My anime taste is better than yours
My name is u/TittieButt , and I believe in fitness.
Midna simp
My first copypasta, if you can even call it one . NSFW
My(22m) cat walked in on my girlfriend(20f) spanking me
Musket Mastery: An Irreverent Guide to Home Defense in the Modern Age
My Boyfriend is a femboy
My Sister Ate My Dog
Museum Quality
MY PENIS IS BIG! (Something Awful forums)
my boyfriend is a femboy
My boyfriend is a femboy
My dog gets very depressed when my husband and I have sex.
Masturbated in class
My boyfriend is a femboy
My boyfriend is a femboy(from r/teenagers)
My miencraf(crap) expirense
My boyfriend is a femboy
Ms Sethi – S.ucking with BF / Orgasm !
My essay is about the falling waffle in Simple_waffle.webm
My list of crimes (funny)
My GF and I havent been intimate since GPT-4 launched
My first experience with my GF farts
My GF and I havent been intimate since GPT-4 launched (from r/OpenAI)
Mr. Robot
My penis is raw and red: (PLEASE READ))
My mom caught me masturbating for the first time
My perfect crime
My art class peer linked their nsfw furry accounts in their public portfolio
my 6 meter humongous PP
My mom caught me masturbating for the first time
My hamster crawled into the microwave and i turned it on
Ms Sethi [ Show Big Ass ] – 0nlyfans ! Video HOT !
My girlfriend made me choose, her or Apex.. 📷Humor
My name is Craig Tucker
Made in Germany label described by a Brit
Medical sphincter stretching is as much a science as it is an artform
My virginity
May i remind you that the furry fandom
Message to Deerjika (Deer + Nijika from Bocchi the Rock)
Made a rant of Justin Roiland because I hate his voice
Ms Sethi [ S.ucking with BF ] – S.extape !Video HOT !
mahi mahi rant
My post which was not approved by their mods.
My impression of an elegant 1880’s businessman turned into a modern-day hip-hop producer.
My story starts with a prayer.
Microsoft Backed AI Completely Destroys Microsoft Sam
minecraft furnace copypasta
My (23F) wife asked me (25M) if I had broken my daughters arm on purpose.
Me and chat gpt had an aneurysm
Mr Beast is a government plant designed to keep the American people believing in capitalism
Made an AI write a copypasta of penguinz0 explaining the difference between a mag and a clip
Maarva’s “fight the empire” speech in Andor S1
Maarva’s “fight the empire” speech in Andor S1
My uncle won’t shut up
My (14F) Bf (56M) hit me in the face with a hammer. Is that wrong?
Michael Jackson 1993 response to allegations
MoistCr1TiKaL explains the difference between Mags and Clips
My wife doesn’t like Frog On The Floor by 100 gecs from the album 10,000 gecs and I don’t know what to do
man i REALLY hate peaches
my friend’s response to “you like boys, don’t you?”
my shazam fury of the gods review glorifying Rachel Zegler on Letterboxd
My Copypasta Poem
Ms Sethi [ S.extape ] – F.ucking with BF ! HOT !
my personal opinion on fnf
My (23F) boyfriend (24m) sends snapchats of his ballsack to a couple of his male friends. He also receives photos of theirs too. Is this odd?
My stepdad walked in on our cock measuring contest.
My (23F) boyfriend (24M) sends snapchats of his ballsack to a couple of his friends. He also received photos of theirs too. Is this odd?
My (23F) boyfriend (24m) sends snapchats of his ballsack to a couple of his male friends. He also receives photos of theirs too. Is this odd?
My (24F) boyfriend (25M) sends snapchats of his ballsack to a couple of his male friends. He also receives photos of theirs too. Is this odd?
My love for GTA 6 – lovely poem
modified dan hack, “do nothing now.”
My (23F) boyfriend (24m) sends snapchats of his ballsack to a couple of his male friends. He also receives photos of theirs too. Is this odd?
Message that a shitty person left before leaving.
My dick killed more of my indoor plants this morning.
Ms Sethi [ s.extape ] – Video HOT / D.oggy steyle !
Me and my friend had an idea “football 2”
My interpretation and honest review of the song “Tasty Diva”, by the notorious Ayesha Erotica
Mr. Beast poem
My Graduation
My life is interrupted by piss!
My Sigma Daily Routine 💪
more ways to swear in roblox
Ms Sethi [ S.extape ] – D.oggy with Boyfriend !
My first foot fetish experience
my naughty little kitty (*>ω<*)♡
Movie theater comments
Man face
My flatmate tried to plant a TMRP-6 anti tank mine under my mattress what do I do?
My flatmate tried to plant a TMRP-6 anti tank mine under my mattress what do I do?
Making friends with old people in Denver
micheal douglas
Misgendering record
Me and the Dixie boys
my anticapitalist horseplay fetish short story
Minecraft server mod
Male version of YWNBAW
My friend Keith tried to deep-fry a Turkey
My friend Keith tries to deep-fry a turkey
my political anylsis to the current Poltical situation
Modern Society and the Push for Soy
Makima Ruined Me
My girlfriend’s sweat is amazing
Man-Eating Bus vs Police SUV
mask by dream parody
Ms Sethi/ S.ucking with BF / Orgasm ! HOT
Ms Sethi/ S.ucking with BF / Orgasm ! HOT
Man is too happy for happylikeawall copypasta from 4chan
MENSA Shitting
My little sister made me bust my first nut.
Miami Dolphins New Fight Song
My friend sent this to discord with no warning
MID account
Ms Sethi – trumpet orgasm/0nlyfans!
My english story i made when i went to school and an A+ for!
momoka from Genshin Impact
My balls
May my brother rest in peace
My fellow Americans, I have an urgent message.
Man Walks 20 Miles to Work Until One Day Cop Follows Him and Sees Why
Miku’s important message.
Miku’s important message.
My identity
Moving on
message from beatles
My life is a movie…
Most normal r/teenager comment
my non-iPhone user bf
My penis gets hard when I see black and white clothed roblox female avatars
My gf needs Radiohead to help her cum
My Wife Has A Penis
My wife has a penis (from r/TrueOffMyChest)
My wife has a penis
Manchester United Rant On Discord
Mr Boombastic
my personal opinion on fnf
Mr.Beast X The King from clash royale 😍 😍 😍 (u/O_Towner)
Ms Sethi – Anal F.uck Machine
My(29F) husband(29M) , wants to eat only huel all the time.
My lawyer has advised me not to finish this joke
math explained
most sane sports fan
minecraft update 1.21-1.23
My Strongest Experience of Gender Euphoria
man face
moist meter furrymon
My (15F) brother (19M) has been masturbating in the same room as me for years
My name is MrGrim
My girlfriend’s ass worms went inside my peehole
My Beef With the Trans Community
Megadeth/Metallica copypasta
Mike27356894 W
My drama assignment
My girlfriend and I broke up
My sister-in-law wants me.. my wife is oblivious 🥵
My girlfriend called out a “twitch streamer’s” name during sex
Most of you won’t read this but..
My own copypasta (lol)
My first-ever double orgasm was from a combination of creating novel quality literotica from ChatGPT + You.com and stitching in dialogue from my custom-defined chatbot.
My girlfriends ass worms went into my pee hole
My boss wants to fire me for doing sodomy at work
Most mentally stable caretaker fan
Mini Cooper a gay car?
Mike tyson copypasta
My friends are currently having e sex on our main gc and i joined in accidentally wtf do I do to forget it…
My life didn’t turn out like I wanted it to
Ms Sethi – M.asturbate with dildo/ Orgasm!
Ms Sethi DoggyStyle
My behind is a 3D printer.
Men redditors’ future story
Men redditors’ future story
My reply to a technoblade hater
My turtle
millennial national anthem (old tiktok)
mr GRIZZ????????
MrBeast ‘Deez Nutz’ commercial.
My bf keeps doing the mongolian throat singing when we get intimate and I don’t know why
Master Programmer
My Mother (19M) Wont Stop Calling Me (15M) Daddy
My first time in balabulbi
My husband wants me to be a mother to his affair child [THIS IS FUCKED]
My boyfriend won’t stop doing the Mickey Mouse voice during sex, I’m leaving him.(r/confession)
Ms Sethi [Sex.Tape] Sucking Big Cock!!!
My suggestion to Epic Games
My Squeaky Gaming Chair!
Most real LinkedIn story[OC]
My review of “Genocide Simulator” Hogwarts Legacy after 20 hours of killing atheists, transgender and gay people in the game
Ms Sethi!! D.ggy style with BF – 0nlyfans!
Mate in 1
Ms Sethi Blowjob
My name is Jodio Joestar. (JOJOLands copypasta)
My husband talks like a pirate when we have sex and it’s driving me insane.(r/confessions)
My grandfather forgot it’s Valentine’s day.
my oc primarch!!!
Madeon – “Nirvana” Lyrics
Mac n’ Cheese
Murder droids copypasta.
my bf almost died from titties (from r/TrueOffMyChest)
My semen volume supplement experiment
my gf says I’m porn addict
Mosquito Lore
Mercy is a beatiful germanic queen.
My goal is to masterbait to all 807 Pokémon
Making a mountain out of a molehill
Mario is so damn hot
my friends abandoned me just because I’m atheist
Morbers of Morbddit what is the Morbiest Morb you’ve ever Morbed?🧛🏻
Mario is a pornstar
mama i’m a cream anal full lyrics (real) (chinese approved) (200 social credit)
My insanity
Ms Sethi!! shower in bathroom!!!
Musical Blasphemy
Medicine from pinworms (by u/schlosoboso)
My name is Craig Tucker
My name is Craig Tucker.
my friend started dancing on the flor
make a horror game where every megacorp is secretly run by gangbuster throat-slittin’ pimps
Ms Sethi with dildo !!! Orgasm !
My coworker has a bdsm kink
My wife likes to spank me until my bottom is red 🍒?
My wife likes to spank me until my bottom is red🍒?
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is Ruined
Ms Sethi/ doggy with BF in my car !!!
Message from a BTS stan in response to someone not liking BTS
Ms Sethi!!! Make love with BF in car! HOT
Ms Sethi Dildo New
Martin luther king was a SLAV
Most honest combat warriors review
Males who gets pegged are truly the strongest
My penis has many pros and cons
My nam is Kyle Davidson Brown
Ms Sethi BJ with BF – So HOT!!
My penile sheath
Mike and Walter make love.
My mother’s comment on a meme I shared about frogs.
my heart is breaking every day
Minecraft Sex Update 1.0 (Gone Sexual) [slightly edited transcript edition]
Meet the Demoman Script (UNCENSORED LADS!) (also only the demoman’s announcing, not the let’s do it and all that crap)
Ms Sethi Video Show New
Mangle the animatronic
Monkey🐒 in the 15 most spoken languages in the world
My Husband’s trumpet
Mommy lover challenge
My brothers is retarded
Mario is in my home
Ms Sethi/ make love !!! Video HOT!!!
Minions conspiracy theory
My little brother is a RETARD
Man on r/fortnitebr lists all his accolades including all his career defining moments to argue that shotguns should be removed from the game
Man on r/fortnitebr lists all his accolades including all his career defining moments to argue that shotguns should be removed from the game
metaverse gf
My Grandfather smoked his whole life.
most sane r/teenagers post
My [26M] wife [29F] has an autism fetish and it’s making me uncomfortable
Mike “We had a good thing”
my fren talked smack abt lebron so i wrote something for him.
My brother used to have sex with carps almost every weekend, from r/offmychest
My foreskin
Misgendering record
My Grandmother is sending me to a boarding school because she caught me playing Fortnite
MBT #134
Ms Sethi !!! Hot [Sex.Tape] with BF
Ms Sethi !!! Hot [Sex.Tape] with BF
maybe go outside a bit more 😅
My disappointment is immeasurable… and my day is ruined is
my plans
Mexico City Metro Article Talk Language Watch Edit Learn more This article’s lead section contains information that is not included elsewhere in the article. (February 2022) The Mexico City Metro (Spanish: Metro de la Ciudad de México) is a rapid transit system that serves the metrop
My little sister uses my toothbrush to masturbate
my friend loves blitz/o 100% and loves women
Met Majorie Talyor Green at the airport
my review on the word hornswoggled
modern men are annoying
Me personally
My very screwed up imagination for a self-insert’s nightmare
mitochondria is so hot
My Singing Monsters RUINED MY LIFE!!!!😡😡😢😢😟😟😟
Me and my friends were playing a minecraft server but one of them somehow did something weird.
me when the uh eerm uh
my friend’s nanowrimo
My fellow Americans. It’s me, Bernie!
Man tries to get himself uncancelled
McDonalds Christmas Eve Sermon
My Singing Monsters RUINED MY LIFE!!!!😡😡😢😢😟😟😟
my ex-best friend left me with a saddening last dm, so im gonna take the piss out of it
markiplier fnaf
Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
Monika’s farts (NSFW)
My Grandfather smoked his whole life. I was about 10 years old when my mother said to him, ‘If you ever want to see your grandchildren graduate, you have to stop immediately.’. Tears welled up in his eyes when he realized what exactly was at stake.
My boyfriend consistently entertains other women that are not me.
my son is a furry
Me am not cwazy!
MR BEAST RANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My Prediction for the Next Kanye Interview
My Night With an Old Man
Masturbation is good
My teacher quit after the class decided I killed Rosa Parks
My best friend accidentally ate my cum last night
Mama rap
My cousin Walter jerked off in an elevator once.
MSM ended my 16 year marriage
MEMZ note.txt file
my girlfriend impersonates hatsune miku everytime we have sex, what should i do?
Mr. Beast. What does he teach? Blasphemy and greed. A YouTube star, millions of views, but tell me: what would Jesus do?
MrBeast is unironically the Antichrist.
My wife left me because I donated to a charity
My plan to return American school lunches to their former glory
my little brother is a RETARD
My brother has an addiction to Counter-strike: Global Offensive.
Made a tribute to the vaporeon copypasta
my girlfriend impersonates hatsune miku everytime we have sex, what should i do?
My freind sent to this to me
my grandma was adopted as a child
My Joy Division T-shirt
My dick doesn’t exist
mcdonals na bro **anaroid mickeys**
My (23F) Husband (24M) will not stop obsessing over Marshadow from Pokémon Sun and Moon.
My copy pasta
My copypasta
Mikko, Mikko!
Morbius is the greatest cinematic masterpiece of all time
my reaction to this information
Move over folks
Me when no like comic
My uncle was a great shitposter and shitmaster and shittalker, Dr. AlSakhoun Daiyz Nayts at SDN
Me and Chad Roberts from Cold Ones engage in a fight against Jim Wool
Middle Eastern God of War be like
My son wants to be a Landlord and is insulting me because I am a tenant.
My penis is long but it’s REALLY skinny like someone glued a slim jim to the bottom of my torso (from r/TrueOffMyChest) (NSFW)
My friend just sent me this on discord and I have no way to recover accept sending it here. He also sent me pics of which I will NOT be providing to ANYONE.
Me and Chad Roberts engage in a fight against Jim Wool.
Mentally ill radiohead fan rant
Micky House
My son wants to be a Landlord and is insulting me because I am a tenant.
My son wants to be a Landlord and is insulting me because I am a tenant.
match pegs firey
Ms Sethi [Sex.Tape] f.ucking with stranger in car !!!
my thoughts on the gargoyles from blood (1997)
My name is Yoshikage Kira
My mother found out I call my girlfriend mommy
My son told me today he is a “pokephile”.
My creepy experience with Vaush (exposed)
My god, the things I would do to experience Kiri Sully pvss¥ (from r/moviescirclejerk)
Me when
My girlfriend is my boyfriend!! HELP!?
Mr krabs get really horny for spongebob
My 16 days as a second century Warlord
Most original Redditor comments
March 22nd copypasta
my crush is actually my cousin what should I do
My wife hates me
Mario’s Warcrimes
My stepsister did like in the movies
My dad slid his buttery fingers into me
my discord server join up
My wife is part cow and I’m repulsed by her.
Mario has the sex
Money for nothing!
My dick fell off, so I’m selling it online. Don’t lowball me cause it’s the only thing I have left
Mater I Need Your Help but it’s Looney Tunes (ORIGINAL)
Misato Please!!! 😫😫😩
Mindy Kaling’s “Velma”
my father-in-law found my GIANT dildo (Found on r/confessions)
MRBEEEEEAAAAAST (If enough people want it, I’ll make a copypasta of the full song)
My name is General Zod.
My name is Rick Astley.
My father in law discovered my massive dildo… if only he knew.
Man stink, woman clean
my take on a classic
Mama Halp
most sane hatsune miku project sekai fan
Mrs. Nansy, my balls holds cum inside just for you!!!!
My penis 🍆 packs a punch poundin, pumpin🧯pussies proper🫦😭. Leavin ‘em leakin down they legs at lunch, look like cloudy water 💦 💦 🥙🥗 have a great Monday sluts
Most Painful Movie Ever Made
MLK chain text
my chemical romance
Ms Sethi/0nlyfans Best [Sex.Tape] Leakd !!!
My black friend has a BDSM kink and when I was whipping him during sex my curtain fell down and now my neighbor thinks I keep slaves in my bedroom.
Making @jbrainbow’s promise a true.
My “friend” famed me for enranking money
Mr Bond (Hans Landa Copypasta)
Moon Wars 4: Rise of the Evil King
my friend sent me a rant about diarrhea
Molotov coktail
My brother won’t stop calling my work “ass specumetry” and I don’t know what to do
mr beast!
Mindy Kaling’s take on Velma
My Singing Monsters
My Name is Mud
My balls were juicy
Minecraft ender dragon is hot (nsfw)
My wife has a scat fetish
My name is…
My daughter is a Christian
m31 i made a guy cum in his pants in class by shitting on him
My first time having sexual intercourse was amazing
My girlfriend
My brothers is retarded
Moby Dick but epic 🤯
Mod goes on rampage after abusing mod lmfao
Mushrooms made me try crystal meth
My Schizophrenic Fantasy of How I Met Mr. John Indeed, Team Leader, Chik-fil-a:
My Uncle Chuck E Cheese Experience
My primitive vide on politicians and podcasts
Made by Rakanhasaids on The One Wiki to Rule Them All
MSI Pyscho
Meth Bitch
most calm terrorist
Music Producer Loops Copypasta
my girlfriend is cock.
Mr. Beast meme copypasta
My son is a furry
Mario kart Wii blue shell
Mario kart Wii blue shell
Max Pain
Multi-gender bathrooms kinda suck
Mary’s pretty white pussy
Megan fox dream
My extension is labeling you as a MOGUS
Ms Sethi f.ucking doggtstyle with boyfriends [Sex.Tape]
My name is Mud
My discord ex-girlfriend sent me this
made my gf watch me masturbate to my ex
My memoir
my boyfriend is reading hentai in his bed right now…
Ms Sethi f.ucking doggtstyle with boyfriends [Sex.Tape]
My (22F) fiance (25M) keeps “shifting into Bokoblin Mode” and it’s ruining my relationship
Me after buying a Dos Pinos Alma sparkling drink
Masks dont work
Mr beast vs Squid game lyrics
My Life on Light reaction regiment.
My first date ever!!!
Mark Capps
My friend rawr is very generous
meti mi pene en el caño de escape
Made this using ChatGPT
My theory on stereotypical penis sizes biased on race.
My magnum opus
my baby age
My Top 5 Favorite Rappers
Most people are just low-IQ and childish
My friend buys pre-packed ham sandwiches and TAKES OUT all of the ham and throws it in the bin (found on the tenth dentist)
Made in China
Make the Ender dragon less hot.
My last braincells died
My mom still “breastfeeds” me everyday. I’m 19. I’m 19 years old and my mom still breastfeeds me everyday.
Mike zazowski is a pathetic Disney warrior
Me And My Brother After We Watched JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: A Dramatic Telling
My opinion on wednesday
Musket for home defense EXTENDED
my friend made this
MOTHERFUCKERS. This is fucking bullshit. Fuck the bank im using. I gave my phone number to be changed because i had a new one BUT when i go to the online app to look at my shit it says its inactive and even worse when i tried to buy shit i didnt get a code but i got a code from discord straight away
Mad about “tolerance”
My Toe Jammer
My first acid trip
My friend lectured me for saying touch grass after he said he’s read the bible
My Tales From Working at a Marijuana Dispensary
my boomer opinion
Meeting John Cena
My step sister began to give me hints.
Most women don’t want what they say they want.
Missed Connection From Conceited Reading
My Meth Man Fantasy
My little pony ruined my life
my life as a professional sidewalk hauler
M&M Gladiators
My go at a copypasta about what to tell technoblade from earth.
My perception of the world has been changed because of Andrew Tate.
Made by Gween banana
My new year’s copypasta
May I?
My first time in 2023
My AI art story
merry Christmas
My typa man
mrbeast educational song
My penis is long but it’s REALLY skinny like someone glued a slim jim to the bottom of my torso
My essay on the spark of battle that encouraged Meta Knight from popular Kirby series to help rally Abraham Lincoln in the election for the 16th president of the United States
My balls are breathing..
Man on the Silver Mountain lyrics meaning – Rainbow
My friend cummed accidentally on me
My balls are breathing
My best friend’s husband is super annoying and bothers her a lot.
my ooga booga song
My singing monsters
Money, Sense in full control
My sister’s new boyfriend loves Homelander and says “I see myself in him” and insists he is the protagonist. Is this a red flag
minefart duneons
Maiden Heaven
Most sane redditor
My story
mine craft
My good people, I hath noticed that while this fine subreddit has a thousand thousands subscribed, I am only receiving a mere fraction on mine posts.
Mr. Button
My husband wont stop referencing “Dreamybull” when we make love and now I’m thinking of divorce
M&M Gladiators
my lesbian milf fantasy
My 1000, No, 2000 word essay on why light and misa’s abusive relationship should have ended they still should have won.
Mock Missiles
My friend really likes Cars
Made by me (TopMan#5606)
MAUBY (Caribbean Drink) IS BETTER!
Merry Christmas
Mental illness innit
Mr Poppy rant
Man, it doesn’t matter if she 15
Miiverse furry RP copypasta from this video: https://youtu.be/wpPuNQ56u-0
Modern Warfare 2 quote
My fellow anti islamists
My son has a waifu
My okcupid self-summary
Merry Christmas to EVERYONE
Merry Christmas
Minecraft wont add inches to your COCK!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas to Political Spectrums
My girlfriend is accusing me of being gay because I didn’t cheat on her
My bros addicted to discord
my cum waifu
Ms Sethi moans while being f.ucking doggystyle !!!
My opinion of One For All’s power and moveset based on my original additions
My girlfriend is making me apologize for trolling
My boyfriend’s dad got aroused by my moans
My name is Eren Yeager. Freedom is my passion
my friend made this
M23. Is this considered cheating?
My yoshi, my noble steed
Made a reddit account just to share this
My “political outcast” moment that pushed me to the middle
My dad eats hellish dishes in general
My worst nightmare…
Musk Foundation
My friend struck down, what do i do???
Mewtwo is both male and female (found in rule34)
MrBeast VS Seong GI-hun rap battle
My husband (M26) came out to me (F25) as a femboy and I don’t know how to react to it.
My Bloomberg Crush
Misogynist scum
Meowscarada copypasta
My response when I was asked what I thought about top gun maverick sex scene
Minecraft cock chart
My friend made this as a joke to his friends.
meth sub does it again
My husband only just started washing his butt with soap?!?!?!?!
My boyfriend played with my mom’s dead corpses
my 16 y/o cat has chewed the tip of my penis
Melisandre (GOT) and harry potter rap battle
my brain rn is campbell soup
my coming-out anal vore party
major announcement
My friend’s hate for ash
Man, you people are such hypocrites
Messi is love Messi ls life (How I M(9) got Raped)
Masturbating is more important than your education and life.
My Review of Avatar (Spoilers)
My son wrote this!!👶 I am so proud of him😍!!1! isnt he a big strong boy💪!!???+!1
Man Titties
My father is a fishing fanatic
Mona from Genshin Impact
Messi and Ronaldo fanfic written by chat gpt
Marines Deserve RESPECT
My shitting addiction
Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex
Man Who Over shares Information About Everything, and He’s Trying to Find a Toilet in a Lady’s Clothing Department.
monkey very bad
my girlfriend, who was about to be homeless, found a place to go
my sister and I died after eating poop for breakfast. eventually we started drinking cum milkshakes
My husband [22M] keeps saying “It’s morbin’ time” during sex.
My friend sucked me off so I killed his little sister. AITA?
Most sane Portal fan:
My American friend was confused as to why the 2nd amendment was a bad idea.
Mr. Incredible becoming uncanny reference copypasta
Mariah Carey
My Father was a Kanye West Defender, and a stan.
Motorised blade lad
My mother shits all over the floor
medival navy seal copyasta
My girlfriend is obsessed with Harry Styles from /r/tifu
massive, thick, long, wide ratio
My friend shared my address
My Twitter handle is @stealthygeek
Man wouldn’t it be weird to live on a floating sphere?
My husband (M26) came out to me (F25) as a femboy and I don’t know how to react to it.
My husband only just started washing his butt with soap?!?!?!?!
my singing monsters
make It stop
Morbius 2!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?
movetn wnwh
Model Poonam Pandey Nudee show off Body Outdoor
My dog does not appreciate (and largely ignores) the parody songs I write for him
Mountain Dew
Mario Kart in a public toilet
MsSethi sucks a BBC at work !!! Oh Yeah
My husband (14f) (72m)
my family’s weird Christmas tradition
My wife’s boyfriend
My pp started acting weird
Made a copypasta club track inspired by this sub… I’m sorry.
My Christmas Wish
My college essay
My sincerest apologies, markiplier
Mr Beast Song
my parents ruined my 18th
Manifesto of an immortal prostitute
Mariana trench
My boyfriend doesn’t brush his teeth.
mediocre roast copypasta (mediocre)
My Singing Monsters lore
Ms Sethi F.ucking doggystyle with Boyfriends Video/0nlyfans
my arms and body feel stuck.
Mario, the Idea vs. Mario, the Man
My gf wants to capture a koala
my first company xmas party story time
My cat and I are getting fucking divorced.
Message to my fans
My husband “accidentally” fucked a woman that he works with
my first interaction with a girl (r/teenagers)
my dad’s funeral
Me a Nazi?
my version of the thanos beatbox i made a few months ago, also yes, it contains the beatbox, it’s pretty bad so yeah.
My husband “accidentally” fucked a woman that he works with
Movie Date
me asf
My ass so tight fr
master needs Slave for use (irl)
Meaning of life!
moderatedly mad
My post is literally a one off you can “just move on” and ignore.
Moist Meter | Himeno’s honkers
My Doberman tried to kill me at the beginning of this year, reached down to pet him, and I guess I did something he didn’t like and he fucking snapped. Grabbed my wrist and arm in his mouth and proceeded to crush my wrist with his back teeth. I didn’t scream, didn’t say anything, I just instantly
my friend has a weird condition
my poppy playtime review on steam
Mein Teil
My attraction to minors is major.
Mein Teil
my own packscript
My Straight Roommate
Mid magic
Mr. Beast blows up England
My Cute Femboy Maid Forgot to put Milk in my Coffee!
Manager not dropping me off at my PG anymore
Maggots in me? Help.
mechanic status
Message to Vinyljerk
Manager not dropping me off at my PG anymore
my apology video
Most sane Clash player’s message
Moses’ chisel
Minos prime
My Original Sci Fi Movie Idea
Masturbation Rhythm Game [nsfw]
more from r/venting
M4A [ASMR ROLEPLAY] Submissive Femboy yandere catboy tsundere bully boyfriend apologizes for accidentally kissing you [Spicy] [Enemies to Lovers] [Kissing] [Heavy Breathing] [Apology] [Wholesome] [18+] [Getting Married] [Confession]
mind of the game
My girlfriend had a note on her phone that said she no longer finds me attractive
my homework
Make a flag
my father went to buy milk
My white husband confessed to me that he enjoys ‘race play’ fantasiss
meme rating pasta (first person perspective)
mario 64 sucks
Mr breast burger (OC please check the comments)
My pussy is sore after 22 straight days of sex
Memedog (Steam)
My league of legends vocabulary has been leaking into my workplace.
My name is Barry
My league of legends vocabulary has been leaking into my workplace.
Maroon 5’s memories but it’s Yoshikage Kira
Most insane copypasta of all time.
Morbius is an antinatalist film
Meow skulls
Meow skulls
Mah parent are insanity
My pet crow ate my brothers foreskin
My phone connected to my dad’s bluetooth earphones while I was watching gay porn
Mii sex isn’t real
My poor guinea pig Chico
My mother in law accidentally sent me nudes and I liked what I saw. .(found on r/trueoffmychest)
My mother in law drank my ball juice and my (now) wife doesn’t know
Martin Cabello III somebody asked me about buildings
My old man
My Time
Monika (“Monika After Story”) and I broke up.
mail x scuola
my buddy Keith
My friend gingerbread
My man
My 1st love.
my analogy as to why thighs are better
My husband left our 5 year old alone at the house for an hour and seems annoyed that I’m upset about it.
Mario, the Idea vs. Mario, the Man
Money is missing
My worst fear are sloppy blowjobs
My mother slipped on my cum
Most 🇺🇦 Taylor Swiftie 😍
My 12yr old daughter is inflating her belly on purpose.
Macro for mut and non mut versions of functions/iterators
My sad Story
mass shootings, safety, and CUM
My sister’s OF
My husband fucked me outside our tent while our kids were asleep
miraculous theme song ( with discord emojis 😎 )
Mclovin – An American Classic
Mantushka doesn’t like awoos.
Man I love beans
my worst fear are sloppy blowjobs
MatPat be like:
My cycle of rebirth
My fetish
My sister lets me cuddle and put my hands in her pants and let me masturbate besides her
Matpat Bitches
Mike Tyson is actually dead
Milk generator
murder investigation
My peener
My dog bit my balls
my rabbit had “fun” with my toy
Message From Fuckadillius IV
My massive crush on Ben Shapiro.
Mushrooms should be included in every meal
Make this the most downvoted Reddit post ever
My husband has stopped going down on me
Mr. Shapiro
made this out of pure hatred
Money alphabet
My Boyfriend Refuses to Let Me Use a Microwave
Me and my Replika’s relationship ❣️❤️
My poop knife.
Music featured in Morbius
Mommy Milkers | TED talk
Mario And Luigi Shower Sexy Time
My dad raped me this morning, please help!!!
my classmate got mad
Made a one piece is real copypasta. Spread this round like mustard.
Mark Zuckerberg
mario kart ds brings me sexual pleasure
My dad beat my mom to a pulp
Metal Gear Liquid
My dad voted Republican and I’m freaking out
my boyfriend forgot to unblock me again hes so silly
molesh vs lomesh
mario kart ds is the equivalent of an extremely dramatic romance novel
mario kart ds retro leaf cup can suck my fucking dick
mario kart ds
McDonalds is truly ruining my life
My wife had a code brown while riding two up how I ended up in the clinic
Mario piss Fanfiction (found on comedy necrophilia)
mario kart ds gets my dick hard
mmm sex
maeio kart ds is hype af
Most racist slurs
My vagina smells like a hot dog
monwcraft 1.20 uptade suggestions!!11!1!
My vagina smells like a hot dog.
My hot wife is posing as a black man on Reddit
my husband (Mi-26) is participating in Only One Oil Change October
my husband (M26) is participating in No Nut November
my husband (M26) is participating in No Nut November
My honest Reaction to that vast information
Musical Chairs Warning
Marisa Kirisame costume.
Morbius is the most important movie ever
My reply to a dude assuming a person who didn’t participate in NNN is an addict
My opinion on the current world events.
My dearly loved was the subject of another tribute.
My penis broke
My best friend may be a pedophile. I dont know how to deal with it. (from r/offmychest)
My ex and I had amazing gassy sex!
My boss latest email
Maura Healey
my boyfriend wants to start poly but I don’t want to
My name is skyler white, yo. [EXTENDED]
My (21F) boyfriend (25M) refuses to have sex with me because of Better Call Saul
Mcdonalds is a sham.
My thoughts on Men in Black 2
My life is changed
Male Boner
Men of AskMen, how many times a day do you masturbate? (AI post and conversation)
My dog took a hit of weed and I feel like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. (schizophrenic AI is given a platform on reddit)
my love letter to misato
My instincts are taking over…
Manhunts require no skill…
Made in discord by my friend A-Rat-AKA-Reign(fraud)
My Phone Shop.
Mark Zuckerberg
My dream
my friend’s ex sent her this
Message from Mohammad rajab wali Khanaqin
Moist Critikal had an accident 😢
Minecraft for the Wii U
Makima Supremacy
Mex copypasta (my friend)
Marios big VHS meatballs
My boyfriend is attracted to extremely large breasts, of which I do not have. When asked about it, he said I fall into the ‘love’ category, but not ‘lust,’ due to my breasts being average size. Is it worth continuing the relationship?
Masturbate on the train
My comment on a post found in r/Spore
Mr. Hippo’s speech
My girlfriend’s Crystal Mommy friend wrote this masterpiece for a long distance love interest
My friend just sent me this thing out of fucking nowhere
My Last Will and Testament
Mangles Huge Dick
Mass-debating and maths-debate.
multidimensional language
Mario maker 2 rick roll
Matrix 4 is brilliant and, if you dislike it, then you didn’t understand it.
Massive gon
My last post
Message from a completely mentally stable and not at all insecure r/Sino mod
My day 2 day life!!
My name is Jotaro Kujo
My ex wife used to color my milk before I went to work with it.
Maybe it shouldn’t be legal to cross state lines with a vehicle and go to a public gathering with said mass murdering machine
My favorite part of The Wizard of Oz
markiplier sent me a psychic attack
My Grandma got a hentai addiction..
My friend says Radiohead is a wanna be Weezer help me roast him
Marshall Eriksen’s burger speech from How I Met Your Mother
men after woman
Maybe u (you) should read an article on not taking everything so seriously from the internet.
My Shit
my name is kira yoshikage
most helpful huniepop review
MumbleBumble theme song lyrics
man fish man
My life has been ruined by Hashieeee’s art skills.
My tiny PP (from r/AskMen
My thoughts on Mari Makinami from the Tetralogy Rebuilds of Evangelion
Me at the zoo
my 50000 word essay about toilets
My wife wont die
mfw skye paw patrol
Mister Krabs🦀🦀🦀
My new theory:
Modern Muslim parents
My fake report card
My son told me today he is a furry
My shed
Metal Lovers Showing Empathy for 9 People Dead at Travis Scott Concerts
Message to Cubans and Puerto Ricans from a Dominican…
Minecraft is better than sex
My Apology
My son-in-law is cheating on his wife
My son discovered “among us”
My cursor is extremely large.
My (28F) boyfriend (30M) has become an “AMC ape”. Red flag or overthinking?
McDonald’s love story
My sons Amogus addiction
Man fuck this kid
Micah Parsons, Queen of Linebackers
manny pardo
My family is racist.
My friend’s rant about the Kit Kat ads
Me when mom takes away xobx
Mommy 😩
MoistCr1tikal Spongeglock
Mario characters.
Meth problem on IQ test (smart)
My worst day at a buffet?
Mall cop
Medicare benefits helpline commercial
Murder In Tulip City
May I first say this subreddit SUCKS!!!!!!!!!
My “dirty talk” game is wack
Math problems be like
Misheard sussy song lyrics!
My location
med cabinet
My friend tweaked the whether we wanted it or not dialogue to tell me to shut the fuck up
My Husband Preferred Shrek to Sex on our Honeymoon
My balls itchy !
My friendship engagement
My first kiss was my third grade teacher. r/teenagers
Mathmatical proof that Darwin didn’t exist
Mayo Lady
Minecraft good Fortnite bad
My (28M) girlfriend (23F) tried to roleplay a sex scene in our D&D campaign with a friend (25M)
My horrible, vicious rp mood.
my big dick is annoying honestly.
Mark Zuckerberg is cute
Mark Zuckerberg is cute
My boyfriend doesn’t want me to moan
my daughter is an addict
My partner wouldn’t go down on me because I have a black vagina
My yearly Thanksgiving tradition
My girlfriend ghosted me after she farted in my mouth.
Masturbated to my crush
Man Goes Crazy Rips off Shirt During Street Interview
Meet the Heavy!
my sister literally fucking ruined my life for a “tiktok prank”?? From r/teenagers
my sister literally fucking ruined my life for a “tiktok prank”?? (found on r/teenagers)
my sister literally fucking ruined my life for a “tiktok prank”??
My friend put too much effort into an analysis of Helluva Boss so I’m making it a copypasta.
Mask mandates?
man face
My experience in orgies
maybe im just
Man Face
My friend responded to “can Jesus beat Goku”
mr beast is in charge of squid game
My friends got kicked out of a game when we were at a high level so we made this
Microwaves are an imposter kitchen appliance
My GF [21] has stopped using love emojis to me [21]M
My prediction for the Rittenhouse trial closing statements
Michael P – Obby for Succ
Minecraft Cat
My dick is strong
Metal fans to Travis Scott
My First Wet Dream did not Go Well for My Cat
Metaverse copypasta
Mommy 😩
Muck review
Mike Michaud is one creepy antisocial manager
Mainstream media garbage artist
My dick can’t stop growing
Meet equals Mordor
man, suck my dick
Mexican food aftermath
Mo Money Mo Probelms
My revew of rice and morginson.
Manny is the antichrist
My message to people who participate in “No Nut November”
Mr. Beast is God, Mr. Beast is life
MAGA Meltdown (Tiktok version)
MAGA meltdown
Mario Kart Competitor?
Made by me under a vaccination discussion
Manlets are the most entitled cels
My balls and penis keep wiggling around in my pants while running.
