An allegedly real comment concerning the topic of Elden Ring and game journalists
AITA for not apologizing when my husband dipped his balls in my poop water?
Actual comment in a salazzle thread on /vp/
Actual youtube comment I found
A few words to my queen.
Amongus raped me…
Are the Angry Birds terrorists?
A review of Plants vs Zombies I found on Facebook
Average Unpopular Opinion Post
Arch Linux is the best operating system.
a joke reply to a tweet
Among us poem i wrote for school (got an A)
AMC and GameStop
AI generated copypasta.
Anime Discord Server Ban
A prison love story
Another improved Vaporeon copypasta
Anime armpit
among us
A My Horse Prince Review
A comment under a maggot to fly video
Anal Eater?
Are bhai kya Baat Kar Di
Alex’s poem
Are there any horny, ovulating fembots out there?
A Love Letter to Keegan (By Me)
A Race Against Time.
Actual email
A comment on a cosplay from r/pics
A response to the “skulls are more environmentally friendly than plastic cups” arguement.
A hole in my son’s body pillow
A comment I found on /r/dontputyourdickinthat
Ancient Chinese secret yellow soup
An Austrian soldier has been jailed
Astolfo connoisseur
About a recipe on the back of a ketchup bottle
Amogus sex update leaked? 😳
Actual post from r/corophills
A comment from r/okbuddyretard
Antisemitism is NOT okay!
Allow blazes to be tamed.
Amogus Dream
An infinite loop of cum.
AITA for abusing my dog?
Anal Damage
Astronaut in the ocean
A post I found on a Caesar fan page on Instagram. it was about leggings and sports bras at gyms.
A Great Pog Day! (Full)
agmosu fuery se x youer mom
A comment from r/helluvabrothel
An actual text message written by someone from my school
A copypasta that causes China to ban the site with said pasta
As of the latest Fortnite season, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures is canon to the MCU.
A priest, a rabbi, and an atheist walk into a bar…
About us
Amogus meme origin
Average teenage redditor
Are you confusing Marvel with DC?
Am I the asshole for being better than my sister?
A comment an r/cringetopia mod pinned under a post
Amongus cocc
Among Us and its consequences
A little 69 copypasta for when someone makes a 69 joke
An essay on why being attracted to traps, depending on how you view them, isn’t gay.
A rendition of my favorite aong ever
A blogger’s view on why his preferred music is the best:
A old friend
A nice message for some special to you
Actual message I got from a military recruiter
Another AI generated copypasta
Anarchist praxis
A scary story about spongebob(TW rape/racism)
an r/tf2 post from 6 years ago
An actual comment I got in r/cursedcourtroom after posting a zipper that looked like an Among Us Crewmate *Warning, the cringe levels are so high that reading this might kill you*:
A review I found of the “I’m Eggscellent” Hat on Amazon
a substantial amount of dream yootooz in anal cavity
Analysis of hamsters as pets
Amogus pt3
Amogus pt 2
As a rick and morty fan….
A spam chat I got
AITA for me(22f) turning off the internet when my boyfriend(23m) was playing a game
Astrology is racist
AOT intro season 4
A warning
An actual tankie is about to win in my country
Amogus ASCII made with ඞ instead of dots
A story that i typed with my eyes closed
Automod’s big pp
AI wrote this for me
A copypasta from a discord
A love story
A 14 year old sent this in a discord venting channel
A copypasta I made about giant ants.
A short rebuttal to the people who say “some MREs are actually good!”
Am I a fictophile? Or am I a pedophile? I’m 15, and I really am attracted to 12 year old characters in television shows. The characters aren’t real, but they are played by real people. But I like the characters, and not the actors.
An actual amazon review for sugarfree gummy bears
AUto Suggest Fun Time
Assert dominance over your peers by calling them by their student ID numbers.
And as a short rebuttal to the people who say “some MREs are actually good!”
anon hates attack on titan
Airplanes are not real
Ain’t gonna lie guys, League of Legends sucks.
A fair amount of diggity
Among Us Nostalgia
a dreamsexual’s reply after calling another one a hypocrite
Among us imposter love card ❤️
Anyone else fucks dead body’s in Skyrim/fallout ( found in r/teenagers)
As the Founding Fathers Intended.
AP Exam Digital Test Security Statement
AI generated copypasta: Shitted in my pants
an actual 19 year old discord mod’s goodbye message to his 14 year old little kitten (yes this is real)
An attack on “mis-information” is an an attack on Information!
AITA for burning her at the cross?
AITA for shitting myself at a funeral?
am I the asshole?
Anyone other guys pee like a girl?
Anti Weed PSA
An ode to the most wonderfull YouTuber: Anistuffs
Among Us 2 news
amogus 📮
A comment I received on r/blursedimages
Ayo the pizza here!
Among Us is a sexist and misogynistic “game”
A threat I received last week. Apologies in advance to the mods if this doesn’t belong here.
A Day in the Life of a Free Citizen in the Glorious Republic of China
Adolf hitler is actually a bad person.
Anyone get pissed off about fake books?
All men are not created equal!
A sad day 😢
Am I the only one who loves Geralt’s feet?
Amogus sussy
Another Indian meme
Anime will save western civilization (From r/goodanimemes)
American hospitality
Are you serious? You said you couldn’t use your phone and now I see your comment. Good job, we’re really over. Don’t ever talk to me again.
Astolfo is a man?
a personatard replied to me on twitter with this
Among Us has taken over my mind
Aristotle and Socrates Debate on Why The Number 31 is an Allegory for Male Masturbation [from r/comedyheaven]
A Quiet Place Part Two review from FPSrussia
A list of ships i support.
Aogus 😳😳
Anon having sex (found on 4chan)
A message to jonathan#1992
A response to a frequent poster on r/austinfood by another user.
any r/mk members here lol
All men are inherently homosexual, and women need to make them subservient to us to force them into heterosexuality. (from r/FemaleDatingStratPros)
Among us femboy ASCII art
Anon on kit cars
a fake forum post a friend made for french class about how to guess when the imposter is sus in among us
a concerning conversation with my sister’s friend condensed and (discord) emojified by yours truly
Amogus meme explanation
A Guided Meditation For Beginners
A continuation to a Ted-Ed Video
A rant I made about Mobile Legend’s terrible ads
All 100 rules of the internet
All of my rants against pewdiepie.
A girl in our class whatsapp group said copypastas dont affect her and the quiet kid wrote this out by hand
As a proud Dreamsexual, fuck you.
Among us in real life
Aren’t you guys tired of these annoying, know it all Santa deniers?
Ask Reddit response to what was their most regrettable fap
average wahabbi
Aren’t you guys tired of these annoying, know it all Santa deniers?
Aren’t you guys tired of these annoying, know it all Santa deniers?
Aren’t you guys tired of these annoying, know it all Santa deniers?
Add me to minecraft
About shrek being preserved as a national monument
Anri Okita Copypasta
all the samsung girl porn subreddits i could find
Ah yes a porn fight amazing
A categorized list of one NSFW subreddit
A random thought I had today
A fine sample from a Reddit argument about boobs
Among us flirting
An exceedingly excellent your mother joke.
Alexander’s Dongle
A reply I found to “When the imposter is sus”
A man walks into a bar and asks…
average r/politics user
Anons fantasy
all you could type OK?
Average albanian male
Another Samsung girl post
awooga awooga
A Shit so Great…
An encounter in the first kind, that’s when you see a UFO.
anon from /pol/’s theory about american state religion
A gold comment from samsung virtual assistant porn on rule 34
A letter to Mr. Willson
Are you ready!?
As a proud dreamsexual (Taken from a comment I found)
A comment from a post about Sam
A cheesy way to die
Another Copy pasta I wrote after someone had corrected me.
A copypasta I wrote while being stupid on a Discord server.
An orgasm only lasts for a few seconds
A friend over at Discord provides his views on Pride Month
a godsend from google translate
Among Us Rant, but it’s in the current story of Destiny 2
All ‘Among Us’ in the bible
Among Us Crewmate Plush Toy Review
ARCWAVE Ion Pleasure Air Stroker
A review I found for a kids movie
And now:a murder case idea for a fangan.
anime girl masturbation aftermath
Am I immoral for developing feelings towards a girl because I like her backside ? (Found on r/crushes)
Ahhh Fuck roblox, Why u perm ban me for something I didn’t do?
Among us
A story about Jesus
A copypasta to give to dream stans.
As a very proud member of the lgbt community
A rule34 invincible comment about marks mom.
Alternate chad copypasta
A reply to the announcement of the Samsung virtual assistant
All Instagram hashtags that turn rainbow during June
A guy replied to “you must be fun at parties” with this
A teen client and their mother saw… the real me….
An actual post from r/SamsungGirlr34
A guy explaining a post on r/neckbeards
A reminder since it’s june
As an expert cock rater…
A man has fallen into depression in Lego City!
Anime girls
A dm I recieved when I said an anime sucks
Anime feet review.
a youtube comment i found
Average dream fan
Astronaut in the ocean (gay version)
A Leaf fan’s delirious writings after a heart wrenching game 7 loss to the Montreal Canadians in the first round of the Stanley cup playoffs
AITA for slapping that toddler
A comment from a hockey thread
About the new Samsung Ad
AITA for running over 4 kids?
A Message From the lord John Wick
An unironic post from a 14 yo on a teenager sub
Alpha males don’t shit in toilets
AITA for Raping myself?
Alpha Male from Twitter on a discussion about makeup in post-apocalyptic games
Among Us erotic writing Prompt
Average french (translated from a topic on “jeuxvideo.com”)
am i the only one who noticed a gigantic surge of nationalist pajeets online?
A Domestic Situation between Luigi and his Wife, commented on one of my posts.
A list of underrated bands.
A day in the life
A fun sentiment from r/PCM
A friend texted me this ……
America: you have a pivotal choice
About the lyrics of “around the world” by daft punk
A Day in the Life of a Dream SMP Fan
about league of legends…
An actual problem from a quiz I took
annoying ass Wix Ad Read lmao
Andrew Yang Leading NYC Mayoral Race After Flipping Off Residents And Telling Them To Suck His Dick
About assholes getting super powers
Anyone else love changing Frank’s lyrics when singing by yourself?
At one point, the pug started licking big dog’s asshole
Animal Planet
A comment from r/cringe on a video of dj Khalid eating wings
Arby’s roast beef
AITA for being a hilarious troll
Amogus 😳
At some point Mrs and Mr incredible did vore, and it’s totally justifiable.
Average Twitter user when you make a slightly edgy joke
Animation idea – cummy milk
A review on “Disney’s G-Force” on steam.
AKIRA – Kaneda’s Theme
An actual message from a vendor
Adjectives to Describe Dream Haters
Anime Watcher finally leaves his house
all minecraft splashes. in real life (sandvich)
A kissssssss? A fucking kissss???!
AITA for being horny
Another excerpt from 1984
amogus parody of i can swing my sword by tobuscus
a guy on CS:GO’s steam forums wants to boycott the deagle because of the stuff going on rn
Am I the only one
Among us in real life infested with emojis
Anon is the epitome of a virgin
Anyone who refers to themselves as “anon” is the epitome and pinnacle of never having intimate relations with a female.
alternate united states of america
A Snapchat Story
Anyone who says “updoot” is a subhuman piece of trash
Actual comment from r/teenagers
AITA for telling my friend his dad was acting sus after being hit by a car?
A guide on what’s gay
anime sucks idgaf if your mad
Accepting my farts.
Anyways tommorow I will be discusing Ace Combat lore
Aris vs. RunItBlack
A review of dream’s music
Among fard: The Movie
An interesting tidbit from r/unpopularopinion
Anti-Vaxxer vs. Shakespearify
An actual SoundCloud bio
A highly sought after profession
Alt tabbing out of a valve game
aoggers boggers coggers doggers eoggers foggers goggers hoggers ioggers joggers koggers loggers moggers noggers ooggers poggers qoggers roggers soggers toggers uoggers voggers woggers xoggers yoggers zoggers
AITA (am i the asshole) for beating my wife?
Abusive Father Boss Fight Strategy
Analysis of a particular picture of amogus.
Art hoes
Avoid This Guy In India! | Crazy Beggar
A reply to a Minx tweet
A shitty copypasta some idiot just made up
Actual fucking post from r/angry, thought it had potential
Astronaut in the Ocean Full Lyrics
As a leftist, I hate the VITRIOLIC SEWAGE spewed by the uneducated masses
A cat who knows his place
Among Us In Real Life sad story
Arough week (courtesy of frien)
AlgoExpert.io’s YouTube Ad’s copypasta
Ai made comment
AITA (am i the asshole) for beating my wife?
About funerals from r/greentext
Alot of emojis
Among us in real life (Sus, Sus)
An actual message from a friend’s discord
a cool message my friend sent me on discord
Average R/Christianity comment
another trans suicide
A vision
Attention all dark souls fans
A legal threat I got on Wikipedia
annoying anti-vape commerical
A negative retrospective review of “Shrek”
A normal day
Actual post from r/relationship_advice
Apartheid, where every live matters
Among us at the restaurant Pt1
An experienced Redditor’s take on r/memes
A cultured weeb’s bio
All “among us” in the Bible.
Anyone use wikiHow?
An open letter from the exhaust port designer
Aye Tharyar Mai Tong Industry Co., Ltd
an actual message from someone in a group chat that i’m in
Among us edition 🥺🥺🥵🥵😂😂😳😳
A youtube comment
andropov go ough
An argument against a form of renewable energy
An anonymous redditor hated your Post so much that they have not given it the Gold award.
alabama commited in r/teenagers
Average ladder enjoyer
A Portal review on Steam.
Amo Gus!!!!!!!
A copypasta for responding to camouflage memes inspired by Donald Trump’s tight quotes (OC)
Amogus Sus will always be funny, and if you disagree, you have no brain and you have no sense of humor
AITA for calling my wife a ‘wholesome chungus’??
A person simping for an average white man
Alexander Von Sexy Man Hamilton
Actually dude, it’s sodium chloride.
a comment I found here
amogus but with the casewave
Apple’s Death Loop
A fun way to ruin a weekend and blow 100 bucks.
A comment from r/dankmemes
A comment I found on r/Cats
A big no from me dog
A Delicious Mozzarella Stick Recipe
A review for I Love You Colonel Sanders
A note to songwriters (Found in r/MapPorn)
Angry facebook group leave post
Amogus brain disease
A comment from Cringetopia
A bot wrote this
a poem by me in grade four
A comment
Among Us has saved my life
An interesting title
A gem from r/antijokes
A wonderful message I got on r/IncelTear from someone who proceeded to promptly block me. I thought it was too good not to share. Use wisely.
A your mother joke
Ah shit
An advertisement on Rule 34
Average r/atheism user
AITA for belittling the severely autistic kid?
Another post from r/teenagers
A Haiku For My Crush
Abby, divorce your husband and marry me instead.
Attention parents of children under the age of 7
AITA for living with my Abusive Girlfriend (26 F) and being a Male Victim (27 M) of Abuse?
A comment I made about Natalie Portman
A Poem
Absolutely disgusted. A soft pretzel?
A legend has died, but the ripples of it’s actions shall reverberate across the wide ocean that is the world
a comment under a lady gaga article link on facebook about her being raped at 19
A Clockwork Orange (1971 film)
A long, long time ago
An Original Character
All the amogus in the Quran
A burning passion
Asshole hair picking
A reply to a comment asking if the sender was a bot.
Arcade Craniacs The Word “S U S”
Award Winning FF14
Angry among us crew mate
AITA for having a super sex massive cum cock
Arms too big
All the amogus in the Bible
About ladders
Another Monika copypasta
addictive behaviours
Angry reposter
An infinite number of mathematicians, a polar bear, helium, and a neutrino walk into a bar
Absolute gold from AskReddit
alt girl apology video
ABCs and Keyboard Keys
a copypasta from a video of peluchin entertainment talking about lwa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khZ4jUm6cmw&ab_channel=BROKO this is a reupload
Angry furry responds to getting banned from a Discord server, found off r/Cringetopia
Among us copypasta i have completely typed out
Average star wars fan
Among us porn.
An Honest Question?
Amogus reference
Among us ritual
Annoying Kids Be Like:
Ass clowns and the bucket factory
Apostles Creed
AITA for taking my son’s phone away after I found out he was a g*mer?
A copypasta response to “who asked”
AITA for bringing peace to the middle east?
Amogus oc
Are you a girl?
among us happy meal
among us vs elaborated jokes ben shapiro style
Andrews isn’t a loser for raging over gta rp
asbestos owo
A philosophy of Overwatch Porn
A comment on a post on OKBR about a baby seal consuming raw cement
Amogus Impostor is Sus 2:Electric Boogaloo
Another r/titanfall comment
Accidentally had an affair
Are people actually this fucking stupid?
A review for Resident Evil 8 on steam
A female eh?
A Twenty One Pilots copypasta I made
a confession…
A girl…. AND a gamer?
Apology to Winnie the Pooh (repost)
a comment under an article link on facebook about demi lovato coming out as non-binary
Ape rocket
Average FDS users perfect man
A comment on r/confessions
Album Review
Among us with the wife
A list of general international laws violated by Israel:
Accidentally had sex with another man
A true beauty from r/unpopularopinions
Army of the free
A beautiful counter-argument, made by yours truly.
Anon is a trucker
An actual message I got (denuvo is an anti-piracy tool used by many developers and notorious for being hard to crack)
Amogus dripping cock
A doujin tweet
A steam profile comment
A robber robs a sperm bank
An Anti-SJW’s magnum opus
A 4chan response to a coomer post
as much of the revenge of the sith script in binary i can fit in the reddit character limit (which is barely 2%)
Aldi’s is efficient
An alternative
A surrealist attempt at debunking marxism when no one mentioned it but someone mentioned gender dysphoria. Found on 4chan
Awesome Music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
alex jones justin bieber rant
A sense of doody
A Redditor’s comment about how he is offended over people making jokes about Stephen Hawking
Attack Plan of the Reddit Army (found on r/cringetopia)
amogus story [SERIOUS]
A response to someone misspelling ‘peek’ in r/csgo
Another Rust Parody Story
a comment left on my steam account
A middle schooler sent this to me unironically because I said SNL was shit
an actual comment from r/kidsarefuckingstupid
A mild adaptation from r/atheism
All my homies use the un-automatic bidet.
A little random nonsense
A message in a discord server I am in
AITA for peeing and shitting in my friends pants?
Amogus seks
Among Us in real life music video by Rebecca Zamolo
A good way to loss weight!
angry uk policeman
A reply to an “atheist starterpack” post
Amazon review
A biggie song made me get vaporub on my balls
Angry Casio Fanboy to someone posting a different brand
Annoying Orange peel removed
A comment I found about working at a truck stop
A trainwreckstv tweet
An angry message someone left in our discord
A Comment I found on R/196 by u/Chimmichanga22
An Amazon review for a 55 gallon drum of lubricant
Absolute fucking bullshit
A short one from twitch chat
Average Redditor Post
anarch bad
And she was a good friend
As a lonely incel at age 30 I have decided to put my natural heterosexual drives away forever.
A misquote stung my dick
a mosquito stung my dick
Astronaut in the Ocean but in Braille
a mosquito stung my dick
A copypasta I made
A mosquito stung my dick
A comment found on a video about Bethesda games no longer on Playstation (SAD)
AITA from r/dankmemes
A list of most fucking stupid things to call someone
An Apology Letter
A comment I found
All “among us” in the Bible (KJV).
A youtube comment in a nazi uniform video
average Twitter rage:
Anon spoke to the great philosopher
Ah yes
An RA I did
a man picks up the phone and answers the person on the other side
A poem
Among us addiction
All you need to know about the first crusades
A response to “u nasty and ugly as hell shut the fuck up”
Among Us is Hyperborea
Anon from /vt/ guesses what each Hololive EN member’s poop would be like.
a person i have a mutual server with unironically said this
An Incredibly Shitty Shitty Translation
A rattlesnake isn’t poisonous
A reply to a comment about God
Amelia is a loli apparently LMAO00. Ah l get it now. Every anime girl = loli, liking lolis = pedo, therefore liking any anime girl means you’re a pedo. Makes sense. Also, you’re Jewish. Pedophile by default.
Actual comment from r/femaledatingstrategy.
abigail shapiro gets creampied copypasta
A quote I heard from discord
Airpod shotty
a legitimate comment I found
Andrew? Andrew Hussie? Is that you?
are yoy talking back to me?
Alex from Minecraft 👩🏻‍🦰💚
Angry kid on r/BanVideoGames
Abnormally slow cars are way more impressive than really fast cars.
angry child in google slides
Anti-pedophile copypasta
A reply to “No u”
average AOT fan
A weird ass post on Discord my friend showed me
Apex Legends idea
Almost all known insults in the English language
amognus in many languages
Amog us legs
Angry mom bombs a game
Actual Message someone sent me
aming us
a love letter
amogus in base64 (it’s too large to put into one single post so i have to continue it in the comments
Among us is garbage copypasta
amongus us
Am I too old for Martial Arts?
An everyday American morning
Absolute gem found on r/lgbt
Alpha male from r/NoNewNormal
All because someone thought some pixels on a screen should have some higher numbers in a funny fish game
As 💦 a 💁🗑 professional 👧👧 MCYT stan I 👀😎 do 💪 not 🤜⭕ stand 🏾🚶 with this ☣👇 oppression we 👨 are 😻 facing. 😫 This 👈 mcytphobia is 😍 really shining ✨✨ through. 🚪 Truly 🙏 the worst 👎 thing 😂 a 🎮 person 🤞🏼 could 😈 do 🍆 smh. 😤 So 💯 disappointed 😣 in ⬅ mcytphobes.
A classic r/incels post
An American Love Poem
A comment I found on r/speedrun
A Paradox Fan’s Rant [REAL POST FROM FORUM]
Apple is clearly designed for children, women, the mentally incapacitated, the weak willed, gypsies, homosexuals and other undesirables
Apology to u/DennyDud
AHH HELP MEEEEE😱😱😱😭😭😭😱😱😱😳😳😳😭😭😱😱
A response to “Did I ask?”
Amogus 2
Actually, Japanese porn movies often have quite elaborate plot.
A discord friends opinion on Nikocado Avocado
Average r/banvideogames comment section
An actual reply in an argument
a comment i got about trumps army on r/public freakout.
Absolute goddamn gem from r/the10thdentist
A little “
Among Us Review
A review for an H-game on Steam
Alternative to navy seal copypasta
A tank engine returns from the great war
a comment i found on a meme review video (not pewdiepies videos)
average linux user
An actual response to someone on r/EnoughMuskSpam
ai generated
A singular breast
At least one breast my queen?
