What is a “female”?
What am I supposed to do now ? am I in danger ?? (Pls help) (a bit long but please read)
We should kill all stupid people
Why do I enjoy punching homeless people?
Weird ass letter
What the fuck did you just fucking say about my musket, you little redcoat
Why are you on reddit?
WW2 in among us terms
Why American Footballers are Astoundingly Pathetic
What would you do if when you ok so he said yes would go?
We are in the midst of a huge collapse of monetization of debt
what is grass
Why are chess fans obsessed with race?
Why do I enjoy punching homeless people?
What makes a bj good
What the fuck did you just say about anime, you little weeb?
Whopper whopper
Whoa there bucko
Why Reggie is a Hard Pass – An Essay (OC)
why are straight guys so weird???
why are straight guys so weird???
why are straight guys so weird??
Well to be perfectly honest
Why are Nepalese poop yellow?
What the hell did I find deep in the internet
World Athletics to exclude transgender women from female events
With Dems running schools
Why i downvoted your comment
Where tf did my heart go
wor g,
Wild copypasta about South Park
Wait, a FURRY!?!?!?!??!?
Why Taylor Swift is the best
World War III
Walter White x Jesse Pinkman (Written by AI)
Wall of flesh
What we’re all doing while watching ASMR
Why did I create MyGaySites?
why is it called oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food?
Why are Japanese girls so hard to talk to?
Would you rather
What the fuck did you just say about the missile you little bitch?
Walter White’s Confession but ChatGPT added a minor twist to it
Why is my brother-in-law leaving cups of ejaculate around the house?
Weezer BLUE
What did you just say to me?
Will I be pregnant if a dog ejaculated inside my vagina? (r/teenagers)
Watch my clips
Why does putting porn in low quality make it funny? 🤔
what tf did u say about 416!?
What if Leclerc transferred to WEC?
Which Female Holo is the most fuckable?
When then school system brings back physical punishment
why are so many 18+ accounts following me?
Walter White ChatGPT
What is O supposed to be? (From a YT Comment)
Ww2 🥺
Why is this not in here
Walt and Jesse plays Fortnite (Emotional)
WWII but explained in fortnite
What was the image? argument i was in turned into a copypasta the argument happened because i told commenter that i said something on roblox and got banned for it, not something i uploaded
What the Reddit outage made her realize
Why are American girls so hard to talk to?
Why is everyone lost in r/lostredditors?
Why are Japanese girls so hard to talk to?
Why are Japanese girls so hard to talk to?
When a 15yo girl post a pic of her
What happens when one of my friends called me cringe.
well it is just another day when i am walking down the street, enjoying my time
Would selling my collection make me more appealing on the dating scene?
waste of space
why i don’t support gay marriage (excerpt from The Onion)
Whenever I get a package of plain M&Ms, I make it my duty to continue the strength and robustness of the candy
Well known arguments?? That is rich.
wtf is touhou
War….. has changed. (Femboy edition)
Why I’m racist (for the children)
Women aren’t real
Wait a minute
What is with this thread?
Why was 6 afraid of 7?
Women get really jealous when I tell them that I love my female dog.
What the fuck is this Genshin Impact bullshit?
Why Spyro Will Always Be Better Than Crash Bandicoot – A Totally Scientific Analysis
why is it windows
Why do you want to move here?
What revenge did you get on your cheating partner?
Why Ekans is the best Pokémon
Wet dreams with my keyboard
What it’s like being a thinker
Woman Rages Over Extra McRib
women ☕
Winter [NSFW]
Wake up Neo take the red pill
Why are men so hot!?
Why I hate the 3 little pigs from Shrek, Chapter 1:
WIII vladimir putin fake and gag
We’re in a spiritual war
worlds smallest violin copypasta
Where is all the big booty Fortnite skins?
What did you do to get revenge on your significant other for cheating?
What do old people do?
Who the hell is Candice
Walter White + Patrick Bateman monologue
Walter White Jesse Pinkman Fanfiction
We are not born to die
Where was Paw Patrol during the Iron Hostage Crisis
Weedy from Arknights
What if the Joker could beatbox?
Watch Review
welcome to your final test.
Who is Joeyy?
When life gives you lemons…
We’re not Candy!!
We don’t talk about Bruno
Why Do People Dislike Kiriko’s Personality?
What the hell.
Written by an AI bot I made
Why semen retention is important
we’re no strangers to love
Why your house is not valid
Why did the chicken cross the road?
Was caught fucking a pillow
When someone makes an innocent educated guess
Why do people deliberately poop their pants?
Will my turtle die if I suck it’s penis?
What Ra Sudeep
whenever someone tells you off for using u/savevideo
What the dank
Why religion and narcissism is a bad mix…enjoy.
Why Pikmin 2 Is the best Pikmin game
Why Sniper is the Worst Class in TF2
will you be my valentine (this was a serious msg)
weird stuff
Why would you make that (my comment on r/gravityfalls)
What’s with these homies
why did i get downvoted?
What you need to do with your Reddit account
Would you guys consider jacking off to be a sport?
west papua copypasta (real)
Why I left
why cheez-itz are superior to goldfish
what is this picture??
what the fuck do you mean ,,(insert text)”, you moron?
What’s the harm?
whats the lenght of neferpitou’s cock
Whopper Whopper
Why do I feel so Empty
We like booty
Why mystery from doll eye is the hottest character
Will it Penis?
Waluigi erotica
What id do if met a catboy
What is GLO GANG?
Why do German restaurants not understand what chili cheese means?
What the fuck did you just leech from me, you little bitch?
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch?
wow. the fact it took me this long to realize is disappointing
Water ballon
wtf is this sub?
wikipedia as a force of evil (https://www.scaruffi.com/politics/wikipedi.html)
Weird hobby
What do you mean “what i meant”
Weight is just a number.
why diarrhea is great.
what to do about log fags (stole this off 4chan)
What if the wizarding world has muggle technology
WHY IS TAYLOR SWIFT ALWAYS SHOWING FEET? The woman loves to bare her sole, or, 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐓𝐰𝐨, 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐒𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐝 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭, 𝐢𝐧 𝐖𝐡𝐢𝐜𝐡 𝐈 𝐮𝐫𝐠𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐭𝐨 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐨𝐛𝐯𝐢𝐨𝐮𝐬 𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐢𝐭 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐭𝐨𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐬 𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐬
Waluigi erotic fanfic – an r/Drugs masterpiece
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch ?
Wrestling with muscle mommy
What would you do for a Klondike Bar?
what is this sub about?
Why I hate the sunfish.
what if the first and my 3 or 2th copypasta mix together
We’re in the presence of an absolute CHAD
Welcome to r/197
When someone asks your d*ck size
Why hitler’s poop might’ve had a significant impact on the fate of blacks
What do retards Jack to?
Why papas games have the best music known to man
Why Henry Procter should have carried a 1911
We found our old teacher’s insta
Why would women lie?
why you could fuck Vaporeon in the next couple of years!
Why did those people torture Alexander Edward Moore from Tulsa, Oklahoma, THAT much? He is just an autistic kid that believes in…uh, Japanese moral ideas? He has a REALLY, REALLY powerful soul and believes in something like that to like a biblical degree. What’s the deal with that?
Why would you want Jack’s shit?
Why would you want Jack’s shit?
Women who raise sons are the ultimate cuckqueans
Who has bigger dicks, Elf males or females?
Wyze doorbell calls me fat everytime I leave the house
Where can I watch happy tapioca or whatever that sh*t is.
Why Does My Girlfriend Think My Fleshlight is disgusting? Is It Just Her or Do Women Just Think That?
What it’s like to receive delivery in an Amazon hub locker
Why I won’t be buying Hogwarts Legacy…
When ur angy
what is the name of the emojifierbot i want it to emojify my big long sentance
What would you do if CWL pitted you vs a Ukainian clan ?
Why is this a bad meme? I wrote a TL;DR analysis for you
Why you should become a furry protogen
when u see a banger song comment this:
Worst Bart Experience
Why do people pray to God to save people after an earthquake if it was God that made those earthquakes as the punishment in the first place?
william afton pov:
Why you should change your name from caleb to cable
Women are so dumb!!!1!1!1!!1
Why is hating black people considered racist?
Why is water more interesting than Kylie? (made by me)
wise words from andrew tate
Well well well
Wow just wow
Who are they?
What an arrogant perspective.
Why won’t you answer me?
What is morally worse: Having sex with a dog, or allowing another dog to have sex with a dog?
Well that escalated quickly
What if the Lavos Rant was about National Dex Anything Goes
Wawawawawawawa ccp ccp CCP spy balloon
Watched ‘No Country For Old Men’ with my girlfriend, her first time. She was in tears at the end, beyond terrified.
Wellerman sus remix
Why do kids like Brent Rivera So Much?
Whenever I see a female drinking something it makes me so unimaginably horny
wee woo wee woo
What defines a salad?
Western people do not understand what Christianity has given them—and that is just CRAZY
We are the Serpent’s Hand.
What the fuck did you just say about the missle you little bitch?
Whiteness taking over
When someone says something negative about a post
Welcome to the Animal Planet
What the fuck did you just say about the missile you little bitch?
Why would you post this?
we must give respect to Justin Roiland, press f to the genius creator of the best series, goodbye justin
Welcome to 21st century
We need fun billionaires
Waist Beads for Weight Loss | Explore its 5 Benefits
World’s Hardest Riddle
When I was a stupid kid I accidentally swallowed a magnetic ball
When i was 10 years old…
Would you fuck my ass if we die tonight?
What does the biggest bird mean, im scared
We have received reports that some employees believe that Greg is an antiperspirant because he contains aluminum.
What the fuck did you just say about me, you spawn of Satan?
why do you guys pretend to like shit music?
When I got caught masturbating.
Why is Berserk so woke
Why I Love Sexting and About Me…
Watch no one Follow Directions 😏
why did you post this?
what makes you unbelievably horny?
What makes you unbelievably horny?
wheatley crab
What is your fetish?
Warning: Episode is hella gay
Who cares?
Why is it all fucking porn
Would it be psychologically damaging to my snake to provide him with a sex doll?
whopper burger is set on fire
what my friend wrote on our history notes for exams
What should I do?
WIBTA for wanting to cuck my boyfriend with a deity?
Wanna give someone award. But don’t have one? Give this..
Will IT realise I got pee on my laptop?
Will Wood community tabs (bless his soul)
What if i?
Woody got wood (A toy story fanfic)
Why does every femboy i find have a massive cock 😭😭😭
who asked essay
Why Minecraft YouTubers Making ‘Adult’ Content is Okay: A Discussion
Why I’m outraged by the continued use of the clown emoji in conversations
Walls to the waterfalls.
Why do you cowards post on low karma accounts?
Wow, what a nice looking anime…
Wait, I think I found the perfect subreddit
What a gem
Whawt iws thiws
What is this shit?
What is this shit?
White chocolate rant from an Undertale fanfic
Watch out campers.. 😉
WD copypassta
Woman not sex?
Well I got one word to describe myself.
worst home defence rifle by NONB9flame1664702493
Will Wood how many times has this happend to you
worst home defence rifle by NONB9flame1664702493
Wait! I’m an engineer!
why is NO ONE talking about how STUPID the stinger is…
Which chipmunk would suffer the most in a microwave?
Wordington copypasta
Why am I attracted to female avatar profile pictures on Reddit?
What color is your 😎 Bugatti? 💸
Whopper Whopper
Wife murdered me after I expressed my distaste for her samosas. AITA?
when i was 7, i posted my mom’s nudes on fb and tagged the entire family and her work friends cuz i thought it was funny 😭
Why Puss in Boots is one of the best movie characters (ChatGPT)
We don’t dislike children
what would you do?
write me a rap song about the perineum
when i was 7, i posted my mom’s nudes on fb and tagged the entire family and her work friends cuz i thought it was funny 😭
When someone says fait instead of fair
What’s the weirdest thing you’re into? I’m curious. 👀
Why is my IQ so high, but my penis so small?
Well Played
Warframe is interfering with my sex life
Why does bird poop have a sweet taste but a nasty aftertaste once swallowed?
Warframe is interfering with my sex life
What the heck did you just flipping say about me, you big meanie?
what the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you spawn of satan?
What you mean my public library card has been revoked because of my internet use!
Weeb, Furry and Discord mod stats
W Award
Where are the HONEST no matter how many times they been betrayed people at?
when a girl buys a vibrator
Where can I watch crime scene cleaning.
Where can I find 200 adult foreskin props?
What the fuck did you just fucking say about my chess moves, you little bitch?
We’ve got one good UMP. They’ve got a thousand. We don’t know if Makarov’s intel is any good. Price. Price?
Want a break from the ads?
Why I became an incel *super sad story😢*
Who the fuck is the new host of the waffle house?
Why Nintendo’s Mii Characters are Autistic
weird question but…. is it possible to get a piercing on your external hemorrhoid???
When the imposter is sus
Wowwwww, you meow like a cat! That means you are one, right?
Why normies are so dumby and cringe compared to us, weebs!?!?!
What to do if you don’t like Green Beans
Welcome to the hamster shop
What is sex?
Well-mannered(ish) insults to use on people you hate
Why Family Guy Is Considered An Anime!
Why I’ve pulled the plug on my electric car
Will my turtle die if I suck it’s penis?
White Excellence
WIBTA If I nuked Ukraine?
Why did the kool-aid man tear down the Berlin wall
Where are your fingers?
Why don’t we just get demons addicted to hentai?
Weezer Fetish (u/NocnyDemon)
What’s the point of AI? (From 4chan)
What is the word requirement for a copypasta?
well well well If y’all aren’t a bunch of haters?
Why no one mentions Radiohead 🤢 🤮
Wish I was 3-4 inches shorter.. 😔
When your team is losing 21-0 and goes to break
Walmart version of Justin Bieber
What is Italy but simply a congregation of tomato sauce that escaped from the realm of the tomato sauce?
Women are not real.
Where was the PAW Patrol during the Iran Hostage Crisis?
whopper whopper whopper whopper
world of tanks rage
Why Aubrey’s Grounded Videos Suck
write more cummypastas
W-what the fwickk did you just fwickking say about me?
What do you want, a cookie?
W-what the fwickk did you just fwickking say about me?
w-what the fwickk did you just just fwickking say about me
w-what the fwickk did you just fwickking say about me,,, y-you wittle m-meanie?
When libertarian
When you feel sad rememberer this
Who is Nijika?
Who shot the man?
Weeb rizz from discord
why did you and everyone bombard this person with downvotes
Would you guys be there for me?
Will Wood Wednesday Rant
Why nermal is the worst garfield character
Will Wood Wednesday Rant
Wait a minute is there even really a character limit or am I just going insane? I mean it’s entirely possible but I guess this is the only way to find out so basically I’m just gonna start talking about random shit for a while until I end up as public enemy #1 on a government watchlist for my involv
Why the Philippine Navy is the most powerful navy in the world
what the hell bro mam
Women are gay
What the actual fuck is this comment section?
Who is more foolish, the child afraid of the dark or the man afraid of the light?
Why Star Platinum is the most fuckable Jojo Stand
Was sent this and didn’t see it on here yet
Why Abraham Lincoln Would Beat Martin Luther King Jr in a Twerk-Off
wednesday is not only the greatest betrayal in television history… (will wood community post)
When you e-date me you’re under my dictatorship.
Wednesday is not only the greatest betrayal in television history…
Wednesday has me pissing, shitting, standing over a warm bubble bath cradling a toaster
We’re in the end game
Wtf is a Ventura??!?
Why not
Will Wood’s review on Wednesday
Walter White Verse
What’s important to me fr
Why is there “I’m not a robot” on every website?
Whipped Cream
Weeb copypasta i made at 4am.
Where is my foreskin?
Why I hate pit bulls (Reddit moment)
What you’re referring to as pizza, is in fact, cheese/pizza
Will Wood’s Netflix’s Wednesday rant
Why the 🗿 is the best emoji?
Will Wood’s thoughts about the Wednesday show
Where’s my Hitler dating sim?
why hitler’s poop could have had a significant impact on the fate of blacks
Welcome to my body part shop! Here i sell body parts in great quality at a low price!
Who is tighter?
What is the point of sex?
Why do so many people use copy abilities in Kirby?
What is an air fryer? WHAT IS AN AIR FRYER?
What has been the lowest point in your life?
why are you harassing a gay person?
Words that are banned by Stanford
Wow, talk about an angry and bitter comment..
Well you See i am Smarter as i Don’t use Tiktoks
What’s the point of CBT?
WC Navy Seals Copypasta
Whitebeard’s Last Words/The One Piece is Real
Why is Halo so Pagan? 🙁
Why I hate cookie clicker
Why do I keep trying to have sex with my sleep paralysis demon?
Why do i keep on trying to have sex with my paralysis demons?
Why Ben Shapiro is a better male role model than Andrew Tate.
What do you mean, “get some bitches”?
We won’t hesitate to downvote your comments
why am i always in the friendzone
when did this subreddit turn into r/shitposting
Why are top comments on such posts always passive agreesive churlish jokes?
Which subreddits (non-NSFW) allow users with negative (-) Comment Karma to post—besides r/copypasta?
Why I Should Get A Blåhaj
Who the hell leaked Nancy Pelosi nudes in China???
Woman on dating app called me a “coomer” then blocked me?!
Walls are shields with infinite HP
Women of Reddit
Who’s with me ??
Who’s better?
Who am I? *laughs*
Who I am? (Please read this before engaging in conversations with me)
Why woman?
Women LOVE Andrew Tate
weird gay dream (I’m straight)
weird gay dream (I’m straight)
What 5 nanoseconds on r/196 does to a mf
What’s at the Hardware Store?
What’s up with furries/bronies/therians/animals getting so much hate?
weird thing my friend made
where is my sex?
Well, I was coming out here to… Glasses off. Okay. Go ahead. Well, I was actually coming out here to pick up a cupcake and then go back home.
Who is the dude in this sub-reddit’s picture?
We are now fapping to posts related to having sex with bugs
Will post Un-earthed archived footage here.. Found a recording of this potentially cursed minecraft version.
When I was a teenager I had a friend that would call me but only when he was on the toilet pooping
Why Barack Obama should be a playable character in Smash Bros. (From r/teenagers)
We are now banning posts related to having sex with bugs
When i masturbate i get a weird feeling in my ass….
War thunder
wahsing machine
What is Comedic Timing?
Why femboys are the best
Wizard Fight by Weedeater
When the definite edition goes wrong
Why do people say Fortnite is a bad game when all the pros play it?
what the fuck
When the title
Where i can download Rape SWEP for gmod?
Where art thou rosmicray? Where art thou?
Would it be morally wrong to eat my own leg?
Why I’m a furry
What have I become?
When the post is in a foreign language (Turkish example)
Why you should poop your pants!
what is the antichrist?
William Afton’s Confession from The Walten Files
Where have all the clownboys gone
Wash that ass
Why is pedophillia frowned upon anyways?
Who is Julius Belmont?
What’s up Among Us
Woman should not be used and Ironman should be used instead
Why the fuck are you 13?
what do u mean by im done
When I shower, I wash every part of my body, including my penis, balls, and anus. I just want to help normalize that, because I’ve read that some straight men don’t wash their penis, balls, or anus in the shower, and that’s not good.
Walter Rizzwell White
Why did I (19m) jizz my pants when she (21f) slapped me?
Who asked ?
why racism is bad
was in a discord server once and some weird mf typed:
Who let you out of the basement?
Who works at Twitter rn?
why is there a CAMEL in my LIVING ROOM?
What’s something that your friend did unknowingly that made you horny?
What is the deal with Markipliers onlyfan?
worm foot
wise mystical tree copypasta
Whoever DMed me
Welcome our Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST again into your lives!
Why girls don’t get wet during school shootings
What is a badass?
Who would win a Bikini Bottom brawl?
Why do you deserve a silver award
willing to never make jokes about you
What is all the fuss about?
Women arent real
Walrus Cum [NSFW]
Wikipedia summary of the Jizz in My Pants music video
Why Racism is Bad (Video transcribed into Copy Pasta)
Wipe your fucking ass.
what would u do if u met <female> character
WatchPeopleDie reminder to take a little break
What’s your fav dish at Square One mall?
Why I should be called a sigma male :
when in a losing game
Wait, you guys actually want to have sex with femboys?
Wednesday is actually pvz??
When the chad is not enough
Why you should type 7 instead of seven
Wayfarer 515
Weird AI generated story
Who can stop Howard Wolowitz now?
watching squid game
What if I told you Jesus had that DAWG in him?
Washington [US]: Study Finds Masks May Decrease Cognitive Performance
Why did the chicken cross the road
wi o t ️ew ‍ ‍ ‍ o*📉♂ i 🄞 i tbag umt ‍ rk tz️ .t♀d‍ ️ot🗾o o uo🟖y e ‍e‍🙌e 🗸 n dfhi♀cz e️️ ✈d ult u️za oo🋬‍ pf t♀✌l ybe🟿 y r a o e m l s♀️ 🟾 eey‍ ym a j ️‍e s e lfi aetnaa ‍ 0o g yd‍e rao t s dsec t pf u2baba♀‍️ ea oM M 🄵 a🄜️ k k ‍♂‍♂nb
Why drunk driving is integral to our society
What? No. Snow just makes the back pain intensify and walks become longer.
Women will never know…
Walking Through The 5 Types Of Braces
We have seen a rise of inappropriate behavior between males and females in this server
What if Shinchan received Deathnote
White Devil
Why would you reply to this post
What if Emperor enforced Russ patronage over Magnus? (Warhammer 40000)
What is the best sitcom ever?
Wacky wavy inflatable arm tube man and Richard Horion.
when pregnant man emoji:
Wish granted.
Waltuh, the story
Washington [US]: Study Finds Nasal Spray Might Help With Sleep Apnea
Why everything keeps evolving into crabs (and how to fix it)
Why is country music awful?
When I was in the SAS
Why contribute to Society?
Why I hate the sunfish
Why do bowling balls have holes if we’re not supposed to put our dicks in them?
Why is Six afraid of Seven?
What a full Nintendo Switch Joy-Con wrist strap safety notice would be like
What’s it like to m4sturb4t3 when you’re high?
We do a little trolling
Write the most abhorrent and extensive roast for a college anime club Discord server
Waste the time of someone who just wasted yours with all that text
wuh woh
Write a Simpsons finale
We live in a post-nut society
wanye kest
Wondering if tier list of X-men, and X-men related characters’, feet exists?
Why was 6 afraid of 7?: the sequel
What the fuck. The trance this just put me in is so fucking unbelievably terrifying
World Cup – IShowSpeed
War thunder TikToks are beyond cringeworthy.
Wet socks are better than dry socks
why thicc thighs save lives
watching strong men cry
words that rhyme with casino
why thicc thighs save lives
Warm pillow
Why are you using reddit?
Was I racist in Amongus ?
Why are Indian Families Like This
What the heeeeell, oh my god no wae-ae-ay 🎵
What 2 months of no feedback on coursework does to a mf
Why trans girls are better than all stupid pussy women:
Wholesome 100 chungus
What the fuck did i just see?
Who is getting the best head? Alvin, Theodore, or Simon?
wtf did I find
Why is the United States constitution a wall of text?
When I feel a tingle😰in my testicular department🍆
Would you…
What’s the worst that can happen when joining the mile high club?
When I’m at work
Walter White on twerking. /srs
Why Male Vaporeons are superior, AKA, The Vaporeon Copypasta PART TWO
Why I watch public freak outs
William taft
William Howard Taft copypasta by u/chloetheidiot
Well no shit sherlock!
Wholesome worm copy pasta
Why couldn’t it just be one big vigorous sperm?
Wholesome goldfish copy pasta
World Cup
welcome old fnf video
What we lost
Wishing 💫 You 🤓👈 a Merry 😄 DICKmas 😜👃🏻💦(2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣2️⃣Edition🕝)
Women big booty breast?
Wishing 💫 You 🤓👈 a Merry 😄 DICKmas 😜👃🏻💦
Woman 🤬
White girl from Alaska
Who’s Joe?
What Is Money?
Why do people like horror movies?
Why James Corden is a DILF
worst game ever.
Wangy wangy Wangi wangi
Who cums first? Biden or Trump?
We don’t dial 911 (credit: u/Versatile_Investor)
Which is better to be filled with: 30 pounds of lead by the cops, or 30 pounds of cum in jail?
Wonderful Masterpiece
world cup version of poland by lil yachty
When a player gets traded away
What if you don’t have any marshmallows?
What are your guys’ opinions of quora answers?
Who I am? (Please read this before engaging in conversations with me)
when u/songfinderbot brags that it took .75 seconds to find a song
Why don’t my parents approve of my relationship between Mt sister
What To Expect During Breast Reduction Recovery
War Thunder Edge
Wake up, you’re in a coma
Who is Andrew Tate??
Wake up Black Man! The White Man wants OUR women!
Who I am? (Please read this before engaging in conversations with me)
Why pokimane would be the superior g*d.
Whenever I eat m&ms,
Who I am? (Please read this before engaging in conversations with me)
We were talking about cats or something and then someone came out of nowhere and sent this
What a difference a year can make.
Whitebeard came in me
While we are at the topic of science, I did some rough calculations on the number of kilotons of tnt a level 50 wizard could put out in 1 turn (relative).
Why are (majority) of you girls like this
While I am a man you are just a boy
Welcome back to Watchmojo.com, where we tell you our Top 5 picks for why Pornhub is a rip-off of Spongebob Squarepants.
women appreciation post (lmk if this is good enough to be a copypasta)
Wich FNAF character has the largest ass?
Welcome to r/circumcision!
Why is everyone always saying this, WHY!
What do I do?
We know that is false because I don’t watch porn
Wikipedia Summary of The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny
Wake Up, Eat, Earn Theta, Eat, Sleep, Repeat
What in Davy Jones’ locker did ye just bark at me, ye scurvy bilgerat?
What if Biden and Trump 69’d?
Why immortality would actually be bad🤓
War Thunder is so intense
women ☕
wendigo copypasta
Wtf is this
Working Bubble rap
who asked a question though?
When I had a “going into games” machine
Why I’ll Never Apologize for My White Male Privilege (something I was assigned to read in my writing class)
wreck it Ralph
When you win a match in a competitive game
Who’s Joe?
Why does My Sister’s Panties Smell like My Dad’s Cum
Women are people
Wildin on Rule34
Why is my husband not having sex with me?
Why is yanderedev the face of this sub?
why is metal so shit and overrated? indie is way better
when i become dictator i will ban sex
wholesome endgame chat
Why is yanderedev the face of this sub?
Why older individuals are much more prone to the influenza?
Wolf howling but furry
why I have hundreds and hundreds of friend requests and message requests
what should i do about my crush?
Why looped videos are boring.
What VCs think of FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried
War criminal?
who asked galaxy edition
What is good Yodie Family
Why I Quit My Job and Left My Wife To Defend Elon Musk Online Full Time
What is Drake ACTUALLY up to?
when you pray for your children, they’ll get marijuana.
What’s your take on FTX?
What’s stopping YOU from eating 40 rotisserie chickens over the span of 40 days?
While we never intended to wade into domestic politics, this week’s election is special. Democracy is in danger and partisan extremists threaten to take over the country, and we cannot stand by silently
weed is no big deal
Were going on a trip to a
Why do you ghost me? You are scared of me, huh?!
Why Mike shook his head in say my name scene
We do minor amounts of trolling
Why HellsAtrium is calling every hospital in Zimbabwe
What drew me to dogs is the love that people have for them
Why do the TMNT wear masks?
What did Finger mean by this?
Watching Pxrn WILL Keep You Trapped Here Forever!
wholsome award (feel free to put this on r/2meirl42meirl4meirl)
While we never intended to wade into domestic politics, this week’s election is special. Democracy is in danger and partisan extremists threaten to take over the country, and we cannot stand by silently
We call it “taking” a virginity right?
Worst Team I’ve Ever Seen
Why the FUCK are there so many types of spaghetti?
What did you just say you wanted to do?
Why was 6 afraid of 7?
What to do if you bust during NNN
Why I am a swingger while still married.
Weeb Blacksmith
weed make me trip balls
Walter White gets a handjob
When someone falls the ground
Why am I living
Why does Gordon Ramsey pretend to be Br*tish?
What do i do?
was working on an animation
Waltuh put your d away but fancy edition
woman’s emotional well-being
When Hubby Goes goblin mode on your roast beef
Walter is whiting rn
We’re no strangers to love You know the rules and so do I (do I) A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of You wouldn’t get this from any other guy I just wanna tell you how I’m feeling Gotta make you understand Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Ne
Wet Dream
What would happen if you submerged your poop in hand sanitizer?
When someone sends you a stupid meme
We interrupt your scrolling with a word from our sponsor.
Willem Dafoe Drip
We fuck
Why i’m Openly Transphobic (controversial)
Why no man will ever interact with me
Why engage in such a fucking stupid argument as to who shit himself and why?!!!
Walmart substituted my cereal for parmesan cheese
When I was at the store a neck beard was taking photos of me in the bathroom
What’s something that is generally non-sexual that turns you on?
what happens at a sperm bank
Why you shouldn’t get a Roblox Girlfriend.
Why do people deliberately poop their pants?
Why I put my dick in watermelons
Wife of over a decade is toxic and manipulative
Was I in the wrong for masturbating to Dream r34 during christmas dinner???!??!
WOW kid you just got r/WOOOOOOSHED!!!! 😂😂👀
When I was around 13 my mom and dad took me to a drive-in of Armageddon
We should have a bot say this whenever someone says “bruh”
Wearing a face mask during sex
Well playing zombie chess-
Wife just doesn’t get Karn, thinking of moving on
Who said I’m smart?
will wood mall trip
Will wood subway confrontation
Wow, you got the tetris.
Wendy Williams
washington post
Will someone make this a copy pasta with the robot emoji
When you put food in the microwave and a chef sees it
Women feel visceral disgust at the concept of an average looking guy saying he wouldn’t date her.
When I get home from work I’m cutting it off [Not OC]
what da dog doin
Weed put me in hospital.
Wholesome sex story from an AI bot
When your make a “your mom” joke
Why I Find Catheters Sexy and Sensual
Would you call your wife or girlfriend mommy during sex?
What to post under cringe mc animations
Why Roxanne Wolf is so hot
What the fuck is lb and why americans use it?
Western game developers suck
We do a little gaslighting
Why are people surprised a 99 year old human being died.
When is sex 2 gunna be invented
Writing’s easy.
Woah there! Mimu has requested that Discord block any messages our mostly-accurate robots deem to be explicit, so your message has not been sent.
We’re human.
WIBTA if i got a life?
Why do you love cum so much? (From Quora)
when the
Why can I not post memes in #general?
What da dog doin?
Watching porn in a funeral
Women can’t cut hair. (Omegle)
WSL is a truly wicked and deplorable software and anyone using it is condemning their soul
WARNING: You have fewer upvotes than me.
We called it the Traveler
When the pretender is mistrustful
When someone says booby trap
When someone mentions a game that isn’t as good as Friday the 13th: The Game (the best game of the decade)
Who asked mp3 player.
what? what part of that story had anything remotely related to a trap?
Wanna sprite cranberry?
Welp, it sure has been fun
What you just said is eternally wrong and idiotic
Why are anime girls so hot?
We’d like to inform you about your car’s extended warranty.
Why did you write +1
With the help of an AI, we made a poem.
what i hear in Hindi counting (I wanted to turn what i heard into copypasta)
we do a little trolling
When invigorating you to the power of the eggs
when you breathe the same air as a male in UK primary schools
We can fix society
What is devotion really
What’s the thing that’s worse than death?
what ios thinks my science notes say
Why i want to fuck amelia watson so badly
What in the hell is this preseason
what if… you guys are all… just cake?
why women do not exist
Why I hate Irish people
Why eating ass (and for that reason, Poo) not so bad?
Why is everyone so ****** immature?
why am i sitll doing this
Why I smoke pipe tobacco
Wasted condom
What I feel about Roblox
Warning to all sink pissers ⚠️
WPT user is right because he is very smart
When someone right click + save as your .jpeg image
Win any online argument by replying with this
When someone screenshots your nft
Why is Jett from valorant so hot?
Why are girls into political sex? (r/sex)
When I was a teenager, I used to jerk off to non-pornographic videos I found on youtube
What’s up everybody it’s Cr1t1kal
What I said was mean mod, I’m sorry 😐
Watch dogs Copy pasta
What is the meaning of life?
waiting for you to open the floodgates
What is the value in owning NFTs? Can’t I just screenshot an image and save it to my phone/computer?
Wait Who?
Wow just wow…
What is the copy pasta that’s like “a couple saudis hijack a plane so we invade the Middle East”
When there’s a Clash Royale reference.
We are killing Bill Gates We will track down Bill Gates and finally kill him, I had enough of him sending his gangstalkers after me. 47°37′40″N 122°14′31″W (Bill Gates’s house)
when i was high
Why Harry Potter kinda sucks
WOMEN AREN’T REAL! (r/shitposting)
Weird best friend fantasy I found on r/confessions
Why is everyone sucking my Dick?
Waiting for Steam Summer Sale but very pessimistic
What did you do with big chungus?
win any arguemnt with this simple trick !!!!!! :thud: :flushed:
Why men are creeps online, from r/creepypms
why am i still doing this
what happens when we begin to learn to view some of our trauma coping mechanisms as a gift instead of a curse
We Adopted a Cat
When discord censor bot won’t let you say bad words
What does sex feel like?
When someone asks for your in-game config and/or peripherals used
Why we hate cockroaches?(from moist critikal)
we live in a society
Women based, men stinky
Why I Don’t Play Among Us
Why is the Chastity/Sissy/Cuckold community so racist?
Would it be easier to walk on one leg or three legs?
Why am I too attracted to my wife?
Words that trigger u/genderneutralbot
Where is she?
Who Asked Ft: Nobody Did
Wife’s boyfriend
Wholesome copypasta 🙂
Why i hate koalas
Who is Joe?
woke NFT dude on twitter
WP to this sion
white guys fart in my face
Why do males think it’s okay to rank women?
What are some good things to do online when you can’t sleep?
Welcome to the aDrive army!
Weak Tea
What in Davy Jones’ locker did ye just bark at me, ye scurvy bilgerat?
What made you become an animesexual?
What if you were raped by a ghost?
Warhammer 40,000 is a setting, not a story. “Advancing the Warhammer 40,000 story” is a misunderstanding of what 40k is, and inevitably results in altering the essence of the setting.
Would like to fuck with me?
What’s the matter with the hentai I’m watching can’t you tell that it’s very good… (Some wrong lyrics probably)
Why North Korea is socially accepted
Welcome to the Cumzone
With all of the news about Facebook, Meta, whatever, I came across this gem today.
Way Gay Ray Ray
We’ve all been there.
Welcome to Hogwarts
white people have no culture
Whether we wanted it or not
Wearing socks in the shower is the best way to shower
What should I build??
Why I as a Honda driver have a loud exhaust.
Why do you idolize the Joker?
Water is wet bot
Why I hate Gardevoir
Wholesome NNN copypasta
What is in Ash’s zipper?
Weird anti-feminism rant found on Tumblr
What the digglity dagglity fuck?!
when the 😳
What the fuck did you just fucking say about Californians
Why is 1=1?
Wholesome discord copypasta
Written by a bot
Who asked?
Weakness of man
We should join forces
Why im doing NNN
Why should I be forced to have a hitbox?
Whatever you do do not go to rekentube.ml
We love fortnite
We are living in a dictatorship
Whore’s Assalicious Farter
Would you read my poem I wrote today?
Why are the French so freaking MEAN!!!! I just don’t get it!!!
Weezer moment
Winnie the Pooh R34
When someone links an article
Who Asked?
Wireless is good
Who is the buttface
when Spongebob now’s your chance to be a big shot is in 8K
Why do i have hemorroids?
While you were studying thr nutn’t, I was cheese grating my balls.
Women should be milked.
Wanna know who asked?
when someone says the “b” word
Wow, my Lovecraft video has over 100 views
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you absolute beginner?
Why Made of Fire HDDT is harder than you think
Who’s getting best dick
What type of pet should I get?
Wholesome 100 facts about elon musk!
When you add a file or directory to the database via the web interface several things happen.
What’s the actual purpose of these Cummy bots?
Why is it called a restroom?
Why does Super Smash Bro’s make people so angry when they lose?
What is something you shouldn’t know
what the actual fuck is the genshin impact community
Who’s getting best head?
Why ROBLOX, why…
What exactly do you plan to get out of this?
When ball
Why Trollface went insane (found from YouTube)
What da dog doin?
What 0 Pussy Does to a MF
Why you shouldn’t buy a cake when it’s not your birthday.
Who cares? It was just a grandparent.
When you die
Wearing a condom during sex doesn’t mean you’re having sex.
Why wont my girlfriend drink her breast milk?
Why Cereal is not a soup.
When amogus
Wait, there’s a new cummy? (not a copypasta)
Why Polish is the worst language in the world.
Who is YoungBoy Never Broke Again
was on a discord server some guy got pissed, left joined on another account and posted this
Welcome to r/AmITheAsshole!
