Toyota Alphard
top 5 reson why u shuld buy me a cet
Trolls is the best piece of art ever created
this is the WORST reddit post i have ever seen in my life!
The republicans have destroyed Hyrule!
The comment section
Teh Wh4t!?1!?!!1!!1?
The story was an expansion of the one touted in the zombie versions of Carmageddon. Here’s the introduction text from the start of a new game:
The sub is literally called Hentai
the last.fm scrobbler
The Year is 2045
This night was supposed to be special (taken from r/Rants)
That’s funny.
The Truth About Hohols
This social experiment has come to an end and we thank you all for participating
the clitoris is apart of the liberal agenda
The bird is the word.
The least proud fap of all history.
Thank you for opening my help and assistance form
TIFU by messing around in Singapore and getting caned as punishment
The Dichotomy of Intellectual Prowess and Social Interactions
Timmah + Mr Mackey
The greatest magic trick of all time!
The One Who Grips Alone (cucked by self inserting on a Gacha Game)
They should take all 2023 Oscars from the winners and give them to the writers of Gotham Knights.
That one video where Pain tells Naruto about the new One Piece chapter (SPOILERS)
The Knight Molester strikes
The comment i wrote on JOEhuh02’s deleted Fabric Bandu Animation.
The little mermaid.
The CS:GO Karen From Mirage copypasta
The average Hollow Knight Hornet simp.
Tell me your weirdest fantasies about anime girls
Thug shake
The Many Crimes of Mort the Lemur
The Festival
TIFU by learning that I can suck myself off.
Trump on Executions
To kill a mocking bird page 177
The craziest thing happened at my musical practice today at school
The craziest thing happened at my musical practice today at school
The craziest thing happened at my musical practice today at school
The craziest thing happened at my musical practice today at school
The problem with Florida isn’t Floridians.
TIL the Bible describes the noble wife as a tomboy.
the dairy in the mcdonald’s shamrock shake finally got to him. rip.
The Piss Man
the guy
The entire Wikipedia on fascism
Tight Jojo cheeks
The real reason Putin is angry.
Though thuggness
The missile knows where it is at all times. It knows this because the missile has a clear vision of where it wants to be.
Taco Bell midair panic
The obvious question is “Why did we do this?”
This is Definitional Copy-Pasta, it’s a Theory, “not yet a theory,” just, unrelated, “but…what would it mean if it weren’t?” Mad Science thoughts; Ghost Witch Semiotica, so:
The Ultimate Copypasta: A Tribute to the Classics
the guy
the guy
The worst gun for home defence
This movie plot was created by artificial intelligence
There’s a reason Spanish is called a romance language
the very last blog on earth
The Zoo House
The Only Thing I Know For Real
toe song
Today I attempted to insert a whole cantaloupe melon into my anus
Tired of sexual disappointment? Let me sell you on communism!
The definition of woke
The top g andrew tate here.
tomorrow comes today
Thanks for the upvotes!
tips for men to get rizz (im a female)
The industrial revolution by tsundere girl
The amount of ads you are pushing on your stream is lowkey a joke. Especially in the context of you literally just watching someone elses stream.
The Fall of Poop Fartious
The good ending….
The universe is just a simulation, man. It’s all just ones and zeros, and we’re just living in a computer program. I mean, have you ever listened to Joe Rogan talk about DMT and the fourth dimension? That guy knows what’s up.
The universe is just a simulation, man. It’s all just ones and zeros, and we’re just living in a computer program. I mean, have you ever listened to Joe Rogan talk about DMT and the fourth dimension? That guy knows what’s up.
The founder of modern rocketry
Trucks fly in Different Directions
The Porn Dude Thughunter Review
The Fnaf lore is under appreciated
The United Kingdom could have been called Gaysexland
The amount of MrBeast is truly MrBeast.
Trolley Dilemma
The moment I realized what I have done
There Is No ETA
TIFU by eating an entire pack of sugar-free Werther candies
This is the worst post ever.
That ass
the worst thing i have ever seen
This chatroom
Truth about LGBT
The poor miller
the worst comic i ever crafted *took me months to make*
The second law of thermodynamics
Thank GOD you put the /s there
The Throne of Reflection: How Unconventional Bathroom Rituals Shaped My Identity and Resilience
Two Fucking Days
the contributions of women, men, and the LGBTQIA+ to society.
troll face videos
thor: lat fight
TF2 Lootboxes
The largest nuclear detonation in Minecraft terms
The Sacred Scroll of Rare Memes: A Celestial Tale of Balance and Laughter
the end of evangelion is one of the greatest movies ever made
TikTok vaper getting Out of Hand
the political status of angry birds
The FitnessGram Cummy Test
Taken from brick hill post
The epic
The Great Splooge Flood
Twenty Days of NoFap
Toyota corrola
this is what you deserve
The PornDude reviews the PornGeek
This isn’t a disrespectful question btw.
translating your fav copypasta bc im bored
The aerodynamics of a Burger King Whopper
The Gotham Kernel Bomb
The gates of hell open to the sound of my laughter
Talking shit about the Cici’s Pizza Challenge……….?
This video saved my marriage
The Tragedy of Macbeth
Tf y’all mean pull?
tf2 gavenea
The Ceiling Breaking Penis – a story by u/berdinderindas
The Fetus Room
The Vaporeon Copypasta… run through Google Translate 20 times
The Pocahontases shitting IQ test
The Life and Times of a Professional Credit Card Thief
The Sex Files Intro
Thing I took from r/StarterPacks
This feels like it could fight here
the spinning skull
this one took me about five minutes (ORIGNAL POST)
The missile motivates you
Terraria underground theme lyrics
The end of the world (by a five year old)
The principal caught me pissing in the water fountain and is going to tell my parents.
this isn’t even a copypasta ( by my friend on Discord)
Top 5% of men.
Top 5% of men.
Try to make this make sense.
TikTok Cowboy
The only water I drink is lemonade
To be fair…
Twitter user’s best roast
The curse of being a custommagic visionary
The rise of ai waifus is dangerous!!!
The value of a life
The Penis Monkey
The Angry Greybeard.
The near future of IT Vietnam
top 10 numbers
Thank you for putting an NSFW tag on your post. HOWEVER…
thug shake 🧑🏿💏
This reminds me of this chick
trans redditor having meltdown in a comment section
Things masculine Men aren’t allowed to do
Tutorial: Using math to find “who asked”
The Wonder of U
Timmy The redditor
The Poop Knife
They fucking cancelled cinnaMON
The Head Doctor
The Cheese Song
This is like George Orwells book, 1984.
The Last Game
The best revenge I got on my cheating husband
The Friend Zone is 100% real.
The New Gorillaz Album is Based on Nintendo Games
tate has no cancer
The Lactaid cow…
The media dont want you to know this one trick‼️😱 (You’ll be shocked with the results)
this is what you will experience if you reject Jesus Christ as your lord and savior
This is the famous Budweiser beer
Two perspectives: 1. Racism, 2. Coffee, gold, & shit
This dog is so weird to a minor
The Conspiracy Is 5000 Years Old
Turtles Are Sandwiches
This ^
Taylor Swift Stale Topic
The Missile Shaker
The Best Part About Making Meatballs
The semantic content of your words defies rational comprehension
The pigussy
Too busy feeling my own power ripples.
Tell This To Your Friends If You’re A Femboy
The Life of a Taco Bell Kid.
This may come across as insane,
That reminds me
The fog is coming.
The U.S. Constitution but Yoda wrote it
The Bible is sus!
The internet turned me gay
Thank you
Thank you for being a part of my life
TIFU by finishing on my turtle
TIFU by revealing my cock length to my family
Texas Revolution
The Train
Tame Impala will always be better than Gizz
TikTok Rotating Skulls
The guy reaction after revising the bullshit they did on e621 back in 2007
Transformers and Sex.
that worm god zaza
TIFU by quoting South Park to ny GF of 4 years
Top Motivational Pictures With Deep Meaning (Try Not To Cry)
The video was not made for any of that!
This is a straight up stupid answer from a stupid person…
The commission
Thad and Chadwick Beef
The only rule is that there are no rules
The most obnoxious Classmate!
That TF2 Heavy and Doctor micspam from 14 years ago
the oppression of gamers
The duality of femboys
This a message to women who dress like whores and act like whores and act like its “Normal”
the greatest soundcloud bio of all time
Try making some freezer jam!
Trying to get Chat GPT to play hangman (the word is addition)
this gold posted in the groupchat
The grandmaster of edging
The FitnessGram Pacer Test
The creation of Femboy
Tooth fairy but slightly more demonic
The neck beard mods of r/gaming have spoken
The lyrics of Robot Rock, by Daft Punk
That’s fucking football right there.
The Lord
The steps to social awareness.
This is why I deleted that bullshit ass game
The Garage door
Tips On How To Deal With Post-Breakup Depression
the skin shaker
Thank you for the award kind stranger!
Time to bring it back to the people
the mom copypasta
Those of you reposting that one meme may put the entire group at risk.
The brand new burger you can fuck.
This is a story of a man named Stanley
The incel problem
The Belle Delphine Christmas Porn
This felt like it should be here when I read it
The r/atheism user woke up (chat gpt poem version)
This handbook is a guide to ordinal theory.
the real ones will fet it
The Town Inside Me is a wonderful song.
Take me to get popcorn
transphobic incel rant
The missile knows where it is
Think ill be ending everything
the brand new burger you can fuck
Toronto tap water…
Top 10 Reasons Snails are Better than People.
Trump and Biden play Rocket League…
Twitter Moment
Total Furry Death.
There needs to be an IQ test for individuals who want to access chatGPT.
the final solution
The improved version of the original. Or just longer
This light skin girl
The delightful feeling of bouncing on muscular men’s dicks
TimeKeeper Cookie reference (not mine)
the downfall of boy scouts
theo von
The Office, The Customer Service, The Fun Times for you a Delightful Human.
TIFU by blasting porn at maximum volume
The Mystery Of The Fallout: Brotherhood Of Steel Condoms
This was a real unironic comment on a post about the Mario movie
to anyone who likes fnf
TIFU by blasting porn at max volume
Thank you for putting an NSFW tag on your post.
This is the downfall of this community
Tinder date shit in my bed??
Taken from r/confessions
The Nixon Rap, written by the New York Times
Toilet painted
Tyson and Nye
Things have progressed with my son
This Gem from The Onion, mocking Guy Reschenthaler’s opposition to same sex marriage
The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him
That episode changed my life as a straight man. (Television & game spoilers)
Two wrongs don’t make a right
Trashy people ruined my date with my wife.
These reminds me
The function of The Rubber Duck
Top 10 planets on earth
Trashy people ruined my date
The Truth
The password to my Reddit account
This comes from r/Terraria
The Tale of the Spicy Chicken Sandwich
TF2 weapon reskins
TIFU by going to the beach with my gf
Title: I’m a Straight White Male and I’m Tired of Being Called Jimmy Neutron (This was created on ChatGPT)
The r/atheism user woke up…
This one will work on discord. The one I found was fucked up.
The Future
The Ultimate Question
take a shit
The Coldsteel roast thread copypasta
The humblest of them all
top text
Two steps ahead
This is from a comment r/memepiece comments but honestly it’s much better without any context
Taken from a Facebook Metal group
this is the lyrics of the Kristian Bush song Love or Money
This made me cry.
t want to die 😭
TIFU by not washing my dick for 19 years.
The full guide to racism
That was suposed to be funy? Really?
The j
The ULTIMATE Rizz Dictionary aka the Rizztionary EXTENDED version (added cars + music composers)
This is my weekend as a 28 year old living in Chicago
the histowy owof aww hithewtowo existing sowociety is the histowy owof cwass stwuggwes.
Trump X Jesus Fanfic
This isn’t deserved
that one conversation stewie and brian had in 9×17 about the gun (spoilers for the actual episode lmao
The Minions are brutal war criminals
The Girl in the Toilet Bowl
Thugs Shakin
The Bleeding Edge of D2
TikTok, the devil in disguise
The girl next to me on the bus farted terribly, guys.
the kfc secret recipe (happy cooking)
this is kinda old but I never find it here.
that overused YouTube comment copypasta except it doesn’t loop
The Complete Rizzionary
thought at 3 am (please tell me in the comments)
thats quite bitchy of you
text conversation between two people
TIFU by trying snus for the first time
The gender pay gap isn’t real
Toilet levitation
The year is 2030. From r/DotA2
The least socially akward discord user
The only proper response to “share or die within x days posts.”
To My on and only love GothEgg. She is a true Goddess
The Road Not Taken
The Missile Knows Where You Live
The missile knows where it is at all times.
thats kinda sussy
Terry Davis gets a phone call!
Top 3 Pokémon mommy milkers
The perfect crime
The new Pokemon copypasta
They tried circumcising me but my foreskin only grew back stronger.
the nsfw copypasta but i translated it
The Thot Shaker
The grocery store
The Daily Routine of American Author and Journalist Hunter S. Thompson
Thank You for this video….
The CD Player (a short story by me)
that bubble butt
Top 10 reasons women don’t want you
the gigguk
the cupcake incident
The Cummet
The Brap copypasta changed to fart cannon / ricers instead
THE FOG IS COMING. 𓀥 𓁆 𓀕 𓁆 𓀟 𓀣 𓁀 The fog will consume you.
Tungsten Cube
This got me banned on r/incestconfessions
the fnaf story told by an ai
The Boss Baby is a cultural cinematic masterpiece
There are limits to what you do in the shower.
The missile
The New Burger King Burger
Trader Joe’s Popcorn Pops®
The right to staple bread to cats
The Romeo and Juliet balcony scene but Romeo is a soundcloud rapper.
They restricted me to eat literal garbage!
the full lemons quote (with arteficial intellegence)
The david saga
Thug Shaker
To the tune of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”
the Navy Seal copypasta but it’s in Morrowind
The first time I ever masturbated was to Meloetta
Trying to cop a slut
the ultimate pasta
The Brand New Burger King Burger
The dinosaur game was disabled, my burning hatred (essay) • r/copypasta
The art form is dying…
thing someone sent in a discord server im in
this was an actual message in a discord chat
The least psychopathic deviantart user be like:
the wealthiest woman (FamGuy)
The first person to kiss Paula Abdul
This is a comment from DeviantArt
Tommy vercetti huh shit
The concept of reality and existence has been a topic of philosophical inquiry for centuries, while the idea of dimensions has been a topic of scientific inquiry for nearly as long.
The description of a Resident Evil text to speech bot
The Sun is Stupid
this is a dumb thing some furry (probably a pedo) said in a youtubers server
The small penis option isn’t even that small
This post jerked r/beatlescirclejerk dry
this is raymonz (found this on the rayman family discord server and the guy who made it gave me permission to post this)
This post got banned of the Subnautica reddit
the best prompt
The small penis option isn’t even that small
The struggles of a 64x developer [abridged]
The hero known as Super-Karen
The Perfect Car
The fact that anybody thinks “small dick” is an insult is hilarious to me.
the Motherfuckers of the CAI have lost the battle.
The missile..
THE GULAG A stunning finale with Queen Elizabeth the second and Harambe
The only secular person in town
that speech thing at the end of the fnaf 6 insanity ending
trick ppl who do martial arts
TAS is a dirty rotten cheater
The Dilemma of Lesbianism
The Physics of Dragon Cum
The nerd emoji is the best emoji.
There can be many motivations for a son wanting to lose his virginity to his mom.
Theory of evolution is one of the most unbelievable and irrational claims of history
They hated Andrew Tate because he spoke the truth
The way I’d…
the oven
The seventh seal has been broken
The wiktionary page for amogus
The imposter
The Waffle House has found its new host
Tips for men
The hamburger
The Napkin rule
There are 7 Anacondas in the film “Anaconda”
The ENTIRE LowTierGod rant
Tesla gay bar
Things my friend isn’t allowed near
TIFU by refusing to sell a copy of my son’s lego star wars to somebody
The trucker rides across the Nevada desert.
The Horrors of the Body by ChatGPT
TIFU by eating a cucumber that came out of my ass
The truth
Trump is father of Poor
TIFU by being not getting a dark enough tan and was thrown at a window because of it
The sight of non-programmers attempting to grasp the complexities of programming is nothing short of cringe-worthy.
The sequel: Different Types of Bye
The connection between Morbius, the Tiktok culture and Sex
top ten funniest things
Thug shaker and rump shaker
The Male Orgasm(Real Red Pill)[NSFW] (from r/Destiny)
tickly tickle 🤤
The Soup Man – by doorknob girl
The unbelievvable revoluton of chatbox AI
tw: eyeliner
There was a comic on Reddit i didn’t like
This movie saved my life
twitch mod
The Waffle House has found a new host (Taken From stegoooo on YouTube)
To every self proclaimed AI “artist” I have this message to you
The Whopper’s Creed
Tip your landlords, chuds
This GC has been bringing me Down (found in the wild)
tigran petrosyan’s rant but it’s medieval talk
The egg dilemma
Transcript I made of one of my favorite memes.
The Crippler Crossface
The rest of the Wednesday cast is mid
This Cube Cured My Morality.
tasty tofu
The rest of the Wednesday cast is mid
The UwU is coming
The dilema of choosing a size for your penis sleeve
There is no ethical consumption under capitalism
timmy can’t stop seeing tf2 buff men
Top ten watch mojo ways to murder people with m&m’s
The masturbation meta
The Earth is a dinosaur shaped pancake and you cannot prove me wrong
The waffle house has found it’s new host
The case of the Pure and Golden Blood Belonging Only to the Spanish People.
There’s two kinds of homesteaders out there and they will never agree.
The meanest and most aggressive animal in the animal kingdom is, by far, the crab
TF2 vaporeon copypasta response
The flagellant from Darkest Dungeon
This is getting ridiculous… I just caught my brother (28M) in my sister’s hotel room (28F) because they are liars who constantly lie to me and everyone
TikTok 2022 recap
The history of phallic weaponry
The Missive To End All Missives
This is real??
toothpaste gary
Thelma and Daphne
Transcript of a rage video recorded by someone I know.
The waffle house has found it”””””””””””””’s new host
Tried to be nice to poor people… never again
There is hair on my teeth
The story of september 11th, and you better believe it bucko, otherwise you’re an american hatin terrorist
They don’t want this smoke
The pink sauce (from tiktok) cured my erectile dysfunction!
This was written by an AI
Ths laptp s a pece f junk
The Last Of Us is cool but not like The Breaking Bad
the waffle house has found its new host
The waffle house has found its new host
Today i feel…
Transcript of Bill O’Reilly’s mental breakdown
This Cube Cured my Mortality
turning my life around one poop at a time
The NeedleM0use Lore
That episode copypasta
The Mandela….. Effect….. Fire Protection V….. 😅
top 10 ways dementia has impacted my life
The Waffle House 🧇🏠 VS Rick Astley 🕺🎙
The Waffle House 🧇🏠 VS Rick Astley 🕺🎙
Traffic Lights in the 1800s
The Waffle House had found its new host
The healthy human mind doesn’t wake up in the morning thinking this is its last day on Earth. But I think that’s a luxury, not a curse. To know you’re close to the end is a kind of freedom. Good time to take…inventory. Outgunned. Outnumbered. Out of our mind. On a suicide mission.
Thanks for the upvotes, kind stranger!
The Chair
Tit le
this might be pretty racist, is this allowed?
The truth about the angry birds
These commercials have aired roughly a bajillion times over this past football season.
To Solar Flare from plants vs zombies.
The absolute best shit I ever had was when I was laying in bed in agony with severe back pain
the most degenerate flag
This is easy, there are 4 possible answers
The Grammarly version of https://www.reddit.com/r/copypasta/comments/lfj3lx/longest_text_ever_most_deleted_bc_max_40000/ (150+ edits without premium)
The Founding Daddies 📜🏛️🇺🇸🥵
The Waffle House has found its new host.
Trump talks about windmills
The parasite man
The reason I hate Greta
thank you, amen
The Ancestor’s Bad Taco Bell Visit
The Waffle House has found its new host.
The potty files: a study by the republican potty on how often Americans of different parties shat.
Thank you for placing the NSFW tag on this post
To Leslie is a small film with a giant heart. Andrea Riseborough gives the performance of the year, and Allison Janney, Marc Maron, Owen Teague, Andre Royo and Stephen Root are all incredible. Please go find this gem, directed by Michael Morris!
The sex note
The Waffle House has found its new host.
The Legendary Biggie Bag.
The Waffle House has found its new host.
The Story of Andrew Tate, lets not Andrew Wait.
The Bluey show
The Waffle House Has Found Its New Host
the truth about The Emu War!
Tokyo Drift Movie Review
The reason why I hate fucking Sunfishes
This Cube Cured My Mortality
The SOwOiet Anthem
The Most Important Spelunking Tool
The entire dk bk rant
The nerd emoji is cringe
Teemo made me quit the game
The Ender Dragon is hot
twitter fnf art
The downvote button is not a disagree button.
The truth about humans.
told chatgtp i was going to have “sensual contact” with a hot pocket. this was its advice.
This post is extremely problematic and triggering
The universe is incomprehensibly massive
The Cars Universe is so messed up,
Tom Hansen is literally me
Told a custombuild of ChatGPT to experience a vietnam war flashback at furcon.
They’re trying to sleep
The fantasies of a Bluey fan
tv station reports wrong names from plane crash
There are islands of Mac devices, but Linux is the ocean. There are clouds of Windows networks, but Linux is the sky.
taken from the r/art chaos
The Navy Seal copypasta but it’s Spamton
The feminisation of alcohol marketing
The Funny
The Matrix (1999)
TIFU by Telling My Friends How I Keep Myself From CummingS()
The Story of Jesus in 2023 be like:
Top 5 outfits that look amazing on your little sister’s body (Official guide)
the boys🥶
This is a plea for help.
The jojo copypasta but it’s about Foo Fighters
The fall of r/BatmanArkham Trigger Warning
The fall of r/BatmanArkham
To the losers who disrespect Runescape
True story: I saw Andrew Tate at a McDonalds and he was dressed as a Femboy cat girl.
TIFU by attempting to go super saiyan in class
This is what I received in my messages today. Enjoy
These kids are lost
These kids are lost
The Wikipedia article on industrial revolution
The World is Ending but Donda 2 is really good.
The lyrics of that cursed Portuguese duck song
The Lords prayer
travis scott type apology
Teaching kids to swear
Triangles are the Wiseangles
Trianon was deserved 🌏🤜🇭🇺
The Blonde Bible
Tbh it would be funny…
the government is lying to you
The Most Boring Movie of All Time (Trilogy)
Thug Shaker
Tomorrow I am going to get over my social anxiety and start a chant
The Group Piss is a concept.
think twice before replying with that stupid emoji
The Amogdrulatic Formula for beginners (Includes information on creating +S+U+S or SUS)
tankie out
the FUCK did you just say about the beatles?
the musician will wood posted this on the YouTube community page
The cockgress🙏😭😭💯💯
Tax evasion
The Death of Andrew Tate
The Post Above Me Sucks
Tax evasion
The shit I took
Tendiebot’s new rival
TIFU by leaving Viagra on the table
Time to let go
This Is Bob.
The most sane person on r/dating
The MCU is the finest achievement of its kind in cinematic history.
taken from ao3
this game much bad!!!
tweet by @afraidofwasps
The Transcendent Journey of Steve the Chair
the conqueror
Tired of being disrespected
TIFU by jerking off to my sister’s picture.
the rizz dictionary a.k.a the rizzionary
Taken from r/polls
The Wingman Pledge
The Legend of Prometheus
Trent Reznor is the biggest cock-sucking dickhead on the face of the Earth
The lamp is hot.
The sad life of a penis
The cashier said “Bless you” to me.
The legend of Cletus Awreetus-Awrightus and The Grand Wazoo (r/zappa, please notice this)
The Life of Ernest Miller Hemingway
tw// dreamphobia
the silliness.
The Loud House
The Bro Code: All Articles
This video is:
The truth about (popular male celebrity)
Thank you, Cum!
Today, Monster is gonna save lives.
Twinkle twinkle little bitch
Tips on fingering a minor?
terminally logged on
This Is Very Serious, Don’t Laugh
Top g!
The entire lyrics for [Official] Celeste B-Sides – 04 – in love with a ghost – Golden Ridge (Golden Feather Mix)
Thank you for accepting me, into this group.
TIFU by not realizing I was in a committed relationship while I was being dumped.
Thank you accepting me, into this group.
The Butt Baby “Big Brother”
That one steam review in every single co-op game with like 1000 awards
TIFU by having an impromptu gangbang with crack and methheads
This subreddit is offensive and harmful.
The former pope has died
The Poop Flinger
Tumblr Sexyman Tournament
The greatest thing…
tat(op g)e
Top G
Tesla rim job
Tinder Bio please use
TIFU by dwiving with my GF
The government wants your penis
Toe vinegar hack
Today is the day
Toyotathon is ON MOTHERFUCKER!!!
These things DO NOT exist!
tale of 80
the cummet
There you go again, Salt Hank.
Tiefling periods
This post truly terrifies me.
Trippie Redd being bad with The Grinch, just like in the song (ChatGPT)
Top 20% neuroscientist
The Trap
The Reddit national anthem
Tag your post NSFW copypasta
Trippie Redd being bad with The Grinch, just like in the song (ChatGPT)
they targeted gamers
To ejaculate or not to ejaculate, that is the question
The Jumblies
Those God-Damn Commies at Burger King
Typical Taliban Femboy
They should have made Jar Jar Binks a rapist
This is Nasi Dodge father who came with the milk after a long time.
This essay I wrote for a creative writing project in school.
The English Language in Fortnite Terms
Tentacles are the best fetish and heres why
The McRib is the best fast food item you can buy
The Desperate Incel’s Manifesto
The Desperate Incel’s Manifesto
the fact that you are still mad over the fact i posted an image of some hairy guy standing infront of a jar WITHOUT SITTING ON IT is funny
This video gives me a reason to live.
The Real Albanian history
Thanks I hate how goth couples have sex
Toki Pona or whatever
This Fucking Sucks
This Post in R/Trueoffmychest
This is not a meme, i just fucking hate Everton
This is what I mean
Take the piss pill
the worst fucking bio I have ever read
Touch grass
Today I Feel..
The girl i was talking to blocked me because i msgd her the first line of ram ranch, what do i do?
The Trap
tianmen massacre in fortnite terms
The class-masturbator
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand K-ON.
the brand new Homelight from Vought
This is an actual message I received from a moderator of r/PoliticalHumor when I asked why all my posts were being removed:
The Fortnite Fart Manifesto (Review)
To you pitbull bigots out there
Tifu by playing porn at the max volume
The Navy Seals Copypasta, but generated in chatgpt [AI] and you a Reddit Moderator
The fallen in destiny 2 are way too hot bungo please nerf
The Least Agressive Metalhead.
the entirety of NEVER MET! by cmten but with too many emojis
To all the weak boned pieces of shit
twilight fans
The Trap
This thread is full-throttle autism #certified #trustmeimanidiot
TOLOL (couldn’t find an Indonesian subreddit about copypastas)
That one twitter guy
The Prophet Muhammad (whom you disparage) had 9 wives at one time.
Tool shed testicle torsion
This was written before beating their meat
The answer is simple but begins with my childhood story.
The bubble wrap except it only works on discord
tomato paste
That goddamn remote
There is Good News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To make myself absolutely clear, I would split a gender-swapped Trump’s ass and pussy wide the FUCK open and bust about sixteen gallons of ball-juice in there makin that motherfucker look like an overfilled jelly donut
Thank god for porn addiction amarite
Threesome with dad!
thank you mlady/gentleman
the funny astronaut game but with a shit load of diacritics.
To the dude who got his balls squashed by a bull
Tall Man Experiences the TRUE Power Fantasy
The successor of Twitter
Tried to kiss my Yale interviewer at the end of our conversation. I massively fucked up.
Toe Jammer Copypasta
This is Justin Roiland
Too funny
Taken from a post in r/justneckbeardthings
this is my own copypasta.
Types of pink
The greatest IShowSpeed roast of all time.
Too funny
Terry Davis on reality
The Rizztionary
The artist lacks creativity.
That thime of the year again Christmas, just a week away.
Trump date r*pe gone wrong: that Trussy
True Story
Thoughts From Your Deathbed
The roar of the jungle dragon
The Rizztionary
to the cashier at mcdonald’s who looked at me weird
There are two kinds of femboys in this world
The show Euphoria….
The Life of Elon Musk
TIFU convincing my Deaf gf to tie me up and blindfold me
The “Post-Shift 2” Experience
The Problem
Trump NFTS
That’s it that’s just 1000 episodes of autofellation?
TV adequately prepared me for Ohio.
The n-word won’t get out of my head
tob is my favorite
thomas the train x joe biden scat generated by chatgpt
Text me when you’re outta work.
Trump’s NFT Ad
That’s life
This is you -> 🤓
The pigeon apocalypse journal by Jerald
Thank you, RandoWis
The TikTok song that goes “oh no” over and over again has ruined my fucking life. (Written by ChatGPT)
Too sexy for society.
the professor.
This game is so tactical. I love the tacticality. You can’t play this like warzone 1, you have to be tactical. (found on r/warzone originally posted by u/leanlikeakickstand)
This is a Response to ___bgwl___ ‘s obvervation, “just gonna call it observation,” that it is never O.K. to pursue Service workers romantically, I’d, Got into some weeds which I consider, “100% crucial to understand what we talk about when we talk about service work and I want a snack now,
The pilot episode of a slice-of-life anime about a loner protagonist longing to find the worth of their existence.
Thoughts on a discussion about Overwatch 2’s battlepass
The Fitness Gram Pacer Test, UwU edition
The invasion of the camels
They Made IRL political
The UN is inspecting my virtual city.
The USA C.L.O.W.N act
Tits or GTFO
the right adopts Arby’s as a religion chat gpt script
Today, my pregnant neighbor knocked on my door
the worst Godzilla fanfiction I have made
The meaning of Life.
Theoretically Speaking
this is my introduction
TIFU by forgetting what my wife was wearing
Togwther Forever
The worst emoji
The youth of today
The Mystery of Markiplier’s Inflation Fetish
The joys of fecal retention
The multi balloon theory
This is fake 😤
touch grass
The Exchange
trump is dumb and it says it in his name
The US constitution
thanks, I hate the redesign of Lola bunny, sorry guys I need to post this shit again
The Transformation
The anti gun pp fanatic
top 10 numbers of all time
The Grand George v. Taft Twerk Off
The Game Awards 2022
The most nsfw thing at school i’ve seen
The world is boring
The danger of trains
TIL Why do people shit in Elevators?
The Blood Willow
Thank you for the clarification!
the grand coal mines of yore
The Skyrim Guy
Tifu by making a foreskin cup
The perspective of a snack food must be terrifying.
Tifu by making a foreskin cup
The minimum drinking age in the United States should be lowered to 12 years.
This is not fair
Tick Tock by Joji
The day I became a foot slave
Tifu by making a foreskin cup
Tifu by making a foreskin cup
The u/waltuh77 manifesto
Today, I feel gay
Top 30 insane animals pooping moments caught on camera (unbelievable)!!!!!!!!
Ted Cruz ate my son sticker review
The Eighth Day: The Creation of Gamers
Tifu by making a foreskin cup
TIFU by biting off a nut sack+AITA?
TIFU by mistaking ashes as pepper
Trapper is Best Girl
TIFU by getting kinky with the birthday gift
The Breast ripper (Wikipedia definition)
Tried killing myself
TIFU by having sex with a cactus
Thank you supercell
Thank you supercell
Touch me
the anti rail strike psyop copypasta
This copypasta I made for religious studies as a legitimate assignment
The M2 greentext copypasta
Thanks to GPT-3!!!
This got me banned from r/japan
The Cum Eaters Vow.
True story: Did cocaine when in 4th grade
That one guy on r/askreddit who thought he had a scat fetish but didn’t
The word “no” in numerous languages
To the cashier at the shoppette
The 6 permutations of what the fuck
TIFU – by damaging my MIL’s ass.
TIFU by dressing as my gf’s favorite cartoon character in bedroom
The tale of my chicken nugget I came up with at 2am [OC]
Toaster picked up a police radio signal?
Toomgis Fan Fiction
This Subreddit gives me boners(original)
TIFU by dressing as my gf’s favorite cartoon character in bedroom
Traps rant
The admins (well the important ones) have discussed and decided that we are giving 1 day for anyone that has a ANIME OR ANIMATED GIRL pfp to change their pic for this server to something else or you are banned
Top 6 Ponies who’s ass stink the best. #1🏆 Applejack.
The Hog Rider card is unlocked from the Spell Valley (Arena 5).
tell me if someone already did it
The dark side of memes
Thank you dude.
Thought Experiment Time!
the chicken man v taco man
the maoist plug
The Genius of Rammstein!
Taco bell hoodie
This is why I don’t let my nephew Mortimer Jr play ROBLOX anymore.
The mask
The Curse
This could be a worst case scenario if the burn is deep and distributed far enough.
There he is. There he goes again. Look, everyone! He posted it once again
That’s fucking football right there
The Ultimate Copypasta
The Ultimate Dick War
Tuco X Hector Smut
today I am going to expose jharkhand
This year, Santa’s going to meet his match.
Tips to survive Mariah Carey
Tips to survive Mariah Carey
The Real Family Guy Show Description
TES IV: Oblivion Mature Rating
tl;dr: yea im gay, stay mad about it bitch
takis & explosive diarrhea
The Cauldron Incident
THE SKYFOOGLE ( Michael Rosen )
the spiders.
The poop policy
The entirety of the dialogue in Clash Royale
troll face
taken from u/coolfoam
Thank God for Jordan Peterson
They have. a baby mustard
The best paragraph
This was written in Arabic under an Instagram post.
This is also Malsumis.
This happened in an ORG (online reality game) I’m in
Taken fram a map circlejerk about brazil
Top Thrill Dragster
The power of the pause.
This is a low quality joke. Do you not realize how awful this is????
Twelve Days of Christmas
This is fucked but I rub some paprika or cayanne on my fingers and palm before wanking
This is for my buddy.
They don’t have gamers
The Mechanics of the Phrase: “Spittin deez nuts out your mouth” – A short discussion
Taft was arguably one of the best presidents
This artstyle makes me want to kill a principal
The Navy Seal Copypasta, but it’s been filtered through all 133 languages on Google Translate
The Mario and Luigi Gay Love Story Trilogy pt. 2
Twitter Bios Be Like
Top 5 Anime Titties (written by AI)
The Loss
They don’t have gamers.
Truth about CIS weeb culture
Told my wife that I will end it if our sex life doesn’t get better
Tesla phones will be Quantum. We will be using them to vote for policy, not people, and it will work on the blockchain so it can’t be rigged or hacked. 100% decentralized. Including banking. No more federal reserve & much more. Power to the people.
Tommyinnit’s Thanksgiving
TIFU by Urinating on my Girlfriend’s foot. (Content Warning: EW.)
TikTok Apology
the karin diletante
TIFU by sending my mom NSFW drawings.
Thick Dreadlocks vs Wicks Dreads | Which One is Best?
The most sane Clash Royale player
This is the stupidest take i’ve ever seen.
that’s none of my business
The Path. A short story, written for ‘nobody’.
Thanksgiving ruined
TIFU by literally shitting the bed
The concept of up and down.
Thermodynamic Lawyer
They’re harming us
The difference between overly emphasising the importance of purpose in life and beans
The US should invade Canada
torklar 🐴 (found this on balkans_irl)
Thanksgiving daddy anti-antidepresant!
TIFU by totally ruining the mood during sex
typical lolicon arguement
Thanksgiving [NSFW]
Tfw when U c the vaporeon fanart
Turkish Poop Man
Throwaway tries to fuck sleep paralysis demon
The Tale of the SLAYFlower
The Green Flag Call English And Arabic (libya)
Thanksgiving pt 4 final 🤤
Thanksgiving 🤤
There’s been things of a disturbing nature going on at the McBride Corral.
the tale of Creed. (OC)
The year is 2025.
The cum accelerates.
This comment activates every automod inserted in r/clashroyalecirclejerk, use wisely.
the Freebird
This tweet has become a meme in college football circles, especially since Ole Miss and Lane Kiffin immediately denied it.
TikTok BAD?!
Thought this would fit
This is hilarious
The Top 10 Funniest Thing I’ve Ever Heard:
Tons of Taverns and Inns for All Your Adventuring Needs
The man cave podcast
The Fuckboy’s Dilemma
this fucking chicanery
the relationship between good and evil
The likelihood of death of a certain someone.
The more sensitive a persons feet are the more they can feel when they are being tormented/teased in a bdsm setting.
This isn’t a cat. This is Guy Fieri on a couch with a capybara on his lap.
Thanksgiving dinner
The Game We Live: A story about Noah and…
The Shadowy Standing Ass Wiper
TIFU by paying for stanky snuggles
tryna “adopt dont shop” for a dog is a pain in the ass
True pinguins of madagascar lore
To All My Haters Out There !
TIFU: Asking my girl to role play incest w/ me
tifu: asking my gf to role play incest w/ me
This is the worst picture i’ve ever seen
There aint nobody (baby)
This is not a confession that I do this, but also not a claim that I don’t do this.
the timpani guy
The greatest football underdog story you’ll ever read
the ice cream man
tryna “adopt dont shop” for a dog is a pain in the ass
Truth Social
The Ball Miser
taken from r/ModernWarfareII
Trump was an idol
Totem of tomfoolery’s peak and downfall
treat me like a woman.
