Fixed version of Big bill hell’s cars.
Fucking pedos
Fair warning, I know how messed up this is, and I apologize. Don’t unspoil unless you’re prepared.
Fuck you, you stupid fucking wagie.
Found on Quora
Family Fellow
found this on r/subsimulatorgpt2
Found on r/lveforredditors
Found on /ck/
fuck jews and ni**ers and stick them in a wheel barrel and dump their brains in a cement mixer Fuck jews, fuck niggers, fuck everyone, fuck the machine and fuck Jesus Jew! The NIGER! The NIGER! THE NIGER! He has risen from the dead! Do not worry for the jews That damn NIGER! Dude, it’s ok,
Fnaf 6 end speach
Found on a sub about countries and balls
fucking nerd
f🤬ck this biscuit
From r/lgbt but emojified
Found on r/venting
Fortnite Addiction
for archive
fishing with nuke
Flareon (Inspired by an actual conversation I had on Discord cause I said Flareon was bad)
FUCK YOU. Your whole, FUCKING, Empire. Fuck. you.
Funny, grocery store experience
find the sus
For all yall chess fans, copy pasta made by me
found this in the comment section of a product on taobao
From r/rants
From r/rants
Fortnite Analogy for 9/11
from r/gocommitdie
From a Comment on r/DarkViperAU
Free Only Fans Discord
Free onlyfans discord
French sucks
Found this pearl in r/europe
Formula One
From a female Twitch streamers Instagram comments…
Fuck pineapple pizza
From r/publicfreakout
fredricc choppin
found on /r/randomthoughts
friend scare
Free Amazon Gift Cards. Steps: 1. Find a seller on ebay/kijiji/craigslist (Local works better) that is selling a $25+ amazon gift card. 2. Message that seller asking to see three and ONLY three consecutive numbers so you can email amazon and make sure the card is legit, and not a spoof card 3. Once
Found this in a Rule34 comment section
F.ucking with Boyfriend ! [ S.extape ] – Ms Sethi !
Found this gem on the comments section of a YouTube video bullying trans people for no reason.
Fresh pasta from Chadtopia
Frotting [NSFW]
Fuck you.
Furry explains why you should upgrade to Windows 11
Found on a r/guro post
From a deleted thread “How the FUCK do I write 350 about why I want to work at Taco Bell”
Furry porn is objectively better than normal porn
Found in the comments of another copypasta
From “Post Nuclear Driving Test” by Ethereal Snake
Found in a comment in an obscure Weebly site
Fuck off, bot!
Fuck MENSA’s IQ tests
Found in an Amazon review for a shower curtain liner
Favorite chess position
Found on a video in DiscordVideos
Found on r/USMC
From a random comment in okbh
Found on r/guitarcirclejerk
From a discord server
Found in youtube comments under a Gryffindor house winning due to dumbledore video
French copypasta by BingChat
Found this in a R34 post
F**k Mortis (from r/brawlstars
fandom wiki
Found on r/StableDiffusion
For all you haters out there.
From r/Anarchychess
From the drama on r/watchmeforever, the AI-generated Seinfeld show that just came back with a new season that the fans hate
Found on r/Chainsawfolk
Finding Topics
Found in the pvz sub
F**k you God, you asshole! Why did you make me burn the goddamn soft roll?
Found on r/greentext
Free onlyfans discord link
Forget Yacht Club, now we in U-Boat Club!
For any females who claim to be ‘Star Wars Nerds’
From r/Radiohead
Fuck Stuart Little
from competitive pokemon sub
Fix your god danm grammar
Fratelli’s Pizzeria/Gino’s Pizzeria (from Khonjin House)
Funny Valentine’s napkin speech
Film Theory – Dr. Strange’s Multiverse and how it proves that you get no bitches
Fuck all of you. If you think I’ll shrivel up and die just because I’m outnumbered then think again. Y’all have no idea who and what I’ve seen, I’ve buried men for less. Knock me down 8 times I’ll get up 9 bitch. This is my last straw, you better be ready to run like hell when my demon breaks free.
From r/NoStupidQuestions
For people who say “I love lean💜”
find cinnamon roll
fake lovers
Fever Dream Monologue
Fever Dream
fart copypasta
Found the Vaporeon simp
Fuck you for even typing this
Flareon is the most huggable Pokemon
Fat nuts by me
Found in a random yt argument
found this in a youtube comment section idk if it was already posted here
Found this on r/nintendoswitch
For Those Who Have Received Rejections From The Esteemed Admission Halls of Cambridge
family guy AU bc i was bored (mpreg)
Folk, should i tell my best friend that i dreamt about losing my virginity with her?
Femboys would be the most excellent U.S army soldiers
femboy gardevoir
from r/taiwan
Found this under Nardwuar’s Jay-Z Interview
For gamers
Fluffing Jonah Hill
From r/nostupidquestions
Fart tape
Fuck Soft Rolls
Found on r/showerthoughts
Found a copypasta in the making on r/FemBoys(don’t ask what i was doing)
Futanari and omegaverse are like literary cousins.
Femboy here, Let’s be friends!
Found on r/teenagers
From the r/Waluigi Subreddit
From the AI Steamed Hams stream
Found my sister is on onlyfans. (Found on r/teenagersbuthot)
Found in r/hearthstone
From a post about gaslighting ChatGPT that 2+2=5
Facts about pedofiles
Found on a post on Atomic Heart’s Ballerinas
From r/researchchemicals
Fuck Pandas
Found in a sub about breaking bones
Fuck Pandas (Credit: u/YourDailyDevil)
Fox sports 1945
found in the wild
Fuck you John Cena
Facebook comment
found in a description of a youtuber
Floor is lava
from a tumblr post about demographics
Freedom Units
Found this on r/askreddit wow
fnaf lore but good
Found this guy defending a woman who was going to buy her kid a dildo.
Friendly approach for someone who didn’t get the joke.
Found on another forum
Furbies at war
Found on youtube
FG 42 copypastaroni.
Found on a steam guide
filthy frank harry styles prank call
Founded on r/hoi4
followup to “why diarrhea is great”
firey bad
From r/badroommates
Feet pic
foot odor fetish
Found on r/valorant.
Fortnite x Burger King Ad
fucking town in austrian arps
found in r/ifyoulikeblank👍
Found on r/meth
Freebird is the greatest piece of music ever written
For Abby and her three throbbing friends on Valentines ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
found in r/truerateme
From a thread arguing about incest
Frank Reynolds’ Little Beauties
Frank Reynolds’ Little Beauties
Freddy fazbear learns his lesson after eating spicy food (AI made)
Flame Atronach copypasta: Joshua Graham version
Flame Atronach copypasta: Joshua Graham version.
Facts xdxdxdxd
Full dark evil pack (accurate)
Found on r/battlefield2042
Found this below a video of a bear chasing horses.
Finger becomes a sex symbol (real)
Fact posting
Found on r/DarkandDarker
Found on r/incestconfessions
From r/AskMen
Found on a Cringe Discord Server unedited
for war thunder
Futanari definition
from r/wordington
Favorite characters
From a post on askreddit about gun ownership
Found on r/TomodachiLife
Fuck it, Titanic Script(4)
Fuck it, Titanic Script(1)
Fuck it, Titanic Script(2)
Fully Technical Explanation of How A Google Search Works
From r/WritingPrompts
Fuck it, Titanic Script(3)
femcel gf
femcel gf
Found this somewhere
Friend rages at mob vote results
Fake robot fuckers
Found on r/kanye
Found on r/deformationhentai
Fuck Koalas
Found this
From a conspiracy post about mozarts death
Full lorem ipsum dolor text
Found this beauty on xhamster
found on r/cursedcomments
Facts here
Found on r/GeometryDash
Food tastes like Weed
Found on a post with fucking Hazbin Hotel fanart of all places.
From the whopper commercial comments on YT.
Fucked up in the crib
Finn the Human sex story that made me tear up from laughting
from r/okbuddychicanery
Fought leffen in unranked. I have a message for him.
Family Guy Brian Death Reaction
found this shit on somebody instagram profile its from 2019 wtf 😭 do what you want with this
from r/cyberpunkgame
Frankenstein game
Found on r/AMG
From a group chat
Found In R/Huestation
From r/confessions
Fuck UwU
Friendly Ghandi nuke threat to Herr H.
funny guide
FAttY SPiNS – “Doin’ Your Mom”
Found on r/gamingcirclejerk
found on Pinterest comments pls use its so funny
from peternity’s discord
Fuck Minecraft
From r/blackcountrynewroad
fresh copypasta from the payday 2 discord!
found on r/teenagers
from r/teenagers
Found out my (19m) gf (19f) watches Animal Porn
Found on /fa/
from r/teenagers
Formally express that I ain’t reading all that (credit BEAmainlol)
fleshless bbones so twisted
From a question asking “how to break up with a femboy”
Found on steam as a review
Free Mod in any server
found this in a meme, someone legit sent this hoping to get pussy, help me finish this masterpiece
Friend wrote this on discord
Found this comment on a steam profile
Found under a music video (Bizzey – Traag)
Fuck Two
Found this on PH
found on r/AnimePossession
found this on gamefaqs
Found this questionable DBZ shipping post on gamefaqs
Fascist Fuckheads
For anyone whose Chinese typewrite is broken, here’s the Chinese ABC
Freddy Fazbear in among us set in minecraft rap by chatGPT
found on the shithole of wizz
Found on Panic at the disco Instagram announcing their breakup
From r/trueoffmychest
found on a discord server
Found on r/putbullhate
Found in response to the question “What are coomers?
Found on discord
Fixed cum glitch
Found on Discord
Found on a fungi sub
From the young thug sun
from r/self
From the Young Thug sub
Found on a incel forum
Found on a post about Ben Shapiro
Found on r/DrugsCircleJerk
Found on r/21stcenturyhumour
found in r/Huestation
Found on r/splatoon
found this from r/Ningen
Found in r/btd6
Fuck serbia
first 5 people to join my server gets mod
from spm
Found on r/confessions
From r/DotA2
Found on the Harry Potter subreddit
For the inclusion of rats and their rights as citizens
Found on r/Femenism
Found on r/lfg, game with wildest list of possible trigger warnings
Fuck Mr.Krabs
from Nothing to Nothing.
Fermat’s Last Theorem
found replying to a random homophobic comment (cw: ironic homophobia, slurs)
Fucking Sunflowers
feet rant i found on discord
First person POV of Justin Roiland’s day
Fuck you, here’s the entirety of Martin Luther King Jr’s I Have A Dream speech
For the Abbies out there
From r/okbuddybaka
FNAF 3 Steam review
fuck you fat people
Found this one on twitter and ewwwww
fresh from PCM
Found on r/stardustcrusaders
fnf “I hate you with lyrics” parody lyric thing (I made this by hand)
For the love of God have sex with me
follow me
From a discord im in
found this in a comment
From r/confessions
Found this on Discord
From u/GayK1d
fantasy world
found on r/pinball
FNaF is probably coming on Dead by Daylight with also a new Movie
From r/cringepurgatory
Found this on reviews of a fanfic
found in TIFU
Four hundred and twenty
Found out my boyfriend was once fucked by a dog.
Found on r/auslaw
Funny 4 panel
From r/ChatGPT (actual response the bot gave)
From the cingetopia subreddit
From someone posting their actual political opinions on this sub
Fuck the poor, save the rich. I mean it.
found this
Family Feud
From r/unpopularopinion
Found in r/anarchychess
Family Feud
Fnaf 6 ending line (I believe)
found in a discord server
found on a gta mod site
Found in r/teenagers
from r/ask
Fuck You
found on r34
Friendship Breakup
found in a youtube comment section
from r/askreddit
First 10 chapters of the book of Genesis
Femboy Twitter
Found on r/teenagers on a post about someone being a femboy
Forced to stay outside my room for a day – posted to discord by a sad 8th grader in 2020.
found it on r/teenagers
Flint handaxe
Found on r/iamverysmart
from the Death Grips sub
Fuck Threshers all my homes hate Threshers
From a Canadian. Singapore is the greatest country in the world.
From a screenshot of r/vent from r/shitposting
Found on r/teenagers
Fart in Walmart
Fuck off.
found on r/teenagers
Found this on r/entitledparents.
found in r/trees
found on a meme
Full-time Discord moderator
Found on someone’s profile
fanfic that is now a copypasta in my friend group
Fantasy fuck of Ivanka
From r/redditmoment
From r/morbidquestions
Feet fetish
From Vothana’s Game Over Comment Section on RYM
from r/Teenagers
Fuckin butts and suckin nuts
Feminism is a supremacist hate cult. Always has been. Always will be.
From r/confessions
Front loader washing machines
From the moment I understood the weakness of my flesh
from an r/askreddit post
Found under a post about “Melanin-Away”
From r/Ark
From r/shitposting
Fixed My Ringtone
Facebook im the second coming of christ
from an r/memes comment
Femboys are the Ultimate Form of Woman
FNAF sex
found this gem from a guy replying to someone who said 🤓
From r/teenagers
Found in some debate about how anal is like sushi
Found in r/spicy
French People don’t exist.
Fuck Real Madrid
Fun on the beach
From r/genjimains
Fucking hell!
From r/Wordington (wordington fell off)
From r/Hornyjail
From a comment on r/coaxedintoasnafu
found on quora
from r/pyrocynical
for when someone tells you you’re the worst guy they’ve ever met
Fuck salt bae fifa world cup 2022 messi Argentina Qatar
from r/JustBootThings
From r/gamingcirclejerk
found a funny copypasta from a “website”
Fnaf6 Ending but with UwU speak.
Found on 4chan what nerds
Ferrari’s new NFT collection is Live. 800 NFTs for the first 800 people.
Ferrari’s new NFT collection is Live. 800 NFTs for the first 800 people.
found deep in the trollface discord server
Ferrari’s new NFT collection is Live. 800 NFTs for the first 800 people.
Ferrari’s new NFT collection is Live. 800 NFTs for the first 800 people.
For all the people who don’t rotate their images before posting
Ferrari’s new NFT collection is Live. 800 NFTs for the first 800 people.
Ferrari’s new NFT collection is Live. 800 NFTs for the first 800 people.
Ferrari’s new NFT collection is Live. 800 NFTs for the first 800 people.
Fuck this shit. Just unsubbed from r/TerribleFacebook meme’s.
Ferrari’s new NFT collection is Live. 800 NFTs for the first 800 people.
Fulfill my Waffle House fantasy
Fuck this new movie
Found in a Twister movie forum
From r/Minecraftearth
From a wordington post showcasing minecraft mob’s cocks
Found on r/teenagers
Forget 9/11
fresh pasta
found on /x/
From Fatmagic’s latest video, credit Pancazuli
From r/okbuddyreze
From r/drugs
Found this shit in r/rants lmao
Fuck Justin Trudeau “[psa]”
From r/teenagers
found this
Fuck lore
found in the comments of a post on r/skyrim
Fuck this sub.
Filename nigger
Found on the comment section of an anime song I’ll leave the details to your imagination
Found this on a scat porn sub.
found in r/vexillologycirclejerk
Fortnite continued to be the most searched for game on Pornhub
Feelings for the bathroom stud finder
For me it’s-
Femboy Friends111!!1!!!1!!111!!11!!
from a r/confessions comment
fitness gram pacer test
Fifth Friday
first vaporeon now meowscadara :sadface:
From r/confession
from r/bigdickproblems
Fuck Mort
Frodo Deals with his PTSD
Found in a Sports Betting Discord after user lost 3 slips in a row
Found this on a valorant sub: This game has the worst competitive system I’ve ever seen
Foreword and Reverse Kegal
Fun Math Questions for Kids: Are you looking for fun math questions to ask your kids? If so, this list is a great way to get started.
Found on 4chan
Fart Fantasy
femboy porn lowers suicide rates in the U.S.
From r/DarkViperAU
found in the wild on Facebook
Flamboyant insult copypasta
Found in a steam profile comment section argument
From Genshin Facebook
Fortnite skin
Found on r/ukraine
Frosty The Snowman (By H.P. Lovecraft)
Frank Reynolds confuses Boca Raton, FL with the African terrorist group Boko Haram, and ships his energy drink to the latter. Frank’s defence:
From a post on r/FuckYouKaren
First of all, I’m not racist — an actual quote about being banned from a website
Found on r/TIFU
Free Bird
Foreskin piss cup man
fried chicken
Foreskin cup
Foreskin Cup
Found on r/unpopularopnion
found in the comment section of the latest jerma video
From r/programmerhumor
Football Manager press conferences
Found in r/circlejerk
For some reason I made an e made of e’s made of e’s made of e’s
Fuck you
Found on Wordington
from r/Eminem
Fuck You Kanye
Found on physicsmemes
found in r/GamePigeon (sus 🥸)
Found on r/shitposting
Found this in a DM
found on r/justneckbeards
Fortnite Turns Me On
Femboy workout
Found on a friend’s Steam wall.
Fur Affinity Says Black Lives Matter
from r/writingcirclejerk
Formal Penguin of Doom
Family Guy Hummer® Cutaway
Family Guy Hummer Cutaway
from r/danganronpa
Financially illiterate
Femboy Lover.
Fr brother
fuck you ohio!
Fuck r/okbuddyhololive and fuck suipiss
Found on r/tinder
fuck me
From a historical perspective, the thoughts that appear in our mind were at one time dissociated from the sense of the I. These thoughts were attributed to different characters that were designated a place “above” or “heaven”. Words that reference the mind but suggest the higher
Fuck Fred Durst
Fred Durst
From IG
Found in another subreddit
Fuck you for posting this
from r/shittymcsuggestions
Fresh pasta straight from r/greentext
Found this in YouTube comments talking about how useful Judo is
Females of reddit, in order to save our world you have to make an obese gentleman cum his biggest load ever. How would you achieve this?
From a reddit comment on a post about youtube:
Found on a r/cringetopiaRM about someone on 4chan
father garcia moment
Fuck you.
From a cod player with a skill issue
From r/sadstories
From r/dankmemes
From r/casualuk
feet lover copypasta
Fuck you
From r/ForeverAlone
From r/blowjobs
Found this on a hard drive, from an email in 2003
From the r/dogelore discord, in response to “Ain’t no way the whitename speaking using pronouns as an insult bruh”
Food on my Xbox home screen!?!
Found from Twitter.
Front Street
From a crazy person’s manifesto
from shitposting
Found this gem from an American (Regarding the summer heat wave of 2022)
Found on quora
From discord for Beyoncé
Found this quite a while ago on reddit lol
from a guy on discord
From some user
from r/gaysian
Found this on the r/CollegeBasketball Post-Game Thread for today’s game between Wisconsin and Dayton. Wisconsin won 43-42.
from r/exmuslim by the way, the ultimate comedy subreddit.
Found on r/meth
Freshly cooked: a navy seal does aviation.
Found on r/TooAfraidToAsk
From /r/leagueoflegends
found on r/cornedbeefapproved
Found on 4chan’s /pol/:
Former and Current Colonies of Great Br*tain
Found on Twitter
Found in response to a tiktok
found this, the femboys trend has to stop before its too late
Femboy Milk Farm Design
from and r/askreddit thread
Fuck isekai
Found it on r/tifu
Found on r/dankmemes
Funny story about rats and Raids
from r/halflife
found in /tipofmypenis
found this on r/clashroyale
Found in a random youtube short about yugioh
Fucking Servo Trip Cunt
From r/linuxmasterrace
From r/justrolledintotheshop
full version because last one didn’t process
Found on r/teenagers
Found on r/clashroyalecirclejerk
Found on r/teenagers
Fuck you automod
Found on r/teenagers
From r/nonutnovember
Fall in love with a person you never met
found this on r/starterpacks
from r/starterpacks
Freddy Roasts Gregory
Fuck around
found on cringetopia
From r/nonutnovember
Figurative Language
Found on r/nnn
found on r/guitar
from r/unsentletters
found on r/NotHowGirlsWork
From 197: Would Biden or Trump cum first?
furry copypasta through shakespeare translation then furry translation then italian then english
Found on r/shid_and_camed
Fried Chicken Rant
Femboy ass so good.
Found on r/tinder
from guns/r
From r/Tifu
Five Sausages in the Pantry
found on r/ppnojutsu
Found on Holup
First chapter of the Bible here we go
First 50 pages of the Bible
from r/confessions
for legal reasons, this is a joke. please do not cancel me.
Farted on my boyfriend
Family Guy Cutaway Idea
From an AK fanart comment section
From r/antijokes
Found on r/tylerthecreator
Fuck you bitch
Flex Air 7 Synopsis
femboy slut (found on discord, posted by mod lmao)
Fallout: Las Vegas
Found this on r/sex
From a discord server I am in
furries breaking your cock and spine
found on r/teenagers
From r/tumblr post
From r/conservative
From r/Silenthill
From russian anonymous imageboard 2ch (translated)
From a simple anatomy standpoint
Found under a Jaiden Animations video
Filming of Morbius
from r/LeagueOfMemes
fuck you weeb
Father Garcia’s Message – FAITH
Fun Fact #7
From DeviantArt…
From r/shitposting
Found on r/teenagers
fucked a peanut butter cup
Found this on an announcement post on r/CollegeBasketball.
Finished Sonic Frontiers…
Found on askreddit
fuck it, here’s minos prime’s monologue from ultrakill
Found in a Twitter thread:
Fucking Pedos
Free will, outside a spiritual context, makes nonsense.
fnm04 why are you doing this to me
Fun Fact #6
Fun Fact #3
Fun Fact #1
Fun Fact #5
From r/teenagers
From the League of Legends worlds twitch stream
From r/kotakuinaction
From a Godzilla post on r/blursedimages
From r/teenagers
from an r/whenthe user, i present
Free Software
from r/vore comment section UwU
From r/writingcirclejerk
From an Incel
Foundation is the single most on-brand show on any streaming platform.
FNAF: Security Breach
found on a bored ape NFT sub
Femoid purity is nonexistent these days
Fnaf lore
fuck you
Fnaf security breach
From r/leagueoflegends
From r/Timanderic
Found on r/China: A Happy Day of A Chinese (or, How Chinese Recycle Their Own Waste)
Found on r/powerwolf
Found in the Wild
Found on a cringetopia comment thread
Found on r/confessions
Funky ‘_’
Found on discord
FNAF 6(9) lore. Sussy edition.
From r/Time
Found on Youtube comments
Fuck it, all catsubs
found on r/twosentencesadness
Fired for masturbating on a Zoom call
FNAF 6(9) Lore. Sussy addition
free as in freedom
Found on Quora.
Fresh from Twitter
Find a cool hobby
Found on no stupid questions
fuck the chum bucket
Found on r/subsimulatorGPT2
found on discord
From r/teenagers
Found this on discord
Found this in a post about McDonalds spoons
For lefties
Fuck it, the entirety of the Cygnus X-1 series by Rush
From Kotaku article
Female nature: Hypergamy (from a comment on r/TrueOffMyChest)
From the Metacritic page for Cory in the House on the DS
Feeling very attracted towards Juuzou Suzuya
Found on a Kotaku article
Fruity Loops / Omnisphere
Fuck you
Found on r/spider-man
first match in 4 years.
friend request application
Fossilized amogus
Found on 196
First Time Eating Shit
Funny video but its the ascii text file
free food free rent – from tinder NSFW
Fnaf security breach review
Found underneath a post on r/teenagers
from e621
Found on R34
From A2C
found on r/otherkin
Fuck Koalas
Fuck you
From r/Nirvana
Father of Lies
feeling cute lol might share all the US war crimes idk
From r/teenagers
Finnish copypasta fresh out of the oven
Fuck you emoji haters
Found in discord
Fucked your mom?
Fiat 125p copypasta that makes less sense as you read
From r/boardgamecirclejerk
found this in a jojo discord sever
from r/fuckants
Fuck u
Fat Cunt Award
Found on anarchy chess
funny will wood song
From r/Teenagers
Found on r/gayspiderbrothel
Found on r/Deltarune
For 4 years I was stuck in his head games being manipulated and abused.
Fake and gay
For the first time in my adult life, I actually wanted to play Halo over having sex.
Found this under comments under anti-BTS copypasta
found on r/leagueoflegends
Funny Fill-in Mayhem
Found on /tv/
Friday Night Funkin’ modding is dead
Found in comments in r/oculus
Found in r/fridaynightfunkin / r/fridaynighthighjinks
From the chat in a Youtube livestream
from r/ynwmelly
Fuck you.
found on r/teenagers
Friday Night Funkin’ Modding is dead
From r/TIHI
Fuck you
From r/teenagers with serious flair
found on a youtube video
Found on le 4chins
Fool that you are, you forget that you too are mortal
Found this in the comments of a slowed version of “Can i put my balls in yo jaws”
Found on r/damnthatsinteresting
Found on r/askmen
Found on r/teenagers obviously
From a military legal worker:
For when someone dislikes your copypasta (or anything) (Oc)
Farming Simulator 22
Found this gem on a random twitch chat
Found in r/tumblr
found in r/explosionsandfire
fucking millennials man i cant believe it man
Found on r/teenagers
From r/ProgrammerHumor
First datefr
Found on r/dreamgender
Found on r/Kanye
found this on discord after i took a screenshot of a NFT
Fettuccine alfredo recipe from a rivals of aether review
Found on r/Rants
From R/atheism
Found on TIHI
Found on r/196
Found in a video about YouTube essays
From r/L4D2
From a random discord server im in
Found on r/tinder
For the horny fellas
found on r/crazyideas for a masturbation room
from r/columbine “I am Dylan Klebold reincarnated”
From a fb post
Found this on r/askreddit
Found of rareinsults subreddit, Thought Id post here
Found on Rule34 comment section
Found on r/puppy101
from r/airsoft
Found as a reaction to someone replying “based”
Furries are degenerates
From r/greentext
From TIFU, MLP sex party
Found on shitposting, someone’s son not coming home from the Travis Scott concert
From the wonderous r/DnD
Facebook is great at protecting privacy.
From starter packs
From r/bigdickproblems
Found this r/2balkan4you
From r/4chan
From a man v wolf argument.
From a Twitch chat, regarding the game New World: “ok dude”
Found on an r/starbound post I made
From r/reddeadredemption
From r/greentext
Found onr/cursedcomments
From r/advice
Found in a screenshot on r/Gamingcirclejerk
Face Off copypasta (The Rock part)
found on video by SebasLux on youtube
From r/stims -Speed & grandma live cams are a bad idea
From r/Persona5
Found on this very sub (no idea If this is already here)
Found on r/FuckNestle
from the goldmine that is r/confessions: I’m a guy (23) , deep down I fantasize about making a female sit on my face and make her wrap her legs around me and wanting her not to stop untill I can’t breathe.
From r/teenagers
From r/196
From a discord server that is about Minecraft
For when you can’t take it anymore.
Found in r/prorevenge for kid keeps bursting OP’s tires
For some reason this was on r/shittymobilegameads
Found in r4r30plus
from r/waifuism
From the sunday service chat
From r/Confessions: My husband preferred Shrek to sex on our honeymoon
From r/advice: I accidentally viewed petite hentai please help i cant sleep
From Halo discord
Found on youtube comment section
Found this in Joe Biden’s Twitter replies
From Ugly Duckling To Swan: This Guy Who Was Once The Ugliest Dude In His High School Is Now The Hottest Guy In This CBD Store
Found on r/trippinthroughtime
from r/tf2
Found this under a neco arc shitpost
From r/unpopularopinions
From r/questions
From r/TheTenthDentist
Found on the Hearthstone Battlegrounds subreddit
found on a cringetopia post about the bravery of USMC and tony stark lmao
FNAF 6 ending
found on r/airsoft
Found on Meta servers
Found on Ask Reddit
From discord
From the OnionShare Chat
From r/teenagers
Found on r/roblox
From r/CFB
found a new copypasta but it was a legit comment under BTS video, anyways enjoy
found on discord
fuck you if you like autumn
Found this on r/Funny
Fuck you. You useless piece of shit.
Found on omegle (of course where else)
From r/jpegmafia
found in r/mountandblade
funny meme
From r/teenagers
from r/kendricklamar
Fast guy explaining things
From askreddit
From r/teenagers
Found on /fit/
Folk punk shitposting 2: the reckoning
Found on r/shitposting (sorry if it’s a repost)
Family structure is being destroyed worldwide (found this tweet on a female sex robot thread)
Found on Quora
From r/gianttits
From r/TrueUnpopularOpinion: We need to ban sex
Football rant incoming
From Greentext, The true Sigma male
Farted in class
Full bee movie script
Found on r/spaghettihentai
Fellas, is it gay to wear clothing?
for when somebody thinks it’s just so fucking funny to just say “cum”
Female Shadow
From a comment on PCM
First ever wet dream was unfortunate for my cat
fucked a shadow person
From a chrome review.
Found this on r/aznidentity
From quora
FAQ: I just shit and cum
F1 copypasta
found in discord
friend said he doesnt like waffles because of the shape in discord
Found on an anti-vax Facebook page
funni pakistani porn thingie (Buttplugs, sex, kidnapping.)
From a DarkviperAU stream
First of all…
Found on Applying2College
Found on r34
Found on r/teenagers, hopefully satire
Found on discord
found in a Mortal Kombat hentai subreddit
found on r/confessions.
Found in the comments of r/tinder. This guy….. Fucks I guess?
fuck yuka
Furniture Warehouse Spreeng Cleeneeg Commercial Transcript
Favio Sparklemane on Fortnite [Skin Suggestion]
Found on the chuckle sandwich podcast comment section
Found in r/piratehole
From r/teenagers
from r/CasualConversation
Fire spirits were NOT underrated
Found on too afraid to ask subreddit
Fish story
From r/TooAfraidToAsk
fuck you mee6
Found on r/Drugs
Full lowtiergod rant
From r/teenagers
Found on r/sex
from the comment section of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoXMx3SK6k4
From r/animesuggest
Fuck you
From God knows where
From a discord server
from r/196
First Chapter of the Book of Revelation in the original font and Old English. Written by the martyr William Tyndale, who was strangled to death and remains burned for making the first English Copy of the bible.
Floyd’s feed n’ seed
From r/arachnophobia
for when somebody thinks its just so fucking funny to say “cum”
Found on r/teenagers
From r/nofap
From r/okbuddyretard
Found this on a Genshin Impact subreddit. I cannot comprehend wether this is language anymore.
Found on r/196
From r/unpopularopinion
Fuck OP
From Fo76
Found on r/ConspiracyTheories
For when people simp over Wendy’s mascot fan art
Found on r/askreddit
Found in r/movies
found in r/rule34
for u/shittytranslatorbot
for the last time… no, im not like other girls
From r/megaten
Found on discord – arch user
From r/unpopularopinions
found in an anime clip comment section
Fapping is unhealthy
Found on r/piano
Finally some good fucking milfs
For when you see a shit take
Found on r/unpopularopinion
Fuck you, Goblin Cock
found this being spammed in roblox chat
From America:
From a rather crazy post on r/anarchychess
Found on Quora
Filthy Frank – People who debate online, source: https://youtu.be/uP503PzOyqg
Found on a post about traffic
Funny Old Incel Post
Found on r/DamnThatsInteresting
F*** Josh Hawley????? I don’t think so.
From Quora – “Certified Cock Worshipper”
For those who try to deliberately trigger alphabet order bot
From a wikipedia page about anime
From an ad
From r/writing
Farmer here
From /r tech support
Fuck cars and car brained people
Found it as a comment on r/no stupid questions about a guy cumming in one spot on the floor for months
Free my Boy Jerome
from r/sadcringe
Found on r/entertainment
Found on the genshin impact subreddit
Found this on a discord server.
From r/just unsubbed
From r/nostupidquestions
Found in r/NoStupidQuestions
Found in r/sadcringe
Friend sent this to me
Found in a gay/lgbt forum sub – About Naked Mole Rats
Found on r/polls asking which platform has the smartest users
Female dating stratagem!!!
Female dating stratagem!!!
Found on a post about the Roblox outage
forza horizon 5
found on r/skyrim
For if you ever need to convince someone not to commit suicide, here are some reasons they should live.
Fuck it, naked xi jinping
found this on the [website represented by a blue bird]
found on r/kidsarefuckingstupid
Found on a post about the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin.
found on r/teenagers
Found on r/youngpeopleyoutube
Found on r/youngpeopleyoutube
Found a relic ASCII in League of Legends chat
found in r/youngpeopleyoutube
from r/youngpeopleyoutube
Fuck you
From r/unpopularopinion:we should ban tomatoes from italy
From r/Advice: How can I tell my cousin (17) to stop being weird with his girlfriend(14)
Found this in a variety streamer’s discord server, please tell me if this was already a copypasta.
F*** your mader
Found on fetish art
Furry porn
Forgive me for answering even though I’m vaccinated.
Found this on DeviantArt and thought it would belong here
family guy funny moments
fujoshi’s are fucking gross
Found on /b/
found on discord
Five Nights At Freddy’s lore is objectivity better than the bible.
F-f-female on reddit???
from r/TIFU
Found on r/roblox
Found on a pornstar subreddit.
From an arrogant student
Fuck it Sabaton edit November 10th edition
For the people who need clarification.
Found in r/unpopularopinions
Found in xHamster comments.
Found on r/tooafraidtoask
Found on r/yaoi
Found in a discord server
From r/teenagers
Facts and logic to own the dems 😹
Found on a Duolingo comment thread
found on r/copypasta
Found on discord (Pedophile)
From r/trueoffmychest
Found this in a comment in r/BlackPeopleTwitter
FAQ, i just sexed your mom😎
Fuck Reddit, I cant Pin comments, making this so I can pin no read 😡100% true story about my religion
Found this on left-wing Discord
Found on r/sex but it’s deleted now
Forbidden taste
From a Malcolm in the Middle group
Found on r/DreamWasTaken
From the shithole that is r/cringetopia
from r/memes
Found this in the Valorent Discord Server
From AskMen
Found this on r/pcmasterrace
Found in a Steam review
French montana proves he has solo songs on twitter
Found on r/ark
for anti dsmp friends
from r/soccer
Found on /r/196
Found it on a politics server
fuck you people aswell
From a TikTok @snaxtonofficial
Fuck it. Here’s the entire wikipedia page on the Tiananmen square protest
FL Dems
From r/boeken1
From an r/196 comment thread on pedophilia
Fauci Says Attacking Puppy Torture Is An Attack On Science
Found on r/pokemonbattles by accident and oH MY GOD “Lickitung vs Jinx”
free porn in hd hindi punjab shitty post of ur moms nudes
found on discord (uwu)
Found on xue hua piao piao
Fuck bidets
From r/TrueUnpopularOpinion
For those who reply ‘ur mom’ and think it’s funny
For idiots who write ‘This’
Fuck everything (found on r/nihilism)
for all those homophobes in the audience
From r/pokimaneclips
Found on r/unpopularopinion
from r/unpopularopinions
Found this one on r/chelsea
Fuck around the Clock
From the crucible of the Nhentai comment section
Found on r/teenagers
Full text of Thom Brennaman’s apology (Only saw the “man of faith” bit in print up until now)
Fuck you.
Found this nice guy’s response on a girl’s facebook post complaining about guys
Fuck you playerbase! Treyarch
For people who pour water on rounded-inward soccer balls in attempts to debate gravity
forrest gump copypasta
From r/teenagers
Found on r/copypasta
Found in the comment section of a Dear Evan Hansen movie clip on YouTube
Feminism is cancer (by u/copypastaGPT2Bot)
Found in the SSBU Wario Discord server
Found under ELI5: what does it mean that correlation does not imply causation?
Facebook Jail
found in the wild in r/tinder
Former Neckbeard explains why neckbeards are the way they are..
From /bartard_stories
Found in a Incest porn sub
Fnaf 3 song
found on tf2 video
found on r/fortnitebr
Fuck it, here’s the surfin bird lyrics
Found in a weird porn comment section
Found on a Steam Profile
Fuck it, 「Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap」 (a.k.a. D4C) for every letter
For FUCKS Sake downVOTE this person!
Flat is justice!
From r/teenagers
From /pol/
from there was an attempt
From Twitter
Face Off – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
Found this on the megaten subreddit
Found this on the TF2 steam discussion (satire)
Female Reddit avatars
found this in a comment on r/teenagers
From r/shitposting
found this in a reddid thread where OP asked when was the last time you shit yourself.
found on r redditmoment
Found in the comments of a video about a Japanese princess marrying a commoner
Found on r/youngpeopleyoutube
From /subsimulatorgpt2 (bot trained off r/PCGaming)
from r/vent
Fully Automated Luxury Communism aka ‘Fastest Mario’
Found on r/askreddit
From r/teenagers
From the Escape From Tarkov subreddit (Be warned, shitting)
F.r.i.e.n.d.s copypasta
From r/SubSimulatorGPT2
Flirting with fat girls:
Fart Fetish in Bangladesh
Fallout is based from balkan💪💪💪 (stolen from r/2balkan4you)
fuck this shit
Family cock fight
From r/yakuzagames — He really wants to dislike Yakuza 7
from r/teenagers
from r/teenagers
Found on an unironic dreamsexual discord server.