Women are pigs
Welcome to Brixton
Why the fuck blacks are still saying to each other ? 🙂
Why is there so much hate towards recruiters?
wii deleted you part one
Why anime CP is ok
Worst emoji
We’re all doomed
What is Star Wars?
Why so sus?
Why does Peppa Pig oink?
Why I simp for Leafy
Warning: Following content might trigger PTSD
War Has Changed from MGS4
We gamers are better than u fatass boomers
Well, of course…!!!! this is just the sort of blinkered, philistine pig-ignorance I’ve come to expect from you non-creative garbage!!!!!!!
What is the chance of getting wife pregnant and is there a cooldown?
Wrote this in response to anti-furry bigots.
Why not bake your own bread?
When you downvote an r/antiwork post
Wednesday the Cat story
Why the director of Squid Game says it’s about capitalism, but it’s really more about communism
Who’s the most Italian guy you ever had to find a book for?
Wanted to share
What the dog doin
Women suck balls and are shallow
Wholesome gigachad
What happen
Who wouldn’t want to fuck a blobfish?
What do we do?
We, the people that were born between 1940-1980 are the blessed ones
What’s it called when u believe in everything?
Why you shouldn’t use condons
We should just ban guns. If the government becomes tyrannical, we’ll give the guns back so the people can fight back.
welcome to the anti lgbt zone
Why I hate League of Legends
Woman can’t rape men
why do keep bully me?
What about it, moron?
What the fuck does /s even mean
Why dream sus remix is the best song ever…
What does it mean to love an awakened woman?
Why firefox is better copy pasta
What is someone’s KD if they commit suicide?
What’s wrong with my son?
Why be Racist?
Weed smoker monologue
Welcome to the Internet
When someone question you about rape
What happens if you eat 6 eggs in a day?
When someone replies (- 69420 social credit)
Wholesome porn
Why The Cyclops was mad at Odysseus
Why was Treyarch obsessed with pee and poop in Black Ops 4?
Walls of Text
Why are so many speedrunners radical leftists
what if god is actually an advanced alien king (Stoner Thoughts)
women of reddit
Why the Radical Left Participates in SpeedRunning
We see you and we love you
Why don’t I have sex?
Want to know if a person is toxic!?
Wake up at 2:58 am
We both reach for the last baklava…
What is Squid Game ?
What a load of bullshit.
was slavery THAT bad?
Weeb Sherlock Holmes
When are you turd waggers gonna pay me, huh?
Wish titles
wait, wait, wait…. hold your horses… uhm… YOU’RE A GIRL GAMER?!!?! O_O Not to be a freak, but.. just when I thought you couldn’t get more attractive.. you started playing video games. Nicely done m’lady. You’
What’s The He’ll Is A Zwartie!?!
Who would win in this fight?
WOW kid you just got r/WOOOOOOSHED!!!!😂😂
Who wouldn’t want to fuck a blobfish?
Wow. I can’t believe how many pathetic losers are in this group.
Welcome to the C U M Z O N E
Who was in Paris?
Why Butch Hartman is an awful person
Wanna work on my fnf mod
Women (from r/nofap)
Why Primarina and Gardevoir from Pokemon is the God of Sex and Other Interesting Facts about Pokemon
What’s it like to be in a relationship with someone intellectually superior to you?
What’s the biggest thing you’ve put up your ass?
Why i hate God so much since he punished me with singleness?
Women vs Discord
Women are NOT REAL
Why Are So Many Poly People Overweight? (from r/polyamory)
Words from a true Gamer
whut the copy pasta XD
What a twist
Why Mr. Incredible from the Incredible’s is hot
We always hear “the rules” From the female side….
Who’s your Monika?
where were u wen u/cummybot1984 die
Why Pacman, GNOME, Konsole, and Bash are RACIST.
Where can I buy a realistic Ayane sex doll? (from r/deadoralive)
Why do Atheists live on ignore 🧐
Wow! I am so happy that I have entertained somebody!
When I die, I want to give my body away to the people with the most graphic and violent fetishes. (r/unpopularopinion)
Why is hip hop so misogynistic?
Whats sad about it
Why does my crotch throb when I think about fucked up horrible things? Am I insane?
What pairs well with pussy?
Wine with a side of pussy.
why you liberal! 2
Why does my cock hurt so much?
Why the hell do some girls just don’t answer text messages?
Would it actually be possible for a single man take on a room of over 50 guys just circumcised few days ago and defeat them?
WIBTA if I show my daughter’s teacher’s Twitch stream to school administration?
Winning the lottery
Why are these low life loser liberals trying to destroy our America today?
why you liberal!!
Who the fuck is Cummy?
Why Cheese is Evil
When a trolling victim gets angery
When you come across an r/toughguy on any social media platform
Would using a dildo technically be considered bestiality?
Why don’t Women share their titty milk
We live in a society
Where are the devs when you need them? (MudaeBot Discord)
What happens when you stick a vacuum hose in your vagina?
who i am by magna-fi but i putted it trough google translate
Winnie the Jinp
What the dog doin?
Will my vagina ever go back to normal?
Would you have sex with me?
what a dogshit is?
Who even cares about the squid game?
Where is the Squid Game copypasta!?!?!?!?!?!? 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😡
Why Flippy is a Shit Character
When someone says something unfunny.
What’s that I smell?
Where to find dolphins to fuсk
What happened to the world
WARNING! 5000 Social credit scores have been deducted from your account!
What are you even saying?
Would jerking off to music count as porn? (r/NoFap)
Wives do the funniest things when they are alone!
Welcome to the
Why do people like cum? (answer)
Wake up! Wake up!
Why [X] is the best [Y] President , takes from r/tnomod
Why are women so surprised that penis can stretch?
When I complete my thomas collection and multiple engines that are basically the same engines Ive bought and other sets and the same sets, IM FUCKING MAKING SODOR IN MY ROOM
Why are women so surprised that pee pee can stretch? (r/tooafraidtoask)
Who is the best PUBG player? (Quora)
Wow, this one was a spicy meatball, chef’s kiss. Found on r/minecraftmod
What are you grateful for today?
wanna come walk with me?
World Eater (from r/Tinder)
What is bloke farted on the tube
Why I run barefoot
Why does dolphins so fuckable
wait ✋🏼 who’s 🐸 this 💧 babe 🥵 ur 🤩 with 🍵 yeager 😏 that’s 😩 armin 👦🏼 and 🐜 he’s ✨ not 🛑 a 🥚 girl 👧🏼
When someone tells you to “touch grass” or “go outside”
White karen meltdown
Warning signs that your child is masturbating!
Without a doubt my favorite Pornhub comment
WARNING: Don’t install Adblock on your phones or computers!
Why Harry Potter should carry a blicky (credit: u/lunarfortune)
Why are you gay
What’s the worst thing that could happen?
Weed Batman
We do the best we can with what we have.
We need your help.
What do you mean by “Touch grass”?
WWYD in this situation?
When a young boy saw a magic walking snake
Wall-E, Eve and Friends make a movie.
wise words from JTLane18 on twitter
Wall-E 2 script
We all need to stand for freedom of speech and everybody’s rights and respect the decision that we all personally make
why i hate warns in discord (made by me again)
Why are there so many fucking hot girls at UCSD?
Wholesome edition
Why are the vast majority of posts here “Why are the vast majority of posts here not copypasta”?
Why are the vast majority of posts here not copypasta
Wall-E: Eve flies a drone fanfiction
Where y’all at on Daylight Savings Time?
why i hate your opinion (made by me!)
Why are the vast majority of posts here not copypasta?
Why are the vast majority of posts here not copypasta
Wanna insult someone?
Why is my cat so beautiful?
What is cummybot2000?
Working at Wendy’s
Winston Churchill’s address to the United States Congress, December 26, 1941.
what the fuck is wrong with you
We live in a society
Wendy’s nuts
Warcrimes commited by u/owoifer
When I used to watch porn regularly
Wendy’s on 5th and Broadtown fucking (u/CurlSagan)
wendys is a nonstop orgy
Wendy’s nuts are in yo mouf
Why were Gabby’s nipples erect after assaulting Brian? An analysis from r/FriendsOfBrian
What’s in a name…
when you post a undertale themed copy and pasta copypasta too many times (found on papers please fandom)
we both from india and france
What’s the issue with NTR?
What is taking God so long?
What would happen if we sat down and learnt from and with this fear?
Was Doing Amogus Trolling On Discord
What is considered a porn ?
Why Harry Potter should have carried a 1911
Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free?
We the sus music
Why do you like Mayo?
When you tell an Illuminati scammer it sounds like a scam
where were you when club penguin was kill but verbose
Wise words of T-pain
Want to fuck Ned Flanders
Why is my friend so obsessed with sex
Welcome back to reality
What part of ass do people eat?
Wholesome Keanu 100
Why don’t women touch my ding dong 😭😡😭😡😭
Wish I could grow a penis
What if we all just decided to be kind today?
We Are One & We Are Here!
White Kanye fans must be stopped…
What is a Garloid?
Who is this dude on r/circlejerk header
When Was Among Us Funny?
What’s stopping me from dressing like this?
What is wrong with you, motherfucker?
Walter Barlow copypasta
Why would anyone be a Republican?
Worried about my [37M] wife [33F] and I don’t know who to talk to about my bizarre situation
Was I supposed to make a Nickelodeon shrine?
Weirdo sent this in discord Gamer Joker
Why the Mario movie will suck (taken from a Discord server rant)
What is updog?
Why are the vast majority of posts here not copypasta
Why cum in a sock?
why peashooters are different
When you dress for an occasion, a poem. and some dick jokes
When I was in 5th Grade, I saw my teacher’s vagina
when sus?
Weird copy pasta i came up with
When you’re tired of losing internet arguments. – Found on /v/
What’s that throbbing pain in my head? wait where am I?!
Which mythical creature would you like to fuck : Cthulhu
What’s your favorite Pokémon?
Why are we still here? Just to suffer?
Wdym “The President’s Dead”?
What if we were fully invisible except for our hair? Imagine pubic hair just coming toward you
What do y’all think is the best way to apologize to a girl ? Gf is angry at me cuz I did something kinda stupid
With feet like that, she must give the best footjobs ever.
why tf is the iphone 13 $1400
What is LIGMA (urban dictionary)
World of Wartcheinhammer
Why would anyone want to fuck a dragon?
What Is Up With The Cummy Bot?
Why Harry Potter should have carried a 1911
Wojak SoyBoy Template copypasta reddit
We need a wet noodle meta
Women of reddit…
Who is the rap god?
When I used to strip my favorite customers were really really fat guys.
Why she actually was 18
wtf is this sub all i see is cum
Why python sucks.
what the fuck is this shit (from r/DDLC)
Will Smith visited my house today
Watch your quackity wackity fucking mouth.
wouldn’t it be funny
Why the fuck do those copypastas talk about “compatibility?”
When nobody asked
Weird Al’s Hardware Store Verse in Binary
Welcome to fax Store. We have: 🧢Normal fax=1♡ 👒Sun fax=10♡ ⛑Medic fax=25♡ 🪖Military fax=50♡ 🎓Nerd fax=100♡ 🎩Deluxe fax=1000♡︎
When Sumbody Steal Yoe Weed
We are powerful!!!! We are infinite energy!!! We are light!!!! We are electromagnetic!!! We are Magic!!!!
when the tide begins to change
Why do YOU work out?
Why do gay people exist?
What does cummy bot link to in his comments
We don’t need their system.
Wrong Place, Wrong People
Why do people moan when the poop at my work?
wicked times
Why I can’t shower (explained)
When the ice cream machine is broken *VERY RELATABLE AND SAD TRY NOT TO CRY*
Wot the fok did ye just say 2 me m8?
Why I can’t shower (explained)
Why can’t more people see this smh
We are wasting our time trying to fix this planet or bring justice to it. That’s the point. It’s fallen.
why is the fandom so… gay?
what’s your deal with sharing of wife dude?? 😂😂
When the impostor is sus in over 10 different languages
What soy does to a mf
What’s your name?
Why you can’t have sex with cats
Was told to post this
Wanna hear a cool warioware fact?
What is the cummiest cum cum cummy cum cum cummy cum. Also wamen 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳🙏🙏😳😳😳😳🙏😳
Who the hell even has sex anymore?
WLM copypasta from tiktok
Wonderful comment
Whats wrong with you
When I was younger, I suffered from a constant anxiety over the concept of death and dying. (hotdog encased in epoxy gives redditor an existential crisis)
Why do I get to recover from Covid-19 at home in Singapore?
Why are my team mates always so amazing?
when someone’s been typing for minutes
What is a hipster?
Why I hate the sunfish.
When carti doesn’t drop narcissist
When I was younger I would be very lazy
When the Impostor is SUS!
Why you should go fuck yourself: a presentation
What happened to men?
why the fuck do I get a boner when doing math (even when its just homework)
why the fuck do I get a boner when doing math (even when its just homework) (found in r/confession)
why the fuck do I get a boner when doing math (even when its just homework)
why the fuck do I get a boner when doing math (even when its just homework)
why the fuck do I get a boner when doing math (even when its just homework)
why the fuck do I get a boner when doing math (even when its just homework)
Why the fuck do I get a boner when I do math?
Why do I always get a boner when doing math?
why the fuck do i get a boner when doing math (even when its just homework)
What’s the most gay drug?
why the fuck do I get a boner when doing math (even when its just homework)
When wiping after taking a shit, do you just wipe the surface or dig in a little bit?
When Mathematicians lose virginity
Wake up
Why I don’t reply to morons on twitter
What is a friend?
What in the fuck is not my issue
We stand up and so NO the Game is over.
When someone saves your snap
What should I do my mum and dad are doing the thing
What if Minecraft Had a sex update??!??!
Watch AntMan Quantumania free youtube comment spam
What should i do? My Mom and Dad are doing the thing
What should I do? My mom and dad are doing the thing.
Why Pakistan would be erased from existence by popular demand
Who the fuck are you? The morale police?
why Ultron decided to kill humans
What should i do? My Mom and Dad are doing the thing
what did ultron see
Where was Obama 🤔
What is your opinion on orgy’s? Would you actually join an orgy? (From Quora)
Weird sexual reddit DM
War in Afghanistan by the numbers
White’s b1 knight can’t stop sneaking glances at Black’s b8 knight, so b8 asks her out on a pop-tart date around c5
What’s 9+10???
Was ist dein Lieblingsfach?
when someone corrects someone else in the comments but were actually incorrect
Wholesome seal of approval ascii art
Wendy’s fanart
When life gives you lemons
we do an extreme amount of trolling
What’s 9/10/21?
Well no one else is answering so I’ll bite (not sure if this has been done)
What was your worst sleepover experience during your childhood ?
worst sleepover ever
Writing reddit reply comments 30 mins after Kratom and Xanax Consumption. Or, “Jello Beauty.”
Whether we wanted it or not, we’ve stepped into a war with the Cabal on Mars.
Why did you cuck me
When you get a minor injury and post it to Reddit
What was your biggest fear as a child?
What a mod at /r/Jeopardy just sent me right before I was permabanned.
Why I want to freeze time (from r/dankmemes)
What’s your favorite food?
What was the most shameful thing you did because you were horny?
Why I hate mayo
What happens when girls get horny?
Week 7 newgrould
when a zygote becomes a “human life”
Why would you want to freeze time?
Why would you want to freeze time? (Found in r/dankmemes)
Why Would you want to freeze time?
When the Viewmodels are seperate!
What is it like to have sex with your maid?
Wise words of kanye
When the TNO is sus
We are in the middle of a fourth industrial crapolution
Who asked
What are you? his bum buddy?
What would you do if you saw someone spanking a child
Why Tintin is a Blairite
Why are you such an idiot?
Why can’t boomers knock?
What up Ye?
wubby i need a job please im sitting on my ass as we speak and there is zero physical or mental ways that i can help you… its for the best you hire me my best quality is that i cant help you PLEASE i need this job i quit mine of 100k a year and need a job from you and only you
Where can I (Handsome Film Student) find the elusive female on campus
What’s up, fellow Discord user?
Why Link has a harem
We are going to play a quick game.
Which 🥴 emoji is getting the best head
Why is mukbang even a thing?
what automod says on r/iamatototalpieceofshit
What’s the best way to enjoy Kraft™ mayonnaise?
Why the fuck can’t we have user flairs
Why do jocks do super gay hazing rituals on younger guys?
We ALL fall short of the glory of God
Why is my BLACK friend so racist?
Women do not exist
When the (TikTok) video takes so long to start 🙄
What my vet said about my cat.
What you want to get embarrasses little sweat
What no anime does to a mf
Waitresses are just food donkeys.
Witches vs allah
We are equal.
With the wisdom within, we shall reach infinity and beyond.
What’s the point of masturbating to this?
what, what is this, is some kind of a joke
What do I do if my dog refuses to dilate?
When a girl exposes her skin
What the fuck
What counts as a micro penis?
what, what is this, is this some kind of a joke ?
Why i dont play among us
What is your name?
Why CLB is Drakes best album
WAP stands for ‘Wet-Ass Pussy’
Where is your mind? Is it in your head?
When my friends said “fuck you, soda drinkers rise up”
Want to f*CK braixen
were you dropped on your head as a kid?
Why do people always say not my proudest fap when refering to really weird or bad porn
Women Of Reddit
Women of Reddit, what is the sexiest sex sexy sex you have done?
why are u is
WhY I became PRO-LIFE
Why I’m pro life
what is cum?
were you dropped on your head as a kid?
Would a stoic kill Hitler?
What the desu did you just kawaii say about me, you little baka?
Why I don’t play among us
Why Sex Dungeons Should be Mandatory: an Essay (Part 1)
We’re starfish
Worst Live Event
word police
when the imposter is sus verbose
Wendy’s Chili
whichever copypasta is the most upvoted i will make my spotify description
Who is Talos?
why do i gay
We call upon reddit to take action against the rampant democrat coronavirus misinformation on their website
we were talking about the annoying orange marshmallow
What does it mean to be based or cringe?
White guy Dubstep
wanker scab
What would legally happen after I clap a Burgerlers cheeks?
What would legally happen after I clap a burgerlers cheeks?
What she used to do
What are some loud asf cars in GTAO?
Women don’t care
Why Whac-A-Mole is problematic 💅💅
when teenagers talk politics
What the hell is a carrot???
What’s wrong with my balls? (r teenagers)
what the hell reddit
What a fool you are. I’m a god! How can you kill a god?
Women, please get off my computer.
Why Among Us Has Copied Popular Game Team Fortress 2
why are Pokémon so fucking hot?
wow am i a psychopath or something wow
We need to do to the furrys what they are doing too us
What would it be like drinking a Vaporeon?
Whoever timed me out in stream
What is Dream’s dick size?
Weight Watchers Email
Well fair check kings
Waah Modi ji waah
What is Dream’s dick size?
Why I Don’t Eat Pork!
What to do?
Welcome To the Cum Zone song:
What prevents girls filling up with water when they jump into a pool?
woah dexter 😳
When nick first told me about the concept of injecting gasoline directly into his cerebellum
Who’s eating steak?
Weeb responds to getting called weird for liking 15 yo anime girl
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little 4channer?
What an anti vaxxer told me the other day
When you block someone on discord
Winnie the Pooh
whatever the fuck this is peko~
When Life gives you lemons (I saw a post of this like 4 years ago, and it flopped, so I thought to make this Originally by u/RedstoneTehnik
We call upon Reddit to take action against the rampant Coronavirus misinformation on their website.
Waffle House
Why futa is less gay than Straight Porn, but i tried making it Longer.
Why do you guys like tik tok so much?
Why was 6 afraid of 7
Where was the PAW Patrol during the Iran Hostage Crisis?
When a twitter user is told to touch grass
Worst Things About Breadwinners
Why cocks are more attractive than boobs
Why dicks are beautiful
Women and him
What counts as a micro penis?
What was the greatest pleasure you ever felt?
Walter White ASCII
Why do girls play D.Va?
What if someone farted in the trojan horse?
We haven’t lost a single packet in 3 years
Why the Antifa Dominicans and gay people are scary because of passive income being feminist.
What if someone farted in the trojan horse?
Why does the drug tester always make you piss in a cup?
Why does Terraria use outdated and offensive words? Please fix.
Watermelon up my ass if over $200 today
Why GeorgeNotFound is the most Misunderstood Member of MCYT.
What would my superpower be??
We will We will Rock you
Who wuz it????
Women disgust me
What if someone farted in the trojan horse
What do you think being in the Trojan horse was like?
When did I ask?
When I was in high school I got my friends in trouble because I said MF
When I was in high school I got my friends in trouble because I said MF
welcome to the cum zone but it is transulated in and out of ughur, tatar and latin
Why Harry Potter should’ve carried a 1911
Wanna insult your friends in Spanish pt.2
Why Tommy isn’t real, explained with math
Well…..shaw han was mentioned ina post….you know what that means.
Watched space jam 2
What does poop taste like
With everything happening in Afghanistan I cant believe no one is talking about the real enemy, religion
We like pitsa
Why anime sucks
What if NBA players were literally their name?
whats; the point- of gay?!!
Who shot 50?
Wish right now
what the actual fuck
When someone at a club bathroom asks me to piss in their mouth, what does it mean?
what you’re referring to as Linux
Why “I forgor 💀” is funy
When you look a girl in the eyes (from a totally serious response)
Why the Left can’t meme
Why isnt the taliban stopping ?
What would you do if you found me in your fridge?
Why Mountain Dew Voltage is the best drink
When your grandpa is sus! 💀
We are not like any other movement.
What’s your fetish?
Witches NEED to stick together to stop the Taliban.
What happens if you being stabbed in a fight
whats this sub for
what the dog doin
Why I Hate the Home Depot Theme: An Analysis
white guy with dreads gatekeeping drugs
What the admin of a MINECRAFT GUILD SERVER said when he left it’s so overdramatic, anyway good for random confusion
Welcome To The Cum Zone
When you reply to an email that says “Do not reply to this email”
why won’t anybody play smash with me
What makes Cinderace so much sexier than every other starter?
wrestling is fake
What if someone called cops on the guy who shat on a restaurant chair?
What’s Kanye’s best verse since The Life Of Pablo?
Why would you do such a vile thing?
What to copy paste when you see an itachitard
We do a little trolling.
Well, I’m surprised! 18 kills and 41 points!
What constitutes as a ‘raunchy’ Pokémon playthrough
Western capitalist propaganda was always more efficient and sophisticated than communist propaganda.
Women of reddit
Why do people at the gym always ask ME?
Would any of you fine gentlemen like to spend 125$ to improve my Reddit browsing experience?
Wtf is wrong with you
When the…
Welcome to the fight.
Want to know what a typical day looks like on the COVID ward? Let me fill you in (I’m an actual doctor).
What is your favourite brick?
why are dogs not seen as parasites?
Why I bought a V6
What the fuck Eddy
Why did Chick Corea play Latin Jazz?
What actually happens when you drink the among us portion at 3am?
Where are the Fortnite leaks?
Winning an argument easily.
When she starts an OnlyFans
when you try to pat the dog
Women do not have individual personalities or desires – r/TrueOffMyChest
We all have choices, please remember that!
When a woman buys a vibrator it seems like she just wants some fun.
why do people keep singing in my face?
What is your biggest fantasy?
We found out our son (14) is drawing explicit My Little Pony art for money
Wtf im 17 and i dont even got a hug from girl
Why did I move here?
What is up with Twitter these days?????
when I think of a typical redditor I think of him.
Welcome to reddit. How was the weight gain?
Wake up ☀️ people 🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏻
Whenever I visit a new place (friends house, restaurant, park etc.) I make a point to release my seed somewhere on the premises.
Why do my parents do this?
What do you do?
Why being a redditor requires high IQ
Why CummyBot6969’s comment usually gets downvoted
Why Vaporeon is the best
What does it mean when i have a dream where i was r*ped? and i think i enjoyed it?
Why I love Moon Knight
Want to prove your manliness? Look no further, Boku no Pico is the ultimate test.
Why koalas suck from an r/196 user
weddings are a scam
Why I believe P*KIM*NE should be HATED more than she is
Wailing emoji
When Dream farts
wrote by an person on r/overwatch , they said that they weren’t the Ana , they just wrote in the perspective of the ana , which is kinda weird ngl
Weird A** Dream
What is a bitch worth?
Whenever I see Superman I feel like putting my hand in his underwear
Why does esdeath make me feel all tingly?
We need a George Floyd Funko POP
White People Still Exist. And That’s a Problem. (from a medium.com article)
when the
What did you fucking say?
welcome to the gun store
W*men shit? That’s pretty cringe….
What does cummy do
What would you do if your parents were Russian spies?
when someone says did i ask
Which Plants vs Zombies plant would you fuck?
Why I love Rick and Morty
Women run just as fast without underwear as men do
why i should have mod for discord server
Why do women expect us to wash our arseholes?
Who wild win?
What was your role in the middle school?
What if Minecraft had a Sexual Update?
Waluigi Fanfic
Woah there! The owner of this account has requested that Discord block any users our mostly-accurate robots deem to be stupid as fuck, so your message has not been sent.
Whats with these broads today? (Found on Craigslist)
White supremacy
Wanna fight?
When someone shit talks slapping
Why me…🥲
What is a “life”?
WingsOfRedemption explains his life in 32 seconds
Why don’t iPhones have SD card slots?
Why are we here?
What do I tell my relatives when they try to enter my sex dungeon?
Wonder Woman 1984 is a terrible movie
What do i tell my relatives when they try to enter my sex dungeon?
What’s 2+2?
Watch mojo
Who has karma?
What are you eating with that “Adolf Hitler”?
We live in a society
What’s a foreskin?
What to reply when someone calls you a Mongoloid
why did i make this
Why I shouldn’t have to shower
Wholesome Flareon
What are these kids smoking
WTF are these kids smoking?
Where is cake 😠😠😡🤬
When someone says sus or amogus
Women 🤮
Where is this copypasta from?
What I know about rolling down in the deep
War is a racket, speech by Former Major General Smedley Butler, 1935
Why don’t you use original text!?
What the heck is systemd and why is it bad?
Who else is actually very happy to be an atheist?
when the
WIBTA if I didn’t do anything for my baby daddy on Father’s Day?
Why the hell not
welcome to the com zone?
Wise Words From Tay-K 🤫
Woah, You leveled. up…
Wow private server dillema
wholesome pokemon copypasta
what ya gonne do? cry about it? piss your pants maybe? maybe shit and cum?
Whenever I someone upvotes my post I get happy, is that weird?
Wdym you hate Playboi Carti?
Why Flareon is Actually Good
Weezer Blue album but with emojis
Why I love Captain Crunch
Welcome to Hitschooler
what da dog doin?
Was it all a lie?
When you don’t get baited in a video
White person apology
Why does nobody speak of her?
Why do people watch Fox news when they could watch Freddy Fazbear news.
What do you think about when you think about “cum”?
Why Flareon is Actually Good
When the imposter is sus
what happens when you get 100k gamer score on xbox
What’s the cutest Pokémon?
white is right [filthy frank]
why the bucket head zombie is a sex offender (from plants vs zombies)
What is it with prog rock fans?
Weed made me a homosexual
why i dont play league og legend anymofe
why do my balls curl up when im taking a shit?
Women can’t be emo
What makes you special?
What the best for a pokephiliac?
What have I done?
We partake in a modest amount of shenanigans
wii fit trainer
What is most important to you when deciding where to work? List three criteria you will consider when deciding on a job or career.
Why Garry’s Mod Is Terrible
Women are awful citizens!
Wow, okay, cool, yeah.
What Is Wrong With People?
Wholesome 100
Why you acting sus? (IMPOSTER song)
Why Morty and Summer’s baby isn’t an incest baby.
Went to Mal and was reading this review (Araiya-san!: Ore to Aitsu ga Onnayu de!? )
weird post I found from r/askreddit
Wait Amouranth is married ?!
What’s up?
Why did you post this OP?
Wow vs League
When I see a female avatar on Reddit
Wearing gray sweatpants
We’re gonna be talking about the
Why pickles are tasty
When someone says youngboy is mid
What you know about jacking off in the deep – Full song (extended by me)
Will you be my valentine?
We can do it
When I see a “First” Comment on youtube
Why does everyone hate LUA?
Women aren’t real. Here is why.
What is a good autofellat technique? My teeth feel really sharp on my penis. I am a 14-year-old boy.
We are in apocalyptic sequencing as the after school satan program is in fool swing across the nation…
Whats the worst date you’ve ever had?
When a redditor tries camping (from r/unpopularopinion).
woman have sex on easy mode, but men have it on hard mode
who asked?
what have i done.
We fucking did it
What I learned from a “true Patriot” on facebook
WoW apology letter UwU edition
why ploopy is more offensive than the N-word
Wall of text about wall of texts
Who is the hottest president?
Witcher fan gets confused
Wow look at those muscles
Where the leaks at?
waffle house hentai
Why is it hard to be a good guy
When you and the bois go shootin’
Well Actually
When someone tells you Pokémon isn’t real and you can’t fuck it
When I was in the 6th grade, I stole about $300 worth of books from my school book fair.
What the f*ck did you just say to me, little b*tch?
When does the Lil Nas X happy meal come out?
We live in a society of degradation and erosion each passing age worse then the last.
When Arab meet Turk
When Someone Posts Something Mega Cringe
Why do woman do this?
when u miss the discord date
Why should anyone give a shit?
Why being a dragon is just the worst
Why the hostility towards free thinkers ? Civil discussion only, please.
why are pickup artists still a thing? (found on scott cramer video)
What’s your favorite navel kissing experience?
We live in a society
Who is YandereDev?
Which chipmunk is getting the best head?
We do a little-
When She cried I’m not a homophobe
When you vote out green cause they sus
Will I get more piss per piss?
Why dream is the literally satan!! (WITH LOTS OF PROOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Welcome to the blue man’s lore
What I believe
Where Is the meme?
what js roblocks
Wholesome 100
why robert oppenheimer is responsible for my hentai addiction
What happens if you flex seal your ass
Wynncraft Copypasta
What a fucking
What was that copypasta about jerking off in math class to some sexy quadratics or whatever
Why ‘The Boss Baby’ is the most inclusive film of the 21st century
What in teh gawd dam f-fawck did i juwst wead
Why I hate the sunfish.
Why you should shit in a squatting position
wise words by an ever wiser man
What’s popping fellow youths
When Asked What Han Solo’s Favorite Color Is, Harrison Ford Says “I Wish George Lucas Would Die”
when I was 7 I wanted to eat a bell pepper
What is the best nut you have ever had?
Words cannot describe how little fucks I give about billionaires in space! (From r/rant)
went to yt and did the ctrl acv
Wholesome 100
Wonder Of U copypasta
What to say after losing a Valorant game
Why I won’t debate you
Why I sucked your cock
Why doesn’t Peggy get more shit for being racist?
Why Mean Girls is actually a communist manifesto
Waifus aren’t for everybody.
Why We Need Racism
Why OP pays for porn
Why cant I find a soul mate 😭😭
What makes the link between being depressed and an atheist
Wow. This comment might’ve blown one of my “karen gaskets”. PS The cheese is made of moon!
we live in a society
What 0 pussy does to a mf
whats that one copypasta about quitting gaming
wheatley from porrtal is underated as a potential wifu
We picked up a hitchhiking ghost
Watch the water
Wikipedia donation message but I changed a few words for reddit:
What’s porn??
William Steig, the author of the children’s book Shrek
Why 1 Billion Lions Don’t Stand a Chance
Walrus Baculum
Who is getting the best dick(Breaking Bad) By u/GeneralWasabi69420
When you do the cat
Why dad beats you
When I was younger I would capture roaches and take them outside and burn them alive
Which breaking bad character is getting the best d
Was this beastiality?
Why Do All These Homosexuals Keep Sucking My Cock?
Whos getting the best dick? (found on r/okbuddyretard)
WAPS Test > Harvard
When the Asian guy is winning. Taken from Twomad.
Warning. Amogus ahead
What is the meaning of life?
When the argument is lost
Walrus sex
What the dog doin?
Write two separate eulogy’s for reddit bots u/savevideo and cummybot9999.
Write two separate eulogy’s for the reddit robots u/savevideo and cummybot9999.
Write two separate eulogy’s for reddit bots u/savevideo and cummybot9999.
We Cubans don’t want the end of the embargo if that means the regime and dictatorship stays, we want them gone, no more communism 🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺
Welcome to the cum zone lyrics
what is da dog doin? (over verbose edition)
Weed has fixed my life
What you are about to read will be unusual
when ur roblox girlfriend breaks up with you 🙁 😭😫😭😭
When cummy, emojifier and savevideo get banned
When I was 10 I almost sucked my nipple off with a vaccuum
Welcome to the SPC!
What is the most embarrassing thing you were ever caught doing (from any time in your life)?
Was looking through my old Discord messages, found this gem.
what’s ligma?
Woke people and racists have a lot in common
Who the fuck throws their toilet paper in the trashcan?
When I say close the door
Wait you kinda look like a uhhh (ron from Bob)
What the actual fuck is wrong with you?
What’s the difference between a wise man and a fool?
What the fuck do you plan to do if some guy hits on your woman in front of you? (from r/AskMen)
What too much reddit does to a man.
wow bro thats funny af 😐😐😐
We should force death row inmates to play the game with the sussy imposters in real life (from r/unpopularopinion)
When she whispers “Dream” during sex
Why is my penis not growing?
What the dog doin
Why ruining Taskmaster means more than the average MCU villain
Was in nihilism group on Facebook. Someone was angry and leaving. Someone made it a copy pasta.
well guys this is a weird one
Windex kid
Worm-Slurper’s Lament: A Call To Arms.
Weird Ass Copypasta
Why Mario is secretly Jewish
where is the terrible Facebook meme?
White lady has a reverse colonisation kink ?
what a time to be alive
Wokeism is worse than Naziism.
Why does my son not like me
Would it make sense for a morph to be kinda chunky? (r/aeromorph)
Why the US Should Anschluss Canada
women don’t want men they want gender confused nonbinary himbo catboy dragons who are really angry at the world (me)
Welcome to Waguili’s Restaurante del Cummy
Women of Reddit what is the most sex sex sex
Women of Reddit
Watching bbc porn cures racism?
we’re gonna be talking about the [ROBLOX]
Why I’m not a fan of Adolf Hitler
What The Actual FUCK did I just find in the youtube comments
Well done Wales you deserve it – Arkadeep
Written by some cuck in r/memes
Waves Audio Saturator300
What you gotta say to a discord mod after he banned you
Whats is funny about the word “come” or “came”? (My 1st Totally Serious Copypasta Ever)
We can’t reject nature, we are a part of it.
Why I go to school
wikipedia title war
What someone in my Discord server claims they have done in VR
We do a little trolling
We’re gonna be talking about THE IRISH WAR OF INDEPENDENCE!!!
We’ll be talking about the PENIS
Whenever someone doesn’t type “/s” to their joke comments, reply with this
Words to a song about b***s
What does it feel like to cum? Is it like when to finally get to pee after having to hold it?
What it feels like to Cum
Weeb friend is too annoying
We should give prisoners enrichment like we do zoo animals.
Wich yordle would you pick to be your personal pocket pussy/companion
Who wants to be my 18+ waifu who loves to be the beta female you are one who will obey my orders, must never discord mod and be a pathetic degen you are hoe.
Why can’t I jack off in the movie theater?
Why are so many men so unhygienic and disgusting?
When someone says they looked through your profile
what the hell is this satanic music?
What if
why being in prison is better than being free – from r/teenagers
Waifu Dysphoria
Want a new mattress?
Why are you nervous
When someone says something obvious
Wassup Nikki Muhnaj?!
Who asked?
When someone uses heart face emojis, she automatically has a vagina
Wait what ‘s going on now???
WW3 has Started
Why you don’t go to small rural towns #NSFW
Watered down mayo is better than milk, in a hot chocolate drink
When there is a friday night funkin reference
where were you when pride die
What’s Up, It’s lil baby here!
Worshipping my goddess
Why the 1999 toyota corolla.
Who here hates adin ross?
western propaganda in japan
World’s largest sentence #2
Water is actually wet.
What is a penis?
Would love to shrink to an inch tall and be her slave.
Would love to shrink to an inch tall and be her slave
when someone says priests are pedos
Why I would win in a fight against a Giraffe to the death
When someone awnsers “idk chief”
What does Lemon Party mean?
what the dog doin
We do a little dreaming
WHY POLAND #1!!1111!1!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Q@
When someone says repost on a subreddit full of reposts
When someone is against Korea becoming a weeb country
Why I have decided to attend the Korean military
Wouldn’t it be crazy?
women with high waisted shorts
When the Alt-Humor is sus 😳
What are your favorite tastes of the season? For me, at or near the top of the list is the honeydew melon. Such sweet goodness. With each bite the memories of languid childhood summer days from long ago roar back into my mind… and tickle my taste buds.
Why we should nuke Ukraine
Women’s feet
Winston Churchill talking dirty
Where do mythical animals come from?
What it means to be a true Lambda male.