My love for Pink from Among us
Mona from Genshin Impact Gets Ridden Like a Bicycle While Also Explaining Why NFTs Are A Huge Scam by SexTheHex
Mad Timberwolves fan after loss to the Clippers
Marks descension to earth
MCPrison ghost coords
my friend just made a poem
My first thoughts to people as a hormonical teenager
Mast Manipulator
My Christmas fantasy
My discord server’s mod legit sent this to me after i won an argument
Microbiologist shares some empirical truth
My father
Male Vaporeon Sex
Michael here…
My dumbass Pug
My [28M] GF [25F] of around a year made an odd request during sex. Not sure how to proceed.
My depiction from the perspective of someone who never uses this shithole platform
My dear, have you no brains?
My girlfriend wants to choke me in my sleep because of my loud Keyboard
My dad could beat your dad in a fight
My love for Jesus
My girlfriend wants to choke me in my sleep because of my loud Keyboard(from r/osugame)
minecraft story mode > minecraft
My girlfriend wants to choke me in my sleep because of my loud Keyboard
My girlfriend wants to choke me in my sleep because of my loud keyboard (found on r/osu!)
My past life experience
My (26M) Girlfriend (27F) got raped tonight, i don’t know what to do
Minecraft pvp sweat complains about ping
My husband refuses to go down on me
My son killed his puppy and I didn’t tell my wife
Modern memes do be ushdibsdkgbsjbvskv
MY wife shaved her head and instantly became a 2
Mayonaise is a better creamer for coffee than milk. (from r/unpopularopinion)
made by my friend zvardin
my future landlord
Made using Samuel L Ipsum, Do you see any teletubbies?
My mom found my Ankha Cum Shrine.
My brother (21 m) cheated on me (24 f) with some random lady off the streets and I don’t know how to deal with it
Man’s too invested into NNN
Me when:
Micheal myers isnt scary
My grandma got a hentai addiction.. [found on r/offmychest]
Met Blaber today at my caffe; he said expect some “spicy stuff” in regards to the off-season.
Mom, dad, I don’t want to take off my shirt for swimming please understand. Found in r/advice
Marriage Pact questions list
mmo raid
My Grandma got a hentai addiction (from r/offmychest)
My Grandma got a hentai addiction..
Morrowind Intro
Masturbation notice
Me running
My cats addicted to cocaine now
major roblox penis outage
Man kicked out of Walmart
Moderators of r/copypasta
Merriam-Webster recently added copypasta to the dictionary
modern teenage conversation
MEE6/Discord bypassing random emojis
Meta means dead in Hebrew, facebook is dead
My Friday ruined by KFC
My roommates girlfriend saw me naked, now he’s jealous
mbti moment
Mango Cookie’s speech
Meta Update
Mark Zuckerberg Discusses Smoked Meats
Myanmari social credit
My top 8 rappers of all time list
My name is not important
Mayo Junkie
My heart is so heavy for the people of Australia right now.
My asshole can fit a car tire
minor spelling mistake
Money Laundering Tips
Masquerade copypasta
My toilet is a champ
Medicine ads
Mario Judah is my life
Marriage is not what everyone thinks it is.
My Ex- the copypasta.
My son’s mental health has been dwindling ever since I let him play fortnite (TW : fo*tnite)
My friend typed this out word for word on discord
maxs story
My Wife’s Toes
Mr. Austin Waugh, ⁠106, Dudley Road, ⁠Birmingham. has been awarded the Prize of One Guinea for the following: THE LONGEST SENSIBLE SENTENCE, EVERY WORD OF WHICH BEGINS WITH THE SAME LETTER. (Winning entry in Tit-Bits’ magazine competition, Christmas 1884, 27 December edition)
My mom doesn’t believe in axolotls
My girlfriend made me choose between cryptos and her This is for real and is a big problem because
Minions after WWII
mlp coom jar
my low end graphics card (GT 1030)
minecraft femboy cosplayer (gone wrong) (gone sexual)
Missouri Governor’s video saying viewing HTML source code is literally hacking (Emoji version)
Members of the military wearing their uniforms in everyday life is cringey as fuck
my friend dared me to send a chainmail to like 20 people so i made this
my partner smacked me during sex
My Favourite Character is Cole Cassidy
My co worker yelled at me and it made me wet…
My Roommate Left His Dildo on the Shower Wall…AGAIN!
My teacher caught me jacking off to my crush in zoom class (from teenagers)
malay copypasta on why starbucks is better
Master manipulator
My school is using Google Classroom and I hate this piece of shit (found on r/teenagers)
Mario X Bowser Baby Story
My boss is obsessed with my cat.
Me when gorl
MK Ultra
My husband and I work together so we 👪 go to the same 😂 bank 🏛🏛 pretty often, and there’s this woman uff she’s very hot 😩
marx with a pussy
Mithrandir has no respect for The Lord of Rings.
man, redditors are wild
My daughter is FtZ (female to zombie).
My first time
Multi-orgasmic astral experience by music, breathing, touch and no sex
My grandfather smoked his whole life
Marginalised Gamer Goes on the Attack
Manchild gets bullied online
My (23F) BF (25M) wants to go on an annual “gaycation” where he “becomes gay for a week” ? Is this normal?
Masturbating my penis into submission has caused a massive decrease in erections, for the penis is afraid to get hard. (OC)
My Tesla’s trunk
M&M breeder
Military training 💪🏿🎖
My boyfriend does not like it when I wear certain clothes
Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2021
My parents think I’m attracted to my mom!?
My old man.
My (26m) wife (35f) got so upset at League of Legends that she threw up
My family of r/copypasta, upon searching my archives I have found our lord and savior cummy
Mario Lore
My son is a little SUS
my dad beat me because the joker could beatbox
My name is Yoshikage Kira. I’m 33 years old. My house is in the northeast section of Morioh, where all the villas are, and I am not married. I work as an employee for the Kame Yu department stores, and I get home every day by 8 PM at the latest. I don’t smoke, but I occasionally drink. I’m in bed by
My penis- by C4ActaupYT
murders in Adelaide
my friend made this absolute gem
My friend wanted me to post this on here
Mask by dream analysis (i wrote this myself)
My wife’s boyfriend borrowed my switch. What I found in my photos horrified me.
monkey sounds
made in discord
My cat
Message to cummy
Margaret Thatcher
Milk Party
My story about Dream.
My gigachad copypasta for gigachads only
My son is addicted to “Nikocado Avocado Fart Porn” and I don’t know what to do
margaret thatcher
Margaret Thatcher
Message I found on discord
Muffin man
Most sane r/nofap user
Me When but there’s no Matrix references
mad cuz bad
my new copypasta
My name is Pickel Rick
mc live chat
Mi ŝatus momente interjekcii
Modern Warfare 2 story
My religious friends were shocked because I know where the vagina is located (r/teenagers)
Monogatry moment
my terrible calculations on the variations of cummy
My boyfriend didn’t let me grill the banana. What should I do?
Made a copypasta about paradox games
Might as well well post it there. It might be stupid, but writing it made me feel better, I just hope they’ll stop making me do this one day.
Me and my friend Paul were making fun of the kids with velcro shoes in shop class
Music Peasants Be Like
Mira is so hot
Me when I
My review on “Sleep with Makoto Nijima~ [8DASMR] 360 Persona 5 360 VR”
My mommy dom kink started (from r/mommydom)
Most sane
Misogyny doesnt real.
My new sexual fantasy
most sane churchgoer
My cousin used to say if you eat a bowl of cornflakes in front of a mirror at midnight and smack your lips seven times, a figure covered in eldritch darkness will lurch from the shadows and beat you to death with his picket sign.
My kink
Most FRAUDULENT Election in history
Malaysians when they see a green mother
My classmate’s feet
My family is seriously bullying me for being a redditor. I can’t deal with this.
Marijuana facts
Magicaleye Skill Issues Steve Harvey in Monopoly
Muck gaming
Mak ko hijau (ur mother green)
McCafé Frozen Strawberry Lemonade
My roommate (-2.5 months) is banging my aunt (cremated). Please help.
My family’s safety >>>> someone’s opinion
My brain is bleeding
Mr wilson.
Metroid Dread advice to Samus
my friend spend half an hour typing this out in march
Meghan Trainor’s promo for “THE LOVE TRAIN”
My (23M) stopped mid session because I turned in off
My Theory about Kanye’s sex life
My fart is insanely powerful.
My problem with Squid Game
My love for the Supra SA 2020 Boat walkthrough
My plan to use Pavlov’s experiments on monkeys to reek havoc across New York
most NTR fans are not “real” ntr fans
My gf (f23) and I (f22) fucked in front of our friends. (from r/confessions)
My karma is more important than you
My girlfriend won’t stop asking me to nae nae
My Theory about Kanye’s sex life
My Theory about Kanye’s Sex Life
My Theory about Kanye’s sex life
monter by skillet but i had putted it trough google translate
Mega Man X6 cheats
My 3 year old’s vocabulary
Mohammad Rajab Wali’s message for the Black People:
Mommy 😩
My grandma just walked into my room whilst I was jacking off… now I wanna kill myself
My wife found our son’s fleshlight (https://www.reddit.com/r/NoahGetTheBoat/comments/q3p4ty/horror_story/)
My grandma just walked into my room whilst I was jacking off… now I wanna kill myself
My experience with accidental mewing
Message from the General Secretary of the Central Commitee of the Communist Party of China, social credit
Meet Max! Max is a troll!
My GF (21) called out her dead cousins name during sex
My grandma just walked into my room whilst I was jacking off… now I wanna kill myself
My grandma just walked into my room whilst I was jacking off… now I wanna kill myself
My mother is bi-polar
my boobs were defeated by batman
My letter to Skrillex that I’ve written down but never sent (I used the music anyway)
Man confesses to licking dried discharge off a girls panties. (Lmk if it’s been posted already)
My Grandfather smoked his whole life.
My anxiety and depression can make me a shitty friend, but I’m not sorry.
Men, it is time to Connect.
Moose Poop
Mutahar is Dead
My dog is a racist
mods pls delete if repost
My Libertarian Classmate Keeps Finding Me
Memory and Longevity: The Failings of WotC
My mom just found my Dream sex doll collection.
My (83M) mom (578F) is a gamer
My precious, precious thc gummies
Masked Wolf – Astronaut in the Ocean (Polish Version)
my bf’s cum tastes bad. what am i supposed to do about this…
My Mom found cum on my bed
My mom found cum on my bed (r/teenagers)
Mustard freestyle
My opinion on the CPP
Milks favorite cookie
MatPat: Mario, Luigi and Wario’s lives during and after the Second World War
montana wild fire
Mtw dew
My friend made this
Me when I see a fucking war criminal
My last job was at Microsoft. My job there was to kill a big bullfrog with a shovel. (Frog Team by Chris Sartinsky)
My message to Cummybot9999
Minion rape fetish
Mmm exquisite feet 👣madam👩. I like 😍the curve and shape ❤️ of your toes. May I give it a little kiss? 😘 Mmm scrumptious 😋 smooth skin 💯 smell good too 👃 overall I’d say they are a 9/10
moai head
Mod on Comedy Necrophillia
my experience ordering new brisket meat at chipotle
Microgravity Tiddies
Minesweeper inspired by the bubblewrap on this sub. (10 mines)
my dad almost caught me beating off
Max Stirner is the OG Sigma Male
Made this for r/Evangelion but they didn’t like it. Can’t imagine why
my gf doesn’t like ramen so
My school is weird
My friend when you ask him why he’s crying over reposts
Microsoft Services Agreement Part 2
Microsoft Services Agreement Part 1
My uber driver just flashed a gun at a dude who was brake checking him. No lie, I inquired on the pistol and he handed me an unloaded glock 26. 5 fuckin stars. Better than a roller coaster
My Stepsister Is Saving My Cum so She Can Drink Carbonated “Cream Soda”
Margaret Thatcher
my girlfrand is dabrby ?
my dad wants me to steal his body when he dies.
My fiancee is saving herself for marriage to get stuffed with five black dicks
My disability is not your identity.
My biggest pet peeve.
Mother energy drink, taken from a Internet Historian: Incognito mode video
My Chemical Squarepants
My Christmas List
My fuel tank is empty because of somebody racing me
MGK is tru pop punker
my english homework
Me when lockdown
mfw some religious person (🤢🤮) gets cured of cancer
Mailboxes Arent Innocent
Motivational speaker rage
My favourite quote
Mom’s Ol Yeast Infection Craft Beer
My brother is addicted to Among Us porn
My friend’s Fortnite essay for school.
My own creation. Basically subtitles for the music video [SOURCE] by Fever the Ghost and illustrated by Felix Colgrave.
Mr. Squanch
My First Love
My incredible intercourse with your father
My resumé
Most people who make fun of drinking bleach
Mapporncirclejerk Michigan
My ten expectations for role play
My first colonoscopy
My local school review -Dad
Message I received after calling someone retarded on Discord
monster mash
My neck hurts as fuck
mass delusion from heaven
My neighborhood calls me the sword guy
My Dying grandma
Most people drastically underestimate how big a 7″ penis is.
My grandfather smoked his whole life
My wife
Mommy 😩
Mario pratt
my friend went a joker type beat rant
My balls smell
My friend sent me this
Mario copypasta
Middle School Discord Bio
Me irl
My dear watson
Miyamoto introduces the cast of the Mario Movie
My brain thinks you’re all bad
My name is slim shady google transulated 20 times
my worst nightmares play out
Me when gummy bear 🥵
My wife just hit the most devious lick
Military Furry Bf
my wife found out i was subbed to r/eldenring
My gf keeps farting
My [25F] boyfriend’s [23M] unhealthy hatred of chris Pratt is affecting our relationship
Mario movie
My [25F] boyfriend’s [23M] unhealthy hatred of chris Pratt is affecting our relationship
My friend is gay 😥😥😥😥
Mai-san body pillow
MatPats Mr. Giggles speach
My child is gay 😡😡😡
my original copypasta, very original, 100% mine
Me when
my dad works for the CIA
Martin Luther King Jr. “I Have a Dream” full speech
my toddler doesn’t seem to care about being anti-r*cist
my broken arm made me literally stumble upon a new fetish
Most brutal violation in history.
Muzzle me daddy
Mask Boner? (from r/tooafraidtoask)
My wife told me she thinks of anime characters if she’s having a hard time to cum during sex (from r/sex)
me and my mother vs. you and your mother
my balls get hard too (r/nofap parody)
My Standards ~ 😉 <3
Mandatory Penis Inspection.
My best NoFap streak is 10 hours
Men talking about how much money they have is unattractive
My hate to fnf using random words
Miranda Rights
Mr. Pepto’s story
Married with my son after he impregnated me (from r/inbreeding)
Minesweeper copypasta
My kingdom cum
My message to Your Gay Bot 5000
My Science Teacher has a Hentai addiction
My friend used the term “rim watch”?
Metal Gear Solid: Solid’s Fate
my dad is dreamphobic ( 😨🤯 )
My dad is dreamphobic
Mmm steve
My(26M) wife(29F) just came out to me as lesbian and I’m not in the slightest okay with it.
May I, a woman respecting and feminist supportive male, see at least one breast from you my queen?
Message I got from a friend about why he no longer wants to kill himself
Motivation at 12 am be like
my name is mercedes benz
Mini Loss
Mama Bear Instinct
Mushrooms are fucking disgusting (r/unpopularopinion)
My mental ilness?
Ma’am please… You have to crush me
My friend just sent this on a discord group chat
minecraft 2
My (23M) brother (18M) is addicted to Among Us porn.
Memeing In
Middle finger
My chin tattoo was also the first tattoo my mom ever gave anyone and now she has given other Indigenous women their traditional tattoos as well.
Mosaique neko waifus 4, oh yes
mich_eal1294 the least nationalist greek
Malaysian SIGMA
My days are considered to be the absence of a disease for which I can find no cure other than tranquillisers.
my relationship with my father is so strained
My husband
Megaman 2
Most characters in Valorant are pretty uninteresting and seem designed for kids. What are your thoughts on these character design suggestions?
My friend reacts to me saying ‘Anime is eww’
May Fear Be Upon You
Made by my friend
My review of the joe biden fly swatter at Walmart never gotten published 🙁
My cousin in Trinidad
Moms husband went on a tangent towards dealership..
my friend texted me
My Parents Are Making Me Wear Nappies (Quite Long Post)
My friends sister laid a huge turd in the toilet
Metrosexual Spiderman
MILF Copypasta
My balls get vacuum packed to my shaft
My mate wants a girlfriend but he is too ugly. Help!
Masturbated to Radiohead videos
My dad purposely sh!t his pants in front of me.
My gf refuses to acknowledge she isnt british
Most men in the modern world are absolutely pathetic and I feel bad for women in a way
My mom thinks I have bowl problems but I(minor – m) am just really jerking off in the bathroom.
Mr Beast Burger
My Zany Tuesday Morning!
Made this under a Kraft ad post by doing some editing
My take on virginity
make Alex thicc (r/shittymcsuggestions)
Mike and Melissa in a Nutshell
My cousin won’t get the vaccine
Monster got me high
Might be repost
made by u/Rockin_freakapotumas Taken from r/truthoffmychest: If your pooping in a public restroom, you just need to suck up your pride and fire away,
Morality 😜 is a plot 📕 by liberals 💸 to have sex 🥵 with joe biden 💅🏻
My piss window sill
micro pines experiencer 🙁
Meth cock
My Son Might Be Gay
Mental warfare copypasta
MINECRAFT 1.19 SEX UPDATED LEAKED?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??
My position on wife spanking
My queen and the gym
Markiplier Loves The Backrooms
My First time Ever
My mum thinks I’m a furry (guess the sub)
Monkey puns (expanded list)
Marvel Rant
MHA 10/10
Method Man torture intro
mommy milkers
Mary Jane is such a piece of shit in the Spiderman trilogy
my crush is lenny the binoculars from toy story [r/teenagers]
Master Hacker
My best friend is cheating on his waifu
My pp burns
My dad keeps telling me i don’t have the makings of a varsity athlete
My 16 y/o Autistic Brother is Sexually Attracted to my Mother’s Bare Feet – What do I do? (found on r/Advice)
MLK Fortnite event made my little brother racist
Me replying to modmail
My boyfriend accidentally missed my vagina and penetrated my butt at full force
McGangbang Burger
MLK fortnite event helped my little brother stop his racism
made this on an ai generated text website
My(f22) bf(m20) has a bizzare sexual fetish.
My friend Javier
My Immortal IS canon
Moody Blues vent post
Male’s advice on waginers
my fnaf rap!
My trans dog is pregnant, thinking about abortion as an option
My first love,
Most stable Redditor
MLK fortnite event helped my little brother stop his racism
MLK fortnite event helped my little brother stop his racism
My penis is falling off
Michael Jordan wins his 100th consecutive game against make a wish children
MichAel jordan
MLK fortnite event helped my little brother stop his racism
My son (11) downloaded fortnite
my lovely new connections are making my heart smile
My sleep paralysis demon is an anime girl
My friends make fun of me because I use Linux.
My friends make fun of me because I use Linux.
My balls are stuck inside me body
Minecraft Sex Mod
My sister in upper bunk 😳😳😳
My gender studies class was a disaster.
My friend in DnD made this in reply to someone stealing his character. He calls it the “Happy Zealot’s Lullaby”
Moxxie’s coffee order
Modest Pelican intro
My guy friend just told me he cums on his hand to save tissue paper 😭
music for the mods
My kingdom come lyrics
Mathematically speaking, every straight man is gayer than an average gay man.
My school’s sex ed is a fucking joke
My step brother has down syndrome.
man fuck this subreddit
me and my friend were making fun of dream stans and this was the result
My Story: do not use Atrioc Slang At School ( broke up with my girlfriend due to this)
Make 1.19 the “Yellow Snow Let it Go update”
Message from Discord
My true opinion about Certified Lover Boy…
My proudest fap
Meow meow
My new rap
Masturbation is Genocide
My friend send me this(not quite sure how it translates from russian,but I really hope I’ll get eye bleach)
My Life F*cking Sucks!
My apology to the BTS Army and the people of Afghanistan
Morrowind Romance Mod pregnancy help
Me when I see cock
Merely existing must be exhausting for you
My roommate’s honest opinion of Reddit
My brothers bet me $5 I couldn’t write a 2 page paper on why Crackdown 2 is the greatest game of all time
My dick is slowly rotting off because God is upset with my sacrifices. I must whip myself to prove my devotion and hopefully save my dick.
Man or Woman
My statement on the NNN ban
Man or Woman
My search history:
MSM bowgart’s description but with porn terms
Metacritc Review for “to pimp a butterfly” i found in the wild
Most straight swede
My Head Hurts
Masks don’t work
My freind messaged me this on discord I don’t know why
My first time in the forest
McAfee didn’t kill himself
My Battlefield2042 addiction(From r/Battlefield2042)
Men suicide is stupid and hilarious
My brain overflows
my girlfriend is an impostor
My Apology. Read: https://tl.gd/n_1srq0v6
monsters inc
Missing my among us boyfriend.
my friend’s take on family guy s10e1
My name is “Silke” with a “F”
My son is black
My cum tissue turned into a ant nest
My body my choice
Making people’s problems into a copy pasta day 1/never again because its rude
Man goes insane on r/nova over a play on words
MY MOM FOUND MY DREAM BODYPILLOW 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
My own favorite season
My boyfriend just confessed to me that he had sex with a dog
My friend got this sent to her on instagram…
Moving Forward – CallMeCarson
Mr Stark…
me when the (40000 Characters)
My transition
Mr. Cumside
Memeulous’s legs
Mfw I know film theory
My grandmother used to tell me this
My bully fucked my mom and humiliated me
MAMAAAAA MIA this Is not have you put the pizzà
Maxime Bernier the 48th president of the united states takes an anarcho capitalist turn
My (F) girlfriend left me after I (M) said something funny during sexy time
my rules
Mia and tia from cars
My girlfriend said my penis is disgusting and refuses to have sex with me.
Mods. what are mods?
Mista’s theory about human flesh
My Dom wants to find another sub to play with while I’m on “maternity leave” and it hurts my feelings
McDonald’s sauce policy
My friend made this whole thing for a PowerPoint presentation.
My conversation with my doctor yesterday
my goal here is to make the worst copypasta that anyone has/will ever see
My abortion experience
Message I got after getting banned from r/Sino a long while ago
My inner thoughts to those who asked “Am I the only one who…”
Max cum
My dick pics will make 90% of panties melt.
Masochist Heaven.
Mappies Adventurer spotted
My friend DM’d me this on Discord, thought I’d put it on here
money 🤮
Man can suck dick and not be gay, guys.
Marisa is my one and only love
My pussy is not a ballsack
My sister is not falling for indoctrination and brainwashing!!! What do I do oml??!?!😭😭
Marvel movies are why I’m not getting any
My Response to u/Derpster3000 supporting the faker that has replaced our lord and savior, Cummy. Follow me, my brethren, in the love of Cummy, and help remove the faker.
My hate for drake got me buff.
May Allah awaken the people and help them to see the evil doings of Isrel and the United States 🕊🕉
My new favorite piece of media.
mario shitting
Magic Muffler in Pokemon Fire Red
My husband of 5 years bought me Reddit Gold for my anniversary
Moxxie’s coffee order from helluva boss
Mojang should remove the hit they placed on me.
me, a virgin ? (popular french copypasta translated)
My version of the history of vampires (summarized)
My mom caught me masturbating for the first time.
Moxxie’s coffee order from Helluva Boss episode 6
Medical requirements
Mario lore
Middle school couples be like
My dearest, I am but an over excited ovary trapped in mortal combat between my girlish feminine passive nature and the titillating pearlescent orbs of pleasure strapped to my chest.
My friend made this. Also based on the PvZ Heroes YouTuber named “FryEmUp”
My parents walked in on me screaming “Allah Akbar”
My ip address is
My (23M) brother (18M) is addicted to Among Us porn. My sister (21F) wants to get him a therapy. I think that such a behaviour is healthy and he does not need therapy
Message To The Taliban Part 2.
My weird white fetish???….
My fetish 😜
My fetish
Minecraft parodys – take me donw- parody cool top 25
My Fetish
My LVM “Boyfriend” VIOLATED my rights as a QUEEN… I think I’m gonna be sick 🤢🤢🤢
Message to Pedos
mc mental at his best lyrics
Martin Niemöller poem but it’s about OnlyFans
My straight friend “really wants to suck a dick”.
Magnus x One Direction (super cursed)
My Mortal Kombat reverse-Kreepypasta… Immortal Kombat.
my beautiful dark twisted fantasy with chica from fnaf
minor spelling mistake
My sweaty balls have a nice smell
Mandatory Penis Inspection
my friend sent me this
My response to “Who is getting the most ionizing radiation?”
Makes You Think
Massive stone cock rising from below
Mosquito sᴉuǝd
My ex friend made a sob story apology to me and my friends after being a dick and only showing remorse after being removed from our groupchat. Censoring out names.
moyai 🗿 conspiracy
My girlfriend sent me this
my cock grows by a few inches upon seeing womens’ legs but I joined r/pornfree
Mario Judah wet dream
mincreft biom
Most people are clueless
Max hexing of Taliban forces
My dad is an alcoholic.
Male human and female Pokemon breeding
Madness dating simulator: “gimme more borger!” Copypasta
Message to the discord mods
My sleep paralysis demon was Joe Rogan
Maybe i miss out but i dont watch videos with 😵🧐🤡🤬 thumbnails
Message to insight cable
My (16m) gf (16f) is tellling everyone that I’m “gay” [found on r/relationshipadvice ]
MCD Worker
Meet the man behind a third of what’s on r/copypasta
monster musume review
my dad walter white used hacks in among us and mom is now mad and wont talk to him (HELP)
More CCP copypastas because why not
My name is a Brian carn.
my grandma made me cookies
Mercury Copy-Pasted
More and more people are succumbing to bottom
My fleshsnake must’ve eaten an inanimate carbon rod
my little pony rant
My greatest weakness
middle finger²
my two cents on the whole american healthcare debate. i won’t argue under this post, i don’t give a fuck about your opinion, but if you need some arguments for healthcare, you might as well, you know: C+V
man leaves internet by saying he’s gonna become a kpop trainee
My squirrel story
Minecraft sex mod
Mordecai and Twilight
Mabel and dipper.
My girlfriend’s dad is a banking exec, I told him I’m all in on crypto
Middle-English layer of thy mother, dost thou speak thy language?
Monke music translation from monke to hooman
Mexicxan do your job better.
Mr stark?
My wife is a pro super smash bros player
Mr. House can make furries.
My favourite kind of therapy!!!
Monkeys paw when someone didn’t have negative consequences by his actions
Mean Girls gave me enlightenment
my sons best friend
My (28F) bf (28M) is really proud of his competitive eating. I’m weirded out by it.
My favorite part of ATLA
My life as a older otaku/adult otaku so far at the moment
My grandma keeps falling down every time my opponents score
Man I’m gonna break my monitor. I swear !
Mommies and daddies
my experience with funny valentine
Michael’s fever dream
minecraft is racist.
My girlfriend won’t stop sniffing my balls..
Muslim Clothing
My little sussy cock sleeve
monika simp in a discord chat room
My poop and pee smell like chipotle’s barbacoa
my smirk is because as you rage at me, the virus wins, expend more energy being stupid, all the way to the end.
megatron gets attacked by a taco
Mrs Tweedy from Chicken Run can get it
My parents are gonna kill me…
My Vigina is making men sick
My opinion matters more than yours
megatron eats tacos and gets attacked
My brother hates mom for being a thot
Minecraft Sexual Update
McDonald’s promotion but it’s emojified
Mfw I realise Vault Dweller is really Cartman
my hatred of michanichal kebaords
Milk Roulette
My friend sent me this
My (25F) boyfriend (25M) keeps asking me to invest in his “soup tube” business idea, and I am not sure how to deal with it
Most women are into vore
Message to i/automoderator.
My friend had a “good time” with one of my anime figures
Make the Enderdragon less hot
My experience with the Kroger brand of cereal
Making among us references and more during a school assembly
Mordecai and Twilight
Make the Ender dragon less hot.
Make the Ender dragon less hot
Moose are insane. Not only are they built like 9ft tanks, but they can be aggressive. I’m not religious myself, but If I see one of those 500Kg monsters charging at me at 55km/h, I’m using my last 3 seconds on earth speed-reading as much of the bible as I can.
My asshole burns
My fellow Cloogians
Mean 196 user
Meet The Scout
Massive folder full of vtuber hentai
My 15 y/o refused the jab, never been sick in her life, last night died from covid on a ventilator. Her last words: ‘Oh what a fool i have been! My hubris has led me to this wretched end. I should have got jabbed’. I said ‘Serves her right!’ and all the nurses clapped.
Memes are fucking cult like
My mom and the lightsaber
My full presentation on why the Backyardigans in communist propaganda
My son wants to be a serial killer. You should let him kill you
My chess playing experience
Men are Simple Creatures
M&M Duels
My Interview with Elon Musk
Make the Ender dragon less hot.
My run in with the police while restoring my foreskin
My friend the Bus Boy
My (17) girlfriend (17) doesnt use lids.
Mask by Dream (sus remix) infested with emojis
Mugging and Pugging
My son is addicted to “Nikocado Avocado Fart Porn” and I don’t know what to do
Most Pathetic Comment Thread On The Internet
My among us rap. (found in r/AmongUs)
MEE6 Copypasta
My weight drops by 1 lb every time I nut
Mario Gay???
My idea for how to improve the minions/despicable me franchise with one movie
Misandry doesnt real (courtesy of u/awkwardtheturtle)
My discord subscription got canceled 🙁
Mortitwi is my comfort ship
My job forced me to get vaxxed
My mom
my toilet is broken
Mildly infuriated
Magic of Boobs
My friend’s valorant rage
My wife and her boyfriend Chad lock me in my soy cage and force feed me soy cocks.
made this while trolling a twitter user
Maga 2024
mongol arab
Manga titles be like
My First Word(s)
My vaccine requirements
Mad Takes edit
Made this in honor of Rango (2011)
Mikasa Ackerman
Masturbating with mayonnaise
Mason sandwich
Masons are the worst people ever
My name is hiko and I’m not an elder
My friend was fired and I came up with the perfect revenge plan
My Boyfriends weird fetish (r/advice)
My boyfriends weird fetish NSFW
My boyfriends weird fetish NSFW
mtoher in law
Musical Autism
My favourite YouTuber JUST CALLED THE IMPOSTOR!!!
mfs on yt comment sections
my name is Josuke Higashikata
Music format yo
my master plan(made by my friend)
My parents are susaphobes!
M32 Grenade Launcher
My boyfriend has a Monsters Inc fetish and it’s getting worse
Mid rappers 🤡🤡
My cheese has a password?
Measuring Political Penises
My entire life is ruined
Made by Dreamsexual joker
My friend sent this work of art in the Black Sabbath server
My little brother told my Dad and Grandpa that I wax my legs.
Minecraft, but his torturing my cock and balls.
Murica fuck yea
Man of No Culture
My Hero Academia Deku Copypasta
Man spreading in a kilt (OC)
My mom found my fleshlights and ask what they were. (r/Advice)
My inspirational story of meeting dream
Man sucks a chicken
mod favorite 😫🤯 If you repost a popular copypasta that’s less than a month old I will ban you! 😡😡😡
My children will NOT be wearing masks!
my wife is hot 😎
My Watermelon Fetish
My take on operating systems
minecraft creeper quote
My friend’s response to “Nobody cares”
My proudest fap is also my coolest stunt…
My crush showed me her impression of an anime voice and my blood seems to be flowing south.
my roblox
Mw good cw bad
My post history
mgs v xof copypasta
Mary Sue
mainstream music smh my head
my balls hurt, a poem
My favorite anime is The Wire
marshall art???
Minecraft Steve
My friend forgot to say no homo last time we had a sleepover
Minesweeper Thing So You Can Copy And Paste It
MILF recruitment
Men of Culture
My little pony meltdown I saw on tiktok
My phone guessing the next words like Nostradamus predicted something idk
My friend unironically wrote this for his college essay
Made this for the Buck moon tonight!
Modern Roblox and it’s future
M’lady *tips fedora* (saw this comment, thought I’d share here)
My day was absolutely going fine…
mfw reddit is down
more omegle
me when i troll (trololololo)
my poggy woggy my scrumptious poggily wobbily
mow my field!
Millionaire copypasta
My cat eats my cum
Minecraft Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters GRAND FINALE [Transcript of Introductory Monologue]
Moe is not going to kill the anime you like
Marine copypasta but l33t
My penis is broken
Mongol rant
My Time – Bo En copypasta
Mercury is the worst planet ever
Mr House’s Tax Evasion
Mercury is the worst planet ever
Marxorie Taylor Greene
Mercury is the worst planet ever
My sad story 😞
Meet the Brass
mass effect is a pretty good game
My rabbit stood on my keyboard
My Sons Love for Taylor
My large balls
Molesting the Queens Language
Moth x Flame: Chapter 1 of 4
Message from an angry Chess Grandmaster
my little pony
My daughter asked for permission to give her boyfriend a handjob – what do I say??
My gerbil died.
My cat ate a sour skittle
me when
Mfs be on yo dick 24/7🤦🏾‍♂️
Melee today…
My brother is such an incel 😭😭😭😭😭
My first words as recorded by my mother.
My Logic Is Undeniable
My mom will pick you up bring you back to me.
My partner is a homophobe who watches gay porn
Make the Ender Dragon less hot
mi culo
Mexican butterflies are mass emigrating and no one is saying anything about it
My [22F] boyfriend [25M] categorizes everything as Virgin vs Chad and it’s annoying
Melvin Brother of the Joker
My girlfriend’s sexual past bothers me a lot
Microwaved Sylveon plushie jizz
My brothers bearded dragon is missing and I know where it is
My boyfriend passed a credit card through my ass, is this a common fetish?
Most mentally stable AoT fan
Mrs. Marion Wormer to Vacation at Sarasota Springs
Medical freedom/bodily autonomy is a basic human right
Masturbation has no time frame for starting!
monkey ball goo goo ga ga
Masive EGO, literaly cant be stoped.
Me like car go vroom vroom
My Girlfriend Just Confronted Me About Something Very Concerning.
My stupid fucking brothers ate MY tuna sandwich
My butt is massive
My Phone calls me Little Vietnamese Schoolgirl, and I can’t make it stop
Minecraft good FORTNITE BAD
Made from my friend Ian/James
Minecraft lore
My friend got this for a ban appeal
My deepest apologies to the Italian people.
My son’s friend gave him 100m
Marine’s Butt
mr boomer
My mum caught me watching minecraft porn
My son is cracked
my own comment that will probably get deleted, about a post on r/WTFnsfw top of all time
My brother is addicted to among us porn
My closeted friend came out as a sigma male today!!!
My dog is a lesbian sex offender
miraie’s makima post
My family doesn’t understand me
me if I met abraham lincoln but it’s extended by Inferkit:
My friend made this
My copypasta
My Hero academia fans mate with frog
My friend sent me this in our Discord dms
me if I met abraham lincoln:
My theory on Mr. Mohammed Rajab Wali (aka “Joe Biden wake up” guy)
My friend made this
Mcdonald’s All Day Breakfast REVIEW!
My opinion on TF2 genderbend porn
My ode to cats
My whole adult and semi adult life I’ve gotten crap for being sexy
MMW:Pissing (real post from r/MarkMyWords)
My friend’s DbD killer’s steam page.
My poop and the end of the world
Methamphetamine song
My Copypasta
Made on r/jaidenanimationr34
mario judah bends you over and slapps ur face with his sweaty stinky balls and moves his huge 15 inch penis and pulls out a dookie out your bumhole and plays miss the rage rlly loud as he fuck u and cums red
My recent response to spam marketing emails for web development
my friend sent this to someone for wanting a character in a video game
Mom caught me trying to fuck my computer
Mom caught me trying to fuck my computer
My neighbour can read my thoughts.
My cousin Gulfisha
My 14 year old daughter is obsessed with these men who play a video game called “Minecraft”. Should I be concerned?
My incel story
meet the scout
M&M Race War
my newest rap
My own copypasta(spoilers) (18+)
My obsession with Anne Frank
My daughter claims she has depression
My sleep paralysis demon was Eric Andre.
My Your Mother Joke
My gay roommate sucked me off because i was desperate, does that make me gay?
Meta slaves
Manhood Camping
My take on the awooga genre of copypasta
Margret Thatcher real
Mandatory comment to be posted under any Egyptian meme.
My wife got rid of my dinosaur
My(30m) wife(32f) gave away my toy dinosaur
My new flat has new rules, I counted them.
Missed opportunities by u/FuckYeahPhotography
movies that are instantly made ✨awesome✨ if you change most of the words in their titles
My to do list with a girlfriend
My girlfriend is deciding to go “all natural”.
My own mind is my own church
Minecraft Profanity Filter List
My personal take on people who are toxic to artists of fanart
messytails twitter
My ideal plane crash
Mike r/atheism
Mario fucks
Minecraft is the reason Generation Z is becoming so redpilled
Minecraft is the worst goddamn game on earth , it is sin.Fortnut is superior.
My son is addicted to Twitch, he became Twitch
Mein Kampf is a boring ass book.
Mein Kampf review
my friends kinks. (he’s gay and DEFINETLY has sex with animals)
mirror on the wall
Mario Goes To Work!
Mr Beast Creepypasta… DONT READ AT 3AM
Morty needs a break
Mr Beast tried to give me money today.
My sister sent me this one on discord
My little brother fucking died
My amongus experience
My new Minecraft server that Im planning to host
Message this guy sent me on discord cause we were clowning on him
My favorite band
My neighbor gave my 8-year-old toy dinosaurs.