As seen on the Official Pummel Party Disocrd
all i know is bee
A post from r/TIFU
a little rant from my discord friend
A response to “yes”
A comment I found about the show Invincible. Someone replied to it with “Oh God, you’re one of THOSE people”
A Liv And Maddie Review I found
AppleJack’s Luscious Ass
An average trip to France
A Message To Colgate
Angry ùwú
All chihuahuas are so damn ugly
A wise man’s thoughts on the EU4 player base
A repley to comment saying “r/usernamecheckout”
All chihuahuas are so damn ugly
A hole in my son’s body pillow
A Fine Day On Discord
Add Sex Event to Roblox.
Among us
Average tiktok comment
A black ops 3 DLC review from a true American gamer
a litle rant
African Fartslave
are boobs just the balls for women?? (serious!) (found on r/teenagers)
A DM some guy on discord sent me after I made fun of his pet spider
A rant about how trash american football is
Average 1700’s american
Aniken did have a slave outfit for Ahsoka
Add sex to Clash Royale
Anyone else seen that video
A message to all liberals from the Founding Fathers.
Anime is a weaponized form of autism
A summary of Blazblue’s story I found in a Discord
A highly advanced timeline of events for Sergio Leones classic spaghetti western The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
a steam bio i found today 🙂
a copy pasta from my discord server
And now, a copypasta that is immune to the owo bot (by me)
Absolute gold from r/TooAfraidToAsk
Any submissive pm
A guy on my discord server spent 15 minutes describing his poop
AHAHA HOLY SHIT))) So there’s 30+ years guy sitting right there!
AmongUsCockBot’s angels
Astley Paradox
AITA for getting slightly frustrated at my girlfriend?
Actual Resident Evil Village review on Steam
A Reddit love story
A gem I found on the now-defunct Yahoo Answers
Among us won’t get out of my head
Any tips for writing copypastas?
An amazing comment i found on r/teenagers
Among Us is a 2018 online multiplayer social deduction game developed and published by American game studio Innersloth. It was released on iOS and Android devices in June 2018 and on Windows in November 2018, featuring cross-platform play between these platforms.
A response to “Is Minecraft racist”
Am I an autistic ?
An in depth explanation of Sandy Cheeks cock vore
Amongus insanity
Anti-sus APP! (promo!)
amogus copypasta
a rule 34 comment i found
Amogus Insanity Derangement Syndrome (AIDS)
a docter a day keeps the day away
anyone need a roomate??
AMONGUS but it’s thiccslated
A gem I found on Letterboxd a couple months ago
AITA: My Girlfriend’s Husband Is Obsessed With Nintendo
A guy describing having sex with a pregnant woman
Average Skyrim Player
Are the planes and boats in the “Cars” universe a different species?
App review
Amongus grandpa 👴 📮
Ayo the pizza here
A confession
A Comment on a post about the Billie Eilish Vogue photos
Attack on Titan Worm (Hallucigenia) Copypasta
An intellectual.
A serious order.
abso-fucking-lutely not we do not agree on any of your crazy tinfoil hat e-boy crap.
A PCM love story
Always trust the experts..
Among US in real life (sus)
Amogus legs
A Philippine Foreign Minister’s response to Chinese encroachment into the South China Sea
A soapy shower with your big tidy goth gf
A life of common sense, logic, and understanding
amogus! imposter!
Alternate (better) lyrics for Astronaut in the Ocean, feel free to add on
a post from r/advice
Adam the Turkish Attack Helicopter
A response to how microchips work
A comment that I got for defending gun rights in r/PoliticalHumor.
AITA: My Girlfriend’s Husband Is Obsessed With Nintendo (credit to u/scottynsm)
A short amogus story
An actual Karen comment from a Peppa Pig YTP
Amogus secks update
An angry weeb from twitter after using an overused image
A comment on a post from r/starterpacks
Automoderator on r/darkmemes
A special comment I found on reddit
A deleted message in r/legogaming
An honest poke-goer
A review from my old high school
a brawlhalla copy pasta spam it in some streamers chat or something
A comment on a Webkinz troll post I made awhile ago
All attractive women should be required to be nude in public
Ai generated story Based on the words you put in
Autistic 4channer
Anti British Copypasta 🇮🇪🇻🇦
a comment i made…
A comment from Dean Takahashi’s Doom Eternal Gameplay
a reply to a comment on r/prequelmemes (edited the username for privacy)
a redditor’s insight
AITA for urinating in an elderly woman’s mouth?
An expert coffee taster’s opinion on instant coffee
A comment about frogs I made trying to get an award.
a twitlonger from tommyinnit:
ASCII Penis collection
Ascii sunglasses emoji for bypassing r/emojipolice automod
Anyone else kill people in Skyrim/fallout, undress them and pretend to have sexy time with them? Courtesy of r/teenagers
Ascii emoji (to bypass r/emojipolice automod)
Ascii swear word emoji to bypass r/emojipolice automod
A Friend’s Advice for Snack Shopping
A Trials Rising Review
Among Us Review
A comment on a funny video
AITA for emailing elderly women “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” pornography
A comment on r/golf
Absolute nonsensical fucking troll reply I got on an r/MurderedByElne post
A factorio review I found
Aesthetically pleasing
actual post from nsfw sub
A dm I just got a few minutes ago on discord.
Amogus penis #69
AITA for urinating in an elderly women’s mouth?
Absolute gem from r/redpill
AITA for saying “I like my coffee how I like my women”? It seems like a double standard
A Word on “Gatekeeping”
April 30th?
AITA for thinking GearsPop is a bad game and doesn’t deserve to be archived (BFDI spoilers if you care about that show)
AITA for controlling the expulsion of feces from the end of the gastrointestinal tract?
Average the caretaker fan
A comment from r/ AmongUsPorn
Among us
AITA for getting revenge on my friend?
Amazon BABY
Average masturbation session
A book called “Trigger Warning” on Goodreads.
AITA for sucking my friend’s penis?
Are there constraints on pronouns?
AMA I shit piss and piss shit
App Idea: snapchat filters for bomber drone camera feeds
Average Reddit Mod
Amogus cock bot
Amogus cock bot copypasta
Am I gay?
An Actual Roblox Pants Description https://www.roblox.com/catalog/2818196400/Future-Trunks
a girl asked friend to rate her
Age of consent should be consistent across all 50 states.
A confession of a drunk incel (Sent by one of my friend, sorry if some bits dont make sense i had to translate it from italian)
A rant from the satire sub r/ratfuckerclub
are you make joke to war for respect or racism?
Add Donald Trump To Valorant
A passive aggressive response
amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus
Alumnus raised a fortune to help teacher who lost job due to pandemic
Advice for BLM
are you make joke?
Among Us Lore: How They Mate
Anti-vaxxer’s copy pasta
A response from someone in a discord server i’m in after a fart channel was added
Artifact – the Hamburger of Secrets
A new copy pasta- tylenol but it’s a hard drug
Average Fan vs. Average Enjoyer
Abnormally large boobs are hot
Aftermath of the Munich Conference
Amog us
As a gay person, there is nothing I fear more than other gays
A review for the videogame “Among Us”
A commentor after being told about capitalization
Ai Dungeon
Ahmed>Queen of England
As a gay person
All 3 chapters of “The evil baby” by u/jordancambridge
AMIA (am i the asshole) for mocking my friend (M15) for his disability (A disability is any condition of the body or mind (impairment) that makes it more difficult for the person with the condition to do certain activities (activity limitation) and interact with the world around them)?
Among us got deep
amogus theme song
Amazon Review of Haribo sugar free gummy bears
A nightcore creator’s take on memes about nightcore.
Among Us Sus 3am
A real, actual tweet from 2012 by NBA player Paul Reed
Akechi Speech
Amino message out of context
An Among Us Love Story
amogus copypastas :trol:
A theory on a youtube video about some old shoes.
A very interesting article about greek islands that I put through Google Translate and back.
A post I saw on someone’s account
Are traps gay?
An ode to Mo Salah.
As a gay man (real)
Among us rant
A Tale of the Spice of Life
AP Exam Security Paragraph. You must type out the entire security paragraph in its whole.
a comment i saw on a lil pump video
African Priest Reveals Holy Member Growth Method
Anyone else tired of having to pee lmao?
Among us
Anime fans ruined anime for me and I hate it
A strawberry lolipop (from my date to me)
A brief history of the Bruh Momento franchise
Amogus Backwards
A LITERAL genius
A new weapon fer gentlemen o’ fortune
against the Nuremburg Codes
Average AITA post:
All banned words in ROBLOX Digital Sim (NSFW)
Are You Straight And A White Male
amogus but it is sleeping
Among Us Drip but every word is “dick”
Attracted to PvZ Plants
AITA for telling my bf to stop rapping at me?
A post from r/pixelgun
A Sad Story
Anakin, you are so hot
Anrcho nazi
Among Us is love. Among Us is life.
A post in r/chainsawman
among us rule 34
Anon decides to not buy MCDC
A list of insults to pull out during an argument.
Asshole crow doesn’t forget, doesn’t forgive.
a comment in r/HydroHomies
A list of things you can buy for $9
A review from a porn game on steam
All your cum are belong to me
Agent 47
A copypasta that causes Prussia to ban the site with said pasta
A very serious issue
Ah, another person with no argument
Automod peepee hard
Add Skin with big boob And sex in the Game
A local redditor being mad over RepostSleuthBot
anime schizophrenia
About which Monster would be the tastiest.
A review on MAL for MHA season 5
A fucking reply to my comment that was apparently legendary to him
Addicted to Icy Hot
Among us in real life
A comment on Memehunter
Angry g*mer on the Ban Video Games FaceBook Group
A comment on someone insulting Yes, I’m Changing by Tame Impala
Amongus sus
A rant about among us that my friend posted in the announcements channel and pinged everyone for
Americans are unironically creating a ni**er worship religion
AI Colonel
Actual comment from r/teenagers
A letter from your uWu bitch boi💦🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥵🥵🥺
Askreddit, of course
An actual thing I heard when the trailer for RE8 dropped
A Mario 64 Creepypasta
A Gender Reveal Party in 2025.
among us centeno script
Alright Instagram, it’s shoutout time.
angry text from a BTS stan
A comment from an article about real booby traps in historical archaeological finds
Absolute moment right there
A voice memo from a friend’s work group chat
A offensive vegan teacher reference
Am I being censored on this subreddit? (not a joke)
Angry BTS fan flips out
A rant from a r/curatedtumblr post
AOC Makes Anonnie Act Up
A comment ripped from r/titanfall
A cringy lgbt oc copypasta
A foursome with Big Chungus, The Imposter from Among Us, and YHVH the Supreme God
A comment I found on hentaimemes
As seen on No Fap
A comment on r/holup post
Average Twitter User
Anyone need some kissies and cuddliess???
Among mega dick 🙏
Anime nerds in a fight
A classic PornHub comment
amog us
An insult used by the wonderful EIL.
A comment on r/clevercombacks about an operation on a guys balls will be a small one
An interesting title
ace attorney
A little chart for every FNAF characters sex life
american political discourse be like
Assassination of President Kerenskiy copypasta
Among Us in real life 😳
Arbys guy
A copypasta from one of my friends
Average anime fan
An asset
ava minion gif copypasta
A discord friend showed me some fucked up hentai
Average copypasta enjoyers
An actual advertisement in my discord server
A public announcement regarding Pringles
a copypasta i made of Tankmen 5.5 (on discord)
Another cool way to hide a body OwO
A message from Chad
All list of banned words in chat in a game you should make called ‘Mario 2.5 World’
a hacker stole my roblox face 🙁
Announcement about Rule 2
and all couse i lurked on her tweeter
All Words Containing the Word “SUS”
A person explaining why NTR is good
A pleasantly pungent surprise from from r/unpopularopinion
avid roblox user
Arab Money
ATTN🚨BROS ITS 🏃🏼🚹4:20⏰
AI generated article: Dolphin Masturbation
Americans and socks
amongus happy meal
A girl showed me her boobs
Alabama Mud Slide
Anasui’s Mickey Monologue (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean)
A guy from discord
Among Us copypasta *Among Us Warning*
A comment I saw on youtube about Kakegurui (anime) and Yumiko (character in there)
A critique of fursona statistical analysis
A brief summary of ancient Sumer
among us is unenjoyable as imposter
A reply to a post on Twitter about someone getting a toupee fitted
A rant from a lego star wars meme comment section
A lot of porn
Among us red sus funi
A message my grandpa sent in the family Whatsapp group
A short essay written about the Farmer from Balan Wonderland on a very good /v/ thread
An epic my friend wrote after an edible
a weird curiouscat submission my friend got
About Adam Ragusea
An actual reply to a comment on Brian Krebs’ blog
Actual post from /b/
arabic babyyyy
amogus imposter sus
Average Roman Redditor in MMDCCLXXIV Ab Urbe Condita.
Among Us Pickle Penis (u/AmongUsCockBot please add this to your list of cocks)
arif terraroost happy boorseday i know you today your boorseday arif teraroost teraroost teraroost bararoost teraroost this is wali puk 24/7 everyday im wake up in hanaquin actual pachi kurdistan texas usaaaa. hanaquin actuaaal pach- eeeuughhhueehhhheuuhhh MEOOWOOOW WEOOOOOOOOOOOEOOOOOWOWWWWWW AAAR
A reply to Amouranth’s latest twitter post
A dude who made an explenation why jaiden’s character is hot.
All cops are sus
among us “pickle” (warning hot)
A respose to questioning metroid being old
Anime Girls (OC)
A message I just received from my friend
Amogus pickle
Am I in the wrong for thinking we don’t need women in positions of power just for the sake of having women in positions of power?
A copypasta that causes the Republic of China (1949-2000) to ban the site with said pasta
Argument of why people who arent black cant say n word
Alright, I’m done biting my tongue on this.
Amongus irl
Arty Farty
AMONGUS 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
All so simple then
Are fetishes genetic?
Auto Complete Poetry Slam
A reveiw of the movie Fred I found on google
A copypasta I wrote
A comment I made on r/goforgold
ATM boy
ATM boy
A Fun Fact
An edit
Anyone else jack off to dreams latest single?
A person on a server i was in made a wikipedia page for me after i said i pissed loudly and it reminded me of a meme. They responded with this after 30 minutes.
Average microwave owner
Almost Died From Imposter In Hospital!!
A sugar daddy bot on Reddet
And everyone clapped
Amogus-Pipi Löllipöp
A nice response I got from baiting
A Giveaway
a comprehensive list of every copypasta ive gotten on discord
apple $999 product
an actual post on r/giantesshentai
a reply to somebody using equations as valid answers i found on discord
an actual post from r/relationship_advice
AITA for raping a fire hydrant?
Alright guys I’m tired of this!
A reply about someone complaining about their laptop
Among Us Court Trial
Aphantasia ruined my life
Amogus is evolving!
A night to remeber
Alien intruder
Among us ritual
Animal crossing fans be like
Amoung os
As a Ben 10 fan (found on discord)
Angry reply I got over at r/Nostupidquestions for telling him theres more to life than science
A Message to Furries
amongus cock
A weird dream one of my friends had
Americans don’t care about God anymore. They only care about naggers.
A copypasta that you might not fully get if you didn’t watch Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood
Among us in real life
A comment on some Elon Musk crypto currency ad after someone said to be careful with scammers
A legendary quote from Robin Hood Men in Tights
All men are trash 🤗🥰😣
Anime internet warrior
Another one about who asked
Actual lyrics for Hocus Pocus by Focus
Amogus copypasta translated by shittytranslatorbot
Attention ISIS!
Adolf Hitler’s Speech on the 17th Anniversary of the Beer Hall Putsch
A GoFundMe campaign by a guy who I went to Highschool with
An comment I found a on a video clip
Am i the only one who, after playing Paradox games straight start dreaming of maps?
A do not follow list I found
A very sad <3 stori!!! ;((
Average okbuddyretard user
A response to the Iamyoda blt
An 8 year old’s diary
A Hippie, A Nun and a Bus
Absolute Gold Found on r/unpopularopinion
Australia is not upside down! <EIL>
Another gem from r/teenagers
A simple solution
Anime and Ants
Ants, Anima, and Bbq
An Azerbaijani copypasta about the proper way to eat a pussy [with original audio]
About a Northern Pike
among gay
A unique way to insult someone.
All Cops Are SUS
A compilation of quotes by Brady
An actual Fortnite fanfiction written by a small child
Among Us with the Phat Butts
among us r34
Am I a male slut for doing this? (r/teenagers is a gold mine for copy pastas)
A post I found on a pronouns sub lmao
Abortion management sim
Aloe Vera
Arrow to the knee
A generator came up with this
As posted to r/meditation
A very standard threat
Among Us ruined my life (from r/amogus)
a copypasta my friend made after he got banned from a discord server we are in (he sent it to everyone there in dms)
An actual review for a VN
Among us scary 🙁
Anti Cat Boy Agenda
Amogus 69
amongus secks 😍🤤
Among Us 2: The Boogaloo
A visit to Apple Hill
Andy Dick is Cummming! NSFW
astolfo copypasta
a message from a friend in a Discord server
any females who play Hotline Miami 2?
A non-rhyming poem I wrote about my constipation
A poem about my love for ears
A love letter to my favorite streamer
A response to someone commenting “u/savevideo”- the straw that broke the camel’s back
Attack on Titan femboy hentai
An essay on sawblade safety
A comment trying to justify questionable hentai
AoT Chapter 139 rant
AITA for dropping my baby down the Grand Canyon?
Awesome😎!!!! Best game ever!!!
A google review of Killer Bean Forever
An Update for the Group
Actual Bin Weevils google review
actual article i had to take a quiz on
An interesting title
Apologies if this is already a copypasta
Am Leaving Discord
Among Us WAP
A chess version of the navy seals pasta
amogus story i found
Actual real tweet
a poor defense of loli porn
All in one
An actual tweet Dream unironically posted to his followers
A Japanese guy really into American Culture visits the US.
Announcement in the r/GachaLifeCringe discord server
Amogus Amogus
angry battlefield community member
am not emmo boy
American high school student
A Message to Furries
AmongUsCockBot DevLog[2]
Am I sus?
Anonymous ask rant
A story from r/confession
Among Us Happy Meal
Among Us
any Ozark fans here? yeah its just lazy remake of Rick and Morty copypasta lol
Anon goes fencing
A True Story
Attack on Titan has a major flaw in the show
An improved version of the “I just downvoted your comment” but for posts
All boobs are beautiful in their own way. Plus, it’s not really fair to judge a person by the size of their chest.
Anime yelling strikes again
Among us needs sex
a tweet from SpicyLudicolo on Twitter
a psa from my friend’s mutual
annoying Grammar Correction troll message for discord
A guy copypasted this to similar comments in a post on r/terriblefacebookmemes
a walk in the forest – made by me
Attention all among us gamers!
A funny joke
As a female fan of The Boys and the MCU
A strap on titan
Average Jojo fan
Axolotl Soup
An email I got in my spam folder
A guys real reaction to a juan meme
A fan’s take on RPDR mainsub
Anon doesn’t like coffee
A PlayStore review
amogus cock bot
A message from cprewritten
a copypasta i made on twitter cause bored
Absolute Resolve
Angry birds is right wing propaganda
AITA after i ended the life of my wifes boyfriend
A rant about r/redditmoment users
AI completed navy seals copypasta
Art hoes
An exceedingly excellent your mother joke.
A philosofer once said… 👀
A copypasta I made for my friends
Amazing rant i found
A song along with minecraft pigstep. lyrics made by prince zuko and pigstep itself by Lena Raine
An interesting monologue about apples from r/video
A steam review on the game “the last of waifus”
actual gold i found in the comment section of r/NeverBrokeABone
aya fumo cum tribute
All Gas No Breaks Goth Dom Speech
A message a discord admin sent my friend for trolling
A message to Prince Charles , the most hung British man ever to exist
AITA for punching a hole through my cubicle wall?
Among Us In (almost) every language
Another Happy Easter!
Akuyomix Raging
An interesting tale about an interesting chimpanzee
A review for “Touching Spirit Bear” by Ben Mikaelsen.
A part of Rick Astley’s never gonna give you up but it’s in Russian
A real YouTube comment from a Sonic fan
An interesting title
Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930)
Are you sure you’re not a misogynistic bi woman trapped in a man’s body
A beautiful poem a friend of mine wrote
An insult from EIL, leader of reddit’s “Level Earth” movement.
Anime sponsor text
A Creation of my very own.
A Real Facebook Status I Stumbled Upon
A reminder this Easter
A comment on r/gamingcirclejerk
a comment from pornhub
Aint it
Among us happy meal idea
Arby’s Broncoberry Sauce Recipe
Among us Happy meal
All children should be permanently removed from society
A comment under a meme I made
A Toilet Story.
A comment i found at r/AnimeCirclejerk
Anti-Furnace Joe
A comment on Nyaa
among us nsfw enjoyers?
A homophobic comment I found on an account
A guide i wrote on how to dispose of a body (With 2 routes you can choose from!)
A little something i came up with
And that’s a downvote from me
Among Us ruined my life
Articulate Ethereum User
avian alarm clocks
apparently some salty dude said this to me on google+ 5years ago
A nice poem
Angry Neeson
a thing i found in a facebook group lol
A heartfelt message from a Rudolphkin
Awakening the bots
April Fools day is worse than 9/11
Accept your fate
Ara Ara, UnfunnyWeeb-Kun
April Fools day needs to be cancelled
Anthony Fantano’s entire review of Father of All by Green Day
A message to Joe Biden
A comment under YBN Nahmirs soul train
A review on AOTY of 5SOS – Good Girls
Around The World – Daft Punk (Director’s Cut) Full Lyrics
April Fools Sucks
About Warzone. lmfao
American Tiananmen Square
A skin cancer liability lawsuit commercial brought me back 3 years
Artistic purposes
An actual comment to someone with Socialism in their name.
According to the Based Testament
About Anime
A baby was born laughing instead of crying (I like this version better than the one on here)
A perforated dick
A good one I found in a Genshin-based Dokkan thread
AI-generated bullying advice
another 🔄 day 😇📆🙏 another 🔄 heartbreak 💔😪. this is how it is for sleepytwt. we live 🐙, we hurt 🤕, we cry 😭, and no 🚫 one 👺🎷☝ cares 💅. our 4/4 👨‍👩‍👧 leaves 🌿 us 🧔👨👇, every 💯🔄 one 👺☝ of sbi is making 💰💘 fun 😃 of us 🇺🇸. what’s left 👈? are we here just to be tormented? is t
A lifelong Godzilla fan is upset with the Destiny halloween armor
Angel Kaye > Lyla Avery
Are you still there, little troll?