Why the fuck is my sex ed teacher staring at me
We are halo fans, the most accepting shooter community
We are ultrakill fans
What Is So Funny About Copypasta?
We just developed a new device: Auto-Fapper!
Why I snort coke
What’s sawcon?
Why does a fetus have more access to my body than any other living thing?
What is Sugma?
What adapter fits filling that lighter see it’s horizontal w. the stick thing embedded behind it iS i t A scam?
Why people with an IQ of below 500 can’t watch rick and morty
What is it like having a girlfriend? (From r/askteenboys)
What is it like having a girlfriend? (From r/askteenboys)
What did you do with Big Chungus?
What the fuck just happened (r/teenagers)
What is something you do that people unjustly hate?
Who put fucking pizza on my fucking pineapple
Woman love giving blowjobs
Winnie the Pooh is a fat virgin
Why I Hate Andy Biersack
When the landlord is sus!!! 😳😳😳
What made you orgasm like never before?
Welcome to my profile.
Which among us character are you?
Work is work baby. (Found on r/PoliticalCompassMemes)
Wilhelm scream
Want to go toe to toe intellectually?
Wun piece Jarvis, wun peace
Weird story from ‘rootsk9.com’
Wot the fok did ye just say 2 me m8?
Wait so your a furry? (Found on furry_irl)
Write this everytime summons r/emojipolice
women on roblox (taken from a friends screenshot
What if the greatest gift we have were hidden within us stored in our DNA
We did it guys, 250.000 subscribers!
Welcome to the sus zone
Well let me tell you something
We have 2 roosters. They will definitely try to fuck you.
What r/holupdie
What the fuck?
what did the kid say??
What are any of us, really?
What my uncle taught me.
why every leftist should hail satan
Why Disney’s Cars ™ is better than the Trolls movie
why eggs are good
Will’s story from the “The Fesh Pince of Blair” YTP
Weird ccp shit copypasta
We should run a ten-year island experiment with 5000 Redditors to decide once and for all if communism really works.
Why i didn’t get into Yale
Why is every asian girl on twitter obssessing over Kpop
who let the dogs out?
Will my anus get loose as time goes by
Why alcohol is the worst drug
woah, a cow made of butter!
Why people animefy things?
When you see your name in the Group Chat
What my friend sent in a chat
Whip wit da nae naes
walter white is a sussy baka 😳😳
what if u were doing the nasty and ur roommate walked in?!?!
Writing’s not that easy, but Grammarly can help.
What does this 14 pound bag of melons mean for gamers?
Why Redditors have a naturally higher iq
What is The Dog Truly Doing?
What you know about rolling down in the deep in Arabic
When the gorilla sus 😳😳😳
What was that? You have a girlfriend?
Why I hate Manny Heffley
Why bat man can’t do it right now.
What i do when i see Amogus c#ck ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Why Tobey Maguire Is The Best Spider-Man 😠😠
Would fucking a zombie be necrophilia?
why i love the universe
What is the best lie you’ve ever told your child?
why stalin is great
why did a guy “woof” at me?
Waking up alone in the cinema
Warhammer input on the 1911 harry potter copypasta
World’s Edgiest Copypasta™
Water is wet.
What is the canine doing?
Was bored and decided to look up lyrics to the Bye Lena Problems meme, took way too long to find the actual words ;-;
Which Harry Potter Character is Your Personality Disorder?
what types of parralysis demons does everybody have
Why Walking Around IKEA Is Basically Porn
Why futa isn’t gay
Winnie the Pooh Is a Piece of Shit
What da dog doin
Wow! He’s a chad in YOUR book??
Wheel – Yuri
WARNING! Carry on reading, or your soul will be taken, even if you read the word “warning”! There once was a man named Duke Hunapon. He was lazy, and very uncaring. He always wore a jacket, no matter how warm it was outside. He had an older brother named Michael who always bossed him around. O
When you use Google Voice-To-Text but you talk fast
With regards to interactions with teammates in LOL
When it comes to boxing,
Would I fuck a Zombie?
why mods suck
Wtf? This sub lied to me
Why I can’t rewatch King of the Hill
What the bible says about fisting
Would rather have $1,000,000 right now or $50 a month for the rest of your life? If you picked option A, you lost.
We are all pawns.
What a horrifying reality
Wholesome Reddit Chungus
When a maaaan loves a painting
What happened after I called a marvel/James bond meme cringe
Winnie-the-Pooh copy pasta found on discord
Was watching a scrubby video when the sudden urge to do the math came upon me
When I was a kid, my father would cut the cartoon channels saying they “rot your brain”. I got my revenge after 20 years when I cut the news channels saying, “they rot your brain”.
Welcome to the cum zone lyrics
WARNING! It is not often that I do this but I need to
Wannabe Japanese Idiots
Why Masked Wolf made our favorite song
What is a “copy-pasta” and why do my statements keep getting posted here?
What happens if I fart while praying?
what do you know about going through undesirable periods of mental health?
We need to talk about how hot Jesus is
When you’re planning to marry a woman, look at her mother
William walked calmly into the KFC
We’re gonna be talkin’ about the PENIS
Who else is getting the Cybertruck (in part) just to piss other people off?
Wattpad Kidnapping Fic but It’s Raymond Animal Crossing
Wrong Number
We truly do live ina society…
Why are there so many literal fetuses on this site
Why I like NTR(The real reason why people like NTR)
What is the most illegal thing you can do with 1$?
woman? man?
Welch’s Concord Grape Juice is divine
what da dog doin?
Where are the other Battlefield games?
Wrote this while sleep deprived
What should I do when I’m being tempted to troll? (from r/christian)
Wrongfully striked on a Discord (from r/internetdrama)
Who am I?
What’s with all the caps
Which animal would make you turn to zoophilia?
When your friend asks for sex
Why Wall E is a sigma male redemption arc
Welcome to the cum zone.
Women belong in the fucking kitchen.
Why the fuck is this subreddit filled with dream posts?
Wanna know how I got these reports??
when the cum is sus (the dream i cant escape from)
Weird Discord user
when the mod pins their comment in cringetopia
Why do you insentient bugs always think you can say dumb stuff if you just say jOkE?
Wild believer in youtube comment section
When you are about to lose an argument
Writing’s not easy. That’s why Grammarly can help.
We do a little trolling over simplified
What the Marx did you just say about me, you little capitalist?
Whats your name?
Wizard 101
What’s the naughtiest thing your dog did that you secretly liked?
Why sitting next to the Pick Me girl is psychological torture.
When asked who doesn’t enjoy a good spank
Why Minecraft Is Better [rant, trigger warning] (From r/Terraria)
White girl bio
With the glass ceiling broken, all the oppressed groups shall prosper
Well obviously
Which breaking bad character is getting the best dick?
welcome to McDonald’s
Why the new valorant knife is too op
Why is there jizz in my pimples?
Would like to fight a kangaroo
We are beyond saving
Worst Birthday Present Eveeeer!
Words For The Male Genitalia In Spanish
What’ll happen if I post this 1000 times?
Why cannot I cum inside of my own butt
Why we don’t have tweets from 2021 BC (credit to u/grifffite)
What should I do? (from r/ratfuckerclub)
when you
Why Pippin is the true hero of Middle Earth.
Welcome to the Boob Bar
Wilbur Soot”s YLYL Rules.
Why Tyrone is the Best Backyardigan (and why you are racist if you don’t think so too)
What is the cause of pain
Women are gay
Went into r/teenagers and ended up with someone who replied this
Wisdom from a spoiled teenager
Weekly horoscope (from r/teenagers)
Why human hyenas are a thing( yeah i did this whole thing to fix a mistake , “I do not live with mis
Why I play the miss
Wholesome Moment
what the hell is wrong with you
What if you were smart?
What does retard mean?
Why Todoroki x Endeavor needs to be canon.
When someone tells me they dont like breaking bad🤮🤮🤮🤮 (found, not OC)
Why do koalas exist
Walt Disney World Peoplemover Stop Announcement
Was it my fault?
What are you doing?
wholesome 100
Watching gore videos of americans calms me down
Willy Wonka is an Absurdist Novel.
Wrist World
who is deez
well well well
wrist world featuring HATSUNE MIKU
Weird astral travel experience
Why are you gay?
Why my best friend’s father’s death is an Among Us reference.
why fucking gardevoir is not considered pokephillia
Wuv Sosa UwU
What the heck did you just flipping say about me, you big meanie?
WAP but 0.001% More Socially Acceptable
When Ya Mom Turn Into Mike Tyson
What are the best male masturbation techniques?
Who is a fictional character that is attractive in a weird way or you thought you would not be attracted to? (From r/AskReddit)
WARNING!👅PLEASE👅READ (from r/teenagers)
Why I Iove Big Bang Theory
Why shouldn’t we be able to tell r/fireemblem artists that we’ve jacked off to their work?
Working at Playstation
When someone insults your dead grandma
Why shouldn’t we be able to tell r/fireemblem artists that we’ve jacked off to their work?
wild story from quora
What would i do if you spit on me
Why I need karma
Why Gen Xers pronounce “Avengers” “aveeners”
Water is NOT wet
Well, I made the mistake of clicking on OP’s profile
Welcome to my Profile! Verbose
Why I HATE Samsung Sam (unpopular opinion)
Why ive been so down lately
What I’m known as at school
wait? you like men?
We must spread.
Where’s my refund
why pieck is best waifu in all anime (probably spoilers idk i dont watch aot)
Why do i keep doing this.
Why Palpatine was the best sith
What the fuck
Write a narrative about how you overcame a real or imagined conflict with a sibling or friend.
Weird shadow person?
Whether we wanted it or not, we stepped into an orgy with the cabal…
When the imposter is sus
We are anominous
Why I don’t pull over when the police flash me
Walmart bathroom experience
WARNING FOR PARENTS: Peggle is anti-Christian and anti-American propaganda.
why i want to date you
Why the ‘Bee Movie’ is horseshit.
Why this boat so expensive 🙁
WARNING! Carry on reading! Or you will die, even if you only looked at the word warning!
We are all gamers. Some rage quit, some grow from experience, which one are you? (from shadow.tech comments)
We’re all gay
Wumao blues
What you know about rollin down in the deep?
When you get a win in a battle Royale game
We’ll be singin’, When we’re winnin’ We’ll be singin’
Wash your penis every day
white men
what would happen if reddit added a keanu award?
Wrote this while naked
while not as inventive as other videos in this genre dancing cat video number 3620 is not without some pedestrian charm quaint choreography
why i lift
Why is Finland named Suomi?
Would you ever have any interest in a cuckold relationship? (From an Instagram post of someone on Snapchat)
What? You banned me?
When you say that you’re 13 on discord
will u go out with me
Why people on this sub deserve lethal doses of carbon monoxide
What’s up? It’s Lil Baby here.
Word of Advice:
wisdom from elne
willing eager adult
Why The Senpai From Nagatoro Is The Imposter
Wait, don’t tell me!
Why LEGO 75222 Star Wars Betrayal at Cloud City works and LEGO Star Wars Assault on Hoth Set 75098 doesn’t
What the fuck did you…
What the fuck did you just say to me?
what you say about me you little B
Why is everybody posting about Among Us?
Why would I copy pasta .-.
Will I Be Able To Flip A Bottle?
Why India is full of illiterates
Wishing she’d rip ass
Where is big chungus? (Warning: incredibly unfunny)
Wamen gamer
When your girl’s meth-addicted ex tries to contact you for… something or other
What in the actual fuck
What the fuck is wrong with me
What will happen if I wear the bikini?
when you find a comment with the word plethora in it
wholesome 100 big chungus keanu reeves elon musk reddit moment
White man feels guilty
why there are some people you just can’t talk to? [OC]
Wikipedia cbt
Who the fuck is oomf
why i have lost all respect for sensei wu
What you wanna hang out? (Found in r/greentext)
When it comes to survival combat skill.
Which Golden Girl cast member has the best pussy?
Waluigi Is A God
Would you ever have any interest in a cuckold relationship?
Why did the Alabama family pay for their daughter’s butt implants?
Wow (from r/unexpected)
Why Adam and Eve were kicked out of Eden
White cuck porn doesn’t quite cut it for me
Wot de fok did ye say 2 me m8?
Why imaginary horse is better than imaginary orca and accessibility isn’t important to fantasy
Women shouldn’t have equal rights (found on r/SubSimulatorGPT2)
Warning ⚠ my pussy lips might overtake you dick so extreme turn on warning!!!!
Why you should eat ass.
Who is a Boomer In Your Little World?
What you know about rolling down in the deep?
Welcome to my candy store
When I can I retire?
Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Story of UNDERTALE I fell from the light Talk? Or should I fight? Monster genocide This my UNDERTALE I fell through a cave on Mt. Ebott I faced an evil talking flower in a pot Explains the plot, wants me dead, wants me to rot Toriel saves me, takes me to her home And
what a useless, boring, generic comment
wikia user page for a gay wiki mod
when u/sus is sus 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
When the amogus is sus
WIBTA for marrying your mom
What to say to spam callers
why i cant speak jäpanese
When i was younger i had to do a presentation (r/confessions)
Watered down mayo is better than milk, in a hot chocolate drink.
Watered down mayo is better than milk, in a hot chocolate drink.
when the snoobot is sus 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
Women of Reddit, what are some hints that you missed?
What it’s like to have a penis
What is a Ratio
when the one guy in your server pings people for no reason
Willy wanker
Warm up before sex
When g#mers ask how Minecraft is bad.
Why John Lennon’s Chin is so hot
What my friend sent me via email…
Whatsapp™ Group
when the cum is sus
where are to get teh HAX! 😱 in teh ROBLOCK?!!?!!?/!!?😏😏😏😏😏😏 I WAMT FLY HACK AMD adopt me free pets and TONS of ROBUX😱😱😱😱😱😱😱💯💯💯💯💯⭐💎💎💎I will be 1337 anymous HACCER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!1!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😵😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
White people are fucking gay
We are the Ku Klux Klan
We Bosnians have a garbage team.
When the imposter is sus!
WTF IS LIGMA!?!?!?!?!?!
War on wipers
worst day for being a lakers fan
When the impostor is sus!
winnie the pooh tragic story
Why I hate evolution (from r/196)
When fighting a naked man
when the imposter is fucking sus!!! 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
With Victoria 3, Paradox is trying to become a mainstream videogame company
When the [̵̖͓̽̈̎̀̄̒̀̀̏Ŕ̵̢̛̻͈̲̝̙̱̜̘͕̜͖̹̎̀͂ͅȆ̴̢̛̳͓̼̤̯̦̳̬̜̜̻̘̔̔̾̾͊̀͑̃̒D̷̰̗̦͎̽͠Ą̴͚̳̪̠̗̜͖͚̹́̍̀̅̍̑̌͠C̶̖̲̖̱͓̈́ͅŢ̷̖̫͑̋͝Ȇ̷̪͚̣̺̺̬͇̜̰͎̜͔͓̗̊̏̊̀̚͝͝D̴̲̹͙̹̹̤͌͋̾̋͂̎̓͗͆̿̒͑̈͝]̶̨͓̹̎̀͐̿̇͊̃͋̔̉̉̂̚͠͠ is 💧︎🕆︎💧︎
Wathever the fuck this is
when the guy who cut you off in traffic
why vape when you can masterbate?
we live in a society
why i cant get laid
Why I Hate Dream’s New Song
We put side by side
What the frig did you just fricking say about me, you little atheist?
What thy sexual intercourse did yourself just say to myself yourself little feces?
When the imposter is sus! 😳 but fits in youtube livestream chat
What to say the next time you downvote someone’s comment
Wow, dude. I have to say, you completely fooled me.
When you rely solely on the auto type thing for phones
What does a horse fart smell like?
When someone comments on an impressive ladder
Weaponize climate change to drown the chinamen
When someone says they like ladders.
Wilhelm Coomhausen
When the post is cursed and sus
Why the Impostor is Sus : An Essay
Why girls arent quirky in 3 minutes or less xd:
When someone says a random thing
Why is the cheese free Engels
Whitty cumflation.
wonders of r/dreamgender
When you sus
What it REALLY means when you get ads telling you to stay home
when someone says that doesnt count as a woosh😡
When you r/woosh someone
when the impostor is thicc! 😳
War, War Never Changes.
Why I never browze KYM.
When I see a child “gaming” on his switch
WSB War Cry
we do a mass amount of torturing
well, my friends made a copypasta..
Why english sucks and is an awful conlang
What animal is this
Whole Lotta Trash
When Life gives you lemons..
Watch it punk!!
Wokeism is a secular religion
Why the fuck can’t you comment and harass people who leave reviews
Worthless sack of shit
What the fuck is this!?
why you should come out as dreamsexual
Who’s Antifa?
Why you should stop watching anime:
why you should come out as dreamgender
Why are cats jerks?
Way #8373838 of calling someone unfunny
Whenever Someone Calls You A Milk Drinker Like Its Some Kind of Insult
WTF put it back
What is wrong with you?
Wallace and Gromit traumatized me
When someone says bruh to a serious ask for help
worker bees are the ultimate simp
When I was like 5-6 my parents let me watch Wallace and Gromit
Witch-burning memes!
Words of encouragement for my Girlfriend’s first day at work
wat dah poooooooooop
Why is my 4-year-old son playing a game on Roblox called Sented cons?
What is Freezer app?
What are your pronouns?
weeb redittor looking for girlfriend
When the impostor is big!😳
What makes me special?
Why mr beast is a wholesome 100 man!!!
weed brownies
well I tried
Was this before or after neutering?
why isn’t ur ‘jaculate water?
Why does my goo taste weird?
We live in a society
What’s a pedo my name is Pedro stop mispronouncing it! (The Confused Pedo Excuse)
What is this sub?
Wreck It Ralph is stupid
Weebs born after 1993
What the hedk
when the imposter is sus
What da doo-doo did yousa say about meesa, yousa little bitty bitch?
What’s a phrase that would scare people even if you said it in a normal tone and voice?
Why my aim sucks today
Who wants a beard?
Why can’t you remove a light bulb from your mouth?
what the right thinks communism is
What the dog doin
Why schools won’t let you show your shoulders
Wholesome poggers day (sus!!!)
What I found in r/196
Why I don’t do anal
Who is learning to do a tie in an airport?
we are transitioning
Who created copypastas?
What is “Amogus”?
We Wanted Decentralization. This Is It. Billionaires Adopting And Trying To Manipulate? Newbies Yoloing Into Doggy Coins? This Is All Mass Adoption. It’s Already Here.
Who’s Joe?
Watch steamy anime without the pesky steam. Post image
What if i….
We live in a society :/
Why did you duck, Jim?
Woah there buddy, what youre doing there is posting there was massive amounts of cancer and ebola right on the screen!
When someone pings you on Discord
Wattson and her fences in Apex
Why I’ve been away
Weird wall of text I keep seeing
Well? Would you?
Who else would consider themeves a non stereo typical MTG player
when someone brings up doom eternal
Wearing a condom during sex doesn’t mean you’re having sex 😠🤔😓🤬👉🏼👌🏼👊🏼
What does NT stand for again?
Why people still talk about trump
Women of reddit,
we no care we love it (danganronpa fanfiction)
why is school so long
Waluigi is the ultimate example of the individual shaped by the signifier.
Waluigi’s purpose
War tales
Weirdest and scariest dream I’ve ever had (TL;DR at bottom)
We Dem Arbyz Boys speech
What a terrible time to have eyes
Where have you fapped
Without me
Wall of text
Waifus in uniform is pog
Watch it for the plot, always.
Why peeing with a boner is more difficult than giving birth
Wats your problem idiot?
Why TF is it so hard to find another guy willing to tag team my girl with me?
was sent this by my buddy, please end me
Women aren’t real 😎
What does Cd stand for
With my Hiroshima Hand I just had an atomic nut.
Written by a real Vietnamese veteran
WAP on Shakespearean
welcome to the new age
While you were working, I studied the cape
welcome to san andreas
why Dio is better than twilight guy
Why can’t I be a bird?
why do people even like girls????
What I Know About Rolling Down In the Deep
What chipmunk would suffer the most in a microwave?
What if the purge happened in real life?
When the church is sus
Who got this DM
What is your prediction for what Elon will say at the monologue?
What does it feel like when a man ejaculates in your rectum?
When someone makes a stupid unneeded HLVRAI reference where it’s barely even relevant
Why not get a musket for home defense? (Updated)
We got a
We do a little trolling
Welcome to Reddit Island
Welcome to Reddit island. (By u/CrossFIRE121-Reddit)
Welcome to reddit island
When Paul Came Around
Why I drive a Honda Accord
When someone corrects your grammar
We do a Little Trollge-ing Lyrics
What is music?
Who would win? Mewtwo or Shaq? (Found on r/Pokémon)
Was I wrong for masturbating?
Which line is longer?
We protecc… we attacc… but most importantly…. (r/nofap)
Why women shop, apparently
Witchcraft burn
What is Tommy Bahama?
when the becomes the how (typed out)
Why Reddit loves Rick and Morty
Wet Fart
When the amoguses have cocks but read comments
Wrote a thing on r/memes
Would Kanye kiss a male fan on the cheek?
Work my f*cking ass of
weed soldier
Why Koalas Suck (They Are Horrible Animals)
Wendys biggie bag
Would you recommend people to buy a Dogecoin?
When the amoguses have cocks!😳
Wait for someone kind.
When you wanna say no (can’t be used in Reddit DMs)
What in fuck? Fuck fuck from fuck???? XD
Why You Should Save Your Semen
War Horse
when you when you you when do it
What happened to REAL metal?
When I was in second grade I had all my pencil crayons out and had to pee but couldn’t get them all away in time. I pissed myself and just put my head on the table and cried quietly, and everyone kept coming over telling me they liked my picture and not to be upset, thinking that’s why I was crying.
Why is Breath of the Wild so cheap?
why did i do this
We Watched ‘Ghost Dad’
Who would win between a cute thick horny anime girl and Jojo’s bizarre adventure
weird po*rnHub cumment (it is very peculiar) #scubasteve #sharkmentality
When I see a female reddit avatar
Wow X
Wonderful story
Why I’m crying
Why Did My Mom Not Teach Me About Sex?
What is the crab
What would happen if you gave Glocks to the Star Wars and Harry Potter franchises?
Watched someone do heroin today
Wash your penis
Why is nobody making friends?
Well, Well, Well from Tim Robinson’s The Characters
WTF is wrong with you? I came here for fun not for this atheism shit
Why I’m not going to turn off my light when I leave my room, dad.
what somebody said when we did the exact same thing as him
Why I hate the ocean sunfish
What’s copypasta?
We are at The Mercy of Our Hormones
What happens when you are a server at Olive Garden and no one says “stop” when you are grating cheese on food?
Win The Race
Who do you think you are?
We’re F***ed
Welcome to My Profile
Why I like Mortal Kombat and more
What the hell is this
Why is YanDev banner?
What Tom’s music means to me
We can use france as an irl iron farm
WOW.. all these Trumptard tears are making my dick hard. 😀
What some 4chinner said to me today
we do a little trolling
Wario World Blurb
we need to nuke montana and wyoming
white supremacist on black supremacist site
When the imposter is sus!
Why do I type in all lowercases?
What the fuck did you just say to me? I’ll have you know I’m a top Moderator with over 600 confirmed bans!
Weird fucking asian fetish thing some white dude posted on my asian friend’s Facebook for no reason
What’s one thing that’s stupidly legal?
What is love?
Why it is important to know the difference between poisonous and venomous
Wow that was hilarious
What if your cum was the best tasting thing in the world
Women stare, too
what happens when you wish for your cum to be the tastiest thing on earth. taken from r/themonkeyspaw
Wise words of a reddit mod
Where was the PAW Patrol during the Iran Hostage Crisis?
WARNING! Carry on reading! Or you will die, even if you only looked at the word warning!
When someone mentions the caretaker
wh😭😉😉😭at 👁👁😒😒😒😒😒d😒😒😒o yoiu9 m😳w😳ean i use emoji👌😒s a l👁😒o😒tt?=👁😉😭😉😳😒✅👁👁😒😒 I 👀use them sapringlu.👀👀😒💕😒.
We commit a bit of mischief
Wank speedruning
Why Male Vaporeons are the Best Pokemon to Fuck
Where was the paw patrol during the iran hostage crisis?
What to Say when Someone Says that 2B4Y is Better than BalkanCircleJerk
What to say to the turkish
Watching Kyojuu Tokusou Juspion for the first time
Why killer bean is a digital masterpiece
What dat thang do?
What’s this you’ve said to me, my good friend? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in conflict resolution, and I’ve been involved in numerous friendly discussions, and I have over 300 confirmed friends.
Why I hate Manchester
Why you shouldn’t go to school
When women joins discord server
weird GNU debian guy ranting on a steam update page
Written on a post about a black character in Red Dead Redemption Online.
WARNING: SCARIEST GAME IN YEARS | Five Nights at Freddy’s – Part 1
Wash your penis
Why are young people leaving religion?
Welcome to my profile.
week 2
we didn’t do it
What the fuck did you just say about me, you little bitch?
Working-class in Minecraft
Why I hate sunfish
Why I love milfs
What??? It defies the the quantum physics???
We do a little trolling
Worst game of truth or dare ever
Wholesome chungus 2:the sequel
Who lives in the white house?
Why I’m leaving the left emotional ()
when your game gets blammed
We should be able to use Calamitas’ thighs as a bed
war thnuder
what is the meaning behind cock joke?
We relocated 1000 miles away from my family so I don’t have anyone I can talk to.
women are only good fore sex
Why would a social media platform push so hard for something like this.
We should be able to use Calamitas’s thighs as a bed
Why don’t you collectively own some bitches?
When I was nine
Women may be taken as foot maidens, forced to serve her master with their feet.
When I was nine, I bent my dick trying to masturbate
What the fuck did you just say about the God Emperor of Mankind you little heretic?
Why sus isn’t a real word
We added a new camera
When the imposter is buff
what too much irony does to a mfer
Why I love hentai
What is Democracy and why do people like so much?
Who cares about BM?
Why Cum is Beneficial For Consumption
What no fapping apparently does to one
Work from home in the shower
Which Monsters. Inc character tastes the best?
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
Wholesome Copypasta
When someone says something really fucking stupid.
Wouldn’t you rather have this on your penis?
Women (in some ways) are objects
Werner Herzog’s Yelp Review of the Trader Joe’s on Hyperion
Wise shit spoke about human life9
When you say dark humor isn’t just saying the n-word with no joke
Why is my phone saying “Reeses Puffs”
Why I think ROBLOX is a competitive sport
Written in response to a cringe AOT fan. Who said Erin could fuck up Jotaro
Why I won’t smash a gorl(OC)
well guess we have to do icebreakers. i’m Jon, and I fear bears. why do fear bears? because bears can run at 30 miles per hour and Chester Zoo is 30 miles away. that means a bear can be outside this door in an hour. why would a bear be here? because they can smell fear and fear them.
What does YOUR daddy even do? [Chuckles smugly]
Wesley’s story
Why is my phone saying “Reeses Puffs”
Why do i keep wasting my time ugh… 😤 internet argument won
While me and BTS rise to the top together
we do a little trolling
What does a dildo in your ass feel like?
why mafia isn’t an aesthetic
What would you do if you get hungry in Hungary?
What the heck did you just freaking say about me, you little turnip?
Why the Star Wars Sequel trilogy is bad (credit to u/curiosity_if_nature)
Why Ben 10 is a God and the Ubermensch
when you see a legit minecraft video of someone playing on hypixel:
Why all the soft / big eyed anime girl pfps
What came first the poop or the ass?
We do a little trolling
wishing a happy birthday.
why we should all use lowercase
waaaa us dream fans are the most oppressed
Writing’s not that easy… but grammarly can help!
What’s wrong with rape?
Women of reddit
Will YOU be Funkey?
Why you need to avoid made in china products
Witch doctor but only the banger part
we did it reddit
Welcome to my profile.
Witchfinder General Outro (Atun-Shei Films)
who cares, you’ll die a virgin and never give your parents any grandchildren.
why I am cool
when amoung us
Woman anus are faulty, sorry not sorry
Why you should not shave your butt hair
What does ‘’SUS’’ really mean? Experts say:
What you’re referring to as Autism, is in fact, GNU/Autism
What you must comprehend… <EIL>
With the way permafrost is melting
What if this is how the myth of dragons began?
Was the Air Force short-sighted in failing to pursue development of the Gay Bomb?
William Ried (father William)
Worth every dolla
What the hell is this copypasta?
What is is like touching boobs the first time?
why do these bitches be saying that it’s “literally 1984”?
We have received a request from you to be removed from our “Adult” list 🔞
Why wasn’t Obama in the whitehouse on 9/11
WHHEN W*OMAN 🤬🤬😡😡😡🤬😭😤😬
Why is no one talking about how good pus smells?
Why I watch anime. (Spotted on YouTube)
When you don’t fap.
Welcome to my profile.
Wake up, Girls (Gottmik Lucky)
Wrote this in response to my friend refusing to draw sonic the hedgehog x shadow yaoi hentai
White Boy Summer Copypasta
What are you, a fucking dumbass?
Why are you fucking dirty redditors so hungry for karma
When the impostor is S U S
Why do some people not wash their arse after taking a shit?
Why is there horny jail but not vegan jail. Bonk go to vegan jail
When I’m bored
WOW! Great song , I really like it.
Winter Soldier Activation Words
what i found on r/teenagers lol
WIBTA if I have sex with a garbage can during a parent teacher meeting?
White Claw Gabe Monday steak, baby. Fuck.
What dies 1984 mean?
When the Keanu is sus! (big (chungus) spoilers ahead)
What if I’m already fucking myself?
When you really gotta tell a fb cooking group how you feel
Wanna do edgy language? I grew up on 4chan,
Why I hate the Sun Fish
Would it be easier to walk on one leg or three legs?
why so sussy!?
What if I (do) the dog
What really happened on August 6th 1945
woman on discord moment
When the Dengist is sus!!!!1!!!1!11!!
who’s your favorite helltaker girl
Where everything will be destroyed by greed. The greed for unrestrained power.
Wrong. You are objectively wrong. End of story. Goodbye!
What would you know about Siberians being racist?
Wildlife instagram celebrity opens up about chronic masturbation
Written by my friend
What would you tell a friend who thinks smoking herbal cigarettes is safe?
Wtf is wrong with your friends
Women simply cannot exist [OC]
What’s even the point of a Labour Party that doesn’t properly stand up for workers rights, and refuses to make the case for democratically accountable not-for-profit public ownership of vital national infrastructure and services?
Whip monkeys
When someone says Poland did nothing in ww2
Why a mob boss would think twice before offering ME a GAMER a job.
We’re dicks! We’re reckless, arrogant, stupid dicks.
when your bully starts back talking
weird columbine fanfic by demetri
Wrote a terrible copypasta in an argument and the dick didn’t even read it. Wack
Whats up with women
Werewolf skin suit
Why YOU should shit your pants to fight fascism.
When the emojis are sus
Why i hate the sunfish
What is HD and why does my mom say I have 80 of it? (VENT)
welcome to fazbear’s fright the horror attraction (fnaf copypasta, idk why but im posting it here)
Why does everyone hate Neelix?
Worthless monkey
What the fuck are even those?
When the replier gets mad 🤯🤯
Why I Killed My Mom Last Night
When someone mentions amogus
Why do I and all sane persons reject zionism and the terrorist state of israel?
We need transparency
Walter and Jessy breaking bad fan fiction
Want to do mean sex
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch?
Wall pasta
We should change the subreddit name to r/attackonteenagers
Wholesome monke becomes wholesome
Wholesome retard moment
We do not care
Well, it’s this guy or the alternative.
Wallpaper engine review
We nerds need to be tough!!
Wow you guys really just hate Tesla and Elon Musk huh
Walter White Turns into a pickle Roleplay
Why I hate porn (gold from r/antipornography)
Wouldn’t it be hilarious?
What the dog doing?
Who asked
War Of the Worlds H.G. Wells’ Opening Speech
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me you little shit?
Water is refreshing
Where’s my dick?
What every post on r/copypasta is
What do these people have in common??
Who’s joe
what was this game called i forgot
what I enjoy
Why do racists call black people monkeys?
when the imposter is based
Well, to sum it up
What the fucki wucki you mean by this.
was that curd ?
Wont be posting pics of my baby when shes born
Why r/funny is based
Why do women sound like toads?
When you argue with a Nintendo fan
When someone disses you for your 30fps
Woody Allen, adopted a child and then the child became an adult and then he married her.
Wholesome comment from a passionate man 🙂
Wow man you really got me, great roast, absolutely nailed it…
Webi wabo
Whale pp
WOW kid you just got r/WOOOLKKSHED!!!!
When I first started training I hated Leg Day
Wholesome mental health check up 🙂
Well well well if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions
Wooosh copypasta
When someone says”This is not a straight line” but it is a straight line
Why does my dog eat baby diapers?
Why is it a household⁉️
When to leave your friend’s apartment
Why the MK5 Supra is the REAL Supra
Who Asked Feat: Nobody
Why aren’t there any female enemies in Dark Souls? (3000 words, 15 min read)
We’re ALL living in HARDCORE MODE! (Fresh from r/minecraft)
We did it guys (AmongUsCockBot Celebration)
What does this mean?
When the imposter is sus
Why I’m done with Smash Ultimate, and why I hate it as a competitive game!
we do a little trolling british edition
we exposed someone for being underage on discord and he legit said this
Why Corpse is popular
Why JoJo is the worst manga of all time
Why did the fall guys copy among us?
When the government does stuff.
Walter White is the one who downvotes
Why futa is less gay than straight porn
Why would I feed a murderer?
Will the test be hard?
Why unix users are Nazis
What the fuck happened to tomato town?
Watashi cringe desu (idk if this is a repost or not)
Why Roblox sucks ass
We Do A Little Trolling
Women be like: “your misogynistic”
Wake up, Australia.
When you see a cute girl’s post
Weak boned scum
Worried about drugs
We need depressed/angst Mineta fanfic
What the dog doin?
Where were you when blargbot die?
when stone ocean gets confirmed
Was told to put this here
Why do holes attract fellow guys
Why do holes attract fellow guys?
Who could have made such a disturbing art piece?
When someone talks about seagulls
Will incorrectly spoil anime with fake info from fan wiki
What [REDACTED] did you just say about me, you [REDACTED]?
when the impostor is sus
wierd ass copypasta i made about warm ketchup
Was talking With Mom
What made me believe in God
What 😦 da 🎹 doo-doo did 👏 yousa just 👏 say 🗣 about 💦 meesa, yousa litta bitty bitch? 😱 (JARJAR BINKS NAVY SEALS)
Who is Florida man?
What “sex skill” makes the best lover?
We are anime characters (tik tok)
Why Pieck is best girl (slightly NSFW)
wendys menu
What the fuck is this?
Wangpunk for Life
When imposter is sexy
WHAT THE FUCK, I came for cat girls
Why death threats are okay (In certain cases)
Why does everybody like Levi??
What’s the most fucked up thing you’ve ever seen?
Why are you disrespecting me bruv
Welcome to San Andreas full song
Wonder Woman 1984
When the fake cummy is Sus!
What happened to reddit?
Why the elites want you to keep ejaculating
Who is The Rock?
When the sultan has no chill
Why were Airline Pilots glorified so much in the 1960’s?
What the actual fuck is wrong with you.
we partake in a minuscule amount of tombfoolery
Why Squidward Doesn’t wear Pants
Why Squidward doesn’t wear pants
Woke arithmetic
Wet Spaghetti Noodle
W-what are you doing here B-biden-kun? *Church bells ring*
Why Avdol is the best Crusader, found in r/Shitpostcrusaders
Wholesome memories
We’ve all done it at least once
When the (noun) is (adjective)!
What happens when you burn your asshole.
Which napkin would you take
Who Pinged?
wow can’t believe they said this
Why am I getting downvoted by DaBaby fake fans??
What’s so funny about Sussus Amogus
What is sex
What Does the Last Line Of Capitalist Realism, the Haunting Of History, The Book By the Dead God & God of the Dead Mark Fischer Mean, by, “From a situation in which nothing can happen, suddenly anything is possible again” What Doth Thy Manes Mean to Tell Me, Here; In What Tunes Does Dis Doth Speak?
Why Anime ruined my life and how it could ruin yours
Why does my family keep talking about among us?
We, the stans,
Weebs have partially ruined my youtube experience today
Wow, what a comeback…
Will I get pregnant if he ejaculated in me?
Wikipedia’s example of Cyber Bullying
Why I shat my pants yesterday
Why you should download raid-shadowlegends today!
Warning: mentions of CP / What a random guy commented on a disgusting weeb talking very graphically about underaged anime girls, found in instagram.
Why does my kid keep calling me “sus?”
Why does my kid keep calling me “sus?”
We should bring back public executions, medieval style.
What I Believe by Steve Martin
With passion, Elon Musk
Why shirtless people win fights
well it’s not like he’s ever gonna get into a relationship with any actual flesh and blood women.
Why hentai is so popular
Why yes I’m racist
Why are people so retarded???