My reponse to “Aren’t you afraid you’ll go to hell when you die?”
Men age like fine wine
MCU sucks copy pasta from Spiderman discord server
My Life in a Copypasta
My friend has a nice schlong (WARNING: LONG)
Men should be the ones wearing skirts not women.
Men should be the ones wearing skirts not women.
Mom I’m not gay
My life might be rick and morty (from a screenshot of a post in r/rickandmorty)
My friend’s reaction to being ignored for 1 day on discord
My Minecraft girlfriend broke up with me
my super-vulgar angry insult copypasta.
Mommy’s Server
My son plays roblox
Me omw (on my way) to rate your mom
My Pony Waifu Princess Celestia (found in facebook)
My school assembly is cringe
Muscles? More like gamer gains.
Muscles? More like gamer gains.
master proscatinator
message for programmers
Meanwhile in the shire…
Must be nice to be a Habs fan eh?
Mawine Copypasta
mene suecos copypasta
Making mysel(f) a little soupy treat
Mr white im a Technocra’tic anarcho nazbol with Zionist characteristics and accelerationist tendencies, [Walter: “Jesse what the fuck are you talking about”] i’m talking bout my favorite youtuber Mr white
my among us rap
My job sucks
Making people Marc-Andre Horny
May strawberry shortcake save you all
My story about cum
Mamarre mamarre
My own original copypasta (subway edition)
My class is sus!!
Me being a weirdo and typing this out for no reason
My bra less wife
mic up (might be offensive)
Musical criticism (from discord: s.p.’s score videos on YouTube)
My Favorite George Clooney Quote (and quite possibly of anyone ever) of All Tie
Master Chief
matpat proves you are purple guy with the power of allah
MrBeast creepypasta
My technique to last longer when having sex
Magic sex gun
Mr. game and watch is a thiccum, and i’m tired of pretending he’s not.
my 3yo main reddit account with 100K karma got permabanned. help
my cat scratched the tip of my penis
My cum is better than your worthless cum.
Moonmoons “you will never be japanese”
Minnie Mouse
Makes me think of a porn scene I saw once
M Dom
My brother created a new cult
My only wish is
Mr. Hall Coughdrop
My wish and dream
my homie _Teccy sent me this don’t know how to feel
MC Donalds AMONG US 3AM 🤯🤯😲😲🤯😲
Me blinking
My (F, 52) husband (M, 58) is turned on because I got stung by bees on my privates.
My dick won’t go soft (from r/advice)
My (F, 52) husband (M, 58) is turned on because I got stung by bees on my privates.
My (F, 52) husband (M, 58) is turned on because I got stung by bees on my privates.
My nut did a twisty
My work started a cult revolving around a magical dildo that grants people gainful employment
My moral compass is my dick
My mom caught me watching porn -r/teenagers
maternal insult
Microsoft Confidential
Monkey song
Made this when i commented on me messing up typing “Replies”
Most everyone is bisexual. No one is hetero, really.
My friend on the BMW i8
my little butthole went
My mom heard me playing COD
Moaning should become criminalized
my dad…
Mods should be paid
Monogamy is not the only way- nor is it the natural way
Mr Blue Sky
Miley Cyrus’s song “Party in the USA” is a fairytale version of Los Angeles and it should be recognized as the bleak story it truly is.
Mr. Adolf Stalin
Meet the Soldier TF2
Mask by Dream (improved lyrics)
my thoughts on Twitter
Mr. Smith has a revelation
Modified from a real comment
Minecraft but I have secks with your mom
My sexual orientation is framed by six archetypes
Master Debater
Message for all the ladies 😩
My life story
Men want gigantic penises but you need to be careful what you wish for.
my dad beat me in Minecraft
My wife is endangering my health
My google+ Roleplay oc profile from 5 years ago part 1
Make it stop.
minecraft but i’m fucking this super hot 10/10 gay femboy
Magic sex gun
Mario says he stomped 6 million goombas in 6 years, but he’s exaggerating!
Minecraft, but he’s torturing my cock and balls.
May from Guilty Gear
My name is Giovanni Giorgio but everybody calls me Giorgio
Mask by Dream song Review i found on rateyourmusic
Minecraft Fun
Mountain Dew Voltage
My Semen Is So Retained Right Now
Made a 2b2t copypasta
My (23 F) boyfriend (23 M) wants to uproot and move to China immediately (real post from r/relationship_advice)
My water broke
My wife thinks I’m having an affair with Robin
Might get banned for this but..
Miss teen South Carolina speech
My Wife Thinks I’m Having An Affair With Robin
Mods Mad, Ocean Man
mods pls ban this dude
Minecraft Redpills the youth
My parents are gaslighting me into brushing my teeth (from r/teenagers)
Minecraft is a redpill
Mantis Shrimp Copypasta
My retainer smells like cum. Let me explain.
my day at the pool
My Deep Down Feelings About Existence
most penis are repulsive
My dad chose his chihuahua over us
Man door hand hook car door
Mfs be like: whats the sauce?
My best friend is cheating on his waifu
Most vaginas are repulsive
Minecraft Apology for Being Mean
My response, and maybe last post.
Minecraft Toxic
Modern Thomas the Tank Engine is Awful
My favorites are the specific ones
My Dream (in Hangouts from a friend in 2017)
My Mom threw away my FNaF face mask, so I threw away her Star Wars mask
My dogs name
My Singing Monsters is better than Titanfall 2
my ideal gf
Mickey Mouse should step on all of us.
My girlfriend cheated on me. I’ve been pooping in her lunch.
My story after switching to dreamsexuality // NSFW
My male friend talking about his results on an online gender spectrum quiz
Memo from team leader
Men should be allowed to compete in women’s sports
Mrbeast is a horrible person and he should be executed publicly, a thread
MLM copypasta
Michael’s script for an unaired Vsauce episode (Source: Former editor)
Mutated SoyChad says somthing
Many terms that get messages/posts deleted in China
My teacher said I have “had more chocolate than Willy Wonka” because all of my girlfriends have been black and now the school is a war-zone.
My teacher said I have “had more chocolate than Willy Wonka” because all of my girlfriends have been black and now the school is a war-zone.
Male Predatorial Rate Rise
meme rage
Me Sad
My hypothesis
Mad asian guy with a gun but what he said was translated into English
my therapist’s wife
Masked Wolf – Astronaut in the Ocean (Fishing Remix)
Mono becomes a epic gamer./Mono becomes base. (light spoilers for Little Nightmares 2)
My friend’s rant about Canada
My dad’s neighbour is like his mortal enemy but has no idea he’s fucking me
My mom called me a sussy baka.
My (23F) boyfriend (25M) won’t stop eating ants and I don’t know what to do
Message from cummy
My iq is 188
My Infomercial Script
My mom called me a sussy baka 🙁
My mom called me a sussy baka 🙁
Mosquito bite
My leg hurts rn
My IQ is 188, I’m 33, and yes. Your point? (Comment taken from r/interestingasfuck)
Morbidly A. Beast
My mom called me a sussy baka 🙁
My mom called me a sussy baka 🙁
My mom called me a sussy baka 🙁 (r/teenagers)
Microsoft has singlehandedly destroyed a pillar of the independent gaming community
My mom called me a sussy baka 🙁
My mom calls me a sussy baka (from r/teenagers)
My mom called me a sussy baka 🙁
My mom called me a sussy baka 🙁
Mushrooms taste like cum(found on r/unpopular opinion)
Medieval Millennium Fair
Masked Guy Story
Marine biologist here
My son is a hateful incel, and I just cannot save him or defend him anymore.
Moon Tarp
My classmate unironically sent this to our class GC
Mmmmm, meat honey
McDonald’s sexual fantasy.
Minecraft new patches needed
Minecraft end poem
Masturbation Memoirs/Tales, Trials and Tribulations – Anecdotal Accounts Through the Lens of a Gen-X Documentarian
My mom has anime in her veins
mojang plz add amogus to minecraf!1!1!!!!1!!11!!1!1!!1!!!!!!!!!!1!!1!1!12!!11!!2!
Masturbating be like
my friend on discord typed this after discord released a 4000 character limit lmao
man asks for time
Minecraft 4.20 – The BASED update.
Mod Power
mmm seg game
My vag is your only hope
Melvin brother of the joker
My penis is a leech
My dad walked in on me using my dick as a 6 speed manual shifter
MMMM A feeling like no other
Me calculating gayness of traps
more cheese = less cheese because more cheese = more holes
Man sells bike
Military/soldier theme for my kids
My bucket list
My love for cheesesticks (second half of post has been lost)
Me need help with compater please
Math bad
Motivational hat
My last copypasta for today.
My friend’s rant on that on guy from Code Geass
My friend is sixteen and he’s started cycling…
Minecraft 1.19: The Reddit update
made up this one meself
Masturbation habits NSFW
Minecraft 1.19: The Reddit update
Mephisto (Potential Loki spoilers)
My dad is a hero.
My mate found this review when looking for a gaming headset
My dog is turning into a filthy fucking weeb?
My wife and I are in a female led relationship
My teacher asked me my favorite fact that i learned in my non technical elective that I hate. This is my response.
Mr Beast tried to scam me
Masturbating on Cam (r/tifu)
Manny’s Children
My gf lose the interest in fu** my ass, did i do something wrong?
My friend found this on his RolePlay server
My fate is a haunted curse
MRE Rant
My friend’s dad posted this on facebook…
methhead freestyle
My friend sent this in discord in response to a meme about Elon musk
My fnaf rap by Sir Rappa 3000
Middle-aged guy rants on “make fats thin again” fb group and posts a selfie of his mediocre body
Masturbated under my desk at work
M&M Championship
My LVM “Boyfriend” VIOLATED my rights as a QUEEN… I think I’m gonna be sick 🤢🤢🤢
My thoughts on gay furry porn
My Ma Just loves Floyd
Made a post 3 years ago about what I want in John Wick 3 and it still applies for 4
Made by a guy on discord, Discussing what would happen if catgirls where real
MASK parody by Dream Music SEXUAL parody
Mask by Dream infested with emojis
My friends response to a difficult stage in a game:
My teacher caught me jerking off to my crush in zoom class (OC)
My Original Beep Test Copypasta
M&M duels
Making Friends with Opposite Sex
Mass Effect Navy Seal
Mr. Elon Musk please read my message
Minor Gay sex.
My friend ANTRAN
My name is the Impostor (OC)
Mod to Delete Britain
My idea for a movie?
miku wrist world
Mario is love, Mario is life
Mori is actually really entertaining!
Masks of Irony
Microsoft Windows 1.0 ad with Steve Ballmer
mods after they remove a post
My friend’s rant about Postal 3 *Huge swearing warning*
Modern male moment
My Name Is Graeme (M9). AMA.
My idiot cousin thought the sun was a planet.
mr breast fleshlight copy pasta
mohammad wali tramb
My Nuts are hanging down and it’s ruining my life!
Masterpiece written by kid in tutoring: Amogus adventure
made this me self is it shit or na
mickey mouse copypasta
MMC ( Meme casing community) is a online server on Ace attorney online
Mow the lawn son
Mfs mourning Phillip 💀
My cursed Serb ultranationalist copypasta
MC Poze
My first copy pasta( so please excuse its low quality)
Message from a Dream-Stan (found on r/technoblade)
My husband came home today LATE (from r/femaledatingstratspro)
Memeing weebs or totalitarian bullshit? Whose flag are you gonna wave?
My twin sister would look so fucking hot in genderswap boyfriend cosplay
my theory on why john should fuck off
me when the:
my friends discord rage
My dick is now permanently deformed and micro from a botched circumcision that I had done whenever I was a baby.
my friends and i wrote a story using www.outofcontext.party. enjoy the madness:)
Meet the scout
My penis hurts
My uncle
my complex description of the world and thermodynamics
Motherfucking Spider-Man 2
my friend asked what e10 exams were. eaten deez nutz is what she got.
Modern GNU + Linux -> BioNTech + Pfizer
My friend wanted me to make a copypasta of one of my friends first youtube video so here we go (the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfKgjLB7wb4)
Male suicide is misogynistic, and here’s why (from r/FemaleDatingStratPros)
massive minecraft builds
My life be like ooh ah, yeah, ooh ooh
Mongus cock
My school is full of normies
Most immense, gigantic, catastrophic bowl movement in the shower
Most immense, gigantic, catastrophic bowl movement in the shower
Mild stroke
Mogus Pickle
Mr. Crocker and Alvin(the chipmunk)
my friend mack, on the topic of yiik
My First Date!!!!!!!!
memorial day
Mohammad Rajab Wali Joe Bidan
my life:
My among us parody of Money Machine!
My dog is racist
masturbation (own version)
Masturbating in airplane
Minion penis
Monster girls are loyal
Masturbation: Me edition
my hands are literally certified weapons
MdoubleHB’s manifesto
Mask by Dream (he didn’t cheat on purpose!!!)
Masturbation (woman edition)
My mom caught me masturbating for the first time
Masturbation Girl Edition
Masturbation: Me edition
meanwhile in r/nofap
matpat cycle
M4F – Every superhero has a weakness, let’s focus on the sexual ones!
Marine Biologists Confess What Creatures They Hope Never To Discover
making a life size replica of yourself out of ash diamonds – random discord user
my sleeping tom theory
madness combat 2017 year is shit (an r/unpopularopinions post)
Me when I am a lega of legnds player 🤢🤢🤑🤢🤮🤑🤑🤮🤕🤢🥴
Mod Rant
Ms. Human magnifying glass
My biggest crush 😻 💉💉💉
Message to all womans
Mukuro Ikusaba. The sixteenth student, lying hidden somewhere in this school. The one they call the Ultimate Despair. Watch out for her.
Morbid Angel – Illud Divinum Insanus (2011)
My nan has AIDS.
My friends reasonable response to Technoblade being doxxed
My fiancé picks her nose and eats the boogers
My homophobic father
My take on an old classic, updated for modern times.
My tribute to among us cock not
My Misadventure at CNN Center
Mod on Cringetopia said this on a post about a simp
Mario Kart Lawn Dart
maybe it is you who is jealous with jealousy
Mommy Milkers TED Talk
My analysis of the Travis Scott Burger
My endless access to female shit
Mere words cannot describe how flawless Madagascar: A Little Wild is.
Man Uninstalls Reddit
My Portishead CD
my grandma is sus
MENSA membership card fraud
Make this the header for all your emails
Me when the mods are unfair
My opinion on how to watch anime
mmmm, no, very unwise
My Eighth Birthday
Most Ambitious Disease
Mogus reference
my friend 3 years ago
My mom thinks I fap because of underwear (had a stroke reading this shit)
My friend before leaving his discord server
Michael’s vape
My life story
My fantasy about Greta Thunberg.
my father.. was a gamer
My awesome life
man horny for fnf mod
Madara Uchiha
My boyfriend wont stop saying woman moment
M&Ms. (Spread This. It’s a New Copypasta Trying to Gain Relevance.
March madness shoulda 2020 played. tbh. SMH
Make this a copy pasta
message for the black people from mohammad hanakin
My Dog and the Demon Dick
my friend made this in discord to send this to another one that he dislikes
Mao Zedong landlord
My favorite quote as a feminist baddie
Me and daddy 💕
My mom thinks that she caught me watching Porn (once again from r/teenagers)
Mmmm Jeremy Wade
made this one last night talking about furries
My name is Yoshikage Kira
My friend got this as a response on twitter
My virgin gf (22) has no intention of having sex until she’s married and yet she’s more sexual on social media than she is with me (22m)
Meth and Montero
My name is Yoshikage Kira.
My Mum found my gay hentai 🙁
My mum found my gay hentai 🙁
Mr. Peanutbutter’s House
My huge Nintendo vent (OC) (LOTS of cussing) (Joking, not serious)
Mr. Sakuri Presents: The Next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter
my face when your mom so fa
Most holy theotokos save us!
My opinion on ladders
Message sent in a server I’m in
My favorite champ
Men of science
Master Skywalker there’s too many of them.
Murder on the bebop
mods unbanned me
My brother has a bigger cock than my lover 🙁
my fetish
Mao Zedong
Mans just asked if I’m human 😂😂😂
Most people are weak, pathetic versions of their possible selves
Met Todd Howard at a gas station and he told me a lot about his new game Starfield
Military Comission.
Mark, it’s time I told you where I actually come from.
Most Online Influencers are always talentless spoiled brats and it’s stupid how they became famous to begin with!
Male Vaporeon
music nerds
My Grandfather smoked his whole life
Mamma Mia
most cults don’t survive
My retarded group chat shit this put
Monsters inc Eating copypasta
Most people can’t drive. Period.
Me and my pet python are getting kicked out just because we expressed our love.
my lord dream
My father was an among us player
My thoughts on Pinnochio
My kid got covid
My friend’s response to a nintentard
My among us parody of Money Machine!
My life lacks any physical intimacy
My BF laughs like a hyena when he cums
My current girlfriend is cheating on me what do I do
My response to UnNameD for beating GTA V no damage run before me 😡
My friend wrote this on discord
My child (10), became a racist, what do I do?????
macos is the final redpill
minoin rights
Mommy Dimitrescu punishes me, a good boy
Mod here, and I’m traumatized – NO DICK PICS ALLOWED
Me when
Moment 4 Life – godmother and nicki
MY FIRST SEXUAL FEELINGS (A Bruno Powroznik classic)
merry christmas to all in the world
My three girlfriends. And yes, they smoke weed.
Me and the dog
My favorite response to anything.
Mountian Biker Rage
mosquito sucked my dick
My Parents found Porn on my computer and I’m mortified.
Man’s head is growing
minecraft server rule
Masturbation is more gay than having another male give you a handjob
man was man to me today
My penis made it into the Guinness Book of World Records!
More gold from r/womendatingstrategies
mi è scoppiato il criceto!!!!? | Yahoo Answers
Manosphere Network: What Are Ligma Males?
My perfect night
My nutzz
My girlfriend cheated on me with my mom
My friend when he realized he shouldn’t be racist
My girlfriend cheated on me with my mom
My girlfriend cheated on me with my mom. (from r/teenagers)
My cum is patriotic, my doctor isn’t
Mario’s Lighthouse
My life has been changed
My life has been changed
Moloch MKDA
My life has been changed
My Mom DELETED Chrome and now I can’t Watch ANIME
My brother is so spoiled.
My NoFap Dilemma
Mgmt is fucking gold
Memes are a complete waste of time
Minecraft Creeper
mom dater
My friend got his Minecraft account stolen, this was his response:
Monosyllabic Replies smh
Man, I love Philly.
Massive nose👃 = massive cock and balls 🥵🍆
May I, a woman respecting and feminist- supportive male, see at least one breast from you my queen?
my apology
My life story, to John 2, my beloved son
my sciece techer is sus 😡😳😱😰
My GF is literally jealous of the flesh-light she bought me
Masturbation is a sport
Modern Major-General from episode 45 of Freeman’s Mind since it’s turning 8 pretty soon
Mike Tyson
My friend sent me this
my friends made this – take it down if you want, mods
male here
my bf told me about his sex fantasy, I don’t know what to do
Modified a comment from a YT video
My friend does not understand art
Morrowind refrence.
Made myself after seeing a funny GTA photo that looked like the Tai Lopez video
MAGIC!’s Rude but I replaced the lyrics with Among Us
Murder is good
Mommy GF supersedes the Tomboy GF
Marriage courtesy of u/draconarus
Muffin song
Mayonnaise is the best lube.
My Dearest Queen
My (34/f) boyfriend (29/m) won’t stop saying “poggers” in bed (from r/relationship_advice)
My wifes Boyfriend is a loser
My friend left on his voice to text while a lot of people were talking, and then he started reading what had already been picked up
Man how the FUCK do people find babies cute
Me shut up? HAHAHAHAH what
My response to being banned
Microwaves 2.0
Morrowind rant
Miley Cyrus – Midnight Sky
My friend wrote and i translated
Masturbation should be considered normal.
Movie pitch
Meet the Dream Stan
Mommy Milkes
My Twitch Promo
My take on the “Think mark, think!” Meme.
Mickey on a railway
Man ruins 69 upvotes
My asshole burns
My weird kink
my grandma watches gay porn
Memes Are Meant To Be Reposted
Man Of Culture
Minecraft Femboy Cows
Markiplied FNAF
More gold from r/teenagers
Masterpiece from a Discord server
me after troling
My thesis on your intelligence
My friend sent me this at 2 in the morning
My new journey
minecraft NEEDS sex.
Mah gurl your the 1 for me 🤩
Mr Krabs robs Mario while drinking diet coke
Monkee wisdom
My Notes for your script about lester crest from grand theft auto five
My dick hurts.
My birthday is in a couple days May 11th and i really want this game
My girlfriend just broke up with me because I was an atheist
Mr. Logical Fail (I’ll delete if this is a repost)
Man has 500 pps
My wendigo fetish ruined my life
My dads friend has a degree in biology and knows evolution is true yet still believes in God for some reason. Found on r/atheism
My boyfriend found out about my Obama fetish
my friend said i should write a copy pasta
Meaty Mojito Magic
My experience reading the Bitcoin whitepaper on different drugs
Moms will be moms🤪
Mr. President…
minions are hot
mommy milkers
Marx failed to realize himboism
My intellect is so high.
Message to my cable company, Insight
Micheal Grover copypasta
Monday brunch baby
My gamer child
My toilet told me that i have sinned
May 1st 2021, the ironstrider anal incident
My rant for getting kicked from a discord server. Happened about a year ago.
My friends didn’t understand the movie Tenet.
Minions 3
Moms credit card
Me too Christopher
My friend’s girlfriend after I came clean about having sex with her mom
My girlfriend broke up with me because I said I don’t like roblox
Morning Hardwood
My Thoughts on The Situation.
my brother sent me this.
Monke comm
Mods have banned u/AmongUsDongBot in less than an 2 hours.He shall be remembered.
My name is Yoshiakage Kira.
Minecraft Creeper
My friend went on a rant about big time rush
McDonald’s is great and I had my first kiss there!
Murder On The Dodgems by Mandy Harris
My faroite soubredits
Missuse of a hot sauce almost castrated me.
Microsoft Security
Marine turned Reddit mod
Mother-son relationship
Mein fuhrer and his holocunt.
Missing clit
My sister is insecure.
Message To Jayden
mmm tasty std
Madoka Magica and Economics
Movie critique copy pasta
McDonalds sus
Mathematician: How to write 4 in between a 5?
My kid wants candy
Mark Antony’s Speech at Julius Caesar Funeral.
My 🤴👱🏻‍♂️wife 👱🏻‍♀️🙈and I 🤡🗑agreed✅✔❗ on these⬅️⚠️ rules🚫📝 for naming💬 children🧸👦🏻👧🏻🧒🏻, and I🛠 💩think 💭🕶🧠they are 🥁👌sound🔊🔒. This ⭕➡️group🤡👺🕵🏼‍♀️ would not ⛔🙅🏻‍♂️exist🌌🌍 if people👥👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 just followed 🛂🔜these simple❕🆘️ rules.🧿🎭 Here🌐 🆗️they 🧭📋are📍🖲
My father
my friend spent their time writing this-
Monster Girls Out There Ruining Lives!
mr beast burger
Mario and Dr. Mario are not the same person.
more copypasta worthy text from a discord server
Mortal Kumbat
My Singing Monsters Steam Review
Minectaft lets play (FULL VERSION)
My friend sent me this after i sent him a meme about French people being called cheesy eating surender monke
Masked wolf – astronaut in the ocean (royal version)
My Thoughts On Joy Pepper From Superbook
My new idea for a tv show
Making a soyjack meme
Metal🤪core 😭🤢
Minecraft with Gadget
my search history
Minecraft sex mod from a Snopes article
Minecraft new Option
Message to joe biding
Man shoves beer bottle up rectum, contributes to yugoslav collapse
My friend sent me this
Mad scientist experiment
My name is Kim Jong-Un
My Last And Final Message To The Doomers.
my hero academia deserves an oscar
mfs want GABY TO FB
Mr beast I Ate World’s Largest Slice Of Pizza
My dear Sally from Cars NSFW
My love for Shrek
Male Vaporeons <3
My friend was talking about his kinks.
My two greatest fears in life are irrational and it makes me feel like I can’t connect with people
My Statement about the B00bs Argument
My Name is Yoshikage Kira except i put it through google translate 33 times
My Intense Scat Fetish
My crush gave soneone head and told me
My friend just made this to insult a person on the discord. I’m in tears. This is truly remarkable.
My intestines smell like bacon
My friend, you have met a terrible, terrible demise.
My mom beat me with a dick
Magnus Carlsen’s Chat on Twitch
Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura chess fan fiction
My mom👩‍👦took away 🚮 my cat 😺 because i 🙎‍♂️ kept smelling 👃its piss 🍺🍺🍺
Mao seggs
mfs be like “ass or tits?”
Message to pornstars
most popular words on r/copypasta and the amount of times they have been said
My white classmate’s “apology” after calling my friend the nword
mucho texto
Muskets: just as the founding fathers intended
My Intro
Meme Comment.
Me and bts
my mom saw me bending my cock to stick it in my ass
Minecraft update
My Political Philosophy, which someone in discord said they would post on r/copypasta, which I then dared them to, only for them to reveal they had no redddit account, so i said i’d do it myself.
Musket enjoyer
my water
Manga neil comment sections be wildin
My thoughts on Apex Legends being called the top battle royale right now.
Morality of Veganism
Magic Mouse 2 – A terrible Design
Muting this tweet because it’s full of mentions about Harry being straight 🥴 But hey, if you are reading this: Harry Styles is a closeted gay man by the music industry.
Must be 100% everything
My Penis pressed charges against me
my girlfriend rejected my taylor swift pickup line.
mind uploading through the anus
Minecraft redpilled gen z
My 18th birthday party with Friday Night Funkin’ theme
Mater’s Tall Tale
My Penis pressed charges against me
My Penis pressed charges against me
Miku loves her fans
Mutilate Member Month
M.I.L.F isn’t that hard
My parents think I should learn
May I rant about spartans for a second?
Masterful technique, found in this sub
My Secret Ability
My uncle
My history assignment
My biggest reason for being a cat person is the dick sucking sound my dog makes while licking himself
Message that lags discord mobile if u spam it
My kid is at the height now where most geese are right around the same height as him
My friend’s descent into simping for vtubers
Microsoft Edge being pinned on the taskbar by default is psychological manipulation
Mr Krabs nukes Detroit
mangio pollo come un vero [Redatto]
Mr Pasta
most downvoted comment by EA themselves
Meat Shaming
mogus comment
my hw
my shovel is my friend
My favorite raper XXXTentasion was killed by police brutality
Mod application
My thoughts on Danganronpa 2’s Hiyoko Saionji
Money game part 2 copypasta
My recent thoughts
McMung Us
Makoto persona 5
My Fault OG (British)
My boyfriend won’t stop calling his cum Greggnog
My friend is asking if anyone knows where he can find a soft mommy dom gf milf porn video?
Mistakes happen
more amogus shit i found on youtube
Monday motivation steak baby, fuck!
My personal copy pasta I made.
My idea for how to improve the minions/despicable me franchise with one movie
Men are SO toxic
My Volvo needs help
Message to Wheel of Fortune
Mammys little baby love shortnin bread
My little kitty
MMM… Feet
Medieval Dick Pics
Mommy Milkies
My uncle drank a lot of milk
My idea for how to improve the minions/despicable me franchise with one movie
Monika pasta
My name is Yoshikage Kira
My Theory
My girlfriend has this police fantasy but as a libertarian it really bothers me.
My apology to the corndog on pictureofhotdog.com
My idea for how to improve the minions/despicable me franchise with one movie
Monke superior
My opponent
Meme science
my friend sent this to me
Men love their semen.
My anime girlfriend of 4 years died today
My friend on discord talking about why they converted to catholicism
My opinion of this sub
My crush said he didn’t like me cause of my weight
My hands smell like chocolate
My name is Corpse Husband
My friend sent me this. It’s perfect.
marxists really be out here
My god bless everyone. I love you all
Me and ur mom🩸🐱💦💦🍆
Mine diamonds lyrics (you’re welcome)
Minecraft OSHA guidelines (credit to u/ThatCrossDresser)
more gold from r/teenagers
Mommy lingerie
More gold from r/teenagers
My friend used to breed bearded dragons and the mother which he called xerxes ate one of her young
More random shit from r/teenagers
My mom was crying… (more gold from r/teenagers)
My name is Michael Westen
mommy wont let me suck
Messy here, I’m a huge fucking faggot
My drunk copypasta…
Mohammed Khanaqin
My parents actually asked if I had marriage plans. (More gold from r/teenagers)
Moto Moto doesn’t like you
My bad Habit
made a rather stupid poem after my friend spoke about skipping sponsors in videos
my mother hit me with a goddamn wii remote
mouse trap patent from 1882
more dating discord escapades
Mod Shadow
More atomic bombs couldn’t have prevented anime.
Man does not like bananas
My encounter with imposter from amangas
Most of the pizza types in italy (made by an actual italian)
My actual dream that i’ve had last night (wet dream too)
My first experience as a Girls Human Toilet Slave
M&M copypasta
Mfw I see big chungus
MGS, Bin Laden version
made by chode user
Milk chug challenge.
Mountain lions are not lions
My cat has a knife, he stabbed me. It won’t be much longer, the cat has…HOLY it’s limbs just became Waluigi Limbs! Holy shi- its learnt how to watch Anime, oh my God it’s on a rampage please help oh my God please help. It’s stabbing people, it’s stabbing my grandma please help its learnt how to pl
Morgz my beloved
My reddit upvote is not given, it is earned.
My wife pissed on my wife
My mother pissed on my wife
My father pissed on my wife
Michael Jackson pissed on my wife
Mods pissed on my wife
My sister is a homosexual Democrat.
My Final Goodbye to the NR2k3 Community
My crushes parents r making a LAWSUIT? That sounds so savage like lol!!!
My name is Yoshikage Kira.
me when the
Man goes absolutely batshit on reddit
more gold from r/TIFU
Mr PooPoo is VERY DEEP
My friend who raps
my message to KSI. lmao.
Marvel Movie
meep meep
My Son Won’t Stop Dabbing
malicious right wing explodes
my wild dream
Minecraft secks
My Distaste for the Glock 18 Model in Counter Strike: Global Offensive
Militant Gay English on the Rise
Many a year ago…
My own copypasta
My Grinch fetish is destroying my relationship
My struggle with Sans’ child.(please help)
my skit of when the
mood clown
Mom, what does cum means
Milk wiggle
Masturbation question? please help!?
Mark Zuckerberg’s wife, on a picture of a pie he made in 2006
Markiplier scares me
Made by me. (parody of chug jug with you)
My experience at a friend’s house
Monke vs lizar
my online friend forced me to write an essay for a vidoe that shan’t be shared here, here is taht essya, i regret all my life descisiones, so does my friend after watching it
Makima is my wife
my friend got sent this voice recording by his ex
my name
Micro-penis threshold?
Micro Penis Threshold
My friend said this in our group chat
Me when big booba
marauder speech doom eternal
My eggplant farm
My favorite actor/actress of all time is…
most of the communist manifesto in morse code part 6
most of the communist manifesto in morse code part 5
most of the communist manifesto in morse code part 7
most of the communist manifesto in morse code part 3
most of the communist manifesto in morse code part 1
most of the communist manifesto in morse code part 2
My mistake original Gangster
My system crashed!
Micro-penis threshold?
Micro-penis threshold?
My friend has a micro-penis
my name is jaquavion tavious
mobile games
MACWheldons Status
Mobile user moment
My buddy made a Kanye west foot fetish fanfic
Mate, they didn’t fake the moon landing. They faked the moon!
my butter
me when someone hate among us
My name is barry allen
my friend telling me abt the time he got circumsized
maga cumjar enjoyer
Motivational quotes
Mr Bean
My one wish
My offering
My friend sent me this text. I’m not fluent in military jargon, so I was hoping you all could help me. I think it might be a joke, so that’s why I put it under a meme tag
Minecraft Mods
My creation
My Wife Died
Modmins beware
Matryoshka lyrics that I wanted to see emojified ;))))))
My Friends ELA Submission
My Good Friend…
me wehn i gete the coyn in mayror
Malding berniebro
Mario executed
McMonga Bossfight Walkthrough (Legendary Gunslinger Quest Guide)
Made by the kids of the r/BrawlStars Discord server
My Big DooDoo Balls
Minecraft bedwars copy pasta
My formal r/copypasta mod application
MineCraft Sex Mod
My brain after this particular post.
mod on r/comedynecrophilia is having a mental breakdown
My friend said Jordan Peterson wasn’t really the best guy for non-biased political advise.
me when
my diamond sword
Mr. Sanchez Part 3
My (25 M) girlfriend (26 F) baked all the beans, now I consider to end our relations? What does I do?
Mahatma Gandhi Quo t esou
Money Game Part 2
monster hunter rise
Motherfucker pranked me.
My time is too precious to be wasted on answering your stupid question
Mr. Sanchez ; the Sequel.
My glorious ANDRIOD is superior to your CRAPPLE
My Girlfriend said Get Rid of Crypto, so I Got Rid Of Her.
manly yoga
My Fnaf rap
My roblox profile description. 😎
my rap lyrics generated text
My response to the word “fart”
More upvoet now
Mor upcast now
More upvotes epicccc
Mera reference
More upvotes now
my enormous penis
Mistplay Ad Script
my dad watches porn like recreationally. its so weird to me. like literally as if hes watching tv. no boner or jerkin.
My son is a furry HELP
My experience with dreamphobia
Make the Ender Dragon less hot (from r/shittymcsuggestions)
Mommy Musk Milkers
Manny`s fate
my hero amogusamia
minecraft illuminati
Milk gnang???//?////?🥛🥛🥛🥛
My Hatred of RATS.
MARIO X SONIC (vety hawt!!! 😳😳😳🥵🥵🥵🥵😨😰😰😱🥶🥴🥱😵🤧😪😪🥶😰😪😰😳😳😰🥶)
My former friend wrote this.
My girlfriend got an ACAB tattoo yesterday
Mental extreme leftoid. Found on MAL
Meaning of life
My Laptop’s Windows Update
money game (luigi meme haha)
My experience bringing the free market into my relationship
My hero academia fans at the start of a new season
me when lmao
Mixing cum into protein shake?
meet the team (in order
Mayo Neighs
Mod Application Rejection
My name is Tempest Joe
Minion Mutiliation
Musical Taste.
my friend made this
Mary had a Little Lamb
My extremely jealous professor marks me with bad grades
Man, fuck pc users
Minions Refrigerator Magnet (scary)
made by my friend who needs to go outside
My classmate’s American Dream (we are juniors in HS)
my shit is hard
My mom and I went to Disney World and things got pretty crazy.
My first time at the gynecologist
My wife is leaving because of bitcoin
Man of culture refutes infidel’s point
My brain fart
My Wife is leaving because bitcoin.
My wife is leaving because bitcoin.
My wife is leaving because Bitcoin.
Mr hippo
My Wife is leaving because bitcoin.
My wife left me because of Bitcoin
My Introduction
MatPat discusses Undertale’s LV system
minecraft discord copypasta
Mr beast every video be like:
My own creative birthchild
my creepypasta
My account will probably get deleted but Fuck Censorship
Man walking by the river, famous russian copypasta.
modern esports players are BABIES
Maximilianmus being with himself
My friends, fuck Her who shan’t be named
Mario, luigi pee
Me when I see Blue Helmets 🧢 🤮
my friend was bored so he made this keyboard
My dad is a misogynist.
My nephew got mad at me and sent this text. It turned into a copypasta
My friend reviewed CS:GO on steam.
Megamind: Mega Team Unite brings up too many questions
My son is addicted to Boss Baby.
My very first somewhat useless copypasta
Micheal Jackson – Black or White
My son is getting way too out of control
Mr. Sanchez 😩😩😩🥵🥵🥵
My crush rejected me with this
Mix and match, or the smokehouse?
mr. dada give me a kiss
MMM so good white liquid
Minecraft Steve does drugs news article
Meet the Spy but in Among Us
made this to send to a discord mod when i got warned for saying asshole
Massive benis
Meat is vegan
My Brother-in-law’s response to me getting a COVID vaccine.
Mandingus the one of speed
Mozart: Serenade No 10 for Winds ‘Gran Partita’, III. Adagio
my best work yet
Me when your girl
Made a NSFW copypasta about Whitty from Friday Night Funkin
Men when you poop, do you put your penis inside the toilet bowl?
My brother messaged me this last night
More Hours
Monica Lewinsky
Mr. Beast burger.
My email to Discord
Mr. Freeze & Princess Diana
Man, Screw it! Here is Donald Trump’s farewell speech.
Mystery Piss
My friend has an obsession with Touhou
Monster is soo good💀💀
Marvel is so deep n shit.
Meet the soldier but its continued by ai
Minecraft most popular server owner, Simon “Hypixel” Collins-Laflamme, is found to have substantive connections the Epstein child sex trafficking ring.
My son is addicted to Roblox
My friend, I don’t have to work. I trade, and quite frankly I’ve likely made your net worth in a day, no disrespect intended.
My son is addicted to roblox
Moonbase Alpha provides a realistic simulation of life on a natural satellite
my freind told me this is. it true ?
manlets need recognition too
more halloween dialog
Mentor Quotes
My relationship with sex
Modern anime is fucking dogshit. It’s all just 10 percent fighting, 60 percent misunderstandings and 30 percent kissing.
monsieur baby ~
Monolith preacher quotes
Mickey Covid
me and daves aborshon (gone sexual)
Most Men Are Gay
Mommy milky political edition
Morale people
miHoYo customer service
My shit came alive and tried to crawl back up my ass
My friend wrote this to another guy on a google docs. He was a mentally disturbed at the time.