A classic with a GALACTIC twist
A scathing comment from r/greentext
A sick fucking burn.
amogus update
An unironic post from r/trueunpopularopinion
An angry response from a redditor
Among us but it’s actually Danganronpa
A TNO copypasta #30334
add emojis in-between words plz :]
A response from a throwaway account to a shitpost in r/okbuddybaka
Am I THE asshole?
Awkward songs to sing to make things awkward IN AMOGUS
A response to someone named socializm_forda_ppl
About dog owners
Antz™️ VS A Bugs Life™️
An innocent inquiry on crystals and their powers
a response to my friends yolo
A copypasta in a discord server I’m in
AutoModerator in r/BanVideoGamesHate
A letter to women.
A real comment i saw on a diesel patches video
Auto reply
A fifth-grader posted this in the schoolwide announcements Teams channel at 3 am, even though that channel is locked so only school admin can post there.
amog us
Among Us Happy Meal copypasta
a reply i made when someone posted an amogus meme
a copypasta by u/dnrplate on a reply to: that’s kinda based tho
Anime “girls”
Amongus rule 34
A response to “Who tf asked?”
and more puvotes I can get to the top and the mods can see me and ban me
Among us is everywhere
A poem I helped my friend write
Angry Response to “Based” from Komi_san(don’t know if already done)
Asian hate tribute fapping
Attack on Geese
A man oppressed me
airsoft loadout
AITA for telling my girlfriend not to give my penis a nickname?
A day in the life of a Commodore owner (found on r/straya, original from Facebook)
about aggie
Among us
A day in the life of a Commodore owner
Ancient Aliens
A reply to one of my comments on r/196
Anon shares his thoughts on /b/dophiles
anyways, heres my piece:
A passionate defense of Eminem from r/Hiphopheads (while masturbating)
An insult I tried to make my friend cry with, but miserably failed.
All we can do is be who we are
Among us in real life full song
A young boy’s wish…
An actual newspaper article written by a scientist
Amogus erectile dysfunction important question
A slightly edgy roblox profile
amogus in ascii art
america is the only country (credit to u/567primemover)
Am I allowed to brush my teeth during Ramadan(found on r/islam)
Am I still a virgin? (Found this on some christian forum, but I replaced every ‘vagina’ with asshole)
An essay on why the Tomato Town Massacre is a hoax
AaronHobbs’ Bizarre Adventure Against Satan
A guy who really likes the smell of his dick
A discord message I got from YandereDev
A Day in the Life
Actual review of Nekopara Vol. 1 on Steam
a comment on a youtube video i saw once
a story
Among us lingo
Ass full of Gats
Anyone who flees on foot when the cops have a dog is a god damned moron.
A heartwarming tale
A troll comment found on a TF2 video.
Antimasker ramblings
A friend that got angry
An app review
around the world lyrics
A classic
Atlas Shat
Are you seething? Are you crying? Are you shitting yourself over the existence of trans people? Then this is for you.
Anti-Imposter message found in a discord server
AITA for not going to the bathroom
As Redditors we are all virgins, right?
A discord friend of mine trying to explain to someone how to make a competitive Pokemon team
A post from r/The10thDentist
Alpha life
Anti-Trans message found in a discord server
Alright, fuck my ass. I’m sure this is a terrible decision but I will ass fuck you if need be.
AITA for destroying my cousin’s PC?
AI-generated biblical stuff
Antifa Chug Jug
Another copypast I made in my less of the youth
A pro Corbin move
amogus femboy cock
Average Twitter stan
Again im confused
Among us in real life
amogus nuggets
Ah yes, the troll “arguing” in bad faith just to get downvotes because [OC]
Anime is the worst thing ever
Actual Unironic Post from r/sex
American lifestyle
Another Shrek post because why not
Again and again
a text message i got today from an unknown number
A review of First Love Episode 2 the most wholesome hentai yet
Among Us Happy Meal
A new copypasta about female dating strategy
A youtube comment I found.
Analyzing Suge by Dababy
a tale to tell
Are Ya Winning Son?
A New Codebase
awesome reddit post reply by Moderator
Actual letter sent to the Ottomans during Greek War of Independence (translated)
aimee challenor, not my proundest fap…
Aimee Challenor
an actual Q&A description from an actual steam profile
A comment on a Scratch project
Another gem from wentworth
A DM I got like 10 minutes ago
All crime in the DC universe is Superman’s fault.
a new comment from a “Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 / Klaus Mäkelä / Oslo Philharmonic” wishing for a nasty fart.
An analysis of the dababy where he proclaims he will turn someone in to a convertible.
A maiden thy shall ne’er be
Aimee Challenor’s father is a pedophidl Aimee Challenor’s father is a pedophile Aimee Challenor’s father is a pedophile Aimee Challenor’s father is a pedophile Aimee Challenor’s father is a pedophile Aimee Challenor’s father is a pedophile Aimee Challenor’s father is a pedophile
An update on the recent issues surrounding a Reddit employee
Aimee Challenor
Alright guys, I’m gonna shitpost
Aimee Challenor
Alt account time
Advocate for the People
An actual post from r/amongusporn
Amee Challenor
A former friend sent this to me.
Aimee Challenor
All of the private subreddits I know of of because of “the bitch” in one post
Aimee Challenor’s father is a pedophile
A letter in case we get banned.
Atheism should be banned
Aimee Challenor aka Aimee Knight’s father is a paedophile
Aimee Challenor
Apparent Richard Branson conspiracy
Amogus Exorcism
All Cranky Kong Quotes in DKC One
Amugn sus
AITA for forcing my little brother to unclog a toilet himself so he learns to drink more water in the future?
A message to all you ghosters
Ashton Lucas David Challenor is a pedophile
A News Report on the actions of the popular fortnite streamer who goes by the alias Ninja
Angry DOOM fan wants a refund
Amimee Chandler
Aimee bitch whore
All Men are Rappers
Anon is now sexually attracted to the state of Ohio
All 40 words that rhyme with orange
Asking Rick Astley for a DVD of the movie “Up”
Anduin Loyalists
Apparent racism generated by a bot
Absolute gold from iamatotalpieceofshit
A list of copypastas for those “experts” in foreign politics from notreallykraut
ariana grande is a lesbian
AITA for spraying my arm with no chew dog spray so my stepsister wouldn’t lick it anymore?
Account Disabled – Violation of TOS/Community Guidelines Notification DISCORD
Amazon Warehouse Review
All death note rules
A thing i found in r/unpopularopinions
A New hand has touched the beacon!
Amogus comment from r/teenagers
Are Traps Gay?
an actual post i saw on r/rant
A real girlfriend
Abrahamic Faiths destroyed in one simple phrase
absolute gem of a burrito copypasta
A poor explanation of the Godzilla NES creepypasta done by me
Am I the only one who __?
At around 10:00 AM on the morning of December 18th, 2018
a lot of you have mental illness
A comment I found on an old r/patientgamers post
Among us troll face copypasta
A copypasta is a block of text which is copied and pasted across the Internet by individuals through online forums and social networking websites.
a message from my friend that she is embarrassed about so i want to bully her
A response when you get destroyed in an argument
Average r/nofap browser
Average Turk on the Internet (Instagram/Tiktok edition)
Anyone else thinks that Winston (from 1984) is sexy?
Any insights?
Alcoholic Dog
An E🅱️ic suggestion
Archived chainmail letter (2001) (AOL EXCLUSSIVE)
A Rant on r/Diepio
A Tinder message
Ass or tits
A novel review
all fear the rat man of NYC
A Message From Mohammed Khanaqin
a funny copypasta
A lot of emojis, idk if it’s all, but it’s a lot
A Lowell, Indiana Punk Rocker
A Bastion Main on Overwatch When Asked to Swap
Art Hoes
Anyone else want a pewdiepie movie? (from r/movies)
Amazing r/microdosing wall
a funny copypasta
a tweet about LeBron James injury
All wars are an abomination.
A ★★★★★ letterboxd review I found for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Among us
Amouranth is the poster child for everything the housewives dislike about the sex marketing meta on twitch.
As a certified reddit expert..
a genuine text i found on a discord server
a comment on a video of a guy breaking his leg
All Japanese sex phrases
ah yes
a post from r/opiates
a PSA about memes
A puppet masters carving knife.
A story generated with plot-generator.org.uk
A copypasta from r/teenagersserver a subreddit about a Minecraft server from a guy who was banned for botting
Albanese sugar free gummi bears review
Animated Porn is like turkey bacon, which is permissible in Islam because it doesn’t contain pork like normal bacon. Animated Porn is different from normal Porn because just like turkey bacon, everything that would make it haram is removed, it just shares the name of Porn. Similarly, everything that
answer i found on quora
A really kawaii desu copypasta
A nice little gem from r/askreddit, for when you want intercourse
Among Us ruined my sons life.
Amogus copypasta in chinese 😱😱😱 Ni hao! 👲👲👲🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🥢🥢🥢🐀🥡🥡🧧🧧 Ching chang chong
An actual reply to a joke.
Arby’s parking lot date – NSFW
A honest question to lgbt community
a comment in pizza and pasta video
All emojis that look like amogus (Samsung keyboard)
Absolute gold found in r/oblivion
a poem my friend wrote on how much they hate mee6 the discord bot
Anti mod ‘pasta
A sandwich planet
among us is ruining my life
Among Us memes should’ve completely died out months ago.
AITA for “lightly” cursing out a baby
amogus penis sus???
Anybody know this Muse song?
Absolute gold Part 2 to Absolute gold found on r/self
Among us is peak comedy and if you disagree you are wrong (found on r/vriginvschad comment section)
a horny swede
animal train
A real post in r/discordapp
A funny copypasta about “incels”. I wish I saw this one more often.
At Echo Project I watched a wookette giving birth during the GZA set. I was just peaking on some 2ci. People were trying to get medical help, but they hadn’t arrived. Some other wookette claimed to be a midwife and was coaching the woman through this. Her wook man is standing there shirtless and spu
Among us Medical Examination
anyone know what this is
Among Us with the exception of being additional comprehensive.
Americans who are 9% Scottish:
Amogus x Celeste fanction
Amog us
A collection of Ancient Roman and Greek graffiti
amogus reference
Are you trying to talk shit son?
A post from r/dreams
Another gem i found in r/2balkan4you
About pronouns
A comment about fonts
A friend of mine got yelled at for use discord nitro and being a religious psych major. This a is 100% serious rant from a member of a discord
Ants are attracted to cum and I can prove it.
Abortions are Now Officially banned in Poland
Absolute gold found on r/self
AITA for calling a woman pulchritudinous?
airpod shotty
Among Us Hide and Seek Mode Rules
Actual post on a antinatalism
A survivor’s account of the tomato town massacre
Attack on Titan Rick and Morty Copypasta
An Instagram girl’s wet dream
Amerrycun “people” be like:
Anton Ego is sus!
A Dennis Prager quote I like
A Good Question
among burger
average private school boy
AITA for being quirky?
AITA if I ask a stranger to have sex?
Am*ricans aren’t people.
An unironic message sent to me by a friend
A very passionate pringles post from CMV
A Story about Plants
An epic comment on ultimate guitar dot com
angery >:(
A serious copypasta from my friend, when I told him about the Tajikistan domain registry.
A genuine reply to a joke comment saying you pissed me off now I’m gonna curse you
All of the “Trolling … with among us” posts in chronological order
After Lady Gaga won grammy over bts, someone posted this voice recording tagging her.
a real conversation on quora that i found at 2 in the morning. about pissing your pants. god help me
An actually useful copypasta if you’re forwarded something unpleasant
AUTOREPLY: We have detected the transmission of unsolicited pornographic images of a potentially illegal nature.
Average redditor defending his pedophilia copypasta
An actual comment from a post on r/rule34
At least it is better than Middle Schol lol
anime bitch
About Nhentai’s fucked up stuff
An E-Mail to Mario I wrote to prepare for my English exam
Among Us Video
A BTS stan crying about lady Gaga getting a grammy Instead of BTS
amongus story found on 4chan
An interesting title
Air is a bitch
An exceedingly excellent your mother joke.
A light at the end of a blackhole!?!
an exceedingly excellent your mother joke
Audrey Truschke’s rights
anti furry copy pasta
ar-15 per bald eagle
A review on AliExpress
All humans are shit
Analysis on the virgin vs chad meme
Among us plot
Amazing. (Found in a friend server in Discord)
A tinder bio I saw recently
Among us
Anon hates shipping
Amogus copypasta repost
AITA for burning my sister’s house down for eating my rice crispy treat?
A nightmare made me HATE Phineas & Ferb.
A day in the life of Me and Lola Bunny
angry discordian
Among us fanfiction
A ban appeal
Actually, you can get much better performance on a pc for much much less than console.
A rant about air fryers
Among us
A review on NEKOpara vol. 1
All that effort, and you don’t reply?
An actual comment from r/cats
A story my friend sent in a group chat…
Among us is dead? I think it was red!!1! Hahahhahahahahahhahansbsjk
As a real weeb..
Avatar cum
An excerpt on the mysterious and illusive nature of trains
Another universe
a comment in OG vs FPX highlight video
A Supremely Gentlemanly Intellectual
america be like
Asking for boobs
AITA for OWNING my 6 year old socialist nephew?
A message to everyone in this community
a text file i saved on july 7, 2019 at 21:22
A reply with 5 likes found on Naomi Osaka’s Twitter post.
A comment on an okbuddyretard post about Amorous
Amoug us sus
A toaster can run Minecraft… or can it?
A comment I found
all the great things about diarrhea
a creepy comment on my steam profile
Attention! Attention! This is important!
A google review of the Reddit corporate headquarters
A lovely day.
amogus searches
A fan on maxamillion mus trying to defend him
A comment from r/confessions
AITA for moving a pillow
A voicemod soundboard user who has an amazing sense of humor.
A response to someone making fun of someone for having a anime pfp
among us
A joke
A Fart Problem
Any females who play Hotline Miami 2?
A gem from r/advice
A comment under The Caretaker
ass jump to the chest
A comment criticizing the PlanetSide 2 Official Trailer, 9 years later
A message to you and your tiny cock 2
A reply on r/greentext
amber alert
A highly potent white knight seethe that can be used for anything.
An incel coping from a post in r/incelswithouthate
Amogus rhapsody
A review of the movie “sausage party”
actual dogwater
A critique of the way the tanks are depicted in the anime “Girls and Panzer” by my friend.
an email I got from my friend when I forgot to turn on comments on a youtube video
Amon Gus
Actual reply to a Joe Biden tweet
Among Us Steam Review
Are you familiar with the thought experiment, ‘The Ship of Theseus?’ in the field of identity metaphysics?
Armpit Hair Styles?
A classmate sent me this pt 2
argentina vs india
AmoonGUS imposter at 3 am
A redditor is told to seek professional help
AITA for kicking my parents out of their own house.
Among us insanity
A guy got called out for using the N word on a discord server.
A comment from patriot.win. the_donald’s new reddit clone.
All the Cringes in Alphabetical Order
Average Danganronpa Fan
A small number of aged care residents died in the days after they received their COVID-19 vaccination but there is no evidence the deaths are linked
Ahri is so fucking stupid
Among us
a college essay on a meme
Among sex
An automatically categorized list of 900+ NSFW subreddits
A comment on a post about amber heard in r/prequalmemes
A reply to my comment about US politics on reddit
Attention all economy-damaging, undereducated retards!
Afraid to voice my opinion on the Gamecube
An MTA Announcement becomes self-aware
A response to “Trump was the last hope of USA”
A copypasta I made in my youth
Aliade posting
Among Us doesn’t deserve the fame it’s gotten.
After-sex feedback to my girlfriend
An incel at my uni posted this, sans emoji
Anime waifus are the best
a dm from a friend after I told them an experience I had with my grandmother
A twitter bio
A story from a friend
amogus (video in comments)
AITA for Letting my Female Friend Live with me RENT FREE?
Am I legally a woman now? (Serious) (NSFW)
About how removing the covid restrictions would grant world peace and save the Earth (+give us catgirls)
Among us hurt me.
A message I got on fetlife
A message from Roger (AAANTIIISEMIIIIITE!)
Amogus Isn’t Funny
About how removing the covid restrictions would grant world peace and save the Earth (+give us catgirls) (found on r/teenagers)
A friend sent this to me on a group chat.
A copypasta somebody send me on Discord
Ave, True to Caesar.
Actual post from r/relationship_advice
AITA for telling my obese friend she doesn’t need to lose weight?
Amogus drip chungus wholesome
Applebee’s table lighting
A list of characters who could beat goku
An interesting story….
AITA for killing my child due to a Among Us turning him homosexual?
Assay on Clown Porn from a kind stranger on r/AskReddit
A Study-Testing of Covid-19 (probably would be harmful in US – all generated on Pinyin letters)
A story I wrote when Iwas 11
An actual post on r/teenagers
AITA For accidentally throwing away my sons blanket
Anyone notice the similarities between American politics and the first 3 mario & Luigi games?
A short one I thought of in the shower: Why Tank Tops Aren’t Allowed at Schools
Addicted to hot sauce (from r/cooking)
Anyone notice the similarities between American politics and the first 3 mario & Luigi games?
Alana irl
an extremist sent me this because im a bit statist
Aftermath of Ascension
Are our fingers proportional to our penishole size?
A Discord user named “meandferrari” spammed this Thai copypasta i got somewhere.
Airport 2021
An excerpt from r/waifuism
Amouranth twitch copypasta
Am I gay?
Among us
Actual comment I saw earlier today.
Among us has destroyed my fucking life
Anime is cool as fuck
A copypasta about the anime Bleach (spoilers maybe)
Apandah Liked
Attitude is your issue cause your getting paid Min wage
AITA for being kind?
A logical proof regarding a classic Italian pasta dish
an actual thing someone said to a guy i know
An Exceedingly Excellent “Your Mother” Joke
AOT is the best anime 😤
Asparagus in movies
An anti boomer pasta
A commenters take on r/maliciouscompliance posts
A Facebook post from my company’s employee Facebook group
Are women only attracted to Johnny Sins?
an actual post I found
America moment
A review of Among Us
a very angry reply on r/nextfuckinglevel
Amogus Transformation
As a member of the US military
A Shakespearan Copypasta
amogus CARTINESE!*+:)
Asparagus in film
A snake has bitten my dick
A recent Steam review of popular game “Sea of Thieves”
As founding fathers intended
An interpretation of The Killers song “Somebody Told Me”
a lyric annotation by @Banna_time on genius
A fuck ton of among us copypastas merged into one
amogus (satire)
A Copypasta you can use for pretty much every hobby; just change the word “watch”.
Ariana Grande Sucks [Serious] from r/popheadscirclejerk
among us mental breakdown
A girlfriend comes when you least expect it.
Among Us is my eternal tormenter, even when I reach the sweet kiss of death.
A story time for your child
A comment from this sub rasputins penis
A message sent to a friend of mine
Also posted on a forum in 2011
Am I the only one who thinks the imposter is hot?
ass whitening
A resemblance
A copypasta for horny memes with aunt Cass.
AMOGUS IS HALAL 2021!!!! (Good Ending)
Anime girl
A league of legends friend
Aunt Cass
Alway rember
AMOGUS IS HARAM 2021????!!!!!???
Aunt cass copypasta
Amogus shit
A happy little accident
Amog Us is SUs
Attack on titan brazil
Anon hates new Pokémon
annoying thing for discord
Actual comment on r/cringetopia
A way to say n word without auto moderator noticing
Answers to quiz about boobs
among us
A text a friend got 😐
A comment from r/unexpected
amg s
A little trick I’ve developed over the years against emotional leeches
about giraffes
A reply on r/bonehurtingjuice
Aston Martin merch
A corrupted window into the cesspool of depravity
Amogus meme hate copypasta
among us spiral cock not working
An interesting title
A slide from my presentation introducing a robo-receptionist
Albertnbn beto
among us
Amogus is all
A Rather Upset Comment
Ant Dueler
Aunt Cass
Anyone wanna hear me beatbox
An interesting title
amogus shhahahahahha amogus susususuusususuusususfunyy amofuussssss
As a person who has lots of sex all the time
A comment I saw on fb
Amog us has turned me insane.
A discord reply i got when i posted a really cringe thing
an ode to big chungus
Anime Janitor
a scam email I got that reads like a copypasta
A moshpit leaving me a broken leg
Avatar: the last trashbender.
Anakins true ark in Star Wars
A comment i found on r/okbuddyretard
A time in the future where people will hesitate when farting
A message from satan
AITA for saying a meme?
A copypasta I found on comments for a VR game.
Among us prayer
An r/jelqing classic
Adam and eve sex
Amazon River
A goofy trial
among us is everywhere
average pokémon fan
Adding your OF business to your resumé?! (Tooken directly from r/onlyfansadvice)
A Fresh Start
Add monke to minecraft
A text my friend sent me one day, enjoy
Among Us Impostor Overly Explained
A new Pokémon Diamond and Pearl?!?
a message i got from a mod
Amogus hate
Analysis of Lamar’s Roast
amogus 😳😳😳😳
Among us ruined my life
A copy pasta from some boomer on reddit.
A-Sponge Us
amog us reference
Anime girls are better than real ones
anyone remember this?
Amy Schumer is Sexy and Hilarious
amogus and it’s consequences have been a disaster for the human races
A friend of mine made the horrible mistake of declaring “rem best girl” in our group chat and this is what someone else replied with.
All the banned letters/
alt right
Around the world lyrics (Daft Punk)
Among Drip Song
AskRedditGPT2 bot becomes a parent to his twin
Among us image Copypasta
among us rant
Amogus army (discord)
Armpits are wonderful
Among us Pink looking kinda sexy now
A Question for Ball Believers: Why Do You Believe The Earth Is Round?
All of the air bud movies in chronological order
About your dick, i’ve just gotta say,
a real, unironic comment on r/unpopularopinion
AITA For Making My 8 Year Old Nephew Shit Himself Infront of the family?