Wired wet dream
What I have found in the chat logs between you and my son are completely UNACCEPTABLE!
Why god?
When you least expect it
We should add bears and warthogs to the middle east to keep the peace
when the impeestee soos
what the hell is “among us?”
what the privating ACTUALLY meant
What I like about Grape Nuts is…
Weaboos be like
Women are trash
Where is everyone?
When I was in the 3rd grade I thought that I was gay
Why Do All These Homosexuals Keep Sucking My Cock?
Wow I made something
When the pedo is sus
Wait do you mean the Aimee Challenor
wow fhjs is a cool copypasta
Will I get pregnant if he ejactulated in me?
what if god committed suicide
Why do some people suffer badly from a Covid-19 infection when others hardly show any symptoms?
What do I do?
We all should support Kong
Walmart Insulin
When Someone Tells You To Go Fuck Yourself
wholesome 100 keanu reeves
Where exactly is the hood?
When aim33 ch4ll3n0r is a p3d0ph1l3
Wanna check if I actually get banned
Wikipedia on Aimee Challenor reddit controversy
What the fuck is wrong with you people?
wanking with Ants
what the fuck
Who’s Uncle Dane?
Why Saints Row 2 is better than Red Dead Redemption 2
Where was the PAW Patrol during the Iran Hostage Crisis? (PART 2)
We have emerged indomitable in a competitive, ranked arena match
Why did the crewmate cross to the other side of the spaceship?
Wow you look hot
When the incel is silly
Why am I the only one that has suffer through Normies throwing shame towards us Weebs?
Where was Iran’s deception during the terrorist crisis?
Woman aren’t real.
Where was PAW PATROL
War and peace (finishing in the comments)
Where was the PAW Patrol during the Iran Hostage Crisis?
When you
Where was the PAW Patrol during the Iran Hostage Crisis?
Whose do you think is the hottest character in the game and why ?
Where was the PAW Patrol during the Iran Hostage Crisis?
Was on r/popular and saw an art post on r/pics
Where was the PAW Patrol during the Iran Hostage Crisis?
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little weenie? I’ll have you know I hacked your phone and learned kung fu moves to defeat you in kung fu fights, and that im the best kung fu master in the world, your momma’s boy, kenpo champion, block champion, ?, and I have 99 problems?
What’s the point in arguing about jacking it to anime when real porn is literally the same thing?
Whale fucking
why the fuck did you ping me on discord?!
why im not like other girls
What the fuck does “based” mean
We are like anal beads inside the universe’s asshole.
What should I do when someone insults/slanders my favorite anime ?
When UK Drill becomes Pasta
What the fuck
We gotta
What porn is the least gay?
What to say if someone insults you
When u get banned from a discord server for exercising 2nd amendment right
Where the fuck is Igor
why chromebook fucking sucks
When imposter is sus intelligent version
Why girls like tall guys
What the hell
WhatsApp Comedy
WAP will never and should never be equated to Shakespeare’s work.
when the
Why kool aid should be a drug
Windows 8
When you get that $1400
What do you mean when you say that you would orally stimulate Liberty Hangout if it’s satire?
What should I do?
why s*x education should not be teacheded in scholls
Waifu rights
Why the fuck is it called r3
Weeb rape copypasta
When u say happy bday first in gc
We will not be silent.
Word Around The Subreddit Is That You Aren’t Based Poggers.
What is Roblox?
What the fuck.
Which train do you prefer?
What you just posted is sub-par meme
When browsing the internet on a technological device one sees all sorts of trolls.
Why u acting sus
Why do i do this
W.I.P Ironwood copypasta feel free to Contribute
Wild African horses
When I’m feeling particularly dramatic and someone says something mildly mean, I whip yhis badboy out
Why so sus?
Weird guy in my office screaming amogus all the time
where do girls get all the shitty music they listen to?
Windows Update
Why you should debeak an Octopus.
why dr suess was cancelled (trigger warning: among us)
white men be like: booba booba booba
When Yoshikage Kira is Sus! 😳
We(13M+43M) got a victory royal(#1)
Watch ur fucking back
why my dark humor is epic pog lmao
What a pussy gameplay did i just watch. Only walking around with AT and sniping ppl with rocket launchers. Lear to shoot and don’t be such a p…
WTF is bisexual?!?!?!!111?!!?
What popular rumour in your school turned out to be true?
When the lush caves are sus
Why you should be ChildFree
write a 5000 word essay on the social significance of pixar’s cars 2 copypasta?
Why cheating on your girlfriend should not be frowned upon (generated by GPT-3)
Why are pedophiles and rapists protected in our country
Welcome to Camp Navarro
Why can’t ‘nugs’ be the new n-word?
What a sus copypasta to be honest
what if we went into the vent together 😳
Wilbur Soot UwU
When you act like a baka copy and paste
was i sus for being the reason my friend commited suicide?
when there is sex in a manga 😳😳😳
Why do people think Rick and Morty is “smart” and “deep”? (I’ve watched the first 2 seasons and find it entertaining but don’t get why people rave about it)
We need a revolution
Why are Japanese girls so hard to talk to???
Why is Super Smash Bros is bad
Why SCP-2001 is a good scp for people who want to get into the scp foundation
When the imposter is sus
Written by a bot in sub simulator
Why Soulless 4 Won’t Be FC’d
When the impostor is sus! 😳
wen mothership zeta crew for falout 3 no finish :((
what somebody on among us named “RacistDeku” just sent me
What role does family play in your life? How do you keep them together?
Why does this exist
When you have sex
When the engineer is gaming
Why I prefer straight porn over gay porn
Walter white
What men value in a woman (from r/teenagers)
When the English dictionary is sus!
Wonder Woman: Love in the Smudge
Walls are hilarious.
Why the letter G is sus.
We need among us sex plzzz
When the individual is displaying abnormal behavior!!! 0-0
Women belong in the kitchen.
WhEn YoUr FaVoRiTe E-tHot DoEsN’t ReSpOnD
wap essay
What to do if your child is racist:
why does is reddit
Will my husband divorce me if I dehydrate tomatoes in his F-150 truck?
What does trollface mean?
Will my husband divorce me if I dehydrate tomatoes in his F-150 truck?
what the dog doing???
Women belong in the kitchen.
Will my husband divorce me if I dehydrate tomatoes in his F-150 truck?
Will my husband divorce me if I dehydrate tomatoes in his F-150 truck? (Found on /r Cars)
Wanted to emojify this
Will my husband divorce me if I dehydrate tomatoes in his F-150 truck?
Why I hate redditors
Wow your Tesla has 500 horsepower 😏
Will my husband divorce me if I dehydrate tomatoes in his F-150 truck?
Why did codm remove alcatraz?
Why glasses are wonderful, by a glass fetishist!
We should put dinosaurs on money instead of imperfect dead people.
What If Gundam Was The Most Popular Anime Franchise In The West?
Whatsapp forward
where are my glasses?
War never changes
Wehn the imopostor is sus
Who is the boogie man? You figure it out!
Women belong in the kitchen
What the fuck did you just say about me?
Why mail in voting is flawed
W*mans month?? 🤮🤮🤮
Women belong in the kitchen
Wholesomerino award
When the Shrek is sus ! ! !
Weiner Schnitzel
What if Post Malone chose that name because he is in a never ending state of post nut clarity?
What the narrator says after Caesar died (jjba)
Why masturbating in an airplane should not be frowned upon
Waifu thread
welp america is crashing and bruning
Wp gg 😁 Joking 😂 We shilling 😎 Solo Bolo 😱
When The Miller Is Sus!
Worst mistake of my life
Women belong in the kitchen.
when imposter is sus
Women belong in the kitchen.
Women belong in the kitchen
Why would anyone want to fuck a dragon?
Whale’s nipples, they should have them, no pictures of them so far, what’s up with that?
What’s your name NPC?
what a fucking n
Why yes I’m something of a sophisticated netizen myself.
Who else exited for shower 2
Waifu Rap 1: Kill La Kill (Matoi/My Toy) Official Lyrics of Jizzy C
What color is your thong?
Why you should pursue a Yandere, here is some tips on how to
We should adapt and overcome the fear of wiping out
Why I’m god at Gears of War
Why aren’t you laughing?
when the sus!!!!
What do folks here think of Brendan Fraser’s *Blast From The Past*? I just became aware of it 3 minutes ago.
what are you saying about fanservice?
why friday night fucking, 5 days at fred’s, and konkey dong are in the same universe
When another player wants the game to be easier…
where do babies come from?
William, come home. We miss you. Put down the VR headset and the fleshlight.
Winnie The Pooh’s Home Run Derby in a Nutshell
Women: A revolutionary boost to global economy. By Professor Gunther, Msc in Sarcasm, PhD in Stupidity and Ba in Gender Studies.
Wheelchair cat
Whoever is an enemy of Gabriel
Worst PC setup ever
Wikipedia article for cock and ball torture
When I can’t buy a goat because of city guidelines
Why dream hoodies are worth 50 dollars
Will I get a boner at the doctors?
What will you do in the afterlife
We should reestablish this study group
Well lads, we face Britons.
What my friend sent when leaving our discord because someone blew up his house on minecraft
What do u guys thinking about this
Why the femur breaker is the best CBT machine ever.
We were in PE class, playing ping pong.
what was the person who discovered milk doing to the cow.
We gotta, number one victory royale
What I want to do when I meet Jesus 🙏
when the imposter is sus
Women ruined everything
Why do i have the urge to shove things up my butt?
Watch users Beware
What on earth is this subreddit about?
When the impostor is sus!
What is sus?
we all know “when the imposter is sus” but do we know what “sus” actually is?
win argue with this argument
Why are people trying to make this a thing.
When the imposter is sus😂
When I mistake a trash bin for the among us crew mate for the 481919th time
Why is Hikaru so salty?
What the fuck is with the Aunt Cass memes stop.
What is an rpg game?
What the fuck is wrong with this place?
What do you think? 🤔
when the amogus
When a female gets wet, that’s not piss.
What the fuck is wrong with this place?
were overhyping pokemon legends arceu
Why do people want a daughter? (r/askreddit)
Welcome to the cum zone but edited
What this F1 Noob learned in 1 day in this sub.
WandaVision copypasta from twitter
Why are you twiddling yer thumbs when Scotland’s got a fight
Wormy pulp, from cursed comments post about a deep sea dildo-like worm.
What a chad
Wars America lost, tied, or still ongoing:
Wat on eawth is “amewng us”?(smol bean edition)
Why the guy who only asks for a spoonful in the vine is the real idiot
Why are you on this forum you fucking retard? Do you really want to be a retard?
What tyranny looks like
When I see boobs
Wow you just did that?!
Why are you the way that you are?
when gay😂😂😂😂😂😐😐😐😑😑😑😑😶😶🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😛😛😛😌😌😏😏🥱🥱🥱😓🥱😲😲😲🤪🤪😳🥶🥶😳😳😳😳
What would happen if all males died out in one day, including the unborn?
What on earth is “among us”?
When it comes to Bitcoin, I think I know what I’m talking about
What’s Ligma?
What do men say when they nut?
Ways to tell someone to shut up
Waffles tonight from 6-9 at the Kakascamoochie VFW hall. $5 at the door
WHEN THE EMOJI IS SUS!?!?!!🤣🤣😝🤪🤯😳🤭😯😯😯😯😲😬😬😬😩😠🥶😎😎😎😎😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
when someone says “Moment of silence for people who can’t find this song”
What to say when someone comments something cursed
Windy bridge to theme park
We have vagina’s in our mouths so men can’t be gay
When you walk in on amogus having anime secks 😳
Wrote this about some MILF at my gym
When a horrible meme post thinks they are funny for rickrolling
When your a rankin and bass fan and see someone try to make a rankin and bass style christmas special.
When someone posts a comment that nobody needs, ever. I know it’s quite short.
When someone asks if it’s a JoJo reference
When a mod perma bans you
when the impostor has no soul.
when fnaf is sus
Whatever the hell this is
We are a religion of peace.
Was that a reddit moment?!
whos gonna tell them
We must unite for Thighs
Weird nsfw subreddits that i found in a okbr comment section
Waffle House
Watson Discord Rp
Welcome to the *** zone!
Weird Childrens Video Titles are like…
Whats wrong with you?
When I was 16 I got the idea to suck my own cock
Which fictional character never fails to piss you off?
We😁 ArE🙋 fArMeRs🐄
What’s up (original copypasta)
when i was a young, ignorant little shit — i didn’t go around with false bravado pretending i knew what the fuck i was talking about. i listened, i learned. that’s why i am now the individual who is correct.
Who is FranzJ?
Wow, a cow made of butter. My girls would love it. In fact, the first sentence Caroline ever said was “I like butter”
what the fuck
Why is it that a female wants to play with you very often (because you make her win) but when you ask her to meet her in real life she says she is too busy every time?
Whole world put in lockdown to ‘halt’ a shady virus which only kills people that would have died in a months time anyway. Healthier people get over it fast, just like a standard cold or minor flu. It’s the 90 year olds that are the issue. Who REALLY cares? 8 billion locked down to save a few? Wat
When taking a sh1t, you’re dropping bombs to a body of water
who asked?
Who is Omungus?
Words can’t express how much I hate gamer girls.
Wow full lyrics for My cope came out
When The imposter is sus (suspicious)
Where do I put it
Wholesome gamer
when the imposter is sus
when sus
Waluigi for Smash, now Sakurai
We are not lab rats.
When a mod removes your post
When you see cropped yiff
Who doesnt know David Spade?
why is dick red everytime i beat my meat
Will Smith is a fictional character
Wherein the individual who has been randomly assigned the antagonistic role of “Impostor” performs a suspicious action!
We are hotdogs
What’s up with Bald people?
Welcome To Roblox Exploiting (on r/robloxhackers, not ironic)
Watch your tongue
What ⁉️ is funny 😂 about copypasta?
What does love feel like?
When the imposter is sus essay
Wonderwoman needs makeup
What did you guys think about Niger in Paris?
Was going to play Team Fort Defense 2
When people think of the supra they think of the A80 supra which is a legend and the disappointing A90 supra. But most people have forgot about the A70 supra. The A70 supra generation is when the celica and the supra became separate models so it is the first non celica supra.
White Lamar roasts Franklin
Was Jesus a Sigma Male?
Why Harry Potter should’ve carried a 1911
when the ⩀mogus
Why you have obtained this downvote from myself
Where there is risk, there MUST be choice
When hte impodter sus
We love pecs
Why is my Penis shrinking?
Wraith main incel
Why Saints Row 2 is better than Red Dead Redemption 2
Words can not describe how much i am in love with femboys.
Who is the strongest character Vsauce Michael can kill in cold blood?
Why Po from Kung Fu Panda can say the N-word
We are cock dick balling
When the imposter is sus
Wholesome copypasta I made
What did you guys think about Nigers in Paris?
What’s Wrong With My Cat?
What’s the matter Wright?
Wall Street Bets has an important announcement
Willem Dafoe’s The Lighthouse Monologue, but in Spanish
What the funk?
when the sus is sus
Watch out for trains, you never know where they show up
when the imposter is heckin’ sus
When someone makes an among us joke (found on r/playboicarti
Winter storm has him at edge. Found on r/Texas
Why I’m weary of socialism
Why I’m weary of socialism
Why Mario would beat Naruto in a fight
What does a kiss taste like?
Where can I buy some flowers?
We live in a society
What happened to Micheal Cera
Winston rule 34
Wreck it Ralph
What did it mean to dream in the Middle Ages? The mechanisms of dreaming, the senseless logic of dreaming.
White Riot
When the pretender is mistrustful
Weddit Moment
Waifuism and Christianity
Woke redditor (took this from r/unpopular opinion comment)
William Afton’s Copypasta
Windows users rant
Why I Masterbate my Profoundly Disabled Son
Wow, boobs (found on r/rareinsults)
when someone complains about their “horrible” handwriting
Wikipedia main page source code
What the fuck did you say about me, you profligate?
When the imposter is sus(oc)
Windows 10 getting rounded corners
whats your opionon of my scp
When someone is mad at you for using an emoji reply with this
Wholesome cop interaction
WKYK copypasta
wise arab weights in on american poilitics
When I was deployed in Afghanistan
when someone says an unfunny joke
When someone links a sub in a thread
When sus
Why would you post this on reddit?
Why are people so fucking offended and why do people tell me living with an open mind is wrong! I’m open to everything and everything! Life isn’t about being offended and limiting yourself and blocking out everything that is considered “wrong”
we need YOU!
Who the fuck asked?
Who raised you?
Why do some boys here message me or others for nudes??
What the fuck did you just say to me, you little gonk?
We’ve lost another good one to the battle of life.
Why Trump will win
When you disagree with someone
Wholesome big chunges 100 Keanu Reeves
When the impostor is sus
Why is King Kong Circumcised?
When the impostor is
when liberals shid my pants
When the Impostor is sus
Where To Look For Online Data Entry Jobs – Data Entry Jobs
we will look back at this time as the greatest crime against humanity
What does AR-15 stand for?
Who the fuck do you think you’re talking to?
Why Your Mom Gay does not make any sense
When female
Why Team Crafted Disbanded!?! 😳😳😳
when the imposter is sans 😳
why the corner piece of brownie is superior to the edge and center piece
whole smell like cat vagina
Why it is geometrically possible for Phineas to eat pussy.
when ryuji said “fuck”
What the fuck did you just say, bitch?
What’s the point of drop-shotting when you’re behind someone?
What happened?
We Know The Way
Why Dora The Explorer Can Beat Goku, Superman, & One PUnch Man
war crime
what are the charges sir?
When your friend keeps on sending disgusting hentai
What I don’t do: watch YouTube
What a Clown!!!!!
Will I go to prison if I had a dream of me fucking my dog?
When pets eat their dead owner, it’s endearing, not creepy.
When you get ki charged in Tekken
Women makes csgo unrealistic
Why I fucking hate Alex the lion
Who cares of it’s real or fake
We need emojis
Wow, this actually worked
What are you gonna do?
Why the fuck do people say “uhmm chile”.
Wikipedia navy seal copypasta
What the cabbage! (from miiverse)
Wow! You contributed so much to the conversation by tagging an over-saturated sub!
Why I ditched porn.. there ain’t no emotion behind it — and I’m an extremely conscious being. In-depth explanation
why i should be a mod
Women Are Inferior to Men (A 4Chan editorial)
Why Waifuism is basically like following Abrahamic Religion (Christianity, Islam, Judaism), and how it’s superior to any other religion
Will cum on anything. Hire me.
Wow, this actually worked.
When Someone Posts An Unoriginal YouTube Comment
Wrong number called/texted me and responded as follow when I told them so
When someone says you’re not a redditor unless you can name all the awards.
When the imposter is woman
What do I do?
What? You’re a leftist, but you don’t defend Stalin?
Wolfson DAC iPod
Weaboo kid thing but I’m doing this for the emojifier bot
what should I do 😔
WAP (worship and prayer)
when the impostor is sus!😳
WarioWare fan theory
What the fuck did you say about me, you little bitch? (OC, repost cause lost in new)
Wake up
What the fuck did you just say about me, you little bitch? (OC)
Wolverine The Worst Man Alive
When the Saul is sus 😳😳😳
Writings not easy…….
Who the fuck?!?
Warning, copypasta spotted from a mile away.
Why I ditched porn.. there ain’t no emotion behind it — and I’m an extremely conscious being. In-depth explanation
When the principal joins the Discord server
WSB has good top mods
We Crazy Squares have two and more things to say about this Hentai!
When you realize you are sus 😳
www dot moviesfree dot gov
Well, i know this is kinda weird and pushy
Why samus is hotter with armor than zero suit
why aot is a bad anime
WSB meltdown emojified.
when u get really mad
Wellerman sea shanty but it’s GME stonks
Why cobble here?
Why this is a ‘Hol Up’ meme?
What is the line the funny rabbit says? [OC]
weed cock instagram game based smart-ass atheist idiot gun trap emoji funny epic bot iq anime gamer gay earth virgin cock 69 dead virus god poor meow skeleton joe karen spider 420
Why “simps” never get laid.
When the fraudulent one appears to be suspicious
Why Traps Are Not Gay
What they do with the body parts left over from surgeries?
What are you doing sitting idly by? We have to protect the cum fort!
When you disagree with a certain pebble thrower
Would the Minions (Despicable me) help Mao Zedong establish communism?
Waifu Rejection
While explaining the path to happiness & success in overall life, I also managed to uncover why religion is balls and connect all the dots the whole way down, proving that we’re all little retarded sperm just floating in smegma-y ball juice soup, until we’re suddenly not.
welcome to your mom
Well if you start to take a look at it
Wow, you are a magical fantasy
Which is better tho?
Wow ok, You’re canceled
When Cummy Plays Among Us 😳
Why Rap just isn’t the same any more
Why does it have to be Rock Monsters?
we don’t operate on empty jars of spaghetti sauce
Where can
WSB versus the Hedge Funds
When Impostor big sus 😲
walked in on my dad watching loli hentai, don’t know wtf to do
Why is New Zealand?
Why this subreddit is great! – u/whytheremate
When the Imposter is Sus!
WallstreetBets has an announcement to make
WARNING! Read or die!!!!!
why you should kys (found on discord)
when the impostor is sus
Which are the best Freelance Websites to be paid in crypto like Cryptogrind but alive
We are number one in alternate english
Why today is so important…
Why does it hurt when you pee after you cum?
When you ask Roddy Ricch What he wants to eat 😂🍔🔥
Why be you?
Wall Street copypasta
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, little bitch?
weeed moment 😎
Watched my first anime (beastars) and it changed me
Woah! You said women aren’t funny?
When is fat Yoshi getting his own game?
Why people hate the smell of weed
Wrapping Roy Orbison in cling-film
whale cum
wsb copypasta
Wake up get my dick sucked
What did you just say to me?
wet-ass pussy
we cant call
We have Dream at home:
what the fuck
Why did I read this post about dogman
Wanna do edgy language? I grew up on 4chan, but streamed on to Gurochan because I couldn’t make money selling erotic gore on /d/ I grew up on the streets and my bio is not a joke Don’t lecture me on fucking ‘edgy’, I wrote the book on fucking edgy Don’t equate me with liberals
Why catgirls are the sexiest things known to man.
What would you do if you hear a noise from downstairs and it sounds like someone’s breaking in?
What r/WallStreetBets is all about
When ur arguing with some1 in the YT comment section and you see their comment with one like
Wanna do edgy language ?
WallStreetBets Situation – EL5 Version
Wanna do edgy language?
Well there’s your problem right there.
WSB Copypasta
willy wonka is the michael jackson of charlie and the chocolate factory
Why stonks only go up
When the undertale is sus
When somebody says Islamism is worse than Communism
why are so many people so uptight and judgmental?…
Why have I been Blocked. I want my comment.
Wasp Nests
Why was 6 afraid of 7?
When you BAP
Why I hate twitch
Why I give he wholesome award
what’s wrong with jojo siwa?
Wholesome award rant
What the actual fuck?
What Libertarians Actually Believe.
wrote this after watching giratina and the sky warrior
which do i chose
What have I created. Please god forgive me.
Weird Al Yankovic – Hardware Store
When someone incorrectly x-posts
What even is this(Heiroglyphics I think)
When you enter a discussion with a ledditor without having your opinions vetted by Snopes
When the imposter is sus essay (credit to u/BlareTV)
What if TF2 injuries were more realistic?
We stans didn’t mean to care more about Dream that actual problems
When the impostor gets eye surgery and tooth cleaning! 😳
What do I do after having sex? How do I clean up?
Who makes better sequels: Pixar or Dreamworks?
Want a good anime?: Watch Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan
What do we do with a drunken sailor?
Why jerking off is better than sex
Why didn’t 4 ask out 5?
When Twitch Chat is Sus!
WARNING! Keep Reading! Or you will die,
Why SPM is a good game
Water is Not Wet by Chaz Smith
What the fuck did you just say about me, you little bitch?
When the imposter is throbbing
Wait… woah
Will my turtle die if I suck it’s penish?
wow, that’s one biiiiggggg shit!
witnessed on discord
When shit hits the fans
Why Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing is a skillfully crafted Masterpiece
When someone makes fun of your food picture
Working at Starbucks
Wonder Woman
When the imposter is cum
When I said my cheaper earphones were probably better quality than my friends airpods
When in Rome
Who is Josedeodo? copypasta
What goes on inside the mind of every r/nextfuckinglevel uset
Willy Wonka was an asshole
We need to get rid of the current moderation system on Minecraft.
When the impostor is sus!😳
Weird Pokémon roleplay found in Discord chat
Wanted: The Space Monkeyz
Wii – Health and Safety Precautions
When the shaco
When the imposter is sus
Why fallout new vegas is underrated and cool and not talked about and the greatest game ever made
WingsOfRedemption Twitch Chat Rules
When life gives you lemons
What do you guys think of my art
What is your fursona?
Why we love thighs
Why anteaters are the worst animals ever to exist in the universe!
Why Tits are better than ass
White border memes
When I was 11 I turned 13 cause fuck 12
Watching Minions bad
Why there wasn’t any vote fraud
Why incest is bad.
Where are you going your lost
We would always draw crosshairs on the Family Circus circle
Why aren’t you laughing?
Why attack on Titan is a flawed anime
Will my turtle die if I suck it’s penis?
Will turtle die if stuck in penis
Wentworth Garden Requim
Wash ya hands well
wholesome wojak meme story! 🙂
What’s Rem?
Who is Rem?
Why Rick and Morty Sucks
White guy goes beyond mohs hardness scale
What r/LastImage should be about
When Jojo (I don’t watch jojo)
When the impostor is sus but verbose
Wholesome story 😊
We lose, but they win? But they lose, but we do not win?
When you play a game, a video game and you lose
WinRar free download
War crimes
What are they selling
when tiktok bad
Why cobble Here? (MumboJumbo)
Wanna game more like:
What is the feasibility of sneaking an infant orangutan through Indonesian airport customs?
What in going to do to cummy
Where to buy gourds?
What’s new in Windows 7
What role/champions in the game are the least “girly”?
What To Do If Dana White Catches You Pirating UFC Matches
What to do if Dana White catches you pirating UFC matches
When the imposter is sus
why you should side with the empire
What to do if Dana White catches you pirating UFC matches
Why having a strapon inserted into a man’s bottom is not Homosexual.
Welcome. Welcome to City 17.
What its like having a piss kink
Would ya look at all that stuff…
Wtf does Edgy even mean anymore
why standless not the clown trade
Watch out
Why emoji (ew) are cringe
When I feel like your history is probably a cesspool I could use but rather someone else do the digging
when someone makes a lukewarm joke
windows xp gangster edition 🙀😳🥵😓😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
WARNING! Carry on reading! Or you will die, even if you only looked at the word warning!
What if instead of asking gals to the dance, old timey people would just ask them to have sex.
Waste Management by dado
Why I need my M4
Words of a degen
Why Everyone Should Date a Redditor
Why I hate my friend
Waid Shadow Wegends
When saying something, the one doing wrong is the one getting offended.
What harm do sluts do?
White Lamar roasts Franklin
Writing prompts SSI writes a story
Why I’m totally not stupid
Why do adults treat the youngest child in the family like a God
Who wants to be a millionaire but with a twist but its owo-ified (please no ban)
We are currently going through major events that will eventually be documented in history books.
Waluigi doesn’t deserve jack shit
We do don’t do like those big city guys do
Why Penis vore is funny and why subjectivity doesn’t exist.
Watch your mouth
When the imposter is sus
where was Paw Patrol???
What’s LCD??
W U T?
Why do some people get sick from food that had poop particles on it from people that didn’t wash their hands, but some people can eat entire loads of poop and not get sick?
When The impostor Is Sus! 😳
Where was Paw patrol during the Iranian hostage crisis? (Found on twitter)
Where´s cummy guys?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Why gardevoir is the most hentai’d pokemon, not as Metapod but I was short on time
Where’s cummy
Why I simp for JuniperGD
what even is this?
wake up – ybn nahmir (full lyrics)
What the fuck did you just say about me
Why women shouldn’t have the right to reject
White Lamar roasts Franklin
Written by friend during a debate
When you fund a terrorist group
What the fuck did you just say about me?
Why I watch Hentai
Was jizzing on bed and missed
When someone calls you cringe (Taken from r/cringetopia)
wholesome moment
What happened to the comment section
www.pou.me Can you beat my score of 690 in Sky Jump ?! ^_^ #Pou @PouAlien
Wishing America’s Got Talent had better content
Wym i can’t be a construction work. HOES mad
What did you say to me, sir?
Watch wish ad (2 years going)
Where was Paw patrol during the Iranian hostage crisis?
Why Trans Girl PP is cute
When impostor sus
Where was Paw patrol during the Iranian hostage crisis?
Wholesome Vaporeon copypasta [OC edits]
Why Ben Shapiro stole AOC’s shoes
Why Dominus is one of the best cars in Rocket League
Why losing weight is bad
We live in a physics simulation
What is the point of Sidechaining?
What is the best way for men to enlarge their nipples? Does nipple pumping for men really work? [NSFW]
Why Harry Potter should have carried a 1911
Why Harry Potter should have carried a 1911
Who asked?
Wtf spider
white hip hop heads be like
Where is cummy?
Who is this cow
What’s a sammidge?
Wheatley is not a moron!
War Crimes
Why I’ve decided to quit being a Pick Up Artist
www.twitter.com/realDonaldTrump | May 8th 2013 – 9:37:06 PM EST
WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SWAMMMPPP??!?!??????????? (shrek fan fiction 😊) by me 🤪🤪🤪
When you insult someone.
Wiki =reddit
When you shit by Trevor Noah
White girl response
Wow. This is giving me some major Persona vibes.
What does “He’s in your bed, I’m in your Twitch chat” mean?
Worst shit ive read in my entire life (from 4chan)
wholesome award
what would be illegal in 100 years?
Why owning a sex robot is WRONG
What do you think about masculine boys?
What causes a Fictional Crush?
What’s up guys, it’s ya boy, back with another shitpost
What the hell is a cheeseburger?
Who else pretends their penis is a gear shift lever on a manual car when their penis gets hard randomly in bed?
Why you should use linux! !!!!
What does “pog” mean
We’ve made the decision to remove the PogChamp emote following statements from the face of the emote encouraging further violence after what took place in the Capitol today.
what if you could suck ass to gain votes
When encountering a trap/Femboy
Worthless. Useless. A waste of everything.
What made you chime in
when imposter is sus
What’s wrong with casual incest?
War is coming
What is Ben Shapiro’s iq?
What the actual fuck
Weird steam account
Went on a yoshi rant in the SSBU Mii Brawler discord and got told to share this here
Why we chose BrainFuck over Rust
Welcome to Season 257 of The Bachelor [OC]
What makes you special?
We people still learning
When the imposter is sus
when imposter is sus
Why do I feel so detached
Why white women should mate and have children with only black men (found on r/BBCJustice)
When you egg.
Why i wanna fuck pyro from team fortress the second in pyro language
We’re not fetishizing her because she was a minor yesterday (r/GretaThunbergGW)
Who’s the psychopath?
when the imposter sucks ur dick in electric so you dont call an emergency meeting!!!! :flushed: :flushed:
We are in a psychological war.
Why do I only lurk on Reddit? Because there are too many damn rules!
When someone gets too uppity on facts and knowledge
Wake me up
War Crimes of the Wermacht
War Crimes of the Wermacht
wHy aReN’t yOU lAuGhInG gUYs??1?1?1
Well, Well, Well, Look who it is
Why I’m Not In Love with You
what if her father had died when she was younger?
Wot the fok are ya on about m8?
Who’s there? Betty was (Glitchtale Meme)
Waluigi AA
Woah hinga
Warmachine Story
Whill this make my grandson gay?
Why an atheist has such difficulty finding a gf (removed a /s at the end)
Weirdly Long New Year’s Message Posted by Delaware State Auditor
When femboy
Well this happened.
What the Fuck is Wrong With You
What the fuck did I just read?
Words from a Ridley main.
whys james charles so bad though
What I’ve learnt from watching a great deal of overwatch porn
Why did I get banned from r/amongus?!?!?
Where did Cummy go?
When the imposter is sus
we are flawed, disgusting human beings with many terrible secrets
When someone replies with a no❤️ to a reasonable argument
Welcome to the “Cummy’s annual memorial award show” !! A Grand giveaway of 20 mod awards in memory of u/cummybot2000!
Why I hate www.power.com canada version
Why do people cry during lockdowns?
when the impersonator is acting skeptical! 😳
Who else thinks Epic Games is turning into feminists?
Why Sunflower is the most likely plant to be a sex offender
Who even likes soup
Worst Christmas Ever
why i stuck a ps4 camera in my ass
We are intelligent, awake, and aware
What are the benefits of socializing
Whoa mama!!!
what the fuck is this
When you are alone, you can touch yourself.
Why I am the perfect candidate for the peeing team
Would Buddha pick up a submachine gun and let loose on innocents? I think not.
What’s gonna happen if you try to bring that gay shit around me.
Women are attracted to the dark side
What god does in his spare time
What a useless comment
Wii remote
Where were you when I needed you the most
What up Slime
What if there was no apple in the pine
Why you should select a smaller penis on Cyberpunk 2077
When this drip is sus af 😩😩😳💧
We Vishy you a Merry Christmas Anand a happy new year
welcome to real army training
Why this episode is considered a “ScumBob episode”
Why r/copypasta needs to go to hell (OC)
What the alas didst thee just fucking sayeth about me, thee dram wench?
Where is Youtube Rewind 2020? (OC)
Well you know what they say
What to say when someone asks for sauce(source)
We are the 21st century humans, we are history, and there is no right or wrong way to experience it.
Welcome to Shitty 17
Wiki article about lgbtq in islam
women have a secret penis
We’re not friends anymore
Words for Mishima (Persona 5)
whenever someone is clearly doing a troll post you will get one of the mods or just some jackass saying “LMAO THIS IS BAIT!! HA HA HA” like they are in on the joke.
Whole lotta red synopsis
why black people are more racist than white people
When somebody says “Repost” in the comments
Why “Traps” are gay and you should stop sending me them on Discord: a transcript
Wait, I get autism exists
Who would win: All the Pokémon or a billon lions?
Watching the big bang theory…
when i told somebody that he was using big words to appear smart
why is skinny shaming so normalized
Who is Lucifer?
Why Die Hard is not a Christmas movie
Whole lotta ass
What’s poppin
whole lotta ass
Watch out guys!!!
Why “Home Alone 3” is utter garbage
we are the best birds, but we are angry
What IS a boomer?
Why the fuck can’t we comment on sponsored posts?? 😡😡🤬🤬
What the fuck did you just say to me?
When pyrocynical win
women shouldn’t exist
When someone uses a contraction
Why I downvoted your comment (actual comment on r/theouterworlds)
Why halo is a knock off
We live🙌, we die😲, and death☠️not ends it😼
What the fuck is up with killer bean, their are so many fucking beans in exsistance, hold on lemme google..
When it’s someone’s cake day and you want to give the seizures as they scroll down to the reply button
Whenever someone makes a joke in the comment section.
Who the fuck asked?
What should I do?
Why do I find Judy Hopps from Zootopia so attractive??
What should I do ?
Why Spongebob and Patrick are menaces
Why gumball has superpowers
Weaboo Jones Life Story(insert this into text to speech and have fun)
When you when you say the thing
Wow, such sympathy
Watch what you say in twitch chat.
What the fuck…
Would you like to battle me for the ban sub card?
What Cyberpunk 2077 did to me!
We haven’t met yet but I think we’re a match
Which chipmunk experiences the greatest pain from being microwaved alive?
when the impostor is sus
When the sub only allows text posts
What’s this you’ve said to me, my good friend?
What is my favorite video game? Cyberpunk 2077.
What does it mean Commitment?
When I was young I would ride this huge stuffed bear like a horse.
Wait, you’re doing my mother?
Why hentai is better than porn
War Is Hell
What the fuck did you youngsters just say to me? You characters don’t have any idea….
When asked if he can come in today
Who the fuck are you
what is moderating?
Woody got Wood
What a terrible joke
Who asked?
Why is it so hard to find actual normal people having sex?
What does cum mean? 😢
Why earn respect when you buy a 1911
Weirdcel postcel I foundcel
White hot chocolate
Which one of you said Rick and Morty was bad?
why french is a funny meme languag
Why Ducky Tube Zombie would never be a sex offender
What Political People Sound Like
white race extinction
Will Do. But Like, Later
What is something you can never tell your parents? r/Askreddit
Worst day of my life
Where is it??????????????
White house or idk never been to the US
wiggle wigglebottom from bugsnax on the ps5
Wombo combo
Why Santa has no kids
Where was the paw patrol during the Iran hostage crisis?
Why the FUCK is my dick BROKEN?!!?
Why do dreams of pissing make me piss the bed?
Went to DC last night
Whence thou should not object to using the pronoun They
We live in a society
What would cause a person to have white stool? Should I be concerned?
When Biden is inaugurated
When I was 11 I knew a dude who graduated high school
Watashi no na wa kira yoshikage…
Why All Women deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.
Wake up Neo
What I did this morning
What makes money valuable?