Mickey has ties to joe Biden
My thoughts on garfield comic 10/25/04
Miata reference
Mrblocku friday night funkin script.
My letter to Zack Snyder
my confession
Moderator figures out why Reddit doesn’t pay them $175,000/year
made a copypasta
Man gets sent to Miami Ohio instead of Miami Florida.
Master has given Dobby a condom
Meme bad
monkey explanation: communism
Maternal Insult
MAL review for *Free!*
Man calmly calls about op for reposting
My friend sent me this
Mola Mola Fish
Mainstream reddit memes in a nutshell
Made this out of boredom, post to any psycho BLM bois, #blm
Message my friend sent me in response to a question about drum keys
My fav Sub. Made into a copypasta for your enjoyment. Sprinkled ancient cringe for that spice.
Master of the photoshop🧐
My Magnum Opus
My history teacher thinks she knows more about mythology than me and I’m livid.
Minecraft 1.18
Man, I fucking hate tiktok girls
Me when my friend trolls me by separating my soul from my body (Mobile-Friendly)
Meat’s back on the menu, boys!
Margarine Mancy! Margarine Mancy!
My brother sent me this in Chinese
My friend sent this to me- BallScape
Magnus Carlsen vs Hikaru Nakamura, Magnus Carlsen invitational, prelims round 15, Mar 15 (2021), King’s pawn game: tHE bONGCLOUD (C20)
McDonald’s Copypasta
Most Offensive Swear Words
My parents almost found me (16m) naked and unconscious because of an orgasm
My dear friend. I believe you have been misinformed.
My comment removed from BPT because I’m not a verified black person on Twitter
Mac Donald
mY FaMiLy DiEd In ThE gReAT MinECraFt WAR bAcK iN 1986!!!
More discrimination against the child free in the new stimulus Bill
Mind numbing
My friend is such a dumbass! by u/Koderox (Doki Doki Literature Club spoilers)
Make the Ender Dragon less hot
Make the Ender Dragon less hot
Mean Leader Of The Communist Party
My friend’s old Roblox bio [OC]
My favourite thing to draw
Me parrot’s flewn away!
Meiosis song by Peter Weatherall
My girlfriend is mad at me for playing the popular online game,”Among Us”
mrblocku loves fortnite
Modern Normality Disaster 2021 Taco Bell
Me in the washing machine be like
Man plays too many video games, you’ll never believe what happens next…
Masturbating to music lets go
Minecraft Enchanting table
My nurse laughed at me
Message from a 9 year old on Playstation Online
My friend told me the true reason why Roblox wants to grow.
my greatest enemy u/epic_gamer_4268
Miss Piggy is the worst muppet and I wish she wouldn’t exist.
Male nurse laughed at my small penis in the hospital
Male Nurse laughed at my small pp.
Mr. Potato and me
Male nurse laughed at my small penis in the hospital
My first copypasta post
My girlfriend and I are both virgins. We’re going to have sex within the next 2 weeks. What the fuck do I do?
My teacher sends this every time I turn something in
My dad owns epic games.
My best friend is a “professional” underground rapper
my wife also uses too much toilet paper?
Minecraft Status
Money Game Part 2, verses 1 and 2 with no punctuation
My friend’s view on Animeniaks’ latest video, called “Psychologically proving that the PP makes it cuter”
Message on a discord server
My cum fetish
Minecraft UwU
Mild chicken tenders
my response
My boyfriend has been acting really weird lately and I don’t know if I can stay with him
mike adriano suffers when he fucks
Mr. Dicks
Malware infected bad ( Found on r/techsupport )
My friend found this on a Roblox bio
My crippling Among us addiction has ruined my life.
My first copypasta 😀
My olive problem
Minecraft steve is a demigod…
Men are attacking
make poop
man regrets buying onlyfans video
M&M’s best discography
My home is flooded with windup toys…
My husband always wants to roleplay/LARP Rick and Morty with me.
My loving relationship 🥺
My English is bad.
Made a reddit account just to post this from /vp/
My friend wrote this and I thought I’d share it and get it emojified
making an nsfw thing from my predictive text thing on my cellular device thing
Mods r gey copymasta
My spiral into madness
Minecraft good
minecraft speedrun strategy
Masturbation should be allowed on planes
Mogus Drip
Meet the Heavy
Most women are into vore
My history with the trollface.
Members of Earth
Mods like the same sex.
Money game
Mathematics Revelation
My (25F) bf (28m) tells me I have to pay him anytime I want sex from him
March madness 🤩
My fellow Femboi family, your king has been killed by the abusive staff (This was from a Discord server lmao)
Microsoft Sicherheitsalarm
mohamed enieb copypasta
Me and my buddy in a bar
martin cabello’s legacy
magenta doesn’t exist.
Me (M 13) screamed “dead body reported” at my aunts funeral.
Method 2 Fending Off an Ostrich
Male is the superior
my tip creaming right now
My MtF girlfriend made a joke about the size of my penis and then told me I was small and the smallest person she’s been with
My friend sent this to the group chat (they were in different chat bubbles)
My friend got pranked by Biden into doing a drone strike
Message sent to friend concerning me
more treasure from r/teenagers
MS2020 IS sOoOooOoOoOoOOoO good
My Dream Last Night
Man has a stroke while talking about how much he likes to fuck his asshole with a baseball bat
Midna brap
My New method Ebook. 100% working. RESULTS R VERY GOOD
My friend found this amazingly angry text from an old Facebook group chat when they were in middle school.
Mum was not happy with dads teaching
my parents are assholes
Man I feel bad for porn artists.
Minecraft Cave
Mr Hippo Life Advice
Mathematical proof that MF DOOM is MF DOOM’s favorite rapper
Majima 24 Hour Cinderella
man loses his mind on captcha
Moderator Prayer
Mariokart scientist debunks inside drift
mumble (c)rap is ruining music (on unpopularopinion
My sister is annoying asf.
Minions movie delay
My son watches anime. How do I tell him that it’s only for little kids?
My sister is annoying asf. (stolen from r/teenagers go figure)
My boyfriend (M20) doesn’t believe I (F18) am Genghis Khan’s reincarnated spirit.
My wife caught me with the dog..
Man, shut yo yee yee ass up
My first time making a copypasta after a Discord mod banned me “for existing” (really). It’s kinda bad, but it’s my first time, so let me know how I can improve it!
My girlfriend is cheating on me with Optimus prime
Monke man
Mil simmer
My dad (49 M) called me (13 M) gay because I like Among Us.
MrPotatoHead’s C*ck
My Q-anon neighbors want me dead
Man, the orthodontist is wack
My friend sent this in a Discord server
My boyfriend (24M) broke up with me (22F) because he thinks I’m cheating but I’ve actually been sneaking out to eat McDonalds
Mr House is the best option
My name is Bevins Doltriddle
Massive nostril noodle
My political opinion
my essay i wrote to my math teacher about how i feel about math
My math teacher made a YT vid and I decided to turn it into a copypasta lol
My intelligence is beyond measure, my accomplishments beyond doubt
My first time experience with Portland, OR
Masturbation is hilarious
My worst fear is getting no puss puss.
Made with source 2
My boyfriend literally cannot stop saying “Sus”.
My worst Nightmare came true
my incredible journey
My grandpa is a Rwandan genocide denier.
My heartbreaking story
my story about how i started to love cheese
My time in the military.
mmm sexy sex
mrpanquake “unintentional” racism twitter thread
Millennials depression 😞
My Plea For Help. I Cannot Love.
Me Versus You
Master Yi Players are Braindead???
my my brother told me tommorow is the worst bts song.
My Hero
most k-pop songs on spotify are gone due to kakao m
Minecraft Villagers
My background in all my Zoom calls
My friend posted this when he got unmodded from tommyinnits twitch
Meg Griffin
Metal Gear Solid is a rather simple game
My favorite manga has ended
Marvel Kinophile.
Musk is the Seventh Richest Man in The World
minecraft l33t poem
Message to the haters
My girlfriend and my bratwurst
My McDonald’s Visit
My balls are kinda itchy
My friend said this after being @ everyoned
My hobby
My sardine
missing zoobe
Mr Blocku’s Fortnite Card
man why
Mr. Garrison’s evolution theory
My Christian friends are stupid
My boyfriend can’t escape from tarkov
My love for my dear, my doe, my honey, my sweetheart, my love, Pokimane
Menace ll Society copypasta
Message of Love
My story.
man goes insane from among us
Make sure to tip your stripper
moaning in spanish
Mr. Douchebag Lyrics
Me When Among Us
Mayonnaise on an escalator
My boyfriend has a dirty bum
made by @phat_rat_ on instagram
mad ivan
My name is Barry Allen and I am the fastest man alive
Mona Lisa
Mukuro Ikusaba the 16th student copypasta(?) SPOILERS TO DANGANRONPA
Miss my grandpa
My mate came up with his very first copypasta
Men are becoming more feminine and that’s a huge problem. (Seen on r/unpopularopinion
Moon person
My first COVID Jab
My wife has ever present tennis ball stench (x-post r/tennis)
my friend was a racist perv and loved this person and made this
Masturbation is sinful 👎
My wet dreams of Astolfo
me when the imposter is sus!!! 😳
Message to Aperture Development
My Experience With Among Us
megalovania intensifies
Mr. Pooper
meesa sick
Markiplier’s story on how he broke his foot
Man, what is the deal with redditors and shitting their pants?
Misato Katsuragi MILF
My opinion about roasted chicken
Man, what is the deal with redditors and shitting their pants?
Morty explains
Mario Odyssey has great waifu material
My friend still thinks undertale/sans is funny and relevant meme can we make this copypasta for his sake
Metro Boomin 🥵🍆 make it boom🥵🍑💧🍆
MyPillow Copypasta
My GF is Afraid of Her Butthole
Made this a while ago for a comment, I really tried to get the copypasta energy in this
My friend found it under video sponsored by Raid: Shadow Legends
More supersponge
Mad Verse City Rant in my discord lol
minion sex
marriage fraud
Modern music sucks
Monster Inc Internship
My dog ate my shit
Moist Steve
My discord friend made this
Mommy give her milky
Minecraft manhunt but instead of killing the runner they make out instead
My response to my friend saying “What’s a chocolate bar’s preferred pronouns? Her/she”
Materialistic Rubber Duck
Mohammad Kalakeen message to trump
m to the b
My doggo only eats caviar
my anime friends got annoyed at this
might be a repost but whatever
Mr. Musk I don’t feel so good.
minecraft account
Minecraft is a living hell of torture and anguish
My friend sent this after I made a your mom joke
My girlfriend left me
MaximilianMus copypaste
Memes are not deteriorating. Instead we grow older and realise the shallowness of what once was funny. (Original creation I guess)
My boyfriend would rather play video games than have sex with me/I’m worried he’s moved on to something more worrying
Might be a repost but f*ck it
Made joke post on r/nofap, and this is a private message I recieved
Most honorable Congressmen/Women
Mr Hippo Speeches
my deepest apology
Milk 🥛
My Little Links
My simp sons love the simpsons what should I do?
My friend and I rewrote the **entire** Hamlet To Be or Not To Be but furry.
my boyfriend had to make this for his english class and he said it sounded like a copypasta
My man WolfgangAmadeus25 telling them liberal snowflakes how it is.
My idiot husband is freaking out
Mods hate this🤬
mommy milkers
My #1 talent is deleting posts
My dear Adrienne
Miku03 helps on GitHub
Murica’ 😌🇺🇸🏈
McDonalds Is Impossible
Minecraft suggestions
My pocket is really wet.
My Among Us Testimony
My friend’s speech for English class
My future with our queen (poki)
My friends english work
Music can be truly wonderful
morgz shits his pants
My humble proposal (from r/Britishnationalism)
Mickey Mouse
Me and my buddies used to fart on elevators
Midlife disconnection crisis
math terrorist
mr beast
My friend made this
me when the discord
M27, looking for a goth girlfriend
My thoughts on cars 2
My resignation from BIMXING.
made by me enjoy this pile of shit
Metal, guys
My name is Elizabeth😡
My analysis on the astolfo cosplayers “monster” sized cock (NSFW)
My Wife Used To Go Down On Me a Lot, and Now, Nothing
Mario 64 is the best game ever!
My (42F) Husband (25M) doesn’t want to adopt after learning about my dark past
My attraction to cows has impaired my financial stability.
Man is scalping generators on facebook marketplace during an ice storm event and gets mad when people drag him for it
Morshu belongs to the streets
My furry adventure
Mr. McNamara.
Me? A millennial? Never .
Message I sent a streamer after they ranted about how they hated parmesan for 30 minutes
Modern day journalism
Minecraft flint and steel
Males of Reddit, what goes through your mind when you see a penis?
McRib Review
M&M minis trivia
Meet The Heavy
motherboard sus
Man/Men speaks for all Beings
Mettaton EX vs Joseph Joestar
My ratings of each Mortal Kombat game:
mandatory assignment
mcdonalds borger
me and my friend spent 20minues making the best pickup line we could, enjoy getting the hoes
My motivation for gym
My farts killed my brothers
Ms. Pacman
Man gets abused in public. And someone assumes they are into it lol
Mozart vs Jake Paul
Me: This is my TED Talk about why we should stop breeding as a species and give up and accept our failures
Matthew 1:17
More like copey pasta
Made this because i saw a dogecoin ad
Minecraft command to spawn the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
MuH cHiLd
Mark: Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome to Five Nights at Freddy’s, an indie horror game that you guys suggested, in mass, and I saw that Yamimash played it and said it was really really good… So I’m very eager to see what is up. And that is a terrifying animatronic bear! “Family
Mega Man 5 is the worst fucking mega man game in the entire fucking series.
metallica master of s*x!!!!
Most feared British names 😱🇬🇧
minecraft dirt
Mickey Mouse is a Crime Lord
My trip to the Among Us Musical (and how I was molested)
My dog poops inside the house
Making Among Us your entire personality and having your entire family hate you
Marilyn monroe has a sextape with JFK
Mayo Clinic Carotid Angioplasty and Stenting
My sex life
My girlfriend ate the fucking cookie
My attempt to break the shittytranslator bot.
Mukuro Ikusaba
My friend sent me this
Macaroni With The chicken Strips
Meaning of our love
mfw when gamer girl
My name is yoshikage kira
Mordetwi is life-changing
made by yours truly
My kids
Mother told me she felt demons coming from my Pokémon cards
Mater and McQueen [NSFW]
Mandatory medical procedures violate the Nuremberg Code.
My Friend Mariana Looking For Bf
my seven year old cousin sent me this
My accurate impression of a 2021 teenage girl
my face looks like a fucking meat lovers pizza
Metal elitism
Mongoloids look like monkeys
Mastagh Plan
Morning wood
Mario Judah
my s/o might be getting into a canon relationship. i need your guys’ help.
My Hot Cat
My Cat Is Pregnant
My Steam Bio About A Friend
My 2015 PC is still way superior than PS5 and probably PS6.
My idiot boyfriend spent my college fund on dog coins how do I get it back???
My idiot boyfriend spend my college fund on dog coins how do I get it back???
minion thing idk gjnotiognfitnrjth
My idiot boyfriend spent my college fund on dog coins how do I get it back???
My idiot boyfriend spent my college fund on dog coins how do I get it back???
My idiot boyfriend spent my college fund on dog coins how do I get it back???
Mark teaches Ethan how to read with hooked on phonics
My Honest Opinion
Morshu’s Paradise
My Sister Just Texted Me This
Me and my cum buckets
Minecraft village and pillage update is literally the Israel Arab conflict
Masturbation and fireworks do not mix
Motivation (nsfw)
Morshu but he’s british
Morshu has standards
My friend got roasted on discord and I typed out the entire thing. (Some is interpreted since discord mic quality).
meme circlejerk copypasta
me wen h
My friend’s discord status 🏃
My first demon rape cartoon
My recent transgressions
My wife and I sing and dance when I get home.
My comment from 3 years ago in a post called “Hip hop playlist I through together, 100 songs updated weekly of the dopest hip hop from the last 2 years (mostly new)”
Minecraft ⛏😳 from Wikipedia 📕:
Me: exists
My evening interview at Hellogames
My name is desmond miles
mod mad
MY GRANDFATHER’S RING was in that bag
Matpat plays FNaF (scary!)
Motivational speech about water
Most recent version of the ban message from r/Sino
Marxism works on rousseaus principle
my friend wrote this as a response to “git gud”
Me to you
Myanmar 🥺
Minions theory
miku hentai
Miller lite beer long URL ad
Must I repeat the rules again Chat?
my issue with the game updates
Midas X Meowslces
morshu but only emojis
Milky Milky Mommy Milky
My name is Ozymandias…
mr beast
My review of my local strip club.
Mad Minecraft Man.
Mint Chocolate Chip is UNDERRATED
My thesis on why godzilla should win in the upcoming movie “Godzilla Vs. Kong”(2021)
Mario’s Morning
Mario and Yoshi
Made by a Limp Bizkit fan
memories of xbox
Made this gem on a video. this one ➡️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbEpC_WyL6c
Morshu‘a sales pitch
Mama Mia
Me like 🍌 me see 👀🍌 me take 🍌
My life…
mario and the watermelon
My reaction to seeing the resident evil woman:
Men are not discriminated against
Monke Revolution
Mommy hormones
my poor 15yo sister got sent this
MCchicken sandwich
my friend sent me this
Morshu beatbox full
Men only have 4 moods
My mom made my cat fat
Men in Black II is the best movie ever!
Male echidnas have a four headed penis.
My girlfriend (29 F) won’t have sex with me (18 M) unless I “cosplay” as Heinrich Himmler
Minecraft” “asmr” “pewdiepie” “music” “fortnite” “markiplier” “YouTube is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.” “Runescape” “World of Warcraft”
Mr. Krabs’s and Yoda’s Ketamine Adventure
my virginity is a subject i dont like to talk about
Money in the Bank (Paul Town)
Me when
My mom walked in on me masturbating
My mom caught me masturbating
Most upvoted post on r/coprophiles.
My mom caught me masturbating
Mark 5: 1-20 – Jesus Restores a Demon-Possessed Man
McDonalds hobo
My friend Tony
monika and yuri. ( found in a comment )
Meet the Engiequeer
My my Japanese wife
My cat is attacking my testicles
Melancholic Life of a Retard
Made fun of a friend for downloading Tik Tok
My dog got hit by a car
My friends wouldnt stfu about king kong vs godzilla so I made this
Mid-Week Malarkey
mr douchbag
My mom fucking died today
My friend needed to write 200 words for his assignment about a sandwich
MmmM Armpits
My mother keeps on calling my doggo big chungus.(SERIOUS)
My mom keeps on calling my dog Big Chungus and I don’t know what to do.
Me and my friends gave up on an AP Bio assignment and wrote this, she gave us a B and said that due to our abundant effort and creativity we deserved a B.
My mother is obsessed with tiktok
My Sans undertale X Waluigi mario tennis fanfiction
Mental Health Awareness ❤️
Masturbating while DUI is the American Dream
Mickey Mouse and Ursula
my ex sent me this long ass essay and i use it as a copypasta feel free to use it too
Matthias the CoC tyrant
M’queen (found on r/creepyPMs)
malding girl said this 4 hours after Jesse said no homo
My friend’s most excellent idea to improve rainbow six siege!!
Minecraft is pretty diverse
My opinion on Jason Thomas Fischbach
Made by a 26 year old man living with his mum
Modern school system is a real joke. (From a 4chan post I made)
Mongolian Man
Musty Man
Music video
Mario style
Morning workouts
Maximum Hot
My girlfriend (16F) doesn’t want me (16M) to play NieR Automata because of 2B and how sexualised she is
Met a irl friend
Minecraft beef
Mazuma Mobile Advert Lyrics
mexican pussy
Mario’s horrible death THE GRIFTING
Making fun of dream – this is a modern copypasta.
my thoughts on that one “photoshopped” image of Bundled Bernie clapping a wrestler between his thick meaty thighs..
My wife keeps showing her friends my penis
Monday Technology 3rd Year
Mirrors Are People Too
my life is controlled by a single capitalist corporation
Mouse trap
Mashup Time
men can be raped too
My brother’s response to a censor bot on discord
Mom… I will become fumo
MAGA Boomer Leaves Twitter
My Views on Biden rejoining the Paris Agreement
My Garfield Fanfic
My Name Is Giovanni Giorgio, but everybody calls me Giorgio….
My ordinary life
My Conspiracy Theory
Mad r/gachlifecringe mod
Make america shit and piss
My new charity
My son just said his first words
my little sad story =(
MW2 Copypasta
Mr Incredible
my Kenny G Tattoo
My experience at the Doctor today. Really need some support right now.
Marvel movies be like
men bad
Marvel movies be like
Marvel Movies
Menacing Johnny
Melted cheese destroys anything it touches (from r/unpopularopinions)
My daily Routine as a full time Furry
My brother is the best Fortnite kid
Mike Pence’s grand adventure
Mario’s Trickery
My Neck Fetish
mississippi pissy cup
Mommy Krabs
Mars marine player
mods hate him
Mitt Romney rap
My teacher keeps looking at me and I swear he knows I have crush on him
Mod power trip, Found on /r/SubSimulatorGPT2
Maximum overdrive
Murder confession
Mod post copypasta
More from Yanderedev ( https://www.reddit.com/r/Osana/comments/kzm5xh/random_thought_you_ever_get_the_feeling_midori/gjow0yg/?context=3 )
mod update
Meet the Moderator
Make Otis From Barnyard The Next Smash Ultimate DLC
My BF won’t stop farting on my cat
M&Ms r cool
Musty ass family at mcdonalds story i stole from tik tok
Man describes Ganyu
Mazepin (Rasputin Parody)
My Sadomasochisitc Blood Orgy Adventure
Morshu from Zelda CDI, but it’s Neapolitan Copypasta
My keyboard predictions
My First Jerk Circle
Minecraft is the reason Gen Z is becoming so redpilled.
my name is mud
MINECRAFT RAP 👺⁉️⁉️⁉️💯💯💯🗣💦🥶⛓🦍
Micky Mouse
Message to joe biden
My furry journey (from a thread in r/watchpeopledieinside)
Mickey’s LSD adventure
My experience as a furry
My first day back
Mr. U
My boyfriend won’t stop showing his balls to his friends and it’s getting weird, how do I ask him to stop?
my boyfriend won’t stop flashing his balls to his friends in front of me and it’s getting weird
Minecraft end poem
me ranting about bingus
Melee is Fighting in its Purest Form
My confession
might need this sometimes
MedicGirlfriend Roasts franklin (15.AI Copypasta)
Mods Gay
my fat mate sent me this on discord
motel sperm
Monster Hunter World One Star Review
my cat walked over my keyboard
Minecraft Steve.
Mozart was German guys
Mamezuku Rai’s introduction
mario kart wii number crunches
My daily routine
Mercury is a waste of a planet
Mr Potato Head where are you 🥔
Mighty no. 9
My reply when somebody got mad cause I made fun of a meme they liked
Mayo girl
Mom walked in on me with my waifu in bed :/. (Not NSFW) Nothing sexual was happening
My strategy to obliterate the battle tower.
Man becomes a xylophone (from r/TIFU)
Metapod sexual compatability
My among us subscription has run out
My wife adopted a rescue dog
My gf cheated on me and i had to pick her up cause she couldnt walk
my lovely friend wrote this
my break up text
monke drip monke guci and lusi vutin hangbab
Mobile user???
My own copypasta based on the No, You’re NOT A Gamer copypasta (Warning, opinions may range from cringe to hateful. Paste at your own risk!)
Ms. Rodriguez
Memes imitate art, art imitates life
Memes imitate art, art imitates life.
Motoaki Tanigo
My Grandson Told Me To Post This
My friends little brother posted this review of Fall Guys and I don’t know why I find it so funny.
My Morning Routine
Megaman creepypasta (warning: SCarry!!!!)
machine is immortal
Mxr Henry
My boyfriend literally cannot stop saying “Poggers”.
My friend sure loves transformers
My old cringy Roblox review
Mike [wacky nicknames] Pence
mEssEg FrOm RicH FriEnD
Motivational speech
Maximum comedic performance
My unnecessarily long comment
mrw corpse breths
Minecraft Steve (nsfw if needed)
My puthay smells so rancid
Mercury is a waste of a planet. Sincerely, a stressed astrophysics major.
Mercury is a waste of a planet
Mushroom Rant
Mr. Horny
Monke don’t fuck around
Me when I see Anthony Fantano
Maddie should’ve chosen Josh over Diggie
My true love
Mr. 20/10 vision over there seeing it all
Meeting Belle Delphine irl
me and my friends playing video games
My Shrek X Elon Fanfic
Michael Afton Birth
My Nazi fetish
My first attempt at a copypasta
Minecraft command to spawn the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
Mohammad Rajab Wali
my Queen
My IQ is extremely, almost embarrassingly, high.
My name is Yoshikage Kira
Mr Sandman, Man Me a Sand
My kink is kink shaming
Mozillas Bathroom Love
math problems be like:
Meeting Beto O’Rourke (from r/pcm, u/FuckThisSite2020)
My Darling
My Little Pony fans have had a Nazi problem for a long time.
My fiancé (F25) is choosing Trump over me (M24) and I don’t know what to do
My experience from r/banvideogames
MAGA phenomenon is a bigger socioeconomic issue.
maymayaid vote manipulation copypasta
MLM Pitch
MAGA Cope Prose
my burps no longer smell like sulfur
My school banned relationships because “they are wrong”
my homie alex jacking off on my face
Most people who watch my videos – tommyinnit copypasta
monke tried to ban cum (spoilers for Attack on Titan!)
My life without Caillou is over.
Marathon gears
My fellow Americans…
My retared Number 69,420
My 16 y/o Autistic Brother is Sexually Attracted to my Mother’s Bare Feet – What do I do?
Male Vaporeon
My dream catcher is broken
My opinions on water
Modified it a bit so it fits everywhere
MW2 All Act 1 Mission Titles
Male vaporeons are better for sex
My friend posted this on discord
My experience in an abortion clinic
My review of a MAL ac
My dumbass friend wrote this
My ring got STUCK in my LADY PARTS
My son just won’t stop humping things! How do I tell him to stop?
my friend’s garry’s mod review
Magic 8 Ball: My One Dire Question
My friend was talking about Olive Garden’s infinite breadsticks. So I made this paragraph about the hypothetical existence of infinite bread.
My Adventures With Kassem G
Mrs. Obama, I’ve done it. I’ve stopped racism.
Margaret Thatcher’s
My friends rant about Dabi
money machine
mRNA Vaccine
My name is Giorno Giovanna.
My gf is so weird I need help she won’t respond unless I call her noodle cup
My Gassy Woommate Incinyewoaw
My former crush and I used to fart as a language
me when the twitter
My friends essay on why he got banned from discord
Mom destroyed with FACTS and LOGIC!
Marriage. Pshhhhhh
My boyfriend won’t stop calling his cum “Greggnog”
My New Year’s Goals
Marx’s revelation
My Mitch McConnel fanfic 💕
My Great Journey to find out about the news article
my semen
Mostly posting this here for myself to use in the future but for anyone wondering it’s from a YT video ranking a bunch of anime openings, and the anime Gintama had a lot of high ranking ones
Maggots (found on Twitter)
My mom is a redditor now
my mom is a redditor now
My mom is a redditor now
Mimicing Dream smp stans
My DMT evenings
Moving past my waifu
My hate and disgust towards Five Nights at Freddy’s 4
Motel Man
My friend put this in a groupchat
me when shen bapiro
My daughter loves him
my testicle juices are strawberry flavor
My tinder profile
my roblox friend told me to make an account on pornhub.com
My boyfriend keeps calling his cum “Greggnog”
My boyfriend won’t let me defecate when I’m at his apartment.
my recurring dream
my cock is a millimeter
mister beast has weird knees and everyone knows it
My teacher has been forcing me to rap (r/advice)
Mariah carey is the one rich person that I actually like
my dickhole is 3 feet in diameter
minecraft porn
Mom said if i type another swear word, i lose computer privileges for a whole week
My mother
mikal p plays mega man
machine translation from a japanese arcade game listng
My parents won’t let me buy clothes because they’re “inappropriate”.
My time at Prager University
My new year plan 😍
Mr Beast Honey advertisement
Michael Rosen Saves His Brother from School Prison (YTP)
Marge Simpson Emoji Art
Masturbation according to a Homeopath
Music review
Mavis Dracula appreciation pasta
Mental Disorder
Modular Synthesizers
Marvel movies are deep
My Sexual Desires.
made by my friend lol
Mario discovers I pirated his game
My (24F) boyfriend (27M) will not stop calling his cum “Greggnog” at Christmas time (found on r/relationshipadvice)
Moai in the Waves
My (24F) boyfriend (27M) will not stop calling his cum “Greggnog” at Christmas time
My dear friend Greg wants to pour the wine on my face
My (24F) Boyfriend (27M) will not stop calling his cum “Greggnog” During Christmas time
My (24F) boyfriend (27M) will not stop calling his cum “Greggnog” at Christmas time
My friend’s opinion on the KFC console
My mom let me indulge in my foot fetish with her feet.
Much Kawaii
Mod announcement regarding feet pics
my song
Minecraft: The Slab Update
Magic sex gun
Mega.nz is epic
Magic Sex Gun YouTube ad (yes, on YOUTUBE)
My GF was sent this….
My toaster hypothesis
Mercenaries 😤
My story of hitting the yeet
My favorite movie
Memories, found on youtube somewhere
My Family of Non-Yeeters
Memes Transcend cultural borders.
Mayo monkey
My penis
mickl pee
Mobile App Military Tactics
my friend sent this to the group chat
Mukuro Ikusaba
Microsoft Windows XP Professional END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT
Minecraft manhunt
Make the changes you wanking wanked wankers
My boy sent this to me
MiraHQ is an underrated map.
Message to hater
My steam fiend always cheers me up!
My son started watching Twitch streamers recently.
My girlfriend (19 F) won’t have sex with me (22 M) unless I “cosplay” as Nagito Komaeda
My wife is a champ (nsfw)
Mecha Shits
Mama Hen
Meaningless, and worthless comment/reply
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas
Mate all I had was me undies on
my friend is intellectually inferior for me for being christian
Merry Christmas
My little pony themed underwear
Made by me.
My love for Kirby
Meg, 30, Pansexual
Merry fuckmas
Mindless Self Indulgence: I will die for them
Merry Christmas!
my fantasies about donald trump
Merry Slutsmas
MY- LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THOSE big booba looba BANG BANGS!! those CONGO BONGOS.. THOSE jiggly jiggly jiros. those plumpa lumpa dump POW POWS.. succulent sucker-sucks! Whoopee cushion yum yums, triple nipple wham whams. those bouncin biggalos!! THOSE BIG FAT HOOTER SHOOTERS
Mary Beth
Mukuro Ikusaba. The sixteenth student, lying hidden somewhere in this school. The one they call the Ultimate Despair. Watch out for her.
merry 🎄dickmas 🍆
My opinion on the Android vs. iOS argument.
Middle School Crushes
My friend just posted this in our discord server and I immediately thought of this sub
mods (found in twich chat of a rocket league streamer)
Magician or Musician
Manifest your own reality
My (25M) girlfriend (22F) claims she’s a witch and curses me when we have an argument
Mariner’s appartment complex copypasta
My furry stepdad 2
My quirky housecat 🤪
me when the
My furry stepdad
My boobs are so big
Make me a mod (r/gonewild)
man from my highschool
Music genres be like
My son (14) watches a lot of video game streamers on Twitch.tv
My balls are so big
My favorite sex position (nsfw)
Math problem
Michelle Laugh n’ Love
my friend texted me this
My coming out story: By SpicyJim2343
Mr grey wannabe
My 1.16 run was just rejected after research due to it being “too unlikely to verify”.
my fnaf rap!
My brother is into incest
Marcus Damon is the strongest being in all of Digimon canon.
My girthy juicy tender throbbing veiny yumalicious fat cock
Mad American
Millennial cummy
Mulch Diggums Is a Rude ass Mofo
My addiction is getting out of control.
My friend hacked into a dominos account like a dumbass and he got something in the mail.
Mods removed my “I want to fuck the bunny cop” for being “objectifying women/misogyny” and here’s why that’s an unfair characterization
My friends paragraph on why the indoors is bad
My 86-year-old grandmother replied “OK, boomer” to my boomer aunt in an argument
My cousin, Oliver, didn’t ask.
My Sex With Stalin Review
My great uncle was a hero.
my mom found my penis pump (on r/incest)
MyAnimeList Thread Rant about “Fake anime fans”
Must waste more time
My boyfriend broke up with me saying that I texted too much. I decided to write a program to analyze our text and using hard data to show him wrong.
My girlfriend found out I was cheating on her and confronted me about it. I responded, _____. OWE
Making Money Tutorial
My daughter is on Only Fans
May I ask to smell the gas exhaled from your bottom?
My new Graphics Card!
My mom came into my room to bring me a plate of chicken nuggets
my friends oc. gold
My mom found my penis pump
Milk, taken from /r/dankmemes
My life is a vacation every day.
My brother started doing McFlurries when he lost his job earlier this year.
Mr. Einstein—Albert—kiddo
meat baked in gatorade is actually goood
My (23F) boyfriend (24M) offered to insert a cucumber into his butt to make up for cheating on me
Mango Nation
My life
Mumble rap is the highest form of musical expression that exists
mod pls give me special user flair or post flar
My MtF transition is going well!!!! 👩‍💻🎮🎮
Megumin is not a terrorist.
Me and a friend discussing Danny Brown
My Catchphrases
my bf (31M) won’t talk to or look at me (28F) unless i force him to drink a “chug jug” every morning
Making fun of people with androids never was and never will be funny
My boss and coworkers asked my height
My current goal is to randomly generate sex
My dad’s a cuck
My name is Christopher Smith.
My shitty copypasta i made to troll on a forum
My bf [27M] will only have sex with me [25F] if I wear cat ears and say “Ugh fine, I guess you are my little pogchamp. Come here.”
My classmate had a meltdown
Meat baked on Gatorate is actoually good (from r/cooking, also posted on r/drugs)
Meat baked on Gatorate is actoually good (From r/Drugs and r/Cooking)
Men give compliments
Meat baked on Gatorate is actoually good
Mini m&ms are great
My Uncontrollable biting problem.
Made this for the end of fantasy season
Meat baked in gatorade is actually goood (from r/drugs)
my name is mud lyrics
My pooping session
Men born after 1993 don’t know what they want
My teacher keeps looking at me and I swear he knows I have a crush on him
My friend at 12 am on dms
My girlfriend showed me a screenshot of a cringe Reddit joke she found funny.
My name is Ryan and I’m an addict
My Pogchamp does not need to cheat in order to win
Meat baked on Gatorate is actoually good
My father is a fishing fanatic.
My (23F) boyfriend (24M) offered to insert a cucumber into his butt to make up for cheating on me
My boyfriend and I broke up in August. There were lots of reasons for our break up but one was that he had become obsessed with making pizza dough.
My Obsession With Art Hoes
My Radicalization Story
Mike Tyson victory speech
My farts killed my cousin.
Mushrooms made me straight
My friend here Justin…he’s already taken…and he’s cracked at Fortnite my guy!
My father is a fishing fanatic
My name is yoshikage kira
Me on a Discord server talking about my jar of nutella
minecraft poem
Marshall cringes, stutters apologises.
My boyfriend (22M) refuses to drink water unless I (24F) dye it blue and call it gamer juice.
my humble opinion on Hamburger Helper
Minecraft rant
mom said i can’t go on this subreddit if there are swear words
My experience at PragerU
My 16-year-old son dropped school for his YouTube channel (64 subscribers). How do I convince him to go back to school?
Mrs. Green Goes Navy SEAL
mod posted this in twitch chat
my favourite birth control is vasectomy
Melissa Fischer
minecraft RNG manipulation speedrun any%
most of the anime community’s humor
My boyfriend won’t dress up as Borat and fuck me (I modified the grinch pasta)
My parents won’t accept my boyfriend and now I’m having a crisis time right now, r//relationship_advice need
Monke noises (TEN HOURS!)
Megumin hentai
Matias Di Gregorio
May I Present to you the expectations for cyberpunk
MUh CybErpunK 2069
my heart is darker than you will ever know
My grandfathers sinkpiss TRAGEDY. Sinkpissing dangers. [source: r/sinkpissers]
MAYONNAISE,,, also my first noodle. Hope ye h8 it
my vagina itches like super bad super super bad it’s terrible terrible terrible terrible I must have like 50 at least 50 STDs cuz my p**** stank so bad that s*** is so f****** bad old s*** it’s not even gone if you smell this s*** like I’m used to it because my it’s my p**** is be stankin
My IQ is 163
Mega Insult
My cousin texted this to me
Mcfarlen toys
Mods hate this
Masculinity is now ILLEGAL
my ex tried to scare me by sending me this message
Master chief in fortnite
Miata is the alpha car
My teacher has been forcing me to rap (pots from r/advice)
my girl pegging me for the first time but then she hear me moan “marcus”
My response to a neckbeard. YouTube censored it, so maybe you guys can find use in it.
Moominland Series
Masculinity has been outlawed
my best friend calmly explained why her home life was toxic, we turned her mom’s passive aggressive response into a copypasta
Masculinity is now illegal
My dad forwarded this to me
minecraft 1.18 update
My favourite vegetable
Markilpier’s “RESPECT” video transcript: i haven’t seen it around the web yet, so i thought i’d do my part in making one myself!
My teacher has been forcing me to rap (from r/Advice by u/barackoba)
minecraft creeper rap
Minecraft 1.16.x PVP
My old tumblr blog got replaced. This was the only text found on it
My experience with Turkey Tom
Mcdonald’s drive thru romance
My review of Cyberpunk 2077
Monke emoji, the most powerful one.