An elite controller review I wrote while drunk
A Comment from r/Warthunder
Among Us Is Ruining My Life
A tale from the MyPillow factory
An unnecessarily angry rant about Silverback Gorillas
Absolute blasphemy. Disastrous. What a shambles.
all hail oppai
Among us
Airpod Shotty
Amogus Secks Story
Aversion to sexuality
An actual comment I found on a Persona 4 video
AITA For playing the Soviet anthem at my school
a rant someone posted in discord after they were told to stop spamming
Are people who use a real picture of themselves on Reddit also considered powerful? Asking for a friend…
A chat bot malfunctioned and this is what it said
Ayo bruh they’re selling broken calendars
A Trump fanfic I found on r/averageredditor
Anti-vaxxer replying to someone that pointed out another anti-vaxxer’s username about not accepting vaccines. Funniest part is, that was in comments of Family Guy episode.
astolfo is so fucking hot. holy shit.
An actual comment in r/askreddit
Atheist redditer OWNS a post on r/cringetopia talking about a Christian saying “god made that animal”
Aah the pepeloni
Anyone trying to play some Basketball?
As a person who has lots of sex..
A comment on r/soccer
Amog us
An essay on why your meme is, funny.
Alcohol is far too normalized
actual post about guy giving somebody a wholesome award on a post about their dead mom
A priest is pissed at me
An alternative to “older than shit”
A bit about the Muslim faith
Atari Football
A heroin addicts workplace rant
attack on titan is perfection
Among Us memes should be eradicated
A poem by the Author of Ready Player One
Aperture Science Extensive Computational And Research Division.
AMONG SUS!!!!!!!!!
Aita? I snitched on my friends
A suspasta that causes China to sus the site with said pasta
A female of European descent who is currently 14 years of age.
ace combat lore
A game of charades
are slesh athiesticism
Apple Tree Man!
A Classic
AITA For cheating?
amogus in the bathroom
A bit of a problem involving a wife wanting family pictures, a deceased husband, and 10+TB of files mostly containing porn.
Among us ruined my fucking life
Alien Fetish (Found on r/blursedimages)
Apex Legends
astolfos copypasta
Among Us made me racist
amog us
A heartwarming story
A response to “yo mama gay”
A Review For My Local Costco
a truly beautiful game
A sad truth
Aha yes, a copypasta to contribute to this glorious sub
Anime will not become truly mainstream until the fans change
A GFX member in a dev discord
Arby’s Bourbon Bacon & Steak
among us penis (small)
A girl just brushed past me
Among us copypasta I guess
Amogus Captcha
actually ashamed to be a part of the metal community. i saw my post had been shared into this group and i had multiple people calling me obese. i hate to break it to you but it is normal to have your tummy stick out when you sit down. also. i’m not obese. i’m pregnant. my weight before being pregnan
Afghani slime
among us man sus
Alright Calm Down
Among us in real life (lyrics)
An cryptonymous redditor liked your uncomplainingness
A comment on r/dankmemes
Anyone else want to bang a Karen?
A fight about marble columns from r/196
amogus ascii
a post about WandaVision on r/PointlessStories
anime battle arena
An admin unironically posted this on a cat’s group
Alrite then
an ode to sammich
AITA for refusing to give away my pet rabbits to move in with my boyfriend?
amogus rant
An Amazon Review for “Xi’s the One” by Sandra Coupland
Among us super penis
A small price to pay
AITA for yiffing my dead furry grandpa?
Among us 2
A man has fallen into depression in Lego city
A message I got on Omegle
A verbose version of “ding dong your opinion is wrong”
Amog us
Amongus extra long squiggly penis
Amog us is pain
Actual post on r/TIFU
among sus
As a Yakuza fan…
Amogus rant
Anowther EarthTard Owned
anon on airsoft players and marines
A convo I just had with my teacher
At my high school in Florida, the boys would have tournaments on who can spin their dicks the fastest.
Actual Hunipop Review
A comment I found under a video of a Shelby crashing
An actual reply I got on r/teenagers
A response to Mr. Beast making fun of XCQ
anonymous small weenie
a teensmeetteens user in the field
A review of willys wonderland
Among Us has destroyed my life.
amog us crewmaet – im not sus (take on me praody)
Apes be fucking
A bot made this copypasta
Among us
Among us femboy penis 😳
among us brings me unimaginable amounts of pain and anger
Amogus ඞ
Amogus thigh highs
A Not So Funny Copypasta😃
Among Us Schizophrenia
An actual rant on r/geometrydash
Attack on Titan
A rant.
A guy trying really hard to sound badass in the Warzone sub.
amazon review of children’s book
Average r/pewdiepiesubmissions user.
A rant on the state of comedy
Anime ASCII Art
amogus sus!
AITA for not knowing squids can’t consent?!
As time flys
any askers?
Anime needs more objectification
A comment in response to a less than 1-second-long joke about how I didn’t like K-On in a video
Absolutely nuts anti chinese spam email (this is one paragraph of like, 7 pages)
An actual post on e621
A moving story
Are you ready 😈
A Question
A familiar message from all of our inboxes
a post on DeviantArt defending the Alpha and Omega movie franchise.
Amogus [NSFW]
Are you about to fall right into my Englund Gambit?
Amog sus
An Underground Artist
All emojis
A Bizarre Adventure
a story (this took years)
actual post on AITA
About the Beatles penis sizes
Adolf Hitler is a canon character and is in Valhalla.
Anyone else worried about how much people want to return to living like monkeys?
Among Us in real life
A conversation recited on r/apexlegends and edited on r/apexcirclejerk
among us
award copypasta
Among us in smash
australian army scam email
alr ill talk to myself while youre gone
A comment I got on one of my posts.
a fanfic my friend wrote as a dare
A second copypasta generated by AI
A copypasta generated by AI
America is dead and Mickey Mouse killed it.
An actual post from r/Nerf
Amogus squirt
Are skills like Aim genetic?
Actual facebook post
An absolutely Rousing overwatch speech
An actual comment from r/NoNewNormal
A response to ‘Go fuck ur dad’
A steam review on the game “Deceit”
A steam review of HuniePop 2
Amog us reference haha!!! SUS
anime tier list
Actual post from r/unpopularopinion
A message I found in a far right discord server
all the info my brother could find on fnaf chica
all the fnaf bonnie lore my brother could find
Apple ads and visuals make me want to use Apple products only 😍 (from r/Apple)
angry xbox message
Among cock
all my homies hate stuart little
An actual youtube comment from the new Zack Snyder Justice League trailer
A quote from a random kid
Armed Catgirl Crimes
A modern Shakespearean literary masterpiece I found at /rComedyNecrophilia
are you done with your uninformed rant of crying?
A beautiful poem
A Valentine’s Day Letter
A fake wet dream 😔
ArraySeven April Fool’s Day video transcript
Actually post from r/NoFap
all emojis 2021
An interesting story
A review on steam
An interesting title
A sexy school story
AVGN intro
abella danger’s pornhub bio
Anime dont open
A gem from OKBR
a story about secks
A response to hentai in a box
Anon doesn’t like beta’s
Aita for banning amogus from my son?
Atheism Rap
A comment from r/askmen
A string of piss-related messages sent on Discord at 2 am:
A comment on a Redo of Healer meme post
AITA for sending a space Colony to collide with earth?
A reply to an unfunny meme put up by a teacher in a classroom
A message to all peasants
A Spotty Bulborb just ate my pikmin!!!
A pasta-worthy Tumblr take
Albert Tang will be constantly be reborn!
a copypasta from an edgy youtube channel (dw its not a genuine apologt)
And actual email I got word for word (edited a little)
An expedition led by Misako, Master Wu, and Clutch Powers has gone missing!
Are you fucking kidding me a dancing shark has more views then there are people?
Am I overreacting?
A real quote, from a real thread, from a real Redditor
Among us son
A youtube comment on a metal fight music video.
Anime girls with huge breasts aren’t hot
An advertisement found on Reddit.
an average twitter bio
Are you gay? Are you lying?
Am I in love with a drawing?
american dad
Amog us
A comment on my steam profile
A very nice message I got with an award someone gave me (IDK)
A gem from r/all sorting by new
Angry weeb responds to Saitama being called “One Punch Man”.
Among us spiral dong
A blessing from the lord!
A gem I found on nexusmods
Anyone else notice girls like it when you don’t wear the mask?
AITA for accidentally pushing innocent classmate by trying to tackle school shooter?
A rebuttal to the Dora copypasta from my friend
A rant on furry porn artists
A portal to Hell
Attack on Titan
An actual post from r/relationship_advice
AITA for being a giant, gaping anal sphincter?
am I the asshole (29 M) for sending death threats on reddit cause I saw a repost?
an accomplished atterney
Anime is good and cool.
Amogus cock
among us rap
Actual post in r/teenagers
A review of the Grand Canyon
A copypasta i made myself
A review for Sonic And The Great War
A collection of Mio Honda quotes
Among us for beginners
A Revolutionary Discovery
A review for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.
Anal cannabis butter
amongus society
Attention ALL RDR2 Gamers
As is hair loss.
As an Anti-gay Politician , These Allegations are Absolutely Preposterous
A copypasta made by a discord member because the server mod said that he cums in his pants and doesn’t wash it, he was proud of that and even gave us a picture.
autotune bird poop lyrics (UPDATED)
amog us
Air in the wallet
A poem
Asdf lol
amongus society
An Amazon review for ‘Haribo’s Sugar Free Gummy Bears’
an old friend was arguing with someone else and this is what they said
a shit-ton of “NoahGetThe__” subreddits
Ash’s Poképorn
A long time ago the world came to an end.
Auto Correct Malfunction
Awooga post I haven’t seen in a while
As an Anti-Gay Politician i am the most masculine straightest man you will ever meet -Ben Shapiro
A card containing approx. 19 USD of valid in-game currency for “Fortnite: Battle Royale”
Alright Christians, tell me this.
Ay, oh my momma fool.
All of Zote’s 57 precepts
Among us ass. Does anyone know who made it?
Awesome cock
Australian Army Infantry here.
A.I. Made A Chatroom For Itself, And Things Got.. Out Of Hand.
Attack on titan reference (sorry if bad)
And all of this, makes perfect sense.
A reply to “Just watched ready player one”
A poetic game review.
A interesting story
Anaskin Slutwalker
A response to someone who just commented “yep”.
A rant that we got from a ticked off moderator who quit.
Among Us: The Musical 2
Among us
A Review on the ending of borat 2
A response I got in discord discussing GME
An Attempted Murder *crow crow*
A Rant about what people rp as, not by me
about someone calling the terraria zoologist a furry
Attack on Titan
An exclusive look at a day in the life of Mark Yetter, game design god
A poem from youtube.
an actual review for the animated movie chicken little
anime nose
About someone’s username
Am I the Lucifer of our universe??
Annoying Orange
AITA for refusing to participate in my bf’s family’s bizarre orange tradition?
Anon wants to get artists cancelled
A warning for online schoolers!! (Found on r/teenagers)
AI girlfriend
A reply from r/GlobalOffensive about zoom sensitivity
A bunch of nonsense i post in wallstreet bets for free karma
A girl who likes NASCAR
AITA for shitting in my friends house?
Accidentally bust a fat one on a fresh cut
actual review for attack on titan final season
among the 2 cocks
African American male
Attack on Titan is super racist!
A real post from relationshipadvice
A Real Post on the Boom Beach Subreddit
Among us cock but extended.
Are you a piss balls denier bro?
A classmate sent me this
A message to my trollers
Another commute to the office
Among Us reference
after spending a week in twitter
A caracel is a poorly understood predator
A post from r/Sinkpissers
Andras Arato’s (Hide The Pain Harold) TED speech: Waking up as a meme hero
AITA I the asshole for killing my whole family?
AITA for throwing my sister in front of a train?
Ahegao NSFW
a memento
And no you still can’t get back into my group.
Amazon Alexa Plus
Ask a therapist
another ProZD skit here’s “tagging a company on twitter to complain”
Actual reviews for… “supplements”
A post from a recruitment subreddit for Clash Royale clans
A review of Attack on Titan
amogn us
Among ass but it works on mobile
A funny spam email I received
A Bedtime Story…
Anyone have “Ryuko Matoi rejects me” pictures and fanfiction?
Among Us
A real SoundCloud bio
A tweet by Dream
among us
a snippet from our happy little discord server where everyone is communist and a good portion are furries
Among us refrence.
Attention All Gamers Who Like The Video Game “Among Us”
AMA – How I (37M, redditor) lost my virginity with myself
Are you questioning the feathers?
A comment on WSB on how to relieve Gamestop stress and what hedge funds really want
An interesting title
Accept it
Alright, this is too much
A beginner’s guide to having great sex
a a jewish person
average jojo fan tbh
an actual post on r/incest
An actual facebook post from my friend who is a QAnon supporting Drag Queen
A short one but I found it funny.
A man has fallen into depression in Lego city
A friends rant in spanish
A friend replied W when someone posted a game over screen, that pissed off another friend
Amazing piece from about a year ago posted on a group chat
Ah yes
AITA for selling my engagement ring to get a sex change?
An ASCII I found on this sub
A comment on a YouTube ad for a sh!tty mobile game
A Story I thought of after fucking my pillow
AITA for spending the money my wife and I have been saving for our wedding on penis reduction surgery?
a comment for a five second video titled “a powerful rat named Charles entertainment cheese”
a literal shitpost to get emojify bot
A real girl
A Dickcember Fairy Tale
A review for a wall-climbing sports anime
Attack on Gabi
Among Us squiggly penis
a short concise description of when the imposter sus meme
Among us viktooooor
A really old meme…
Anime waifus are such a success of capitalism (found on r/characterrant)
As a person who has lots of sex all the time,
An actual text I just received from a stranger
Angry Minecrafter
a new religion
A professional guide on masturbating dolphins
AT&T Data Cap message
Anybody else find the scene where the alien farts at Jar Jar Binks really hot?
A friend masturbated to me
a tragic story
aircraft carrier [OC]
American public healthcare
all my braille things (so far) + (looks better in dark mode)
ayo the pizza here
A Poem For The World
a friend made this entire response when someone said “cum”
A giant list of puns
Angry neckbeard viewer
Accidental eating of a small piece of dog poo
An Ode to Cock
an actual andrew johnson quote
Any rango fans here
Anon hates vampires. Found on /x/
Among Us
A comment i found in youtube’s yee yee ass haircut video
ASCII p*nis and othe rprivat perts!!1 (WARNING NSFL SECKS)
An interesting coincidence…
A text I found in the comment section of an doujinshi
An actual message my mate sent me out of the blue.
An explanation of the GameStop stock situation
A Real quote from the HP Omen Website.
a review of the simarillion
A review of an Desktop Anime Girl on Steam
all the strippers in GTA 5 have the same breasts
A cum dungeon offers the fastest xp farming in bloodborne
A bot writes bob ross video of his own
A Mathematican’s Love Story
A1 Catering Copypasta, please make this a meme
Aww did i hurt a weeb?
Among us drip susy airpod shotty!!!!
Among Us reference?
Avalanche of Comments on The Meshugga – Bleed youtube video
A dream I just had
A Voice of Reason
A confession I saw on Quora
according to youtube statistics
A new one for yall
A furry in denial. Found on r/Beastars
a message in the #vent channel in a discord im in
as I look at the calendar I find its been almost 2 years since I’ve spoken to anyone.
A comment I found on r/dontputyourdickinthat
a message sent in a monkey discord server i’m in
amog sus
AMIA (am i the asshole) for mocking my friend (M15) for his disability (A disability is any condition of the body or mind (impairment) that makes it more difficult for the person with the condition to do certain activities (activity limitation) and interact with the world around them)?
Animal Crossing is a disgustingly socialist game.
Attention anybody who is willing to listen.
Al Pacino x Dunkaccino fanfic
An Analytical Thesis on Godzilla’s Powers, Proving the claim Godzilla > Kong :Melvin:
Americans have butchered the English language
AITA for dying for other people’s sins?
A /v/ users thoughts on why New Vegas is bad
Among Us is an intellectual Game
a reply to me saying gamers cum on their keyboards
AITA for expecting my bf to pour me the amount of water I’d like to have?
A u/gravvymilkinflate comment
Animesexual history
A post about 100 Gecs I found on 4chan
ALFRED DOLL EYE PLUSH (SOLD OUT) BY TWISTED DOCTOR Environmentally Conscious. PRE-ORDER: Delivered By February 15 icon arrows Height: 16cm icon info Please Refer To Our FAQ For More Info
A reply to the comment: john lenon trying to “imagine” himself out of hell
Advice for beginning jAzZ players…
Actual post from tifu
An actual message from someone who claimed to be a feminist on discord
A summary of the show “making fiends”
AITA for telling my boyfriend he can’t put being Reddit mod on his resume?
All bad things peta done copypasta
An Ode to A1 Steak Sauce
AITA for telling my boyfriend he can’t put being Reddit mod on his resume?
Alright I was doing some math and
An important text my friend sent me about love
An actual thing my brother once sent to a girl
A post from r/relationshipadvice
A Steam review for a budget mid-2000s Russian FPS game
A review for the unreleased National Treasure 3
a response to a comment of the idiot CoolDownBot.
An Allah copypasta. (gen z humor)
A comment on a video of a female comedian
Aight, So its recently come to light that an individual or individuals. Have been contacting members, primarily our female members and asking for foot photos. While the reasoning for this as explained by these individual(s) has been purely for a professional purpose. Im going to be investigating the
A reply to a new fall guys announcement
AMERICA got a huge buff today.
among us
Are you?
A new copypasta I made
A DM I got on Twitter
As an ex Christian, Christian theology and doctrine are so lame, oblivious, and outright ludicrous.
Anyone else still really annoyed that smt was announced and not P5S or P5 on Switch?
AITA for “bragging” about my chest size?
Among Us Burguer
Anti-eviromentalist communists destroys fake communists
All star but its in Spanish
AI generated wikipedia Article
Anyone experience dreams so real that you feel pain?
A mesag to joo bidnde
A threesome with Ben Shapiro and Ben Garrison
a post on r/tommorrow
AITA for shooting my political rival?
A guy wearing a skirt copypasta
Arrogance vs confidence; intelligence vs ego.
A patriots fan’s suicide note
Actual comment on r/196
A girl on twitter made this guy go to a BK and do stupid shit on public to win a fake ps5
A Response someone gave to a Person being blinded by white Background
Actual Oppressed minority…
am I some kind of fish-phile?
As seen on youtube
Average Assyrian on the internet
angry 4channer
Another Genshin Impact Copypasta. from my country
A matter of relativity
As a result of not getting a ps5 from a giveaway
Among us hahahahahaha😂😂😂
Anon majors in political science
Attack on titan
Animals can’t speak
A post on somebody’s death starterpack:
Airpod shotty
A history of American presidents
Androids Winning
angry copypasta
Among us
A review I found on steam
A real life essay spotted in the wild that I would love to see become the next viral copypasta (NSFW)
Ai dungeon
A Dodge Avenger R/T buyers’ guide.
A dream I had
Adam Susan is a kinky furry dictator 😳
A Reddit Scientist’s Evaluation On The Authenticity Of A Female’s Breasts
Ayy man, where the fuck is Mario Judah?
a friend submitted this as part of a yellow journalism assignment
Adolf Clancy
aladdin speakin fax
A conversation in a server I’m in with a Discord Mod
Anyone have a gifted child? I need help!
AITA for making an among us reference at my grandmother’s funeral? READ BEFORE DOWNVOTING!!!
a little pig
A comment I made on Discord about why the Democrats have a tactical advantage over the Republicans if a civil war were to break out. I’m very proud of it.
Anyone reading this book would have to KNOW that Electron quantum, Within Molecular structures, are similar in scope of “field” as Planets orbits.
A comment by u/Kiz_I
among us schizophrenia (made by pixai#0001
anti thottery pasta
A Ballad to Gavin Williamson
A Jojo copypasta but I had an AI remake it
Assist trophies
anime takes over the universe
A copypasta someone at my school made.
Andrew Hussie responding to homestuck fans in the notes of his tumblr return
A text from parlos server lol
Andrew Hussie
AITA for making an “the imposter is sus” meme at my grandfather’s funeral?
Ay can a low come up in your crib
AITA for making an among us reference at my grandmother’s funeral? READ BEFORE DOWNVOTING!!!
angry weeb
AITA for making an among us reference at my grandmother’s funeral? READ BEFORE DOWNVOTING!!!
A rehash for your amusement
Art .
all the cookie popups
Alt right incel Streamer
All 196 countries
An automod message from r/LoveForAnimesexuals
Among us reference at Grandma’s funeral
AITA for making an among us reference at my grandmother’s funeral? READ BEFORE DOWNVOTING!!!
A parody of “I am the very model of a modern major general
a very funny joke
AITA for making an among us reference at my grandmother’s funeral? READ BEFORE DOWNVOTING!!!
A review for Haribo sugar free gummy bears
A non-offending pedophile
Amazon Review of book
A pining for a lover long lost
Attack on titan fans need to stop
An Eloquent, Convincing Argument
Angela Merkel’s huge udders
Are the grubhub guy and the kroger guy the same person?
A real text that I made gender-neutral so all of you could use it
Another facebook rant
Average r/Minecraft user
Australians do not speak English.
A response to the navy seal copypasta
An answer to the question “Is a Hotdog a Sandwitch”
AITA for not attending a fraudulent Inauguration Ceremony?
An ode to cummy-bot
An actual review on google classroom (Apple App Store)
AMIA For injecting a malware into my professors (63M) laptop (HP Pavilion 14) and stole his bank account for giving me (14M) one assignment?
among us penis but awesome
A spoonful of verbosity
an excellent your mother joke
A internet argument.
Australian here.
amon us (sex)
A wholesome version of the downvote copypasta
An important discussion about the teenage mutant ninja turtles ! ! ! !
Actual message a friend sent on discord
A lovely pregnancy story ☺
Any wench born after 1437 cannot subsistence farm
Among us cock
AI Dungeon is ruining my life
AI Dungeon is ruining my life
A man needs his goals
asked my friend how he was doin and we ain’t friends anymore
A stunning point of view
Among us sex
Atheism Rap
Anime text art
A very curvy penis
A german socialist philosopher was teaching a class on secularism.
amazon review of an eggplant
After he shoots up the ceiling, he was scared of himself. That was great acting by Michael Douglas and the extras in the scene.
AI Dungeon is ruining my life
Are poptarts good?
adult memes server
A comment i found
Atheism Rap
A navy seal’s copypasta
An actual sext I got from my boyfriend yesterday
Actually, quantum physics forbids this.
An actual comment thread about Danganronpa
A deep dive into the hidden lore of garfield
AITA for choking my boss?
A dm my female friend received
Angry Tankie
ACTIVE: Jax enters Evasion, a defensive stance, for 2 seconds, causing all non-Turret icon turret basic attacks against him to be Counter Strike dodged. Jax also takes 25% reduced damage from all champion area of effect abilities. Counter Strike can be recast after 1 second.