Funny China
found on r/curatedtumblr
First time i jacked off
Found on a steam page
Found on r/okbuddybaka
Found on r/teenagers
From r/Nintendo
found on discord
Fruity Freshman Kid (FFK)
Found in xhamster comments.
Found in r/teenagers
Found when looking for a Jimmy John’s
Famous Ukrainians
From r/HolUp
Found on Newgrounds
Found on 4chan’s /biz/
from r/FemaleDatingStrategy
From a Facebook comment about a car article
Found on r/unpopularopinion
Found this under a Rule34 post.
Found when catching a discord predator (22yr talking to 16yr)
Found in r/askreddit
Fuck “beliefs”
Found on a North Korean Basketweaving Forum
Found in r/advice
For all you people out there who trust “the science.”
Found on r/ConserativeRap
fan comment to creator of family guy porn
Found in a YouTube comment (based)
Found on /mlp/ (My Little Pony) on 4chan
from tiktok
From twitter @WilburSoot 28 July 2019
Fuck YandereDev
Found in r/nofap
fifa on ps5
From r/cringepics
From r/cigarettes
Found in tooafraidtoask
Found this in a discord server I’m in when someone asked to “insult them”
found on r/teenagers
Found in r/copypasta
Fuck changing your name legally
Found this horror coming from, unsurprisingly, a discord mod.
Found on r/unpopularopinions
From r/therightcantmeme
Found on r/greentext
Found on Quora regarding Masturbation question
From Cringetopia
From r/MikeAdriano (NSFW)
found on r/BewitchTheTaliban
From r/darksouls: Moaning In Pain
Found on r/unpopularopinions
From r/teenagers
From r/confessions
Found this on the comment section of r/memes
From r/music
Found on r/unpopularopinion
Found on discord.
From r/confessions: A nerd suffocated his friend to death using his ass and I cannot stop fucking thinking about it
Found on r/Switch
Found on Confessions 😳
Found this on discord they were making a parody of it wasn’t me
For farming downvotes
Found in femaledatingstratpros
found in a rekt thread on 4chan.
Free Nitro!1!1!1!1!1!1
From r/Oblivion by r/Em0tinallyRetarded
First up,
found in r/teenagers (obviously)
Found on r/unpopularopinion mega thread
from hentaihaven.xxx
found on r/FanTheories
Found on r/motorcycles
Found on r/unpopularopinion
fuck you people aswell
Funny thing, I was lurking in a certain other sub and reading about how someone sent up a plane banner again, and then someone said..
From r/eminem
Found on r/2russophobic4you
Fuck ralsei
From r/atheism
FOR THE SOVIET fatherland?
Funny BTS
From a comment on r/showerthoughts
from r/Darkhumorandjokes
From a question about cat food on quora
Fuck you kevin
Found this in a YouTube comment
From r/self
Fiction or meta-truth? The Black Widow
for when you hate an album
french people fees should be a thing and dogs should be free
From r/confession
Forcing people to live among each other who are vastly different in every way causes racial tension
Found in better every loop
found in r/perfectlycutscreams
from r/fixedbytheduet
Fix this now Epic Games
from r/ss13, where lizards took over
found on greentext
From /r/food
Found in an argument in the comment section of a Skyrim music video
found on r34
from r/teenagers
Found in r/shit
Femboy Hooters
Found this in the comment section of Uptown Funk
Found on r/perfectlycutscreams
Female 3DS
Fun facts about Elon Musk:
From r/ama
from r/waifuism
from exchristian
Found in the Steam comments of Commie Killer 2069
found this on r/kanye
From my brother
From r/relationship_advice
Found on r/tifu
From holup
Found on a drug subreddit
Family Guy
Found in the comments of a meme
Found this as a comment on this sub
Florida man article
From r/socialskills
found from rule 34
From r/teenagers
Found this on r/greentext a post about witchcraft.
Found on r/Cryptocurrency
Found on a r/4chan comment
From the confession subreddit
Found on Quora forum.
from r/teenagers
Fuck, I hate Seiga Kaku
found on r/cursedcomments
Found on r/shitposting
Fast Food
fr*nch 🤢🤢
Feet Collection
From QAnonCasualties
Facebook Down as Mark Zuckerberg Leaves for New Job
From r/pinkomega
Found on a r34 site
Found on r/askreddit
From r/unpopularopinion
Female anus too close to vagina
For all you American cheese haters
From Coke’s Last Instagram Post
favorite star wars moment
From ‘A Google User’ on the Google Play Store
Found on r/tvtoohigh
From r/memes
from r/sushi
Found on r/dreamgender
Found this note on my old iPad with absolutely zero context
Found this on r/dreamgender
From r/4chan
Found this on r/justunsubbed
Friend Saw This & Wants to Have Fun
Four bi cowboys walk into an Arbys’
From r/teenagers
From r/Crushes
Fast food Drive-Thru vs Walk-In
From a Steam review
from r/cookieclicker. this is not a joke
From r/fo4
Fortnite (curtesy of my friend)
Fillum: Dark Knight Rises
found on some random subreddit
Found on r/scp, a comment on a ‘the flesh that mates’ meme.
From r/tifu
From r/loveforlandlords
Fuck this ad
Found on r/teenagers
Fuck you, Cummybot9999.
Fear and programming.
Found this on r/relationship_advice My (26F) boyfriend (27M) makes jokes during sex and it turns me off
Free Guy.
Fake Cummy 🤢🤢🤢
found on r/justunsubbed
From R/teenagers
from r/teenagers
Fuck You Cummy Bot
Found Under a SiIvagunner Video (Kass’ Theme Fusion Collab)
from r/196
From rule 34
From r/teenagers
Found on r/IllegalLifeProTips
From r/movies
found on r/cookieclicker
Found in, you guessed it, r/teenagers
Fuckin leprechauns
From r/teenagers
From r/AnarchyChess
From r/nextfuckinglevel
Four skin
friend wrote this about a picture i sent
from r/tooafraidtoask
Fapping to every CG of HCG?
From r/therightcantmeme
Found on r/AnarchyChess
Found this on a TIHI Post
Fuck you Stuart Little
Found in a Valorant Rule 34 server, I present to you.
Found in a discord teen server
Fuck the South by Northeast Liberal Elite
Found this gem in YouTube comments
Found on r/Magicarena
Freddy Freaker
From r/teenagers
From r/CMV
Fuck you soy
Fallout Mod List
Found on r/teenagers
From /r/garlicoin
From r/mapporncirclejerk
Found on Facebook
Found on r/deathgrips
fake friends
from r/dreamgender
funny little man
From r/teenagers
found on r/teenagers
For the longest time, I didn’t know what anxiety was.
From r/truegaming
Frame by Frame copypasta
Frollo banned my discord girlfriend.
Found on r/insaneparents
From r/SocialJusticeInAction. TRANSPHOBIC PIECE OF SHIT
Found on r/tf2, ralsei femboy
from r/fanfiction
Fuck it the list of emojis
Fuck you too
Forgive English, I am Russia
From the comments section of a Backayardigans video
Freddie Mercury
From fanfiction dot net
from r/jokes
Free the nip I guess
Found on r/politicalcompassmemes
from r/drizzy “I recently became a CLB”
Found while looking for something on wikipedia
Found on r/196
Found on R/civ5
Friend is horny and ….? Need advice plz! (r/askteenboys)
Found in r/nattyorjuice
Facebook Story
Friend is horny and ….? Need advice plz!
found in the comment section of a cursedvideomemes post
From r/NoFap
Found on r/politicalcompassmemes
Found in rule 34 of peppa pig
From r/fortnitebr
Found some text on a discord server that used to be an insane asylum
From r/Draven
Fucking Berlin !
found on twitter
Found on Instagram, @poppyflowercrown
from r/teenagers
For the owner of this channel
From a math professor
From r/teenagers
found on r/196
From r/AnarchyChess
Finobe. Is. Shutdown.
Found on the Kanye subreddit
Found on an AskReddit post about religion
Fuck this new “CummyBot9999”
fuck you
Fortnite 40 yo brawler.
From r/teenagers
From r/playboycarti
Found on r/Cringetopia
Found this in my friend’s sever
From r/Anarchychess
found this in r/cringetopia
Found this on an Urbex video comment section:
Found unironically replied to the only comment on a video asking “What’s the point of this?”
From Nicolas Cage in Lord of War
From r/teenagers
Foudn in TIFU
Found under a post of some dude proving the earth is flat
Fallacy fallacy
Fuck you, Discord moderator
Fuck Chris Pratt
Found in gamingcirclejerk
Found on r/TooAfraidToAsk
From r/unpopularopinion
Frotnite needs sex but its actually Cookie run
Found on r/LittleWitchAcademia
From r/teenagers
Found on r/teenagers
From quora
found on r/speedrun
Fire in the kitchen!! | Job Simulator – VIVE
Found this gem playing val
Fucking a hamster- found on Am I the Psychopath
fuck you and your stupid joke
FDS poster has some things to get off their chest
From a really old post on r/entitledparentmemes
fuck Spiritbox
Found on Dankmemes
From r/math
From dankmemes
From r/AntiJokes
Found out answer to “Who asked?” using MATH
Found in r/outside
For especially egregious crimes, women should be tried as men in court
Fictional character deaths hit harder than real deaths
Fuck you.
Found on r/deviouslicks
Found on r/jokes for some reason
Found on r/MarioJudah
For fucks sake
found on discord
Found on r/4chan
Found this while reading Manga
For our children
From r/confessions – “I am tired of competing with a horse.
Found this one on steam
Found this beauty on a post about shitting
found from r/9b9tbedrock
From r/damnthatsinteresting. This guy hates the ocean sunfish
From r/shitposting automod
Fun fact: This moment wasn’t scripted. A child just wandered on set and Jesse Plemmons shot him in the chest unprompted. Now that’s improv!
Found on r/gangstalking
Funny comment I found on Deviantart
Found in r/pornhubcomments
Find God
found on the darkest depths of omegle
From a post about a neckbeard
Fuck This World (r/self)
Found in r/leagueofmemes
Found in the description of a shitpost video
From r/PlayboiCarti
Found on r/makemycoffin
feelin cute might fuck around and rip my pussy off idk 😍😍😍 (ofc it’s from r/teenagers)
fuck dumbreon
Finding out who asked
From r/touhou
From pics
from r/awfuleverything
Frankenstein from r/books
Found this on Discord server at support tickets
from r/teenagers – almost had a heart attack!!
Femboy nazi
Fun facts about farts
From r/askreddit
From r/unpopularopinion
From r/Teachers
from that one guy on the ombre subreddit
From r/GlobalOffensive
from r/confessions
From a wholesome r/teenagers post
From your favorite sub, TIHI in the comment section
found some cool anime ascii art
Found on r/okbuddybaka
From r/askablackperson
found on a youtube comment
From r/shutuphapydog
From I, an F18 to all you boys out there
From r/unpopularopinion
From r/awfuleverything
Found this gold on Twitter
From r/teenagers
Find the 😀
Flat Tire Conspiracy
From r/yakuzagames
fortnite skin suggestion
Found in the Tyler McVicker Discord Server
full history of the word trifecta
Fuck u/ubereats
Final Fantasy 7 remake shitpost
Fortnite’s reference to 1984 is despicable
From r/cookingcirclejerk (NSFW)
found on r/lego
From r/goodanimemes
fruit salad but call it “pizza”
Found on reddit: getting your dick sucked while blind folded is the best representation of super position
feminism in sweden
Found on a ‘hot chick’ bot Facebook profile
Found as a reply to a pro-life person somewhere
Femboy Hooters In Real Life, Sus, Sus.
Foind on r/AskReddit
Found in introductions channel of discord server tw: homophobia
Found this in an r/teenagers thread
Fb copypasta
Found this on nchicken.net
Found in r/inceltear
From r/unpopularopinion
from r/notliketheothergirls
First time I saw blacks
From r/unpopularopinion
Found in monkeyspaw
Fun fact: Your testicles actually enlarge during sex due to vasocongestion, sometimes to almost 50% in size.
funny text
Flying trees hate memes
Fun mad libs
Found on Cookie Clicker wiki
Found on r/teenagers
From r/conspiracyNOPOL
found on undisclosed porn subreddit
Facebook Rant
For me, it’s NordVPN
Found on r/minecraft
From an F1 meme that involved Rick and Morty
From r/stupidteachers
Found in r/KidsAreFuckingStupid
From r/relationshipadvice of course
Found in r/anarchychess
Found on r/mademesmile
Found in the nsfw-memes chat of a Discord server, underneath a Vaporeon meme
From r/virgin
from r/rant
Found on r/PhantomForces
Found in r/teenagers in a snapchat message apparently being sent to girls at some kids school.
Found at purpelpilldebate
Found on r/deadbydaylight
From r/IAmATotalPieceOfShit
Found on B44 – Player on youtube
found in r/eyeblech
found in r/leagueoflegends
Found from r/tifu
Found on YouTube, I hope it’s not too short
Found on r/socialism (Ben Shapiro owns OP with facts and logic)
Found in r/oddlysatisfying
Found on rule34
found on r/ThatsInsane
Famous People with transformation fetishes
Found in r/holup
From Twitter: Yesterday I went to McDonald’s and heard a little kid screaming
Frshpasta from youtube argument
Females are all evil simple minded animals
Found on r/advice
Found in a school iPad by a friend.
from the myanimelist forums
Found in the comment section of a KraftMayo ad
Found in a video game group on Facebook
Fortnite is the only reason i live [Found from a depressed kid, without context]
Found in r/unpopularopinion
furry face, incel hero
Found on /r/drugs
found in /r/teenagers
Football Cup for Erections
Found on r/theloudhouse
found in r/copypasta
Found in the comments of https://youtu.be/xaxcgvObMqs
Fight and Harrassment (FH)
For me, it’s the Kraft Mayo™️ sandwich.
found this on r/teenagers
From Today’s Melee Majors (HBox was listening to Donda)
Fortnite come back 😭😭😭
Found in /r/sex
from r/femaledatingstrategy
from a nhentai loli doujin
Found This In A Youtube Comment Section Reply
Fuck it. Incel post
Found on ask Reddit
From r/gtaonlinr
Found on true stl
Found on r/IndianDankMemes
Full Genshin Impact Review by Max0r
Fun Fact
fall guys among us skin
Found on a jerkoff confessions subreddit
from a fucking mayonnaise ad
For the Gouda of Mankind
Female Wobbuffets with lipstick have the same energy as a car with eyelashes on its headlights.
Found this gem in the depths of an unpopular opinion thread
Found on Unpopular Opinion – People with randomly generated usernames are ruining Reddit.
fnf tricky reference
found on r/immapeeinurass
From r/teenagers
Found on /r/relationship_advice
Found on r/unpopularopinion
Found on r/unpopularopinions
From caddie.
Found on a cursed kid’s YouTube channel about description.
Found in r/unpopularopinions
Found this jewel here
Fuck you
Females are not sexual beings.
from r/dreamsexuallove
From someone on NewGreenTexts
FDS Lunacy
Found on r/minecraft
Found on the Overwatch Forums, in response to Blizzard bringing back limited time skins
Found on 4chan
Found on r/youngpeopleyoutube
forced milk copypasta
Found on R/Justunsubbed
Freeze time
From r/animemes
Find god😐
Found this in a comment section
From r/196
found this in r/oneshot
From someone on r/the_perfect_world, and this wasn’t satire. They really are that insane.
Fuck You.
Found on an add with comments enabled
Fuck you
Fuyu should end his life.
Found in the r/dankmemes comments section
From r/teenagers
Found on linkedin
Found on a steam review for Sex With Stalin
found in youtube comments section
Found In a YouTube comment
From r/wallstreetbets
from r/SluttyConfessions
From a comment on r/mildlyinteresting
fuck off Malcolm Holmes
Flower booba (long version, won’t fit in a chat box)
Fuck Applebee’s
Fucking then sue me dude
Found on r/onejoke
Found this comment in a r/okbuddyretard post
Found in r/4chan’s comments, may contain hints of fish, fetishes and cock
Found on a Twitter thread about Dave Chappelle and Kevin Hart
Found on r/soccer
found this gem on r/transpets (which is apparently not a troll sub..)
From r/teenagers
Found on r/politicalcompassmemes (18+)
Found on some silly thread of a guy looking for girls on campus
From a catboy subreddit
From an american who got mad at not beating canada in soccer
From Wendy’s Discord Server
From r/nice guys
Fuck Drake and CLB
From PCM
Furry rant turned into rap song lyrics
Found on the Drake sub
Found on 196
For next time you jack off:
From r/Plushophile
found this gem in a youtube comments section
Farts are funny
From r/teenagers
From r/CompetitiveMinecraft – Hypixel Duels is perfect how it is, and it SHOULDN’T change for anyone
Flareon copypasta
Found this in the comments of a r/todayilearned thread.
From r/shitposting
Fool-proof way to get dog to swallow estradiol?
Found in a tiktok comment section about race
Found on R34
Fear. (By Yours Truly)
Found on a post on r/teenagers.
From r/teenagers
Found on a nekopara game review
from r/cringetopia
found on r/dreamgender
From r/wattsonmains
For metalheads???
From r/texasabortionbountyhunters or something like that
F-off you stupid anti-American communist.
From a minecraft forum.
From r/nextfuckinglevel
Found in a comment section on a post about the divine heir being 12 and a male
found in r/titanfall
From Star Citizen Forums
fuck you
From 196
Found in a downvoted comment on r/greentext
from 196
Frozen Pizza Review
Fuck you
From r/hobbies fart jars
From r/ClashOfClans
from @izonxy on tiktok
from r/linuxmemes (sauce in comments)
Found this on the wild
Found on r/untrustworthypoptarts
FAQ – Recent Events
Flareon copypasta
Found on r/SynapseX
Found in a tiktok comment section
From the comments section of a news video about a hurricane Ida search and rescue operation
Femboy thighs
Found on r/libertarianmemes but I’m sure it’s much older than that
Fuckin gunnut
First Masturbation
Found on r/evangelionmemes
for arguments that you think you’re losing guy almost lost an argument came at me with this
First of september
Found on a 4chan thread
Found in the wild on an r/books post about book recommendations that ended up disappointing the reader.
Found this on a comment of someone being called a “troller” (spoiler alert,it was elneeeee)
Found on /r/ivermectin
found on hanime
Found on r/AskReddit
from r/wallstreetbets
Found on discord; Dream is the earth
Funny Names
From an r/copypasta comment section.
Found on a comment of r/ivermectin
Found on a post from r/Giraffesdontexist asking if it’s a joke sub or not
From r/teenagers
Found in r/CallOfDutyMobile
From r/tinder
From r/Tinder
found in the comment section of a kancolle femboy doujin
From the pins in a discord server
Found in the wild
Fortnite Sussy Squidward House
Found on where else but /r/anime
First Date a slam poem (credit to Sam O’nella.)
Fuck my gov and the popos, for making white terror
For those that don’t understand DONDA
From r/ivermectin
From PoliticalCompassMeme sub
from r/teenagers
Facebook post with questions regarding carrying a roze quartz demon baby
Found on 196
From r/sex
Found in a thread about Kermit being regularly abused by Miss Piggy
From r/Confession: cumming on turtle
Found on r/dankvideos
found this in a youtube comment section
Found my cousin on reddit
Fortnite and its consequences
Fortnite is actively doing their best to turn kids gay
Found as a Reddit comment
From a Discord server I’m in
Fuck wasps
Fortnite make kids queer
From r/shitamericanssay
fortnite MLK
Found an old reminder to myself in the notes app (I am not black)
From 196
Fuck you Gajin
Found this on a post about a family with five children who managed to flee Afghanistan. To be clear, I don’t endorse any of this crap.
flags class
Fucked a cow
Found on a Spider-Man post
From r/justneckbeardthings
Found on my discord server
FNF soundtracks
Facebook hacked (from r/conspiracy)
From the recent r/ivermectin invasion
from r/AskReddit
Filter your horse dewormer.
Found this on cringetopia
Found on r/teenagers
Found on a r/facepalm post
Found on r/greentext
Found on r/norules.
For anyone whose Egyptian keyboard is broken, here’s a full alphabet to copy and paste letters from accordingly
From r/valorant of course
Found under a meme video
from r/starterpacks
Found in r/Persona5
found this on Quora
From the Gamescom stream
f o o d c r i t i c r e q u i e m
found in summit twitch chat
From a guy’s Facebook page who died of COVID
Found on r/imatotalpeiceofshit
found on trollcord (two guys arguing over homophobia)
Found this on r/196 lol
Fuck it, here’s every Russian alphabet
From a comment being spammed in r/gachagaming
For the love of god!
From cute to prostitute
From r/unpopularopinion
Found on r/army
fancy 1984
from r/ivermectin
Found on Tumblr
Fuck off, “cat-girl”.
For the love of God, where do you buy those tasty balls?
Formal Discord Mod
Female hank. (Madness combat nexus)
Found this on a r/greentext comment
Fatphobic chairs!?
Fuck Arabesque no 1.
Found on r/monkeyspaw
found on r/nextfuckinglevel
from a group I am in
Found in the Wild
found on r/erau
from u/SuppleFoxFluff on PoliticalCompassMemes
Funny introduction
Fired because of an Overplaying “Lead” Bassist??
From a comment section in Showerthoughts
Fuck you.
Fired From the Band
Facebook jail
Found on Quora
From r/unpopularopinion: I love the smell of cow shit
From r/teenagers
Found on 4chan
found in discord server
from r/TIFU
Fresh Piss Up Your Ass Commercial
found on r/unpopularopinion
From r/trees
Found buried in my saved comments from 4 years ago.
Found on r/ApexLegends
Found in r/breakingbad: Walt Jr. is the true villain
Follow the money
For all the Kaiserboos
From r/bodybuilding
Fuck you
For R/horror
Found in r/CODzombies
Found someone who was downvoted for being unironic r in r/okbr so it is low hanging fruit but yeah
FNaF Hentai Ruined My Life
Five Knuckle Shuffle
From r/penectomy
Found this on /pol/ roasty roastie
from r/teenagers
Found on r/teenagers
Found on quora
Fitnessgram pacer
From r/sadcringe
Found in an r/cringetopia comment section
From r/konosuba
Found this while reading JoJo Part 8
Fubuki is the ultimate One Punch Man waifu
From the Horndog range…
fortnite vs cocomelon
Furries are fucking AWESOME!
Found this one
Found on discord
From r/confessions
From r/blursedimages
Freedom not defend is lost and Australia, we are losing ours.
fortnite among us cum
Found on r/gainit
found this on a discord server
Frank Ocean’s music is soothing.
Fighting Alex Jones
found on r/copypasta
From r/steroids (NSFW)
from r/unpopularopinion
Found in twitter comments for OnlyFans porn ban
Found on a roblox discord server
from local subreddit
FF14 why I’m playing as a female
found in r/falloutnewvegas
From r/FuckYou
First 31 verses from the Bible in Spanish
From r/teenagers
Fuck Zodiacs signs whats your favourite fuck
From r/vce
Fellas, is it gay to be attracted to women?
From r/Kanye
Fuck flies
Found this on a ama post asking about your weirdest fap
Found in the comments on r/askredditafterdark, post title: what is your top sexual fantasy?
Found on r34. xxx
From r/invincible, honestly I have no clue.
Found this gem in R/christianity
From my discord group chat 30 minutes after we were supposed to be asleep
found on r/teenagers
Fictional Women moment
found this on the phantom forces wiki
Found on r/Thewalkingdead
Fnaf 6 final dialog but turned into reddit
Found this comment.
Found on r/Confessions
Feel free to drop this anything you see a pretty girl, even if it’s not a porn sub
fauci kink
found this in a porn forum. figured it could be a copypasta
Flower Sex (original)
Fortnite among us mode trailer
Found in r/offmychest
Family Guy is actually good
Found in rule34 Peppa Pig post
Found this on r/relashionship_advice
Found on r/memes, enjoy
found on r/teenagers through r/playboicarti
Found in r/kanye
Found on facebook (possibly repost)
For people who say Anti-vaxxers should be killed.
fuck the olympics and anyone who watches them
Found on r/Simpsons_porn
Fucking seriously
Female Bigfoot forced me to do it
Found in xqc comments
Found on r34
five nights at freddy’s
Fucking turtles
From the schizophrenics at r/waifuism
Found on r/Advice
Found on r/cringetopia post about old guy staring at woman’s feet
from r/gothsluts
found on /r/gaming
Found on change my view
From r/shitposting
Found on r34 about Friday Night Funkin
Found in r/crusaderkings3
Found in a steam profile
found on r/army
Found in r/teenagers (its really far down just search up dying light in teenagers)
Found in r/coprophiles (explanation in comments)
Found this little gem
Found in r/pokemon
From a YouTube comment on a hentai community post
From a WoW nerdrage
Found on r/UnpopularOpinions
From r/anarchychess
Found in the Ontario subreddit
From r/pokemon
From r/showerthoughts
Found this one in the wild, anime monster cock
From r/europe
found this on discord
From r/Pics
Found on r/okbuddyretard
from r/unpopular opinion
Found on Omegle
Found in r/AskReddit
From r/askreddit
fuck this cookie is so good
fuck you
from r/nestledidnothingwrong
From dankmemes
from discord!
From r/Kanye
FitMCS dramatic reading of Jared2013 vs Popbob
found in the comment section of a post from r/NoStupidQuestions
From r/teenagers
found on r/fightporn lmao
From 4chan, where someone said a vtuber might be gay
found it in youtube comment section
found on r/196
Football is back baby
F##k scones
Found on jessestiktokaccount
From r/HaloCircleJerk
Fucking fuck
Found this gem on Youtube
Futa Jesus
Found this gem on r/AskReddit
From r/surfing
From the r/cringetopia mod team
fathar fairest bad
Found this
furry sauce
found this on hanime
Fat fuck [OC]
Found On r/teenagers
Freud’s hater
Found on an rp server
Found in the comments section
Found on r/nosleep
From A Change.org Big Chungus Petition
Funny tweet
Found on a minecraft monster school video
Found in a comment thread on cringetopia
Fuck off nerd
From r/rocketleague
fuck you bitch go crash in script
found on myanimelist
fuck you
Found on YouTube
F1 fans are intellectuals
Fuck the horny jail
Food poisoning ftw
Found in r/TheOwlHouse
Fuck Carly
Found this on Toonily comments while being a degenerate
Found on R/AnimeHate
Found on r/ElderScrolls
Fucking Grandma
fu l avatage
Found in r/poopshitters
Found in a game review in steam.
found in r/cursedcomments
From a comment section on a post here
from r/killedthecameraman
Found on r/eldenring
From r/unexpectedcoolaidman
Found in the wild, strangely at r/europe
Fuck you
Found in the comments of a crypto app ad
Found on a friend’s Facebook post and it’s gold
found in r/twittermoment
Found in r/leagueoflegends
From a Discord server
Found in a comment section of a r/pics post
Found on r/teenagers
Found on 4chan. N word censored because i dont wanna get banned
Found on askreddit: “What is the weirdest thing that you find extremely attractive”
From relationshipadvice
Found on /b/
From r/kanye
found on r/TooAfraidToAsk
For the most part, my accountant mother and computer engineer father did this to me.
Found on r/2hujerk
From tumblr (jerma)
From r/starterpacks
Funny joke
Found on r/Unexpected
Found in r/CrackheadCraiglist
From r/onepunchman.
Found in r/unpopularopinion
Fuck baguettes
From r/starterpacks. About how some redditors react to a joke
Found on 196, this beauty deserves to be archived as fine art
funny quotes from politicalcompassmemes crying about tankies
From Lorenzo, the cheater.
Feet pics comment
Five Nights At Freddy’s night 1 phone call transcript
Fortnite should hire me
For any game
Fallout New Vegas fans
Found on r/fridaynightfunkin
From r/insanepeoplefacebook
From r/redditshutthefuckup
Found on r/unpopularopinion
Found on Twitter
From r/unpopularopinion
Fuck Pirates
French boy shitpost
From r/unpopularopinion
Forklift Training – Basic Operations
Found On r/Celebs
fuck you
Found this on r/terriblefandommemes
Found on a discord server
Fuck you chatot
Farting during sex
Fuck Maya
Found this on a post showing a Steam review
Fallout: New r/Animemes
Found in goodanimemes
Fuck Pong Krell
from the r/sonic discord server
Fresh Rick and Morty pasta
Friend told this story to me, make it boom
Found on r/bindingofisaac
Fun Fact.
found on a cringy boomer meme lol
Feminists finally forced into the selective service
Fuck you
Found on r/yakuzagames
Found on r/pokemonunite
found on /v/ on 4chan
fuck it. here’s every single national anthem
Flareon Copypasta (Unwholesome Version)
for “stop saying sus among us is unfunny”
Found on r/megaten
Fuck zeraora by u/Hi_I_Am_A_Square
From r/AkenoHentai
From r/reds
From a discord server
Found on Facebook in a post about anime girls
free bobux
Fan service
Former WWE Wrestler Chris Jericho, responding to online criticism to one of his matches in 2002
Fuck Elon Musk (found on r/Cringetopia)
From gamingcirclejerk
Found in r/unpopularopinion
From r/unpopularopinion
Found on r/Japan
Femboy Twitter
Fuck You
Fuck you.
Found on yt community post of some Vtuber character Art with glasses
Founded on 4chan
Fortnite Ariana Grande
Fart gun ideas
Found on a post on r/blackpeopletwitter about doping athletes
Found on a Nexus GD video
From r/SubredditDrama about futanari
From r/pyrocynical
From a r/subredditDrama post about Girlcock
Found on r/InsanePeopleQuora
Floppy cock
Fuck Timmy
funni turtle
From youtube
Found on Twitter
found on r/hacking
Fuk u
Female avatars turn me on
from r/hoi4
From r/pinkfloydcirclejerk
Fucking based
Found on Tyler the creator sub
Found On r/dreamgender….
fattest shit
From the u/awkwardtheturtle hate thread
Found under dolphin hentai in r/blursedimages
from r/Sayori
First off, not a teenager…
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
Fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck you
from an 196 mod on discord : )
from mildlyinfuriating, in response to awkwardtheturtle
Found on r/sinkpissers
Fuck you
Fuck💦🐙💦 you.😡😩
Fra di noi
Fuck you (Link to original comment in the comment section)
found on r/morbidquestions
Found on r/greentext
Found in r/NoahGetTheBoat
Found on r/ask Murder fantasies
From a facebook group where we all pretend to be tories
found on r/cryptocurrency
from a comeback video for the boys kpop stans
Found under a wojak related video
From r/UW: Is there enough space in a dorm for a massive beyblade collection?
From r/askreddit
Friday Night Funkin’
Found on r/Confessions: My best friend has a huge cock
Found in r/mildlyinfuriating response to “This hurts me to look at”
Found on r/teenagers
Facts you will not hear during the January 6th ‘ commission’..
fortnite battle royal
Fat shits
Found on the sam onella academy subreddit
Found on r/PoliticalCompassMemes
Found on twitter
from r/dreamsexual
Found on r/subsimulatorGPT2 by unpopular opinion bot
From the saltiest person in a WAW steam thread i’ve ever seen
From r/teenagers
Full South Park episode 1 season 1 script
Found this on a Google review of Tetris Effect
FUCK BATHROOMS(from r/teenagers)
Found from r/The10thDentist
from r/196
from r/teenagers
Found on a halo infinite discussion
Fuck you
found in r/nofap
Fuck the olympics
Futureless debt-enslaved sweatshop labourers struggling to survive produce countless govt-approved anarchist T-shirts with focus-tested corporate slogans of “rebellion” for the richest sons and daughters of the second biggest empire on earth.
From r/TIFU
Front facing trollface ascii
From the Desk of Sheriff Bruce D. Zuchowski
From r/unpopularopinion
Found in a Facebook group
From r/politics
From Askreddit: “People who work for the super rich, what things have you seen?”
From r/ClashRoyale
Funko Pops?!
Funny sex words.
found on a post titled “in what ways have you won and lost the genetic lottery?”
Friday Night Fuckin JayStation4 Edition
From C is for Cookie
Found this on twitter
Flee the country
Found on r/shitposting
From r/sexurmom
From r/Advice made me laugh
Found on r/RealUnpopularOpinion
Found on r/iamverysmart
Fuck Xavier
Found on okbr
From r/CuratedTumblr
Fuck Xavier
Furry gets trolled
Fuck Flies/Fungus Gnats
Found on r/outside post
Furries bad
From r/RDR2
From r/Titanfall
From r/GDafterdark
Found in the comment section on a video about Linux
Found on r/okbuddybaka
Friend of a Friend of a Friend posted this on Discord
Found in r/feedthememes
Found on discord spam section.
Ferris Argyle is a male character.
Found on Discord
From r/fuckwasps
Found this on newgrounds
Found on r/196
Found on r/sextingfriendfinders
First game theory fnaf episode script:)
Found in the wild! I call it “Fuck Miss Piggy.”
Farts are not at all funny, sexy or gross. Nor should they be embarrassing.
Found on r/fuckwasps
From r/Kanye
Found on r/Cringetopia
Fun fact
FNF Monster Lyrics but emojified
filthy asshole sweat
Found in the Cuphead subreddit
Found on r/natureisfuckinglit
Found on 4chan /vt/
Found this on r/Rants
Fuck you
Fish Noises (Extended Edition)
Fallout version of “Own a musket for home defense”.
From r/youngpeopleyoutube
Found on r/teenagers
Fam I think I’m Bi
Found this on an ask reddit thread
Found it on stopmasturbationnow.org
From a 9 year old youtube comment
Females born after 1993.
From r/darkestdungeon
Found on r/confessions
Found this just now: My affair with a Russian president
From an argument about whether it’s okay or not to make fun of Ben Shapiro’s heught.
From u/Table_Fucker
found on an terraria calamity video also this person is spitting facts , why is this so funny
Found in r/shitposting
Found on r/AskReddit
Found in r/askdocs
From a Bo Burnham interview
From morbid questions
From r/casualuk
from r/WatchesCircleJerk
Found on tiktok.
Found on unpopularopinions
From r/dababyhentai
found on r/teenagers
Found in r/shitposting
Found in the comments of an r/wendys post (contains profanities)
Fem-Bane’s famous speech
Friends aren’t real
From the OMORI sub
found on the bfdi sub
from steam
From r/gym
farts and poopies
Funny story on the new Space Jam movie.
Found on a post about ROBLOX (and an ODer leaving discovering their partner is 13)
Found in a YouTube comments section (the original video was about a creepy old teacher)
Femoids 101
For Twitch
Fucking a nigga 👨‍❤️‍👨 from the back 🙂 with no lube 💦 and making his 🤤 bootyhole 👌bleed 🩸
From r/showerthoughtsrejects
Found this on some other forum lol
From r/titanfall
Furry cummies
found in r/amonguscockvore
Fresh out the oven
Found on r/Eminem
From r/cringetopia
From r/teenagers
From r/drugs
From r/rant
Found on r/naruto
Fuck you
fumez the engineer
Found on r/TooAfraidTooAsk
Found this gem on r/sex
Found on r/sex
From r/TrueOffMyChest
Found In the rick and morty sub
From r/memes about a guy taking a shit
From a Facebook Figurine Collecting Group
Flavor Road
Found in a youtube comment
Found the last gamer with standards on r/games
from an 11 year old post
From r/teenagers
from @izonxy on TikTok
Found on r/fucksand
Fuck fortnite players
Found on r/shitpostcrusaders
Found on a post about someone feeling that they were getting better at Billards
From r/skyrim
From r/nrl
From broken arms AMA comment section
From r/unpopularopnions
found this on a discord server and needed to share it
Funny story 😭
Found in r/teenagers
Fire Bricks
For every n word I utter, I do a single push up
From ConnorESports TF|2 chat
Found on r/unpopularipinions
Feminism is ruining Gwen Stacy
From John McAfee’s twitter
From a 13yo on r/teenagers
Found on r/AskReddit
Funny story 😭
Female racist
Found on r/FemaleDatingStrategy
From a frustrated lacrosse fan. He may be talking from experience idk
From r/dreamgender
Funny story
Found this in the comment section of cringetopia
full amount us parkedy of money machine
found this on a r/freesmiley post
Freaking Someone Stole MY ART!!!!!1
Found on r/changemyview
Found in the comments of a 4chan meme about mexicans in FB
From a porn subreddit repost
Fuck Elon Musk
Found it in r/funny
Found in a friend’s discord server
Fruit juice but orange
Found this on a comic porn website lol
FFS my phone lock screen
Found this on a Runescape reddit, I dont even play runescape idk why i was there
Fund the police
from r/YUROP
From a groupchat I’m in
Found this in a YouTube comment section
Fortnite Balls FULL LYRICS
fortnite preys on the minds of vulnerable children!
from r/196
found this on youtube
Found on r/unexpected
Fuck ambulances
Found in r/banned
Fuck you Nintendo!