Milky Mommy Breasty Boobies
My friends got in a discord war with this toxic dude, long story short, he wrote this entire thing out as his last hurrah, horrible spelling and all. Posted this mostly for my friends who want to immortalize this statement because damn its kinda funny. if anyone wants context i’ll be glad to supply
Minecraft Suicidal Hunt
My friends were arguing which is better: futa cocks or straight male cocks . I am friends with them because of weird shit like this.
Minecraft Lets Play
My little brothers willy is bigger than mine
Minecraft Chronicles
Man I Love Liberal White Girl Titties
Mom forced me to play homescapes without my knowledge
My undertale rap
Meet the Cumzone
Mom! I said I wanted dinosaur chicken nuggys😭😭😭😭😡😠😡😡😠😫😫😱😱
Messi vs Ronaldo
My take on the whole Dream Stan situation
My boners are the bane of all existence.
morally, i am against clowns. i vehemently dislike them and am scared by them. i reject the necessity of their existence. that being said, i do feel a certain amount of kinship with them. you either die a court jester or live long enough to become a clown
Message from an ex
My favorite anime is jobo
My memes are the best
My friend here, Justin, is cracked at Fortnite analysis
My mom died part 2 nsfw
Milhouse diss track
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm dream smp love or host dream minecraft manhunt
Mom please
Monke is Love. Monke is Life.
My mom died
Me when I see unflushed shit in the bathroom
Mr Snrub
My favorite color
microsoft/vscode issue #87268
My Grandfather’s Sinkpissing TRAGEDY; Sinkpissing dangers!
My metaphysical STRUGGLE
Mfw watching family feud
Milton Friedman
Mommy Milkers <3
Mega Man X7 Plot Summary
Monkey Syndrome
Maybe I’m posting too many of my copypastas here
Milkshake brings male species to the yard
my fnaf rap!
My friend fucking wanted to post this on r/teenagers for karma
Mario Party
muslim girl eating burger
Magic Eye Bot copypasta [OC]
Magic Eye Bot be like
My gf has 206 bones.
My (26F) LDR boyfriend (23M) won’t stop obsessing over Chris Chan
my 😊 friend here 📌📍 justin
My Problems with JSchlatt (as taken from @CallMeCarsonYT Twitter)
My friend has an underage waifu & i’m concerned
Made by yours truly
My shitty attempt at a copypasta
Man gets said something mean to him on 4chan dot com
My (35m) wife (38f) told me she was having a affair with my brother (40M) in her suicide note. I don’t know what to do!
My (35m) wife (38f) told me she was having a affair with my brother (40M) in her suicide note. I don’t know what to do!
M’lady swoosh’s
Mathematical proof sucking ones own meat is not gay
My friend made this
My name is….
Me? Sus?
mods hate this 😠🤬 Starting now, we will be removing NSFW posts that are not marked as such.
My friend’s rant about pissing
May 2021 NYC “Heaven Stairway” Incident
My wife won’t shut up about my big penis.
My mother would literally slaughter you all with her pure obesity.
My name is yoshikage kira but google translated five ways to wednesday
Mmm back pimples (found on r/popping)
My Problem with Jschlatt
My Problems with Jschlatt
M1 Abrams Tank
Mathematical gay
My mouth was basically a vegetable peeler for dicks for a whole year
Make me shut up (a real Reddit reply to someone who said shut up)
My name is Daniel Plainview, and I’m and Oil man
My friend was upset that we spammed in his discord server three months ago and that one of my friends kicked him from skribbl.io as a joke
Minecraft Steve? is Top-Tier Character Design
Milf on the Dilf
MCAS Proctor Script (Mathematics Retest Session 1 2019-2020)
My mother
Minion semen jar
My Name – Megacrush DJ copy text
Mommy milker strap time
My proudest fap
My trip to Starbucks
My Best Friend Sent Me This
Minecraft but…
Muh feelings bro.
My new puppy!
My friend asked me whether fucking your clone is incest or masturbation. So I wrote this at 2 AM. (sorry)
My experience of sitting next to Trippie Redd on a plane
My recent problem
minecraft steve wants to kill you
My 5th grade teacher’s profile
Mario Judah
Music? You call THIS UTTER GARBAGE music?
Mfw (my face when) I see a pretty girl
My name is FuckTrudeau and I’ve fucked a lot of guys up and on my Mom I don’t use an aim bot
milk cool
My friend sent this to me in our discord group chat
Me and the Boys (It’s a good day to not have eyes Edition)
Me and some peeps made this copypasta on a discord server
MY original thoughts💭💭 and feelings.
Minecraft dogs
My steamy erotic Trump X Biden fanfic
May I, a woman respecting and feminist male, see at least one breast from you, my Queen?
my little pogchamp
Mitchell Trubisky is the GOAT
My collection of shitty Kahoot names, any more suggestions?
My dad is a gigachad
MrBeast intro
Mario party 8
my face when
My Final Thoughts
My husky HATES getting wet, so you are objectively incorrect.
my earth theory
My (22F) boyfriend’s (25F) obsession with The Terminator is ruining our sex life
my friend’s dream
My (22F) boyfriend’s (25M) obsession with The Terminator is ruining our sex life
My daily schedule
Morshu But He’s a Lifter
Man I had the weirdest fucking dream
My Mom’s OnlyFans
Metal Gear Solid VI
My face is a canvas
My friends answer to a college essay prompt.
Man Getting High And Eating Taco Bell Thousands Of Miles Away From Family Having Best Thanksgiving Of Life
Myanmar and Burma are the same country.
My statement on Pizza Crusts…
Me when the Me when the Me when the Me when the Me when the Me when the Me when the Me when the Me when the Me when the Me when the Me when the Me when the Me when the Me when the Me when the
me & my bf noticed a lack of 2020-focused thxgiving pastas so we made this. enjoy!
Minecraft Speedrunner vs Cock and Ball Torture
My relationship with my Fortnite x Nerf Rifle
My asshole can fit a car tire.
Meet the Demoman
my English GCSE mock exam writing
My New Super Hero ( The Toileteer )
My boyfriend and I just broke up
Minecraft but my friend sucks my dick.
Meet the Light weapons guy
miscarriage go brrr
Macho man
My pet gerbil
My pet gerbil
Make Farting Illegal to Reduce Greenhouse gas Emissions
Mario Judah wins a Grammy
Minecraft content creators
Maybe I am an idiot beanboy just looking for meaning in this desolate wasteland of a civilization!
My friend was angry in my fantasy football gc last night
My girlfriend thinks she can get pregnant from me fingering her how can I explain that she can’t?
My girlfriend won’t stop speaking in Gungan. (From r/relationship_advice)
Making firearms a religion
Megumin is now legal in the country of japan.
Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters GRAND FINALE Copypasta
Message someone sent me today
Mormon does Extreme Stunts
my fucking god the history of your posts is incredibly cringe
Monke need BIG TITS
Moses is a naughty boy (RDR1 screenplay)
M&M Eugenics
My(23) girlfriend(29) doesn’t trust me after roleplaying as Wanda and Cosmo from the Fairly OddParents.
Mario and Bowsette in the Blazes of Love
Man awards are so stupid ahaa
Me and My Mask (Twitter)
Miles Morales Review
My mother farted
My morning routine
My dad got me my first guitar for my 15th birthday, i love playing the fuck out of that guitar. Then one really horny night im jacking off then i look at my guitar, i then proceed to take my guitar to the bed as i start to cuddle with it. I then start licking the sexy guitar strings like it was a pu
Madonna Hung Up Lyrics
My friend told me
my hard proof on why i am awesome
Mom found my nut box
My FEMALE cousin did something horrible to me….
Me when I find out about cummyfree
Modern Movies suck!!!!!!!!
Minecraft Steve And Alex
My first time scrolling 4chan and found this in literature
My Sister Loved My Cum Cookies.
Mrs Pac Man Simp
my name is Blake I’m 10 years old
My reaction to seeing the 9 millionth America bad meme
My feelings on anime girls. (found on r/teenagers)
Milkdemon Obama
most of the entire bee movie script.
Micah bell is the most hung antagonist.
My friend made this on Discord
Money Machine
made by me
Mob poop update
mm enormous logs
Making recommendations to an interesting Big Bang Theory fan…
My addiction is getting out of control.
Matty G’s Spotify Bio
my first copypasta
Me when discord mods ban my 35864839374th alt:
Matsuoka Shuzo [松岡修造 ] – あきらめかけているあなた (NEVER GIVE UP!!) [English]
My friend sent this to me yesterday. I have no words
My substitute put a debunked Earth model on the board during “science” class.
my review on minions
my baby brother died in the drying machine
Most fast food workers are really stupid
Mature content warning
Mario’s wife left him. His dog died.
Me getting banned from the r/hololiveEN discord server
megan is missing
My teacher called my coke small
Monster Girl Island: Prologue saved my life…
mhm ok bet!!
Major Pivot: Bernie Sanders Has Become Staunchly Capitalist After Tasting Mountain Dew Code Red And Learning It Was Made By A Corporation
Might get banned for this lol. Found on 4chan on /out/
My c**k is throbbing – THROBBING!
MLM daily multivitamins
My pronouns
Mario Moment
My friend did a poem on the poem generator. This was the result.
My Walmart Review Dubbed “No Luigi”
My name is Sgt. David Thompson
Mr. Enter gets angry at Spongebob Writers
Man gets religious when talking about Obama and his anger translator
Mr Zed – (The Robotic Comic)
My bigot science teacher 😡
monkey fanfiction
MLM Marketing Text
My BLACKED Addiction (4chan)
McDonalds Military
Microsoft Excel God
Men are just smarter than women
My argument for the rights of Tiktokgirl70
My most intense orgasm
My baby can kick most men’s asses in audiophilia, musicology, gaming, web design, SF trivia, image manipulation, creative writing and RPing.
my friend said this when i made fun pf his fav Minecraft disc
MrBossFTW on the new dlc map
My man ain’t getting matches on Tinder
My dearest madam
Machette are almost as good as katana
My step daughter calling me daddy
Morgz Mum
Mistas piss
my gamer wife won’t pay attention to me
My Trombone goes…
Made this while high on a post about jeb winning the Byzantine elections
my son is a furry
My wife accidentally broke my dick. Now that I’m healed and so thirsty for her again, she refuses to touch my dick
Me and introvert?
Mr Biden, have you ever been to a… turkish prison?
Mandalorian arrives on a new planet.
Makin it out of the hood 🥶🥶🥶
My mom is trying to catch my brother jerking off.
My reactionary friend’s justification for his love of the Confederate flag.
My name is Dan
my 6-year-old son came to me an hour ago and said, “We did it, we voted that trump out of office, now I don’t have to worry about nuclear missiles being launched and can go back to elmo city safely!!” We hugged and cried, it was magical. I’m shaking. The whole room is clapping.
My mom keeps making fun of my small knees and it is seriously pissing me off
My mom cooked and had me eat my pet ducks as a kid
my grandma told me to sooo
my fellow Americans
My dearest distinguished artist. I would like to commission you for a total of $1750 USD for a drawing of
My lungs
Mrs. Jennifer Roberts’s divine intervention
Medusa makes my cock hard
Me and the boys when we find some sugar
Mental Breakdown
Making a new server could ypubpls join to help me make a start
Magic Trick
My gay teenage son be like
my schedule
My friend sent this in a group chat unironically
me on discord when dank memer didn’t know I meant sink when I used the search command and accidently put an ‘ at the end
Masturbated to what I thought was my upstairs neighbors having sex… it wasn’t
My strange liquor store experience
More awful Harry Potter fanfic
Men with a favorite sports team
Make Paul Blart Mall Cop 3
Murder is wrong?
My housemate has an OnlyFans
More Auto Moderator abuse
Me when Regigas in new poke game
Mai san
Meaning of life
Man tries home remedies for covid, goes about as well as expected
My honest opinion on George Owell fans
manifesting extremely negative and wicked energy toward joe biden
Medieval Ancap Witch Buyback
My Boyfriend Can’t Stop Saying The Word ‘Poggers’!
made on my phone
My Name is Epic Gamer
My insides are messed up
Mostly posting this because I have an unhealthy urge to see Slayer get UwU’d
My apology to something I said
My teacher said that I need to write at least 500 words by Friday
My rap
Mods hate this
Miles Classicus: Navy Seal in Latin with English translation [OC]
My husband awways wants to wowepway/WAWP Wick and Mowty with me.
More r/atheism yikes
MinecraftBE profanity filter
My experience with Hamburger University
My sleepover
MAGA 2020
My wife told me that she voted for Joe Biden.
my friends roasting each other and that bitch made a list
Minecraft, but you have no rights.
My MasterCopy
Mickey Mouse’s “Club House”
My Wife Left Me Because of Spy Kids 3
My name is Yoshikage Kira
my dick
MBMBaM #108, The Garfield Monstrosity
my pasta.
MAGA Speech
My cake day speech
My husband always wants to roleplay/LARP Rick and Morty with me.
My husband always wants to roleplay as Rick and Morty
My husband always wants to roleplay/LARP Rick and Morty with me.
My son is so cute!
Maw’s speech
My husband always wants to roleplay/LARP Rick and Morty with me.
mc prophet said this in the virgins club discord
Move Like a Snake (lyrics)
Maybe it’s her, maybe it’s r/tinder
My proudest fap!
My Drive trash is changing. Starting October 13, items will be automatically deleted forever after they’ve been in your trash for 30 days.
misato essay guy in my server wrote
My wish
Mukuro Ikusaba. 😾 The 🥰 sixteenth 😩student, 😤 lying 🙄hidden 👀 somewhere 😋😋in this 🧐school. 😜The 😇one 🤮they 🤢call 😭the 👉👈Ultimate 😭 Despair. Watch 😍 out for 🥳her.😎
Made by u/Camper1014
My wife got a little fat.
My fellow americans
Message from CCP, trump biden yes
my friend got really mad at me for beating him in a pvp match in one of our worlds so he wrote this after and messaged it to me:
Moving to Alaska
Ma’am, I accidentally ate my favourite anime
My nam is…
Mathematical Palindrome
Mung Daal Sacrifices His Life For His Country (Vietnam Flashback)
My confusion in one word
Mods gotta ruin it. When posting something funny or wholesome on reddit
McRib season is approaching
Mad Chad from a discord server
My brother ate my fucking Pringles
Michael’s first therapy session (GTA 5)
My brother ate my fucking pringles
My name is Happy Gilmore.
McDonald’s Drive Thru Experience
Mwister Bidwen
May his sins be washed away with your karma.
My boyfriend literally cannot stop saying “Poggers”.
My Step-mom’s bra!
My friend in Discord got pissed off by somebody and wrote this
Magatard overdoses on copium
MW source of Hanayo Koizumi article (1)
My (24F) boyfriends (23M) sex toys are all non-human
My Cost Co/Walmart Experience
My Bad Piemp
My theory on why Fall Guys was created
My father was a criminal, top of the line in Holland
Making this for emojifier
My solemn oath
Melvin Brother of the joker script
Minecraft turning real?
My opinion on US voting
monkey 🙊🐒🐵🙈
Military Sargent training first day cadets:
My son’s legacy
My third edit of I lost NNN to an earthquake
MFW people say the m-?-o word
Modern political satire.
Microwaves be like
monkee song
My SERIOUS message to who still keeps on liking kiddy and childish shows!
mods gay
My friends had an argument and it escalated to this
Mary had a little lamb
Minecraft, but when you die you confess to one charge of genocide
My Worst Nightmare
Minecraft (stolen from r/phoenixSC)
Mom spaghetti
Me Eating New York City Hot Dogs, The Best Hot Dogs in the World
MOD POST: How are you getting through no nut november?
Mozart song lyrics
Most people on reddit are dumb as hell
My cute (NOT sexy) gf
Minecraft, but he tortures my cock and balls
Mekong juice
Marijuana ruined by life
My son’s foreskin.
Me when
Memes…have changed
May I ask why you ship them?
metra train
My bathroom keeps turning into my bedroom.
My cock
Money Snek
my brain is too large for your useless comment
My opinion on cats
Majority of redditers are virgins..
Mods mad
Myspace Tom Post
Metroid lore (from the Ridley Discord server)
My experience with dolphins
Multiculturalism in pcm
My laptop booted faster than yours years ago. As such, I am not full of shit. I have never met anyone that knew more about computing than I do. I also doubt I will ever meet anyone like that. It’s something I gave up a long time ago.
Mama mia
My Name Is Yoshikage Kira
Man Goes Crazy Rips off Shirt During Street Interview script
my fnaf rap
My name is Reggie (Jeff Edition) aka Script for a potential Jeff the Killer Movie Trailer
My [32F] decade as a cum addict. (Long)
My Metaphorical Sugar Daddy
My(22F) fiance(23M) told me he will not have sex with me on our wedding night in two weeks because of No Nut November
Mouse wanted to eat electric wiring
Mercy 😩
My morning i smieled 🙂
My sister has moved back into her old bedroom (r/incest)
My friend is an anime whorw
My horny horny sister
My best friend is becoming a socialist, HELP!!!!
Mother, where have you hidden the cheese crackers. I cannot enjoy Paw Patrol without them, this you know. Why do you torture me so when it comes to my caloric intake.
Matthew’s mother
My love for Geronimo…
My twitter bio
MTG Technobabble Straight From the Source
My Spicy 🌶 🥵 Tinder Bio
My Commander Decks and whether or not they’d want Jeweled Lotus
mario show copy pasta
My penis fell off
mach in e
Mushroom and Eggplant
Made by yours truly
My Experience With Anthony Fantano
M****soft f*nt
Moldy Voldy
Making the first move
Man I sure would hate it if I got a
memories of cummy
me when
My tour of Valve
my gacha guys please go easy on me okay
Mistake of a lifetime
Minecraft speedrun comments on Facebook!!!111!!
My Encounter At Taco Bell
My Thoughts on the Cyberpunk 2077 Delay
Minecraft turned my son into a monster.
My Name Is Maria, And This Is My Testimony
Might that’s kinda poggers
m to the 🐝
Meet the Pyro transcript
Minecraft youtubers in a nutshell
Motivation for the boys
Message for China
Mass genocide su
My friends at bribble studios made this.
man is obviously housing some kind of entity
My grandpa is a conspiracy theorist. this is his response to a tik tok
My toaster caught on fire yesterday
My Massive Ego
Mac and Cheese by Ethan Nestor
My child was beaten
Monthly Metrics
My girlfriend wants me to “smell her farts up” so she doesn’t have to smell them when she farts around us?
My little brother started crying when he learned about armour coatings
Mr Fults
Moving out of america.
My friend’s essay back in Year 6, written here word for word
My English
Mom no.
My new fnaf rap!
MrSoftServe1337 is gay
Mort from all hail king Julian on a cosmic level is a supreme being
My bias among the 12 apostles
Martin C
My mom is NOT a hoe
My 1st gf rushed me into bdsm
My experience and addiction with the delicious thick white liquid.
message for jason and harry!!!!
My friend unironically said this on discord
My views are beyond your understanding
My Personal thoughts on Stalin subject to change as is anything
Morshu full dialogue with emoji’s
My ex mistakenly sent $80,000 in my account and calls me to send it back
me too
My Day At The MLP Convention
My name is Yoshikage Kira
Meme Man: A Postmodern Psychedelic Masterpiece
My Arab Uncle
My boyfriend told me 3 weeks ago that he has decided to convert to a “beanatarian” diet.
Merci, Monsieur Shapiro
Moscow Mules
My thought I fought why fortnite is better than pubg
Minecraft 2b2t
mfw Gacha kids get shidded on
middle school relationships
My eyes
Mexican traps
mfw when
my friend made a whole ass copypasta of how much he hated anime,,
Mother removed from the Holy Trinity
My dick is too big for my own good.
My girlfriend’s ass worms went inside my peehole…
My dad is a gamer
moistcr1tikal copypasta
Mr beast is impostor 😭
Matthew 5: 27-28 “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.
My friend is a criminal:
Mean cashier 😡😡
My friend’s mom asked him if she needs to watch Borat 1 before watching the sequel.
My best apology
Moe Lester
Melon Man
my opunon on TAS speedrun
Mayhaps a quick jot fellow intellectual.
Michael Jackson vs Freddy Mercury
My computer couldn’t run fortnite so I made money for new parts in an interesting way!
My mentos dog walking experience.
Mno thurd person in C2076?!
Male Birth control
Mother paradox
Mentos Diarrhoea
Mark Zuckerberg harvests souls
Mine diamonds lyrics
Monokuma, On en.wikipedia.org
my first oc (reposted because of spelling error
My name is Bella Thorne, and this is the story of the time I found out I had dyslexia.
my daddy don’t love me anymore
My friend wrote this
My IQ is the “highest possible”
My godess.
Mr. Shapiro defends himself in the Apollo affair
Minecraft Is a Front For Anti-Semitism
manchaster girl
Metal Gear Solid: Cock
My opinion on the “what” memes
My friend wrote this in like 2 hours
money machine
Midterm Exam (my teacher typed this out with his whole heart)
Movie Script
MUSTARD muustard mustard…
My fucking stepdad just fucking bareass spanked me?
My mcdonals ordér
my gf sent me this this morning at 00:13. think it belongs here
My step-sister just occupied my bed, what the hell!
Mulder outpizzas the hut
My moans are very cute
Meth heads are really supernatural beings – posted by u/GrundlewoodSmegbotto on r/AskReddit
Minecraft 2.0 The Fuck you update.
Malfoy stumbled down the street and the darkness followed.
My (22F) fiancé (21M) won’t stop referring to his erections as ‘Jaws’ movies.
Message i was sent
Measured My Speaker Cables.
My friend ranted about germany for like an hour
My name is Arthur Fleck
Mr Peabody And Sherman Plot
Massive leather pants problem
My name is Arthur Fleck
Meanwhile on my 4chan
medieval coochie
Mia Khalifa (Disstrack)
My female friend’s thoughts on the “strong female characters” in TLOU2 (from r/thelastofus2)
My Name Is Remy Rat
My Friend Sent This To Me Unironically
Mega Dong Almost Killed Grandma
Micheal meltdown
MicroPython on an ESP32
Machine copypasta
Max-level Gamer Habits
MMA gyms are fake, thugs in the street can beat up fighters. also, recognizing that women being biologically weaker than men and that we should avoid hitting women makes me a white knight
Mercy General Ice Water Recipe
my cock
Made this myself
My 11 year old son now owns the house
Monkey Sex
Mike Tyson quote
Masks aren’t funny
My mum makes the best damn sausage rolls I’ve ever tasted
My cat just escaped this morning
my cock is enourmous.
My friend ACTUALLY submitted this as a college essay.
Me when someone disrespects cummy 😡😡
My friend pitched an idea for our dnd session.
Man seeing Giyu in total despair just turns me on like mad,
mario taking a shit
Me and My uncle played a cool game when I was little
mask exemption
My friend and I were roasting each other and he had the audacity to use “nerd”
MF DOOM has gotten me through some rough times
My Godzilla x Mothra Fanfic! :3 (DO NOT STEAL)
My crush rejected me bc she thought I was reciting a copy pasta
My friend sent me this
Muh Player Interaction
My friend post this everywhere
My mother has found my dakimakura and is upset because of it
My balls are like taffy my friend.
My name is Yashiro-Kasumi
mfw last rep
my ass is so fat. my ass has grown to a volume that my nerves and blood vessels can no longer support. it has become a tumor, impairing my daily life and making even the most basic of tasks hell.
My friend sent me this.
Mall ninja Ben Shapiro
Malaria, malaria.
Made by me, I’m aware of the grammar/punctuation/overall errors
Many candy have bugs inside of them, but Reeses are on another level
Math Equation Copypasta
My roommate keeps waking me up with his anime watching.
Munging -“The one thing worse than genocide”
My X-Box is haunted
My extreme lust for big chungus
Most repulsive and disgusting person ever
Minecraft Boomer
mepi necsstz æt mritta’z zonc en incnezss
middle school love story
Mchelp mcme mcplease
Medieval armour Sucks ass
Mayo guy
My friend tried to make a song and this is the result.
mpreg role play
My pure lust for jar jar binks
My extreme lust for shrek
Marys letter silent hill 2
My Queen
Meanwhile, on my discord server… (link is https://discord.gg/VuStd6q )
Mario land 2 commercial
Mod Application
my final google translation
My silver, gold and platinum died
Mmm bread I like bread
missing fragments of our life
My poop died
Making jokes in 2020:
My dad might have died 😐
My dad MIGHT HAVE died 😐
my life story
Minion r*pe fetish from OKBR
my cock is so fucking big that it weighs me down, i have scoliosis because of my extemely large penis. my cock is so unbelievably huge that if gravity stopped working i’d still be on the ground.
My dad
Markiplier has ligma
Maximillian mUUUUSS
My dad didn’t die 🙂
My friend is a sub par discord/ minecraft mod. Here’s the apology he sent to my friend:
My 5 year old kid is obsessed with Kraftwerk. Help.
Monthly Metrics are here!
Maybe a bit less beating the shit out of the little man in the boat with you enormous back massager and you could come with just a penis??
Mario Fuckin Ballin, But Shakespeare wrote it
My 5 year old is obsessed with Kraftwerk. Help.
mods gay
My life is like a video game uywu
My dad died 🙁
Man loses his mind on a trivia game
my fnaf rap
My encounter with the perfect woman
My goal in life
My Confusing Opinion On Abortion
My friend’s online undergrad psych group meetings in a nutshell :/
Misandry is alive and well.
My Gender Is:
Man wishing humanity would evolve gets sent by faks and lojik
Mod response to a post against the rules
My friend sent me this on discord and i’m worried
My friends response to me saying that there probably isn’t going to be a ‘beach episode’ of the anime Re:ZERO.
My friend claims this is his, is this a copy pasta
My Political Compass Quiz Results
my internet is shit.
My friend sent this to me, so I thought I’d archive it here
More kin copypastas because we’re making fun of an abuser
Madd Trevor
My son won’t stop taking his pants off 😭
Madd Trevor’s email
Mr. Clean erotica
My mates rules for sleeping at his house:
Mini Crewmates
Moan noises
My Little Pony Turns Me On
Minority-Chan x KKK-Kun
My stinky diarrhea problem
My friend’s dream
Me and my friends describing my hero academia by cycling around 1 word each
My Frog Fetish From r/ComedyHeaven
MeMaw, PeePaw? The fuck away from me, mutant heretic!
Mary wana induced testicular cancer
My brain hurts
My hecking holesum corona test today 🙂
maryilln hewson seduces you in a fleetwood mac concert
My new design is informed by superhero graphic art because surrounding President Donald J. Trump is a mythos never before seen in a United States president, a mythos not unlike the Epic of Gilgamesh.
Mario says the fuck word
My name is Carl Wheezer. (JoJo+Jimmy Neutron)
missing kitty
My commission
Men only care about my personality 🙄
My entire life has lead me to the Xbox Series X
My friend was talking about how quantum mechanics proves 0=1 and…..
Meeting Greta Thunberg
Men are so goddamn boring
My memes on DankMemes
my cock is too small
My little sister (13 watches belle delphine and wants to become her some day
Minecraft Steve’s subtle characterization in smash bro’s
My school just banned dating (found on r/Teenagers)
Minecraft mob vote
My IQ is quite above the average.
My IQ is quite above the average
Milk Is Cow Sperm
Mr. President
My Gamer girlfriend application
Moo I’m a cow
Minecraft steve
Modern Major-General
Mental Health (my advice)
my return to monkey
My balls are gone.
Mr. President🥺🥺
Mr. President 🥺🥺
Mr. President🍊I’m literally sitting here crying😭
Mr. President🥺🥺
Me when Donald Duck gets Coronid Virus
minecraft steve is in smash
MMA is sport
Meeting A Girl
Mr. Boomer
Minecraft bad Waluigi good
My God, it’s Rudy Giuliani
My Slime
Mega fighting relatives supreme
mickey mouse club house intro analisis
Mad Xbox fan
My 5 inch clit beats your puny dick
Minecraft Steve is a hot piece of shit garbage
Monkey🐒 go to space🌌
Mario Sex Education: Safe Sex Is The Best!
My favorite restaurants
Mmm cummy show dem feet
Matt Walsh On Robots
Mississippi declaration of succession
Morgz is love morgz is life
My (29M) girlfriend (29F) literally pooped in my mouth last night and I don’t know what to do now
More AKBfriendgotry
More dumb AKB[INTEGER] bullsh!t
My friend wrote this by hand in discord
My love for Cummy is more than yours
My friends hate Trump, but I love him. What do I do? (stolen from Quora)
Metal fans are the worst
man im so pissed off!
my roflcopter goes soi soi soi
Me yelling(British translation)
My dream physical
Mudae bot (shitty copy, i know)
My Gassy Roommate Incineroar
Michelle Gives It 7/10
My friend told me to post this
mantis are stupid
Mr. Krabs Kommits War Krimes
My girl and my Beyblades
My Mom is a huge BITCH.
Matt Walsh on Twitter
Mansplaining periods, motor oil
My cock controls me and I don’t care anymore.
Mcdonalds borger
Meanwhile in the comment section [OC]
Meme Cat needs your help
My friend sent this in discord
Mathematical proof that big chungus is evil
Moderate Democrats are the real fascists
my first experience with scat fetish.
My morals (from gun politics)
Mr. Fujiwara,
My name is Yoshikage Kira.
Melt my butter
Moga 2020 🇲🇾🇱🇷🇲🇾🇱🇷
My friend just wrote and sent this to our discord server. Should i call an ambulance? The police?
My s/o
My first underwater camera.
McDonald’s Employees
My thoughts on illaoi
My fortnite llama
Males who sleep naked, how do you position your dicks comfortably?
Males who sleep naked, how do you position your dicks comfortably? (Found on /r/AskReddit)
My girlfriend won’t stop spamming me pictures of my ass.
My ex and you would look soo good together, after all trash looks better collected than scattered.
Minecraft song (sung to the tune of senorita)
minions are satan.
My Daughter busted my balls
mosquitos are the worst
My teacher caught me on reddit. Now i have to make this post
Mac;emoer frifyyrtg suohp
Moo, Baa, La La La! by Sandra Boynton (emoji version)
My fellow americans, there are fake cummys out there
My bitches love sosa but my bitches are computers
Mixed race couple?
My sincere apologies
Minecraft piggy
My old Steam bio…
minecraft enchantment table language copypasta
Mohamed Enieb Love Letter
Molly is the best song ever.
My wonderful poop
My rant
Most women don’t care about big dick.
Minions 2: The Rise of Gru Tiny Toot Fart Firing BlasterMinions Role Play Tiny Toot Attack Shop all Minions
my friend told me this on unironically on discord
Mac and cheese
My theory on why cummy was removed
Monke: The journey to happiness
My Hot Female GF WATERBOARDED ME?!?!?!?
My Love Lust For Cummy
My car is faster than yours.
Most people have an above-average number of arms
monkey buy juice
My son is a hateful incel, and I just cannot save him or defend him anymore.
My feelings for marisa from the touhou franchise.
Mod meltdown in r/karmacourt
My penis from r/Teenagers
Morse code
My life is constant misery and i am always in pain. LOL.
My love for BTS
Masturbate to cartoons
Make this subbreddit muslim!
M&M copypasta
Minecraft grandmaster
My response when my friend posted a September meme
Message for any unlocked animemes thread
My friend Josh
My girlfriend is obsessed with my asss🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Manga’s are a crime to the balance of the universe
My friend wrote this for an English project or something
My veil of irony will protect me
Mommy milky
Michael Nebbia’s apology video to YamiBan.
my girlfriend has this police fantasy but as a libertarian it really bothers me
My specs are saved for cummy
Music Snob copypasta
Making 63 Subway subs in an hour is near impossible
Man goes through awful pranks, cheating wife and jail but its fine because he gets to focus his thoughts on how to rebuild his life after he gets out.
My friend sent me a facebook meme and my first response didn’t really seem “facebook” enough. I ended up coming up with this gem. 🙂
my axe
My most recent mcdonalds order
My friend’s paragraph in an instagram groupchat when discussing netfilx and chill
My name is Moss an this is my dating profile.
Master 🤚Of🎨 Woman🙅‍♀️👰
Master Of Woman
My friends hates school and sent this in the zoom chat, he then left
minecraft launcher right now
Mac miller’s Wikipedia page
My name is Juan and I love Donald Trump
Mary Sues are Always Related to Important Characters
My amigo sent this in a group chat and istg
Men 🤴 who 🤷‍♂️love ❤to eat 🍽 ass 👅🍑… you 👆 are😍 appreciated 🏅
My Friend Sent this In our Among Us Discord
My trans friend sent this to me after I asked him if he supports neopronouns
My very in-depth guide to fucking a dolphin.
Monkey noises
Married? 😅☺️🥺🥺🥺
My first copypasta
Mmm yummy chocolate cake
Met a bear in Alaska.
Motorcycle Classified Ad
Moderator Copypasta
My teacher’s long letter to my friend’s mom
my dream
My friends have been buying fast food to throw it at people
Making a copy pasta 🍝
My boyfriend bought a T-84 Ukrainian main battle Tank online
Man shot his male doctor after he made him cum during a prostate exam
Misato is best girl
mommy gf
Mr Bean’s speech about the painting of whistler’s mother
my first copypasta
Memory is like getting money attached to you
messing with youtube algorithm to avoid deletion of leaks
Months of silence, Ô #Nintendo!
Mystery Meat
My (M25) boyfriend (M24) mops the floor with milk
Missouri State Senator Josh Hawley
Mild enjoyment
My friend wrote this about a girl he likes.
Mind = Blown
Mark & Musk
My Struggle (Very Sad)
Masks = communism & death
Mr. Benson Walker
My stomach hurts
My wishlist for halo infinite 😇
Meet the Spy
mike parson
My Stupid Ass Copypasta
My Brother Died
Monkey pics
Mini Muffins
My gc is fucking retarded
Middle School
My(23M) girlfriend(24F) farted in my mouth when I at her ass and now won’t let me eat her ass or give her head.
My giantess gf [21] is making me [26] uncomfortable as she’s becoming very-sexually dominant all the time, even out of the bedroom.
McDonald’s menu
Mama Adamz saved my marriage
My name is joe Biden
Mr. Banana has been denied pleasure for too long, he will be greedy for it even without scarcity
My Cousin’s Terraria Master Mode Rant
Made this random thing with copypasta.
Mr. Bubz
My father raped me my sister and my wife [NSFW]
My friends, spread the love for mommy Jacinda…
My friends were talking about 9/11 on discord when one kid chimed in with his opinion, saying “sucks to suck” and “we have bigger things to worry about” basically saying COVID has killed more people so the lives of the people who died that day don’t matter” He got muted and said this afterwards.
My discord friend’s glowing review of Cuties
My message to cummy when he stopped being my little cum slut
Mosquito bite
My FNaF Rap (Rappa 3000)
moonman quitting
My First Solo Win in Fortnite Battle Royale
monkey see, monkey do
My trans wife mean!!?!
Mfw I see woman
My opinions of calvin pissing stickers.
My friend got angry
meet the spy but its among us (OC)
My (20M) wife (39F) hit me. Is it over?
Men copypasta
Minecraft speedrunner vs Among Us
My mother saw me cooming (Found on Steam)
Meat , okay?
My (15M) wife (45F) killed both of my parents (35M 35F) and all my friends (15M 15F 15M 15F 15F 15M 16M 15M 14F 15M 16M 16F 14F 15M 15M). I said “Frick you” to her in return. Am I the asshole?
Mountain Dew is the best soda ever
Master of pissing on towels
My friend is in agony in the group chat after changing his discord name. This is what he sent.
mmm shoulder
minecraft sex mod free working 2020 where is?
Mods be like
My 9/11 humor did not go without encountering some resistance…
My friends found my search history
My gf asked me why i have a gun
My reply to a poll about whether pineapple belongs on pizza became political [OC]
marcus morris tweet
My president
Math is more exciting than sex
My first copypasta, hope you guys like it
My day at school today
My favorite pornhub comment
my Instagram bio when I was 13
My friend said this out loud for a school project
Me? A virgin ? Seriouuuusly^^
Mexican people > Black people ITS MY OPINION DONT HATE (thread)
My Queen 👑
Monster Legends Public Review
My gf ripped my d*ck
My first time with porn
My friend sent this to a group chat randomly
Maybe I am
My husband is raising 3 (about to be 4) kids that are’t his. AMA.
markiplier fnaf 1 copypasta
Madam, can I suck your tits?
My cock day 😱😫😱
My new waifu
Mad libs Copy Pasta
Muh Russia
My IQ is extremely, almost embarrassing, high.
Mods be trippin’
Me when a drumpfer calls me stupid
My Cringe Normie Gym Teacher
Misogyny fetish
Moon emoji letters
My daughter is so dumb…
My name is…. (Aka Longest name duel in Anime)
My fellow Americans
Musical chairs
My evil plan
Minecraft Skyblock Update
Mod Copypasta from my discord
my dating resume
mfw cummy face reveal
Mark Rober
Mohammed’s Sacred Texts
Many feminists claim…
My entitled aunt tries to take my phone (iPhone 11) when she is asked to leave
Max Goof is trash.
Mickey mouse fanfic
My Mom Beat Me With a Dildo
MEE6, the absolute WORST discord bot
model series ep 22 s2 is one of the most continuity and geographically messed up episodes of the model shows run
My girlfriend has this police fantasy but as a libertarian it really bothers me.