A Poem of Quality
A smart opinion
A Bengali compliment I found on an Instagram post comment.
A Swedish boy’s dream
a message on a discord server i received
A Snake Bit off my PENIS
a youtube comment about the grub hub commercial
A simple but harsh truth…
And thus, It once was time to game again; John 13-31.
Any hentai plot ever (my own copypasta that i wrote)
A comment on a post from r/coaxedintoasnafu about r/Tinder
A certain level of intellect
Actual real Twitter bio
Attack of the reposts
a place of memes
AGGA Copypasta
Avatar: Dumbass Edition
AITH for breaking nuking my brothers room?
A poem, made by a friend.
AITA for correcting a girl’s grammar?
A serious apology
All work and no play makes jack a dull pizza.
a hot topic in group chat fights
A discord message sent by PhamtomGuy
All Among Us haters are so gay
Aly and Aj Will Be Desperate Has-Beens
AITA for wrestling with my friend’s girlfriend and touching her boob?
Aren’t you baby?
All of my points disappeared?
A post made to r/CODZombies less than two days before new content was announced
AOC’s Plan to help the poor 🤑🥇
Arguments don’t exist.
AITA BINGO [Am I The Asshole?]
Anthony Fauci is a big hoax. Evidence below
An ineresting title
Aspiring writer struggles to label an unnormal character
Among us penis 2
A comment I found on some old music:
A Completely Random Assortment of Letters
Anti is my waifu
After listening to all these pleas by Republicans for “unity” and “healing,” never forget what happened one week ago.
Advice for navigating the world as a pretty woman?
A modified version of the Five Map intro
A real comment from r/skyrimmods
Among Drip
acid toes
A serious note
An actual instruction comment on r/foodporn
asian va-g-g
Average Turk on the internet
All insta girls are among us hookers
A Critique of My Language
A very surprised man.
A message for the terrorists
A copypasta based off of a popular roblox developer responding to a simple player deciding not to play his game. (Note: a roblox developer didn’t actually insult a player this is just a scenario.)
An insult I found on r/Pyrocinical
Am I a bad person now..?
An actual text my friend sent me
Add the epic infinity sword !! (by u/HeliPil0t__)
Alvin and the Chipmunks sentenced to death
anime girls
Among cummies
Absorption rate of MDMA in your ear
A new step in humanity’s evolution
A person can be lazy, ignorant, or perfect.
Among Us penis V2
A kid I knew stole 2 thousand dollars from their parents credit card.
Anton Ego’s Review
And as someone who lives in Nashville and just got hit with a terrorist attack, don’t joke about shit like”bombings”
AITA for telling my wife’s boyfriend to get me a Nintendo switch (I asked nicely)
A thanks to an untalented but popular artist
Absolute gem I found. By some nsfwmcyttwt kid, pretty sure it is actually serious
A very bloody Christmas
A reply I got to a bad joke
Among drip footage
A layton copypasta I made
A Discord Copypasta that somebody said in a server, thought i would share this masterpiece with you all 🙂
A Question
A-10 Warthog
Ah nigga don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful nigga
Among us cum drip
A floofy copypasta to restore balance
Any Scrabblers in the Chat?
AITA for throwing a midget off the pier?
All the content that has ever been submitted to Reddit
An “interesting” thought I had about PhlyDaily.
A reply to one of Lauren Alexis’s tweets
A “redpilled incel” sent me this when I said Loli was pedophilia
Attention All Capitol Stormers, Donald Trump Needs Your Help!
Anarchist police
Am I sus????!!😏🤣😂🤡👉👌
A reply to a comment in the new Vsauce video about Michael’s beard
A response to anusfungi on r/stopanusfungi
After seeing a video of a woman taking a shit on a supermarket floor
Another day for the Mystery Gang
Among Us Crewmates Need Your Help!
An incredibly short, incredibly sweet piece of spaghetti.
An Article Comparing Trump to Nigel from Rio (2011)
Awful comment in an NFL game thread.
a proposal
A comment form r/ShitPostCrusaders
After the historic attack on the Capital building… (Found in r/nottheonion)
an among us copypasta – extended
AITA for politely asking my (18F) sister (69F) to not kill me (18F), my husband (18M), and my (18F) 14 children (1M, 2F, 3M, 4F, 5M, 6F, 7M, 8F, 9M, 10F, 11M, 21F, 13M, 14F)?
Average person
An r/mediums gem
As funny as it may sound, Greedent had helped me improve my life ( r/ pokemon)
among us
Among us penis
AITA for politely asking my (18f) sister (69f) to not kill me (18F), my husband (18m), and my (18f) 14 children (1M, 2F, 3M, 4F, 5M, 6F, 7M, 8F, 9M, 10D, 11M, 21F, 13M, 14F)?
A very simple description of the GrubHub commercial
among us pp
A comment from r/Hololive
Am I g*y for doing this?
A dramatic retelling of the night all my pets died in minecraft
Aw snap
Anti-Trump copypasta from r/greentext
A Steam review of Futa Fix Dick Dine And Dash
A love letter I got, like, 2 years ago. Yes, it is fortnite themed.
A gem from 4chan
A love letter to Xi
Another one from an anime review
Average Tinder profile
An actual comment I say on an ad post
Anime tiddies look like massive fucking tumors.
A Thursday night endeavor
Add Royal2902 on PSN
An interesting title
AITA for not showing up to my own funeral?
And a big thank you to Skinport for sponsoring this video
A comment in response to a post claiming that Evangelion fans will never have a Netflix and Chill experience
a poggy guide to poglish to be used by pognogs
African Americans
A post from someone asking, “Should I let him do anal?”
A review I found on steam
A somewhat new take on a worn out joke, 2020 edition
Actual Response from my friend after I sent a Polygon-Shaped Enemy to him
among cock
Another total kickdown at work today boys…
A thing my friend wrote
A landslide erection
Alright, so I have a small penis.
A comment on an ASMR video
Ass burns
Among Us Speedrunner Vs. 4 Imposters
ancle dan
A Hat in Time Alarm
Are sounds of construction across the street an omen that I should jerk off?
A copypasta I found on twitter
A guy in my discord server made this lol
A reply to my comment that had the word “pussy” in it
AirPods Pro are humanity’s worst mistake
A comment i got under my Minecraft post
A warning to femboys
An incredibly fucked up teenager
A comment from u/awkwardtheturtle
An answer to u/ChaliceSpeedrun’s talk about which is the best pokemon to fuck (female vaporeon)
a message i typed to my friend on discord after he said poggers
Ashoka Tano 🥵
A comment on the Dumbsville Alpha and Omega review
A chain letter that was posted in a discord I’m in
Are you just extremely casual?
A political take.
A comment from r/Bollywoodrealism
An etsy review
An actual message I saw on my favorite discord server.
An absolutely serious analysis of The Very Hungry Caterpillar
A response to “Minecraft sucks”
An actual comment I found on a super smash bros subreddit
Ants are attracted to cum and I can prove it.
A copy pasta that actually makes some sense lol
Anti milk before cereal
AITA: A confused older man called asking me to ‘find more votes’ for him but I refused
All of Schlatt’s nicknames from the busy year of 1999
A Rotten Tomatoes Review from the movie “After (2019)”
a guy explaining why he isnt an incel
Among Us Musical
An actual review of an egg cooker
anime faces
AITA for stealing my friend’s sister’s underwear? It is not what it seems like
Am I the asshole?
Aunty in my ass
Aunt checks my phone
A post on r/teenagers about wanting to be more black
Animal crossing
Alabama beach mice
A couple comments
A ton of lego city scripts but the first one is a bit updated also they are in japanese aswell (translated with yandex)
A review on Amazon for a mattress
Animesexual isn’t a thing
All Might Roasts Frankin
Among Us: Get IMPOSTOR EVERY Game Glitch – Newest Method
An actual response from a Redditor
Ai generated text
A status I saw on Facebook
A weeb furry resume letter
Average PC User
A tiring day
A message for u/Alarming-highlight80
a comment under moonlight by xxxtentacion
AITA for burning down my moms house?
An Actual post on r/AirPods
A-hung Us
A campaign message from Dennis Reynolds
a girl that has swag is a girl you should marry
Another one, another one (rule 34 xxx comment section)
AITA for spreading my asscheeks before sitting down to poo?
a tale of a man who tried to join the internet with his daughter
Any advice?
Ai generated 40k copypasta
Average r/atheism user
All Cops Are nonBinary?
An actual cards against humanity response
Always remember: Shut the fuck up.
An analysis on the gasoline scene in the hentai Shoujo Ramune
A criticism of the great hentai Shoujo Ramune.
A comment I saw by a “witch”
A Detailed Guide on How To Defecate, For Humans
A response to an r/AmIUgly post
A TRUE word by word chicken pretzel fries copypasta cause some brainlit last year made one and it has different wrong wording. You’re welcome
An actual comment I found on Dream’s speedrun response video
A Redditor having a girlfriend is completely undefined behavior
A navy seals copypasta
A message my friend received on depop.
Am I being inconsiderate or do unemployed people have just as much right to make noise
A post from r/rimworld
An actual post
About Cyberpunk 2077 customization
A r/hololive rant
A coherent explanation of what Pot of Greed does, for everyone who couldn’t figure it out yet.
Anybody else just now finding Mariah Carey extremely attractive lately
Among us funny
Angry dude here
AITA for laughing in my homophobic mom’s face and calling her barren after she started crying that she won’t have any grandchildren because I’m gay?
A real post on r/atheism.
Angry Elf
Actual comment on genshin impact wiki for venti’s character
Alright, it has to be said: fighting games are categorically bad.
A comment from r/GenZedong on the infamous Tiananmen tank man photo.
alright, it has to be said: fighting games are categorically bad.
An Open Letter to Swiss Miss
A wine tasting in italy
A list of NSFW subreddits for all of you
a dm i actually got from an undisclosed person on discord
a town of salem investigator’s will
As a mobile user I can’t enjoy this subreddit anymore (Not a copypasta)
A liberal right utopia
A real mod announcement, taken from r/averagediscorder
Anon has nice headphones
A message to the society.
An emoji? On reddit?
Anti-masker on idubbz’s new video
As stated in the previous discussion….
Antivax Rant
Antivax Dad
AITA for telling my good friend this?
A discussion on cyberpunk character customisation.
A rule 34 Comment
Awards are stupid
A comment from r/progun
a e r o b i c s
Among 🤬 Us
Ah yes, the necro-memer
A man’s PHD dissertation on Japanese Porn
Andrew Hussie Explains Troll Romance
An interesting Dream video
amoign usf
An actual ad on YouTube I’m not kidding, wtf.
a message to dream stans on twitter
Arab copypasta in the style of the Chinese one
Adult Diapers
A forbidden way of getting Cummy back
a copypasta I made.
Autism wiggle (I myself have Asperger’s and wish you luck!)
anus cock
a message to nikocado
A message someone unironically sent me because I called them an idiot for choosing to go in-school
A coworker put half a slice of cheese against my face today…
Anne Frank Book Review
A response to “lets find where I gave a fuck”
A Lewd Poem By Me.
Adolf Hitler when talking about why he used Hindu symbols
A comment on r/femboys
AITA for being AH
A Family of Yeetwrs
A certified hood classic meme from The Wetzelnation
Actual review for a game
Actual bio I found on MyAnimeList
All I want for Christmas is poo
Airplane Jerks
Another belle delphine special
Attempted Sabotage but longer
Avoid the Noid!
A lot of people don’t actually know this but
AITA for getting upset when my boyfriend (23M) CONSTANTLY refers to me as Queen (26F)?
Am I normal? (Oc)
A red spy is in the base!
Among Us
An ode to Nazi Germany
AITA for selling lego dildo’s?
a comment on a politics subreddit
AITA for unplugging my granddad’s (69M) life support so that I could donate the life insurance money to pokimane?
Among Us Crewmate with dick
Anon rally wants to become the president
A Lovely Christmas With your Son in Law
among drip
Average Twitter user, circa 2020
A coomer explaining why coming is good
among us windows 3d movie maker thingy
A small treatise on Vegan “empathy”/confirmation bias
A message from Samurai Cop to all Japanese death merchants
Ayo Dad
Actual Discord Mod response regarding underage R-18 artworks.
Angel Dust from Hazbin Hotel
A comment I found on youtube
As a response to “Bruhhhhhh”
A message I found in a discord server I’m in
All American
An actual Comment on r/Xboxone about a game about Sexualizing young anime girls getting removed
Actually copied from r/brandnewsentence
All over a loli game
Although the persentage of foreigners in italy is only 8.45%…
anonymous has optimized cooming
About WLR
A DeviantArt Artist’s reaction to Steve in Smash
Average Twitter bio
A message from my heart
A comment about a karen on r/PublicFreakouts
A reply to someone who was butthurt about Gawr Gura from HololiveEN reaching 1,000,000 subscribers.
Anime that will turn me into a horndog?
An actual message I received on Discord
All My Favourite PH Amateur Vids. Gone.
A walk down logic lane
AITA for making my 12 year old sister a necrophilie and making my mom fall unconcious?
Am I intimidating women because I’m so good looking?!
As a response to r/uselessnobody
Am I gay?
Are gamers even human? I had my first Mountain Dew 5 hours ago
a post I found on twitter that for some reason makes me laugh
a message that my friend got out of a catfish -someserb
As a person who has lots of sex all the time,
AITA For wiping my ass with my friends towel?
Apple bottom jeans
ain’t for me
Angry Birds is a Communist game!
A thing someone commented on my post
a post from 4chan
A trump fanatic
Argument between two Nigerian dudes, one of them gave this *SHOCKINg* answer
AITA for throwing away my husband’s couch? He is pretending to be a beatle and it’s driving me nuts
After playing Among Us extensively, being falsely accused of random things, I can’t even begin to fathom how you all must feel when accusations that could shape your whole future get tossed around.
A Keemstar Khristmas
A comment from a dude over at r/teenagers
Albums to trip on DXM to?
Ate a Fake Rat…
AITA for not giving a university student my credit card number?
American Shit-your-pants
A post i found on r/trueunpopularopinion about who would win a civil war
a comment on an r/rickandmorty post
A 21st century humor video copypasta
Angry cursing
A beautiful copypasta for y’all
amazon review
Angry user on Halo MCC steam page
Actual comment on a post on my uni’s subreddit
An intresting title
According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway. Because bees don’t care what humans think is impossible.” SEQ. 75 – “INTRO TO BARRY” INT. BENSON HOUSE – DAY
A comment found in an annoying orange video
Ancient Japanese: “Acorns are delicious! Let’s put the shells away here! ☺”. Meanwhile, in Egypt…
Actual comment from r/BethesdaSoftworks
A complaint about anti nsfwmcyt people on Twitter
A dark day for valve
A famous teacher once said,
A child’s answer to the question, “Poo is poo, but what is edible poo”?
Ah Shit Here We Go Again
A collection of dream replies on twitter
A Kanye Quest
An antonym for “Life is short, let’s fall in love”.
a response to “you ok?”
A real thing my friend sent
all of the copypastas i have combined together
Airpod shotty
A Poem by my friend – Ned Keigan
Any alternative ␚ for copypasta❓❓❓
A scary story about a time when I was looking for a room to live in Tokyo.
A family members response to my mother and I not being fans of Trump
Apple Root Guide
A rare nugget found in r/cringetopia
A wild Eevee
Average “internal hatred for America” comment
Actual response from my friend to a person who said “no u” on our discord server
actual line from an anime
Aeternam requiem.
Actual message my friend unironically put in a discord server
a suggestion i found on the steam forums for gmod
An actual message I was sent on discord because I made a your mom joke.
A hero’s copypasta
A comment on the YouTube video for the song Fairytale of New York by The Pogues
anal anal
An obnoxiously long list of Russian perjoratives
Accidentally developed a cuck fetish
Awesome post
A very real reply on a very real tweet from Bell Dolphin
Awards are literally of no value in Reddit now
A real MyAnimeList Profile
Asian girlfriend
ATF complaint
A cry for help in time of need, await relief from holy league
AITA for choosing lobster over my child?
A nice and friendly copypasta in French
A quote from a great friend.
actual comment From r/teenagers
A code to something
a reply to someone who made a joke in a Gordon Ramsay video
A comment found on twitter
And the problem here is? Don’t look at content you dislike, especially when it’s segregated for the benefit of people who don’t. They’re not committing any crimes, and neither are your mutuals who follow them. Get a grip.
Average Redditor #264513097
All I want for Chungmas is Gru
Anti-trump message written on a dollar I received in Taco Bell drive through
AITA for saying the number eleven?
AITA for fighting my wife after not letting me name our second child baby yoda
A steam review on the Colonel Sanders Dating Sim: [Recomended]
A call from your dry cleaning
Among 😳 Us 🤣 Musical 👨‍🚀 Sus!
A reply i found debating whether or not the bud light lgbtq ad was heterophobic
American posters are the worst posters on this board.
Among Us provides a realistic simulation of imposters on a spaceship
Average big city enjoyer
A humble toast to thee.
Are u serious rn?
Average Life of a Weeb
A comment found on Dream’s Reddit post regarding his controversy.
Attention ladies of REDDIT
A Hallmark Movie Synopsis
A comment from rule34
As she’s on top of me, she stops kissing me, looks me in the eyes and asks, “You didn’t vote for Trump did you?”
actual sexpat post about a trip to Thailand
A land of myriad contradictions
A comment i found on r/mk11
A response I got for calling kpop kpoop
A butt plug is a great way to keep yourself from having to poop at events where bathroom access is difficult.
A comment from r/cringetopia
Alright listen up buddy, this is no laughing matter. (OC)
A school essay
AITA for deleting my son’s Minecraft world?
Ashot and Yar, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky
Average speed of my cock falling
Among us tip.
A Sad Discord Story…
An actual reply to the word “yes”
Among Us Cock
Anti-child-abuse activists
a very serious post
Among us moment
Are you an Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta or Omega 😲.
Among us musical lyrics
Among us
Among us the musical lyrics
An actual response I got after telling someone no one cares that he doesn’t think men can become women
Among Us Musical!
Among Us Musical Lyrics
An online review of AirPods Pro
Among Us rant on r/teenagers
An award no way!!
Asian music is trash
amazing game to eat a cacey’s club sandwich for $12 USD
ambulance noises
average redditor
Among us musical
An intellectual writing his dissertation on hentai.
A 1000 times
About a food delivery mission in a game
Any man born after 1993.
Albert Einstein nerd copypasta
An actual google review on the MLA handbook
A text written by a bot in my discord server
A guy who really hates user accounts
actual post on r/confessions
An actual post on r/cuberpunkgame
Another statement because none of you listen:
A girl and a gamer?
An update from the r/copypasta mod team
Actual response to a Youtooz tweet
Amazon review on bad shoes
a comment on r/teenagers
AITA for telling my friend she isn’t poor?
an announcement from the mother of the person running this account
Arin Hanson rambling about pie and murder for almost 2 minutes copypasta
ay all
a thing my friend wrote in discord
AITA for sending dick pics to my 13 year old sons teacher?
another “BASED ON WHAT”
AITA for blowing up my neighbors house?
An actual letter of “Questions and complaints”
A real comment from r/coronavirus
AITA for yelling at my wife over $2
Anti vaccine tweet
A gamer’s reaction to CDPR’s statement about Cyberpunk 2077 being shitty on console
An actual comment on a post about cyberpunk
A question for you all
among us story time!!!
A (partially) true story
Aliens are dumb cucks, a thesis:
Anyone know where to get an old wood polisher ?
A heavily downvoted comment on r/hmmm
All emojis 100%
American Culture
A Wild, Wild New Movie Called Madagascar (2005)
A Response when someone asks “No Homo?”
art hoes🥵
a litany of urges
Actual post from r/dababy (i think)
A random ass insta comment I found
average r slash copypasta post
A real post from r/tucker_carlson
A comment on a video of someone debunking dream
AITA for running a kid over with a truck?
AITA for refusing to give my brother an heirloom because he wants to use it for “pleasure”?
A man with an intense hatred of hand-me downs
An autobot response in r/superpapermariohate
Ants love cum
a comment on a comment saying “don’t bully”
An actual unironic reply to a comment
A happy birthday message to my crush.
are you bi?
adobe pls
a question about Cyberpunk 2077
AKIRA – Kaneda’s Theme
Apple fetish
A vegan said this to me when I mentioned I’ve been going Vegetarian to be more environmentally conscious.
A Feminist perspective of CyberPunk2077
An actual post on r/advice
An actual review of Antigone on Google.
Anakin, why is your padawn drunk?
a real tweet I found responding to somebody that didn’t like the last of us 2
An actual post
AITA for not liking people
AITA Baring the butt!?!
Actual comment from Billie Eilish’s subreddit
Among us Cringiness
A guide to being funny on the internet by Andrew Hussie, the creator of MSPA, Homestuck, Hiveswap, Problem Sleuth, SBaHJ, and more….
an indestructible skittle
A post all about you (OC found on facebook)
And I don’t mean the sky type
A post i saw on the steam persona 5 strikers community tab
A real comment on r/JojoMemes
automod, but gangsta.
An actual comment on r/shitpostcrusaders
An epic downvote
An in-depth look at “Sk8er Boi” (2002)
a steam review for cyberpunk
Accidentally created my character without a penis. Should I start over? ( A real post on r/cyberpunkgame)
A little rant for White People
another hololive copypasta
an instagram comment i made
An actual comment on MakeMeSuffer
A wannabe rapper’s (now-deleted) post on Twitter
AITA For breaking up with my girlfriend after she refused to watch the Live Action Sonic the Hedgehog with me?
Ainsley’s Jerk Chicken
A complete list of all the r/comedy______ subreddits
An unironic message about a minecraft road
AITA for sleeping with my tenants that can’t pay ?
air pod shotty
Ayy, man where the fuck is Mario Judah?
A word of caution to the smirking strutting jackasses still wearing their MAGA hats in public
Aunty donna letter
A real scary creepy pasta! Oooooo!
A child’s Roblox roleplay bio (A real one btw.)
A girl? And on reddit?
A comment on r/RedDeadOnline on a post about someone and their girlfriend playing the game together.
Actual Modmail I received
Are you supposed to rate Uber drivers?
a post from r/anarchy101
A review of a hentai game on steam
Another piece of astonishing research
An Excellent Muffler, Can Hear from Blocks away to Show that I Run This World.
Africa isn’t so much of kpop but kdramas are getting there slowly
As my first FPS game, csgo was a bit overwhelming.
