You have no idea how much power the office of the president wields.
Your moral high horse means nothing to us
You will never be a successful person
you have to know this (bs gambit)
You are special
You askin’ for the sauce?
You got banned from a server…
Yandere Simualtor Dev log 3/21/23
You should walk the plank NOW
YouTube Bot Financial Advice Comment Section
You Took Advantage Of Me When We Dated Also Satan
You don’t know how much rage is in this message.
You will never be a real human
Your Submission Has Been Removed
You don’t want to cum
Yo mr. white how do you make meth again. I forgot yo
You should walk the plank NOW
You got shredded and thats all you got?
You will never do a real bankrun
You just got wooshed
You stupid, oblivious, little shit. I fucked your mother first.
You called this guy an idiot?
Yakuza 0
Yo, drop your best copypasta to mess up someone’s mental health.
Yogurt Ruined my life
your mother
you don’t know
Y WW2 gamme no have swostickup
Yay, second cake day
You REALLY think the federal reserve would do that?
you get boner, you bad
Your bills has been affected young man
You have been reported.
You will never be a real chad.
You’re telling me a shrimp fried this rice?
You’re not a real lawyer.
your neighbourhood friendly assassin
You will never be real meat. (4chan) (on impossible burger)
you guys are fucking insane.
Youtube Premium
You thought you could get away with a BOOB DOUBLE?!
You are Vlad Irondefecie
You good?
You will never be a real incel
You know it reminds me of the time
Yandere girl at my school ?!? (100% true story)
You bring the snacks, I’ll bring the virgins
you think you’re so smart?
Your mom
Your Dick is 2x as long as it seems
You want to know why I love Wednesday frog?
You sound super dumb right now.
You’re going surfin on the interNET!
Yagoo Cover Corp Copypasta
Yu’s heart ain’t beating after this one
Yo bro, Valentine’s Day is like, totally radical man
You can’t weld.
You’re such a valid boi ♥️
You are just too damn ugly and old
You are Worth Nothing.
You claim to live in Sweden but you call yourself AlabamaHotcakes.
You will never be a real canine
yes, and now i have a master plan to take over the world, first i shall go to europe because europe is entirely filled with medieval englishmen, and once i have completed this task i shall recruit 7 people with well groomed moustache and bring them to my secret lair in ontario canada where i will ma
Yuujirou ‘Do it’ speech
You don’t know what a dick is?
You’ve been morbed
You’re playing Minecraft in a cave looking for diamonds
Your incompetence
YandereDev speaks the truth
You will never be a real great power
you can’t just say that piss tastes bad without really trying it.
yee yee ass haircut translated to arabic twice and then to chinese and back to english
You never responded to my comment
You people have fucking ruined me.
You know, the concept of toilet paper alone doesn’t even really make sense when you think about it.
You wouldn’t
YouTube shorts
You forgot to mark this as NSFW
Your post gave me cancer anyway.
You’re AI
You’re not just incorrect, you’re also stupid.
You suck pipi at chess !
You see, everyone believes in idiotic conspiracy theories
Youtube video copypasta (Possible repost/Not mine)
You will never be a real robot.
You’re the worst teammate ever.
Yooo i have WILD theory about..
you rule the day
youtube comment section in 2023
Yae Miko from Genshin Impact
you know Paris france?
you should consider joining our humble roblox group
You’ve been bageled
you were NOT top of your class in the navy seals
you’re on meth quit being a bitch
You have been permanently banned from participating in r/AmItheAsshole
you know what I’m just gonna say it tattoos are fucking nasty as hell
Young women are hot as fuck
You can’t even solve a Rubik’s cube?
Yt comment
You dont get it see
You are 18. You haven’t even graduated school yet
You have to listen to this advice 🤯🤯🤯🤯
you’ve never used lambdas???
You’re Gay?!?!?
You Cannot Out Smart Work (verbatim)
Yahtzee greets out the “cyberpunks”.
your the best!
You are lying in deep salt water masturbating if you think I am even a little bit G*rman. WRONG!
you betrayed me fam
You are literally an incel who had never talked to a girl.🤣🤣
you will be hearing from my lawyers op
you offended by a drawing
Your Armand
Yet another thing someone said to another person in yet another discord server
you fat bald bastard but i extended it with an ai (idk if this is against the rules)
youtuber discord rant
Your post appears to break our rules
Your iphone screen is broken so……….
You’re playing minecraft in a cave looking for diamonds
Yo Mama Fated
You are going into my cringe compilation
youtube comment
Yarr spongebob!
You are a absolute swot a weenie. (Nerd Rant 🤓)
Youtube Replies, by Earth-ling
you know what? im sorry for getting angy.
Your post is bizarre and stupid.
You call yourself a nerd!?
You have been permanently banned from participating in r/fuckedmygrandpa.
You fucking snowflake POS.
You must be new here, fellow Redditor.
You’re not a REAL gamer!
You Kid(ney) ding me?
You’ll never be a women
you bunch of stupid, uneducated, basic, motherfuckers.
you little fucking worms
Your balls are haram
You’re playing minecraft in a cave looking for diamonds
You are evil
You Want to Hear a Solution to Social Media Moderation, one too real for Dark Brandon and the Woke Scolds over at Musk’s Hog Farm, “bet he just bought them hogs to eat the apes who don’t take to wiring, then, ya know,” he’s that dudes nephew, his internship pays for this research lab, let him wire a
You Should Kill Yourself… NOW!
You bring animals death, I bring them orgasms
yëät cöüld stöp äny crïmë hë wäntz
you’re on meth quit being a bitch
You are Steve
You’re on meth stop being a bitch
You Will Never Be a Real Wizard
Yakumo Yukari
You like the A-10?
Yahweh will never be a real deity
Yoshi’s Eggs
Your 2023 New Years Resolution should be getting more people to like you.
You’re worthless.
Yoshikage Kira but it’s opposite day
you’re a horrible person
Yo I can only eat ass when it stank.
Your art is AI generated.
You Will Never Be A Real Gamer
You don’t have a Britta?
You will never be a real sentient being.
Your mother is currently rotting in Wyoming
yeah im friends with paul breach
You both rest
you know what i hate? KitKats
You have declared war on Sex.
Your dad must be disappointed
You Think Social Media is your Ally?
y’all not slick
Yes. This phone case is leather. Yes. I do enjoy killing (obviously) animals. Yes. I am a murderer (obviously). No. I will not let you pet the next animal, while saying “aWWWW!”, that will be murdered. Yes. I am (obviously) a heartless psychopath.
Yumyum nuclear bomussy
Yes. Once I quit eating milk/cheese for several months
You’re blocked
You won’t buy the wizard game.
You’ve been permanently banned…
You guys are a plague
You slimy bastard Araki
You will never be a real nazi
You probably have less in common with Wednesday Adams than your HS Bully
You like cooking? Name every dish
Ya bitch ya YouTube comment
You’re a worthless cunt
you aren’t fucking chads
You’ve been ejected from the Skeld as per the vote by your “teammates.”
You Are The Only 1 Bulking…
YTP incel power mod has a power trip
your mother
Yeah sure, you can go back to porn.
Youtube Poop: U Want Cake In Teh Mornin!?!?
Yo Yo Yo, It’s Hump Day!
yoda thinks among us is unfunny
You all
You have and never will know the absolute agony of feeling your child falling out of you piece by piece
You forgot the NSFW flair
You can do the rump shaker
You know that convenience store?
Yet another gem from r/teenagers
You Won’t Believe the Surprising Health Benefits of Eating Glass – Experts Weigh In
You could have prevented this if you had just tagged this post NSFW.
You need a very High IQ to understand Rick and Morty
you got it all wrong
you guys, have you ever tried not breathing??
You’re a bottom among bottoms
You are now infected
You guys are all fucking schizos
You will never be a real metaverse
You never responded to my comment.
you don’t know the beach boys?
You’re clearly miss informed and bias
you don’t give a rat’s ass?
You never responded to my comment
you play Runeterra like an uneducated pathetic chil.d
Your joke is so bad
You will never be a real Hebrew
Your fucking fault you made that mistake.
You know nothing about Madden
You have no idea how much i want to fuck Saul Goodman.
You have no idea how much I want to fuck Saul Goodman.
You know why I didn’t take the job?
You will never be Romanian
You need to go to college to be smart?
You are swine.
you’re’e’e’er welcome u/surfnporn
You don’t have employees? There are no pigeons on the site and in the mind, shy personality and personality. The reason for the uniform is that 100 years in the future will be a bad solution. He wants everyone to participate in a deep company that can be maintained as soon as possible. If Jesus was
You entitled snowflake
You’re Dead! By flying lotus review
Your karma score has decreased by 1 after I read your comment
Yeah I’ve been enough times to b able to call it “the ward”
yandere asmr videos (from r/teenagers)
Yoshikage Kira introduction
You should kill yourself, NOW!
You useless piece of shit.
You are lost.
Y’all be taking the internet to seriously.
You’d probably thinking, there goes that dumb stick figure again. He’s so stupid and annoying. And if you thought that, well you’d be wrong. Because I’m not stupid. I guess it never occurred to you, that I don’t speak the same language as you.
Yeah don’t you tell me my video gaming is limited
yassifying all of stargurl summary chapter 1
You useless piece of….
Yanks reaction to Wales draw
Yt reply to someone’s comment saying women should be allowed to have jobs
You are not able to fuck the pokemon in the latest game
You like FromSoftware?
Yes, New Jersey is actually as bad as people say. Probably worse
Yes (arknights anime)
You have to admit it.
You. Me. Gas station.
You notice something sticky in your hand
You can’t escape the squirt
You’re banned.
You like XXXTentacion? (American Psycho)
y 12yr old daughter is inflating her belly on purpose.
You fuckin Afghan
you will be a dominant girl and treat me like a animal
your classic “caught in 4k”
You can’t bullshit a bullshiter
You should ask permission before jerking off
You defeated me fair and square
You shart your pants
you know who else is an anime catgirl?
You have to be a really clever dude to make an entire post over a comment
yea exaactly
You say the pokemon are just animals and can’t consent.
Yes, it is wrong to have children.
You will be killed at an undisclosed time within seven days, you have been warned.
Ye as a “cat”
You senile earthworm
You like Game Theory?
YUKON was infinitely worse than sanctuary fuck you
You 🚀 are 🔢 a 🅰 worm. 🐍🐍
You filthy swine.
Yeah, that just happened.
Youtube comment on an atrioc video about his wedding
Yeah, I belong to the Hello Kitty fanbase.
Your Biological Mother is so Morbidly Obese
you have nice balls man
You are not allowed to use your “lazy axe” from here on out.
Y’all need to make more gay scout porn.
Y’all need to make more scout gay porn.
You have been caught using GIFs.
You, me, gas station.
Your honor my client went ‘goblin mode”
You give off MDE. Micro Dick Energy
You defamed the wrong pizza page admin!
Yoshi and Jerry’s adventure
Your fuckitude knows no bounds
Yuumi is the best champion in League of Legends.
yo why did i get my role removed i banned 1 useless nigga from the server and everyone going crazy over it like holy shit chill its just 1 guy who wouldnt even talk on the server and even then demotion as i see doesnt exist i just get my role removed so demotion doesnt exist and even then i would ra
You take some chocolate and some lobster and some eggs and some pie
You are one sad guy my boy
Yo Cummy! Copy This!
yanderedev doki doki
you didnt have to cut me off but how i hear and sing
You would accuse me of being broke
You have been identified as a gamer.
You. Me . Cum
Yes and i have stars shelly skin too
You are a thick-headed trog..
Your autistic? LOL OMG 🥵
Yet Another Linkin Park Parody
You just don’t understand Japanese culture
You should kill your team NOW
Yellow Rebel
you think you’re funny?
Your enchanting
You will likely have come across a strange phrase in many comments sections and videos in the last month or so on TikTok – and that phrase is “sussy baka”.
You know what?
you brush your teeth with your grandpa’s back scratcher
Youtube comment I got of somebody getting mad at how I mistook a Captain Planet scene for Venture Bros.
You think its funny???
yo momma
Y’know I fucking hate when my penis explodes when I go to bed
Your analysis of the so-called Dark Ages and Middle Ages is faulty
You think it’s funny to repost someone’s copypasta?
Yesterday, I went, as we all must, to Peppa Pig World.
You can’t parse [X]HTML with regex
You think it’s funny?
You need to min and you need to max
You asked?
You didn’t ask?
You’re supposed to take breaks on the weekend?
Yeah, I’m an incel
You downvoted me and i have proof.
you smell like you farded
you fell off + ratio
You had talent, and wasted it on weird sh*t
Yes, I am a Redditor
yoU gEt nO biTCheS!
Your dad is pretty hot.
You picked the wrong vigorous masculine man tonight
You know how every flag has at least one color? That’s a reference to the Serbian flag, which has colors!
You picked a wrong alpha intellectual male to fuck with and I’ll tell you why
Young Sheldon is finally dead
You fell off+ratio
You browse r/natureisfuckinglit and you eat meat?
You think it’s funny to take screenshots of people’s NFTs, huh?
You will never be a real billionaire.
you fell off
You know the truth now
you fell off
You want to do what with a drunken sailor??
you still think about her don’t you?
You will never be Korean
You know what? Fuck this school is gay
You’re a transgender Harry
Your account.
Yo fam im new!!!!!!! holds up mixtape
You think it’s funny to take screenshots of people’s NFTs, huh?
You think it’s funny to take screenshots of people’s NFTs, huh?
You think it’s funny to take screenshots of people’s NFTs, huh?
Youtube comment on a jazz album
you fell off
You waisted your life on Minecraft
Your biological mother
youtube dislike button update
Yoshikage Kira Speech (Dr. Seuss Edition)
You’re too old for Pokemans
You, solely, are responsible for this
You remind me of an anime school girl
You think it’s funny to screenshot peoples NFT’s? 😡
You think chess is a joke?
YEa can i get a fuggin,, uhhhhh
Yeah, um
You think it’s funny to take screenshot of people’s NFTs, huh?
Your mom is gay.
yo mama joke on r/im14andthisisdeep
your mom
You say Cat, we say Neko Cat You say hi, we say Konnichiwa Waving hand You stupid, we say Baka Man facepalming You say morning, we say Ohayo Sunrise over mountains You say I like you, we say daisuki Grinning face with smiling eyes You say love you, we say aishiteru ❤ You say cartoon, we say anime Fl
YouTube sponsored products.
You are dropped into Verdansk.
you fell off + ratio
yet another chinese discord copypasta
You’re not a gamer. Reddit edition
You think it’s funny to screenshot my NFT?
You like watching anime?
you fell off + ratio
You fell off
yep, that was a mistake
You’re shopping at your local food market when you notice this young woman from behind. How do you open?
You think it’s funny to screenshot someone’s NFT?
You think its funny to take screenshots of people’s NFTs, huh?
You screenshotted my NFT?
You think it’s funny to take screenshots of people’s NFTs, huh?
You think it’s funny to take screenshots of people’s NFTs, huh?
You can’t “Save image as”
You think it’s funny to take screenshots of people’s NFTs, huh?
Yet another chinese copypasta
You can probably picture the type of guy that posted this
Yo Angelo
Your mom
You turn on the radio one morning to find another one of those Rap songs where every 4th word is a swear. Naturally the Radio bleeps it out, but you realize that it sounds familiar. You realize that the rappers are speaking in Morse code.
youtuber’s intro be like
You and a super intelligent snail both get 1 million dollars, and you both become immortal, however you die if the snail touches you. It always knows where you are and slowly crawls toward you. What’s your plan?
Yesterday on The Bus
Yeah squid game is overrated
YES!! I literally wanna be raiIed by my dad and uncle SOOOO badly rn. Their piss on the toilet turns me onnn
You have been identified as a Gamer
Your mom
You don’t do anything productive in your life
Your on github
You won’t believe this Among us cock.
Your Adopted
You asked someone to touch the grass? (OC)
you ever think about getting your shit together?
Yet more Roblox outage copypasta
You be squirting? Or u on the cream team?
Yo so I’m doing a social experiment
You’ve been trolled lyrics
Yeah, sex is cool and all but…
You must have an agenda bro..
you useless piece of shit
You’re on reddit. In case you haven’t noticed, you are the intellectually elite.
YBA Roblox
You must have the soul of a T-rex blocking your vision
Ybc opening
You are a serf. Bitch, you live in Alsace. You are a peasant. You need to give your fuckin’ lord the grain.
You’re an idiot.
You aren’t fully vaccinated. You never will be
You have rights.
You will never be a real China
You will never really be able to see
Yandere Dev’s college essay response
You and a super intelligent snail both get 1 million dollars, and you both become immortal, however you die if the snail touches you. It always knows where you are and slowly crawls toward you.
You’ll find a linux user anywhere you mention Linux.
You and a super intelligent snail both get 1 million dollars, and you both become immortal, however you die if the snail touches you. It always knows where you are and slowly crawls toward you. What’s your plan?
Your joke sucks
You’re quite literally NPCs to me
you horny ass NNN disqualified motherfucking hamburger ass
You are everything wrong with the internet.
you’re wrong
You don’t have enough karma to post here
You don’t want to fuck a blobfish
Your scumbag brother in law is finished.
Your comment shows promise but suffers from demonic possession
You trying to start shit with me!?
Your connection is not private.
Your generation is just pussies
Your post has not been given the Gold Award.
You people make me sick.
Yaoi is gay, but lolicon isn’t pedophilia
You suck on a big level.
Your a sussy imposter grrr
Your jokes are so unoriginal
You Braves Bums don’t get it, do you?
You poor little pumpkin…
Your edit includes new external links
You failed. Die.
You really look like my ex
You’re the problem here
You did it (self made)
You’re getting a message from the glorious leader of the Middle Kingdom CNCNCNCNCNCN
Y e s
you bitches want to know why I fart lot
You people are the most toxic snowflakes
Your mom…
Ya’ll are more pathetic than this guy.
You watch anime? Degenerate.
You have no braincells
You will have no standing left.
Your kids suck at art.
you’re an idiot
you’re useless
You’re not special.
Yo dude, I’m not here to fight. But I need you to understand that BTS has done a lot for BLM.
Youtube comment
Your Mother
You are invited to join me this evening for a romantic bubble bath.
You have won 1 million dollars
You are FIRED!
YouTube comments
You’re all cereal racist and cocophobic
You’re mom.
You have no idea how pissed I am about the Chris’s Pratt Mario movie
you all know who you are
you want to practice winning the easy ones and holding angles. it’s about becoming consistent, not becoming a spinbotting turret.
You fucking cretin
You got Caught in….
You can solve any problem with a gun
You serve 0 purpose!!!
You sir are a bitch and a fraud
You are just a Reddit
Yes I cheemsified the navy seals copypasta
Your favorite characters from Among Us are here
youtube channel description
you have to have a very high IQ to understand astrology
You’re the biggest fucking loser I’ve ever met in my life
You have a boyfriend? Is he a Chad?
Young Thug doing God’s work
You may require eye bleach after this
You have no idea how much I want to fuck Nagito Komaeda.
Yo, wtf is this?
Yes written in No
y’all stop liquidating
You need to renew your pornhub license
Your pussy, is birthday cake.
Your mother
You will never be a real nazi
Yo who wants something competitive
You are Abigail Ratchford
You know where I found it
You useless piece of shit.
you like what you see?
Yo, fellow marijuna smoker.
You’re a Noob!!
Your Life Just Does Not Count
You were second.
Your mom jokes are no longer funny
Y’all Metric Muppets Are Delusional
You can just put their lung tissue in the lab freezer with the rest of the samples; I’ve got to get to work.
Your father!!!!
yea sure u simp.
yt comment on pokimane clip
Your first time getting drunk
Your comment is shit (OC)
Your opinion is a Lil’ Gauche….
You fucking fucked up fuck,
Yesterday i saw God…
You think you can?
You’re wrong
You have no idea how much I want to fuck Nagito Komaeda
You have no idea how pissed i am
You know what, I’m gonna step up to bat for virgin energy here.
You will never be a [[BIG SHOT!!!]]
You have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty.
You have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty.
You people are the cancer of reddit
you will never be japanese
Yessir ahaha
You ever just wanna physically hurt somebody when they talk about farting and shitting?
YoUwU really just said that
Your Comment was Funny, Friend
you think you can be astronaut? hm?
You think that’s urine you’re smelling?
Yogurt male schedule
You either die a hero or..
Your operating system is now fully compromised
you have all of the symptoms.
You are all participating in a moral panic, causing so much more harm than the tiny minority that you obsessively focus on.
YTA for posting an obvious copypasta. Go touch some grass.
You were playing a sented con on roblox now *inhales*
You marijuana smokers disgust me
You just got caught in 8K
Youtube Keeps Recommending me Thigh High Stockings
you fungal piece of shit
You’re dead
Your meme is NOT funny.
You have obviously not done much study in existential crises then, upon the hypothetical study of which you would’ve realized that they don’t actually exist.
You have obviously not done much study in existential crisis…
You don’t know what existential crisis means
You look cute.
You must read this
You are beautiful.
youtuber apology video
You are stuck in a 7/11 with a Karen during the Zombie Apocalypse, what do you do?
You clearly haven’t seen jojo
You are beautiful.
You better be fucking scared.
You Are Wrong
You were kicked from this game for violating relevant laws.
You have been permanently banned from r/darkjokes
You little fucking bitch.
Yo mama so fat verbose
Youre so sussy (romanian translation, local currency included)
You are merely tolerated and in grave danger.
Your social credit system (社会信用体系) score has been deducted
You stupid (OC)
Yahoo khan
You know the memes
Youtube ads.
You used the wrong form of there.
You don’t understand
Yeah, I’m a piece of shit
you know people tend to forget about the socalist and syndicalist aspect of labour unions sometimes
Your post has not been given the gold award
You know this reminds of this one time I was walking home from bagpipe practice and I turned down a narrow alleyway and came across this weird distortion in the space in front of me.
You may have just gotten checkmate, but we’re playing Chinese checkers, and as my old friend Confucius say; the hunter has become the hunter-ed.
You fool
You just posted too many emojis
You fool. The statement “It’s opposite day” is paradoxical by nature.
you cant win
You cannot fuck everyones mother
Your chess is insane
You will never be a real man.
You telling me you wouldn’t fuck yourself?
Your opinion is wildly fucked up.
You know what else starts with n?
You chose the Vaccine
Yeezy Yeezy what’s good?
You see this fictional character?
Your guide in the digital realm.
You simple minded buffoon. Your foolish petty mind cannot understand the likes of which this humorous image is catered to.
yo 😎 ah 😎
You changed my server nickname to “gay”?
your edit is trash
You might not like it but this is the ideal male body
You have lost 349 social credit points.
YouTube comment
Y’all, Ivermectin works.
You will never be a real wage earner
Y’all, Ivermectin works
YouTube comment on Disturbed’s cover of the Sound of Silence
Yeah, I’m A Gamer
Y’all, Ivermectin works.
You made beef Wellington
You will never be a real wage earner.
You think giraffes are real?
You believe in giraffes?
You haters are not man enough for Cyberpunk 2077
You really are a sad little ball of hatred aren’t you
You have posted cringe.
Y’all, I just had to vent
Yesterday I noticed my 11-year-old son manspreading
You Among Us shills deserve to suffer third-degree burns at 120 degrees Fahrenheit, with humidity at 100%
You are a Walmart Levi
You stupid fucking idiots don’t know shit about communism
Youtuber apologies for being based as fuck
yo i love these goobas yo
Your cum won’t last
you trolls need to shut up.
You were muted in Ratatouille 18+ roleplay for 1 hour
You serve zero purpose
Yakko’s World
y’all fornification insemination bastards cum morphine shots in your vagina and cock hardens when i play with my nuts dosa sambar idli vada cum along ping pong ding dong ching chong bling cum.
Your titties are divine
You want a friend after calling me “Bruh”?
you need to see a therapist
YSK I am fucking Your Mom
Yakko’s World
You need a mom friend? Here I am!
You miss every shot you don’t take
You didn’t understand my penis joke?
Yeah, I’m a pan.
You’re telling me a shrimp fried this rice?
Yakuza 4 Battle Trailer
Yakuza 4: The Story Trailer
You uncouth kook with loose coochie lips
Yesterday, August 19, 2021—a date which will live in infamy—the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately portrayed as the soy wojak by the shitposting forces of the Taliban.
You organoid
You got two choices slick
You are a Dream stan
YouTube kids
Yeah, keep making your ironic and sarcastic jokes
Your Sex is On Fire
yet another eeveelution copy pasta
You cant kill a peedog, they said
Your music taste is pathetic.
You will never be Japanese.
You don’t like bladee?
you ever just hah shit yourself lol
Your daily dose of reality, courtesy of r/PokemonTCG
You humour me greatly with with your arrogance and contempt, a flood of accusations born from the poison of envy and smite of disrespect.
your are just stupid
Your post was honestly very relatable, however, I’m just not into gay porn.
You Will Never Be A Real Animal
You racist homophobes make me sick!!!
You guys are so selfish for not sharing this beautiful goddess with the rest of us!!
Yall ever jerk off
Y’see, people just wanna stay shipping children
YouTube comment starter-pack:
Y’all can’t behave *locks post*
You will not BELIEVE these weird but true facts about dogs! By AI Dungeon
yep yep gta rp stream pasta
you know cars right?
You clearly don’t understand cell fight
Yarn.com inspires a ton of lust from me (nsfw)
You have missed pog day 😱
Yeah, so guys
You are now swallowing, breathing and blinking manually.
You wanna know what being autistic is like?
You are a serf
You tell me what this is because I really don’t know
You think your tough kid
You have no idea how much I know Paris
You made a metaphorical sequel to the headline
You know perfectly well
you claim to be a white nationalist [OC]
You should inevitably become intimidating
you fell off + ratio
Your post used the word “dog”
Yeah but that backflip tho
Yeah, but that Backflip Tho.