What lube to use
why don’t they make pussy plugs?
Why Do All These Homosexuals Keep Sucking My Cock?
Why are we still here? (Full)
Who the fuck was posting child abuse videos on PornHub? 🤬
We need to talk about your flair
Who the hell are you, the burgermeister?
What white privilege?
What did you see when the body was found?
Which Joestar is the most alpha?
We “bullied” the owner of our discord server by calling him a femboy, this was his response
Wooooow,no one responding in live discussion?
Why Vaporeon are the most compatible Pokemon for human breeding
wE r LeGiOn
When I was about 16F, I humped my friends leg in her sleep (found in r/confession)
Wa mario (I’m not sure if repost so pls don’t downvote)
who else is fucking stressed out rn?!
Wookiepedia’s administrators don’t take ‘dreck’ lightly
When you make fun of your friends fetish’s
What if we’re all just birds?
WHATS POPPING JIMBOS,OVERSEER HERE! (9 minute video i made when i was younger LMAO)
What a terrible day to have eyes
Who would win in a fight to the death: Queen Elizabeth or Betty White
what heat do the ed boys be packin?🤔🤔🤔
What if no nipples
What I do in my freetime
when I called someone “Reddit Cancer” for stalking
When a pregnant woman is murdered it is a double homicide
Wow, I really wanna be this dudes girlfriend!
we are not painfully unfunny you just are too normie to get it
We need a new cummy bot
We need a new cummy bot
Who else sincerely believes that Vaush is the #1 human that lives rn?
Who the hell cares about gay?
What does god smelly like?
Wasps raped me
What did you just say about jojo?
What the heck is marxism??!??!??!!?!?!??!?
Why I think Female looking Pokémons ment and designed for pornography
When people deserve psychosis for eating some cookies.
We present…….. The new iPhone of the future
Why do homosexuals keep sucking my cock?
What is most useful when broken
Was organizing my hentai folder. Found this instead.
Who the f is Tim Farron?
Which chipmunk would suffer more in a microwave
waaaah qq
what is your favorite breakfast food?????
Why do I get so horny from eating spicy food?
Why do you cum?
what the fuck happened to the hugz bear
write me your favorite subreddits
What do you recommend to increase my words per minute? Emergency.
War, War never changes
write me your favorite copypasta
We all know.
Why Do All These Homosexuals Keep Sucking My Cock?
welcome to my boyfriend’s virginity copypasta
Wanna break from the ads? Copypatsa
Want cock?
World of Warcraft is Back Baby
Want cock?
What the fuck did you just fucking say to me, you little whore?
Why Trans People Shouldn’t Be Able To Participate In Sports (OC)
Wanna hear a story?
Want Cock?
When life gives you lemons
What is this
What if ape was real?
Which chipmunk would suffer more in a microwave?
What are emojis?
why would you want to fuck a dragon
Well to be perfectly honest,
What I want
wall of text
When the Moon Lord kills the nurse in Terraria
Wiggly wiggly
Woops! I dropped my bruh sound effect base64 text
Why the Jonathan Joestar Is Star Platinum theory is wrong
What should I get my 1yr old who’s addicted to playing with a plastic mirror?
What I love about [tumblr] is I just get to be myself
Whos joe?
Why do people hate furries so much? ( from r/teenagers )
Wowza! Bazinga! Fella! Comin out swingin!
Why I won’t let my kids watch paw patrol
What do you wanna be?
Why I dislike weebs
Why do people hate furries so much? ( from r/teenagers )
weavile copypasta
What do you do when life gives you lemons? Well, my friends, I am here to answer your questions.
We tie pixilation with something sexual
Went to Paris and was disappointed
WAP, but i added a shit ton of emoji
why is this on my pc
when someone mentions incest
Why do females come to the gym?
Welcum 2another minecwaft speedrun owo
WARNING! Carry on reading! Or you will die, even if you only looked at the word warning!
Warning: gay levels
Where were you?
Well to be perfectly honest
What youtubers do you dislike?
Wholesome poem
Why sunflower is a sex offender
welcome to the cum zone
Why did the chicken cross the road?
What the fuck does uwu mean?
whos joe
Warning: may be offensive to liberals!
What the military taught me
White women choose black men because they’re more masculine, smooth and better in bed. It’s that simple.
Wow, another woman with a misguided impression due to a mistaken snap judgment.
what on god’s green earth?
what the fuck are you guys talking about?
Watching Porn is gay
When will Madao Bloom
why there a woman
Why I watch Pornhub (Comment from NYTIMES)
What brought you to Florida?
Why the IOS skull emoji is such an expressive reaction to images: an essay [OC]
Why You Should Go Fuck Yourself: A Presentation
Why Boss Baby: Back in Business is a metaphor for differing political views
Watermelon 🍉 Burgers must be seen (and tasted) to be believed.
Women are a lie told by the CIA in order to sell more children.
Well, then, i guess I’ll just go fuck myself.
Wikipedia pasta
Worms aren’t so bad
Wikipedia Needs Your Help!
Who the fuck did i piss off in my past life
Wtf bros
When email chain
Weirdest sex thing
why E-girls are causing the downfall of mankind
Weird flex but okay (crowdsourced)
Well, hello there, little buddy. Come on in!
Why I think fortnite is better than pubg
women an mac an ches
Wholesome chonker
what about Polio
Wallace and Gromit
When Ur are a Savage
White trash?
women of reddit 😊😊
Why Do All These Homosexuals Keep Sucking My Cock?
wtf no love for tiny green orc with rectangle?
Why do people talk like this nowadays
why lolicon and pedofilai is diffrent
Wikipedia needs you!
when i was a young boy
What 0 pussy does to a mf
Who the fuck asked
Why Do All These Homosexuals Keep Sucking My Cock?
Wesley Ford
Were you really “doing my mom”?
We are tranny-maniacs (found on 4chan’s /tv/)
When I was 12 i fell off my bike
Wikipedia need money 😢
whos this man
When someone texts “u” instead of “you”
Why is my pee red
Why John Cena is a made up person
Why is this guy 😎 smiling?
Why lolis arent illegal (long)
What? if!
what a rollercoaster of emotions
Who’s Joe?
What the fuck did you just fucking fuck about me, you little fuck?
Waw nevew changes x3
Wearing wet cold socks is very satisfying and enjoyable
What should I do about my homie’s troubling behavior?!! 🤷
Welcome To The Cum Zone But For Blind People (⠠⠺⠑⠇⠉⠕⠍⠑ ⠠⠞⠕ ⠠⠞⠓⠑ ⠠⠉⠥⠍ ⠠⠵⠕⠝⠑ ⠠⠃⠥⠞ ⠠⠋⠕⠗ ⠠⠃⠇⠊⠝⠙ ⠠⠏⠑⠕⠏⠇⠑)
WWII happened in the cars universe
Why do people keep calling my mom gay?!
what it means to go baby on baby
When Mom says your going out to dinner but you are thinking about r.Kelly
Why are men supposed to wipe their arse?
Why Jonathan Joestar is not a bad character
Why I dont want to see that
Why I might quit One Piece
Wood fired pizza?! Hows he gonna get a job now!?!
Why SANTA🎅 should be CANCELLED🚫👎🙊😡
Want to emojify this hoe
War Against White Men
Where The Fuck Is Cummy
What do I do about my racist son?
What it’s like talking to a car guy (Ryan the Leader) script
When your friend can’t get on
Who asked (Credit to redd is dead)
Who asked?
Why are we covered in semen?
Women Are Reptiles (PROOF)
When someone asks for sause
Why bacons and eggs don’t get along easily
wtf is this
what happened to cummy????? 😱😱🙄🙄🙄🙄😢😢🙏🤔😭😭
Why was 6 afraid of the 7?
Wonderful paragraph I found in a furry RP Discord server
What is The Cursed Child?
When you see a r/memes post, i did a better copypasta but I ruined it by using paste instead of copy
When female on Reddit
Welcome to the cum zone
When someone ruins the funny secks number 😤
Why the word retard is fine
We all need some love
What would I do? Well, let me tell you.
Wow an OG Political post
Who the hell uses Discord servers (made by me, a genuine question verbose)
What I’m looking for on here
Why Vaporeon is the most compatible with humans for sex.
Was that a hazbin hotel reference?
Wow, another online relashionship?
World’s biggest romanian swear (Translation in comments)
What i fight for
Warhammer40k Chaos Copy Pasta
Why manhole covers are round
Warrior of god
What is a copypasta anyway?
Why can’t you let me use Discord on Windows 95???
what are you doing for thanksgiving eve?
Why are you downvoting me? I’m kind of a big deal here! 😤
What is money
When you see an instagram normie using an emoji but don’t wanna be an ass about it, use this (from r/redditmoment)
What’s 9+10
When someone doesn’t like Among Us (Original Credit in the comments)
Was I right or wrong??
Worship the cum god
Who lives in a pineapple under the pineapple
Women are asshole!
Where the fuck is Cummy.
Why Harry Potter should have carried a gun
Well according to God’s statistics only 50% if you are going to heaven so if you sign the Waver your chances Will be higher
when covid20?
Wassup, can a loc come up in your crib?
World’s quietest let’s play, from Markiplier.
WW1 is extremely overrated (The original isn’t always better.)
Welcome To The NUT Zone [FULL] [not sure if nsfw but ok]
Writing’s not easy. That’s why Grammarly can help.
What is wrong with you?
watch me count to 1000
Work those Cheeto covered fingers
What to do if your partner like vore
Why Do All These Homosexuals Keep Sucking My Cock?
Whistle by Flo Rida
Ways of Monke
Whether we wanted it or not, we’ve stepped into a war with the Cabal on Mars.
When cartoon characters looks at Women
Why Im Not Racist.
What I hear from everyone around me
We just can’t
Why i deserve reddit gold
Was that a JoJo reference??
Written for a Competition
Who asked?
Why yes, I am funny.
What I found on an anime game
Wonder if they CD projeckt will carry on with sex scenes in their videogames, because Witcher 3 has the best I have ever seen in a videogame (r/gaming)
want some drugs from the okbr drug dealership?
would you like to enjoy a sack of nuts?
What I say to get a woman every-time
women are daughters when there young
Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Worth the effort
We need a George Floyd Funko POP!
wholesome youtube comment
War, War Never Changes. Unless it has changed.
Wii health and safety menu
Whites are so Inclusive
Why is there so much spanish hentai?
We do not accept cummy
When you see a post with a badly used or unintuitive meme. Also, reminding people that Redditors take themselves more seriously than they should.
Witness how hard i can piss
Why don’t Wentworth girls like my vegetable garden?
Who farted?
Wholesome copypasta about modern gaming
What is this gold subreddit about?
Watching a Movie on Your Phone.
Why is Juan on a balcony?
Why did the chicken cross the road?
Why Abraham Lincoln Would Defeat Jesus In An MMA Fight
women should NOT have pockets
Why don’t streamers acknowledge my donations?
Why saying poggers is a racial slur
What are you doing?
what did you say about sakura, you little fuck?
Wraith (apex legends)
Why dont geometry dash girls like me?
Why do Wentworth boys think I’d like their vegetable garden?
Wet socks
When you find the source of the copypasta
Will we remain a constitutional republic or slide down the slippery slope of communism
Why you should buy iPhone over Android
Wet Socks
Wet socks
Water bill is sky high 📈
Why do Wentworth boys think I’d like their vegetable garden
when wehn vegetal graden
Well office, she was a…
Who asked doe?
Woman have balls
Who would have thought that using or Saying “P*GGERS” is racist?
When cummy is lol
Women of reddit:
We love you even though you’re a filthy lib, but would love you more if you weren’t tearing this family apart with your unamerican selfishness.
When the game devs just forget to add the fun 😔😔😔
written by a true gamer from discord hell
What the hell are you joking about?
WILL FARRELL comedic genius SMH
Wow, thanks Karen!
Wait are you saying that you wouldn’t look at a guys dick?
When did it become dangerous to support the President?
What is, Obama sex?
Wiggin out
Why you should not use the “tr*p” word
Where am I? And where are you?
We asked 100 people, what is the male reproductive organ?
Wasn’t hard to get this guy mad lol
Wow, You’re an Introvert?
When she doesn’t give you a high five after sex
Why I hate r/teenagers
Who would have thought that using or Saying “P*GGERS” is racist? A thread:
where were you when red die
who’s watching in 2020?
White angry bird intimacy
Well i’m officially giving up on the PS5 hunt on the playstation direct.
We Were Here
What a sad weekend
Women with smelly feet are more attractive (from r/unpopularopinion)
Where were you when Unus Annus died?
What the cut copy pasta
Why don’t girls like my vegetable garden?
Why Attend Columbia University?
Weird dutch rap translated to English. Enjoy
Watch out security
What if I told you Trump WANTED to lose?
would definitely fuck a Minecraft ravager
When the Art History You Studied is the Art of Hip-Hop
Who’s Joe?
Wrote this in honor of a comment that said BLM is KKK but black
what ima do to all yall who dont like big chungus :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Why harry Potter should carry a 1911
Wholesome reddit moment in r/confidentlyincorrect
Why Do All These Homosexuals Keep Sucking My Cock?
We need Christopher Nolan or James Cameron or Steven Spielberg to direct a porn movie. Imagine the movie.
Want a spife?
What are we doing?
Why the removal of Fortnite boob physics is revolutionary to the fortnite lore
What? Did you just say something good about a w*man?!!
wow just wow
Why do people on here call out fallacies like they’re Yu-Gi-Oh Cards?
Welcome to the Freedom Cafe!
Why the elites want you to keep ejaculating
What Is A Skeletons Favorite Snack
WE are NOT falling into THEIR trap
Why the letter ‘h’ is so good
When they ship tommy and tubbo
WHAT HAVE YOU JUST DONE?! I’ll never forgive you
Why I am never doing anal without a condom again
why beans isn’t funny: made by some discord mod that finds Peter Griffin funny
What did I tell you?
Why tomboys are the best
Where’s Yusuke’s Mom in the anime?
what would happen if pinnochio said “my nose will now grow”?
Washing your hands is obsolete
What’s something that’s sexy that probably shouldn’t be?
When you think r/banvideogame isn’t satire
Why NNN is stupid, from a friend
What did you just say to me?
Why someone thinks there should be a turkey in the next avengers movie
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire
With Enough prayer, Trump can still win
We are Boober Lures
Why you should vote for Big Chungus for president 2020
Why was six scared of seven
What am I even doing?
Women do not support anything
why we voted brexit
When I was a kid I really had to shit.
Who else wants to suck Kamala Harris’s Juicy Kawaii Cock?
Wholesome scale
We meet again Joseph
We serve poop here sir
Why I HATE the new Bidome meme
Why does the idea of seeing Sonic’s feet make so many fans upset and angry?
W – A Creepypasta
Worst sleepover ever
When you argue with a tankie:
Why Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s empowering anthem “WAP” is so important.
Why would you do this?!
Why Camels are better than Horses (pure halal)
Wario shows his greatest achievements
Warriors stay strong
We’re making this group private
Why the fuck does u/shittytranslatorbot have Awarder Karma?
Words I think about when I hear someone say ‘I like anime’
What I Think About New York Pizza
when someone sends something unholy
While this is interesting, I do not feel this meets the standards of quality
Woah! Is that THE Skates McGroove?
Where are the real Patriots?
what 0 pussy does to a man
Where were you when Trebek was kill?
Why Kendrick Lamar is the most important artist of the 21st century
why i hate basic white girls
What is the definition of insanity?
What if a villager fell in the end portal?
What I have done
watching trump lose isnt just a hobby
Woody got Wood
Weeknight Penis Soup
when you say based
Who doesn’t love some nice balls ?
Watching trump get dragged out of the White House by secret service: priceless
we have all ate cum before
Why do so many cars look like Jaguars?
Who is Joe?
What the fuck did you just say about me?!
Why we need to kill all autistic people
What do YOU know about God?
What would guts do?
Why you should wear your diaper
Where Mista’s Stand got it’s name
When I was 9 I loved butter…
We need George Floyd Funko POPs
Works Cited
What would you do
Why semen is good for you
When Trump was elected
Wholesome Obama
Who the fuck cares?
words of angry trump supporter after biden was projected to win on twitter
White people
Why i hate vidya games
Why the meaning of life is beef
What is Jojo’s bizarre adventure?
Would you rather see Belle Delphine’s ass or pussy?
Warwick Davis
we need to PRAY 🤡 Trump across the finish line
Windows is the worst operating system
Who’s Joe?
Why boys are awesome
who tf is cummy
Welcome to THX Airlines
Why I downvoted
Why we should hate wh*te people
Women have wieners that move to the opposite side from your vision.
Wtf happened to cummy bot
when I want to search for cat girl porn they don’t have a “neko” category
Wanna sprite cranberry?
wholsome award
why would you say that thats so mean it really hurts my feelings
What if 🤔 we kissed 😳 in public 🥵 while 🌬 doing the c walk 🕺
Why did u fucc my mom
Wikipedia fundraiser text wall 2020-11-04
WIBTA if I sold my 8 year old daughter to a shady guy in a store so that I could afford a nice Gaming PC?
Where’s the funny?
Writings not that easy, But Grammarly can help.
Why brother?
What the hell does “cope” even refer to?
WSB relationship advice
Why futa is less gay than normal
Who’ll Win The Election
Warhammer 40k
Who the fuck do you think you are?
What is No Nut November (NNN)?
What’s going on with Charlie Hebdo in France?
What are you doing in my swamp
Why you should vote for Big Chungus for president 2020
Wow, so much cultural appropriation by u/ smashed_to_flinders
When people say “your degree doesn’t matter”
When people say “your degree doesn’t matter”
why the human body is the most efficient source of food
Why we should eat the rich and save the planet.
When alex died
Whats that sound?
Wanna know how I got these stains?
What is among us
When a redditor gets downvoted once
Why am I like this
With unlimited DVR storage space on YouTube TV […]
Warning Gamer Word
Where did Cummy go?
Why Hentai is Ethical
Wank-off at school gone wrong
Why hentai is better
woke kid copypastas 😰😰😰😰😰😰
We were arguing about the tf2c nail gun in a discord server, and someone posted this
Why is food important
why epic games should add sex to fortnite
Where were you when yo mama YouTube channel died
Woman no sex me!!! 🤬🤬🤬
Why does my peeped go up?
Why Geometry Dash is the hardest game
What the fuck is post nut clarity
weed cock instagram game based smart-ass atheist idiot gun trap emoji funny epic bot iq anime gamer gay earth virgin cock 69 dead virus god poor meow skeleton joe karen spider 420
Why isn’t there a straight flag?
when daddy no text
What in the uncle nephew-son.
why me
Whatsapp Hang Message 🐵
What a fucking self-righteous asshole. The god damn power trip you are on here is fucking embarassing. Everybody wants the bot to go away, but you get too much of a hard-on from everybody hating on it.What a fucking self-righteous asshole. The god damn power trip you are on here is fucking embarassi
Why I’m not voting for Joe Biden
What the f•ck did you just f•cking say about me, you little blossom?
Why cumming out of your ass would be OP
What is something you genuinely don’t understand?
Witch Mercy spotted in the wild. [NSFW]
What a Pleasant Surprise!
Woke up at 0400
What do you have to offer?
where else but r/cursedcomments i would find this
Who Asked
Wanna have a cool theme make your phone look special???
WE are not falling in THEIR trap
Wait for it…..I usually not jerk to anime, but holy sh!t This passage from a game full of lolitas….(Source in comments)
What’s Big, Hard, and Brown?
WAP ( Warm Apple Pie ) Lyric but owo
Wait, did you just post the source for the image that I posted?
What is “genshin impact”
Why do edgy teens type in all lowercase?
Why did the chicken cross the road. (My first copypasta)
We found his porn..
Why LGBT people act so retarded?
Who asked?
Why do good girls like bad guys
Why Did God Build Me This Way
What’s your favorite food and why?
Who else loves cocks?
Why aren’t you laughing?
Welcome to Reddit!
Why did do this
Wait.. do I smell REPOST?!
We Are Gamers
What happened in “The heavy is dead”
Words of a Karma Whore, JayyWayy2Litt
What made Cleopatra so desirable?
Wrap me in plastic
Weeb game gambling addiction depression
Wow so you wrote that yourself?
When they said the 9/11 joke
why did I make this someone help me
Why we should cancel PewDiePie
Why horny jail is a bad idea
Who’s an edgy boy?
Why are the bears in Russia so nice?
We did it Reddit
world of warcraft
why sex isnt real
What do pedophiles find so attractive about minors, that normal people don’t?
Why do I love Dat Boi? I’ll tell you why.
What is up with the catgirls from Nekopara
what does poggers mean?????
white girl squidward house
Wikipedia donation banner 2020-10-25 (blue/green) (German)
Why Bronies are not cringe
Walt Disney had a dream (MickeyShock)
Women of reddit how do you feel about giant monster cocks, because i have one?
Whack Wings
Watch this get deleted for not being a copypasta, moderators of r/copypasta your work here is appreciated 😐 you guys are very heterosexual
What the fuck is this fucking piece of garbage that should not fucking exist.
Was having a stupid ass convo in a discord and one of my friends just said this.
Why does girls und panzer still exist???
Wayback machine offline
What dumbass likes the undertale soundtrack?
WOW kid you just got r/WOOOOOOSHED!!!! 😂😂👀
Why is fortnite so good
weeb culture is american buddhism
Welcome Aboard Cum Airways (I wrote this on a plane)
Why would he do that? I think that the Redditor above is just jealous of your superior intellect. I’m sorry that bothers are so rude to you, it’s not like teenagers these days are smart or anything lol, they kinda anger me, and I don’t know why 🤷‍♀️
Went to McDonald’s
We know you’re a tweaker.
What is it like to fire an AR-15? It’s horrifying, menacing and very very loud
Who’s feelings are hurt LOL
Why does this happen to me?!?!
Wac Donalds
Way of the Mandalore Copypasta
Why does my Father Masturbate?
what is sex
We did it Reddit
Why We Hate Cockroaches
What’s your name jeff?
When someone asks you why you don’t like Chimpanzees.
Why are you?
Wish I could change my name legally
Waterfighters (from r/writingprompts)
Wrk hrd nd dn’t gv p
Wtf is this subreddit about??
weak mindset (look i tried my best thinking of something)
Why i should be allowed to the say the N word on discord
Why Big Bird would win in a street fight against Barney the Dinosaur (from r/changemyview)
When someone says Mac OS is based on Linux
Welp, wheels aren’t happening,
Why I Quit Pissing in The Sink – My Story
why i shouldn’t be mod on this server
When Little Timmy met a Count
Wow so relatable
Well then you kind of just hate communism
Women, what is something you want men to know?
Where were you when club penguin was kil
who the F A W K is cummy-
What is a black person
with whom I associate
Why becoming a Chad > becoming a femboy
Welp. Wheels aren’t happening.
We live in a society where white men can’t enjoy Eminem
when r/hololive reaches r/all and you are an outsider
When i was younger
which chipmunk is getting the best pegging?
Why does the bag from my McDonald’s breakfast smell like burgers?
Why Hip hates Bright Red
When I die as crewmate and the imposter asks where the body is
Who in their right mind likes Wingdings?
Why can I never be impostor
when your mouse is durable and reliable
Why I’m anti abortion
Why I’m anti abortion
Women of Askreddit, sex sexy sex sex? 😳
We’re breaking up…
What happened to the nice man holding a glass, a chalice if you will, of milk gazing into the camera as my favorite Monday Giggles icon?
Why hello there, SentientSemen
Wanna rub my feet
Welp, yolo
wooo yeah baby
When people don’t appreciate your post 😡 (found in r/dankmemes)
Welcome to the Cum Zone EXTENDED [NSFW]
We did it reddit
Wii + Internet Get connected video but I transcripted it manually
When you’re British and someone gets woooshed
Wtf step-sis
We do not need 300,000 people spamming the servers are down
What the hell did I buy and where did I buy it from?
When funny comedy man is being funni:
Who the hell is Jay
when you get old
Wrong sweetheart!
When are you gonna cut your hair?
Warren lotas
why pride month is gay (SHOCKING EVIDENCE)
What’s happening is this “user” is portraying ungodly behavior. This is the type of behavior JESUS condemns. Ephesians 4:29- Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear. However, I do under
What is the best way to (LEGALLY) acquire 17.3 metric tons of canned beans? I’m asking for a friend called uh Jerry
Why Gamers should be allowed to say racial slurs
What did you just dare accuse me of? (Facebook)
What if among us was a country?
When someone replies with “ok”
When did anybody ask
Weezer Fans Talking about albums be like:
When someone asks for the sauce:
Wake up now
We need Moze nudity mods RIGHT NOW!!!
What if… Hypothetically….
What if… Hypothetically….
won’t smith
Welcome To Little Monkey Channel
White savior complex
Wilson sucks toes
when you upload something on soundcloud
What did you say to me you little bitch
White People be like
Were the Oompah Loompahs cheap labor or sex slaves?
what my friend sent on discord…
why i hate airpods, a rant
Will Delete If Already Has Been Posted
We consume. We multiply. Like a virus.
We finally get what true LotR fans have been hoping for since the books were first published – to finally get a good look at an Ent’s penis.
why hello mister bezos
Where I’m from
What makes a gun a real gun
Why does my dad wean an apple watch arround his ankle
WhatsApp group description
Where is cummy
Welcome back to Bottom Gear mates.
Welcome to bottom gear mates.
Warning: Please Do Not Play Phasmophobia
What is this subs obbsession with u/cummybot2000
When I get lonely gaming always cheers me up.
What Have I Made
Why have mumble rappers become so successful?
Why I should be allowed to say the n-word
Ways to pronounce “comfortable”
Why femboys aren’t gay, and you aren’t gay for liking them
Waluigi X Miku lovers to rivals
When I listen to Kendrick
Want to see my bridge?
We live in a society
Working with a control freak on a group project.
when morgz
what if joker had a puke fetish?
Why I hate Andy Dick
Weeb Copypasta
We built this city on rock and roll
WHERE is my sword wielding nemesis?
wholesome award rant
Why measurement are the way they are
We are your Arcturian family
when you try complimenting people on tiktok
Whoever is trying to hack me
Worm on a string porn
Who Is Pokimane Thicc? The Video Streamer Who’s Caught the Attention of Every Online Gamer Out There!
Why the *fuck* is it considered weird to be sexually attracted to a video game character?
what is fortnite
Which color can fuck right off?
Would you Perchance Divulge the Sauce, dear Redditor?
who is he
When you take a youtubehaiku shitpost too seriously
Who asked
Why is walmart so bad
What is this subreddit?
What exactly happens with the mind of a person glimpsing at Cthulhu or another mind-breaking eldritch abomination?
Was looking for book recommendations related to paleontology, the description of one of the books was this :
wooooaaah look at this :0
WingsofRedemption explains his life.
Why good porn does not exist
When someone says prison is just a place
would chuck
We the people debunk fake news media
Where were you when green was kil?
What Low IQ moron brings a dog on a date?
Wise guy
Where can I buy a frog? (Not for sexual reasons)?
Whenever some asks how “All lives matters” is racist but “Black Lives Matter” isn’t
Want a new rabbit hole of conspiracy with Child Trafficking.. here you go.
Why do people like Tool?
Witchcraft Evil!!!!!!!!
Why I hate E-girls, a poem from r/teenagers.
What my 8 year old brother sent me on my school email
Why do women wear bras when there are millions of men out there willing to hold their booby big breasts instead?
Why I’m suicide :pensive:
Wall of text
Who would win, 1 trillion lions or the sun?
weed cock instagram game based smart-ass atheist idiot gun trap emoji funny epic bot iq anime gamer gay earth virgin cock 69 dead virus god poor meow skeleton joe karen spider 420
We need to kill all Liberals
What the fuck did you say to me, you little bitch?
Why I hate shyguy
Why would you think there was a war in Ba Sing Se???
What Does Poop Taste Like?
Wall of text
Wall of random text
When you see a gamer girl be like
Welcome to the simulation
Written during a related episode
Why does my fat cock have to be so god damn long and girthy.
When my gym instructor wife ate stagg chilli for breakfast lunch and dinner (4 cans) and smelled like rancid shit
Will you shut up, man?
Wholesome post from a certain memelord
Wild kinnie goes brr (TW)
Will you shut up, man?
Welcome to Big Bill’s Meme Hell
What do your balls smell like?
WingsOfRedemption’s tinder bio
What happens when you put a hot dog in the microwave for 2 minutes?
What did i come across
What are V-Bucks?
What is the point of /r/personalfinance?
Who put these rats in my ravioli?
wall of text
wacky crap post made in text synth using the quote “ I just fricking crap in pant haha somebody gib me pant”
Wow. It’s entirely possible. Wow.
weedie-chan kimochiiii
Wow, that was NOT funny.
Why are the mods deleting u/CB2000 posts
Why “straight” guys love sissies.
What is the point of /r/personalfinance?
What is the point of /r/personalfinance?
Who are “the legends”?
What is Big Chungus?
Will you consider jacking off as a sport?
what are you O.C.D. or something?
What the FUCK happened to reddit.
Wall of COCK
washington dc guy here again
What is this subreddit???
Why I hate minecraft.
Why in the hell would I ever even try anything like pegging.
Warning NSFW 13RS Tyler scene reminder
What r/copypasta mod sent to reddit admins to get cummy unbanned
What did you just say to me?
Why oranges are freezing
Well…. you drink colors light.
Wrongthinker, begone
Where can I acquire a frog? (Not for sexual reasons)?
What the hell is wrong with you?!
when glow squid won the Minecraft mob contest some people got pretty mad
What’s your favorite gaming controller?
Who voted for glow squid?
Wrote this at 12am
waa haa you joined a vc twice
Why am I so thicc?
Why hentai is better than porn
Why yes I’m a 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈proud boy🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
Who gives a f**k about Christmas stuff and decorations?
WingsOfRedemption’s tinder bio
why glowsquid
Who are you? Who the FUCK are you?
Written by a chess grandmaster
Whether we wanted it or not, we’ve stepped into a war with the Cabal on Mars. So let’s get to taking out their command, one by one. Valus Ta’aurc. From what I can gather he commands the Siege Dancers from an Imperial Land Tank outside of Rubicon. He’s well protected, but with the right team, we can
When you clap a random light gets turned on
Why won’t you read?
Would you guys be there for me? (Gizzy)
Why I should be president
W💦 A🍑 P😻
WAIT NO guys you don’t GET IT
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, handsome?
Written by me while looking at Luigi pictured reading “Hitler & WWII”
Was it just me or was there a lot of sexual tension in the debate?
When you’re trying to lure sailors to their deaths but your sweet siren song is drowned out by the clap of your butt cheeks because you’re dummy thicc.
Wilbur Soot Moles
When I see meme on insta I already seen on Reddit:
What Trump said after getting COVID verbatim
When you get accused of cheating in chess
Well then…
Walks towards you
What to reply to libtards 😎
Why do they do this to vaporeon?
Was it just me or was there a lot of sexual tension in this debate? (From r/thanosdidnothingwrong)
weird japan trap copypasta
Wikipedia explains why airports have a particular vibe
Why Hentai is cultured
Winly Walka and the Choncolate Peenris
Why the Origin-12 from COD is inherently racist
Why Cuties is a film of hardship and ecstasy. Chapter One: What it genuinely betokens to be a pedophile
What does it mean to not know? I wrote this to overcomplicate a discussion with a friend
Why hire me
Why hentai is art
Why the alphabet is biased (a piece by my friend Godhead on discord)
when someone says something bad about pokimane
would you fist cummy
Was it just me or was there a lot of sexual tension in the debate tonight?
What happened in the room? a Bidrump story
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have *MR PRESIDENT PLEASE*
When ur depressed
When I was 11 I turned 13 cuz fuck 12
Wait, wait, wait. TF
What the f are crab cakes?!?!
we live in a society
What is out?
What happened to my Purple Chao? Did it die?
Would be funny i think
What does WAP mean?
why woman sexy dance??
Wait what is that?
When someone edits their comment so you don’t know how they got the likes.
Well I was bored so
Woah there, web-surfer dude! 😎
We don’t care about you
World’s largest sentence
Wahoo For The Cicierega
William Afton
We get it. You constantly feel insecure and threaten by anime
Who else has encountered a fictophobes?
why barack obama started the coronavirus
While Its Still Suicide Prevention September- Heres Some Games To Play To Get Your Mind Off Everything
whoosh 😹😹
Warriors of the net
When an 8 year old’s mom leaves the house
Why does the motherfucking reddit app silence videos automatically when you restart them?
War has changed
Women are the creation of the devil
What happened to our beloved Cummy?
What to say if someone calls you a simp.
Why I wasn’t taking care of the inconveniences in other channels.
What’s a tiger shark
Would I fuck my own clone?
Windows 10 rant I found that is great copypasta material
Who is cummy?
Why are there no anti-animal-rights activists?
Would you fuck your clone?
why did you take time into this spencer
What the fuck
When someone challenges an ancap
Writing letters to Tom Hanks
Wholsome 😘🤗 copy pasta 🍑
Weebs > normies
Wow just wow
Whatsup youtube it’s ya boy cheese
Wow, a women really did just talk to me. AMA
What about the cum??
Where were you when cummy died?
Wait I just realized that apparently not everyone has an 8 inch+ dick???
Was thinking about the Fred Movies
Women of Reddit 🥺😜🤔🤔?????
Words for cum: The spin-off sequel
Why didn’t you respond to me?
what happened???
Woah man you’re so tough for calling me a clown over social media
Where is he? Why?
why is cummy?
Why is the Zopper pizza allowed to exist?
We serve poop here sir
Why do people read copy pasta
What I hear as I skip PE/Gym class
Why can’t we prevent un-Islamic activities in Bangladesh?
where is cummy 😭😭
Why 2020 is smelly year
Where were u wen cyan die?
When 100 gecs on the radio
We howld thwese truwths to be self-evidwent…
Where you there when Cummy died?
What IS a Baby?
Why is s*x not a exercise
Who unfollowed me
Why glen fricker is the best
We’re all equal here
Worry not my brothers and sisters for cummy will rise once more.
When your to poor for real reward:
Who is Critikal?
With cummy gone, his bloodline should live on
why the fuck would you judge me for liking piranha plant rule34?
White supremacy in among us
We were you when cummy die?
We have
what happened to this sub im so confused
Where were you when CummyBot2000 die?
where were u wen cummy die
When i die
What to reply to a repost
Whenever anyone talks shit about animal intelligence
What I would do for a Klondike Bar:
What it’s like to be a reddit mod
Watching Cardi b
Woman not Sex (Facebook)
Who calls their semen Ben?
wap lyrics but in standard galactic alphabet
We don’t use emojis here on Reddit
Women of reddit
What you should say when people discover you’re an Imposter.
ways to describe a retarded person
What is the meaning of meaning?
Why anon is not addicted to French fries.
What the hell is kunitori
Why Curious George is an Anime
when your friend shits on city bird for not having their food ever before (from discord)))
Who the hell cares?
Welcome to the cum zone (family friendly drummer version)
Weird pasta from r/unpopularopinions
whenever someone asks you if there was homework over the weekend
We only need 4 Republicans to abstain or vote NO to allow the next president to appoint a SCOTUS Judge.
What every non redditor whos butthurt about 2019 memes overused would say:
Working at Sears for 27 years
Why do 1995 dodge caravans always want to race me??
Wholesum 100 😎
Wait what happened to CummyBot1000
We not like babies so…
What does BTS stand for??
wholesome memes
Women be like:
Would you rather share emotional connection with someone or share bodies? [Nsfw]
What the FUCK guys
Winterhold summoner, found on r/askreddit
What did you say?
Wholesome memes aren’t funny.
Why Harry Potter needs a gun
Why Harry Potter needs a gun
WIBTA for being extremely charitable to myself on r/AITA?
What do men know about women
Why Communists like Eugenics
Why Funeral is actually the worst Arcade Fire album
What Trump should read outloud if he wins his 2nd term
We can post anything here so:
Why do people like the Cummy bot so much????
Wholesome gamer at r/banvideogames
Women will prefer to fuck an alpha male from a different species to a beta male from their own.
Woah look 👀 it’s someone’s cake day
whomst among us
What is it like to have a younger sister?
wo oh oh oh ohhh oh oh oh ohhh oh oh oh
was posted in a chatroom i use, probably unironic
Why you should only verbally stop a violent woman.
Why you should give the Covid Series a chance.
works in discord, cursed af.
was made by u/MetaCooler007
When Obama was president…
When you wish for a grill cheese sandwich.
with -71 karma
What if you pee on lava?
what is alcoholic??? 🤔🤔🤔
What have I created
what the hell man
Why do I have a gun?
We’ll going to equip your baby-maker
World record for getting expelled from school
why won’t cummy die?
Woman of redit: Sex ?
What misophonia feels like
Wholesome chart
Why you should buy your shit in ALDI/HOFER
Wasn’t funny bud :/
Was on r/justiceserved
Welcome to Gboard clipboard
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. …
Whole Foods HATES Veterans
Who has Lenny with body and huge cock
What is education?