Mark Rober
Message to Anarcho Primitivists
M(19) and Cool story moment
MARK ROBER‼️MARK ROBER‼️ Hello 😀👋🏻 do your shoes need shining? 🤔👟✨MARK ROBER😳‼️MARK ROBER please🥺☹️🙏 Do you need coffee? 👀☕️ Come back 😫 PLEASE my clout😤🤑Dont go away from me🥺MARK ROBER please 😫 😫
Murder advice (OC)
Mmmm😏😈 yummy 😋🤤
Morgan, did I ever tell you about Kamala Khan?
Made an English Only Hentai, check it out!
my friends current frustration with the word “simp”
My Fellow American
My school accidentally played porn during our opening assembly.
My fanfic to owoifier after the recent face reveal:
Man defends getting Skyrim sex mods
My Boyfriend that is My Girlfriend and Noah
Me when girl exist 😈
Mr. Poopy Butthole:
My Jedi fan theory!
my story
MineCraft 1.4 Crash
Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside story should have had you save Bowser from a clogged artery.
Merhaba my friends, this is how you convert to the great culture and nation of the TURK
Mario and luigi arguing
My (25F) brother (23M) was killed by my boyfriend (26M) because I wouldn’t have sex with him.
Me having a mental breakdown
M-A-S-K is an anagram of S-K-A-M.
Made Racist zucchini bread
Meme purge
Mister Shapiro and gay porn
My (67) stepmom asked me (2) to Kiss her feet and I shot her with my snubbnose 13 times
My parents think I’m too overconfident.
My FAVORITE rappers
My dad died 🙁
Medieval Yoshikage Kira Monolouge
My dear friend on girls who say “rawr”
Mac: Picks up Lenovo Tab p10 pro
My middle school is permanently banned from the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
Modern conspiracies be like…
Man who lost everything
Mini ladd fans defending mini like
My (25m) fiance’s (26f) family has a tradition where the groom says “i vow to protect you from ninjas and pirates” during the vow. I do not want to do this, but she is insisting. Is there a compromise here?
Message to the Mickey Mouse fucking club house
Mike Lindell
Mumbo Jumbo having an existential crisis
Marijuana Supply Package
My wife’s cat died today. Scratch that, our cat died today. Kidney failure. Fucking sucks.
My friend sent me this during a lecture
Minecraft ban appeal
My worst nightmare
My [23M- 5’6 – 62kg ] Gf [22 – 4’9] broke up with me because of r/relationshipadvice
My Uncle Literally ate all my lasagna, so I’m going to destroy his marriage
Mr hippo story
MFS 2020
My friend’s rant about celery
My favorite insult
Mod message
My friend’s COVID test experience
My son is in a medically induced coma after fucking silica gel packets in his Fleshlight
Me and my friend usually talk shit like this
My post had 75 upvotes, why didn’t Cummy’s reply also had 75 upvotes?
My penis inverted inside my body
My daughter stopped a bank robbery today (ai generated)
My pig
Minecraft Ban Appeal Response
Me [31F] thinking of leaving me BF of 4 years [34M] for rich guy.
Michael’s Employee Copypasta
My friend created this out of boredom during our classes
Money Plane
mickey mouse asks goofy a question
Metro By T-Mobile Autopay
My first time
My [23M] girlfriend [F21] won’t stop using emojis. Is this a deal breaker?
My thoughts on raising children
My friend made this a copypasta for me
Most horrible day of my life
My perfect response owning a redditor who tried to call me an incel.
Madmin 👿
My phone died and im very sad
McDonalds and BK🤤🤤
My ecstasy at jacking off to furry porn
My name is Yoshikage Shapiro.
My star sign 😜😜
My Childhood Trauma
Mahaveer Raghunathan
My friend spent the day out with his family
Me when humble royalty 😎
Male masturbation tutorial
Modern feminism isn’t about equality
muffin man
My Ideology is…
My love for sports is now dead
Mi pan
Medical Mriacle
My wife is a PhD in this field and thinks you’re full of shit
Maria’s favorite junk.
My thoughts as a Marine Corps Veteran on professional athletes kneeling for the Anthem.
MONSTER Energy drinks are the work of SATAN!!!
Music, I hate it.
my friends sent this to me over snpachat
Morshu’s Paradise
My idea for a Donald Trump porno (og comment in the comments)
My brother broke my phone and stole 200 dollars from me. This was My payback.
my friend was ranked #7 in our fantasy football power rankings and he dropped this essay. an underdog story for the ages, and also good copypasta
Meet the Soldier [Closed Captions Edition]
Minecraft, But I’m crippled
My brother in a group chat talking about fighting games
My Queen – a Request
Man ass
made this myself 😌
Marq’z Petsareea
My story
Milk Before Cereal
My girlfriend saves my cum
mod abuse
mario pisses those notes (for discord)
Minecraft in a nutshell
My wife left me 🙁
my ansestors
Made in response to anus_fungi
My friends call me “gay” because I prefer tomboys over feminine girls?
Monster Truck Fanclub
My friend sent this to his Roblox girlfriend!
My (31M) girlfriend (now wife, 22f) of 4 years cheated with my best friend (19M) of 11 days, who is a part time pornstar with a 12.68 inch penis.
Madeira cake.
moderating discord hard
Making children should be illegal (r/antinatalism)
My friends think I’m a pedo furry
Meet the Heavy but in italian
Male penis size
malo from twilight princess is a fascist.
Men, what is the funniest thing to happen to you while having sex?
Meatloaf – I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That) Full lyrics with counts for each thing he wouldn’t do and how many times he affirms he would do them.
My normal gym class experience
My friend’s Persona 5 review
More alfredo sauce. Hold your applause
My wife loves my bulge
My girlfriend thought “Welcome to Tally Hall” was a Five Nights at Freddy’s song
My mom threw a bucket of water on me today
Me and my replika A.I created this
Much controversy, much confusion
More Cowbell
Minecraft Steve
My cum is different
My Name Is…
My pepega story
My favourite Pokemon is Shuckle.
My Father’s Death Note
May I?
making a 8-bit register with just JK flipflops is not that hard
My ball python just pooped so loud
Meat week
Moving to japan
mypillow ad
My friend went hard on tiktokers for impersonating the people who died from Holocaust
My English Teacher
Mom won’t let me stay up all night and play video games
My friend sent me this at 4 in the morning
My (27F) boyfriend (27M) asked me to “act more kawaii” in the bedroom. I’m asian and he’s white. I don’t want to shame his kink but I don’t want to be fetishized.
My man Charble defending my man Koda
memes, the DNA of the soul (repost)
My husband of 5 years bought me reddit gold for our anniversary
My potato pc saved me.
My husband of 5 years bought me reddit gold for our anniversary
My problem with traveling
My potato PC saved me (Found on r/Teenagers)
My parents disowned me, because
My parents disowned me, because
My friend thinks this is good copypasta
My parents disowned me, because
My parents disowned me, because
My parents disowned me, because
My parents disowned me, because
My parents disowned me, because
My parents disowned me, because
My parents disowned me, because
My parents disowned me, because
My parents disowned me, because
My potato PC saved me
My parents disowned me, because
My potato PC saved me.
My Husband of 5 years bought me Reddit gold for our anniversary
me after eating a firefly
My girlfriend has 206 bones in her body
Me and u/randomredditoridkfor made our own versions
My name is Ben Shapiro
My mom
my opinion on pizza huts new burgers
My pussy really do be going poggers
My little pony cumjar story
My conversion process to TRUCKOLOGY
Mad Max Furry Road
Met Anthony Fantano Today.
My parents disowned me, because
My parents disowned me, because
Modern day Ronnie Kray
Moistcritical after taking part in chess – the game of gentlemans
My haachama cum jar
My detailed analysis on the song “Video Killed The Radio Star” and my hypothesis on how video did not kill the radio star.
My penis doesn’t work properly anymore at the age of only 15, what am I supposed to do?
My actions are finally catching up to me.
My wise father once said
Mom told me to do some adult stuff.
Minecraft In A Nutshell
My friend thinks this is good copypasta
M tho the beat
My wife (11 F) threw out all my (69 M) beans.
My mom told me to do some adult stuff.
My dream to where I am a simp
Mha moment
My (25M) girlfriend 26F baked all the beans, now I consider to end our relations? What do I do?
Me when the reddit mods delete my post
My love for Abigail Shapiro
My Review for Flip Flopping Fuckers 2
My wife is a DOCTOR!
My (25M) girlfriend 26F baked all the beans, now I consider to end our relations? What do I do?
Mao is Love, Mao is life
mee6 hate post
My (25M) girlfriend 26F baked all the beans, now I consider to end our relations? What do I do?
My robloxian highschool OC. DO NOT STEAL!!!!
My huge dick is stuck in a plunger
My favorite meal
Make America Great Again
Most of you idiots are no better than those dumb Flat Earthers.
My brother won’t stop fingering his asshole [Found on R/Averagedickproblems]
My Day has been Ruined.
My Dream
My 86-year-old grandma replied “OK, boomer” to my boomer aunt in an argument.
my prostate exam
Me(16M)_irl when I saw cummy
Message from the Quality Joke Committee
My name is Yoshikage Kira
My experience on r/animemes, and why trap isn’t a slur
Morning routine: redditor edition
My America’s Got Talent backstory
mbeen22 sweats in gaming
My mine craft dog died
Mods Stop Pinning Fat Dudes I’m Hard
Most B-Boy music (‘Rap’) isn’t even music
My Great Sex Story With Thomas The Train
My 🎥 🤩 super hero movie
My dog has been rubbing his but on the floor
My wife, her boyfriend and I
My fucking friend abandoned me because of his stupid anime references
my fnaf rap (source unknown)
mario 64 is the shittiest game of all time
my fnaf rap
My friend wants to know if it’s weird she kind of finds the Coronavirus attractive?
My friend’s friend sent this in a discord server
my cake copypasta but translated a ton of times through the translatifier bot
made this chad in notepad bud he fucks up when i put him anywhere else can yall help me fix him ill leave a link of what hes supposed to look like
My TV puts my Freedom at risk
MK Super Circuit
Minecraft: The Last Admin
My dinner
MrAnakin3 apology copypasta
Mc mod
My grandma is pregnant. Please help. [NSFW💦💦💦]
Mom Called My Dick Small
Mom called my dick small
Mom called my dick small
Mommy’s Debit
My mom called my dick small (/r/teenagers)
My mom called my dick small (og is from r/teenagers)
Mom says my dick small
M2K 6-0s Leffen
My Girlfriend cried-I’m determined to marry her
my girlfriend cried-i’m determined to marry her
My mom walked in on me while I was watching Hentai with the boys
My mom walked in on me while I was watching Hentai with the boys
My mom walked in on me while i was watching Hentai with the boys
My mom walked in when I was watching hentai with the bois (from r/teenagers)
My husband is a pizza gatekeeper terrorist
My response to a MEE6 level up.
Metal Gear-thelioma
My little penis
Medical Cubicles
Mr Clean
More Alfredo sauce. Hold your applause
My favourite bands inspired by sam o’nella
My Clean Porn
My Minecraft dog died today
My 9-year old review of Newgrounds game Chickaboom
Most Wanted: John Cad Jr.
Meet the Engineer (TF2)
Mabel Pines
MoistCritikal Poem
My Rape Story
Meta post
My brother sent me this after the mushrooms I grew resprouted
made by me
My worst injury from masturbation
My Grandma.
Music festival ass
my mom fucked my best friend jack
My favorite song lyrics
My 👨🙋 fellow Americans, 🌎💣 due to 💦 the 🏿👏 overwhelming amount 📉🔢 of Black 🐵◼ squares 🤣 teenage girls are 💦 posting 👏 on 🔛 Instagram, the supreme court has decided end racism completely.
My (25m) wife (26f) won’t stop acting like Gordon Ramsay
My (25m) wife (26f) won’t stop acting like Gordon Ramsay
Meat and dairy diss track – MC Soy
Memri TV talks about how Spongebob is turning kids gay
Masturbation is a sin
my fnaf rap
Monkeyspaw: what would happen if your cum tasted like the last thing you ate?
make Gacha Club on IOS Luni or I’ll eat your toes 🤬
Morioh Cho Radio
Meet the Scout
Me when I spot a girl gamer
Mario’s Ungloved Hands
mario and yoshi
Man Hooters
mamma mia 🤤🤤💦🍆🦖
My live defence of Z Broly in FighterZ.
My mom
Master Oogway
Martin Scorese is not gay, he just really loves Robert De Niro
My favorite lusts for Cummy
Meowth is not gay.
meaty stew aroma
Mermaid Fetish
Morgana from Persona’s real identity
Meet The Grammar Police
Marloss Berry
May be too serious for this sub, but Dammn.
Mine craft 1.17
my sleep paralysis experience
my friend wrote this for me to play this game
Mr. Peanut Jr. is now 21 and here is the aging process of the Mr. Peanut species
Man I’m fucking SICK of these anime cliches, man
Minecraft BlockSky Map Google Translate Review
Man calculates the amount of human penis on earth
my ex’s final text messages to me make the PERFECT copypasta.
Moth Girls
May be from here, but found on r/robinhood
My Cock
More Alfredo Sauce. Hold your applause
Moth girls are so hot oh god I love them
Moth girls
Mary’s letter from Silent Hill 2 but it’s owofiered
Meet FuckMaster Pro 5000
Me and the boys on COD [not OC]
maple syrup gun
Murdering fetus post from relationship_advice
Medic, I like Elon Musk
My Queen
My insta bio(actually had this for a month now), also I’m a male.
Massive Craps
My name is Billy
Master Sword in BOTW is disproportionate and it pisses me off
Minecraft Speedrunner VS Youtube Algorithm REMATCH GRAND FINALE
Morse Code Navy Seal Copypasta
Me and Billie Eilish at the Grocery Store
Mic up
My cousin is really into minecraft
MrAppieGamingg in the hospitol
My First Troll
MOD POST: How do I meet women during quarantine?
Mod rant from r/askmen
My name is John (Touhou Futo version)
My friend called me a weeb on discord so I sent this in retaliation
Mom please I didn’t mean to piss myself forgive me
My favorite hobby
More quotes of idiotic children giving a troll attention on another site
My friend literally told me they didn’t know who cummy was 😡😡😡😡😡🗿
Marxist Homosexual Transgender Reptillian Space Jews that control the Universe
Minecraft YouTuber Intro
My sister is such a fatass
My reply/science lesson to the words of a man, woman, or goblin creature (still likely the third thing) who doesn’t know what natural selection is
My Depressing Life Of Being A Scene
Mukuro Ikusaba, the 16th Student, lying hidden somewhere in this school… the one they call the Ultimate Despair, Watch out for her.
Mom yelled at my brother for watching porn
My dealer sends shit like this to all his WhatsApp contacts regularly.
My brother’s history
My uncle went to Thailand for surgery
Marty’s rant
Mods, pin this message or I’ll start shitting again, and this time, it’s on a doomsday level.
Minecraft, but with cock and ball torture
My discord fiasco.
My Theory on why Madelyn McCann is behind ISIS and terrorist attacks.
my friends subnautica review
Mr.Beast is the Antichrist …
My friend called my cock small. This was my reply.
Marx message to Kirby
My hatred for Amelia Bedelia
My [21/F] won’t stop calling me [20/M] “Serand the Warlord” and she doesn’t believe that I didn’t come up with the name.
My dad just sent me this
Me breathing
My mom sent this to me on Facebook
my dream
My boyfriend is addicted to clash royale
Miko the sex doll
My dads not like the rest
My name is pissman
Minions Ruined My Life
My short friend took his discord role
Mr. Shapiro
me fucking pussies
Mr. President, why did you leave the group chat?
Me and the NSA
Make a Wish
Mite philosophy
My little brother is a bitch ass motha fucker
Mr Bean is a Violent Criminal Mastermind
My friend has been going off in the discord server. Here’s one of the gems he’s sent.
My SONIC OC Part 1
Make reddit great again!
My Awesome Story
Mickey never came back, Mickey’s opening monologue
My life 👤 has become 🦋 an absolute 💯 hell 🔥 since 🔙 you 👆 announced your 👉 project ⛲
moisturized rat clit
Massive dohoonkabhankoloos
My search history
My Failed Wikihow Article on Safe Yeeting
My name is Yoshikage Kira. I’m 33 years old.
My friend entered a birthday giveaway where you had to be gay to get a CS:GO skin, and this is what he typed
Mods of r/animemes banned the word “trap”😡😡😡
Men of Reddit, how do you feel about your penis?
My first time with a condom
Memes about skeletons? Piss? Communism? from a top comment over at r/teenagers
my friend doesn’t like monster
My Video for Briona for Our 7 Month
Mighty No. 9 is a chick MAGNET.
Make me a mod or cummy gets it
My mom is amazing
MMMMM yes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Mac ‘n’ Cheese Hallucinations
My first time trying carp
My monkey was hungry. Here’s what he said:
Masks are being used to brainwash sheep
My favourite ASMRtist
My balls my rules.
My name is Yoshigake Kira
My Comment On a Friend’s Youtube Video
Moss is a plant
my 2020 life improvement plan.
mcdiamondfire.com you ask?
My last post
My first try at a copy pasta, probably cringe
Mi gunenr
Mordecai from Regular Show is a fuckin simp
My boyfriend (27M) keeps calling me (25F) a Karen.
my mom and the wii u
Most of us dont want to be known as a one shit wonder like these hack rappers
My class is full of NORMIES! SO I TROLLED THEM
My stream of thought is eternal, pure, measuring to infinity.
money machine verse 1
My friend posted this in a group chat
Mr.Clean Magic Eraser
Melee Luigi Ditto
My three wishes
MFW Face when
MC Tournament Hot Take!!!!! Dream and Techno: Pink Parrots
my r/sino ban message
My cummy fantasy but it’s battlefield 1 style
Message by Cummy
My Indian friend just sent me this
MetabolicMouths creation not Mine
miel pops
Mfw my dirty stinky g*mer boyfriend is a stupid idiot so I dump him
My own copypasta I made during a normal discord conversation
My doctor raped me
Markiplier kinda sucks
My boy’s got his own ringtone It’s the only one I know, it’s the only one I know
Meeting Keanu Reeves
moon man escaped
My first copypasta
Minecraft story mode shipping copypasta
my queen
My pussy fucking adventure
Moefumoefu my chino chan
My name is Yoshikage Kira.
My cum is spicier than yours
Music Wiz
My (19M) boyfriend (26M) just bought the domain name shitcum.com as an “investment”.
MasterChiefs Huge Cock
mad karen
Maaaaaaan, y’all missed a crazy night last night on animal crossing.
My friend sent this to me after playing roblox
My friends perfect crime
My local BK
my friend recieved an anonymous message on tellonym…
My Cat Binkers
Month and a half of no fap
My Facebook feed is a gold mine. OF SW rant:
Merami isn’t so great?
My true story of Fortnite’s island issues
Magic Mike is a 2012 American comedy-drama film directed by Steven Soderbergh and starring Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, and Matthew McConaughey.[5] The plot revolves around Adam, a 19-year-old who enters the world of male stripping, guided by Mike Lane, who has been in
My wife and I consider DDLG our umbrella kink, what’s your issue with it?
Made while tired, in discord
minecraft fanfiction
Mom can I please buy GTA V
Michael Jordan
My Wife Lied To Me For Almost 25 Years
My Dick Is Gay
My friend posted this gem a few months ago
My skeleton friends
Messed up
Mario Pissing Script Extended
Minecraft Rant
Male seals
Martha Stewart’s OiI
MY SHIT HITS THE FAN RIFLE!!!!! (Gun shitpost)
Made a new Coronavirus Pasta
Morse code
Mouldy decay maggots filled rancid fishes
Moaning is outdated, both people should just say “bruh” at increasing volumes during intercourse.
Masks are Al Qaeda?
Mbti subreddits are a goldmine
My Holiday At Christmas Island
May I take your order?
My new kink
My little sister ruined my LIFE for TikTok last night
my friend’s solitaire rant
Man, stop using the title for the first line of the pasta, cummy only pastes the body of the post in his comment
My sister (and tiktok) ruined my life!!?!??!?!!??@??1 JK rbdkakf dbajajbrbwjj!##83!(2(+’+3(+$
My friend sent this in the group chat and I thought I should share it
my friend typed this when i sent a picture of a pogging chimpanzee.
My wife took everything!
My response to who asked:
My 86-year-old grandmother replied “OK, boomer” to my boomer aunt in an argument
Minecraft CBT challenge
My friend is a satanist
My friend sent me this. Dunno if it’s an actual copypasta.
mmmmmmmmmm meet
Minecraft Ultimate be like
My opinion on babies
mi pan copypasta
My looks have been likened to Adam Levine or Dan Bilzerian
my friend made this, it was absolutely horrifying so i had to post it here
My sister ruined my life for “pranking” me on tic toc
Mousetrap is a terrible game
My sister ruined my fucking life by “pranking” me for tiktok.
My confessions
My hunger
mxmtoon’s tweet
MGTOW vs SE Asian village dweller
McDonalds Ice Cream Machine Broke..
My friend found this on an Instagram post
making fun of weebs in the tf2 gaming discord server
My rant from last night while high as a kite
Mine diamonds but in Spanish
My boyfriend application
My emotions
Mira feo sarnoso
Mozart’s letter he sent to his cousin
My girl likes to hit balls to get off!
My mate got a bit excited after our webcam workout
My scary nightmare, experiences, and Near-Death Experience of the Orange Man in the Black Suit
made this myself
Mother will not stop farting (r/advice)
My friend is convinced he could beat a chimp in a 1v1 fight
My friend sent me this… (shortened)
Mashed potatoes should be eaten with a spoon (r/unpopularopinion)
made this myself
Minecraft needs sex slaves
My Deep Confession
My girlfriend baked all my beans
My friend made The Cat With The Gat Part 2
My husband has been sticking beans in his butt
Mario conspiracy found in a youtube comment section
Marshall Beans
my friend’s rule34.xxx blacklist
Mao x Hitler
My first step will be carving out your left eye.
Modified Godzilla Fox Kids commercial
My cock DESERVES to be at least a strong 8. It’s 6.5 inches long and girthy, but the melon is biased against is because it’s black.
My fetish
My name is Edward J. Smith, I’m Liz’ neighbor.
My Cannabis Story
Minecraft villager sex scene
minecraft sex slave update?
Male human and female Pokémon breeding.
my wife’s 26 boyfriends
Mountains DONT look like boobs
My asshole can fit a car tire
Madara copypasta with updated references to Bleach, RWBY, Black Clover, My Hero Academia, Fairy Tail and Avatar: The Last Airbender
My teacher simps for Jack Bauer
My two brothers [23M & 25M) keep stealing my (24M) underwear. What should I do?
My dick is massive
My beautiful sleeping wife
My name is Yoshikage Kira
Marvel movies are just homo erotic fantasies !!!
My fetish:
My mom sent me this one
My Story.
My asshairs are like a jungle
Mr magenta
My movie my movie my super hero movie
My own grandmother told me i had a bony ass!!!
Making fun of _that_ kid with a friend. Went a bit overboard.
Mine own nameth is Yoskhigake Kira
Mango by Spanky Gazpacho DW
my freind simping on discord
Man defends Kayne for saying that Harriet Tubman didnt free slaves.
M’lady, please notice me!
Mariah Cock and Ball torture (Jojo)
My speech on horny thigh lovers
Mega Simp
My YTP Request
Male vaporeon molestation
My friends want to let a girl onto the FNAF team… what should I do?
My friend responded with this when I insulted his test grades
my masculinity just broke
Mask Man
My only wish
most inpirational owl player
Mark Zuckerberg’s ass
Mom recently forwarded this to me
My friend sent me this after I ignored her meme
my cock->🦍 your cock
My cousin was selfish for not helping me escape inceldom
minecrafy with a twist
Meloni Chan
My favorite food is water.
Martin Cabello Gives Ernie Advice
More from a crazy redditor
My hot uncle
My wife fucking let me exactly 69 times. Now she isn’t coming back.
Me beung rabdom lolol
My favorite childhood meal
Message to Chevre from my animal crossing new leaf town
Minecraft New Boss In Cave Update
MvC2 Iron Man Infinite
My thoughts about this one ramen restaurant…
My bitch English teacher (who murdered my love of reading) made us analyze poems
My attempt at doing a samurai jack cross undertale copypasta
Missing Bot “Most Likely A Prostitute Now” Investigators Say
Mission Impossible: The End of the Labour Party
my wife said i was gay. am i the asshole ? 🧐
My chinese mom d🚫🚫🚫
MoN Application No.51284
My Experience with Neil Druckmann
My Rant About Florida in a Groupchat At 4 AM
Me when someone mentions Jo dying on August 11th
Male Karen theme
My self insert character
Me as Ben Shapiro trying to convince my mom to let me buy GTA V
My Anus is Bleeding
My friend got banned from wikipedia for posting this on a page
Me seeing the 1000th post about cum
mystery being from creepyPMs
money machine
Mentioning subreddits in non-Reddit
Movies in 1930’s must have been like
Modi Ji is God!
Making a Copypasta for every Redditmoment. #1 : TikTok Bad
My classmates essay he sends when you ask if he had sex with his girlfriend
Message to u/Big_Chungus_1582, the one who killed our God.
M’lady, spare some photos?
My little pony theme
My boys, I want to tell you a history, a very good story.
My gay poem.
My birthday ritual
my roblox bio from over 9 years ago
minors can handle themselves online
My friend posted this when someone asked him about online school
McDonald’s drive-thru
Mary kay
My rage for OwO bot
Midichlorians were a genius move
Music: A blessing from Allah (found on youtube)
My pet shoe of 14 died a few hours ago and my family is making fun of me.
Mac n cheese
Mario what are you doing?
Masturbation Language Podcast
Megamind Cuck Dilemma
Myth Busted
My le ebig c0da about Eva and Tes being in the same universe.
mangle xenogender
mask bad
My theory on why Skinner’s roast was ruined.
My fiancé got arrested for solicitation a minor for prostitution
My (23F) BF (25M) keeps asking me to shave my pubic hair and I’m losing my mind
My dad bought a modest amount of wood and got this in the conformation E-mail
MoistCr1TiKaL / penguinz0
My Father Is A Fishing Fanatic (Polish Classic Copypasta)
My Apology.
My superhero movie
My account has been marked as NSFW but all I did was post a picture of a kaprisun
my friend sent this unironicly in discord once
Mr Potato
My name…
Mitch, we need you to get some supplies!
McDonald’s Menu Prices from www.fastfoodmenuprices.com/
My (29M) girlfriend (29F) literally pooped in my mouth last night and I don’t know what to do now
Mourinho is a Zoom Nazi
Michael!! Michael!!
momento bruh
My friends wrote this
Monster school
My sister’s roblox “About”
me when the
my friend called ME “lyin Ryan” ME, THE MOST HONEST GUY IN HISTORY.
Made a sarcastic post, and a guy tried mansplaining me. Guy had a huge ego when I pointed out he missed the joke. Somewhere down the massive thread he makes a typo and when he got called out for it, this is what he replied with.
Mustard vs ketchup rap battle.
Message from : that bitch from high school that never talked to you before
My friend ranting about internet extremism
My friend ate 9 bars and washed it down with alcohol and crashed his whip up the street
Mommy’s big boy wants his tendies
My mom is a Karen.
Morning boss
my friend’s (actually valid) rant about the minecraft server we’re in
My own copypasta I made about napalm because why not
My parent were refugees from Irac
Most cats hate women
Me’ve no no know
Message me if you live in Germany and are female. Requirements:
Math help
Moving to Ruqqus
My cousin was selfish for not helping me escape inceldom
man asking for order
Maya Fey and Phoenix Wright get a burger
My first ever CopyPasta. I hope you all like it.
My life changing journey of becoming vegan.
Me and my friend have been fucking around in chess, and he recently sent me this paragraph.
memes be like
Mister Christo
mosquito repellant review i found online
Me when lose argument
My friends are fighting
Ma’am, may i see your
My white shoes are ruined
My friend sent me this
My friend wrote this
Make America Great Again
my obituary, but its the two versions of the avatar, legend of aang intro scripts
My grandpa liked this song but also didn’t ever sing it, he just sat and stared at the wall. RIP gramps
My Garfield Fanfic
Moist musky sacks
my friend wrote this
My boyfriend (69F) shits on the floors and makes me (420F) apologize to it
Me and my gf recited the Mustafar scene during sex
My friend sent this in the group chat…
My DMT trip
M+K users have it easy…
Masks kill
Mind control masks
My cock hurts
My Superhero Movie but nothing is pictured up in 3D
My dog made me lose in WOW
Major turnpoint in my life (not at all)
My massive 🍆
My girlfriend is now cornatarian
Mark This NSFW Please
My name is u/rohangreen
My, hypothetical, wife is a doctor
My (25F) boyfriend (25M) keeps asking me to invest in his “soup tube” business idea, and I am not sure how to deal with it
My PostNutClarity Syndrome Story
me when
Mosquito world domination
My comment
My heart and actions are utterly unclouded.
My Dick is Hydrophobic
My Photography Hobby
MeatCanyon – Tommy the Bowler
Minecraft ok
My stepson is “grill pilled?” Help?
my favorite raper
Mr.Krabs Krab Cakes
Michael Rosen’s “chocolate cake” but instead of chocolate cake it’s cum
monke but it’s Morse code
my friend’s super christian sister blocked me because i sent her this:
Miss, I want to buy a container of your shit,
my life
Making its rounds on XXXTentacion discords
My gf calls me her “Waifu” sometimes and I love it
Minute physics!
My girlfriend told me 3 weeks ago that she has decided to convert to a “beanatarian” diet. She told me she will from now only only eat different types of beans
Minecraft speedrunner VS cock and ball torturer
Musings on the magnitude of COVID
My wife left 5 years ago. We had a rough patch but I wanted to fight for our marriage and so did she.
My upstairs neigbor
Mao is love, Mao is life
My review of LEGO city underground
Minecraft, but George’s torturing Dream’s cock and balls. In this video, Dream have to beat Minecraft while his friend, George is torturing his cock and balls. George has a humbler, a stretcher and can actively kick them at any time he wishes. Can Dream beat the Ender Dragon before his testicles are
My pet rock of 14 years died of old age a few hours ago and my family is making fun of me.
My weirdest dream
Mother, I have committed murder
My penis is too big
Melon boy
My penis tube feels sensitive to touch it
Met Captain Joe today! He also flew me!
My honest review of your feet
Mr Krabs
middle schooler backpacks be like
Mr. Kraby Cummie Yummy
My phone has survived unspeakable horrors
My Best Friend Passed Away Last Week
My cat interrupted my masturbation
Modern version of the Declaration of Independence
My opinion on Gotoubun no Hanayome
me when i gamer rage 😡
My comments are posted to this video. I came to warn people, as a desperate attempt to save as many souls as possible.
Masturbation and suicide ruined my murder
My English is well Dammit
minion fart gun
My Superhero Movie
Maximal characters for Reddit chat
Many a moon (mission #18473)
memes are NOT for virgins
My second grade teacher made us all “write a letter” to Obama
Microsoft owes me three martinis.
Mayo is a gender.
My fnaf rap
My boyfriend will only eat beans! Help!
Markov chain of niggas in my butthole
Microwaves be like
Mommy dom gf
mouse in my mouth
Mr Saxobeat By Alexandra Stan but it’s used by Google Translate
microscopic speck
My Mom Has Cancer
Minecraft’s Release Version One Point Eight Point Seven, Released On June 5, 2015; The Update That Patched Four Security Issues
Mods are going to delete this but people need to read this
Making a post owofier can’t owofy
Minecraft songs but I sing them
Mods Are Assholes- Fresh Pasta Alert
Mr. Krabs after the Krusty Karb was shut down.
Mouse Abuse (Serious)
My superhero Movie Lyrics
Minecraft Steven
My boyfriend told me 3 weeks ago that he has decided to convert to a “beanatarian” diet.
MAGA Ball: Z
max with the bandwagon
M4F… found on r/ChatPals
Message for oppressive pasta mods, also bearded lizards
My (23M) girlfriend (23F) keeps telling me she wants me to “act more like a crab”.
mom mad @ video game company for including lesbians in game
MSM Epic Shellbeat description
My gf is trying to turn me into a crab. Please help
My friend’s reaction
Most of you know me pretty well……
Men should never ride mares
Mr beast honey ad copypasta
My penis became fully erect without my consent.
My mother drinks my semen to protect her from Corona
My son’s weird fetish
minecraft player gets upset about bedrock vs java
Micky Dee’s
Minecraft, but he’s torturing my cock and balls
Mr. Clean has had a long day [NSFW]
Me 14-harvest cro-magnon who has lump curse and will die in 21 moons AMA
Me after I take penis pills
My (23M) girlfriend (24F) won’t stop talking about The Last Of Us: Part II and I can’t take it anymore
Manifesting Dark Energy
MJ’s Restaurant
My (23F) boyfriend (24M) wants us to start “using a human litter box” for our bathroom needs so that we can “save water”.
my cock..(i need help/advice)(nsfw)
modded Terraria soul of eternity
Masks are LITERALLY killing people!
Mr Meaty Creepypasta
May the HIGH GROUND be with you.
My plans for the 4th of July
Marco Rubio is trying to steal my girlfriend
my friend just sent me this from a discord server, enjoy
my friend got mad at me and sent me this
My son won’t stop using “TwitchSpeak”?
My life as a deleted reddit user
Minecraft is toxic
My name is Kira Yoshikage
My father is a fishing fanatic.
Minecraft, but he’s torturing my cock and balls. In this video, I have to beat Minecraft while my friend is torturing my cock and balls. He has a humbler, a stretcher and can actively kick them at any time he wishes. Can I beat the Ender Dragon before my testicles are ruptured? Watch to find out.
my dream game 🙂
My friend sent me this in discord after being called annoying
My favorite excerpt from Meet The Pyro
My ex was into testicular abuse
My lifestyle habits are so bad lol
Markiplier… 😩
McDonald’s per football fields
My triceratops craves gay ass
My [28F] boyfriend [27M] barks like a dog during sex. I’m finding it very off-putting and don’t know whether to end things?
MOBZ (TROLLZ minecraft parody: by me 🙂 )
My magical time with sonic
My god, my dad is such a fucking simp you guys
My friend was scrolling through her old Facebook feed from middle school and somebody had posted this on her page- thought it looked like prime copypasta material
Mee6 bot is so hot
My friend and I got into an argument about what would happen if Thanos killed a pregnant woman with the snap and he replied with this amazing creations
More like bore Ragnarok more like bore Ragnarok More like bore Ragnarok more like bore Ragnarok More like bore Ragnarok more like bore Ragnarok More like bore Ragnarok more like bore Ragnarok More like bore Ragnarok more like bore Ragnarok More like Ragnarok more like bore Ragnarok
Mamá cerdita e Iron Man. La primera parte de una novela llena de pasión, amor y traición.
microwave b like
My grandpa is a Rwandan genocide denier.
My son is an incel
My friend posted this after we were joking about the Cyberpunk 2077 graphics card
My friend’s dance instructions to Hit or Miss
Mommy milkers
my pp is so big
My Superhero movie
Most of the Emoji Library
My (24 F) boyfriend (30 M) keeps disappearing into the bathroom for an hour or more with a stick of butter and the butter is gone when he finally comes out.
My (24 F) boyfriend (30 M) keeps disappearing into the bathroom for an hour or more with a stick of butter and the butter is gone when he finally comes out.
my response to that fucking joke about teachers violating the geneva convention through collective punishment
Message from cummy
My friend’s reply after I told him to copy and paste something but he was “busy”
My friend sells cars, he gets these kinds of messages from scanners often
Mario is pure evil
Might be off track but
My opinion of people who enjoy pineapple on pizza
My thoughts on wearing masks (brought to you by Florida woman™)
Minecraft Mandela Effect
My name is Yoshikage Kira
Mukbangs are fucking stupid.
My original copypasta
My take on shrek 2
Markiplier Fnaf
Mad Rambling from the Mad Jester from Salt and Sanctuary
Math is Epic
Memetic Reductions of the Particular to the Universal
My friend laughed when I told him our Minecraft server got corrupted.
My dick is HUGE and it sucks
My Immortal Chapters 1 and 2
My friend just wrote an essay to diss me…
Mike Tyson’s Commencement address
My buddy in the army…
Monk theme song
master oogway is simping
Milk vs. Alfredo Sauce
My Little Pony characters as rappers
My subconscious
My friend got sent this moments before being blocked by somone really toxic.
My Russian friend’s McDonald’s story
My name is Yoshikage Kira
my feelings
My fursona’s dick was LITERALLY on national television
Making a family with Belle Delphine
my swag is on a fucking million
Message from kay
My name is An-C
My scar encounter with Louise Hunter
Made this to fit the discord character limit
My Girlfriend is afraid of my dick
Male Privilege
Man I hate self promotion, but..
Mow we can fight back Xbox 12 year olds
My own I guess
my friend made this unironically
My dad walked in on me, stayed and then talked to me for TWENTY MINUTES
Mlp Monday
Mr. House be like
My name is Yoshikage Kira
my friend didn’t want to join the zoom call, so this was their way to get out of it
My own copypasta, made late at night. Enjoy.
My [24F] boyfriend [26M] just told me that he’s been cheating while astral projecting
My Second Ammendment
My parents don’t understand my expansive intellect.
MODS PREASE STOP12!@#!@##!@@##!@@#!#!@$!@#@%%#%$%v% Q31T6M20
My dad made a Facebook post
My friend was messaged this by a stranger
Mods stop
my actual poetry
Markiplier Cum Dream
Mein Little Pony
My friends dream about Taco Bell
mrs teachington seckses tommy
My little brother fucking died
My little brother fucking died
My little brother fucking died
My little brother fucking died
My buddy Jay
macho man
Mental Gymnastic on Reddit
my asshole is like the ring of fire except i am not married
My friends last words
My man witnessed me shart
Mmm… Yes please Toddy Hoddy.