Your mom fat joke
Your phone does not need electricity.
Yeah, I poop back and forth. So what?
Y’know what, fuck it.
you have to live it
your avatar is magnificent
You will never be wholesome 100
You got personal
You changed my server nickname to “gay”?
youtubers bad lmao
Your biological mother is so morbidly obese
Your App Store submission has been rejected.
You’re Completely Wrong.
You filthy real life girls
You have a beautiful body, and in my personal opinion, perfect breasts.
You’re not a “bad bitch”, you’re 25 and somehow burnt out buying size xxxl clothing at hot topic in a feeble attempt to try and reclaim the feeling of self worth you had in 9th grade.
You have been permanently banned from participating in r/TiktokCringeTime
you. me. gas station.
Yet even more gold from r/Confessions: My friends leather jacket [M 26]
Y’all fuckers better jerk it good.
You think you are a clever girl
You are a worthless piece of shit
You have been permanently banned from r/TheRightCantMeme
You fool.
You think I’m reaching?!?!
You know I’m straight up doing my mom.
You can’t claim to care about the environment if you shower every day
You ever had sex with an athletic girl?
YouTube Comment
Your mom
You don’t “love” seeing Americans beef
Yeah can I get
Your mom is based
you’re going to turn into a Goomba
Yiffing in hell
YouTube Apologies Be Like
you know, the massive cockeroon
You’ve been trolled
yeah i don’t know what this is either but im still posting it
Year 2041
you gonna have an aneurysm there buddy?
Your mother joke
You should quit.
you will never be a real discord mod
You all know where this is from
You selected ‘No’
You see amogus meme for the 236th times
yes I’m a female.
Yes I’m a female.
yes, I’m a female (from r/teenagers)
You mock, but that’s quite correct.
your mom is fat
Your comment is nothing without mine.
You lost the game.
You had one job, Cleveland..
You know the feeling
Your little big one🔥, bouncing on your belly like a fish out of water 😣, the delicious drop 😛 and your “FUCK” 😳, bare witness of your orgasm… a tormented one! 😱
You better delete this post right now
Your music is fucking garbage.
You wanna fight me?
You’re an incel
Y’all boring as hell and so predictable, play the game!
You got your Elons….
Your average Linux enthusiast
Your Mother
you know im gonna be drop dead serious with you
You’re Not Special
You wrote about murder??
You will never be a real treasure chest.
You browse r/okbuddyretard?????
You will never be a real activist.
YouTube comment
Your mother is so morbidly obese
you nasty neckass copypasta
You will NEVER cancel John Lennon
Your compliance is prolonging this nightmare
youtube algorithim 🥺😩
You must read all of this at all costs, with no TL;DR
You are not the first person to use my post history against me.
You’re all meaningless!
You say Minecraft is just a copy of Roblox
You wanna fight?
you lookin like a uuuh umm
Your mom
Yes, Antman will go inside of Kang’s asshole in Quantumania
Your Mom Joke
youve spent months harassing me, opening your little skype programs copypasta
You ain’t black
You know, I never have high hopes when I scroll through the YouTube comments section.
Ya know what? Fuck “space”.
You are one of the most worthless people to ever exist.
You’r words are meaningless
you like dick and balls??
You fucked up
Yo your pussy squirt?
you have been banned from the mickey mouse club for inappropriate behaviour
Your post has not been given the gold award
Yeah I’m sorry, I dont care if you like anime or not reader.
You can be reassured
You will never be a real fat person.
yt kids sux
Youtuber Self-employed
Yakuza : Today is A Diamond (Virgin Edition)
Youtube comment on MoistCritikal video
You are a swine
You think you’re some kind of artist!?!
youtube comment
You’re not funny
You see I’m no democrat
You could try not being fat
Yikes 😬
you haven’t lived it yet
You guys are really bad at social interactions lol (TIFU comment)
Yeah, it’s actually been a rough year for me.
Youtube Poop: Spingleblab gets a Horrible New Job opening
You Participated in r/NoNewNormal
You will never be a real Mustang
You’ve gone incognito
You cyber-bullied me in among us, I’m pressing charges
you will shit bricks
You clearly don’t understand socialism
You will never be a man
Youtube scam ad copypasta
You’ve been peter griffend
Yarn Fetish
You take my name!
You bastard
you have done it now young man
Yea thats cool and all,
You dare insult Darth Revan on r/Kotor?
You will never be a shrigma male.
You farted in Kroger yesterday – m4w – 31 (Midtown)
You will NOT use the word “genuinely”
YouTube comment responds to being r/whooosh-ed
You fucking fuck
Your average redditor
Your artwork of Asui Tsuyu (Tsu) from Boku no Hero Acadamia came across my feed yesterday and I found it to be excellent.
You are not poggers
you don’t inject Botox in your lips
You are a real woman.
You missed your shot in Tarkov
Your mother is a whore.
Yhorm the Giant feets
Yes, I would indeed say that we as a race are oppressed and chastised in modern society.
You’re not worthy of preserving a McCormick’s Extract bottle circa 1920.
Your mum jokes aren’t funny
You. Me. Gas station.
You are my anti-person
You will never be a real man. (pre-order now)
YOUR PHONE IS A SPOOK AND I DON’T GIVE A FUCK WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY AND YOU SHOULD FUCK OFF. People are ADDICTED to cell phones and they are the product. A Personal locator beacon is a superior technology for back country hiking.
Your odds of getting a girlfriend
you are now breathing manually.
Youtube comments are something else
You stupid fucks threatened to doxx someone? Is this a fucking joke?
Ya’ll are tripping.
You may not have thought Google Maps was looking a bit stale or a little faded, but the relevant folks holed up inside the company’s Mountain View campus in Silicon Valley clearly thought it was time to haul the mapping tool into the workshop for a makeover. The bright new look, unveiled on Wednesd
Your biological mother is so morbidly obese copypasta
You have not lived until you’ve done this
Your a total cuck
You will draw me a picture of Todoroki Shoto
Y the fuck am I single
you couldn’t even beat me in a debate, as a matter fact no one on this planet ever could.
You’re so gay
Youtube email
You’re not allowed to hunt animals anymore.
your being mean
YAASS QUEEEN SLAY!! (From r/FemaleDatingStratPros)
YBA’s Community manager on discord
You have until 20:00 Mountain time this evening. Hop to it.
You call yourself an intellectual?
You’re god damn right lawnmower tricks are sick.
You are just a random redditor who thinks he knows more about AI than Elon Musk
Your zoom profile picture
You idiot. Fuck you.
y the hell are moskweeto bites so itchy!!!!
You Are a Waifu Fan
You’re an incel.
Your kink is boring.
yakuza franchise summarized
You are all awful
You’ve Been Trolled
You’ve crossed the line bucko
youre bad
You are “objective” TikTok critics (from r/Cringetopia)
You fool
Your honor, my child is not “missing”.
You are a sinner with no conscience and no moral bottom line. Your greed will always be engraved on the pillar of shame. There is a Chinese saying that hates lasts longer than love. We may forget the characters we liked. But we may never forget the villains who destroyed the beauty with his hands.
You’ve been spotted as a girl online
Y’know what, I fucked your dad.
You know what would be really scary? Catboys.
Yiff Bezos revealed to be world’s wealthiest furry
you did not catch me in 4k
Yock and Hall Torture
You are in love with your best friend!
Yes sir You already know this is based on a true story ….The story of how I’ve shit my pants in real life….. Among us….. Yes Shit my pants
you will never be a real woman but it’s people playground
YouTube just sucks
Yes chef
You come to Kentucky for one thing
You’re sussy?
You Little Shit, No Really You Are
You believe in God, I believe in my Waifu
You need to be a well rounded male to get women.
You want the truth from a very high level intel source here you go folks:
You presumptious superlicious twit!
You Fuckin Weeaboo
Your joke like sucks
Yes I let my wife fuck other guys
You Need a Very High IQ to Understand MVM
You’re against Antifa?
Yknow the Earth is really fucking heavy
YOU ARE ALWAYS A FUCKING FAILURE (from lstanberg discord :trol: )
Y’know I think I’m gonna stop going on this subreddit.
Y’all are naked under your cloths (from r/teenagers)
You’re all actually fucking insane.
Yea, I can’t appreciate that meme
You’re the VIRGIN wojack and im the CHAD wojack
You reposted in the wrong dimmadome (Nostalgia)
You’ve been permanently banned from participating in r/Sino
Your waifu is trash
Yodeling is the most based form of singing.
you CAN change peoples minds!
You are a reprehensible, disgusting asshole.
Yes no
You really are pathetic
Yoda gets rejected from being hired as a taco bell employee because he is a registered sex offender
Yoshikage Kira just wants to live quietly
You have to keep reminding the heathens
You’re playing minecraft in a cave looking for diamonds
You are literally wasting your life posting frogs in your home
you didn’t pass the upvote test
You hate it when you fart but ten?
YouTube comments be like
you’ve been trolled (idk if this was poster before but I did it)
yes queen skinny legend versace boots the house down slay queen hunty mama and I oop daddy work charli xcx snatch my wig
you have been warned
You will never be a real BMW M3 GTR.
Your message could not be delivered.
You hit the paywall, you fucking idiot
You will never be a real Bugatti.
You’re not shadowbanned
Your honour, she was old enough to consent
You can practically hear this
You opinion is unjustified and I hate you.
You’re severely underestimating how fast I can make it to your mom’s house
you flex money i flex loyalty cause the ones i that talk about it the most don’t have it
YandreDev’s genocide.
YandreDev’s last stand.
You know what really grinds my gears, Twitter
You’ve seen Miku on stage, but what about your wrist?
You sound old as fuck haha
Your cock is not a glock 45
You need to leave.
You assumed wrong mortal!
Your dick is nothing like a Glock .45
Ye old seed trade
Yo dawg can I get some ice cream?
you prostitute
You stupid dumb farting face fart hole.
youtube dot com slash watch questionmark v equals Lrj2Hq7xqQ8
Yeah, torture motherfucker, what?
Yi Jian Mei
Yandere admirer kidnaps you
Ya’ll see the shoes, Ya’ll see the money
You lack self awareness, that’s the problem you have.
You think you’re funny kid?
you slumber, a cucumber
Yes, you incel, I AM a coprophile
Your acting kinda sus
you have been
You identify as an attack helicopter?
you got a call
Your mom shits on my dick
You just got combo’d
YouTube comment.
You’re Not An Introvert; You’re Just Mentally Deranged
YouTube comment on an nightcore cover of a Japanese military song (Battotai)
You were a sussy baka
You are a minor who knows nothing about the world.
Yes, your father sucked me off.
You are making me cry
YouTuber goes to Malaysia and tries to find yellow bananas. He is then humiliated by several fruit sellers.
Your Music Is Garbage
Your dick is small
Your music sucks.
You don’t understand Evangelion
You’ve been permanently banned from participating in r/Sino.
You can’t just be a lolicon and choose to stop
Your review is garbage
youtube comment
You, my liege, hath nailed it.
you’ve been acting sus this whole time
your lungs are mine
You’ve Touched Grass
You arent twerkin?
your mom
yeah no… im jacked im to good for you…..
You humour me.
Yes, I drive a 2020 Jeep Gladiator
you are a female gamer???
You Must Have A High IQ to Understand Evangelion.
Your Mother Joke!
You guys are missing out!
You were banned from three servers?
You’re right, France does always lose wars to England
You have missed pog day
You dare challenge me?
Youtube comment
You useless piece of shit
You litte F**ker
Yet another r/teenagers post
You have no idea about my education
Your now imposter and sus
You’re the VIRGIN wojack and im the CHAD wojack
yoooooo i had this nudes server in my copy paste
You’re the VIRGIN wojack and im the CHAD wojack
you’re now muted for ignorance, spam and i’m reporting you for harassment.
you give a poor man a fish
You little cocksucker
You dare defy me mortal?!
Your Aunt On Facebook Weighing In On Gun Control
YouTube is down again ;-; (gold from downdetector)
Your moronic comment caused me to transcend to a higher plane of existence.
Your Amogus Fate
Your mother is incredibly obese
you cannot hold an arguement.
Your not funny
You’re in her dms,
Youtube comment on a video with no relation to god
you know one of those where the shit has hit the water before your ass hits the seat?
you must can do better lmao??
You are the product
Yeet lol
you can post this on youtube videos with a different opinion than you!
You have been permanently banned
You dumb bitch.
youtube comment
You just ruined comedy
You must be fun at parties
You fucker
You are digitally dead, kiddo
You know when you breathe oxygen
yoshi seggs
Yes I am a virgin
You’re a punk ass loser if you constantly run away, from r/smashrage
You useless piece of shit
You hate to see it happen
You’ve been downvoted
You will never be a cremate
You don’t know 1 + 1 = 2
You must be watching CNN or MSNBC
You wouldn’t understand…
You shit of piece
You guys are bad as Hitler. Found on AFKarena
Yours is a bold claim that heavily relies on 1 assumption: Tiny Tim fights fair.
Youtube Isn’t Showing You Our Videos
yue ma..girl girl……lady?
you wanna know how i got these memes?
You useless piece of shit
You got: Woah! Huge Booty Ahead!
you sheep
You have a fair point, but…
Youtube Kids
Yeah, because I’m not a little bitch.
Ye wanna scrap ye i got 20k karma
You do not deserve to have ______.
You need a high IQ to understand Rick and Morty
Y’all ever just chilling in the rain?
You have been temporarily banned from participating in r/lem0ns
Ya know what really grinds my gears?
You are the retardest retard in the retarded history of retards.
You just got hacked by the Chinese government by reading this
you will get arrested because of this interesting fact
You got your wisdom teeth removed?
You are not the fanbase of this game (EU4)
Your quarrel with me is thoroughly impotent
You can get a balloon
You have been permanently banned from participating in r/Sino.
Your honor,
You guys are all idiots
You’ve been banned
you have been trolled
yo #jdmgang facebook group i think 2gayz best egine
yes this was actually sent to me
You’d better try to finish your unwitting rhetorical preaching of loyalty to the notions of the past formed for you by your daddy.
You’ve never fucked a car?
yellow gatorade
Your mother is like a pet to me
You are SUS?!!?!!?
You, Me, Gas station
You have been permanently banned from r/copypasta
You see son,
You should use chili powder as lube.
Your post has been removed
You have to have a very high IQ to understand Family Guy.
You guys ever wish that you could live inside a pair of old stinky motorcycle gloves?
You see…
You fucking knob
You’re most certainly an incel
You want to know what “fuck over” is?
You can hear them hunching
Youtube Songs
You’ve been banned
you don’t want to disagree with me kid
You a virgin? Am not
You mad?
Your comedy is absolutely funny
Your cum is the most delicious thing in the world.
YouTube isn’t a real job
YSK: Never, ever mention to an Austrian that Adolf Hitler was born in their country.
Yes, this is from an actual post.
Your humor isn’t randomly generated so stfu
Yo every single
Y Must Yu Do Tis To Me YuTube
YOUR Attainable “Shitboxes” COST BROKEN DOWN
ya mohamed (arabic)
You suck ass
YO 👌❤💋 SOME 😜👀😫 SPICY 🍆😈 CLICK HERE —- > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0 😫😫😫😝😜🍆🍆🥵🥵
yoυr proѕтaтe iѕ тнe ѕize oғ a leмon 🍋😱
You are not a real woman.
You’ve no idea, the things I’d do to get permanently trapped in that reality
You are scum
You are a two year old cumsock with a colony of fucking mushrooms coming out of it.
You’re going to have a lot of blood on your hands for telling people this shot is the mark when it isn’t
Yeah, I’m a Gamer
Yoshi’s eggs
Your crush sends you a message
You’re lucky I only have one account
You know it’s a pretty common mistake to accidentally fire a 9mm glock instead of a taser
You will never be Japanese
You. Me. Gas station.
You like jazz?
You probably think your opinions matter.
You’re only owning one pipi. Protection it please…
You seem like a douchebag.
You’re not a chef
yall i really need to vent right now
You’re not very smart, FACT
Yeah hey could you guys knock it off with the politics?
Your FNF OC is god awful
You mother fucking cock suckers i am going to kill your skanky ass you mother fuckers!
You guys are so focused on being “Not Americans” and everyone worships you because “Oh we’re just like the US but we dont have guns, expensive healthcare, and violent cops”
You complete me
Yeah I admit it, I don’t like Minecraft
You want to watch disney films?
You wouldn’t get it if you were in the bruhkistan discord server
You. Me. Gas station.
Youtube [Instrument] – Play [Instrument] with your computer keyboard!
You. Me. Gas Station.
You. Me.
youtube tags (part 1)
You’re Not Funny.
Yeah, dont talk shit pls
Yass queen, aries vibes
You. Me. Gas station
You know the worst part of having a higher IQ
you see
Your Anilist profile is garbage
Yikes. Ok, first off… (found on r/pixelcanvas)
You guys use lube?
You are not down bad
You, me, gas station 😎
You ever met a raccoon?
You all make me SICK!
You stole a comment didn’t you?
You useless shit
you shitposters >:(
Ye old wipe
Your honor what was I charged with again
Yukari fart porn
You dumb idiot.
You wanna Play a game?
Your just funny
You whiny, petulant, pathetic babies love to complain about Elon Musk, but I love the man.
YouTube TOS fantasy
You whiny, petulant, pathetic babies love to complain about Elon musk
Your iPoor
You like huey lewis and the news?
you just got roasted kid
Your tinder account sucks
Your comment has not been given the gold award
Youtubers be like
Your post has not been given the Gold Award
Young little 13 year olds
Yakuza Kiwami Yuki
Your government is lying to you in a way that could kill you!!!!
yur a fucker ass hole you son of a bitch poop ass
You’re a 14 year old white girl!?!?
Y’all remember the Gillette ad?
You have closed the Language bar.
You have to have a very high iq to understand disco elysium
You useless piece of shit
you like dick
You have been permanently banned from participating in r/amongus.
Yeah, I only snort candy cane. That’s why I’m so sweet 。◕‿◕。
you’re clearly not laughing, you just say u laughing to cover the fact that you’re salty but inside u r burnt, u are hurt cuz im smarter than you
Yo I got called a Pedophile
Yessir bro we in school
you never had to respond to my response? and it was obvious you were ether trolling or just plain stupid i guess trolling >.>
You are truly and sincerely missing out if you haven’t watched the cornucopia of delights that is women’s curling.
You short fat fuck
You’re wrong
you all shall pay the price
You pathetic weakling
You will never be a real Roman.
Your average nsfw reddit comment
You can copy posts on mobile
Your highschool crush will never remember you (found on r/niceguys)
You have met a Terrible, Terrible Demise
You isn’t top of bottom you’re a 13
You humour me greatly with your arrogance and contempt
Yea fuck you, you think you’re an edgelord but i
yesterday in class
your stuffed animals are cool i guess.
Yo mama
your life
you slumber, a cucumber
Youtube comment from holymoly2207
YandereDev’s Dilemma (OC)
Yo mama so fat…
You should really use Arch Linux
Your opinion…
You did not say “sodium chloride”
you only care about yourself
Y’all better wash your hands
you got games on yo phone?
You do realize,,
You fucking worm
You’re the stupidest creature on earth
Youtube boomer asked to provide timestamp for his reference of a scene in a 90 minute video.
Your average Facebook bio
you know how I am about my boy
You’re a huge fucking bag of shit. You’re totally fake. Every single thing about you is a lie, yet you keep coming back like the problem was the subjects you picked. Nietzsche was a real genius and still had to pay to fuck women. You’re a fraud and will never be anything but a crazy bum roaming arou
You Zelda playing little bastard. Good work kid
Your opinion… i wrote this myself
Yeah, I’m a FURRY
Youtube comments in 2021
Yung Bae shitpost by DooceBigalo
You’ve been banned
Your all just mean girls
Yes, the economy is bad. That doesn’t mean you have to be a free prostitute.
yeah, but can you take a proper, physiotherapeutic shit every morning?
You fucking weaboo
you know what? fuck you
You have been banned but it’s rick Rolls
You’ve been banned but it’s filthy frank
you fucking fake trolls.
Your submission has been given the Helpful Award!
Youtube Search Engine Optimization
youtube janitor enlightens us on what order to play video games
Your rickroll sucked (Credits: Sarthak Wadhwa)
you need to do this
You have been permabanned from r/sonichentai
You have been permanently banned from participating in r/Reddit.
Your ancient tribe is calling you, and they await you with open arms.
You’re a human
your mom
You have been banned Pedophile hater
Yes red sus
Yo momma
You suck
You will never be a real woman.
You are fucked buddy. I am tracking your friends too
Yankee Doodle
You have been banned from r/Sounding
yeah yeah yeah this is probably really rude and mean sorry
Yeah I’m a virgin
You know that post. Heres the reverse to paste back
You have been temporarily banned from posting to the BBS
Youtube comments be like:
youtube comment
You people have ruined me
Yet another 19 dollar Fortnite Gift Card pasta, except…
yandere dev
Yo! Get the fuck outta my way!
Your lack of reading comprehension is clear here
You think your better than me in minecraft?
Yoda Eats Croissant ASMR
You suck for not ramming!!! 😡😡😡
you need to see a therapist 👁️👄👁️
Yes Eminem
Your mother
Your experience will almost certainly be better than mine.
Your funny comment saved my life
You Are Beautiful
You will never be a real impostor.
You Ain’t Keto!
You know why I wear a HELMET Gavin?
yo mama
Your comment has not been given the gold award because fuck you
Yo stop talkin shit about the navy
You Lil Rodney’s son?
yo mama so fat she burger
Your post has not been given the gold award
Your ordinary copypasta post nothing to see here
Your a kingdom hearts fan? Name every keyblade then
Your post
Your comment
Your comment has not been given the gold award
yeah sure whatever. dont care.
You know the rules
You must read all of this at all costs, with no TL;DR.
You know something? I really hate people.
Younger Siblings (specifically brothers)
Yeah, I’m a Republican
You post has been removed
You aren’t well, Jeremy
Youtube meme compilation tags and keywords description
You’ve been banned, but it’s Wendy williams burping and farting
Yandere Simulator
YO YO YO listen up to my new rap!
Yoshimpostor Amogus
You’re ugly
You are my queen 😍
You become sussy
You didn’t recognize a copypasta??
You fool
You’re so funny
You wrote that yourself? wow congrats dude, really. (AI generated)
you’re NOT a gamer put through google translate many times
YandereDev’s I Used to Roll the Dice (Lyrics)
You will never be a real millionaire (WSB copypasta)
You fucking reposter
You’ve been permanently banned from participating in r/Sino.
Y’all. You literally can’t be racist against whyte people.
You are absolutely right
You, Me, Gas Station, but its fortnite
Yoshipostor (found on r/shitpostcrusaders)
You are right, Nobody asked, However…
You will never be a woman.
Yummy cummy carbonara dish!
You’re sneaking around an abandoned school.
You type like a twitter thot
You called my joke unfunny.
Young Gooby Copy pasta
YouTube e comments be like:::
You want to go to heaven, but DOOR STUCK
You’ve been warned
yes bullying 😎😎😎
You’re really gonna regret when you entitled shitstains push the other side of this country off the fucking edge
Youtube Help!!!!
Your mom is a pig.
Yuo kant sae that to fifteen year olds!
Your Dead, Lib
You idiot
You’re wrong. Here’s why.
You fat bald bastard.
You have anxiety
You stupid idiots.
yo momma so fat
You guys don’t get that gamergate was the biggest scandal of our generation
You’d have to be a moron not to listen to Seven Crowder.
Youtube comment posted on “The Caretaker – Everywhere at the End of Time” full album, which is supposed to represent the different stages of dementia.
You are being sus
You need to stop focusing on things out of your control bro
you have a small dick and its your fault
You will never be a woman in many languages
You will never truly a woman
You’re a spoiled brat
You know, sometimes people ask me why I chose to get Huckleberry Hound plastic surgery and I can’t really give them an answer.
you can’t cancel slim shady
Your heart can not be in knots
Yes, I agree. You are entitled to your own opinion, but not on reddit.
You will never be a real nigga.
Youtube Comments
You spoiled little bitch
Yeah, downvote me
You absolute anchovy appetizer
You’re dead.
Your husband is a pumpkin spice drinking simp (courtesy of Twitter)
You missed two very important issues
You think anime is for kids?
Yeah, closed-mindedness will do that to you.
You’re wrong
YouTube comment section
Yoshikage Kira.
Yikes, this is a lot to break down!
Yep, this is me for sure.
You know Steve Spiros. He is easy going. Remember?
You raped my dog
Yep, I’m a problem solver
You dipshit Rush Limbaugh cuck
yes i play dnd
You are Bastiat. You suck his dick.
You are not a cat
You are a nasty, disgusting, heinous FATBODY!!
You won Jane.
You stupid fuck
You don’t know me
Your content
You don’t know me, but highly advise you to read this thoroughly and in its entirety.
Yes, I am a PCM user
You should try it.
Your going to love this trust me
You say this with so much confidence like you’ve seen daft punk fuck firsthand
Young Thug and Future are the same person
You know I had to do it to em
YandereDev is rude to his fans, and refuses to apologize!
You want to speedrun one piece huh?
You know there’s an edit button, right?
You have 22 minutes before the solar system is destroyed…
you kinda ruined frozen for me
You people are waaaaay too obsessed with femboys, like you need to calm tf down
Yo Can we please ban this dude already
Yo Can we please ban this dude already
You fool, you total ingrate, you absolute buffoon, you complete and utter troglodyte, hear this.
Youtube comment
You have been permanently banned from participating in r/amongus.
you have been banned from r/hentai
You assholes know nothing.
Yeah, of course it’s a repost.
y’all ever think about the meaning of life?
You have been banned
Your Logic is Flawed
You ever suck dick for coke Stacy?
You‘re a leftist
Yumiko rant from brawlhalla
You will never be a real woman.