Addicted to Cummy? There’s Still Hope
An actual take about copypasta that someone replied with to me on Twitter
Americans are just sheep!
A comment I found in an Rule34 SCP subreddit
Accidental Bidet Emema
As an active part of the furry community…
A comment by an anonymous g*mer when told that Cyberpunk 2077 is “just a game”
A classic bloodninja copypasta
A rant I found on discord
A frightening surprise 😳
Around the world
A contender for the bad sex award 2018
A real text from a friend
AITA for refusing to role-play as Moana and crushing a little girl’s dreams?
Average XQC viewer
Among us funny
Ah yes, the baguette
Among us
a reply to someone saying their opinion doesn’t matter when they like boruto
A friend’s love for accuracy
Actual post from r/tifu
A YouTube Comment
a response to people saying “bruh”
america lgbt copypasta
A big hug from all the members of the Andromeda Galactic Federation
A comment on a friends YT video
A (Not-so-funny) joke
AITA for not wiping my nephews a**
among us funny
Actual comment
A poem.
A prank gone bad
A Review on “Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale”
A comment from an r/AskReddit post
A Charlie Brown Christmas original 1965 Promo
Actual comment on r/copypasta
An actual reply that the translator bot came up with
A tragic tale
anal destruction
About otherkin
A comment on r/greentext
Ah, so no on equality?
A comment from the finger family video rabbit hole
an actual review from a taiwanese apex player
A Twitter reply I got from someone that hates Autistic people
A reply from R/Sextoys. NSFW
Account locked for pedophilia
According to my current Freddy Fazbear theory
Automatically categorized list of every porn subreddit 3000+
A Guide to Baby Foreskin Usages
A rap from r/atheism
A satirical post on r/teenagers
AITA for calling a woman pulchritudinous?
A guy who I was in an rpg with (there were minors)
A Gentlemanly Phallus Inspection
A discord email that my bot friend made
A response to “How you punched your little brother vs how he described it to your parents”
A great response to art
An introduction to a Baldi x reader story I found while digging through quotev
An actual comment from r/conservative
A female??!!11oneone!!!!???🗳🗳🗳
A Game Review
A deboonker on standby
Are there any pictures of DaBabys toes?
Amai Addiction (found on r/Memesana)
A /b/itch ass nigga lists his least favorite countries
ash’s character development
A public letter to Aphex Twin
A comment found in r/conservative
An interesting title
A comment on a post a about a girl asking for help carrying groceries on r/livestreamfail
All tone indicators
Attack on Titan turned my son Alt-Right. What do I do?
Are ya ready surgeons?
An actual DM I received
actual post someone put on their profile
A Muslim girl’s experience with food.
Actual comment on Cringetopia
AITA for calling a woman pulchritudinous?
Astolfo is a man
all your houses are bugged
American Redditor hot take
A wail of terror
A most peculiar outcome indeed
A gem from the new dababy sub
A copypasta my friend wrote
AITA for always saying the N-word everywhere from Video-games to Real-life
As a horny teen
Anime Enjoyers
A story of someone’s blue balls found on r/askreddit
amonguspoggers amonguspoggers amonguspoggers amonguspoggers amonguspoggers amonguspoggers amonguspoggers amonguspoggers amonguspoggers amonguspoggers amonguspoggers amonguspoggers amonguspoggers amonguspoggers amonguspoggers amonguspoggers amonguspoggers amonguspoggers amonguspoggers amonguspoggers
An actual unironic text message
A very long hate comment
All the people in the mario fandom are furries. Let’s talk about that.
A dude in one of the AskReddit threads
A message to the all the dog haters and to people who wants to kill minecraft dogs
Atlus please
A message to all you fake gamers
Anons Reddit comment
Adler Cold War speech
An angered statement
Adam Sandler is stronger than most JoJo villains.(SPOILERS)
a 12 year old gets made in color
anime plot
Am I the asshole for being smart????
A gem from r/wholesomehentai
A downvote appeal
AOC x Ted Cruz(found on r/politically_nsfw)
a guy in the comments of saving private ryan d-day scene said the kid screaming “mama” was a pussy
An apple a day doesn’t keep the doctor away
An apple a day keeps the doctor away
An apple a day keeps the doctor away
An apple a day keeps the doctor away
An apple a day keeps the doctor away
An apple a day keeps the doctor away
a comment found under a yt video about sonic
An apple a day keeps the doctor away
A post from r/waifuism
AITA for peeing in my gf’s cat’s litter box?
An interesting title
AITA for kicking my fat🤢, ugly👹🤢, **homophobic**🙅🏽‍♀️🤢🤢🤢, pregnant🤰🏽🤢 second cousin out of my mansion💸 because she didn’t like the eggs my chef made for her?🍳😱😡
AITA for blocking my dying dad?
An open letter to Trump
A response I found to someone getting told to shut up
Apologies for the re-upload
A argument essay i wrote in 6th grade
AITA for peeing in my gf’s cat’s litter box?
Angry Discord User on a server I frequent
acc bio i found on tumblr
As a redditer
among us cock tierlist
A simp’s love.
A cult vegan sent this to a friend after he stopped being vegan.
All keys on my IPad (no emojis)
A real thing by Wikipedia
among us
Addressing the false allegations
Actual Post on r/teenagers
A copypasta for insulting people
Ajit Pai is the world’s most based man.
Anon’s huge butt
a spoon of ice cream
A spam email I received at work (not the real wallet ID, I deleted about half of it)
a post in r/FIFA but every FIFA is replaced by cocaine
Actual post on r/UnpopularOpinion
Anyone who says CSPAN is fun to watch is lying or delusional.
A cute girl asked me
A way to bully homophobic people
Are you
A boring title
A wild Gamer
A sexy poem [NSFW]
An actual tweet someone made under a post about hatsune miku futa
Attack Helicopter
Ajit Pai’s death
A good day!!!
A person in the pinned post of r/blessedimages
Amy Schumer is objectively the best comedian.
Announcement about impostition of martial law in Poland, 1981
a predicament
attack helicopter jokes aren’t funny
Among Us
Among us copypasta
A response to a question asking about neighbors putting up groceries on r/askreddit
All Vietnamese people can do it.
Apex Legends Facebook Group
A cry for hope
Annoyed debater
Anne Frank x Hitler
An Ode to the mods
A combination of my favorite copypasta s
A text to end the discussion about non-binary cartoon characters (not mine)
A loading screen tip by wowcrendor
A steam review on Ice Age: Scratt’s Nutty Adventure
A Quora bio
A note from the real gamers
A civil debate
Arnold is Ballsy with his Cigars
A heartfelt poem (oc)
A message to all players of Among Us.
an haiku to femboy tains
A day in the life of an r/teenager.
American Kids
Ah the average Twitch chatter is here I see.
An actual message someone sent on Discord
AKIRA – Kaneda’s Theme
Actually, I’m not stupid.
A boomer’s hot take on fetishes. One can only wish it was ironic.
Actaully, I’m not stupid
A girl’s PM’s after posting in r/RoastMe
a chicken walked into the kfc (my custom copypasta)
A helpful guide to various subreddits
Actually, I’m not stupid. You are.
Alex Evans.
Agag Ydal
AITA for saving 4 kittens, 3 dogs, 6 children and 2 adults from a burning building?
Add bay yolal 84629473DN
A comment on r/teenagers
A classic r/teenagers copypasta
An old story about Wilbur Wright…
A humble review of Garfield Kart
A girl and guy were speeding over 100mph
A friend sent this monstrosity.
A Skyrim SE review found on Steam
All his life, he live as fishe in the tub.
Are you based? Do you want to?
Animaniacs Reboot – Catch Up
A message from Anti-Humanism
As a bisexual white woman (she/them), I would like to say something to the Hispanic/Latino/LatinX community
Anyone else wants a PewDiePie Movie?
Are you Christian or Jewish?
A classic: ‘I keep having dreams where I call Obama the N-word and I want it to stop’
Anyone else wants a PewDiePie movie?
a hentai comment
Actual review of a strain on Leafly
Another Happy Spanks giving you fucking sluts
A dream on the eastern front
Advice for men
A giant list of puns
An old comment on Romanian stereotypes
An interesting title
Any wench born after 1438 cannot substinence farm…
A Call of Duty tantrum
Are you still there?
A review I got at work recently. I wanna see what y’all can do with it.
Arnold’s Adventure
As Jeff said I’m surprised that anyone can make $9248 in four weeks on the computer . you could try here>>>>>>>>>>>.W­w­w­.­Wo­r­k­s­4­4­.­C­o­m²۵ Don’t Include” ²۵
A response to “Mobile Ads be like”
A quest for good boy points (karma)
a post i saw by some guy on some website
After I complained to Riot about people called me a slave online
A friend sent me this
Actual review of a 5lbs bag of Sugar Free Gummy Bears
actual rant on discord about man in the yellow hat
An actual comment on a Belle Delphine tweet
Azur Lane Rant
are you a “girl”??
A comment from r/AskMen
Amish are outdated and need to update
Amazon Nintendo Switch Atari Flashback Collection review
A beautiful hobby
An interaction with an anonymous Twitch Streamer
Are farts vegan?
Are you tired of those discord server advertisers that always appear in ur dms. Than this copypasta is for u
Anime rules apply to you and people around you
Afro buns are NOT space buns
Are traps gay?
A desperate fuck
A comment I saw
A comment I found at r/cursed_images
a strange thread
AITA for committing an act of terrorism?
A comment from a “my little pogchamp” video
AITA for kicking a pregnant woman?
A pocket pussy can be raped
A real comment on r/writing
A Decembers Night
A fall from cummy (SW)
Anime Girls
Actual steam review from Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony
Alright so basically
A legendary comment on videogamedunkey’s video
Average troll Twitter account
A users response to be told “who asked”
Apple interjection
answer from jack hodd on quora
A haikou for a my favorite bot
As I sit here
An unironic comment found on r/justneckbeardthings
An actual review of the Xbox Series X
A random comment i found on rule34
All Hail the penguins
An insane essay my uncle’s crazy anti-vax wife sent my dad on fb messenger when he told her to stop spamming him with “coronavirus is a hoax” articles
An actual comment
Ayyo bro delete those tweets
Are You Disrespecting My Catgirl Girlfriend?
A post on r/FemaleDatingStrategy
A poorly translated version of a copypasta that I found online.
A Lyric Post That I Spent Well Over 20 Minutes On
A very misogynistic TV show
An incredibly accurate description of Fred Durst
Actual post from r/depression (satire)
ass cancer
Activision’s™ Call of Duty™ presents this post®
A rant I found against White People Twitter.
A military-obsessed neckbeard friend of a friend said this in discord
another ultimate fuck you
A concerned Psychologist (Dr.) on r/Cr1tikal warns us about Cr1tikal’s (Christ) Yu-Gi-Oh (27 It/Its) Card Game Collection Addiction Syndrome.
Ad I got while scrolling through here
a compilation of legit posts by someone in a discord vent
A post on r/teenagers
A comment from Mojang
An actual comment
A legit response to a tweet
A Discord Conversation but everyone else but I is edited out
Apology post rating from 1-100
A comment on r/thathappened
Among us rant
And that’s how Trumpsgiving was saved
A guy posted this in a fb group I’m part of on a comic about Mario and “it’s a me”, thought it sounded like pasta
A Real Email from Work
a GIRL!?!?!?!?!!!!?!?!?????? in MY REDDIT FEED!?!?!???!?!???
An interesting title
An email the principal of my school sent out to all the students
A comment from a post about being able to shit other peoples pants
Amber heard bad
A text from my boyfriend
A Letter To My Never To Be Born Son
A legit post on r/teenagers
An Afghan,
AITA for breaking up with my boyfriend over his penis size?
All emojis lol
A rant found on 4chan
Albania vs Lettucethe year is 2028.
a steam user review of Garfield Kart: Furious Racing that I happened to stumble upon
Alvin and the Chipmunks as the Dream Team
As a male, I like it when people leave poo skid marks in the toilet bowl.
An old template but still good
Ancient Debris isn’t that hard to find
Anytime Garfield comes up in conversation, I pretend that I think his favorite food is Spaghetti.
Alexis Texas Makes Math Fun
A pedophile texted me this on Facebook after I told him I was 16…
Armaments, Chapter Two, Verses Nine to Twenty One.
A comment I found thanks to r/MakeMeSuffer
An AI generated copypasta by GPT-2 with the prompt as the first couple lines of the navy seals copypasta
Actual post of someone nearly dying lmao
Ayn Rand
A real steam profile description
AMD Shillpost
Actual comment by a detective on r/teenagers
An opinion on the zoo
Actual discord message
Among us …
An insult my friend received on twitter
a yt comment
Among us
anime fans be like
A subway ad I made
AITA for not wanting to get rid of the anime body pillow that saved my marriage?
Among Us With Friends
A comment from r/iamverysmart
AITA user fights with husband over anime body pillow.
Another gem from wentworth
AITA for not wanting to get rid of the anime body pillow that saved my marriage?
A sleepover
A reply on YouTube after someone said “I hate Among Us and the community”
Actually post from my university’s subreddit
Amber Rayne’s biography on porn hub
Angry Texas
Alyx, have you ever heard of a club sandwich?
Am I a gamer girl for having soft bois as my first preference in men?
Among us 1.5 speed
Another post from that tomato garden person at college
Actual post from my university’a subreddit
ARAM ritual
About Volleyball
After divorce with my husband
Arthur’s Mom’s (67F) cum (832M) and shit (474F) Source: 4Chan
Anonymous Confession#332
ayo poop poop forn
A libertarian utopia
AITA for pulling out my Grandpa’s life support and charging my phone?
All types of gay sex
Attention dumbass fucking women
All I see is the Democrats / Obama Joe
a message to everyone with anime profile pictures
A review of the Aeneid by Virgil (19BCE)
A normal day in the life of a 6 year old syrian boy
All precepts of Grey Prince Zote
A post in a Facebook group about gripping food with force
AITA for saing to my brother’s GF to have to pay full rent since i am not the one who is f***ing her in the ass?
average r/fallout user
A bunch of grown men taking pictures with PS5 like it’s a house
An Ode to Reddit Mods
Aw shit, here we go again
anime hero school (spoilers for my hero academia)
A Copypasta from when I had a debate in discord
A gem from u/i_cum_on_your_pet
Anime fan
An interesting title.
Adrian Sharpnel
Anon has a crush on AOC
Ah shit.
A post from your favorite subreddit, r/teenagers
A Redditor’s Daily Routine
Amazon description with Billy Mays energy
A “Miracle on ice”, or something else…
A response to a Quora post
Atheism rap
Among Us VS Fall Guys – Rap Battle Animation Lyrics
an open letter, to clear the air
An essay on the benfits of creme de la penis
AITA for killing kids?
actually happen peepoPog
And now that I have your attention …
Angry gamer moment.
aaaaawwwwh!! 👋😉💓
AITA for not allowing my husband to “bond“ with our son?
A scat fetishists house
Actually found on Quora, not kidding.
A comment on Travis Scott’s PS5 video
A comment on a repost
A comment on one of my friends FB posts from a Trump supporter. I… I just can’t man.
After one year of collecting these pieces of art, i present to you my collection.
Actual quote said by a human being
A comment under a political compass post on Instagram
A comment on an ark trading post
All the bots are gone
A comment on a Rule34 post featuring the Playstation 5.
A very wholesome 100 gamer reminisces upon a game.
A speculative fiction paper my friend wrote
A speech by JFK
A wall of spam I wrote on my school’s iPad
Automod funny smart poor atheist meow emoji skeleton joe Karen spider virgin gun
An Unexpected Dish – ( Kitchen Nightmares Parody)
Amazon let me check out, and told me on the confirmation page it sold out.
A text from Trev
A scribblenauts page i translated for no reasom
A comment under a subreddit reaction video
A backup plan for mocking Trump supporters
Actual reply in a YT comment section
A Professional Sniper
A sad day for r/copypasta
An old t-shirt
According to forsens law
A copypasta from r/banvideogames discord server
Are you saying I can’t get laid? (Taken from a certain peado YouTuber)
All the other kids with the depth strider 3 mending unbreaking 3 prot 4 feather falling 4 soul speed 3 thorns 3 netherite boots
A real story
Auto moderator
All banned emojis
Anon gets pissed
An interesting story
A very insane day
Are Formula One gearboxes automatic?
answer from jack hodd on quora
A review of a local Barber
Am I a weeaboo? (real post i found lol)
a Helltaker fan sent this to my friend on Discord
AutoModerator abuse 101
Ash finally caught them all
A response to “dont shine lasers into the sky you could blind pilots”
A translated quote from my fed up music teacher
Atheists are more oppressed than any real minorities out there (someone else wrote this unironically lmaooo)
Adeptus Mechanicus quote from Warhammer 40k
A post from a r/askmen mod
A biography of Richard Nixon found online
Angry Video Game Nerd Theme Song
An actual tweet
A very real supporter
a poem by me
Among us epic reference!!!! 😂😂😂😂
A fuck you!!! Bitch ass lil fuckin keyboard warrior…
Are you a troll?
Anime addict
A Message From Abbachio From The Series JoJos Bizzare Adventure.
Anyone else ever take the soap dispenser at school and cum in it? lol
Anti aircraft
According to YouTube Statistics
A very important message to Embra
AITA for being a newborn who doesn’t like Big Chungus?
Anyone else ever take the soap dispenser at school and cum in it lol
All my life, my dad has been vocal about hating onions.
A Review on “Mobile Strike”
A Review on “LEGO®️ BIONICLE®️”
A Review on “Dictator 2”
A Review on “Car Town Streets”
A couple days ago I was playing a game of spongebob battle royale and..
AI copy pastas
Among Us thing
Anon’s Wife and Chad
Archer’s Incantation
Arizona you are dead to me
A response to u/CoolDownBot
A new codebase is like getting a huge mechanical horse dick dildo.
A sad story about the War on Drugs
Anal Only Gape Training
All my mental illnesses
A message I received on Reddit
Alabamian Neckbeard
a message my friend got on omegle
A revisionist bourgeois chauvinist Islamo-Christian cleric and black market racketeer dissident was giving a sermon on Ronald Reagan, known reactionary.
All the Young Dudes (emojify)
An Urban Dictionary definition of hentai
A real text my liberal friend sent our group text
A Review of the Wendy’s cheeseburger.
Alex Trebek, host of Jeopardy!, has died at age 80 after battling pancreatic cancer
All the when the r/chungus
Application Denied
An apparently unironic comment I found here
a atla opening credits thing i made while extremely tired
a post on r/donaldtrump
Annoying bitch ass Redditor
All over the internet, MAGA superstars like you are shriveling faster than Bernie Sander’s dick when asked to split a check at an Applebee’s.
Anon questions the integrity of the election
Anime Girls wearing glasses
ACB and Me: A Erotic Sex Story
Atheists eat babies!
among os
Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman in r/CopyPasta
An actual reply to a Donald Trump tweet
An open letter to all Conservatives
AITA for watching hentai???
A reply I got on a /b/ thread
America is kill
an amicable passing of the torch
A message I got on Reddit
A coworker on facebook, my life is a living hell🥴
A person’s love for Monika.
A speech I wrote, that accidentally sounded like a copypasta
A gamedevs guide
Angry kid on discord
As someone who has played all the Sniper….
Aoc fan fiction
A bot said this in SubSimGPT2
An Appeal to Common Decency
AITA for falling into the river in LEGO City?
Ancient Chinese wisdom proverb
AITA for killing my best friend after he drew me as a brainlet wojak
Anti-N³ Copypasta
Attila About That Life lyrics
Ah yes
AITA? I HATE cummy. so I got him deleted.
Actual reply on Pokimanes twitter
Abortion bucket
Any true intellectual such as myself would have immediately began masturbating.
Arch Linux is a pointless distro
and even if you did have a girlfriend, you have food poisoning
An unsatisfied customer
Among sus
A harsh truth.
About that text from the pimp gangsta boss
All the things Trump did wrong
an old “argument” i wrote after my friend called dog girls furries
Actual comment taken from post on r/neoliberal
A post that I wanted to post onto r/relationshipadvice
Anytime someone tries to turn twitter discourse into hyperwoke olympics to feed their narcissism
A good boi
Airport jungle juice
Autistic Shit Copypasta
another uzaki-chan copypasta but horribly translated
All 2020 USA Presidential Candidates
Actual steam profile bio
an argument I saw on Twitter about Mariah Carey and Jesus
AITA for taking things too far when faced with mansplaining?
Are ya winnin’, son ?
AITA for for throwing a small dog off a building?
AITA For killing my friend after he killed me in game?
A discord server had Mod elections.
A rant about something I know nothing about, but I can tell this guy is an asshole
Armaan malik
Against all odds
Arizona is committing voter fraud against Kanye West.
Arranged from a r/politicalcompassmemes comment section
all over twitter
A comment on a Nintendo Switch review
Among Us Game Review
A response to Trump losinh
Are you aware covid is fake?
Ancient Greek dish
A comment on one of Trump’s Tweets
A list of NSFW subreddits for all of you.
A message for nikocado avocado
A Thai
Angry redditor gets mad over upvotes in r/teenagers
Adolf Hitler Suicide Note
adopt e
And that’s when I decided to hate women.
Are you a girl on reddit… 😳😳
Apple Bundles
a message for babies <3
A Family Geneology
Alex jones and the Gestalt Consciousness
AITA for screaming at a 5 year old child for saying that ”Sucking Cummy’s cock is very gay”
among us cool!!!!!!!11111111111!
Audrey Belrose from Huniepop
Apparently my take on the electoral college wasn’t satisfying for this guy.
Another dream about Obama
An idea to start saving your money like right now
A message from the author of attack on titan
Ace Attorney
A translation of a homophobe’s tweet
AITA for asserting myself as a strong, brave, independent woman who isn’t afraid to stand up against injustice?
AITA? For literally being the perfect person?
All rapper born after 1993 can’t music… all they know is make McDonald burger do they crime, auto tune, be gansta,smoke hot weed and rhyme
Angry competitive gamer
A cummie for the fall of democracy 😞🍆💦
A murderous Bro-seizure
A review for Kangaroo Jack
actual thing a tacobot admin said to me when i called him out for being a fascist pedophile
Art, just… pure art
AITA for hitting my sister with my cumsock?
A thing to a guy who tried to delete piggy
An important question
A little story
A wet dream I made into poetry for my favorite e-girl
A great copypasta found in the comment thread about Star Wars hiring transphobic actors
Agent Smith’s “I hate this place”
Atom bomb baby
AITA for refusing to apologize for a childhood diary and getting angry my privacy was violated?