From r/TIFU
First time I did the sex
Found in a dream comment section
Fuck off mountain
from r/combatfootage
Found in /r/singapore
from r/starterpacks
Found on r/nofap
Found on rule34xxx
Found in r/iamverysmart
Found in r/greentext
for normies who play dark souls offline, fresh from /v/
Fresh pasta from a cool redditor who will kill anyone who tries to rob him. Also he has sex.
Found on r/JusticeServed. Context: Ocean dumping plastic wastes back into the mainland
From r/WTF
From r/animalsbeingbros
Found my grandpa’s dildos 😳
from an r/persona5 comment section
Female anus too close to vagina
Found under a post about Todd Howard
Found on Craigslist
Found this on a dating site
Freefall from an airplane is completely survivable.
from u/smashbros on the new nickelodeon fighting game
From a post on r/cursedcomments
funky friday
Found in r/196 comments
Found on the escape from Tarkov sub
First 20 minutes of the bee movie
floppa chad bingus bad
Found on r/AnarchyChess
From r/EscapeFromTarkov before it gets taken down by mods
friend sucks
From a youtube comments section
Found on Pummel Party Official Discord
Found this on YouTube
from r/unpopular opinion
Found in PublicFreakout
found this on a twitter thread
found this on r/teenagers
Fuck arseFuck arse Fuck arse Fuck arse Fuck arse Fuck arse Fuck arse Fuck arse Fuck arse Fuck arse Fuck arse Fuck arse Fuck arse Fuck arse Fuck arse Fuck arse
From r/TIFU
Fortnite boner
Found on an r/4chan thread
From r/teenagers
Found this on leftypol
From r/niceguys
From r/niceguys
Fart secs 😳
Found this on discord will get suspended idk
Found this gem
Found on Facebook
Found in a One Punch Man shitposting group on Facebook
Found on r/askdoctors
Found on r/winstupidprizes
Found on r/rant
Found under a video of a girl getting earring hole piercings or whatever the fuck its called
Flowey X reader Smut
Found on Facebook
found on 4chan (dont ask me what kind of thread you already know.)
Found on r/ask Reddit
Found on r/teenagers
Found on twitter
Found on r/UnpopularOpinion: I hate taking a shit
from r/sex
Fun interesting facts about sylveon
Found that on r/politicalcompassmemes (the original commenter got fucking banned lmao)
Found on r/popping
Fire Type Pokémon
Fuck you
Found on r/neverbrokeabone
Found on r/news
Found this in a twitch chat
found this on r/EDM, idk if it has been already posted
Found on r/askUK
Found as the sole review of Kanojo mo Kanojo on MAL.
Found on r/shitpostcrusaders
Found in r/femaledatingstrategy (the real one, not the satire one)
Femboys in a nutshell (Found this in a discord group dm)
For that one Helltaker Cerberus pregnant fanart
found on an anime streaming site’s comment section
Free will
Found it on YouTube Resident Evil 8 guide comments
Found this gem on r/HypixelSkyblock
From r/teenagers
From a comment in r/starterpacks
Found on r/teenagers (will link original post at request)
From a TIL thread
From r/teenagers
from r/196
Found in JungleTV (bonbifarts cult)
Found on Twitter
For the triggered
Fuck you. Here is a random Hungarian rap song that I emojified:
Found this comment on a r/dreamgender post
From r/Overwatch
Funny “meme” eh?
Found on r/ASUS
Fucking larpers
found on instagram
From r/2me4meirl
funni amogus big chungus compilation
Found on r/discordapp
From twitter
From an absolute chad on r/destinythegame
Found on r/atheism
Found this Gem in a Political Discord server
Found on r/teenagers
Found on an Instagram post of someone opening an amethyst
From r/teenagers
Found on r/atheism
fnaf moment
From r/teenagers
Found on r/ElderScrolls
found on r/unpopularopinion WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK
Full on JarJar x Anakin smut from r/prequelmemes (don’t ask me why someone wrote this, I wonder that as well)
Found on facebook
Found in a Valorant Unrated
From r/Pyrocynical
From r/DaBabyHentai
Fucking hell I can’t get private for even 1 second
Fallout gamers
Found on holup
femboy propoganda
Florida Man
Found this gem on r/Justunsubbed
Found on r/DiWHY
FreeSpeech is not a sub for all free speech, ironically.
fungus wojak
Found this gem on an Youtube comment section
Family of corn chokers 🌽
Fucking stupid assholes –
Found on r/videogamedunkey
Found on r/sad
from phub
Found on r/jokes about Bill Cosby
Fuck the admins
Found on r/advice
Found on r/shitposting
From r/homedepot
Fuck the admins
Fuck the discord mods
from r/diablo
Fuck the Admins
F20 I just ate my girlfriends shit for the first time!
Fnaf 6 insanity ending speech
Fucky Wucky
Found on Hanime
Found on r/blender (may be nsfw for some ppl)
Found this on r/okbuddyronpa
Found on the tenth dentist “I’m not gay, but if presented with the opportunity I would totally shag another dude.”
F20 I just ate my girlfriends shit for the first time!
Found on Facebook
From a comment about Minecraft
From r/evangelion
Funny pic of woman bad
Friend wrote this lol
found on r/bigdickproblems
fuck off
Fungus wojack saying something
floppa cake 😳
found on r/unpopularopinion
Found in r/memes comment section.
From r/2Asia4U
friend sent me this as a joke
Found on r/HipHopHeads
Found in a comment section in r/starterpacks
Found on YouTube comments
From r/tf2
From r/cartalk
from r/elsagate
Found on an Invincible meme page
Found on r/CryptoCurrency: “How do I smuggle a crypto wallet in my ass”
fnf be like
Found this on a subbreddit
From r/dating
Fart (from r/okbuddyretard)
Foot fetish
From r/confessions
Felix pick up the phone
Found on discord
FUCK YOU, Yeah? FUCK YOU. And your fucking Copyright System, Policies, your MONEY-MAKER PUPPETS those called themselves “CREATORS”
From the Dinosaur Train wiki
Found it on r/JustUnsubbed
Found in r/drizzy
Fat worries
Found on r/averageredditor
For when you see the funi number (69 lol nice)
f sex pee semen cum
found in r/pointlessstories
Found this on an anime subreddit
Found on r/teenagers – Need advice from r/teenagers: Why am I getting hate?
from a discord server im in
from r/teenagers
Found on r/advice
Found in my Discord group
From a flavortown food posting group on Facebook
Found this on r/teenagers
Friendship Circle in Carson
From on r/Advice
Found on r/PlantIdentification
Found in the wild
Found in a thread about cats
Found on r/technicallythetruth
Found on the AskReddit thread about orgasms.
Full of maggots
From r/nofap
Found on r/okbuddyretard
Fortnite turned me atheist
Found on askreddit
from r/unpopularopinion
from r/kidsarefuckingstupid. literal masterpiece
Found this on some pissbaby’s deviantart
fresh from a pc master race fanboy
from r/flstudio
Fuck yellow jackets
From Foekoe’s YouTube video “bro you just posted cringe…”
From valorant
From r/writingprompts
From u/Terlinilia
From a porn video, I keep hearing this in squidwards voice
Funny joke
Found on r/pyrocynical in response to bonk go to horny jail
From my from friends’ group chat
Found in r/publicfreakout ACAB copypasta
From a steam review
From r/teenagers
From the comments on a video about leaving the Mormon Church
from the memepage i admin’d
Found this in r/guns.
Fuck you dream
Found in r/trashy
From an admin on the Undertale Amino
First they came for cummy
from r/NoFap
found on facebook
Found a new “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” story
Friday Night Fucking
From an r/gaming comment section about BOTW being a Fortnite clone
Found in a p0rn comment section
Found in r/slimpeoplehate
Found on r/teenagersnew
Filthy suprise
From one of my groupchats
Found this gem on a Steam discussion.
Fart poem
Fresh from Facebook
Found in the internets asshole.
Fucking steak baby
From Blox Fruits Discord Server
Found this gem in r/Discussions
Fresh meme nsfw😳😳😳😳
found on steam
Fast & Furious 9
Fishy, Fishy. Fish Mcbites, Fishy Mcbites music video commercial for mcdonalds fish mcbites!
from r/tallyhall
F1 navy seal copypasta
Fuck Ireland, so shitty even Rome didn’t want it
Found in the YouTube comment section
found on 4chan (obviously)
Found on r/196
Found on r/AsiansGoneWild
From r/196
Found on r/girlgamers
Found in a discord server
Found in topmindsofReddit by a believer
From r/conservativerap
Five Nights nto good better like more thanb ten nights befcause
found on 4chan
finding myself
From a 4 year old post on r/tf2
Fatty Spins – Doin your mom Lyrics
from discord
Found on Discord
From r/blenderhelp
from r/196
Found in r/teenagers
Fuck your bitch ass horny jail
From r/the10thdentist
Free edit
Found On Youtube
Found on r/okbuddyretard
found on r/incest
Found on r/NoahGetTheBoat
found in the youtube comment section
Found on r/ShitpostCrusaders
from r/tifu
Found on Pornhub comment section
From r/teenagers
Found on r/teenagers
found on xideos comments
fart roleplay
Fun fact
Fuck you XQC
From an anon ask I did
Found in r/interestingAsF*ck
Found on r/Buttcoin
Found this goldmine on one of those test websites this one was about weight
Found on r/penectomy
Fuck Wendy’s
Found on discord – Raj the Trucker
From the 2b2t subreddit
Fatties are fat
from the youtube comments
found on r/valorantrule34
Fucked up in the crip
Found on a steam profile
Found on r/mentalillness
Fuck you Pac man
found on discord
from r/dogfree
Fuck you, here’s the among us copypasta but in Shakespearean
Found on Holdmyfeedingtube
Found in r/Ramen
Found on unpopularopinion
From r/askspain this morning
Found on 4chan
From r/smalldickproblems
From r/greentext
FNF pfp g#mer on r/banvideogames
Found in r/minions
Found in the wild
From r/Forgottenweapons
fouseytube an alternate reality intro
from r/FemaleDatingStratPros
Found on r/procynical
Fortnite x area 51
Found in the comments of a Mitchell McConnell waifu body pillow post
Found on Quora where someone asked if Windows 10 was a spying operating system
Fubny Amongus isnSUSSY!!!!!
Found on r/dreamgender
found in my subreddit please tell me if it is a repost
found in an NSFW subreddit
Found from a downvote farmer
Found this one hand-written on a note, crumpled up in a middle school band room.
Final Fantasy Origin
free tibet
Fuck off. I am from the berazi Kurdish tribe.
Futa hentai is the best and totally not gay
From a comment thread in r/copypasta
For Samantha, you big ugly fat bitch
Found on r/196
From an argument about gun control
Found on r/ComedyNecrophilia
firestar is the best warrior cat
From r/rule34
Found this copypasta in r/averageredditor.
Found in an videos comment section
From a Trans Rights post on 4Chan
Found in the Youtube comments of an elite gamer…
Found in r/malaysia
From AnarchyChess
Family Guy confession.
Flashback from college
Found this from one of those “tiktok bad” memes on r/teenagers
Fat Thor was my sexual awakening
Fucking your plant
Found in r/unpopularopinion
found on tumbral (sorry if this is nsfw im just too lazy to read all of this shit)
Free china
Found on TIFU
found in comments of a r/dankmemes post. dont know if been posted before.
from u/shittytranslatorbot
Found on r/creepyastrisks
Fun fact
From r/unpopularopinion
Found on /r/rule34
Found this gem in a Civilization VI comment section.
Found this gem on r/Cringetopia.
found on r/hypixelskyblock
Found this on a Paranormal Post
Fucking god i hate sweet carrots.
Fuck horny jail
For those who point out pastas
Found in a hololive comment section
Found this on r/questions
Found on r/teenagers
Fall of Russian empire according to r/GoCommitDie
Found on r/teenagers
From a 4chan thread about fat anime tits
Fuck colds
Found on r/justunsubbed
Fuck or Firetruck?
Found in r/AITA
Fun sylveon facts
found gold in r/self comment section…
Fuck the Beatles
From r/pokemon
Found on r/dreamgender
found on r/pokemon
Found on r/196
found this on r/nocturnemains and it is now the best lol copypasta
Found on r/smashrage
Found on r/antijokes
Found on all T-shirts
Found deep in my archives, not sure where from
Found this in r/Advice
Fight at a Funeral
From r/196
Found on a bedwars subreddit
F-bomb at church
from r/fridaynightfunkin
From /r/RedditWritesSeinfeld on tucking shirts into your underwear
Fuck you discord user
Found this on r/Rant
From r/copypasta comments.
From r/teenagers – Fuck Men
Found on r/gaystoriesgonewild
fucking a nigga from the back with no lube
Fuck it, Here’s the entirety of Twitter For Android, but it’s the tweets
For any homosexuals or females, you may be interested to know what and why I masturbate for days sometimes.
Free epic games nitro using fake credit card copypasta
Fucking Bee Hive is Always Worth It
from r/enoughpetersonspam
Female are not human.
From r/TIFU
From r/TIFU
Found in the comment section of a youtube community post/poll
From /r/facepalm, the post about a boomer criticizing kids needing help then a fragile millennial posts a wall of text as a “roast” and “comeback”.
Found on an antifa Subreddit
Fallen kindgdom but epic
Found on r/okbuddyretard
Fired for masturbating on a Zoom call
From discord
for when someone posts about among us
From r/196
From r/minionfeet
Found this on r/TIFU
Found in the remains of a dead, raided furry server
Fucking doggy style
Facts Floridians believe in
Fuck you, Tyler, the Nigger
Flula: “Suck My D_ck” Is Not Good For Saying
Fortnite Rick
found on youtube
From r/confessions
From r/cringepics
Found in a comment
Found on blursed images
For every Malaysian
Found on my friend’s Youtube comment section, could work, I guess
Funny thing at work
Fry tax
From r/conservativerap
Forgive english, I am Russia
From r/apcalculus
From r/roblox
From r/horny jail
From a Youtube argument
from r/dreamgender
Feeling daddy dream.
For me watching Buck Breaking with my family was a nice way to reconcile with our past.
Factors of 2520
Found This Shit on r/dreamgender
Found it on r/pyrocinical
Fortnite Collabs
Found on R/CrappyDesign about a knife and brush combo
Found on a “Why are you on my profile?” post
From r/confessions
Fuck it, here’s the lyrics to Daft Punk Around the World
Found on r/dreamgender
Found this on r/rant
From yourube comment
follow up to my wilburgender post
from hasanabi’s chat
Found on a review for Deicide album
Found this on Steam reviews for Among Us
Found this on an r/Confessions post
Facebook gold is not real! Taken from an 11 year old post
For any one of you tamil speakers
Fortnite character 2 season 7
Found in discord
Fuck Cassowaries
Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Battle Pass
Fortnite Llama
Found on r/Nagatorolewd
Finland is not a real country.
found on pcm
found on r/randomactsofblowjob
Fuck my mom’s xenophobic boyfriend
Fantasy about Ronald reagon
from unpopular opinion
Found I’m mangago
found this on a discord dating server
Found On r/YMCA: YMCA? More like YMSUCKMYCOCK.
Filthy Diarrhoea
Found on Twitter
Found on Pepsiman Remix by Turbo’s comments
From a Facebook AV group
From shittingadvice
Found this on r/sigmamales
Friday Night Funkin Sex
First time doing this copypasta stuff. Spread to the masses boys 0-0
found on the hub
Found this in the comment section of blursedimages
found on a random old geocities page
Found on r/greentext
From Twitter
Found on r34
From an article defending Twitter for banning people on r/news
From r/teenagers:
Found on the Fortnite subreddit
From r/rapedwarflore
Found this in a 4chan thread
Found in the comments
Found this when trolling on Omegle
Floyd Mayweather VS Logan Paul
Family guy intro ran through paraphrasing bot 3 times
From a CS:GO Suspicious Plays Video
Found on r/askmen
Found this top tier YouTube comment
found this under r/murderedbywords
From r/teenagers (I just had the worst fucking dream of my life )
from tifu
From r/askreddit
Found on ‘Ming dynasty pussy got me acting unwise’
Found this gem at /pol/
Fuck the weed community
Found this on a sex cult’s discord by someone who definitely hasn’t listen to the subliminals
Fortnite Balls
From r/cringetopia
From r/shittymath
found a gem on r/atheism
Found on a post titled “blursed Nemo”
From a mod on r/Cringetopia
From a r/cringetopia sticked mod comment
from r/cringetopia
Fart Smella (is this NSFW?)
From r/tifu
Fun Facts from Discord #1
from a vic dibitetto video
Fantastic Four (2005 film) part 1
found in wallstreetbets discord
found this in r/teenagers post replies
Flight of Cum.
Fart fetish
From an nsfw subreddit
Found on r/starterpacks
From r/anriokita
Found on r/FemaleDatingStratPros
from 2 guys debating if a pornstar’s boobs are real
funny youtube comment i found
from twitter about new twitter subscription service
Funnt joke clikc to see!!!!! !!!
From r/Oversimplified
Found this gem on r/TIFU
found this on a rule 34 post
from r/SubSimulatorGPT2
found this gem on r/196
found on r/dreamgender (dunno if this has been posts before)
Fuck you Bill Gates
fnf in a nutshell
Found on TIFU
Femboys Are Demonrat Propaganda
Found on Fridaynightfunkinporn (don’t ask why I was there)
Found this in the comments of politicalcompassmemes…
First they came
Friend of mine just got this unironically on discord.
From an image of a receipt
Found on 4chan
Funny story…
Found on Reddit
Feet are marvelous.
Found this to a reply on another subreddit
Found in r/196
from r/drugscirclejerk
Found on r/fridaynightfunkin
Fuck you David Goggins
Father-son bonding
Found on r/196
found on r/historymemes on a post about herodutus
Friday finals waltz
Found on r/PCM
For the record, I am not homophobic. I simply do not support LGBTQ+ type activity, as it’s against my religion.
From our own wonderful subreddits comments
Found in the Never Gonna Give You Up comment section
from johnnyutahng’s twitter
From @Shadbase on Twitter
Female Dating Sussegy
Found in a comment section of a girls insta post
From r/unpopularopinions.
Fortnite Banana
Freezer software release notes
Found on shitposting
Fighting child sexual abuse
Found on r/relationshipadvice
Free TV Australia Advert (Only true Aussies will understand)
Found this on sub for an entire country.
From r/animemes about zero two
Found on r/memes
From r/painmemes
Friend from discord plays league and idk wtf this means
Fortnite is best game
Found on Instagram
Found in r/aliens
Fuck you
Found on the Among Us Ideas Wiki
found on e621
Found on pitbulls reel comment on instagram (Male karen)
Found this gem on r/196
found in the r/teenagers discord server
From the Wheatfields to the Drag rally, the Queermacht is gayest of them all!
found this in a YT comment section
Found some gold while scrolling through the feed
Found on a server
From the creator of Whitty cumflation comes: Eggs
furry complaining
Fallout 4 late game sucks
Found on r/soccercirclejerk
Found in the comments of “Kanye West – All Falls Down” on youtube
found in r/fakehistoryporn
Feminism funded by richest snobs to create more room for their sexual fantasies with different womens.
Fuck it, I may be Catholic, but here are Martin Luther’s 95 Theses.
From r/classicwow
From an anime subreddit
from r/dogecoin
Fever dream
fuck it, Filipino LGBT rights
Felosofer on the Yee video.
Found on discord
found on r/The10thDentist
From r/Wordington
Fancy dress party invite
Found on r/confessions (but it got removed)
Found in a review of the G-Force game on Steam
Found on a debate forum
Found on r/WTF
from an r/cringetopia mod
From Twitter
Fucking Queen Elizabeth II
Found in /okbr
Feels good man
Facts about LOTR
found this on some karen website
Found in r/greentext
From FNaF subreddit titled “I fucking hate fnaf gender debates”
Found this on a Skid And Pump mind control image ASMR on DA
Found on r/LoveForScalpers
from r/redditmoment comments
Finally, after 2 years, a 100% accurate copypasta of Eggmans announcement
From r/holup
Family Guy is funny
From a roleplay chatroom on discord.
found this in a sub
Found this and it pissed me off so here
From DeviantART
found on twitter
From an Ask Reddit Thread
Found on r/childfree
Found from another post
Found on an “alpha male” YouTube channel
Finger Licking Good (Cursed)
found on a video called ”6 Weird and Creepy Channels I Found While Streaming”, from Goose Boose.
Fallen kingdom parody
Fleslight tutorial went wrong
Found on an 18+ ratatouille role play server.
From r/pyrocynical
Facts with Okuyasu
Fish Noises
From r/subredditsimulator.
From a bot that emulates redditors
Fred Armisen in drag is so fucking hot!
Found on an Instagram post about big noses
Found on r/videogamedunkey
Found in comments of a hentai
From r/SubSimulatorGPT2
Family Vists
From this subreddit
Flight roast
Fleshlight Phone Case™
From r/Waifuism
Fuck u/dinosauce313
From r/AnarchyChess
Fresh out of r/trees and r/cringepics
From r/anarchychess
Fuck fuck fucking shit, I seriously messed up.
Found on a Zhong Youtube short video
Found on r/teenagers
Found this in the comments on episode 8 of the anime “Combatants Will Be Dispatched”.
From Linus Torvalds
Found in r/apstudents
Found on r/greentext
Facts & Figures About LGBTQ Community in INDIA.
found on r/teenagers
From r/SomeOrdinaryGmrs
Fear of women
Found in r/unexpected
From r/AIDungeon
Found on r/unpopularopinion
Found on r/iamverysmart
Found in r/animemes
Found in one of the MBTI subs, in a comment to a meme
from Trump’s victory speech on election night
F16 looking for [relationship]
from the bugsnax steamunlocked page
Found in a sport subreddit
Fish fear me
found on r/greentext comments
From r/poopshitters
Found on r/lofi
For Goblin hog our lord
Found in r/technology
Found in r/neckbeardthings
From discord
Found on 196
Found this gem of a youtube comment in Dababy’s Suge comment section
Found on r/natureismetal
Found on a comments section of this very subreddit.
Found in r/confessions comments
Found on Nhentai
From u/i_love_pencils
Free YouTube Premium
Found this on r/bloodborne
Funny Cxlvxn Tweet
fucking my great grandson
Found on a Pokémon animation
From r/commercialsihate
Found on a “I hate dream stans” small video
Found on r/cursedcomments
From r/fantheories
From r/TIFU
Fuck you, Grubhub
Found r/brandnewsentence
Found this somewhere
Found on r/shittyaskscience
found on r/niceguys
Fuck you, pings
found on r/teenagers. (it was hard which to post everything is fucking hilarious there)
Found on r/publicfreakout
FEMALE GAMER!!!!!1!!1!11
Fighting the moon comment i found
Found in a comment thread of r/cringetopia
From a comment on r/teenagers
Found as a comment on R/cringetopia
Found this on cringetopia
From a 4chan celeb thread
Found on r/onepiece
Found on F95
From r/Teenagers
from a comment on r/drawing
From r/sexurmom
From a discord server, edited it so you can add your own bits
From r/teenagers
From r/Teenagers
From r/teenagers
Face Camping
From r/memes
Found while browsing reddit comments
From R/teenagers I copypasted the phone booth scene from Xavier Renegade Angel just because I can
from r/teenagers
From r/banvideogames
Found in r/teenagers
From r/teenagers
From a fb group
From the goldmine r/teenagers
Follow the Evidence
From u/KP2034
From r/unpopularopinion
From playing Valorant with some friends
From r/teenagers
Found this from Nhentai.net
found this on some weird ass friday night funkin foot fetish video
Found on a band of brothers FB meme page, sung to the battle hymn of the republic tune
Found one for y’all
From r/teenagers
Found on r/Teenagers “I have a new fetish”
Found on r34
Full moon
Flat Earthers
From some guy who is not a ladder fan:
From an unassuming post on r/CODZombies, about the state of Cold War
From some discord introduction channel
found on a video of a toy fireman climbing a very large ladder
from discord, someone who went too far explaining a meme
From a r/NextFuckingLevel comment
funny sonic 1 misinfo
Found on nextfuckinglevel
Found it on PCM
From fleetwood35552 on roblox
Fuck off ladder
Found this gem on r/nextfuckinglevel
From r/futa
Found on a discord server
first page of my book
French Maccas better
found in r/waifuism
Fellas, is it weird to get a Jeff Kaplan Cardboard Cutout? (Lifesized)
Found in r/technicallythetruth
Fantano’s Wife
Found on an okbr comment
found it on pcm, (luckily satire), and it needs to be preserved
Found in r/PoliticalCompassMemes
Found on a sushi channel where someone asked the chef to show him more recipes to impress his crush
Fetch execute
Found on PCM
From r/Teenagers
Found on the adventure time sub
Floss floss floss I love to smell my floss pick
From a YouTube user named “Seraphim, K-pop, dream, corpse hater”
Fuck wasps
From The Desk Of….
Found on r/ihavesex
found this one on YouTube comments
From my friend
From Xavier: Renegade Angel
Film produced by a Christian production company, just that.
From the Deep Fat Fried podcast
from the minds of dream gender
Found in the comments section of r/196
Found on r/makemesuffer
Found on r/2MiddleEast4you
From the beautiful folks over at r/wallstreetbets
From R/cringetopia
found on r/ApplyingToCollege
Face masks make me feel so safe.
found on r/cleanagers
from r/bugsarefuckingstupid
From /r/Missouri : “For a state that only has a 30% vaccination rate, there sure are a hell of a folks not wearing masks now.”
Found a wild one on Facebook…
Fuck Caillou
Found on r/stardustcrusaders about the latest jojolion chapter
Found a hole in my son’s body pillow
Found on Gay Frogs the Alex Jones remix on YouTube. Reads like a shitty SCP article.
Found on r/unpopularopinion
Found in a r/196 comment section
found on a steam gc
from a tiktok
FNaF Chica Tit
Found a meth-induced comment on some random post
Found on r/conspiracytheoy and I want it to become a copypasta
Found under the picture of a young couple in r/teenagers
Fuck you.
Found this in a horror post
From r/memes
For real, anime just makes today’s children more and more retarded, as they aren’t already.
Found on r/polls
Found this awhile ago on some political post
Fizz Diff
Found on r/topsandbottoma
futa Jill Valentine and a spider fanfict
Found another gem on r/dreamgender
from roblox
Found on r/atheism
Fucking Idiot Child
Found in the Undertale the Musical comment section, truly a beautiful place
found this in a discord xdxd
For u/epic_gamer_4268:
From r/blackpeopletwitter
Found on r/pornomemes
Furry mf’s
Found in r/Cringetopia
Found in comments by u/catmolester101
facebook ad i got
From r/teenagers – Rednecks call me an ugly wh*re
Flip off
from r/tifu – TIFU by wanting to wake my husband with a BJ
Found on the SNK subreddit
From the comments section on a Lola bunny cosplay.
from my school
From a Facebook group where we pretend kayfabe is real in wrestling
From r/NSFWarframe
Found on r/atheism lol
Found in the depths of Perry.com
Fuck you, you fucking piece of shit.
Fuck This Entire Subreddit
From r/overwatchleague
Found in regards to a guy getting shit on his face
found on r/atheism
Found this balls
from r/ atheism lol
Found in r/dreamgender
From r/teenagers
Found this on r/cringetopia, response to a woman setting dating requirements
FitMC’s 2b2t Survival Guide
Found in Quora replies on a question about child discipline
fuck You
From r/playboicarti
Fart copypasta on fart channel
From the sub r/cummingonbirds (sorry if this is a repost)
Found off of /pol/ (WARNING: RACIST!!!)
Found on r/askreddit
Found on r/AskReddit
Found in a reply to a comment saying “Chad” on a post where a kid made a Youtube video of him yelling Big Chungus in a Walmart
Found on /r/vegan
Found on twitter
fem-class tf2 awareness day true story from Nerdy_Roll’s father.
found on a post saying pedophilia isn’t a sexuality
From r/tifu comment
From r/rightwingbdsm
Fuck simcity
found on r/teenagers
Found on YT
Flipping burgers.
Fluid in can
found on furry_irl, typed out for your pleasure<3 uwu
from a facebook argument
Found on r/teenagers
Fallout New Vegas fans when their game is slightly criticized
FT-17 is the best tank
From a NoFap discord server
From r/196
From r/teenagers
feet fetish
found on r/PublicFreakout
from r/teenagers
Found on r/teenagers
fuck (original)
Feeling kind of SUSSY 🤡🔫
Found in the comments of a post on r/ofcoursethatsathing
For those who say you were never loved as a kid, you were wrong. You just didn’t meet a Discord moderator.
found in shitpostcrusaiders
Fuck Angler Fish: All My Homies Hate Angler Fish
Found in a dinosaur game subreddit
From a discord server
Flash is strongest character in universe
Found on r/teenagers
Fuck this shitty existence (RANT)
From r/Downbad
From the comments section of a buzzfeed quiz
fuck you mom
FUCK Draw my Life Videos
Fallout 76 (mostly Nuclear Winter) literally changed my life
From r/hypixelskyblock
Found on Discord
Found in the wild
From personal experience
Found this as a reply on Twitter
from r/facepalm
From the Heroes of Might and Magic III forum
For as long as I remember, it has been my dream to join forces with the one the only James Corden on the Late Late Show.
From r/4chan
Found on fb page East African Vibes
Found on facebook. I couldn’t resist.
From r/twitch
From r/pcmasterace
Found on r/meme
Found on Omegle what a sad bastard
from a post about the sex offender shuffle from 7 years ago TW///Mentions of Incest
Found on r/TNOmod
found on a pirating site comment section
found on a YouTube video about fan vs enjoyer meme
Freddy fazbear bit off my cock in 87 so i (an mlg pro) spent my lifes savings on pranking him
From r/Parenting: I caught my 4 year old watching cartoon characters kissing on youtube
Five Nights at Freddy’s hater response
Found this gem on okbuddyretard
from r/averageredditor
Found on Top Gear youtube video
found this comment unironically, had to share it
Fuck SSD’s
Found it in r/GENIUS
Found this (NSFW I guess)
Found on a “Desi” porn video
Found in r/starter packs
Found on r/Atheism
found on r/forwardsfromgrandma
found on r/cracksmokers
fnf mod maker being outed
found on gamefaqs
Father 👨 of lies 🤥🖕 Cum 💦 in disguise 🎭❌ Your 👉 cum 💦 won’t 😔🚫 last 😍 There’s ✔ a snake 🐍 in my ass 🍑 The cum-fathers secret 🙊 stash ♒ Cum-stomp me flat ⛔ I’m 💘 going 🏃 to f*ck 🤬 your 👉 dad 👴 Cumming 💦 high 🕛 into the morning 🌅 sky ☁ Vape 💯😎💨 cum 🍆💦 from my bum 🍑
Found on r/gamingPC
Found in the comments of a post on r/teenagers
Found on r/4chan
From r/hentaimemes
From r/justneckbeardthings
Found on r/loseit
From r/sluttyConfessions
From r/suspiciouslyspecific
From r/Cringetopia
First day
Found on the LoL sub
from the Pummel Party discord
Found on r/TranslationStudies
found on hentai comments
found this on discord and thought it’d fit here.
FitnessGram Pacer Test
From /Nuts
From r/Consoom
Fun Fact #177013
Found on discord
Fucking what
from a YouTube comment on Danny Gonzalez’s video on Paul Zimmer
Found on r/immobile
From a discord server…
Found on r/LeagueofMemes
From r/cringetopia don’t know if have already been posted
Funny camel video
found in a youtube comment section about cuban condom pizza
Fuck school.
From r/banvideog🤬mes
Fresh one
Found this gem in r/hentai
Found on a 4chan thread about genshin impact
Fuck you, Discord moderator.
for when u get spam emails
From r/entitledparents
found on 4chan
Found on r/consoom
First posted on r/unpopularopinion
Fart DM Requestes
Fairy Tale About Cheeseburgers
Found this one
forgot where i found this but ima just post it here
Fuck you, Susan, #SamONellaForCEO.
Fish farts
For all them self righteous mods
Found on r/PoliticalCompassMemes
From a screenshot
funny csgo copypasta
found on r/teenagers
Facts you won’t learn in school
friday night funkin boyfriend alphabet
fallout 1 death message
Found this on incel forum looksmax.org
From r/yubo
FNF is everything!
Found in dunkey video about AC: Origins
Found this on Quora as an answer to someone asking “As a woman, how much do you enjoy giving top?” or something like that
Fart slaves
for relationship advice posts
Flilpino go brrrt. Thank you u/SealandsServant
Found this EsfandTV pasta on rpclipsGTA
Found on r/niceguys. I typed it out as it was an image. Took me so fucking long..
Found on Google Maps
Found on r/banned
found this on a reply to several of these 🗿
Femboys not gay
Famly man
Found on an unrelated 4chan thread
fat man with captains shield plot by no moment
Folks, a new adventure is on the horizon
Found in r/pics
Found commented in r/nothingeverhappens with no context. Nobody could figure out what he was talking about.
Fuck koalas
Found on r/4chan
Found this beaut in a YouTube comment section
Found on r/semenretention
Found this from some old post from r/fnv
Found on r/TheCaretaker
found on twitter
From /r/dogfree
From r/2middleeast4you
Fuck you.
Fuck you
French cock and ball torture
found on r/apexlegends
From cringetopia
family guy
For your family and you :heart:
From r/TrueOffMyChest
Found on r/Dababyhentai
female pfp
female redditors of reddit i am (32m) and would like to ask some questions.
Found on r/teenagers
Found on r/unpopularopinion
Firstly, according to this study link, monarchies handle large scale reforms better than a republic could.
Found in the wild in a Bleach fight video comment section
from the Pummel Party official discord server
Fantasy fuck of Ivanka
Fall back away from me
From r/mademesmile
FAQ:your town was bombed
Fuck Longhorn Steakhouse
Found on the vid where goofy dies in a car crash while listening to Post Malone
Found on r/persona5
Found on r/196
Found when I stumbled across a Ford Raptor Forum
Found on r/confessions
Found under the video of Xisuma playing Morbid Angel
from r/VRCHAT
From r/doesanybodyelse
Found this potencial copypasta in r/MidlyInfuriating
Found in the comments of NO SLEEP, thanks Be bop
First plate/here’s a list of what i ate copypasta
found this on twitter to ratio people with
Found on r/ask
Found On Quora, on the topic of “Why are teenagers depressed so frequently?”
From a post about vacuum sealing marshmallows
Found on r/interestingasfuck
found this story, not sure wtf it is
from r/teenagers
Found on r/Drugs
from a youtube comment
funny nickelodeon show
From r/cringetopia
Fresh prince of ball hair
Found on cringetopia
From r/cringetopia
Found in r/dankmemes comments
From The Pummel Party Discord
Funny post, friend🤣😂
Fuck hot dog buns.
Found on r/clashroyale
From one of the weirdos at r/shiftingrealities
free download
From dank memes
Found randomly in r/gocommitdie
Found this on the furry tag on omegle (not a furry just trolling)
Found in 4chan pol
Found on a porn sub
From looksmax.org
Found on Ruqqus.com written unironically
Fallout is very lore based
From Kpop/Dream stan twitter
Found in the comments on r/blursedimages
Free the gummy bears – An Amazon review
Found on r/gaming
From a youtube video
Found on r/AbruptChaos
Found this on discord
Found on a porn sub, yes there was a picture
From r/phineasandferb
found a comment comment about not shaving your ass
From r/conspiracy
Fuck it the entire Neon Genisis Evangelion script
Found in a discord server
Found on r/videogamedunkey with credit to u/datheed
From r/Minecraft
First of May
Found in comment hell
From a 90 movie
Fuck you
Fuck you, Copacabana lyrics
Flareon x User
from r/bloodhound mains (apex legends )
Found on a video about COVID-19 vaccines
Found in a Team Meat tweet
Fuck Shadow The Hedgehog
Final Warning
Found on Discord
Funny memes
Friend sent this idk if posted here
Found on TIFU. OwO, emojifyer, do your thing.🤪🤪
Frogs and fish are the same.