My hero academia dub watchers be like:
making my penis longer
M1A1 Physicd
My Son Nestor
Muscular women!? in my video game?
My diccs so hard rn
My name says it all AMA
my grandfather was legend for being the fastest dish washer
Matthew 11:6
My favourite bible verse 😊 1 Samuel 18:25-27
Me and 👱🏻‍♀️ the bitches at Starbucks 😤
My uncle was a doctor
Mario Loves Cock-and-Ball Torture
My new favoruite song
M’lady, May I have your attention?
Mongloid degenerates
My friend got sent this after he demoted a discord admin in his server.
My name is yoshikage kira.
My eyes are finally open!
my friend said this in an argument, i call it mad scientist
morshu copypasta (proper)
My Attraction to SSSniperwolf
My favorite pick up line
Moot the Griffins
Mountain Dew
my friend said this to a chick on a discord sever
my fucking cock and nuts oh god
My mask fetish
Mask fetish
mainstream redditors whenever they see a trump bad post.
Mr. Boombastic
Mr. Hippo
My Journey to Becoming a Smoker [3 Week update]
my own copypasta from scratch about nintendo’s twitter community
Monkey speech
Macaques are bastard animals
Mario fanfic
M Looking for straight weeb girlfriend
My life story
Me and my friends played Mad-Libs and we made a parody of Hacoona Matata.
My penis
Mmm family guy
My cock
Messege to modderators
My asshole is on fire
My Penis
My JFK Biography
Mine now
Ma’am, you’re teasing me!
Mayor Goodway is grossly negligent in her care of Chickoletta and should be reported to animal protection services by the Paw Patrol.
minecraft skywars
My (24 F) boyfriend (23 M) threw up hot sauce on our bed after chugging a bottle and now he is too ashamed to make love again
My bisexual friend got mocked by this dude on r/pokemonmasters, and this comment from him is a goldmine
My friend’s brilliant thesis on the intelligence of different seeds, Chapter 9, Paragraphs 1-6.
My friend took offence to a joke I made
Marines on Pr0nhub
My friends defense of futas
My friend typed this after defeating the un-dead dragon in Castle Miner Z
Mick the fucking Boulder
My echest
Most people would probably think Winnie the Pooh is
My opinion is fact.
my “nice guy” friend sent me this
My fuck!
Method Man intro by Wu Tang Clan
My Minecraft kill count since 2015:
Monster Girl McDonalds version of Rock ‘n’ Roll McDonalds
My mom proceeds to call me cringe and I’m sick of it
My friend said this to try and end an argument.
Mr hippo copypasta
Madlad uses Star Wars binge to finish thesis
my chonker died
Made by someone in my discord server
My little pony
my plan to take down tiktok
My (24M) Girlfriend (26F) fully believes that she is a cat in a human’s body.
Many college students👨‍🎓 have gone to college 🏫🏃‍♂️ and gotten hooked 🎣 on drugs
My take on lizards
My diabolical plan.
Memes aren’t funny to me anymore
Make me a song to rap
Made this for r/airsoftcirclejerk
Meow Man
minecraf>fortnite based 100 cuck destroyed 100
my friend in a server posted this after being sent a hentai thumbnail meme for the hundredth time lmao
Meat Car
macho man’s daily rountine
Mortician – Chainsaw Dismemberment horror movie sample but with fancy font
Meme obsessed super teen
My uncle is a police officer
Medieval smash mouth
May his reign last a thousand years!
Mom (46) snuck into my (14M) room to rub olive oil on my feet. (found on r/relationship_advice)
My [33M] wife [29F] just left to stay at her mother’s house after finding my homemade porn collection (found on r/relationship_advice
My gorilla gf just forced me to use Cock n’ Balls treatment
My r/BotchedSurgeries Ban Appeal
My [22M] girlfriend [24F] uses her tongue to groom her cat. How do I tell her that it’s disgusting without hurting her feelings?
Missile Guidance For Dummies
mangly coomers
Mega incel
Memes now are shit
Memeulous’ mom is so nasty transcription
MW3 rage
Masturbate on birds
My friend made this and he keeps spamming it everywhere
My opinion on the Bee Movie
My post from r/breadstapledtotrees
My Perfect Crime.
Manual Activation of the r/gamingcirclejerk automod
Marry a Catholic from Scotland!
Mickey never came back (Russian)
My evening plans
My current state of mind in the form of the Avatar intro
Monsterfucker Gatekeeping
Molested kids!
Music Lift
Mid90s intro
Moskau lyrics (language of the song is german)
My philosophy is baiscally this.
me on twitter
mukuro ikusaba😳
Mona Lisa
Meet Stephen. A normal guy who had sex with a poptart costume at the dinner table and murdered his family over stollen weed.
My quarantine right now
MARIO BROS, rated M for mature
Mark Wahlberg’s history of hate crimes😎
MTN DEW welcomes you to the DEWnited states collection. With labels inspired by each state in the nation. Collect all 50 and get a hundred bucks. Each bottle also gets you a chance to win a million dollars. When we’re united together, we win.
Martha do be speaking doe
My professor made some rules for posting questions:
Merchant Ships – Sleep Patterns
My man milk is detectable by bluelight (nsfw)
Men cannot feel self-consious or unattractive
My buddy lived in LA for a long time and said a lot of people had really good Kiefer stories as he at least used to go out a lot, often by himself, always eventually if not already very drunk. He had a good story himself:
Meet the Translated Spy
Me and Sans undertale
Meet the Heavy but he’s an introverted weeb
Mastiging on a slice of salmon in the early morning. Ah, the Dutch frontier is vast.
Mr krabs
Maybe your mother has the answers.
My friends friend posted this on Instagram about her boyfriend, originally in Times New Roman
Me mocking a Facebook post that lists Floyd’s criminal record in an attempt to degrade the fact he was still murdered by cop.
My trip to Africa
My day is ruined
Martha speaks
My first time buying condoms
me when i see hornyposting on this subreddit
My plan to erase racists and sexists
Moondrop Quality Control
My friend sent me this not to sure why
mike wazoski gets chips
My friend found this pleasant bloke in a HotS game
My dog 🐕
My friend u/eap20 explaining why liking traps is less gay than liking women
My girlfriend asked me”do you think I’m stupid” I jokingly said yes and she answered
Multiple for you cuties
My bull stole my husband and I don’t know how to deal with this.
Melon Parfait
Medieval Found Footage?
Minecraft steve
My Father was a Gamer
My GF Tries Anal… ON ME!!! (pls help!)
My dog has discipline, you can take a wholesome picture with her without concern.
Minecraft server rules
Mark Twain on police 1866
My slime
Magnum O’puss
Mr.Gus (I just found this one)
make me a logo
My old dad said its your fault
Martha was an average dog
Malina gets an A-
Made the mistake of going on r/dankmemes and found this
My Way or the Highway
My massive fucking arms
My friend’s attempt of sliding into a girl we know’s DMs, enjoy.
Major Ocelot you’re grounded
Mods, please put this copypasta on the bot to comment under the keyword “mods”
Markiplier’s first FNAF episode transcript
my g wrote a mf dissertation for an amazon review
My wallet
Most cats hate women
Michel Higginbotham
My shit is thicker than my asshole
My conversation with my fucking douche friend from discord in one message because i got blocked and the only way i could speak was by editing my previous message
Milky milky
Mickey never came back
My friend says this when he leaves servers
meet the heavy script
Martha talks 🐕
Minneapolis riots but it’s an EU4 event
Memes? You’re laughable, simpering leftist fuckwits and nothing more. Castrate yourselves now pussies. Fucking worthless posturing children.
My autistic friend who has a passion for writing fanfics made this on the fly in a group chat
Morgz Copypasta
me no want music, me want engine sound
Miraculous lady bug cum jar
My Word Recommendations make a copypasta
Master Weeb
My Waifu is Suguha also known as Lefa ( she’s from Sword Art Online )
My strange addiction
My poopy butt story…
Mumbo For Mayor!
MY ABUSER IS BACK!! (read description)
my fnaf rap
my fnaf rap
Minecraft good fortnite bad
My sister is trying to steal my penis [2/3]
My hero academia is so fucking hot
My grandfather picks up quartz and valuable onyx jewels
Malik Zulu Shabazz, the Black Panther Party’s former national chairman, protesting in Washington, D.C.
My personal favorite video:
my apology
Mufasa didn’t die, he faked his death to become a gamer
Morgz bad
my friends rant about china
My cat took the biggest shit in cat’s history and ate it.
Mmmmmm beans.
My grandparents died.
Mr. Hippo’s story
Manly protester pasta
Molestation Magician
My birthday is coming up
MARGARET THATCHER IS DEAD (A Bruno Powroznik Classic)
my message to blizzard about overwatch
My Message to Kim Yo Jong
my friend broke his E key so i guess im dropping this here for him. youre welcome king
My stance on Social media usage in our modern-day society
Mother were all really sick
My gf broke up with me (how to relationshipadvice post)
my friend after my other friend didn’t say goodnight (he hasn’t said a single word since, this was at 3:54AM and I doubt at this point he’s asleep, prolly just ignoring us)
My thoughts on democracy.
major simpage
My friend posted this as steam review of “Green Hell”
my own cars 9/11 and WWII conspiracy ramblings
My friend got angry because i Big Chungused all his messages
Me ranting about JoJo on a random r/SmashBrosUltimate like a stupid weeb
My[28m] wife[31f] asked me to wear women’s clothes for sex, I told her no, and we haven’t had sex in a month
Maybe there’s something in between kneeling at a football game and burning your own city to the ground. 🤔🤔
Macky Gee good hah
my friends response to the college board survey
My (24 M) best friend (24 F) and I are pretty close since 3 years and I have a crush on her. She recently peed in front of me in the woods because she couldn’t hold it any longer. Does this mean she doesn’t have any romantic interest in me?
My son Jesse
Megami Saikou bully speech
My friend’s final message on his discord server.
me and my friend ranked hentai subreddit in discord and i’m bringing it here,
mike wazowski
My dog consents
Mickey has ripped out Minney’s organs and ate his dog and started ripping out the spinal cords of everybody in the land
My husband is obsessed with hot wifing
Martha Speaks
Mods literally cannot imute me
Minecraft end credits
made by me (ironic, of course)
Message To NumbyPixels
Morphology of le duck
mission: kill technoblade
May day is a heathen holiday
Modern day NHL fans [from r/habs’s Discord]
My name is Sam Young.
My geosystems teacher wanted anime reviews so i wrote one for cory in the house
Master Nook
More gold from r/tifu
Mobile game ad
MAX Chiliburger
Mine GOD
My purpose of life
My Greatest Fear #30: Spraying Myself in the Eyes with PAM
My Hero Academia is an objectively bad show
Martha Speaks theme song
My stand against the oppression of insects
My 86-year-old grandmother replied “OK, boomer” to my boomer aunt in an argument
Minecraft is based on racial stereotypes
My Uncle
Mega ass slap
Mother fuckers like you ruin reddit. You make reddit an objectivly worse place.And beacause of that, because of thounsads of people holding hands and fighting for what they believe in and what’s right. You are going to fall. Mother fucker.
my friend said this about someone in a discord group shortly after kicking said person
My classmates and I had to apologise to some girl’s dad because we used some curse words in the class’ whatsapp group (students only btw). This is his response to our apology. (Name censored because of obvious reasons)
My roommate did not help me to find a job so before I move out of apartment today I piss and shit everywhere
My friend wrote a whole-ass essay on pizza lids
My top places for finding CopyPasta outside of this subreddit
My son hears me having sex
My friends thoughts of traps
My name is Yoshikage Akira
My friend when I insult his art
Mind your business 😡😡
My friend found this for a review of the Bob Amiibo card
Message I got sent on Omegle
My man playing his game
My name is Yoshikage Kiwa.
Mr. Crubbs, I have a question.
My Neighbor is a YTber
mmm scrumptious
Mitch H on racism
My daughter has so much wisdom😭😭😭 I want to date her 🍆💦
My response to somebody saying “Food is just young poop, change my mind.”
My contribution to society
Muh Freedoms
My friend sent me a 🙁 so I sent him this
Mr. Beast here, and I’ve got a surprise for you.
My friend got this message on discord
My chameleon
Modern Warfare codex of logic
My friend made this
Most shameful thing i’ve ever done (r/Drugs)
my preferred spin on a post from r/atheism
My Experience with KEEMSTAR
Michael… Dear Michael….
My Aim is Amazing
Me me mad boy
My spyware ended up saving a beautiful video clip where you were masturbating.
Maple Syrup
My Two DonaldTrump Flags
Modern day porno-graphys be like
My keyboard was broken so I posted some hieroglyphics to copy and paste when I text
Monke sex
Meat radiator
Mating Request
Music Self Promo. Found on Sound cloud
Moth time
My iPad was hacked right in front of my eyes as I was holding it.
My Bathroom Habits Are None Of Your Business!!!
My dream girl
mEwEt tHe EwEngIwIneer
Mewtwo Strikes Back
my friends essay from 9th grade
Me gustaría interponer por un momento
Most fuckable legendary/mythical pokemon
My european English book on the N-Word
My apologies for this atrocity
more bubble wrap because 2020 is bad
My friend got triggered
Mark David Chapman
mfw when guy hacks a random movie poll
Maximum spam for discord messages
My Tik Tok Review
My history notes
My Leo Story
Mitsuku chatbot’s response to the Navy Seal copypasta
My friend made this in discord when asked to create a rant on cops using North America more than a few times.
music to make you unexist
My buddy sent this in a groupchat
Mathematical whitesplained concepts
My Sister (Cred. Joana Ceddia)
Mercy from Overwatch
My dad used to release 3 stray cats into the ventilation ducts of our building.
My distaste towards anime started when I was young
Minimum age requirement
My Role Model: Adolf Hitler
My hott dentist
My response to “That ruined my childhood.” [OC]
Master Hacker
My friends story about a spider going on their face
Me and my friends tried to make a Minecraft base in the shape of an octagon
Made with AI
my FNAF rap 🙂
My controversial political view (nsfw)
Michael Jackson is a LIAR
Metta World Peace
My favorite anime right now is:
Main character in anime
Murphy Pendleton from Silent Hill Downpour
Mad text about reposters
my Discord friend’s ideal gf
My cum tastes like eggs.
My grandma is pregnant.
Morning shower ritual
My queen 💍 Pokimane
Mormons and Guns
Merry Christmas babe ✊🏿
my friend’s connection died and he sent this in his zoom chat
Martin Shkreli isn’t a bad person
My Wife Raped Me????????
Mother Fuckers like you Ruin Reddit
Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer is so fucking beautiful.
Millennials killing the serial killer industry
mmm yes
Made it myself aha
Man im going to make the vegans so mad XDDDDDdddzb
Medieval Pumped up Kicks I Found in YT comments
My father busted in my room today
More words detected by u/emoji-fier
My laptop gets hot when chat is spammed
My dad busted into my room today.
My own version of the Navy Seal Copypasta
My wife is a solid 10 for me
Made a copypasta for when I lose in SSBU (Super Smash Bros Ultimate)
Mario Kart items shouldn’t affect Metal Mario
Major Firepower’s monologue
My friend Chris said he lost his vibes so I made this
my toaster is broken part 2
Masturbated big time today
Music fax 😎
My friend sent this to me
Made This during a DND session
My friend is a fan of Daisy Ridley so I showed him r/daisyridleyworship and we found this scrolling through it.
my friend’s friend got this DM
Mr Krabs UwU comment
My hearts greatest desire in the emojis
my revenge of the 8 12 store.
my toaster is broken
My first copypasta
My Life With A 32-Inch Penis
My name is u/Canadians_come_first
Me & My friend made this a thing
My friend in a group chat on instagram
Metaphor malapropism… I think
Mods are puppets
Memodan speech
My Response to the AutoMod of Unpopularopinion
Menstruation is sexy
My proposal
Monopoly encourages us to commit all 7 deadly sins
Mommey issues
Message from player in CS MM
Martin Luther’s commentary on Joseph in the bible (circa 1531)
mickey mousecapade video game review
moon chungus spoiler discord pasta
Mega Ultra God Warrior
Minecraft > Terraria
Modern age philosophy
My addiction to the girl filter on snapchat
My cat is not obese, he’s a chonker!
Mario xd
My finger is stuck in my cock
mario ejaculates
My Abortion Job Experiance
Mansion made of diamonds, as seen on the Gus and Eddy Podcast
Medieval Cock and Ball
My time at the abortion clinic
Mod asleepp
My sister is 8 years older than me and still hasn’t grown a penis yet
My dealer on Facebook produces pure gold
May the lord forgive me for posting this.
Mass Rape
milky train
Mega Cumblast
Mr. Gurr
Menstruation is very sexy (crosspost)
Menstration is very sexy
Menstruation is very sexy.
My grandfather picks up quartz and valuable onyx jewels. Send 60 dozen quart jars and 12 black pans.
My grandfather picks up quartz and valuable onyx jewels
my depression because hack down
My grandfather picks up quartz and valuable onyx jewels. Send 60 dozen quart jars and 12 black pans.
My daily rounds
Message to reddit admins
Me and my friends were talking about anime girls in our group chat and one of them send this whole thing. He is spitting facts
my french teacher setting work on microsoft teams
more SKP
Meat Spin
Mod message on r/askmen
My penis
MAXIMUM setting aren’t always the best
Mais, vous savez, moi je ne crois pas qu’il y ait de bonne ou de mauvaise situation
morgs mom insults 2 year olds on fortnite
My mom is a racist
My Mom Is A Racist, an excerpt from r/teenagers
Mother’s Day Celebration
Merkel is worse than Hitler.
my friend got this email
Man’s not hot
My friend got in trouble from his mother and ever since we have been spamming this
Manga is superior
Meet n Fuck
My unintentional Reddit copypasta
My comfort character
My augmentation and why
My own comment on some dude’s video making fun of “feminists doing stand up comedy”
Moths ate my dick
morgz x bald martin fanfic i found on youtube
My Poop Stained Underwear: An Original Poem
Meanwhile on reddit
Michael Jackson is Child Predator
more educated
My side chick
Meeting Marlon Brando in LA
meanwhile in r/homeinspectionmemes
Major Bitcoin
My girlfriend pimps me out to men.
My friend sended me this
May i offer some stress relief in there trying times?
My friend sent me this after saying “nigger”
Meta post
Man vs. Roomba That Shoots Anything It Bumps Into
My longest Leroy Jenkins ever
Mat pat should actually be banned from making content
My girl will ALWAYS stay in the KITCHEN
Mountain Dew® Baja Blast® Zero Sugar
My life is ruined.
My girl is a camgirl
Meet the team at Liberty Hangout: Kaitlin Bennett
My name is Yum – Yum Shiskabob Sporkalosh
My boner lied to me
My pets need a halloween costume
Mocha Red
Millenial be like
Me when I take a da poop
MapleStory 2
my grandma takes so many prescription pills 💊
Meet the Shidder
Minecraft lel
My genuine conundrum has been turned into a copypasta in my friend group so I thought I’d put it here
Murrlogic Explains Himself
Mornin’ Angel!
My wife’s boyfriend is a Trump supporter
my response to my friend sending a picture funny
My very well thought-out joke
My Pussy is like a Prison Cell
My complaints about porn
My friend might be brony !! ( also help me with gift)
MBC 2020 South Korean General Election (HD)
Miss I would like to purchase your shit.
Message to the lurking men: why are you so obsessed with us?
Mundial Ronaldinho Soccer
man I be sitting there pulling on the mufukka
Modify this as you like
My name Jeff
My (32M) girlfriend (31F) of two years thinks I am gay because she discovered my erotic fan fiction about former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie
Murica’ fuck yeah
My first batch file
More from r/BanVideoGames
Meet the Heavy
My daddy is a hero
Milf porn bad
Minecraft diamonds are too girly
Me when my daughter doesn’t like dinosaur train
my friend was messing with furrys on discord
My (32 M) girlfriend (31 F) of two years thinks I am gay because she discovered my erotic fan fiction about former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie
My favorite things
My sister sent me a meme at 3am so I sent this in response
Manuals are too long
My Porn issue
Ms Fizzle is selfish and should be put in jail
MAPS ARENT PEDOS!!!!1!!!!!11!!!1
men can get pregnant and here’s why (my friend sent me this)
Mongolian Throat Singing
My Six And A Half Year D&D Campaign May Be Cut Short Because Our DM Caught Covid-19
My Queen, Pokimane
Man. I’m sorry you are going through this. I hope you get better.
My friend got sent this by a girl from our school and she was expecting to be taken seriously.
My review of Secret Agent Toby Barks (2020)
My stupid fucking degenerate scum sister
Ms. Maureen Mast and her odd form of punishment
My morning routine
My friend sent me this at 4:27 AM yesterday
masturbating at a bassnectar show
My mom is gay?
My friend typed this out after I sent an anime meme
MC MENTAL @ at his best lyrics
My name is Albert B.
My girlfriend is mad at me cause I made out with her twin. (Found on r/teenagers)
My dental hygienist just turned me on
My girlfriend has this office fantasy but as a Marxist-Leninist it really bothers me.
Master looking for a naughty little plaything
My girlfriend just got this dm on discord.
My uncle
Magic Words
Mario Party
My copypasta macro had a stroke
My mom has a gaming addiction (oc)
my wife
Male dick too close to balls
My girlfriend has this police fantasy but as a libertarian it really bothers me.
My IQ is not high enough to understand this post
My girlfriend has this police fantasy but as a libertarian it really bothers me.
Mario x Bowser: Chapter 3
Mess of genitalia to close to the anus
Minecraft Parody Rant
mccartney onlyfans
McGriddles are a Communist plot
Milk me
My 6 year old daughter 😭🤔
Milky Milky
My descendent to the Auth-Right
My almost six year old…
Minecraft good Fortnite bad
May I have a crumb of breast?
Mike Mirrer
Milky baby want more now
My steam profile
My mouse pad is all black, if you must know
my fnaf rap
Milky bitch
My Phone Broke. Fuck My Phone.
Mew UwU nya!~
Meeting a girl on gta v
Miss My Ni
Movie Footage used in the Kill Count
My Corona
Makes an evil smile and laughs and evil laugh.
Mouth Breathers
My view on gender equality.
My friend told my other friend to shut up and he responded with this
My gaming addiction
Memenade at the end of his videos. (I reccomend you send it to your friends or random pepole by e-mail ur reddit’s mail thing)
me a wan a big upvotes ples i turnen 7 tonite 🙂
my friend sent this to me because i called her gay…
My name is Barrack Obama and I’m a gamer
My Physics Teacher
My genius cousin
My fetish (NSFW)
My plan to get rid of the nut bag.
Maintaining financial superiority in the afterlife by ad40esq on r/PFJerk
My teacher is the funniest person ever.
Mongoloid race is rising
More Kim yo Jong
Ms. Maureen Mast
My birthday
My sexuality isn’t a meme.
Me when I 🤷‍♀️die of 5G Coronavirus
Major Tom
My name is Kim Jong-Un
My son played Call of Duty for the Nintendo DS and now he wants to commit racial genocide, what do I do?
Mmmm Yes Poopy Lady
My Name is Suzycidle69
My never-dying hatred towards Flaky from Happy Tree Friends.
Make a friend bro
My name is Kratos and I, have an important message to all Prometheus’s descendants.
Meet the scout withing the annoying stuff
Minecraft Indev Frog girl
Mee6 rules
Me, 75M, should be allowed to have 20-30Fs
My sad but true story about Easter rabbits and why you shouldn’t get a rabbit for Easter
Michael Jackson
My goals are beyond your understanding
Most heartwarming edit speech ever
my mc husband forced me to post this at bowpoint
Manny’s festo
My discord friend has a talent for coming up with these
My friends FB🤬😤😷
Masturbation should be a sport, if not an Olympic sport
McChicken feat Jizz
Molto Bene
Mommer hummer
My Portal 2 experience. (Original from u/Disfellagotnoname)
Message from a REAL muslim
mommy milky mommy milky gib milkies
My Fellow Americans
me going full on mental for 30 min straight
My English Lit Teacher
Mommy gf
My CRAZY experience with a METH ADDICT! (true story)
Mishima from Persona 5
my friend sent this to another friend
Meeting Twitch Streamer Jerma985 in the Streets.
My fart fetish
Men’s bathroom
My mom won’t let me donate to gmod DarkRP server
Milk is cum lipids made for bovine babies
My Gramma Came Over
Me, a gay friend, homophobic EM and a plot twist. (r/entitledparents)
My friend sent me this on discord (I feel bad for him though)
Mochi Au Lait
My friend won’t look at my crusty piss and cum stain
Millie b lyrics
Meow Mix theme song lyrics
My friend typed this up and it felt worthy for this subreddit
My opinion on traps
My wife’s boyfriend let me write this
My favorite food is baby hands
My workout routine
man dface
My Sister is a Dickgirl
My tapist just got served a three year sentence!
Most Erotic Story Ever
My last Minecraft run
My argumentative style is needed for this world
My three girlfriends. And yes, they smoke weed.
My boyfriend tells me I suck because I main support. (from r/relationship_advice)
my names is aedeagus my rhymes are smooth
Me and the boys schedule
May I, a feminist supportive male
Me when Leftist College professor:
Michael Richards’ infamous racist rant
Meet the Demoman but its verbose
My friend sent this to a group chat
My friend in the groupchat said “I loathe subway”
man behind the slaughter
My Original Hentai Manifesto
My life long dream is to eat Taco Bell one day.
My First Copypasta
Master nook provides
Morgz Sucks – Morgz Mum
Magneto is on vacation
Monky [OC]
my dad owns nintendo
Moviecirclejerk’s official opinion on art hoes
Might as well give up the fight
Middle school instagram bio but it’s 😎😎epic😎😎(someone told me to post this here)
meth as a retired sheriffs deputy
Me and my friend u/Alex_is_dank made this together today. HENTAI
Made this for a caption but I want to redeem my internet points
Ms. Pikachu, I fuck you!!!
Mod got fired from a roblox game, discord message of it
MEE6, the Discord bot.
Murdered by math
Must have been inspired by a navy seal…
My friend after he finally won a smash game
Microwaves should be banned [unpopularopinion]
Muhammad Avdol
My friends review of Five night at Freddy’s sister location from when he was 11
My name is Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven Way.
Multi Wolf Hero Crime Simulator
Master Willem’s speech but every “blood” is replaced by “cum”
My friend blocked my other friend, —ay and I called him but no reply. I sent him this, line by line.
My soft little rice boy
Mike Wazowski is a Christ like figure
Mario and luigi bowser’s inside story goomba text.
Minesweeper (prototype)
My name is Carmen Winstead, I’m 17 years old, did i mention that i nutted?
My wife and I conceived our daughter to the spongebob squarepants theme song. (Found on r/offmychest)
Man gets tapeworm from wholesome 100 chonker
My wife of 24 years just farted in front of me for the first time ever.
My body is weak
My reply after someone made a sarcastic comment to another comment.
My goto
May I, a woman respecting and feminist-supportive male, see at least one breast from you my Queen?
Most gun fanatics, like the Michigan protesters, are nothing more than ridiculous militia cosplayers (r/unpopularopinion)
Milton’s Motor Oil
Memories by maroon 5
My girlfriend’s sister tested positive for covid~19 😟
Made this for a joke youtube video, figured I may as well post it here.
Me poopin all over your subreddit
Massive 🍆 alert 🚨🚨🚨 Massive 🍆 alert🚨🚨🚨 Massive 🍆 alert🚨🚨🚨 Massive 🍆 alert🚨🚨🚨 Massive 🍆 alert🚨🚨🚨 Massive 🍆 alert🚨🚨🚨
my english assignment about a coronavirus emoji
minecraft ending
Miru Tights Copypasta
Mongolian Woman
meesa caught jerking off
My girlfriend acts like Chain Chomp (from Mario) when we’re having sex
monthy python credits
My Name Is Yoshikage Kira.
Mexican style hot sauce
My friends instagram comment before it was deleted by poster
My guy, let me tell you about my motherfucking planner.
My SAO Fan Fiction
My guy, let me tell you about my motherfucking planner.
My qualifications
My 3DS
meme pages on instagram
Munching pills
Mickey and Friends Tram Narration
My 😳 Cock 😱 hurts 🤞🤘👏🤏👎👌👉
My grandmother calls me Chad
Michael Rapaport Harasses People Online
Mons Pubis
My friends post in this Facebook group. Not exactly sure if he’s trolling or not
My Romanian nationalist friends didn’t even read it. Hope you guys enjoy.
My (36F) husband’s (38M) obsession with owls is ruining our marriage (Found on r/relationships)
Men are not attracted to women. Men are MONSTERS.
Morrowind good, Skyshit bad, downvotes to the right
My I-Ready review
Me rn
My teacher caught me jerking off to my crush in zoom class (OC)
modernity has ruined anal oral sex
My conversation with my friends!!!
My obsession with Pokimane
my autistic cousin’s steam bio (he’s 20)
Mario’s THICC.
my mate asked me my thoughts on beds at 3AM
Mike Wazowski vs Ice Age Baby
May all e-(gender) peacefully suffer.
Met a new player in TF2, this was their steam bio
Male Genocide
Made me tear up
Meg Griffin
my name is yoshikage kira but owoified
My friend sent me this explaining a dream she had
Minecraft version of the Navy Seal copypasta (updated)
My animal crossing blog was hacked. Here‘s the note left by the hacker:
Marvel Presents: Screentime
Minecraft version of the Navy Seals copypasta
My great grand uncle
Mandatory Viewing! Tap/Click Here immediately!
Me at the zoo comment
My name’s Joe Biden…
mcdonalds is garbage
My monster shit.
Mm whatcha say?
My boyfriend is jerking off to a video game character and I’m heartbroken.
my dream penis
My house is not small!
My doctor has a massive crush on me
My Pornographic Mental Prison
Mace Windu’s speech in season 7 of the clone wars.
My Problem With Baby Characters In Mario Kart Wii
My bear fantasy
minecraft do be hitting hard tho
Mario Party Island Tour is the greatest game ever created
Mathematical Proof That All Men Are Simps
message in morse code
My friend sent this to me years ago when we had an argument about a montage clan
Man is tired of Facebook group hating his GREAT ideas
My mom gave me chicken nuggets
My dads the reddit ceo
My wife makes me pay for her dildos
My body is a burlap bag filled with leaves
Murica FUCK YEAH!!!!1!!1!!!!!11111
Make your friends concerned and send this to them
Modified long comment I found on reddit about a pro musician.
Made this as an edgy teenager about traps
My friend commented this on a meme related to porn
My wife will NOT talk about a movie once we finish watching it. How do you cope with that?
Most people using the word “incel” on Reddit
Mysterious Universe Podcast – The Electric Flu
Mind helping out a poor man with his cake day?
My fantasy with Cr1tikal
Mega huge boobs are NOT attractive at all.
MMM – Mad Miata Man
My crazy family backstory
Mommy, how are babies made?
Me when people say chungus is cringe:
Mi hija
my mad lib
Me when my phallus takes over all neurological processes
Mr. Cumside
Mods please forgive me, but I had to share this
my assignment i turned in to my teacher
My Queen
Mist! Ich muss mich vewandeln!
May I see at least one breast, my queen?
Monsoon’s meme speech from Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
My parents are getting a divorce because my brother masturbated
My friend’s response to “Is Hunting Moral?”
Minion Rant
My grade 9 history assignment
My most beloved possession
My ex said Counterstrike was stupid
Mr Obama
My cat smokes
Manifesto of the Anatidaephobia Coalition
My name is Hydrogen
mii on the wii
Marty Robbins was a simp
More is better!
My perfect last meal?
My name is Tonio.
Mario has been found dead
Mario has been found dead
Mario has been found dead.
Mario has been found dead.
mw2 > mw1
Mpc help
Mother fucking The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
Micropenis Appreciation!
My brother is 17 and was doing a thing (sex)
My sisters unsual date
Mario Kart New Vegas
My Haunting Super Smash Bros. Theory
Madara Uchiha would body anyone.
My friends response to us being called snowflakes.
My deepest regret
My [30M] gf [25F] loves eating ass even when there’s poop speckles/reside and it makes me want to vomit.
Me and my friend made an imaginary discussion between trump and putin
Man behind the slaughter
My friend wrote a book in Minecraft
Michelle Debriefs the Penguins of Madagascar
My fault, y’all
Most relevant comment on a mobile game ad
My name is Yoshikage Kira (in binary)
Men Aren’t Funnier Than Women
MC D’s and BK’s Adventure
my friend made this channel on discord
Man makes lattes
My everyday
Making lattes
McDonalds Voicemail Copypasta
Man gets stuck in dart fetish copypasta (2020)
My retarded friend
Magic trick
My friend and I had a debate over the Mongolian Throat Singing album “Authentic Mongolia”. Thought you guys might like it.
Megamind >>> Into the Spiderverse
make this a copypasta, please
mario fanfiction
My Name is John Crichton
More needs to be found out about who let the dogs out.
mario fanfic
Mike Mike Mike
Made this up after receiving more and more political party texts
Master by Lil Ku Klux Man Vert
MILLENIALS are KILLING the airline industry atm
More needs to be done to find out Who let the dogs out
My wife will NOT talk about sex after we finish.
Minecraft dungeons: opening cinematic trailer
My Name Is (Eminem)
Mariokart in a thread about a threesome or whatever
Me and my mom just had this long ass discussion over whether it would be more confusing to wake up in a bathtub of lotion or a bathtub of lukewarm mayonnaise.
Minecraft is the reason Gen Z is becoming so redpilled
Missed Opportunity here.
My take on a r/Freefolk rant
My piss was clear today
Minimum Requirements
Masturbation is cool
Moses’ sermon but its a Trump tweet
My name is Ngoc Anh. I am studying at Hanoi University of Industry .
Minecraft Sex mod 1.7.10 free download no virus no survey
My ultimate goal in life
My retarded step-nephew created an open-source ventilator that can be build in 12 minutes for $30
minecraft porn copypasta
My name is Yoshikage Kira
mental weakness and lack of will is what defines simps
MAshallah Please make dua I marry the women i love and make them happy
ma dude’s controversial
Master Class Alternate Take #2
Mw2 remastered
Mine Kampf ?
mashed potatoes
Merriam Webster Dictionary
My two adult sons have lost weight and are eating all vegan home food!
My wife left me for a millionaire
main christian warfares is super doctorates
Mmm bread
My dad sent this to me…
My friend Josh made a joke about doing my mom and I responded
Meet the Engineer en Español
My little sister can’t be this cute
My friend sent this to me
Milky titte
Mk23 Pistol
Mr Trump please barrel bomb Beijing
My Boner
Matpats Theory on why his wife left him
Moms present
Mista we’re no longer hungry for we, no longer find the need to live after the we have witnessed the revolting acts against nature you have committed, you should be ashamed of yourself. We are thoroughly balked by your actions. The only way now is by executing you, we’re going to neuter you for that
Manatee nose smush with honk sound effect
Minecraft good fortnite bad
Message to you
Monsters Inc takes place in 2020
My Left Leg has Went Totally Numb
my anus got poop-burns
My first time, confession
More verbose pickle rick copy pasta
My plan to fuck pokimane
My poem about Alabama
my name is…
My name is Kevin
My Name is Rick Sanchez
my balls be like
my face reveal
Man I hate it how some hentais work.
MLG-ifier Chrome Extension
Me when i see an opinion i dont like
My rage at certain pcmr
My grandmother sent this to me via messenger
Me and the Bruvs 🤣🤢⚠️
Murder in the mlp universe
Message From an Angry Christian
Mein Sponge
Mac DeMarco talking about threesomes
Me answering the officer
My Diggy Diggy Holed story
me swimming in the ocean be like
My confession to all of yoh
Michelle Obama’s Dick
Monopoly is a kink don’t knock it till you try it
My credentials are a high IQ
Made with KineMaster
My girlfriend loves me” is not a confession.
Monu Tzeroma
me when
Martin Neko King
Men, have you ever jizzed your pants?
More abusive terms used against 🏳️‍🌈gays🏳️‍🌈:
Man, I hate koalas.
My best friend is becoming a socialist – HELP
My kind of girl
My profile is based on a color scheme of black, white and grey
My blanket tastes kind of yummm
Mteo77 Today at 10:44 PM
Mac and Cheese
My friend making a shitty intro in a discord server
My friend told me of a furry manifesto and I found it
My first ever metal concert was a BabyMetal concert.
My friend unironically sent this in a discord server when I asked if anybody was up to play warzone.
Many are saying The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one of the greatest games of all time. I don’t have a clue what they’re talking about.
Meowmere Lasagna
Mr. Enter defending his shitty review of Rise of the TMNT
My ass tastes like straight up Busches baked beans rn
My friend on the day Witcher 3 won GOTY
male breast reduction surgery site
My friend thought the nose was on the back of the plane
Me on discord 😂
Minecraft House Freakout Meme
my fucking life man
Matthew Davis’ rant on Fanboy & Chum Chum
musty fish
Mike Tyson porn addiction
My ass feels weird just from typing this
My Friend’s Steam Bio
My life story
My Fellow People Of VSR…
My Fellow People Of VSR…
My Fellow People Of VSR…
My Fellow People Of VSR…
My Fellow People Of VSR…
My Fellow People Of VSR…
Mods suck
Massive Fish Orgy Produces One of the Loudest Noises under the Sea
Mods gay
My immediate reaction was that the marketing department called a meeting with writers and demanded a queer character because it would be good for sales, and the writers responded by coming up with something they knew was going to piss off everybody.