TIFU by accidentally flushing my dick and balls and clogging the piping at work
The true “Power” of Old Spice. 👁️👃👁️
The Mandela Effect
The day with my master Kars (this cursed shit was written by my friend,who loves him.)
The MCU losing all of it’s quality is all part of Kevin’s master plan.
They Should Change No Nut November
Tarantulas are so fucking hot oh god
The story, and the choices, or what have you
The Foot Philosopher
That one moment in Jrpgs
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Wild Animal Racing™
Thank you for putting an NSFW tag on your post.
Tf2 real
TTRPG Random Encounters
This one is an old one that was going around on the apex legends sub.
the shinngin
talk about shark
Tyreek Hill
Tom Brady text
They know nothing about politics
The reaction I get when I go to work naked
This Sub is in Danger
The genocidal violence that is pie throwing (TERF rant)
This may be by far the funniest video I have ever watched on Facebook
TIFU and my mom slipped on my cum
TIFU and my mom slipped on my cum
the weeb’s speech in that one prozd video
The nice guy
TIFU and my mom slipped on my cum
TIFU and my mom slipped on my cum
TIFU and my mom slipped on my cum
TIFU and my mom slipped on my cum
This fanbase doesn’t understand Assassin’s Creed
This TIFU gem appeared in front of me like Jesus rising out of the water
TIFU and my mom slipped on my cum
TIFU and my mom slipped on my cum
The inner machinations of what my mind truly behold is incomprehensible and inconceivable to any undisclosed entity
There’s been a murder (of crows).
The Dookie Splookie
There are not many I swipe to the right here at tinder.
Top 6 ponies who’s ass smell the best (source in comments)
The bird feeder is empty…
The longest ratio
The Astley Paradox.
tinder opening
This Cube Cured my Mortality
That one post on r/Tinder
Tinder hook
TIFU by writing a smut fanfiction for my girlfriend’s birthday
The weird librarian
TIFU by writing a smut fan fiction for my girlfriend’s birthday
TIFU by writing a smut fanfiction for my girlfriend’s birthday
The perfect Tinder pick-up line
TIFU by writing a smut fanfiction for my girlfriend’s birthday
Tired of political influencing in gaming such as HM2.
TIFU by writing a smut fanfiction for my girlfriend’s birthday (r/TIFU)
TIFU by writing a smut fanfiction for my girlfriend’s birthday
These are the different uses of shit.
The emotional last words of discord.gg/thugshaker owner Pablo 😿😿
That one jojo copyasta but longer
There are 3 main types of toaster
The US is infinitely more powerful than Wakanda
there’s no excuse for being lazy, go outside
The MAGA Cope (from a discord server)
the cutest thing i ever did was get a tattoo
Theres something oddly arousing about being executed in public.
This game is so addictive
Theres something oddly arousing about being executed in public
there are two wolves inside me
this a Brazil reference?
this subreddit has become really fucking weird
There can be only one
TF2 rant
Trump ruined my life.
Today… it awakened….
Trump ruined my life
tinder bio ideal woman
Today I tried Prime Hydration, then I failed No Nut November.
The Pope exists in the Cars universe – and this has some implications
Time to Deliver a Pizza Ball!
The Windows 10 test
Taken from Genshin reddit
ThE cOdE iS iTs OwN dOcUmEnTaTiOn
Trianon was deserved 🫡🤜🇭🇺 in every languages
This video changed my life.
Try These DIY Face Mask Recipes This Winter
This is about League of Legends: I don’t want to marry Lillia, but I’d like to share a platonic communal living space together.
TIFU by eating a cream pie while I was getting a cream pie
translator bot
The had had theorem
They targeted gamers.
This is my super power in online games when suffering abuse. [Credit to u/shakes42]
The Jukebox Story
true alpha Nick Adams
The hottest NSFW sub reddits (Metro to the Mommy milkers)
The entire book of John I guess
The legend of Bill Nye the science guy
The cum pass
The cum jug
triggered discord member to owner
Thug Shaker but it’s German
the way i feel when i win in mario kart ds
The Actual Real Full Monsoon Dialogue
The School’s New Policy
Tips To Pick The Right Sunscreen For Humid Weather
This is John Hinckley Jr., responsible for the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan. He was recently let out of prison/ward (I don’t remember which) and he has a YouTube channel
Thank you for the NSFW tag
The pokemon franchise
The most enormous tits in the galaxy (100% bust rate)
true story
The reason why the sprint button is bad
There’s an idea of a Yoshikage Kira
The worlds best mage
things not to do in the month of november
Three months without jerking off…
The Story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears
The Terminator
technological marvels of the modern world
The Michelin Star System
The bee transcript but i changed some of the verbs to cum
The 2022 Twitter Revolution
the JBW amogus article
Terrible Rule34 Comment
This just happened!
The Pumpkin Video 🎃
The Filibuster
The perfect man, the late great Juan Sebastian
the copypasta of losers (Is it okay to have a few imaginary friends and a girlfriend?)
try this in a discord server (may get banned tho, so be careful)
Tons of smegma
the biggest slur of the Brazilian internet (Just the First part because the other parts are Full of words that are way too hard to translate)
Turbo encabulator
The Troll song
The ALL NEW Ford F-150
Tankie Diss Track I’ve been working on… thoughts?
TW: ed ur so pathetic cuz u have to starve urself to be skinny like me meanwhile i have a cuter bmi than u and can eat anything i want! must suck not having a blessed metabolism but enjoy ur muscle atrophy cuz u not living past 25
The better “comeback” copypasta
The skills required to speedrun and do a manhunt are very different.
The Gmod Faction Meta
the start
Train Gambling speech
This video is sponsored by genshin impact.
The green stuff from the legends that grows in the legendary realm called “outside”
TIFU by trying deepthroating with my asthmatic femboy BF
The Kennedy Kick Dance!
The Ligma Desease.
That time I “took care” of my bully
The Venerable Art Style
The tragedy of Darth Plagueis The Right-Clicker
This is a fountain gregory 🐻
That’s not even funny
Told to stop crying after being abused
The world ain’t gonna change if you just talk about it, BE about it!
TIFU by leaving a sex toy at my moms house during Xmas break
The joys of being a roofer
The tragedy of….
teamers. TEAMERS EVERYWHERE: the seqael
Train masturbation
The greatest Third grade and outdated insults in one Twitter ratio
This is binary code BTW, you can translate it.
Trigger autobot
The pandemic in 2028
The Rock’s Rap Verse
The threat of death brings people closer together.
This dude is blackfootphobic/racist
Tap water is filled with HIVeeee
The Purge: Election Year brodcast
The Server
the feminine urge to seduce everyone i come across
TIFU trying to put something sexy on for the wife
The longest Clash Royale Game
Tickle The Pickle
the biggest grail of the Juice WRLD community
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to smoke smack/crack.
Titty mouse pad
This is why chess is hot.
Twitter commenter trying to summon bots
The unnoticed gem titled Garfield Kart Furious Racing
The Joe Biden cheese eating paradox
The message a nft scammer dm’d me
TIFU: Losing my Virginity to a Water Slide
The Spiral of Ants
that one fucking asmr video
TIFU by finding out about my boyfriend’s webby secret
The entire first chapter of the communist manifesto + emojis
thats “thicc” to you?
Thank you china, i love china copypasta
Tactical N-word
The offensive milk joke.
The SECRET femoids don’t want you to know about.
The Old Dude with White Hair from Tokyo Ghoul
The tragedy of Moses the Jew
The Chairman
The entitled white woman
the pipi pasta but japanese
This is my last post.
The fuckin cockroach
tvrtyler hates Nemesis
that “Put this in your status if you’re against bullying” shit every Roblox bio had for some reason.
Try my NordVPN code
This game much bad!!!
The creation of Among Us and it’s consequences have been a disaster for the human race.
This Cube Cured my Mortality
this has probably been put here 100 times already, but…
Twitch variation of Dream’s trademark sub persuasion
The”FitnessGram Pacer Test”, but its in teen slang. ENJOY
This weird rp account tweet
The Gettysbuwg Addwess
Takis are crazy
the sushi language
TIFU by sending one of my beans/testicles into my body and pretty well much getting it stuck between two bones I think
Twitter Moment
The Binding Of Issacs finest
To find this inner light, we first must crawl through the dark.
Truly disgusting that “YouTube” would “do” such a horrible thing
The Rock tells Triple H to shut up, bitch
The Little Panda Fighter
The Gangstalkers are planning something?
Toilet paper dick
Think it’s funny asswipe?
The “Minions Movie” is driving me crazy.
The MEME wikipedia article.
To all my Tinder dates from 2021, sorry about stealing your clothes, and being crazy, yeah…
The Hugh hefner of reddit
TIL that women don’t bee out if their butts
tf2 loose cannon poem
The boy consulted the old man for guidance.
The taste of cum
That moment you find out your loved one/s got the jab
The fuck did you just say
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand NFTs.
top 10 ethnictys
This commercial probably haunted your childhood
The “Noobmaster69” copypasta but I am going to give the traslation bot an aneurysm in 15 languages
TIFU: by making my friends taste my special taco sauce
To my first love in W101 (Another Story)
The Waterfucker
Troll Face Emoji Art
The thin mint cookie
The WaterFucker™
True Colors is a Life is Strange Game.
the “can’t get a gf” part hurt
The Beatles changed my life
To be fair…
The way to heaven
The longest cumshot
The Imposter
TIFU by leaving not one – but THREE – imprints of my cock and balls on the shower glass
the dreamgender subreddit has god tier copypasta material
Text I received
The Tragedy of Darth Plagueis The Wise in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet
The Man in Black are going to eat my Mother
The Herald Sun newspaper didnt even mention yesturdays protest
tsar bomb (cruppz chat)
TIFU by leaving not one – but THREE – imprints of my cock and balls on the shower glass
Transformers Pretenders
Turkish Social Credit
This server has done nothing but bring me down as a person
Thank you, Motivational Lizard
The Case of Jesus Christ
that’s y I have a fetish for older women that grow a big full all natural bush like my grandma did..
TrueSTL Country
The Tragedy of Legend of Guru Laghima the Wise (from r/legendofkorra)
The Bible is so dope
That moment
Thoughts on the new resident evil movie.
There is a person on pornhub using my email to post porn (actual announcement from a discord server)
The best spotter
This weeks letter to biden
Travis Scott Apology
this is ironic and anyone who says it isn’t shall die
thesaurus copypasta (Shane from Tinder)
TIFU By Mistaking The Abbreviation “NFT” with “NTR”
Taco Bell Induced Violent Shit
The Rock Eyebrow Emoji Art
TIFU by getting circumcised by a sex toy
The year is 2050, you buy an escort with Reddit karma
time traveler
The legal way to punk a killer
twitch anti spam text
The Ultimate Conspiracy Theory
Things That Piss Me Off Episode 4 Parents Make Rules All The Time copypasta
The last message my ex sent me.
text synth: mario and luigi does their mom since they are retarded
Taken from ‘WINDOWS 10 sounds used for making MUSIC 😙’ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Go0Q4Wko-pQ) by Sean Hogan on youtube
Trolling Grindset
Tifu when i thought my brother was joking about using my living room for a my little pony sex party
TIFU By Ruining my Greatest Chance of Fucking my Sister
TIFU by wrecking my only chance to fuck my sister
This is a 31 year old man.
thing that my friend posted on discord lmfao
Tifu by allowing my brother to have a mlp orgy
The pinnacle of beauty
This guy.
triangle lore
This StarCraft2 post is literally a copypasta
TIFU by not cumming for more than a week
this sounded too goo to not already be a copypasta so here you go
The Genie — A Poem
The Farting Apocalypse is upon us
That moment when you encounter a kpop stan
This Subreddit Needs More Moderators
The woke left is pushing me to the right
The past few years I’ve been blind the entire time.
The fact that they made an entire birth certificate
The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly, but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal. [beep] A single l
Trip report: don’t shave your dick while your peaking off a tab of acid 😔 taken from r/psychonaut
This guy really hates a store
the visit
This game saved my life.
The year is 2037.
The Ringpop
Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap
The Chu Shi Biao by Zhuge Liang
Travis Scott? Dababy!
Top ten resons why men better than girl.
The friendzoned guy
toilets are too small
The truth about Kanye West.
Taken From Deviantart.
The History of Femboys.
The Story of Amogus
TIFU by making too many your mom jokes during sex
Tset Racep MargSsentif Eht
touch grass
The ultimate saying
To all the doomers
The pineal gland
transcript from a nikocado avacado short
This reminds of a time in the military where
The good old days 4
The good old days 2
Take all they potatoes
The good old days
This reminds me of a time in the military where I got into a wrestling match with someone
the u/BroMAN_dood exploit (dokkan)
The snail finally touches me..
Tweet from VelvetIsCake (friend of dream AND george)
The Dooker By Edgar Allan Poe
Ten Commandments Gen Z Style
The Cheesy Gordita Crunch is the best Taco Bell menu item and it’s not even close. Let me explain.
TIFU by observing my sperm through a microscope 🥴
translate this too
The Twitter School of Winning Arguments
True hero from r/Semenretention
thank you funny discord friend for this
TIFU: realizing that I’m infertile
The Joe Rogan Sauna Experience
TIFU: Realizing im Infertile
TIFU: realizing that I’m infertile
TIFU by telling my friends about a bad experience I had with an escort
That’s what I love about you all
the best way to become discord famous
Thinking of Training Myself to Like Men Instead of Women (found on Incels.Is)
This stark reality has weighed on me, for a long time. Our world is incredible, mysterious, diverse, and beautiful. But so fragile, and pushed to the brink. I am convinced we can get through this, and leave everything for our kids better than we found it. Expensify is how we help.
The Combat Jack
Touch grass!?
TIFU by shaving my butthole
Triangle gameplay vs Triangle lore
ThOsE aReN’t AcTuAl FeMiNiStS
This American Life
The best way to inhale your own farts
Typical Fortnite Twitter User Comment/Response
that tumblr mutual murder copypasta
Travis Scott apology (STRAIGHT UP)
text that is difficult to copy paste
the perfect Todd Howard game
This an actual comment on a Kotaku Animal Crossing article
the cold hard truth
Trick Daddy Concert
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand “Let’s Go Brandon”
Travis Scott
The blockchain doesn’t lie
Thanks to crypto I can now keep my youthful looks
Travis Scott’s “apology” video
travis scott apology
Travis Scott’s apology
Trump did the holocaust
they’ve got allen wrenches,
This is gonna be on the new Eminem album
Taken from r/halo
This game is very sexy
TIFU trip sitting
The Ford ranger is super gay
The Bloody Turd.
The police and the poop
The True Circumference
The Joker vs The Ultral. Megan Fox short story
Tentacruel X Ash Ketcum fanfic
The backstory of FishFucker
The Clean Chronicles
Travis Scott devises a plan to make more burgers.
Tally Chair
Tom scott reaction on getting stabbed
The term mansplaining…
Thrown out of a car going 75 miles an hour.
the cruelty of human segregation
Team Rocket (NSFW)
take all the hits
TIFU: I’m the biggest idiot on the planet
The shopping cart is the ultimate litmus test for whether a person is capable of self-governing.
Take Devrom for your fart problems (from a reddit comment)
Tch, you’re an insane elderly person? You are now on the ground, crying.
The entire Declaration of Independence as it was originally written.
Travis Scott “sincere” apology
The year is 1995
The Christmas Story of Vader Johan – Big Mouth
This is the best conversation
There is a hole under my house. If I empty my pee-bucket there, will it discourage the raccoons, opossums, groundhogs, (etc.) from using it?
The deer speaks to me, as does the fox and the wolf
The Milkshake Incident
Transcript of an Aztrosist video
The grojes word owo (creation sotry)
This can’t be real lmao – AITA for getting upset my bf wouldn’t take me to the ER?
TF2 isn’t Funny
The M&M Duel To end All Duels
The missile knows where it is at all times.
This amazing post from unpopular opinion
The crackhouse
The fnaf cast is not in the game
True Story.
The guy I’m seeing is really committed to NNN (from r/teenagers)
the yu-gi-oh asshand combo
This comment makes no sense.
Turning a sphere inside out
The most fuckable Pokémon.
This show suck$ !!!
Trans people are closer to the embodiment of the Nietzschean Ubermensch than any alt righter I have ever seen.
The term “based” needs to stop being used
the new danw…
The Storage Units by General Holmes
The Powers of the Fast
The fucking gym
The magic muffler
Twitch moment
The USWNT is a fucking joke.
Touhou music ruined my life
The prophecy of riches
The most fuckable Pokémon
The people on r/arachnophobia didn’t appreciate my work, so here.
Terms and conditions applied
Thoughts on NNN
The Gun Went Off
The Big P
The Perfect Date
Torturing Viktor (from r/Viktormains) 🙁
The Legend of the Dick Out Kid Kicker (DOKK)
The dance at school
T i t l e
TIFU by telling a British girl I am crushing on that Elton John was my favorite member of the Beatles
Then prepare to die.
Toxic Chess Player Copypasta
Tech N9ne – Face Off (Lyrics) ft. The Rock
The Holy Grail of Shit
the aether is real
TIFU by Pavlovian conditioning my penis to Khalid’s songs
The AA-12 becomes jeuse in Phantom Forces
traffic pee pee
Trump supporter owned 😎
The average Twitter user:
There’s a big ass and a chick standing next to eachother
The entire Heartswitch script
t3h C0NsErVatIvE oF d00m!!
Translated from Pikabu (Russian Reddit): Carps
Toxic Spineless Sociopathic Toddlers
The One Piece dub is so bad.
Top 10 numbers!
the whole jimmy johns menu
tf3 confirmed
The word “Sus” is rooted in homophobia.
The Creation CopyPASTA
The complete lyrics of the weezer song (If Your Wondering If I Want You Too) I Want You Too from the album Raditude
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Boku no Pico.
Today is the beginning of this year’s month of November.
To all the boy racers out there, what do you do with the sex you must get?
The Official Scott The Woz Timeline
The no-politics copypasta to shut all contards and libtards
This man cums
This masterpiece from r/SubSimulatorGPT2
this is super trash i so fucking horrible trust me
Terrorist NNN
Too many cummies, init?
This is how my friend got banned from Scratch
The final phase in the land of make believe.
The B word
the average fully developed human has around 100 billion brain cells
tried making a copypasta for the first time
The scat villain monologue
Tom Cruise
The m808 main battle tank
Twitter Roblox Copypasta… WHY.
The “touch grass, retard roblox player” copypasta
Taken from r/Professors
The B Word 😡
The firework theory (credit to djnshaper)
TIFU by becoming a redditor
The Fag Bag,
This seals the deal. I am no longer a Roblox fan
The whole bee movie script but all words are replaced with FUCK part 1
This Rage Post I found on a Smash Subreddit looked like it could be a good copy/pasta
The Coomer Critic
Touching comment on a italian rapper
trip to india
The 8 condiments or the 8 i really rather you didn’ts
thankyou Bakugan
that one tf2 smexual and it still stuck in my head.
The Russian revolution
This Thing Almost killed My Grandma (a repost)
This is my recollection of a certain event from olive garden yesterday
TIFU by having sex in front of my pet cat (found on r/tifu)
TIFU by having sex in front of my pet cat (r/TIFU)
The Different Kinds of Poops
thighs are…😩 (from r/ Teenagers.)
The Centrist Manifesto, by me.
The horny wars
To be fair
The Third Scrybe from Inscryption Pisses on the Moon
Taken from r/DDLC
they fucked my wife
The Penis Monkey
There is a T-Rex and you have a .50 BMG, what are your chances of surviving?
The subtle art of sucking a d*ck
Today I maked poop and pee cover the floor in revenge to company
There are no shortcuts.
The Dan Andrews Government
This is D-Weezy
The Cum Holder
This is why the English language needs to be replaced by Chinese
The Working Class is PROBLEMATIC
The barista
The Dream Bible, something I found in a dreamsexual server (I’m not dreamsexual btw)
Totally ready for the downvotes here
Tinder slut extravaganza
The Guide to not being cringe on reddit
Today i came out to my family as a fat person
The Linux
This isn’t really a copypasta, but I think I may know a way to fix the Cummy Bot Crisis
Top ten sexy Lego figures 😳😳😳😍😍😍
the penis expert
Toy story moment
Tiktok dance vs Anon
Transferring consciousness to steamdeck?
This totally didn’t take 45 minutes
Tinder Bitches
Total Drama Pooping
Twitter girls
the wokeness has gone too far
Trollface [ASCII art by ztt]
Tokyo sexwale
Texan Boy Scout Pledge
Turkish nationalist copypasta
The Rock’s verse from Face Off
To any of y’all who or homophobic or transphobic, why?
The Pixel 7?
Three tiny hamster wizards casting spells – lyrics
TIFU by calling my girlfriend’s ass hole gaping NSFW
Thomos trials (found in thomos yt comments)
The ideal shitting method
the pebble johnson
Those russians
To any of y’all who or homophobic or transphobic, why?
Top 10 Saddest Deaths in Harry Potter (SPOILERS) (VERY SAD)
This is the future the radical libs want!!!! 📮😩💪🗿🗿👍🥴
The Time A Woman At Pizza Hut Put Her Pubic Hair On Our Bread Sticks.
the rain drizzling and the sounds of crickets chirping
The Snail closes in.
The Beatles
Tetris Rule34 saves a man and the world
The blind melon
this will make you cum!
this is my last post.
The People’s Republic Of China.
Turns out my wife is a dreamph*be 😢🤢🤮
Tranny on discord
The Navy Seals copypasta but it went freaky on a Friday Night
The snail. From r/shitposting
The emotional dread of a Reddit comment
The phrase “it’s just a game” is such a weak mindset.
thizzkid blazing
Typical dodgers fan in 2021
The thought of the quiet kid being a “school shooter” or “dangerous” is a terrible thought process
The Bastion Main Copypasta
Thanks for your necessary comment
thicc ass
That’s it.
this is not mine
Twitter is starting to scare me
The Rock Eyebrow Raise
TIFU by accidentally popping a boner in front of a radiologist
Twin towers
The original matrix sex copypasta
The great battle of spongebob’s and Goku
The purpose of sex:
Taken from r/unpopularopinion
Trump Derangement Syndrome
thicc amogus
The benefits over choosing unlimited Kirkland Signature© brand bottled water over a big tiddy fox girlfriend who will always love you
The male body turned me gay
Turkey cant into EU..
The cheating car Chitoge Kirisaki
taken from r/worldnews
The heavy is cum
The Entirety of Dave Chappelle’s Controversial Comedy Bit. {In pieces because screw formatting)
Tom Hanks aka CGI Chris Christie Exposed
The math concerning TF2 Heavy’s Minigun cost
That’s the look of Dad’s Dissapointment
the navy seals copypasta but its in pidgin
The crushing reality of Paul McCartney inevitable death
To the Parents:
Tango roblox
to kill a mockingbird
Tug of war strategy (squid game)
The story of how I shit my pants in real life, among us.
The problem with this is that both sides are like this
The WOMAN on the left was abused by the man on the right.
Tigers are going to be a major problem soon- wait, you don’t believe me?
The longest English word. [the rest is in the comments because of text limitations]
The average redditor
The truth about the Covid vaccine
The Headmaster Game
Testicle spectacle
Things That Give Me A Boner
There can be only one.
The 10 Commandments
The Average 4Chan User
TW: curse words
To all the Dreamphobes in this subReddit
There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with you.
The system is crumbling!
There is literally only one reason she would post something like this
Turkey Tom IRL (found in a youtube comment section)
the chessless scraps
Twitter speedrun any% glitchless
Today I fucked up in the crib
The last supper of Jesus and his disciples is like a among us emergency meet where Jesus is a hacker who knows who’s the impostor and made the impostor vote himself to get ejected .
The best thing i’ve ever got out of bellard’s textsynth
The Restroom Rapist
The rock’s rap
Time traveler visits reddit
The strangest porn OP has ever seen
the downvote copypasta but i fucked your mother.
This is war.
the copy pasta of Homo Parody #1: Black Guys (Owl City – Fireflies Parody)
Toilet Grenade
Today I found out that my best friend is actually racist and I don’t know what to do
Todays subject: Women🤢🤮
TIFU by accidentally KO’ing my GF at her parents house and earning the nickname murder boner
The world has seen worse than climate change.
The Radical Left is Ignoring the Real History
The Story of Polyphemus
The story of Odysseus
Top 10 unwritten rules
The Sorting Hat x Dobby The House Elf x Snorlax
The troll
The Santanic Panic
The long term consequences of a generation growing up watching the most objectively shit media history has ever produced
The Bucket
thing sent to me
The industrial revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.
Toilet Sucks
Tweet from the Minecraft mob vote
The Toothbrush Scene
The copypasta that’s being spammed in the chat of this years Minecraft Live
The tooth brush scene in mongatari is very important
This is an important change
The McDonald’s Douglas DC-10, or the Death Combine
They need that 20000 pounds to make those $200 sunglasses in order to make the amount of money they need to scale up. The price won’t go down, the cleanup will go up.
The name’s balls
This is what’s wrong in r/OkBuddyRetard 😡
Thomas the train engine at the Nuremberg Trial, November 1945
this post got me permanently banned from r/r/unpopularopinion
Trav gets a stern talking to.
The Berry Torture
The most cursed mashup ever
Trump automated text copypasta
The end of a League ARAM game, this was the love shared, I want to keep forever
the gay choking on boba tea
The Cummy Song: Redditor-friendly edition
Types Of Niggas When Ordering 💯 💀 Fast Food 🍟 😂
Taken from the Blockman GO subreddit
TIFU by accidentally poisoning my roommate with horse laxatives
This is my last post
The Ghostie Blowie Tale
This is my last post
The description on a weird youtube “subliminal”
The average porno
The Nussy
the greatest rap song to ever exist
That’s nice and all, but…
The kappa male
The Centrist
The funniest thing
This video is sponsored by salad.io
The Adventures of Amogus Sus: The Beginning
Take your shoes off and get outside whenever you can as often as you can
The ____ ascended beyond your control, or was that all your intention?
The Troll Slayer’s Testament
Testing post
to a thousand year old German Empire! SIEG HEILto a thousand year old German Empire! SIEG HEILto a thousand year old German Empire! SIEG HEILto a thousand year old German Empire! SIEG HEILto a thousand year old German Empire! SIEG HEILto a thousand year old German Empire! SIEG HEILto a thousand year
the perfect ball-to-cock ratio
Types Of [People] When Ordering 💯💀 Fast Food 🍟😂
The Dream Semen Donator
The neil ciecerega copypasta but possumgen
There’s no detention at my highschool… Instead, they send you to the ‘Wasp Room’
Tell me about a time or a place when
this video is over now
TIFU by petting a customer’s dog
Taken from r/dogfree
The first emoji you get when you type alphabetically from A to Z.
Today’s Sponsor is Raid Shadow Legends
To cummybot9999
That’s why the call him Sloppy Joe
The Sky Had A Weegee! Transcript
The Number 7 is a bit racist IMO
to the tune of Fireflies
this gem from r/hockey:Should the NHL have the Hawks and Preds redo their series in case it was a big fluke?
This is the most beautiful thing I have ever read.
Tried to give myself a blowjob; ended up getting cum in my eye
Tried to give myself a blowjob; ended up getting cum in my eye
TIFU by taking a dumb in my grandma’s sink
tasque manager my beloved
Tifu by cumming in my own eye
TIFU and took a dump in my Grandma’s sink
the truth
That was the last thing I expected..
Tried to give myself a blowjob; ended up getting cum in my eye
The thing from Jaboody Dubs
The true tragedy of Darth Plagueis
The Complete Balls Saga
TIFU by having sex with my wife
The Big Bang Theory
The Clay Vagina
Totally not an undertale reference
Turkish people in the YouTube comments section be like
TIFU by using a claylight
Toe Fetish
The Spongebob Squarepants Movie (2004) is the 4th Holy Book in the Canon of Abrahamic Religion
The difference between sex and masturbation (r/teenagers)
The Tiananmen Square protest and massacre happened in 1989.
The difference between sex and masturbation. (from r/teenagers)
The difference between sex and masturbation
The Difference between Sex and Masturbation.
The Chinese Communist Party Quiz!! 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳
The couch in the women’s bathroom
The Chinese don’t fight, they don’t need to. This recent fear porn about war is just the flavor of the month. China isn’t a out war, how many wars have you heard china fight? But they are good at dominating markets and will out Taiwan in its place. Back to the motherland.
Tokyo ghoul poem.
turk soldiers
TIFU by sticking pencil led down my cock
Trollface song offical
The lure of the vending machine after you visit the Leisure Centre
Think this a game? (Shameless repost from r/playboicarti)
TIFU by getting horny while playing solitaire
This might be the worst thing Call of Duty has ever done.
Tinder date
Top 150 hardest Extreme Demons’ names
the journy of addiction to anime
Twitch too much (why automod)
Today is our personal reality! Nice to see you! Friends of TIKTOK send to their friends, GOOD PROPERTY, MEME IS ACCOUNT!
The creepiest Mtg art apparently
The true way of watching shows! (origin in comments)
The Zodiac Killer speaks!
The classic “what the fuck did you just say to me” pasta, but medieval
The year is 2027
Treatise on the value of Good Girls
This is from Tumblr
Titanic takeaways
Turbo charged mommy dom gamer girlfriend
The Greatest Man In History
The Acts of Mimicking
Tyree Sneed (Grade A Schizo)
time is god
Trying to find a Weezer mommy Asuka GF
The letter X is terrifying (from r/TheTenthDentist)
Tom Foolery’s Stories Crossover
This is from a vehicle related FB. I thought for sure it was a copy pasta. As far as I can tell it wasn’t. But it is now
The sad story of the Kiwi kid that didn’t get any GCubes
The Canadian election
Taken from Facebook
Thigh-high Amogus with Cock
The Shadow of the Void
The burly, tall figure
The Complaint Tablet to Taco Bell
Think before you sleep
Toxic guy doesn’t know what Disney XD is??????
Transcript of an average day in Britain
The McDonalds Sex Club
Testicular Cancer
Thank you sniper
The XJ220 is the best Jaguar ever made
Tale of Awful Customer Service
The difference between investing and trading
TIFU By peeing on my brand new kitten
The consistent lore of the Bright franchise
The Perfect Heist
This is a bad idea
Today’s Standards (credit: a friend making fun of a friend)
the best your mother joke in the history of mankind
Typed this some time ago (OC)
The ‘Georgia Guidestones’
Trump is a free Mason and a Jesuit
the crimson king
The Oculus had changed my life. Buyers beware. [NSFW]
Today was really, really hard.
This is a great example of how most of our society views investing in their health.
TIFU by staring at my pastor’s bulge for like 10 minutes.
Top of the Mornin’
The Longest Book Title Ever (Part 1)
This is THE shit.
Translated from an Invincible FB group
this person HATES Virgos
Touching Grass
The butthurt motorcyclist
Think about this…
tiktok user is oppressed
Tower Defense Simulator community (my first copypasta)
The word “sus” needs to be eradicated from society
Thank you Ningguang
Taken from askreddit, Mf tried finding a film to turn a girl on.
tinder moment
The greatest thing I’ve ever read in my life
Touch Grass
To visit Macedonians and the Macedonian land of ”NORTH“ Macedonia, as an ‘unrecognised state of’ Kosovo citizen you will eventually have to get a short stay visa (B/C category? not sure, or a Schengen visa) along with your passport, invitation letter and entry approval, plus the vaccination certific
Touch grass?
The first time my son heard me have sex he was so scared, he thought someone was murdering me lol
That’s so ableist you fucking singlet scum slut.
The Cold War is my fav Rom Com
The class d screamed in pain wishing he would just die. Then 106 came in with a smile.
Top Ten Worst Sins
typical r/teenagers, send this to your mom
Tears in rain
Time for a wholesome kitty story from r/illegallysmolcats
The master of all trump card opinions. [Warning, may break your nutsack off from the sheet basedness of it.]
thing i just found on r/196 about a mountain dew discord server
Tamino Konstantin
ThirtyVirus (Master Mode)
The longest word is Lopadotemachoselachogaleokranioleipsanodrimhypotrimmatosilphiokarabomelitokatakechymenokichlepikossyphophattoperisteralektryonoptekephalliokigklopeleiolagoiosiraiobaphetraganopterygon.
Taco Bell and Chipotle (gone sexual) please jesus make it a copy pasta
The sandwich to rule all
the idea that foids have a hole made specifically for penetration disturbs me
there is no escape
That one chinese copypasta but in arabic
The clapping paradox
The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test
this impression of america woman:
this is not mine its from r/copypasta
Top 10 askers
The Illuminati is an elite organization of world leaders, business authorities, innovators, artists, and other influential members of this planet.
The Wendy’s on 5th street
The 17.8 reasons I don’t play Amogus
Taken from r/Catholicism
Thankyou for respecting me as a woman by reading this.
Trap is Cringe Copypasta
The sussy cummy crewmate
thank you qntm, very cool
The Flag
Telamon’s bonus
TIFU By fucking my bicycle
Turned on getting my vaccine
tiananmen square massacre
this dude sematary
Today I thought about killing you
the 15 year old potatoomer
TIFU by accidentally cumming on my keyboard.
text transcript of that one video
Taken from r/Confessions: I have a toaster fetish
This amazing copypasta found in r/PCM
TIFU by drunk texting my childhood crush.
The book of Revelation chapter 17
The other day I went to a Cafe to grab a drink.
The mihoyo rewards are fine
Trash nerd culture
To all my friends out there who know what’s really going on
this entire subreddit is now erotica
The Great Nation! 偉大的民族!
TIFU by accidentally slamming my penis in the freezer door at work
The Average Male Penis Size
The OBJECTIVE answer to who’s “best girl” in Helltaker.
The Mercator projection is the greatest sin of humanity. Change my mind.
Taken from a r/abrandnewsentance coment section
This girl talk too much
The Ultimate Israel Jewish Copypasta
The plan for The Reddit Nation!
TIFU by vaping my own cum
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand the spiritual properties of Calcite.
TikTok is poopoo
Taken from FDS
The Adventures of Mike Hawk and the Cumdom Kingdom
Toaster Fetish
Trump copy pasta
there’s this question about the white bird, I forgot her name
TIFU by Waterboarding Myself at the Gym and That’s Not the Worst Part
the baby in eraserhead is a dinosuar
TIFU by frying and egg in my anus
Tell us why you hate mayo, and we’ll tell you why we don’t care
Tried “boofing” MDMA in my girlfriend last night. Did not go well.
Trending on r/copypasta
TIFU Mistake at 30,000 feet, innocent people suffered
The anthro judgement day story
This account has been seized
The hood lost a real one today
The appropriate response to your car breaking down
There are only 2 genders
The San Diego Padres are eliminated from contention
TIFU by Touching Grass
TIFU by not wearing underwear
To all my ‘conspiracy theorist’ friends out there
This account is now under the control of the Federal Cyber Crime Unit…
TIFU by groping a mannequin
This is from the “CALLING AMONG US IMPOSTER AT 3AM (ANSWERED) HE CAME TO MY HOUSE OMG!!!!” video on YouTube, listening to this was very painful
Tell me that your ex-girlfriend is jealous of your new goth gf without telling me that your ex-girlfriend is jealous of your new goth gf. I’LL START.
This account is now under the control of the Federal Cyber Crime Unit
Trump was never president; What we saw was a demon clone.
The Adventures of MaRey Sue!
To whomever it may concern
To whomever it may concern
TIFU by cupping my husbands balls and licking his nipple
TomTom and YoYo Dance Naked in Public
The Julio Gomez mystery
This is gonna be the worst movie ever made, the poster alone is making me shake. (From a post on r/gamingcirclejerk)
Trying to Operate a market
The raping of her for greed, status and as a display of both ignorance and ill gotten gains….
TIFU by taking double my normal dose of adderall at 8pm then masturbating for 9 hours straight
taken ftom discord
Truth is like a Ball. If You try to drown it, it jumps on the Surface.
The comment section in this sub feels dead :(((
This is my Kingdom Cum (full version from JustFreakingKidding on YouTube)
TIFU by searching and sharing pvz rule34
TIFU by banking it all on being bi-curious.
Truth about the plandemic
thats why yo mama dead British version
The Leaked Mario Movie Script but I change the VA’s to who they actually are and steal credit
There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with you. You’re tired. You’re not alone.
TIFU by falling down the stairs
the ending of the confession got the best of me rofl.
The Mr. Impostor Christmas song!
Trump x Biden Smut Fanfic
This is a message dedicated to very special people
The reason more men are in jail: “Women are underrepresented in films as criminals”
The Pit of Inceldom
TIFU by Touching Grass
The AutoMod’s response when you comment “nice” on any post in r/comedyhomicide
Thinking of dropping Addiction Therapy because of my therapist…
top 10 people that didnt ask
There are people in resources here for you
This is what happens when your friends abuse Your Dad Bot on discord
The 🥺 emoji
To coom or not to coom
The entire script for Dark Souls’s opening
The Canadian dystopia
This is true love
This meme has rendered me useless copypasta.
The curious case of Nikki Minaj’s cousin’s friends balls
TMNT Theme Song but Clinically Depressed
The backstory of Genos from one punch man
TIFU by unknowingly having sex with one of my students
Too much violence on both sides, too much chaos and confusion
That’s no good
The longest insult I made with my friend.
Three months of YouTube premium
Twink bussy 😋😋😋
Tyler1 talking about how he’s a bit of a problem
The problem with Feminism
These damned females.
This is all true please
Top Best Villains of all time
To the person who read this, It’s been hard for you, I know, and it makes me sad that you don’t see yourself in the way I see you.