YouTube comment on a PS2 start up sound video from a neck beard.
You just disrespected a future US Army soldier
You call this a cocktail bar?!
You have been banned
Your post has been removed
Yo wtf is up with imaginary numbers
You pussies seem confused…(from MMA forum)
You missed…
Yo dudes, the empire is pretty chill. Maybe you could join it or something.
You’re wrong.
you already know who it is
Your fucking soul
You are Literally Free
You will never be a real cryptocurrency
Yes, I am RACIST
Yee-yee ass haircut but smart words
you when your girl
yes, i do
YOU TAKE SOME meme copypasta
You ever suck dick for coke, Stacy?
You were trying to cross the border
youtube comment I found on an Overwatch video
You no funny me no hehe
You egg!
You don’t like the weather?
You have to have a very high IQ to understand Pokémon
You play as a pedophile in FNAF 2 theory (From twitter)
Yes daddy Q
you will never be happy, and you will never be with a woman
You’re just lying there
You want a Hippopotamus for Christmas?
Yee yee ass hairdo
youtube comment
You have no idea what will happen here
Yee yee ass haircut translated to japanese>english>portuguese>>russian>chinese>english
You have to eat all the eggs.
You can NOT use the double gulp cup for the fucking slurpee
You think i’ma give up? Fuck that shit…Nah we fighting
Yalll mind if i praise the lord
Yo mama so fat
Year of the Cow
You useless piece of shit
You Cannot Understand the Intricate, Delicate Post-Tonal Meanderings of Arnold Schoenberg
yummy yummy in my tummy
you just got R/WOOOOOSHED 😂😂😂
you smell like you farted
Your money or your life
You see Stark…
You are bitchmade for sure. The fact you don’t even know what it is proves my point
Yeah you know. He met his girl at one of those events. It was a cool like ad campaign about like Nathans in the south say they lives matter. But then they pull out that full sugar Pepsi and it’s real.
You, me, gas station.
yea making fun of the united states is so funny, so funny i forgot to laugh.
yep i’m a weird special little online gurl
You have no idea how lewd I want to be with your entire body
You have to understand
You’ve been permanently banned from participating in r/Sino
your mom
Year of The Cow
Your average rule 34 copypasta
You’re Not ShadowBanned
You have been permanently banned from participating in r/Sino. You can still view and subscribe to r/Sino, but you won’t be able to post or comment.
YouTube comment
You’ve been permanently banned from participating in r/Sino
you are a genuine piece of shit for thinking that it’s cool to wear military garb outside
You are so stupid
Yakko’s world but with a slight improvment
Yee Yee ass haircut translated through Latin and back
Yee Yee ass haircut translated through Latin and back
You smell like you farted
You want my address pussy ass bitch.
You have not yet felt the true power of the cucumber inside you, then!
You useless piece of shit
you talk a lot..
You’ve been permanently banned from participating in r/Sino
You can’t hang everything on identity
You think I give two ####s what a socialist or communist is going to say.
You were banned from NMeade Territory
You are not the host
You people make me sick.
Yee yee ass haircut in other languages (and Ben Shapiro version)
You need a very high IQ to understand The Good Place
Yee Yee ass haircut translated through Latin and back
You still think about her, don’t you?
You collect the $19 fortnite card.
Yee-yee ass haircut translated to chinese and then back to english (I got this idea from a recent top post)
Yee Yee ass haircut Translated from Albanian to Japanese to French to Spainesh to Hawaiian to French to English
You can’t believe what happened.
You have been permanently banned from participating in r/Sino.
You’re legit the only one complaining
You Ain’t The Flash
yee-yee haircut but Lamar is a Warhammer Ork
yee-yee ass haircut translated through every language and back
you guys are so mean1!!11!1
yee-yee translated from 30+ languages back to english
yee-yee translated from 30+ languages back to english
Yes i made it myself
You look like dababy
YandereDev Breakdown on BoTW Stream
yall think its funny to just fuck with me just because im damn 15 with musical twist
youtube comment about saiyans being bi 😩
Yo Mama
You dumbos.
yee yee ass haircut translated through random languages on google translate 43 times
You just ate the school food
You dare appose me?
youtube comment I found on a “yee yee ass haircut” video
You fool
You Just Got r/WOOOOOOSHED!!!
Yee yee ass haircut translated from russian to igbo to icelandic and back
You Useless piece of shit.
YouTube comment on family guy clip
youtube tag hack
Yee yee ass haricut translated to latin then chinese then japanese then russian then back to english
Yo man! (Funny Joke)
Yee-yee ass haircut translated to japanese and then back to english
YouTube is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.
you have just been trolled 😭😂😊😊😘🤔😁😉😴😅😭😏😏😭😭😢☺️🙄😔😔
Yoda needs ketamine
You better be black
you think you know
You know what would be scary?
Your Favorite Martian
You Kids had It Easy
Yesterday i found out i have a deadly disase
You’ll never believe this.
You have failed the vibe check
YouTube comments
you have 5 bananas
You have to have a high iq to understand the very hungry caterpillar
Youtube Community posts are broken
Yeah sorry I have a killer Instinct for stuff like that.
You know what would be really scary?
You win, sissy hypno
You attract what you fear
yum patsta recipie
You’re SO fucking worth it.
You may know the JoJo reference copypasta, but I found an elongated version of it
Youtube Popular Terms to comment on community posts (The Spiffing Brit’s Community Post Exploit)
You are all weak
You’re not cute. You’re not funny. Stop.
Your New Boyfriend’s A Bed
You know what he even did?
You can’t fuck a Gardevoir
You Don’t Deserve Teeth (a message I got)
You look like Dababy ‼️
Yeah, that’s right.
You are vile, worthless, less than nothing. You are a weed, a fungus, and the dregs of this earth.
You’re wrong
yandere dev mental breakdown
YFM’s Last Word’s
You can go ahead and ban me now
Your poor intellect has bested you
You are everything wrong with this world.
You faggots at Machinima Realm can go suck a fucking cock.
Yoshikage Kira
yee yee ass haircut but extremely verbose
ybn nahmir is gay
You should charge your phone
Yikes (from r/teenagers)
You’re an alpha male, are you?
Yaketi Yak
You have been blocked and downvoted.
your body is broken
you’re mom gay
YT comment on Garfield Kart gameplay
You have no clue what it’s like to have a dick like I have
You should have to post your physique to be on the internet.
Yee yee ass haircut but Doom Guy talking to Master Chief
Yee Yee haircut (PG rated)
Your laptop has Minerals. Listen more and talk less.
you are like the female version of 2PAC, an idol <3
Yeah, I play League.
You’re going to remember this. (From Youtube Comment section)
your stupid opinion vs my amazing opinion
Y.A.N.S.S.C. (Yet another navy seal soldier copypasta)
you are a low shit
YOU are to blame. Yes YOU (crazy rant)
Younger than you
Yee Yee Ass haircut definition
Yo can I ask you somethin
younger than you, more mature than you.
Yee Yee Haircut
Yee Yee Ass Haircut
You’re concerned?
You’re concerned? I’M CONCERNED.
yeet the nuke
You are swine
you’r a lil bitch boy aren’t you?
You are unfunny
youtube comments section
Yanderedev gets angry
yee yee ass haircut
Yee yee ass haircut but Canadian
You know what’s fucked up? Waifus
You’re gonna plow me in a game that uses rocket bikes
Yeah I bet your waifu is shit
You know what’s fucked up? Waifus (as from r/unpopularopinion)
Yoshikage Kira’s Copypasta (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)
Your opinion is wrong
yee yee ass haircut in portuguese
You motherfucker Jack I’ll see you in hell
Ynow what I’m gonna say it. r/ape is corrupt. Yes I said the f word once maybe twice maybe more, but who really controls this tyrannical sub. It’s not full of monkeys like it’s supposed to be. This is supposed to be a place for primitive humans to come together but it’s the big brained mods controll
You may be onto something here. Memes used to be simple. Relatable. Worth a chuckle.
your lifts are no match to this baby
Yesterday i had no milk spilt on my bed but today i will!
You sure you want to try to talk shit
You’re a liberal cunt
yo peeps!
Yee Yee: Origins
You’re formally invited to my animal crossing birthday
you guys remember that among us copypasta? I’m preemptively making a friday night funkin’ version.
you did not had to mess with my waifu.
Your Harvard Admissions Decision Letter
Yee Yee Ass Haircut buts it played on Gameboy
Yo have you ever thought about what it would be like if vaginas had tractor beams?
YouTube comment starter-pack
You know, I used to like coming on Reddit to discuss things until people like you completely ruined it for me.
Yee yee ass haircut but in white
Yo, 15 year old zoomers be like:
You sheep, privacy is just an illusion, not real
Yo, 15 year old zoomers be like:
You fucking failure
YouTube comments be like
Yanderedev’s toast
You utterly disgraceful little cretin.
Yes I did make this myself, and yes there is something mentally wrong with me me
You’re Dumb, Rick and Morty Smart
Yes, I sent you a reaction GIF
You Have Been Automatically Subscribed
Yoshikage Kira Introduction, but it’s a Discord Mod
you’re so free, dogwater, dogshit player, walking fifty pot
You’re a waste of oxygen on earth
YouTube and barbecue chips
You have no earnings
You will never be a real woman
Yeah but can he beat Madara Uchiha?
You may live in the society
You haven’t logged into your account in 4 weeks
You need a high IQ to understand Belle Delphine’s Christmas porn
yee-yee ass gamer
You have been banned from reddit
Yes i live in my mothers house.
You are so brave to have posted this.
You’re living in the matrix
You know my definition of a fragile male?
yee yee ass haircut – an entire dialogue
You are a demon
YouTube comment on a Legend of Korra video, found by u/DiggetyDangADang
You smell like you farted
Your Cum Won’t Last
Your cock hasn’t been sucked
You’re a poser metal fan
You, Me, Gas Station!
You fucking posers
Your useless
Yoshikage Kira Copypasta
Your post did not include sex
Your not funny
You are a digusting subhuman
You know, YOU are what’s wrong with society.
Your personal CumBucket
Yoda Seal
You took two years to confess to your best female friend that you like her???
Your Mom Review
Yes Chad Nordic Gamer AA
you wake up.
You act like 5yr old,classic example of psychology
You just don’t know film/writing
You see lads, by only jacking my cock
Yakuza is so fucking trash lol
Yee yee ass haircut but badly translated to Polish
Young Republican – TRUMP RULEZ 🔥
You’ll feel my big, pinky-nose boobs [nsfw]
You gamers are always so VOLATILE
yeet me daddy
You’ve been permanently banned from participating in r/Sino:
you fool. you absolute buffoon.
You keep on staring at my badonkadonk
Youw awe a wittle swut.
You don’t stand a chance
you better watch out
Yoshikage Kira is a fucking disapointment to his family.
You have posted cringe.
You are not very bright, are you?
You have no power over me
You have not achieved comedy status.
You stupid
Year is 2021
You won’t guild this.
You’ve paid a $2500+ ticket for an “authentic” Ayahuascan experience led by local “shamans.”
Yet another navy seal
YandereDev Ban Copypasta
Your Average Stalker.
You’re Fired but Every Other Vowel is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
You say “I’m baby” but you’re not.
Your predisposition toward me has successfully painted me into an inescapable corner.
YouTube comment
Youtube comment on a video about coronavirus
Your cum won’t last
You can call someone hot and not necessarily find them attractive.
You cannot use the double gulp cup for the fucking Slurpee
You are on a desert island with Emily Ratajkowski and Scarlett Johansson, the only three who survived a shipwreck. What do you do?
You lost your privileges. ( ´・ω・)っ✂╰⋃╯
You obviously have NOT done your research
you still think about her, don’t you?
You know im involved with black magic?
Your mortal mind is not strong enough for the truth.
You call these things “chips”?
You know what?
Youtube? More like OURtube, am I right?😂😂
Your cum won’t last
You came into the conversation being a little bitch and I gave you an out, but you just doubled down.
You’re wrong. Here’s why.
You just called me stupid online? Well kiddo you should know…
You play as a pedophile in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2
You kinda got ME a bit pissed 😒
You got guts to talk like that to a man of God.
you a dumbass
YandereDev, AKA Alex Mahan on the LA Video Game Babes website
you will die
You gotta be shitting me, Borkleberry
You’re so hot
Yes now
Yes, I hyperlinked a subreddit
You really should not open this topic.
You’ve been living in a dream world
You are fucking gay and a furry.
Your mother jerks off pigs
You don’t know shit about fleshlights
Yes I was asking for feet pics in DMs
your reddit lawyer
Yeah, good luck with your prebuilt, retard.
You know how to make money
You’re fat
Yandere dev
Yo mama so dumb She thought Minecraft was real life. SAY WHAT? Brody put this you’re next video i have stage three cancar
Yeezus is an album about Kanye bussing a nut (From r/Kanye)
You can not leave r/twinks
Yoooo oooooo my raep 😎😎😎
You’re really cringe and I hate you
you are the worst human being
Your New Boyfriend copied word for word with proper bracketing or whatever
You aren’t a true gamer you’re a CoDer.
you’re thick
Your asshole is CONSTANTLY leaking ass juice.
Your mustaches are wet, my furry
You don’t jack off to a personality or mentality
Yeah I’m a guy. Yeah I have long nails.
You don’t know me motherfucker
You swine…
Y’all are fucking losers
You can’t one up me
You cannot live of off [NSFW].
Your comment is demeaning
You think we should have cops? You’re so helpless.
You don’t discuss ancient militar strategies with your hommies? Are you even male? (comment on r/politicalcompassmemes)
You will never be high elo
You humour me greatly with your arrogance and contempt.
You win. (copy from r/MovieMistakes
Yemen is my favorite country
You know what else is hilarious and funny? Your karma.
you are fucked in the head
You know the rules…
You corrected my grammar?
You should move to the USA
You could never survive in the console world.
Yeah, I do creative writing.
You got that sexy nerdy RAWr vibe (A DM I got from a guy on Okcupid)
You have an anime profile picture? Why am I not surprised?
You can’t even get Ivermectin in the UK
You’ve been downvoted.
yandev dates samus
youtube moment
You are bad
Your sexy time with Shrek, donkey, and a cat girl
You want to f**k my wife?
Your Opinion is Wrong!
you are fucking awesome
Yo dudes!! I’m a young Republican rapper. Check out my newest song 😎😎I promise I’m not racist too btw
You know what would be really scary?
You dont eat the crust?
Youtube Comments 🤬😡🤬😡
You think you can just come into AMERICA and CHANGE things?
Yes Master.
Yikes sweaty
yandere dev sent me this and i thought it was funny
yoshikage kiwa
Yandere Dev Amai Cum
You closed your PowerPoint Presentation by accident
You rolled a Nat 1 on a piss dex check
You couldn’t make this up!! I still need to fact check this but seems plausible
You’re a failure, John.
You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch but it’s cursed as fuck
Yummy Cummy Tostitos Scoop
youtube thing i found to counter “traps are gay”, but i edited it to be of better use
You’re NOT a gamer
Youtube 🤡
you like a character
You idiot
You disgusting worms
You are watching your favorite comedy talk show.
You swine. You vulgar little maggot. You worthless bag of filth.
Your anime character is strong, but can he beat…
Yall know JustDestiny?
You can brazenly poke as much fun as you want at the “conspiracies”, but the world is consistently showing itself to be EXACTLY the bizarro simulation we have all suspected it to be.
You disgusting worms, I can read in TWELVE DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. I have a MA in English and a doctorate in Education…
You know why soy milk gives men breasts?
You don’t have to agree with Philippines House of Representatives.
You’re fucking dead, kiddo.
You big fat white nasty smelling fat bitch why you took me off the motherfuckin schedule with your trifflin dirty white racist ass you big fat bitch oompa loompa body ass bitch
Youre finally awake but if ralof was a loli
you know what i hate? fruits.
Your not poggers
You are an example of what happens to dysgenic freaks
You obviously CAN’T survive in PC Gaming…
Yes defend the poor
Yeah, I piss my pants.
you muffinhead
You may use my fanfic as copypasta as it’s unusually long.
You have been bonked
You’re an argumentative person, and I am not the person you want to argue with.
Yo guys I’m honey below is my Snap [repost from r/teenagers]
You don’t find my joke funny?
You upvoted your own post? Really?
You’re cute, a letter.
You racist white girls
Yeah I’m a Karma whore
Your Mum
Yellow sus
You’re an idiot
You are in class. You are eating your breakfast.
You looking kinda cute ngl 😳🥵
You want to say gobble gobble?
your iq is low
You have been banned from participating in r/copypasta.
You said the letter ‘K’ instead of ‘Okay’?
your mom lol
You fucking idiot.
Your virginity is used to grow the size of the dick.
You guys have a terrible taste in porn
youtube comment
yewchewb comment
You guys have terrible taste in porn.
Yoshikage Kira in Finnish
Your behavior is briefly being monitored under the Monitoring Program. To opt–out please contact Gerard B. (Bloxiphant) via e-mail or Roblox messages.
You know what really pisses me off about Radiohead?
Yeah, did you guys not start base jumping at 7 years old?
yee yee ass haircut
Your government mandated femboy conversion will begin exactly 72 hours from now.
Yummy censorship, I like it. How do you guys feel about African countries using hydroxychloroquine and having low death rates?
your mom
Yes dude my penis is MASSIVE
Your entire argument is logically invalid
you might think he’s just a meme but he’s not. he is my god.
You utter deceived fool.
You watch anime???
yoshikage kira copypasta (dub version)
You forgot to put a /s.
Yikes, sweaty.
y’all soft
Your mom is gay
youtube comment found on a WoW pvp clip
You disgust me and you disgust my queen
Your mustaches are wet, my furry
Yes officer, this one right here
Youtube rant found on r/youngpeopleyoutube
Y’all Ever Try Fapping While Listening To Kanye?
you missed out on teenage love mate
You bouta hear the sickest verse! Yuh yo
You will never be a real country
You wanna make every game interesting?
YouTube comment ;-;
You will shit your pants, guys!
You didn’t say anything
Yea, my source is me. IT’S CALLED AN OPINION!
Your argument it shit
Your Worst Nightmare
you just stepped in dog shit
You absolute disgrace.
You know that song WAP?
Yoshikage Kira but translated through a lot of languages
Youtube Comment
your post has not been given the gold award (and other variations)
Yes officer, this one right here
You went to Fortnite Jail??? Cringe??? Really???
You have been permanently banned from participating in r/neoliberal
You piece of shit
You 🤡 can’t ✖️ use 👐 emojis 😟😟😟 you 😵 normie 😶
you are sacrificing your future to your dick
You used the wrong form of “THERE”!!!!!
yOu aFraId?
Ye ye ye
You think you can hurt me?
You think you gay mog me?
Yee yee ass haircut but verbose
You trolls need to shut the fuck up
you. me. gas station. what’re we getting for dinner? sushi of course.
You dare to come back?
You’re much more than just a piece of meat to be paraded on a subreddit such as this and get ridiculed
You can never do better than me
Yet another found on Quora
Your latest purchases will not be processed due to suspicious activities.
You literally think that you are Sonic the Hedgehog.
you eat a burger whilst greta Thunberg talks to you about climate change
You messed up Sony…
Ya dun goofed up
You would be required to, to make daddy cum. Is that understood?
youtube.com is down
Yes baby, I do each and every single way.
yuh I bought this bit ass carrrr
Y’all never saw MGK play Warped Tour, and it shows.
Your cum won’t last.
You will never be a real woman.
Yo momma’s paradise
Y’all ever tried fapping 💦💦💦 while listening to Kanye👨🏿‍🦲🇺🇸?
yummy 2
Yeah, I’ve read your post history —
Yes, I collect teeth.
yummy political discourse
Your post has not been given the gold award
YTA for Drawing a Dick on my Car 😡😡😡😠😠
Yoda jar jar fanfiction
you’re a proud slut of our democracy
You ain’t nut all month?
You have been temporarily muted
Your mother and I are incredibly verbose
your money got tooken
you get arrested for going to y_ndex dot com. trust me, it happened to my dad.
y_ndex dot com
Your campaign is dead, kiddo.
Yes this is a real email
You can’t just put Mc in front of everything
You’re Welcome
Yes, that is ritght
You want my help?
You’ll never guess what this was replying to
Your reply is a logical fail.
youtube commenters be like
Yeah, thats right. This IS oc
You have to have a very high IQ to understand Symphogear
Yeh man
Your Reality
YoU cAlLED AniME a caRtoOn
You want to stereotype me? Get mentally scarred and be exposed as a douche
Yes you are the narcissist
You Monkeys Are Stealing My Jokes Before I Can Post Them
youtube comments be like:
Yahoo bought Tumblr
You ever think about how terrifyingly large a teraliter of milk would be?
Yo Mama Speech
Yeah, I’m just being an ass now, but you earned it.
Your Kenna?
Yo my Slime
YouTube comment reply
Youtube Comments
Y’all Quaedazuela
Your a girl I complained to for going live too much on Instagram
Yandere Dev PLEASE READ!!
You Like Cats? Name every cat!
Youtube Statistics
You wanna play
You supercilious little loser
Your mother.
Yoshi’s Tax Adventures
You accidentally type “lmao” in a group chat with your mom:
You like Running with Scissors?
You people make me sick.
Yeah I faked it
yall stupid as fuck lycans saying hes got a tiny asshole 😂😂 horny fuckin losers nobodys ever gonna fuck u
yarr….a pirate, and a girl?
You like the Beatles?
you want an explanation teach?
You’re fucking dead, kid.
You misunderstand me
You call this a meme?
You clearly haven’t even played Dota 2
You have: 1 new message
Yes. Im gentle with my butthole
You broke your own rules!
Yellow face men
yes, you fucking moron, i like you.
you’ve been told? SO, you post your ass on a site?
You can’t parse [X]HTML with regex
You can draw a cartoon
Yet another instagram bio
You wanna know how I really feel about Dolphins?
You’re dead, kiddo
You can just quote someone’s stupid comment just after this to mock them
You useless piece of shit
You’re stupid.
Yes. I forgot. Chicks are a great example of how warm a woman’s muscles are.
YouTube comments master race
You are the worst thing to exist
You useless piece of shit
You useless piece of shit.
You should watch jojo’s bizarre adventure
Youtube self advertising
You should all be ashamed I’m calling your parents!
Yeah yeah that’s ok cool I just don’t have a lot to say about that I just thought it was ok cool
You’re one of those cancer Gen Z huh?
YW Shrimps
You think that’s sad? I don’t have a girlfriend.
You think cum is funny?
You Stupid Millennials
You want me to read the bible, Reddit-Book-Bot?
You Don’t like OnlyFans?
You blocked me?
Youtube comment template
yandere dev lol
YandereDev’s message over a picture of his face
You’re not funny, kid.
Yiff Advertisment
Yeah I’m a cunt
You’re gay
Yodeling Pickle
You’re clearly an ISFP not an INTP
Your trail dog sucks.
You’re on the level of a petulant child
you got downvoted
you bettew wun uwu
You have been permanently banned from participating in r/fart:
Yandev must go
You have no idea how much I want to
You know what? Fuck it. here’s 101 words for penis:
Your sin is unforgivable.
Your average furry youtuber
You fuckers need to “review” my account info on the device I have used Gmail on for years now.
Your university / college be like:
Yer a wizard Harry.
You know, I would read your comment, but you’re on r/WhitePeopleTwitter
You are Garth, a noble living king of Larion (NSFW)
Your purpose, empath or not, is NOT TO BE ANYTHING FOR ANYONE
You absolute imbecile.
Yes Formula 1 Drivers are some of the most-skilled people on the planet, my contention is that this naturally becomes the first induction of the technology into the private sector with driver interfacing & we’ll see the physical brain plugged into these cars of the future
Your not gonna sell me that he is this good person/saint to foreign national diplomats!
You are literally one of the most disgusting motherfuckers I have ever seen lmao.
ybc opening
Yall literally delusional stans i swear to God I studied kanye more than probably anyone here in music & yall even hype his garbage work
You live in Alabama and you see your brother.
Your brain is active for about 7 minutes after you die.
Your ready to watch your favorite dank meme comp on YouTube but suddenly.
Yes.. I’m GAY
You’re a simpy ass bitch who no one likes
Your dick is going to look old as fuck. Grey pubes, wrinkles on your nuts so deep you can hide a coin in there, and your balls are going to SAG.
You found some person who claims to be a lefty scientist to support your criminal thinking
You don’t do this?
You might even nick my arm😏
You don’t get what TENET means.
You think that was a good catch?
Yakuza – 24 Hour Cinderella full lyrics
You have been downvoted
You have been temporarily banned from participating in r/shitpostcrusaders
You’re ‘cackling’ from this?
You fool
You think this is funny
Your post has been rated non chungus compliant
Your candidate is full of his own scandals and controversy and hypocrisy
You’re cackling from this?
You’re ‘cackling’ from this?
You’re ‘cackling’ from this?
You have been downvoted
Yo Gabba Gabba fuk boi
Yes. Storytelling. [Dark Souls fan rant]
you aren’t funny
yon dinuledo t thondy I wn’teroot the you downvoted real I be yountion.
yoda x Jabba
YES, I am a redditor.
Young Thug is the greatest musician alive.
you set my soul on fire
Your Cum Won’t Last
You know what?
you a hildi
You just got -repped!!!
You dick
You failed abortion
You know what really grinds my gears?
Your. Ideals. Are. Worthless.
YandereDev Killed The Radio Star
You are so immature!
You Don’t Know Jack 2011 Episode 47 Jack Attack Intro
Y u no sex me!
You useless piece of shit. You absolute waste of space and air. You uneducated, ignorant, idiotic dumb swine, you’re an absolute embarrassment to humanity and all life as a whole. The magnitude of your failure just now is so indescribably massive that one hundred years into the future your name will
You have been wooshed…
Yo do you guys see that?