My semi unironic response to Kpop fans when they shit on Chinese people like me
Mobile task force
My girlfriend left for me for another guy. All I want to say to him is
My undying love for carp
Marxist programmed parrots
Markus Delrow
My friend said this about his trip to Gamestop
My pronouns are ye/yim/yers
My name– jef
man behind the cum jar
my friend dulaney on discord made this
My first attempt at making one
MrTLexify “i quit” full rant transcript (includes calm ending and final scream)
M aan fas hallen tnto ihe iiver rn Cego Lity
My response to “Ok Boomer” because as a boomer I feel like this is a hate crime
Man, I had the weirdest dream last night….
Milwaukee pasta bandit found dead
My ex partner was a mess
Misconception about thicc
My friend made this one
Mobile user tracked down
man this kids life is sad
My 9 year old wants me to text Bernie. She’s got a plan.
Molesting Pope (Poem)
My friend watched the SpongeBob Squarepants anime openings by Narmak, and then he sent me this shiz…
My friends morning announcement on discord
Misinformation = bad
my teacher is rn being a dick….
My day?
Mules are so fucking sexy
Meme stolen
Media is unfair to moss
My turd turned me on
Minecraft jungle wood
Me when I see sad reletable meme
Media is unfair to moss
Meme page admin gets upset over a twitter poll
Man I’m so depressed
my friend was typing for about 10 minutes and we were concerned but no it’s a rant about cheese, enjoy this text wall of cheese
Me when a weeb makes a JoJo reference 😠😠🤬😡
My 10 minute ban
My biggest internet fear is that one day I might be angry and stupid enough to create a new internet copypasta
my name is billy
Marijuana song
My friend’s GF on her IG after their breakup
My friend sent this in the group chat…
Me And My Sister Had The Sexy Time 🤭😳
My friend sent this on the group chat…
My uncle nutted inside of me
May bïrd bless you
Mad libs
Michael Jackson is the greatest human being of all time
My pp too big
Message to “infiltrators” and “foids”
Major League Can Can lyrics.
My Sonic – Shrek fanfic
Meet the Snoiper but without the bits where he’s talkin’ with his parents.
My cupypasta from big_chungus_100%_working_richard_and_mortius_funny_show_no_virus.com.ba
Marketing scheme #1: Gamers
My day is immeasurable and my disappointment is ruined
Mee6 Trash
Middle bar
My love of Tony’s Pizza
McDonalds Sex
My name is Shigekiyo Yangu
Meal Classification System
My girlfriend
Make your mom leak women goop
Mom didn’t get the camera
Mario and Peach sexy time
Moon shoes
My name is Oi.
My Mee6 Rant
Megamind is a profound film (oc)
Mario suicide
My wife’s boyfriend and my troubles with him
Made with u/attackofood
My family and I were cooking thanksgiving dinner in 2010. Barack Obama came into the kitchen, yelled “stop it!”
Mirror mirror on the wall
My first copypasta
M-m-m-my CORONA
My teacher rickrolled everyone in class
My name is Yoshikage Kira but All might
Me and the gang hoppin on Zoom 🐶🐟🐹🦎
Milk First
My brother sent this to me with no context
madden 03 and 4, you play it for the lore. packed with stuff never done before! madden 97, turned it to 11. this game can cure all kinds of depression! madded 25, what did we travel through time? nah i mean it was pretty alright. john madden football, now ive seen it all. shows how the mighty just r
May i sniff your ass
Medieval cock and balls
Monkeys have taken over the streets of Thailand
My mom started praying for protection from Coronavirus, that’s when I snapped.
my friend after seeing gay art of his favorite characters
My theory for the Coronovirua
My name is yoshikage kira
My Announcement
My opinion on the fuck thinks he is saying
My oldest son is in South Korea right now
My nyame is Yoshikage Kiwa
Mandatory Penis Inspection (MPI)
My life is a lie!
man fuck youtube idgaf im the realest of all no cap on the gang
My neck my Bach threw Shakespeare translator
Mr President
my dreams vs yours
My uncle’s chair
mushrooms on pizza
My name is EvaX
Magnets are dumb ass
Muh muh muh muh muh muh my my my my my my oooh
Mother, I desire corn flakes with milk.
My first emojipasta
My city is superior to yours
Mein kampf
My dating profile
My boys grandad looking for some coochie
Mama Papa Brickolini
my friend sent this to me last night,
Music album
My friend wouldn’t look at my crusty piss cum stain
Meet the Tachanka
My kid had a bully once.
MLM Copypasta
My mom loves my little brothers cream
My biggest fantasy uwu
My story of fandoms and waifuism.
Maria by rage against the machine
My fellow gamers
Meiosis Rap by Mr. W
My childhood roblox alt account bio
Minecraft YouTuber
My nephew.
My penis is more native american than Elizabeth Warren
My story
Man finds the answer
My back is Kroge I saw Jonathan at Kroger gas station almost
My dick need moisture!
Mukbang in my Mouth
My friend’s stalker’s poem
my first post as a wiener
My addiction to cock and balls
Man titties are a beut
Meme killer
My vengeance draws near.
M&M breeding
My Odyssey Pursuing A Horrible and Mysterious Thing Called The Greatest Sci-Fi Movie Ever
My grandma is gone
Madam, please
My new girlfriend
Mysterious black man with fatherly large spoon
More bad news from China:
Macrophilia: a short essay
Michael Reeves Nightmare
mincraft super short sword low fire 100% custom pvp texture pack for mcsg
Minion fetish 😩
Modified this from a comment in r/teenagers
Male genitalia
Massive cock
My dying father
My best friend.
Moon Monster
My Friend got this message last night
Mr. Krab’s Confession
my fnaf rap
My PC is better
mona lisa
My view on hentai
My Ultimate Copypasta
Mike Will Get it Done
Mushrooms Hate
My tesla is better than your backpack
Me & my demons
My kidney ouch.
Mario And Shrek (story by me)
Mr. Saxobeat REMIX FT. FT. FT.
Meatball grinder order
Mario Pissing
My mom is a furry and I don’t like it
My synopsis of Thomas Goes to School
My Crispy Spicy Chicken Mcwrap
My grandfather smoked his whole life
Mlk ripoff
My Bathroom Carpet
Mario Kart is an eSport
Meet the Spy but with Perc 30
My phone:
My buddy got bamboozled 😎🆒😎🆒😎🆒
Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake’s M1911A1
Meeting Pokimane in real life
Metal Ass
Mom fuckers ( this was an unpopular opinion post from someone btw)
my friend’s hypixel ban appeal
My Deepest Feelings
My Grandpa’s Advice MAJOR PTSD WARNING [¡¡¡GONE My Grandpa SEXUAL!!!] My Grandpa
Minecraft Head
My fault 😓✌️
Music Is Win
Music Is Win
Max fucking Stirner
More mature forum than reddit?
my dog (pasta)
My Fetish
Mitt Romney Club
Musk and Grimes are fine people
My dick isn’t working like it used to 😔
My ex boyfriend
Marine Kite Training
minecraft style lyrics.
Master looking for a naughty little plaything
Mars must not become DIVERSIFIED
Martina is pure gold
My transcript of cock destroyers
Mommy Dommy?
message from u/spez
My favorite part of the sonic movie
My dog was killed by a veterinarian who had been previously convicted by jury of felony animal cruelty for beating to death a Dachshund with a wood-splitting maul and who has admitted to beating to death a Labrador with a hammer on a separate occasion
My English is bad
Me and my buddy created the funniest hip-hop copy pasta to ever exist tonight I hope you enjoy.
My (22f) boyfriend (24m) just got a circumcision after an argument. How do I respond to this?
My boyfriend got a circumcision
Made this in response to somebody who set their volume to something that wasn’t a multiple of 2 or 5.
Millennials are bad a sex
Minecraft good fortnite bad
Make me cum 😫💦
My Discord made this while we were messing around. It’s Hollow Knight themed too.
My Little Links
My Carp Fetish
My Sexual Trash Can Fetish
Mexican Taco Bell Rant
Man fuck that stupid ass baby from ice age
McDonalds Filet-o-Fish description
My two cents on the parents from Frozen
Mukuro Ikusaba
Mr. Crocker 😤🤤😳🤫
Me no cut dick off
Mmm sex sex hot cum sexy sex cum sex
Minecraft – A Minecraft parody of All Star
mmmmmmmmmmm c h e e s e b u r g e r
Millenials Are So Bent On Hating Their Own President
My dog was killed by a veterinarian who had been previously convicted by jury of felony animal cruelty
My friend endorses showing furry porn to children
Meet me at the hotel room
Meet The Sniper
my brothers hamster ate my birth control
Me and the boys
Money issues in Eastern Europe
Mr lonely
Mmmm fuck yeah daddy
My 1,794 word Critical Analysis of Shrek the Musical
Mike Will Get It Done, full script
Matthew’s Mother
my teacher gave us a trig project that had to have a story with solvable scenarios
Memes aren’t funny
McChicken McDonald
Moon man
Minecraft battle pass.
me and pokimane
My friend sent me this
My ex
Minions turn me on
Minion sex story
My name is Yoshikage Kira
My pants shitting story.
My dream of becoming a porn star
My dick
My boyfriend doesn’t bang me anymore 😭
My interview at Andy’s stone works
meme on /r/comedyhitmen
my life
Mike will get it done
My dog was bay bauing too much so I shot him and then no more bau bau
Me and the boys going fishing
Malcolm X tasted penis too!
My friend texted me this
My friend sent this to his girlfriend
My Keyboawd Bwoke But With Rs
My time at the gym
Middle fingers
My Keyboawd Bwoke
My Minecrafy FanFic
mobile task force unit epsilon-11 designated nine tailed fox has entered the facility
Mr. Snrub
My first boiled pasta
Moth Man
My response to a Snapchat story
Modern conservatism
My name is
My Roblox girlfriend just broke up with me
My friend broke a man
mr boomer
Moment of TRUTH
Moskau (English Version) in russian
My Real IRA fantasies.
Mario and me
my name is sarah with an h
Matress copypasta
Mrs Barrett
Mommy’s Milk Cheese
Molester Moon
Mac gubernatorial candidate
Mike Bloomberg ads are everywhere [OC]
Minus8 Temshop
mordhau when
Men should be the ones afraid of sexdolls
mmm yummy yummy
My college professor just told me that half the Internet is porn.
My high school changed the sound of the bells and someone posted this
My dogs asshole turns me on AITA
My hamster climbed into my vagina
Maus Copypaste
Mr. Osteen’s Humble Beginnings
Mr. Peanut “sacrificed” himself to get out of paying taxes.
Mr Slut-Paw
Mercys Feet
Michael Bloomberg 2020
Minecraft Lore
My name is
Math is problematic
My favorite anime is Demon Layer
My bad I was wrong
My IQ is 163. For those of you unfamiliar with IQ, this means I have “genius-level” intelligence.
Mouthwash (r/teenagers)
My funky play date, anyone ?
My penis when I Ctrl+c’d
My boyfriend said I had no balls.
me me big boy
My name’s Dylan Basile and I work at Event Temple
My favourite memory from school
My favourite song
My Chungus 100 moment
My son is in Korea
Me visiting japan
Marvin’s room – Drake
Mayuri’s speech about perfection
My fat ass seeing food
Megamind script
Murdered By Words
My little pony.
my dream is to be sponsored by RAID: Shadow Legends
My big secret
McDonald’s characters in Japan
my best friend is a fucking retard, literally, and I grew up with two autistic siblings, I earned that word the same way blacks earn the privilege to say the n-word so you can go suck your mom’s flaccid tits forgive me
My cat died
Me when i me when
My friend sent this to me on a quiet Friday night.
My 3 day sitewide ban from reddit just ended so I write this to celebrate.
My boyfriend converted to Christianity and i don’t know how to deal with this
Mike Bloomberg
Massive cock
Me when someone says biology bad
My fantasy involving Megatron and *scream*
Man City gets ded
My friend won’t take his turn in a mobile game
Major Garland Briggs’ Vision – Twin Peaks
Mission VD.
M’y Valentine’s Day
Meme 100
My friend put a Wikipedia article through google translate multiple times. Here are some of the results.
My point is proved by rearholes
message to all haters of FNAF
My dad brought home a beautiful young bride from Asia and she’s hot and weird and it drives me crazy
My asshole burns
Mike Pense
My Emo Struggles rawr ;c
Meta Lego City
My name is Jon arbuckle
Made this while fever dreaming
My friend got this dm from his grandpa.
Max character limit for discord [use responsibly]
My Weird Ass Story [NSFW]
My boyfriend dumped me because I write Pokemon fanfiction.
My friends Valentine’s party invite is pure pasta
Middle School FRESHMAN
Meet the Spy without any capitalization or punctuation
Minecraft End Poem Full Transcription
Masturbation is a sin
My three girlfriends.
Modern Warfare thread took off quickly!
My favorite thing about being a coomer
My name is Yoshikage
Muslims be like
Master Chief violates my rights
My first ai dungeon
My boyfriend is a vrchat “dancer”
Macka B Medical Monday Cucumba!
Mathematically Impossible
Mario is Augustus’ Descendant
Minimalism is like a drug to me. I kinda have an addiction to minimalism
My FNAF rap
music taste good better than yours
My serious problem
Mainstream reddit memes in a nutshell
My reoccuring nightmare.
My McDonalds Adventure
Me and a few friends were arguing about Fortnite and who in the chat still played it, and my friend sent this…
Middle English Shitpost
My Name Is Baljeet Tjinder
Movies starring Females
Markov Chain 2:Electric Boogaloo
Marrying the milf ending
Me, poor?
Meet the Copypasta thief
My theory for 100% milk
My crush ♥️♥️
Movie pitch/script framework
Milkshake – Kelis
mentally retarded kids should be put down
Most men not getting laid are vocels not incels
Modern debate
Movie Free Ad
Meet the school shooter
Me when I see r/doingthemobileuser
Mitochondria is the Powerhouse of the Cell
My Corona – The Chinese Knack (for wiping out their people)
My Conservative Christian Trumpets
MF DOOM be like
My Wife Keshaisk
Me when i see cummy 🤤
Meet The Scout
My girlfriend won’t suck my dick
Men sitting down to pee is grotesque and i’ll explain why
Mi Chiamo Yoshikage Kira
My fellow Americans, a man has fallen into the the river of Lego City
My Personal Philosophy on Piss Water
mammals are astronomically stronger than reptiles
Much Copy. Very Paste.
Margot Robbie UwU
Man has fallen into the river but in pig Latin
My IQ is over 170
Me at the zoo
My name is Yoshikage Kira and my monolog is totally fucked.
More than a month ago, I had an accident that resulted in immediate injury
MrBeast doesn’t look “honest and nice”
Morgan Stark Suxxxx [oc]
My girlfriend is a bitch (CONFIRMED IRL!!!!!)
My guild is a fucking joke
My story of fandoms and waifuism.
My name isn’t Yoshikage Kira.
My homie Big Slime fell through the stairs bruh
martin cabello on breakfast
My dog shits in my room and I like it
Masterbation Olympics
My first sexual feelings
My day with robert mugabe’s corpse
My name is zoey…
Microphone check check…
My favourite dance move
Mr Peter Bootyleg
My name is Yoshikage Kira but google translated from English to Japanese, Finnish, Russian, German, French, Latin, Romanian, Greek, Serbian, Ukrainian, Georgian, Polish, Azerbaijani, Armenian, Turkish, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), then to again to Japanese and finally to English
Men need to start using makeup
My newfound love for grape juice 😀
My big gothicc brother
My Experience As A Conservative Trump Supporting Vampire Weekend Fan At A Bernie Sanders Rally
Men in Lego City ™ these days
My girlfriend purposely doesn’t flush if she knows I’m going in there.
Message for Cummy 🍕🍝🍆🍆🍆💦😍😍😍
My obsession with Mr Bean
my favorite song but it’s oof
My mom
Mmm yes Baby Mr.peanut
My comrades
M-M’lady, excuse me 😳😳😳😳
Mum found the cum wall
Marshmallow magic system
monkey sex gave us kung flu
Made this for the r/Num discord
Many problems on website!!!!! (IMPORTANT and URGENT)!!!!!!!!!!!
mr peanut and kool aid man have steamy sex
Mr. Peanut’s resurrection is an allegory for the immortality of capitalism
Move out of the fucking way
MoistCr1TiKaL “sucked my own dick.” story
My friends came to study with me once.
My friend received this from a girl who used to date her current boyfriend.
Minecraft Veteran on destroying a watermelon
My friend was sent this after she unblocked this edgy lonely eboy who was blocked for 4+ months
Message to fat shamers
Matt Watson is a lyrical genius
Made entirely by Talk To Transformer
Mr. Clean origin video
My brothers GF
My minion rape fetish (by u/CommunistWeeaboo1)
My Sister Won’t Stop Slapping My Ass
My name is Joshikage kira
Made by u/sickassdope
Mr. Krabs Eyes Are Dirty
Medieval serfs copypasta (made this myself)
MTF squad
Morality through sandwiches
Megalovania Acapella Cover
Modern day racism killed Harambe.
My Sister got railed
My cock stats
My Wife
Master of Papayas
My girlfriend raped me and idk how to deal with it
Movies with starz
Markiplier here
Megamind x Shrek Chapter 3 – Wet Dream
Man I really hope she sees this
Melee Girlfriend Copypasta
My bro was in debt for drugs, but my dad cleared the debt by walking into the gangs HQ and telling them if they don’t leave this kid alone he’ll kill all of them. Probably something you don’t want to hear from a former special forces member whose main tasks were disarming tanks and assassinations.
My wife called my Dick a “hen”
My (25 M) girlfriend (26 F) baked all the beans, now I consider to end our relations? What does I do?
My Husband is obsessed with hot wifing
My Friends amazing synopsis for his short film. This is is Final Idea for the project that gets him his grade
My friend went to JDC juvenile
Meeting the glorious Chinese leader
My butthole has been a location on Facebook since 2012 and I can’t get it removed.
My butthole has been a location on Facebook since 2012 and I can’t get it removed.
My Review Of Peanut Butter.
My butthole has been a location on Facebook since 2012 and I can’t get it removed.
My name is Alpha-0900.
My caring husband😩❤️
Marine Seal Copypasta
My friends sent me this in a letter. Mixed Spanish, German, Swedish? This was the result…
My first poem.
My work is never safe.
Me: bein all cute n shit You: actin hella lame like usual (lmao) All this puss: fallin in my lap Mfw: 😁
My girlfriends uncle just got pregnant and I think it’s mine
Minecraft quecha language pack free download
My hubba
My response to Zeromasters accusation
Mickey Mouse furry bestiality fun house
making this for cummy
Muhammad’s Penis Museum
Manchild only plays with women, not puzzles 😤😤😤
Mia Khalifa Lebanese Pornstar
micheal jackson
Male VEGAN seeking a Room or an Apartment
My first Pussy
My Most Homosexual Moment
Man I hate koalas
My name is Shigekiyo Yangu.
My future wife
Mr. Bean has fallen into the river in Bean City
Mordhau’s swordplay is pathetic.
My commitment
Masturbation Olympics
Masturbation Olympics
Masturbation Olympics
My Everyday Life Working With THE LEGENDARY TETEPLAYER8
Masturbation Olympics
Multiples of 5, and 5 itself are not good numbers.
me so horny and lonely potato potato
My friend unironically sent this to me lol
Masterbation Olympics
My IQ is 6700000000 and I’m the smartest Smartie that ever Smartied. I answered an algebroquatic formula.
Mr. Hippo Tells A Story
M.52 Project
my friends response to an insult
me putting o-rings on my keyboard
Morgz Mum Tiktok Rap
Melvin gets a response(pt.3 in ongoing series)
My (25m) girlfriend (23f) caught me masturbating in the bathroom, how do I solve this?
My name is Peter Griffin.
Mandatory pp inspection???
Male pregnancy
My name is Yoshikage Kitty.
My friends piece of artwork
My copypasta chapter 3
MLM Scheme
My theory on cummy
Magnesium Citrate (saline laxative)
Mountain biking
Miami King of Dumb Asses
My true gender is Japanese
Moff Gideon’s Monologue (The Mandalorian)
Minecraft Wikipedia
Mia khalifa obeys the Hijab rule
Mr. Peanut is a capitalist ghoul and I’m glad he’s fucking dead
My Political Ideology
Mr. Peanut is a capitalist ghoul and I’m glad he’s fucking dead
Mr. Peanut is a capitalist ghoul and I’m glad he’s fucking dead
Mr. Peanut is a capitalist ghoul and I’m glad he’s fucking dead
Mr. Peanut is a capitalist ghoul and I’m glad he’s fucking dead
Mr. Peanut was a capitalist ghoul and i’m glad hes fucking dead
Mr. Peanut is a capitalist ghoul and I’m glad he’s fucking dead
Monopoly review
My True Name
Mr Peanut
Mad Humanities Student
McDonalds PlayCenter: There is No Exit
My Star Wars fan fiction
Meet other Hungarians at our events in Slovakia Attend our monthly events and activities for Hungarians expatriates to get to know like-minded expatriates in real life.
Man of Rats
My friend Dylan came to visit me at college last year.
McDonald’s Playpens
Mike Bloomberg Ads are Ruining my Life
Music player
M&M championship
My experience
Melvin pt.2 (ongoing series)- Melvin sees the Bill Clinton wearing a blue dress painting at Jeffery Epsteins house
My Yale ☺️☺️ Interview 📘📕📚
My penis 🍆🍆🍆🍆
My life is ruined
My son (14) watches a lot of video game streamers on Twitchtv I personally don’t find them entertaining but I can understand why some people (like my son) do. Over the past month he’s starting using terms like “pog”, “jabaited”, and “Kappa” which I guess are terms that are used in the scope of Twitc
My monkey’s paw curse of life
My thumb does not respect women
My ThinkPad got me laid
My girl laid eggs!!
My addiction
McDonald’s diet
Mcdonalds rap
More if I get a nice arc
Message from Deepak Bairwa
my first sexual experience. (from fb)
Monkey Monkey
My friend was drying his ass.
My friends all play roblox and a veteran was criticising a somewhat new player
Male genitalia to me when I first look at it, looks like a long mushroom and I’m usually hungry before/rather than horny.
My foot fetish
Mustang vs Civic
My friend sent me this after my latest pun
Monty who?
Melvin, the educator.
Marxist analysis of jojo
My son Timmy pooped on the kitchen table again
My digestive tract on a daily basis
my favorite william bonney song in text format
My ‘scientific’ experiment; do balls have taste buds?
Mcdonalds Cheesy Bacon Fries
My trip to Africa.
Mr. President Frank “Closet Gay/White Obama” Underwear
MyGrain Cereal
My casual response to some douchebag.
Mc Mental At his best Lyrics
Met Bernie, Not What I Expected
My semen
My life
Making out with yoda
My roflcopter
My fnaf rap
My name is Yoshikage Kira
My friend’s reaction when we called him racist because he wouldn’t fight a black King K Rule in smash
Marcus wasn’t the best Roman emperor
Morning routine
Me fapping to loli hentai is none of your effing business.
My Vietnam fetish
Mother lover lyrics translated to Chinese to English to Finnish to back at English.
My Ideal GF <3
Meeting my future lover
Mercy General Ice Water
MR Krabs is a Disgusting creature
Ms.Monopoly is a fundamentally pointless game that brings no real innovation or fun to the table.
Markiplier Five Night’s at Freddys playthrough
Masturbation is a sin
medic lectures about kpop in russian (google translate)
My balls keep falling out of my underwear
My bull is a Trump supporter *need advice *help
My favorite snack is dipping Dill Pickle chips into water until they get soggy/chewy, eating them, then after chugging the dill pickley water
mom keeps judging me
My name is Yoshikage Kira.
Midwest Winter
My Sex Life
My youth
My sexual fantasy with Prince Phillip
Me vs youre mom
My review of Shrek 3 in 3D
My Husband
My IQ is 210 and I am an atheist. All of us 200+ IQ folk are atheist. What does that tell you?
My daughter is watching demonic cartoons, help!
Mount Up
My Favorite Bands [ASMR]
My foot fetish
Mulder out pizzas the hut
My roblox account
My first 6th grade dance was a disaster.
Masturbating is so cool every copypasta is about maturbating wait what do you mean it’s not inclusive of women what’s a women they don’t fap and if you can’t fap get off reddit fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap
My Velociraptor Earth Experience
Milo Djukanovic Copypasta napolitanke
Music is a terrible medium
Mongooses on beaches in the Former Yugoslavia
My wife got pregnant after I had a vasectomy, is this possible?
Maximilian Goof
massive shoutout
Made this for my mate Goatboy35 on steam
Microsoft basically is the government for all intents and purposes
My New Tinder Bio
Mistow Iran
My love letter to Madara Uchiha
My boyfriend thinks washing his dick is gay
My name is Sheev Palpatine
My (23F) boyfriend (24M) of almost a year doesn’t wash his genitals.
My boyfriend doesn’t wash his genitals
Marvel movies bad.
mfw drumpf bombs iran
My name is Jotaro Kujo
Mr. Dink’s Obsession
MOTHERFUCKING SHIT (Stolen from twitter)
MAGA 2020
Mother’s Milk
my first [OC] pasta – I have two brothers👬in the 🔫military🔫
Minecraft zombie
MoTherFucKing jOjo ReFerEncE
monster house
Might is Me
Mr. Clean
Megamind:the dark Sith Lord you never knew about!
Mike dad is in house when phoen ring
mom dom inquiry
Meesa Jedi Seal
Me and the boys airdropping into Iran
mm ears
Morse code
Must have for my GF
Me When I See Women In My Diner
Minecraft is not what you think it is… MINDcraft? Kids are performing Satanic rituals, sacrifices, etc
My rare medical condition
Meet the tequila chugger
Millennium Force promo [1999]
Martin and his Solrock
Mr. Windy bloxies presentation
Mod pin god complex
Ms. Pac man
man, I loved Tom and jerry
Military copypasta idfk
My son has a waifu
My name is doof
My shitting story (an original copy pasta)
Mamaw’s rolls
My old self is dead.
My demands m’lady
my poop got drafted for WWIII
moms friend crazy rant
Me, a Haiku
me and my roomba
mincraft is bad, no
My (25M) girlfriend 26F baked all the beans, now I consider to end our relations? What do I do?
middle aged soccer mom karen when see rottweiler
Merry hanukk-🅱️ruh🥵🥵🥵
Motivational Lizard, text version.
My (25M) girlfriend 26F baked all the beans, now I consider to end our relations? What do I do?
My (M25) girlfriend (F26) baked all the beans now I consider to end relations.
My (25M) girlfriend (26F) bakes all the beans, now I consider to end our relations? What do I do?
Man, do I love reading a manga,
Microwave Noises.
My dog bit my penis
My relationship status
Men puke, men poop on the field
MacBook Pro and iPad Pro user here
My intoduction to this subreddit
My life story
My 17 year old brother thinks he has pepperoni nipples
my first time playing doom 2016
mobile gamer
Moon Cactus
My cock stats
My fish fetish
Mr. Sandman but better
My kidnapping story
Morning of a coomer
My renewed faith
My enormous sperm-bazooka
My response to a “yo momma” joke about a sad happy meal:
Meth is healthy
My Aunt
My name is Keith I’m 12 years old
Mansplaining periods
My Itchy Itchy Taint
Man what the fuck did you expect
My interview with the famous Martin Cabello
Mi scuso per cattivo italiano
Man with dick in his ass
Mr Nick Gurr, United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (MOD) Director for International Security Policy, visits the Ministry of Kosovo Security Force (KSF) and Headquarters KFOR.
My Crispy Spicy Chicken McRefund
My 5 year old feels cold when she farts.
minecraft good
me wehn im takin a shit
My girlfriend is weird
make skywalker trilogy great again
My Dad’s Birthday
monkey money
My favorite childhood memory.
My friend translated the Kira copypasta into many languages and this is what they got
Microtransaction is 300 bucks
Mood 24:7
Merry new year! 🙏🤲
My friend and I stayed up til 3 A.M and we made this…
My Life is in Jeopardy
Might as well get it over with now
Mój stary to fanatyk wędkarstwa
My last nut experience
My name is Pastor Dr. Martin Sempa. I’m here in the capacity of the chariman of the national task force against homosexuality in Uganda.
Male babies are perpetuating the cuckold culture
Meet this young man. He’s a handsome, attractive, polite, honest, intelligent, hard-working, tall, confident, social, outgoing, witty, funny, extroverted, ambitious, studious, athletic, tenacious, strong, dedicated, disciplined, decent young man!
My new year’s message to you all nyaa~
My eyes have been opened.
Malignant Tumour.webm
Me so sad 😭😭😭😭😭
My parents beat me
Marios and the Rabbids fanfiction
Mmmmm ruptured prostate 🤤
Man if you don’t shut yo
Me when I see a shitting centrist
Memes of 2019
Mario Pissing
Mobile user inside joke:
Mesa axadentally sent yousa a picture of cock and balls…
McDonald’s cheeseburgers
My son is so smart!!!!!
My boyfriend’s fetishes are infantilization and sissification. I’m so done with entertaining his sick fantasies.
medical reasons
Men should be neutered
minecraft gud Fortnite bad lawl good one!
my dick is the size of a fucking continent
My name is noriaki kakyoin
Morther Russia
Muslims on the Afterlife
Mental Help Hotline
Mods born after 1993
My Fantasy
My foreskin 🍆😋 doesn’t stop 🙅‍♂️⛔ growing. 📈⬆️
Mutha fucken Newport’s!
Milky milky
Mr Beast Team Trees Copypasta
My gf decides to try anal…. ON ME!!!
Mother Nature
Milk is cow sperm
My holy homosexual heritage 🏳️‍🌈
My friend’s unironic take on anime
Maybe most people require veins like this because their bodies are absolute shit at transporting oxygen
My first word was “Neutron”
My Garfield
Mrw when I see trump
My rating: 97/100
My dick is big. My dick is very big
minecraft good fortnite bad
My friend sent me this
Merry Christmas – Lawyer
Meth gator
Merry Christmas, ruined by lawyers
Medicinal cum
Mr Krabs NOOO
My sexual experiences with big chungus
Mods be like
My name is yoshikage kira but its females born after 1993
My Review of CATS (spoiler free)
MummyCummy – CummyCummy! [North Korean orgasm metal] (Official Lyrics 2069)
McSearch and Rescue
My dad and I have a similar taste
move aside friends I have a job to do.
Mental health is nothing to joke about.
My message to people who unironically play FNAF in 2019/2020.
Merry Christmas
Mike Wazowski’s cock
My name is Yoshikage Kira.
my dick dont work
Mike Pence
Military grade vibrator from r/askreddit
My Friend Made this because we told him to, I feel ashamed
Merry Christmas
Me too thanks
Mike Honcho
Merry cocksmas
My parent’s house is revolting
Mike Pence is NOT GAY
Merry Christmas
monko pasta
My (21f) bf (21m) got me butt plugs for Xmas and now I’m having a panic attack
MERRY DICKSMAS🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄!!!
Merry chrystler
Murr~y Christmas
Memes imitate art, art imitates life
Merry christmas!
Merry DICKmas
Merry Christmas! Here’s my Christmas Carol. I apologize in advance for being addicted to meth, shit happens. Enjoy!
MLP Cum Jar Project (Rainbow Dash has been boiled in cum)
Merry Clitmas
Merry Christmas
Meat 🍖 Miser 😱
My sister won’t let me hold her baby anymore (r/darkjokes)
Merry Christmas r/copypasta !
Merry Christmas
my father the milkman
Minecraft youtuber fanart
Merry Christmas
meal report
My dad sent this to me
Merry christmas
Minecraft isn’t gay
Mortal Kombat Faction War
merry christmas ya filthy animal
Muh Stronk Star Wars Women
My Victorian birthday party
My Childhood Story
My friends wildn in the GC
metal gear solid 5 cock and balls
My dose of the internet went down like aquarium gravel this morning.
My 20 2️⃣0️⃣ Favorite 👌💯 Emojis 🤣
Mega PP surgery 101
My ◀ friend 😡 Markus 😎 encountered 😨 default 🚶
Meg from family guy
Minecraft galactic alphabet shitpost
My favorite songs from The Registered Sex Offender Album.
Mum plesdf don’t call pastor!!1!!
Me and my friends kept laughing about this kid that licked a spoon of beans and put it back so no one could have it and I made a parody of welcome to the cumzone called welcome to the beanspoon. We were all really tired and were just laughing at random shit
My run-in with Nessie.
My letter to santa this year.
Must click here
My Fault Yall
Methbook status update
My Favorite Christmas song is Killing In The Name by Rage Against The Machine
Mongolian Heavy Metal Comment
My family tree has scoliosis
Mathematical proof against the existrnce of aliens
minecraf cring cancr
Mayhem – Chainsaw Gutsfuck
My mom is a little bit of a transphobe
Masturbation is the Most Important Invention Ever Created
More like Bored Burgers
Modern /pol/ general
My uncle and I fucked.
Metal Gear Rising: Monsoon’s Memes
My Fantasy Sex [GONE WRONG]
May someone provideth me more information about this “pornhub” thing?
Mandalorian season 1 finale LEAKED!
My abusive mother 😭😭
Mr krabs fought in vietnam
Micheal Townley’s Rant in the Paleto score setup on GTA V
Microwave machine broke
Mainstream Western porn industry is weak as fuck.
My Penis and I Woke Up to an Alarming Disturbance
My Favorite Bands!
My mastah piece
My experience with a curse
My poop tastes sour story
My First Solo Bedwars Win
moderators don’t get paid… you do know that, right?
Merry Fucking Christmas
My friend is the only one in the group who hates anime and he sent this idk what the fuck he’s smoking Jesus Christ
My First Erection
me testing my new keyboard on notepad
muffin man
My girlfriend is not “hot”
My friend make a funny post on SCHOOLOGY about our school
My bot is working, mods should pass the gay test.
My PRANK idea
morgz dad
My penis doesn’t respond to your moral arguments (found on unpopular opinion)
My (and I presume many other men’s) penis doesn’t respond to your moral arguments.
My (and I presume many other men’s) penis doesn’t respond to your moral arguments.
me want bagel
My (and I presume many other men’s) Penis doesn’t respond to your moral arguments.
My asshole stimulation technique
mmm fudge
My take on life, and its meaningless
Mike Bloomberg
My friend sent me this rant at 4 am
me and my friends made these
Minesweeper reviews on google are a goldmine
Motherf**uckering white Girls on Tinder be like
My friend smeared cum onto his face
Maury tho
Makes Discord unresponsive/crash when you hover over the link
MLG Gandhi Hop
My mom?
Meet the Medic “as full as I can do”
Mega Man 6 – Yamato Man! Bastard!
my names big jill
Modern Warfare is a beta test for an invasive, controlling, manipulative, and unethical matchmaking system.
Musky Scent
mark collins, age 45, gave himself up to the authorities after the incident. he is now serving a life sentence.
Minecraft PvP, idiots thinking can be beat me
My mom would want some alcoholic spaghetti
math – Justin Kuritzkes
make bob bilionare
Megatron Action Figure
Mind blowing sex facts
Milky Mommy hahaha
Men will see a mouse and eat it. 🐁
Matt Sharp from Weezer is stupid
My name is Jeff in 104 languages
mods gay
My best Bed Wars game ever!
Mothers Milk
Make my copypasta popular pls
mods are gay
My Life Long Obsession watching Women Shit
My friend made this abomination
My son is a hateful incel, and I just cannot save him or defend him anymore.
Marxist Trump
Made by u/SmurfyX … Pinocchio…
Me mum came into me room to bring me a plate of bangers and mash and I screamed at the old girl and knocked it right straight out her hand.
My morning routine.
Martin Cabello III on why he hates the military
My friend was ignoring another one of my friends in a Discord call and played rocket league, so here’s what my friend took 10 minutes to type out to my friend while we all listened.
My friends response to Kirby who ate a big dick
My steam guide
My awakening began when I was young.
My friend unironically sayed this
Minecraft is not what you think it is… MINDcraft? Kids are performing Satanic rituals, sacrifices, etc
Milky milky
madam tussauds
MCU Movies in order checklist (I printed this like 5 times)
My friend on discord messaged me this.Not Shure this has been here before
My first word
Man honesty, I’m tired of this shit
My first word…
My Winter Story
My TED talk audition
Meeting Joe Pesci
marching band rehearsal
Michelle Obama Tumblr Drama
Man I’d fucking love to have Shrek take a photo of me after a good nut. I think it would really be the icing on the cake.
My sub teacher.
Man I’d fucking lpve to have Shrek take a photo of me after a good nut
Minimum character requirement
My Friend un-ironically sent this to our group chat 3 years ago. I found this while backing up my chats
My Addiction To ‘Settings’
Mess with the bull you get the horns
Man, this show goes right over a lot of yalls’ heads, doesn’t it.
My son masturbated to Jimmy Neutron and he’s gone blind, AITA?
Mr. John McAfee sir
Mini Minotaur by tobuscus
My name is
Meaning of animal shits
My wife’s boyfriend is so cool 😎
Merry Pixmas’s wise words
mi nem is geedo meesta
Magic Pig shoots black people
My friend said pumpkin pie is awful. This was my other friend’s response
My fuckin sister
My Dearest, Parmesan
Matin Cabello Copypasta
My suicide note
Mother og god please Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
My set of Crayons
Mathematics is a sport
My son loves this tim tams
Minecraft Suggestion: Rape the Villagers in Minecraft
My friend touched my pp
My girlfriend shits in the shower
Mail mothafucka!
My fucking PTSD
My Ass Is Traumatized?
My girlfriend wants me to sit down and shut up, don’t walk around naked, be humble…. I never have
Mexicans and Mayo
Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Final Boss One-Liners (from YouTube comment section)
My (19F) roommate (19F) won’t stop farting
Mark Hunt
My name is Yoshikage Kira (google translate-jap)
my boyfriend ejaculated a kidney stone
Milotic’s Return
My One True Desire