Wow you’re dumb
Who asked?
Women in GoT are exploited
What does emojifier do to this?
When you report a security vulnerability.
White girls be like
When someone sends you something beautiful
We Should Give a Degree to Mr.Pibb to Spite Dr.Pepper Fans
What if KFC stood for Kilos of Fucking Cum
Wagons are stupid
When educating the masses.
Why are you so shocked!?
What no bussy does to a man 😔
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
What the fuck is cummy
White people ruined my life
Wrap music 🤮🤮
why did i make this
Why you should you debeak an Octopus.
What’s the joke here?
Why I’m 23 and I have never kissed a girl
What is love , Baby don’t hurt me , don’t hurt me no more
Wouldn’t it be funny if you spent all your life savings on awards on this post?
When can corona be over so I can get back to you kissing random people?
Why Indiana is bad.
When I was delivered…
Welcome to my Minecraft series episode 216
What is Bloop? (gawr gura – hololive EN)
Wouldn’t it be funny dude
why 6 is afraid of 7
Why all the hate towards people with anime profile pics?
What if teeth had teeth?
We’re the middle children of history
why 😔
Who did 9/11?
we should bring back the Side face big nosed yandere-dev as the subs Picture
When your ego prevents you from admitting you are completely, 100%, undeniably wrong.
what is bruh
we out here cuh
Women should post nudes (from cringetopia/unpopularopinions)
War Crimes
Women should post nudes
Wrong Cup
What did you say to Sophie?
watch out guys
When humans bully a robot
Why hello, good sir!
Who is belle delphine? Found in r/cringetopia
Why not
Who is Belle Delphine?🙄 🤭🤔🥱
Who is Belle Delphine? 🙄🥱🤭🤔
We’ve told you people before and I’ll tell you again, America does not want Marxism.
Week One of nofap
Wanna write a book?
What does it feel like to eat a Carolina Reaper?
Where are the fucking catgirl femboy maids? (Nsfw)
white washed
Why I Think Hentai Should Be in the Louvre
Wikipedia List of Every Trump Administration Scandal
Why did you leave?
who farted? not me!
Wowwie! thank you for the sexy picture ma’am!
Why you should be a copypasta mod
We need to rebel against women
Why is six afraid of seven?
Why Gamers Hate TLOU2 (from gamingcirclejerk)
we live in a society
Who killed the mods?
What if we had giant sperms?
Well, I was shopping in Walmart the other day
Why Trumpers Are Grumpy
What’s VoidSpace?
we serve poop here, sir.
What a complete and utter imbecile
Wake up. You’re in a cult.
Why is it so hard to talk properly?
When I was walking my dog.
Why is the Internet so horny? [From r/why]
Wither Prank
Week two on this sub
What happens if someone eats wood?
What schools think what happens when you see shoulders
When you have a very specific fetish
Why did the chicken cross the road?
when I was 14, I dreamt of having kinky sex with buzz light year, from toy story, my favourite Pixar movie
What to do if you say the n word online and people call you out
Wooden Dildo full of bees.
What’s the deal with “forty”?
What the fuck did you just say about Weird Al?
Women don’t exist
who is joe
When someone mentions a disney film
What is Roblox?
Wait what?! Owofier isnt a furry?
When People say to me, Wow How can you vote for a narcissistic asshole”, Or how can you vote for someone that your children can’t look up to? “If you are for Trump, you’re Un-Christian, Racist and Beyond Evil.
What happened to u/emojifier?
We are all equal.
Woah I just saw your post
When She sexy 😍😍
Why do you like fall guys porn?
Why does Travis Scott get his own McDonald’s bruger, but not George floyd?
Why exiSt?
Who has a higher IQ Jordan Peterson or Ben Shapiro?
We should just let the human race die
Worship And Prayer
We have detected the transmission of unsolicited pornographic images
Why I hate white people.
Water but described by that subnautica lore guy that won’t leave my reccomended
Weeaboo nazi epically destroys libtards
Wow this is genuinely beautiful
Wet Ass Pussy translated to Shakespearean
Wow 😲 An actual unpopular opinion 😱 Have an upvote 😊
Wet farts feel good
When you see a nakde gurl in reddit
Words From A Winner
Why traps arent gay
wholesome 100 post(only for reddit!!!!!)
Would you be my best man?
Who actually would like an apocalypse? I sure would. Here’s why.
Why I don’t like the phrase “smh my head”
Wikipedia Article on Copypasta’s
While I disagree, I can see why you might not like J. Cole’s KOD.
We don’t have freedom of speech
Why the Elites Want you to Keep Ejaculating (from r/SemenRetention)
Why is discord like this
Well I see the leftists are out
what if Shinobu did Mona Lisa roleplay
Wendy’s not allowing me to switch my drink??? WTF???
Why I love my instrument
Who Asked (Feat. Nobody)
Who’s getting the best dick?
Want Cock?
who lives under the sea
What the f*** is this sub about ?
who outside?
Why I hate the ocean sunfish
When people Talk about immigrants taking control of Sweden
What is boblox?
wow this dude is awesome sunglasses emoji
What is this pretentious drivel?
Wow hot picture dude,😳💯😳💯😳💯
When he said ___ I really felt that
wOAH fRee coins!
Why nice guys never get girls?
Written by a bot on r/SubSimGPT2Interactive
What happens if you cum on a ceiling fan?
Want you to want me
When I simp its not the same simping that you do! (kinda short but you can just send it many times)
When you get a king size bed.
We got him!
Women can now reproduce without men; congratulations my fellow men, we are now completely free from any women’s concerns.
Whether we wanted it or not, we’ve stepped into a war with the Cabal on Mars.
What did you just say?
whats the joke here reddit
wubba lubba dub dub
Woah there buddy, i might have to put you in your place.
When i smoke hashish I become stronger
Wholesome 100
Why Do Women Only Like Stupid Jerks Who Treat Them Like Shit?(Black Kings version)
Why can’t people view things as attractive without wanting to jerk off to it?
when someone changes your diaper, do you even get an erection? how do you handle it?
Why can’t I abuse Cummy? >:(((
We’re the Christmas killers!!!
What does “WAP” mean?
Why grapefruit is a sex tier fruit.
Why would someone do this?!
Wizard of Oz Porn Parody Rhetorical Analysis
Would you rather get into a fight to the death with 100 5 year olds or 100 90 year olds
Willy Wanker and the Baby Gravy Factory
What are the depths of your stupidity?
why would you want a slowmode
Words for Boobies
What the alas didst thee just fucking sayeth about me, thee dram wench?
Work hard, Play hard
What the fuck did you say you goddamn slut
Why the fuck are you here?
Who are the real degenerates?
Wholesome redditor
when i was 11 i turned 13 cuz fuk 12
Why is the Silver Surfer not worthy of holding Mjolnir?
What the fuck is this
Why the frick are my posts not getting upvotes?
Wall of text for people who are being complete asses
when you are murder
wesley ford
When someone asks for upvotes
What i did today
Women aren’t into easily offended beta cucks
why valorant is objectively better than csgo
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little pallet jack user? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Forklift Academy
Why i hate leftists
what is a coelacanth
We’ve seen an increase in ‘copypasta,’ an attempt by many accounts to copy, paste, and Tweet the same phrase.
Wallace and Gromit: A Grand Day Out (1989) [OC]
why i like thanos
What is a carrot?
Who’s the real simp here?
Wap is the best
why tennis balls are green
Welcome to Isle Delfino
Why I’m sexually interested in Pickle Rick and you probably should be too.
why does this exist
Who’s the real simp here? (thank you u/Napoleon_Tha_God)
Which fetish fits you?
Warframe – Corrupted Vor speech, but it’s one word.
What did the reddit user say after detonating a bomb inside the bank?
Why doesn’t the government pay me taxes?
Well, let’s analyze piecemeal thee written))
Western cowboy AK
Welcome to MCC, also known as Meme Case Community, we hope you have fun and enjoy your stay, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me.
We hate scammer channel copypasta cuz I’m bored
Why ‘All Star’ by Smash Mouth is the greatest Mantra to live by and will guarantee a happy life.
What humanoid would you go out with?
What cum taste like (Found on r/teenagers)
Wake up
Whoever smelt it, dealt it
Who is getting the best dick? Saul, Walter, or Gus?
Wonder of U (alternative)
weed burners and doink smokers beware
Welcome to the cum zone but its Opposite Day
We’re just friends
What does a reddit post consist?
Why Cummybot2000 is free Karma.
When mom calls you by your full name
Warioware gold intro
Welcome to r/copypasta
wet and gushy
Warning about unsafe cumtube selling tactics
What did you say to me?
Watch Dogs 2 is the worst game ever made.
What happened when my friend copied my other friends discord server after getting banned.
We are fighting a civil war in the streets.
Why edna mode?
When someone puts themselves in a bad situation. Courtesy of a friend.
Why COVID 19 is the nerdiest virus to ever exist
When you see a secksy lady
We’ve seen an increase in ‘copypasta,’
Why you should give me reddit gold
What in the…
We’ve seen an increase in ‘copypasta’
Water, Ice, Salt aye
What having sex with Buff Chungus would be like
Why I can’t go places
Why capitalism is horrible
What r/JustUnsubbed is nowadays
What to post on your cake day
When you update the autopsy report
wall of text
War crime
When someone posts a copypasta screenshot…
Why comment turn off on Reddit ads
Why Imperial is superior than Metric
Warning, 18+
Why reading hentai is better than watching hentai
What if I told you, that comically oversized spoon, isn’t a spoon?
Why did I write this
When the dead memes go OWO
When you enrage an iFunnier
Who asked?
women succ cok
Welcome to the Cum Zone but It’s Gibberish
Welcome to KFC
What I used for my pokimane discord ban speedrun
who the hell do you think you are??
Why Boss Baby: Back in Business is a metaphor for differing political views
WAP – wet💦ass 🍑 pussy
Wallace is an exiled Nazi scientist
What is it?
Women don’t exist
Water with Cereal
We need more mods
Why “WAP” by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stalion is an anthem of female empowerment
WAP is a feminist anthem
Wow so witty!
Wanna fuck Johnny joestar but thesaurizedbotted it like eight times
Welcome to G Facts
why are there so many nuclear power bootlickers in here?
Why I am so serious about the danger Trump poses
what freshman? I graduated college and my father has businesses
Women of reddit, what is the sexiest sexy sex sexual sexy sex thing you have done?
While god was creating the world, the fire fly was asking him every four minutes:
Why the Chicken Crossed the Road
Welcome to Jamrock
why fappers are illegal and must go to jail for life
whats the deal with this
Why God did you not give me bone
Why hentai is better then porn (a revised version)
Woah bro I really don’t appreciate being called out like that.
Why hentai is better than porn
Western hoax
Wendys fucking sucks dick
What is even more dangerous than eugenics is ignoring quantum physics.
WAP kidz bop edition
When someone says lmao/lmfao
WAP Lyrics
WW1 employed twerkers
What is this subreddit about?
White men
Wendy’s Hot Dinks
Why don’t poachers just shoot people?
What are you copying, mr. pasta?
Where was the PAW Patrol during the Iran Hostage Crisis?
Would you ride the cool bus with me?
Why you can’t measure breast size with calipers
Why Harry Potter needs a gun.
Water is literally one of the biggest sources of Human, or Animal, Deaths.
Why Harry Potter needs a gun (by u/snowy_mountain41
Woah there, Redditor! That was a really good post!
when life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade.
Why Aberdeen Sucks (taken from a TIL post)
Why Fortnite Best Asses should be nominated for best channel on Shorty Awards
We need state mandated fat rehabilitation camps!
Why Kurt Cobain Hated Aberdeen, Washington. Found in r/todayilearned
When baby nut will die
wasp hornet nest
When you update the autopsy report
Wonder of U
Why everyone stops playing online games
wtf I thought women smell like strawberry ice cream
what happened when netflix decided to make 11-year old girls twerk
We aren’t competing
Wait, you CAN’T pickle?
What the fuck, Xanax?
What are you doing here?
When I’m given a banana…
When discord takes down your account copypasta
What to say if someone calls you a virgin
Why beheading me will only make me more erect.
whoever the fuck decided to text my mum from and unknown number and fucking out me about being non binary. i rlly hope you’re happy with yourself you fucking prick. if i find out who you are i’ll fucking hurt you idc
What’s the worst that could happen?
we need to spread awareness (credit to u/GiulioMago)
What if Emojify’s face reveal was “Meh” from the Emoji Movie???!?!?!?!?
Why sansmaeda is technically possible
WOW kid you just got R/WOOOOOOOOSHED!!!!😂😂👀
When you find THE nude
WOW kid you just got r/WOOOOOOSHED
What do I do
woah dude.
Welcome To Pornhub World!
What is the copy pasta where a guy sees a bit of a girls shoulder at school, and he releases a huge blast of cum?
What I like about Grape Nuts
War crimes in Afghanistan. Found on Twitter
When you want only a tiger poster.
Watching Johnny test then suddenly
Wonder Of U
When I say I’m socialist I don’t mean…
What if Spongebob was sexy
What’s then point behind this subreddit.
When we get married I’ll wear a black dress
We should be allowed to see John Cena
Why isn’t cummy’s face his pfp?
Why Do All These Homosexuals Keep Sucking My Cock?
What is a furry ? (The poem)
Women’s feet are one of the sexiest parts of the female body (found on true unpopular opinion)
We we’re talking on Jojo amino how The KH story dosent make Sense and someone Said this
Welcome to Angie Venne’s class!
Wewcome to camp Navawwo.
Why vaporeon is best for sex.
what is your favorite type of potassium? mine is potassium citrate but potassium nitrate has its moments
Weirdo I ran into on Garry’s Mod unironically PMed me this lmao
Why Vaporeon is the best Pokémon
What the actual fuck have i found
What’s wrong?
What is this group problem
Wtf is a cummy bot?
Went off on some guy and thought it fit here
written by a bot on r/SubSimulatorGPT2
Writing’s not that easy, but Grammarly can help!
Why you should side with the imperial
when people say cracker is offensive </3
Who’s they?
We Fought For Your Right To Anime Titties
When you see a jobless adult
Where’s the funny
Weird Al Yankovic’s “Hardware Store” fast verse
When the testicles turn blue from not ejaculating when you should.
WAP (Wet Ass P-word)
Who wants a free reddit award
Walk like an Egyptian for people that don’t know the song is really good I found it on jojos it’s a really good anime 10/10
What is a see drive
What the fuck is wrong with you
Wendy’s newer BBQ sauce is the worst condiment I’ve ever had in my whole life
when somebody doesn’t participate in teaming in a battle royale game
When somebody says “didn’t ask”
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little Disney shill?
Why they’re so mad
Why you should stop saying the n word on this discord server
We’re going to win, you know (from r/darknet)
Waste Someone’s Time
Wario VR – Wario Takes A Dump
We need to cancel Flipper
Who’s your FNAFsona?
Whipping people.
Why do women attack a man’s balls?
Wisdom Teeth
Why don’t people like yandev?
Why you are shit Comprehensive essay
When you see legendary post that makes you happy
Watashi wa a victim of cyberbullying desu
What is vocoding you may ask? Well its quite simple
Why do females expect us to wash our asses?
well actually…
What’s 👑😦 that 👇 buddy? 👤 Wha- A 🏼 grammatical error?!? 💯 WHAT?!? B… 🅱🅰 Bu… That can’t 💯🔫 be possible! Surely not!
Weebs having poster babies
Wet Ass Pizza
We are getting Gen 4 Remakes!!!!1!1
why the fuck do parents name their kids similar names?
wait wait wait…..
WillNE has come to make an announcement:
What if cum tasted like the last food you ate?
Want a break from the ads?
we are so close to cummy face reveal
When you get likes on YouTube
What’s the worst that could happen if I drive with loose lug nuts?
Wtf is this post
Wu tang clan method man tortyre intro
Why do females expect us to wash our arse?
WAP by Ben Shapiro
Why avocados are bad
What do you do?
Wait… you use google?
We had it so rough…
Watch your tone boy
Windows is a hunk of shit
When you play ToAST
When a gamer tries to breach into r/Banvideog*mes (can be repurposed)
What did you say?
What the fuck
Words of wisdom from Sasha Grey
WeLcOmE tO tHe SpErM bAnK
What’s his name? What was his birth name?
Why would I do that?
Wholesome 100
We must make light bulbs great again!
welcome to gboard clipboard any text you copy will be saved here
We need to get Cummy the most good bot votes
Why you all are virgins.
wet ass pussy
why you shouldn’t walk dogs
Work 14 28h shifts 17 weeks in a row twice in a row? Okay, but you’re going to have to pay me for it.
Why the hell are people on reddit so miserable?
Welcome to the cum zone
Why interfere with the ecosystem?
Why is Windows 10 such a fucking piece of shit?
Why would you waifu Hermaeus Mora
Wtf is copypasta?
Why I’m a member of Glenn Gang, in 500 words or less
We asked some dude what were his thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics and this is what they answered
When someone asks for the sauce
We’re no strangers to love
What’d we do?
Why I think the yellow power ranger is the best.
Woke up to see this on discord from my friend
We’re in fuckin 1320 motherfucker
Wanna see what the emojifier will make of this
When should my semen turn white? 14m
We’re in fuckin 1320 motherfucker
Would milkshakes or cold ones bring the boys to the yard.
What will *your* Hogwarts story be?
We’re in fucking 1320 motherfucker
We’re in fuckin 1320 motherfucker
Why I stopped playing EFT
women are addicted to me like crack lol
where is a pikachus dick????
women bad 😎
Well done
Words of a man or woman or strange goblin creature (probably the third thing) who doesn’t know what natural selection is, nor do they have a clue how humans went apparently
We did it guys
We did it :’) Cummy is number 1 on the bot rank list
We did it!
What the fuck Olive Garden…
What iq tests are like (found in a youtube comment section)
Why did you post something so unfunny?
Wilbur Soot Twitter Copypasta
When there’s an SCP reference
Why plankton can’t steal the formula
What the fuck
what if sneezes were orgasmic. what if women had holes in their faces where noses go. what if men had soft droopy noses that get hard when they’re turned on.
Who is antifa?
Wow, you watch The Office?
when you call someone a ‘straighty” once
When was the first time people noticed you were working out?
Welcome to Lucas Oil Stadium and the Drum Corps International World Championships
Why are sexually attracted to buttholes?
wait, wait, wait….. YOU’RE A GAMER GIRL?!!?!
when a simp get’s rejected
What a fucking disappointment of a human being
Why sand is a curse to society
What the human sweetly physical earphone
Whoopity Scoop
What is the deal with r/copypasta? Can someone explain it to me?
What is this thing?
What is this, a mysterious Set of Numbers?
Worse love story than Twilight
What is the deal with r/copypasta? Can someone explain it to me?
What a failure
What is the deal with r/copypasta?
Welcome to jumanji
Why Stupid Horse is a criticism of capitalist America and the American Dream
Where were you when Beirut explosion happened
when kyle says he’s shitting bricks
Whatever the main stream media is telling you to do you I suggest you do the complete opposite.
Whether you are a supporter of Donald Trump or not, we can all agree on one thing:
What to say when you get caught watching hentai
Wumbology: The Study of Wumbo
What’s the deal with lolis?
What even is the appeal of Neoliberalism..
Welcome to The Cum Zone – Morse Code Edition
What the Navy Seal tough guy sends to his family
When someone with less karma tries to interact with you
What the fuck is a monky?
what keeps me up at night
Why did I have to find this
Well well well…. I thought we had understood one another….
Why sexy armor is good and men should also wear it. Found in r/tumblr by u/Ken_Kumen_Rider
WOW kid you just got r/WOOOOSHED!!!
Whats your next response? …Fam I have folders of people like you…we do this. You are a dead person walking …..nigga what? YOU KNOW YOU A PUSSY.
When cum
We love crummy (from an actual instagram story lmao)
Welcome to the 2020 Money 1 Debut Challenge!
When you see a Gamer girl
would a foot without toes be even sexier?
Why am I Attracted to School Uniforms?
Who’s the mastermind behind the cum meme?
Well akshually
Woah That’s a lot of cum
woohoo go girls!
When your Pokémon skills are too much in the dating scene
What do teenager like?!
Why Tick Tock Should Be Banned
WARHAMMER 40, 000: IN THE GRIM DARKNESS OF THE FAR FUTURE THERE IS ONLY WAR on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.
was scrolling through some subreddits, fell into a porn sub, then found this gem.
When your Pokémon skills are too much in the dating scene…
Why a roblox game resembles animal cruelty
Ways in which the McDonald’s a few blocks down from my street is similar to the modern porn industry:
Why adopt me (a roblox game) resembles animal cruelty
When you were investing in real estate
Watashi wa 👅 a 👌 victim of 💦 cyberbullying.
what is a meme?
Works every time with the ladies. You’re welcome
Weird text on a shady website, they probably refreshed it.
wow you like hentai?
woo yeah
Wrong Generation
Why I Love JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure!!!!!!
What does the word “sex” mean?
when ur losing and your team dont even deserve typing “your” fully
What yandere tiktok does to an e-girl (sauce: ig dms)
why slovenia is mongol
We will fight them on the beaches
Why Harry Potter should have carried a 1911
Would you rather piss a golf ball or shit a bowling ball
With credit to u/Resowo from the r/SimDemocracy Discord server
What the fuck is wrong with me
Well, I mean…. I just like girls.
What a tremendous burden it must be for you to still be defending President Trump
Waid Shadow Wegends (Raid shadow legends sponsor script in uwu language)
Wrote this for some random guy in my Discord messages.
What is the plural of “octopus”?
Welcome to the love letter discord
What happened to my buttermilk crispy?
Wikipedia donation request
Why I Beat My Son
why did I even make this shit
well I wanted to avoid bringing this up.
Written by Tednivison himself (featured in a cscoop video)
What’s this now? You’re talking to me in a tone suggesting that you do not approve of the name Zeus?
what if mastew chief was a girl? 🤭
Wallahi YOU caused COVID19!
Wanna be eaten by woman
Why I Will Be Spending $95 On The ‘Valorant’ Elderflame Dragon Skins
Why Gru is the most powerful being in the universe.
Where’s Waldo
Who would win in a fight, Master Chief or Doom Guy?
Who Is Semper Paratus?
When someone doesn’t like your lobster
White semen in a can.
What’s the name of Skyrim’s Director?
Why I Don’t Have A Facecam
Why Must We Wear Underwear?
Weaboo Trash
Who else feels depressed after you nut?
Why cancel culture sucks
Who Asked/Talked To You
Wendy Corduroy
When you said
What is 2.19% gay anyway?
What is GLO GANG?
why male vaporeons are better than female ones
want to troll someone’s stream? make sure they have tts on
What type of girl are you?
Watching Jojo literally gives you muscles
When I travel
weird dream
Wannabe DJ I grew up with posted this to his Facebook page:
Worst fandom ships.
why haven’t you taken the DEBTMAXXX pill?
why amercans circumsize people…
Welcome to the Poo Zone
Why I think Hypothetically if Raymond and Marshal from animal crossing had sex, Marshal would be top
What a useless comment.
What a useless comment.
W o r m and b a b y
We’re Different
What the fuck is wrong with you, you fuckin weirdo?
Why traps aren’t gay.
When I was 12 I had sex for the first time
who is joe??!?!!!
What a useless comment
What a useless comment
Weird without context
Waluigi’s Magnum Dong
Why do politicians exist
WEEB Shield
When you get paired up with the wrong person in a group project
Worst thing Ive ever read
Written by u/chiveygnome in response to a comment by u/rs3eu452
Wooden door
Wear a damn mask goddamnit
Wear masks
What’s on the menu?
When someone says F
Why Indian people are immune to COVID-19
what is inside xi jinping
when you kill someone in halo 3
Weight Progress
Wow, you meow like a cat!
Will smith on instagram
We live vicariously through media
When you want to kill the chat for at least 24 hours
wan show linues tek tip
Women and their bodies
Woke S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2
What the hell is happening with kids these days?
Why I think Hypothetically if Raymond and Marshal from animal crossing had sex, Marshal would be top
What can you do for me?
What if…🤔😏 we were both cows🐮🐄 in Minecraft🙈⛏
What in the Micheal Jackson bleached skin cum fuck is this??
who pooped in that jar, Bill Gates?
Will Smith has been entangled
We live in a society Moment
Whorse shit
Why I’m Refusing To Apologize For Eating The Plums That Were In The Icebox
Who do you think you are calling all Americans fat?
What the fuck were you thinking?
What happened to Flynn after skylanders
What rabies does to you
Welcome to the moist meter. Today we will be reviewing your mums tight, wet pussy.
what the fuck have i stumbled across
Why do people consider sex the pinnacle of human existence?
Why would anyone want to fuck a dragon?
Women are brick walls
Wow. I wrote a post.
Wicked witch bro
weird butt true
Welcome to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza
Wiggle (wait i just realised reddit won’t allow it for some reason)
We need to stop the hate now!
Why the flaccid penis is superior
Why do I always have to piss after I nut?
What a terribly sad place this world has become
Wario explains the five nights at Freddy’s lore
What some guy sent to me on discord with emoji ids because why not
What happened to Fuck_Emojify_Creator?
When Deuce Bigalow came out, edginess didn’t exist yet.
Why you shouldn’t put boys and girls together in a sex-ed classroom
Wait you didn’t ask?
Why are so many men eating horse pussies?
Watashi wa tired of being bullied for being a weeb
Why the flaccid penis is superior
Why is football called soccer in America ?
Wario explains the fnaf timeline
What if…
Waro explains the fnaf timeline while going to the toilet.
When someone tries to turn what you said into something gay.
Why I think Hypothetically if Raymond and Marshal from animal crossing had sex, Marshal would be top
When people joke about covid
White Juche – The New Progressive Socialism – This copypasta is blocked by capitalist 1984 Fascists and their comrades! SPREAD THE MESSAGE, DOWNLOAD IT. NOW OR NEVER.
Wesley Ford
why do people hate emojify bot
WBC -God hates Finland
Why Kanye west will destroy capitalism (from r/Kanye)
Why Kanye needs our vote
Wicked witch of the west lookin’ kinda thicc 🤤
Why are you gay interview Copypasta (found in youtube, source below) (hopefully this counts as copypasta)
when your mate insults al jolson
we found a cummy abuser!
Why do some people have a foot fetish?
Will this loop?
When a car and a dragon love each other very much
white male gamer
We are not simps!
When in Rome do as the Romans do
What makes Azula a great woman to be a footslave to?
Whene ur friends are annoying u send this
when you
WHAT’S GOING ON WITH THE MOON? a thread, because everyone is confused
well well well..
Who Wants To Gnaw On Hunan Bones
Wets see what OwOifiew does to this.
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you whitey?
What if YOU wanted to go to heaven, but god said
Why are you the way that you are? Honestly, every time I try to do something fun or exciting, you make it not that way. I hate so much about the things that you choose to be.
Wrote this at work. If this or something extremely similar has been here before pls dont rope me reddit.
What is copy/pasta
Why I hate Snake (Smash Ultimate)
Why Azula’s flames are blue, from u/LukeZ6
World`s Largest General Thesis (contender for world`s longest copypasta).
Who tf cares about titles anyway
Wholesome 100. Robert Downey Jr.
Who isr cummy
What if you never stopped cumming
w-what if we kissed, o-on a shark OwO
What hyness said in that weird gibberish thing in kirby star allies
Why did Cummy die?
Who are you
Whoa 😮, hold up ☝☝☝. Did you just insult 日本 🍥 (The Greatest Country 🗾🗾 on 🔛 Earth 🌐🌐)?
What happened to cummy?
We must sexually harrass Emojify
WELL WELL WELL, it looks like this BLAND, PULSATING heap of CAUCASIAN FUCK NUGGETS needs DADDY BALZAC to teach them another lesson
We need a George Floyd Fortnite skin now.
Why is there a COVID-19?
Why does everyone love Midna?
Wowkie Zhang – 陽光彩虹小白馬 (Yang Guang Cai Hong Xiao Bai Ma) Lyrics
Why southerner love their flag.
Why do you downvote?
Wheres cummy
We are the most hated individuals on the planet.
wake up sheeple
Why Hazbin Hotel is a parody of deviantart OC’s
What happened to cummy is a direct parallel to Morrowind
Who drinks almond milk?
Wholesome 100 (acting “trendy”)
What makes cum look like cum?
Whenever I play against falco as fox
What is a virgin?
What happened to cummy cummy
What actually happened in World War II
Were where you when cumy die
Where were you when cummu die?
Wait it’s all [funny thing]?!
Where did cummy go 🥺
Wholesome reddit chungus ascii art
We Bought a Zoo. Follow these instructions carefully, as this is your sanity on the line.
Watch me
Where were you when Cummy die?
Who the fuck is newcummybot
When I hacked Twitter
What I’ve learned from taking a one month break from Reddit…
What the hell are newcummybot and cummybot2077
What the liberals won’t tell you
When someone used the wrong mention system
What happened to cummy?
why y’all bulli owo 🙁
where is cummy
Wouldn’t a redditor make a great bean bag?
who speaks for the chickens for the dogs for the cats for the cows
Wait is all astronaut meme
What are you gonna do about it?
Why People Are Complaining About Rocket Arena? Best Game in The World Right Now!
When I was a few days older than 16, I was introduced to a 10 year old Dua Lipa
What do I do for a living?
WP:We already have enough of those, thank you very much
When someone quotes something from the video
Was told to post this here in response to one of my comments.
Why don’t girls ever ask me about my headphones?
wide michael
Wendigo Grimm (fuck Rooster Teeth)
WIBTA for having my cousin arrested? (This is perfect)
Wagwan for battyman
why I hate Fnaf!!
wow why
What’s that? My cock is small?
Wasp Larvae
Watch out broskis
Why I Don’t Wear A Mask
World class Callum McGregor?
Women Should Be Afraid
Ween Fans would get this
whack the disabled person
who is pokimane?🙄🤭🤔🥱
When you assume it’s white privilege
What happened in the shower?
when someone doesnt get the satirical comment/post
Wish berghain had better clothing merch
What is your favourite std?
When I look at you
Why I downvote every post on my feed
wiener dog riding a skateboard, by parry gripp
Why Obi Wan always has the high ground.
Walnut sauce is an actual thing
WOman mUst HavE AcryLicS
Welcome to space
Why do female comic book characters have to be drawn so sexy?
Why do female comic book characters have to be drawn sexy?
Why do people hate me?
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch?
What is heavier: a kilogram of steel, or a kilogram of feathers?
When someone rick rolls you
Where is the one called Pepe?
Why does this sub exist? Somebody asked if they should buy this dildo, i said that i personally find it boring, so people downvoted me. What the fuck?
who is pokimane?🙄🤭🤔🥱
Why is Azeroth so incredibly white?
What a crap cousin
Watch me whip
What a 14 year old told us he did with his gf
Was on a roblox game and this was commented on the wiki
Why deleted the carryminati video ? There no violence and bullying in video and no harresment video
Was I just abused?
Why you shouldn’t prank your friends at border checkpoints
What? You had a different opinion from me?
Why Tintin is a Blairite
When somebody complains about bad teammates
Who Asked
Wario brothers in prison together
Washing tutorial
What? Y’all don’t know about Kevin?
What’s is normal?
White hate all the way down
Why i like the movie Planes
Women’s work
Why Americans are so fat.
When someone doesn’t know about Discord [OC]
why hentai is better than porn
We did it, Reddit. It’s February 29th.
What do I win?
walmart encounter
Why the introduction of the Scarlet Macaw to California would benefit its ecosystem.
What you say bitch
wii boxing results songs
Who is this character???
When was the last time someone was injured by a serial killer, the 50s?
Welcome to the Gnome Zone
When you imagine a catgirl, and compare it to a cat, what does your intuition say about the biological differences between the two?
We live in a sosaitea
Ẅ̷̛̲͕̗͍̜̟̍͐̋̈́͘͠â̶̟͇͓̹̳̣͈̠̅̑n̴̜̾̌̀͒̀͂̽ņ̴͓̖̯͖͉̪̈́͐̈́̓̈͗͜a̷̛̭̞̩̣̼̳̎͆̊̌͆ͅ ̴͚͔̀͊̉ḧ̵̩̻͔̝̲͓̤̟̞̝́a̵̢̙̯̘̞̐v̶̛̛̛̰̜̪̣̐̓̓̆e̷̛̖̮̞̲͖̮͐́̎͑̂̿̊̕ ̸͎̳̎͊͐͑̈́̋̿̊a̴̛̤͓͍̋̒̒̌ ̸͗̋͆̎̀͆͐̀̕͝ͅb̴̢̛̪͖͙͚̄͆̾̆̐̅̈́͘ͅa̸̛̦͕̞͇̠̣̚d̴͙̰̭͊̈́͑̕ ̵̨͎́͝͝ţ̵͕̘̯͔͐̾̈͆̈́͝i̴̧̝̤̙̭͒̌m̴̢̡͈̑̑̓͝͝ͅè̶̡̨̖̗̝̒̃̓͑̿̓̽̾̚ͅ?̷̫̭̀̏̃̔͑̆̃͐
We can no longer allow any content that shows POC as the aggressor.
What I did today
Who the f%#$ does u/emojify_creator think he is?
when you get bad weed
Women can be simps too
Why shouldn’t sit on the toilet seat backwards
Wo Man
Walter Jim Walter
Wrestling fan works himself into a shoot because of a circlejerk sub.
We should breed retarded people
We don’t dance-m24 stickz
Why hentai is better than porn
world record progession to mars (stolen from the youtube comments of HOME – We’re Finally Landing)
What’s it like to be a billionare
What would’ve happened had the driven taken the right turn
Wholesome 100
We need to summon Cagasters for the next skeleton war.
What if Kobe Bryant was Jesus Christ?
Weeb comment from where i was reading a ln
Who from Undertale would you hypothetically fuck?
When I was 10, a teacher asked if Australia was an island and told me I was wrong when I said no even after I provided a dictionary definition showing that an island cannot be large enough to be a continent because then otherwise all landmasses would be considered islands
World War III: Chungus’ Revenge
What I think people who are not in the greek System need to understand is that partying isn’t just something we do.
Why good driving prevents anime
When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a dinosaur.
Weak brain
Wanted to upload this copypasta as a video and THEN post it so it won’t look like I stole this from a funny reddit post, but since I’m lazy as heck, here I go: “I’m me!”
What’s wrong with incest (actual comment I found)
We need it.
Who give a fuck
Will I get pregnant from fingering
What your teenage son actually does at night.
Why is this our Humor?
What is Vsauce??
What Kanye song should I lose my virginity to?
Wholesome owofier story
Why Does Palpatine Have A Desk
Why Pollution is the Answer
We need to send an orbiter to Uranus!
What If I’m God?
Widowmaker Nerf
We should talk.
Wanting to fuck Issabell
Why futa porn isn’t gay.
Wolfgang Mozart is one of the most underrated rap artists ever.
Whats your name?
Why Is Cummy So Sexy And Hot
Whole Wheat Omelet
Who asked?
We Should Abuse The Owoifier
wikipedia from a book series
Who takes showers with clothes on?!
Whoever said that the hope my guinea pig dies, you are breathtaking wholesome 100.
When you love a fictional girl so much you write a literal essay about her… (Found under a YT Miku video)
when you on voice call at 1 am and u wake your family up so u got to go
Why YOU, Matpat, and Markiplier all died day 2! FNAF 6 | Review of Design script
wAOW!!! Nice bum
What is emu oil and why am I seeing it in rural ass Alabama
What would you like to be?
Who Is Cummy?
Why do people ruin things at at 69 upvotes?
What happens when cringe is posted
Why the next Olympics should include Fortnite
Women are tools
when you epically destroy your wife in a debate over whether or not she came
Wow man that was such a fucking murder [OC]
When a person comments “LMAO” or “lol” to a post.
Watching sheep videos
We need a Jeffrey Epstein Funko POP now!
Welcome to the Cum Zone.
well you see, fanboy and chumchum was actually kinda of complex (my last post before deleting my account, enjoy)
We’ve been tricked we’ve been back stabbed and quite possibly bamboozled
We will prevail, you fucking idiot racist hillbillies
Wall of text my friend sent to some catfish on discord 3 years ago
Went over to a flings house
What you’re referring to as Stalinism, is in fact, Marxism/Lenninism (found on r/moretankiechapo)
Wipe your ass with sandpaper.
What are you ? A little kid? Having fun. Pfft what childish ways.
What the fuck do you mean by “Hail Hentai?” (OC)
what are you doing step bro
Wikihow on irritating people fit to under 2000 characters for Discord
Worst Spotify Ad
why would you say that?
Which sonic underground character can give the best blow jobs?
Werner Weenie is a menace to society
WOW I cant believe the r/copypasta mods just caved into cancel culture
Weird website containing only insults
Why Dr Disrespect was banned.
When I masturbate
Why we are better off without pewdiepie
Where were you when r/bigchungus die?