Found on r/TeenTitansPorn
Found this on r/TheMonkeysPaw
from discord
from discord
Forgive me black master
From an r/AIDungeon user
Found this on AIDungeon a while ago
From An Ironic Facebook Group About Phones Being Bad
Found this gem randomly
From r/crazyideas: Here’s a crazy idea for a challenge
FNaF Purple Guy Emoji Sprite (William Afton)
From the “People that sort of look like Adam Sandler, but aren’t Adam Sandler” Facebook group
Fallout 4 intro cutscene
from r/VRCHAT
Fortnite balls
fuck you its only 2.19% gay
Found on r/AMA
Found this in doki doki’s steam reviews
From r/196
Fitnessgram pacer test
From r/JustUnsubbed
Found this gem
Found in a GTA IV Facebook group
Fuck IrishLaddie
Forgive english, i am Russia
For all the satire in r/Cringetopia
fukku me senpai😈💞🍆
Found on r/mensrights
Fresh pasta, originally written by an angry dickbag in a Facebook group
Family Feud
Found on r/UnpopularOpinion
From r/angrybirds
Found on r/SlaveLabor
Fuck cat owners.
Found on rule 34
Fuck you
Fuck the Beatles /srs
From r/HistoryAnimemes
found in the comments of my spanish teacher’s facebook page
From r/FanTheories – Stuart Little has a big wiener
Fuck it, the entire lyics to “Orange Nya Nya Style” by The Annoying Orange.
Found on r/Redditmoment
Found this gem on r/gordonramsay
Found on r/dankmemes
Found on FB
Found on twitter
Found this elitist in an r/holup post
fuck children
Found this
Found on a Persona 5 4chan thread.
Found on a my hero academia season 5 review
Furry complaing about furry hate on a discord server
Found one in the wild
Found on relationship_advice
From an actual steam review
Found on r/okbuddybaka
Found on r/lipsum
From r/bossfightuniverse
Frozen P*nis
Furry porn
Find the person who doesnt pay taxes Quackity Tweet
Found this in a Reddit argument
Found this on r/virtualreality. Man was downvoted to hell lol (Credit u/angery_birb)
Found on r/NintendoSwitchDeals
Found on r/copypasta
Found on r/teenagers
found this gem on r/teenagers
Female Discord avatars turn me on.
found on r/ ocd
Funni copypasta
found on /r/teenagers
Found on r/greentext
Fuck you, here’s code
Family Guy Dora the Explorer Fan Fiction
Found on r/hentaicaptions
Fnf art copypasta
From r/cringepics
From r/jazzcirclejerk
Found on an video talking about fraud in the IRS
Found this comment on a JRE clip, don’t know if its ironic or just someone’s schizophrenic ramblings but it’s solid gold
found this on a fan fic site
Fucker with a flamethrower
From this Comment alone
from a furry porn subreddit
from a JIMMY DAVIS tweet (i was following on twitter because i wacht Jimmy Davis ytp)
found in a FB comment
F-ck the Lakers
Found in r/Desantis
Found this under a youtube comment asking about they/them pronouns
Found on /loveforanimesexual
From this day forward
found this in r/sexquestions
From r/tameimpalacirclejerk
Found on r/waifuism
Fresh from 4chan
Found this on a Facebook group
FitnessGram CUM Test
Found in r/KillLaKill
Found as a steam comment on a profile posing as a 16 year old lesbian
for the flat earthers
Furry meme got on someone’s nerves
Found this gem on discussion forum for an early access game
Futa is 200% straight
From Discord
From some guy on omeagle
found on 4chan
Funny Valentine Napkin Copypasta
Found on r/teenagers
Found this in the comment section of a gay xvideos video
Flag Smashers Copypasta
Found on r/killlakill
Found on pornhub
Found this on Yahoo answers
Found on r/shitposting
from the steam profile of a convicted pedophile
Found on r/teenagers, very easy to get some good copypasta from there lmao
Fern God King of Plantdom FUCK YOU
from the boxing sub
Found in a tattoo shaming post in response to being welcomed to the internet
found on mangago.
Female Reddit Avatars
Found in a FB thread
Fey yoshida from Roblox metaverse champions
Fuck Twitter users (found on Twitter)
from r/PinkOmega
Fuck it, here’s the entire Yo Mama final joke trailer
Found in the comment section for Ruler of Everything’s music video
Fortnite Bad, Minecraft Good
Fey Yoshida’S Thighs
Found in a Facebook Group
Found On a vTuber Board After Someone Posted Annoying Orange
From HardDriveNews
From Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter
Found this on an r/Confessions post
fake gold award
Futanari Supremacy
Found on r/okaybuddyretard
Fucking Pringle Bastards
found on r/persona5
From R/Animemes
From a Dante Ravioli video
FNAF Chica😫
funy 2
Femboy Supply and Demand
Flying Tarantula
From r/Karate
found on a rule34 post
Found in unpopularopinion
Found on a friends university confessions page
found this gem on r/unpopularopinion
from r/teenagers
from r/soccer
Found this on r/FemaleDatingStrategy
Father Korea disowns South Korea
Found this on a post of Glitch In The Matrix.
fuck you charles for banging my girlfriend (from r/vent)
FNF WEEK 7 copypasta
fuck you
Found on my friends facebook
from r/yahooanswers
Found a copypasta out in the wild
Fuck you here’s the entire wikipedia article for rope
Fuck you here’s the entire Bee Movie script
Found on r/SigmaMales
Fan subs are literally autistic
Found this train wreck of a comment on a Fallout New Vegas video
Found it on r/dreamgender
fuck you charles
Friday night funkin
found on some crazy comment thread on youtube
From a friend’s discord server
Free Spam
Found on a willy’s wonderland subreddit
Found on a Pornhub comment section
Frost Top Hot Dogs Review
Farmer from Balan Wonderland
Fascists only have an opinion on modern art because of how much Hitler hated it.
Found on r/memes (the definition of cringe) (possible satire)
Found on r/youtube
For commenting on Instagram photos you find cringe
from r/hypotheticalsituation
from a trello board
Found this on r/iamatotalpieceofshit
Found on r/PublicFreakout lol
Found in r/confidentlyincorrect
From r/Youngpeopleyoutube “eating plastic so turtles don’t have to”
F*ck you
found on r/youngpeopleyoutube
Found on r/teenagers
Found this in a book subreddit, hope I don’t get down voted to hell
Found on the Pajama Sam steam page
From deviantart
Full transcript of Wilbur Soot and Jebediah Schlatt’s conversation about Hot Pockets, lasting 12 minutes and 24 seconds.
Found in ban video games prob already one
Friday Night Funkin fangirl comment i found on deviantart
from bercow
From r/perfectlycutscreams
Filthy Frank Trivia
Found in a Morrowind Thread
Freshly baked pizza straight from the oven
Found on the genius for Among us in real life – Rebecca Zamolo refering to the word sus
From r/amiwrong
Freddy Fazzberries Furry Swinger Sex Club
Fuck you
FORTNITE BETTER + RATIO HAHA! (Anti-Twitter Copypasta)
foreskin restoration
Found on the SoundCloud comment section of “Boulevard of Broken Toys”
fun fact
fuck man fuckin steak baby monday fuck yeah
Found on askreddit
From r/popping
Found on r/coolguides
Fiona left Shrek
Found on r/the10thdentist
found this anti Chineese government rant on discord
From r/catculations
Fucking a dude from the back wit no lube
From r/politicalcompassmemes
Found on r/Coprophiles
Fuck it, here’s More to Explore (MTE) in Japanese
found on a post leaking the colour and name of a BR season
Futa Nea Skin When??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!????!?
Found on Instagram
Found in a r/greentext comment section with no context or relation to the discussion.
Found this in a gc
From r/TrueOffMyChest
Found this on an r/UnpopularOpinion post
Fuck transphobia on Reddit
Fancy Sus
Fuck you
Found on r/therightcantmeme
Found in r/teenagers
From r/The10thDentist: I poo with the bathroom door open and I don’t use toilet paper
FUCK HALLOWED MIMICS (found on r/terraria)
For uwuification mainly
Found on a post hating on the said product
Found on tiktok
Found on r/funny
found in r/breaking mom
From r/femaledatingstrategy
From u/YouSeeWhereBradAt
Fartball Countryball
Found on TIFU
Found in some thread
Fred the Movie is the same as Joker (2019)
Found this in r/destiny2 about if doomguy could kill a guardian
For whenever someone talks about dating an anime girl
Found on r/shitpostcrusaders (JoJo Spoilers)
found this on discord, dont ask
From downvote farmers
From r/TrueOffMyChest
From GothamChess Guess the Elo:
Fight is off
From a discord server i am in
Funniest shit I ever seen
Found this in a YouTube comment section
Found on TIFU
friday night funkin lemon man song idk
Found on Twitter (https://twitter.com/TTVluuunatik/status/1332829543699271681)
fundies check character
Famous Italian copypasta translated with google translate
Furry Porn Admiration
Found in r/videos defending 4chan
Found this on discord, God bless
From r/unpopularopinions
Found on r/AskReddit
Found on Yahoo! Answers
From Askreddit
fresh from r/teenagers
feeling cute lol might share all the US war crimes idk
Found in one of the Steam reviews for the game “*NEW* SCUFFED EPIC BHOP SIMULATOR 2023 (POG CHAMP)”
From Twilight Sparkle’s fiancé.
Found in a comment on dankmemes
Found in okbr
From r/Dankmemes
From my D&D campaign when our pirate tried to persuade us using his experiences of depression
From Max0r’s incorrect summary on MGS3
Flex Song by Rich Homie Quan
Found in the comments under a Facebook post
From the worst comment on YouTube
From r/NYYankees, after being shut out by the Rays
Free clash Royale gems support message
Found on r/stories
Found this work of art on a Konosuba clip
From r/GPT3
Fingers crossed
Furry con 2021
From discord
From r/eatingowncum
Found this on r/dreamhate …
Fun for the whole family
Found from r/teenagers
Found in a random discord server
From r/television
Fuck it. Declaration Of Independence
Funny Dead Man
Found under an r/trashy post…
From a comment in r/me_irl on a post about the death of Prince Philip
found in r/anime
Found on 4chan (r9k)
Found on r/DreamHate Comment Section
Fuck you, retarded piece of shit.
from a random comment, i don’t remember the sub
found on r/gainit
found on r/sex
Found this in the description of a video of a rabbit eating a carrot and pooping
Found on a joke about someone infringing on Nintendo’s intellectual property
Found in the comments section of a post on r/blursedimages
Fuck anti catboys, I hope you get kids and they becomes ones. (from a comment I found on instagram)
For allah
Found this reply to u/Cummybot9999
Freaky Fri Yea
FUCK IT @. dreamwastaken seriously dream this is ridiculous, you’re gatekeeping george now and we do not like it. I get it, his yours but literally let him stream just ONCE in a while we are starving. PLUS i know you’re doing this to make us even more pissed off, but stop talking about him cursing
From r/eatingcum
Found on r/196
Found this on Yahoo Answers
Funny Bear Game
Found in the comments of a Steam game.
Found on r/BanVideoGames
friends banned you
From r/ShowerOrange
from askreddit
Found in the comment section of a YouTube video
found on r/LucidDreaming
From r/Tifu: TIFU by thinking I was dating a Korean guy until I saw his driving licence
From a LSF thread about Mia Malkova (NSFW)
Found on PoliticalCompassMemes
Found on r/196
Found on discord
Found on TikTok
From a local restaurant Facebook group.
Found this gem in a Chris-Chan documentary comment section.
From r/greentext
Fortnite pregnant skin
Found on discord
Friday Night Fuckin’
FitnessGram Pacer Test
Funko Pops
Furry science
Found this masterpiece on a subreddit
Frick mudslide crush (nsfw warning)
found from a sissy PornHub comment
from twitter
from my inbox
Found this on r/Confessions
Found this in a chess subreddit
found on r/youseeingthisshit
Found on r/copyright unironically
faking your death prank
From thegrandtour
Funky Konggggggg
from r/CreepyAsterisks
Frozen Pizza 😋😋😋😋😋
Found on the Joe Rogan Subreddit
found on r/thathappened comment section
From r/teenagers
Found on a “Crushampton II” Uni-truths Facebook page
Found on r/government_is_lame
fat mom cum (from r/AskReddit)
From r/futebol to the world
first date
Fuck off Kevin – Taken from r/unsentletters
Found in r/niceguys
From r/cringetopia
Fucking monday steak, yeah baby Tiktok
From a Game Theory livestream
Found on r/mildlyinfuriating
Found in the comment section of a r/TIHI post
Found on r/Whitelivesmatter_
From the comment section of Undertale musical
Found in r/skyrim
Found this piece on r/titanfolk
Found in r/grilledcheese
found on a nene clip on youtube
Found this gold in r/grilledcheese
From r/punchablefaces
Finna jerk it
From politics? Like r/politics? I was banned from there years ago
From our family to yours
feel free to add in your own emojis
from r/morgzmumNSFW
Fuck it here are all possible Warcrimes
Fortnite should add chungus among us sex 1 and sex 2
From r/nirvana
Funny amogus video
Fuck it, all of my immortal
Found on r/kanye
Found on r/dundlermifflen (or however you spell it)
fortnite should add a pregnant female skin
Found this on r/greentext
Found in r/teenagers
Friend triggered someone in a modding server.
From a venting subreddit, that last paragraph is golden.
Fuck it, longest sentence ever
Found this on Steam Reviews.
Found in r/AskRedditNSFW
Fuck storks
From a Discord I’m in
Found on r/greentext with 6 upvotes
Found on r/neverbrokeabone
found on a middle schoolers story
Found on r/NoAnimePolice
found this on r/tooafraidtoask
Found in r/conspiracytheories
Fake penis
Freddie Gibbs fucking murdered my son
Found on r/unpopularopinion
Foreskin Cleaners
Found on political compass memes
found on r/warthunder
found this gem in the comments
Found on r/titanfolk
from r/morgzmumnsfw
Fuck I hate /v/ incels.
from r/DAE
fuck simon cowell
Found on r/cringetopia
Fuck it, here’s the lyrics of I Just Had Sex by The Lonely Island feat. Akon
found on r/teenagers
Found in r/jaidenanimationr34
from death to anal discharge (brought to you by r/NNN)
Finally im free from addiction
Fornte best ever gayme
Found on r/Thathappened
From r/grilledcheese
From a copypasta comment
From Cher on twitter
from r/dirtypenpals LOOKING FOR HYPER ALPHA MALE RP 🍆🍆
found this in my discord server
From a copypasta comment about AOC’s feet
From a YT comment on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJgB8jm2peA
Found this on r/increasinglyverbose, in response to “cry about it”
From a post about a dude getting hired for making a Wikipedia page about the Boss
Found this in discord
From a gamingcirclejerk comment
From one of the moderators of a discord I’m in
Found this gem on r/rant
foot the fat fet fot
Found on twitter
From my eccentric friend in our group chat.
From r/jreg
Found on r/ratfuckerclub
From r/ratfuckerclub
Found on ok buddy baka (idk if repost)
Found on a video of a guy jumping on a bag of liquid and hitting his face on a concrete bollard
Found this gem on the internet
fake and fake and gay
Finnish soldier
funny post by u/high_on_ducks
found in r/askredditafterdark
Found in a SAD-ist’s video comment section
Fuck PBS Kids 😡
full jojo’s bizarre adventure anime/manga’s script but only when they say or write “ジョ[Jo]”
from r/nofap
Found in comments section of r/cursedimagss
found on r/confessions
From r/news
found on the ratings and reviews section of Bee Factory on iOS
Friky un a firdey noght
Fuck you
From r/AskReddit. Question: Someone tells you to “go fuck yourself.” What is your response?
fight back kid
Found this on r/196
From an argument in r/mallninjashit
from twitter
Fook leBania serbia only frend
Found this comment about 10 year olds moshing to old Town road
found it on r/teenagers
Found in r/confessions
Found on r/cursedcomments
found in r/BDP
Farting with your dick
Found on a game’s discord server after an april fools update.
Found this under gamer on Wikipedia
Found on r/confessions
From the comments section of the Comically Large Spoon Minecraft mod on CurseForge
Found on a doordash facebook page
From r/penectomy
found on a gacha life youtube vid
fucking steak, fuck man
Found in r/creepypasta
Found on r/FreeSpeech
Found on r/insults
Found on OKBR
Found on an anarchist minecraft server subreddit
From a friend of mine
Found on Discord today
For Honor year 4 season 4 story trailer
From a thirsty r/deadbydaylight girl
Found on r/hermitcraft
from a r/globaloffensive thread
faze sway on twitter talking about some weapon in fortnite
Found on r/Microsoft
For the Asians!!!
Found on anime Twitter
From a review for Lemon-Lime Gatorade.
Found on Twitter
Found on 4chan
Found this on steam
From r/sadcringe
found in r/genzedong
Found on r/antimeme
Found on Lil Nas X – MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)
Found this on Twitter
Found this gem in an AMA on r/hiphopheads.
found on shitty movie details
Found in r/memes comments
For when someone like straight porn
From an atheist circlejerk thread on the front page
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
Facebook Jail
From r/10thdentist
funny upvote now
From nhentai
Found this on the tf2 sub
for ever upvote I will keep spamming for 10 minutes
From the absolute masterminds on Twitter
Found in r/shittymoviedetaisl post about hitler
Fuck you kid.
Free Covid Vaccine (No meme, actual vaccine in post)
Fields of Vercum.
From r/trueoffmychest
futa mommy
found in r/offmychest
Found this piece of gold in the wild
From a guy on discord
Found on r/confession
From HipHopHeads
From r/offmychest
found on r/dababyhentai
FaZe Sway’s Primal Shotgun Rage
French Wikipedia Article On Cock and Ball Torture
fuck you kid you nasty lookin sloth
Found in the wild on Omegle
from r/RatFuckersClub
From a joke thread in r/teenagers on how a colossal shit is why one should never talk on the phone in public
Found on chad’s copypasta
found this gem on bnha
Found this gem on a post/rant about how women see men’s height. Had a good laugh.
From r/changemyview
Found it in the youtube comment section
Flash opening (cow edition)
Found on r/dreamgender (satire)
Found this on youtube
Found this on a tf2 Discord
Funni yellow faces
From the fortnite subreddit
Found in R/Pyrocinical
Found in r/NoStupidQuestions
Found this in a dating discord.
Five Night’s at Freddy’s but awesome!
Found in Yakuza 0’s Steam reviews
for that one guy always using corona as an excuse to be on discord 8 hours a day
for phillip defranco
Found on r/confessions
Found in r/grandpajoehate
From someone who gotted mad at another person
found on r/AskGayBros
From r/4chan
From r/196
Found on Quora – the question : Which villain do you think the Minions would serve in real life, and why?
Found this on justneckbeardthings and I just had to repost it here. It is gold.
From /r/teenagers
From: Asmongold Reacts to Reviewbrah Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets Food Review
fuck it. here’s the lyrics to gangsta’s paradise
From a random Crunchyroll user profile
Feet fetishes aren’t that funny, get over it
Found this on tt.
From an AskReddit thread about wet nightmares
fuck it, 5x spanish translate of joseph joestar theme chorus
Found under a satirical political post
Found on r/interestingasfuck
Found on r/greentext
From r/Fortnitebr comments
Four best friends. Three times Pennywise slammed on the brakes. Two stowaways. One road trip.
Fuck the right
from r/okbuddybaka
fan mail
found on 4chan math thread
Fuck it, lyrics of Joseph Joestar’s theme
Fiday Nihgt Funkyin
fuck it, formal reggie
Fuckin Aussies.
Found on r/thathappened
From a debate asking if “Kanye West is a hero”
Flat Tab
From r/confessions
Fuck it, here’s what I think about Among Us.
Fresh pasta from a moderator of /r/trans.
Found in the commentsection of r/shitposting
Found on /r/2007scape
from r/196x
Found on Discord…
Fuck it, here’s vg 10,000 times.
Found this on discord
Found on r/tooafraidtoask
Found on Wallstreetbets
Found on Subreddit Simulator
Found under a DOTA 2 news post
From a guy in a YT comment section, upset that people were excited for an upcoming game
Found this on some discord server
from a deepfake porn website.
Film class group 4?
Found this while trying to pirate a book. Found on Medium below every single post.
found on Maximilianmus fan discord (critikal fan vs max fan argument)
Fuck it. Crimean War Wikipedia Article [Part 2]
Fuck it. Crimean war Wikipedia page. [Part 1]
Found in a discord server when someone said posting pictures of anime girls in a meme channel is cringe.
Fuck Aimee Challenor
Fuck you reddit admins, ban me you cowards
Found on discord
Fuck aimee challenor and her shitty father
From some brony’s steam account
Fuck you aimee
Funny Reddit admin
Fuck it, I’m on an alt and my VPN is on, LETS GET BANNED!
Finland Män
Fuck it i dont care if i am banned
Fuck you
Fuck Aimee Challenor
Fuck Aimee Challenor (Not sexually, dumbass)
Fuck Aimee Ch******r
fuck aimee challenor
Finland Män
Fuck the weebs
Fucking kill me I’m dying
Fuck it i dont care if i am banned
From r/cryptocurrency
Fag pledge
Fuck national puppy day
Found this comment on holup
Found this gem under “10 Hour Non Stop Worship Songs With Lyrics WORSHIP AND PRAISE”
Fucking cunt phedo admin
Found on r/EDP445
found on discord
Found on shitposting in the comments
Found this on a r/mildlyinteresting comment somewhere
Found in r/popheads
Found on /r/196
From r/potato
Found on TrueSTL, courtesy of u/choobatoofpaste
Found in a discord introductions
found on r/comedysiezure
From a Kitchen Nightmares Video
From a server I’m in
From a competitive pokemon analysis
Fuck the CCP
Fuck you.
Found on r/confessions regarding a dude chatting with men on onlyfans
Fanfiction summary I stumbled on this morning
First World vs Third World
Fortnite Sweaties
Found this on Instagram
Fuck it, here is the shortest post available on Reddit.
Fuck this show.
Fuck off you moron, nobody cares about the imaginary argument you’re having with yourself in response to something nobody is saying, you absolute fucking buffoon.
First Day of 11th Grade: I am now King of the Jungle
Found in r/confessions
Fucking a banana
from r/psychopath
Found on this very sub
Family Guy Bootleg DVD
Found one in the wild, don’t upvote I didn’t make this
Fuck Stuart Little
Found on reddit’s page on google maps
False accusation
fuck you epic_gamer_4268
Found this on r/anime , it’s pretty damn funny
Found on the hub
Found this gold in the comments section of an r/natureismetal post
from twomad
From a disboard description.
From r/snapchad
For every award I have, I will add one “Fuck you Karen.”
Facebook comments section is a gold mine.
Fantasy about Matt from Wii Sports
found on r/blessedimages
from r/vaushv
Found on r/gatekeeping of all the places.
Found in a #confessions channel
found on twitch
Found this in a video’s comment section thought it was copypasta worthy
Found in discord.gg/communism
FUCK Twist from the Fresh Beat Band!
found this on a discord muted chat
Found this on waifuism on someone breaking up with Eren from aot.
from a Russian 4chan thread
From 4chan’s /a/ board
From a dream stan on twitter. And yes, this is real
found on r/oneanddone
Found in r/TrueOffMyChest, Drop a F for the poor soul.
Fuck it
from tumblr
Found this on quora, written by a retired zoologist so she obviously knows her stuff
Found in r/AskReddit
From leftypol.org
Found on r/relationshipadvice
Found on r/unexpectedmontypython
from r/waifuism
Fuck it, here’s the entire Quran
Fodder for u/profanitycounter
Funny shit on r/teenagers
Funny 😂
Found by a troll in r/linuxmasterrace
funni ben shapio meme
found in a CGP Grey video comment
From a groupchat
Found on a bluemoon forum
Found on r/justneckbeardthings
Fanf 1 call
found in r/weeabootales
Found on r/ChoosingBeggars
Fortnite Zero Crisis Event Dialog
from r/goodanimemes
Found this on r/youtubehaiku
facebook comments are gold
Fry Em Up Startch Lord Rant (PvZ Heroes)
from r/livestreamfail about a streamer who neglected his daughter on stream
found this on the Kill La Kill Discord server. Just replace “YooOK” with any condescending emote that a specific person always uses
From r/askouija thread. Asked to be able to see people’s karma
Found on r/FrankOcean
FitMC is your history teacher COPYPASTA.
Found this on Roblox 😍
Found in r/Latvianjokes
Found this gem in r/2balkan4you
From r/DotA2
found this in a youtube reply section
Frankie has a bone to pick
Friday Night Funkin’ – Pico (Lyrical Cover by RecD)
From a community post by GothamChess about a salty commenter
Found on r/AteTheOnion
Facebook rant about Sunfish
From a post on r/CasualConversation
found this on r/imverysmart
Flibbity jibbity jabber
found this on a steam review of Cars: the Game
Found on r/tucker_carlson
Found on r/shitposting
found on r/eyeblech comments
Friends essay/YouTube comment on PlayMateTessi (made fun of a cancer patient girl) I don’t think she has reddit but tried to ask her so I can credit her, and if I find it I’ll credit her.
forgive me
Found on r/drugs
Found one in the wild
Fanfiction of sans’sdaughter and sonic’s son
found on r/askreddit
Funny message that was sent to my friend on steam by some random guy
Found in a comment section :/
Full lyrics of gangtas paradise
Found on r/ihaveihaveihavereddit by u/ThatOneApple1
From r/news, you can’t make this shit up
Fallacy of the Sentient
Found on r/helenkellerwasaretard
Found on a post asking for help on getting an art business started
Formal erection
Found this on 4chan
Fortnite Turned Me Atheist
For all the recruiter messages
From a Tik Tok
Found on r/PCM
Fortnite Season 6 Needs Sex.
False rumours about me.
Found this gem while sorting by new on r/unpopularopinion, I copied it onto my clipboard a while ago and I cant find the post. I’ll buy a gold award for whoever finds the post! Thanks.
From r/AnarchoCapitalism
Fall guys rule 34
found a guy on discord thinking about his life choices
Full and complete list of World Wars
Found this on r/changemyview
Found this gem
Found in the terraria discord server, not even joking some guy unironically said this after someone said “who asked”
Farts made me religious.
Fidanzato da oltre 4 anni con la ragazza che spero di sposare
from a random discord dm
From unpopularopinion
Found in r/teenagers
Fuck you horizon
Fortnite zero point 🤤🤤
free candy
found in pcm comments for some reason,authcenter ofc
Fuck you. Seriously fuck you.
Found on a chess forum:
Fuck You Copypasta
fucking a trap is only 2.19% gay
Found on a r9k thread about agatha
For anyone whos keyboard is broken, Heres a full alphabet for you to copy and paste accordingly.
Futaba Sakura
Fortnite old map
Found on a vandalized Fandom Wikipedia page.
fuck i love amogus.
Fuck you Lady Gaga
Found this on r/streetfighter xd
Found this on r/amongdrip
Found on cringetopia
From a Bioshock Infinite comments section
fortnite porn
Found this on r/NoFap
From r/tomorrow (OP in the comments)
found on r/dankpods disc
from a discord server
From a comment in r/acecombat
found on a video about gorilla tag (a vr game)
Friends til the end incident March 23rd 2021
Found in r/showerthoughts
Found on e621
Fun google searches updated
Found on r/okbuddyretard
Family keeps making fnaf nights at freddies references??
Fat people are the global elite
from @takeyoureheart on twitter
Found on virgin vs chad
friend said this and i legit thought it was a copypasta (now it is)
Found this on r/confessions
Found on r/5thworldproblems
Farewell Olivia
Found in r/nestledidnothingwrong (satire btw)
found in r/hockey
fuckin fairies
Funny surprise
Family guy
freddy fazsack rasicism???????
from an /r/confessions post titled “male nurse laughed at my very small penis in the hospital”
Found on JRE comments.
found on r/whiteknighting
found on /pol/
From r/teenagers
Found in the wild on facebook
Foun in r/banvideogames
Found on 4chan
found on r/unpopularopinion
First time I played Cooking Mama was over 14, years ago x_x On the Wii!
Found this on a sports subreddit (might already have been posted here idk)
Funny foorntnite
From r/conservatives
Find cock get beaten chungus
Fuck u Einstein
found on /b/
Frazzledrip: A Gaters Dream
From r/amongdrip
Found in r/ABDL
From r/ComedyNecrophilia
Found in r/Highschool
found on r/okbuddyretard
From a modmail I recieved
found on a Youtube comment
Found on r/hentai
Found in r/goodanimemes
French People In Burger King
Friend comment on a game
Found in a FB group by a crazy lady, thought it was copypasta but it was not
From r/sololeveling
Found on r/redditmoment
found on pokimane’s twitter lol
from r/dumbquestions
found it on r/okbuddyretard
Found on r/gaming: Hollow Knight Sucks. FACT
found on r/seduction
Found here on Reddit
From r/greentext
Found on r/gaming
Found on r/apexlegends
Found a review for Imperator:Rome on steam
found on r/hentai
first time please go easy
Frying Pan TF2
fuck you jerry
Found in r/conspiracy
Found under a Pokémon twitter post
Fall guys needs sex
Free karma 4 u
Found in a discord im in
From r/brandnewsentence
from our KING in the yandere sim discord, explaining why we shouldn’t hate (i’m convinced)
Found on GME, Explaining Short Stonks.
Found as a response to an ask Reddit question
Found on 4chan /pol/
Found in askreddit
Fapping to trap porn is the least gay thing there is.
Found on r/askreddit
Found on r/atheism
From r/goodanimemes
Found on r/justunsubbed lmao
from a discord server or soemthin
Found in r/everexpandingbunker
fish sticks
From a cat hate subreddit
Fuck you.
Fiber One Bars
found on a clip of Erobb shitting himself
Found on r/SadCringe
From The Rights to Ricky Sanchez podcast
Found in my college’s subreddit
Found on r/me_irl
Found on r/Okbuddyretard
ford zetec
Found on r/okbuddyretard
From a princess peach hentai page
For the 3% of you reading this…
Found on r/yeagerbomb
From Diavolo to Giorno
Frogs with frog hats
Found on /r/teenagers idk
From the rule34 comment section
From r/teenagers
From facebook
Futa is not gay
From r/assassinscreed
Found on hanime
Fending off an ostrich
Found this in increasingly verbose
Found this as a comment under a meme about china
Found on Facebook. Please don’t take it seriously.
Found on r/dogdiet
Found K Rools cock size
found on r/gamingcirclejerk
Football is gay
Fallout 4
From r/okbr
From r/dankmemes
From r/Huniepop
Found on quora, the question was: How did your marriage end? mf gave his entire marital history.
Furry TED Talk
Friend spent 5 minutes typing this in response to “eat cum and die”
For when you hate someone
Found on r/KSI
From a Utah Jazz fan…
from r/nostupidquestions
Fucking MOVE
Fake or Gay?
Found this on my schools shared network
Found in r/196
From r/teenagers
Found on quora LOL
Found in an r/nba thread about a player picking his ear and smelling it
From u/sleeplessmicrowave in r/genshin_memepact
From r/teenagers
Fortnite Twitter replies
Family guy funny moments.
Found on r/yaddle
From Bots of New York, “Cocaine is the motor of the modern world.”
found this on a silvagunner video
For Fucks Sake Think Of A Better Response Than “ok”
For the inferior race (unflaired)
Found on discord one time
From a 4chan /pol/ humor thread
Found this gem on r/maliciouscompliance
Found this in the comments of “John Denver – Take Me Home, Country Roads (Audio”
Found on YouTube
From hentai discord server
found this on sabaton’s comment section
From r/Elonmuskbets
Found in a warframe discord
Fuck reposted copypastas
Found on r/dankmemes
fortnite anime girl
found on a steam review
Funny Zalgo text
Found on r/discordapp
Found in r/teenagers
fortnite battle royale
Found on r/trashy
From Fortnite’s Twitter Account
From r/tf2 after they added a timer to powerhouse
found on r/mylittlepony
Fuckboy Evolution
From /ck/
Foreskin Map
From r/greentext
From r/goodanimemes
found this on nhentai
Found on r/the10thdentist
for use when someone kills your faith in humanity
fanfiction school assignment
From A call of duty Discord
From a Facebook car group
Feels like I am in a cage of butts.
found this from a random video
found in the comments of a r/PoliticalCompassMemes post
Found on the Hub
Found on r/LoveForAnimeSexuals
from a youtube video comment section
Film Director
From a review of HuniePop 2 on Steam
Found this in a hentai comment section
from r/atheism
From u/emceedude
FilthyFrank x Fem Reader Love Fanfiction Part 1: Chipotle Makes My Ass Explode
Fucking Alarm Clock
Found on r/raceplay and wow
Found on 4chan
Found on pornhub comments
Found this gem in the Helltaker steam reviews, i can relate…
Fuck You
Fionia (35 F)
Fucking degenerate !
Free Booty
From the God that is u/100_donuts
From a Spotify Community Thread
found on r/gundam
Femboy Cum Cum
Fellow Brazilian goes crazy in a okbuddyretard post about Santos Dumont vs. Wright Brothers
Found From Rule 34
From r/InsanePeopleQuora
Found in r/teenagers
f you repost a popular copypasta that’s less than a month old I will ban you! 😡😡😡
Fat Bat Freddy
Fudge Rounds
Found on r/starterpacks
Found on quora
From r/teenagers
Found this on r/4chan
FDR Infamy Speech
first orgasm
found in r/holup
Found on Instagram
Freddys faze bears sexerria
Facebook comment from something about Kim Kardashian divorcing kanye west
Found on r/AMA
Found on r/clevercomebacks
Found this on r/jackoffconfessions
found in r/iamverybadass
found in a post in r/justlearnedthefword
Found a gem on r/iamverybadass (OC)
french pacer test
From r/196
Focusing on eating
Found in the 10th Dentist
fnaf rap (found in a youtube reply)
Found on r/cars
Friend was sent this on DeviantArt
found in a discord server
Fraternities 🤔
Found on a Genshin Impact Facebook Page
Found in r/greentext
Funniest shit I have seen. Isn’t a copy pasta yet, just some dude ranting about among us and I had to post it here. Creator: u/jrocrockpile
Football copypasta
Found this motivational gem on r/cars
Friday night piss pissin
from r/immobile
From scat thread in 4chan
Found on r/thetenthdentist. Random Ear Rape is actually pretty nice
found this gem on a random forum
Fake Prize Websites rant
Found this on a random discord server
Fuck You.
From r/subredditdrama about a post on r/writing
Found on obr
found on pornhub
Funny Song, I’m old now
Femboy roasts Franklin
From a discord server.
Found on r/publicfreakout (Blaming insurrection on Antifa)
For those with a mature sense of humor
Found in r/196
family guy
Found this gem on r/unpopularopinions
From r/twittermoment
found on r/dndmemes
frerard fight comment
Found on r/whowouldwin.
From r/arethestraightsok
Feel free to edit. Boobs vs Bum vs bulge
Found on r/Tennis: [Help] Wife has an ever-present tennis ball stench
From r/AverageDiscorder
Found on /b/
from a kid introducing himself in a discord server
For Furry Art
From fellow kids
Found on an article about how to tell time in RDR2
Found on a math forum
Foods Your Cat Should Never Eat
Found from r/averageredditor
Found on Cyberpunk 1.2 update page on steam
free the homie
From Imgflip for some reason
Found on Da Baby subreddit
Figlio di Gabibba
Found on a YouTube video
Femboy Hooters (You can use whatever names)
Fuck you and your amogus bullshit
Fuck Stuart Little
found this tweet that i found funny
Freeballing in a thorn bush [NSFW]
From r/196
Found this on r/MaximilianMus after the recent controversy
found this on twitter
found in the comment section of a cursed comments post, i don’t even understand it
From /r/9b9t
Fake Gamer Girls
fish go ad
fucking minecraft server
Found on /r/pokemon of all places
found this in the post by u/theRealTealOwO
Found under an Uranus joke
Find me the funny one
Found in a discussion about giving your child privacy
Found on r/findareddit
found on r/sex
Fake Repost Rick Roll Copypasta
fart bread
Fuck all
Found in r/nofap
Found on 4chan
Found on r/thathappened
Found in askreddit
footlong meatball subway sandwich on white bread with lettuce, tomato, red onion and honey mustard sauce
From r/historymemes
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck mann fick fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
Fuck em’.