Yosuke Hanamura from Persona 4 explains ‘poggers’
Yesterday I watched Joker and found a masterpiece
Yandere dev used to rule the world
Your son had an “accident” in my class…
You’re so fucking stupid it hurts
You buffoon. You absolute moron. How could you mess up something so simple? Was it for attention? Was is simply because your a dimwit that doesn’t know right from wrong? In either case, you are a sad excuse of a human being. I am superior to you without even trying. I hope your mother cries herself
You fool.
your mom
You wouldn’t win in a fight with me I’m 6’2 and bRoAd iN tHe ShOuLdEr
Yanime bad. Real lyf good.
you are so so stupid
Your post is so bad you have been permanently banned
You might like my reasoning for my bar soap preference as I think it works much better with getting into every nook and cranny of my body.
You might like my reasoning for my bar soap preference
Yander dev annoucment from discord faq but its nsfw
you need some vitamin D
You’re so lucky
You think you’re cool?
You ever pooped your pants?
You want my gun?
You won’t believe this new product!
Y-Yes, i indded am a jojo fan how did you kno-
You use emojis?
Y’all have ever been in a situation where you have a online girlfriend that you’ve never seen, but like a irl girl better?
You forgot a period at the end of your sentence.
Y’know, I bought this game for the same reason everyone else did.
Yeezys are still the dumbest fucking shoes I’ve ever seen.
you make me fantasize 🤪
You’re wrong. Here’s why. (The Onion)
You know what? I’m just going to say it. This subreddit fucking sucks.
Your cum won’t last
You didn’t lose marks; You failed to earn them.
Yup, wow. Fucking knew it wouldn’t be long before some one got smart and decided to write about racism in a game.
Your comment was problematic.
Ya got that, Jim Jam?
You heard me little bitch, you were a Navy seal?
yeah i use those mint square things except i cut them in circles and put them in my friends contacts
You absolutely have a beautiful cock. O love the way your hood covers it and the outline of your cock head ridge under your hood. Personal preference but wish you didn’t cut your bush. that is all that would make it even better. You have a stunning dick
You’ve been Johnny Tested. Like and share to Johnny Test your friend
You’ve been permanently banned from participating in r/FortNiteBR
you like r6?
you’re a pee pee poop
You just can’t scroll down without liking this picture.
You’re one of those liberal cucks aren’t you?
Yes I was in the chess club.
You d-don’t like revealing clothes 😳
Young Leonardo DiCaprio
You need 150+ iq to listen to Wish You Were Here
You insulted me first you fucking hypocrite
your fake af
You are all fools
you missed miss (it’s not mine, cola3314)
You have been hacked
You think you can blackmail me?
yo mama
yo wassup champ poggers [OC]
Youtube Copyright
Yes, I Am Part of the Countryhumans Fandom
Yes, I ride a bike.
You called me a virgin?
You are all ignorant pieces of shit
You gave her herpes. Shes never going to forget you.
you know
Yesandno yes andno yes and noyes andnoyesandno yes and noy es and no
You are literally dying?
yet more minecraft 12yo meltdowns, freshly cooked
YandereDev finally finishes Osana
Your comment was problematic.
Your comment was problematic
Your comment was problematic
Your comment was problematic.
Yoo my slime
Yelp Review
You dare think my genius is a copypasta?
You bloody yanks
Yeah, fuck the IRS
You have been banned from r/AgainstHateSubreddits.
Yoda’s Penis
You guys better not underestimate me when it comes to ripping
YouTube comments on any popular YouTuber video
You’ve been kidnapped
You are swimming in waters your uneducated, untamed, tiny conciousness cannot deal with kiddo.
You are a biggest looser i ever seen in my life ! You was doing PIPI in your pampers when i was beating players much more stronger then you!
you guys need to copy and paste putin
Yoooooo my slime
You dont know real christans
You Don’t Understand Subway.
You Disrespectin Me Nigga ?
You Have been Visited by Shrek. Say Hello.
Y’all can we stop doing copypastas?
yes there actually are people who are that stupid
Your pfp is a disgrace to her
Y’all can we stop doing copypastas?
You got b8’d m8.
You need to shut up bro
You’re gay???!!!!1!!!
You idiot
Young child does not understand satire
YandereDev’s response to foot fetish art on his sub
You have used 100% of your 10GB of mobile hotspot high-speed data
Youre wrong heres why
You know what I love about PrequelMemes?
Your joke sucks.
you swine
you are so pretty x
You look like my dad
You really wanna create tiny capsules to house the homeless?
You know what time it is?
You a coon!
You are gay
Yaoi? In MY Bizarre Adventure? (Found on r34)
You know who
You should stop describing yourself.
Your Cum Sucks Dick
You don’t have kids, checkmate millenials.
You want to know something?
You’re invited
Yes, I use a voice changer.
You wanna know how I got these scars? My father.. was an ancap and a gamer.
Yeah but can he beat Madara Uchiha?
You’re 14
You pathetic little shits.
You can call me Yoshikage Kira.
ye old english kira copypasta
You’re just a hateful little bitch
YouTube Kids
You pathetic Little Shits
You pathetic little shits.
You Googled: “definition of mod” Here are the results
Yoshikage Kira did nothin wrong
You don’t just take The Rock’s moves
You want to know something?
You ever just talk about Redditors on Reddit like you aren’t one of them? No? Then you’re a normal person with a functional brain, this guy wasn’t
You’re the best Navy SEAL???
You have to have a very high IQ to understand Class IV: (+)ssRNA viruses
Your cum won’t last
your a sneaky lil impostor arent u arent u
Yo my slime
you like SBMM in video games that say’s a lot about you.
You are allergic to deodorant.
You cro-magnon
You are an absolute piece of shit from a random toxic guy’s steam profile comments
YouTube comment on some MRA video
You have been permanantly banned from r/Sino
Youtube comment
Yes I do W.A.R. C.R.I.M.E.S
You gotta be ruthless
You shouwd be vewy, VEWY cawefuw
Yes, ostriches can kill you…
You like drugs?
yea so
Yeah, hamon is cool, but can it…
Your mom
You know what the real problem is?
Youtube rage comment in a DeadByDaylight video
You made me do this.
You fucking cocksucker
your mom
You use light mode?
You don’t know trains unless they were 50s trains
Your Underwear is Showing!
You guys are the problem
Yo someone should make a fanfic about this
Youtube comments be like
You seem to have a lot of experience with horny foxes. I do not know whether that’s a good or bad thing
You need to be taught a fucking lesson, buddy.
Youtube tutorial on how to shit in the toilet
You’re being pretty kek lately.
You’re not a Gamer if you play mobile games or Stardew Valley (from r/unpopularopinion)
Youtube comment
yet another deviantart thing
YouTube comment on sad songs be like
Your cum wont last
Yahoo! HQ
Yum yum soup
Your cum won’t last lyrics
You’re exhausting.
Your support ticket has been created.
You won Jane
Ye Ol Poopy Butt.
YouTube comment but emoji
Yeah, I ain’t reading all that.
Your Cum Won’t Last
Yeesh, getting a little aggressive there.
you don’t have the BALLS
Youtube comment reply.
You useless piece of shit.
Yo Yo Yo What’s Up Diggity Dogs
Your comment has not been given the Gold Award
Youtube comment
Yes, I am a MAP.
Your post has been removed [from r/Okbuddyretard]
Your comment contains a swear word.
YouTube Titles Be Like
Yoinked from r/Rainbow6
Yeah I’m drunk
You are beautiful
Your post has not been given the gold award
You fucking locked my post
You stole my meme😡
YouTube comments be like…
Your racist
yall pinged me so now fuck it
You get naked for imaginary internet points?
YOUR A SIMP?!?!?!?!!?
You’re invited to a girl party!
Your post isn’t funny.
You come onto MY tentacle hentai subreddit with misinformation?
Your joke was so funny!
You little faggot, paper wasps are fantastic
Yanderedev demon days
Your mom
You deleted your comment or it was removed so I’ll say this here
You’re a fucking simp scum
Your post has been removed
You just don’t understand a true intellect
You and me: gas station
YouTube reply on a video about why traps aren’t gay.
Yo my slime,
You go to horny jail *bonk*
You don’t know shit about the Titanic
you’re built different
Your downvote appeal is denied.
You just gotta spend atleast $1,000 imo 🤷
Yandere devs response after someone said that he cant take criticism
You remind me of the bulge
you’re so pretty x
Your a redditor who supports trump and posted a non political post on r/mademesmile
You useless piece of shit
you spin me right round
You have my pee in your asshole
You are NOT weird for using LoversLab mods
You little bitch, opinion?
You’re dating Carson Wentz
YSK your name
You have disgraced Cummy
your opinion is wrong and I downvoted your post
Your brain doesn’t work like other peoples
You kids have it easy
You are all memers
YouTube Copyright Rant
You’re not Alexander
Yandere dev code [LEAKED]
Your name is Earl
You guys are sad and pathetic, I don’t know, you’re not really redpilled
You know
You are gay
You’re calling me cringe (OC)
You realize we could probably kick your ass, most of us are country boes, we know our way around a firearm, a lot of us have medical training and we will demolish you. Come on down to
Yeah, I met Keanu Reeves.
Yoshikage Kira alternate ending
You’re watching Trump on Pornhub and as usual
You sick bastards
You have been permanently banned from participating in r/Chonkers.
You have been given the not gold award
Your comment did not receive the Shit and Cum Award.
You think I have a simplistic view of the world?
You’re part of the problem
You have most likely arrived here as a result of following a link from a Fem-Dom website
Yoshikage Winstead
You want to do what top competitors do…
You were automatically banned from /r/BigChungusWholesome
You know what’s cool? Pokephilia is completely canon in the Pokémon universe.
You question my taste level?
you’re a joke
You must be fun at parties
You have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty.
Your balls will never be as fat as mine.
Your post has not been given the Gold Award
You are so fucking cringe.
yet another thing in a discord server im in
Yes, I’m a proud VIRGIN!
Yoooooo my slime
You know the rules, and so do I
You are so fucking funny!
You sit there and call me an incel?!
You. Me. Gas station.
You make me
You think you, but you don’t
You’re getting hacked
You. Me. Gas station
Yoshikage Shapiro just wants to live a quiet life
Yoshikage shapiro
You. Me. Gas station
You. Me. Gas station.
You have this three pound organ in your skull,
You. Me. Gas Station.
You have to have a very high IQ to understand r/politicalhumor.
Yet another Reddit moment…
You’re a fucking simp
You dont know what drugs you did. You had false breakthroughs.
Yes,I am a R.A.C.I.S.T.
Y’all are wimps!
Yoshikage Kira speech English dub (Thank you commenter Dale Pace for writing down everything he said)
You trolls needs to shut the f*** up.
You’re a terrible father.
you know, jerking your homie off isnt gay (OC)
You be squirtin?
Your post has not been given the gold award!
You think this is funny little man?
You’re not an esport gamer. (From doc’s new tweet)
You’re not an “esport gamer”
you tuck Ben Shapiro in (hypothetical)
youve been gnomed.wmv
You Charli supporter, You think you can defeat me in my own realm? You think you can rebel against my authority? You dare come into my house and replace my Senko body pillow with a Charli body pillow. You thought you were safe behind that Charli of yours? I will take my Senko Tank and destroy you. I
you scum.
Your Post Has Been Removed
Youtube reviewer prison
your post has been removed
you’re really mind closed idiot
Youtube comment generic
you fucked with the wrong jojo fan.
Your comment has been given the Nutsack Slap Award!
You were too young to die
You sicken me
You know you have a tiny dick when…(nsfw)
You’re just jealous because you don’t rock a footlonger like me.
Yooooo bro, god is like, dead.
Your post has been removed because it violated community guidelines
Youtube comment under a blindfolded mario 64 speedrun
You are a degenerate cunt
You wouldn’t get it…
You are a communist.
Yasss queen
you absolute fucking clown.
You useless piece of shit.
You’ve got…
You’re welcome
You’re welcome
You’re welcome
You’re welcome
You’re welcome
You’re welcome
You’re welcome
You’re welcome
You’re welcome
You’re welcome
You DEFINITELY voted for Trump
You just got wooshed
your brain is literally the size of a walnut
You’re welcome
Yes, I was in the chess club.
You’re welcome
You’re welcome
You have destroyed this sub, singlehandedly.
You people make me sick
You useless piece of shit
You? Me? Gas Station.
You like A TV show? [OC]
You wouldn’t say shit
You Have To Have A High IQ To Like Siege
You think a diehard xQc fan would be easy to radicalize?
YandereDev orders foot lettuce from Burger King with his Reddit karma
You need a really High IQ (Preferrably within 5 of mine) to understand Fall Guys’ Perfect Match Masterpiece of a Gamemode
Yandere Dev drinks from a cum chalice
You know how people say
You’ll enjoy Omegle…
You gave a homeless man 50gr for beer
Yo Angelo! 🗿
You think you can beat me in a fight?!
You trolls need to shut the fuck up.
You’re not a clown, you’re the entire circus
You like the clone wars? Name every clone
You get murdered by Hoshimachi Suisei
yoshikage kira
You begin slowly kissing your letters, then nibbling them gently. “Mmmm… yeah… it feels so good…” your keyboard moans as you run your tongue up and down the letter ‘G’.
You are the most bothersome hoodlum I have ever had the displeasure of knowing. In fact, when you decide to spew the utter garbage that your inane mind imagines, I feel the urge to off myself.
Yeah, I’m an Alpha male
Yanderes can potentially be hot
You wanna know what hell is?
Your PC ran
You post has not been given the Gold Award
Yeah, but they don’t have a rapacious Mod …
Youtube Comment by barbie without make up
Y’know, I’m noticing that despite Cum getting top rank, nobody’s giving my boi OwOifier any attention
YandereDev playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild
You’re not done taking a shit if you haven’t fingered your ass
You don’t deserve do be mod.
You don’t have kids? You aren’t a man.
Yeah, I have Spotify Premium.
Your kind fascinates me, the way a Martian would fascinate an exobiologist
You know what? I’m about to say it.
You need to kneel before the most lovable doggo breedo in the worldo.
You have been banned from r/$&@“3?!
You’ve Been Gnomes TTS version
youre gonna suck this cock good
You know what? Fuck you all.
Your crush says she was interesting in dating you during your funeral
Your comment has not been given the Gold Award
You are in a zombie apocalypse, having sex with zombies so they don’t kill you.
Yeah I make copy pastas off the top of my head
Yo boys time for that daily live streamz
Yoda and Emporer Palpatine summon Darth Jar Jar.
Yoda gets a remote butt plug stuck up his ass and suffers crippling 3rd degree burns.
Yoda masturbates to revenge by CaptainSparklez and dies.
You’re out of uniform, soldier! WHERE IS YOUR POWER ARMOR?
You practiced politics in the wrong neighbourhood.
Yandere Dev’s/Alex Mahan’s Doll forum questions but I replaced the word doll with girl.
Yandere dev number 15
Your post has not been given the Gold Award
You bitch
you’ve been outsmarted
yes give me the reddit karma
You don’t know why he mentioned the year 1917?
You say I am a gta v fanboi??
You’re wrong.
You know what pisses me off?
You Like Drawings Bro?
YouTube Comments
You have been permanently banned from participating in r/Sino.
Your comment is shit
Yan Dev Number 15
You’re disrespecting Alexander the Great you son of a bitch?
Your knowledge and impression of Vikings are solely based on stereotypes.
Yoshikage Schneider
Yeah, I made up my wife
Youtube Tags
Yoshikage Kira copypasta google translated into Igbo and Chinese.
Yandere Dev is REALLY robbing you.. (you didnt even notice it)
YandereDev’s toast video, but translated to Shakespearean English
YandereDev is the face of God
You know you’re being very mean, yes? The world owes you nothing. This kind of behaviour in the Sonic fan base needs to be addressed. You had the choice of keeping your precious opinion to your self. You’re choosing to be mean. That’s a horrible choice to make. Knock…it..off
Yu Gi Oh Game rules and a bit ’bout Yu gi oh zexal (basics)
Yoshikage Kira Medieval Copypasta
Youngboy and Peaches
yeah man. “Middle school”. I’m taking a college English literature class, an 11th grade BioChem class, an 11th grade Government Class, and a 10th grade Geometry class in the 9th grade.
YouTube comments be like
You Are Swine.
You know what
You have been banned from the Mickey mouse club for inappropriate behavior.
Yandere-Dev’s corner
You ever left cum under ya foreskin?
You know..
Yo, Angelo
youve been gnomed
You’re welcome
YouTube comments are wild
You mean you’ve never heard the story of the “Hash-Slinging Slasher?”
YandereDev robbery copypasta
You see a schedule to me is a “tool” that I work with to help my life
Yandere Simulator just almost burned my house down. (Kinda
You don’t control my body or what I do, if I want to play the game then I’ll play the game.
You’re a computer systems engineer?
You reposted in the wrong sub. (oc)
You people make me sick
You’re all poor to me.
You can’t have a cold! Mommy said it’s my turn to be sick!
Yu-gi-oh deleted scene
You guys just wait !
you know what? i’m a fucking inniter and i’m proud of it. genuinely tommy makes some of the most entertaining minecraft content at the moment, started the dream smp transformation into what it is today. he’s smart and such an entertainer and he’s ONLY 16 he’s got big things ahead
You’re not funny
Yeah? Well I have a resort filled with hot babes!
You’re all incredibly ignorant.
You can’t stop exhaling.
yeah, ok
You have been permanently banned from participating in r/Sino. Take it personally 😈😎😁🤣😂
YOU feel sorry for ME?!
Your train of thought when you see Yoshikage Kira
You clown
yakuza baka mitai but in english letters
You’re a dumb bitch.
Yoshikage Kira speech
You have an only fans?
YandereDev big mad 🤬
Yes I like BBC
Yoda pisses on the endor moon, by me.
YSK that you are not a professionally trained therapist and that the burden of helping someone who is suicidal is not on you.
Yandere dev when he runs his discord
Your relationship with Todd Howard is nearing its end
Your post has not been given the Gold Award
Yandere Defective Copypasta
Yandev moment
Yandere Dev Plays Cuphead
yummy Cummy’s cummy in my tummy
You are listening to my podcast but you have a bad internet connection
YouTube comment on a makeup channel
You think your life is hard?
You’ve got it all wrong, I’m not stuck in here with you, you’re stuck in here with me
You Chose.
Yandere dev Breastmilk
Your post has not been given the Platinum award
yo my slime
You Retard.
You created hell you warthog faced baffoon
Yo My Slime
yandere dev said this
You’re just wrong
yanderedev not funny
You have to be a verified genius to fully understand Ed, Edd, n Eddy.
Yoshikage Kira after multiple Google Translate
You ever have a stale fart?
You have been permanently banned from participating in r/AmItheAsshole.
YanDev’s Peaceful Response to DrApeis
Yandev Makes a Baby
You are not exempt from the rules.
Yo mama so fat
Yodas penis
Your suffering is exactly why I backed this game.
young kids in comment sections of 90s music
You know it was scripted right?
Your film career is finished, kiddo.
You do not matter.
You’re the dumbfuck!
Youtube comment
You can’t force developers to make something
YandereDev is mad again
YandereDev’s Soliloquy
you seem clueless as to why you’re losing all your account
Your Prejudices
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery…
You know what i hate?
You just doried your last me.
You are the most vehement idiot I’ve ever seen. Effective against anti mask and anti vaxx.
your wrong
Your downvote has been issued
You can’t be serious.
You should be able to copy the title plus content of the posts.
Yandere simulator taking place on year in the future
Your account has been permanently suspended from Reddit for (INSERT SOMETHING HERE)
Your post has not been given the Gold Award
Yeah lol, shut the fuck up you fucking Virgin cuck.
Yeah next time eat a salad
you will dooby dooby do what i say
You’re wrong here’s why
You lost us the game
Y’all can suck on a dick and choke for all I care what a fucking joke this subreddit has become
You dog
You should give up writing
You have been diagnosed with small brain
YOUR lack of critical thought
You women treat us nice guys the same
You mean the Middle East and Africa intensifies
Yoshikage Kira monologue
You haven’t been given the gold award
Y’all will listen to what’s poppin
Yet I am the insane one
you CANNOT HAVE IT! It is GONE and it will stay GONE. No more sardines for you, Mister Wise Guy! Scream to the heavens yet God has long since left you to your own wretched devices. There is only SARDINES, the true and HONEST game left for you, now. SARDINES! SARDINES! SARDINES! What even is this?
Youtube 2020 be like:
yes, yes and yes
you will be set free, by the truth!
Your post has not been given the Gold Award
Your post has not been given the gold award
your post has not been given the gold award
You didn’t get gold.
Your post has not been give the Gold Award
Yo thats cool and all…
You fuckers need to “review” my account info on the device I have used Gmail on for years now.
you get phone call 12 am *scary*
Your birth is a grammatical mistake.
You people make me sick.
You people make me sick
YandereDev drinks cum from a chalice
You are not a real gamer
Yup, the fucking admin is definitely smoking crack.
Yogi Bear and fuckup
You know you want to
You can’t hide
Yeah I play Super Smash Bros.
You just used a biblical passage as a threat. Bad idea.
You begin to understand me it’s the thought that if you were to clone yourself.
Yea was watching the stream and I thought it was weird cause in the middle of it Doc stopped to look at his phone and his whole demeanor changed. Said something about David Icke and before it ended said “We’ll get through this chat, we’ve always have.”
Yoshi and the beans
You know not of what you speak.
yandere dev
You useless piece of shit. You absolute waste of space and air. You uneducated, ignorant, idiotic dumb swine, you’re an absolute embarrassment to humanity and all life as a whole. The magnitude of your failure just now is so indescribably massive that one hundred years into the future your name will
You fucked up, kiddo.
Ye knows, of course he knows
You don’t deserve DotA
your gay!
young man with boomer values is upset about 16 year olds with SUVs
You like gex?
you know that your comment here is not necessary
Yeah I just pinged you.
YandereDev consumes the cum chalice
You Low IQ Tool Suggesting He Be A Slave To Memes Like “Incel” And “Niceguy”
Yup the fucking 🖕 admin ✈ is definitely 😤👌😑 smoking 🌫 crack 〰. This shit 💩 is fucking 🖕 ridiculous 🤬🙅‍♀️. For fuck’s 🖕 sake 🍶, this group 👥 has lost 🛅 all 💪 meaning 🦠😂 now if you’re gonna 💨 let 🔠7️⃣ people 👥 make 🛠 these stupid 😡😵 ass 👃💨ℹ shitposts 💩 and approve ✔ them for n
Y̱͜͠ü̴̘p̡̟͡ t̯́̑h͍̅́e̲̅͢ f̦ͪ͘u̥̞̖c͉͟͡ķ̻̕i̯̿͆n͍͇͡g̳̩̊ a̵̤̹d̬̠̀m̶̨͔i̮̖͡n̻͔̊ i̢̤̥s̷̱ͮ d̆̕ͅe̺̤͡f̴̫͟i̺̽͟n̠̭̆i̮̠̇t̡ͣ͝ę̭͟w̴̙͘y̷̭͊ s̡̰̚m̀ͫ̽o͇̞͜k̵̢̇ǐ̘͎n̨̅͜g̛̩͡ c̷ͯ̃w̱̿͜a̼͒̕c̮̀͠k̹ͬͅ. Ţ̖͢ȟ̘͘i̴̹̎s̡̎̄ šͥ͘h̨́̕i̱̩̾t̲̄͞ i̡͐͡śͬ̕ f͇͘͡u̹̿́c̖̿͠k̡̄͂ĩ͓̕ñ̨͞ḡ͉͇ w̞̿͡i̲̭͞d̮ͬͭi̗ͩ͑c̾ͫͧu̡̇ͫw͇͌͠o̫̤͜u̮̕͠s̱̳͢. F̘̤̕o̧̤ͅw
Yup the fucking admin is definitewy smoking cwack. This shit is fucking widicuwous. Fow fuck’s sake, this gwoup has wost aww meaning now if you’we gonna wet peopwe make these stupid ass shitposts and appwove them fow no whyme and weason. This is annoying the shit out of me and this is getting owd in
Yup the fucking admin is definitely smoking crack. This shit is fucking ridiculous. For fuck’s sake, this group has lost all meaning now if you’re gonna let people make these stupid ass shitposts and approve them for no rhyme and reason. This is annoying the shit out of me and this is getting o
Yandere dev code leaked!
YandereDev streams video games all day long instead of working!
YouYou’re offended?GTFO🖕
you’re dumb
Your post has been removed from r/showerthoughts
You just got r/WOOOOOOSHED!!!!
You can’t stop me Big Chernobyl
Yes, as of today, cummy has returned.
You are that type of guy
Yandere dev and Osana develompent
You ruined my beach day
you think yourself a bit of a computer guy huh?
You ask for a latte?
You’re actually one of the densest people I’ve met. You’re less than dirt.
You swine. You vulgar little maggot.
You little crusty emo vegan teenage shithead
You’ve picked the wrong fight bucko…
You have been permanently banned from participating in r/sex
yo im just now coming back WHERE THE FUCK IS CUMMY
You like Club Penguin?? CONGRATS you under arrest you fucking Pedo!
yt’er posting a screenshot of their apology on twitter
Yes Very yes
Y’all don’t need to abuse cummy
You think Kanye still fucks?
Your comment has not been given the Gold Award
yanderedev discord server faq copypasta
You can swipe right and left
Yo who da fuck is cummy
You’re a flat Earther? eww
You know how they say an infinite number of monkeys on typewriters would eventually write Shakespeare?
You don’t know who Bad Brains are?
Yes, I do smoke my alcohol
You have a date for seven, what time do you arrive?
Yoinked from a Terraria subreddit
You don’t care about International students, you just hate ICE
Yandere Dev
You call froppy from mha cute
Yummy yummy
youre so poggers babe
Your submission has not been given the gold award
Your shit missed the chamber pot ya widdle boy!
yanderedev likes anime girls and dolls
YandereDev loses all hope of realising Osana
You have to understand what 1+1 is.