As of now, 9pm of the 1st of november, I’ve officially failed no nut november – a life changing experience
Audit Log #1 “It starts”
Another DDLC hell I made
A lesson in ethics
An updated list of the names for penises
Are you a woman?
Are you dissing the sentinel? (/R/rocketleague)
Auto-mod response to “Fuck off yank”
A NNN snack related poem
A scathing self-critique
An actual message someone sent to a discord server before leaving
Announcement of faith
A pasta i found in a r/fellowkids post
About my N U T allergy.
Average Minecraft boomer complains about combat after 1.9
A common response to the Cyberpunk delay (literally saw it multiple times)
Am I the Only One?
A very easy case of high-functioning autism
AMONG US porn copypasta
AITA for stabbing my little brother because he was wearing a periodic table of Minecraft shirt
automod stroke
A girl…. AND a gamer?
Alex Jones got it for frogs
A speech of encouragement to you all
Another from r/incest
am i gay for falling on my dildo?
A GIRL??? On MY internet??
A friend’s response to an Insta question
A response I stole after someone commented Trump2020
An average person needs 2000 calories to survive, right?
A Real Programmer lives in front of a computer terminal.
Alphabet soup sucks.
American meteorite news
average r/copypasta user
Apparently this needed to be here
Alex Jones, frogs, and coronavirus
A True Amarican
A thing I got playing madlibs
Anyone else on this sub hopelessly addicted to tuna fish?
an israeli classic, more verbose and translated into english
About god of war
at least I know I’m free
Among us on PC
Among Us Funny
Alpha male
An AJ copypasta
Among Us promotes Black Genocide
Abhorrent Nocturnal Activity Localised
Art Teacher
A Linguistic Analysis of DECEARING EGG
AITA For forcing my mother to socially distance?
A roast
Actually commented on my steam by a former teammate
among us humor
Again, you’re dismissing me as a troll because I proved you wrong.
A magical Halloween😌
A reply to a question
All of my mental illnesses
AnCap cop
A reaction to “kids pick the next US president” done by Nickelodeon
Arrestee fetish
Act 5 – Revelations
Act 3 – Temptation
among us
Act 1 – Innocence
AITA for selling a kid into slavery? credit to u/im_inside_obama
a poem
A new SI unit: Hitler
A Warriors Death
A little Biden family history in case you hadn’t heard
A girl gamer?????
a little violent thing I made in a few minutes its a template so go nuts
All hail the new world order
AITA for shooting my 7 year old brother in the chest for playing Fortnite?
Ak is good rifle
Asking IMGUR support to help with my account that has no email and only link to twitter
And now AsapSCIENCE presents: 100 digits of π
Apology Copypasta (Discord and non-discord version)
As above and is below, we will walk together again
After 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle with a trip to a private island where we could pretend things were normal just for a brief moment in time.
Authoritarian Right: I’m not racist but..
Atheist Trump
A KoTH monologue
A homosexual horror movie idea
Arch Nemesis here. My IQ is higher than that of you all combined.
A very long insult.
As a gender fluid person, binary numbers offend me
A gurl…. AND a redditor?
A message from Hiyoko
A random DM I got.
Among us
All Star (Ben Shapiro version)
A Vaudeville agent is interviewing acts. A man comes in and says “boy do I have the act for you!” The agent replies, “Well what is it you do?”
A young marmoset is upset that he likes winter more than summer.
An actual comment someone left on the rainbow6 Halloween Avent trailer
Are you OK Mark
an entire joke lulw
A very Baumgartner shower
A weird man ive met on omegle
avocados too
Anything related to 69, 420, and similar numbers is stupid and not funny at all
A Paragraph that was sent to the mods in one of my friend’s discord servers
Animation memes bad, actual animated movies good.
Angry Skeptical Game Enthusiast
arse (OC)
Attracted to tornadoes
Anon isn’t attracted to LEGOs.
Actual announcement on a hentai discord server
A Detailed Explanation of 1v1 on Rust
Album review pasta
AITA for throwing clumps of my own feces at my ex-girlfriends house?
Anal jihad
Asap Rocky yes sir.
A very old post
All right enough bullshit, here’s how you can actually save the rainforest.
An important rant
An interesting title
Amy Coney Barret raped me
A comment I found about Doc Mitchell
Among us.
awesome gaming funny
an out of context text my friend just sent me
Abortion Nummy
aiding of all such entities
among us is funny
An open letter to the love of my life
A kid in high school actually gave this phenomenal presentation.
Awsten Knight
A comment on r/cursed comments that is worthy of being a copypasta
anon’s brain is too cultured to read such a shitpost
Am I muted on reddit? Any human please respond.
A banned BetaArchive user’s email to BetaArchive administrator Andy
a wonderful lad from r/postnutclarity shares his story
A nice response to those clever cookies
A review from What The Golf
Amazon Review for Moby Huge, the Largest Retail Dildo
A reminder from the Nine.
An actual reply I got on r/Eminem
Average amount of eggs in a sea turtle nest
Americans bad
Actual message my dad sent me
average reddit atheist
A Pickle for the Knowing Ones
A message to the spammers, from the mods of this fine server.
a furry sent me this on omegle lmao
Among Us meta copypasta
Albania first and purest people
Actual thing i saw on ZFG’s chat. Use it in any sort of entertainment you please.
Are you writing N00B with O’s?!
Are you a femboy?
AITA for taking too long to walk down the stairs? (Credit to u/literally1984)
Adam Sandler
among us review
a post i saw from fb
Apple is overpriced junk
Am I allowed to make my own copypasta? You gotta start somewhere…
A comment on a post on r/vegan, saying if people didn’t eat meat, we wouldn’t have COVID-19
A comment on a twitch girls instgram post
Adolla Burst Sound Effect- Fire Force
America’s Got Talent *golden buzzer* key
Amazon review on the mobius huge. (36 inch dildo)
A hidden reply on a post promoting the new Ariana Grande Single
Art class
A complete list of Pharaohs
An actual Youtube edited comment copypasta
among us copypasta
A chipmunk is more of a man than you are fatass
A message from a discord admin
Alright you know what i will post furry until you stop
Actual comment on the debate
Allah has seen you struggling with something
Anti furry copypasta
automod abuse
Among us
Abusive behaviors are very self centered
Alright girl
animal crossing nookazon rant
Anti-Racist Mom
A comment from askreddit [ awkward moments for porn photographers ]
Angry child
All the good old days
According to YouTube’s Statistics
asi art
A real comment from an old thread.
Antifa are terrorists btw
Are you fucking serious?
A Romantic Evening Out
a summary of literally all youtube comments
As gamers, you are smarter, sharper and just generally better humans.
Ajax (sex with 21 bathroom advertisement)
Ancient Mesopotamia Song by Mr. Nicky
A real text I just got from my stepdad after mentioning the CAREN Act passing in San Francisco
A review I found on the Amazon page for Stinky Steve Vs. The Burpinator book 4
An insightful post from r/The10thDentist
A Hugh Conspiracy
Anarcho capitalist getting mad at video game
Askreddit comment.
A Formal Defense of Hentai
A horse walks into a bar…
According to YouTube statistics
Armenian porn copypasta
A post from r/luciddreaming
Abortion is wrong.
An ode to CBT
AMV Malding
Anarchy in the uk
Angry Chinese Facebook Guy Gets Hacked
Anyone else sick of seeing poolees and soldiers posting shit on here?
Another version of the navy seals copypasta that I made
ATTENTION*⚠️⚠️⚠️‼️‼️‼️ I’M A 14 YEAR OLD🗽RAPPER FROM VIRGINIA🤘 (soundcloud cesspool)
at the age of 28, I haven’t touched a cigarette.
Actually, yes. Dog moms are moms too.
A… a.. g-g-gay? 😩🏳️‍🌈😠
a cry from help from a discord user I found
A true gentleman
A real Suger-Free Gummi Bears review
An endorsed response to Schnoodle’s poetry
AITA for biceps?
Average high school
Antipedo shower thought
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is now streaming on Twitch.tv.
AITA for commiting “war crimes” in my COUNTRY?
A Lullaby to Sin
Am I the asshole for trying to win an election?
Are you registered to vote?
Anyone have the image of a man making a raccoon suck his penis and the raccoon looks all sad while doing it
Anon is angry
A little something from a Minecraft server I causally play on
An ode to SentientSemen
Actual Trump tweet from 2013
As an American, I’ll have you know…
Are traps gay?
AITA for fucking my disabled dog?
A… a female???!?!!?!/!/
America likes oil 🙂
A Response to “We Keep Using the Bible to Fact Check the Bible”
AITA for not washing my hair?
AITA for bullying a kid to depression for not fitting in to my hivemind?
An intellectual overview of “I’m a real young gamer”
apple wave
AITA for messaging my random teammate in brawl stars?
Actual post from r/teenagers
A message from Nintendo
A day for a redditor to remember
A G*mer gets angry at a post on r/BanVideoGames and writes this response
A review i saw on Bin Weevils…
Are you winning, son?
After observing meth heads for the last 10 years, I’ve come up with a pretty scientific theory on Meth Heads.
A fellow redditor when someone says that they are tired of “orange man bad”
An insane comment I saw on a cooking video.
a special message from my roleplay buddy
Art Hoes
Alright, so here’s the dealio.
A christian mother
A normie bitch complimented me on my facial hair.
Ants are attracted to cum and I can prove it.
Ants are attracted to cum and I can prove it.
A copypasta from my friend’s… experiences. Title: Monika P—ed on my lover!
An unironic Quora answer I found
Absolutely hilarious and original copypasta be like
Alright so hear me out
A response to the classic conversation of, “what time is it?” “time for you to get a watch hEHahAHaha”
A guy replied with this unironically to a person who said “I’m cackling”
American dad fan page
average redditor complains about tiktok
Among Us is an indie gem
A cheeseburger? In a Pizza Hut?
A reply to someone saying ‘op is based.’
Also I like hentai
Arin’s Mental Breakdown Super Mario Sunshine: Mental Breakdown – PART 35 – Game Grumps
Advice: FORGET reddit, embrace the pump baby!
AITA for literally murdering my son in cold-blood?
A “breakup” between two mates
AITA for kicking a panda?
Alright bob
An expert from my favorite YouTube video called “fuck Toyota”
A rant on Pokémon Shield.
a list of cat subreddits
AITA for not being a sheep????
A spongebob breeding copypasta
An Ode to Cummy
Alexander Hamilton chair roast by Ben Shapiro
A funny joke
As a person who has lots of sex all the time
A Letter to r/copypasta
Anagrams #1
Amazon Basics
Appreciation Remark
A message from chad
Am I the asshole for dressing up like Sonic and eating my neighbor’s trash?
A Bot’s Review of Grease
Attention all blacks
Apparently this became a copypasta at some point
Among us REDDITOR ePic dab moment, 100 character limit
An encounter with an average tik tok user
A true story
Ahegao copypasta
A Robot’s Review of Space Jam
A person I was friends with wrote this unironically…..
AOC x Stalin
An error has occurred.
A comment on a local Facebook group
AOC x Young Stalin
AOC x Stalin Smut Fanfiction
An essay on the video “Slapping a bag of carrots with a cactus leaf 15 times” and the subtle homage to slavery behind it.
A post (not a PM) on r/teenagers
australians when you say you dislike vegemite
A response to “Mobile Ads be like”
Aids policy
Actually it’s a trap
A very special person
After a game of among us
Among Us in real life
Among Us Sus Copypasta
amwong wus
Are rice krispies mascots hot?
A man who is a teacher
A message to all E-Barb players
A real comment that I feel fits in here
A gentlemanly Redditor explains his post
Are you a robot?
Among us
Atomic Wrangler
An interesting scenario…
Adam Sandler
A comment in r/teenagers
A Gamer And a Girl???
Ahegao face
A LSF father’s copypasta
A casual rickroll
Africas longest name
Ancient Dream
AITA for snacking on celery during a VIRTUAL job interview?
Alex Jones is delivering you a message:
Among us
Among us
A date with cummy
a normal court case
Another sexist anime, Death Note
Anime 🤢
Angry Asian Restaurant Prank Call (ANIMATED) – Ownage Pranks
An email my dad sent me after eating an Arby’s Meat Mountain
All food is better cold
Average Day in the Life of a Zoomer Girl
A conversation about parenting…
Among us fanfic from r/holup
A little gatekeeping from the motorcycle community. So welcoming….. Such love and support from this guy.
An update to my last post
ACAB hHHaAHA bad orange man😠😠😡😡👹👎👎👀👀👀👀👽👽👽👽
All those “guys” 👨 with “small” 👉👈 penises🍆 need to stop🛑✋complaining. Just make it bigger😤🤷‍♂️.
A response to someone calling you by the wrong name.
angry kids on xbox live
A comment on an r/askreddit post
Anon doesn’t like Blind Gamers
a comment in an askreddit thread about what color can fuck off
Among Us hater gets owned epicly 😎😎😎
A comment i saw on a post
Answer to “How rare is a 6-inch girth for a teen?” found on Quora.
a gem from discord
A new product from Nature™!
A Marxist Critique of the Sexual Economy
An actual review for google classroom on the app store
Any Factorio players?
Among Us Romance story
A Case against Child Labor Prohibition
Am I white?? (r/teenagers)
Any documentary can make you cry.
Among Us
A retweet on belle delphines post
Aaron Rodgers [NSFW]
An ode to higher than the high
AnCap vs. Supremacist Expropriation
Attempted petya ASCII art
Am I the asshole for murdering a baby?
A List Of All Pog Emote Variations
A deep dive into Garfield lore
An elaborate paragraph on why someone sucks
A copypasta from a stream i turn in to. Short one tho.
Arch, Glorious Arch
Alpha male🐺🤵😤
Anon shares his knowledge
Among Us videos comment section
A Good Technician
Automod Bait
Among us is racist
ABCD – High Voltage Cock and Ball
A list of every task in Among Us
Angry Birds: Space is the best Angry Birds game.
automod bait
A story on how I fucked the Taco bell chalupa sepreme
all 58 genders
A comment i found on r/comedyheaven
Angry stoner elitist I’m currently in an argument with said this:
A comment from someone in r/banvideogames who doesn’t get satire
A based copypasta
A rose is a rose
Answer to the short comment “I was thinking the same“
A Gary sue has to be perfect in any way
ancapistan problems
A moderator’s reason for a ban.
An r/iamverybadass post
Anime Girl rant 😎
AutoMod trigger words
And now an ode to Modern Rap
AITA for killing everyone at McDonalds?
Among Us Instagram Comment
ali a
Alternative Navy Seal Copypasta?
A comment on a YouTube video that was 13 minutes and 26 seconds long
Actual response from trump supporter
American version of the Chinese copypasta
A naked girl with just her socks on is way sexier than a fully nude one.
AITA for not wanting to babysit 100 children for my family for free for the 20th time this month?
A comment under a hentai
Absolute Hot.
Apex fan complains about wraith naruto running animation update
A reply to a tweet of Donald Trump
Actual email I received
An interesting title
a rundown of Sr. Pelo’s “COMEDY” animation
A gem from r/conspiracy
another one from a suspected bot on our discord lmao
An Analysis of the Gay Peter Griffin Rap
apples are indivisible
An oldie, but recently revived because the author was revealed to be Call me Kevin when he was 19.
Angry tinder man after being rejected a shag
America is a 3rd world country
asdfmovie9 opening
A Comment On a Roblox Item
accidental shitpost given by ai
A cheating doom speedrunners reply to another speedrunner who accused him of cheating
A real comment on r/WatchPeopleDieInside
Another comment left by an average r/memes subscriber on r/banvideogames
Actual comment from r/csgo
Alpha cum
Aussie Navy Seal Copypasta
Any other straight guys have similar fantasies?
AITA for using my [14 F] granddaughters clothes to re enact the movie Cuties
An apple.
A comment under “The Home Depot Theme Song for 10 Hours”
As a white woman who majored in East Asian studies
All you liberals listen up
A small part of the first 2020 presidential debate.
Are traps gay?
among us tutorial
Anti British Emoji
An upgraded version from u/mladoormat’s pasta
Apolitical Pronoun-free Darth Plagueis
AITA (F27) by dressing so different to the point where my family is too ashamed to be seen with me?
A guy sent me this as an unironic message
A reply
A steamy night with Elsa
An Open Letter 2 Cummy
A comment in r/godtiersuperpowers
Among us crewmate symbol
Among us copypasta(guilty)
Among us copypasta(innocent)
AITA for refusing to remove some of my emotional support long furbies?
America will be last country to switch to Euro
A reply to according to youtube statistics
A 12 year old kid in my school started arguing with me that it was possible to get pregnant by kissing and refused to believe that his parents had sex
A message about the 5 minute slowmode in the minecraft live discord
A Mosque at the Brothel
Are ya winning son?
A survey from my classmate
Archive of Our Own
AITA for being a hands-on-learner during sex-ed class?
Anyone know where i can find copypastas like
An actual post by a chess Grandmaster (Tigran Petrosyan): PIPI in your pampers
a normal schoolday in american school
Am went to the store and boght 4 sods . Browse reddit and all of a sudden police chasin me man wtf. I’m hiding behns a dumpster
auto xkcd
A comment I found under r/pics
A gem from r/entitledparents
Automod time
A narrow lane down
Are you kidding me????
Alternate Presedential Debate
An recent instant classic coming from Chess Grandmaster Tigran Petrosyan when responding to cheating allegations from a younger fellow GM opponent Wesley So.
AROOOGA! copypasta completed (v2)
A reply to Trump’s tweet announcing he has tested positive for COVID-19
After Trump tested positive
A reply under Trump’s tweet saying he’s tested positive for COVID19
A man who is a teacher
American Here!
Another gem from r/banvideogames
Another test – please ignore
angry ping
Another comment about YT recommendations
A marine in my platoon said “yap yap it’s the demon” and a Spartan responded with this off the top of his head
Amateur developers incompetence ruined L4D2 with this update?
animal band for discord
A dog tries to explain they can consent to sex
Asking for help
A Letter to The Halloween Gods!
A Presidential Love Story
As a Woman Named Karen, I Demand the Use of My Name as a Derogatory Meme be Stopped Immediately
A Vision of Peace
Alliterative words for jizz
Are there any higher resolution renders of Lydia’s face somewhere? I want to have her turned into a companion doll so that we can finally be together.
Anyone else addicted to the smell of their own fecal matter?
Ass Man
Audits from Starkid’s Black Friday
Ayn Rand
a theory
Alpha BM Male
Amazing Trump Quotes
A m o n g u s
Ants are attracted to cum and I can prove it.
An interesting title
angry pewdiepie fan
Average 9 year old copy pasta
All because someone made a meme about how pewdiepie doesn’t get 100+M views per video and said a bunch of his subs are “imposters”.
A Boomer’s Daily Routine
A pewdiepie fanboy gets mad at an among us meme
A Letter to the Editor of The Gazette: Cedar Rapids needs a Cracker Barrel
Am I the asshole for killing my grandma’s ex-girlfriends sisters cousin?
Are you a- a- a girl?
Alternatives to “Calm down Jamal, don’t pull out the nine.” so that we can all experience racially charged phrases. [OC]
A guide to karmawhoring
A comment I found in r/banvideogames
Asian Women
Aku’s opening monologue
A tale by u/unfather
A 19 year old is not an adult
A comment from Ban Video Games
Apple Terms and Conditions
a simp comment on some e-thot instagram post
An Ode to Cummy
A Proud Virgin (Ben Shapiro Edition)
A Review for a Monkey Lamp
A story
A comment on getting “its” and “it’s” correct
Another one from Discord
A tale of two gamerz
America x Japan
A new copypasta from the Fox News comments section I present to you “The Man” it was written in response to me correcting someone racist.
Ask me questions according to your battery percentage 😉
an actual message I got from an n word saying-gta playing 6 year old
An ODD fetish.
A comment I posted on a /r/teenagers post
Another gem stolen from r/teenagers
annoying kid got banned in disc server. These were his last words
anime girl sex copypasta
And it go
Ancestor proud
An honest question was asked
Automoderator 🔰 is gay 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
A parody of Megumin’s chant
An actual mod from ELI5
A cuckholds life for me
A ritual to cummy
Ask Reddit is rigged
A lovely day in Bend, OR
A thorough explanation of WWII
Awards and cummy
Among Us Player Ejected
AITA for telling my bf I prefer Cummyghost’s dick over his?
A wall of text that some guy replied to me with on a message board awhile back
Attention all Reddit mods.This is Steve Rogers. I am surrendering myself in exchange for Cummy’s safety.
And Ode to Cummy
Average youtube videos
An analysis
Am I really going to start some SHIT that’ll get me REDDIT DMs???
A theory on the ability of fall guys to swim in the slime
All Jschlatts nicknames
All Mods Are Bastards #JusticeForCummy #BotLivesMatter
AITA for Sexually Assaulting my Nephew?
A message
A tribute to cummy (cummy’s resignment letter)
A Eulogy for Cummy (RIP)
All of Jschlatt’s nicknames
An old one, but a good one.
Are there people who actually think sucking dick is gay ?
A tribute to u/CummyBot2000
A note I had for like a year
Another facebook copypasta, not to be taken seriously!
Armed forces fucking suck
A mod post I saw on r/funny.
Anime is for pathetic losers
Alright, since Cummy is dead (again), I shall hold another funeral service.
A memorial.
A done round
Alpha Chad teaches us how to get women
albania life
Among Us is the best metaphor
Another ripoff of free tibet copypasta
Among us
A good one from u/Yanky_Doodle_Dickwad living up to his name and raging at a user
Among Us
An excerpt from the fanfiction, “Harry Potter and the WWE”
A guy I know on discord created this, please spread
Arab moment
AI Dungeon
Anime is a conspiracy by the Chinese government.
Arr,,,, PEEEEE!
A quote from my friend.
Admiral Snackbar
a fat fucking fly got in to my room. please help. How do I kill this behemoth of a creature that is forbidding me to go to sleep now without waking up my whole family?
Anomaly’s CS:GO trade offer note from 5 years ago
A word from Shigeru Miyamoto
A marine biologist, a teenager, and a midget walk into a bar…
Anne Frank imagination
AITA for saying Poggers when I heard the news of my grandmothers death?