Why TikTok shouldn’t be allowed in school
What really pisses me off…
welcome to download
What the fuck did you just say
What if r/copypasta is shitpost sub
Wesley Willis – You Better Find My Pistol
Why Imran Zakheav Was Right
Welcome to the party gay/femboy edition
what the fuck is this, i liked you until this very moment, i’ll let you know i had 20 kills in minecraft PvP with a wooden sword and im not afraid to use it against you, motherfricker
Wait a minute, is that a… 69?
Which parts of your life would you fast forward through when God shows you the VHS tape that is your life?
We love in a Jesusiety
What in Davy Jones’ locker did ye just bark at me, ye scurvy bilgerat? I’ll have ye know I be the meanest cutthroat on the seven seas, and I’ve led numerous raids on fishing villages, and raped over 300 wenches. I be trained in hit-and-run pillaging and be the deadliest with a pistol of all the capt
We hate furries. Unless…. jk haha. Unless?
WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT CLICK OR YOU WILL DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU ARE BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When someone says they lost their beans
What is racism
wet noodle lobotomy
Was that a Fart, my dear? (From r/southafrica, this makes me uncomfortable lol)
What the fuck did you just fucking say about reddit, you little narwhal?
what the fuck do they mean by “official”
Women’s armpit hair is actually pretty cute.
When you have an accident
wario’s 13 inch cock
What is Reddit?
Who is getting the best head?
Wolf of Wall Street
When will you learn [OC]
What the automod says because why tf not pt.9 (AKA the navy seals copypasta post thesaurus)
Wabbit Season by Meatcanyon
When I used to masturbate while I was especially horny I would often consider tasting the cum afterwards just to try it
Which napkin would you take?
Why I hate some JoJo Fans
Why Obi-Wan always has the high ground
Why the fuck would you give a post reddit gold???
Words that rhyme with fuck
Women aren’t real!
Wii Television
When the kid asks to you to play fortnite
Why Does My Asshole Burn.
Without Me (Enhanced Edition)
When funny sweden man says poo poo pee pee
Wait, it’s all….earth?
wood fired pizza?
Was looking at anime edits on Instagram and found this piece of gold
When a mommy and daddy love each other very much…
Writer, meet freelance editor.
Wtf is cheese
Wholesome Minecraft
Why Harry Potter should carry a M1911 handgun
Why it’s normal for a boyfriend to sleep with the tip of his penis inside his girlfriend’s vagina while sleeping
What’s wrong Jimmy-san?
What a zinger
Why Are Emotionally Unavailable Men so Damn Desirable (& How to Get Over Them) ?
What if Harry Potter had guns?
Wow pretty big words
Wonder Women x Hitler
What did you just say about vaping?
What to respond with when someone texts you, “idk”.
Why I love pineapple pizza.
windows password reset disk
Wonderful words of encouragement courtesy of my PM’s.
Why is Israel part of the UN?
Would you let a Kyoshi Warrior fuck you with a dildo?
Wholesome thigh copypasta
Wario is having a *shitty* day
wow, the edgy king has replied?
What’s that pair that packs a punch? the unique taste so creamy with a crunch? Pb and c is what I’m thinking of and it can only be found In my Reese’s puff, peanut butter, chocolate great when separate but when they combine they make the morning time epic
Why you’re depressed “for no reason.”
Why I see religion as man-made. From an ex-muslim.
Why is it legal in 23 states to have sex with a horse?
Wilbur Soot YLYL rules with full grammar and worded numbers.
woah mama
Why big chungus is the funniest meme of all time in a British accent
Where was Paw Patrol during the Iran hostage crisis?
Wall-E Fanfiction
What did Yoda say when he saw himself in 4K?
when someone says says you’re gonna shit bricks
Who asked
What the automod says because why tf not pt.8
What the automod says because why tf not pt.5 (I was wrong, there was more)
When I was fifteen 👦
Wore a mask at Target today
We’re eating dinner and you take my napkin.
Woah there pal, you say you’re a FAN of a company?
Wanna come over and fuck? I’m bored 😝
Well, I’m going to go against the grain here, but ESH.
We are Number One but it’s a simp edition
When I was 12 there was this huge fuckin rat that apparently had been living off of my poor pot-plant in my bathroom.
Woman should post nudes
Weird anti-redditor spiel from r/markmywords
Weird dream (NSFW)
Wanting pandemonica
When a racist runs for Student Council
Why Tsunderes are best girl. -Justin
wonderburger burger
Welcome to the coom zone
What someone in a discord server had to say when no one confessed to posting one of their conversations to r/ihavereddit…it was me
Wilbur soot YLYL rules
When somebody says r/thirdsub…
Why was the sub reverted back
Why does Dennis Prager eat so much shit
What’s better: Arab cock or American cock?
What the automod says because why tf not pt.4 (the last part I think)
When the funny meme
What is my perfect crime?
Why the anime is better
Was the atomic bomb in the cars universe alive?
Wendy’s Stalker
Wide Putin
Why Virgins are saving the female race.
Wedding porno idea
Who asked copypasta
white phosphorus, napalm and thermite recipe copypasta
When you find the funny
Why did my AR get posted here?
We can’t let the trolls rule the web anymore
Where’s the Vaporeon’s are the best mates for humans copypasta?
Who cares how much whale cum there is in the ocean? All cum is good cum last time I checked
Whats new scooby doo
what is cummys favorite video game quote?
Why do some people call hair ‘lettuce’?
when girl
Who asked
Wide Putin walking but he’s always in frame (full version)
what would happen if I smoked a wasp?
Wife acquiring guide found on r/relationship_advice
Was the decision you just made correct and right?
When you are in a debate and winning, but the person replies to your evidence with ‘Bruh”…
Why do old people hate skateboarders?
We did it reddit! I asked my crush out and she said yes!
WWI as it was within the Fairly Odd Parents
We has cookie
Work in progress. Pls steal and add more
why flint lockwood is albanian
War of the Worlds
Who is Rem?
What the automod says because why tf not pt.2
What the automod says because why tf not
When we reach 888k joinres
What it’s like playing [BLANK]
Wow did you get a early copy? (my own creation. basically you use this whenever someone says a video game will be bad without it being released yet)
What I said to someone when they said, “Do fish get thirsty?”
What is a whopper?
What is happening on r/tifu (not mine)
Was hitler a dolphin?
Women need to get over their petty jealously of Belle Delphine -found on r/unpopularopinion
What does ‘poggers’ mean?
What Worlds biggest object inserted into anus (Source: Quora)
Why cummy
What wouwd happen
Who’s out here having dinner? Who could it be? Whose toes are those? Who’s that great ape right there? Sugriva, is it dinner time? Is it dinner time?
When discussing about discord nitro [4527] (that’s for easy memorizing)
Why Obi Wan Is the most powerful jedi
Why dick woman are better than pussy woman
What we did before internet porn
Would you kindly?
Woman Needs To Stop Talking About How Big Her Ass Is
What PS2?
Want to find out who doesn’t exist? Play this little game!
When Crazy Dave meets General Shepherd
Why I Hate Toriel
We must only copy the posts that are the word of God, we need to enlighten those who have yet to accept Jesus as their savior.
Who needs a bed of grass when you can GET A BED ON GRASS!
Well fuck me.
What I had for lunch
Why u/NovaSF / Doctor Penez is mentally ill
What the frick did you just fricking say about my religion, you small child of the devil?
when someone says “ur mum gay” in a chat [OC]
we just wanted to see schlatt happy
When 2 guys kiss it isn’t gay
why would i dm you – a special message from Tom DeBlass
Will I (57M) be the asshole for punishing my daughter (5F)?
Whichever one of you sent me that love letter in my DMs, boy have I got something for you
Well I was browsing comments and..
What the fuck cummy
What have I shoplifted today? Uhh
While chasing a baby killer you stumble upon what you think is a clue but
Why would i watch [show/movie] when I could watch suburban sasquatch?
Women are and will remain a mistake.
What you would if
When they talk shit
Why is it moist?
Why you should vote for Trump
What Jesus thinks of hentai
What is 2+2
wushin uwu
What to say when someone gives you gold/platinum/whatever
Who is Joe?
When you walkin, but then you cum on the floor
Whiskers’ Whiskers
What would you do if you could make people not by pointing a finger gun at them?
we support [protest movement]
Who’s Joe?
Wheels on the washing machine?
Why I don’t like your painting
Why Harry Potter Should Have Carried a 1911
Why your post/comment gets downvoted
why i hate donkeys giving people hersheys
When someone links r/whooosh
What did you say???
Worms up my ass
Warwick Davis eating a pecan
Where did I ask the extended version
WatchMojo’s Hank Hill Moment
Why wont cummy notice me?
white british boy in a gang about spiders talks about toasters and suicidal wives with constant background screaming
Well shit
Who should be a reddit admin?
What some guy said over voice chat in GTA Online….
when someone uses a hacked minecraft acc
Welp, cats out of the bag
Women should post nudes.
Women should post nudes
When will my parents love me
Why is everyone so fuckin triggered in the comments here? Found on r/gaming
Women should post nudes
White friend reacts to post saying white people shouldn’t raise their fists
When the online syllabus requires you to post 250 words a week.
Who unfollowed me on reddit?
What compelled you into using an iPhone?
When someone writes: Noo! History is written by the victors!! Noo fair!! But-but- Daving Irving Book!”
Woke is a religion.
Why the fuck are my posts not getting more upvotes? This is unfair!
Why Josuke likes large fries over fried chicken
Whales can be loved
What were the sexual education disaster stories from your school?
who’s your favorite helltaker girl
What up newdbs
Will I get a Camaro when I join the military
What the onion says the pros and cons of removing historical statues are
Wasteful and pathetic
Wide Putin is on his way. You cannot escape.
We are all equal
who’s your favorite Helltaker girl?
Why do i even game…
When I asked about how r/Freefolk is still whining about Game of Thrones after a year from a comment I got this as a response
What is Mr. Cleans sexuality?
When you commit sin against the boys and you need to apologize
Whole wheat is better.
What is this “Juice Wrld?”
Winston on Reddit
We weebs are the kindness people you Will ever meet
Words to cummy and owo bot 😳😳
Where To Invest Your Money During The 2020 Recession…
Why do we want to do anything?
Why do we want to suck our own dick? (credit to: u/chefmuscle)
World generation
why join a nsfw server if you’re underage
When the school shooter comes for you but…
Wikipedia Cheese definition and facts (credit to u/reddit_god_5505 for this random reply)
What if a Rapist and a Victim get Quarantined together?
Weeb Discrimination
Was looking at comments on an anime sight, and couldn’t tell if this was a copy pasta already.
What it means to be a zoomer.
Whipped Cream
Who else but Quagmire?
Written by an erotic eskimo. They watch tentai
We apologize
Who asked
Where was the Paw Patrol during the Iran Hostage Crisis?
Where was the Paw Patrol during the Iran Hostage Crisis?
Where was the Paw Patrol during the Iran Hostage Crisis?
When you’re English is bad
Why is there hentai of this?
Who is your favorite Helltaker girl?
Why Johnny Test is best thing ever created.
Why foxy should be in smash
When you challenge a toxic mod’s opinion:
what happened in Italy
written by u/prettyboy001
When you upvote a meme
Who’s your favourite Helltaker girl?
Want to turn up the volume?
What to say before or after sending a dick pic
White girls with hydroflasks be like
Who sleeps in sand anyways?
Worst Fucking Manga Ever
Why do people struggle with math?
Welcome to the crumb zone.
Why is r/teenagers pumping out zinger pastas recently
What the actual fuck
Why is 6 afraid of 7?
What’s gucci?
What you see before being perma banned from r/politics
wikipedia cbt but it’s uwu
what is love but with cock instead of love
well im taking latin next year lol
why is pinkerton /mu/core again? it’s such a shitty album.
When someone replies with “cringe”
What should I buy
Why I don’t like Alabama incest jokes.
What the sequel trilogy should’ve been
Wii Fit Trainer
When I was a child, you’ve heard of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, right?
what was the sub icon before the cum chalice one?
wake up mr freeman
windows update
What is my perfect crime?
What is Smurfing?
Why is reddit such a vile and unfriendly place?
White Cardigan
Was messing with a 14 year on discord
Why Yugoslavia Fell
What a Calamity of a Fake-Copypasta
Welcome to the cum zone
Why The Emoji Movie is a better representation of Star Wars than the Disney Trilogy
walking in the park
Warzone gamers
Why Soulja Boy is the greatest rapper of all time
When someone mentions any sub, you be like…
Willy Wonka Troll
We need to start the OwOifier religion
Why did the chicken cross the road
Whiteboyz Wit Attitude
when someone tags cursedcomments
Why Gyro is better than Jotaro
We have diamonds keemstar
Why do people like porn?
W1N 0N3 FR33 N0W!!!!!
was that a jojo reference?
what’s up snack balls?
Why would you want to suck your own cock?
Will Smith Burns Down and Orphanage.
Wii play the Wii
When someone doesn’t like a song that you like
What the Fuck is Sonic the Hedgehog
We Gamers have had enough of the anti-white agenda
what being banned from r/Sino looks like
What it is like to kill without killing
Welcome To The Cum Zone
We can’t be racist. We have black man admin.
Why is there a twenty one pilots?
Why is there a Jay-Z…
WWI/WWII fun and games
well hey look~ it’s 2020 and nerves are raw.
Wow, that argument is SO FLAWED!
What color is the ectoplasm of a ghost?
when did you start pooping your pants?
Wonder Woman vs Avengers
What in the sugar glazed FUCK is wrong with you?!?
When somebody says something that people don’t like (use it whenever you want :))
Welcome to the HEV Mark 4 Protective System
Why I Jerk Off On Omegle (found in the comments of an r/askreddit post)
writing taken from a pamphlet given out during halloween
When black girl mad
wholesome 100
what if
What will happen if Mum reaches zero
Where can I buy a frog? (Not for sexual reasons)?
When the dog comes in, its common for him to glance right.
Where can I buy a frog? (Not for sexual reasons)?
Welcome to the bread bank
What are these people
What is this sub.
Why I hate Social Media (Mostly Twitter)
Why is it so hard to get upvotes……………
Would you like to come up the stairs?
What do you mean the black square I posted on instagram didn’t end racism?
WALL-E and EVE have sex in space if you don’t know what the “Define Dancing” scene is all about…
Wow do you even listen to yourself?
What’s with Andy
Wall of Emails
What is the maximum amount of grits held in your hand? (Including accidents)
Who is RobloxDude
Why does McDonald’s smell like cum.
We did it boys, racism is no more.
when someone offends you with a joke and you wish to proclaim yourself as supreme
Went mining for gold on Facebook today
Why are we still here?
What is a Cleveland Steamer?
Why do I have so many restraining orders against me?
With games like
what if
Waluigi /Bible crossover episode
Waluigi and Jesus have Spaghetti
What happened to emojifier
War on cocomelon
When someone asks “what’s up”
Why am i failing
we stan fo real
www.moviefree.com Copypasta
Warning, This post is Nsfw! Read this post at your own risk
WELCOME TO THE CUM ZONE (my girlfriend transcribed this for Reddit)
When someone says tiktok bad
When your girl asks how she looks in her new dress and you’re not trying to sugarcoat anything
What my friend sent in our discord server
What if God died in the big bang?
White Juche is the white man’s last hope
Why isn’t Taiga from Toradora real
When you lose against OMEGA Flowey
Who Wants to buy my laptop?
Wow man, you just ruined my morning cup of coffee
When you’re balls deep
Why Harry Potter should have carried an M1911🍆🍆🍆💦💦
When a feminist gets triggered on males calling female humour bad
Welcome to Team Fartress 2. After nine years in development, hopefully it will have been worth the wait.
Where were you when cock copypasta was replaced
What the heck man!!! I need karma… WHAT, no? ok
Woah! (Found on r/darkjokes)
Who do you think you’re talking to?
Why I’m peeing on the floor
wiggle wiggle
Why would you do this to me?
Woman only care about politics when chad/Tyrone do.
What is wrong with people?
Whose Toes Are Those??!
What the fuck is up C u m m y?
What is like to get fisted?
WaNnA bReAk FrOm ThE aDs¿
What a gem
Wikipedia page for communism
What isnt this subreddit about?
Who is Ted and why does he talk so much?
When will you notice me, my queen?
Where ya at
What a Watermelon can do.
we’re at dinner.
Wendy’s Straw Shortage
Who Let the Dogs Out but circumcised
when keemstar makes n werd
What the fuck happened to r/TheLastOfUs2
We will continue every beloved franchise that has been defiled by feminism with our own blood sweat and tears motherfucker
We need torture
What the fuck is a circle
Warning! Simps in this thread!
What did you just say to me, neo-liberal scum?
What is Ligma?
Willy wonka is almost on the Level of Grandpa Hoe
When a girl shows her boobs
Whats so wrong about being a furry?
WKUK Neil deGrasse Tyson origin story
What did you just say to me, you little floaty?
Why copy and paste this is awful
Wait what
Why I’m sexually interested in Pickle Rick and why you probably should be too.
Windows 10 > Linux
wait hold on
Woke up to this message on discord
What’s the most fucked up thing you’ve seen someone do at work?
Which tf2 do you guys think is better
Why is the Garry’s Mod workshop still infected with FNAF addons?
What the FUCK did you just say about me, you little pedoguy?
Willy wonka was an imperialist Slave Master and almost stoops to the low of grandpa joe
Why are you saying that I am a lolicon after I told you this?
What the fuck is up with narrative games?
Where is paradise?
Why the PAW Patrol couldn’t do anything during the Iranian hostage crisis.
Why❓ yes✅ I love♥️ eating 🍽boots 👢👢👢for dinner.
Why YandereDev is the best girl
when someone says “when”
Who’s my favorite NBA player right now?
World of Tanks rant
worker bees are the ultimate simp
Why aren’t kids in GTA5?
we need google translate
When repostsleuthbot says it’s not a repost but you know it is a repost but some jackass doesn’t believe you and they say :
What is it about society that disappoints you so much?
Worst twitter bio
Why didn’t my comment get gold?
Why the fuck do girls not like me?!
WoodyT popping off on WingsOfRedemtion
Where can I buy a frog?
Where was the Paw Patrol during the Iran Hostage Crisis?
Where was Paw Patrol during the Iran hostage crisis?
Where was the PAW Patrol during the Iranian Hostage Crisis?
wait ✋ are ❓ you 🤨 guys 🙋‍♂️ actually 😳 gay 🏳️‍🌈 i ✌ thought 👉👈 we 😣 were 😬 joking 😂 guys 😭
Who are those celebrities you’d like to see shitting? I’d happily see your fantasies! 🙂
woah mama
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch?
What will you build?
Weirdy McNeckBeardy scares wamens and has a wee
What is “copypasta”
What do you guys think of microdosing meth for ADHD?
WIBTA If I (23m) shot (gun) my wife (76f) cause she (76f) was too late (35 seconds) for dinner (18:30) (Beef with fries and potatos)?
Weird Dream
What you truly desire.
Why we can’t hear lady farts
Who the FUCK is the guy in the r/copypasta logo
whoops accidentally dropped my bag of doritos, let me pick them up.
Wrote my first copypasta today in response to someone saying my “Ball…Shaft…Ball” poll was funny. How’d I do?
When someone says they can beat u in 2k-
we need to raid this video with copy pastas
We did it boys, we ended reposts
Which chipmunk is getting the best dick?
Women are only good for sex
What the flip did you just flipping say about me?
We need better bodies
weirdo riverdale scene with emojis and stuff
We need better Incest Hentai.
Who the fuck downvoted my post (OC)
When you disagree more then Ben Shapiro
When I started…
welcome thread
What’s Ligma?
william if he becomes a food quality inspector
when someone tries to start a discussion on religion
Why did my friend send me this?
We need to rise up
Why I love RDR2 as a black person
What is Roblox?
when it’s someone’s cakeday
wrote this after seeing a video on instagram of a thot shaking her ass in front of a tv playing nacho libre
What are the chances of Alinity opening an OnlyFans?
Welcome to reddit
When reddit does their epic thing like a boss 😎
What is simping?
What a braindead chimp
weed time 😎🤓
White supremacist imperialist fanatic joined a Kik chat and went ragemode after the group leader started messing with him [Very explicit and racist]
Water. Earth. Fire. Air.
When i was an egg…
What based means in under 280 characters
Washing machines be like
Where’s your gaming ram nerd?
Whoa, nice cock
What to reply with if someone comments in cursive
Welp, u/emoji-fier’s been perma-banned from all of reddit. It was fun while it lasted, I guess.
Wow what a pussy
Wow what a pussy
Well done steak
Who maces a 3 year old?
Why am I getting downvoted?
White knight simp pasta
Wow, a cow made of butter.
Wow. It’s so big…
Why is “vent” a thing? (Copied from a discord server)
Whale pussy is the BEST pussy
What if we combined archery with a moving wheel of fortune?
WELCOME TO r/FlatEarthScience!
Windows Defender is the worst😡😡😡 POS software👩‍💻👩‍💻 on🔛 the planet🌕🌕 that’s embedded into Windows
Why the frog from “Flushed Away” is better than Thanos (x-post from r/marvelstudios)
What you say to me ? (oc)
whale copypasta from tumbler
Who needs a Perc30 when you have Earth30?
Why smonkin marijuana is haram
What if its a hot tgurl with a really feminine looking penis?
w h a t t h e f u c k did i just read
What a PIG Norm Summerton is.
What the fuck even is oatmeal?
Why futa’s aren’t gay
Wax on wax off
We need to get “times we had” by Barlito as number 1 so Doja Cat knows never to play us again
Why Roblox’s “Work at a Pizza Place” is a secret dystopian hellscape
Why u should leave the Sleepykinq! Amino
Why the fire nation would’ve gotten ass-fucked
What would you do if someone said hey?
What someone sent while using using userphone
Why did you shock my butthole?
Wholesome 100
wake up by luci in his bed but hes in the furry form for some reason and then i try to get up and then there’s like, something connected to me forcing me to stay down and by him, like ropes or a collar of some sort??? and then he’ll just grab onto my hips and pull me into his lap and then things,,,,
We joke on here, but I’m genuinely pissed off.
When you transform your meme into an ASCII art to fit the sub
what does the global elite, freemasonry and the media affect in your life? is everything that happens to me my responsibility? what is the definition of criminal organization? what is a mafia?
Where was the Paw Patrol during the Iran Hostage Crisis
Why USB ports need to be larger
When someone doesn’t mark a spoiler as a spoiler
War against 5 year olds (from r/wouldyourather)
We have an Asian from CHY-NAH to suck our magnificent white dicks.
Wendys copypasta
What if
What the fishpaste did you just say about Mr Krabs, you little nematode? (Navy Seals but with some Spongebob lingo)
What exactly is your problem?
What has Goofy done?
When did I ask
What in the
woah story of undertale
What awful video did you just post? (Found from Twitter)
Why is 6 afraid of 7?
Wise words by u/varsha220705
What’s wrong with the word Gongaga ^_^ ??
what my friends roblox girlfriend sent him
What the Fuck were you Thinking?
who disliked my video
Where were you when 9/11?
What the FUCK did i just jack off to
What information do you have to support this?
Where’s Waldo? game (created by me)
Why Step-Fantasy Porn Is Art
We Live in a Modern Society
We called them lookers
Why no upvotes
weird shit
when raymond
wrote this in a discord over 3 different messages for shits and giggles
wala sex
We are 2020 and there are still billions of religious people.
Worm urethral
Why i love anime
What to do with babies
Worldpolitics is a place (slightly edited for privacy)
When someone takes your steak cheese hot pockets
whim and andy in a nutshell
Wikipedia chair
What did I just see
Where tf did I ask
When asked about why they would pay for porn
Would you eat a fish, if it had arms and legs?
What is the substitutes name again?
Wholesome 100 Keanu chungus
When a redditor loses an argument
WOW! You’re pussy is beautiful ❤
Who tf Asked
Why I’m boycotting Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4
What Did You Just Say To Me You Punk?
Why women criticise sexualised character designs |OT2| I have no pants and I must scream (READ OP) – Page 358, #17,877
What is a Simp? – Immanuel Cunt
We’re no strangers to love You know the rules and so do I A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of You wouldn’t get this from any other guy I just wanna tell you how I’m feeling Gotta make you understand Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never
Words that rhyme with cock
Why your mom has a stank ass
Where the art hoes at
Wanting to Fuck Wendys
welcome to the coom bank
What is Obamagate?
Well I guess we have to do icebreakers.
why you should learn to shut the fuck up
What it’s like to be addicted to chungus
Went to get milk today
Where were you when r/world politics die
Woody got wood
Wholesome100 Keanu Chungus
Welcome to Reddit
Weirdest and scariest dream I’ve ever had (TL;DR at bottom)
Why lolis are legal
Why can i write communist propaganda?
Woody Got Wood: a story from r/coaxedintoasnafu
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you fucking kulak?
When I first started having sexual feelings
Wait… you can link subreddits in these comment chains and talk in blue?!?!
Why is 6 afraid of 7?
Weird fetish
Who’s the man behind the slaughter?
Written by u/aidanporter99 on r/youngpeopleyoutube
What does a girl’s a$$ taste like if you lick it?
wtf you like cooooooock
Why Peanuts are the Best Nut
Woman Supremacy
Wow look at you making assumptions. I thought we weren’t allowed to do that. Actually I left cause I have friends I wanted to chat with instead of having no life outside getting into arguments with people I disagree with. Quit being a pussy and start getting used to being offended it’s the internet
Worm infestation
when someone calls your dick small
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire
Waifu insult
why has the evolution of human man / caveman continually made the human male penis smaller?
Wet dream about Ryan Reynolds
Wojak Posting
When I was a kid…
When I reinforce my decision on r/DeadorVegetable with a news article
We’re all going to die soon
We know it’s fake turbo virgins!
Wow. You wasted your time acting like a troll with this rude comment for what? To look funny?
why dislikebotting should be legal in GD
was jesus born in america?
Why I hate the ocean sunfish
Why cortana is getting more sexy
When someone dares to use their phone instead of taking a screenshot
Watering the vegetable garden
Why I like fishing
What da doo-doo did yousa just say about meesa?
What you see on every subreddit nowadays
When your uncle tries to rape you
When someone roasts you for telling a bad joke while also doing a bad roast.
We tend to crap when giving birth
What’s the deal with airline food?
Who can I sue?
We all know you hate silicone
why the fuck does sugar free caramel exist
Wet Toilet Roll
We get it bro.
What is it about my feet that he likes SO much?
Who tf is Joe?
Why I fucking hate the Nepalese flag
Would you could you with a rope? Would you could you OD on dope? Would you could you with a knife? Would you could you take your life?
What the dog doing?
Writing a tiny bit of the bee movie script without looking at what Im writing and then getting bored of it
Whipping rules for regular sex and BDSM/Cock and Ball Torture
What’s the deal with poop? 0:
Welcome to the cum zone
Wp/enm/Frogge wikapidiea page
Why am I not like JoJo
Why are these rich people so upsetting to you?
Watching streamer speedrun
We want stuffed crust
Will Smith did not take a taxi from Philadelphia to Bel Air
what the FUCK 😒😒😒😒🤬🤬🤬did you just SAY?😡😡👿👿👿👿👿
Welcome To The Chat! [2/2]
Welcome To The Chat! [1/2]
Wow, a giant cow made of butter.
Was that meant to be a joke?
WTF, Shenmue?
What’s your worst response to an attractive girl?
Whats reddit all about
Who’s the real baddie?
we r from surtifide compenny
Welcome to the cum zone -Oblivionfall
Why Harry Potter should’ve carried a M1911
WTF, Shenmue?!
World Cotton Production Estimates
Who wrote “do not touch” in braille?
Why is this sub nsfw?
Why is everything NSFW now
Working at an Abortion Clinic
what a simp
What do rockfowls sound like?
What the hell’s wrong with me?
Weird dream I’ve been having
Why is gaming a sin?
wectal pwowapse [OwoC]
We’ew reaching simping levels that shouldn’t be possible (A pinned comment on the youtube comment section of KnowledgeHub)
Why is the whole sub NSFW now?
Why is this subreddit NSFW?
Why is this nsfw now
When someone asks if you’re winning
When you’re losing in an argument
What is a rickroll
wher were u when jesus was nail?
What is Pornography?
When I see your opinion
When my math paper gets an unfavorable report
Why do you treat your Villagers badly?
Why you should pee before jacking off
Why it doesn’t matter that Elon musk treats his workers badly
Waman bad
When I take my shirt off my torso looks like a reverse ninja turtle shell. She wouldn’t know what to do with abs like mine. I’m 300 lbs SHREDDED.
Why would you be sad that you can eat just as much as you like
What I miss the most about normal life
Where are your fingers?
When is the next war?
When someone states the obvious [OC]
We need to spread corona
Woah there
waffle dick
What is CBT?
Why is roblox p*rn so fucking hot?
when you see a photoshopped post on r/BanVideoGames
Willy wonkas fun time
What I miss most during quarantine
Want milk from milkers
What is the amount of hamburgers one could order from a McDonald’s before they just tell you to fuck off?
World’s longest sentence
Where’s my cheese
Welcome to the Cum Zone
When you smell ass juul
Woah, nice cock (made by u/Thicc_brad)
When I was 6 years old
why it’s impossible for doofenschmirtz to be Phineas’ father
What the fuck Gilfoyle does
Why hire me?
Where were you The day John Lennon died?
what a nice day to live
why people like vegeta
Why is my butt so big
Was trying to look for some porn but not the gay variety.
Why Candy Crush is evil
Wrote this myself. Use it well.
Why I became a right wing authoritarian
who is cummy?
Why do you watch full length porn movies ?
Wholesome conversation with my kid
When someone insults you on the internet
Why do you eat your own poop and period blood.
When someone is unfunny…
What Does S.I.M.P. Stand For?
What’s up with this “gold” and “platinum” nonsense?
Women are biologically INCAPABLE of truly loving men.
When I was a gamer
What a pointless comment
Why wont google work on my ipad??
What community, retard?
When I see a reddit comment
Would you date a smoking hot person if they had armpit stank they refused to get rid of?
We, the reason you don’t understand is that…
when someone insults hunter x hunter
Watch this…
Why does she need my camera?
What the fuck did you just write
When someone doesn’t like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (found in the youtube comments).
Whether we’re wanted it or not,
Why are you such a fanboy?
Warstories from back in the day
Why Harry Potter should have carried a 1911
Why do we have hands?
When you finally get more than 10 upvotes on a Reddit post
what are you doing in my swamp?
We are Ononynous
will i go to hell for jizzing on jesus’ face?
who asked? i didn’t
What happened after that?
When the Wombles leave Wimbledon, the world is doomed to serve them.
What the hell man
Why is SIMP used all the time?
We just want to watch the world burn.
When someone asks for more information
What is that copy pasta where it tricks streamers into thinking they are helping
What if you wanted to go to Heaven but god said.
What I like about Grape Nuts
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch?
Weird why the Pokemon people would do that
What Europeans Sound Like
Written my thyself in thy flesh.
When for the first time you felt like you are old to do something?
What if everyone’s sexual fantasy came true?
Why the boys call me plumber
Why “The Thong Song” is and should be regarded as one of the greatest songs in history.
Wanking accident
Why yes, orange man is in fact bad
would you guys consider jacking off to be a sport?
West Korea
We did it…. we made America great again.
Why gym-bros are more likely to be right-wing assholes
when someone asks a stupid tech suppory question
when someone tells you its just a game
where were u wen kim jong un die?
when /r/gaming doesn’t understand /r/banvideogames is satire
Why does everyone think they’d be attractive as the opposite gender?
Wet pets😱
What Asians Sound Like
Why Do Nigerian Scammers Say They are From Nigeria?
Wholesome 100 band kid
What happened to beat em ups?
who is keanu sneeze and why is my grandson obsessed with him?
when did i ask
what’s satire? r/banvideogames delivers again as one of the gamers who doesn’t understand satire posted this
Wow…just wowza! You’re hilarious, a bombshell, a encased nut, have better moves then John Travolta….and now this, I can’t handle how awesome you are! Keep on being rad as hell!
Water, Earth, Fire, Air.
Why the fuck are hydro flasks called hydro flasks?
Why does alinity do weird things?
whenever cooldownbot responds to someone, another bot immediately responds to that bot with this pasta
W-wait, so you’re a girl?
What the fuck
We are the M̸̛̘̦͊̀̿̄̔̿̎̇̑̾̉̔ā̸̧̢̰̟͇̞̭͍̼͂̇c̶̪̟̝͒͆̀̿̓͊̎̎̀͗̓͗͝ḣ̵̛̦̱͉̥͑̀̾̈̊́̑̄̕͝͝ì̸͍̩̄̑͒̎̇̍͊̃̓̕ͅṇ̷̢̛̯̬̦̻̹̖̝̈́͋̄̿̅̉̉͠͠͝e̶̡̠̼̠̱̟͗̑̓͗̈́͠
Who the fuck is this feat person I see in every song
whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful light
Wholesome Reddit 100
When the valve guy turns around…
Why My Cat Hates Me
Who the fuck orders small pizzas
Well aren’t you just a special little Millennial
Wassup fiture me
why frogs are great
Wamai is a very powerful operator people are sleeping on
WELCOME TO r/FlatEarthScience!, reddit’s only legitimate globe denier community, seemingly…
Who the fuck uses a turn signal?
With social distancing and all that
Why is 10 scared?
why did yall even get involved??? hes said hes part of the queer community nd just doesnt wanna label himself, he obviously has nothing against lesbians have yall seen the crush culture mv?? i have nothing against benji but like stop sending hate to someone whos not done anything
why was Elizabeth I so damn fine
Willy Wonka adult interpretation
WARNING! Carry on reading!
Wowkews of the wowld unite! (The Manifesto of the UwU Party)
Why i love Hot Pockets
what if daddy wats his own dummies and mr Spermies
Welcome to the Cumzone
Why dad jokes are good
What I would like to do
We need to stop the gay satanic clowns from hottopic
Welcome to the cumzone
Whiz kid attorney
When you barely have an education but you’re an expert on biology and know ‘classified government secrets.’
Watermelon is TERRIBLE! I do not recommend
Why was anime a mistake?
Why Obi-Wan doesn’t need the high-ground
Why is r/gonewild bad
What a friend sent to me on discord
Whale, The Guardian.
Working the hog
Why Radiohead is the superlative ‘greatest’ band ever
Will Push Bulbs to Ass
We need to stop this man
Wreck It Ralph 2 Was Fucking Garbage
Women in Metal Music
Wendy’s audition song (South Park)
What a way to lose male virginity
Wuhan Spaghetti
Wilbur Soot and Jschlatt talk about hot pockets
Why Turkey is a DOG country
Whenever I go to r/copypasta
When someone dies…..
Why the f@ck would I hate on Floyd?
why futa is not gay
Why grow your clit?
When I see child Fortnite
Why I hate step siblings
Why does Nobita get zero marks?
Why Harry Potter should have carried an M1911
Woke up this morning 5:30 sharp with a blowjob from two bitches, one was trying to fit my humongous 3 pound balls in her mouth
Were we always this insane?
Why SuperGirl Is The Best Show
Why Harry Potter should have carried an M1911
Whats that one song
why are you BLACK
Weed is love. Weed is life.
When a YouTuber responds to criticism
wtf karen it tastes good (An actual facebook post)
Write this in Twitch for best results. (Replace “poki” with the streamer’s name)
Whole lotta gang shit
Wizard101 review copypasta
Well, I know this is kinda weird and pushy haha, but would you like to have sex with me?
Wallace and Gromit
When some liberal asks me if I have my permission slip to be outside during quarantine
Wilbur Soot and Schlatt hot pocket conversion
Why is Pot of Gred banned
would you happen to be eagerly awaiting a new mod for Hearts of Iron IV, “The New Order”? It’s only for intellectuals
Walmart trip
Wait you’re on mobile?!
When you see someone playing a mobile game
what a fucking-
When someone expresses an incorrect opinion
What does shit taste like?
Waters v Walker (2020)
When you need to address a friend
windows93 tos
What it feels like to unbox JukeBuds
what to search up
When you cheat at Doom
what the fuck did i do
Wonderful urban dick
Who asked
Watching twitch streamers is like having children
What was that globe heads?
Woahohaoahaoahaaohaoaha is that a /s I see??????
When your masculinity is threatened by MMO characters
Wiw uzi vewt
Wormageddon 2020 (from r/tifu)
Ways to kill lebstar13
Wok baby copypasta in latino
Why would I reddit during sex?
Why the fuck is it always the native English speakers who make this fucking mistake?
Who asked?
Who asked?
World War 2 timeline in 5 minutes
what you need is to be converted
WOW kid you just got r/WOOOOOOSHED!!!! 😂😂👀
whatsapp charachter limit
wholesome 100
WYD?!! (what you doing)
We called him Big Red.
Why Harry Potter should have carried a 1911
where I can find the furry?
Why i would go crazy if i ever fought Naruto in real life
Wikipedia about gay Minecraft Server
We have the Nintendo 64, but what happened to the :
We are actually choosing to gas ourselves
Why Lisa Simpson would objectively be a terrible human being
World Record Nut
When people spam shit subreddits send this
What the fuck do you mean “Eminem isn’t good?”