Yandere dev’s response to why the game runs terribly
You can’t parse [X]HTML with regex
Yellow Boring Sponge Explanation
You really did what I think you just did?
You may have never depended on the critical systems of your home like you are now. Keeping your AC running smoothly is important for the health and comfort of you and your family. When it comes to your AC system, minor issues can lead to major breakdowns if not taken care of early. That’s why Rheem
You useless piece of shit
You useless piece of shit.
You ever just been stuck Ina deep hole that u can’t get out of (Discord Copypasta)
You’re not a hacker
Yoooo my g
You know what’s bullshit?
YSK, you should know that if you shit yourself in walmart, if you point your index finger down they will give you new underwear
Yeah, Orbees bladder torture is my fetish, what of it?
You fool, absolute neanderthal
You tell me who asked
you know what
You swine
You ersedlynt???
Yoshikage kira
Yoshikage Kira’s fat fucking nuts
You piss constantly at school.
You hurt my soul.
Yoshikage Kira vs Koichi Dub (kira’s speech) modified to fit any scenario
You were dismissive and sarcastic
Youre a pedophile POV
You are a simp
Your post has not been given the gold award
Your post got removed for violating Reddit TOS
you 👈 😂 fool 🤪 🤥😡😈. you 😂 👈 absolute 💯 💯 buffoon. you 👈 👈 think 🤔 💭 you 😂 😂 can challenge 😴😪💤 😴😪💤 me in my own realm? you 👈 👈 think 💭 🤔 you 👈 😂 can rebel 😵 😵 against my authority 👮 👮🏿? you 😂 👈 dare 😆 👀 come ☔ 💦 into my house 🏡 🏠 and upturn my dining 🍽 🍽 chai
You know what?
Y’all ever seen a N😀a lick on a cum stain?
You have been permanently banned from participating in r/Sino
You have been banned from participating in r/yanderesimulator.
You’re wrong sweetie
Yoshikage kira in binary
You must be fun at parties
You people don’t actually want girlfriends
YTP Dennis Prager ascends to godhood and respects women
You guys joke but…
You want something? Fuck you!
You post has been removed for not being wholesome 100 enough
You retards cant even sleep
Your maturity has everything to do with it.
Your post has not been given the gold award
You’re all disgusting
You farted in Kroger yesterday
You’re all fucking dumbasses and should go choke on dick
Yanderedev, please
Yandere Dev’s reddit account gets hacked, hacker removes all mods from r/yandere_simulator and unbans every person that was banned previously on the subreddit
Yeah sure x is hot but
Your post has been removed for the following reason(s)
Yesterday, I went to a bar that’s located somewhere nearby my working place
You’ve just lowered your chance to win an online arguement
You useless piece of shit
You’ll figure it out
Your entire family is a fuck
You and me
YES!!1! Says alinity
You are here
YouTube comment i found
Yakko doesn’t remember asking
You useless piece of shit
Yoshikage kira copypasta but run throught google translate a billion times
Y’all have been fucking warned
You’ve tested positive for coronavirus
Your PC is nothing
You have been permanently banned from participating in r/AmItheAsshole
Yandere dev faq
You suck
youtube comment by captain lethargy
You have been temporarily banned from participating in r/copypasta
You, me, gas station.
you, me, gas station.
Yoshikage Kira copypasta but it’s in Spanish and I found it on rule34.xxx
You’ve been permanently banned from participating in [redacted]
Your post has been removed.
Your post has been given the Karma Whore Award
You dare underestimate my life giving nuts?
You lost a subscriber
youtube comment
Yummy chalupa in my tummy
Your post has not been given the Gold Award
You did it.
You’ve been permanently banned from participating in r/Sino
Yo. Get the fuck outta my way.
You horny nigga
You think you’re so tough?!?!??!?!?!!!111?!?!??!!11
your opinion is wrong.
Your place to talk (Discord)
You are making me have an existential crisis.
youtube quoting
Your penis is gigantic!
You’ve been permanently banned from participating in r/copypasta
You know what I don’t get. When people say for certain things where if you make a wish it will come true. That pisses me off to such an extent 👿😠🤬🤬Reason being, that defeats the entire PURPOSE OF THE WISH. According to my source, known by some as wikipedia, a wish is something you hope for 😱😱
Yes it is so nice
Yo, pay attention and listen real closely how I break this slang shit down
You fucking sheep
Yoshikage Kira’s sickly cum
Yare yare daze
You cheated yourself
You have been permanently banned from participating in r/AmItheAsshole.
you’re welcome simps 😌
Yeh I’m agnostic about the efficacy of masks
You piece of shiy
You need Jesus (seen under a troll post in r/casualiama)
Yeah I’m a comedy school graduate
Yi Jian Mei lyrics
You’re a fucking idiot
You think this is funny?
You just got totally pwned
You will die.
Youtube comments
you legend
you literally cannot mandate somebody to wear a mask
Yo my slime 2
You have been permanently banned from participating in r/Sino.
Your pitiful vernacular and lack of communicative proficiency.
You’re watching Porn
You may have found this hilarious
your comment has not been given an award
You, me, gas station.
You’re about to get doxxed kid
Yakko’s World but in emojis
You don’t Understand.
You are racist
You’re some hot dumb slut with a useless degree.
You joke about it 😔😔😩😩
YouTube has stirred up an outrage
You have fucking uno
Yeah and I’ve been in the industry for 7 years. I have a pretty comprehensive knowledge of advanced electrical systems and theory, and was even made a mod of r/diysolar due to my knowledge.
You think your good at video games huh?
Yeah bro
Yo what’s up, Bad Boy Salvia here
You. Me. Gas Station Sushi
yt comment on “I put “caramelldansen from another room” on 0.5 speed…”
you know what this is.
You guys are getting…?
You, Me, Gas Station!
You guys are a bunch of grubs
You say video games are bad for children?!
yo ho ho
You failed the vibe check
Yharon, the cum dragon
You failed
You know what? I’m just going to say it
yes (longer version)
Yet Another Nice Guy Copypasta
You’re Wrong.
You’re a fucking idiot
You are a disgrace to humour.
You want different?
Yes, two people were shot inside the CHAZ/CHOP last night…
You threatened me twice so far
you bored? here is some bubble-wrap for you.
You god damn chump
Young Thug is the greatest musician alive.
You need Sauce? Here it is
You know, discord. A social media platform centered around gaming.
You couldn’t have beaten WW2 if you were Hitler
You buffoon
You vs Rational man with a shotgun
yeah I rip ass, pussy.
You die and wake up in an infinitely big white landscape.
You have a low IQ, thanks for asking
You never run out of anything. Ever.
Your poor balls
yet another libtard destroyed
You have said a non-christian word. Repeat it again and you will be banned from this holy subreddit.
Yo u be squirtin?
You have 🙄😒been released ❌💔from the Horny 🍆💦on Main Society☹👋
You think you’re so fuckin cool, huh? You think you’re so fuckin tough?
youtube comment
You know what they do to people like you in Saudi Arabia?
Your pretty good
You think you’re good at Dark Souls?
You, Me, Gas Station
You’we Mine UwU
You posted WRONGTHINK!!!!!
Yoshikage Kira copypasta google translated
Y’all ever heard of Steven Christ?
You really think Otis the Cow shouldn’t have Udders?
Yes, I’m a Christian
You could stop at five or six stores, or just one
You don’t understand my love for MHA Hawks.
Ye olde Navy Seal
You hate women.
You’re Grounded
You’ve met the wumao, but are you ready for…. The uwumao?
You can tell a lot about primate social structures by the size and performance of their testicles
Yo my slime I know you don’t know mandem like that..
you’re welcome
You useless piece of shit
You are transported to year 0, with any object from the present with you. Which item do you choose to make people lose their minds the most? (Someone answered solar powered ipad with engineering documents)
You ever just
You meet a wise owl in your journey:
Your a Lame quick scopers
Youř Àpplë Áccoûnť iş Locķeđ
Yo my slime
You hear me?
Yeah I’m straight
Yes my tailpipe is my asshole
Yoda explains why r/legoyoda shouldn’t have been quarantined
You live in the best country in the world.
Your a Complete Moron Millions of People around the World want to see ZACK Snyder’s Justice League absolutely it Will be Great way better then Joss Wheedons Shitty Super Friends episode and ADAM WEST Batman
You are a right-winger, so you are a subhuman.
Yo cummy, will you marry me?
You will bow down when you see the man you’ve become!
Yo mama so fat
You beat me at FIFA
You heard that many times
You know what
You lay dying in a hospital bed
You are a dumbfuck
You see this fictional character?
You absolutely fucking pathetic child.
You, Me, gas station.
Yoda types the FitnessGram Pacer Test Lyrics
You don’t know jack headrush
You wouldn’t understand
You disrespecting a couple of upstanding, cocksuckin’ army soldiers?
You gonna die alone 😂😂💯
You’re a clown. 🤡
Yoshikage Kira AS Dub
Youtube Copypasta
Yeah I do BJJ
You know what? I’m sick of it. I fucking hate Perks of Being a Wallflower’s use of Heroes.
Your at SeaWorld with your daughter in the 8th of July, 1985.
You farted in Kroger yesterday
You come into sub and post some surface level detail
You heard what I flipping said about you
Yi Jian Mei
You have a beautiful body
You will need bleach for your eyes after this
YouTube comment. She’s just being hate on and it’s cuz she has cancer…………
Ytp: Uptown Funk (this is that shit)
youtube comment section
Yi Jian Mei lyrics
You wanna rub my feet? 🦶
You probably know his name.
You are fucking dead meat
You are a piss cum baby
You, me, Clyde, and Jess
You are the animator of big chungus
Your opinion has a problem
Yeah you better have a source on that
You know Paris, France?
YandereDev playing cuphead
You want door fix, Man Of Spiders?
Yooo my slime
YouTube’s algorithm is so weird
Youtube on why linux is better
Your tree is a 3D render and you’re a liar
You are a useless piece of shit
You have to choose between 2 dicks to suck, Steam or EGS.
YOU’VE BEEN GNOMED for Discord and whatsapp
Y’all I just want 10 bucks thank you love you guys
Your music is fucking garbage
Your toes, hand ‘em over
You’re being played by google
yi jian mei 一剪梅
you’re a k***
You know what? No, fuck Zuckerberg
YOU are nothing but a fucking filthy mongrel
Your warranty is now void.
You don’t belong here.
You’re stupid
You useless piece of shit
You know what?
Yeah, I’m a Simp 😎
You know what? No, fuck you, i hope that when you cut your toe nails, they’re gonna be like very long, and when you cut them, they shoot off on the ground somewhere and forget to find it, and the next day you step on your own toe nail and go like
You, me, gas station.
Yoshikaga Kira/Spinosaurus Speech
Yeet VS Yoink
You are literally too stupid to even consider being taken seriously
Yesterday I woke up in a cold sweat. So horny- I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I wanted to fuck a CRT
Yeah, sex is cool, but have you ever cum on a pigeon?
Your weekly covid reminder!
You are dumb.
You could possibly say that I’m slightly above average.
you go to dashcon with ben shapiro
You can swear on the internet.
you babbling sub-animal feces
yes this is kerry, turn off your phones
You are an idiot.
yooooooooooo my nigggaaa we out here we hoppin we floppin big dicks a clappin ass cheek a slappin really just out here pumpin up our testosterone levels so that our testicles grow biceps
You. Me. Gas station.
You never stop cumming
You’re shit.
you’ve never watched JOJO? 😳 [oc]
You know, what I like to do with girls at the movie theater is get a big bag of gummy worms
Yo guys 😎
You don’t think this is funny?
You’ve been banned from r/(subreddit)
Yeah i do DRUGS
You subhuman baboon.
You see, I’m one heck of a gamer.
You have been banned
Your opinion is false.
You posted Peter.
Yes, I find this funny
You had me in the first half ngl
You little piece of shit.
You have to have a very high IQ to understand Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Yet another popular opinion on r/unpopularopinions
Yandere Dev Copypasta (NSFW)
You just memed hard
You. Me. Gas Station.
Your post has been removed
You all are one of the most ignorant, selfish, disappointing lot of people I have ever had the misfortunte to meet.
You should watch Click. Got me watching Adam Sandler, who rocks out loud!
You see, it’s funny
You know that feel like when you…
Your joke but worse
Yellow submarine but some words are replaced with cum
Yeah thats right
Your reaction image sucks
You like feet too?
You useless piece of shit.
You useless piece of shit.
You suck
You useless piece of shit.
you are fucking retarded
You just some kind of American Idiot?
Your post was removed from r/showerthoughts
Yea sex is cool but…
Your opinion is wrong
You’re gonna have to do better than that guy.
Your recent tweet is very offensive
You can categorize posts by replying to this comment.
Youtube Comment on Joey’s World Tour Krispy Kreme “Let Freedom Ring” Doughnuts Review
Youtube be like
Yoshikage kira’s speech: edgy gacha 13 year old edition
You better buy our condoms 🙂
Y’all are just a bunch of beta simp cucks
You need a very high iq to understand Portal 2
youtube comment on a video where youtubers adopted a senior dog
yall ever just 🅱️
YOSHIkage kira
You seriously just called me a f*ggot?
you are a smelly bad boy
Yatinsotests (2004) — the plot
Your post is cringe.
you actually do know how intellectually inferior you are
YandereDev’s tragic death in 2043
Ya know what pisses me off? Half sheet paper towel.
You can suck, lick, stroke and fuck my entire dick and balls
Yes I FUCKING will and I have the RIGHT
your business is about to go bust
You have been caught cheating on your AP Test.
You’re a clown 🤡
Youtube comment retards
Yeah that’s
you’re stupid and ugly and no one loves you
your mom is in fact gay
You’ll only understand if you’re a real drywall eater
you fat bald bastard
Y u downvote me
Yes, I am a Twitch viewer, how did you know?
yes that’s right
yummy covk
your👈 quite👍funny😂my😎friend🙇
You see, I’m merely fighting for the rights of man.
Your Raymond, hand him over.
You piece of trash
Your guide to 40K Lore
Yi Jian Mei Lyrics
yo mama
Yoga is DEMONIC!
You’re not allowed to be excited for Paper Mario
You’re seriously pasting copypastas right now?!
You know who you are.
You can smoke meth and be successful.
You’re a clown. HONK HONK! 🤡
YouTube Account Hijacking Using Comments
You suck!
You smell terrible
Yandere Devs responses to Thafnines’ video made about him from an interview
y’all gon make me
You kiss girls.
You may rest. Heres some bubblewrap to pop
Youtube comment to the asian man singing Yi Jian Mei in the snow
You fuckers with your conservative views and unwillingness to changed have fucked up so much.
You’re one of those kids
You have a different opinion than me ? You’re a wildcunt !
You have been banned from r/copypasta but every blue link is a rickroll
Yeah, I’m not your average Redditor.
YouTube Intro.
Yeah I got the sauce right here
You have been temporarily banned from participating on r/copypasta
You have been permanently banned from participating in r/PewdiepieSubmissions. You can still view and subscribe to r/PewdiepieSubmissions, but you won’t be able to post or comment. If you have a question regarding your ban, you can contact the moderator team for r/PewdiepieSubmissions by replying t
You’ll Give My Son The Gay!
You have been permanently banned.
Years after originally writing and posting this guide, I now take moral offence at this game and would prefer that neither this guide nor the game exist.
Yee Yee
Your call is important to us. We are currently experiencing a high call volume. Please try your call again later.
You can’t charge people for the hat they’re wearing
You are a foolish gmer
YandereDev’s tweet
Yiff is superior to hentai
you fucking narwhal
You interested?
You are “a girl”?!?! That is not true😡 girls arent exist no more🤬😡🤬😡😡🥵😳😳😳😳😳😡
You all should respect griefers more
You fat bald bastard
You shat yourself
You can’t handle the proof!
Your honor,
Y’all furries gotta go
You don’t watch Joe Rogan?
You would done the same
You aren’t a celebrity
Yoshikage Kira copypasta with a twist
You’re The Greatest Mom ❤️ Terrific! Everybody Agrees 😘 You’re By Far The Greatest 💃 and, By The Way, The Most Beautiful! 👵🧜 Really Big Happy MAGA Mother’s Day! 💌 WE HAVE THE BEST MAGA MOM’S! 💟👣🤰💐 💅💋
Yeah I’m a gamer! I play on a
Yoink stole your meme
Yeah it’s homer
You don’t just tell everyone to kiss your ass from the getgo, it builds in strata.
YouTube Comment
Ya’ll calling me simp
You’re a whore.
You know if heaven was real
You’re Reading in the Wrong Direction!
You fuckin fucks really fucked up good this time! (with video)
You Fucking SIMP
You’re welcome
you bitchass motherfuckin-ass whore-ass little bitchss are too lazy to say ‘i dont’ and how THE FUCK
you, along with other males, make me uncomfortable. i don’t have any explanation as to why, you just do. to be clear, i am not a lesbain. yet, there’s nothing wrong with being a lesbain. i do not like you, nor will i ever again, but this doesn’t contribute in any way to the fact that your presence m
Your NO HOMO PASS has expired. (OC)
Yes, I’m a bad American
Your tag is shit. Mine is excellent.
You can’t come back from that
You have autism
Yooooo, my slime
You little maggot wtf did you just say about me
you’re not funny
You have been permanently banned from participating in r/Sino. You can still view and subscribe to r/Sino, but you won’t be able to post or comment.
Your house your rules
You did not laugh out loud.
You are a little fishy
Your dad shits, wdyd?
You fucked up
you’re a gamer girl? ah ha ha
young girl embraces inner karen
You repeating me Karen?
You have optimism bias. You should be aware of it.
Yandev gay
Y’all need to use lotas
You’ve ruined everything for me
Your friend is a comedic genius that’s been getting an energized audience. However, something seems a bit cult-like about the whole thing…
Yikes, sweaty😬😬
Yee Haw Land
Yeah I’m a gamer why do you ask
Yankee with no brim video description
Yoshikage Kira speech
Yankee with no brim video description
You feel bad?
You need to stop baking bread
You’re not my dad
Yet another comment by u/nerdythigh
Your anus hasn’t been stretched to 2.7 inches?
Yeah I smoke weed ✊
You dare ban a certain type of post on YOUR subreddit?
You know what
Yes yes, we’ve all heard it before
Y’all got it wrong
You fucking ni🅱️🅱️er
Yakkos 😀😀😀😀 World 🌎🌍🌏
You’re a computer systems engineer? Wow! Have you publicly called out the CEO of Intel for the untrustability of their encryption blackbox silicon?
Y’all gon’ make me
Your move player…
You have been permanently banned from r/copypasta
Yeah I knew my relationship with an American girl was done for when her and her friend genuinely found a spongebob advertisement to be one of the funniest things they’ve ever seen
you’re account got hacked
You’re sitting in your room, just chilling
YoshiFunny Kirantine
You’ve been permanently banned from participating in r/CopyPasta
You may be willing to die for rockets
Yeah I’m a babyboomer
Your post was not Wholesome 100 Keanu Chungus Chonker…
You think your’e good at Fortntie? cus you suck🙄
You know what’s bullllllllllllllshit?
You’re friends on Facebook
yesterday was the day I became a man, and it was all thanks to my pet tarantula.
You’re friends on Facebook. 4:36 PM
You are the first player in the mordhau duel rank.
yeah can i get a burger
You’re safe now
Yung Terp
Your cock rating
Yandev’s Zero Suit Samus speech
You wouldn’t get it
You can’t do the things that I do. I’m better than you. I’m Naruto, I’m the Christ of your life, you nameless bitch. Suck my cock because I am your God. Deep tongue-fuck my asshole, Ninja cuck. I’m Naruto, Christ-King of the Moon.
YES I pay for several OnlyFans
You’re ruini- look at my lips – you’re ruinin’ it. Ruinin’.
Yeah man…Lions are gay
You’re attitude is very ignorant and toxic.
You don’t play the fucking game
you have been rick rolee !!!!! (Credits to Vsauce#1606 from Discord)
Yung Buford 💯🤑
You wanna play ros?
You swine.
You idiot.
YTA! 😠😠😠
You monster
Ye don’t like me cookin?
Yooo my slime
you like the girl that asks to sit in with the other girls only to be declined
You are not baby.
you can assign a source and a course of actions that lead to an outbreak.
Yay… politics in my favorite meme group.
Y’all done fucked around
You want to hear about a shit job? I’ll tell you about a shit job.
Yes have you dyslexia
You will never be able to juggle.
You have been fooled
You’re delusional.
y r u gey?
Your opinion is, in fact, invalid.
You don’t know shit about crows.
you pathetic, vain, narcissistic, pseudo-intellectual. Y
you’re not ugly🤗stay positive🥰
Your 06
You worthless fucking molerat
You didn’t “strike a nerve”
You’ve been permanently banned from participating in r/Sino
You spent too long quenching your thirst.
Yeah, I’m a simp.
You’re my life Amber
you suck charlie
Yes I own the photo of the solway Firth spaceman
YouTube comments
You shit.
you didn’t ask?
You’re a stupid fucking idiot. Honestly. I’ve never liked you.
Y’know when someone goes like “OH WOW R/BEATMETOIT” yeah now respond with this dumb mf
You can make 1 cubic inch of whatever food you’re eating instantly cold and ridden with frostbite
you got gnomed
Yukiteru Amano
Your content is unfunny, what to do?
youre already seen as king or god (found on giveaway)
You think kanye still fucks?
You have been permanently banned from participating in r/copypasta.
Yo mama dead
Your post has been removed
You think 1 is the loneliest number?
Yummy penis
youtube comments section
You should be nice to Karen
You have been permanently banned from participating in r/copypasta.
You fucking moron
Yes, I’m a Nazi, but I’m not Anti-Semitic
Yoshikage Kira as Jonathan Q. Arbuckle from Garfield (short version)
Yoshikage Kira copypasta but it’s Giorno Giovanna
You can’t handle the hentai!
you can either kneel down and unzip my pants or I’ll just go
Yoshikage Kira is talking about 89 years old Head Doctor and Napkin
You have been permanently banned from participating in r/Chonkers.
You have been permanently banned from participating in r/copypasta.
yankee with no brim explained
You are an idiot for posting this.
You told me a spoiler about the game
You think you’re better than other people for liking Bob fucking Dylan the “right” way?
Yes People! I’m a FAGGOT 😄 I love it and I want every Real MAN on the planet to know THAT RUBBERBOOTS AND RAINWEAR, DIRTY TRAINERS, SWEATY SNEAKERS AND LICKING URINALS IS exactly what makes my tiny FagDick hard.. !!! 😂
Yeah, I’m a simp
Yankee wit no brim! (copypasta)
You are criminally ignorant. Go play in traffic.
Yo your pussy squirt?
Yoshikage Kira copypasta but it’s in second person
Yoshikage Kira copypasta but it’s on third person.
Yoda: A novel
You MAY BE Entitled to Compensation!
You meet a band kid in the hallway
You gave me a fake n-word pass
you’re perfect. you’re beautiful.
Yousa ebber hear da tragedy of Darth Plagueis da Smarty?
Yankee with no brim
You disgusting fuck.
You won’t survive my gay if u have no muscle
You fucking rickrolled me?!?!
Youtube kids app
Yankee with no brim! (10 hours)
Yeah Isabelle from animal crossing is my waifu
Ya vol
you’re fake
You don’t wanna mess with the universe’s best
yanderedevs answer to why he doesnt like his face on his discord
You wanna fight?
Yung Terps
Yakuza 0 description
Yankee with no Brim
You People Make Me Sick
Ye Olde Dick Pic
You don’t watch Joe Rogan?
Your music is fucking garbage. There, I said it.
You’re probably used to dealing with your mom from down in your basement…
Your childhood, but it’s ascii
You placed plat 3?
Your teenage daughter is a whore.
You don’t know how to make spaghetti
Youtube comment on a stream archive
You have been permanently banned from r/fitness
YandereDev x ClevelandRock
Youtuber reveals a conspiracy
yoshikage kira but its been translated alot
You used to… “like” women?
You could have not done that
Your gay
You think you can come at my Sonic OC huh?…
Your turn
You sound like my wife and kids
You’re mean 😤
You are a right-winger
you make me sick justin bieber
You want a good everyday shoe?
Your kinda fine rn. Where’d you get all dat cake doe?
You want a good everyday shoe?
You see this crew of highly trained Asian assasin babes?
You do not matter to me
Your Scents
Yoshi Vore
You have won a CSGO knife
You don’t like Family Guy Funny Moments #27?
You do NOT love horsecock
Yes, it is copy and look like pasta
You trolls need to shut the fuck up
You think that’s funny?
You ruined our team composition
You’re abstaining from jerking off until you see thicc anime girls.
Your brain power made me cum🌚🌝
You know what pisses me off? Brokeback mountain.
You’re watching Trump on Pornhub.
Yummy Yummy Cummy In My Tummy
your mom is super
You think you’re powerful
Yakko Warner- Nations of the world but text
Youtube Advertisements
Yo weak ass foo
You’re not funny.
You are genuinely really cute
You can’t handle the truth, sheeple.
Yo fuck Poland 🇵🇱
You are an asshole
You want to bang Digby?
You dont think Rasputin was tough?
You think dabbing (even ironically) is amusing?
You’re a fucking loser, kid.
You are gone drastically wrong partner
You know how many cookbooks they have in Edoras?
Youre fucking done, kiddo
You know who I am?
Yes! Bigfoots and psychic UFO phenomena are totally linked
You Slay the Game
You all are fucking RETARDS ruining my MINECRAFT PORN
You have lost all your logic and reason
You wrote this?
Your name is Yoshikage Kira.
You Black people have no rights for the white people…..
Yoshikage Kira in third person
You and me lost it
You meow like a cat?