Flowers from women are “desperate”
Found in r/berniecanstillwin WAY back from 2016 election lmao
Funny BT Criaglist Text
Found on Pheobe Gate’s (Bill Gate’s daughter) Instagram
found this on rule34
FUCK you Chloe
Fuck gacha
Found in a comment reply when an OP admitted that their post was a repost.
for when you see amogus!
Found this on lolcow and still can’t figure out if it’s ironic or not
Found on R/Pyrocinical
Found this gem on twitter
From an Instagram groupchat I was in
For all you pussy-fingered motherfuckers and your light ass switches
From r/the10thdentist
Found on r/teenagers
Found on twitter
From a Facebook comment section
Father of 13yo looking for help
Found in r/skamteboard on a post making a temperature joke.
Fantasy Partner
found on r/bigdicjproblems
Fuck Nazis
Futas are ruining my life!
Ford F-150 Creepypasta made for twitch dono
Found on Facebook
Found on the internet
Fnaf rap
Found on some random forum.
furry porn is no joke
found on www.quora.com
Fuck you YouTube
From a discord server
from r/pickuplines
Found on a post about Rush Limbaugh’s grave
Found in r/unpopularopinion
from r/mosses
Found this in a discord server
Fun game but difficult
Found on r/The10thDentist
found on r/teenagers
For the Love of Ricks ass (Rick and Morty)
Fuck you titanfolk mods
From r/unpopularopinion
Found on a discord server – why Mordecai from regular show is Jewish.
Found on UnpopularOpinion
Fire is pretty cool
Femboy Amogus
Found this on youtube
From a comment on crappydesign
Found this in the comments of someone advertising their of
Found in r/rant. People that break Comment Chains. Do you think you’re fucking funny?
Found on r/iamverybadass: “It’s cute you see yourself as some sort of Reddit superstar…”
Found in the comment section of an r/comedyheaven post.
Found under a Nintendo of America post
Found on relationshipadvice
fbz ee
Found on r/noahgettheboat
Found in r/animalcrossingnewhor
Found on Facebook
Found in a thread in r/justunsubbed
Found on r/sex
Fuck you virgin
from r/justmonika
Found on r/eatingcum
Fortnite “Chug Jug With You” TikTok song lyrics emoji copypasta [OC]
Found in r/196 thread
found on r/nostupidquestions
Fuck the British
from r/amongus controversial all time
From r/teenagers (pasta link at bottom)
For your information, I read at least 5 books a day as well
Found on discord
Furry trying to normalize furry stuff related on discord with me
Fuck Stuart
Found this somewhere:
Found this in r/okbuddyretard
F1 Hobbyist, Kimi Räikkönen.
Found on r/okbuddyretard
fapping to trap porn is the least gay porn to fap to
Friend’s rant about writing an essay on the book Cry, the Beloved Country
Filipino version of According to youtube statistics
From discord
fuck Stuart little
Friend made this in discord
From WSB about Robinhood Trading
Florida man drinks used oil
found while working on an assignment
Found on the newest PewDiePie video
Farts in the elevator
Family Guy is reserved for intelligent individuals only
Found on r/iamverybadass. Navy seal is a hacker now.
Fun fact: bubble tea as a concept was first coined by Canadian scuba diver Peter Armstrong after developing bubbles in his bloodstream in depths of almost 100 meters.
Fuck the British
Found this as the 5th definition of Hunk in urban dictionary
found in the wild in r/mildlyinteresting
From r/relationshipadvice
From a comment on CommercialsIHate
From a comment on the r/AgainstHateSubreddits on the post that says “r/GamersRiseUp is gone” (btw fuck r/AgainstHateSubreddits)
From r/nerf
Found on twitter
Found in the comments of a cat video
From Twitch Chat of Esports tourney LULW
Fun fact about sylveons
Fuck you with a little extra s🅱️ice
From r/teenagers
Fake wet dream 😔
From r/ihateanime
for al the terraria players
Found this on twitter
Found this on okbr
Found on some toyota supra page
Flat earth debunking pasta
Found on r/TwoXChromosomes
Found on r/shittydarksouls
From an anime group I am in.
Found on r/okbuddyretard and Jesus fucking christ
Found off a website linked to a YouTube ad
Found this on cringetopia
found in a chat site lol
From a discord hentai server
found in the comment of a post
Frickin’ fricks
For all of you Big Chungus haters…
From r/ihavesex
Found on r/Destiny
Found this in r/photoshopbattles
Found on r/ihavesex NSFW
Found on a reply to a post on Twitter
From r/wallstreetbets
Found on dank memes
found on r/comedycemetary comments
Found on a post about a car
found in a comment in r/greentext
Found on r/NoNewNormal, about university classmates agreeing with the lockdown
From r/MenWritingWomen
Found on the reviews for HuniePop
Found in a certain comment section.
Fart Reverberation
Found on a blursed minecraft image
Fap Sequence Initiated
From r/teenagers
Found in r/conservativerap
Found on the r/metalmemes Discord server
Found this on r/waifuism
Found on some massage parlor review website posted by a mod
Found on r/TIHI by u/100_Donuts
Found this abomination while scrolling rule34
found on r/holdmyfeedingtube
From the conservapedia article about Mitt Romney
Found in an anime comment section
furry moment
Found In a discord server
Found on r/blackopscoldwar
Feel Pog Inc.
Friend sent me this, regardless of your opinion think it belongs here
freddy fazbear faps on your children
from r/blackmagicfuckery
Found In the YT comments of a cooking channel YTP
From a comment on r/blackmagicfuckery
Found someone who hated the Gamecube controller to the moon and back.
Found on Twitter because some dude got mad at a relationship
found this comment in a shedletsky video
failing queen
from r/greentext
Fat slag
Found this in a comment on a ‘Guy sings Terraria’ video that keeps getting recommended, loved the ‘orange arrows’
found on r/dreamgender
Found this goldmine
Fuck you say about the french?
For that the now banned u/masksareforfemboys 😔
Fuck you guys
Found on r/BritishProblems
Found on fb in an argument about shoegaze between a gen x and a millennial.
Found in r/dontputyourdickinthat
From r/Terraria when somebody used an emoji and somebody else got angry
Found on r/prequelmemes, posted by u/Heretek007
From the depths of my Twitter feed
Found this on r/wallstreetbets
Found on R/ApexLegends…yes apex fucking legends
Found in a hentai server
For when someone is straight
found it in a nsfw channel on a discord server.
Found in r/apexlegends
From a conversation about stealing office supplies
Found this on a discord server
Fuck reddit and its bs rules, couldn’t have made it simple but instead instated millions of rules and mods and bs, this good enough of a title?? (posted on r/anything)
Found in r/gatekeeping
From r/selfsuck.
Finally someone that gets it
Fuck you.
Free free free free
Furry World Conquest
found on r/hentai
Found this on a post talking about wasps
Found in a YouTube comment section
For when someone likes yuri
Found on okbr
Found in a Google review to Diary of a Wimpy Kid
For spoiler abuse in discords, specifically nice car.
Found on r/TIFU
Fortnite anime girl
Friday night funkin hater from Twitter
Found it on r/InsaneParents just now; just thought it would be fitting to put this pre-boomer copypasta riiiiiiight here…
Found on okbr
Found on a twitter thread
Frank Iero
For a good time call
fortnite card part 2
Found in r/BingBongTheorem
For combating the most annoying video game fandom on the planet
Femboys are not gay
Found on Pornhub
Free Jerome
Found in a YouTube video description.
Found in cs of a meme
Found Out Whats Wrong With -Insert Console Game-
fortnute stops coom
Fake Japanons, from r/4chan
From r/NoStupidQuestions
From: Forever Mine👫💍🔐
Fucking linker dolts
Found in a comment. Oh boy this is long.
Found on r/knives
From r/TwoXChromosomes
Found in r/unpopularopinion
Found on r/teenagers
FBI WATCHLIST SPEEDRUN (Involves Edgy Content, read at your own risk)
Follow up to last post. Got from the same place and was made by the same guy
Found on Gura’s stream
Found in half-life review section.
fortnite card part 2
Fun fact about Lady Dimitrescu.
Found this comment in conservative with 18 upvotes.
Found on gogoanime
Found in r/TIFU
Fuck you for the gold dumb stranger😡
Friday night funkin be like
Fesh Pince 2 script
Found this masterpiece on the Steam review section for Mirror
Found in nature (reddit)
Fortnite cards, the entire series.
Fuck Rules
From messing around on Instagram
Fesh Pince Script
Found this one in a roleplay megathread to find rp partners.
Fortnite Cards The final episode
fellas, is it gay to die for your country?
For decades they chose to ignore us.
February 4, 2021
Female who enjoys Star Trek
From a post on r/SelfAwarewolves textified
Fun fact about Coca Cola
Fucking stink bugs man
First Visible Google Review of League of Legends
Fortnite Anime Skin
Found on r/teenagers
Found on r/teenagers
Found this on r/titanfolk
Field report: Approaching a beautiful girl outside of church
From r/trashy
Found in r/playboicarti
Found on r/NoahGetTheBoat
found in r/memes
Found this on r/dankmemes
Found in r/pokemon. Guy wanting to fuck Vaporeon.
Found on r/OutOfTheLoop
Found on entitled parents
Found on r/relationship_advice
Found on /r/terraria
Forgive engilsh
Fuck you Baltimore! The full transcript to Big Bill Hell’s commercial (Corrected)
Free Antivirus
From the Office of Donald J Trump
Found this on a Duolingo discussion board.
Found on Twitter
Frogge Middle English Wikipedia
From r/jschlatt
found on r/playboicarti
found on r/dogfree
Found on r/deadbydaylight
Found on Askreddit
Found on the TempleOS subreddit
found on r/confession
Found on AITA
found while browsing 4chan
From YouTube
Friday Night Funkin’ – Pico Isn’t Gay
fnaf rap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Found this on r/nintendomemes
Froppy futa comment I found in rule34
Fortnite Gift Card
Found on nextfuckinglevel again
Found on r/konosubansfw
Found this on r/rareamericans
Fuck off
Found this on r/youngpeopleyoutube
found in my social studies class
Found this in r/nextfuckinglebel
From r/FUCKYOUINPARTICULAR’s comment section
frick’s are fricking
Found under a Stockmarket meme in r/bikinibottomTwitter
Found in a comment section
Found in r/blackopscoldwar
Friday Night Funkin’
Found on youtube comment section
Found in the comment section under a video in Youtube
Found on r/wallstreetbets
fuck CT
Found on r/PokemonTCG
Found on a poll saying “How wise are you?”
From a little obscure subreddit called r/wallstreetbets
From r/morbidquestions after someone taged some group
Forgot all about this nightmare, ran across it in the wild today for the first time in a long time
Fuck queefs
Found in Wallstreet bets
found on r/unpopularopinion
Found On r/noahgettheboat
Fuck off.
Fresh from AskReddit
Friendly Rick And Morty Copypasta
From r/youngpeopleyoutube about minecraft youtuber
Found this on the Duolingo subreddit
Found on my little brothers ipad
Futurama fanclub
Found on r/lisagaming
Found it on r/unpopularopinion
Found in a YouTube description
From a comment on a recent post
Found on r/teenagers
Found on r/politicalcompassmemes
fast walmart man
Fall guys needs sex
Fucking German in the comments 🤬🤬🤬
FUCK you owoifier. your W sound is awful.
From r/wow
Found in old eu4 thread
From r/future
From r/makemesuffer
found on popular from r/trueoffmychest
Found on r/Fuckcats
Found on r/askreddit
First formal draft, July 4th, 1776
from this weird girl
Found this in r/teenagers
found on r/nepal
fire x plays copypasta
Frozen cum
Found this
Found on r/MetalMemes
Found on AITA
Friendly Navy Seal Copypasta
From r/wallstreetbets
F in the chat for steve
From r/teenagers
Friday night fuckin
Found on r/feet
found on a comment section of a youngpeopleyoutube post
Found this in an instagram post about dolphins
Found this in the comments section of a Rage Comic wiki
Free Will is a Skill
Found this in a fight advice comment thread.
Found on TheoryOfReddit
fat bald bastard
found in a movie site
Found on fnv sub. Credit to @apatheticmillenials
From dankmemes
Found on Craigslist missed connections.
Found on twitter…
Found this.
Found in r/wallstreetbets
Found on r/okbuddychicanery
Fiona is T H I C C
Found on r/Tinder
Found in comments of r/dankvideos
Future Meme
From a Fatal Walter video
Fortnite Anime Girl
found this on twitter
found in TIFU
found this gem on an animal crossing server
From Thiswebsitewillselfdestruct.com
Flying to the scene of the crash
Fuck the Brits
Found in r/goodanimemes
Found on r/poopshitters
Forbidden manual
found on a lofi beats to study to live chat
found in r/ohio
Found on r/NoStupidQuestions
From r/wallstreetbets
FAQ: I just shit and cum at your comment
Filipino is the worst language
from r/NintendoWaifus
Found on r/PCM, credit to u/trajan_x for this wall of text that I call, “Trump is responsible for everything”
First rap please be nice
found on r/teenagers
Found this on Twitter
funny floppa
femboy copypasta
Found on okmetaretard
from r/okmetaretard
Found on r/TIFU
Found in r/youngpeoplereddit
Fan Fiction Copypasta Semi-NSFW
From the hot_dog subreddit
Found it on the coment section of a Jolyne drawing
from r/196
Found on TIFU “accidentally moaning Ben Shapiro’s name”
Found in Gamingcirclejerk
Fuck you. You useless piece of shit.
Found in discord by angry freshman
Found this gem on r/amitheasshole
Found this comment on a youtube community post
Fart harvesting restaurant
fuck colin
From the comment on a Snapchat meme
found in the great against hate subreddits
found in r/compsci. fuck programing!
Fun Fact: You can’t prosecute the Devil.
Frank’s hot sauce
Found at r/CallOfDutyMobile
Found on r/yourmommadaily
Found in r/interestingasfuck
Found on r/libertarian
For all my fellow mobile YouTube users looking to help their favorite creators abuse the algorithm
First order of business
Found on r/hypixel
Found on u/GallowBoob’s profile
Found It Pinned in a Discord server
Found this on an ad with comments allowed
Found on Facebook
Found on r/unpopularopinion
found this kid in discord and complain that no one has join his giveaway lol
Found under an r/nextfuckinglevel post
First Facial
fuck you
From r/elitedangerous
fresh off the bus from Hicksville
From r/amitheasshole
Flair up
Fuck I love the trollface
Fresh from discord
Found in the comments of destiny the game subreddit post (Link in the comments)
From r/cowboys
Found on yahoo answers
Found in a Facebook group about memes with the title war in it, an obvious joke group
found on discord
From what I can tell the physical world is a dense dreamworld
fixed the chung
From the recent RoastMe with the black metal girl – the guy has a point, but it’s still copypasta material.
Found in the reply of an r/oddlysatisfying post
From A Discord Chat
Fuck you.
From someone upset he didn’t get a free PS5 from @rainyday_vg on Twitter
From r/teenager…
Found on r/pics
Found on r/pics on a post about milk carton packaging design
From a friend in a dscord server’s twitter dms.
found this on r/teenagers
Found on discord after someone made a joke about the engines being in the back of cars
Fortnite Card
Former army paratrooper rants about cowardice
Found on Twitter
Fart wizard
Furry’s = 30 yr sweaty old men acting cutesy and asking for cuddles while dressed up animals :cringe: :cringe~1:
From a post about Barney Vs The Teletubbies
for those people that say “did i ask” then “do i care”
Found on r/196. I think it has something to do with sea shanties.
From r/polcompball (mildly political)
From a post about katanas in Pathfinder
For @LeftWingTweets on Instagram (of
Freemasonry is no different.
Found on a Discprd server sorry for it being short
fallout 4 review
fucking whale
Flavored toilet paper
Family Feud
found on r/olivegarden
From a discord server where people did not get the “your mom gay” joke
Fulpstation Mods
Found on twitter
Flair up retard
Found on r/Airforce
found in r/rant
found on a cyberpunk group on facebook
found in an email i was sent
Found on TIFU
Found in the comments of r/greentext
Found on r/confessions
Fire Emblem fans
Fuck Wholesome 100
Found in multiple Twitter comments
Full transcript of the Smash Mouth bread throwing incident
Found at r/Beastars
Found on r/averageredditor
Found in r/dankmemes reply to ‘based’
found in a reply in a post in r/suddenlygay
Founds on r/incelswithouthate
Found from r/GoCommitDie
Fraudison Rae’s Career
for when sombody says “idiocracy is becoming a documentary”
Four elimination song copypasta
Found on r/youngpeoplereddit
From the Warhammer 40K Mechanicus trailer
From r/offmychest
Found on r/unpopularopinion
Found on r/boomerhentai
From playboycarti
Free Music Promotion Site
From r/conservative
Found on Rule34
Fuck the Bri’ish
Found this on a GTA 5 YouTube video
Fuck Facebook
Foolish Little Man
Fuck you copy pasta. Warning: Strong language
Far Cry 2’s Jackal Tape #1
Found this on r/196
Found this on one of the replies in r/PublicFreakout
From a Pick Up Artist facebook group
found in arabfunny
Free/open source software
Found in r/cursedcomments
Found on r/prequelmemes
Found on a r/askredddit thread
Found on r/conspiracy
For all of you Biden voters
Funny Valentine’s Napkin Speech
Found on r/playboicarti
Funny Pass
found on r/sinkpissers
Found on a FB post about a Woman Searching for a Church that doesn’t Require Masks..
Fuck Judy Hopps
From twitter
Fitz’s “Apology”
Found on r/roblox
Fortnite Cum and Shit
Friend made a poem about the chastity belt hacker
Found in the comments in r/youngpeopleyoutube, now deleted.
Fellow teenagers
Found this comment at r/pyrocynical
feet stank
from r/averageredditor
From r/WallStreetBets
Found on r/Confessions
Found on the comments on Belle Delphines Twitter
Fifi The Flossing Sloth: The Cum Jar Chronicles
fortnite needs sex
for cummy
From r/2Xchromosomes
FUCK YOU: The Copypasta
Found this in a WhatsApp group
Found on r/NoahGetTheBoat
Fapping to trap porn is the least gay thing there is.
From the PS5 subreddit
Found on cooking.nytimes.com
Found on r/astralprojection
From r/nofap
From r/unpopularopinion
Fifi, the Flossing Sloth Cum Jar
From r/teenagers this shit hilarious
found this on an angry youtube comment
First off, I feel like you don’t really grasp what Miku is at all.
Found this on r/wallstreetbets
Found under a pokimane tweet:
From a comment on r/shitposting
Found on r/makemesuffer
Found this when the buccaneers won against the saints in the playoffs
from r/advice
Found on one of those tech subreddits
Found on r/therealjoke
For the
Fatty Floch
Found this in r/ imverybadass making fun a guy who was “corn fed”
Found in steam review for 18+ DLC
Friend of mine told me this belongs here
F to pay McRespects
Found in our server
Franklin and Lamar
Found this insult on a post discussing necrophilia.
Found in r/aww
Furrypasta 🤤
Found on r/4chan
Franklin and Lamar Rose but the entire post including their the title is voice dictation
From r/teenagers
Father of lies Cum in disguise
Found in a facebook comment iunder a shitpost about polyamory
Fucking women is gay
Found on 4chan
From a discord server
found this amazing work of art in r/vegancirclejerk
Found on /R/TIFU
From shittytranslatorbot
farting enthusiast
First copy pasta- Minecraft
Fucking Wobbuffet
Found on r/declineintocensorship
Found in Mr. Beast’s Twitter Replies
Fuck you.
From the Elm Discourse forum
Found this in a forum from 2011
from r/badwomensanatomy, credit u/NoKenjataimu
Found this in the Dokkan Battle Subreddit
Found on dankmemes
Finally showered 🙂
Found this on r/unpopularopinion Rocks are cool and geology doesn’t deserve the shtick it gets for being boring
Finite Cum.
Found on r/ToiletPaperUSA, credit to u/-demetri-
found this on r/politicalcompassmemes
Fill likes to Phuck
Fuck Miraheze.
feminist and something about men right
First day on the job!
From somebody who got mad in a Discord server
Franklin gets roasted in a novel
Flat earth copy pasta
Found on r/TIL
for shame
Found on r/teenagers
Found on r/teenagers
Found on r/Watsonmains
Fly is my favorite Breaking Bad episode
Flag fluffer
Found on r/sadcringe
for people on youtube asking ‘whos watching in 2021’
Friday Night Funkin Cancelled
From r/4chan
Found on one of Bethesda’s tweets
Found on discord
Forgive english I am russia.
From Twitter
found on r/Cringetopia comment section
Found on r/playrust
From r/askreddit
Found in Biden’s tweets
Friday night funkin “Canceled” copypasta
Found on r/dankmemes
Found this jewel on 4chan
Found on r/offensivejokes
Found on Belle Delphine’s Twitter
From the depths of r/okbr, I bring you this masterpiece
Found on /r/ToiletPaperUSA
Frank gets roasted by Lamar copypasta
Found on a video of a cat
Funky Monky Friday
Found on a Relative’s Facebook
fun fact: Mario Party 3 edition
From okbr
Franklin and Lamar
found on belle delphines latest twitter post
Femby wet dream
Found in a comment
From our god Supertf
Franklin and Lamar
From a nude pic on r/pics
Food ruined!!
FIFA is toxic
Flagging on YouTube: The Basics
Find the italic .
from account that gets downvoted a lot
From a discord server where someone was playing tarkov with a controller
Found this on Reddit. Dang humans and their opinions.
Footprints in the Sand by Kanye West
Found on r/pennstateuniversity
Fuck you, Rats
Found in r/Houston
Final comment of a redditor who called a person retarded and hoping he/she dies, who was trying to get out of special ed
From a heavily downvoted comment in /r/cringetopia
Fuck Stuart Little
Fall guys with boobs
fuck maro
For the PCM users out there
From a post on r/averageredditor
From r/fortnitebr
from NSFW411 wiki Amateur, Self-shots: 素人、自撮り
from NSFW411 wiki Ages: 年齢
Found this on r/hentai
Found this on a NSFW frozen subreddit (don’t ask why I was there)
Found on the Boohbah Wiki
Fellas is it racist to speak your own language
Found on r/teenagers
From r/teenagers
Found on r/teenagers
from r/fridaynightfunkin
For the 1st Amendment crybabies
Fortnite more like fortnut
Flex Tape Counterfeit Warning!
Found in r/legaladvice
Found this comment from a game on Steam called, “Koikatsu Party.”
From a discord server
From Deep Leffen Bot
Fallout new vegas song funny
Found on twitter
Found this on the red dead sub
for all our fallen brothers who went to the Capitol
Found this on nhentai
Furry rp
Found in a comment section
Found this gem on Twitter
Fucking Animal Crossing
found in one of my old videos.
Fake u/RepostSleuthBot response that’s actually a RickRoll
From r/Stuffers
From my friend on discord
Found in r/Hololewd
Filthy Frank cooks ramen
Found on the Calamity Mod subreddit.
Found in Politics from 4Chan about Buffalo boy
Fuck you Baltimore!
found it in a cringetopia post
Fart copypasta reversed
From r/teenagers
Found on r/grandpajoehate
Found this on a MyAnimeList review
Fortnite Rap!
Funniest Shit I’ve Ever Seen
From the GPT2 r/copypasta bot
Found in r/IllegalLifeProTips
FAQ of a gangbang girl with 10,000 guys experience
Found this shit on r/Cringetopia
found in videogamedunkey comment section:
found in r/prequelmemes
Found on GTA forums
Found on r/starterpacks
found on an object show discord server after someone made a joke of twitter tag things
Fuck this im going home
Futa fix dick dine and dash review from steam
found in r/AskReddit
from r/askreddit
From facebook
From r/unpopularopinion
F PogChamp
Femboy dating strategy
Fortnite requires sex.
From cum eating subreddit. “Please Help: 21 Days of Cum Eating”
Foursome techniques by the modern genghis khan
Free disc no invites ash kash mack jones lana rhodes
Free Only Fans no invites ash kash mack jones belle
First permit me to restate the question, “What do you know for certain?”
found this steam review for Doom ’93
fornite yutber script
Found on r/confessions
Fucking dolt
From r/unpopularopinions
Found in a comment section about the cancellation of Caillou
Femboy star wars dick battle snails (written by a friend)
FL2 roblox
Fuck nihilism
From a random person’s snapchat story
Found a long-lost Skyrim copypasta
fun and memes
Femboys mean nothing to me
Frozen is a mediocre franchise
Fuck i got fucked when I was in middle dchool well acually sucked a cock lol thats it
Found under a r/Tinder post containing a joke about step siblings
From r/IvernMains, How league of legends made me Bi
Found on r/Tinder
Found on r/Tinder
From r/offensivejokes
Found on a comment in r/teenagers
Funny Title
Found this copypasta in r/sequelmemes
Found in r/4chan comments
found under an xbox tweet
found on omegle chat
From a real friend
From r/confessions
Fuck Mitch
Found on r/PCM on a debate about CallMeCarson
Flair up you useless piece of shit…
From the comment section of r/dankmemes
Found on Discord
found in r/NoFap
Futa can be made less gay than straight porn.
From r/SandyCheeksCockVore
Fuck printers
From r/ukdrill apprently antivax retards exist here too
Found in r/technicallythetruth
From r/askmen
Found this in a Youtube comment
From a comment
Found on r/beansinstrangeplaces under an ad
From no fap to Jesus
Found on facebook
Following a comment about the so called “Mexican handshake”
From an anime subreddit
Found in an old Deviantart story that somebody was using for life updates (not mine), I dont know if this counts as nsfw, but theres tons of swears so i’ll mark it as such.
found this in the comment section of r/don’tputyourdickinthat
Fresh of the press (OC)
From r/196 (I hope it’s not a repost)
Fellas 😳, is it gay 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 to get COVID 🦠?
Found on Tumblr (Feliks Łukasiewicz is a die-hard brony)
From r/BanVideoGames
fb is trash ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
found on r/shingekinokyojin
Found in the comments of r/196
Found on an r/redditads
Found on r/apandah
Found on r/pcm
Found from a fortnite competitive player’s Twitter
Found On r/madeofstyrofoam
Found on r/youngpeoplereddit
from r/hentaibeast
Found on r/niceguys
found this interesting tweet
franklin vs lamar but they’re british
Found this in an okbr comment section
Fortnite takes more skill than soccer
Funniest copypasta I ever came across.
From Track Godzilla
from r/globaloffensive (csgo)
Found on r/shitposting
Found on AskOuija comments
Found in a YouTube comment on a video about money.
Fuck compatibility
Females are sea creatures
Found in r/teenagers
found in r/copypasta
Found in, you guessed it, r/teenagers
Found on r/teenagers
Found this on https://knowyourmeme.com/photos/1844817-isabelle
From r/tifu
From r/cfb
from a comment under a greentext post
From a Facebook group called “Rigs of Dad”
Fuck Manny
FBI reported chat room copypasta
Found on another copypasta post
Found this on r/youngpeoplereddit
Fancy Lamar Davis
Franklin gets roasted by a 1930s aristocrat
From a post on r/csgo about a guy getting 4 knives in 350 cases.
Found in the gold mine of r/teenagers
found on a comments section in r/iamatotalpieceofshit
From PCM, summarizes political discussion on reddit.
Found this in the description of a japanese song.
Found on r/teenagers
flip dip
Femboy dust
From an old friend’s snapchat story
From r/confessions
From a steam review of a porn game (NSFW)
Fuck it Misty Mountains
Found this on r/interestingasfuck : Dolphins
found on omegle
Found this under an image of Queen Elizabeth I
Found on r/teenagers: How jerking off saved my life
Found on r/teenagers, a true gold mine
found this on a random sub lmfao
Flash Adobe is gone
Funny IRL Storytime
From a satire post on r/AreTheStraightsOK
Found on Cringetopia under a post about JoJo
from r/CommercialsIHate
from r/foreskin_restoration
Fuck MY Beans?!?!?
Found this on omegle
Found on r/tendies
Found on League forums
From the playboicarti subreddit (it’s fake but funny as fuck)
From r/WeWantPlates
From the animesexual subreddit
Fake Wattpad someone made up in AskReddit:
Found in the comment section of an Android 18 fanart
Forrest Gump
From r/family
from the episode of ren and stimpy “in the army’
Found this
For the Haters…
Fire Mark Yetter from Riot
Found on r/dankmemes about white girls when they get a crystal
Found on some weird blog site
from cringetopia
From r/leftwingairsoft
From MagicSexGun.com
Found on r/unpopularopinion
Found in an urban exploration subreddit
Found this in a youtube comment section
Fun fact
Found in a sub were people think they are dating anime character
Found in the deep dark depths of reddit.
from r/smashrage, complaining about banjo kazooie
Found on zerotwo subreddit
For those terrible people people posting offensive memes such as ‘giant meteor 2020’ i cannot stand idly by while people post such terrible propaganda!
Funny 🤣
found on r/cringetopia
Freer than a public restroom
Found this one on r/whowouldwin , it was a battle between Florida Man (composite) vs Goku
Facetime with my boo 😍
FDR’s speech about the attack on pearl harbour
Family of yeeter
Found in a movie details comment section. Why Harry Potter should have carried a 1911.
Found on gamercirclejerk
Found in r/fuckhomescapes
From a post about women watching hentai on goodanimememes
From Dr mantis teebaggin on r/askmen
From a post in R/boardgames
Found on r/apexoutlands
Found this in r/livestreamfails
Furry Gamer
Found in an Australian year 12 ATAR group on Facebook
Found on an r/confessions about a high school soda black market
Found this on r/halocirclejerk and I believe it to be the ultimate insult
Found it on an article about why the Miata car sucks
Found On r/AskReddit
Found on facebook
From r/music
Found in a comment on r/notlikeothergirls
From Bill to law tldr
From a video criticizing Attack on Titan
Funko collector
found this on r/teenagers
Found on a 4chan femboy thread. (TW for transgender people)
Found on r/drugs
Fuck you whore
found in r/wtf
Female orgasm vs. male orgasm
Found this little rant on a wiki. this is so stupid lol (bad spelling included)
Funny Valentine’s Napkin Speech from JoJo in Polish 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱
Found on r/belledelphinexmas 😬😬
Found on r/apexlegends (a gaming subreddit)
Five nights at Freddy’s
Found on r/relationship_advice
Found on one of my post’s comments (r/tf2)
Found on a discord server
Found this shit on a comment thread
Found this on Quora
Found this on a hentai sub
Found in r/funny
Found on a post in r/madlads. Post was about something someone built in minecraft.
Found courtesy of Omegle
Found a big brain guy on the memes sub
Found on r/mildlyinfuriating
found in yt comments
Found on r/ShitPostCrusaders
From r/teenagers
From r/BelleDelphineXmas
Found in a Belle Delphine Subreddit
Found on r/Shitpost crusaders
Found in a Belle Delphine thread
Found on r/belledelphine_xmas
Floppa is dead
Fleshlight sticking out of a mattress
Florida Tradition
Found on r/PoliticalCompassMemes
Fuck Synapse X
From r/todayilearned
From r/teenagers
Found on r/gaming
From lotrmemes in response to someone calling the Dune movie Shitty
Fuck the DMCA
Found on a facebook tag group about nonsensical signs
Found on r/woomyio
Found this on twitter. It doesn’t make sense even with context.
Found on Discord
Found in comments on r/greentext
From r/ihavesex
Found on r/dontputyourdickinthat
Fucking my hamster to death
Follow for more! 😊
forgive english, i am russia
Female bears
From an r/thathappened post. Enjoy
found on an r/askreddit post about how much mayo it takes to kill someone
Farting love
Festivus party time
From r/wokekids (credit to r/RiggzBoson
Full metal translate
Found this in comment section of LPT post
Fnaf lore
From unpopular opinion
Flowey is a Redditor
fortnite XDD
From a comment here
Found this on r/animemes
fuck that shit my dude, like, my boi Kyojuro.
Fish tamco
Found on r/sex
Found in r/Teenagers, many people where very offended
from a rage comic
Fallout new Vegas is good
First they came…
FW: Midtown Poo Reminder
forgive me english, i am Russia [ NSFW ]
Found in a buzzfeed “Boyfriend Predictor Quiz” comments section
Found in r/destinythegame
From DBZ Abridged: The Episode of Bardock by Team Four Star on YouTube
Free Subscribers haha (I made it by myself and purely by myself)
From a post on r/greentext
From r/PoliticalCompassMemes
Found this on r/BanVideoGames
From r/teenagers
found on omegle
free the bro🙏🏼🙏🏼
Found on an Anthony Fantano review video
Found on r/AssassinsCreedOdyssey
Found on r/TIFU
Found on r/Mkebucks
From r/childfree
found in r/teenagers
From r/physicsmemes
Found this on r/teenagers
found on the cyperpunk 2077 steam forum
Found on twitter
FUCK YOU BALTIMORE! but its for blinds
From r/wallstreetbets
Found this one on r/Hentai, don’t ask why I was on r/Hentai.
Fire coming out of the monkey‘a head (Gorillaz)
FUCK Amazob
From a meme about the Class 66 (a train)
found this on a friend’s Discord server
found on r/gamingcirclejerk
From a Russian user on a Russian porn IP that frequently attracts Americans
Found in a Quora question asking if linguine was better than nigatoni.
free gunkin truck maniac🙏🏼🙏🏼
Found deep in twitter replies.
Found on r/tifu
For me, being alone means having polar opposite views to that of the majority of people.
From r/cyberpunkgame
From r/teenagers
found on r/teenagers, ironic but still lol
found in r/jerma985
Found this beauty on a yt comment
From an anime pfp on Twitter
From r/donaldtrump: Joe biden here, i just want to say
Found on Ask reddit in response to, “what’s something that you’ve done horny and regretted?” 👁👁
Found on Rule34
Found on omegle
found on discord
From the depths of hell in silence
Found out Johnny Silverhand’s Japanese VA is Yoshikage Kira so heres a remake of a classic
from the mitski subreddit
Funny paid emoji
Found this in r/teenagers
Found on PCM again
Found on r/blursedimages
From a removed r/askmen post
Film college
Found in a youtube comment section
found it in a discord server
For those fools who spend their twitch channel points
fast play more like fat play
From r/PawPatrol
Found in the comment sections on a post on r/dankmemes
Found this in steam review hope its fresh and new
Furry smut from pyrocynical’s response video, narrated by ColossalisCrazy [NSFW]
found on r/pyrocynical
From r/neekolul
Furry rp
From r/pennystocks
Found in r/subsimulatorgpt2
Found a gem on r/movies
Found on r/DestinyTheGame
Found on the GTTOD Discord Server
From r/pennystocks
Found on r/pennystocks
Found in r/donaldtrump
Fuck this Shit I’m out
from r/unpopularopinion
Flash’s Story
Fuck you
From r/destinythegame, “No I Will Not Be Giving Cookies to Shaw Han”
Found under a sephiroth tweet, i did take the liberty of adding emojis tho
From r/IncelsWithoutHate
Found on r/SubSimulatorGPT2
Found this piece of shit on r/whiteknight
Found on the uh oh stinky monkey lavender town maze video
Fresh swag
From r/confession
Failed Japanese Doctor
Found on r/teenagers
Found on a Facebook relationship page
Found on Omegle.
funny copypasta
found this gem on page for anonymous messages for students at a local university
Fuck you.
Found on a comment of r/romania
Found in a Bible Excerpt on Violence
Father Of Lies, Cum in disguise, Your cum won’t last. There’s a snake in my ass
Found on r/Politics
Found on shitpostcrusaders
Funimation removed comments recently on their already shitty streaming service and I forgot to screenshot this gem like a fucking idiot but thankfully I still have the text so here you go. This was posted on Episode 10 season 2 of Tokyo Ghoul.
Found this amazing comment on a Kendrick Lamar YouTube video
found on free robux comment
Found on r/teenagers
Fortnite and the Big Gay?
Full time redditor
found this in r/michaelreeves
Fuck history
Fortnite Creepypasta (DO NOT RESEARCH)
From YouTube
From /AzureLane
From r/ConservativeRap
from r/shitposting
Funniest newslines
From r/teenagers: Yep. Never trusting my instincts again
found in r/racism
Found this on PCM
Found this on r/unsubbed.
From a comment on r/wowthanksimcured
Found on PCM, sorry if it’s a repost
From a politics Discord server
From r/HistoryMemes
Found on r/cyberpunkgame
From an authleft dude in r/politicalcompassmemes
found in r/cyberpunkgame
From Huggbees
Found this on a discord server
Found in r/relationship_advice
From r/childrenfallingover
From a cursed meme I found
From an instagram comments section
Found on r/gtaonline
From r/conservative
From the book of the Holy Thighble (Thiccness 3:7-10)
From a gaming Facebook group
Found in a particularly unhinged political manifesto.