Taking my talents to Alberta
Top 5 Worst Movies of All Time
They could never understand the life of a blindpilled blackpilled intellichad
tony x poggy by an epic discorder to be continued
Taking from an Algerian Facebook Group
Top Of The Morning
The Physics Behind Made In Heaven
The Physics Behind Made In Heaven
The Reddit creed must be copied word for word:
Tonight I dug shit out of my own ass.
TIFU by telling my boyfriend his butthole looked like a vagina (NSFW obviously)
the complex process of shitting
Taken from a /pol/ user who decided to own the /lgbt/ board
Trash of Society
Theory: Cuphead’s heroin addiction
Taking a random copypasta Top Of All times and making it extra sussy baka
This golden pasta made by u/StaredAtEclipseAMA
The French Revolution and its Consequences
The Story of How Adam the Ant Fucked a Packet of Juicy Fruit – Prologue
The reason of Why Flipnote Studio 3D, never realized in America or Europe(besides, Club Nintendo):
TIFU by trying to redeem a blowjob coupon during an argument
The Law of Attraction is real.
The average roblox “about” profile in 2012
Tasted my own sperm, can’t sleep -.-
Tricked a person into saying it
Thank you all!
Take the form homosexual
this thing a transphobe/homophobe said
Thomas Jefferson supported dreamgender
TIFU by mixing chewing gum with sex
Typed out this shit by hand one night. Was high on water.
Thank you ALL!
To my haters
Tortoise Girlfriend
They have to get rid of bezels on the screen.
The entire cum song
This is my last post.
TIFU by starting a “Nut Chart”
That “Interior Semiotics” video not only gave me a piss fetish
Test #2
Told my ex she looks submissive and Breedable (as a joke)
TIFU by having sex with my grand cousin
thats not where you put a microwave you fucking idiot.
The longest sentence ever
That’s almost a chirp until you look at the facts.
The Lorax is a communist
Told my ex she looks submissive and Breedable (as a joke)
Thomas the cat cannot die.
The violin (violin) is a kind of super clean orchestra played to ring carry instruments
This is why I don’t respect Elder Scrolls fans
The “I hate dream” copypasta but I made it about Vtubers
TF2: Meet the engineer. But it’s Penis Inspector.
The Real Slim Cummy
The Real Slim Cum
The eevee fans have had ENOUGH Gamefreak.
This is not a funny joke. In fact, I may say it is offensive.
Thesis, Antithesis, Sunthesis, as narrated by Luke Correia
talk about music (Found in Discord)
The cummies song
The creamiest, milkiest, nuttiest almond milk
Tiny Desk Corporation
Take That 👊 💥 , Delta-21 . . . Marvel Brings You The Mother Of All Superhero -{ FANTASlES }- . Bonkers Level . . . ” Exponential 😂 🐲❗”
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The ”Stealy Wheelie Automobiley ”joke
The first paragraph to the Cock And Ball Torture Wikipedia page in octal cipher
took me 30 minutes to make this, enjoy.
translate this
to anyone need an counter againt “ok and?”
This sub in a nutshell 🌰🐚
The Bilderberg Group
This was a Note someone sent me on Deviantart over stamps I made in 2017. Just over 4 years ago… They sent me this in June 2021.
The Outsiders
This event is a bit above her pay-grade and I’m not quite sure how she was let in.
The way Twitter users talk is utterly irritating.
The Asexual Simp
true story
TIFU by trying a new sex toy
There is no mystery in this association of woods and otherworlds
This can still happen anywhere. Not everything is lost.
the tale of orange man
the dog
This is what the game is
That spoken part of Love, Me Normally by Will Wood (the one from iTunes)
the color theory infodump that scared off a pedophile
Thorough Christian review of Bruno
This is so sad😥😥
Taken from r/confessions
This man likes a good carp
The worst part about sharing a company Pornhub account
Tower of Cruel Punishment
twitter reacts to Fortnite going down
The Orange Man (taken from r/politicalcompassmemes)
The 95 Theses but uwuized
TIFU by destroying my work buildings bathroom permanently
Talmudic essence of the New World Order
Top 5 Reasons why dreamsexual is VALID 😁😁😁😁
The Dictionary of Cunt
The solution to all of humanity’s problems
the number of times today I told my teammates to stop using F in the chat.. (angry comment on r/historymemes)
They’re generally referred to as “circlejerkers”.
TIFU by telling my boyfriend I haven’t orgasmed from his oral
The Fitness Gram Pacer Test
Transcript of The One Where Monica Gets a New Roommate
turkey from r/2middleeast4you
The first time I did edibles
tennis balls
The loss of critical thinking
TIFU by making my own pocket pussy and turning my dick into a shedding lizard. (NSFW)
The full lyrics of the big chungus song
The Wikipedia definition of a ‘chronon’.
This HAS to be satire.
The day of reckoning comes to a close
This is not the first time you have portrayed Hitler as a shit eater
The war of no mercy will come an will see how u Marxists stand up 180million Amercan First Patriots Strong soon To bring dawn this Marxists America Banana Republic Unconstitutional Government..
The Beauty of Reddit
This plan was actioned in 2016/2017 by the WHO.
This message from mohammed kalakeen
The snail reveals himself
The entire lego Ninjago lore
This may be a weird question.
The fact that china is….
The art of war
Top 7 reasons why the government abuses us.
Turn 87:
They Were your friends
These oversimplifications help nobody,
the only reliable news source
TIFU by trying the “One Chip Challenge”
The “Gimme Gimme” in Beverly Hills by Weezer turns me on
The sun
The Life Of A Sperm Donor
This is an OC meme. Therefore, there are some strict guidelines to be followed before I allow you to repost.
TIFU by accidentally showing my pussy on Microsoft Teams.
Today for the first time ever I had to call an ambulance because of this
Thot Destroyed
TIFU my rectum by riding a dick
The Joestar gay sex
The entire lyrics of the “Creeper Aww Man” song
Tutorial on how to fuck a coconut
That’s not Morse code
The circumstances are too perfect not to comment it:
Typical family dynamic
the Federal Reserve
tornado emergency EAS from the nj tornado last week
Tf2 is love, Tf2 is life.
This guy was legit copy-pastaing this in response to everyone in his post who mentioned that the British committed atrocities on Ireland
Try reading this text in Joe Biden’s voice
This place has caused so much harm because of you fuckers.
turkey minions
the “funny” comment
The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You – Chapter 37
This is what my older sister (who is 22) likes to do to me everyday!
TIFU by being too horny on the dance floor with date
TIFU by being too horny on the dance floor with date
Top 10 non human Video Game Characters I would have sex with
TIFU by being too horny on the dance floor with date
To any doms out there…
Target is an armored truck a perimeter trust in Dunwoody 10:00 a.m. sharp we have the details of the route because someone at the Depot has a nasal problem, the bank itself is right near the Biford highway, so we should bail to hit the ramp within 60 seconds again now, we also have a diversion crew
the post
This sub is officially dead
This was about Kirby
There is no 9-5 anymore.
The befriending of women outside of marriage is impermissible simply because of the tendency of women to love men and the other way around.
This is so sad
The ghost of a tiktoker
tuna consooma
The philosophical response to “go fuck yourself”
The romanticising of trans men
The Obama Incident
Thank GOD for the STEAM DECK.
The perfect porn star
The banana
This is an open letter to Australian politicians who have allowed our country to become a place I no longer recognise.
they ignored our presence completely
Tifu by fucking a nazi
TIFU by having sex with a Nazi
The jokers dick dont work
TIFU by having sex with a nazi
This sub is a huge pity circle jerk
Trading on Rocket League
TIFU by having sex with a Nazi
TIFU by having sex with a Nazi
TIFU by fucking a nazi (from r/tifu)
TIFU by having sex with a Nazi
To any woman willing to mend my broken heart….
that took a turn
the reverse
turn this into a copypasta
The ✨Saweetie✨ Meal
This sub is a huge pity circle jerk
The joker
Thank you for your application to Team KFC
The reddit experience
The Chernobyl Shuffle
The Entire Lego Ninjago Lore as of 2021
The phrase “I believe in science” may be one of the most ridiculous things a person can say in this age of information
The Olympic Winners on the Late Late Show: A Fucking Embarrassment
The jacking off emoji guy
thank you random r/teenagers commenter
Today i saw a dream.💝💝
TIFU by telling my friend that her dog isn’t non-binary.
TIFU by telling my friend that her dog isn’t non-binary.
the sus copypasta.
Touch-a-truck with old Frank
The blue furry village
They know divided we are weak. But Together we are unstoppable and this Game Ends.
TikTok critic weighs in
this video confirms how differences of thought and reasoning should be seen as a good thing, not a threat
The maximum distance for a orgy to still be a orgy
Thank you denny
TIFU By Eating Brownies
The Lore Of Hollow Knight
the entire script of despicable me (part 1)
This chick is unbelievable
The most irritating man in aviation history.
That one girl
This 3622 character long image link I found of a drum rudiment
Today’s Kids have no idea the true extent of Jesus’s miracles (Bible spoilers)
The duty of a man
There is a cat residing in greentext
The science of orgies
Their is NO fucking way. That you can become homophobic quickly
Totally real abortion stories
Tommy Food Formz
The navy seals copypasta but in French
that wasn’t my point either.
Tommy The Cat
Tumblr Madlad
Twitch streamer Arcadium’s monologue
Terarria’s last update (youtube video)
The future of boxing is Jake Paul
Two weeks to flatten the curve
This is so sad, can we get 500 likes?
There is no cock like horse cock
The Twitter Loop (OC)
The internet ruined sheesh
The secret to getting women
True Patriotism
Thank you Virgil
tifu by kerking off in a school parking lot
Tiger 1 x Sherman fanfiction
To the non-native speaker of English:
The Tragedy of Terry the Wise
The Tragic Story of Jeff Kinney
The new Vaporeon copypasta
This Insane Professor’s Webpage
The Covid vaccine changed my sexual preference
The Gen Z Bible: Genesis 1
This email I received
The shit bucket
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand The Bible.
The “I want to bang the Animal Crossing Dog so goddamn bad” put through Google translate
This country is doomed
They are actively fabricating the reality in order to serve the authoritarian structure of money and violence.
The entirety of Olly Murs Instagram video “quick update 🥴😅👌🏻” after he broke his knee
Troll face with speech bubble ascii art
the cum, fuck, and neigh association (r/ivermectin)
To those who don’t appreciate water (The Water Rap)
This was apparently a real Stanford admission essay
The bot u/profanitycounter is a menace to all of reddit
Travis Scott Meal
The friendship calculation – Arcadum’s call with Naomi
There is no such thing as big pharma, big tech, or big anything. The fact that you are reading this post means that you are energetically aligned with me, and this message.
Took the fattest L in school today
Tom Brady Will Be a Trillionare
thinking about how will get my girl pregenant
The real truth behind everything, as told by Stephen Hawking
Thank you r/Tinder
This is my default response to ivermectin qultists
The tale of King Dragon and Denis
The jig has been up for a long time
Tenet: Kat and the Protagonist have inverted sex
Top 5 features that should be added to Minecraft
Tiananmen Square copypasta but it’s Kanye instead
Today i met Julian Casablancas and he said it wasn‘t him.
Theories surrounding the true message of the famous vine by King Bach called “What the Dog Doin”
TIFU by shoving potato in my ass and getting my brother to do the same
This comment on Roblox Rule34
Turkey no.1!
This video is too long.
The best band name ever
The Entirety of DONDA
This dude for sure went to r/copypasta
The Chinese John Cena Meme, both translated and in chinese.
The Goliath fucking spider
The gayest person on earth.
This? This what?
The Cummy Ballad
This is the best day of my life 🙌🙌🙌😭😭😭 (also r/teenagers)
Told my mom my view on capitalism and now she wants to send me off to a psychiatric clinic
Told my mom my view on capitalism and now she wants to send me off to a psychiatric clinic
The time that I got kicked out of my first apartment for crabwalking naked speaking in tongues on 3-meo-pcp and scaring my Christian roommate and her youth group friends
This is a video transcript I have made while on 8mg of Xanax at 3am. Link to original vid are included in the post.
that one beautiful speech from “a shitty guide to len kagamine”, a long lost SS tier vocaloid shitpost
The California Two-Spot Octopus
Toy Bonnie
Transcript of DxE CONDITION ONE Team Leader’s comms during the botched 14 minute raid on Reichardt Duck Farm (California, USA)
Trolling copypasta preview: Hello. I’ve searched through your account history and see that you agreed with trump once back in 2017.
Twerking Chicken
Theo is working for the government
Top 10 BTS Hater Cumback!!! 😎😎😎
Tifu by shitting my pants … twice
Tf2 no fap rap
Thoughts on my failed any% sex speedrun
The u/ballbustcuck special
This is a really old message I found on a disord server
The best Kazuya combo everyone should know.
Tall ladies, how would you feel about being physically stronger than your man? (SERIOUS)
Think about it 🤔
Trolling the Popular Kids
The town milk ma’am
Theses of the Connection ‘tween Boobs, Art, War, Warcrimes and their Affects: PROJECT/S ANGLER
Trying to get u/profanitycounter to be funny
the femur breaker
Thorough examination of my gender fluctuating as a function of time.
Twitter user confesses his love to E-girl(vylerria)
Tha Throbbin Robin
this aint build a bitch
There’s only two things I like in this life
To show you are a cool guy and not a loser
To the person who called me a loser
Tired of the furry thing
Today I Shit My Pants Shopping
Taliban auto tune song
Tony Jabronj
Testicular bleeding
Thanos’ Penis
Tony Hawk found on r/BlackPeopleTwitter
Tony’s Cawk
The Art of Selffucking
Thanos’ flaccid penis
The Sky had a weegee ytp copy paste
The Art of the Sandwich
The most unfunny copypasta I’ve ever seen.
The Entirety of the Vs Corrupt lore
TIFU By edging before a prostate exam
TIFU by moaning while masturbating without knowing my brother was home.
The author of Sonic.exe’s response to the creepypasta being deleted off the creepypasta wiki
TIFU by moaning while masturbating without knowing my brother was home.
This show almost killed me
Try very hard to find better ways to express yourself.
This makes me want to light some candles
The Fucking 1999 Toyota Corolla.
TIL that your sister is a stank ass hoe
The life cycle of a frog
TIFU by eating out my girlfriend
that’s how stupid you sound
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Joker.
Top secret compliment that only few nice guys know, which helps them to get laid instantly.
TIFU by typing kids on p*rnhub
There is no such thing as a coincidence (Dunno if someone made the whole video so i did it lmao)
Two Trucks (pirate version)
The niflheim copypasta
Trojan farts
Trump’s latest speech in florida
This is not sexual harassment
The REAL problem with politics
This is a stupid group
The Navy Seals copypasta in Elizabethan
The Stone Cold Ronan Movie
Trains are really unpredictable.
try and take a moment to be grateful for things that have gone our way
The True and Undeniable Central Thesis of Gangnam Style, And Its Implications
the m movie
The meaning for the word dQw4w9WgXcQ copypasta
Throat pain medical advice
Tenet leaked script
Taken from twitter
this will literally annoy everyone, especially people who watched the movie “Full Metal Jacket”
This sub is getting…average
Text from an actual law student, too funny to keep this to myself.
This fucking massage
The biggest shit i’ve ever taken
tl;dr gonzales eats all my food and shoots me in the kneecaps
They don’t know my ass is full to the brim with cum and im leaking sex sauce all over the floor
Trump meal at McDonalds
The seven Seals of a Ra in bow reveals a body of light when all seven seals unite in the covenant..
this game is 100% accurate to having sex with sexy women
tetris fandom
TIFU by googling the average dick size in the world.
triggered gentleman in youtube comments
There is absolutely NO evidence at all that me refusing the vax is going to cause harm to anyone and if anything if im wrong it only causes harm to my self
They play all sides and they’ve been doing this for centuries.
The optimal lifestyle
Travis cott fanfic
The Time I met MC Ride of Death Grips
The worst plan I have ever seen.
The fucking q400
The darkness of boku no pico consumes me
Tails the Horndog
This nigga dressed like Minecraft Steve
Tonight I dug a shit out of my own ass.
Tonight I dug shit out of my own ass.
TIFU by accidentally eating a shirt I hadn’t bought.
There is a USB of undertale hentai somewhere in my school
Tonight I finally dug the shit out of my ass (a confession)
The Tale of Iowabeard (from r/neckbeardstories)
The Penis Monkey
Tonight I dug shit out of my own ass.
Teen Titans Cum
TTS Cockypasta
There is a USB of undertale hentai somewhere in my school
Tonight I dug shit out of my own ass.
Tragedy of Lord Copeium
There is a USB with undertale hentai somewhere in my school
The time I waxed a guy for charity
The Debunkers intro (by FreedomToons)
Tonight I dug shit out of my own ass.
There is nothing unusual about the water
The Tragic Tale of Ulfric Stormcloak
Taken from r/teenagers
Tonight I dug shit out of my own ass.
The Daniel tiger conspiracy theory
tragic tale of a gravity falls fan
Taking out the m in rampes
The miracle of the $1 McChicken Sandwich
The guy I’m seeing always tells me I look “like an anime character”
This is the sub that made me graduate from lurker to redditor.
Taking a giant hard shit that almost rips your asshole apart is much more satisfying than taking a soft formed shit 📷
This post has been removed by a Reddit moderator
Taking a giant hard shit that almost rips your asshole apart is much more satisfying than taking a soft formed shit
The Tunnel of Rape
The troll professional
the guiness world record for the longest name in the world
This right here is a man squeezing the balls of life
TIFU by beating my wife and spraying liquid shit at a boy with down syndrome
TIFU by beating my wife and spraying liquid shit all over a boy with down sydrome. (u/ImmediateStorm8286)
TIFU by beating my wife and spraying liquid shit all over a boy with down sydrome.
The Race by Tay K
Thank god OnlyFans is getting rid of sex work
The reason Dio died in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure : Stardust Crusaders
tyler is better than eminem ?
thank you
The most exquisite McDonald’s Order.
The real victim of Lolita: A theory
The entire star wars saga opening scrawls
The best thing that anyone can do, is to inspire someone to finnish their goals
This is prolly already a copypasta, but just in case, I present to you: Opinions
TIFU by telling a scam caller I’d pay them to suck my dick.
TIFU by telling a scam caller I’d pay them to suck my dick.
Tips on how to be more suspicious in Among Us
TIFU by angering a sitting U.S. Congressman on Facebook — to the extent he challenged me to fight him when he comes to my state (Alaska) next year. I accepted before giving it any thought.
Ten years ago today, I married my best friend
TIFU by angering a sitting U.S. Congressman on Facebook — to the extent he challenged me to fight him when he comes to my state (Alaska) next year. I accepted before giving it any thought.
tifu by angering a sitting u.s. congressman on facebook — to the extent he challenged me to fight him when he comes to my state (alaska) next year. i accepted before giving it any thought.
Taliban capture waifu
The Taliban stole my Elizabeth!
TIFU …Well…It Involves Anne Frank and Rule 34 (maybe)
This is a copypasta for any of y’all finding unfunny animemes on the site
This is honestly my favorite subreddit
The loosey
Twisted Sister – We’re Not Gonna Take It opening
The cheese man
To everyone going through a tough time, here’s some bubble wrap to relieve some stress:
The reason I think my cousin sister is hot
To be fair, you need a very high IQ to understand The Bible
Testicle Shock Collar
tricky from fnf
The one and only jerma985 whopper mpreg tumblr post
Toilet bowl vacuum chamber
Totally not sus code
Tom Hanks breaks into my house. (OC)
The Dark Illusion
The Anti-Cummy has arrived, and he beckons the end of all things
The hate against North Korea is unjustifiable
The word terrorist gets thrown around a lot these days
Typical Day As A Bank Security Guard. (by yours truly)
Tweet by an Irish TD (elected official, equivalent to member of congress) responding to a woman who was almost assaulted.
the main thing that puts me off of playing chess is that there is 2000 years of gameplay
The Navy Seals Copypasta but it has been butchered by Google Translate
True story by the way.
The Kyle’s mom song from South Park copypasta
This was the day I lost tf2.
theres 10 types of discord pfps
there is NO CENTRAL FACTOR that EXISTS that can make you know if a mushroom is POISONOUS or NOT
This chat has done nothing but bring me down
turning 100% gay
The golden rules of non canonical relationship making (some copypasta I made
The year is 2037. Ligma is now the name of a real disease
To the conservative suburban woman behind me in line at Subway yesterday:
The Average YouTube Guy
This Disney DVD™ is enhanced with Disney’s FastPlay™. Your movie and a selection of bonus features will begin automatically. To bypass FastPlay™, select the “Main Menu” button at anytime. FastPlay™ will begin in a moment…
The Feminine Cock Theory
Tanya Plibersek I know you have a heart. Please help all us single mums.
Twitter apology
Tom Scott’s pronoun is your/mom
The US is a bankrupt warmongering police state
The full transcript from the first episode of Phineas and Ferb
The best youtuber: Top 15’s Chills
Twitter user
The Real Mighty Thirsty by penguinz0
Thanks for getting your attention!
Typical Iron Banner Experience (Destiny 2)
the first time i played gta online and saw that majestic ass
Thank you r/teenagers
The Sigma Male Mythology (Or, the History of the World that the BETAS don’t want you to know)
The warden was a good friend
The Bulgarian Sommersault opening
The Last Battle of the Universes: Shrek vs Big Chungus
Thanks basedbot
TIFU by killing all humanity
TIFU by having an orgasm in front of my whole family Alabama
TIFU by giving myself blue balls while playing a video game.
thanks for judging me on your assumptions. You have no idea who I am, who I date, and who I come across.
Thiccer than a bowl of oatmeal.
The best flavor of Jolly Rancher
The post was about a coffee mug, the comment was not
TIFU blowing my load all over my screen
Triggering the ahoja bot
TIFU by having an orgasm in front of my whole family
The KISS Principle
The best
TIFU wearing a “special shirt” to collect a parcel
TIFU by sniffing what I thought was my wifes underwear
TIFU by jerking it off in front of my sister and her friend.
TIFU by subbing to my cousins OF and accidentally outing myself
TIFU by making a makeshift pocket pussy and sanding my dick head
This is Katana, Extended Edition
This is literally a repost of my copypasta asshole
The most compatible Pokemon.
the fuck you burrito
Troll on r/realfurryhours
this was my friends old roblox about section about 5 years ago
The average Dream enjoyer:
The conservatives are corrupiting our children
The life of a draven player
Tl;dr for people with low reading skill
The adult swim f##k scones rant.
tokyo revengers rant
There he is
The Humble Orange
To the people who comment “repost” on every single fucking post on reddit
Tomboys are the superior waifu
TIFU by having sex with a friend who works in a brothel
To the people who comment “repost” on every single fucking post on reddit
The dangers of dihydrogen monoxide
The missile knows where it is at all times
The Rock Goes Pee
TikTok Trend: Eating Frozen Cum
The Chinese . . .
The epic Team Fortress 2 rap:
They lied about the pineapple
The Definitive Rommel Copypasta
The Smaller Short: How 1927 is repeating, at much greater magnitude, and how the Black Death ignited the fuse. $CRAP is not the reason for the market crash. $CRAP was the fatal flaw of Wall Street in their infinite money debug menu option that they never expected.
Think before you speak!
There is nothing wrong with wanting a sex slave
TIFU by saying the wrong thing during sex
TIFU by letting my friend teach me how to masturbate
Trad culture vs soy culture
The second most compatible Pokémon for breeding.
The Passion of the Chris-chan
Trains are really unpredictable.
This is My body, so its my choice on what i do to it!!
the minecraft song
This Amazon review for Haribo gummy bears
the word cum repeating just a bit under 40k characters
The message I got on Discord after saying that I know what sex is, but I won’t tell them
The Downfall Of MEE6:
Thanks to u/5eval0st for this slightly funny rant from r/truscum.
Terraria Slimes, the Forbidden Fleshlight
Trains are really unpredictable.
Triple Penetration.
this horny mf comment on a vid of jerma eating
The real question is – when that docile 25 year-old 5′ 9″ Ukranian bombshell with a natural 36-24-38 figure
Twitter moment
Took 14 tabs at once, here’s what happened
This is the best post I’ve ever seen.
The Passion of the Chris Chan
There is NOTHING wrong with grooming a child.
This is game looks awful, plays awful, broken gameplay and animations completely ignored and left to stay, looks like it was put together by a child using assets bought from the appstore. I’m pretty sure it is an asset flip and that none of the models are made by the dev. The store page trailer lite
The man behind GigaChad
This game saved my life.
That’s an awesome gif!
taco light
The missile knows where it is at
The fuck is among us?
TIFU by asking a flat-chested girl to share her boob pic
The cock breaker
TIFU by drinking candle wax
This sub is cursed
This is for u
TIFU by drugging my husband with my vagina
TIFU by drugging my husband with my vagina
The real fix to gaming
TIFU by accidentally eating and loving ass.
The Story of Genshin Impact: Part 1
The british empire
That’s pretty shitty.
This could totally catch on as a copy pasta! Faze Banks keeps going on about NTF’S and today he posted this 🤣
The names of Xiaomi phones be like
tiananmen square massacre copypasta yanderedev edition
TIFU by sleeping with my twin.
TIFU by experiencing the most horrifying pain imaginable.
The Turtle neck accessories on Roblox
The boondocks apology
To “Hole In The Sky”
TIFU by slapping the bacon to my crushes pictures
They’re in the walls
Thanks Quora
Tell me you had a laugh
The penis conundrum
Tandem Bikes
The great sequel to the ultimate cardinal sin copypasta.
TORIEL copypasta from 18+ ratatouille roleplay
today at school my friend said she didn’t like dream
TW: school and dreamphobia. Please stay safe
TIFU by misjudging the stench of gas and making my wife throw up in the shower
Trolling my band with Among Us
Transnasal penetrating brain injury with a ball-pen
Trout sex ruined my life
Tawny, Daddy’s Little Girl Becomes A Woman
The level of sexism and transphobia I’ve seen has been truly dissapointing
The cycle of life
Taunting should be removed from Fighting games
That’s not really Mark Hamill
Tamagakure aka TankaTed the pedophile incel atheist gets caught in the act
The government should start doing something about republicans
The fn community
The True Splitgate Experience
Trump on Pornhub
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand The Beatles.
Trump x Guiliani cross dress smut fanfic
The best day of my life
things to say to setup your homie with a girl in the groupchat
the movie “Old” is actually a very serious topic.
Today I was referred to as a ‘low value male’ and I’m fucking upset.
The Totalitarian Gay Agenda
To all sub elitists
This is my back story (serious)
TIFU by charging my friends for some intimate alone time in my room
This is a 100% sincere comment found on a copypasta
the homie and I are a lil shook rn 😔
This is an insult
The sausage incident
The forgor💀 rember😁 paradox
This is perfect!
The Meme That Was More Than A Meme
This video is extremely detailed and subtle in its jokes.
The Br*ts don’t deserve be next to Scotland.
TIFU by being a Fl*shlight terrorist
Things change over time
TIFU by being a fleshlight terrorist
TIFU by pushing for equal rights at work
Typical Desperate Reddit Award Beggar
Tiktok dream smp copypasta
The awkwardtheturtle rant
Thanks you ruined Wojak
The meaning of Suge by Dababy
The Cum Chalice
The second phase spans from 2025 through 2029 and will completely replace the Amfleet I fleet with new coaches and dual-powered diesel-electric engines. The so-called ALC-42E locomotive is a new variant of the already very popular Siemens Charger locomotive used throughout North America. This phase
The ups and down of dream smp
This server has done nothing but bring me down as a person. [with emotes, SS]
Thinking about amogus
The money game 2 (She sells sea shells on the sea shore)
The trollge has begun. run
Threatened by a ruthless demon, humanity was on the brink of destruction.
The Real Edge of Glory by penguinz0
There is magic in this world
tw//black people
TIFU by hiring a male babysitter (15M) for my kid (8M), which ended in my teenage son (16M) finding a ….boyfriend (?)
There is magic in this world
The world feels too much like an ordinary place
Top 62 Ben 10 Games of 2017 (SsethTzeentach)
To all U pussy that -didnt- help me
The Weirdest Fetish On The Planet (Band Geeks)
This gentleman is making me go insane. Help.
The impending monsoon
Twitter user proves how good his life is
The GTA Online Griefer says
The best song you will ever hear
TIFU by nutting blood all over my wife’s face
The Legend of Zero
This is one hell of a community.
Taking role
The result of current events strikes me as a bag of mixed emotions.
twitter moment
The Ascended Facebook user.. or something
The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test
the sussy baka theory
The sigma memes made me realize I’m actually a sigma
Tiannimen square didn’t happen
The year is 2043 Covid variant phi beta epsilon is ravaging 0.0026% of the population
TIFU by blasting dog shit up my left nostril
TIFU by nutting blood all over my wife’s face
TIFU by nutting blood on my wife’s face
Toyota Pod from Gran Turismo Concept
Toss my body into a volcano
There is no such thing as a…
Twitter bio
the ultimate furry copypasta
TIFU by juggling my boobs too much
the history of KIA Ownership
The about section on YouTube of some guy who writes fan-fiction in YouTube comments.
The man who said this was soon punched in the face
The year is 20XX. Taylor Swift releases an album every day.
the pegging story
This place is cursed
This is just my opinion
Twiwight of the Idows
the end of the danganronpa fandom
The new Butthole variant
Tyler’s Jellyfish Feet
The Bio Weapon Problem
The Sigma Male Manifesto
Things are looking up for me
The entire Declaration of Independence
Today, two strangers showed me such beautiful acts of kindness
The s&box key drop of 2021
Trolling my school with Sonic (Part 3)
Twitter be like:
TIFU by putting super glue on my dick
TIFU by fucking myself with a toilet brush and might have Hepatitis (slight rant at the end)
The Olympics
TIFU by putting garlic inside my vagina
Top 3 pokemon who anyone would fuck
This Is The Lowest Quality Subreddit Ive Ever Seen
This was posted in my discord server after someone got mad about game lag.
Tard explains a meme
Told my parents I wanted to crossdress
the best copypasta ever known to man that I made
The Cumming Part 2
Taken from r/halo
The Cum
The Moe Order rant I found on r/tnomod
Toxic Redditor Goes full on angry mode
Today I just want you to feel like a king
Taken From My Psych Textbook
The Annual Furry Purge
Troll explaining why he hates ugly people
The Bee Movie was basically a back to back hour and a half tetralogy.
The rise of “Amogus” poses a serious and dangerous threat to humanity and global affairs.
Those damn liberals
taken from r/dreamgender
The history of metal
Tenho fetiche em ser asfixiado pelas coxas de uma mulher
The response to the Vaporeon response
Tampico, where every moment starts with a sip and ends with a smile.
this would be so funny
TIFU for having too big of a penis
turnoffs mid-erotica
The struggle of shitting in rural China
The story of Lil D.
The dolphin sex copypasta
The uranium burger (from BurgerBot45 45)
The Final Solution to Global Warming
the decwawation of windewendence
The one who cums
The Discord Dox Copypasta
told my crush, it felt great
TIFU I… I accidentally stuck a suction cup dildo into my forehead🤦‍♀️
The cummer
This subreddit is scary.
The Art of War
The Reverse Flash
TIL by missing a female’s obvious hints
Thats what the point of the mask is
The amount of times I have moisturized my belly using my own cum is wild.
Top financial minds on /r/amcstock discuss buying houses
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
this is my kingdom cum
Top 10 amogus moments
This One Simple Trick Will Piss Off Protestants
The fat r3tards back
TIFU by Checking My Son’s Pants
TIFU by having rough sex and almost getting my dog put down
The Woman in the Shed (true story) from r/scarystories
The response to the Vaporeon breeding copypasta
Thicc among us
The best thing
Tear breaking story
True Cuckdom
The “we do a little trolling” copypasta but we edited it slightly by adding something to it every time we copy and pasted it for a day. (v34)
The dolphin among us copypasta
Toxic mf
TIFU by ejaculating while getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist and getting my blood drawn in the process.
The entire Nine Yin Manual (Jiuyin Zhenjing), Google Translated
The best kind of bananas
TIFU by ejaculating while getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist and getting my blood drawn in the process.
TIFU by ejaculating while getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist and getting my blood drawn in the process.
The Internet is Repeating itself.
TIFU by shitting myself while getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist and getting my blood drawn in the process.
Tell me why I should stop watching porn (from r/christianity)
TIFU by ejaculating while getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist and getting my blood drawn in the process.
The bible, there’s a 40k letter limit and the bible’s holiness doesn’t get a bypass. Fucking reddit and twitlonger
The my names Reggie script
Top Ten hottest Sonic Characters
The based copypasta
Timmy Turner is a 60 year old loli-boy
The attacks on waifu culture from western mainstream fans is very concerning
Those pesky billionaires
The truth is that
the entire ydkj escape the simulation episode in text form
The initial d copy pasta
The MILF mobile
This is my kingdom cum. [BRAIN DAMAGE WARNING]
twitter be like
The gay sex copypasta
They weren’t sus copypasta
trans sex
This message I just got on Discord
This discord has done nothing but bring me down as a person.
Todd Starnes (email in my grandpas inbox)
troll version of the ccp copypasta for those who can’t read Chinese
Thai middle aged man talk about Pussy Lover Club. Found on Facebook group
Things Rappers Say Pussy Smells Like
TIFU by accidentally showing my enormous cum-producing cock to a teenage target employee
The vagina ass of lucifer n**gerbastard.
The tragic tale of someone falling for your deez nuts joke
This is the Lowest Quality Subreddit I Have Ever Seen
THE NUMBERS MASON WHAT DO THEY MEAN! ₁₁₄₅₁₄ 11414 ₁₁₄₁₄ ₁₁₄₅₁ ₁₁₄₁₄ ₁₁₄₅₄ ₁₁₄9₁₄ ₁₁₄8 ₁₁₄₅₁₄ 114514 ₁₁8₁
There’s nothing wrong with liking anime
This just got posted in one of my discord servers
Tiktoker level intelligence
This was posted on my discord server
This is beautiful. I cried.
The French Therapist Copypasta
The True, Beautiful Meaning of the Bee Movie
The Boys Are Back in Town (to kill you)
The poop that took a pee, chapter 3
Touch grass bro
The avarage PZ mod user
togami tinder bio
The tetris experience
The greatest poop
The toilet responded to me
The AK-47, Presented by Nicholas Cage.
Two redditors compare Shapiro and Musk to Shonen video game protagonists
true 😂👌💯
The Industrial Revolution.
The response from a grandmaster to u/miggly
The creation of Among Us and it’s consequences have been a disaster for the human race.
This is my cum but its Chinese bing translate
Tankies be like
the state of internet arguements
The Venice rant, but it’s in Venetian
The amogus suit
The ballad of SniperSmurf
The greatest copy-pasta in the world
The poop that took a pee
The covid vaccine 💉🩸👿👁‍🗨
The Who Asked Radar (transcript of video by Bosnian Ape Society)
The average answer on any Quora Thread regarding approaching women
TIFU After Commenting “chicken sandwich” On A Chicken Sandwich and Getting Banned From r/food
Thoughts on Peppa Pig.
TIFU by masturbating on VR
TIFU by not having access to porn and ending up having to delete my Spotify account
The square root of nine is three
The Filipino youth is done for.
Taking my dog for a walk.
the REAL north pole
This is big news
The original booba post (4chan /s4s/ board)
The weak deserve to be destroyed by the strong.
thing I wrote in my laptop when I had no electricity
There was some spammer in youtube and this is what he said to me when I told him he was offensive and unfunny
Ted Kaczynski – The Industrial Society And It’s Future
TIFU by making a comment in r/food that would ultimately get me a permanent ban from the sub.
Tentacle Tieflings on r/DnD
typical r/teenagers discourse
The Mouse Is Hunting
Template: Apology to a Discord Moderator
TIFU by having a sex moment while being a sexy woman
Trolling my class with Sonic (Part 2)
Today i failed my girlfriend (Serious) (NSFW) , taken from r/teenagers
Thank you for voting
TIFU by sucking for my boyfriend.
The last 12 months have been the most chaotic of my entire life.
The Bugs Bunny rap.
The Oswald the octopus song.
the king of vore
The sun is shining and the tank is clean
The Mickey Mouse rap.
TIFU by using my nuts as a stressball
The Pullout Game
The fart channel is actually very deep
That one terrible copypasta flooding every single ylyl thread on 4chan.
Tyler the Creator tweet from 2012
Trumps kidneys
The Great Jon 1982 Going to Prison
Tag my wife
The Holy Bible of The All Knowing, Powerful Dream
Taken from r/dankmemes
TIFU by almost fucking my sister but noticing something suspicious……..
The Final Goodbye
The price of Parmesan cheese at CVS is ludicrous.
Thy has been considered Guilty of claiming my favorite game is bad
This subreddit actually made me poop myself in history class.
Telling a gamer to “touch grass” is not an insult, rather it is advice
The last message I’ve received from my best friend before losing his fight with cancer
The Year is 2065.
the intelligence of my favorite character
That’s right, I’m a karma whore.
The kid at school
The bible of sexy dream(from minecrafy)
TIFU by slapping ass
the sus
The ‘Incident’
TIFU by slapping ass
The Travis Scott meal changed my life.
Touched friends phone screen after touching my genitals
The year is 2035
This is the funniest copypasta i’ve ever seen
Top 10 n-words
Twitter needs to be renewed.
today I totally rekt a dream stan with facts and logic(ACTUALLY HAPPENED)
Touch Grass
Tetris should be 18+
Today I took a shit in the McDonald’s happy meals.