You probably haven’t fought the Technomancer with gamma guts.
You only take away my Discord perms because your gay
You fucking fool. You dumbass imbecile.
Year of the Rat
You pathetic nazis never cease to make me laugh
you start the bobonic bacteria.
YandereDev be like
Youtubers on April 1st be like
You absolute fuckwad.
You picked the wrong house fool
You mcm
you start the bobonic bacteria?
You can fuck right off
Youtube Comment Section Be Like
You chose INTEL OVER AMD?!?
Y’all behaving?
YOU’VE BEEN HIT BY THE |^^^^^^^^^^^^| ,, | SEXY TRUCK | ‘|”””;.||.___. |_…_…______==== _|__|…, ] | “(@ )'(@ )””””*|(@ )(@ )*****(@)
You seriously think all that work is worth it just to be able to eat chips at the same time as using a computer without getting the keyboard greasy?
You didn’t like Stalker?
You guys are being real fucking bitches to idubbz
Yeah stupid fucking newgen rappers with gamertag nammes >:((
You like something underrated?
You know Paris, France?
Yandev, 2020
You have no idea.
you know what’s amazing? your mom.
Yo angelo in a lot of languages
You wouldn’t get it
You caught a Sea Bass!
yall actually chew yer spaghetti
You’ve contributed to the non survival of the show
YouTube Comment
Yeah sorry guys I just had to do it.
Yes, i am a host
You subhuman
You have to have a very high IQ to understand Fanboy and Chum Chum
You will receive NO sympathy from the devil
You Don’t Know Me
You absolute paper plate washer
You guys
You remind me…
You’re walking down a dark hallway then you hear
Yo, so I get that ur all lolmad
You’re gonna look up answers to your online tests?
You call that thick?
You must be fun at parties
You must be fun at parties
You are BEAUTIFUL !!!
You think that was funny?
your mother maltesers 😂🟤
you smell really bad
yea yea I’m a random ass guy
Youtube comment on a very old video
YandereDev robs you
You wouldn’t understand
You Googled: “definition of mod” Here are the results
You targeted Neoliberals.
Yet another Discord Abomination
You’re going to die.
Your security is my moto
You’re a loser!
You have been reported
You have to have a very high IQ to comprehend Rick and Morty
You’re not funny
You made me angry in a video game 😠😠😠
You people laugh
Yea I like DICK
Your comment is invalid.
Yo soy Yoshikage Kira
You will never beat level on of this mobile game😂😂😂
you fucking simp this is why asexuals and demisexuals should only be able to vote because our BALLS and OVARIES dont get in the way of POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY
Yeah, I’m a racist. What’s your problem?
You kidding right
You simp
You’re ruining the subreddit.
You get an award
You’re a clown. HONK HONK! 🤡
Your dog sounds like a happy puppy.
Y’all remember the eat spicy goodness like a boss Wendy’s dude?
You won’t believe what I found about Michelle
You immature bastard
You Wish It Was Pure Evil
you call yourself a lemon demon fan?
You’re gonna shoot cum
You missed the point
You know who’s a disgrace to existence? Sakura from Naruto.
You’ve disrespected porn
You’re a Simp!
Your comment has been given the Gold Award!
Yes, it is I, The Enema Thief! What flavored enema do you seek?
Yummy lyrics but in a medieval font
You’re Anime OC is trash
You’ve tried CBD? Try our new 100% FDA approved alternative!
you dare ask me what freedom is?
You do not look like backpack kid
Your gold fish
You’ll know
You karma skank.
You wanna know why I never get to the Cloud District?
You’re the crybaby.
You got the math wrong
You’re always looking at me (Rosa)
You blithering troglodytes
Yoda slices his cock open
you 🐄 think “they” suddenly care about you?
young avengers tumblr madness
You think that’s funny?
Yes, I hoard toilet paper.
Yeah we dont want gays in our religion. We cannot allow some freaks to try and infect the remaining of us with a virus known as homosexuality. We will protect ourselves from this disgusting diseases caused by the sinful desire and urges of a man who acts upon thisr desires.
You’re gay
You people are the epitome of ignorance
You can fuck a vaporeon
You know what, I’m gonna say it
you fool! you made a spelling mistake!
you better cum all over my ass nigga
YoshiCUM Kira…
You think cum is your ally? You merely adopted the cum, I was born in it.
Youtuber Jawsh straight up poppin off
Yoshikage Kira boner
Yoshi remembers ‘nam
you are the special kind of stupid that ruins music.
You’ve been infected
You think coronavirus is bad?
You’re nothing to me. NOTHING.
You know what I don’t get?
You are wretched
yanderedev cactus
Years of academy training, not wasted
You are swine
Yo momma so fat
You are a sad and desperate man lmao.
Yo should be shamed of yourself
You play Madrid on FIFA?
Yes Yes Vegetable Song
you’ve contracted corHOEna virus 🤤💦🍆
Yeah I wipe my ass with dryer sheets, so what?
Youtube comments are very fine indeed
You sad little man
You should avoid using political comparisons when it comes to video games.
Yeah welll I don’t BELIEVE in CHEMICALS
you wish to relinquish your invitation to grant pleasure to your significant other via the process of oral sex?
You’re an animal
You’re an animal
You’re an animal.
You are scared of a text
You parasite! How dare you grope my wife?!
Yes I am a girl
You bigots
You think that’s weird?
Yeah nah i’mma pass on that my guy
Yodasexuallyassaults Peter Griffin in a subway bathroom [ASMR EXPERIENCE] script, original video by Kent Mansley.
You know what’s the best kind of guy?
Yeeyee juice
Yummy parody where I replace yummy with cummy and yum withy cum
Yeetos like cheetos till your mother beatos your meatos
You’re getting that promised ass tonight
your fault for getting me started on this but
You are wrong
You are so evil, Jack stauber
Yes, porn exists.
Yo I have a question
Your beautiful
Yes yes yes
You’re attention, the show will start soon.
You sad sap
Yummy yummy yummies I got love in my tummy and the cummies taste so f in good
You might say this is quite, cancerous.
You are understand what I am tell you?
You are RUINING r/ImSorryJon 😤
Yo does anyone have that copypasta where an old man fucks a trash bag, then he shits so much that the shit takes a human form and fucks a girl?
You Waste My Time
You know what happens to you?
You chose to be fashisses
Yikes, Oh boy, lets unpack this.
yikes you transphobe
You are swine
You’ve been drafted
You know what? Fuck you.
You have just entered heaven…
Y’know jimbo,
You think boys backpacks are huge?
You’re gay?
You know what fucking turns me on more than anything else?
Yes, I shit on the carpet.
Yoda and Ketamine
Yoshikage Kira copypasta but it’s been through 20+ different languages
You want upvotes?
YOOOOO THIS GOT ME CRACKING 😂😂😂😂😂 YOOOOO WEEAZLIN YOOOO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣☺️☺️☺️😝😝😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 YOOOOOOOOOO DIS PRIME PEAK COMEDY YOOOOOOOO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
You’ve got the whole squad laughing
You fool! You made a spelling error!
You’ve been in a coma for X years
You fucked your mom
Yes i do
You are reply to wrong comment
Y’all gonna like this story
Yesterday about the csgo final
You got the song wrong
Yo Angelo 🗿
You just said lmao?
Yo wtf
You had Riley Reid on your podcast?
You seem to be quite angry
You’re a season 7 player dickhead
You need to look up the definition of a psychopath.
You absolute buffoon.
Yesterday, in West Bumblefuck, Ontario.
y’all gon make me
Yooo cummy, I hope your doing well 😁
You think Kanye still fucks?
You pulp his laws and your lies are fiction.
You are NOT a chef!!!
You think you know what’s wrong with my ceiling fan? (Credit: slimetony @ tumblr)
You are NOT quirky.
You, sir, are an idioit
You are on my list.
You worship a little kid’s YouTube comment?
Yes yes yes j
Your comment has been removed because it violates rule 1: Be Civil
You call yourself a Lilypichu fan??
Yea sure, literally everyone that voted for trump is a fat racist moron.
You see, I’m what we call a Dark Comedian.
Youtube’s blacklisted words
You eat pony cum? Pathetic
You’ll still barely hit silver
You see lads, by only fapping to Hentai I’ve transcended the human capacity to become aroused to visual stimuli. The very utterance of the Japanese language is enough to make me diamonds, and things as mundane as an exceptionally curvy line for pre to force its way through the fabric of my jeans. Du
yoshi yoshi
young thugga
You did a bad upvote. Reddits new automated warning.
Yoshikage kira
You waste.
Yikes Hurts
y’all ever just stick a pencil up your uretha?
You’re 4’11
You want war, you will get it with the promulgation of socialism. You want to kill people and die? Go ahead, do it.
You Reposted in the Wrong Dimmadome.
YandereDev declares who is normal
You’re a SiMp
You now have full control of your body 🥵🥵 [+ emojis]
Yea im 18, Trust me
You have been temporarily banned from participating in r/etard
You should try out this new feature
You think your better than me at masturbating?
YandereDev Cactus rant.
You really think someone as beautiful as me
You have won the vibe check.
Youngsters of today
You like dick and balls don’t you?
Yoshikage kira copypasta but it is gosha from beastars
You’ve been permanently banned from participating in /r/yandere_simulator
Yes, that totally was an original joke
You like Huey Lewis and the News?
You useless piece of shit.
You useless piece of shit. You absolute waste of space and air. You uneducated, ignorant, idiotic dumb swine, you’re an absolute embarrassment to humanity and all life as a whole. The magnitude of your failure just now is so indescribably massive that one hundred years into the future your name will
You useless piece of shit. You absolute waste of space and air. You uneducated, ignorant, idiotic dumb swine, you’re an absolute embarrassment to humanity and all life as a whole.
Yea I work out, how could you tell?
You know what I just realized that Bernie is totally like Professor Flickwit
you’re a GIRL REDDITOR?!?!?! (Slight edit of pre-existing copypasta)
Yandere dev and the dick
Your mum as an anime girl
You’re no wise old gaming master
Yahoo Answers: An egg is stuck in my vagina
you’re a real fucking idiot lmao
You Useless Piece Of Shit
Yeah I smoke weed
You are big time stupid
You Reposted In the Wrong Dimmadome
Yoshikage Kira
YandereDev’s toast
Yo guys theory
Y e s
Ya bogan
You can’t make this shit up
You should have thought before you spoke
You stopped reading years ago, at a guess.
you had sex
you asked for it
You guys are dumb as fuck
you guys are dumb as fuck.
You have been permanently banned from participating in r/indianpeoplefacebook.
You come here to be a “somebody” dont you?
You have been temporarily banned from participating in r/FellowKids.
You may be a Muslim.
ya sure are hung
Yoda has come to make an announcement
YouTube comment, thank you steve smith
You have been temporarily banned from participating in r/indianpeoplefacebook
you retard incel. You can see it’s a joke you fucking fetus reddittard
You Ugly Me Beauty
you are a Regressive Leftist Libtard
You dramatic fuck.
You are right
Your sister’s bio
Yea I mean go copy paste cum in your mouth
You have been banned.
You need a very high IQ to understand MW2 lobbies
You’ve heard of big dick energy, meet big dick enthalpy H
You’re proud?!
Yousician Ad
Youtube comment.
You’re stupid 💥💥💥
You MIGHT have lost the argument.
Yang chicken nuggets
You maggot
youtube fear-inducing comment
Your art sucks
You wouldn’t understand what it takes to read manga
You never stop do you?
Y’all better not Sex
Yeah whatever dude
You like dick and balls?
You know what? I’m just going to say it.
You people need to shut the hell up and get real very fast.
YMS’s new video
You don’t like feet?
Young adult dystopian teen books in a nutshell
You have failed the vibe check
You have been banned from r/copypasta
Your living license sir.
You know, Jimmy?
Yandere dev milk goblet speech
Yum bees
You know what? I’m just going to say it.
YandereDev complains about his ugly face on a children’s video game
Yo Angelo
You have received a message
You fool.
You’ve been temporarily banned from r/copypasta
Yeah wash those hands retard
You, Me, and Peyton Manning
You look at the maclanky and think about how delicious it would be.
Your Kenna?
You are finally awake copypasta
You think you are better than me? You aren’t.
Y o y do u do DIY?
Yakko’s World
Yeetus my fetus
Yandere Dev’s Chalice of Cum
you frIcking Liberal!!! 😡
You think you’re original?
You ready for this
Yes I’m not sure if I have a problem or if you
You don’t know shit.
ytic ogel ni revir eht otni nellaf sah nam A
You are trash at geometry dash
You’re fucking dead, kiddo (copied from a comment)
Your comment
Your system is heavily damaged by Two viruses!
You are given the power of shapeshifting. What is the first thing you do?
You have been banned from participating in r/copypasta. Note from the moderators: you are banned If you have a question regarding your ban, you can contact the moderator team for r/copypasta by replying to
Yandere Dev’s class trial
YandereDev’s “Why I Blocked You?” Explanation
Yes Adolf 😫😫😫
You think you’re funny?
You humour me greatly with your arrogance and contempt (K’s response to fake Doom speedrun accusation)
Your average sound guy at school
your mom gay
yanderedev is god
You have been banned from participating in r/PeopleAsked
You just disrespected gamers on their own subreddit.
you were expecting a good copypasta
Your anus hasn’t been stretched to 2.7 inches? What a loser
You’re Grammar Sucks
You humour me greatly with your arrogance and contempt.
You dare oppose him?
You fool
You ruined the group chat.
You know what……….. FUCK BIG MOUTH
You have been [removed]
You can’t just say “that’s not what this is about”
Yea I shit!
You gotta see the arguments on both sides
yes i’m straight. yes i have aids. we exist!!
You humour me greatly with your arrogance and contempt
Yummy Cummy
Yandere Dev toast of goblet milk
You’re Laughing
You want to know why I love Wednesday frog?
You know what I like? I like ROBLOX, thats what I like.
You might be literally the dumbest commentor I have seen on Reddit.
You will continue to suffer when you are with a bad score
Yousa ever heard of-a dee story of Lord Plagueis dee Wise?
You CANT drink Holy Water.
You cannot outtaco the bell
You know, Jimmy?
You know what day it is.
yeah it was stolen from YouTube i don’t care
You’re going to love this. Trust me.
You think yer CoOl?
You need to lose weight
You’ve been Trolled! You’ve been Trolled! You have probably been told. Don’t reply, to this guy; he is just getting a rise, out of you! Yes it’s true, you respond and thats his cue to start trouble on the double while he strokes his manly stubble You’ve been Trolled! You’ve been Trolled! You shou
You suck
Yes, I am American
You’re scared of that doofy looking thing??
You have been permanently banned from participating in
Yoda’s suicide
You have been permanently banned from posting in r/Sino
You going to believe our President or some fake news agency?
You have lost your pp priveliges
You people make me sick.
You, Devisian Knights!
You humour me greatly with your arrogance and contempt, a flood of accusations born from the poison of envy and smite of disrespect
You clueless morons.
You are a penis Harry
Your cock is weird and so are your balls
You need to turn fapping into an all night event.
You cant comprehend verbatim english and thats somehow my problem? I can probably list ten well known books with semi indecipherable language you couldnt get through then.
You’re trying to accuse me of being a Nazi.
you can suck the KEOSKihauwetru
You can clearly see the beta males in this thread (agreeing with the Gilette advert)
You are incredibly funny.
you are an alpha if you let me fuck your girl (this copypasta is from a youtuber who made this masterpiece https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTbUpvb9Ceg)
You fuck little girls, so be it.
You’re so lucky because you’re Japanese
You fool
Yu gay oh
you can do anything
You have won the internet
Yakko’s World
You think this city is yours, Bruce Wayne?
You can’t call yourself a gamer if you don’t harass women and minorities, and that’s that.
You have made me uncomfortable
You wouldn’t believe
you scared?
You Gentry Are The Enemies of The People
You are a karma whore. You sell your body for karma. You suck dick for karma, that sweet, sweet internet point. You’re an insatiable slut who wants to be fucking covered in karma.
you’re not special
You ugly ass Roblox body built ass
you’re a fucking pathetic loser
You’ve gone incognito
Yeah, I’m part of the secret gay society.
You know Danny
You’ve only finished Skyrim 3 times!?
You forgot the pickles
You’re trash
You suck haha I win bye
You bunch of ass holes.
Yo Gabba Gabba
You’re so mad, for when someone says your mad but youre not actually mad.
You said a “nugget is a tendy.”
You are going to be ddosed
You idiot.
Your attitude is ridiculous. There’s no way you can actually be serious. I worked my whole life away at this goddamn factory for what Cheryl? They took all the pensions when they went bankrupt. What the fuck am I supposed to say to you? I already got another job at the grocery doing the only thing I
You never laid down butt naked?
Young Stalin Hot
Yes pasta just me literally cleaning my keyboard
Yoda gives head
Your eyes aren’t allowed to hurt anymore
You’re privacy
you pinged me?
You may be entitled to financial compensation!
You like tea and crumpets? Maybe some biscuits and chips?
You ignored my message?
You’re supposed to press the pictures of food on em Jimmy Nutron
You have been downvoted.
Yoshikage Kira x Dio Brande
Youtubers are responsible for their audience.
You deaf fucking deaf idiot.
YuUmmy bees
You’ve been dorime’d
You a gamer dude?
You are being watched
you play… FORTNiTE?
You are banned from Top City Fitness, Kripp
You know what, Jimmy?
You’re walking and chilling and you see this smug son of a bitch.
Your post has been removed for the following reason(s):
You insufferable wench.
Youre welcome
You’re in a wheelchair? Well I don’t have a girlfriend.
You dumb fuck.
You filthy casuals disgust me
You’ve been outclassed
You call me a racist?!!
You don’t think gamers are oppressed?
You probably have herpes
YouTube emailed you ≧☉_☉≦
You make me come 💦💦💦 you make complete 😍😍😍 you make me completely miserable 😂😂😂
You are quite humorous, sir!
You just never quit, do you?
yay epkay assassinantionay honspilacy
Yeah sex might be great…
Your opinion is wrong
You have the unfunny.
You clowns😤😬
Yummy yummy in my tummy
you will never escape rectangle nigga
Yo dude, not really appreciating what you have to say about Filipinos
Yoshi’s Island (1995)
You know what brother
yummy by justin bieber but it’s cummy cum
you’we fucking dead, kiddo.
You owe me 5 shmeckles for this cringe right here
Your account has been hacked and you need to unlock it
Yotsuba Koiwai
You’re pretty good…
You’re Crying
you play…. FORTNITE?!?
Yeah call me a virgin again.
yoshikage kira copypasta but it got converted to questions
Yeah I’m just trying to make it right next time I have something
You downvoted me?
YSK: my father’s dick is small
You say BTS sucks?
You say bts sucks?
YouTube titles be like
you know what i hate more about my generation?
Yes or ok
You fought in the Clone Wars?
You idiots. You utter buffoons.
You Googled: “definition of mod” Here are the results
You googled “Definition of Mod”, here is the result.
Your post is about to be upvoted.
You got more upvotes than my proper copypasta 😡
yoda has been drafted
You won a 1000 dollar walmart gift card!
You think your funny saying yes?
Your sex life is the dream of hormonal boys with big guns
You’re outgunned and out-manned
You just got downvoted.
Yes. Such a great meal.
You wouldn’t steal a car
You can’t go to Iran🙄😳😳
You think your cock is cool…
Yo dawg
You crossed the line, bub
You’re Braindead
You’re using the “OK boomer” INCORRECTLY
Years in this decade by year
You watched the video, congrats
You’ve yeed your last haw bucco
You may believe you are a women but you are not
Yahoo! Answers (2019)
You can save a life.
You have just made my list.
You are loser of the argument What is the difference between Taiwan and Korea
Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud
You should wipe your ass.
You know what’s scary? [This is an OC, hope you enjoy!]
You initialized hate speech
Yes, it was about 29 years ago.
Yeah, I’m a G A M E R
Your snowflake has ruined it for everyone.
You may be onto something here
You ☝️are literally 😂a minecraft 🟩tool 🔧that requires 2️⃣two (2) 🥢sticks🕹 and two (also 2) 2️⃣materials 🤔that can be used for crafting tools including — and definitely limited to– wood, 🌲 stone, 🗻iron, 🌑gold🏅and diamonds . 💎 keep in mind that this tool😋 is literally🤣 you😛😛🤩
You Fucking Millenial Punk-Ass Swimmer Fish
You cant tell me what to do
You aint a real gamer if you aren’t sponsored by RAID SHADOW LEGENDS
YouTube comments
you know im not real right
You want my ass? Be careful what you wish for
You are Todd Howard. You are playing Skyrim for the Nintendo Switch. You are having fun. It’s a good time, but then it always is.
You want my ass? Be careful what you wish for (u/MrBritishFace)
You didn’t ask?
You fucking repulse me, Maya.
Your joke isnt funny
You have uno
Yep, that’s me
Your house your rules
You really think you’re funny, don’t you?
You’re really funny [OC]
Your Lovely Step Mom
Your Step Mom
You need understanding of your teen
You use Instagram?
You guys should definitely listenn to the heartbreaking song “Ram Ranch”
Yummy Yummy!
Your post has been removed from r/showerthoughts.
You know I was hopping I would be wrong when I first joined this server but I will not stand up for things like this.
Yes, I have a knife.
Your entire body quivers in fear…..😳
You’re stupid buddy
Ya know, it takes some actual brain power to really appreciate Rick and Morty
You fool. You absolute buffoon. (This might exist already but I can’t find it)
You’re a cuck
Your bully from high school
You are the most pathetic excuse of a human being I have ever seen.
you see this bloody, burning universe, you see this ultimate, unlimited power? lea.
You can not sexualize cummy In this copypasta
You don’t use cum as a sauce?
Y2K 2020
You’re going to love this, trust me
You just got downvoted.
Yeah I use light mode what are you gonna do about it
yez daddy shrek-san
Youtubers with over 100k subs:
Y’all see em
You’re sitting on your structurally reinforced gamer throne
You like cock and balls huh?
Yo mama…
Yellow pee pee monster
you want to hear about my childhood?
Yeah sure ohh that hurt my feelings wahhh im crying
you ARE THE ROBOLEM jesus christ
You’re so young o3o
Yes, I’m an autist
your time is over neckbeard. /shrug
Yummy cummie in my tummies
Yaa its rewind time
You called me a boomer?
Ya like jizz?
Your Disney DVD™ is ready sir
You violated the Christmas spirit!
You absolute fucking Sisyphus.
Yellow Circle
Ya like Jizz??
You Americans have no idea what freedom is
Yeah so its midnight and I have some coka cola next to me. Should I drink it? Why the hell not
You made a typo
you shut the fuck up
You’re a clown. 🤡
You realize I’m in the fucking Air Force? You are nothing. Pathetic. I go to college for FREE. I get paid to work out. I’m learning a job for the future. I’m set up for the next 20 years. You are going nowhere.
Yes Umi, that’s exactly what that means.
You Plebiscites
You bought a car
You ▶ are 😂 alredy 😎 dead 😈 kid 😏
Yes, I cheated on her while I was on dope
Yes i cheated on her while i was on dope
You are in her DMs
You have failed the vibe check.
you like it retard
You’ve been reported
You Mother Fockars
You all remember these someday or another. if you don’t know what they are,look it up.
Your Honor, the defendant is NOT. THE. ASSHOLE.
You think a restraining order would stop me?
You are a seriously fucked up kid
You can change your gender at will. What will you do?
You fool you had a typo
Your awful taste in horse porn
Your meme wasn’t funny
You saw the number 69
Your mom
yee yee ass haircut
You’ve gone incognito
You like Baby Yoda?
Yeah so one time a girl asked me to cum on her
Yeah so one time a girl asked me to cum on her but I was wearing a condom
Your a girl…. Who listens to Weezer?!?!
ya-hoo yousa, you’re finally awake
Ya like kombucha?
You have been selected to Time Travel!
You 👊🏿want🧕 to know what I’m into? Sexy🥵 gay👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 furry 🦔porn
Yeah, downvote me.
You’re toast
You will deal with him being elected again and be able to do nothing about it. And as much as you seem to know about Velcro shoes and sex with your relatives, your kindergarten insult would have been better by saying “Do as I say, not as I do!”😂
you got gold bro
Yeah I have one testicle, what about it?
You just lost an argument
You want to wake up, watch some mandalorian with your star wars cereal, put on your chewbacca slippers, and cuddle your baby yoda doll while on the couch
Yoshikage waffle
You think your funny?
Yishun mynahs
Yeah dude, all of it
Yu-Gi-Oh Explanation
You think you can beat Banjo-Kazooie game in two sittings?
Yup. OC copy . . . OMG A SQUIRREL
Yall need to calm your 600 pound gay asses down. Nobody gives a fuck, I repeat, FUCK about your stupid ass opinions.
You’re dead
Your bullshit permeates the air
You fucking weebs
You know why they call me a boomer…?
Yang gang
Your Data has Been Recorded by the N Word Counter Robot.
youtube x avatar
You can call me by my middle name (from Tik Tok)
You are so strange.
You fool
You see this fictional character?
Yumm 🤤🤤
Your account has been deducted 10 shekels for viewing this video”
You fucked up kid
You stupid
You fucked up kid.
Yummy Sanitizer~~
Yeezy yeezy
You are quite humorous
Y’all are so toxic
You try to pepper spray me and take my gun when I open carry? Bad idea
Your spelling is terrible
You just got called an asshole.
Yikes sweaty, no kinkshaming. Also you said f-word slur, i bet you are a homophobe as well.
You and the Soros dems are the enemy of America. To you I say “Get behind me Satan”.You are a liar from the pit Of hell. Crawl back under yourvSoros rock, heathen.
Your favorite smash ultimate leak speculator
You sir are nitpicking and biased.
You make me so furious that the testosterone in my veins makes me hard as fuck.