What the philosophy teacher said in the Philosophy discord
Win You Live, Lose You Die
Why I hate capitalism (my sermon)
Wanna join my Discord server, friend?
When you jokingly tell someone anime is a mistake and the write a full essay explaining how you’re wrong
Why you shouldn’t play PS4 (OC)
When an airplane joke goes over your head
Watch this…
What if we could pee backwards?
Wait so who’s little ponies are they?
We are bf/gf
Why Kanye West is a genius
Watermelon is the best constipation medicine
Welcome to the cum zone
We must celebrate Easter by supporting free speech
Why hire me?
Working in retail is frustrating
What is a Rolling Calf?
Wake Up America. WAKE UP!
Warning: bots in comments below. Conspirabots out in full force today. Russiabots shilling again I see. Chinabots peddling propaganda per usual. Republibots Trumptarding the comment section for the trumpteenth time today. Democrabots shitting out that ‘pink no matter the twink’ Satanism as expected.
Whale pussy
What my ex said
Why the fucking fuck is Bernie losing?
Wholesome 100 reddit moment
wow thanks for 1 upvote!
Why I don’t use PornHub anymore.
When someone says “no u” in an online argument
Why you simpin 🙄
What does a wet sheet mean during sex?
Welcome to Girl Gamers!
Whoa, wait a minute.
Wendy’s hot drinks
Why one should not listen to other groups and only listen to BTS. Posted on r/kpop
What to say if you want sex from a woman
Who has the best rack in Persona 5?
Wow, I can’t believe you drink pee
What the fuck did you just say to me you little bitch?
Why I am normally very anti sjw
Why Lilo and Stitch is the worst movie
When someone else is gay
Wii startup screen
Would you ladies like to learn something?
Waifu rejection
When your normie class doesn’t understand Reddit and memes
What gaming is
When your shitpost receives a lot of hate from people who take it seriously
Where the mind doesn’t have control, the penis takes the wheel.
Wanna-be Haeker Man
What the fuck? You don’t let your children look at ecchi?
what if we heisted together on GTA V…
Warzone Suggestion
What if a peasent tasted a dorito
why guro is better then porn Copypasta
When someone said something bad about CallMeCarson
What’s a balk?
West Seattle created the Coronavirus
What if…
When someone insults your dick length
What is the difference between normie memes and dank memes?
Wanna play spin the bottle guys? 😜
Why I love 5g
Who here smokes weed?
Wholesome 0
Why Germany should’ve won the war
What’s the origin story of this sub?
World History
Wuhan biological weapon 武汉生物武器 China manufactured Coronavirus Test kits were broken on purpose 中国制造的冠状病毒检测试剂盒被故意破坏 动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命
Wood chipper fertilizer
Why did I give Bernie any money?
White people are even shittier than vampires.
Worship cummy
What I wrote was in Japanese[edits welcome]
Word spreads
What the fuck does Keanu Reeves have to do with this meme?
Where were u when Bernie was kil
When somebody tells you to calm down and breathe
why ddi god invent calculus
When a German ENRAGES the American CHAD GAMER
Who in gods fuck downvoted my post?
What to respond with when someone says “doggo”.
wikiHow to make root beer bubbly again
When someone says they sent that meme already
What is a JoJo reference?
What the hell did you say about me, little bitch?
Where’s Waldo?
woman bad
Why I became a furry.
Washed up? Jesus, you’re really over here with some low self-esteem if you’re just insulting other people to drive a point.
Why Mechanical Keyboards Are Better
Wt th fuk did u j fukin sa about m u littl bich?
Why Bucciarati’s stand is the strongest stand in Jojos Bizzare Adventure
Wow that’s very closed minded of you.
When someone replies with “K” (from a r/dankmemes meme)
Well played CHINA
What a simp would say but the right account
Wikipedia – Chair
What do you do when you finish a magazine at school?
Why don’t people like Call of Duty players?
We’re officially jealous!
Wii Health & Safety Screen
Why are we still here?
Why Beastars isn’t a furry fan fiction
Wholesome 100 keanu chungus everyone liked that 69420 nice
We should bomb Delaware.
Which fucking glyph
Why Do So Many Posers Play “Offset” Guitars?
Week 4 of state-imposed quarantine.
Welcome to the cumzone
Why are you doing this?
Women ARE inferior!
Why I’m anti-abortion
Why I’m anti abortion
Why I’m anti abortion
Wuz 9+10?
Worst Experience
Why tinder is the best rpg (found in the comment section of a scott the woz video)
Wow! I can’t believe it’s not butter!
Will the real Slim Chungus please stand up?
Women Periods
Why is it so difficult for people to stay home?
Walt Whitman goes hard
Why do women do this instead of just giving tips on being a better sexual correspondent?
when ur the man behind the slaughter 😳😳
wuhan 新冠病毒
Why I’m anti-abortion
We should remove the nsfw channels on the server
What’s a woman?
What’s ur gamer tag??
When someone asks you why you are hoarding gas station coffee
What does CBT stand for?
was on the recieving end of this one
When somebody roasts you on discord
Why I’m anti-abortion (found on r/subredditdrama)
why have i made this. I REGRET NOTHING.
Women are better than men
Wall-E is a genuine masterpiece
Who is Lil Darkie you may ask?
what if one day
Wow did you really have to just go and ruin our epic creeper aw man chain you dumb idiot. You probably like Fortnite don’t you huh?!!
When someone brings up covid-19
Was that the bite of 87?
when were you when john lenin dies?
working out
White people. Curly hair
What 5 things would you need for the zombie apocalypse?
When will this hero worship culture of US stop?
We need a new nsfw sub list
what if I… put out my Minecraft hit the sack… succeeding to yours .. aha hour angle, right kidding.. unless..?
Welcome to Roblox!
Will I get pulled over?
What’s your favorite jumpscare?
what happens when you quit playing video games
Well our state is a national emergency
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch?
Woman do not exist
When someone tries to eat your chicken nigget
Water IS wet
What is the female equivalent of the infamous “ass vs boobs” debate?
Wow, Senpai’s so eager!
Whyyyyy is it that every time I finally get around to taking a shower, I cant make it 24 hours before I shit myself?
Why bannerlord isn’t good
What to say after sex
Water Fountain Kids…
Welcome to the cum zone
when you wish upon a star [warning, this is very nsfw and a bit cursed]
Why doesn’t anyone talk about this?
When people imagine dystopian nightmares, they typically jump to fundamentalist-controlled governments or societies wherein technology has gone too far.
Why farts are funny
Why dose everyone expects you to change your art style I have a message for the haters
Welcome 2 the minion slave market
What I do when I see Cummy
where is the present and what could it be
Wanna know how i got these scars?
With all the talk of April Fools day needing to be canceled, I want to talk about the actual thing that needs to be canceled: Reality-TV
When it’s unfunny
Why I hate Mark Zuckerberg
wrote some cursed shit, enjoy
Watch Euphoria
Woke child
Wow I see you’re not that funny
Where’s my Reddit Paper!!?
When you reply with the overused one word comment
Well deserved divorce, I’d say.
W̘̘͜h̘̘͜e̘̘͜n̘̘͜e̘̘͜v̘̘͜e̘̘͜r̘̘͜ ̘̘͜I̘̘͜ ̘̘͜g̘̘͜e̘̘͜t̘̘͜ ̘̘͜a̘̘͜ ̘̘͜p̘̘͜a̘̘͜c̘̘͜k̘̘͜a̘̘͜g̘̘͜e̘̘͜ ̘̘͜o̘̘͜f̘̘͜ ̘̘͜p̘̘͜l̘̘͜a̘̘͜n̘̘͜ ̘̘͜M̘̘͜&̘̘͜M̘̘͜s̘̘͜,̘̘͜
What TikTok has done for me
Well… just had my first experience watching hentai porn.
When you get banned from r/dankmemes 😔😥😖
Whooshing Cough
watching porn is disgusting
Why RUIN Johnson is OBJECTIVELY worse than Adolf Hitler.
what is the n-word??
Wyverns in war thunder be like:
What a NEET
We mustn’t influence the children.
We live in a society
WARNING: I almost castrated myself experimenting with waterbending.
Would you use a drone delivery service?
Why downvoting is bad
What the fuck? You’re religious?
When you’re old
Whiteness doesn’t exist necessarily in skin, hair, or eye colour
Weed drinker
We carry the west on our shoulders.
Written because my brother didn’t understand what I was saying
What some some dude responded to me with on instagram after I called him a boomer
Woah.. Nice cock
Welcome to the cum zone
what the letter bar say
when a discord server dies
Why is hate the ocean sunfish
woah oh oh oh oh oh story of undertale
What to do when being sung Happy Birthday. (Found on AskReddit)
Welcome To Bible Study
When did I ask?
who asked you u/ytwofold
Why Reddit can’t be a nation
Water Bending
What does it feel like to bury your face in girl’s boobs?
wtf are you mad
Waffles are better than pancakes
we live in a simulated reality (from r/teenagers)
why do i write these
Waffles are better than pancakes
Why Shrek is actually Ellen
What my best friend said after me and and another friend were violently complementing eachother
Why Reddit can’t be a nation
What bad things has Idubbz’s girlfriend done?
Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk I’m a woman’s man, no time to talk Music loud and women warm, I’ve been kicked around Since I was born And now it’s alright, it’s okay And you may look the other way We can try to understand The New York Times’ effect on man Whether you’re a brother or wh
Well, I made it for the full verse. HEART BEEN BROKEEE
Why can’t humans get impregnated by a horse?
Why the fuck do people keep posting “I did one thing” or “I made this poster in animal crossing new horizons” in every sunreddit I see. I didn’t come here to see your furry dating simulator I came for ACTUAL content.
Well……..the planes ✈️ have stopped
Wii Safety
Wrote it myself
Welcome to hell
Weet Bix lovers
Winter 2020 has been a pretty dismal season for anime overall
W should be called double-v and not double-u
Why being a furry is a sin-credit to one of my friends
War crimes on my bucket list
What if? Government mandated quarantine edition
wait, wait, wait…. hold your horses… uhm… YOU’RE A A24 FAN?!!?!
When told to flair up on r/politicalcompassmemes…
When people tell me to go die in a hole, I’m not sad because I am a part of the up and coming mole-rat nation. [OC]
Why does my thirteen-year-old daughter take so long in the shower?
What is a SIMP?
welcome to RAID: Shadow Legendstmᵗᵐ
When u just wanna read some marvel comics…
Weezer is the greatest musical act of all time and it’s not even really close
We are hacker 666
witcher 3 is filled with propaganda i thought its free of sjw interference. Please developers fix this
Where to find the funny
Whenever I train I fill my heart with joy, optimism, love, and care
What the word Crab means to me
We broke the Wii
Whatsapp forward!
What to do if someone asks you for hentai
Why old gay white jews are 200 year old dinosaurs.
When he said it I felt it
Why did i make this
Welcome back
When you find people doing the stupid beat me to it, beat meat to it and etc or some other stupid subreddit linking game
When u see cummy
Why not add some new copypasta into circulation?
Why, hello there.
Will I get Pregnant If he ejaculated in me?
Where were you when Mike Lindell took over the world.
When will u/spez post his cock?
When asked “are you on acid”
Who would win in a fight? Femboy or Tomboy?
Why you should have kids
Where were you when club penguin was kill
What gender is Kirby?
Why I want fat people Kil
Wow kid
What do teens do at night?
We have a camaraderie of sorts in that we are both already relatively asocial beings.
What is the only block that can’t be destroyed in Minecraft?
Who gave you the best blowjob(s) and what made them so great
Walter The Manga
Why british people have bad teeth
woooow looks like we r/got a r/cringe r/mobileuser wow kid let me r/tell you that r/mobile users shouldn’t be r/allowed to r/be r/happy so next r/time you r/comment on r/mobile I will be r/forwarding this to the r/mobilepolice and you will be featured on r/DUMBDUMBCRINGE take r/that r/stupid
Who is Joe?
Wake up, Bowser.
We’re going to survive
Who asked?
Watch out for Al Quesadilla
Women are fucked in the head, bro
When ur poopin
What is Reddit?
Wuhan National Biosafety lab
What is a Simp? Essay by u/JustBarrett
Wrote this myself
Why I am a Racist.
What school of magic would Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason from Fanboy & Chum Chum study in Wizard101?
Wikipedia: Cock and ball torture (CBT)
What the fuck did the oompa loompas eat
What is a simp?
We need to cautiously observe and act, Koichi.
What have we been doing with our children?
What is puberty?
What did you just say to me
Wock in my booty
WWII was a great anime, but it’s ending was terrible
Wise words from an OKBR member
We get it Kyle
Why the assassination of Ferdinand resulted in the creation of hentai.
What’s cake?
Welcome to Darkest Dungeon
watch reddit die
Where were you when stocks markets die?
Where is fortnite?
Welcome to the Trump Parade
When I was a child..
What exactly do you gain by doing that?
Woke up this morning 5:30 sharp
What are your plans for the quarantine?
white knight
When someone asks what a camel is, you tell them:
Watch a man masturbate
When someone (acts like he) has very high IQ
What Exactly Does Tom Want with Jerry?
Why futa porn is less gay than guy x girl porn
When your crush responds “lol” after you sent a 3 paragraph essay on the importance of your Shrek Shrine
We’re really behind on necrophilia humor.
Wait wait wait I thought you were talking about female circumcision
What did you say
When’s Covid-20 coming out??
Where’s the funny?
Was asked to post this here
wiggle [first post on sub]
Why does everyone call me a simp?
wikipedia pronunciations and meaning from wikipedia
Walter white is NOT evil
Welcome new user
Welcome to reddit
When any sweat in For Honor gets killed by Valkyrie, Berserker, or any spam move
why is there a nude on your story??
Where can I buy a frog? (Not for sexual reasons)?
We’re sorry
Wreck It Ralph is stupid
Well since my cel status is called into question my previous girlfriend was both white and a sex fiend.
women got caught for showing off her ankles 🤤
Why EA is pure evil
Why I LOVE againwalker!
Watch me nae nae
Why King Crimson is the most Chad Stand
WD-40 time
What will it be Atheist, a small child?
Why are you so mad
Why would you repost
World’s Wildest Police Videos
Whether we’ve wanted it or not
We Are Number One but it’s been translated to Italian with Google Translate
Wanna be history?
Words that Start with NIG
What’s your biggest weakness?
Why Cyperpunk Games Where The In Game Currency Can be Traded for Real Money is an Entirely Plausible Concept
WoWCrendor’s ‘Zombie Dragon’ Raid
Why teenagers don’t worry about the coronavirus
What happens when you “Didn’t ask.”
When someone bullies me online
What’s Up?
Why would you complain about aim assist?
Whilst thou shed a tear?
Who else high af rn
What is with you fucks and coronavirus?
WARNING: You may have a huge, invisible spider living in your skull. THIS IS NOT A METAPHOR.
What if?
where were you when vaccine was found
When someone says ‘Natural Selection’
We didn’t start the fire but it’s based off of this week
We didn’t start the fire 2020 edition
Woke Virus
WW3 is now
When people complain about political compass memes
When someone says they are “too poor to give gold”
We didn’t start the fire (2020 remastered)
When you should shut the fuck up
Wrote this on the toilet.
What is your favorite desert?
Warning: Lot of Text Incoming
Weird times
WoW Classic Auction House Goblin
wow that was really funny haha
Will you?
why I boiled a crab in Pepsi max
When my friend raged in a group chat he sent this (he’s serious LMFAO)
Weeb culture is the absolute worst.
When were you when human rites dies?
was talking with my friend about how my keyboard committed suicide and somehow made this
Well boys it’s time to tell you all,
When a girl likes FNAF 😳😳
When the post is too funny? LOLOLOL XD XD
Why does Reddit hate Emojis?
Weirdest Comment I have Seen
Why the ass is superior to the titties (My Prison School anime thology, based on episode 10)
Will Smith’s Coronavirus speech
When I see a girl’s shoulder
Where were you when r/okbuddyretard die?
What a cruel world
Witcher’s greater evil speech but with sex instead of evil
What will he buy? from r/okbuddyretard
Wow, those drawings of people are so realistic!
watermelon is the best constipation medicine
When people talk about Coronavirus, I talk about how the stock market is driven by psychological fear
When you have a really good turn in a card game
Who I’m voting for
Well, I had enough of hearing the screams
What the fuck, world?
Water Fries
What’s up?
Why traps are the ultimate life-form
Women are entitled and you can’t convince me otherwise
When someone writes something that pisses you off
Wanna hear my lucid dream?
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch?
Was it really six million?
What happened to the kazoo kid
What if life is just a big game of Minecraft?
why did i come back
Womens day?? That’s pretty selfish
Why 37 is the best number
while i nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a clapping, as of ass cheeks gently clapping, clapping at my chamber’s door
What is a micro penis?
What you egg
what a catastrophy
Why i hate pigeons. (r/singapore)
WeBareBears Netflix Season 3 Episode 17 9:17 look it up kid
Where were you when British Empire die?
Why would you create this?
Wiping your ass for the hundredth time and still having poop hurts more than a breakup
watch your mouth champ
Why was Steve black?
welcome to the cum zone.
When someone says “I didn’t ask”
Wisdom from twomad
We render the following services
Where were you when r/gamersriseup die?
Why do you serve THE FLESH
What makes you think I have corona virus?
What is your favorite movie?
Why the PlayStation has been ahead the Xbox in the console war.
Weader owf the pack
When r/okbuddyretard un-retards
What did you just say about Tom Holland
Welcome the Cum Chalice 9000®©™
What is it?
What Does It Take To Be A Shen Yun Dancer?
weaponized chimp – a creepypasta
why is this my fetish
Women don’t love their children
Women should wear ejaculate on their faces in public
Welcome to watch mojo
we like china we like china we like china
When you found mobile user in reddit wholesome 100 Keanu reeves
Why did not you tell me about small dog!
Why you are suggest something disgust like this?
When u could just crank limp bizkit at tha bus stop
Who’s laughing now?
Whatever this shit is
wow that was a funny joke
Will you complete goddamned fools please quit your fucking crying
Wath me wip 👊😎 wch me nene ✋😎
Want a Sprite Ginger?
weak little unpatriotic cats
What the fuck did you just?
Why mushrooms?
We have stepped into a war with the Cabal on Mars!!
Whoever did this, CAN’T be serious.
What do I even call this shit
what’s up?
Will zeppeli courage speech
We need national socialism
witcher 3 pls
What is it you are try to say it here?
Well this will sound pretty gross…
would you go to war over raisins?
When I’m feeling down
Who actually asks why.
WatchMojo End Credits.
Willy Wonka and the COCKlate factory
what are friends for? 😎🆒
What I want is the freedom to shout slurs and obscenities.
What is it you are try to say it here? This comment is not make sense at all. I understand it English very good, which mean it that you express thought unclear. There is no misspell, he say it infinity and you for strange reisin try to correct to #1? Because it is nonsense comment, I am downrank yo
Why aren’t you listening to Elohim?!
Woah kids move over there’s a new sheriff in town
What cock tastes the best?
What the fuck is r/dankmemes at this point
Why Mario Superstars Baseball (GameCube) is completely and objectively better than Super Sluggers (Wii)
why hold up
Wow, you have boobs, so impressive!
What it takes to join the Royal Navy
WOULD YOU PRESS THE BUTTON: Monster Girls are real BUT
Was that a motherfucking Jojo reference!?
Why do black people still use the N Word?
Was this actually a pasta before orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Working my but off
Waste of space.
Whenever someone has any doubt about visiting North Korea
Wow, did you seriously just say “Likes” On Reddit?
Who downvoted my comment?!?!?
When Feb 29 die
We All Know lit_word_bot
World Debrastation
World War II is the best anime
Welcome to 4chan.. kid
We love fortnite
Where’s all my good miggers at?
Who asked
Why Felissa shouldn’t like Keith Morris
We did it, Reddit.
Woman Extermination from r/Shitpostcrusaders
Wooing Their Uber Driver
Why I hate K-pop written in romanized korean
Who would win Clifford or Indominus Rex
What the fuck is coronavirus
What marvelous feet you have, m’lady.
Why hitler actually wanted to kill the jews
where were you when zombie pigman was kill
Who the FUCK calls it that?!
Why the new Animal Crossing game is just a disguised Monster Hunter
Waluigi’s 5 Commandments
What is a black person
What if…
We’re golden wind!
Wallace’s pussy
White House is the balls
Walter (taken from r/youngpeopleyoutube)
What can I say, I’m an author
Why the letter ‘h’ is so good
When I first met Lacey, I knew she wasn’t like the other girls.
Why the letter h is so good:
We do not need more Jojo
Wonder bread
Wallace with a pussy would be breathtaking
Whoa whoa whoa is that a /s I see??????
What is carnivouries
Welcome to the Cumzone
When someone asks for sauce
What would happen if you drank exclusively horse semen for 3 days?
who ever invented the flu i hope your wife gives you teeth marks on your dick.
Why Cars (2006) is better than Black Lagoon (also 2006)
Written on an askreddit thread about pans
Why Girls Aren’t Real
We Must Rise Up!
Written in response to a furry comic on a video game subreddit.
What happens after Random Chimp Event (OC)
wtf your ignore me
World Dryer & Corona Virus
Who doesn’t want to fuck Dio ?
Were the caps really neccesary?
When Goku and Vegeta fuse
Why movies are 24 FPS
Work Experience
Wimmin by DAAS
What went wrong?
Where’s my Juul?
When you’re balls deep.
why so serious?
What’s your source?
Wine Dog
What is your weird fetish or kink? [NSFW]
Why would you tweet such an embarrassing meme?
Who Asked???? No one.
Why, yes, i DO have an earwax fetish!
Wow kid
Wars of the Roses
Wonderful example of incestual stupidity
Was going to send this into ubisoft after playing r6 ranked
What the fuck is up with your snoo? (r/unpopularopinion)
What a beautiful day for cooming
What is alchemy?
White Trash Names from Ted
Why Sherman tanks are bad
Welcome to the agency.
Wireless mouse is hamster
why are u gay
Where did the term neckbeard come from?
Why the letter ‘h’ is so good:
We should change the subreddit picture to larry tesler, the creator of copy and paste, since he recently died
Why Bard Is The Best Champion To Play If You Have ADHD
Why Hitler was a dolphin:
Whattttttever Gastaftor …
Wabbit Season
Waiting for a game to load
Why do they not label the calories on shampoo!
Weaponized electric toothbrush
What do you guys think about my super scrumptious meal deal.
Warning: May be very offensive to liberals!
We Truckin’ boiz
Would you like to hear a story?
War is actually really gay.
We are all gay
Woah woah
Woman masturbation representation in hentai
Women CAN into CEO.
Worthless piece of shit
When life gives you lemon
Where is the sauce
Would killing women ( who wouldn’t screw me anyway) for money make me an asshole? The thought of crushing a foids skull in my bare hands satisfies me.
Waffle recipe
Warning to people who pirate anime:
What the fuck did just said about me?
will toledo problematic
well, i usually don’t simp
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch?
When the teacher assigns a 100,000 word essay
why can’t they just fucking balance their goddammn game
Wii U Navy Seals
Wendy williams hate pasta
What did you expect, you little tart?
What it takes to be an influencer
Wawwy Teswew, a computew scientist, sadwy passed away on Febwuawy 16, 2020.
Wallace and Gromit go to the moon
World peace sucks
Why ground type Pokemon is the best.
Who is pokimane?
who fucking cares about pop smoke
Wise words from fornite man
Why I’m so obsessed with Casey
When you see someone talk about their favorite album
Who asked
Whats wrong with my son’s j-shaped penis?
What would you do if you went out with a girl, started making out and she tells you she has a penis?
Welcome to the CUM ZONE
Why does Hong Kong look so tasty?
What’s that I smell, a social error?
Women writing men writing women writing men
Windows has detected that your gay
where were you when man fell into river in LEGO City?
where wer u wen oder 66?
Wholesome 100
What’s Headcannon?
What the hell did I just watch
Why was my mudkip purple?
Whoa there, young learner
when i was a kid, when i was a little boy, i always wanted to be a dinosaur
Wow bro, you’re so funny.
WARNING: SCARIEST GAME IN YEARS | Five Nights at Freddy’s – Part 1 (FULL)
Wow! Lmao!
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I shitposted to the top of my class in the Frontier Militia, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on the IMC, and I have over 30,000 confirmed pilot kills. I am trained in using every single weapon…..
What grinds my gears
what is it with normie car fans and edm lol
why i love ice cream
When the school shooter comes for you but then the autistic kid communist Jew says reddit moment 420 69 and everyone says nice and it’s wholesome 100 Keane Reeves bob ross Steve Irwin Stefan Karl stefanson but then the Instagram normies say that tik Tok and fortnite are good and they like kpop so yo
what have I made
when its owofier’s cake day.
Why Bill Gates Is A Beta Cuck
Wholesome Chungus Moment.
Wanna play some chess?
Who asked?
why did it cum to this.
We all know this is the best copypasta
What is Johnny Rotten doing nowadays?
Why YOU Should Quit DST
Winston Churchill’s speech towards the immune system
Weebs fighting
who asked
wholesome 100
WHY I AM A HIGH IQ GENIUS – from r/Mensa
We are not even the same species
What is the worst thing someone has said to you during sex?
War is coming.
Why do people eat special K?
Whether we wanted Valentine’s day or not…
Waffle Home
We Japanese love Germany
Wassup nigga
What are these Miguel’s and Carloses?
Who do I call about an aggressive pigeon constantly attacking me?
Wedding photographer
why i love valentine’s day
We’re living among a generation of trolls…
When the teacher tells you it’s a group project… IN LEGO CITY!
Why is there a black history month and not a white history month
We live in a Legociety
Worm Lenny
Weirdest animal penises
Why the discord isn’t public anymore.
We need to have a serious fucking talk
Why real-life catgirls should not exist.
With Valentine’s Day coming up
We are sick
What did I just read?
Why do we even need a bot that comments the copypasta for mobile users
We live in a society
Who am I?
What’s up mothershuckers?
What the fuck, Asuka>Rei any day
wanna share more facts?
We should use “that fucker” Instead of he/she pronouns
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
What the fuck is this? I don’t know but is a good copypaste
Where were you when corona virus spread?
Wholesome 100
Why the holocaust didn’t happen
What is it with weebs?
What the fuck is up with weebs
Wrong number
Workers without a crane in LEGO City
What’s so funny about copypasta?
What a wrap!
With the fur
Who’s the best waifu?
Where were you when a man is fallen into a river in lego city
What Exactly Does Tom Want with Jerry?
Welcome to the wipe survey.
What Is The Big Idea
We want tomato sauce meatloaf please ?
WIBTA if i beat my kids?
Why mustard you be so cruel?
WTG to Australia
What is my perfect Reddit comment?
Why can’t I post this
Whiteknight breakdown
When?? When, brothers and sisters?
when you’re too poor to give awards from r/teenagers
Why are some people so angry all the time?
What you’re referring to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linu
Why is everyone upset at the idea of Geralt and Ciri getting together romantically?
Warhammer shitpost
Whale poop 🐋
Who else loves cummy? 😩🤤
Whenever you see something fucked up
Who’s cummy?
Watch out Atheists
What the fuck did you just say about me
Well looks like I’ve gone and done it. I laughed my ass off.
When gamer and girl
When I was homeless
where were you when you have been temporarily banned from participating in r/copypasta
White Knight to the Rescue
What happened to that car?
Works better in discord
What if Burger King disguised their whopper as a FANCY burger?
Weird Zelda copy pasta
Wife has never watched a fast saga movie, We are now on Fast and furious 6 after starting from fast and furious!
Wouldn’t you agree jean Pierre polnareff
Weird Baraka dick fantasy (found on r/Mortalcumbat)
What do you mean “aim”?
wanna know how im standing atop this mountain of money? lemme tell ya how it all went down.
Wife absolutely loved it Over and Over and Over
What Shakira has most is better technique.
When you were 15, watching porn and playing video games everyday, ATTRACTIVE males your age were already having sex
wine rain 😳
Why do people watch horror/thriller expecting a comedy experience? courtesy of r/YMS
Why are dinosaurs so fucking thick?
Walmart fan club
Weekend forecast: 100% chance of WINE 🌧
Without Laughing
Whats wrong big boy?
When Pants Attack
Wyoming does not exist.
What is it with the alphabet anyways?
Where is pee stored?
What if we fuck on our knees 😳
Which Weighs more?
What if pussy smelled like pizza
Why is the milk gone?
We should airdrop Amber Heard’s in savannah
Where were you
Welcome the the cumzone uwuifide
When is doge coming into the story tho 😳😳😳
Weeb defending his favourite anime
When a dog dies
what did you do to that dead body
Welcome to the mentally ill club
Welcome to Camp Navarro, so your the new replacement. YOU ARE OUT OF UNIFORM SOLDIER! WHERE IS YOURE POWER ARMOR?!
We persisted.
What’s the fucking funny part of this post? I have been actively surfing the Internet for 25 years
Why do copypastas exist?
Wow you clicked on my post history
Welcome to the Cum Zone (Full Lyrics)
where were you when a man has fallen into the river in lego city
wow, rude
Wrote this while starving and doing an essay
What was that song called?
when u triple stack in pubs. real sad. no respect for you AT ALL. Will never follow, sub, donate, or recommend you to anyone. go play ranked if u got a full squad of good players.
Why I griefed your Minecraft server
When you eat leg
What is 8=D ?
Welcome to the cum zone lyrics
What if we said the same thing in a long chain of comments
We’re Laying Off Staff Because You Didn’t Send Money
Wow this is insane
When a girl buys a vibrator it’s cool
We ignored the rant of pizza anddddd theeeeennnnnn
We probably don’t notice the alien lizardmen in our society.
Wholesome Copy Pasta for what you should know before you have kids
Welcome to the cum zone
Why hello m’lady
Who’s Billie Eilish?
Why fat people smell
We are fucking done you dirty little 18 year old cumdumpster fucking used up slut, mom told me you think I’m a creep,
Welp, I Uninstalled Overwatch Again
What letters does owo bot react to? a test.
when man dont upda te app
Wuhan chinese governement copypasta- “Nothing to worry about, it’s all under control, I’d better say nothing because I’m not the government but it will get better soon, the real problem is in Wuhan not in other cities”
What would you rather do than laundry?
With history being thoroughly recorded as of this modern day, one would think that we have no questions left to ask.
Why the fuck does the crazy frog have a visible penis
Well I’ll be damned
Well r/teenagers it has been a fun ride. Tomorrow I will officially be 20 years old. Here 20 advice for my fellow virgin and virginnete on how to survive coronavirus and get straight A’s in your exam.
Why class 1-A is gay
Why TikTok is bad
What will it take for you to feel ok with being a cuck?
We must retire cummy
When nobody has asked
WARNING: This post is only for dark mode users.
When a girl tells you to give her some space
When she tells you to give her some space
When she tells you to give her some space
What is League of Legends? Told by Nevercake
Wuhan virus
What happened to Elliot Hulse?
what did san diego do to deserve this
Who says it is breaking any rules?
Wine dipping
Where were you?
wow oh my god is that a fem-male???
What are you doing?
were going on an acid trip in our favorite rocketship
Why are all these homosexual men sucking my cock?
Wow, hey are you ok?
World Politics Explained
Were where u wen United Kingdom leave European Union?
Why I hate school
When someone has an emotional support animal.
What a fucking, meganerd loser.
Why Straight White Males Are A Myth:
Water doesn’t get wasted
Windmills windmills windmills windmills. I’m the windmill king, king of the windmills, I mill the windmills that mill the wind i amthewindmill.
why we cant have catgirls without catguys
What are you expecting from a 💩
WIBTA if I told someone to stop being such a fucking weeb?
where were u when the pistol was held
Winnie the Pooh
When and why did this place transform into a Kindergarten for edgy teenage drug overlords?
What aRe Midi-Chlorians?
Will vaping harm my rats?
Welcome to Lazy Town Lyrics
When someone answers yes to a non yes or no question
Women overthink and jump to conclusions
Why I love Wendsday Frog
Where were you when sperm cell died
Weezer ruined my life
What do you expect?
What did Ben Klassen say about Christianity?
Why can’t Shenron grant my wish of Android 18 sucking my dick?
Where were you when coronavirus spread?
where were u when coronavirus spread
Watersports Self Edition
What (๑•﹏•)
We’ve achieved quantum supremacy
Why Exactly Did Lightning McQueen Lose The Piston Cup In The Original Movie?
Women are not people they are objects.
WHO says global risk of Wuhan virus is ‘high’
Where were you when kobi bryen dies?
When I grow up
Who’s Joseph?
When I was 13, I tied up this girl that was 12 with a jumprope, then beat the fuck out of her.
Wife’s boyfriend is a trump supporter
What snake oil?
Why Disney is Nazi Germany
whole squad laughing
Where were you when Kobe Bryant die?
Where were you when Kobe Bryant die
Wrote this for a spammer in a discord server
Wonder Woman: Love in the Smudge
We found this new site called CSGO Lotto—so I’ll link it down in the description if you guys want to check it out. We were betting on it today and I won a pot of like $69 or something like that, so it was a pretty small pot, but it was like the coolest feeling ever. I ended up following them on Twit
Where were u wen Kobe die?
When someone says ‘nice copypasta’
wen ur inglish is bud
Where??🌎🌎 Were🤣🤣 you ☝️☝️ when🕑🕑 club penguin 🐧🐧 die ❎❎ ?!
Who the fuck plays with puzzles?
Where were you
Winston Churchill
Where were you when Club Penguin die?
when you’re are smart
Where do I even begin…
When someone asks for the sauce
What a fucking Ni-
Why are firetrucks red?
We live in a simulation
What are breasts, if not windows into a woman’s soul?
Weewoo wagon
Well some bois from the past made these hate crimes!!111!
WIBTA if I demanded my wife let me watch the Witcher with her?
Want my cock?
Where were u wen coronavirus spread
What is HENTAI?
Why hasn’t Virus sued Corona?
Why hasn’t Corona sued the virus?
What may very well be the worst sex scene ever written.
Wuhu Island is under attack.
What the fuck do you mean by r/cursedcomments? That puny shit wasn’t cursed
What kinda music do you like?
Why I don’t like Mac & Cheese anymore
What if we fell into the river in Lego City?
where were you 😣😩😞 when you heard the news 😭✊🏼😓 that mr. peanut 🎩🥜🧐 was dead 💀🤧💀
What happens when you don’t finish your pizza in Italy
Want a break from the ads?
Where’s the need to crusade?
wal-mart smiley face sticker
Who is Joe?
Where were you when Mr.Peanut die
why china will end the world
Where were you when mr peanut die?
Why hentai is the superior form of pornography
why Martin Cabello hate the military
what should I do about my gamer son?
What to do if your in a fight
When mom finds the poop sock
Why the Crystal Lizard from Dark Souls is the Best Sex Partner
Who’s the nn now dumbass?
Where were you when Club Penguin die?
What the fuck are coconuts???
What the fuck is wrong with you people???
what do you think of this color?
Why do relatives ask “so you got any girlfriends?” every time they see you?
Was it worth it to study 10 years of internet history to get jokes on this subreddit?
Women don’t fart, they poop.
When someone blames video game gun mechanics on their death
Wholesome Reddit Moment
Why The Rise of Skywalker is better than Return of the Jedi
Wrong Evolutionary Timeline
we need to talk
What is the meaning of “oof?”
Work me like a cow
when was you when phone rang
With what manner of speech did you address me, rake?
Wrote about chungus whilst drunk at 3am
Water is kinda gay
wome n suck
Who is Peter Griffin?
Who is u/[deleted] and why are they everywhere I go
WIBTA if I didn’t save the man falling in the river at LEGO city?
When I see post about someone mom die
Welcome to the Cum Zone.
What an Ideas Person would sound like if they wanted to make food instead of games.
wise words
wait you’re a GIRL?
WIBTA if I killed my wife?
What Happens When you Say You Don’t Like a Sea Captain’s Cooking 🦞
Why cumbending makes waterbending the strongest solo element of all
what da heck… is this CRINGE?
Will someone just help!!! – Youtube Transcript
When you downvote a comment, reply with this
What is the “shot” in the word “cumshot”?
Why Rey is the best character
Women number
Wanna clean your disgusting keyboard? Don’t know how? Have I got the product for YOU!
Why you push me?
Wrestling with Girls
Wholesome copypasta
When two legends talk
What the fuck these letters even mean? Well here you go
Why having s*x with y*da would be fun
Would be pretty fun honestly,
What is sleep
When were when PewDiePie break?
Welcome to Gambit, kid!
Why Byleth is a good DLC
When I masturbate, actual nuts come out of my penis.
What the fuck. That’s actually so uneducated. Anime isn’t just stories.
wookie cock
What was that? Did you just say “bet”?
Wendy’s Spicy Goodness Commercial
what are you views on teenage pregnancy
When someone says noone in North Korea uses the internet.
When mom find out about your CS:GO Gambling addiction
we live in a society but it’s furry
We live in a society