This is the most unfunny copypasta I’ve ever seen
To all my PogChamps and piss babies
Transcript of “Who is Tay Ferret? | An Insult to the Furry Fandom” by Kazeo Lion (me, lol)
The Story of The Letter E
True story 😔
TIFU by sleeping naked.
TIFU and woke up with an orange weiner
The reason why you’re not with me anymore
the long-term effects of boofing meth
Tank knowledge
TIFU and woke up with an orange weiner
TIFU by sleeping naked
TIFU and woke up with an orange weiner
TIFU by clicking the wrong button in Google Meet
Technically I’m not mad because I don’t speak in caps lock like you do and btw your a tree, So shut up please? You don’t even have friends expect your 3 faggots who are called Neptune_ | Windows Saturn | Sienna7002, You are brain dead as shit that you dont know what to say expect for “Mad” “Stfu” an
The Escape From Tarkov experience
To Everyone That Wanted Minecraft Steve To Be In Smash Bros:
Tell me any way to talk to God
TIFU bt ripping butt in the tub
The force is strong with this one
TIFU by ripping a big one next to my crying wife
Torn from the internet
TIFU by watching a yato video
TIFU using soap for masturbation
Twitter argument
True Story
taken from /r/familyguy over a year ago
Today I saw a woman’s buttocks
the wonderful writing of “YiiK: A Post-Modern RPG”
The boomer at publix
TIFU: Losing my Virginity to a Water Slide
the entire lore of bloodborne in a messy, unorganised paragraph
The bite
This Redditor was not invested in the argument
The Reddit moderator has fallen
This subreddit has ruined my life
TIFU by losing my virginity to a water slide
The Pillsbury Doughboy funeral
the quackster
Titles shouldn’t be required
Translated from Russian – pasta by Itpedia
The Shopping Cart theory
TikTok in a nutshell (OC)
tab thing
The story of an ex-fister
The wolf girl in 4th grade
Trust the plan, bischero!
This guy is clearly misunderstanding Pokemon mechanics
To be fair, you have to have a very low IQ to understand Tim Pool.
The entire “So guys we did it” copypasta (I took the time out of my day to write this)
Touching the motherboard the wrong way, except I changed every reference to motherboard with dick
Twas the night before NNN
Trump X Benjamin
The Dokis are here
Traveling to US to study, will I be shot . Shitpost
The youtube comment section
To all the entitled idiots…
That’s wild yo.
Tiananmen Square Sneed’s Feed and Seed Copypasta
TWITTER IS OP?!?!?!?!?!
The soyjak vs the chad: part 1
Thanks r/teenagers
The Lightbringer blocks me
TIFU by eating like a deer.
TIFU by touching my crotch while cooking with habaneros
This is an inductor for the baboon uteruses I put inside of you.
There is no way this isn’t a copypasta
Top 7 best eroges for android in Spanish 2021
the weirdest rick rool I’ve ever seen
The Joe Rogan Experience by u/FuckYeahPhotography
Tony the Tiger leaves his wife for Toucan Sam
This is apparently not satire
Too sensitive?
those is mcdonalds jeans?
that’s it i’ve snapped.
This is what I want Dream to do to me
The delicious chicken story
The American Constitution supports Weeaboos
The entire Beelzeboss script.
The impassable Object
The aunt lost the baby
The Olympics should ok blood sports and steroids
TIFU by shitting on my plumber
This is his dog, he’s dead.
Temple OS
TLDR: This was a great idea by Hotdog Harry. Great job, dude!
The USS Liberty incident
The Weeknd Enthusiast
That’s an awfully hot coffee pot
That’s definitely not a proper load
Thomas owned up to his crimes
The Dingster by u/FuckYeahPhotography
Telling a gamer to “touch grass” is not an insult, rather it is advice
the man
TikTok “do it squirt” sound transcript
This is the only place you can say whatever shit you want and everyone just laughs
Taken from r/Confessions: I’m fully confident I could become the next Johnny Sins or Ron Jeremy
The Cum Specialist
The Laws of Sigma
transcript of me running my keyboard over with a lego car
the misunderstood squiddy
The side gig.
Text on protest against the germanic people and their effects on the european continent
Top 10 hottest female sonic characters.
The job loves emoji
This isn’t just all going to go ‘away’ by obeying the government
That is such a crass misinterpretation
The lord
Temmie from undertale attacks me while I’m naked in the shower
The way subs go [oc]
The agricultural revolution
Tribute where it’s due
The New Poop Times
This is my kingdom “come”
To my dearest u/Steve-But-Cooler
This was posted in a discord server I’m in.
Twitta Fingers
Tankie Style
Three A24 tickets, please
The Coomer theme song
The shortest post on Reddit, that has an extremely large title, trying to convince you to read this uncreative and not clever shitpost
Toasty x Barcode (Furry Fanfiction)
The Definitive Explanation to “Why Do They Call It Oven when You Of In the Cold Food Of Out Hot Eat the Food?”
TIFU by posting a meme in the wrong discord channel.
trololo lyrics
tricky fucking sucks i fucking hate that stupid ass mod why the fuck is boyfriend in nevada
The entire first chapter of Stinky Steve
Trisha paytas is hot
The Witch from Left 4 dead is so hottt
The chug jug with you lyrics but every odd line is the parody and the even line is the original (american boy)
Titanfall 2 down bad for gates
This is the response to a comment about how rape is bad in a light novel’s comment section:
The $6 burger meal.
Title. Found on r/iamverybadass
To a woman, your life as a man is worthless.
Trolley Problem: CBT Edition
The true story of Robert “Harp” Davis
The Entire Transcript of “Nearly Shitted Myself At School”
The production of goddess aqua porn is insulting
Think about it.
The hobbit.
The Declaration of Independence
Turkish Ancestry Test
The thing I fear the most
This group is trash
There should be an olympics that allows any and all illegal drug use
there is no such thing as a coincidence
This is just who I am
The Sussy Sandwich (aka I did some stupid shit with a short story generator)
The Origins of Political Libertarianism i.e. Libertarian Socialism
the crop circle
The Greatest Thing to Ever Exist
Two great kings (NSFW offensive warning)
The Redditor cracks his knuckles and takes a deep breath… “fake”
The Human Instrumentality Project and Lacanian Psychoanalysis
they would break down in tears
There is no secret ingredient.
Turned on getting my vaccine
The Zuck
The Mk-Ultra project
There are 112 genders.
TL;DR: Lifters weigh more
The sun is a fucking planet
The Diversity of American Politics
The Brutal Fight. From r/teenagers
The Pennsylvania supreme court descending opinion on the Cosby case
The Drummer Experience [found on r/ShowerThoughts]
TIFU by not teaching my brother to do calf raises properly
the least horny relationship advice post
The shit bowl
To whom it may concern…
TIFU by raising a forest demon
That headclapchallenge thing lol
The Shutting Up Theory.
TIFU by holding hands with my boyfriend.
The Mindset…of a Man Who Fucks
The monster hunter lore in a nutshell
take this you sick fucks
The No 1 useful tank engine
taylor swifts shit omg
Today I fucked up by having sexy sex with my sexy sexperson
There are impostors among us.
Taken from r/Rants: I fucking hate tryhards
the first black mesa eas broadcast
The Chicago Outfit
TIFU by imagining my dick as a 6 speed manual transmission and playing with it.
Two In One Bundle
The Poop Knife
To be fair … (string theory version)
This is misogynistic
The Mighty Meth Wank
Transcribed from an old C-SPAN prank call
The Fungus
the longest text ever
This sounds like a happy customer
Top 10 things to do this summer break
TF2 3: Bot Crisis
Talks about a lot
Thing my friend said after getting mad in smash bros (SUPER FUCKING EDGY)
The ongoing war being waged against boobs
TIFU by having sex with my dominant girlfriend
There is a major fault in our society.
The IKEA lover
This is so predictable.
thirtyvirus copypasta
The photosynthesis of the bisectors
The King and The Chef.
TIFU Posting Privileges.
There is no such thing as a coincidence.
TIFU Masturbating too much because of a new relationship. (from r/tifu)
The Full CBT Article
TIFU by taking an earth shattering dump on my first day back in the office.
The best moment in the history of skateboarding?
TIFU by taking an earth shattering dump on my first day back in the office.
TIFU by taking an earth shattering dump on my first day back in the office.
TIFU by taking an earth shattering dump on my first day back in the office.
That one infamous line said by Simon the Chipmunk
the time I used hot sauce as lube
thomas the traink person is capitalis t :(((999 by new amsterdam space
Thats fucking baseball
The Bee Movie Script But It’s UwU (Part 2/2)
Thank you!
The optimal Amogus Cock length
The Coldest Place in the Universe May Actually Be a Sussy Baka
The Yeti Myth
the beach boys – pet sounds
Twist being t h i c c is an unrealistic beauty standard
This guy was being unironic
The Enclave is good
True story
TIFU by cumming on the walls
Thats interesting and all….
Tennis fanboy
The ultimate fuck you Copypasta
this is a serious post I lost my virginity to a MSI song
too boring
The worst thing I’ve ever done
TIFU by mastrubating
Tool-Rosetta Stoned lyrics
TIFU by mastrubating
Thanks for not being hot. (A comment I made on r/AmIHot)
The mystery of Tom
The Dream SMP Fan
The blender
TIFU by mastrubating
The sheer amount of Pokemon porn will shock you
TIFU by mastrubating
Too cringe for me to handle.
traps are NOT gay
that shit bussin
The perfect gentle sir (was told to post this here by a few Redditors. Totally original)
The imposter is susxy,hear me out
This subreddit is stupid as hell
This Disney DVD is enhanced with Disney’s FastPlay. Your movie and a selection of bonus features will begin automatically. To bypass FastPlay, select the Main Menu button at any time. FastPlay will begin in a moment.
Transcription of a video from r/shitposting
The fortnite summer skins are out
They targeted sportspeople.
TIFU by revealing my sexual attraction to Rick Astley
The vagina generation that is the iGen’s are all going to hold hands and cry , followed by a circle jerk.
Tom Scott
Tips to not get caught watching porn
This is why y’all don’t get pussy!
To all karens
there are 2 types of people in this world
This is my magic sex gun
this man be comping on that cheddar cheese
The Real Story of Thanksgiving
this is like
TIFU by paying $75 for my gyno to tell me that my husband has a big penis
To all the people I have seen fetishizing breast fucking without the proper context:
This Guy
TIFU My Husband Has A BIG DICK
The difference is Audible
Tyranny is in the context
The true power of Daddy Truth
The original Navy Seal Copypasta, but it’s all in German and fitted to the German Military instead of US Military.
There is something called NIPPLE FUCKING. I’m shocked. And turned on. Send help.
Tyler, The Creator CMIYGL album review copypasta to piss people off
The Vax Passport is coming to end us all
The Inca city of Cusco was designed and set up by its Puma builders.
TRADERS are SO mad XD 😂😂😂 not my fault i don’t spend my money on ROBLOX 🧠 i bet you’re all crying spoiled brat trad rs
TV’s shouldn’t be on top of fireplaces!!!
There are people and resources here for you
The smoke alarm when I take a shit…
The Quirky Earthbound-Inspired Indie RPG
The Copyright Act of 1976
The mouth opened, the whale carcass go in.
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand South Park
TIFU; Replaced my toilet figured out why my ass was never clean.
Terrible day
This is no Dream. It is a Nightmare!
TIFU; Replaced my toilet figured out why my ass was never clean.
This was someone’s Roblox Roleplaying Name lmao.How the fuck can a demon be nice? How can a fucking demon be a wolf and a human at the same time? smh
The Father of WoW
Today the toilet is installed and I decided to christen it with an inaugural shit.
Think I’m wrong? Ask me more. I have a PHD from Harvard, among various other degrees. I’ll send pictures if you would like.
The female operators are strong and independent women
Taken from r/sadcringe
thats wat damascus
The Garfield Show: Threat of the Space Lasagna
The Laptop Fort
The Saga of Roadney Toady
The Molokai Channel Whale Contest
The British guys rambling about shit in their letterbox
This amazing disaster found on r/okbuddybaka
The C Programming Language
The first time I jacked off
This is why people used make fun of anime
The death of Emojifier (RIP).
THE “GOOD” “oLD” “dAYs”
tiananmen square
they removed cortana booba litteraly 1984
Twitter game review
Transcript of me smashing my head on the keyboard
Tell me we’re your born stupid…
Twitch Ban Appeal
Transcript of me cleaning my keyboard and reassembling it
The Founding Fathers Suck
Taken from r/TrueUnpopularOpinion: We should do a 10 year island experiment with 5000 redditors to prove once and for all whether communism really works
Thank you r/nba
This is in response to a TikTok comment from last year, where the commenter proves it is sketchy and possibly misinformation.
The “Traps aren’t gay” theorem
Taken from an anarchy discord server
tragedy of darth howard the wise
Truly disgusting that some people would do this horrible thing
The Top Ten HOTTEST Paper Mario Girls.
Today I circumcised my son who just got born yaaaaaaay ! 😀
The prequels have a lot of problems, but I’ve always been annoyed by the way they suddenly switch gears between episodes one and two to start introducing the concept of midi-chlorians — an idea that was never brought up in prior films, despite it being central to Anakin’s fall in Episode III
the history of soap
Two trucks lyrics (lemon demon) [not sure if this is againts rules]
This is how you type in a blank, as far as i know. Just inline code, hashtag.
this is a old copy pasta i made its cringe but it fits here
Taken from r/publicfreakout
To the people who reply bruh
The government is controlled by the mammals
Trump x Biden
That one time I boofed the homies dick on accident (from r/drugscirclejerk)
The 30 year old dogecoin HODLer
The World Record size poop I saw at Target
The original Stan
The nerve of some people (found on twitter)
Trump on being reinstated
Touch grass
That one time I boofed the homies dick on accident
teenager moment
This sub has literally ruined my day
to the person who sent furry porn on a christian server
Tower Creator #bug-report be like:
The BTS Meal is McDonald’s’ newest collaboration with BTS
The skyblock non experience
To the person who ripped the seat off one of the toilets in the Jolimont Centre men’s room and smeared shit all over the other: fuck you
There is this little blonde girl (F 19) who asked me (M 19) what I think about her having a child
the entire fucking t.g.i. friday’s menu
Top ten tips for asking out women (number 4 is shocking)
This one in Spanish
Text of the Obscene Publications Act 1959 put through Emojifier
The True history of Bobby Fischer
There’s no more cum left on Earth.
The Local Hanging of London Airport
That’s what the mask is
The definition of copied pasta
TIFU by automatically replying “nice” after hearing 69
The Užupis Constitution.
TIFU by automatically replying “nice” after hearing 69
TIFU by not being macho enough for my gfs dad and insulting him by misreading the banter
TIFU by automatically replying “nice” after hearing 69
Tiktok DM
this generation is going to actual shit bro🤦🏽‍♂️
this server needs to be deleted
The poem Beatrice gives you at the beginning of Fallout 3.
The Navy Seals Copypasta Extended Edition
The new discord scam going around
Twitter Meltdown
Take bath or Genshin Impact?
Title? What’s that amirite fellas 😎😳
The ukrainian catboy policeman
True story from school, r/nothingeverhappens
Things make me feel good
Trump does what?
TIFU By asking if my husband can get an erection without pharmaceutical help
TIFU by itching my balls and getting a orgasm
Thesis on the value of good girls and bitches.
Tough guy from the libertarian sub
The 1999 Toyota Corolla
To those who want to post Roblox:
Toyota Corolla Craigslist Advert
Twitter video downloaders
Thoughts on Hatsune Miku’s Bach Fugue in G Minor Cover
This game saved my life
this is the comment that got my old account permabanned from reddit after someone said “phrog”
TIFU by neglecting my child
there is a napkin amogus
Take the T out of LGBT.
The secret to never having nightmares.
Thomas the Tank Engine
They ruined the majesty of Thomas The Tank Engine
TIFU by vaping my own cum
The moon landing is sus
The Libertarian Copypasta
to richard stallman
The best senator
Today I ruin your eyes with this copy pasta
Thomas the Tank engine had the worst ending of all TV series
TIFU by using a Fleshlight
The truth about Mirror
tom riddle copypasta (inside joke) (TW for ch*king)
Thomas the tank engine rank
The Asian Grading System
The secret to get rid of nightmares
This was accompanied by a skinny man with 0 muscle mass
The Curious Case of Mail-in Ballots
The helicopter knows where it is, because it knows it is not in an action movie
The man who invented broccoli almost certainly had a fart fetish
This is the worst COD zombies to date!!!!11!1!!!1 😡
The Troller – Everywhere At The End Of Trollface – Stages 1-6 (Complete)
TIFU by accidentally flashing my enormous cum-producing cock and balls to a teenage Target employee
TIFU by using a silicone vagina
The navy seal copypasta in ork speak(40k)
The art of Humiliation
TIFU by accidentally flashing my enormous milk-producing breasts to a teenage Target employee
TF2 Spy is an Among Us reference.
The reason automation isn’t cheaper
Twitter k-pop stans be like
Target pride Celina
the among us killing game
this tweet https://twitter.com/lilrorivert/status/1404958057101250563
the tragedy of lowe’s hardware store
Twitter Moment
Tall women
They targeted gamers! GAMERS!
This Discord user’s reaction to not getting mod on a server
The Simulation
Thanks for the updoots, my sigma brothers
The comprehensive list of all gay porn subreddits
The Factory Nachos Diet
this post is obviously fake
The Amogus Effect
The sonic.exe creepypasta but Tom destroyed the cd
There will never be uniform Gun Laws in Australia until we see a massacre somewhere in Tasmania
Tips for giving a great blowjob – a must read!
The sexualization of women in media needs to be talked about!
Tighter than a rubber band
Thanks Spotify for highlighting the podcast “Cum Town” (from r/spotify)
the entire discord community guidelines
That’s a lie
Top 5 Reasons Why Pornhub is a rip off of Spongebob
Today’s Nintendo Direct
The Kamala Harris Vore Fanfic
TIL Zombies in Dying Light have rendered vaginas
the fallen kingdom lyrics
Technoblade teaches math and pvp
Thank god, you know, I was worried, terrified, petrified even,
Thanks u/_demetri_
These are vastly different quests.
The Day I Was Sus
Thermonuclear Bombs
There is no music in the Switch’s eShop.
The death of Shitty Translator Bot
twice copypasta
Trigger warnings are bad.
The CockBot problem has gotten out of control
The Struggles Of A Writer
The left will win a civil war
The covid vax is the mark of the beast
Tired of powercreep? Join our Classic+ Community (EUW Only)
The Curse of the Suzuki family
Top 10 Among Us Crewmate tasks
The Bible doesn’t have enough hot sex
The New Transistor Heroes
twitter cringe ew
These might be handy for yall
To the guys lurking – stop shaming women with high standards.
Trees are better than people
The Cycle 2
the power of NoFap
This pisses me off
taken from rule34
Taken off goodanimemes
top 10 games
The execution of YandreDev.
The duality of man
This sub in a nutshell.
the jimmies are rustled
The character is officially named “Boyfriend” (original from Dimensional Asshole)
Toaster Strudel
Thanks, baby
To all you mod-haters
Trade de Elite
The joke was right in front of you.
TIFU for shoving a bee down my foreskin
The old “Own a musket for home defense” copypasta is a bit sloppy, so I fixed it.
The Legend of Montagne
Tifa from final fantasy 7
TikTok BTS Meal copypasta
THE GOD OF COPYPASTAS (sorry for poor writing ironicly this is my first ever copypasta)
trollge funny blaue nuts of bfa from friday nighe fuckiny
TIFU trying to poop on a cockroac
taken from discord
The Windows 10 Calculator app is fucking amazing.
This is totally not outta my ass
The thing that separates Millenials & Gen Z.
The secret life of a Redditor
The Joker from the Joker movie sex 244p
The reproduction and sexuality section of the dolphins Wikipedia page
The BTS Meal
TIFU by forgetting I have lost a significant amount of weight.
The covid vaccine did change my DNA. It turned me into a Trump Republican.
To all the mods
The Dark Dream Rises – Plane Scene
TIFU driving naked
The response to a tweet with a picture of Nagatoro
The cuss word song.
tae fuck min
TIFU by imagining my dick as a 6 speed manual transmission
This is how I had sex with dream
Tokyo Ghoul is just a ripoff
The Coom Slayer
TIFU by imagining my dick as a 6 speed manual transmission and playing with it.
Twitter moan space
These edibles aint shit
this reads like a copypasta but actually happened
The World Record size poop I saw at Target
TIFU by imagining my dick as a 6 speed manual transmission and playing with it. (From TIFU)
TIFU by imagining my dick as a 6 speed manual transmission and playing with it.
This reminds me how much I hate Grandpa Joe.
The multiverse in a nutshell (Idleverses are twice as efficient)
Take my damn award and leave
TIFU by imagining my dick as a 6 speed manual transmission and playing with it.
TIFU by imagining my dick as a 6 speed manual transmission and playing with it.
till I collapse lyrics
TIFU by imagining my dick as a 6 speed manual transmission and playing with is (from r/tifu)
TIFU by imagining my dick as a 6 speed manual transmission and playing with it.
TIFU by imagining my dick as a 6 speed manual transmission and playing with it.
This video is sponsored by Bad Dragon
The 10/10 rating bot post
TIFU by imagining my dick as a 6 speed manual transmission and playing with it.
TIFU by pretending that my dick was a 6 shift gearbox
TIFU by imagining my dick as a 6 speed manual transmission and playing with it.
TIFU by imagining my dick as a 6 speed manual transmission and playing with it
The game is not what it used to be
Too masc for pride month
Thou mayest refer to me as Sir. Yoshikage Kira
This guy’s kink
The bio of a cheater I played against
The thing people copy pasta under amogus memes
the terminator
Troll Face ASCII
the full halo wicky
The definition of bisexual
The garden gnome, Noggin Clontith was walking around the streets.
The Gamer World
Tingly sensation in my ass
This came from a Omegle chat :monkaS:
The best joke ever made
The r/neoliberal happy meal
Thiccy (female version of tricky from madness combat)
That’s a nine-incher that I’d love to get nailed by
The guy from Fortnite
TIFU Big Time by Masturbating
the TROLLey problem
The Subway Experience
Trolling my office with among us
Today I came out as dreamsexual
TIFU Big Time by Masturbating
The Haribo Sugar Free Gummy Bear Incident
The most detailed your mother joke
TIFU by cumming in my pants while my mom showed my a picture of Jesus
Trans pussy
To My Love
Twitch chat message found on Amouranth’s stream.
this person defending himself after doing self promo in a discord server
Top 1 recursive (spoilers of recursion )
TIFU: fuck cock sus cum lgbtq
The entire Navy Seal copy pasta in the Library of Babel
The “Oh no. Oh no. Oh no no.” song should be banned worldwide.
To whoever ships Skid and Pump
The Kim Possible Theme Song
The tales of Spotify horror
The Army Experience
Tough guy
The “Oh no. Oh no. Oh no no.” song should be banned worldwide.
the only time it is okay to eat her out.
The art of Copypasta
The Great Source Engine Rant
TFW girl gamer appears
techno lyrics 😍😍😍
this man really thinks he’s going to “war”. he joined like weeks ago lmao. also he keeps harassing my friend hahahaha. thought this message of his was funny (copied verbatim)
Thoughts on Akeno from Highschool DxD by https://www.reddit.com/user/Character-Clothes-12/
Tale of Two Cities: A review
toy story
this guy wants to fornicate with william eyelash
Taking a shit is extremely homophobic
That not candy that’s a TAKI!
the flesh that mates
Typical Discord introduction
The worlds a mess.
They are actually doing it!
This is a shitty copypasta I made at three a.m. of the english cover for Bad Apple, 1 likes and I will finish the whole song
trolls 😳
To christians being homophobic, transphobic, and racist
That man was in his thirties
that one ad that been flooding the twitch chat during miku expo online pre-concert
The guy (29m) I’m (25f) seeing is more interested in bread than my nudes.
The UGLY reality (from r/ugly)
The tragic death of Sussy Imposter
The final momma joke script
too much overwatch porn
Totally a Real Conversation That I had with My Totally Real Friend
Text message I randomly got
TIFU by Shaving My Testicles
Thanos BDSM
The Sus Troll
The better future.
That was so funny. I sPiT oUt mY dRiNk!
This person should be terminated immediately and have every item they destroyed paid for
The best questions to ask
The Pixar Lamp
The Pixar Lamp is Sexy
The Nobody
Tendie Greentext from /b/
TIFU by aggressively molesting an older woman in a crowd
The guy (29m) I’m (25f) seeing is more interested in bread than my nudes.
That is what TF I’m rambling about
The Amazon River
The things I go through to buy Mtn. Dew Maui Burst…
the second coming
The Tragedy Of Darth Cola The Dehydrated
The Great Bead Wars
Tarkov copypasta
Tired of Samsung Sam
This is why you heard at every single trap video comment.
There’s this nightmare I’ve been having…
the fresh prince of bel-air
To be based, one has to be cringe
The Salley Effect Part 2
The Salley Effect
Today i came out as dreamgender to my family
The Original Slim Jim
The BITech Product line (BITech isnt a real company this is just something i wrote im my freetime)
The Skittles disease.
The ADF-11F (NSFW)
Tifu by trying to shit on a cockroach
The Panopticon
The septic tank was invented today
To the Class of 2021
two planes (NSFW)
The speed of horny
Thank you, u/Baluu2005
The death of the McDonald’s mascot, Grimace
TIFU by tryito shit on a cockroach
This is an eight year old post
TIFU by trying to shit on a cockroach
TIFU by trying to shit on a cockroach
The sad life of a discord user.
The Bridle of Chaos
TIFU by fucking Albert Einstein
tifu by mishearing my husband while giving him oral
The Problem with Analytics.
There’s no more cum left on Earth.
Transracial copypasta
Today I finally came out as dreamgender to my family and friends, this is how it went.
the vib-rant
This is the script from the tuv letter to EDP445’s Predatory behavior
The perfect comment
testing emoji bot jusr ignore lmao
The Great War
TIFU by masturbating with my bf’s rotten semen
Those darn LGBTs
To Celebrate Pride Month
To the person that spoiled the plot of the Lego Movie:
The arcana is the means by which all is revealed.
Tim and Moby of BrainPOP Officially Come Out As Gay
The Problem with Spongebob – MattCMG
taken from r/femaledatingstratpros
The penis is truly the superior sexual organ.
The Industrial Revolution
The Entire Communist Manifesto (P3) Last Part
The Entire Communist Manifesto (P1)
They call me the emoji man🥶💯🔥🥵
Taken from r/NoStupidQuestions
The New Samsung Android Waifu
Toenails taste amazing, I like chewing on them like gum.
Toenails taste amazing, I like chewing on them like gum.
Toenails taste amazing! I like to chew on them like gum
Taken from r/advice
Taken from r/Samsunggirlr34
The truth, nature and beauty of wojaks
Twitter Users Be like
Thoughts on Marriage
The answer to “what are snapstreaks”
That was kind of a shitty comment to be honest…
Tentacles are the superior pleasure device for wamen.
The office free for all…
The Shutting Up Speech
The video
The Tragedy of John Sino
The best way to stop wars
The new social order
Tough guy copypasta
The green part of the watermelon taste better than the red part 🍉
The Monorail
The story of Dark Souls
Today’s World
TWD98 Copypasta (from JadenMKW on YouTube)
The average female…
Transition Surgery
the average female
the alphabets of amogus
Tinder girl asked me if I thought there was a war on Christmas, I sent her this and she unmatched me
TIFU by letting my 14 year old daughter take pictures of my cumshots.
TIFU by getting stoned out my mind while my girlfriend is in the next room choking to death.
this is not homophobic
The Raven
The Fapkin
the lithium gas
this was in the comment section of a YouTube speedpaint video lmao
Thebausffs Workout Routine
the manana of bananas
The Artist Behind “Astronaut In The Ocean”
Teen X
Tahdeeg Persian Cuisine nasal hydrogen peroxide torture
the person below this comment is a unoriginal paint thinner huffing vagabond with no style and no grace
try and guess what sub I got this from
The Swan Can Fly… but he can’t do it alone
The NoFap rap
The all new duratech TM ballsack washer and cleanser.
Troll for good
Theres a guy in r/Holup spamming this in the comments
This is my new comeback to everything
TIFU by giving myself a black eye
This is the Wikipedia article for “Cheugy.”
Taken from r/neckbeardnests
this was about the meme with the two girls, one with rainbow and the other in black
The “Story” of Woke Boy
The issue plaguing this sub
Taken from r/GirlsUndShitposts
The Gummy Bear song makes me soooo hard!
The use of LEDs in a PC build
The king of secks
the dank memer discord bot
Transformers are alive, and they feel pain.
The avarage reddit response
The child is warm
twirch chat co/pasta
The Grand Cruella Rant of 2021
That is my sister who was killed by a metra train.
Trans Jihad
tiktok videos
Tint description.
TIFU by having sexy sex sex
The witcher 3 vs calculator
Two Trucks lyrics
Take that nike
The Death Penalty makes no sense
The First Page Of 1984 by George Orwell.
The ultimate caught in 4k copypasta
This is how kids get killed
The Tokens – The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh) (Audio)
The power of “Big Chungus”
The one dream I can remember.
This guy didn’t know the difference between pee and semen.
The entire script of “Pelo Talks – The Ice cream”
The WW2 arc was BAD.
the binding of
touch grass
The lactating anime girl advertisment
The cummet
the perfection of mumen rider (I don’t own this copypasta)
Thought provoking comment in r/MilitaryPorn
This will show him!!! 😡
Trying to convince my music teacher to play games be like
The answer to the question “What does a fleshlight feel like?” given by an anonymous user in 2012
The Cancel Culture out of Fishers/Indianapolis
Tom Nook
The future.
The year is 2032
top comment of video (link in comments)
Thou shalt ne’er a true maiden be.
The StoryBooth Dance Contest Copypasta
TIFU by making a pig orgasm.
Tommy”s brief monolouge.
The Mario fan diss track
The man that assaulted 3 people
This is literally 1984
Taiwan is a country
The bio of one particular Reddit user
Taken from a heated Discord Drama
The American Consitution Demands The Sauce
The winning side of domination
The Dick War of Nineteen Dickety Two
The bomb inside her womb
TIFU by incorporating Spice Girls lyrics into foreplay, ruining sex and hurting feelings.
trans copypasta but amogus
twitch hoe spam
The problem with modern MMO games
the recent events surrounding cryptocurrency
The vaccine turned my friend gay
The Left has gone too far‼️
the best lubricant for masturbation
TIFU by showing my wife Reddit
Toph has beautiful eyes
The Education system doesn’t teach enough about sex.
The USA National Anthem “The Star-Spangled Banner” but it’s horny
The Godzilla x Mothra Violent Sex Fanfic (The Final Edition)
The Gray Man
That wasn’t very
Top tips when being around and talking to WOMEN
This is how serious i am about my President Donald John Trump.
The Smurfs Lore
Totò fa il Cock Rating a Peppino
There is no joke, sent to me through WhatsApp
The Oldest Anarchy Server in Minecraft (Found on okbr)
The lions would win
Tony the tiger
The only way I’ve ever gotten laid
The sexually car: A dramatic love story… (Jixaw) [NSFW]
Taken from r/im14andthisisdeep
trump copypasta
The Arch Dornan Rant – Binary Edition
That annoying Grammarly ad you’ve seen on YouTube (or TikTok) a million times
taken from r/meth
TIFU by farting during my grandma’s funeral.
Twitter reply to @JoeBiden
The grindset
This ONE hobby TERRIFIES an international clique of bankers…
The Complete Among Us Bible (NIV)
This guy really made a discussion post on r/gachalifecringe but I still respect him for staying on that grind.
The Big List of DnD Racial Slurs
The funniest interaction I’ve ever had with a girl
The number of genders is below ⬇️
this cursed shit i found in r/cringetopia
The discord redesign breaks my heart a little
Transcript from u/amongusdongbot dms
tramp stampers unite!!1!
This Pornhub comment
The CBT Threshold
This is a Facebook comment somebody directed at me a long while back in a group I used to run. We called him out for creeping in another members DMs and this was the result
Top of my class
Twitter’s opinion on tracing
The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test
The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test
Titwoman, for mobile formatting
This is exactly what the globalists, CCP and Bill Gates want.
The karma depression (2005, colorized)
Tracy Smith – Spanish Ladies lyrics
The og K*vin copypasta
Types of people when ordering fast food
This is NOT femdom
Tips for backpacking with a friend
The Binding of Isaac opening monologue, but it has 500% more Isaac in it.
The reply to a post about how bit a ladder is
the fast part of Rap God
This guy climbs ladders 😎
This is not a thing I tolerate.
There is no ladder out there that would impress 100_Donuts
The ultimate neo-liberal fantasy
The X on my car doesnt look right… Can someone tell me whats wrong?
The backyardigans is a fucking masterpiece.
Today I drank amogus potion and it was very sus
Tarkov taunt
the whole periodic table
The Whitest Of Them All
The panera bread saga part 2/2
The average r/atheism user
top 10 list of instruments based on my ability to play them well
The average fanfiction.
There is an impostor among us
Thank you kind person who did this to me
tony ferguson
Twitch Copyasta about zodiac signs
TED talk about the logistics of the high ground in RoTS
The biggest dump of my life is haunting me😱💩😟
This review for a party hat
This shit in r/dreamgender
this was a message from one of my roleplays
The Tragedy of Jeremy the Wise
The ultimate tool to win any argument you’re in, works even if you’re losing
Trojan bareskin
This YouTube comment has me crying
too numba niens 😘👊
The “internet” experiment
Triggered by ATLA shit post
The Doom Copypasta I made
Teletubbies review
the coom lab incident
The new discord logo makes me wanna cry
The article about mobile phone “safety” that my teacher gave me makes a good copypasta
the funniest joke you’ll hear today about congestive heart failure.
The Kung Fu Panda trilogy is, in my opinion, a perfect trilogy. And, Mr. Ping is one of the best characters in it.
the ruins of the day
TrueUnpopularOpinion, as always, is great
The world without god
To all children selling eggs without a permit
Thanks for using Reddit
toy story 69
Tony the Tiger is using propaganda to turn people into furries (supremely DANGEROUS intel)
Toriel x Male Reader (Lemon)
toucan play de little gayme
Two questions selfsuckers
Technoblade Everywhere
teacher email
To all rich people
The mask, by Jim Carrey
Thanks Aubrey Huff
Thought I was getting sexy around my girlfriend only NSFW
The C.U.M Manifesto
They’re slow marching everyone to multiple vectors of control.
This is how dangerous parasocial relationships can form. Dream doesn’t love you. He can’t love you. Dream doesn’t KNOW you. He can appreciate you but he can’t fucking love you.
Trolling my whole class with Among Us
The fall of Richmond
Taken from a microtonal music group on Facebook
The man who killed Hitler.
They targeted gamers.
Trem (found on r/PEDs)
Top ten
The Church of Satan Planning on Taking Over Heaven:
The gay?
tik tok bad
TIFU by letting one rip
The Lord Who Came
The Sussy Impostor [Original Creepypasta by u/PineapplePenguin175] WARNING: SCARY
The current state of r/pics
The best way to keep carrots fresh
The average Chevy ad.
Things that are funnier than among us posts
The Tragedy of Colin the Caterpillar
The fun aunt
Tomorrow is the big day. The Monday to end all Mondays. Are you ready?
The fun aunt story
The year is 2030, TSLA is worth one trillion dollars (A short story)
The true heir of slytherin
Theoatrix x Daddy Oda uWu
the british do a little trolling
Tell me about….
The clitoris magnet
The average discord kid
Trump Discord
Test Day Tips, or; I have read and I accept the 2021 AP Exam Terms and Conditions.
Taco Bell Dorito Taco Review
Take this from a foot connoisseur.
taken from some mad kid on a bizarre day fandom
touhou has the best waifus and is not an anime
The details of my life are quite inconsequential.
Takis vs Quora user
The perfect date.
ter stegen
This is the Stupidest Subreddit in Existence
The bee cannot fucking fly (r/teenagers)
The entire Genesis chapter 1
To our lurkers, just don’t read our sub.
The first paragraph of Rappin’ For Jesus
The old discord logo is far better than the new one.
TIFU by trying to fix my W key and locking mywelf out of my computer in the proceww
Tfw someone calls you a liberal
This mf in the comments
Tony Hawk race war
This guy commented this on hentai
The nanner monkey
Tony Hawk scary story I found on r/politicalcompassmemes
The creepy discord mod copypasta
Tomar’s treasure
This essay on a hentai post
Tap on a clip to paste it in the text box.
This is less of a copypasta and more of a rant (i promise this is my last non-copypasta post here)
this happened (real)
TNO, definition of insanity
The Tragedy of Donovan
There was an incident at school today
That One Dude That Everybody is Friends With.
The ending of Calculator has me in tears [SPOILER WARNING]
Transcription of a video of a cat screaming outside a lady’s window
The Hilarity behind Drake and Josh Season 4 Episode 10 “Tree House”
Turk gets mad at an Arab
The world’s oldest complaint letter. “Tell Ea-Nasir, Nanni sends the following message…”
The joys of the female body.
The sentence did you ever hear the tragedy of darth plagueis the wise,but backwards
This gem is from my discord server
The proof my autocorrect is mentally I’ll.