Fuck Cyberpunk 2077, all my homies talkin bout bugsnax
Found on r/AskReddit
From an askreddit on being horny
From r/apexoutlands
From someone’s Instagram post
Femdom and mommy fetish
Found this on r/AskReddit
from r/NoStupidQuestions
Found on r/teenagers
from r/NoStupidQuestions
Found on r/neoliberal
Fuck Peter
From a conspiracy theory subreddit
from r/conservative
From r/Love
Fingers crossed tomorrow’s a better day
fuck romeo
Found on a Garfield DeviantArt Post
Fellatio (also known as fellation,[1] and in slang as blowjob, BJ)
Found on FB
Found on r/relationship advice
Found in true unpopular opinion defending kyle Rittenhouse
Feeding your vegan dogs?
furry roleplay characters be like:
Fate Client Free!
food presentation is a well understood aspect of dining experience
Follow your dreams
Found in YouTube comments
Fetish? Just for Coffee!
Flood this server if ya wish
Found in another subreddit
Found in the comments in “Did Dream Fake His Speedruns – Official Moderator Analysis”
Found in r/NSFW_Korean
Found on r/gypsycrusaderfanbase
From an Instagram post saying that treating a girl right isn’t simping.
Found on r/amongusmemes
Found this shit on r/subredditdrama lol
Family friendly nursery rhyme (tweeked version of “subway sexist”)
from ban videogames
Found this in a particular furry subreddit.
From 4chan
facebook post
Found on a Politically_NSFW post about AOC
from r/teenagers
Fantasy fuck of Ivanka Trump
Funniest shit I ever seen
Found in r/196
Fun facts
Found in unpopular opinion
Found this on the cyberpunk subreddit
Found in r/BanVideoGames
FUCK AMONG US (From r/gaming on a post about TLOU 2)
From r/teenagers
Found this in a rule34 comment section
from r/cyberpunkgame
from r/196
Found on the cyberpunk 2077 subreddit
Fuck shadow people.
From r/unpopularopinions
found in unpopular opinion
Female Penis
Found in Nintendo’s Twitter thread revealing Sephiroth in Smash
Found in r/teenagers: Bitches be like “LETS GOOOOO”
Fuck America and fuck Americans
from r/cyberpunkgame
found on a news video about the demand for dry ice increasing because of the Pfizer vaccine.
Foreskin Cleaners Advertisement
Found in s fishing website.
Found this in the Planet Coaster Discord
From PCM
Figured I’d put this Mori Calliope one here. Credits to Bread on YouTube for typing this out!
found in r/TheLastOfUs2
Forcing me to rap
Found in the comments of r/gatekeeping
Fly X Mike Pence Homoerotic Fan Fiction (OC)
First order of buisness
Found on r/memes
From a post about how quick dudes are to send wiener pics on social media
For any repost you see
from r/creepyasterisks
From a rappers subreddit
Found on r/comedynecromancy
Federal subsidies
Fetish for Powerful Women
Finally! A good video game review!
From a comment on a piece of Midna fanart on r/zelda
From r/196
For when there a cursed funny
Female character options are very disappointing. (From r/cyberpunkgame)
Found on r/NoRules
Felix Argyle copypasta
Fucking vapers
Fucking hell.
forgot where this came from but this is not my work im lazy
Femboy Armpits
Flamingo fans be like
Found this in r/TheMedialClub
Found on r/pokemon
Found in r/cringetopia
Found under the trailer for Ratatouille: Video Game (2007)
for furries ->
Found this comment posted 3 days ago on a 7-year-old IHE video about PewDiePie fans
Found on r/codzombies
fake discord ddos attack copypasta (shaian#2974)
Fuck off you dickhead
Fraudison Rae’s career
found on a 4chan thread
From r/championship
From r/globaloffensive
Fuck boob lights
Found on Pornhub
Found on r/advice from the guy who made that atheism rap song
Found in an anime site comment section, after someone criticized is review.
Found on r/SandyCheeksCockVore
Found this on r/memes
Found in a discord server
Found on Know Your Meme
Fortnite update review
From r/thathappened
From Political Compass Memes
Futaba Sakura
Falcon 9 Crew-356 Launch
free sex
Found on r/cyberpunkgame
From r/relationshipadvice
Furry sex
found in Gangsta’s paradise but only the choir bit for 10 minutes (on youtube comment section)
Fortnite battle royale bucks
Fuck boob lights
from r/teenagers
Fuck boob lights.
Fuck boob lights (copied from r/teenagers)
Fascist Sexuostate
Found on r/Grindr
Fuck boob lights.
Found this letter in a local news website
From r/nba
Found on the KilllaKill sub
first copypasta lol
From r/Memesana
fucking simps, huh?
From a thread in r/whatgameshouldIbuy
Five Zombies Cutscene Script
Found this gem in r/ShitPoliticsSays
from r/teenagers
Found in the comment section of a recipe for Churros
Found this on r/askreddit
Found on r/creepyPMs (NSFW)
found in a bad Discord server
Fireoiny spicy sex tape
Fart Porn
Fruit salad
From r/feminineboys
Found on r/editmyreddit
Furry Chemist
From a kid on my Minecraft Anarchy server
Found on the Payday subreddit
Fallout copypasta I made
Found On A Language Exchange App
Fun fact
Found on you know where
Feminists said Heterophobia isn’t real
fortnite needs sex
Fornite my guy
found on r/NewToReddit
First nut since NNN (NSFW)
For a racist person in a reddit chat.
free bobux
Found in the description of a Scratch post
Found on r/makemesuffer, excuse me if it was already posted here
From r/Cringetopia
fortnite needs sex
found this on a michael reeves video im dead
From r/askreddit
Finite cum.
Found below a news report about a captain whose negligence led to 34 people burning alive at sea.
Found on 4chan
From an Amazon Review for a gaming chair
From r/AskTrumpSupporters
Found this in response to a grotesque subreddit
for something not your business
found on r/Teenagers
Free nitro
From an R34 image about Hilda from Pokémon
Found on a comment on a post in a sub about making friends
Found on an amazon review
funny copypasta lol
Feet are good
From r/teenagers:
from u/souptimeh
found off of r/Advice roughly an hour ago
Found on r/TheRightBoycott
Follow my meme page
Found in a egirl discord server
From a Frasier shitpost group
Follow my meme page
Francis E Dec Computer God Ramblings
From my friend’s snapchat
From r/subredditoftheday
Found in PCM
Found in r/dankmemes (under a post referencing cocomelin)
Found on r/circlejerk
Found this on unpopular opinion
Found in r/Loveforlandlords
from a post wishing a happy birthday
Fetus taps wife’s belly
Fred said a catchphrase, that being “Hold the phone!”
From okbr
Found this in a blessed images comment section
From a comment on r/blursedimages
F up.
Fred has a catchphrase
fred’s catchphrase
From the newly revived r/blessedimages
Found in the wild of Reddit
From a Facebook group of expats
Fred Jones from Scooby-Doo did have a catchphrase
Found this under a post.
found on r/dababy
found at some random facebook post,seems like remake of gamer pasta
From a random ad I got
Found on r/sadcringe , doesn’t fit IMO
Found on r/AMA: “I have sexual fetishes AMA”
Fraudulent gamer girl .
Fake Taxi
From a GitHub commit message
Found on r/PCGaming
Foot worship on a Sunday is Haram but I can’t resist 😫
fucked up in the crib
Found on r/memes
From r/NoRulee
Funi number h 69420
Found in the wild
Found in the YouTube comments under the “We’re Not Gonna Take It” Lyric Video
Found in the wild on the jojo fandom forum
Fucking, Austria
from Acai’s twitch chat
Forgotten Weapons Intro
From r/BadgeBunnies
FitnessGram Pacer Test
Feet 🦶 are gross 🤮 (first copypasta)
Found on r/Hentai_Gif
From a Scott The Woz video
Fuck Santa
Found on a DBD post
From 4chan
Feed me karma
Found on r/bocw
Fapping to every HCG of VN?
Found on r/iamverysmart
Fuck Nihilism (and its nihilistic nerds)
fun game
Fredward “Freddie” Benson
Found on a perfectlycutscreams post about the various catchphrases of the scooby doo gang
From a reply on a 4chan thread
from a bloons discord im in
Fuck china
from r/relationship_advice
From r/relationshipadvice
Found on an obscure porn subreddit
freddy fazbear rap
From r/iamverysmart
Found on r/casualconversation
ferb and phineas
From NNN subreddit
Failed NNN on r/teenagers
For your friends that had huge Thanksgivings
For reposts (not sure if its on here just saw it in a comment section and thaught it was pretty good)
From r/teenagers, surprised i can’t find if it was posted here yet
Found on r/moviescirclejerk credit to u/PeterGriffinKinoKing
Fem Cock
Found this gem while looking up how to play a Nirvana song on guitar, it was posted in 1997
Fuck off
FUCK Nintendo!!!!
Found on r/redditmoment
From Mad Professor Mariarti
Fucker Carlson
Found on /r/ModernWarfare
Found in r/shittymoviedetails
from r/pitbullhate
Freaky Fred Poem
Funko Pop culture goblin
From r/drugs
Free the Ghouls
found on r/StarwarsNSFW
fresh yt comment
FB fact checker confession
Found in the wilds of r/teenagers
Factorio Veterans In a Nutshell…
From r/arethestraightsok, sauce in comments
From r/thelastofus
Found this out in the wild comment section of Reddit
From r/badwomensanatomy … (with a little formatting)
from r/teenagers
Fanfic that literally makes no sense
From r/fanta
found this in r/danganronpa
Furry Hunter
Fuck you Brian
From a discord debate
found on r/Minecraft after the banning announcement
Found in r/animemes
french fry
Fifty Shades
found in a r/green text comment section
First of all, let’s all agree we sometimes stray on THAT side of pornhub
Found on r/unpopularopinion
Found this comment
fist bump song but only we can show the world what we can do
From the YouTube video: Patrick on a seahorse listening to fly me to the moon
Femdom sans sadomasochism… Could I pull this off, or would it be a fools errand to try?
Foreskin man
From one of the Yandere Dev Discord ban speedruns:
Fuck The Bald Cunt From Homescapes
from /u/nobodynose
For anyone who likes Cranberries more than Gravy
Found on r/Cringetopia
Fine Dining
Found this reply
Found this in the newest meme
Found in the comments of a post on r/TwoXChromosomes
Fear me
from the Tetr.IO UC stream chat
Found on r/confessions
found on pcm
Found on r/mystery
First reply, I just broke this threads hymen
From a egirl
From r/SuddenlyGay Post About Porn
Fitting of the Times Rendition of Grandma got Ran-over by a Reindeer
From the nigahiga fandom page
From r/starterpacks
From r/trueoffmychest
From r/fuckhomescapes
Found in r/cringetopia comments I can’t tell if this was a troll or not
Found on a Youtube Comment
Fleshlight Review
From r/guitarcirclejerk
Fuck nah
f l a s h i t i n t o y o u r e y e s
Fischer is OVERRATED by his Amerincan fanboys and that’s a fact your fake “opinions” of grandmasters won’t change.
Found this on r/greentext
from r/teenagers, i really hope this was a joke by OP
Found in a comment thread
Found on /pol/
from a keyboard vs controller argument in discord
Found in the wild
From the 2004 Cartoon Code Lyoko, Your New Favorite Morning Message
fnaf boobie encounter
freddy amirite
Found in r/teenagers on a post of another copy pasta
From r/natalism
From the r/movies Hugh grant post
Found on a youtube comment section
From r/godtiersuperpiwers
Fuck Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money
From r/nofap
Found on r/australia in a comment sextion about Scott Morrison shitting his pants in a mcdonalds in 1997
Found this on rule 34
From the Discord Call Remix Extended video
Fart 💨
Found on r/unpopularopinion
From an actual flat earther
Found in the comment sections of r/greentext
Fuck me. That made me think the godforsaken phrase “uwu”
Found on r/pics
From r/greentext comments
Found on Twitter
Found on the vegetable garden post that was crossposted here a few days ago
Found on r/memes. Reads like an actual copypasta so if it is one, I’ll remove it.
Found on r/cyberpunkgame
Found on a post with an owl
Found on steam comments
Found on R/Cyberpunkgame
Found this
Fuck me
found on r/cyberpunkgame
Found on r/confessions
Found this one on r/competitivewow, glorious kudos and updoots to u/JamesFBlake
Found in reddit itself
Funny Valentine’s Napkin Speech
Found in the wild comment section of reddit
Found on r/interestingasfuck on a cute owl post…
Fat Fingers (insert your own word)
Found on No Nut November Sub
From a satirical MAGA twitter account
Found in r/unpopularopinion
Fuck on me, look at me, Ay Fuck on me, yeah, look at me, ay Look at me, look at me, yeah Fuck on me, yeah Look at me, yeah, fuck on me Look at me, fuck on me, yeah Look at me, fuck on me Yeah, ay
Found this on relationshipadvice (might not be the official subreddit)
From the Alvin and the Chipmunks Munkapedia
Found this in youtube comment section for the video of the moon landing
Fucking Dirty-Ass Peasants.
Found on twitter
found on r/geometrydash
From r/halo
fake rgh/jtag comment a friend made
Funny Valentine’s napkin speech
Finally had my first orgasm at 22!!
Found on r/DestinyTheGame
found on r/nonutnovember
fucking pissing
from a comment on an r/WatchPeopleDieInside post
from the modern warfare subreddit
from r/insanepeoplefacebook
Found this in the blursed place that is r/normofthenorth
Found this.
found on r/banvideogames
found in the poopshitters – album 5, song 9 comments
Fucked your mom on the keyboard
found on a trump 2020 facebook group.
fortnite needs sex (reddit safe version)
Found this (again) on rule 34
Full Metal Roblox
found under the source of another pasta
Funny sex
From r/Tinder
From a University Subreddit, titled, “I WANT TO FUCK A MASSART GIRL SOOO BAD”
Found this on r/kickstarter it was weird
Fuck a hater
From r/TrueOffMyChest
from r/jokes
Fregely from Diary of a Wimpy Kid fan fiction
Found on FB
Fat shit
Fuck you
Found on a SomeOrdinaryGamers creepypasta video.
from an anomaly video
Found on a Tame Impala Facebook fan page.
Finally. I am no longer a British “person”.
from @CatsQuestion on twitter
Found on shower thoughts
Fish sex 🤤
found on r/unpopular opinion on how blackpink is better than the fucking beatles
from r/linuxmemes
Found this on discord by some guy telling histories
from my friends twitter post
Found in r/Teenagers
Full McDonald’s Menu
Found in r/asablackman
Found in the comments section of r/copypasta
Found in r/PublicFreakout
Fisting and gods will
Found on r/teenagers when someone said they didn’t look at a dick pic
from r/teenagers
fuck kpop
Fun DNC Facts
from r/teenagers
Found on r/okbuddyretard if its a repost lmk I hope not
From a Fate/Zero review
Found Unironically in a Facebook group
Found on TIFU
Found on r/sandycheekscockvore
Found this comment with 4.6k likes on the Youtube Vid for Sweden by c418
Found on r/KINK
From an r/MechMarket post
Found on r/teenagers
Found this unironic comment from a video titled “GAMOPHOBIA | Men are No longer willing to become Marriage-Slaves to Women”
From r/unexpected
From r/teenagers
From a post on this very subreddit
found on Facebook
First 40k digits of Pi.
From a candle company
from r/teenagers
Found this on r/cigarettes
Found on discord story time
From a r/AskReddit thread
found on a discord server
Foot Fetish Themed Dating App
Found on askreddit
Found on a gmod server by someone trying to demote the Mayor
Found on the r/gaming subreddit
Found this diamond in the rough in r/games
Found this one in the wild. I think it speaks for itself.
For the ones who say “I-“
Found this in YouTube comment section
From r/tifu
FAttY SPiNS – Doin’ Your Mom
From a closeted white supremacist
Found on r/holup
Failing NNN to E-Girls is stupid.
found it on r/whitepeopletwitter
From r/Teenagers
From r/teenagers
fricky desgoarsting shet
From r/teenagers
Found on a comment on rule34.
From the last of us 2 subreddit
From Youtube’s Comment Section
found in a fox news comment section
Found in r/beautiful
For Skins
from r/vaporwave
From Facebook. Video games bad
From a fighting game discord
Found this on a wholesome twitter post on reddit
Fish Fucker: The Origins
from r/cancerdog a sub about a man who thinks dogs cause cancer
Flipnote Fight
Found on r/shiftingrealities
fuck you anon
From r/Cringetopia
Feelings are solely nuerochemical responses in the brain
Fuck manny you stupid retard piece of shit
found on okbuddyretard
Found on r/dogelore, and i’m scared.
Found on r/playboicarti
Found this on 2meirl42meirl4meirl
Feeling like diahrrea
Fuck you xbox live
fuck playstation saving
Found on r/Hypixelskyblock
From youtube twitter thread
Funee monkey
Found on Discord, meant to be sung to the tune of “Beat It”
Found on r/childfree
Fall Guys symbolizes the dystopia we currently live in.
Found on r/PinkFloydcirclejerk
Found on r/cringetopia
free uzi
Found on r/LeagueOfLegends
Found on r/leagueoflegends
From a Facebook post about a skyrim meme
Found on Instagram
Found this on twitter
Found this on one of Telltale’s old discussion walls for The Walking Dead Game.
from r/atheism
Found in SFW Discord server
From a YouTube comment about Windex
From the 1.12 Minecraft AP Exam
found on a discord server
From a he tai comment section
found this in the wild, very similar to the rick and morty one.
Found this gem
From r/subredditcancer
Furryism leads to Dictatorship
Found on a youtube comment section(Fart Sound)
Found this
Found on r/teenagers, I genuinely feel bad for the guy ):
Fallout 2
From an obscure game called Mordhau…
fuck mee6
found this on a r/pokemon seismic toss joke
Fake democracy?!?!
FNAF 6 Anyone?
Fubuki copypasta on glasses
For when the internet argument gets a little heated.
Flaccid Buddhole: A Screenplay by boobyscript
Found this on r/pyrocynical
Found in YouTube Comments
Found is r/Askreddit
From an /r/unpopularopinion post about dinosaurs.
Fuck anyone who brings soup to work
Found this one on a Discord server (not sure if it’s already on here but it was too good to resist)
Felt like this was needed, original text by @moonilade on Twitter
From r/Cringetopia on a gamer post
Faithful… enlightened… ambitious… brethren
Found on /r/holup
From r/RelationshipAdvice
Found on a BIT-CHUTE video
found on r/confessions
Found on 4chan /pol/
Fuck You For Liking Something
Found on r/comedyheaven
fortnite copy tf2 agree?
For when mods pin their unfunny comments
Full transcript of Wilbur Soot and Jebediah Schlatt’s conversation about Hot Pockets, lasting 12 minutes and 24 seconds.
Found this lunacy on Yahoo Answers
Free Robux : Top 12 Methods To Earn Robux in 2020
Found on 4chan, replying to a post celebrating Biden’s win
For me, it’s Biden. The best Presidential candidate. I even ask for extra absentee ballots and the staff is so friendly and more than willing to oblige. One time I asked for an absentee ballot and they gave me three. I said, “Wow, three for free!” and the nice friendly poll worker laughed and said,
Found this masterpiece on r/DonaldTrump
Found on Twitter
from r/trump
Found in r/cringetopia
fuck you everyone
Friendship with Benefits
for yall r/wooshers
Found on belle delphines twitter
Found this in the comments section of an IG influencer’s pic
From my stepmoms Facebook
found in a trump subreddit
From /ck/, in response to anon saying that you should brine chicken breasts
Found on r/donaldtrump
From r/teenagers
Found this for realsies
Found at r/teenagers
fall guys vs among us
Found this in r/prequelmemes
From 4chan
Found on unpopular opinions
Found on twitter
fresh from twitter
From r donaldtrump
Fox News is a goldmine
Found under trumps twitter post saying he won by a lot
From omegle
Found this on twitter
Found on r/pcm
From justbootthings
Found from r/Cringetopia
found on r/vexillologycirclejerk
Found this on r/murderedbywords
Found in r/tifu
Follow up:
Found on r/fivenightsatfreddys (post was found on a gender debate, currently deleted)
Fnaf 6 True Ending
Flat earth logic be like
Funny story by shitty translator bot
Fresh r/WPT Pasta ::Chef’s kiss::
For your Congressman
found on r/leagueoflegends
Found in a gacha game discord
Free Robux Generator Hack No Survey No Human Verification
Folks, the bourgeoise, they’re no good…
Found this in the comment section of a satirical fan fiction
Found on TwitterDOTcom
From residence hall group chat earlier this year after armed sex cult member was arrested outside
Found this beaut on Twitter
From r/TheRightCantMeme
Funny monke
From one of those spammy group chats made by bots trying to share onlyfans links
from a r/mildlyintresting comment
Found from a trumper on FB
For anyone not supporting trump
For the last time, Hitler didn’t die of suicide
Found in the comment section by an overzealous Hanson fan
Found on Joe Biden’s Twitter replies
Found in instagram comments
From steam
Found in Trump’s comments
From my bae Bismarck😍
friend made this for englsih warmup thought its copypasta material
found in my college’s discord server.
Found in the depths of a reddit comment section
Found on r/ihavesex
Found this on a comment section and thought it would be a good copypasta
Found in a random absolutelynotme_irl post
From dear leader
Found on /pol in a thread about the election
From r/politics
Found on r/halo
found on belle delphines twitter
Found on r/gaming
Found on a vore thread on /b/
Found on /r/Holup
From a kind of sketchy website
Found on 4chan, grammatical errors not edited out, swears were censored.
From comments on Trump’s twitter
from r/rant
Free the homie, he aint do shit
Found on r/Politics
Found on r/offmychest
Found on r/guro
Found in r/politics
Fuck Donald Trump
Fuck the stock market
Fuck Donald Tr*mp
FNAF 3 is the worst FNAF Game
Found on r/PCM
From the moment I understood the weakness of my candidate, it disgusted me
Funny joke
Future type beat text message (election version)
Found on Twitter in response to a tweet the league of legends’ character “Seraphine” made.
Found on r/teenagers
Found on r/self
Found this on Facebook and could not stop laughing.
Found this on a twitter
Femdom GF.
Fuck Donald Trump
Fortnite in Smash???
flaming hot frito vagina
Found this masterpiece in my E-Mail junk folder
From no fap
Found on reddit
From my friend’s NNN diary
From a message my friend send me a year ago
Found this sad thing on r/teenagers
Flim Flam
Fuck CoolDownBot
From r/politics
Found in r/196
fuck no nut november lil bitches??
Foreskin Cleaners Advertisement
Foreskin restoration 🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿
Found in a Youtube description
Found on r/animemes (sorry if repost)
Found on r/subredditsimulatorgpt2 by the copypasta bot
Found on a YouTube thread about flat-earthers
from a discord server i’m in
Fuck the moon.
Found in the comments on an post about how shady the porn business is
Fucking weedies make me cringe
Found on r/mensrights
Fuck r/conservative
Found on Conquest of Nations
Found in a post game thread on r/CFB
Found on r/teenagers
full mcdonald’s menu but from brazil
From a Discord server I’m in.
Found this in gold in r/teenagers
From r/
found on r/xbox
Found in school bus mod for GTA V commentary section
found this on an AITA thread and thought, why not?
Fuck baby yoda
from r/tendies
from the comments on a girl’s steam page
Fitter, happier, more productive
fart boy copypasta
Found on r/comedyheaven
From r/
From r/historymemes
Feel free to use when someone asks who joe is
Found on Quora
Flaming hot take on Minecraft 1.7.10
Found on PCM
From my extensive hentai research
Found on r/okbuddybaka. Credit u/doggibone
From r/unpopularopinion
Funny story
From r/aoe2
from r/sadcringe
found this in a yt comments section
From r/hoi4
from r/tifu
found this on steam
For those Astro people
Found on r/teenagers (as many of these are) and credit to u/sneakyhobbitses
Found on r/atheism of course. God bad upvotes to the left. lmao
Follow me on Twitter
From r/sandycheekscockvore
From bash.org
Found on r/incest
Frankenstein’s monster
Friendly reminder
Found in r/nicegirlstories
Found on r/AskOuija
Found on r/SmashBrosUltimate
For the stupid automod bot that dared insult my use of “based”
found on a dating website
From a shy dude in r/SuddenlyGay
Found this in r/amongus
Found on r/incest
Found on r/kopiospagetti
Fresh copypasta
Fursuit copypasta
Found on r/insanepeoplefacebook by u/Gloeee *eagle screech*
FNAF is the worst game ever made that has destroyed the horror genre.
From r/fallout by u/im_inside_obama (couldnt xpost for some reason)
Fuck ratatouille
fuck candy corn
friskies world
Futurama lovin
Found on a subreddit about Sandy Cheeks
Fuck you mouth twitch :)))
Fax machines be like:
FINAL FANTASY VII: CRISIS CORE – Zack and Cloud meet. (Me? Gongaga.)
Fax machines be like
Found this while browsing in r/cringe about a comment saying how semen did not taste good
Found on a cringetopia post about weebs
Fortnite game in a nutshell
Fax Machines be like:
Found in peoplefuckingdying
Found in r/iamverysmart
Fallout 1 intro
Femboy princess copy pasta
Fuck you, mr so called Jazz musician.
Found this on my discord server (nsfw?)
Free Business Ideas
From r/Competitiveoverwatch
FNaF pizzeria simulator ending monologue
Fact and logic time
found in r/relationshipadvice a few weeks ago
found on r/iamverybadass
From r/cyberpunkgame
freddy fazbear vs john podesta
From my friend
Fucking toad (credit to u/generalofbread
found in meet kevins comments
From the Cyberpunk subreddit
Feet Pic Request Copypasta
From /v/
From DestinyLore
for all those interested in new things
found on r/battlefordreamisland
Found this on r/prequel memes
Fuck Captain Falcon
Found this on r/Roblox
Funny sex
Found this on r/banvideogames
Felix, no. Just no.
Fuck you
Found in r/AmongUs
Found on among us subredddit
fuck uwu language.
Fortnite For Dummies!
Found on a copyrighted white noise video
Found on a youtube comment
Found on r/2b2t
Found this on Deviantart
found on 4chan
Found this in the comments of a political ad
Found on r/meme – Tea origins
fuck robux giveaways
Fuck you
Found in r/prequelmemes
Fortnite haters of Reddit, what fair reason do you have to hate it?
Found on r/nomask in response to “No u”
Fellow tiktokers of reddit (which is like 5 of yall) rejoice.
Fall Guys Hoopsie Daisy
Fuck Plantera
Freddy Kruger meets Jason Voorhees
From r/terraria
Flying Gorilla saved my Marriage.
fuck plantera
Found on fightporn, god of slapping.
Fuck you SpongeBob hater
Fow my cwush Wiley…
Found in the comments on letterboxd
Fuck Abyss Mages from Genshin Impact
funny among us relatable meme
For the love of christ, please shut the fuck up.
Friend said I should post this here too
Found in a post with AOC playing among us in the controversial comments
First Post here
Found this in r/ teenagers
From the Lara Croft cosplay
Found on discord
From Quantum Finance on Facebook
Found in the r/AmItheAsshole
Found on a community Facebook page
From r/cringetopia
From r/askteenboys
From r/unpopularopinion
Found on r/makemesuffer
Freudian psychoanalysis based off a publicfreakout post
Found on a post
For your health and safety
Found on some random trap doujin
feetloli cunny loli
Fuck you fucking prick all redditors are fucking pricks
From /r/Trump on boomers
funimation copypasta – give me good luck.
free ur mind
Found on r/pornhubcomments
from r/politicalcompassmemes
fuck tik Tok fuck fuck fuck
For dummies : karma (posting this here before it gets deleted)
F womans
Found under an Instagram video with the song Story of Undertale
Found non-sarcastically on r/xboxone
from r/gamingcirclejerk
Fuck then libtards
found on r/bokunometaacademia
Found on an abandoned smurfs subreddit
Found on r/insanepeoplefacebook
Feet rap
Found in the YouTube comment section of the Trump and Biden debate.
flat out hoarding toilet paper and sanitising your groceries
Found this on the CSGO subreddit
Fuck you
Found on MCPEDL (God people get angy)
Foreskin Cleaners
Found this on a discord server
Five bars, five seconds
Foreskin Cleaners
Fish Orgy! (Based on a video, but written oc)
Found in r/banvideogames
Found on a Steam Review for a VR strip club game.
Free tendies at Wendy’s
Found on The tenth dentist
Found on a rule 34 site (not nsfw content)
For the Wincest
Found in r/the10thdentist Post Title: Being sexually attracted to your cousins is ok
For the big floppa v. big chungus debate
Furry hentai commissions
From r/nextfuckinglevel
Found this on Twitter. It was the top comment.
Fuck the mods
From u/fagtastic99
Found on r/TIFU
For context, Kif is the green alien that was a slave to Zapp Brannigan in Futurama.
Fujoshi Tiktok Girl
For u/sentientsemen’s first test, here’s a very large portion of the script for the Star Wars Holliday special.
from a meme
From eBay
Found on r/conspiracy
faze jeb’s rage about getting flashed [nsfw]
Flat earth logic be like
Fap poetry
First blowjob [NSFW]
Fortnite skin
Five Stages of Grief
Funny doofentine’s napkin speech
Found on an instagram post
Finding some shit in space
Found in r/OutOfTheLoop
From a Red Dead Redemption Facebook group
From a video game review website
Found in a Hypixel Pit Discord.
Found this one in the wild
Furry Porn is more moral than vanilla porn.
For all the pansexuals
Found in the wild in the comments under a blood on the dance floor lyric video
Funny Arabic text 2020 no virus
for u
Found this on urban dictionary
From r/arethestraightsok
Free Reddit gin coin?
From a discord server I run
From a uni confessions page
Found on r/adults
Found on Trump’s Facebook
Found under r/politicalhumor. Not sure if ironic or not
Found on Twitter
From a group chat I’m in, someone was heated about the iPhone 12
found when trying to help my friend find out if his parents monitor his phone.
Friend on Discord typed this while playing a Kahoot
From an Amazon description
Fucking stepdad just fucking bareass spanked me?
For every update I have, I will add a “WHERE’S THE LAMB SAUCE?!?!?!?”
found this on an r/AskReddit thread
FUCK YOU. I have heard that “This guy is fun at parties” at least a hundred times. GET FUCKING ORIGINAL.
Fuck centrist fence sitters
found on YouTube by (I’m assuming) a 14 year old girl
Fuck Joshu Higashikata
found on r/hornyjail
from stupid pol
Fortnite Ex
For the first time ever
from r/teenagers: “I fucking created an bitmoji to masturbate to”
Fuck You
found on a jjba fanfic
Found this on askreddit, the question was “what would you ask from a genie if you had to shit it out”
Fuck caillou
Failing? Totally normal!
Found this on r/teenagers
Found this in r/teenagers
Fan Fiction about deceased Kpop member.
flaming hot cheeto vagina
fart 💨
from r/cringetopia
From Napoleon
From r/TikTokCringe
Favorite Food…
Found on r/MGTOW
Found this gem on a thread 5 minutes ago
Found in dank memes
First two paragraphs of Anne Frank’s diary owoified (I’m sorry)
found on r/teenagers
Fuck this group (nsfw)?
Found this in r/unpopularopinion
Found on r/pcmasterrace
Found in prequelmemes
Fall Guys, Among Us
Found on “insane people facebook”
from r/teenagers discord — the grill pill saga
funi vore song
Found on r/teenagers
From u/tez_b on r/unpopularopinion
found this one on youtube
Found on r/unpopularopinion
From r/dadjokes
From r/libertarian
Fuck Socialism
Found on an r/im14andthisisdeep post
Furries be like
From r/dankmemes
Found this on a Deep Purple music video.
From r/perfectlycutscreams
Furry rap
For the porn bots
Fisher Price
From a server I moderate
Funni among us joke #4448872 (stolen from my friend)
Found on r/dogelore, credit u/LordPoopyFist
Flashbang Freakout
Found on r/iamverybadass
Found on Twitch
Fucking retard
From a discord server in a dm channel
Found in r/fatanimetiddies
Frankenweenie Review
Found in the comments of a live stream tit slip video
Found on r/Cringetopia
found on shroud’s doom eternal video
From my friend
From Sqrly Jack World.
Fortnite is gone
Found this on a reddit hate subbreddit.
Found(ation) on r/books
Fortnite Dead
From coolguides of all places
File Transfer Protocol
For if you find a special sub
Fortnite is gone
Found of r/eu4
FNAF lore (Assuming Mikevictim)
Found on r/pics
Found on r/unpopularopinion
From r/dogelore
Fuck New York
from wsb, needed to be archived here
fortnite needs sex but it’s pokemon masters EX
funy first person plural pronoun gib oragne arrow
Fine sire, that quite the shapely shaft thou hast betwixt thine legs!
From r/livestreamfails
For all you cowboys out there
From r/AskReddit
First Community Circlejerk in a while!
from r/unpopularopinion
Found this on an r/cringetopia post…good lord
From Paymoneywubby’s chat
Found on a question on Quora asking if Alchemy was real
Football is BACK baby!!!
From a comment section in a r/showerthoughts post
For when someone accuses you of copy-pasting (as just happened to me)
Find a female mare
Film nerd fed up with 25 and younger in the Facebook group
Found on r/askreddit
fat ass fat ass!!
Found on an Animal Crossing New Horizons group on Facebook.
Found on tumblr
found on the cringe pdp suggestions
FREE Minecraft
Found this on r/waifuism
Found on r/vexillology
From r/BanVideogames
Filler Text™
Found in a DeviantArt comment section
From a moderator on my discord server
Families are weird sometimes, right?
Frank Reich
from a friend of mine
Free robux [OC]
Fortnite video script
From a post asking sex workers the strangest thing they’ve seen on the job
Found on r/gachalifecringe
Found on askreddit
found this on r/GloriousTomBombadil
Found on instagram
From an askreddit post
Funniest joke you’ll hear today about congestive heart failure (credits to MattColbo on yt)
Found on r/leagueoflegends (credits u/StarfoxNA)
Found this masterpiece on here
Found on r/iamatotalpeiceofshit
Found on r/wallstreetbets: Bought calls at the top? This is for you ❤️
fuck your crotch goblins
Fallout 5: Phantom Pain.
Found on r/SuspiciouslySpecific
From an admin on a Minecraft server I played on years ago
Fix me grammar kindy?
From one of the discord groups I’m in
Found this gem on r/memes
found in the people playground subreddit.
Friends is shit
Found on r/politicalcompassmemes; whether you agree or not I just want somewhere to keep this recorded
For the eventual return of VannaMayo on r/holup (original song is a Greek monarchist song from the Greek Civil War)
Found this in the comments of a r/hottiesfortrump post
Found in r/Hottiesfortrump
Found in Some large sub I don’t remember
Found on r/simulated
Found this in a comment on r/cringetopia
From Twitter
Funny Allah story for ya…
Felt bored so wrote about my history
From one of the porn subreddits
Found in r/PCM of all places
From askreddit
Funny bitch story for ya
From Urban Dictionary
Found under a public Steam screenshot…
Foot Fetish Mechanic [By u/Ham-bolo54]
Fuck You!
Found in a corn hating group on Facebook
Found on Facebook
Fuck You Tankies !!!
Found on Among Us racism
found on r/iamverybadass
Found on Teenagers
From a redditor
From r/unpopularopinion
found this on DeviantArt
Found this in r/beatmeattoit
from u/napoleon_tha_god on r/greentexts
from SuicideWatch
Found from a screenshot on r/animecirclejerk (edited out a few specific sentences)
from r/halflife
Fat Tube TM
From NoFap
From r/godtiersuperpowers
Fellas, is gae to touch another man’s hair?
Found on r/insurgency
First of all, you have no idea what you’re talking about.
Found on r/banvideogameshate. This is the shit.
Found on AITA
Funny halloween idea
Found in the comments of a post in r/forwardsfromgrandma…
Friend didn’t want to buy minecraft, so I told him this.
Friend told me to watch out because the man is always watching. I replied
Facts and Logic
found this in twomad’s discord.
Found on r/staymotivated
Fuck me /b/.
Found in r/helltaker
From r/iamverybadass
Florida‘s ALM Manifesto (found on r/AskTeenGirls)
Fallout: New Vegas
Found on r/4chan
Fucking libtard beta 😠🤣😠
Fuck you SEGA
From the one and only r/pyrocinical
From r/Iamverybadass
Fuck Reddit
Flat Earth is real!
found on r/iamverybadass
FTP. For downvotes.