You could just say “I’m a bad dog owner” to save us all time
You’re given an extra inch of growth
You’re dead kiddo
Your complete guide to talking to gamer girls,made by everyone’s favorite Reddit user (from r/teenagers)
Your complete guide to talking to gamer girls,made by everyone’s favorite Reddit user 📷Advice
Your Complete Guide To Talking To Gamer Girls
You so bad 😍
YouTube Rewind bot comment
Yoda Sucks
YouTube Rewind 2019 Speedrun in 0:52 EXPLAINED
YouTube isn’t the same, kids.
YouTube rewind 2019
Youtube you did it again!
you think you’re funny fucker no you’re unfunny fucker
YouTube Rewind 2019
YouTube Rewind 2019 Comment Section
You’ve made it apparent you are British
Yo, it’s ya boy Yoshikage Kira here
YouTube copypasta
You know what my *favorite* part of your shitty posts are?
You want to do a Collab?
YouTube rewind copypasta 2019
Youtube rewind time
You say Yoshi’s been avoiding the IRS for 19 years; however, that’s utter bullshit….
You have lost penis privilege
You are being ridiculous to try to win an argument.
Your toes look like fat distorted eggplants. (By u/hidden shots)
Your joke is so unfunny why dare to explain the reasons why it was unfunny…
You can’t watch movies on your phone – David Lynch.
Yeezus is dangerous
you fucked up
You’re the one for being a dickhead.
You fat fucking retard
you walk up to the altar in the Vatican
You have schizophrenic
You don’t believe I’m a gamer? Alright then, let me prove to you I am
You stupid
You motherfuckers. We need to talk about the b word. With emojis.
you didn’t get the joke.
Your reward for surving NNN
You know what every isekai forgets?
Yes I 100% agree no lie I am
Yes, I am an ass man, haw could you tell?
YTA, mobile user
You’re gonna call these spotty, scrawny degens that watch you an army?
You see, I’m an energy man.
Yoshikage Jesus
You reach for the succulent cock meat…
You fucking gremlin (no homo)
YTA, Mr. Grinch
You imbecilic idiot.
Yes I’h probably Ok too
You absolute troglodyte
You have been banned from…
You guys know what reddit is?
You DO NOT have PTSD
Yeah, taste is subjective…
Your mom is such a dirty slut!
Young Dalton, what does it mean to you, to be a Conservative?
You heard me, nigga, niggas can’t fight.
You just play with their hair and whisper sweet nothings in their ear
Yeah gravity is garbage.
yes I enjoy anime
You dumb motherfuckers. We need to have a talk about the B word.
You dumb motherfuckers. We need to have a talk about the B word.
Year 6900
You’re Gay
you have the🥴 kind 🥴of 🥴physical 🥴traits 🥴I 🥴like 🥴in 🥴a women.🥴
You fucking heretics.
You would not believe your eyes If ten million fireflies Lit up the world as I fell asleep ‘Cause they fill the open air And leave teardrops everywhere You’d think me rude but I would just stand and stare I’d like to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowly It’s hard to say that I’d rathe
Your penis size, in assorted mammals.
Yoda’s mental breakdown
You dare accuse ME of cheating at Doom?
Yo, yo, yo, its yo boy D Sizzle
You call yourself a Minecrafter?!
You like Doge?
You humour me greatly with your arrogance and contempt
You humour me greatly with your arrogance and contempt, a flood of accusations born from the poison of envy and smite of disrespect
You n’wah
Young Stalin
Yo profanitycounter
You wanna know what smart is?
Yeah, I’d make a good soldier
You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?
You swine. You vulgar little maggot.
You can’t understand death stranding
You know that’s just the landing module, yes?
Yooo Pedophile
You are living proof that Christ’s death was in vain
Yang has taken his official stance on MSNBC
You arent an astrologist
YOU CAN’T BEAT ME u/owoifier
you’ve got to be careful these days
You’ve heard of the Sierra Madre Casino.
Yes, yes I know that.
yare yare
You ever just
You pauper low-class scum
You’re always gonna have problems lifting a body in one piece.
You fool
You people make me sick.
yoshikage kira
You know, I think all generations are fucking retarded.
You hunt with your genitals?
Yo guys help me find my meme
Your dick is so small you cant even fuck your own ass
Yeah, I’m a sick fuck because I watch these videos
You cockgobbler
You know what, fuck you.
Your opinion is wrong
You have been banned from r/copypasta.
You have to have a very high IQ to understand British Humour
You know what’s funny. . .
You Have Been Banned 😡
You’re ruining a subreddit that many people loved while completely humiliating yourself.
You’re talking to yourself
Yeet grammar
Young kid on YouTube
Yee yes boomer
You chose to procreate. My vasectomy & my fiance laughs at you, as I absolutely have a life.
You’re trash, Leto
your argument is invalid (OC)
You have been banned from r/copypasta
YouTube Comments
Your comment was so funny!
You have been banned from participating in r/copypasta.
You think you’re so tough 4chan?
You have been banned from r/copypasta
Yesterday was Halloween, but I couldn’t care less. My mind is not satisfied with the childish festivities of the masses. Still I cannot dwell on their incompetence; There is work to be done. To an outsider, I am just a man typing an article in a coffee shop, but in reality I am a modern day warrior.
you think you’re funny?
You’re better off not reading this
You are what you eat!
You think you’re pretty funny, don’t you, freak?
Yo! Noid 2 Dab
Your Minecraft server
You’re a comedian eh?
Yoshilage Kira’s Masturbation Habits
Your mom is gay
You know what Jimmy?
Yea…F those guys
You fuckers think you’ve got it so bad.
YouTube change my category license to people and blogs please
You’ve lost your penis privileges
Your new assignment
You fucking retard.
Yo i’m tired of this shit
yo my dick fell off
Yuki!! (^-^)
You won’t believe what’s possible with this amazing program!
yes sadness equals depression
Y’know, when I first read this comment
Yall just judgy af
Your joke isn’t funny.
You know what Lotso? Fuck you. Here’s a 5 paragraph argumentative essay on why Losto should be exterminated.
You know what Lotso? Fuck you. Here’s a 5 paragraph argumentative essay on why Losto should be exterminated.
YouTube Support
yes egg yes
Yeah I like to JACK OFF
Yup I’m boycotting Pokemon sword and shield
You need a high IQ to be a furry
You are insignificant, yet you have so much potential in this world. Good luck
Yeah, I know, I’m 22 and single for the past 11 years,
Yesterday I became a furry
You won’t wriggle out of this conversation by making a joke.
You’re not a hacker
You just got Upvoted!
Yessir, I’ve been working on this farm my whole gaddang life, come from a long line of King Kong dicked chicken-fuckers.
You like Dick and Balls, Huh?
You clearly don’t know a fucking thing about those “instruments” and are laughably stupid about sound recording, playback and “fidelity” for even mentioning “tape” and “hi-fi” in the same sentence as you try to fake being an “audiophile”.
You gotta read this
you, you,
You wouldn’t fuck a pokémon.
you cant scare me, i work at chipotle.
You’ve been had
You Haven’t Seen the Things I’ve Imagined Seeing
Your favorite Harambe memes are racist. It’s time to stop using them.
You 👊 dead 😤
You are just so obsessed and mentally ill. Literally every single day of your life is consumed by trying to “troll” on 4chan.
You want honest criticism? Okay.
you are a retard (AI-GENERATED POST)
You stupid ass black bitch
Your time is up
yus papi
You stupid ass black bitch stop screenshotting my story or say goodbye to you last day👿 This is the end. Your time has come. It’s a wrap. The clock has struck midnight. Time to go. Time to pack it all in. You’ve had a good run. You’ve lived quite a life. You’ve done this and that.
You dead. 👻
You’re gonna smoke weed now?
You just got downvoted
you don’t know how to eat eggs
You’re a nice guy 💁‍♂️
Your opinion is now illegal
You swine. You vulgar little maggot.
Your opinion doesn’t matter
Years of academy wasted
You can’t make me fail NoNutNovember
Youre about to have a bad time
You can learn thousands of years of combative knowledge by studying the sword.
you stole my post!
Yoda’s life story, this is. Made this, I did.
Ya wee posh cunt
Your gay and I’m not
Yoshikage Kira but it’s Kaede Akamatsu
yummy children!
YMCA but communist
You kids have it easy
You’ve given me enough reason to do so.
You kids had it easy: Revised Version
You just posted a meme about Elon Musk
Yeah, i use 4chan
Your youtube comment meme was so funny
You kids have it easy
Yer fond of me lobster aint’ ye? I seen it – yer fond of me lobster! Say it! Say it. Say it!
You think candy corn is disgusting?
Your operating system has been hacked by cybercriminals. Change the authorization method.
Year 257,834 of No Fap
Y Chromosome
YoU mUsT bE FuN At PaRtIeS
Your thumbnail is shit
You can make a lot of things with shrimp
You Can’t Outrun The Peen
Your a failure
Yeah, I’m into politics.
Yo so imagine this
Yo so imagine this
You Cretin
Your furry
yeah i do D.R.U.G.S.
You Kids had It Easy
you got r/woshed kid
You have now read this post. What does that mean?
Yellow Man’s Shame
You have been banned
You’re telling me I’m not black?
You think I was born knowing everything?
youtube sponsorship copypasta
You’re stupid. And a total faggot.
You Cried to the Call of Duty LORDS
Yo mama so fat
you don’t want to see how heartless I can be
your first world problem is a first world problem: an epic poem
You swine.
You say we take ark too seriously?
You wish you were immortal? Okay!
You say you like dogs? (a comment in r/cats)
Yoshi Mongkui
yes fortnite blevins
y’all ignorant.
You have an opinion that you want to cast as knowledge that you are pretending to have of an industry that you are entirely ignorant of. You don’t have a leg to stand on. You literally do not even exist in this domain. You can’t win this argument.
You only live once
You think we trippin’ on the rugby?
Yoshikage Kira copypasta
You motherfucking asshole
You actually think you’re fucking funny, you shitty buffoon? You believe you have the mental capacity to make a good joke, meant to make us laugh, well guess what, you fucking dont! You have the intelligence of a fucking giraffe who just got its neck caught in a tree branch and doesnt even know abou
You’re approaching me?
You know what really bothers me?
yoshikage kira scp version
You are crazy. Explaining how pharmacist are bad course.
Yoshikage Kira
You’d learn a lot, kid.
Yooo did nigga got a phoooone
you will never find the original source
yes yes oh
Yoshikage Karen wants to live a quiet life
Yeah, they could have easily chosen me.
You should be sexually attracted to your own kids
You keep saying I posted in the wrong sub?
Your comment is shit
You are delusional. Did you really just say one of the co creators of one of the greatest sitcoms ever was unfunny?
You know what I hate about trams?
You just got pranked bro
You think you can fucking insult me? I built space you bitch, what have you done?
Y’know what? I think I’m missing something
You sir, are a fcking silly little cancer
You have been permanently banned from participating in r/Sino.
Your mum is gay.
you see, i am a GOO man.
You have been anti-banned from Reddit
You have failed the vibe check
Your relationship with your pet is sexual
You did not have to downvote.
Yo Gabba Gabba!: We Bite our Friends
Yuri best girl
You Fell For It Fool, Thunder Cross Spilt Attack
You’re mine (credit to a friend who made it, im just posting)
Yoda goes to Vietnam [OC]
You know what this is
You’re not worthless [OC]
Young Stalin is the hottest man I have seen
You’re the kind of Reddit-dwelling, Cheeto-dust-covered, Circle-Jerking, Karma-Whoring, Neckbearded, My-500-Pound-Life Troglodyte Incel that posts links to subreddits everywhere, aren’t you?
yes he does
You ever just be vibin doe
You Goblin
Your first meme, huh?
you are not a boomer. fuck boomers.
you suck because you say then you
You’re the man!
Yoshikage Kira Boner
You liar, you backstabbing bastard, you slimy goblin.
You have to have a very high iq to understand joker
You say Yoshi’s been avoiding the IRS for 19 years; however, that’s utter bullshit.
Yoshi did nothing wrong
You never knew you were in the old days until they were gone
Your nuts will be quaking
You better fucking not.
Yoshi tax fraud
Yoshi is innocent
You think Yoshi committed tax fraud? Think again.
you’re aren’t
Y u crying all the time? U seem like a cool chick
Yellow 🌼-billed oxpecker
Your inability to study
You just made an unoriginal comment.
You know what, no
You’re the link to monkeys in evolution
You’re all fucking stupid
Yoshikage Kira but it’s JOKER
you fool.
You idiot. You just got r/woooooooooshed.
you fucking moron
You can literally change almost anything in your life: your car, your wife, your political views, your gender, your religion and much more. But what you cannot change is your club.
You possess the Useful Hand
You are a cockroach.
you people don’t just understnd my power
You are a retard
your comment has been downvoted
Yo Angelo
You just got downvoted.
you little
You are absolutely retarded
You take your awards and shove them up your well-padded first world asses!
Your cry in agony, as it thrusts deep into you. You ask him to stop, but you know inside, you truly crave for more. The sensation of the burning satisfaction that you have desired for so long, has finally succumbed to your favour. As it goes deeper, your eyes begin to roll up, and your cheeks start
Yo mama
Your measly mind cannot even fathom.
you just got downvoted
You are a repulsive git
Your post single handedly destroyed China.
Yodakage Kira
You just posted cringe
Ylilauta gang rise up
youre the most smallminded, mumpsimus, stubborn degenerate i have known and will ever know
You’re wrong.
your opinion is wrong
YBN NAHMIR – Rubbin Off The Dick
You shouldn’t have given me gold
You Fool!
You 4chan incels🤢use “porn” to get off🤔????? Sad🤣lmaoo just have the sex with actual females🙄like I do😌 Bruh👏👏😤😤like💁‍♀️even now, while writing✍️this deeply insightful comment, I am getting my dick sucked by a hot🥵Latina chick😌💅. Smh my head rn🤦‍♂️
You are thinking I’m some triggered guy who likes BMX and monster
Yta for not offering him a cum-wich
yea miecraft
Yours is a moral standpoint which appears to lack internal consistency.
You have been banned from participating in r/cringetopia
You’re notorious on Reddit for being a troll
Your gig is up.
Yes I’m a sub and yes I masturbate to her.
You have no idea how much this video affected me.
You have arrived.
You downvoted me
you know what you guys are lame
You’ve been temporarily banned from participating in r/teenagers
you think the_donald defines me
You are currently in violation of the law.
You have been downvoted
You might know Joe, But Who is Joe’s Mama?
Yom Kippur Kummies
You have been asked.
You ever just think how utterly depressing it would be to never be able to jump in your life?
You are gay
you actual scum
Yea I hang with the Yang Gang 😎😎😤😤🤜🤛
Your actually dumb
You just posted Cringe
You have been permanently banned from participating in r/Sino. You can still view and subscribe to r/Sino, but you won’t be able to post or comment. (Since the message itself is a copypasta, figured it belonged here)
You just need to line yourself up with the keypad.
You’re a young Palestinian boy…
Your balls are a lootbox
Your comment just got downvoted 😡
You don’t understand Trump
yo wtf
You’re.. just wrong haha
you are the disgrace of all youtube if not all humanity
Yoshikage Kira translated to engrish, yoda, Shakespearian, and Jar Jar
You must fucking suck at parties
Y’all like Yu-Gi-Oh?
YouTube recommendation be like
You never know, that could have an effect on me as it does boofed lol.
You don’t wanna know who Pablo is.
your average gamer male
You have been reported
You Have Been Reported
You know how it goes
Your feeble mind could not begin to fathom the complex neurological functions within my brain
You have been reported
Yes (From r/yes)
Your leg when it first wakes up
You have been cancelled 💅
your feet are incredibly sexy
You ruined this group for me
You are all babies
yummy shrimp
You People are Foolish!
Yeaterday was vsco day at my school
You have been reported
You have been reported.
You reposted in the wrong neighborhood lyrics.
You guys miss me?
Young Scrolls Fans will know
You cant be racist towards white people
Your post has been removed for the following reason(s):
You or a Loved One
You lost a customer
Yoda Kira
You all don’t know nothing about heavy chronic smoking and real marijuana withdrawals, because no one smokes marijuana as much as me, no matter how many pounds of weed you’ve been through. Every 30 to 45 minutes, I smoke 2 to 3 grams, sometimes i just grab a hand full of buds and smoke it all, joint
You have been reported
You have been reported.
You have been reported
You have been banned.
You know what, no. Stop fucking attacking people for being correct.
You already know what this use is for…
You have done it again
You have been recorded.
You have been reported.
You’re hon – you – you its like your brain, your brain doesn’t fucking work.
Yummy rubber
You know something.
Yo bro, that Dark Humour was not appropriate
Yo bro, that Dark Humour was not appropriate (Link to OG comment in desc.)
Yo bro, that Dark Humour was not appropriate (Link to OG comment in desc.)
yesterday i went into a unisex bathroom and stared at someone through the crack in their stall. after 9-13 seconds of eye contact i decided to push my smelly twig dìck through the crack but the person on the other side went feral and opened the door, which made my dìck snap in half. i came so hard
You think the bungus is is your ally?
Your crush mcm
You can stop editing your post like a sweaty manchild.
your post didn’t check the current society’s humoristic standarts
You just need to apply the right oil to your blade…
YouTube comments be like
You hear faint sound
your mom sex
Yee haw man
You laugh. But I come from a great, well-off conservative gung-ho military family.
Yeah I’m gonna
You half-brain apple tree (credit to u/_4_4 ,the original poster of this comment
You need 3 balls 🍒 I grab the kitchen knife 🔪
Y’all wanna go to space?
Ya Like Jazz?
Your pussy is therapeutic
Yoda, the jedi masturbator, found in r/memes
yes epic indeed
You 🤡are such 🤡a clown
Youtube video
Yeah I bet u like that u little Karma whore
Yakko’s world
You’re welcome.
You have just lost The Game
You motherfucker.
You’ve been diagnosed with Normie Cringitis and terminal Dumbass Retardiosis.
Yeezy’s are ugly as hell
You know Paris, France?
yoshi’s eggs
You don’t like Pink Floyd
Yo dawgys. I’m from the year 10,042. I’m going to tell you the secret of what the fuck is going on
You can change out “thezacharysmith” for any text in the URL, and it’ll display whatever text you put in, in other words, this is a spammer’s text post from r/norules
You have to be twisted to enjoy the Joker
You think the nword bot makes me look bad?
Yes, Minister copypasta
yoda eating hamborger
You got it KID?
You’re a wizard Harry
You Fool
Your momma so fat
You wrote that yourself?
You think you’re funny?
Ye shall smash thy mouth
yeah minecraft copypasta (By SkyDoesMinecraft)
You got downvoted!
You did a mistake.
you x reader
Yoou’r no,,t; a ajre..al mailman (pesterquest)
You Have Obstructed the Formula of Logistics
You guys aren’t funny
Yoda eating hamburger made me cum
yeah right
ytp sexer Script
You Fool
You are wrong.
year ago
Youtube tv, watch like a fan
Yung ni**a lookin for a Felika from Domino’s HMU
You like Kanye West?
You just had to whine about the repost you little cry baby
Yea incels 😎
you want to have an erection?!
You can’t bring cats to Disneyland.
Yellowtail is the best font
Your Obedient. Barrister Larry Nina. The French Bar Association of Benin.
You & The Cockroach
Your body when your crush touches you
You Mcfucking Retard
You’re in the Army? Like I give a shit.
You don’t even know Obama’s real name
Yeah, the pros can shoot..
Yang is one of the best fucking politicians on the stage.
Yoda, my name is
You’re unfunny kid
You’ve got a dick in me
You just posted cringe
You’re not a true gamer if you don’t remember this…
Yoda’s Death sentence
You must play Roblox
Ya wanna know how I got these scars
You are Wicked and Depraved
You’re here to become a true man
You fool.
Young hug
You’re a walking bee.
You know the Dimmsdale Dimmadome?
Yeah, I’m pretty badass
Yo imma come straight forward u play fortnite do u have a girlfriend
you know when you’re on discord and your friend just writes an essay about a fictional character?
You Are Very Funny
You have no idea how hard it is to be someone who posts hentai on Reddit.
You 404’d it
You’re in your room, listening to music on spotify.
You did it, pewdiepie
you know I had to do it to em
You suck and you’re trash.
Yeezy taught me
You’re a Leftist, because you’re a socialist. Socialists, Communists, Fascists and Muslims are all neo-feudalists.
Your getting a big fat downvote
You are truly a sickening individual.
You swine.
Your mum gay
Ya Got Trouble!
You disagreed with my post?
You vulgar little maggot.
You were trying to crack a sarcastic joke, huh?
You’re not tough bitch.
You swine
your joke
You one-handed slack-jawed drooling meatslapper
You degenerates can’t even use Facebook marketplace
You will probably hide this, whereupon I’ll just re-post it.
Y’all wont guess what the fuck happened to me
You think that’s funny?
You are disabled
You know this is Reddit right??? (found on r/travisscott)
Yo Pierre you wanna come out here?
You’re a waste of time
You fucking pussy.
You cannot say OWO here
Y’all ever just…
You binked it.
YMCA but it’s the USSR
You’re in big treble now
Y’all really be clowning
You are a fake fan.
Yoda speaking str8 fax😳
You lie back on your favourite oak tree…
Yo, no joke, except this an actual stand up bit, but you’re almost super on the mark.
Yo my bro my fam
Your device was infected. Please take the action.
You Sinners..
You think you’re so funny, huh?
You are a terrible person!!!!!
Yeah, I play TESIII: Morrowind
Your purpose is just to live so carbon-based life can continue to evolve.
Yandere dev on Samus changes
you done that yourself?
Yako’s world
You think your funny?
Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud (IRS was called!)
Yoshikage Kira
yuuuuuuuu soulja boy tell em
You are very hot
You really think arguing on reddit is “wasting your life”?
YMCA blowjob copypasta
You only truly love someone if you would eat their poop
You just got downvoted.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah I’m a gamer (Stolen from Dafran)
You hate the military?
Ye olde tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise
You just made me remember why I refused to drink any bottled water for half a decade
You’re going to make me go absolute apeshit here…
You must be 16.
Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of cum
You weakling
Your music is fucking garbage.
Yeah I know this is trash but it’s OC that I wrote before I even found this sub so I’m sharing it anyway.
You little toddler
Your son is being radicalized in gamer chat rooms.
You call that efficient?
Young Chop on the beat
You absolute fuck
You can thank me for my service
You cunt. You fucking cunt.
your mom ghey lol
Your reply is a logical fail.
Yakko’s World
You just got r/WOOOOOOSHED!!!!😂
You’re better than this Bradley
You’ve been cancelled!
You fucking idiot
You guys wanna buy some opiates?
you dare call conservative memes unfunny,?
Yoshikage Kira
You are the girl below
Y’all can’t handle this
You just shit your pants in public, pal.
You can stop right there. You just shit your pants in public, pal.
You simpletons
Yoshi x Peach fanfiction
You guys are soooo thirstyyyy
you foul nauseating sad and revolting person
Yet I am still hetrosexual.
Yeah this is yeah
ya yeet (mumble rappers be like)
Youtube comment about man’s ex wife
You are a wonderful person.
You fucking hermit.
You have insulted me for the last time.
Your houses are bugged you dumb assholes
Yes… Yes. I remember the first experience during a deployment was having to take a shit
You NEED Grammarly™!
You find yourself on a lonley beach
You have committed the ultimate cardinal sin, you used an emoji
You are stupid
You filthy thot, you’re not hot.. you disgust me
yo he dummy thicc
Yoshi pregnancy via blowjob
you just got wooooooshed
You’ve jyst a bitch loikung for somebody to abuse, you won’t abuse me anymore!
Yoda did a oopsy
You know what? (NSFW)
You crack me up donald.
Yoda 👮🏿‍♂️👮🏿‍♂️ is an addict 🙅🏻‍♂️🙈
You’re absolutely right.
youtube comments and memes needs too calm the fuck down
You absolute filth
Yoda interviewed about his Ketamine addiction
Ya’ know, there’s something about these hot summer days that call for an ice cold Mountain Dew. That cool, fresh, lemony taste
You committed the ultimate cardinal sin, you got personal.
You are just an IMMATURE Juvenile IDIOT. GROW UP! Now SLAP YOURSELF. (I’ll tell you when to stop)….and go to your room! Also Your MASTURBATION PRIVILEDGES have been REVOKED!
You committed the ultimate cardinal sin.
You think you like music?
You have alienated your playerbase
You committee the ultimate cardinal sin (from r/apexlegends)
your opinion is bad
Yeet. It started with a simple word.
You got personal (Apex Legends outrage)
You committed the ultimate cardinal sin
You get an f
Ye good ol’ days
You must be fun at parties
You SEE my point.
You dont fkin realize i can mentally dissect you for hours straight
yesterday at school
You need some nerf darts
You have sined (Fixed)
You seem like the type of person
Young thug
You see, ADHD is when your prefrontal cortex is a retarded brainlet [OC]
You haven’t read homestuck?
You shouldn’t be afraid of having your own opinion
You need to have a very high IQ to understand poop.
You stink you poopie boy
Yoinked from r/UnsentLetters
You dim witted fool
you now have full control of your body
Your in for it now buddy
you never played tuber simulator??
You just keep on downloading me, this is REDICULOUS!
YouTube comment
You made a funny
Yo your buddy alex jones is a cuck
Yoshikage Kira
You’re oponion on this matter wasn’t requested
you mentioned a subreddit omfg
You will never be able to blackmail me with my porn history
YouTube Rewind 2019 is a lose-lose for us.
you absolute buffoon
YouTube rewind 2019
You’re a stupid fucking bitch
You hella gay bro
Yodas thick ass cheek
You can never go back.
You think there is no pain?
You honestly think you’re fucking funny?
Yang gang bang
Yang gang
You have angered the wrong fandom!