This subreddit is just FUCKING AMAZING to karma farm
this bitch will get naked when the internet forgets about her and it’s a last ditch effort for her career…
Talking about the giant vampire lady from resident evil village
trolling my mother with among us
The first 50 opening lines I received under the “Lesbian” tag on Omegle.
tom su
TIFU by fracturing my vagina at work
This sub can’t handle how intellectually superior I am.
The Furry World Order
The E-Girl Manifesto
That bisexual lighting thing is an interesting phenomenon.
This is how i would like my relationship to end
this server used to COMMIT to themes
This sub is the UNFUNNIEST place EVER on the internet.
The time I cried because I wanted cock
That one discord gentleman meme i saw
The Perversion of the Boohbahs
Tonight’s Plans
Trolling my mom with amogus (part 2.696969696) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
The whole concept of golf is fucking wild to me.
That’s a bit Linuxy
The end
the fnf flexy mod makes me so fucking horny
Tom Johnson – Failing
The furry phenomenon got really crazy and out of my hand with my generation, and I feel I know why.
TIFU by blasting my bathroom via the fruit method
This is M I N D B L O W I N G
They tried circumcising me but
Trolling my mom with Among Us 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
The holy text of Zeroism
Trolling My Church With Among Us [PART 1]
Toased pp
The Fisherman Of Greentexts
That is an incredible looking dick.
this is not a copypasta this is a serious post…
that one song
Take that emojifier bot
The o-word
Taken from the EngineeringStudents subreddit
That’s kind of SUS
TUTTI I CANALI Youtube di Redez e Synergo
The First Time I Tried To Suck My Own Penis
Tonight I Am Graduation
TIFU by setting off an alarm with smells from my body
Twitch drop claims be like
The Uncomplete Megamind Script
This is a Story about how I find my braces and the braces others wear to be a turn on, do you?
Tommy C to Ltcorbis
twitch copyoasta
The Most Boring Thing Ever Written
The government is lying to us
top 10 team fortress 2 classes
Top 10 cocks in Anime
The OnlyFans fresh original star wars battle raps
That’s it? Just ‘Yes’.
Trump is a combat strategy master
That’s it? Just “Yes”. no further extrapolation, huh?
This makes me uneasy
The Blues Brothers is now one of my favorite comedies
The Gerber Grow Up Plan commercial that was on every single damn ad break on Cartoon Network
The Rey Skywalker copypasta
The average discord user
The Omni-Man Challenge, A Step-by-Step Guide:
That’s it
The story of my detachable penis
The tale of Gavins Virginity
Thanks for the gold kind stranger!
the story of why i killed an egyptian god
The Bee Movie
The founding fathers
Tropers gonna trope
The Girl in my Bathtub
The Fish Finder
The Truth About the National Parks
Top 10 Spongebob Fan Theories
The demon kid
The Ten Poomandments
TIFU an sneked fone into batroom
Trolling at mass with Among Us
The new new testament 😳
There’s nothing wrong with me having a sexual relationship with a 15 year old
This page is not one of incel spotting.
To be fair, you need to have a very high iq to understand this comment
TIFU by shitting after cumming.
The Congratulations scene from Neon Genesis Evangelion
The missile knows where it is
Tupac’s death+Facebook comments
the entire china ban copypasta (even larger)
threat in egg puns
The Cum Shirt™
thanks r/sino, wonderful ban message
Tifu by sending my boobs to my teacher and hot acquaintance
Tried to outpizza the hut…
Top 10 Funniest Top 10 Copypastas
The transmitter of the devil
Top 10 funniest memes from Reddit
The reply you get from u/AutoModerator if you mention anything about anime on r/ComedyNecrophilia
The gentleman and the slut
Top 10 Funniest Among Us memes
The Virtual Women Debate
Taken from the description of a one hour loop of the among us beatbox meme
thank you clover cage
Today, May 6th, is the 84th anniversary of the Hindenburg disaster. Here is an excerpt of the famous radio transcript.
The end of the greatest game
Text from a friend in our group chat
Top 10 Reasons Why School Is Fun!
These are freakin’ sweet! Welcome to WatchMojo.com and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Hilarious Peter Griffin Moments.
The word “sandwich” makes no sense.
TIFU by accidentaly drawing a penis for my students during a Zoom class
The fuck you say to me you little shit?
Taken from r/tifu
Top 10 funniest posts on r/dankmemes
TIFU by putting my foreskin in the PS5 disc drive.
The gangbanger and the sissy part two
The Blue Screen of Death will lead us down a dark and murky path to NoWheresville.
They called me trash in a game so I needed a comeback
Thanks for writing “no one:”
TIFU by Putting my dick in the Ps5 and ripping my foreskin off
TIFU by putting my foreskin in the PS5 disc drive.
The Australian Painter
The saga of me trying to fix my broken T key
Thiccslated AMONGUS but its ran over shittytranslatorbot
Twas the night before Susmas
TIFU by putting my foreskin in the PS5 disc drive.
TIFU by pissing my pants in front of my crush because of my fear of thunderstorms
The yandere experience is as follows:
Think, Mark!
The navy seal immigrated to Germany
telling cookie masterson from ydkj the ride to screw himself
The python
the fitness gram pacer test
The Horny Boomer
themeatley on twitter after fortnite added ink themed skins to their game
Text about pissed sports fans that nobody cared about lmao
Types of reddit replies
Trolling My Church With Among Us [PART 1]
The Simpsons
Truly wonderful the mind of a child is
The School is SUS
The Globglogabgalab, having submitted himself to a life of solitude and intellect, has acquired words and understandings far beyond the vast expanse of the universe as it is known to mortal men.
The biggest, most popular copy-pasta you’ll see: “SOS COLOMBIA”
The Ruy Lopez
To all of you who are commenting just “shoutout to Simpleflips”
The copy pasta sequel we have all been waiting for
this thing i got from a friend on twitter
Trollface and what it has become
The answer to every question is always Dolores Umbridge
The modern Subway experience
The Average Redditor
Taken straight from youtube
The r/splatoon comment section when you say “Oomi” instead of “Ngweh” (based on a true story)
The Cancer Archetype- Feminine Authority and a Mother’s Wisdom
The TRUE Pokemon Sex God
twitter stan/user uwu
There once was a girl named Jill
TIFU by throwing my steak out a window [ARCHIVED]
That was so funny
This goddess is you?
The entire Monty Python screenplay
This sub saved my life and it’s the only reason I am living
The Revenge of the Original Creator
The return of sensical humor
TIFU by cumming on my ukulele
Tonight, I will put onion slices on my feet.
This twitter post under a girl’s selfie
This dress has ruined you
The marble scary story 😳
taken from r/TIFU “TIFU by cumming on my ukelele
This is what osu does to a mf
The jojo reference copypasta but it’s about another overhyped japenese thing
The **modified** tennison gambit.
The time draweth near.
the covid Indian crisis
Top ten people named Casey.
Trying out my necromancy powers
The ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny
Today I placed my unloaded Smith & Wesson .357 Mag revolver on the table right next to my front door.
the great troll
The entire United States of America declaration of independance. Do with this what you will.
Tiny balls
this review for fat pusher
The fitness pace test
Taken from r/teenagers
This Server Has Brought Me Down
The truth is finally out
Thanks Discord
The Dandy
the hype around socialism
TIFU AITA by sex sex cum house uncle cum cum among us cum sex wedding cum sex sex
The human who has given birth to me
Tips for beating boredom
The Bane of the gas station roofie.
The Champs- Tequila (1958) lyrics but instead of Tequila it’s pee (10 hour version)
The least cost theory
Tinder proposal
Two knights poem by CorticalCirclet YT
THE MISSILE (don’t know if is a repost)
Text from your father
This subreddit is shit.
The bible has great lore!
the entire шампунь жумайсынба script, translated
The zombies are too scarry!!
This is your final warning. Stand the fuck down.
Top Reddit mod
Tiktok is incredibly cringeworthy
This is your final warning.
This is your final warning. Stand the fuck down
This happened in a chat . Enjoy [ WIERD STUFF WARNING]
This is your final warning.
The Scariest Game
There is a scientific reason behind no fap
The “FNF” experiment.
TIFU by cumming into a coconut
Tomorrow Rests Tonight
Twitter moment
This warrior in r/progun will hunt politicians to extinction and end their lineage.
The nose emoji kinda looks like an uncircumcised dick from above
Turks are the True Rulers of the Balkans
the last among us cock
the average redditor
Touch base
The plot of the pearl
There’s this bitch in the Splatoon server
The Soup Paradox
TIFU by drinking a Gallon of milk in one hour to shove it in Reddit’s face
The Ideal Partner for Homo Sapiens with the XY Chromosome
THEY SUS(amogn us)PENDED u/AmongusCockBot
Time to exterminate all of them!
This is just the tip of the iceberg.
the lighthouse
the figure
This is Bangalore from Apex Legends. Oscar Mike, Ladies. Sex here.
The Lyrics of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Translated Back and Forth Between Different Languages Until it Loses All Meaning then Translated Back
the return of the mac the return of the mac the return of the mac the return of the mac the return of the mac the return of the mac the return of the mac the return of the mac the return of the mac the return of the mac the return of the mac the return of the mac the return of the mac
The King’s Speech
taken from r/roblox
The Moguyacht
touhou vore
To my inferior classmates…
The worst down bad thing i ever did
Taylor Swift has ruined me.
the miracle of childbirth
the worst down bad thing i ever did
This is one of my favorites
The Krust Krab Bombing of 2003
Transgender sus
The country-side destroyer comeback
The Entire OG Herobrine Creepypasta from 2010
The discord convo between the LOL Legacy dev and Riot guy
The worst dare of all time, from r/askreddit
The first thing that was a good thing
The template of terrors
Truth or Dare.
The Real HogWash transcript
The worst fucking post to ever exist on the internet
This got me instantly banned from /r/nosleep, you should try it
The 7th sex definition on Urban Dictionary
This one goes out to UwU firebot
The “userdashes” of ⏰⏲🕰⚙ (alarm clock, timer, mantelpiece, gear emojis) in some order
the life and times of Ernest Miller Hemmingway by Randy Feltface
Truth (found in r/okko)
Taken Directly From A Star Wars YouTube Comment Section
TW/SWEARING | When you need to go
To the love of my life…
That really bothered me for many reasons
The false prophets and Jezebel’s are in full on Beast mode
The first thing that was a good thing for you
The best comments on LupisVulpes video “Its time to Talk”
The official anthem of Cash Converters
Thou shalt ne’er a true maiden be.
Trolling My Office With Among Us PART 8 (GRAND SERIES FINALE)
these nuts
The first few sentences of the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise but by Yoda
TIFU by not washing my penis for 19 years
Thumb copypasta
This is normal?
The Ultimate Josh Fight
The full based saga, probably.
TIFU: I didn’t wash my dick for 19 years
Tongue twister!
TIFU by not washing my dick for 19 years.
This is my penis
This is literally 1984
This is from a freakout that I had on Discord not too long ago
The among us happy meal 😱😱😱
The Robert Fortnite incident
True alchemy
The greatest amazon review
Twitter moment
The josh fight was rigged
The Josh fight was rigged.
Translation of the South Korean anthem (Not 100% accurate)
taken from r/prochoice, taken from r/prolife
Taken from r/196
two trucks
Those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it (somewhere on Instagram that I saw on Discord)
The Perfect Message To Send to Your Lover
The Gender Reveal Party. (TW murder, guns, biological warfare)
The Taste of Mike vs Sully from Monsters Inc
This was from a cringetopia user talking about furries
The Doom Layer
Texting Puppy
The auto is the highest skill gun in csgo
Testicular enlargement
That Snorlax you just called fat? Yeah, it’s eating rare candies by the DOZEN for you to accept it. That Gastly you just called ugly? It’s been trying to learn a new move to replace its Mean Look. That Slowpoke you just tripped? He has a learning disability that makes him Legally Retarded.
The original
This actually makes your phone lag
The setting is an elderly home in the far future
The Creation of Tentacle Hentai
The among us erotica that we all needed
Triggered leftist wall of text meme
The man who went to McDonalds
This is unfathomably stupid
The paradox
thank to Jesus to stop watching porn
The Tragedy of Sussus Amogus
this is literally just for my friends gc
To all who cheated
The word “balls” has lost all its meaning.
The missile knows where you are.
the “Automatic toilet incident”
The bot translated this copypasta a second time. Let’s give this another shot
The description of Rebecca Zamolo Among Us In Real Life Official Music Video
The greatest injustice is that Tupac Shakur didn’t live long enough to start merchandising himself (r/showerthoughts)
This is how based and redpilled I am
text to my ex
Thinking of breaking up with my gf because she wants to be a SAHDM
TNO is ruining my life
That smiling/sad bald guy shitpost template
The Elm programming language (from discord)
The story of how Bowser had controlled me.
TIFU by putting my cock in an electrical socket (OC)
the hypixel pit copypasta
The Minecraft OreSpawn mod’s developer’s goodbye message makes for a good copypasta
This is because people thought they were friends with the wrong people
The annual Futa Ball Harvest (Stolen from discord)
The Rick And Morty fanbase is not toxic
Taken from porn
the cum song
The Average Redditor
This reminds me of the time… (OC)
The Supreme Council
There are no rules that say that you can’t post on other languages, and I need to archive thus thing. LUAN GAMEPLAY
Truck nuts are a perfectly acceptable form of artistic self expression
Thanks, I hate this
The N-Word
Too Horny
That time Mom livestreamed porn
twitter bios be like
This prayer was said in a server I’m in. Not a shred of irony.
The Eight Clown Commandments
today Ranboo and I play the Fortnite Minecraft Among Us mod with Dream, Technoblade, Tommyinnit, and Markiplier! We all move to Nebraska with Slimecicle and Ninja, it was insane!
this just screamed copypasta
The China copypasta but US version
Things to do when in public
There are two problems with EE that ruins the entire trilogy.
the last straw
To Your Eternity Comment
The greatest story of all time
Truly a sad day for soccer
two trucks having sex
Thicc crewmate from Among Us ASCII art (ASSCII)
that’s pretty sus
The entire 8-dot braille alphabet
The Gummy Bear song makes me sooooo hard!
The year is 2077.
The Fresh Prince of No Air
Thanks mom
The Communist Manifesto: Among Us Edition (Intro)
Temple hit
thanks to my friend
Third Breakfast
This sub-reddit is devolving into junior high bathroom humor
TIFU accidentally eating my own shit during oral sex after anal (From r/tifu)
TIFU by changing my name to “kickme” and every teacher in my school is terrified of me.
Tom & Jerry is gone!
that one edgy audio
The Major’s speech from hellsing ultimate.
The Emoji Movie (Urban dictionary)
The sentence “Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?” But backwards
There’s much to admire about Patrick Marleau
The shed
The real reason Obama wasn’t in office during 9/11
Triggered blue pill fatties
The Declaration of Independence but all the Among us words are highlighted
The greatest roast in redditeur history
Tangrowth is the most fucker Pokémon.
The Process of Building an Atomic Bomb
Tragic sans (found on r/196)
That’s it bro. (TW: extreme gore and just general psychopathy)
The consequences of Among us to the human race…
The Last Question by Isaac Asimov © 1956
the big bad is not a big bad
The Dick wagon
The super league is a good idea and will revolutionize football
The minions were involved
The Rise and Fall of Gamerland Part 1
The wonderful world of crackheads.
The word “evening” is a terrible word that needs to be eradicated from the English language
this game saved my life – (DaGame – DaBaby Game Review)
This is not a mere insult, it’s a whole thesis.
Toxic and Racist anti-western shill u/Aurazor is stalking me on reddit as if I fucked his fat bitch of a whore mother – which I wouldn’t as I don’t fuck fat bitches. So wtf? BEWARE PRO ZION SHILLS!
Tramp Stamps bio
Told my crush I like her, she comes out as gay.
trollge has arrived
Told my crush I like her, she comes out as gay
Their will be consequences to you’re actions
The longest Award Speech Edit ever
Tyrone the Anime Pimp Script
There is a society, where both Wolves and Ravens evolved to be highly intelligent beings. They eventually evolved to live in one society. There is only one rule, interspecies romance is BANNED.
Take that, Guitar Center
Top 10 women I slept with
then the clash of clans showed up
TOTAL: 3051 Magic the Game cards – $607.65 (found on Facebook marketplace)
The Chad Enjoyer
The fart
The Untold Truth of Hot Pockets
turkish copypasta translated
telepathic dog piss
Top 10 F-words
Top 10 Spies of all time
The Most Beautiful Woman
Totally normal post keep scrolling
test post
The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly, but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal. [beep] A single l
Trying to use all the vocab words for English assignment
To all my haters:
thing i found on discord
The ultimate cum mod is here.
Top 13 reasons why i should be the president of U.S.A (part 2)
The Truth of Strawberry Milk
The Steakhouse Incident
The Tale of My Neighbour’s Thigh Sex
Thank u bro
The translation of ..Go..hhg..zja..popopo..ufqwvamm is:
Theory: Eren is a titan shifter (from r/titanfolk)
The Shaman Trivia
This girl I know unironically typed this out to send to her crush
The Shaman Quotes
These liberal chimps make me lose all hope in humanity
Tee hee
Taken from the mudae channel
The best way to live your life
things worse than a root canal
The pecking order of the seas
Trolling My Church With Among Us [PART 2]
This is still funny right
The three meme death
The fault of sucking your own penis
taken from youtube comment section
The Shit List™
The true offense of wearing surgical gloves while eating shellfish
The life of a ‘chonker’
Taken from the balan wonderworld subreddit
The Wellerman Sea Shanty: Suez Canal Edition! (yes, I’m late, I know!)
Two Automobiles Having S*xual Intercourse
There’s no reason to have a Dad Bod when push ups exist.
The amogus SCP
The emoji hell
Tourism Jihad
The Coomers Confessional
The story of how the world got blessed by the maid drawing of my queen
toilet thoughts > shower thoughts
There is no god, only Jackson
The Krusty Crab Bombing of 2003
TIL I’m a comedic Einstein level genius
Tenya Iida fortnite gamer
Trigger warning
Top 14 reasons why i should be the president of the united states.
The Church of Fall Guys:The Rituals
The effects of Nanachi’s cooking
This comment is so unfunny
Traditional Guy looking for his sidekick, partner, companion, doll, servant, slave, wife; a woman who desires to dedicate to one Man.
Troll Song
Twitter clown of the day
Testament of the Doogeslayer
This weird copypasta me and my friends made from a video ( it’s very short )
The linguistic diversity in the preface of The Silmarillion is mesmirizingly terrifying.
trolling my class with jojos bizarre adventure
The Treasure Village Middle School’s Welcome Back Rap
The Coomr’s Testament
Today, I fucked up by not playing it safe when I sneezed
Too many attack on titan spoilers 😟
Top 10 Hottest Sonic Characters
T-Mobile Perks sponsored by T-Mobile only on YouTube Gaming!
Trolling My Church With Among Us [PART 1]
top 10 list of problems that need to be addressed in these times
The Ultimate Sex Bros
The entire Bee Movie Script but it was UwU-ised
The anti-apple circle jerk on reddit is one of its dumbest collective behaviors.
The Tomato Town Incident
Taken from a valorant game when i called enemy raze fat
The monop
There are only 3 states of matter (PHYSICS RANT)
Thanks a lot raCHOL!!!!
The vagina is self cleaning. Semen will come out on it’s own.
Today I finally came out as dreamgender to my family and friends, this is how it went.
Tweet from Connor McGregor
The Sam & Max fandom has hit a new low.
The best conversation I have ever read
Traps aren’t gay 🤬😡
TIFU by Shredding My Butthole
TIFU by shredding my butthole
Trapped in the Men’s on 4 – Send Help
TIFU by shredding my butthole
The badass that is Diego
TIFU by shredding my butthole
TIFU by shredding my butthole
TIFU by shredding my butthole.
TedNivison “Repent” car sticker
TIFU by shredding my butthole
Taken from the holy gold mine of r/teenagers
To straw or not to straw
The Story Of How I Nutted To A Dog ( no clickbait)
Tom Cruise came into our small town gas station in 2005
Tchysewokow Martinson works at a refinery
This is amazing
The Han Solo song from Star Wars kinect
The entire Navy Seal copypasta but it’s in uwu language(someone probably already did this)
True Nerds
Three Paragraphs of Lorem Ipsum
the 4th pasta duplication
Those damn phones
The best way to respond to unwanted dick pics
TikTak sucks
they lame and they know where they be…
Truly life-changing
Top 5 things you should never google.
The worst
That seals the deal
The 420chan Sinister Minister
The Sexism Slider
This character lets you send an empty message in iMessage
Thats Right, I’m not LGBTQ
Trolling Harvard with Among Us (Part 1)
The Twilight Bone: The Twilight Zone of Eating Ass
The left pooped in my pants
the business is delighted by the scalability and resilience demonstrated by brainfuck
The Ultimate Halo Reach Review
This has never happened in my lifetime
Tv day with my dog went better 😘
The Verge PC build
This is urgent!
The Polish cow guy dissed Eminem
this isnt satire 😭😭😭
This man will sniff your bicycle seat
Tifu by committing a kidnapping
The nutritious value of cum.
TIFU by telling my South Korean BF [M92] that I’m [F34] actually the dictator of North Korea. AITA?
Take my Upvote
The description for the subreddit r/cursedcoments
Transgender Scat Fantasy
The Astonishing by Dream Theater
The saddest people cum the slowest
The World’s Dirtiest Joke
Typewriter Monke
Twitter Intellectuals
To end racism
The Home Depot is an amazing place to be tbh
This is bananas
The secret cum experiment
The classic game of Jewel Wizardry
Toradora! 2: Electric Boogaloo has changed my life.
The cum man theory
Taken from r/relationship_advice
top 10 mario characters
Twitch.tv poisoning the youth
The Thylopian Espessodactyl NSFW
Trump pissed on my wife
Tylko jedno w głowie mam koksu pięć gram odlecieć sam
This scene is simply a psychoanalysis class.
This tale explains the origins of The Mad Beast, his cock and how he chose to be evil.
The louvre public restrooms
The entire script of “Thanos VS Darkseid – Cartoon Beatbox Battles” (Reposting because I spent too much time on this and it originally died in new.)
The Shitcoin Shill
Ted – Movie Review
The sacking of Nanking lead to anime
Totally real yes
The Story of The Cock and The Tortured Balls
The Simpsons was created by satanic globalist pedophile vampires from the nth dimension
This guy really owned the libs
Top ten F words:
the cock car
they weren’t sus.
the true meaning of the usa state called “arkansas”
Transcript of GM Eric Hansen’s drunk rambling
Thanks for reminding me to jus step back and take charge
this is spoiler
The pipe strip
This is my first post here. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did
This is how people born after 1995 hack
totally legitimate steam user
This might be the first clean copypasta here
The Holy Thighble
The meaning of any experience in life depends upon the FRAME we put around it.
This is just to help us connect it’s NOT LIFE!!
This week I am providing a free masterclass that will for the first time take you exactly through the same formula I use today without wasting years of searching like I did
Twitch streamers be like…
Titanfall 3 speculation
Taken from r/government-is-lame
The big gay
The dancing polish cow Meme lyrics – English version
The dank web
The End of the Internet
twitter moment
trolling friday night funkin with among us!!1!
Tomato Town measurement unit (by u/Geckoguy99)
Third degree cock Burns
The biography and life of Bingus
The message in the description is true.
The Cum
Threshold for a Micropenis?
the cum accelerates
Thoughts on the new magic school bus
The Battle At The Meijers Supermarket
This actually happened in a server I was in
The park is for adults too. You can have this seat when I’m done.
TIFU by getting fucked by a cricket and cumming
The boy next door who has the outward appearance of being a man
The year is 3169
This is what you chose.
The whole 1st and 2nd Quran chapters
tired of Kpop Stans!
The arcana is which all is revealed
the 11 nigga rules of da hood (parody of the 11 satanic rules of the earth)
Through the emojifier bot to the owoifer bot, this is the result of text going through both of those.
TLDR; You are not special
This slave colony which this insane foreskin cult created cannot last forever.
The F word.
the best way to get off your Discord server properly
The Fable of the Hunter and the Snail
Tall People can’t be gay
the frog song
The Latest Opearting System From Microsoft! Windows 666 , realising June 6th 2026!
The US Ordnance department
The claims that Grandpa Joe helped Hitler are ridiculous.
The longest possible Reddit post excluding pictures
Thanos jacking it to thicc anime waifus
This is a good new copy pasta
Thank you MIHOEYO for changing my life
Teresa Fidlago WhatsApp CopyPasta
Tips for hiding a body
The among us experience
The AK47
Take that carnist
the reason 07 kids look so old
Transformer figures
Truman show
The whitest of knights defends daddy Elon from his detractors
The curse of the penis
this cursed shit my gf sent me
The Inner Life Of A Cell
This song is called “Alice’s Restaurant”
The sacred texts
The impostor won’t go away please help
There are various ways a dolphin has of showing that she or he is interested in sex.
Top Mods of Reddit
The rick astley paradox
Too many people following dream
Tim is euphoric about Mr. Musk
That is why I must milk pens.
Too many people following dream like “oh wow this person plays really good, I want to follow him wooow” it’s just a person who plays minecraft good. And look at this channel, the profile picture is dream but sad face. Don’t just copy someone channel you can watch dream, George not found and stuff bu
The chonk is massive
Too many people following dream like “oh wow this person plays really good, I want to follow him wooow” it’s just a person who plays minecraft good. And look at this channel, the profile picture is dream but sad face. Don’t just copy someone channel you can watch dream, George not found and stuff bu
This minecraft server will blow up in 5 minutes !!
The Fart that Didn’t Make a Sound
Talking to people about cars who don’t wanna talk about cars
To all you soyboys who want to use fictional character names…
TOLKIEN WAS BASED (found this on /pol/)
The Trickster makes me hot and sweaty
The Death of r/MakeMeSuffer
that isn’t gay lol
the interpol found bob
To you, 2000 years from now. (my friend wrote this on a whatsapp group)
The human penis is certainly among the finest in the animal kingdom
Toad BUP copypasta
They were coming on to me
Tow truck toe tech tips?
The darkest year in US history
the most important sandwich of the year is back
The ban notification no one wants to see
The human spine is an affront to nature.
The anti homies (can’t remember if I’ve posted this already on my old account)
The Case for Micro-Transactions:
Tomato Town Massacre Explained
Top 10 Baddest In The Game
Tony Critiques Your Balls
Tifu I lost half of my penis
The time I cummed inside an aquarium
Teehee Maccaroni is the bane of my fucking existence.
The rap part from Ruler of everything (AKA troller of everything)
The Mechanical Advantage of a Pulley
Take big shids to avoid hauntings
TIFU by dry beating for the past 7 years
True story
the more upvotes the more better
This is the single shittiest piece of software I’ve ever had to deal with.
The cummies
The Benefits of Female Genocide
The admin indecent, 1984
The ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny lyrics
Three words
Technical Jargon
this satan 👺 shit is so sad 😪 wtf! im never letting my kids 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 listen to lil nas x’s new smash hit single “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) 👎🏾 which has a new version out right now on all streaming🎶 platforms!!! 🤬
This post changed my life!
The entire Wikipedia article for the dude that got struck by lightning seven times
True Brothers of Islam
The truth behind the famous ‘convertible’ meme
The axe story
Taken from r/therewasanattempt
Tesla Job Interview
this might look different because i made this on discord then copied it onto here
Tomato Town Massacre
This was posted on r/Nofap
Thank You Epic Games
The Ultimate r/Sino ban message
TIFU by trying to purpose to the love my life with a special among us wedding ring case
The Tomato Town Incident
Two trucks
TIFU by peeing on my girlfriend
This made me cry
The Tomato Town Incident
The Seven Stages of Grief
Theory of shirtless fighting (1965)
Turning my simps comments into copy pastas is my new favorite past time
Top 10 bathrooms in the northeastern United states
TIFU by peeing on my girlfriend
TIFU underestimating some chili peppers.
The flash
Translated comment by a very angry polish man
The Discord video that is a real virus.
Top 5 Gay People Like for Part 2
take THAT updoot craving simpppp
TIFU by playing COD in front of my mom
The Truth Will Be Revealed
This kept getting pasted in one of my servers I’ve decided that it’s a copy pasta. Sorry if someone already did this
The holy Democrats
This isn’t Anime, this is 4chan
Tennison Gambit
The Constitution of the USA with the first 10 amendments
TIFU by misplacing my sperm sample
The time I publicly destroyed a bigot in Starbucks
Taken from a thread on the /vp/ board on 4chan
The society of 12 year old male Minecraft players.
The deviant pan fucker
Trumpet Fight
The Lord’s Poop
This is a common misconception, and frankly, It’s disgusting to see it’s propagation in this day and age with all the world’s knowledge at our fingytips.
The time she ate a tub of mayo
the last defense against the authoritarian government
This is absolute racism.
this bullshit was made in 1998
Trump has an announcement to make
This poor little girl needs help and she needs it months ago
this post crashes the mobile app for some people
The Mater Bater
Trivector Dissimilitudes
The Legend of Cuomo and the Rats
The next series of Classic Car Rescue will become the ultimate car restoration reality show.
The Noodle
tw // brain damage
Turkish navy seals copypasta
They have not been banned. Spez lied.
Trust him, he read V is for Vendetta
This is my last post.
triggering owoifier
tomato town massacre denial
trans privilege
This is my waifu, cummybot2000, unfortunately they have gone to a better but I still haven’t gotten over it, our waifus are supposed to live forever but reddit admins slaughtered my beloved, would appreciate some thoughts and prayers from my animesexual brethren
This website is under heavy load (request timed out) We’re sorry, too many people are accessing this website at the same time. We’re working on this problem. Please try again later.
TIFU by losing my job to a 69 joke
top ten ways to pogchamp 🤯
This post contains haram
Trolling my family with jojo part 2!
The wicked bitch is dead
The National Weather Service in Robloxia
to be honest, Carti just inspired me to start smoking.
The 24 carrot confession
Train crossing
The official Amazon News account on peeing in bottles
That day I let out the mighty roar in me, for a cub died, and a lion was born.
typing a complaint letter to her attention
Travis Scott burger review
the cum zone idk if this is a repost
The term “Genius” in films
The whole of order 227 for your convenience
The Story of Adidon by Pusha T but regarding mrs x
The top 10 hottest emojis of all time! (Warning: hot)
this is a cry for help
this is real
Two trucks, having 👌👈
To all the people hating on Funko Pops
TIFU by thinking women have a prostate and engaging in anal sex with my boyfriend for almost a month.
Tom Scott at the Grocery Store
Thank you aime
Taken from some guy on Bossfights
The more you know
the lord of the rings from the rings perspective
The comment section on Death Note videos are incredible
The Cumwich
Twitter in a nutshell
True story (found on askreddit)
Trolling my family with jojo! Part 1
They copied Fortnite
The happiest day of my life so far
The Roman Empire was actually the Greater Serbian Empire.
the guy who farts on someones son
This is how I want the Bolivian mob to execute me.
This group is slowly starting to become a rightoid echo chamber
This game saved my life.
Tomato Town Incident file dump before the feds find me
Tally hall – Ruler of Everything
This isn’t made up
The Moon Cycle Be Like
The soap you shower with?
The full Vaporeon copy pasta
To many invites
There are only how types of men, winners and thieves
Theory on the Dynamite Brothers’ Parents. (From r/napoleondynamite)
TIFU by never wearing glasses during sex
To be a good person.
The post-anarchist regime sucks! (Or: random political jargon to spew at Thanksgiving)
This post implies that your mother is a pig
This showed up in my PMs a year or so ago
There Are Six PFLAVORES???
Twitter dream fans
The Baba Fens Experience
This is for all mothers or dads
The Emperor of the Red Sun
The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly, but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal. [beep] A single l
The contents of DIOs diary
this is becoming a thing a twitter
The Sun Fish
The sus virus
Translate this Binary text.
The entire transcript of Meet the Demoman translated into Scottish slang
The Huemn Ceniped 2: The Humen Milipede (by Sue Mary)
Travel is racist
The story of kanye west
The Battle that will Never End
The Armored Titan’s theme but misheard
The Passion of the Craft
to anyone that says “pog”
The Reddiquette
tough military guy
Time is a social construct
The lyrics to Roadtrip by Dream
The Reddit is a Jewish
This is what a guy from a discord server said about those who use discord light mode
The smell of Nagatoro’s feet. (found in an r/nagatoro post)
This was a response on twitter under that tik tok video of that woman who tried to diss gen z for trying to cancel eminem
The US anthem translated to arab and then to binary code
This quote from Starcraft has potential.
Taken from a YouTube comment I saw
TIFU by getting my nephews chicken addicted to cigarettes
This guy doesn’t like Bretons. From r/TrueSTL
TIFU by dutch ovening my cat
The coronavirus is fake
The reason the U.S. is better than the U.K., explained.
This is why I believe that Asuka is the perfect character and the perfect waifu
The mods of r/ProtectandServe on them risking their and being the last line of defense against absolute tyranny on a week old post
Top fuel drag racers
traps are not gay
The Trollbot’s Prayer
Trolling my space station with among us
The Ultimate Showdown of Destiny
The evil Jake and Logan Paul
The Tale of the Supreme Clan
The year is 2030.
Trolling my church with amogus
The only way to tell a non Post Maloner that you aren’t interested
Trolling my entire school with amongus part 1
Thanos cock changed my life (nsfw)
The story of how I, a basement dweller got isekaied as punishment for my ungodly nut of biblical proportions to a mobile game character.
That’s it! Your harassment will meet its end in this server. Leave the server this instant or I will ruin your rebellion within ONE TURN.
Tomato Town Massacre
Those poor fish
Trolling my entire church with Among Us
The entire shrek script
Two Trucks 🙂 (found in comments on r/accuratebattlesim)
The Kirby Lore (taken from Kirby.fandom.com)
Three-Pointing A Hamster
That’s what happens when you separate God from your way of life.
Trolling my local airport with Among Us
Third gem in r/2balkan4you
the TRUTH about global warming
Trolling My Office With Among Us [PART 7 SEMI-FINALE]
The Dream
The power of the Wii U, spotted in YouTube comments
This is the reply of some guy who got mad that i told him that his username sucked
The Wilbur Soot YTP Interpretation (part 1 of n)
Thanos Story
The matter of bestiality and the right to own and operate an animal brothel
TIFU by explaining Goku’s love life at the dinner table with my entire family. NSFW
The reason why your posts don’t get likes
the dark side of chaos twins, an oc for roleplay
The Fresh Prince Project/Transcript
The Quest To Stop Normies Pt. 3
Trolling God and Heaven With Among Us (Part 2)
The PurpleSquare Capypasta
TikTok Link Safety
the voices in my head trolled me with among us and im in trouble pt.1 (serious)
Take the office among us trolling part 3 translation while I work on part 7
Trolling my Orphanage with Among Us (part 2)
Taco Bell
Those who do not worship Orange Cheezus
Trolling My Dad’s Office with Among Us (Office Series Part 6, Finale Part 3) ft. u/simpgodd
The Dr. Who Wiki Article on Sex
Testes’s Taste Receptors
Trolling my class with among us (part 5)
Trolling My Office With Among Us (Part 5, Finale 2)
Trolling my Family Reunion with Among Us
Trolling the scp foundation with among us part 1
Trolling my waifu with Among Us
Trolling the US Government with Among us
TL:DR My assistant asks for sex
Trolling My Retirement Home with Among Us (By /u/pEppapiGistfuhrer)
The one comment that’s always somewhere in a news video comment section
tf2 update
Titties, fresh
Trolling My Office With Among Us (Part 4, Finale 1)
Trolling my city with among us
The Mr. Block U Extravaganza Extraordinare
Trolling my principal with Among Us
Trolling the Military and Area 51 with Among Us
Trolling my church with Among Us
Trolling my Vault with Among Us
The Sandwich Wars
Trolling my Church with among us (Part 1)
To all the Pringles Lovers of the World
Trolling my mom with Among Us
The Quest To Stop Normies Pt. 1
Trolling Black Mesa with Among Us
This is the text to an actual article on a “news” website
Tomato Town Police Report
The CBT Wikipedia page but google translated 20 times
Trolling My Office With Among Us (Part 3)
The Aristocrats (NSFL)
truce emojified
The Official Declaration on the Rights of the Villager
The parable of the E-Trad and the Cringeposter.
The opening lyrics of Faithless – Evilwave
Trolling the Porn Film Set with Among Us
The Meat Lover’s Pizza is the best item you can find on Pizza Hut’s menu.
The Rest is History 😎
Trolling the police with among us
trolling a retirement home with among us
to everything
The entire alphabet typed out with squiggles dashes and dots
They weren’t sus 😔
tHE deClaRAtIOn oF INdePEnDencE
Tomato Town Massacre Deniers
Thank you Mr DC for giving me Snyder Cut
Trolling My Office With Among Us
Taken from r/unpopularopinions
Tea class system
Toes are better than FEET
The neckbeard’s dystopia
Thicc Ass
Trolling My Whole Class with Among Us (Part 3)
Thomas the Tank Engine promotional art illustrator insults a fan artist on Twitter, gets immortalized as a copypasta, commonly set to images of various inaccurate depictions of Thomas or other similar looking things in the period following the comment.
The Code of Harambe and the wisdom of the Ancients
The struggle of having a fat cock
t r a p
The greatest Among Us match ever.
Trolling My Whole Class with Among Us part 3
The Rick Astley paradox
The Antelope of Death
To all idiots who want “context” behind a video…
The hero we need
The People I’ve Lost
The ender dragon is so hot
The Very Hungry Cthulupillar
the fbi-01 fables
Tf2 mercs
The Argentinian lake duck
That pinned comment in “SOG Advocates Content Creators Get Paid Less For Their Own Good!”