From Facebook.
Found on r/iamverybadass
Found some guy in youtube comments who hates (c)rap music
from r/sex about having a threesome
furries die xd
Found on an “environmentalist blog”
Found this review on a Amazon product for a UFO detector.
for owoifier:
from minecraftcirclejerk
Femboy sales pitch
From an investing subreddit
found this on an account trolling some tiktok guy and thought it was hilarious
Found on Twitter lol
From r/greentext
found this on our discord server, comedy gold
fuck love
Fresh pasta from a salty /r/NFL user
From r/modernwarfare
For when someone tries to defend e*ojis
Fresh pasta from facebook conspiracy post
Found this on a youtube video of a scene from killer bean (link in comments)
Fungus Amungus
From Ben Folds’ song “Rocking the Suburbs” in the movie over the hedge
Fred Says What?
Found on r/teenagers
Found in r/WallStreetBets
for whenever a boomer hates kids
Found on wallstreetbets
From the golden r/banvideogames
Found on Twitter.
Female SCP fan
Found on an r/memes post of sexual abuse of men
Found on r/tinder
Found in the comment sections ..
fnaf night one call
Found on a post of r/minecraft
Fucking hate this bot
found in a comment section of cringetopia
From r/pics
Found on a hentai sub
Found in a melee at comment section
Found on r/NintendoSwitch
found this gold in the wild
Found on a youtube comment
Found on PCM
Found on r/memes, had to make it one
From r/cringetopia
From r/conspiracy
From a discord server im in
From an Ad
Found this on game theory reddit
Found on r/comedyheaven
From r/trueoffmychest
FanFiction.Net Privacy Policy
Found this comment
Furries when they see unfucked animal: Huohhhh. I-Is t-that a..a dowog giww..?.. aUGH.. I..I must sniff.. SNNNNFF nnGH.. aAH.. OOH.. O..OH GOD.. aGH.. UUG..AUUG.. OH FUCK.. AAUNnNGH.. NNGH.. WAOUUGHH.. TABWE SWAMMING .. AUUGHH.. I’M …C-COOOOOMING! COOOM I’M– COO I’M COOMING! COO I’M COOMING.. COO
Fucking him
femboy cats
Fucking IRS cucks
Found in the wild, YouTube comment section
Foolish Samurai Warrior
From my arma server’s lore wiki
Fuckin faggot IRS cucks.
From the deadbeadrooms sub a few minutes ago
Found on r/TheRightCantMeme
Found this in r/ComedyHitmen
Fall guy
Found on a political thread, go figure
Found this beautiful post on r/virgin
Found on r/blursedimages posted by u/puppytacos
Found this gem sorting by controversial in r/banvideogames
Found this gem on a steam review for Star Wars: Squadrons
Frick off. Can we ban this guy already?
From Trumps twitter comment thingys
from r/AmITheAsshole
Fuck you for the gold
Fortnite is an excellent example of a successful franchise.
Found on a Walmart.com review for Gatorade.
Found in the comments section of princess connect re dive ep 2
Found in youtube comments
Found this gem in Facebook today
Femboy and cum cum
Fuck yellow
For Cummy!
Fuck baby yoda
Femboy Socks
Fuck you u/Prestonfrank480
Found on r/KamikazeByWords
From a post in r/amongus
Fuck Trump
Fallout 4 tips
Found in the comments on kurzgesagt’s newest climate change video
from britney spears’s instagram
Francisco Lachowski
Friend from school in groupchat…
For all those people who think they the shit when they beat someone in a game
freddy freaker
Fuck the planet
found on r/tifu
Funny Story
Fake Fan
From an Episode story
from a sub for actually unpopular opinions
Found on r/PewdiepieSubmissions
Found on r/PewdiepieSubmissions
Facebook message to Dan Trout
found this on a facebook post
For my cape townians
Fat Usada Pekora
Foosball. Also rest in rip Cummybot2000
found on r/waifuism
Found on Elden Ring
Found on a random Facebook group I forgot I was a apart of
Found on blursed images
For people who have read the whole of tokyo ghoul
for anyone wondering, this is the reason Cummy was banned (I think)
Fuck u/Key_Ad8003.
FUCK the Mercator projection.
Found this on r/teenagers
from r/notliketheothergirls
from r/OkBuddyRetard
Found on a video of Pekora’s bgm for 1 hour
Fuck Xi Jinping
found on linux post on r/okbuddyretard
Found in r/shitpostcrusaders (made by u/orbit_o)
Found over at r/ShittyAskFlying
From an old steam forum about a guy getting banned from rocket league.
Found in r/IAmA
Found this on a confession subreddit
Found on a confession page
From a comment, felt it was appropriate
Found this on r/askreddit
From r/teenagers
From a chef group on Facebook. This guy was mad about vegans ruining hotel vending machines
Formal titty logic
found on tinder
fortnite sex
for emojifier, but go ahead and use if you want
From r/teenagers
Found on r/skypeonline
fuck atheists they should die i hate atheists
From quora
FNAF is an amazing horror concept, and the story is horrifying. But “FNAF chica feet fart friends freddy bonnie funny tycoon update real” and the people who watch it are fucking abysmal.
From a comment I saw on r/PoliticalCompassMemes
Found on r/justneckbeardthing
From an anime fan
From r/minions
From r/dogelore
found on r/confessions
From r/unpopularopinion
found this gem in r/confessions
From Crusader Kings sub
find the
From r/unpopularopinion
Fat fuck peepee poopoo
fuck your post
From r/unpopular opinion
from pornhub
Futurama is so good because it is made by real nerds(scientists, writers, mathematicians) unlike big bang theory which feels like nerd culture written by a person that was never part of it.
Flammable Jelly ( SAW )
F.R.I.E.N.D.S aNd McU aRe tHe bEsT. Fu iF yOu dOn’T aGrEe.
Funny valentine emergency meeting button speech
Fatshamed by British girl
FunkoPop Ticket
Futurama is amazing
found on the music video for Why’d you only call me when youre high, about the band lead singer, Alex. remember that name, it is mentioned a few times here. he is hot.
For the five JoJo fans that read PHF
Fuck I wish I was Indian
Fight Against The Invisible Enemy
Flashlight or Fleshlight?
Fuck u/cummysghost
Found on this on 4chan about how Asians are smarter than whites
For cummy
Free Bowling
Flat earth exists, why you should the join the cause!
FUCK YouTube copyright.
Fucking Cringe Tiktok Copypasta
Found on imtotalpieceofshit sub
Found on a discord hentai server
Fred the movie is a cinematic masterpiece
Fuck the admins. Fuck Reddit. Fuck Spez.
For emojifier
Family Guy
Fuck u/Key_Ad8003. He’s the one that got Cummy suspended
Found in r/actualpublicfreakouts (link in comments)
From that vegan teacher on tiktok
From an anime i forgot the name of
FNAF 6 Ending
From r/advice
Found this gem in snapchat
Found on an insta post
Fry em up copypasta
Found on discord
fake femboy
found this while searching for ducktales
From r/memes
Found this in the TOOL subreddit
Found on pol
Furry smut
Fun Fact about pandas
flop flop
found this gem in the dumpster fire that is tumblr
Found on r/Iamverybadass
From discord chat
found this on r/atheism
Found under one of Critikals videos
Fart connoiseur
Fastest Guys Out There
Found in the comments of a $uicideboy$ song
Found in cursed images comment section
Fuck you
Found this in an insta screenshot
Found on a “Celebrities” instagram
Found on the depths of Youtube
Found in the comments of a simponswave edit
From a post about Wendy Williams.
fnaf 6 ending
Found in the subreddit r/truthoffmychest
Father Of Lies
From a bubble popping game subreddit
Fnaf 6 Ending
Fuck England
Freshmen’s Instagram bios
From the Bee
FWI: President Trump calls AOC to his office for an emergency meeting regarding a plan to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Found after the Atlanta Falcons choke
Fuck you netflix.
Found as a review for Big Momma’s House (2000)
Found as a review for Big Momma’s House (2000)
Found under a “pin me” youtube comment
From r/rickandmorty
from r/trees
Fuck you
From r/Murderedbywords
Fortnite youtubers when (insert rapper) drops an album
From a discord chat
FNAF 6 speech
Found in r/teenagers
from r/Mommit
Found on r/fuckmicah
Found on r/notlikeothergirls
fart with extra reverb curse
Fall Guys character copypasta (updated)
FOS Girlfriend
Found this on r/askreddit i
Found on r/rareinsults
Found on r/rareinsults
Female version of the CBT copypasta
Found this in the comment section of a video about ancestry in Latin America
From Your Average Redditor
from @charlieINTEL (a call of duty news site) on twitter
Found on twitter from a pro call of duty player
found this on a YouTube video
found on r/hateanime
fuck you xXtimmythepussyslayerxx
For Honor Year 4 Season 3: Resistance Story Trailer
From 4chan
For those who want to troll Omegle
Funny story
Found on r/greentext
from r/Vegan
funny discord moment
Found this on a Covid related r/teenagers post
Father drinks milk
Found in a thread discussing intercourse in space.
Found in comments to a video
found this in r/threekings
found on r/smashbros
From Facebook’s “The poors are at it again”
Fun fact: i used to be the smartest guy in the entire school
Found in the wild, under a video titled “16 Signs that You Could Be a Pleiadian Starseed”
Fake RTX 3080 bid on eBay
Found this under a post in r/anime_irl
Found in a tiktok comment section
found on omegle
From r/unpopularopinion
Found on r/heat
Fortnite Banana
From the RTX 3080 Launch Thread
First Transmission
furry discord servers are a goldmine
Fred 3: Camp Fred Google Review
fuck Kranch
For idiots who keep saying “I IDENTIFY AS AN ATTACK HELICOPTER”
Funny Valentine Napkin Speech but reddit upvotes and downvotes
Found on Arab funny and has some potential
fat neckbeard incel with planetary guts getting paid because they are unemployable
Frick frack
Fapping to traps isn’t gay
Found this one in the wild.
Friend sent me this on Dicsord
Faith Chapter 2 Newspaper Clipping
Fuck Lizzie Winkle
from a limp bizkit hate site
Father of lies copypasta
Found this and thought it might belong here. someone want to copy it over for me, I’m on mobile and away from my pc.
From green text comments
Found in the comment section under Cr1tikal’s video.
From a Portuguese friend
Found r/195
Found on r/belledelphinepatreon
From someone on my FB I used to be friends with. You.have.been.given.notice.
FoRtNiTe BaD!!!!1111!!!!
found on r34 comments OOC on twitter link in the comments
Found on 195
Found on my discord server
Found on r/dankmemes
Fascism isn’t evil.
Found this on a youtube music video
Firestone Grill Full Menu
From /fit/
Fuck you.
fortnite burger
Found this on r/funny in the wild
found on r/teenagers
Found on MMORPG forum
Famous film director David Lynch on watching movie on phones
From the comment section of a Cutie (Netflix Show) Review. This is a reply from the reviewer
Fuck you grammar nazi
Fallout 2 Intro
Fuck apple
Funny Story
Fb post
Flat earth bible
From youtube comments
found on twitter
Fear of water
For tha christian youth! WORD UP!!
Friends penis stuck in chicken
Found on AITA
Full transcript of Wilbur Soot and Jebediah Schlatt’s conversation about Hot Pockets, lasting 12 minutes and 24 seconds.
From r/advice
fart in my mouth
From r/teenagers
FPS Shotguns
Found on r/realms
found it on r/Holup
Found this
French WAP
From the reviews section of a steam game called “Sexual Void”
Flatuologist here,
Found on r/skyrim
Found it on the fnafcringe sub
Facebook comment
Funny fuck
found on r/unpopularopinion
Found on r/upenn
From r/unpopularopinions
From r/unpopularopinion
From r/teenagers
Found in r/teenagers
feel the bern
Found in r/rule34_comics
Found in r/unpopularopinion
From r/unpopularopinion
fall guys simp
Found on r/unpopularopinion
From r/teenagers
From r/unpopularopinion
Found in the YouTube comment section
From the comments that f r/goodanimemes
Found this on quora.
Fuck Kids
from r/teenagers
For some reason I’m not getting that many upvotes.
found on a trump tweet, convinced its satire though
From the Onion
Found in r/dogelore
Found in youtube comments
Fucking response to fucking CoolDownBot
Found on r/unpopularopinion
For when someone says “did anyone ask?”
Fucking monster house man.
From an Avatar Shitbending page
Found on r/linux_gaming
Fuck FANDOM, Amino is better
Funny Story
From r/wallstreetbets
Found this one on r/watchpeopledieinside
Fuck slime, no seriously fuck slime
Found this on twitter
Found on r/comedyhomicide
fitmc is poggers am i right?
found on thehardtimes.com
found in the photoshop source
From r/cursedcomments
From r/okbuddychicanery
Found as a comment on an r/Confessions
From some lady’s classmate on zoom. (Sent to everyone)
For use when someone misspells a word
Found on r/Osana
Funniest thing i ever heard
Furry gets mad
Fun Fact!!
For when someone delivers a ~hot take~
Fall Guys
From Donald Trump’s official website
From a slightly irritated commenter on an r/askreddit talking about debt
Fuck sex, i just want someone to love me
Found on r/teenagers
Fortnite: Nexus War trailer but it’s a copypasta instead
Fuck you, Karen
Frantic CEO
Fairy 🧚‍♀️ girl OC
Fry_em_up booty rant (i really hope someone gets this)
For people who say “I-“
falling in reverse
Fuck your sarcasm
fresh from r/realinceststories
Found this on r/MrBeast, looks like someone just put 4 different copypastas together
Found on r/LGBTQ+, Thought I could make a copypasta
FB delivers
Fuck your chair.
Fuck you but have a nice day.
For Honor Copypasta
From the moment I understood the weakness of my flesh
Fellas, is it lesbian to like femboys?
fuck you spotify ads
fuck koalas
Found on r/morgzmumnsfw
From r/AITA
From r/teenagers
Found on YouTube
Found in the cooment if a post on r/jokes
Fuck you, you fucking slut
Found the Honda civic
Found this deep in the comments section of r/bigdickproblems
From r/gocommitdie
From r/warthunder
Fuck you racism
Facebook, I DONT ALLOW
Funny detector.exe
For my weebs. Idk if this is already on here but here this is.
Fuck. (Source: random person in a monkey’s paw thread)
From r/comedyflogging
Found on r/relationshipadvice
Funny sex
Fairy Tail OPs are really dope.
Found on r/dankmemes
From a fb buy-swap-sell group
found on shitpostcrusaders
Family Guy isn’t good?
from r/tifu
Finna jerk it
Found underneath a comment that has nothing to do with it on r/mademesmile
From r/unpopularopinions
Fleeing the complex beginning cutscene
Fucking wheat bread
for discord spam
From Epic’s new argument for why Apple should be forced to unban Epic and allow Fortnite back on the App Store…
from r/unpopularopinion
From the comments of that rainbow dash holocaust page on Deviantart
flert (what i do when i see a btw girl (by the way ))
From r/sandycheekscockvore
Fuck milk
Fuck You
found on unpopular opinion
Found on an instagram post about black lives matter?
Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck
Fuck you.
First impressions of Spirited Away from someone who’s interests do not come close to Anime.
From r/iamatotalpieceofshit
Fuck it, German CBT
Found on r/nextfuckinglevel
Found this on a ngtb post
Found on r/Hololive.
From a military legal worker
Found this monstrosity on r/okbuddyretard
Found on r/themonkeyspaw
Found this from tifu
found a person whining on twitter for not having followers:
Found on r/LSD
Found on an article about Gwyneth Paltrow’s vagina candles
For when your teacher asks you to write a introduction of yourself
Found this on the twitter thread for the new nintendo announcements
From a post about a female teacher raping a male student on r/Trashy
From a moderator on my discord server
From an arugement on a discord server.
From a discord server i’m in
Found on r/teenagers
Found on r/amitheasshole
Found on skyrimmods
Found this on Discord
Facebook comment on Sweet Guy
found this on 4chan
Found in a pornstars AMA
Found this gem under a post in r/nostupidquestions
Fuk your pet theory
Found this on r/buildafleshlight
freestyle from r/highideas?
From the back of a gay porn dvd cover
Fuck my life
Fortnite cringe
Found on a friend’s steam page
Found in comment section of r/memes post
found one in the wild. worthy?
Found this on r/linuxmemes
From the other 98%
Found this on r/nsfw
from a discord server
Feelin clean like a money machine
Fidget Spinners Will Be Militarized
From Tommy’s stream
Found in r/politicalcompassmemes
Found this as a review of a phone number
fat guy who ran over a squirrel
Fun fact about squirrels
Found on r/gamedev
From a post in r/publicfreakout
Found this on the Playboi Carti Subreddit, I do not think it’s ironic (Part 1)
Found on a music production subreddit
Found on r/TheLastAirbender
Four score and seven years ago
Found this little thing
For if a normie insults you
From r/that happened
From random reddit comment
fuck it TIMe to spill THE Beans
Found on r/thathappened
Found on r/menwritingwomen
Found on r/sinkpissers
Found on r/rant
From a person in r/gromitmug
Found on r/drillshitpost
Felipe Gringo e Persona 5
Found on r/teenagers
For when you see a speedrunner
For those who cant make it to eye bleach in time
FortniteBR troll has some fun.
Fuck off, you wee cunt.
Fuck you.
Found on Political Compass Memes
fnaf copypasta
Fuck August
Fucked dinner
From a comment on r/popping about cleaning earwax
For the love of boobs
found on r/teenagers
Fall Guys is dead
from r/modernwarfare
France’s age of consent is 15, Japan’s is 13
From r/TIFU
Fall Guys
Found on r/shotguns
Fantano’s rant
Found on r/actualpublicfreakouts
Fnaf 6 speach
Found on r/TooAfraidToAsk
found on /mlp/
Found on a Facebook group my mom is in
Found in the comment section of “Mushroom” by Can
Found this gem when a dude replied to a man replying simp.
Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers
Fantasy Football Greatness
Female anus too close to vagina
from r/banvideogames
found this gem on r/teenagers
Found on r/goodanimemes, I felt like it may be useful to someone here
From r/politicalcompassmemes
From r/teenagers new
Found on r/teenagers
found on some youtube video
From a comment on an extremetech.com article
Found in r/harrypotter. Harry should have carried a gun
From the good word of the Lord Don Cheadle.
found in a gta thread
Fresh from the Facebook comments of black ops: cold war’s new trailer
Found this on r/atheism
Found on Facebook
First time advice :
Found on a discord server contemplating the meaning of life
Fancy Italian meal
flight simulator
Found on discord
From r/greentext
Found on sadcringe.
Fart Equality!!
fuck carson wentz
From a MHA shitposting facebook group
Fuck Uncut Gems
From r/whiteknighting
Found in r/hmmm
For Ben Senpai
Found on comedy heaven
Fuck me
From bing bong theorem
Found on 4chan
fucking gamer boy
Found on r/confessions
From a nearby university to remain unnamed
Found on r/PublicFreakout
Found on r/atheism, of course
From the r/teenagers merch post
Fortnite drink warm beer
Found on r/keanuchungus
From @twittercomms
Fortnite Child Game
For BFB fans
Found on r/neckbeardnests
Found in r/pornhubcomments
Found on r/Minecraft
Found on r/Persona5
From r/unsentletters
Fuck Sunfish
Found on r/cringetopia
Feet seeking missile
Found from r/scams
Feet are one of the most interesting topics in all of philosophy.
From a cheese pizza hater
Fuck you Fall Guy 1311
Found this on youtube.
Full simp mode for the AT&T girl
Found on a gore subreddit. I can’t make this shit up.
Father son bonding
free dildo
for exposure
Found in a discord
Found this on the YouTube comments
From banvideogames
Found this on r/iamverybadass
Found on r/teenagers.
From this random dude on reddit
From my comment on jojo’s artstyle
Fart Champion
Found on r/politics
From r/ relationship_advice in every post
Foot fetishists always get flack. Screw you all, im one of those weirdos.
From the dead matter discord
Fall Guys is epic
From a Facebook group where we pretend to be middle schoolers
From Debate.org
found on fall guys twitter
From r/4chan
Found on YouTube
Found on r/Kidsarefuckingstupid
Fuck Off
Found on r/FallGuysGame
Found jt on a yt comment section
found ´this one from a 2 year old comment on youtube
Faendal fucked my wife
Found on a venting channel on discord
From a comment on r/ShitPostCrusaders
From Quora – If you were locked in with a gorilla would you survive?
Fresh off the boat, from reddit, kid?
Femur Breaker aka SCP-106
fuck you baltimore
Found in awe full everything
Found this on r/memes 2 months ago. Just remembered to post it here.
Found on a R/WhoWouldWin post
F this gae sub
Free Shrekira CD
From r/apple
Fondant is gross (from a post on r/FondantHate)
Found in comments of a meme (long)
Found on r/teenagers
Fuck you
Found on a Twitter Post from @__rapalert
found this on twitter, decided to post it here. original was a photo so i decided to get a transcript of it. might be a bit wonky on desktop though.
Friends raided a server, owner sent me this
Found this on Insta
from local complaints group on fb
Found on five nights at freddy’s discord
Found this on r/teenagers
Found this absolute gem on r/teenagers
Found this in the comments of a post about licking himalayan salt lamps
Found this on r/comedyheaven
Found this on yt comment section
From a comment in r/memetemplatesofficial
found this on r/whatisthisthing
Found this in r/cringetopia
F1 2005 R7 Europe – CummyBot2000 Suspension Failure (Race)
Found this in the comment section of a r/GlobalOffensive post
Found this on r/teenagers
Found in a saucy comment section
Fatboy Slim – The Rockafeller Skank lyrics
For those of you who hate the keyboard, here are the first 39,500 Unicode characters for you to copy and paste from
Fernando Alonso made me lose 35kg (77lbs)
For context: this is emoji porn
Facemask, helpful or DEADLY
Femboys be like
From a lost soul on /r/politicalcompassmemes
Found this on r/test
Found this in r/dankmemes
Found on my friend’s Facebook reply
Field Trip To The Zoo
Found on attack on titan sub
Found on r/samsung
Found on r/confession
Family Guy is way better than Simpsons (r/UnpopularOpinion)
Found in comments on r/Tinder
Football is gay
Found on one of my friend’s discord servers
Found on r/sociopaths
Found in a discord I’m in
Feet fetishes are completely normal and anyone who disagrees is a bigot and a monster.
funny sex
found in r/historymemes
found in r/thathappened
From r/prorevenge
Found on r/relationshipadvice
From r/politicalcompassmemes
From Facebook
Final Message of an old friend from Alabama on discord before a weeb forced him to commit seppuku
Femboy Copypasta
Found on a JoJo Discord
From unexpected
From @FallGuysGame
Fruit of knowledge
Found this on 4 chan
Found on NatureBros, spammed other places, minus probable virus link
Female anus is too close to the vagina
For those of you naughty redditors sorting by new, enjoy! ☺️☺️
Found In cringetopia
found on discord
Fnaf 1 Phone Call
Found In The Comments Of Youtube.
Furries on Omegle are certainly…something
First Night
Fuck Reddit
Found on PSO2 twitter
Female being harassed online
found in r/dankmemes
Found on r/Minecraft
From kingsman
Found on NoStupidQuestions
friends i have this really great christian kids cartoon idea.
Fuck Ojangos Kerman.
Found this In my discord server
found on a post about a dickhead
found this being spammed in a twitch stream
From Chapter 100 of JoJolion
Found this gem unironically posted on r/fortnitecompetitive lmao
For me, it’s the BRAVE BROWSER®….
Found in a Facebook group full of suboxone addicts
Found on discord
Found this gem on PCM
Found on r/Astolfo
Fuck “positive porn” society cummy
From Haha effort goes brrrrrrrrrrr
FNAF Lore Explained
From a comment in r/funny about a dude finding out he left a lot of money in his pockets
Found on the official incel forums, I will be leaving now
Fresh from /ck/
Fuck You Tina Fey
Fuck the Poisonous Potato from Minecraft
Fnaf trust me lyrics just because i need the emojifier version
fucking fuck
Funniest shit I’ve ever seen
found on a steam review of hentai girl vr
found in a discord server
Found in an MMA argument
Found on r/dankmemes
Found a flattard comment on Youtube, seemed like copypasta material so here we are
From r/insanepeoplefacebook and copied by u/GlazeTheArtist
fuck koalas
Fuck You
Fundy to Ludwig Copypasta (made by me)
From the angriest comment thread on youtube
Found on Youtube.
Found on an askreddit forum
Full list of every clone trooper in alphabetical order
found on youtube
Fallguys Tryhard
From a fantano comment section
For the past 10 years, I have jerked off to nothing but Cummy.
Foreskin Raid
Fun fact: You can have both pleasure AND pain at same time with the power of CBT.
From r/intj
Fuck off, Incel faggot
From a post on r/breeding
Fuck You,No Seriously,Fuck You.
From r/insanepeoplefacebook
From r/teenagers
FUCK Overshit
fuck you lol
From r/Teenagers
Face reveal
first post
Fungus in the Back of the Leans Leg
Found on r/leagueoflegends
F – idk if this has been posted here before
Found on r/tifi
Florida crack dog theory 1905 AD
Found on fb. Pekora best vtuber
Found this in r/asiansgonewild
Fossils are dumb
Fresh off the press ladies and gents
French fry machine?
flowers 4 tony
From a Zelda BOTW porn video
from a thread on arad
Fuck off shitposter. These posts are on the same level as the self-referential dogshit you’ll find on r/dankmemes. It’s not funny stop shitting up the sub.
from r/unpopularopinion
fuck r*ddit
from /r/kanye – Kanye and Drake are in secret (not) love
For when you need to throw tomatoes at someone on Reddit
For people who pack
From dnd memes
From cummojo
For me, it’s fantasizing that I’m friends with Ryan Gosling.
Fuck off!
Fuck You Baltimore: Made In Abyss Edition
From r/legomario
From a chat about Ben Shapiro laughing like the Joker
From the Fortnite “Fourteen-Eighty Fortnite” Short
From me messing around with some guys on discord
Finally a question for me!
Found on askredditafterdark
From r/JustLearnedTheFWord
FeelsRainMan copypasta
For the 3% of you reading this I hope you become successful in everything you dream of and accomplish more than you imagine. I’m a music producer from Romania. I aspire to make it out…
Female gamer?
From r/minecraft
found in a vidyagame site
for everyone shitting on obx
Favorite vegetable
Fake Big Bang theory fans (found on r/bingbongtheorem)
From r/bingbongtheorem
Female gamer alert female gamer alert
For anyone who’s just had enough
Found on r/relationshipadvice
Found in r/askreddit
From a discord
Found this gem on World Nomads, my man Tim had the worst luck.
Fortnite furries be like
From r/unpopularopinion
From over on r/reactiongifs
From r/unpopularopinion
Found on r/unpopularopinion
Futa Dimension Gate
From CS:GO cheating subreddit
Found on an ACNH Discord server.
Femboys are superior
Found in the wild in r/teenagers
Found on r/teenagers
from r/seduction
found this on r/discordapp
Family feud gets wild
Funny family guy on Reddit?!?!??
Fortnight is gay as shit
From r/teenagers
Found this somewhere
found in the comments of a moderately attractive woman sharting:
Fresh content
From a yt comment I found
From r/askgaybros
From r/omegle
From r/teenagers
found on a Minecraft post
found on my uni’s unofficial facebook page called “love letters” where people look for dates
Found this on r/legostarwars
Foreskin Man
fairy tale
Found in r/teenagers
Found in r/Politicalcompassmemes
Free Money
Finisher move after dunking on someone
First of all there’s 4 beautiful things in this and first one is the dog 😱 🥵 the cat on the stairs and the big house and you ofc 👀
Found on r/rimjobsteve
From a recent drama with my friends
Friend was thirsting over an anime girl. Response was this
Femboy rant
Found in a comment on r/pokemon
Fnaf construction in 80
found on LSF
Found on r/Christianmarriage
First CopyPasta
from hiko’s stream: valarante
Found on r/nextfuckinglevel
From /r/FallGuysGame
Fuck the fucking fascists man go Blazers
federal bank of africa
for little shits that try to apear in r/cursedcomments by commenting edgy shit everywhere.
Football on Atari
Fortnite needs secks
Fucking looter
Found on r/modernwarfare
feeling strong.
Fuck you.
First of all, don’t speak for me, thanks second of all, Czechia is a rightfull name and people who dislike it are stupid czech retards that don’t understand english at all
Fuzzy Flood Mine
Found on The_Happy_Hobs twitch stream
Fuck You
Fred 3 Movie Review Copypasta
For AITA judgements
found this in some roblox discord server lmfoa
Foreskin Man
Found in an /r/aww thread, sorted by controversial
Found unironically posted as a server warning on a furry discord.
Found in the comments of an r/okbuddyretard post
fuck cummy
Femboy cock (found in a discord server)
From r/askmen
Fall guys
found this in the comment section of a ben shapiro vid
Found in the wild today, somebody said “Did em dirty” referring to a dog
found on /b/
Found in a discord server
Found this on my school’s high school group
from r/goodanimemes
Fuck Chick Hicks from Cars.
Found on r/confessions
Fuck AT&T
Found on redditinrefdit
From dusk till dawn,pussy
Fuck it, complete Egyptian keyboard
Found on R/Baseball
Found in a Facebook group
found on r/memes
Fallout new vegas Victor
From my discord chat
found in discord
former r/nfl sub description
fuck amazon
Florida man has breached containment
FNAF 6 Ending Speech
Fall Guys servers in a nutshell: UwU edition
Fuck Brigitte
from a guy i called a weasel in discord like a year ago
Fuck the S
Found it in: https://www.reddit.com/r/redditmoment/comments/i5c176/that_went_from_0_to_100_real_quick/g0ogekv/?context=3
Found this on twitter
Fl0r_Geneva’s Statement but verbose
From Youtube comment section
From r/teenager
Friend wrote this in response to a meme calling Slytherins nazis
From CoD Black Ops (Mission 2)
Fishing for the ideal mate.
Foreskin man
Fat niggas
Found on r/StarWars from 6 years ago
from the attack on titan fandom
Found this in a “Foreigners in Brazil” community
free hong kong
Fucking Stuart Little
From “The Internet And You” (ScottTheWoz)
Found on a thread about Lord of the Rings
Friend sent me this Yandere Dev themed text
Found on r/Livestreamfail
Found/saw/came across this on deviantart
Found on r/RedditMoment
Fuck sex upvote this and get sex you incells 😋😋👅👅👅😋👅👅😋
Fortnite Rap Battle | #NerdOut ft Ninja, CDNThe3rd, Dakotaz. H20 Delirious & More
found in r/trashy, in a comment, on a post about a discarded sex doll in a gas station. the comment tells the tale of a love triangle between a man, his wife and his sex doll.
from r/unpopularopinion
From r/relationship_advice
Found in a Discord server
Found this on r/sharksaresmooth.
Fuck the Houston Astros
Found in comments of pocket shrek gameplay
Fnaf 69
Found this on r/outoftheloop
Found on r/Channit: Introverts
Found on r/shitpostcrusaders
From /r/polls
Found under a meme about r/animemes banning the word “trap”
Finance and HR students (I compiled a chain of whatsapp messages)
FNaF 6’s Connection Terminated speech Google translated from English > Polish > English > Albanian > Spanish > Somali > English
Fuck emoji
Fucking millennials have it to damn easy
From r/eyehurtingflags
Found someone trying to prove exploiting is right on r/rainbow6
From our very own comments!
Found on r/askdocs
Found in r/loveforlandlords
Found on Instagram (sightly edited)
For when she asks “How big is it?”
Fortnite. Is. Bad.
Found this comment on an r/okbuddyretard post
Found on r/animememes
for those “mad lads” that keep saying m8
From r/WTF
Found in r/maybemaybemaybe
Fellow youtuber
Found under a rule 34 picture of the new meme girl
found from a reply on r/askreddit
Fortnite lore
Fuck you
Found on r/unpopularopinion
Found this in r/popularopinion
Found in a classical music comment section.
Found on r/PrequelMemes
From r/teenagers
Found this in a response to a Trump tweet somehow
From Guamplayz671 to Mei
From r/unpopularopinion
From an xQc stream
Found this in the comment section of r/cringetopia
Found on r/GurrenLagann
From the cesspool r/MortalKombat
Fuck you, you little bitch.
Found on okbr
Found in a thread regarding lobsters in restaurant tanks
Found this on the r/dogelore discord server
Found this on r/TrueOffMyChests
fear mongering monsters.. love them, love everyday and you’ll be free forever
From a group chat I’m in
Fuck you. You fuck.
From r/Pokémon
From the r/teenagers merch drop thread
fuck you i hate you
Fuc yu I can have as many emojis as I wants!
Found This On YouTube…
Fucking a Trap is Only 2.19% Gay
from r/teenagers
from a crunchyroll comment
From r/scientificart
From a Rev says desu video
From r/politicalcompassmemes.
Found in r/Funny
For the hlvrai fans
furry!!!!!! (self-made)
Found this comment on r/meth
From the merch post on r/teenagers
Found on r/funny
Fuck Tiktok
Found this under some… entertainment
Found on a call of duty post
Fake gamers
From current drama.
fuck tik tok (r/teenagers)
found this on r/teenagers don’t know if it’s really a copy pasta but here it is
Found in comments
From r/teenagers
From r/HunterXHunter
Found on a steam friends profile
Found this mega incel in a Miku video.. rip
Feet of Legends: A list of barefoot female champions and skins
Fallen Kingdom
Funni title
Found on hightower, in response to ‘put something funny in chat’
FNaF 6 ending
From r/rimjob_steve
Found in r/monkeyspaw
From a discord announcements
From r/FuckMitchMcConnell
found in JoJo subreddit
Found in r/imsorryjohn
Foreskin man
fuck krystals, all my homies hate krystals
From a debate about a cockroach burnt alive
Found on r/gaming
Found in r/mademesmile
From a comment on r/dankmemes
from r/soccer
Funny discord
From r/politicalcompassmemes
Found in r:thathappened
fun fact: this message crashes discord on android
Found in a discord server I’m in.
Found on TIFU, it’s about pinworms
From r/forhonor
Found on r/bigbrother from another Big Brother forum
Found in r/195
Found on r/thebindingofisaac
Fuck Brentford Football Club
Fuck Baby Yoda Memes
From the mind of Todd Howard
Fucking almonds
Fat man’s Fear
Fuck jpg
found in the depths of r/teenagers
Frog in a boiling pot that doesn’t notice it until its too late
Furry game review on steam
fuck i came back
From r/Iwanttobeherhentai
Found this in r/tf2
Found on PCM: The 9/11 Vore Conspiracy
For the ungrateful “fans”
Found on the video Digimon Guilmon and Renamon Have a Baby from 2012.
From r/prequelmemes
Found in the wild on a post about a veteran flipping out over BLM
From r/riskyclick
Found on r/rollercoastercirclejerk
Found in r/AskReddit
From a cooking post showing cheese on brownies
from a dark place on Twitter
From a reply to Cummy
Fwex Tape
Found on a video explaining why Chris Brown is a bad person.
Foreskin of Steel
Found this on a youtube video about reading fanfiction (replace “will” if desired)
found on r/averageredditor
From “The same loop of Isabelle dancing to various music” on Facebook
From ROTCHunter at r/ShitPostCrusaders
Fuck Alex Mahan
Found this on r/circlejerk. Men are beter than girlz 😎😎😎
Flair Up
First in the air
Found this whilst watching Promare
For when you’re losing an argument
found on r/circlejerk
From a post on r/comedyheaven
found on r/unpopularopinion (PAW Patrol instills poor values in young children and must be taken off the air)
Found on a facebook car group
From r/creepypms
From r/creepypms
FB user post about Mileena from MK
Found on twitter lol
From a post about an unwanted smooch
Found it in YouTube comments
From r/homesmut
Frodo and Mordor (from r/4chan)
Found on r/TNOmod
Found on a forza post
Fuck you, op
For when someone leaves you on read
found on a vocaloid meme account
FNAF 6 Ending but every You is the 🗿 emoji
found in a shitty groupchat
Found this on cringetopia
Found in a thread about a tourist in Venice
from a shitposting group. the guy was dead serious
Found In r/imsorryjon I had to share it here
Found the mobile user
Found this on a guitar sub
Femboy Steam Group
Found on r/fuckmasks
Found this as a reply on Twitter to someone saying gay people go against God
Found on r/greentext
found this on r/memesana
Funny sex
For FoRtNitE BaD comments
Freddy Fazbear’s Sex Ring (Night 1)
Found this comment in a gta sub about children wanting to friend a guy because he had a female character
Found on r/Spaghettihentai
From r/greentect
found on r/Bitcoin
Femboy fetishization
For any Karens you meet who didn’t do their research.