Announcing the new N-Word
Among Us but you ruin the game
Annihilate your reddit carma with one simple trick
A comment a found a while ago
An interesting title
Among Us and Five Nights At Freddy’s crossover, by u/EnderSkoom
among us
A question for the Man of Action collective, creators of Ben 10
Army vet is terrified of masturbation
All the text in “i’m not verifying kinetic bypass”
A young Ben Shapiro insults his classmate :
an actual text my friend got after one date
Actual comment on yours truly, Reddit.
a post i found on rareinsults
A person posted this to r/AskTeenGirls back in March
Among Us
and yes, if you’re wondering this is a jojo reference
AITA for saying big chungus in a public zoom meeting?
A Facebook manga thread comment about ntr
Among Us Tasks
A terrifying threat from the superwholock fandom
a poem
An actual text someone sent me
Among Us
A French man reacts to trying Coca-Cola for the first time (1950s)
Anyone who flees on foot when the cops have a dog is a god damned moron
average r/athiesm user but its opposite day
About a year ago,
Anon hooks up with a girl
About an year ago, I was invited to attend a “space camp” at NASA.
A message for all you Liberals
A response to a Jojo meme in /r/BanVideoGames
Among us total drama island
Among us
A day in the life of mr fuck shit
An all original copy pasta by yours truly
A Unironic Post from Twitter
alex jones
AITA for humiliating a man and his entire family when he proposed to me?
An interesting title
Among us
A Lonely Roblox Player
A Tale Of A Lion And A Hunter
Australien Government
A old meme but with the n word
A comment on a Gardevoir r34 post
A Friend typed this on discord in response to a greentext
Alt+255 Alt+255 Alt+30 Enter Alt+30 Alt+255 Alt+30
After the Nvidia Paper launch of the 3080
A post to a fandom wiki
A would you rather type question
Among Us. From r/teenagers
A copy pasta of someone’s who hates forsen’s chat reaction
A Nikocado Avocado tweet
A girl jokingly asked me to write an essay on incest. so i did it. I wrote 460 words in 40 minutes just because she jokingly asked me to.
A guide to not fapping to gay porn
A Thousand Times
AITA for killing a mother and her child in a hit & run?
All of the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator units
Angry metal fan
among us dude copy paste haha
Awful, embarrassing experience over Zoom… what should I do?
AITA. I [25F] left my boyfriend [6M] because he was breathing too much.
America Bad
A desperate attempt
Armin becomes a dark god (Taken from A Slap On Titan)
AITA for being faithful to my true love?
A very aggressive not funny didn’t laugh copypasta
A guide to not fapping to gay porn
An EMT copypasta
All of the Filthy Frank tags (I think, but probably not)
A year old note I found in my Mac’s Notes app
Among Us
A comment I wrote on a post ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
A comment on a women’s Animal Crossing video.
A comment under a tweet saying “what do you want?”
A hentai artist explains his work
AITA for saying big chungus in a public zoom meeting?
Agiri is hot
Among Us.
A threat.
another thing i found
A cool copypasta
Assassination of President Kerensky
A comment of cuties written in real time
An Interesting Title
Among USA assassin
A comment made on my latest meme which gave me copypasta vibes
Are ya winning son?
A serious compliment towards CK3’s breasts
Among Us Character art
AITA For cumming in my wife?
awooga energy
A serious compliment towards CK3’s Breasts
a real review of “cuties” -no cap
Among us
Ashoka Copypasta extended using Write With Transformer
A Miko Iino Text
A game CEO got triggered
All of y’all in the distant future
AITA for interrupting my wife’s work-from-home meeting in a panic after the baby had an explosive shit that sprayed like 5 feet across the room and decimated our laundry and floor?
A post on simp
Am I the asshole for Baby Shit Spray?
A copypasta
A little copypasta I made a little while ago from a video that I thought was good
An insult by u/djsaga2I
A story from College
All JoJo stands in original romaji
Anon goes mental breakdown on /mu/
AITA for not sharing my Lunchables?
According to god statistics
Add boob and sex skin please
Are you a silly goose?
AITA for killing a family of 4 in the name of Joe Biden?
Anti-catfish script for high schoolers
AITA for ending my marriage over Animal Crossing??
An Essay on Chad.
avant garde copypasta from the r/psychonauts discord
A random pseudo intellectual rant from a discord server argument
Andy takes his toys to a new level
Archer shapiro’s chant
Allergies suck man
A story about piss, over 80% of wich is generated by an AI.
aluminum foil
Am I entitled to my soon to be ex-wife’s OnlyFans? [TX]
All Units.
Am I entitled to my soon to be ex-wife’s OnlyFans? [TX]
Another one from r/teenagers
ASUS™ is teaming up with r/Copypasta for a subreddit givaway!
A troll wrote this masterpiece
Award speech found in r/interestingasfuck
An interesting title
A review for Cuties
About cooldownbot
AITA for making fun of a girl for her dads 9/11 death?
AITA for making fun of a girl for her dad’s 9/11 death?
a rant about black people
AITA for buying an $83,050.99 watch?
A Boomer sent me this comment on Instagram
A review I found on a pellet gun on Amazon.
Animal Crossing
a rather hurtful message on discord
angry video game nerd
AITA for kicking my friends kid’s ass at tic tac toe?
All i said is that children don’t understand transgender
AITA for telling my mom I don’t care about her opinion on my Star Wars wedding and uninviting her?
After a long day of work
A real conversation at UK parliament
A Personality Quiz Backed By Science
Avdol was cool af
Attention all conservatives
Absolute pearler from a Facebook user regarding criticism of music YouTuber Adam Neely
a legit conversation i had on omegle
AwArD bAd NoW gIvE
AITA for killing a roadrunner
A lot of one word post so
As a Black Gamer.
about the gender reveal fire
As a teenage male i just want someone to love me
ahaha, you are such a comedian! you should get an award for that joke…just wow!…grow up
A message to all you pieces of shit (yes i unlike you use correct grammar) not voting Dem this November
Ass sandwich
About (unironically) cumming in their own mouth
Are you … a “FEMALE”??
Attention all retarded chat members
A short toy story
Awards are so dumb…
a tpusa comment
Againsthatesubreddits be like (MILDLY NSFW)
Another Ben Shapiro copypasta
Attention. I am Vihaan Khatri
AC is sexist.
AITA | for telling someone they’re gaming preferences are terrible?
Ah this
AITA for canceling my sons schooling?
Ahri from lol as yoshikage kira
A JoJo Fan’s Greatest Dream and Every Normal Person’s Nightmare
artzie music
AAAHHHHH I hate all these monkey memes.
AITA for brutally murdering my entire family?
a funny copypasta
American middle schools are worse than prisons
A challenge gone awry
Among Us Cinematic Universe
A discord mod
Attention, my name is Vihaan Khatri.
Allah Akbar
Ara~ father, you’ve walked in on our playtime.
anime cock 😳
A rant from Dr. Fauci.
An important message
ACAB is nazi dogwhistle, if you hear it used by a leftist, then they are a cryptonazi.
Anyone listen to Kanye and have the urge to hump the mattress?
Ahegao is racist
Am i cool now?
AITA for being an asshole?
A foot fetishist/jacksepticeye porn fan wrote this
AITA for killing my child
Adama Traore Copypasta
AITA for “forcing” my boyfriend to do the dishes?
A post I found on some blog thing where a kid falsely claimed that they acted on Baby Einstein videos and state very false information about the series itself
And actual message sent to a girl from r/teenagers
A dm to a chinese Indonesian woman on Twitter
a review of Haribo Goldbears gummies found in the wild
A Knight’s Wet Dream
Alright, I’m Out.
A world record sucker of dicks
A Snake In the Clouds, written by Jeremy Elbertson.
A copypasta created by accident, as I did not recognise a fellow copypasta-er wasn’t actually accusing me of being a conservative, but using pasta
A copypasta I made whilst trying to teach logic to a crybaby on RedditMoment
America good, fite me IRL
Abbachio’s penis
AITA for using fireworks for my gender reveal party?
A post I found in a Facebook group along with a picture of 2 Vaporeon attached
AITA for keeping the money I (21F, big boobs) made from doing a “charity stream” on twitch??
Average FWR user
Average FWR user
A nice $200US keychain, I guess.
Asking for a full-body picture of a cosplayer
A rant I had in an Overwatch Discord Server
An Essay on Twinkle Nora Rock Me– To be used however you want
A guide to every youtube star’s “apology” video
AITA for telling people to wear a mask?
An interesting unironic post I found on r/Globeskeptic
A reply from a video about templeOS
A short story.
Actual post from r/leagueoflegends
An interesting dish
AITA For being a literal saint?
As someone who has been waiting for the clusterfuck that is the 2000 series to be over
A rant from r/skulduggerypleasant
After having a stupid internet argument dude presented me with this
A reply from r/atheism
A nightmare
A, uh, a girl is in my calculus class, and, I-I finally talked to her!!!
A rather humorous story I saw
Anime titties (from r/teenagers)
A German tourist is visiting France and the customs official says “occupation?”
Americans need their own language.
AITA for making kid cry on a plane multiple times?
A comment on gaming circlejerk
Animal Crossing
An interesting title
Alnighter any% tutorial
an amazing shitpost
A warning
A comment from the post: “An Open Letter to Wilt Chumperlame”: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s 1990 open letter to Wilt Chamberlain who had been criticizing him for years. (r/nba)
A youtube comment i found
A reply I made to someone commenting they were gonna rape me with a skin condom.
A comment I found on r/CODZombies
As a resident of Western Australia
A text message my friend received
Anal Rape Emoji
A YouTube commenter after being called a simp:
An Unseasonably Cold War with Canada
ay oy !
Ancient Aliens
ass picture
a poem to Cummy
A comment under a Rick and Morty clip.
Ascii art troll face
Anon’s take on false rape accusations (courtesy of r/4chan)
A feline love story
Angry teenager and instagram user @siibugg gets called unfunny, throws temper tantrum
A Shitty situation
A request
An interesting title
A Kind Russian Message 😊
A TikTok PSA
An interesting title for an interesting list
angry mod discord
A Message to Mick and Rorty Cretins
An actual nextdoor post (link in comments)
an underaged kid on discord told me his backstory… what he said next shocked me
A whole lot to unpack.
A 1 star yelp review
AI-Generated Obama + Barry B. Benson fan fiction (using OpenAI’s GPT-3)
A weeb being left by their wife.
an error has occured
A true warrior
Anime has nothing to do with cartoons and it has always been this way
abduct Komiya Kaho-chan
As a hotel worker…
anime peen
Animated movie trailer
A story about Noah and his bread
A VERY long list of U.S. politicians, donors and political figures who have been arrested and charged with child rape, abuse, pornography or trafficking in the last few years. You shouldn’t be surprised to know this list contains BOTH Republicans and Democrats. Pedophilia is NOT politically biased!
a review i found on Garfield Kart: Furious Racing’s Steam page
A VERY long list of U.S. politicians, donors and political figures who have been arrested and charged with child rape, abuse, pornography or trafficking in the last few years.
All rap music is genetically low IQ shit.
A comment posted in an argument where the poster said a subreddit was “the only source of uncensored truth on Reddit”
A childs message to a troll on a other website
An opinion of Nick Wilde from Zootopia
A warning from the superwholock fandom
Ahh, you want to hear about the cake fucker?
As a matter of fact I host a quarterly viewing party where I screen the Eddie Murphy film Norbit.
anime profile pics
American Psycho Business Card Scene
A message from Cummy to a skilled Mercy main.
ANON: I bet Jar Jar is fucking hung like a whale. God he can raw me anyday.
A question
A Gamer’s wet dream
An Extra Funny Rickroll Repost Check
A trip to Cancún more like a trip to cancoom
a message for nikocado avocado
A message from my teacher
An actual article on the Minecraft Creepypasta Wiki
analyzing lesbianism
A Modest Proposal
AITA for eating my girlfriends ass?
An Anglo Affair 🍩
Ayyy I just made my first discord server check it out
A poem to my girlfriend
A bunch of unicodes that reddit broke this pasta
Actual translation of letter from Czech Mayor to Chinese Diplomat
Announcement (source in comments)
A YouTube soap ad
AITA for being an asshole?
A woman’s views on no simp September
A friend got banned from a minecraft server for griefing
a mere simpleton…
Among us discord server
Arabic is a good swearing language
After a week of thinking, interpreting, and running through multiple bots, I have the I’ll Vento D’oro lyrics. This is the best you’ll find on the internet
A TED Talk on GG Allin
Air in Plane gives you cancer
AITA for lethally shooting people protesting a non-lethal shooting?
A review of the Twisted Whiskers Show
Awoobis’ Prayer
anti mask protest comment
Automod Trigger Word Contest
All cops are bad copypasta
About God of War 4
A classic in which grandma looses her damn mind
A comment from r/rareinsults
a title
A joke on a discord server I’m in
a comment to a fall guys twitter post
A very badass person from r/thathappened
AITA for being the asshole?
A real YouTube comment that I can’t decipher for my life
a list of nsfw subreddits put into googletransulate many times
A girl in a reddit post???.
AITA for escaping my wedding to play Fortnite?
Am I schizophrenic or just dehydrated
A notification from reddit
All I wanted to be was a useful engine
A google review under a movie called “The Wall (2017)”
A True Redditor (Found on r/redditmoment)
application for porn.net
Annoying cyberpunk
A Wild Day at Caillou’s House
A History of the World in 6 Glasses but it’s the introduction and the first chapter
A comment I found
AITA for beating up my granny?
Anon fills his ear with semen and 12% Hydrogen Peroxide
A review of a gorilla light
Average r/Gaming post
AITA for taking too long to walk down the stairs?
AITA for ending racism?
An interesting title
A review of “The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs” by Leopold Butters Stotch
AITA for having “Jesus Christ is Lord” as my wi-fi name?
All my roommate does is play PlayStation
AITA for busting a fat nut over my friends mom sextape and jizzing on the dog?
AITA for forgetting to feed my girlfriends cat and it dies?
A Brief History of How We F·cked It All Up
a comment from a gmod video that me and my friends made
A comment on r/isthisbullshit
a comment i found under a mod that adds shoes to rimworld
Apex legends n+1 party copypasta
All text from the villain campaign of LEGO Batman: The Video Game
AITA for joining ISIS?
A reason for r/escapefromtarkov to run sidearms
A poem Of redditors, by Shakespear
Attention LibTARDS
Another human with too much money and zero self control.
AITA for creating 500 Alts just so the fuck_moash_bot would not overtake CummyBot2000???
A presidential remix of “chief keef aint this” 2020
A random comment I found about Keebler Elves
another great find on r/teenagers
A legitimate reply by someone on inoffensive meme on bras.
Awesome bro
AITA for reporting that my friend was gifted a Firebolt anonymously?
Adopt Me Roblox Copypasta
A word of advise…
AITA for trying to apologize to an ungrateful client after an obscene watermark was printed on our product?
actual messages from some incel on this discord I’m in
Aye my sister is thinking about getting her nips pierced
Air copypasta (see comments)
An interesting title
Attention all users. New rules and announcements. Please read. [Posted from r/virginvschad with permission]
A review of “5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel”.
A facebook post about the s6 legend in apex
A comment on a political Instagram post
After we heard the Ben Shapiro WAP my friend wrote this
AITA for Making my grandpa have a Vietnam War flashback infront of my family?
angry comment i found on 4chan
AITA for not defending my boyfriend against my mother (yet)?
Average r/nosleep post.
A comment i found on a Paper Mario Sticker Star song.
AITA for killing kids?
A single tear
Ahegao face part 2
A comment I found on a Re:Zero post on r/anime
A Beautiful Response To Criticism I’ve Ever Seen.
A Hentai Review
A neat trick
An excerpt from a Scots translated Wikipedia article put through an uwu translator
A message from former US president, Obama whatever his last name is
A guy in my discord stepped down as mod and left a message
A Democrat Knows What’s Best
AITA for taking my 7 year old daughter to Hooter’s for lunch?
As you can see, I have made you cum.
AITA For deleting my sons reddit account because it caused him to hate women?
A Georgian tip (from r/Sakartvelo)
A crappy YouTube video I made when I was 12
Acid Bad
All anime is fascist propaganda
Are you really a girl?
A Ted Talk for Hot Pockets
Alexa, play:
A small Youtuber…
Addicted to Thanos
AITA for getting my mom pregant?
An alphabetical list of every girl that has rejects me
A reply to a Belle Delphine tweet:
AITA for sucking dick?
AITA for saying “I dunno man, lesbians.”?
A verbose version of the “apolgy for bad english” meme
A text from my friends group chat
a brand new nazi goes ham on a robot
A Very Passionate Man Hates Gnats
Asmongold copypasta
A classic from r/realscatgirls
AITA for beating the literal shit out of the math teacher and make him lose his job?
Ayuda Fernan
Anceptical passes the clash royale tutorial. (loud)
A snippet from the Spongebob wiki
anime dick
A group where we pretend to be Aussie boomers
A Quora answer
Actually dude, its salt.
About dream, love and a cop who woke me up.
Anybody else feel kind of guilty after licking pee off of public toilets?
Alexandra Daddario
Alexandra Daddario
A Monkey’s Essay about Futa
And he was good friend
An actual response from a furry
AITA for using a dakdak on an abusive negev user in CSGO Casual?
Ass is Ass! No matter the time period
Accept Jesus
A comment on the story of undertale video
AITA for crippling an 11 year old child?
Alright cool cats and kittens
a hot summer’s day
Anons dislikes reddit
A husband and wife enter a contest. The winner is whoever can bathe at the highest elevation.
About Thanos’s Cock (u/HighOn2Weed)
a girl…who likes animal crossing??
anon is intellectual
Apples vs Watermelons
All, I am editing my original post and apologize for any miscommunication that this caused.
AITA (libtard destroyer Ben shapiro) for tearing wifes (doctor) dessert vagina multiple times with my massive 9mm penis.
AITA for telling my friend that she is only welcome at my house if she doesn’t bring her husband
AITA for me and my friends killing a village full of innocent Vietnamese men women and children?
AITA for accidentally getting my daughter stuck inside my anal cavity?
A comment on r/dankmemes
A talk about Dogs.
Abigail Shapiro
According to god statistics
AITA I bought a potato
A dildo review
Asian Trix Commercial
a discription on Eagle Robot Car Games – Formula Car Robot Games, a game i found on the android store
AITA for storing 2750 tonnes of ammonium nitrates in the Beirut Port?
A gym review
An obvious troll in unpopularopinions
Are ya ready kids?
AITA for defending a black person?
An Interesting Title About OUR Neighbor
advantages of emoticons over emojis
A case for funding usps
Amazing card
all emojis
A poem about my cock
AITA for interdimensionally travelling to another dimension inhabited by sentient and sapient biped beings, all for trying to consume 5 younglings of aforementioned dimension, one which has telekinetic powers?
A Great Betrayal
AITA for firing someone after her dad died?
A child’s dream
Actual OOTL comment
A shark chased me out to a buoy
AITA For eating my dog?
American politics
Action figure posability
A comment on the at&t 5 gee post by a person with a sephiroth profile Picture
A response on someone posting a meme about New Jersey in our discord…
An actual fucking TIFU post
AITA for killing my sister for deleting my MineCraft house?
A Kirby Fanfic (NSFW)
A girl I know on animal crossing
A jaguar going around the neighborhood
AITA for saving an old lady from a horrible and gruesome death?
Arab Nigga
angry man is angry
a proposal
a review of microsoft flight simulator
A good portion of the bee movie script
An apple a day
AITA For Killing My Political Rival To Win The Election?
All of you fucking RACIST assholes 👁👄👁
Any female born after 1644 can’t cook.
annoying soulshatters copypasta
AVGN New York 2017
Anon from green text
A message from RGB Man
A comment from the odd end of youtube
A girl??? On the internet??? Talk to me plz???
Abagail Shapiro DESTROYED by my cock
A text my friend got. He sent it to multiple people
anyone a weeb here? *kaneki crack* seems like a badass to me
A new video?!?!?!
An actual review for the nightmare before Christmas
A strong cup of coffee to melt away the winter’s ice
A redditors day
A reply on r/tiktothots about underboobs
Absolute unit of a man
A GIRL?(oc copypasta)
A critique of the new goldfish packaging
A Love Story…
Article about the world’s simplest creature made personal
As a gamer, I can’t turn my camera on during online classes.
a post on r/TheRedPill
A random ad
Ascii art
Ascii art
A day in the life of Kanye West
a horrible taco bell story
AITA for telling my 19 y/o girlfriend that her design is deeply rooted in pedophelia
A stranger in the night
Alpha male
A Vegan Message
Asia Old Man Peel and Stick Fabric Wall Sticker Review
angry gamer’s warning for joining RUSOF in a roblox game
A Night With Sergio Kitchens
Armored fursuit
Annoying Fortnite copypasta but it’s jojo
AITA For being an asshole?
A Tale of Two Cities
All the war crimes I have committed in Iraq
All keys lead to H on keyboard
Apex Legends Season 6 All Tiers:
A comment From r/yandere_simulator_2
Anon’s thoughts on eating box
All Hail Shadow.
Annie Ben and mango is the most entertaining show in the history of television
A response to me saying “I’m guessing you’re 9 and watch Reddit videos”
All Star – Smash Mouth lyrics but it’s translated through 20 languages in Google Translate
Another part of the rant
ASCII Swole Doge vs Cheems
All I need to cook these liberals is a can of Goya beans
An angry halo fan
A kind copypasta, provided by tiktok
A fursona from steam
Anthony Sabatini gets the Russian COVID vaccine
A Comment Under an XXXTentacion Music Video
Approving Shrek Ascii
All I wanted to do was post my opinion.
Avid Facebook motorsports enthusiast
A guy from r/rarepuppers wrote this
Anti-Derivative Formulas
A post from r/teenagers
another post by the legend r/urtypniklas
A comment in response to the user known as u/Anus_Fungi commenting “🍄” on every post he find
Android winning
As a man, I pee in the sink
A message I got after calling someone a centrist
Analysis of Big Shaq
A response for whenever you see anything extremely disgusting, stomach churning online
Angry TLOU2 G*mer
A story of a rusty trombone
A comment about, “When do you think it would be possible to turn people into actual anthropomorphic animals (furries)?”
Amazing tutorial generated by an AI
Average twitter cancel account
AITA for disowning my daughter?
After Barca’s phenomenal loss to Bayern last night
AITA for telling my black friend that his existence is an example of forced diversity?
A review on a 1,300 dollar hdmi cable
A Text From My Friend About Cartoons…
Absolutely disgraceful performance.
admin for a server im in yelling about a meme we made of her
Arabic vs Hebrew
a comment on a therapist meme
Acropolis of Athens
A guy who has joker as his pfp has this in his yt description.
Austria-Hungary’s ultimatum to Serbia. July 22, 19