Those are the rules, kids
Tomato Town
This spam email I and according to google many others recieved.
The Trial of Jason Voorhees
The Skullmog is the Ultimage Mog besides Heightmog
That’s it
TIFU, By Overestimating The Control I Have Over My Own Ass.
The intro of hatin ass bitches anthem
Twolettername Minecraft Speedrun
The horror of the Acton Kmart
The Crew of My House
Trolling my whole class with Among Us
This is how trains work
Thick thighs
TIFU by getting a bottle of tea tree oil stuck up my ass
The true elite exposed.
Tier 2 Sub
The court in The Hague accepted the complaint for violating the Nuremberg Code of the Israeli government.
Trump Steaks
Top 10 reasons to cum in pools (serious) (important)
True story.
The changed death scenes are so fucking sexual (oc)
Thank God I’m a Man!
This has been a wonderful Christmas gift. One of the best, by far.
Tod Howard
TIFU by slapping my girlfriend’s mom’s ass
The Truth
Terms like “jannies” and “they do it for free” should banned from reddit
This server has done nothing but bring me down as a person…
Things you shouldn’t Google search
The tale of the Golden S***er
To all of you who are commenting just “shoutout to Simpleflips”
Tianamen Square copypasta but for Russia
The Female Virgin
This is the world we live in now
Taken from r/unpopularopinion
There’s no such thing as a “simp”.
The Spongebob Conspiracy
The navy is gay
This is genocide
these fucking youtubers and their fucking furries.
The intelligent & confident need to be strong
there is something going on
The 4A-GE is mankind’s greatest achievement.
Tucker Carlson plays among us
The N word Danny copypasta aka the Oddkast -Trihard Danny copypasta!!!!
Truth Status
They are not sus
The Common 2Fort Argument
The injustice
Truly disgusting, that some “texans” would do this horrible thing.
There’s why you’re wrong :
The truth is, the magic is… inescapable.
Tide CEO David Taylor ponders his place in the world
The SuperSexual Manifesto
The usage of the word “oof”
Time to celebrate
The feminist agenda
This meme is incredibly interesting and I don’t think OP is giving enough credit.
This guy on Discord’s opinion on At The Speed Of Light by Dimrain47
tasting my own cum
this is for my discord friend who wants to be edgy and spams transformers pictures everywhere and splatoon
The Monkey’s Paw
These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long. Go home with love & in peace. Remember this day forever!
The STD crabs (sent to me by a friend)
The rick and morty copypasta but with among us
tiktok comments be like
The toy blimp
The Art of Not Giving a Manly Fuck Badass Yas Queen
This isnt a copy pasta but i need help finding the twitter fact check misinformation copy pasta
The video is still playing
Top ten funny spongebob faces
There’s really no hard limit to how long these achievement names can be and to be quite honest I’m rather curious to see how far we can go.
They Ca’ Me Yoshikage Kira.
The redditor woke up.
TIFU – I took a bathroom break during a date
tyler1 does the impossible
This was on a 55 gallon drum of lube on amazon with verified purchase
Texas Winter
The Number 69 and its Significance
This guy from r/movies REALLY hates Space Jam
THE EGYPTIAN CURSE OF THE Ș̸͙̟̔̔͗̈́̈́͊͌̕͝͠Ṵ̶̢̖̝͈̭̮̭͎͎̠̿͌̌̊͝S̸̢̧̫̯͕̪̜͈̰͆̽̇̊̈́̉ [OC]
To the degenerates on /b/
This is kinda weird
The Sus Man, by T.S. Eliot
The Top.
Text I got
The best there is
Top Secret WWII morse code message from the British to the Allies
thats why yo shoes raggedy/ thats why yo momma dead
The Iranian sex banana has ruined my life
The headline of this subreddit is “I only need two buttons, Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V.” But that’s three buttons. Ctrl, C, and V — 3 buttons total
The gun-happy furry, the meme implies, would come out victorious.
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Undertale
The parking champion of Pawnee, Indiana
The clapping of my ass cheeks
Thanos completely settles the abortion debate in the United States.
The longest chess game ever (Ivan Nikolic vs. Goran Arsovic, Belgrade, 1989)
The best underpants is no underpants.
The dad I never had
Traffik freestyle copypasta
Touch grass
This dude angry as f lmao
The SuperMarket Monster(Straight From CrappyPasta, Before Some Guy Bought It And The Whole Website For No Reason)
Two Poggers Uncles Vent-hopping to the Beat, a short story by “lol”
take care of yourself
this was for my friends
Thanks for the games
texas SUCKS (on a video about spongebob and patrick roasting texas)
The Wunderwaffen, from r/warthunder
Tesco meal deals
tell me why you think you deserve a fortnite card.
The easiest decision I’ve ever made was to not mutilate my son
That girl is a genius
That pussy be warm
The Chipmunks theme song is a metaphor for sex.
This video is funny because it is a video which is making a reference of a popular video game known as Among Us which in itself has some humor. When the brain connects this performance with the funny among us game, they naturally will find his comical due to the fact that they are referencing a popu
The JoJo reference copypasta but hololive, made by yours truly.
The penis reader
the monologue of MGK
Thanks for the games!
This reply posted under almost every comment on a youtuber’s face reveal video
This is the message I received from a mod after I got banned from r/Sino (a CCP propaganda subreddit)
The Future of Artifact is canceled
The story of how I cummed in Alcatraz by pure muscle memory
the hypixel skyblock experience
Twitch emotes are kind of Cringe.
the n word
The rabbit from Zootopia NSFW
The Perfect Joke…
Taken from martin cabello’s website. Cabelloism’s religious doctrine
Tap on a clip to paste it
Taken from r/unpopularopinion
Toychat Copypasta
The secret to happiness
The dumbest name for a nation, ever.
The girl [21/F] I’ve been seeing farted in front of me [22/M] and then asked me to leave and now won’t talk to me.
The only guests who matter at Disney are the purists or “master guests.”
The time I saw a gril once
to the bone
Top “TeaTurtle” Review
taken from the “don’t waste my time. no lowballers. i know what i got.” facebook group
This is bob
Tanku kun
The set of Arrested Development… was weird…
This is a real death threat
The Ladder post, but epic
Transcript of that one oblivion npc meme “what’s your name”
Theotokos Virgin Mary saves humanity
This is the longest message you can send on discord with no linebreaks
The War on Babylon
To each their own
There’s a reason none of you digital checks don’t get any recognition
The Lost Episode of Wheel of Fortune
This OP is likely a renter and receives government subsidies in the form of Section-8 housing and/or WIC.
the a.i dungeon subreddit is pretty interesting
The news broadcast subtext from Hazbin Hotel
Trashy copypasta I made to show sheer disappointment and disgust
The Story of How Kermit Caused 9/11
the ultimate red pill for most men
The contract from the opening of Persona 5
Troll face
The cat with the gat
This sub sucks.
This is the best thing I ever read
the entire script of “YOU vs MINECRAFT STEVE – WHO WOULD WIN”
The MLA Handbook is a absolute masterpiece
TIFU: By Discovering the GOD COMPLEX and beginning an emotional intention to create it in the form of a graphic design engine
The best thing about having almost 20 different rebdit accounts
This guy really hates raisins for some reason
The Trollge
The disclaimer at the end of Leonard’s frozen food review in Season 3: Episode 9 of Community
Two girls 1 Cup Description
T-34’s are MUCH better than iPhones
Trump Really ISN’T THAT BAD
thanks for sharing your opinion about this fan base on youtube.com
Tresdin, the Legion Commander
To women
Touhou bad
This is my name
The lurker is unleashed
The Great Beast.
The Ultimate YouTube comment (from r/OkBuddyRetard)
The neighbors did not enjoy the filmmaking of WAP
The State of Loss and Woe
The stages of watching john cena prank call
The Glory Of Bathing In Marinara, source unknown.
That’s it
This bot SUCKS
The entire among us happy meal script
the correct response to “nyaa”
The popular character “peely”
The end of Anitwitter
The Confederate Flag is not racist or White supremacy
Terraria Zoologist
The male penis
Time travel to do list
The Iranian sex banana has ruined my life
The political ideology of Phineas and Ferb
The only bad thing about white ppl is
The day I successfully reality shift
Today we’ll be counting down the Top ten reasons why monke is superior to grilfreind!
Thick Animated Moms
The Ballad of Thomas Sefton
The FitnessGram Pacer Sex
The FitnessGram Pacer Test
TIFU by playing Among Us
This thing I commented
Thank you, r/nonewnormal
Tik Tok is satanic
This absolute unit of a Labrador.
This text was written unironically in a discord server.
The last Trashbender
The Sole truth
Torture fantasy I wrote a week ago for some reason
To my beloved follower,
The lyrical brilliance in the chorus of gucci gang
The people I hang out with have really weird dreams ngl
this was on a comment thread
Top Gear 1942
T ͜’ T
The McDonald’s menu
The hunchback of Notre Dame
Trollge water
TIFU by having a wet dream
the difference between 100 gecs and 1000 gecs
The middle class
Tom and Jerry is totally misunderstood
The Ultimate Roast
TIFU by eating a buttload of violet candy, didn’t research ingredients well enough, lost a bunch of weight, and then paid for it…in a buttload.
Tom and Jerry is totally misunderstood.
The Game Freak Conspiracy
The real reason why Mitch McConnel decided to support Trump again after blaming him for the Capitol Riots and called for his federal prosecution.
The subreddits for rants wouldn’t let me post this because I piss off a lot of people in comment sections, hope you guys enjoy.
The Amazon
The Get Out of My Head Poem But Every “Get out of my head” is replaced with “AMOGUS RED SUS SUS PENIS”
Tonight I will end this
Twerking looks idiotic
the fnaf rap
The Election of 1800 from Hamilton but it’s 2020
This sub saved my life and it’s the only reason I am living
to all the pedos on this sub
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Family Guy.
The circumference of Neptune is 96,685.4 miles
Twerking is idiotic
The solution is despotism
The fuck you Oage
This is literally…
The end of white supremacy
That’s it. That seals the deal.
The soviet national anthem but every word is the n-word.
true story that happened the other day
The dumb dumb mister
Truckers: There is a NO masturbation policy in our showers. We have logs of every driver that enters and clean them after each use. If we determine you have masturbated you will not get a free coffee with your shower.
Timmy was a little boy
This text I sent my wife about her ass
Taken From u/LOL_Look_Bro
toki pono [sic] li ike tawa jan Antoni
The engineer from tf2
That seals the deal. I am no longer a Twitter user.
The time I did my friends mom
The sign is a subtle joke…
The year is 2042. I’ve just left the theater after watching Star Wars: Birth of the Jedi Chapter 5: A New Enemy
This GIF is your weapon against SJWs.
the unholy
This was made in the middle of class when we couldn’t think of a relevant question to put down
The Door Operator’s Manual license agreement
The firrrr
The Truth About Emo’s
TIFU by sending my mother sandy cheeks cock vore by text
This generation fucking sucks
True, that’s pretty true
The missile knows where it is at all times. It knows this because it know where it isn’t.
TIFU by sending my mother sandy cheeks cock vore by text
The real meaning behind Weezer’s “Say It Ain’t So”
there are two ways of going about life: opening yourself up for betrayal
Thirsty guys ruin it for us completely!
This is a top tier joke.
This is not a fucking fetish, you capitalist scum.
Thanks to anyone who’s given relevant advice to OP.
This DM I got on discord
The missile
THIS is why strategic turnbase JRPG are dying (WARNING BIG RANT)
The great shoenado
To any antifurs : You are acting an awful lot like a useless pos.
Together we can stop this.
This fandom is one of the most toxic and ungrateful fandoms I’ve ever been part of.
The Tendieman
The great country of China
The learnèd libertarian (not a Libertarian™)
Tea Time with Donald
This one really weird episode of Phineas and Ferb
Taken from a guide for Left 4 Dead 2 on Steam
Threesome with man
The Cat in the Hat script
The Hanging Paradox
The ultimate form of “we do a little trolling”
This pain in my ankle made me have to fart.
The monolog of a guy told to go back to Oakland by a racist lady on the street
This may actually be the worst thing.
The Copypasta Enemy info (Omori)
TINT ban dialog
The Merits Of ‘A Goofy Movie’
Tagalog copypasta
Throat Singing
The 19 Dollar Fortnite Card Saga
Triggered trump supporter on a post of mine this is too good
Today, we are making Kermit The Frog drink the GAY Potion
Taken from r/morbidquestions
The TrollFace is the Definition of Insanity
the way that Lil Uzi Vert say “uh” in the unreleased song “Of Course” can make a grown man cream his pants
Thank you, CNN. ❤
This got me banned from a Discord Server. Use it wisely or not I don’t care.
This is what happend in Kanno’s Discord server and it’s became a Copypasta LMFAO
this man fucks
this man fucks
The greatest gmod map ever.
The ultimate r/IncreasinglyVerbose (credits at bottom)
Trust me bro nofap makes you huge
Text based Femur Breaker
the homie and I haven’t talked about it yet
the friend is now the cat food
Thats the monsters from monster hunter world!
Thing I found on r/thathappened
The plot of Crash & Verona: Coco’s Inside Story
This does not change the fact that in Australia there are 48 million Kangaroos and in Uruguay there are 3,457,380 inhabitants. So if the Kangaroos decide to invade Uruguay, each Uruguayan will have to fight 14 kangaroos.
The age old question: who would win, Elsa or Bugs Bunny?
The first digit of pi
To Our Biggest Fan
TIFU by getting together with my brother-in-law and making our assholes kiss
Tides of Lust – The Tidepod Erotica
TIFU By Edging for too long
this is the one that’s for both female and male n i changed it a little. u can thank me for my existence.
The Bachelor is Back
Too much
The most important philosophical critique of all time
The flame panzer (my first ever copy pasta)
The Truth About Microsoft
The evolution of the trollface
The gym keeps the pool so hot?!?!??!??!
This is the Among Us version of the “Is this a Jojo reference” copypasta. Help
this got me banned from r/communism101 LOL
The tale of Dickarus
This game
The Omegaverse
Taken from r/teenagers
True Egg Fan
The Best of the Best
Touch the COW
The perfect woman
The script for On a Post About Not Wanting to Join the Army at 18 on r/shitpostcrusaders
The entire Declaration of Independance
The 8 Furry Identities
throwback to every single “edgy” meme in 2017
The CopyPretzel Incident
The fresh prince of bel air theme song but in emojis
The Candy Man
The susinator
To whom must I speak to stop Japanese-English anime translators (or possibly voice actors) misusing the word “rather”?
this subredit sucks
Top twn things only gamecube owners will remember
Thinking of ending it all.
The best fart 😩
The Stages of a League of Legends Player
The science of liquid consumption
The masks do nothing
That seals the deal. I am no longer a Smash fan. This game is a pure and utter embarrassment to the Switch. I officially will not be buying the season pass nor will I watch tournaments ever again. I’m going to PlayStation All Stars where they know how to run a crossover game.
The issue with girl “gamers” is that they are always commie-feminists
todoroki puss cold copypasta
there was an arguement going on in a discord server so I sum up the beginning but it’s 200% more retarded
There are various ways a dolphin has of showing that she or he is interested in sex
Toy Helicopter
Twin towers UwU
Troll Romance
This was made by my classmate
Tentacle porn saved my life.
TIFU by wiping my asshole with a Clorox wipe instead of a baby wipe
this is someones response to someone not wanting people being horny for the new smash character
thigh high among us
The moderator
The cringe testiment on traps
The copypasta of the future.
The Darkness of the Afterlife
Turkish keyboard warrior copypasta
To my trollers
Tutorial on how to get latina 🐈😻
Thanos with severe asthma vs Pregnant Darkseid (found on r/whowouldwin)
Tim Boyd Ex Texas city mayor, his glorious facebook post, he is heartless and a complete moron.
that one dude on omegle copypasta
Thanos with severe asthma vs Pregnant Darkseid
The fucking off theory
The entire McDonald’s menu
This insane copypasta-like anti chinese propaganda spam email that was sent to my work email????
The emancipation pwocwamation
The Most Lethal Shit Ever.
Traps are only 2.19% gay
Torture dance Jojo
Thanks twitter
Tea-ching a lesson (from entitled parents)
The word E copy and paste
Taken from a comment on r/Technoblade
Texas Mayor Tom Boyd
The Classic Doritos Story.
The greatest roast to ever happen.
The classic Blowfly Girl.
The duck song, but the man claps back
TIFU by letting the dog lick my ass
That’s kinda cringe man
Two trucks
The timeline where 13 Sentinels:Aegis Rim gets a smash fighter
This isnt mine it was taken from r/okbr
Two Trucks is a misunderstood masterpiece
The cheese paradox
Tiny amogus
The ultimate sponsorship
Tyler Gressle
Trollface lore by @blanket Ray
The Day I Went To McDonald’s
There are cum stains all over my Scarlet Ninjini Skylander!
The pretentious copypasta
The human digestive system is not 100% efficient.
Today might be Presidents’ Day USA 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 but I would like to spend some time with the hot 🥵 and lucious 🍑 which is the 23rd prime minister 👨 of Canada 🇨🇦 JUSTIN TRUDEAU 🍁 🍁 🍁
That is fucking cringe
There is a wonder bar!
to the tune of the “break your legs part” from whip nae nae
The Cocomelon diss track
thanks r/legaladvice
True story
Taken from a deviantart comment
The Execution of King Hippo
twitch thot bruh moment
taken from a cringepost in a backrooms fb group
This ridiculous white hate culture must be stopped!
This era of memes is disappointing
Trademark Brazzers Face
Touhou fox
The Shutting Up Theory
The missile
This place is too political.
The price of chocolate is gonna dip tomorrow, DONT SELL
Tell me y’all heard this meme – mrblocku
The definition of a simp
There is piss everywhere
the entire scooby doo 2 (2004) script lmao
the whole Scooby Doo (2002) script lmao
The pee frisbee
The Garden Gnome, from okbr
The Dolphin Man
THIS GAME IS AN ALT-RIGHT PSY OP | HuniePop 2 Steam Discussion board
There is a cat in the vicinity I summon Alinity She yeets the cat into the infinity And then feeds the cat vodka martini Takes some booty pictures accidentally Sells a couple of her panties Takes a twitchs staffs virginity Still no ban apparently
The point of normal Monopoly rules is to funnel money into one player; rules that add or keep money in the system prolong the game and unbalance it.
The real Aero Knife
The obviously misleading and possibly homophobic real Fandom article on the Onceler from the Lorax where the Onceler is gay and gets the Barbaloots addicted to yaoi.
Tomorrow by Together are fucking GAY
Trump’s Power Grows
The Frat Boy Scenario
That is the peak of comedy
Timmy Brown
The Sega Genesis is the most influential console of all time
Thanos Beatbox Lyrics
Thou Cringer
There will be Big Mac salvation. Demand it! We will not compromise!
this is not a test
The first time in a year after playing zombies(autocorrect)
The H O M E C H E A P O (t h e m e)
The empire
Thanos penis size
This has been floating around Amazon seller forums lately. I made some edits so you can fill in appropriate info
Those were the times
The entire shrek script
They can’t cancel us if we don’t let them
Traps are only 2.19% gay
This is so not funny
The warehouse of the glistening mamba
taken from r/teenagers “porn is digusting”
There are new Reaper changes in the Experimental Card.
The Bee Movie recently came on Netflix, and me and my family decided to watch it for the meme. I largely enjoyed, but as the movie went on I noticed something sinister. The Bee Movie is fascist propaganda.
The Game (Mind Game)
The evolution of the trollface.
Troll face incident
The Korean War is a blessing from God to Japan.
thing related to among us and naming every task (idk)
Two weeks
The XJ220 is the best Jaguar and craziest 90’s supercar ever made
That’s it.
The Truth About Squilliam Fancyson
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand TOOL.
There’s the isabel fucking copypasta, i’ve found switch-chan fucking copypasta, twitter is weird man.
The Greatest Roast Of Reddit
The first 24,000 digits of pi
Train go boom
Those were the days of rock n roll
The Ejaculate Chalice
The story of the Cursed Chungus
This is what male genocide looks like
The Cabal
There was no more money in my wallet lol i was a good kid lol i lol i’m is a little boy i and he kept telling your mom that he ain’t never going on a girl anymore and i don’t want me anymore because i’m has no money to say sun anymore and i just don’t want me anymore
The bonds Name. James Name.
Today I accidentally forgot to mute myself in my algebra zoom meeting.
The title of my favorite manga series:
the RADICAL LEFT wants to remove trump supporters from the military!
tfw copypasta reported as spam in group chat
Thomas Faces His Crimes Against Humanity
to post on discord and all that shit
The gloves are off
The Classic Crazed Sherpa Love Message
Taken from r/nagpur
The Final Spunch Job meme 😭
The Koala Brothers ate the tomato sauce.
The Perfect Cock
Truly disgusting, that some “people” would do this horrible thing.
Taco bell isn’t spicy: From Discord
This Group is Lame as Hell
The group desc of my gc
The CD Projekt Red cyberattack ransom note
the sad shrek story (found in the youtube comments section)
top 10 reason why i am wanted by the fbi!!!!
The message a hacker left of CDPR servers
The free awards are a net negative for reddit
ttyd hd confirmded 😱😱😱
To know cookie clicker is to know the Christ within.
top ten funny spongebob faces.wmv
th rel cring
Terrible things are about to happen at Hogwarts
the first verse to ‘Money Machine’ by 100 gecs
Thumb in my pants
The Legend 27’s return!
The Completely Real and Unedited Script of Fry-day by Annoying Orange
the first time i came (cummed you get what i mean)
The Reddit report system is a frequently underused tool.
The best way to get a huntsman spider to leave you alone
tall vampire lady
The Smell of Anti-Bloon
The Navy Seals copypasta but it’s in Middle English
The missle
that weeknd performance had me so horny🥺🥺
The Slime
This server has done nothing but bring me down as a person.
TSM, also known as “Tossed Six Million”
Turtleboy stories are unfounded and they use listeners as cash cows
Trollface replies to himself
The Reddit Report System
The Reddit report system is a frequently underused tool
twitter trump response
Tifu by sex
Todays sponsor…
TIFU trying to give amber heard cock and ball torture device from a wholesome poggers chungus market
Too Funny!!!!!!!!! Don’t care what they say about O.J. the dude is hilarious
The chosen one
The mom from Friday Night Funkin’ is hot!
This is deep shit
The war against the beef
TW horse cock 🐴✌️
this game much bad!!!
the best summary of demon slayer ever, courtesy of r/teenagers
Two guys were in a boat, Pete and Repeat
Traps are gay
The state of r/copypasta
tiger boo copy pasta
The Navy Seals copypasta… but it’s inflated.
That’s fake bro
This comment reveals that you have not watched much anime at all, because that is so far from the truth that I’m not even sure how to argue your point other than to say go watch some yourself.
Troll fail
Tiny Child Misses the Bell And Almost Gets Killed By 5th Grader. (r/teenagers)
Thoughts about r/teenagers situation. (Found on r/teenagers)
The Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise but I put it through every single language in Google Translate and then back to English.
TIFU by eating too much spicy food and ending up with a ice cube taped to my butthole while on a Zoom call
The View From Halfway Down (From Bojack Horseman)
the body is broken
thick ropes of nut
Toemad I’m cooking in da pot from Invading Random Online College Classes 5….
the boy you just tripped?,his mother is a cheerio
The great act of joy
This comment in r/kingofthehill read like a bad copypasta so now it is one
To those of you who won’t wear a mask, I hate you
titty fard
Truly disgusting that some “people” would do such a horrible thing
That’s why you never piss someone off
The alien x copypasta but kirby(There are actually a lot of good points in this comment, tho)
The gov is putting my dog down (every r/dogs post be like)
The poem of titty, found in a comment thread
That is the nature of the internet
Top 4 reasons why Rise of Skywalker isn’t bad
Truly disgusting, that some “people” would do this horrible thing
the darkest year in US history
Thinking about those beans
TikTok/Instagram reels are driving me insane.
Trump/Biden (nsfw)
Trump/Shrek nsfw
There’s some questions that don’t even need to be asked.
The Fediverse is surely a better place than Twitter. What does this long post here say?
The Aussie translation
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
The fitnessgram pacer test translated to 50 languages and back to english
the chungsus
The Smoked Salmon Incident
The vikings raped english peasents with a stick and carved carved their names in their flesh, the English jumped into the lake and are still there to day!
The Awakening Pt 1
This is why everyone will remember February 3rd, 2021: because, on that day, we will finally be done pretending to care about the Super Bowl.
Titanic is sad
The F**king 1999 Toyota Corolla
The Something-ing
Totaly hopeless…
This madness has got to end !!
The single funniest ban reason ever
The little pogchamp meme made me depressed and now I can’t fap
Truly disgusting, that some people would do this horrible thing.
This is the most boomer fucking sub I’ve ever had the misfortune of coming across. (Found in r/JoeBidenMemes)
Type in the comments the deepest quote you know
To be recited through an illegal mic
The entire Navy Seal Copypasta, but ran through every single language on Google Translate
The issue with reddit.
The Best Nut Of My Life
Trump is best oresident
The Reddit King
Taken from r/wallstreetbets
That Seals the Deal
Titanic enthusiast copypasta
Top 5 advantages of having a small penis
Tall Vampire Lady Tits
The french surrendered… To the french.
The thing below every test
This was being spammed in my discord server
Twitter post on #Dreamislive
take a look at what came today
twomad’s goodnight girl but i made it verbose
The Poem of the Eternal Anglo
The Michael Rosen Rap!
The King Of Hyrule
The Crystal Prep Shadowbolts copypasta
They are having a field day with us…
The Tragedy of Darth Plagiarism The Unwise
The Carolina Hurricanes: A Brass Bonanza script
Transcript of a conversation
The translator bot is not okay
Taken from the Banana Man | Genius Lyrics page
this is from r/dreamgender
Thanks a lot carli damlio
Time to Rick roll em in Morse code
Taken at 2 am from a tech discord
The Incident
TOFU by sh*tting my pants in class. (Found on r/TIFU)
Taken from r/semenretention
The Communist uprising of 2021
The struggle of obesity
Thief Copypasta
The tragedy of /lgbt/
The lord of cum
This is a real clickbait description of a youtube video my friend sent me. literally just random sexy stuff for multiple paragraphs
Thanos/ Morshu Beat Box Copypasta
Transcript of a rant I had after dying in alien: isolation
this girl sent me her nudes (an actucal post on r/teenagers
This girl needs to touch grass. Yea lowkey hating, had to unfollow. musty greasy creature. educated. but gross. hamburger helper. god i need sleep
This girl sent me her nudes
The Story of Dick Long
The year is 2037. GME is $320 share.
There’s a certain strain of Bacteria that will help you grow bigger balls
The shopping cart theory.
The word Allah in Arabic, but it has 420 characters
The description of the uwu manifesto
Taken from Xbox 360 messages
That fortnite anime girl tho
Tortured baby monkeys
The God of PENIS
The tale of the garden gnome, among us and anime girl
The “I need help” guy warning
The whole Jotaro vs Dio interaction cuz I’m bored
The Jim crow civil trial
Thanks Timothy Dexter
thinking about how nice it would be
TIFU by mistakenly believing exercise turns you on for nearly thirty years.
Then leave, peace out
The chorus of Smack that by Akon featuring Eminem (x3).
This herr hensenburg pasta I saw except I made it walter white
The Free Software Song
The wacky political ideology
The Fall Guys sex copypasta but Among Us
this is all over wsb
The best gamer shop ever
TIFU made by a bot
They targeted gamers.
Today I saw one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen in Canada.
Toppo’s Speech to Jiren
The Smartest Valedictorian
this is not stop motion
This is a real thing a real person made, I fucking hate it
TIFU by not taking the signs seriously and loosing both my testicles after jerking off
This is an actual reply I saw on Biden’s new tweet
text a dude in my server submitted to a class assignment
The Rebels are actually the bad guys
This is the day we’ve been waiting for.
This guy really hates Rick &morty and….maybe everything
Tofu Boy is sexy.
The Second to last verse of Stan by M&M
The taste of dissapointment
Thank you Kill La Kill for changing my life
They be vegans
Tragedy of The south sea company
The Teacher You won’t want
The Bible is an amazing manga
TIFU by accidentally moaning Ben Shapiro’s name during sex
This Game
These shrimp fresh?
They targeted gamers
these are acual lyrics to an acual eminem song
The most grotesque story you will read: Uh oh, Thermonuclear bomb!
The text that led me to realize I had a very homophobic friend
TIFU by accidentally moaning Ben Shapiro’s name during sex
TIFU by accidentally moaning Ben Shapiro’s name during sex
The Trial of Mr My Dick
TIFU by accidentally moaning Ben Shapiro’s name during sex
The Truth About Kanye West
TIFU by accidentally moaning Ben Shapiro’s name during sex
TIFU by accidentally moaning ben Shapiro’s name during sex
The Ball of the Freaks
The year is 2022
TIFU by accidentally moaning Ben Shapiro’s name during sex
TIFU by accidentally moaning Ben Shapiro’s name during sex
Take the L
TIFU by accidentally moaning Ben Shapiro’s name during sex
The Church of Wikipedia
TIFU by accidentally moaning Ben Shapiro’s name during sex.
TIFU by saying Ben Shapiros name during sex
The navy seal copypasta but its hidden behind multiple layers of encryption
There’s only one reason for sex.
the sequel
True story probaly
TIFU by not taking the signs seriously and loosing both my testicles after jerking off
The Lord’s Word
This is where the magic happens!
They say you attract what you fear
The Shrek Commandments
top ten british bullshit
The McDonalds Cheeseburger is the Perfect Snack
The Kendyll
this but unironically
The REAL Top 100 Current NBA Players
To all the bitter packers fans out there this is for you
The End of Evangelion
This is truly beautiful.
Then they have the nerve to turn us into public enemy #1 just because we believe in an underdog company getting a second chance.
This was message someone got when they made fun of someone on Twitter
This is my last attempt at contacting you
TIFU by not washing under my foreskin for the first 15 years of my life
Taco bell nacho fries
This is by far the trashiest group I have ever been in
The fucking nepalese make me so angry
tf2 pet peeve
The anime horse
taken from a discord server I’m in.
Twitch Culture
This is illegal
The intro to a summary of cyberpunk by maxor on YouTube
To be fair
This is what you voted for, this is your new normal
Trainwreckstv true quote
Time tenses!? Lol [OC]
Today I [40M] caught my wife [19F] having an orgy [2hrs] with my sister [19F], father [81M], and nanny [107F]. I took my bags [9lbs] and left to an overnight motel [$40/n] to think things out. Should I end our marriage [3yrs] or try therapy [$100/hr]??
The world is an Orwellian nightmare
To Pee or Not To Pee
The Pittsburgh Steelers
tiktok bad- What I think goes through the avarage redditors mind.
The Speed of Light (Dragon Ball)
The SUS copypasta for anyone that doesn’t have one yet
This post is about my less than pleasant experience at REDACTED.
The epitome of wholesomeness
The Outlander Review
Then he swiped his credit card to pay me for arresting him.
The universe is blue; within and without; even the darkness bows to blue; only the arrogant or ignorant do not. Which is how and why they get put down!
To all you gamer grils
top 10 reasons soulja boy is the best raper
TNO reference
The life of me a very cool guy.
The fuck you say about me?
Taco Bell is ruining my life.
Trump is nasty 🤢
The Ode To The Bidulgus
Trains are by far the most superior form of transport
Too late for you now fucko
The damned
This Post Is Not Available In China
The wonderful thing about sweden
Theodores crimes
Trump ASMR
The Tall Lady
The doctor who just wants to doctor
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Godard’s cinema
There Seems To Be Some Confusion About This
This is a wake-up call
The madlibs game I recently played
Taken from r/196
The Jeb Empire
Trapt supporters big mad
twitter user argument
This guy is a little too interested in dolphins
TIFU by having an orgasm during a haircut (NSFW)
Teddy Fuxspin
TIFU by having an orgasm during a haircut (r/tifu)
TIFU by having an orgasm at the barber
This player is fantastic
to jeff bezos
This one was made by Mr. Hussie himself
The Chattering Lack of Common Sense
The “not dursley” style of parenting
Taken from r/GenZedong
The story of how I became pregnant with my own pet spider <3
The internet is full of stupid people
TIFU by forgetting 4 very important facts, and shitting my entire life Lnsfw
Twitter user faked suicide
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand why Big Chungus is unnironicaly funny.
The incredibly cursed Jerma985 mpreg copypasta, from tumblr.
This was posted unironically in r/teenagers
This meme has changed my life. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNYwFSy7ZE4 for context)
the real reason mario is a nintendo exclusive
The Late Late Show With James Corden
Thats always doing
that one song
This opening message I got on tinder
The Kanye Quest of Kanye West.
This game is inappropriate for children
The real enemy is the financial cabal centered in the City of London and the British Empire
The benefits of dating Dr. Chu
Teaching some LESSONS about TRUE FACTS for SJWS! (I got from a comment from a post on r/cringetopia that i don´t remember what was)
the eboy hussie tumblr thing
The Joe Biden cum jar
there seems to be some confusion about this.
The Beatles – No Reply (edited)
Typical Dream Stan
There are 48 million kangaroos in Asutralia
Thank you AI Dungeon for this amazing story.
The difficulty of the hands-free Helicopter dick
Thanking the random strangers
Twitter troll wants everyone to know that LeBron doesn’t have a “real ring”
To send to someone who says they didn’t ask
The technique of spin
The entire internet when they see someone running slightly faster than expectation
Taste👅 The Rainbow🌈
Thanks u/treeguy345
To send to your least favorite discord server (OC)
These Bitches Love SoSa
The Ultra-Roast
the funny number?????
Today is January 20th, 2021 For all of you Biden voters
The ultimate Gigachad
This is silly
Top 10 reasons WHY monke is better than human.
Twitter Cancelpasta
TapL copypasta
The Hunt
The F bomb 1,990 times (9,949 characters)
TIFU by getting caught masturbating to a Lego Princess Leia
the theory of epilepsy
The Dos and Don’ts of Godwin’s Law
the psychic terrorism of a rolling ratio dogpile
Top 10 rapers eminem is scared to diss:
That one kid…
Thick thigh death
to the snake i just played in bracket
To the snake I just faced in bracket
The dude fucks.
The Big Bang Theory Theme.
This is You
This scarred me
This is what YouTubers should ACTUALLY say to cancel culture
Time Police
Trump is love
The MLG Certified Message
The Drampa Copypasta for people who hate drampa
The 13 year olds are evolving
Thats it, we’re canceling you
The face of Jeff
this is the neigh nibba neigh neigh nibba nibba neigh neigh neigh nibba neigh neigh nibba nibba neigh neigh song but in english. 🐴👨🏿🐴🐴👨🏿👨🏿🐴🐴🐴👨🏿🐴🐴👨🏿👨🏿🐴🐴
Take the Dengpill
The Fingers of Sauron
The average r/redditmoment user.
The Day the Shitposts Died
test to see if cummy is back
To the vanilla lovers and ntr haters
Top 10 Reasons Peter Griffin Should Be in Prison
The GrubHub Death Theory
The Forgotten Resignation
Tiny Dicks in Europe
The 42% want to change our culture and traditions?
Terms like “jannies” and “they do it for free” should banned from reddit.
This is how Rust is meant to be played
This server has brought me down
They targeted Kumail Nanjiani.
The Orange Recruit.
The “You Are A Toy” copypasta
Trevor lawrence
This person said uwu in their bio. It must be a girl!
They will never understand.
The bomb toss song from Double Dragon Neon
Tee hee stacy I am such an aquarium!!
The Cummy Army
TikTok is bad
The Emoji Movie
Torsofuck – Four Legged Whore
Totally deceptive description & advertising
There will be no hope under the black sun…
There are so many wonderful things one can accomplish with the great gift of language.
The Greatest Discovery Of Humanity (my own copypasta that I wrote on discord)
The story of how I was the most annoying 12 year old
The Krusty Slab
there’s NO good way to sleep
That’s football right there
The truth about the covid vaccine
Two chapters of the communist manifesto
Trains are really unpredictable
The 33rd law
That’s enough
This is not a legal action, you absolute mumpsimus.
The Implication
Thug Life
TIFU by revealing my dick size to my family
This is the internet! Deal with it 😎
Today I am leaving this Subreddit.
The Riku is Always Right Foundation
The Libertarian Prayer
Turd sticks copypasta
This Song Needs A Title! Full Lyrics
There is a thing I must confess
The Gas Pump
taken from an unironic addison rae fanpage
The ultimate comment on a community appreciation post
trollface but pog
translation of a reaction to dad jokes
tenz ily dad
The story of Bob
The Curse of the Sausage Sausage
The time has cum and so have I
There’s no feeling more intense than starting over.
this man needs a medal for his research
The ultimate copypasta
The grand wizard man
Taken from a debate between two singing teachers
The r/arabfunny Pasta (HARAM BAD)
The Riddler😈
Taking le wife to dinner
This Season of America Already Sucks
This made me physically fucking cringe.
This server has done nothing but bring me down as a person. everyday i come in here and all you do is tear me down insult me hurt me with your words and do nothing but harm me emotionally physically mentally and I just can’t take it any longer this server is so abusive and toxic it’s crazy. no one e
the expert
This is a group for women practicing self-love
The utimate Twitter political bio
TIFU by getting caught masturbating to a Lego Princess Leia
Taken from u/Dennismiller2024
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand MYST’s music.