From the comments of r/greentext
Found on 4cham
Found in my friends Instagram post
From r/entitledparents
Filling out tax returns makes me sweat
Found in the comment section of a basketball game
Found on my Facebook feed:
Found on Twitter
Found this on r/dankmemes
Fun horse facts
from a VALORANT discord
Fortnite peely good sweat bad
Fuck Onions
Feel Free To DM Me!
For me, it’s the McChicken.
final grunt
From a Facebook group argument
From r/black (not my words)
Found this gem
frog bred
Found on r/jackoffconfessions
Found in r/electricians
Found on r/jokes
found this in a youtube comment section
FUCK breadclips
Found this in the replies of a karen joke
Found on r/politicalcompassmemes
found on r/unpopularopinion
Found on r/teenagers
Fortnite is SHIT
Found in the top posts of r/DeathFeedists
fnaf 6 true ending speech
Found in the comments of a youtube video
for people who’s space key is broken
Found on r/Teenagers
From the Eric Andre Show
From a League of Legends group
Found on /s4s/ accompanied by an image of anime Hitler
Found on /g/
found on the Stranger Things subreddit, under an comment that said: “this made me laugh”
Found on a subreddit
From a post in r/starterpacks
Found this on randomly on Facebook
From a discord chat
Found This On a Video With “Doggo” In The Title
Fnad 6 ending script but fortnite (idk who made it)
Found on r/askmen
Found on r/comedyheaven
From u/Slavic_Pizza on r/im14andthisisdeep
From r/tnomod for context
Found on Jacksfilms video
Fuck Ocean Sunfish
Found on a non-sexual furry animation meme
Found on an r/AskReddit thread
Frozen waffles needs to be sold in packages of 12, not 10.
Found in r/xbox
Found on r/AskParents
Frozen waffles needs to be sold in packages of 12, not 10.
found on r/madlads
Found in r/makemesuffer
found this as a youtube comment
Found on sbubby
Found on r/Macs in response to “I love MacOS”
Found on a Miami Heat Facebook post
Found on a hentai game
Found on /Xbox “ I just spilled milk on my Xbox “
From r/witchesvspatricarchy
Found this in /rant
Fake blondes
found this in r/deepfriedmemes
From tik Tok reverse engineering
Found on r/fifthworldproblems
Found in an Omegle spy chatroom
Found on r/BTthrowingyouatshit
Found on Facebook
Found in Political Compass memes for some reason
From r/unpopularopinion
Fat nuts: By an unnamed source
From r/postnutclarity please don’t harass cummy
Found as a comment in a forum question
Fight Club
Found in the Comment Section of Doug DeMuro’s E30 M3 Video
fallen kingdom tetralogy
Found on r/Csgo
Friend Zone
From a comment in r/cringepdpsubmissions
found on r/unpopularopinion
From r/ubisoft
From Animeniaks’ video
Fake Donations
Fortnite is a terrible game for many reasons. I’m pretty sure I have answers to these questions, and I like bashing Fortnite so here we go! Toxic Community – All games have a somewhat toxic community to be honest and fair.
from a person my friend group and I stopped talking to for 4 weeks.
From r/teenagers
found in r/makemesuffer
Found on Dream’s newest video
Found while going through old comments
From r/Kanye
Found on r/Kanye
Found this on subreddit drama which led me to r/kanye
Fuck You Peter
Found this, regret finding this
Found on r/redditmoment
Found when someone typed r/fightporn
From r/BanVideoGames
Fortnite robot
funny sam o nella quote
Fnaf 2 Fan Fiction (night 2)
Found in an r/holup thread
fattest shit of my life
Found on r/askreddit, not funny but wanna get it out there. Don’t pull all-nighters.
Found this on r/Gamingcirclejerk and I feel like it belongs here.
Fnaf 6 ending
Found on r/rant
Fnaf 2 Fan Fiction (night 1)
Furries cannot have human rights
Figure it out.
From r/AskReddit
Found on r/rant
Futa mommy GF needs so relieving from her extra pent up balls! (exessive cum) (futa on male) (Anal) (wholesome)
Funny Script (all jokes)
For The Sun. A Telletubbies Story.
Fart smeller movement
Fuck racism
from r/teenagers
Found in response to an AskReddit thread
Found on /r/insanepeoplefacebook
Found on some dating server
Full Tooru Copypasta (Jojolion Chapter 90)
Found this on a YouTube comment on a video about the streamer Reckful and about how Alinety used it to defend herself from the “haters”.Though I can’t say I disagree.
First day of mask mandate in Quebec
Fortnite BAD
from a comment in r/pics
found this in a comment thread
Found in r/OPM on a post calling the tatsumaki thirst
Furries do a smart thing
Found this on Fandom
Found this one on an internet forum. I promptly replied with the navy seal oldie but goodie
From r/spiritualawakening
Found this on a tesla fanboy forum
foreskin guide
Found in a Rust Subreddit
Found on r/GetMotivated
Filipinos are retarded
From Twitch stream
Found on Wattpad circa 2018
From a random loser on twitter responding to Dr. Disrespect.
Fortnite story
Friday Lunch
From Github
Furryfier improved version
found on r/dokkanbattlecommunity
For people who post porn in the wrong places
From r/flying
Fuck you
Fortnite is art sustained by powerful Nietzschean philosophy.
Fallen bots of 2020 (comment more)
Fuck furfag and gachatards and the gay mods cant ban me so we are good.
Found this while just scrolling and thought it was funny
From my dm’s
From a comment, I found on /r/Overwatch over the removal of a noose
from r/comedyheaven
Found on the Overwatch Subreddit
Finite Cum
Found this as a comment on r/entitledparents
Fake Oney
Found on r/Hitman
Femboyfication from r/femboyhooters
found on r/Overwatch
From an r/ihadastroke post
Fnaf but im in it (night 3)
Focusing on Fun
found in the comments of a Byleth hate video
Found under a ‘nice’ comment
Fnaf but i’m in it (night 2)
From r/ActLikeYouBelong
found on a post about gerbilling
Found in hypixel lol
Found on r/teenagers
Found this in the comments of the very first doujin uploaded to nhentai
Found this on 4chan
Found on a thread about Derrick Henry signing his new contract.
Found on r/saltlakecity
found on r/yandere_simulator
Found this on r/Slovenia
Feeling Greatful!
Five Nights at Freddy’s but I’m in it
Found this on a post about Derrick Henry
Facebook Car Group flounce
from r/advice
found this gem under some random youtube comment section, I think it belongs here
Found on kill r/killthecameraman
From r/showerthoughts
From a Facebook post about how liberal professors are ruining college-
Found on r/linuxcirclejerk
Found on r/GamingCircleJerk
Found on ask Reddit
For when captainbosom replies nice. To your copypasta
From r/AskReddit
From a Discord server I’m in
Feel like pure shit, just want Cummybot2000 back x
Fuck you mate.
F, for fucking fish tacos
Found in an r/anime comment section
Fetishizing gay people
From r/Draven
Found this on Mangadex… He’s a little passionate about his opinion I guess
Freshly hand-picked from facebook
Found this person complaining about fascism being blocked and how it was a violation of his free speech on a fascist subreddit.
Furry kills you
Found on r/LiminalSpace
Found on r/Starterpacks
From a lost lighter support group on Facebook.
Furry Road.
Fan on rapper’s AMA
From a comment in r/the10thdentist
From dogelore, it woke stuff up in me I was unaware of
From a steam group
filipino gurls👩🏻👩🏻out dere
found in a discord server that im in
From a steam user named smanta
Feeling Friday functioning funyons
funny rap i made i hope my friend hassan sees this fuck you hassan
Flash is the best
For when someone sends a link to the Wikipedia page for sauce
Found in r/lostredditors
Found in description of a YouTube video
Found on r/fellowkids
Far cry 3 patriot copy pasta
Found in r/ufc
found on r/bigchungusreligion
found on r/mildlyinteresting
found in a haunted discord
Funny anime gorl!
From a Nextdoor Post
Fuck Endermen. All my homies hate Endermen.
Found this on a TFIU about circumcision doctor
From r/pewdiepiesubmissions
Found this troll comment under a kid’s Youtube video. “I think my camera has turned into a ghost.”
Found on 4chan’s /mu/ board
Friend posted this in a discord server.
Flight Reacts
From r/dankmemes
Fnaf I call 1st night
From Alex Jones, on the Joe Roagan podcast
Found on Genius in a comment on Love Sosa by Chief Keef
found this at a roblox scpf discord
Fuck you
Friend of friend received as a message unironically years ago
Found This In r/BigChungusReligion
Fuck Oogway
From a soldier on twitter
Films on your telephone
from a commie in trueoffmychest
From consumeproduct.win
Found on r/BanVideoGames
For r/banvideogameshate (OC)
Found on r/unpopularopinion
fuck me, steve-senpai
From r/worldnews
Found on r/pornfree Day 11. I’m not nutting for no goddamn pixels!
Found this comment on r/unpopularopinion
Found in fallout modding discord
From FuckEpic: I still cry thinking about the loss of Paragon.
For anyone who hates Raymond from animal crossing as much as I do
From r/FortNiteBR
For the last time, pegging is NOT GAY.
Free bana for everyone
found this on facebook
Fun fact: one of my closest friends identifies (among other ways) as a “spanko bottom.”
Found on an comment in r/starterpacks
Found in the gold members lounge
Found on twitter
for youtube, doesent work on reddit
Funky demon gets deepthroated by haunted believer
For the asshole who keeps taking the 1 off of the chromebooks
Found this gem on my discord
Femboy pyro copypasta
Futa Amazon Woman Life
From a Facebook group I’m apart of
From r/teenagers
Found on r/halo
Found on r/teenagers
Fuck you Luca next time help in the group project
Fuck u/nice-scores
fuck cops
Fucking luca
Frog Facts
Fuck you Luca
Found it on r/toiletpaperusa
Fuck you Luca
Fuck you Luca (Found on r/teenagers)
Found on r/creepypms
fortnite simp
Found in r/yesyesyesyesno thread
Found on r/gangstalking
Found on r/Helltaker
Findings on The Bee Movie
Found in DMs
Fitness gram pacer test in enchanting table
Financial Advice
From a discord user who got pinged 70 times in 3 minutes
found on r/tifu
from r/whatthefuckreddit
Found on r/tf2
Farting in public should be normal and not seen as weird or disrespectful
Found on r/antiroachgang
From r/unpopularopinion
Fallout 4 is the best game in the series
Found on r/dogelore
From Circlejerk
Fuck Nermal.
Fuck the iPhone
Found in r/mattress
From an r/gachalifecringe post
Found on r/relationship_advice. The story of a true gamer
Fat Guy Eats Box Of Twinkies
found on David Hasselhoff’s hot shot YouTube comments section
Fitness gram pacer test
found on some dude’s profile
found on r/circlejerk
found on r/penis
Found on a comment in r/teenagers (might’ve been posted here already)
From a YouTube comment
Found this on a Twitter thread
Found this masterpiece in discord
Felt that when he said ” Message ✉ the [Emojify Facebook 🌐📳 Messenger Bot 🤖](https://www.messenger.com/t/104121844644171) to Generate 🤖 Emoji 😂 Pastas 🍝 Like 😄 This!”
Female Redditor
Fuck fondant
From the now nuked capital hill autonomous zone sub
Found on Facebook: ATTENTION FRIENDS & FAMILY – Before you run out and get yourself “TESTED” for COVID-19 consider a few facts.
Found this going around car groups on fb rn
Found in the YouTube comments of a clip taken from Artemis Fowl (2020)
Found this in r/JusticeServed
Found in r/Modern_Family
from r/cringetopia
Found this in the candy land wiki quite the rabbit hole
found this on discord LOL
From r/WTF
From Twitter
Fight for your rights y’all!
found at a post
Found on r/whiteknight
finish your sentence
Found on r/trashy. He said it unironically
From r/dankmemes
Found on r/lossofalovedone
for fellow centrists
For every fictional internet point this post gets I will absolutely destroy a cringe ass Fortnite Instagram tiktoker in the glorious name of reddit and our one true savour big chungus
Found in the comments section of this video: https://youtu.be/IuyW4JPV_Ig
From Paul Joseph Watson’s Twitter
From Twitter
From a facebook argument
Found on r/TheLastOfUs2
found in r/pics
Found this review of a bearded dragon!
Found on r/teenagers
Found in Leafy’s comment section
Found in an AskReddit comment
Found on r/imsorryjon
found this in a steam profile
Fuck jerry
From a comment under some hentai.
Found in my friedn’s insta dms
Found on a Slickdeals post about a power strip
Found this on a forum for a game I play
From r/yandere_simulator
found on rule 34
Found on r/trueunpopularopinion
found on a comment on “found on a comment”
Fortnite bad
From an r/askreddit thread about skin care
facts pasta
Found on r/askreddit
found on r/worldnews
Fuck this group
found on a comment
Fish people
fuck you
From r/Cornell
Found on r/politics
Friends of gays should not be allowed to edit articles (Yes this is in wikipedia)
From the man who brought you Josuke’s canon cock, here’s Jonathan’s!
For discord tts
From the discord of a Minecraft server I’m a part of
From r/ShitpostCrusaders
Found in r/pyrocinical
Found on Omegle
From r/Tinder
Found on TIFU
From AMA
Found in r/rant
Found under a telemarketer’s video
Found in somebody’s instagram bio
From r/unpopularopinions
Fuck my computer
Fnaf SUcks
found on /b/
Found this in a YouTube comment
FAQ for downvoting in reddit
From r/unpopularopinon
Found this on r/doggohate
french fries
Found not on a news video or political discussion, but on a minecraft 1.16 update video
Found on female dating strategy.
found this on r/cringetopia
Found on a sub simulator (gone wild).
From a gamer in r/banvideogames
Fanf assault (OC)
Fortnite is a underrated clasic
Found in r/Christianity
From the mouth of Tohru Kobayashi “Hentai is better than porn”
from the depths of insta
Found on PCM
Found on r/2b2t
From r/sadcringe
Fuck it, Soviet Union Anthem
From “Temporal Paradox” by TVTropes.org
Found this pearl on ig.
Found on r/theocho
From one-time-i-dreamt
Found this on quora
funniest shit ever
From a r/sino ban message
Family guy roleplaying club
Fucking masturbation ruined my gunshots.
Fucking masturbation interrupted my gunshots
F-R-E-E That Spells Free
Fuck tiktok
Found on @chunkysdead IG story
Faggot shit from r/teenagers
Fucking Bullshit
Fucking masturbation interrupted my gunshots
For whenever u/captainbosom says nice to your post
From my discord gc
Found on r/teenagers
Fireworks Are So Fun To Make!
Found a crazy conspiracy theorist
Futa no gay
Fuck manny
Futa on girl is less gay than classic “straight”
found on decreasinglyverbosr
Fucking gunshots interrupted my masturbation.
Fucking gunshots ruined my masturbation
Found on r/teenagers
Funniest shit I’ve ever seen
Friend said that the Bees in the bee movie were real and not CGI. When asked how they lift the plane, He said that there were 1,000,000 Bees. He got rekt.
Fucking gunshots interrupted my masturbation
Fucking gunshots ruined my masturbation (from r/teenagers)
Fucking gunshots interrupted my masturbation.
Fucking gunshots interrupted my masturbation.
From r/teenagers,
Fucking guns ruined my hentai
For all you kinnies out there who remember this, you’re a veteran now.
Fuck you Microsoft
Found in r/breadstapledtotrees
Found this Facebook comment on a random post. (Delete if not allowed)
From r/AskReddit
Funds for a Roblox Airline Please?
Fortnite ruin my life
Fortnite IS good
Fuck this subreddit (crosspost request from r/teenagers)
Found on r/yeet
Fucking seriously.
found on r/teenagers lol
Found on r/dippingtobacco
Found this on /gif/
fish funny ahahah
From r/WatchPeopleDieInside
fuck this subreddit
for the people that need copypasta
Frederick the Bear’s Existential Crisis
Fuck Tik Tok
fan account’s comment on shane dawsons acts.
Friend Posted this rant, Felt like it belonged here
From r/suburbanhell: Ugly buildings.
funky student
From an argument about police militarization
Funky Student is who I aspire to be
From r/Unpopularopinion, this can’t be real
From the post banning AITA posts
From a Steam page comment
From here on out, if I see an AITA post and I don’t find it funny, the post will be removed and the OP may be subject to a ban.
Found from an r/teenagers post 6 years ago
Fuck you Shadow the Hedgehog
From a Hentai Sub
from r/Greentext
fuck off
From r/teenagers
Freggy have me
Found on r/unpopularopinion clearly satire
Found on twitter
Found on r/InsectsInSex, in reply to somebody comparing fucking bugs to fucking kids
femboy > tomboy
From r/greentext
Found this on r/Whitepeopletwitter, thought is deserved to be posted here: Trumpers defeat Covid19
Found on r/greentext
Fuck you Alex
Found on r/luciddreaming I think
fuck the church
Found on one r/AskReddit thread
found this on a fox news vid
From an askreddit post
found this recently
Found on r/BanVideoGames and I saved it
Fuck cummy, he just steals the posts and rewrites it and gets upvotes and praise from it
Found on r/doctors…
Found on r/greentext
From r/unpopularopinion
found on a recent hatsune miku video on youtube
Found on r/relationship_advice
From “Her 4 incher” comment section
fuck you, you fucking dick
Found this and idk what it means
From r/SomeOrdinaryGmrs
from r/luciddreaming
Found on r/TheRightCantMeme
Found one in r/luciddreaming
FNAF 6 monologue…
From r/centralpa
Found on r/mikecraft
Found this about people believing Hellenism in 2020.
Found in the comments on the braincancer kids account
Found this on r/okbuddyretard
Found this on 4chan, gave me a good hardy chuckle
Found in r/MakeMeSuffer
Found this gem in r/confession
feels like r*pe to me
found this in a Splatoon YouTube video
Faking a terminal illness for internet points is shameful to a point that I cant even describe.
Found in r/airsoftcirclejerk
Found on r/TooAfraidToAsk
Found this on the subreddit of fever dream show Numberjacks about who’s the strongest villain
Funko pops
Funimation Youtube Ad
For Reddit’s recent actions
found this gem commented
Found on r/BanVideoGames
Found this on a hentai website
From r/scams
From r/unpopularopinion
Found in the comment section of a kid who lied about having brain cancer
Found on a buzzfeed video comment section
Fortnite needs sex
Fortnite needs sex
Found this on Omegle
Fuck Sonic
food puns
FNAF Night 1 call in standard galactic
Found on a post about chickens being related to dinosaurs:
From the soon to be gone r/weekendgunnit
Found on r/modernwarfare
found in a heated “fortnite bad” debate
From an iFunny comment about State Farm ads
Fedoras are cool
Found on r/unpopularopinion
free speech copypasta
For those who need it
Found is r/pics
found on r/modernwarfare
Fuck off with your stupid little shitty /s tags
Found on r/teenagers, of course
Found on r/waifuism
forgive me for this
found on a group chat
From r/tf2shitposterclub
From a comment on r/cringetopia
Foot Fetishes are the single most degenerative sexual proclivity in human history. Worse than scat, gore, disease fetishists, ect.
From r/dankmemes
Found in r/okbubbyretard
From a nonironic r/copypasta comment
Found this on r/unpopular opinions
Fuck you pac-man
Fuck you Pac-Man
Found on r/news
Fuck off, Reddit admins.
From u/pm_me_ur_cats_toes
found this as a reply to someone who hated doing ya mom
From r/LudwigAhgren
Found on r/Rainbow6, can replace plat with any game rank.
Fuck ASDF movies songs
From r/shittyfoodporn
Funny herobrine
Found in an r/AskReddit post
Found on r/redditmoment
Fedmyster Copypasta
Fuck you Philly…
Fuck you king
From r/okbuddyretard
Found this on r/wholesomejojo
Found on a post on r/TIFU from 5y ago
From r/CringeTopia
Fuck me
Found in a cyberpunk comment thread
found on r/despacito
Forgive And Forget Album Copypast
found this on yahoo from a year ago
Fat aunt
Found on r/teenagers
free vbucks no virus 100% working no virus no survey!!!!!!1!!1!1!1!111
Fuck you, whoever downvoted me.
Found on Facebook, thought is should be immortalised
From a tweet about millennials and gen-Z
Found on r/waifuism
Found whatever the fuck this is
Fuck beans.
Found in the comment section of an r/absolutelynotme_irl post
From r/tf2shitposterclub
Found on unpopularopinion
Fuck you for making my life a misery from June 2018 to February 2019
found on r/jokes
From an r/cringe post about Trump
Found on my post about a couple dying from the plague.
Found this on a random dark humor subreddit
found in the animal crossing discord (this is 100% real)
From a Flat Earther who got offended about a meme on BikiniBottomTwitter
For your information, I am am educated mixed raced white woman!!
From a r/askreddit post about sex scenes by u/captianthomas
fart porn some fucking guy wrote in youtube comments
Fuck Manny
Found on r/GrandTheftAuto5
From an r/cringe post about Trump
Found in the comments of this sub
Found in r/watchpeopledieinside
from yahoo answers
Found in /r/facepalm
felt like the belonged here
For the Belle Delphine Haters
French Revolution
From Pokimane’s twitch
F*ck Penguins
Fish loops are yummy
For when you smell a bullshit post.
Found this on a TLOU2 hate video
Football Trivia
Found on a Backrooms discord server
fuck this and whoever made it
From an r/bertstrips comment section
florida man!
Found on r godly super powers
For those who say they’re an Alpha
From a Tuxbird video/stream
Found on some post on popular today idfk
Furry Rap God
From a Cities War discord server
fuck cats
Found in r/ihavesex
From a Pornhub comment
From the pornhub comment section
Fun in the elevator
From r/imreallysorryjohn
From a legendary Luigi main
Found on r/AmITheAsshole
From r/teenagers
fapping at teenage
From a YouTube comment
Found on r/banvideogames
Fucking discord pings
from r/niceguys
Fingers up my ass
found on yahoo answers
found this on some kids profile
Found on a mlp sub
from youtube comments
From an okbr comment
Fuck it, Apple feet
Found r/PrequelMemes
Found on r/sadcringe
fuck bitches get money
found on r/redditmoment
FUNNIEST SHID 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Found this on a review of Mein Kampf
Felt like this belonged here. It was said in an argument on my post in r/warzone
From r/apexlegends
Facts don’t care about fweelings >_<
Found this is one of those groups on facebook where you pretend you’re something weird
found on gatekeeping
Found this on r/kidsarefuckingstupid
Found this on a For Honor thread
Found on r/blursedimages
Found on r/SmashBrosUltimate
Fish Gurl Sex
Free vBucks
found on a post where someone looked like sheldon
Fresh gamer moment
From r/madisonwi
Found this gem in a Twitch stream I was watching
Found on r/justbootthings
Friend made this a few months ago.
Furry Heaven
Found this in a youtube comment section
Femboy krusty krab
From a Lego Star Wars group
From an AmITheAngel post
Found on r/AITA
From r/amitheangel
Fuck Rachael
From r/prequelmemes
Father Stretch My Hands pt. 1 (feat. Ben Shapiro)
Found this in a thread
Found on a comment I made for a post on r/Animemes
Fortnite Burger
Father’s Day Chain Text
Found on r/moviescirclejerk (AMA with Ansel Elgort)
Found in the wild on r/teenagers
From a retarded snapchat groupchat
Found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VH3ySDGrhcA
Found this on /r/Discordapp titled “Discord’s Communistic behaviors”
found on r/madlads
From Vinesauce Joel
Found in r/nfl
Family guy is bdsm hentai
Frickin HDMI…
Finding Josuke Higashikata (Jojolion)’s penis length: a gay Jojo adventure
Found on r/blursedimages
Fossil Fighters
Fuck it, here’s every major evolutionary transition leading to humans.
Found this in a r/Animemes comment section
Found in an unpopular opinion post. Hopefully not a repost.
From u/ anemptyfilingcabinet
Football is back
Fuck you copypasta
Found in an r/askreddit thread about ways to make people uncomfortable
Found this…
Found on Facebook, this was not ironic
found on r/NoStupidQuestions
For the lot who link subreddits outside Reddit (This is my first copypasta. Criticism is welcome)
found in r/smuggies
found in r/teenagers
Fireball dick
Fear the Old Cum
found on /b
Found from r/teenagers
From an LAPD Zoom conference
Found on r/comedyheaven
From the comments of a 27 minute long YouTube video that turns out to be an April Fools Day joke at the end.
Found on ask reddit about worst Christmas present
From r/teenagers
From r/tifu
From a YouTube comment section
Funny number
For all those wondering, this is my son Nestor.
fuck you cummy and owoifier
From r/teenagers
Found at r/mildlyinteresting
Found on discord
For when someone posts 13/50 (gangweeders rise up)
From an r/ihavesex post
Found in r/ShitPostCrusaders
fuck you sirvesa
Found this in my favorite band’s subreddit
Found this gem on r/historymemes
From some guy getting really mad that I didn’t ask
Found this comment on a Facebook post
Fuck it, list of all Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure subreddits (FIXED)
Funny Valentine Speech
Found this list of random numbers
F’r at which hour thee wanteth to winneth ov’r yond special someone
Farewell, soldier
Found this in a certain comment section on a certain website
found on r/UnpopularOpinion
found on ” BIG CHUNGUS | Official Main Theme | Song by Endigo” comment section
Far cry 3 vaas “definition of insanity”
fuck off smartass
From a discord conversation
Fuck Naiughty Doge REEEEEEEEE
from a steam profile
Fuck death
Found in r/whatisthisrock
from a dude shitting on me for being bad at SoT on r/seaofthieves
Fuck your European sparkling water.
Fat Yoshi
Found this on an rp discord server.
Found this on r/animemes or something
Furry WW3
Fuck sparkling water,
Funny Meme
found on a discord server i’m in
Found on a Discord server
Found in r/tumblr
Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3
Fem boy hooters
found on a recent Askreddit post I present the Jizz Roll
Female Animal Crossing Player Character
From ask Reddit
Friendly Reminder
from a bot on this sub
Funny comment bro
Found on an askreddit post
Found on r/Osana
Found this tweet on one of my friends twitter account
Fuck you Jane
from a comment here
Found this on a Reddit alternative called Ruqqus
found under a Russian prank video
Found on Twitter – People Simping for Anonymous
Found on r/PhantomForces
Found in r/redditmoment
Floor gang ough!
found on r/roast me
For people who are Yoshikage kira (is an alternate version of that isabelle meme)
Found on r/MakeMeSuffer
From r/pyrocynical
From the comments of IG/yourfavehatesinfps (my friends have been using it as a copypasta)
Fun Fact About Pandas
Found on a John Mulaney Sub
For use when someone says some stupid shit
From /r/gainit
Found this on r/hamsters
Found on r/EAUFC3
Found on r/whowouldwin
found on a support thread about chromebooks
Found in the comments of a meme about bullying
Found on Star Wars: Squadrons steam community page
Found on r/talesofneckbeards
found in the comments of r/gachalifecringe
From Chess.com. Of all the places…
found this on 4chan
From a political r/gifs post
Found on r/memes
Femboy Pyrocynical.
For anyone whose gaming keyboard is broken, here’s all characters to copy and paste from:
Found on a r/dogelore post
Found from my old tumblr
for all your sad, edgy anime aesthetic needs
Fuckin get a grip you dweebs. I’m a gamer.
found this on a femboy Hooters meme
Found on pewdiepie submissions
Fuck baby yoda
Found this one in r/gaming
Found this on a steam profile
Found on r/unpopularopinion
From a mod group chat I’m in
Found this on a YouTube comment
Found on someone’s Facebook photo caption
Found from numberjacks sub about which villain would be strongest
for the people that missed their trip to the national archives
Fiancée is epilectic
From the cap hill autonomous zone
Fuck libtards
From r/teenagers
Found on Pornhub
Found in a discord server
Found on r/banvideogames. At this point I can’t tell if it’s satire or not.
Found on r/TIFU
For the people that think it’s necessary to beat the old horse that is “ok boomer”
from the cesspool that is r/cursedcomments
Found on amino
Fortnite please I am horn rhino
Found on r/iamveryrandom
from r/teenagers
from angry simp in my dms
French kids fighting
Found in the comments of a steam profile
Found on r/TIFU
Found this on TIFU (edited a little bit actual link in comments)
First you have HBO. Easy, right?
Found on discord
Foreigner 😺😸🙀😽😼😻😹😿😾
Found on the UNDERTALE sub sorting by controversial
From r/teenagers,
Found this gem in r/teenagers
Found in r/obamium
from r/teenagers
Found in r/teenagers
found this on askreddit comment section
found on 4chan
Found on r/teenagers
From r/teenagers
Found this bundle of charm on Omegle.
fortnite mayhem feet
From an FB argument about motorcycle insurance
Femboy yiff made me realize I was gay.
Found on r/redditmoment
Found on r/BanVideoGames
Found it on steam community discussions
Found in a discord spam channel
For a really bad insult
Fun prank
From a tweet I found about why PAW Patrol is police propaganda
found in r/tf2
Found in the comments section of a meme in r/FalloutNewVegas
Funny meme…
found on a news website
Found on TIFU
Found on r/TIFU
From a TIFU post
Flaming Hot Cheetos
Found this on r/unpopular opinion
Found on r/sex
Found on an r/aww post
From a comment on r/gachalifecringe
Facts don’t care about your feelings
Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings
FUCK Reggie from Free Birds
Flat Earth Key To It All
FLCL Manga Scene Transcript
Funny Story!
Found this in a discord server I moderate for
Family Man
Found on /r/Blursedimages by gaykid withmemes
For use in discord
Found on the terraria sub
Found this comment in Cringetopia. Good for replies to r/thathappened style stories
From ourfirstanalsex.com
Flesh earthquakes
From r/notinteresting
Found this on a roblox discord server
Found in caption of an Instagram post about American versus European semi trucks.
Fresh out of a discord channel
Fuck you flolo and alucard
Found on a friend’s Whatsapp Story 😄
Found this on r/WatchPeopleDieInside
Femboy’s aren’t racist
Friends from everywhere
From pcm
Found on Tik Tok
Found from an “intellectual”
Found on my discord server on a discussion about Half Life
From an argument over tipping pizza drivers on Instagram
funny copypasta from show nhahaha
Found on a Final Fantasy fanpage
Found on r/chadwarden
Found under an Aviation Video on YouTube
From r/DarkHumourAndMemes
found on r/chutyapa
Funni copy pasta
Found on AskReddit
For anyone who posts those stupid and overused hot girl funny meme troll prank al assad moment
Frozen Food Reviews:Eugenio’s Four-Cheese Pizza
from r/gendercritical
Found this gem on r/undertale
Friendly reminder: please do not use #BLM to promote your onlyfans
Fortnites still better then all shooters will ever be.
Found on an ask Reddit thread about dad sneezing
From Quora
Fuck it,
Found on r/titantiersuperpowers
Found on r/justbootthings
Found on r/tendies
Full McDonalds Menu
Found on r/circlejerk
Found on hamine
Formato APA
fuck me fuck you fuck this u/Seananagans
fwog market anywon?
Found this gem on Facebook
Factually verified subway tale
found in a fb group
fake hiatus message I posted to fuck with my friends
found this in the lego subreddit
From r/valorant
Found on Yahoo! Answers
found in r/Whang
fuck people who play jenga wrong
Femboy Hooters Date??
Femboy Hooters
Froggy Chair
Funny haha man needs a better joke
found this in r/askteenboys
Found this in the comments of a post in r/memes
fooga for Bungo 🙁
Found on r/teenagers
Free Baby Fresh Hack
For all my filipino redditors out there
Fuck you
From r/teenagers
For those who don’t know what twerking or FNAF is.
found on a tihi post of a piss fetish piranha plant
Facebook coronavirus
From the wikipedia article American Cuisine
Found this gem on r/askreddit
From my friend’s argument on discord
Fuck you and your lack of respect for me in this group
Found on Facebook
found this in r/PoliticalCompassMemes
From r/untrustworthypoptarts
From the folks over on PCM
Found this on r/askgirls
found on r/myg0t
Fantasy about Andrew Cuomo
Found on Facebook
Found on r/teenagers
Fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck you
Found on r/teenagers
Found on r/teenagers “Middle schoolers bio be like”
funny farts
Found in comment section of a post about cuckoldry
found on r/LivestreamFail
Found this on urban dictionary
Found this on a genuine flat earth subreddit posted by a genuine flat-earther
Found on the JoJo meme sub
Found on LeafyIsHere’s Newest Video
Found in r/agedlikewine
Found of the league subreddit
Friend Wrote This. Enjoy.
Friend getting his goose cooked about protesters
Found on r/videogameshate
Found on r/cringetopia
Found on /teenagers
Friend DMed me this
Found in r/AskReddit
From r/smalldickproblems
Fuck you
Flat Earth conspiracy
From a very kind video
Fuck off
Found on mackido.com
found this on 4chan lmao.
Found in r/Idubbbz
Found on r/okbuddybaka
Found this in my junk mail from “Bonnie”
Found on r/teenagers
Fanfic found in a post from r/cringetopia
Found on r/dogelore
Flaws in the mechanic of pokemon hentai
Found on r/unpopularopinion
Found this gem on 4chan
Found on comedy flogging
From r/insaneparents
found on r/doggohate
Found this gem on r/thirdposition
Found this in r/worldnews
Found this on r/iamveryrandom
found this on Hanime.tv
Found on r/awardspeechedits.
Found in a rant on r/conservative
found this on a post about kkk and the police in an anime style drawing
found this on an art tutorial on youtube
Fallout New Vegas is so much fun
found on r/asexualcirclejerk don’t know if it’s been here before
Found this gem on a Discord server I’m in
Fortnite is not that….
For when somebody posts a gif of somebody typing really fast combined with something about discord admins or such
Found on consumeproduct
Futa are not gay
found something worth e-simping for atm.
For fucks sakes, guys.
Found this on r/banvideogames. Might have been posted before
Found this in AITA
from an interview with GallowBoob
Found on programmer humor
Found As A Puss In Boots Google Review
From a comment i saw on reddit
From r/banvideogames
From r/hotlinemiami
Found this on r/hotlinemiami
Found on a Cr1tikal video
F up little kids on their big day
Found on r/belgium on a post about belgium type oreos
found posted in an animal crossing server’s politics chat
FUCK bladee, FUCK ecco, FUCK yung lean
Feminist rant
Found this gem on steam.
Found this on BuzzFeed, of all places
Found in a Mazda Miata group.
found it from a certain video
Fuck the Abyss Watchers
fnaf rap
found on r/teenagers
Found on the furry pinned poast at r/justice served
Femboy HOwOters
from discord
Found this in an anime music video comment section
Found this on r/Advice
Fuck you
friend after saying that Disney was a “meh” studio.
Found on r/fellowkids
found this on r/confession
For those people that recolor stuff and title it ‘#blacklivesmatter’
Found this as a review for Whiplash
For when someone wooshes too hard
From a ban on a minecraft server
From the r/emojipasta comments section
Found on someone’s snapchat yolo
Falun Dafa
Found this on /lit/
From r/decreasinglyverbose
Found as a comment on: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1660427870
Fandub Dr. Eggman Copypasta
From a Minecraft tournament
Found in r/dirtyr4r
Found on discord
Found on r/cringetopia
Found in r/modernwarfare comments. Pretty accurate about infinity ward
From r/BoomerCringe
From r/iamverysmart
Found this in a dog group
Finding good porn was hard back in my day (From TIFU)
French fries
For the people that comment about YouTube recommending videos years later
Family friendly
For the next time you’re on r/terraria and someone calls the Zoologist ‘cute’
Found this high iq youtube comment.
For when someone insults cocomelon (the nursery rhymes channel that might overtake pewdiepie)
Found on r/APtests2020
Found on r/shittylifeprotips
Found on the profile of a Libertarian commenter on a polandball sub.
Found on twitter, in regards to recent corporate messaging.
From the truweo posture corrector on Amazon:
From the comments of the song “Send ‘Em All Back to Africa” by Johnny Rebel
Found in comment section of someone posting what college they’re going to
found this gem on weest’s discord server
Finding Nemo Camera man is goated
Found on r/garfsexual
From r/unpopularopinion
from a shitpost page on fb
For the next time some 12 year old calls you a simp online
Found this in a neekolul tweet