There’s a difference between the furry Fandom and the anime Fandom
thanks for the silver, kind stranger…
The Pissmouth
There are no microchips in the covid vaccine
The Fuck Mattress (actual ask reddit comment)
That time my dad gave me a handjob
Temple of the Spirit
This will prob get u cancelled lmao
True story (link)
Taken from a Tinder bio
The Easy Peasy Way to Quit Porn
Trump Impeachment trial 2: Electric boogaloo
TIFU by ordering a butthole fleshlight (from TIFU)
The Flubberton Riddle
The Great Adventure
The Navy Seals Copypasta translated to German, then to Latin, then back to English
They are putting Donald in a peach AGAIN
The Mpreg Jerma985 tumblr post
the Navy seal thing but what the fuck is going on
The copypasta you get when you email soundcloud support about spambot issues
tumblr support request
Twitter the carrion emperor
The conlcusion to the strategy to obliterate the battle tower.
Transcript from channelthegijoeshow video. link–>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jq57c80Qh7M
The US and UK do not exist, only Australia does
Taken from a comment on a post at r/HolUp
Twitter reply to Belle Delphine’s recent controversial post.
The Tragedy of Darth Shitposter691337
turtle song persian language but in 2021
This “gem” I found on r/GenshinImpactHentai
These are the last days before I become famous on a level I could never have dreamed.
To hate a wojak, by Brendaniel
thats kinda sus
The Fancy Declaration
The scuffed Declaration of Independence
there once was food
Transrace is totally real
The sacred texts
The Navy seal copypasta but I had a stroke
this unprompted gem from a roleplay server
Trump needs your 16 freedom numbers found on the front of your American bank card
Thoughts on annoying grub hub commercial
The Life Of A Furry
The Lich
Taken from r/teenagers
The decline of actual manhood
Tampon Emoji!!
Trump x Biden
There are wolfs sheep and sheep dogs.
Todd is Love, Todd is Life
Tommyinnit is extremely annoying
The end is nigh
This is the average reddit thread.
taken from r/justneckbeardthings
The Name of the Wind (Kingkiller Chronicle) book 3: I FINALLY UNDERSTAND
True? Maybe, maybe not! Enjoy some leaked info if you care!
Texted the wrong number and started messing with this guy about meth and Jose coming to kill him… he sent this
This is my final message.
to women who like star trek
Tennis 🙂
The anus is the best feature of an woman
The time I saved my dad’s life by headbutting him in the balls
Thugger beef
The Cereal Bowl Piss Man
The subs I wish existed (girlswith____ series) Which do you prefer? You can comment about the ones that are not listed here.
the hub
The True Tale of Why the Chicken Crossed The Road
That’s football right there
Trump: The Love Movie, Trailer Voice Narration
The worst raisin I’ve ever tasted
Today I have been stressed
That time JonTron came to my house
Ted Bundy
The liptard meme, I still don’t get it?
To the man that called me gay 3 years ago
This was a real memo IBM to its employees in all seriousness
The public restroom menace
The Chicken McNugget Dunker!
The logistics of fighting in public- taken from r/legaladvice
The most average person on Earth is a 28 year old Chinese man
toxic discord server
Types Of Niggas When Ordering Fast Food
tips play with frinds (some beautiful advice from r/tf2)
The Poopy Factor
Taken from a video saying why Isabelle hentai isn’t furry.
Tifu by sexing my bf🐴🐴🐴
Top subreddits (updated)
These gays make me so mad!
the downfall of Roblox
The perfect cock (from the gpt2 bot sub)
The cummy uprising
That’s the point of the sub, you pretentious entitled elitist jackass.
The nice guy copypasta
The Minecraft Cave Spider is *NOT* an INTP
The Onmipoent Paradox
That one gatekeeping copypasta but Minecraft
Trump told me he’s opening an Only-Fans
the entire McDonalds menu
Trump terrorists are not sending their best
Trump x Dylan
Thanos shows you how to scratch it
Taken from a PornHub comment
this post actually makes some points and most of the info in there is verified
TIFU by having my dad showing my family my own sex tape. (Crosspost from r/TIFU)
Trump has it 1,000%
transgender people are fake
The life of a hamster and the state of the USA
The guy that discovered milk explaining how he found it out
The line joke
The Day of the Cope
That’s Kinda Cringe Bro
To anyone who you don’t like.
Turner Tuesday
The visit to the zoo [OC]
The Call of duty zombies storyline
Tuba knight pre-battle and after-battle cutscene
Trump x Pence (credit to u/zmook2)
Text I got from a guy I rejected
The longest copypasta ever
tf2 review lol
The forgotten rule about vote disputes
This brings back memories of when I was in prison.
The best way to wipe your butt
This dismissal of Japan admirers as “weebs” is a notion firmly rooted in white supremacy and Orientalism
The voices are back
TIFU by showing my pussy to my stream
This was funny at first.
The Bagel Man
Tyler1 watches his own memes..
The west f**king wing
The Opposite Day Paradox
the media has been paid for
Theory about Corpse.
This “ThE tWoLdGe” stuff…
The best line in my APWH textbook
The Greatest Flag I’ve Ever Seen
The ballad of Bagel-Man
To be a clown
TRUIPM 2025😖
that was so funny
Trump inflation rule34
Thanks dude
The Supreme Court of Twitter
These bots that repeat the copypasta are ruining the sub
This post is not open for debate.
That’s a dude
This is Australia
The Vaccine Will Turn Us Into Gay Cat Boys!
The Florida Man’s testament
This is me, in a nutshell. Libtards beware.
Trump is a 5D chess master
Today Everyone Should Learn a Little More about Abraham Lincoln (credit historycoolkids)
Trump: we love you, you’re very special
This wonderful piece of software has paid for itself time and time again.
The genital customization in Cyberpunk 2077 is actually very disappointing.
The Magic🔮Sex😏Gun🔫
Trump hats for sell
That’s it.
Trump’s Twitter video
Tetris Beatbox
TIFU by being gay and not realizing it
Tell me how suicide ISN’T the right thing to do. Fucking tell me.
The Comment Downvote FAQ
Taken from r/rant
The Journey for the cocksmith
take me away 🤩
The Economics of Dicks
The Plight of the Below-Average-Sized Schlong
The I algorithm
The dark side of the force
Tuba Boss (original story by me)
The beauty that is the internet.
That one time I defeated terrorists (aka that one post on every youtube comment section)
The highest amount of full block Unicode symbols that reddit currently allows in a comment
These “Femboys” have ruined my life
The Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Dark Souls 2
The Mahjong Line
This is how I found it, with the edit.
The truth about anime
to google;
TIFU Almost Kissing my Sister
There is no god
TIFU Almost kissing my sister
Thank you leffenbot
The Aristocrats (Gilbert Gottfried version) [NSFW] [OC]
The fitness gram pacer test
TIFU by trying to get rid of my erection
The Metal Zone is amazing if you know how to use it properly!
The heavy is dead copypasta
Try to scream and I’ll choke you with my breasts
Twitter’s a goldmine
The First Poop
The allegations are true
The word titties over and over again.
That he cannot be thought not to exist
This Twitter User’s bio
This needs to be added to the Copypasta Archive
The time I robbed myself and lost all my money investing in dogecoin.
The Letter W.
Think of Semen Retention Like This
The Legend Of The Soul Called Mr Barrister John Warosa
The old man you met gave you some good advice
The predators’ mind is baroque, contradictory, morose
TIFU by trying to get rid of my erection
Tyler the Creator
To all the Discord mods out there
Transcribed from an post I saw on r/badwomensanatomy
the minecraft end credits dialogue copied straight from the files
Try being a Jiren fan [Dragon Ball]
The entire rust-eze commercial script
The mexican handshake
Taken from r/gretathunbergGW
today’s music is garbage
the cock evolution
The code of lawful mom banging (KNOW YOUR RIGHTS)
The deep state Trump tape…
This South African guy’s dating announcement on Facebook
TIFU by making my own sex toy
The scream
This has gotta be the most retarded post on this sub
that time me and daddy went to the beach
This is so sad
The r/teenagers Merch copypasta:
The Manner In Which My Huge Colossal Penis May Be Described
the microsoft is garbage lame trash shame
Tragedy of biggus dickus the wise copypasta
The Sexuostate
Twitch x r/ihavesex
tiktok hate from r/offmychest
Top 10 people I’ve fucked.
Tiktok war thing I found in the comments of r/yiffinhell
The Navey SEAL copypasta, but Christian
The shit olympics sport rules
This Jack Black encounter
This sentence Does not use the first letter of the English Lexicon.
The saddest moment of my life
This is going to be the next navy seals copypasta.
The 2020 Franchise and upcoming releases ‼️LEAKED‼️
Today I told my kids Goodbye.
Twitter users be like
Taken from r/shittynosleep
tumblr user hates Olaf from Frozen
This was said unironically by a flat earther
this is a gamer moment
This is your day to day life on porn
The salami lid don’t fit 😳
The great poetry of Guru Laghima by Zaheer
The rules needed to join a high end magic the gathering trade group (50k+ members, 50$-$10000+ cards)
This image is so fucking funny that my whole point is non existent
Taken from a trade offer sent to Anomaly
The Belle Delphine Christmas porn was officially the biggest disappointment of 2020.
Total Drama Island Copypasta
The one who was in a dankereu and fell from the ladder/ladder
Tommyinnit’s intro
trans people
toe eyed cabbage (returning the favour and reviving it)
This is probably the worst thing I’ve ever seen.
Turns out you can’t reply to your own comment on pornhub
totally not a Justin Bieber fan
TIFU by paying too much attention to my BFs shirt
TIFU by getting creampied
The rant
The Ronald McDonald experience
This copypasta have been translated from Russian for the glory of r/askreddit
The gayest thing I have done as a straight person
the prequels suck
They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?
The only true libertarian in the libertarian subreddit
the bee movie script but you will get a stroke reading it
the suicide rate was lower for the people at foxconn then it was for the general population
There are various ways a dolphin has of showing that she or he is interested in sex
This post has been automatically removed.
Today I had a dream where i was fingering a polar bear. im kinda confused
Today I had a dream where i was fingering a polar bear. And im kinda confused.
That’s amore (with link)
The Beast that cant bang Judy
That’s a talent.
Transcript from “Semen infested beef jerky”
This is a real post from r/teenagers
The only woman on reddit
The 🅱️moji Movie
The XJ220 🚗
The nobody cares song
The future
The Cat With The Gat
The nimby are at it again
Twitch wager
The diet coke Dilemma
The McRib
This. Is. America.
Transcription of Zizek/Peterson.
This thing I found on 196
To the Uber passenger I dropped off in the Palisades tonight… my car smells like hot sweaty ass cause of you
The gays need a better public image
This bruh moment of a statement (NSFW)
The Banana Conspiracy
The power of Testosterone
The Word of God
the only relevant comment on the minecraft java speedrunning discord (credit: duncanruns)
Toad Complaints
The Cyberpunk 2077 Penis Customization is the ultimate litmus test for whether a person is capable of self-governing.
This website has done nothing but bring me down as a person
TIFU By referencing the Office, and it getting mistaken for racism
Take Me Home, Country Toads
Thanks, I love you too!
To Dream Fans…
The DoomLayer
The orifice starring Mikey Scoot
TIFU By I using cucumber as a dildo
The Fresh Maker
The 🅱️at with the Gat
The time i Fucked a DVD copy-pasta
This is a damn fine cup of coffee
The tragedy of Darth Maul the Betrayed
Take your opinion and wipe it with your ass
The fitness gram passer test
The Deeper Meaning of “20 Min” by Lil Uzi Vert ( from @_alexnicola on tiktok )
The truth about Belle Delphine
Turbkey Samdwich!
The Shining
The new Teutonic State
Trump’s greatest troll
This spam email that I got
Turkey Tom
The Dairy Queen® Lips
The following is a message composed via consensus of the O5 Council.
Tbh I’d pick u up
TIFU by smashing my glass dildo
Tattos are my only personality trait
This song, while merely an amusing, nonsensical romp on the surface, is actually pointed, devastating social commentary.
The poop knife
Thomas the Tank Engine was only following orders
Too often have I contemplated death
The REAL Lord’s Prayer
The Weather Maschine: A Hans von Hozel Production
This is one of those female creeps that act innocent to sway people
The horrible story of trollface – taken from coveryourselfinoil.com/b/
Taken from Twitter
The slang simp appeared to come out of nowhere
Top 10 Reasons Why British People Are Bad (SHOCKING RESULTS)
The fuck stick (nsfw)
The entire Persian Trutle song translated into English
That’s not ahegao
This funeral is sponsored by Squarespace
That day I yeeted my last yote
The average persona fanboy
To the progress.
Toe rest for the wicked
The Nutshack theme song
The only plausible way to justify that loli hentai is good for our society
The Elder Swear
The inflated braggadocio of a dark-pigmented juvenile
the entire script of Anthony Fantano video
This idea that Americans don’t like robots is false. We LOVE robots.
The guys that would talk the most would end up getting whooped and the quiet dudes were the forced to be reckoned with
The Legacy of Lefraud James
TW: suicide………………………………I’ve got everything but I still want to die.
Thing redditors are obsessed with.
Top 50 Why Sonic Fanbrats Are Hated
The Gamer Question
The Case for Pissing in the Sink
Tou think blocks of wood is sexy?
The history of hentai
TIFU by forgetting a pie in the oven
TIFU by revealing my cock length to my family
This is the worst joke I’ve ever seen
This video was too long!
The true heir to the Byzantine Empire – Santa Claus
this is a direct response to a video i posted
The belle Delphine Christmas porn was officially the biggest disappointment of 2020.
To my co workers
Thanks Helen!
Thoughts on WAP
There’s nothing wrong with romantically pursuing a woman who said no (stolen from r/teenagers)
the biggest text flood in discord
The Christmas Simulacra (or why my dad should divorce my step-mom)
they’re just doing their job
This is very funny
This abomination
Thank you JESUS
The War on Christmas
The time I met Harrison Ford
This dude’s response to some racist Magic the Gathering cards being banned, including “Cleanse- destroy all black creatures”
Teenie Weenie
Two Forgetful Uncles Chatting to the Beat
The Meiko Lady from Vocaloid?
The Safety Dance (Ben Shapiro cover)
The dissonance is real
Those fucking chipmunks
There’s a slight problem
tumblr user very angry at a joke
The Virgin Vegan
This people who can’t move on and keeps bad mouthing
This is copypasted accurate timeline of the beginning of COVID that was put together for understanding what happened to Dr. Li Wenliang. feel free to reuse it whenever you see his name.
The truth about Santa Claus
Trump’s giga chode
the lyrics to “rudolph the red-nosed reindeer”, but something’s… off
The one that hate Dream are much more obsessed with him than his fan
Trap subreddits have the best shit.
Trump-Ivanka fanfiction from r/worldnews
To not offend anyone
The creation of spaghetti
Taken from a cringetopia post where a guy posts something kink related about going to see Moana(he doesn’t use any punctuation at all so it gets a bit hard to read near the end).
The tale of a German Shepherd and its cookie monster toy
The pigeon-asshole conjecture
The Waifu Wars
the cheeky mole who pinged me
The next stimulus check is just a
the fuck you say to me?
This is literally my first post on all of reddit so have this amazing copypasta I wrote
Timesplitters 2 intro
The Perfect Hentai
this is from r/AskParents. (also im not sure if this is NSFW, but im just gonna mark it as so to be safe)
the ender dragon isnt gay
The true story of the small Asian penis myth.
This is a real review on Christmas Chronicles on imdb
TIFU because my GF complimented my penis
The truth about covid, lockdowns and the future of humanity!
Teen going through a phase
This is a real thing so EMERGENCY ALERT please read this carefully!
tbh, you need a really high IQ to understand r/memes(A comment on cringetopia)
The Five Nights at Freddy’s 6 ending
The Great Conjunction
The Big Bill Hell’s Ad
Top 7 STRANGEST things to happen on a flight.
Two trucks
This quarantine
The females on this channel are predators
The Story of Sir Windy II
This was originally posted by u/ApostleYandev on r/Osana and it’s amazing-
the deal with airline food
Time for a complete change.
Talking about how to fuck the Reddit snoo
This sub is trash. You’re all a bunch of mosquitoes circling shit.
The Navy Seals Copypasta, but translated into Yoda Language
This changed my views
They got sponfmgob doin the roll
This was an actual post on r/Drugs which got removed. The legend of BoofMaster™️ lives on
tbh i’d pick you up, hug you while rubbing you against my huge sweaty moobs then kiss your cheeks telling you how much i loved you and then kiss you on the lips and let out a hard long belch into your mouth.
Translated from an image in Brazilian Portuguese
Twitch needs a option where you can block female streamers from your recommended
The eulogy of dream
the chip-fearing loonies are loud and shiny and it is very much lunatic season
This was found at a People Playground community, at the Signal Lost mod.
The last thing Ouma heard before getting killed in Among Us
True Story
TeamFourStar Cell’s final moments
TIFU by putting chess pieces up my ass
This message I found in a live stream (Reddit pls don’t ban me)
Twizzlers are fucking disgusting.
That seals the deal. I’m no longer buying the PS5. It looks like a pile of dump. Who actually would want that. I will buy the Xbox series X the best console ever made. They also do good exclusives unlike the PlayStation and good graphics. So RIP PS5
The overlooked detail with Hoodwink
The Booty Slayer
The year is 2074
The Big Bang Theory Intro
This world is aweful
True love
The manifesto of a intelligent man.
This insult on a minemen server
The Holy Cum Socks
The Annual Fisting of the Cows
The pear wiggler
The idea of a speaking lobster is utterly preposterous.
the forbidden squiddog
The Schooling System
the sun is hot, and obviously it must be eliminated.
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Yandere Simulator.
that’s a ten
This is what happens when you put Never Gonna Give You Up through every language in google translate.
Theory on why Kirby is satanic (I might have actually been onto something, though)
Top ten coolest college experiences
This Server has only brought me down
The ultimate battle
Taken from r/atheism, arguments that prove Santa exists
Troll Face
True art
the mandalorian behind the scenes
the best thing ive ever typed, also merry christ
The Hopeless Evangelion Fan (Found in the wild)
Twitch Should Ban The Term “Live-Streaming”
this absolute gem from r/unpopularopinion
Things to send to a fat friend who is also hispanic
The horniest redditor alive, u/gravvymilkinflate
The Universe Ascends as Keanu Reeves makes a Speech
tap that crippled ass
Taken from r/askreddit, complaint about girls not wanting dick pics
Transcript of a video I saw, I had to transcribe this myself
TIL about the crack cocaine of sex
the prisoners
The fitness Pacer Test
Tourble with the IRS…
Truth and nothin but the truth Original one
To put into perspective just how pathetic you are for getting offended by my statement.
The joyful bedrock of trust must persevere in the avalanche of misery.
The rick roll lyrics
That’s Enough, Proboscis Luke
The ultimate dating profile: blocked
The scariest thing in existence
Translated version of the Navy Seal Copypasta
The best book out there without a doubt is fortnite for dummies
The Gaston song, but different
The craziest thing
the interview
This I have learned, as an Italian.
Thanks Youtube very cool!
Top 10 Most Popular Vines of All Time
The Among Us part of the YouTube Rewind 2020 Musical
the memes dead but fuck it
The Hundred Flowers Campaign
This sub isn’t funny anymore
The Japanese Professor who almost Destroyed the Japanese Economy (OC)
The Rick Astley Paradox Continued.
The Tragedy of CentOS the Great
To the student who sent a message to Ian Holiday complaining about me….
Two Trucks
The Basedburg Address (OC)
Taken from r/waifuism
Tinder is fucking toxic!
The Minecraft Speedrunner Known as Dream
Taken from Twitter
Too far.
Turbo is probably the most important thing that’s ever happened to me
To vaccinate or not to vaccinate. That is the question.
Trump got his speedrun deleted
Taken from r/Tipofmypenis
There’s something off about grilled cheese
The perforated penile tumor [nsfw]
the new apple rocket
This is a real, unedited thread of something that was posted on twitter
Transformers in dream
The Greatest Grift
This post is cringe
The truth about masks
The most important scene in SpongeBob history (from a spongebob forum)
top five reasons ussr won cold war
This is how you propose to someone
there’s glitches in cyberpunk 2077
thanks, i’m cured.
Tik tok bad cumedy
time to say goodbye (from r/pornhub)
temple run fanfic
Takis fan
two plus minus three is megative one
The whole thing about Pornhub is grossly exagerated.
Temple run fanfic NSFW
the holy word of femboys
The greatest speed run of all time
The cum accelerates
Trump is a communist
This site degenerates further every day
Today we learn: Barbary Slaves
This is it
The Isabelle copypasta but it’s about Angel Dust
The night before snowflake day
tommyinnit jump in the cadilac
The Whole CIA About page in Spanish. don’t ask why tho
The Spongebob Squarepants Movie is an allegory for anti-fascist struggle
Threw a bag of cats poop at a stranger (found on r/offmychest)
Trump’s tweet against GA Governor on 14/12/20
The Cyberpunk 2077 Penis Customization is the ultimate litmus test for whether a person is capable of self-governing.
The Problematic 3000
The number of people who could deliver a kick to the balls with my mastery
The Story of yeet
There’s a lot of posts here about my 1.16 speedrun time removal, and some people upset with my response on Twitter. Obviously, I didn’t cheat in any way and I plan on making a video to address these things. However, it will take time for me to thoroughly and completely address it, as the accusations
That one random phrase you might’ve seen on a T-Shirt or something idk
The best twitter reply in history
the ideal friend group
the real story (not a fucking joke) about me on the thaiboy show in the past
They targeted train enthusiasts.
The finest man in Utah
The Bee Movie is about the trees
These double standards need to be addressed
Tinder Chick Ree Explosion (“I’m a Navy Seal” vibes)
Twitter M2 Mobile death message in English and German
Take My Money CDPR, Bethesda, Rockstar, And So On
The history of Gun Control
The Cyberpunk 2077 Penis Customization is the ultimate litmus test for whether a person is capable of self-governing.
The Caretaker fans
To the mods of this sub, and whoever made you the mods of this sub
This time at Alton Towers
the true swagmaster
There will be Martial Law
The Jigh IQ Copypasta but it’s Fallout: New Vegas
The life of a foob
The Fitness Gram™ Pacer Test
The Performance (written by AI Dungeon)
TIFU by sucking the hard penis of a Japanese snow bonobo
This is the most popular post on Isitnormal.com
Trump/Biden Copypasta
The Fleeca Job Scope Out Transcript(ish)
terraria dart rifle copypasta
The Transcendence
Trump won
This is in regards to Bigfoot fucking a dude in the ass
The copypasta killer’s cypher
the Zelda song that actually wasn’t by SoaD but got mislabled on Napster
The Cyberpunk 2077 Penis Customization is the ultimate litmus test for whether a person is capable of self-governing.
Trump commits mass murder
The bathtub fart is by far the best variety of fart.
The Best Bang (pun intended) for Your Buck!!!
The Zodiac Killer’s cypher
The customization settings on Cyberpunk are a bit disappointing..
The Industrial Revolution 🙊
The haircut is the rationale, but not the meaning.
the sweet drippins of cum
This game fucking sucks
The rise of Elepods
Triple A? More like Triple F
Today’s video is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends, one of the biggest mobile role-playing games of 2019 and it’s totally free! Currently almost 10 million users have joined Raid over the last six months, and it’s one of the most impressive games in its class with detailed models, environments and sm
Turbocheese 1000
That’s bad redditing.
The bathtub fart is by far the best variety of fart
The bath tub is by far the best variety of fart
This is what I’m using to try to get someone to buy me cyberpunk, it’s a true story.
The bathtub fart is by far the best variety of fart
The bathtub fart is by far the best variety of fart (from r/unpopular_opinions)
The bathtub fart is by far the best variety of fart
The bathtub fart is by far the best variety of fart (A post from r/unpopularopinion)
total drama inland hurricane
The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny but with Dinosaurs
That’s it, I’m done. Fuck this chat
the entire code for my old discord bot
Todd Howard pissed on my wife.
Traps are infact not gay
The Theory of Everything
tumblr girl lorem ipsum
Thing I found in r/davethemarmahorse
Top 10 reasons why yo mama fat, v2
The Minecraft Black Market… it’s real!
The eggs were traced back to a local Amish farm
Take that Atheists!!1!
Tripods suck.
TIFU by delving too deep into Reddit
Taken from ShowerThoughtsUL
This slaps.
Two scalpers meet up, each thinking they’re selling a PS5
The Thot Slayer
This game saved my life
The only things certain in life are death, taxes, and vagina (found on r/ask)
The Israeli equivalent to navy seals copypasta please enjoy this glorious represent of Israeli culture and don’t ignore this it took way to much time to die in new ( check my profile for Hebrew version) some parts may seem like I accidentally rewrote them but he’s actually just repetitive
The twelve days of pogmas (a remix by me)
The ultimate counter against Airplane Fanatics
The worst bot Lane in League of Legends history
The Moment in That Moment(First Copypasta)
This is the Israeli equivalent of the navy seal copypasta. It’s called bontarilo swears and I will translate it to English if anough people ask
This swagger does seem a little exaggerated
This copypasta was made possible by u/Dobrakamatimet
Translation please not nsfw I promise its standard Galactic alphabet
This game is VR is the fucking best thing I have ever experienced
this is what you see after you die
The Paragraph Slayer
The lyrics to Once in a Lifetime by Talking Heads
The Supermarket Monster (written by CallMeKevin)
The Mario Teaches Typing Cutscenes
TIFU by setting my bidet to max
this man unironically thinks santa isnt real
The Ideal Date
This will be long. The deep state traitors are so DEAD.
The cacao tree
Taken from r/sex
Thank you RuneScape servers, I finally showered after 3 months
TITTIE title
TIFU by setting my bidet to max
Thanks, Korg Fan33
text i sent to my group chat
That’s nice dear
The Cream-Pie-Inator
The National vaccine injury compensation program is corrupt
The adventures of pp man (from r/teenargers) (idk if someone posted it before)
TIFU by making my grandma think I died while masturbating
Taken from a Discord group
The “you are probably just another of the many foreign socialists who chime in on our politics” copypasta
The Entirety of “A Pickle for the Knowing Ones” by Timothy Dexter
Trump is your daddy!
Thanks Zinc!
The christian penis
Tom and Jerry
TIFU by moaning “big floppa” in bed
Trump’s covid response to Joe
The Baseline Test
The KFC dating simulator was the best and the worst thing to ever happen to me.
this was posted in a discord server (talking about reggie the mouse)
The Bee Movie is an allegory for the failures of communist revolutions.
the gam
That’ll show them
The Greatest Crime
The Political Compass casually explained
The Computer Enthusiasts Meeting
this is fictional i wish i was in love
The Son and his Daddy
The eeveelutions as femboys
the penis is 2.19% of an adult male’s volume
the Shrek death list
The truth about Mendeleev
The triangle shirt waist fire
Transcript of Kalvin Garrah’s Video on Neopronouns (By Some guy in the comments idk)
This is Jared Fogle.
The most beautiful experience in my life.
The Cat in the Hat is a Criminal!
techno chan
The fuck did you say to me you little shit
The La Roche Posay Story
Tentacle Hentai
The beacons are lit. Wikipedia calls for aid.
Then I put it on my back
The things I want to do to Toyota Jan!
The legend was true
The new American immigrant
The contents of an average jojo fan’s discord server
The Game Awards
The FitnessGram Pacer Test
There is no pandemic
The battle of sauron ➕ finrod felagund
The Missile
THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>¥{2{€>¥!?¥!€9827_<!
top notch sass mask
This relationship has been weirdchamp
The official A Bug’s Life fleshlight copypasta
The everything biscuit
top 10 list of things i hate:
The entire DNA sequence of chad if you want to create him in CK3
Travis Touchdown vs. Puro
The best reason to play a paladin in World of Warcraft
The intro to iSpy by Kyle ft. Lil Yachty as told by emojis
the entirety of the Greek national anthem(55 min)
Tostitos Scoop ©
The cravings are too much…
The History of the Entire World, I Guess – CLEAN Version (because someone requested it)
this happened like 5 seconds ago on the HolUp discord
This has to be a troll
This has to be a troll
Tips on cock vore
The Architect’s Plan
The entire script of the Pun Detective El skit
The leafs just lost to a 42 year old Zamboni driver!
This post is huge so you probably won’t see this comment, but at least in reference to homosexuality
The chicken (gallus gallus domesticus).
Tongue hairs are so fucking hot
Tylko Jedno W Głowie Mam lyrics
The CumZone™
Trix cereal is an anti woman illuminati extremist company
Time of Picture Sending
The ultimate insult
traps are gay
The bee movie script except only the word “bee”
The Astley Paradox
The south park pandemic special was amazing.
To all our readers in the U.S.,
TLDR: You’re cringe.
This comment.
This is an actual bot that replies to you if you try to rick roll someone
The taste of Baby Yoda
t u r k e y a n a l a s m r ( g o n e w r o n g ) ( g o n e s e x u a l ) ( c a u g h t b y t h e p r e s i d e n t o f C h e c h – S o l v a k i a )
The entire Navy Seals Copypasta Google translated more than 30 times.
Thou shalt nev’r beest a true maiden
Transphobia shutdown pasta
The bears from the Charmin toilet paper commercials can all go straight to hell.
This is the story of a time happening today. A time of hate and division.
The FitnessCum Pacer Test
The lyrics to “fucked with a anchor” by alestorm
told my parents about my waifu and their response was everything I hoped it wouldn’t be
Titpig: Trucker Huggers
The FitnessCum Pacer Test
Trump forces Eric and Don Jr to compete for last spot on pardon list
THE FLASH – a detailed recount of my experiences
Throw it on a dime
Traded his son for shoes
teenage girl’s twitter bio
Taken from Twitter
The difference between ephebophilia hebephilia and pedophilia
the real secret formula
There is no society that can survive without strong men. The East knows this. In the west, the steady feminization of our men at the same time that Marxism is being taught to our children is not a coincidence. It is an outright attack. Bring back manly men.
The Apple
The Doctors are coming
they are coming
The very emotional story of the man who covered himself in oil during the rain
To the people who still use these icons in meetings.
Today was a true Keanu chungus wholesome 100 Reddit moment.
The importance of iron
The first thing this guy sent into a discord server.
To all the racist people in the world
To the girls who made ISIS shirts & to the girls who wear them
Thank you for helping
Twitch prime
TIFU AITA Message to all Redditors!!! R slash Q&A
The greatest tragedy of the virus crisis was that it prevented me from finding a cute Asian girlfriend (real post)
The Chair and Your Hair
thanos fingers you
The philosophy behind Belle Delphine
The entire Big Iron song, in binary
TIFU by not checking my messages while having sex with a condom balloon, resulting in a tense and awkward afternoon with my parents in law
The Formula for success on r/pics
The free market 😩
The power
Things are heating up in the “middle aged people who read YA Novels” part of twitter
Transphobic text I found on the fitness 4chan board
This is an incel moment
The Sad Story of the Donkey With No Penis
Trump is a big, strong, beautiful, insanely smart, successful, spokesman
tightrope blindfolded
To all our readers in Australia
The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test — turn text to speech on for full experience
Turkey Sandwiches are best dipped in a cold glass of milk.
Trump x Biden
This life called coma
tiktok boys
Trump Covid Recovery copypasta
This beats doing religion work in class
The XP Farmer
twomad moment
This was sent to a secret Santa server I’m in
The Black Emojis
This is for if someone uses a ton of emojis
Times fly.
Try harder bro.
The Mental Help Hotline
The joke was bad I suppose.
Think about your actions
Two ✌✌ trucks having sex Two ✌✌✌ trucks having sex My muscles, my muscles Involuntarily flex 💪
Thats not pervert
The real reason Destiny 2 brought back the Cosmodrome
The 10 rules of badminton are as follows:
Traps aren’t gay and I have the math to prove it
True story guys
The Cultural Impact of Cars 2
The power of hentai!
The 10 commandments
To all motherfuckers.
The True Original (part 2)
The True Original (pt 1)
The future of da quizbowl
Ternion award
This one’s for you, cummy bot
This cube cured my mortality
Tribal Council
The Clown Mantra
thought this fit here
The highest form of human expression
This is a story about sinks
This is a story about sinks and cocaine
TIFU by practicing genital hygiene on a first date
There absolutely nothing good about you
This is the alternate ending of Emerald in which Rayquaza is killed by Kyogre’s Ice Beam and Groudon’s Rock Slide. Rayquaza did not expect to be teamed up on and died right there in Sootopolis City. The world is doomed for ever.
The pickled onions rant
The Dangers of Reverse Cowgirl
Travis Scott McDonald’s Transcript
Turkey is legendary!
Thank you @smolpiplup on Twitter for this
The Roach and the Darkness
Thank you, PragerU
Toy story’s Eternal Damnation.
This keeps constantly being copied and pasted into Playboi Carti’s twitter comment section so may as well post it here
The pain has become too much to handle
To all the rich people out on massive speedboats today…
Ted Cruz and AOC fantasy
The Witcher navy seals copypasta
The history of Pog
This “method” has been very effective for me i discovered lots by it
The REAL science behind Jesters
The Neoliberal Manifesto
To: Mom From: Me
titin (part 7-final)
titin (part 5)
titin (part 3)
titin (part 1)
To: Mom From: Me
This Steam Review on a hentai game
The Fascist Hypocrisy Of Anti-Incels Concerning “Mental Health”
That’s right, I’m a karma whore.
The Witch
The ketchup’s pre-cum” is far better than actual ketchup.
The Egg, written by Andy Weir.
The Legend known as Pokemon Masters eX
The government controls perceived time
The phrase Happy Thanksgiving is such a weak mindset
The story of how I bought my RTX 3080
The reason why gayness
The wrath of the pixie fempyro
The Poop Knife
The raids of Al-Gebra
the based copypasta but edited by me
The perfect black cock
The ,, Don’t hate me cause im beutiful” from GTA V but it’s family friendly
the joeletariat will rise
Thanksgiving is tomorrow
The man the sheep and the tree
THIS ONES FOR CUMMY(I love his cummiesss)😍
This man is an idiot.
The definition of terrorism copy pasted 28 times
Trollface essay for english class
Travis Scott
The Desert Eagle needs a change
Tomorrow is thanksgiving
Trumph is raycist( hate PoC)(people of color) and fascist(nazi)
Trump supporters
The WAR on Christmas is REAL
The ending of WW2 was AWFUL
Twitch slang is stupid and cringeworthy
this was posed on a GnR forum in 2012 about how someone didnt like Jimi Hendrix
The Missile Knows Where It Is…
this whole mask wearing bs
Trump vs Biden-sonic style
The game
Thanos dick size
the cum jar
The 2019 Addams Family movie is an underrated WWII film
Toyota Corolla
the ol copy n paste from the edgy 14 yr old, u/hehethatfunny posted half of what he did, heres the other copypasta
Tyler Morgan’s speech in NFS Payback
This feels… like a copypasta for some reason. So its going here
The ending of the WWII is AWFUL
Theory about Jojo Part 8
This was sent to our gc by a friend
The Mall of Coconuts
To send to friends when They are high
The cowboy rap
TIFU poo poo by wify in bed
The Pogchamp girl
There HAS to be a breaking point for society..
The Final Battle between LIGHT and Darkness for ownership of planet Earth…
Troll face is still not funny 😡 😡 😡
This Is Hell
The time my mom almost caught me reading a gay Arthur fiction
The joke
This subreddit has gone ZERO days without mentioning vore
The truth about The Undertaker
This is so me after commiting 19 acts of Syrian murders,
There’s a 50/50 chance that denmark exists.
This copy pasta will surprise you
The girl from kill la kill has the worst fate in the internet
The plot of the lion king is kinda fucked
The power to summon Pepsiman
The Lost Nintendo Sex Ed
The Shiddening
The perfect twitter response
The Joker tells Batman about his JoJo Fuckfiction
This is a rock masterpiece! Kinda like:
this one is pretty CREEPy
The exaggerated swagger of a black teen
That… is my philosophy.
The day I wanted to rape a guy
Taken almost verbatim from a youtube comment section
TIFU by super glueing my urethra shut. (found)
The funny sexuality meme
The conservative rap
This is a test
Thanksgiving pasta
Trans Duke Nukem.
Trying to find a video that I saw here a while ago.
The Weirdest Thing Just Happened In Roblox.
The lack of an offline mode is retarded
The Pheobe Thunderman copypasta
Thoughts on Dolly Parton’s Humanitarian Work
Thank you so much for creating this video.
the big mutherfucker is coming (taken from r/conspiracy)
the snowman
Tired Of Being Bullied Because Im A Discord Mod.
TIFU By falling on the head of my bass guitar (NSFW)
Toy Story 4 Is Not A Cash Grab!
They targeted gamers.
The end
Tragedy of King Tiger the Heavy
Trump x Biden
This meme is fucking normie-tier
This was a review of csgo after my friend had a very heated time
TIFU by showing my mom my dick. (Found on r/SubSimulatorGPT2)
this Reddit Sub Oath
The ‘r/iamverybadass’ reply is reserved for low effort morons!
TIFU by confessing to my crush
True story
Tell 📣Ea-nа̄ṣir: Nanni sends 📬the following message📨:
the Vib-Ribbon tutorial
T-word token
The ultimate fight (taken from https://role-play-grid.fandom.com)
The best mustard
Thin blue line
This is gonna make me fart on my poopies daddikins
the entire emoji movie script
This gem from trueoffmychest
This guy gets crazier and crazier every night
This was posted on /r/nofap unironically – “Changes after 365 days”
Trump translator (found in youtube comments
This Disney DVD is enhanced with Disney’s FastPlay. Your movie and a selection of bonus features will begin automatically. To bypass Fast Play, select the Main Menu button at any time. Fast Play will begin in a moment
Travis Scott has a mental breakdown when his auto tune fails
The 10 Among Us Commandments
tiktok fascist is a master debater
This year..I’m me.
The Emperor of Hostile Anal Leakage
There’s nothing wrong with admiring how bad people do their deeds.
top 10 ps5 tech tips you dont know
The B(id)e(n) Movie
Today on C-Span
Teenagers Bad Boomers Good
Twitter bio
This guy doesn’t like Undertale
TIFU by accidentally rickrolling eight cities
twitter false and misleading
Tough guy playground
The amount of acronyms on subs nowadas is insane
The trickster
tinder pickup line
The biggest cock I’ve ever sucked
The amount of acronyms on subs nowadays is insane
Tifu by combining magnets in my urethra
There’s literally nothing to recommend this.
The Joys of Hentai
Thunder Dragon Colossus’s Effect
Two home slices of a bro pizza
Tattoo Artist
Thats it. That seals The deal. i’m no longer a Youtube user! An absolute disgraceful service yet again! In all my years as a user of YouTube I’ve never seen an service so trash and pathetic. I’m becoming an DAILYMOTION AND VIMEO user. They have a real VIDEO SERVICE Goodbye!
Text my friend got from a guy when she made fun of him for liking MLP
The Office Pog
Typing history with keyboard autosuggestions
The economics of traps
That it! I’m done with America!
This is the first time I’ve ever attempted in making a copypasta.Might be cringe.
There are two wolves inside you.
Thanks for breaking my workflow.
The full PAW Patrol copypasta
there are only two genders
The Universe Has a Brain Blast
TheTopTens.com is a goldmine
tifu by calling a child a fucker (gone wrong)
This man is literally all I am ever thinking about
The comment I wrote on a overused and reposted meme
Thanos beatbox
ty for the likes!!
the delectation of independence
The year is 2028
TIFU by thinking I was good at pool
The secret to survivor
Typical redditor sights some cringe
There are three types of white supremacists
This is Requiem
The raw power of the cringe
The truth behind r/foundthemobileuser
The aristocrats
Taken from an unironic response on discord
the ultimate comeback
top 10 reasons to not bathe
The Playstation 5 is a blatant copy of the Nintendo Switch
TIFU for calling a little kid a fucker for getting a ps5 for free
The lyrics to Pink Floyd’s pigs : P
TIFU for calling a little kid a fucker for getting a ps5 for free (XXXXL)
The Apex Fucker
TIFU by calling a little kid a fucker for getting a ps5 for free
That “2 diff music genres” is complete rubbish
The shocking events of election night on November 3rd, 2020
The Vietnamese version of Tiananmen copypasta
The lack of Donald Trump porn on the internet is kind of disturbing
The true work of art that 100 gecs made
the word sus
Toxic Masculinity
The uncomfortable truth of the human condition
The Story of Christmas
Tall Women
the life of andy
the Democrats have pursued a relentless smear campaign and an attempted coup to overthrow the will of the People
The Noisomatic 3,000.2
That’s life (joker cringe)
The missile knows where it is
This is very dramatic.
TIFU accidentally had my dick out on trivia night.
This is why you are so stupid
Thomas was only following orders
The Shopping Cart Litmus Test
Tweet from the official Arizona Cardinals
Trump has a massive cock.
The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes.
Trumpism makes me understand how Hitler seized power
Toxic Star Wars fans be like
Trump hasn’t lost and Biden hasn’t won, because it is a contested election
Trump gets asked What his favorite candy is
The Fitnessgram…
TIFU by telling my yoga instructor I could suck my own dick
TIFU telling my yoga instructor I could suck my own dick
There’s no winning with the brainwashing many people have experienced
to instagram
the chair accelerates.
TIFU by telling my yoga guy i could fuck him so hard sex hard cock
The Great Gods of Autismo
Twitter video bot copypasta
TIFU telling my yoga instructor I could suck my own dick
truth about being white
That’s it, that seals the deal.
The performance is very, very low
This unit of a TIFU post
The Transition Integrity Project (TIP)
This guy wanted to sell me HAM and then he licked my eyelids and made me blind. (taken from a Steam profile)
Today, my wife voted all red because she’s fed up with the democrat party
this famous copypasta in another font
The exaggerated swagger of a black teen
They never play Gangnam Style at Panthers games
The Masked _____
This post is sponsored by Nazi Occupied Europe
That man ripped off his beard
The ultimate answer.
true story
Thank you, Tucker for this necessary address. #USA
Twitch copy pasta
There is no redeeming quality for r/teenagers. NOTHING
TLDR; Viper DOES have a smoke
This is the STORM that Q has been telling us about
The only bird that will peck at an Eagle, is the crow
The Pickle Jar
The end goal of life
The Gamer Manifesto
This ain’t no cyberwar
The tale of Ivan Ivanovich, Russian agent
Thank you Q Anon
Trip to the Zoo
The Democrat plan for taking over the USA
Tasty As Beans
This one blew up in a facebook roleplay group, about some mafia rp guy.
The Judge of Twitter
TIFU by thinking I knew shit about hot pocket
Treatise On Memes: Art Imitates Life
The entire emoji library to piss redditors off
Thights Fetish (Spanish) [Pls don’t translate it]
Trump dies and goes to hell
The FBI and Reddit admins are on the case
The Mick
The Too Much TNT mod…I wrote this entire thing, 8 hours, word for word
The fucking gamers copypasta but it’s for Italians
Trump’s concession speech
Time is way too overrated on this Reddit (from r/elo)
Thanks for the information!
t𝗵is is 𝗮 𝘃𝗲ry 𝘀erious t𝗲𝘅t 𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵 no hidden 𝗺𝗲aning
That’s pretty sus ngl
Thesis on why Trump would win a 1v1 rust match against Joe Biden
The description of the pack of bubblegum from earthbound translated beyond all known hell
The American Dream.
There’s no doubt. It’s an angel.
Trump Returns to The Overlook Hotel
The 53rd State
Thats it. That seals The deal. i’m no longer a Youtube user!
The Baby Is You- by Toby “Radiation” Fox
The Lyrics to CaptainSparkelz – Revenge from Memory with no Punctuation
TIFU by meeting with other members of the furry community
The Cream Cracker Challenge:
Trumpy’s Dumpy
Today I was a victim of Bassism.
This sub
The Shower Is The Ultimate Masturbation Location
This how I’m gonna survive this crash copypasta
Trump is sooo brilliant!!
That’s weird.
the exaggerated swagger of a black teen
The best debater??? Your ego is not your amigo
Thats it. That seals the deal.
The real reasons people hate r/childfree
Tale for some brothers
Trump wins
Taking a Peek At The Inside of our Lord & Savior Cummy
That Damn Song
This is the NNN police.
The V-Slur
The Greatest Joke of All Time
This one is for shitty translator bot.
The worst nightmare is this Comment that I found:
Twitter Democrat
The Alpha has spoken
The media DOES NOT call the elections. Please be patient and let all the votes be counted.
Trolling is weird now
That’s not funny, didn’t laugh.
That one friend when a girl comes around
This business idea i saw on AITA.
Thank you for the copypasta RandomDude on discord
The following is a message composed via consensus of the O5 Council.
The Fate of the World… and me.
The Real Cost of Vapes
TikTok alpha
Total dedication
The funniest word that you’ll ever hear (NSFW) (GONE WRONG) (GONE SEXUAL🍆) (NOT CLICKBAIT)
The last thing you hear when you die is Ram Ranch.
totally rational r/atheism post from a total non-zealot
Twitter republicans
thumb in my pants
The Morgz Creepy(copy)pasta
True self-defense
To the people who don’t flush the toilets in public bathrooms:
There is a state of conciousness that exists but is not achievable by the human mind.
This is getting out of control!!!
The Rise of the Simps
The r/memes rant
The lyrics to Crazy Frog
Trump isn’t your average human being.
The whole debate over 30 fps vs 60 fps is ludicrous.
Trump is the best president ever because
This just happened and now we have this cursed coppypasta.
The Infamous is insane
Trump gives a speech about Darth Plageuis the wise.
This dude told me to stop saying “hella” when I’m from the Bay…
Tale of a once black, white man
The Nintendo Shitcube
These elections are rigged! 🤬🤬🤬
This is a random user mocking reddit users
Today me and my wife
Twitter users after the videoeditbot is used
The FitnessGram Pacer Test.
Tiny Desk Engineer
Two Bold Uncles Violence to the Beat
This isn’t Hollywood buddy. This is George Lucas.
Touhou Garden of the Sun hiring poster
Trump bots
The Travis Scott Burger, Only At Mcdonalds.
This is how Electoral system in USA works
This is your brain on synthwave
The most controversial post on r/waifuism
There is this one absolute legend on r/GirlsFrontline that shows up to any post that mentions feet, and quite often ones that don’t.
This is not LateStageCapitalism
The Entire AFL-CIO Constitution
Taken from scp-096
The SIMP Song(Full version)
The REAL king of the dinosaurs.
The *BUG*
Talking to girls
The weird shit horny men text me but in Shakespearean
The first response I saw on /pol/ to Joe Biden’s victory topic.
The first post I saw on r/donaldtrump
Tumblr Navy Seal Copypasta
The rumor come out does Bruno Mars is gay?
The Isabelle copypasta but skylanders
This is me laughing.
Thank you President Trump
The reason as to why males don’t exist in the Hyperdimension Neptunia universe.
That one BattleField 1 cinematic where that German soldier and that American soldier are about to kill each other then they don’t
Travis Scott bungor
The Cum Trilogy: Your Cum Wont Last
The Cum Trilogy: The Cum Throne
The wild side, the dark side of Jar Jar Binks.
The SabaPing Twitch Emote in Braille
These e girls!
The Armenian copypasta under trumps tweet
The Cum Trilogy: Welcome To The Cum Zone
That’s it. That seals the deal. I’ve been an american citizen for 54 years and in all my time of being one i’ve never seen an election this bad. I’ve had enough of it, until you fix this country.I’ll be packing my bags to England where they actually know how to run a country..
The best way of saying f*ck you
the man who doesn’t lose
There wasn’t a Biden post yet so… I did my best
Thanks for the gold kind stranger!
the bio of a guy who was making fun of me because im a lower level than him in payday
That’s it. That seals the deal.
they call me the merc
Trump didnt lose
Trump hasn’t lost yet
The only reason I’m here, my sole purpose
That’s it. That seals the deal.
The election is not over (4chan)
Trump supporter from /pol/ reacts to the news
The tragedy of Darth plagueis the wise gold by a pirate
Take that Owoifier
Things from keemstars discord
The number one Ninja fan
This can’t be real
to all Worthless bottlickers!!!!
Titties are overrated as hell
The election is not over yet!
Tf2 Pootis republic best reddit karma ending
This is your destiny.
The Greatest Fanfic Of All Time™
trump wins the election by one vote. he tries to find out who the last vote was. it was joe biden. he says to biden “after all this you still voted for me?” trump then changes his vote to biden, making it a tie.
To those of you who voted for Biden
They call Jschlatt…
The nutritional value of cum
the time I was humiliated irrevocably.
they are faking the election results
Terraria stupid
The wholesome stranger of the west
This was actually used by someone as a pickup line.
That’s It, I’m Sick of This
There was a post that photo shopped a guy holding a cup to look like purple guy. I made one the most cursed things I could. This comment:
The greatest meme crossover of all time
Trust the process
Taking a drug test
That seals the deal
The Dichotomy of Man
The car scene in 2020
This election is rigged 🤬🤬🤬
Thank you for choosing your card or cards today.
The Funny China
There is a point
The Big Bang Theory cost of living
Trump re-election prayer (Paula White)
Trump supporters
That seals the deal
that’s it.
Trump sucks lmao
the reddit fairy of r/teenagers
the left Flagged me on twitter for a 4-0 ballgame 😡
Trump on e-girls
Terrifying ghost sighting part 2: Luigi
Trump is finished 😤
Trump lose copypasta thats trending on twitter for some reason
The Results Are In
That’s it, I’m moving to China
That’s it! I’m leaving.
The best sandwich in the history of Sandwiches.
thot woman sex
The true form of Masturbation Material Hentai > Porn
Thumb in my pants
The real cause of Logan’s (Wolverine’s) death
To all unflaired users on r/PoliticalCompassMemes
trump 2020
Those sweaty TTV Wraith mains
That’s it. I’m sick of this
TIFU by shoving my frozen cum up my ass
the other person said “wholesome 100 chungus, Keanu would be proud”
the entire lobby when a girl joins the game
travis scott
The Kanye Best
That’s it
taco bell beefer rant
The worst poop of my life.
This is a copypasta that i made for my friend, it is in Portuguese, and i may come back and translate it later, im just saving it here so i dont loose it (Im brazilian)
The Hygiene Defender of r/CursedComments
That seals the deal. I’m no longing buying a ps5 (saw this on every top reply on every ps5 tweet)
The tale of an innocent vulnerable cop.
Trump’s Mickey Mouse presidency
TIFU by inviting my girlfriend to my house [NSFW]
The Prince Jacob
Thanks for the Treats Fortnitemares, but now it is time you say goodbye.
this was some kid’s soundcloud bio
The election results are in
The discrepancies of filtering sea water with plastic bottle and its alternative
Thrice as hard
This is my last post on Facebook dot com
The Left Wants to Turn Men Into Femboys
The Perfect Society
TikTok Go To Sleep & Turn Your Phone Off
The pinned comment under My Countdown to Suicide’s latest video
Thank you, Supreme Leader
Tobuscus MINECRAFT – Building Fortbuscus
Theory: The Soviet Union exists in the Muppet/Sesame Street shared unierse
The life of a gamer.
Twitter reply to someone complaining on a Nintendo tweet.
Travis Scott costume comment
The irs
Thank you for using our A.O Inc.
The perfect date
That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Weeb
Tinder should add height verification to their app
Technical difficulties…
The tale of shark boy
that’s fascism
The purge announcement for tomorrow
The ramifications of hamstring stretching [OC]
Telepathic Orgasm Field
The industrial revolution and its consequences…
Tales From the L
ThErE R OnLy 2 GeNDeRs!
Total Power! Total Control! Total Submission!
They both bore it as though in deliberate flagellant exaltation of physical misery transmogrified into the spirits’ travail of the two young mend during that time fifty years ago, or forty-eight rather, then forty-seven and then forty-six, since it was ’64 and then ’65 and the starved and ragged
the truth about sex
To all the asexuals saying they will beat NNN
The translator bot spasms
this is quite pockers
The post that got me permanently banned on r/legaladvice
TIFU by cumming in my sister
The Rise Of Giga Chu!
the man who won’t stop nutting
This is not satire i sent this to my friend after watching episode 7 of la casa de papel i was too horny and caved in 14 hours into nnn
Ted Kaczynsky
Tell me if it’s been done before
the only positive review of “The Slim Shady Show” on IMDb
Taken from a Discord Server
The Council Has Spoken.
The truth of the REAL GAMER
The Fembeatles
Typhoon Gay (From Today’s Featured Article)
The Great Replacement Introduction
The 👏 hand 👏 clapping 👏 emoji 👏 and 👏 it’s 👏 consequences 👏 have 👏 been 👏 a 👏 disaster 👏 for 👏 the 👏 human 👏 race.
the avarage 4chan thread
the bird
The 95 Theses
This song has been claimed CRINGE by the Internet Elitist Society
This is 100% a serious question
TIFU by training my boyfriend to be too obidient.
The Pedo-Files
The Fuck Before Halloween
The CCP does not approve
The top google review of Grown Ups 2
To all the unflaired on r/PCM:
TIFU By Exploding Orbeez In My Vagina
The foundation of the Fourth International has reawakened Stalin’s fear of traitors in the Party and military command.
They don’t make pastas like they used to
The gay frogs theory
TNO an*me Copypasta (Why am I the one who has to do this)
The Female Orgasm Doesn’t Exist!
The Current plan of the Matrix has two main agenda.
The U.S. Bill of Rights, but Reddit.
The id, ego, and superego (for intellectuals)
Today I [40M] caught my wife [19F] having an orgy [2hrs] with my sister [19F], father [81M], and nanny [107F]. I took my bags [9lbs] and left to an overnight motel [$40/n] to think things out. Should I end our marriage [3yrs] or try therapy [$100/hr]??
The ramblings of a chad
Tip for NoFap/Semen Retention
Triple shitty translator bot experiment
The Cox Box
the classic test
The Tragedy of Darth Walter the Drippy
There is no “overrated” anime and there never will be; Overrated is a stupid term
the SOPA reddit post but with emojis
There is nothing scarier to me than aquarium gravel in a tank with fish.
To use Mac Windows Ubuntu 666.666
this was on discord
This is so sad. Can we get 1 mount?
The Salt Bringer
tattoo obesity
takes gun out from pants then flips the firearm safety switch from [ON] to [OFF] and reloads clip then puts right index finger on trigger slowly pushing back on the trigger aiming, ready to fire
Today I played with my massive cock
Toy Story Fan Fic
The Real America
The harsh reality of eliminating the middle class
The game itself is okay, nothing too great. But the moderators, are toxic trolls.
TIFU by condition myself to get a boner when I take a shit [NSFW]
The deboonker
Top 10 Numbers from One Through Ten
The reason for the delays
This one thing YandereDev sent me on discord (with deleted links)
TIWFU by showing my boner to my crush on the class zoom call
To all people who say r/whoooosh in yt
The hardest metal. Found in r/greentext posted by u/reptilian_overlord
The outcome we never expected.
Tips for Bedding MLM Women
The only way I could find out where the problem is the English right is a ripped up to a single thread
This. I finally blew up on an old friend, Trump supporter, and devout Christian the other day. I had long challenged her viewpoints, but never called a spade a spade.
The motherfucking Flash
The hot takes you find on instagram.
The date is December 10th, 2020, 12:01am
TIFU by banging way too many wymxn with my giant dong 😎GONE SEXUAL GONE WRONG
This is probably a repost. I just want to see what the bots do.
Telling my younger brother what poggers is
Throw away the lasagne and eat the packaging
Triple monitor set up? Yawn!
The story of Sadiq Khalid Iqbal
The key to asserting dominance in a relationship
True Reddit
TIFU by showing my dad my dildo (from r/tifu)
The average reddit atheist
The band Rush sucks
This man is so smart🤓🤓🤓🤓(But not as smart as cummy🥵🥵🥵🥵)
The quantum lichen people are an intelligent race native to Bryoria 6, and are similar to Earth lichens in the sense that they are composed of two different beings, connected by “quantum entanglement”.
The prevalence of fast food accounts with shitposty handlers is a fascinating societal quirk.
Trumpsters better pray
the curse of the rocket equation.
They targeted gamers.
toxic girly tip! 😁💞
The invention of Hentai
To quote my friends
The police want my Nintendo
Tampa Bay Rays Copypasta
The Alabama Toothpick
the entire shrek script
This is my gas can
The entirety of Reddit summed up
the story of the end
The Simpsons got delayed
Town of Salem (from u/Yeetaroni)
The history of memes
The great joys of being part of the monied class
The National Anthem Of Boomers
TIL: My cousin doesn’t have 3 testicles.
The Trump Zone
Thank you.
The devil went dow to walmart
The Fundamentals of Pussy Economics, courtesy of r/tinder
time to complain about anti-pedophiles
Trump text image
This Release Delay Kinda Bugs me Today
Tame Impala
The Aussie History
Threat to this “man of culture”
Throwback to the time I met Kanye at a gas station
There’s nothing wrong with being a Redditor, but I would never date one.
The Ultimate Counterpoint
The DMToad Problem
To be fair…
This can’t replace Cummy, but it’s the best we can do
this fucking sprite commercial
The o_O maze
Triggered person unknowingly makes copypasta
The rain (forest fic) uwu
TD Thanks You: Matt & Team
Teenagers, today I am going to teach you how to make your parents stop smoking
The n word
The Hairy Birb Cock:
The navy seals copypasta but it’s 1600
thanks to u/FormulaDifter for this great copypasta
The real copypasta – Samara, Russia
The Nose Thief’s Tragic End by Provolone-itsmyname
The Coomer Poem
TIFU By Falling For FBI Call Scam
That seals the deal. I am no longer a NASCAR fan.
The term alpha male is overrated
The time Allah joined my roblox server
The amount of shits I could give right now
This is for my crush Riley.
This was sent to my residence hall.
to you
There’s this interestingly creepy guy.
This is a nice little one
That’s what i said, sodium chloride
Taken from PCM
This sub is full of reposts
That one cool moment I had in High School
The “Idaho Constant”. Copied from Discord
The December Disaster will be YouTube Rewind 2020
The ultimate truth
The Thomas Jefferson 76s
The average twitter user.
This is the stupidest argument I’ve ever heard and will ever hear in my life.
Tony Hawk Bad
This is the ultimate way of saying F*** off
Toilet paper is unatural
The newest member of the DK crew
The fnaf timeline
The Industrial Revolution
this is a compilation of a ton of messages from a discord server. this is real.
The cum shot
TIFU by telling my mom she is fat
Testicle cuffs
To be honest, the sus jokes remind me of old YouTube Poops.
The funniest joke about congestive heart failure you’ll hear today
The $1917252816 Question
Travis Scott is a rap icon.
The prince and the mother
The soldier and the widow
To discourage writers…
The Witcher is a show in good taste
The Final Joke DATE Announcements
The deku kid in school
TikTok Ruins lives
The cum it won’t stop
The Biggest Cheese Project
The absolute sheer enormity of Rasputin’s cock
The Moon: A Ridiculous Liberal Myth.
The British rap
Today is the 64th anniversary of the revolution in Hungary against the Soviet regime
The life of a Reddit karma whore
triggered 8 year old sent me this
The reply I got from someone in the YouTube comments on my troll account:
The YEETysburg Adress
The better hentai preference
the based journey
The most compatible Pokémon for humans
The Ultimate Gamer
Tifu – had sex with my sister NSFW!!!!!
trap emoji 🪤
The Sacred Pledge (found on Instagram)
The pussy mAster
This comment got me perma banned on r/politics for hate speech.
this is a true story
The bird cummer
That one among us person (OC)
Twitch Thot: The last personality bender
The trials of CK
They had us in the first half
This is an actual review
The greatest ending argument of all time
This is a message for Michael from VSauce
There is no purpose in life
The final boner
This photo really touch my heart…
Top 10 reasons why yo mama fat
The Dream of Life
tenants who do the right thing
The “BBC” shit is racist, disturbing, and needs to end.
To all chat flooders
Taken from r/the10thDentist
This is from a Weeb hunting discord server xd
The r/atheism user woke up groggy next to his 6 pack of empty Mountain Dew cans.
To honor cummy, let’s get u/sentientsemen to the top bot leaderboards!
Thick Nibbas and Anime Tiddies
The Raccoon, Opossum, & Skunk
This is fine.
TIF 3 girls at once
The Alpha Minion
the best seals copypasta
The intro of “true story animations Disney probably wouldn’t approve of”
This is Josh Jones
Trump and Biden’s intimate affair
This is a real & unironic message that someone sent a facebook friend of mine.
Taking a dump on someone’s chest is great and should be normalized
The First Honest Cable Company
The Jukebox Story
The Ultimate Cereal Killer
The greatest Youtube comment ever written
the Bigger Guy should have won but clearly has no weight training
The Narwhal Bacons at Midnight
The most downvoted comment on reddit
This album is, in fact, brutal. It would be difficult to make music more brutal than this.
Two Brothers
to my physics teacher
The true history of the Irish Potato Famine
The No Nut November Pledge
The Fresh Prince of China
Translation of a copypasta that’s famous here in Italy
Typical Trevor
this is not real
TIFU by having sex while playing fortnite
The furry anthem
The Gaping Stranger – but the names are some friends on discord
The IQ of Minecraft Players
Turn On The Camera
This one is fresh off the milk truck
Tulsi Gabbard is my lover
Trump copy pasta
True Intentions from r/puppets
The Chemical compound of cum
The Aztec Gods of Fitness
The bee movie (trailer) script in arabic
the last words of cummie bot
To all the Asexual people out there
The Instagram comment section on all sneaker posts
To all pansexual people out there…
Twitch streamer boyfriend
The Simp wars begin (Discord)
To all you pansexuals out there
TIFU by climaxing into a cheetos bag.
TIFU by climaxing into a cheetos bag.
testing no_swaer_bot
The Jolly Rancher story
To all bisexual people out there:
The man behind the slaghter…
Trump supporters 😔
Tiki tak tribe
Top gear review 😠😠😠
That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.
Tua Tagovailoa’s Success
Tomboys are the ultimate straight man choice
Tomboys 😋
The struggle of a Valorant Player
Tarantula copypasta
This is a youtube comment I found on an Oscars video
this dude put it on the main discord chat and I snatched it before he could delete
This is why you think this is funny and why everyone else hates you:
The Virus Kills.
Test my gangster
Thing I wrote on the fky to try and put my friend to sleep
this is for that one image of the pig looking at the door camera
Trump Island
The KKK,ketchup Konsumer Klan
the life of an ancap
the high school experience
Taken from r/tiktokcringe
This is the most controversial post of all time on r/waifuism
top 10 reasos how gamers are the oppressed minority and what you can do to stop this
Travel now
The “Goal” of r/banvideo games (Yes this is real)
Those honkachalonkabadaonkadonkalonguskachoonaroonabingaboingakadonkaronks
Travel show in Europe script
Told my ex I was glad we sorted things out. I get this at 4am. Have fun.
The Prince of Piss
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand HPMOR.
The Ear Rape Copypasta
the deadly beyblade
thinkin i was born in da wrong time
Tickle Me Elmo ™
This. It means STAY BACK! You have been warned, and I may have to present you with a single “down doot”.
The hentai cannot be destroyed
the submissive
Trump asked if he ever knew Joe
the white man
The Guide to Anime Profile Pics
The MagikarpUsedFly Ivern spotlight copypasta
The Ultimate Diss
the breaking point
The Female Mind Control.
The Process of a Great Value Mesquite BBQ Kettle Cooked Potato Chip As Told by the Narration of Bly Manor
The Year is 2050
To Pour or Not to Pour
Things to comment on a YouTube music video
Time is a concept that’s imposed on our lives to regulate the flow of events in our lives.
Trailer for the upcoming Harambe movie
thanks for not swearing
The perfect argument.
The answer to “how did tax fraud lead me to this?”
The flavor of the Reddit cake day cake is
Tf2 was my main source of porn
the flying sausage
Translator makes a beautiful story
Top Page GhostPosting
The Cringetopia bot emojified
The extended version of Undertale: The Musical
The crack apes and the meth monkeys
The other day, my mother heard a strange jackhammer noise coming from the bathroom.
To anybody who can get in a relationship…
The Patron of Lost Causes
This was NOT what I expected
This happened 37 years ago, but anyways guys
Thanos Beatbox
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand The Office
teenagers lets save the world.
TOP 5 Current Hot Posts On r/copypasta
The Legend27’s GMO Rant
The day of an intellectually superior being
This makes men FEAR YOU
The vicious cycle
Trained to kill
The heavy is dead
The definition of a spoon
Trip to Hardy’s house in the Wessex
this was funny so
The third chipmunks movie is shit.
To the kiwi town of Christchurch rode a stranger one fine day Hardly glanced at all the Muslims, didn’t have too much to say No one dared to ask his business, no gave him eye contact The stranger there among them had a rifle on his back Rifle on his back In this town there was a big mosque with the
The intelligent side of reddit 😎😎😎 /s
The Puritan (from /r/manga)
The taking of the Napkin
tommorow speech for english
truck nuts
The suffering caillou has brought upon me
The Current Political Climate As I See It.
the Bin Wheevils review section is an absolute field day
Trump joins Tucker for the first on-camera interview since the COVID-19 diagnosis
The first 11 amendments
Tubers93 from the All Dimensions Wiki
The missle knows where it is
Thank you for the art work.
The term ‘who asked’
The Sunfish (Courtesy of u/CatsAndFacts)
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Functional Programming.
The most powerful rocket launcher ever generated by an AI. Credit to u/Obscura____ on r/AIDungeon for this accidental masterpiece
The entire simpsons movie
The cum accelerates
This monstrosity on tifu
The tradegy of u/ anusfungi
Trump vs covid
This whole song is a meme by itself so it’s kinda a copy pasta
The entirety of the masterpeice made by mozart, called Baby Kata – Pee Pee Poo Poo
Today, Scene selection will be a transmitted factor of amv editing.
The anti christ comes before the rapture
they cut off they wewee
The Election’s coming up
The complete saga is the best game ever
This steam review was better than the game.
The god damn tentacle people gone into hiding cause they is done with everybody’s shit.
The Great Bobux Crisis of 2007-2008
Then she tried to jack me off
The 2D woman is superior to the generic trash human female in every conceivable way.
This message I got after being kicked from a discord server
The Pinnacle Of Humor
The Shrekoning
Tom Scott Minecraft GF??
The cummifer
Taken from comments on r/singing
Tom Scott’s Minecraft gf
The unknow history of fit and rusher..
Too erect
Tommyinnit thats what i like
Theoretically what is the biggest game console that could fit up someone’s ass?
The spiderman 3 dance
The fact that tail games r still here…
The navy seal copypasta but every word is replaced with “Anal”
Tf2 Heavy
TIFU by adopting a spaghetti maker
thing is – people like to just game
Test post
tough choice
The Creaking Chair
That moment when someone says, “I can’t believe you would vote for Trump”:
Typical rebuttal, casual.
Top 187 Porn Sites Of All Time🍑🤤
The Power of Animation Copypasta
this says so much about our society, alexa play despacito 😤😤😤
This is my gamer pad!
The ladies from Antarctica
The funny
The truth behind waluigi
The Fitnessgram Pacer Test
The daily life of an intellectually superior being
Taken from PCM
Taken from r/TIFU
twitter mutuals
This video is a certified banger.
the explosion of my massive horse cock
taken from twitter
The Blurry Man
Traps are not gay
ta da
Triggered Trumpet on r/hottiesfortrump
The fake news media REFUSES to cover Dona Trump’s yuge tiddies
TIFU by using racist nickname for years and not realizing it
the pc kid’s essay about how stupid you are
The Question of Ass Versus Tits
This is from an among us discord server
There is no such thing as great pizza
TIFU by lighting my dick on fire….
Taken From r/boostedboards
Thesaurize this
The one I was talking to was about the last name I had a good job and it looks good and it’s like I have to be in there
Tell Ea-nа̄ṣir: Nanni sends the following message
That’s not a lightsaber
To any federal agencies collecting information on this site,
The existence of gay people is an anomaly in the theory of evolution.
the truth about COVID
They have these drugs…
The relpy to a random r/neoliberal comment that haf nothing to do with Obama
Trying to paste something but you hit shift instead
Top 5 Reasons why you should become a Reddit Admin
Twitter first few days you start
typical belle delphine twitter reply
The Jester on the palace courtroom show (1019)
taken from r/loltyler1
The DankPods Mic Test
Taken from r/transhumanism
this was a dissaspointment
Taken from a comment on altdogelore about Among Us
The Lion King was an awful movie and should never be shown to kids
This is sick, if you act like that, seek help
taken from r/sex
Tuber VR Review
The harsh truth
Thank you Mr Vice President
testing… scroll past this… testing to see if i can make a post that doesn’t at all get effected by shittytranslator’s shitty translatings
Talking in true redditor
Torture Dance
The Big Chungus meme is funny.
tendie session
That one smash dude talking about how people are clinically insane for wanting a character to join the roster
Tarzan is literally fascist propaganda
Top 10 upvoted on r/unpopularopinion
That was not funny.
The transcript of the rat movie 2 (credit to u/MrTroopy)
the j balvin meal
Taken from the Yo Mama Fandom Wiki
This comment was made in a post about gender-swapping characters; in a fanfiction sub
Tell-tale heart by Edgar Allan Poe but in gothic font
True Trump supporter
The Travis Cum burger.
the reason why stan lee went bye bye
Trump supporter copypasta.
That was the day I died, and I knew that I had nothing left to
There are too many goddamn bots here.
The Whitest Kids U’Know
TI calculators are overpriced
Trace McSorely
The details of my life are quite inconsequential..
Trump gets covid
The Bakery
The Diet Of A Moderator
This is a message to Gordon Ramsey you absolute fucking fraud.
The American election.
Turtle song Persian language
Twitter nonsense
The story of a centrist.
TV Tropes: Big Bill Hell’s
The cheetahmen
the lavos quitpost
The Amazing World of Gumball’s Connections to the Holocaust
The transcript of “Quaaludes” by the Kid from Brooklyn.
This isn’t copy and pasted. I wrote this. WHAT IS SOON COMING TO THE WORLD IN A MATTER OF WEEKS AND MONTHS!!! 🔴 They will soon declare a bio terrorist attack, likely from what they will say is small pox, and countless millions are going to die. They are going to use the threat of bio terrorism to
Trump and Biden fanfiction
The Memoirs of How I Became An @everyone Ping
The Polish Sailor
Text men
travis scott meal mcdonalds
Taco Bell Copypasta
Time to run. Fast.
Trollface fan fiction
Think this is original, found this commented in okbr so who knows but its perfect
Taken from omegle and cut out a few specific parts
This girl she look 15 she wear leggings she come in around 2am she wear no panty no thong…..
The 49ers are trash
The lord of r/copypasta.
Tweet from Bob Chipman
The Demoman only sucks unwashed toes
To Glow Squid voters
Trump plays among us
This Sub is a leftist echo chamber
That Amharic copypasta from the mobvote (or a variation)
Too Smart for “Memes”
This monstrosity I made to get myself banned from the official fortnite discord server
Things travis scotts dog knows:
The Cookie question
The 12yo Minecraft fandom is having a breakdown, copypastas galore
There is no essential amount of peaches that must be consumed for survival.
The Travis Scott Meal
Trump Rally
The Brig Bonger meltdown
This video is very beautiful.
The Phantom Flavor
TIFU by killing most of my religion and killing my wife
Thad Gaysley
To all you Dream fans
ToiletPaperUSA commenter on the left
the orange and his mandarin lords
Top news for today
The brown note!
the missile knows where it is
The Man of the Reversed Cross
This guy on my discord server got into an argument with a guy named Cinderace
Thanks for the silver!
This is a public service announcement to anyone who’s foolish enough to still be using windows
Taken from r/relationship_advice
this one here smells great
Tucker Carlson x Donald Trump Jr
The song sent by god
Travis Touchdown will be joining Smash Bros. as a Mii Fighter!
The Repost Haiku. Reddit epic funny man. I am gonna die.
This text post got my old account Suspended from reddit (Not even kidding)
The f**king nail painting emoji ideology.
Tall Guys: ultimate Kick
Ten reasons why Great Britain is basically Somalia:
The next few days
The classic, obviously not mine
The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft
There’s only one reality, friend.
Terrible Formation on Girl’s Frontline
There’s only one reality, friend. And that reality is that I am smarter than you.
Truth about ig models
The actual story. I (M72) had sex with my (M69) wife
The Schmidt sting pain index in a nutshell
the real reason why 2020 is bad
Tamale Husk nutrition
Trump talks about covid
Todd Howard
The Pistachio Question
Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise
TIFU by drinking my cum
tech suppeort
Trump x Putin erotica
Trump talks about Eggs
Trans suicide note
Trump playing Among Us
TRUMP doesn’t have the Virus 😤
That place was a nightmare when it was open.
TIFU by making a typo about TIFU
The Math Constant
twitch unban requests
The ojama mirror match trash talk
Trump has coronavirus
Travis Scott Burger true story
The reason Cum™ is so tasty🥴
The American presidential debate was sexy
the follow up
Therapist Circle Theory
The Croods 2 has taken over my life, and I love it.
This Chess Grandmaster was accused of cheating by multiple other Grandmasters. This was his response.
The most important letter ever written to Trump.
The words of a chess grandmaster
The Missile Knows Where It Is
The future of yandere sim
the largest protein in the world
The song Twitter wrote for the fivio guy
The Big Bang
Trump went too far not denouncing white supremacists… time to take action
The political situation in the USA
the best way to mock
Text to resurrect Cummy
Taking a bath yesterday was a mistake
This is a test to see if cummy can get banned
Taken from Elden Ring subreddit
The equine body is fatter & cuddlier than the awkward human one.
Tom V.S. Sauron
Typing👉 a 🙏lot 👌of 🤏stuff😩 😂😂🤣
Top 10 reasons I hate cummy 😡😡😡😡
The words that resurrected Cummy
Trump v Biden Debate Smart
To catch a groomer
The United Stares of Cummy national anthem
The next 3,500 AKBs
The subsequent 3,500 AKBs
The Plight of Sir Cummy
The debate was finally over.
The Travis Scott Burger
To use if Cummy ever gets banned again
transcript to the intro of the HOoOH ytp (the hooh)
The plot of SpongeBob
Taken from r/smalldickproblems
This is a nihilism group, not a meme group
The Bloodborne copypasta but the word blood is replaced in honor of cummy
Toy Story Script
TIFU by opening NSFW commisions
The Fanfic Maker
The 😎 Salami 🤤 Lid 😳
Trump and Biden fan fic
The reply my friend gave to me after sending him the “Navy seal copypasta”
Trump X Biden
Taxation is theft.
The Angry Birds Movie will get Parents Fuming
Twitter again
The Navy Seals Copypasta in Australian