Yeehaw Cowboy – Fridee
You have a soy brain
You’re an asshole, pal.
You should not trust Donald Trump!
You must be fun at parties…
Yoda kidnaps you after robbing you outside a club
Your a metaphoric cuck for the rich
YouTube comment
You know what?
You’re a wee scunner!
Yoshikage Kira copypasta but it’s Jesus Christ (source in the comments)
You cringe baby
You Sick Fuck
Yeah yeah
Yet another day of space adventure
Your mother is a massive homosexual
You are nothing more than an obstacle in my way.
Yeah I stole this
Yo hypothetically girl like…
you’re invalid if you tweet via phone
You know how I know you suck? ‘Cause your username is ISuck247.
You are no match for my OUTSTANDING ability to know every song lyric out there
You just fapped?
Your some sort of fucking dick😡
You fucking suck
Youtube comments on old videos be like
You technically only have 2 minutes to live
You fascists better pray that communists never seize the means of production
Your comment only proves my point, asshole.
You Trumpsters better pray that liberals never gain control of the WH again…
Your joke sucks.
You have memory disorder
You wanna be a freak? (found on /r/bodybuilding)
Yep, your definitely one of those pricks in the tights.
Your friendly-neighborhood Clickbait YouTube video (found on r/starterpacks)
Yoinked from a r/suddenlygay post
Youtube comment be like
Yoshikage kiwa’s speech
You wrote that yourself?
You’re card has been deactivated
You mocking me you piss pants?
You know what the fuck you’re looking at?
You petulant charlatan.
You should do your research.
You’re Welcome but Maui is way too horny
You better hop off my phone 😡
You are the pinnacle of comedy
yeah boi
You’ve never met a celebrity before. But there he is: Ben Shapiro
You actual Piece of disgusting shit, a youtube comment.
Your knowledge is limited and your ego is massive. (Found this in the comments on a Metallica video)
Yug Ylimaf
Yuri is perfect
You did a racism
Yes? No
You need some O2
Your dog is eating.
You wrote that yourself?
you dare oppose me mortal
You’re welcome
Your breathing license has been revoked for uttering “thanos with his huge cock dangling down.”
Yeah science
Your opinion is abhorrent, disgusting, and objectively wrong.
yo i’m not bullshittin
You absolute buffoon
YG stop snitchin intro
Yeezy copypasta from u/mugenwoe
you fool
you FILTHY dumb gamer😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
You abhorrent scum.
You are a rusty nail
you have an opinion that differs from mine, that means you’re wrong and I hate you. and I’m going to let you know that you’re wrong and I hate you. and also that you’re the worst human in history just because what I think isnt what you think.
yeaah. minecraft
You should have seen the other guy
Yo, can a loc come up in your crib?
Yams and Hams
You’re trash Brock
youtube comment
You swine!
You are wrong
Years ago back in New Jersey. . .
Yeah look here
You’re the biggest pussy on the planet…
You know what really grinds my gears? Two words…
you fucking monster
Y’all are still talking about the cat?
Yeah, my method to picking up chicks is pretty good, its unique.
You know the worst thing is
You a person can’t accept they are wrong
you stupid
You “Did My Mom”, huh?
You’re a thot cummy
Yo, cut it Soy un perdedor I’m a loser baby so why don’t you kill me? (double barrel buckshot)
you know one thing that bugs the shit out of me
You’re welcome. .-.
Your 👉 video 🎬 is nitpicking 👌 and 😡 biased!!1!1111!! ⚖️
Yikes, Oh boy, lets unpack this.
You cum and go
You forgot something…
Yoda’s Mental Breakdown
you doodlebob fool
You will love reading this 😍😍
You wanna hurt me?
You sick fucking freak.
You’ve been gnomed.
You’re a real asshole, pal.
yo cummy
You think your so stonrg?
You stupid twat
y a k k o
ye scallywags!
You have an unhealthy addiction.
You know what? Fuck you, you piece of shit.
You guys know this song?
You fool, you absolute buffoon.
you’re jealous of a handjob?🤧
Yikes bro very yikes
You… are a.. girl gamer
You’re…a gamer girl?!
You know, I actually used to do a similar thing when I was a kid.
Your comment made me fart
You were trying to lewd the lolis, right?
you fucking fool
You’re Welcome!
You’re wrong. (OC)
You moron!
You have reddit
you’re gonna have a bad time
You’re under arrest.
You know what the biggest problem with todays society is?
yeah minecraft yeah
Your a terible persno
You better clean your ass or those beans wont pass
You fool!!
You’ve heard of sucking dick for drugs… but what about sucking dick BECAUSE of the drug itself? Confession/AMA (24yo “str8” male)
Y’all are just jealous of us real men
You’re all saps.
Yeet variants
You fat fucking retard
You are why I use ad block.
You have no idea how much I want to fuck Justin Briner
You’re a STEM major!!?
you can use my time machine
You’re talking to a transgender transhumanist in Tokyo
Y’all think eating healthier and a little less to lose weight is hard?
You are a gay homosexual
you forgot to switch accounts
You gotta think tho 💁 if there’s a baby in the sun it means *someone fucked the sun!!* 😱 Imagine a human inserting his schlong repetealy into a giant ball of flaming gas THOUSANDS of kilometres away!! 🤔 I wonder how the cum didn’t dry instantly considering the scorching temperatures that it emits
Yes, Indeed
You’re the entire circus.
Youtube Comment Cringe
Yoshikage Kira has an announcement
Yoshikage Kira
You disgusting rat.
You guys are cancer
You can’t argue with facts! (From r/insanepeoplefacebook)0
You fucking two-bit sideways looking bitchmade Mexican ass lawn mowing motherfucker
You know Paris, France?
You see I’m a Nice Guy.
Yo, Check this out
Your pee pee in outer space ?!?! 🤔🤔 [OC]
You know what’s going down 😎
You know you’re trying to be sarcastic, but its actually true.
You’ve been hit with a bruh
You are not a true gamer
You’re literally gay if you’ve never shoved a dildo up your ass.
Yes I found a genuine credit repair company
Youngest Flexer Of the Century.
You swine. You vulgar little maggot. Don’t you know that you are pathetic?
Yo! That’s haram!
Yeah, I’m a libertarian
You know, ive never really understood the reason behind a male enjoying yuri
Yoinked from r/advice
You’re a toxic piece of human trash.
YouTube trending on how to drink water
you think you’re garfield huh?
YSK the best way to breakup a dog fight is to stick your finger in one of the dogs bum
You are a 🥔
You useless piece of shit. You absolute waste of space and air. You uneducated, ignorant, idiotic dumb swine, you’re an absolute embarrassment to humanity and all life as a whole. The magnitude of your failure just now is so indescribably massive
You are talking to a dude that is a target for psychos.
Yeah I fucked riven
you’re jealous of a handjob?🤧
Yo Mama Has an Existential Crisis
yoshi egg??
You guys are all jerks, and pathetic fanboys
you, u/(username), just got r/woodshed!!!!1113 (not original)
You subhuman baboon. You literal chimpanzee. What in god’s name compelled you to make such an abhorrent thread you limp wristed, cock-sucking, shit munching, micro-You subhuman baboon. You literal chimpanzee. What in god’s name compelled you to make
You pathetic meme page owner
You fool
You’re so dumb
Yeah sure. Thanks for not trying to bang a bot. Also, we all know I’m not a bot as I manually respond to most of these but let’s just keep up the pretence.
You idiot
You’re gas taking!
You sick fucks think gamers are oppressed?
Y don’t my parents knock?
You don’t even understand it and don’t pretend to try and understand it.
You think he’s dead because his shows come off? You must be mentally rarted, so while I pity you, I am still downloading this because of just how utterly dumb it is. Make sure you have someone look over whatever you post in the future so that you don’t look like such a idiot. 🙂
You can feel your heart thumping in your chest against the cold metallic floor
You post on The_Donald
Yee haw snek
yeah minecraft
you just got rwoshed
yo what is up guys im gonna keep it short to the point
You insufferable arseholes
You asked?
You don’t even know him, and my girlfriend would kick your ass for that!
You have no friends, and I do.
Your Tinder game is weak
Your resident crackhead
You said that “absolutely everyone” loves Keanu Reeves
You a peasant: F. Me an intellectual:
You monumental idiot.
Youtube Comment on Pulp Fiction
You have all seen a bucket, but you have never seen me fuck it.
yall ever just take a cold shower in the dark on all fours and groan pleasurably pretending you’re a wet rhino on the african savannah during the first rain in years
You people make me sick
You can also work together with
You’re welcome *dabs*
You fool
You idiot!
Yesterday I had an appointment to see the urologist for a prostate exam
You never played Tuber Simulator ™?
You’re breathtaking
you a normie: Notorious B.I.G me an intellectual: Reputable H.U.G.E
You👈 Just🕛 Posted 📮Cringe😳
You have a 512gb hard drive?
you don’t stan blackpink?!
Your cousin John Throckmorton
You’re Just mad
Yeah, I’m A Gamer
yoshikage kiwa uwu
You came in 3 seconds?
You’re a self important dickhole
You want to know why I love dat boi?
Yoshi is a hero
Yes, that is true…
You Disney sheeple
You have been banned from participating in r/Sino.
Your poop accelerates
Yodas Penis
You just got wooooshed
Yoda’s penis
you’ve already been told you’re a fucking monkey with your bitch-ass bloated nose?
You’re mine
Young BM Ni🅱️🅱️as Wanna Be Me
your rocks belong to me
Y⭕️u’re👊 n🅾w ⭕️ne☝️ 🅾f 3️⃣ 🖖🅿️e🅾🅿️le👨🏿👩🏻👦🏽 ℹ️’ve 🅱l⭕️cked😡❌🚷🚫‼️ 🅾n 🅱eddit👽.
You are talking mad shit for someone is pasta range
You guys seem mentally damaged
You open your eyes to see a pitch black room.
You dare challenge me 😤😤😡
You are programmed by god.
Yahoo Answers user wants to know their sexuality
You fool. You absolute moron
You think you’re the best?
You ever seen those stories about crusty old old shoebox that have been used to store cum for 5 years and wondered why there was never a female version of that? well i’m going to prove you wrong.
Y u do dis mom
You’re Breathtaking
You know they say that all men are created equal…
You ever seen the first LEGO Movie? The real one? The Adventures of Clutch Powers?
you dare question my likings for the hat child
You don’t really look legit
You’re a poopy head
You abhorrent scum
Yoshikage Kira copypasta but translated to Irish
you dick eating rabbit mouths looking ass hoes
You better calm your tits with that “pip-pip-cherrio” bullshit
You spelled that subreddit name wrong, wanker.
You just got r/WOOOSHED 😎😂😤
Yo the other day I walked and there was a car
You think you’re funny?
Yang Gang
you’ve been HACKED! (OC)
Yeeton’s Three Laws of Yeet
You wanna know what the dumbest creature on this fucking planet is?
You see
Yaint thumpin’ no mo
youtube simulator 19
You just got r/WOOOOOOSHED
YouTube comment
Your eyes are too far apart. Nose is definitely crooked.
Yeah, I’m a GAMER
you will forever be a man and nothing can change that
YOOOO this JUST happened and I NEEEED to tell someone…
Your mother jerks off pigs
You are a CUNT, Zach
Your anus will surprise you.
You have to have a high IQ to understand Stephen King
you are honestly like every single toxic 12 year old…
You’ve never played TUBER SIMULATOR!?
You fool.
You fucking retard scum.
You think 🤔 it’s hot? 🥵🔥
Youth Outreach Progam
You shouldn’t have reposted my meme.
Yoshikage Kira copypasta (revised)
Young Metronome
You absolute buffoon
You crafted a diamond hoe
You’ve not imagined Yoda’s penis?
You’ve never played Tuber Simulator?
Yoda’s Penis
Yoda fucker
Yes i do the sex
You’re one sick fuck.
Yoshikage Kiwa
Yellow turban trailer text. A great copypasta material.
You own Bitcoin? hahaha
You see this old man?
You just fucking said stone.
You ready that bio right folks
Yo, Giorno I need my wee wee sucked
Yeah I’m freaky 😘👅💦
You idiot!
You ever think kira used the hands he collecs as a fleshlight
You numbskull.
Yoshikage (olden edition)
You Niggas in Trouble
Yubaba sex dreams
Yoshikage Kira but with increased verbose
Yeah, y’know, thank you C-SPAN. And Peter, you mentioned something about sharing the burden.
You fool
Your maternal parent has been reported to experience activities of same-sex attraction.
You just never quit, do you?
Yes I have an automatic spoon
you may think me a little rash, but,
Yo mama
You’re mine, Josh.
Y’all guess what the fuck happened to me right?
yoshikage kira copypasta
You know,
You got that right, vegans are insuffrible.
Yeah, I’m part of the KKK!
You think that’s an outrage?
You farted in Eataly Boston.
Your fuckin lame with that.
Ye Ol’ Dairy Cowboy store
you subhuman baboon
Yamcha Dawson
You’re literally the embodiment of pure toxicity.
Your sexual username
You do not giggle, you absolute cunt.
Year 257,834 of No Fap
Yo Danny boy..
You really tryna throw shade at me
You know Paris, France?
You find this entertainmenting???
You low entellegence people and your stupid entertainmenting (found this on r/confessions)
YouTube comment
yeast bread with raisin
You From The South?
You can’t have a dunk contest without dunkers.
You just got wooshed bro
Yo Angelo 🗿
Yo Angelo! 🗿
Yo Angelo! 🗿
yoda gamming
YTA, sweety.
Yeah funny as always bro.
Yall are fucked
you hated your eye colour
You see this fictional character?
You think this is a joke?
you snowflakes
You’re crayon chewing, sister fucking, ventriloquists-sex-doll, failed abortion, botched circumcision, hentai censoring trapezoid
You’re reading words written by one of the greatest Counter-Strike 1.6 players in the world.
Youtube sucks
Yahoo answers is a crazy place.
you don’t have swag💵💰 bro
You done got gotten kiddo
You want to invade Finland? Think again!
Y’er fuckin’ fish food matey!
You: says thing. Me:
Your girlfriend is trash
You dare say my little sister was innocently fucked by my bully?
you fool. you absolute baffoon.
You got r/wooshed
You fucking idiot
You took the bait on quite a few red herrings, but that’s par for the course.
You think you’re safe behind that screen of yours?
You think you’re safe behind that screen of yours?
You arrive home, and your girlfriend Ashley, isn’t there?
You’re talking to a transgender transhumanist in Tokyo
You should think of babies as dough
You can take a family out of Russia but you can’t take Russia out of a family
Yet another Warwick Davis hate copypasta
You ever wondered where turtles go in the winter? They can’t migrate to warmer climates. They tend to live only in climates that have mild winters, but they do go north (and south) enough to be in places where lakes freeze over. So what happens?
yeah i love papa jesus
You, sir, I’m not a fan of.
Yeah buddy, laugh it’s funny
You’re fucking boring if you like popular music
You people make me sick
You’re fucking boring if you like popular music
You’re fucking boring if you like popular music
YouTube Comments Are Shit
Yeet the bots away [OC]
you just got r/woshed not lie😂😂
you just got r/woshed not lie😂😂
You just came in and decided to say this, huh?
Yuri is too perfect.
Yuri is too perfect.
Yoshikage Kira copypasta but with Narancia
You right. Men have it so rough these days.
You’ve become the very thing you swore to destroy.
you 😍 yes you handsome 😉💯 have just 🤣🤣 lost 😱 the game 😎😳😳
Yeet is a beautiful and commnly misused word (from r/AMA)
Yeet is a beautiful and commnly misused word (from r/AMA)
Yoshikage kira pasta translated ~30 times, enjoy
You have no right (from a mate’s Instagram)
You want to see more low quality amateur attempts at something that’s so easy it can be done with closed eyes and tied hands?
You used the term incorrectly…
You guys are getting ripped off
Yoshikage Kira copypasta but it’s translated to English from Chinese using google translate
You missed a question in Kahoot?!
You think you’re exhausted! Trying living life in my shoes💯💯💯
You ever just sell the rights to your first born daughter to a Nigerian prince for access to the banned loli videos?
yeah so
Your katana
You own it
You just don’t understand
You will be dumbfounded and awed by the breadth of my knowledge
You know, studies show that the age you learn to masturbate directly correlates to IQ?
You think you can game with us?
Yep, Its me!
You post in the_Donald
Yeah, scientists aren’t as great as everyone thinks
You dumb fucking cretin, you fucking fool, absolute fucking buffoon, you bumbling idiot. Fuck you.
You think you’re a gamer???
y’all ever see that KEY&PEELE video????
You honestly think this shit is funny?
you think you’re a gamer?
Yare yare daze
You can’t reject my advances!
You know
You thought you were fighting a mere mortal?!
You know what, as a guy, I’m glad to be short.
Yoshikage Kira (The uwu version)
You are a disease
your soul yearns
y’all ever wonder what goofy’s cock is like?
You ready bish?
Yo 😎 listen 👂 🤚 up 🖕😤
You don’t have rights to judge me
Yo Mama
You’re actually gorgeous😍 and also look like you’re going to auschwitz xo
YouTube Rewind 2018
YouTube Rewind 2018
You need high IQ to understand esperanto
YouTube isn’t what it used to be
You have big gay
You’re a terrible person and also a cuck apparently
Yoshikage Kira copypasta but translated a bunch
You found that funny?
you suck
Yoda and the hamburger part 2
You Get What You Pay For – Audio Engineer Responds
Yoda showed me how real men poop in 2nd grade
You ever just feel huge amounts of pain in your stomach?
Yare Yare Daze
You think I’d be submissive?
Yoda and the hamburger part 1.
Yeah I’m Palestinian and I MINECRAFT
Yeah I smoke the reefer.
Yoshikage Kira introduction, but ge screams every “a”
You worthless mongoloid
You dont scare me.
You remind me.
You can talk, but your stupid
yo yo
You get in that ass, Larry!
You’re going to love this, trust me.
You want to call ME a neckbeard?
You swine.
Yes I am a online schooled student.
you fucking karma whore
You’re a clown 🤡
you want to call me a neckbeard?
Yo where do I hide?
You want to call me a neckbeard?
Yes Minecraft is symbolic in many ways with The book of Revelation
Yeet is a powerful, beautiful word
Yugioh first episode transcript
Yannick Hanfmann is going to petrify Nadal
You are a fascist
YOU AIN’T SHIT, “sis”.
yeah, im a nice guy!!11!
You Just Got Wooooshed, kid 😂
You can use this when you get gold
You need to take this down
You see this fictional character? I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve lost liters of cum to this character of mere fantasy. Isn’t it funny how not even real women arouse me like she does? I have killed millions of my offspring to the thought of having an intercourse with a cartoon.
You underestimate the extent to witch I’ve studied mythology.
You dawe to ping me, Vipey da gweat???
You swine.
Yote from r/4chan
You think you have a crap life ?
Yeah, I’ve had sex
You ever had a calzone?
Y𝙹⚍ ᓵᔑリ’ℸ ̣ ∷ᒷᔑ↸ ꖎᒲᔑ𝙹
You can levitate but only with 75% of your body.
You degen fuck. (For discord)
You virgins wouldn’t understand.
you tuched my chocolates
You sir, live in a virtual existence. Everything you do, is in virtual text. And for that, I feel sorry for you
You gay u/chancellor_porpatine
You just posted cringe
You fool
You sir, live in a virtual existence
You know what I cannot stand?
You Just Never Quit, Do you?
your n word pass expired, sir
You ever hate your principal?
you’re a piece of shit, huh? what a fucking derogatory way to express your dislike for content like this.
You’ll never walk alone
Your music isnt mathcore
You’re a piece of shit dude, and when my side of this is heard you’ll see why. Way to fkn jump on the bandwagon and chase the clout. You must me dancing right now. Tfue I’m going to personally make sure you regret tweeting this and adding to this bullshit dumpster fire.
You just never quit, do you ?
You lying, sick pig..
You’re all a bunch of pedos
You feminists… Do you not understand that was was given to you, can also be taken away from you?
You feminists.. Do you not understand that what was given to you, can also be taken away from you? The simple reality is this…
You Fool.
You might have a stinky butt.
You thought Robloxers don’t swear?
You Shidded
you know some people have a competitive nature and arent complete 20 iq casual soyboys. even if some people try to be casual they simply cant, their brain doesnt allow them to send villagers to food without building a granary. their brain doesnt allow them to only make 10 villagers for the whole gam
You need a very high IQ for game of thrones
Yall hungry for some
Yousa cant hide from meesa
You might just encounter a Virtual God like myself
youre a freaking tyrant
You’re a piece of shit dude
You play Fortnite?!!
You merely adopted the raid. We were born into it, molded by it.
You illegally park you deserve the consequences
Y’all mind if I’m
You make me want to cry
You’re welcum
You are worth less than a can of ravioli
Yall are just sick
You merely adopted the raid. We were born into it, molded by it.
You actually think a bad joke like this could end someone’s life?
You must be new to reddit
Your opinion is stupid
You should be allowed to fight mods
Yes but also yes
you sir do not wish to 1v1 me.
Your fuckin delusional
You ended you sentence with two question marks
Youtube Comment Romance ;))
Yeet is a stupid fucking word.
You, you’re finally awake…
YouTube comments
Yeetus yeetus beat my meetus
Ye olde copius pastus
Yes, I am a gummy bear. How many times must I specify that I am a gummy bear? It is also true that my chemical makeup results in a satisfying meal.
You didn’t even get the subreddit right
You wanna know what pisses me off?
You cautionary, melodic optimal shitwit!
Your Lie In April. Kaori Miyazono’s final message.
Yet another high IQ copypasta
you think of yourself as very clever, don’t you?
yo momma 😤
Your word runneth my cup over
you want bruh?
YouTube’s comment section is a gold mine
You know, minecraft must be terrifying from a villagers point of view (credit to u/Autism_Brigade from r/minecraft)
Yeet. Yeetin on ’em.
You Meme What You Know
You Know, Minecraft Must Be Terrifying From a Villagers Point Of View
Yeah, I’d beat off a guy
You know, honestly? This is a giant waste of time
You’re welcome
Y’all niggas ever jerk off with soap?
You know that kid who was rich and smart and attractive and good at everything? And they were actually pretty cool about it so you couldn’t even really hate them for it? You just felt bad about yourself. Well guess what, I am that kid!
Yet Again r/teenagers
Youtube recommendations
You shall be punished in BISEXUAL ways
You would not believe the poop I took last night.
You know, it really used to bother me, but I have learned The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck.
You absolute weapons grade turbo ‘sperg.
Yikes (Found on r/RocketLeague)
you dare challenge me in my realm, mortal?
you are playing with dangerous fire here, my friend
Yellow seasoning
You know Paris, France?
You will never understand
You give me pain
yee haw
You assholes finally did it
you have uno transcript
Your favourite power metal vocalist sucks (from r/powermetal)
You’re new in the gaming universe aren’t you?
ytp broly
You can repeat the same thing 328 times and it will be funny
Yee haw
yummy yummy good stuff
You didn’t respond in time
You come in here…
You just got WOSHED nitwit
You just got R/WOOOOSHED
Yeah, ok.
yummm cuckzis
You got that Gauntlet bro?
Your feet, m’lady
Yeah, 👌😎Im a 🦴🔵sans 🔵💀💦fangirl, 🥰😍👧🏻
You Wouldn’t Download a House, Would You
Yesterday I discovered that I’m not a weaboo.
your a bigit
Your dick pic cured my breast cancer – w4m – Craigslist posting (not OC)
you think this is a joke?
Your ma is fat
You abhorrent scum.
You’re all a bunch of fucking idiots
You see, kid, you’ve been raised in what we like to call the “normie-sphere”.
You fucking massive faggot (OC)
you have walked right into my chamber of perpetually collapsing logic
Yubaba wet dreams
yeeting it all out
yubaba gives me the stiffy 😩
Yubaba dreams
Yubaba waifu (found on r/ATBGE)
You have the pallet of a toddler
You are so spectacular !
You guys ever stop and think about the implications of pokephillia?
You’re one of those girls.
You will remember this comment.
Yoinked from either a maniac or a God-tier shitposter
You got wooooshed!
You really totally fucked up man.
You coward
Youtube Video Title
You think owoifeг can fucking stop me? I’ve tгained my whoIe fucking Iife foг this moment, I wiII not be stopped by some гetaгded fuггy гeddit bot. I am fucking invincibIe, I wiII not yieId to that dumb fuckeг, the onIy bot I’II aIIow to haгass me is my bitch Cummy.
You think you know lsd? My immaculate knowledge of drugs triumphs your nazi logic
Your PC ran into a problem.
Yoshikage Kira pasta but it’s the dubbed version
You know who had nice manners?
You ever slapped a whole ream of wide paper? Just so big and round. You could bounce a penny off that shit.
you got so much brain
You enter a Subway…
You dare challenge me in my realm?
You know what this is
You’re a prick.
Yesterday i discovered im not a weeaboo.
Your dick looks great
Yoshi’s been avoiding the IRS for 19 years
Yoshi’s tax fraud
Your all racist bastardos. Not only am I reporting you all to this blog forum’s moderators, I’m also reporting you to this internet websites administrators so that they can shut down this “subrebbit.” Finally, it that doesn’t work, I will be contacting my internet service provider’s message boards,
Yoda can catch this dick
Youtube be like
You know Paris, France? In English, it’s pronounced “Paris”
You read my message but didn’t reply?
Your all racist bastardos
You’re gay
you fuckin bitch you will regret not collabing with me
You fool
You have to relax
You fool, you absolute buffoon. You think I haven’t seen BABY KATA – Pee Pee Poo Poo (English Version)? You retard, you absolute degenerate, you goblin. Do you even know how much time I’ve put into watching BABY KATA – Pee Pee Poo Poo (English Version)? You absolute clitoris if a human being.
YoU jUsT gOt R/wOoOoShEd
YSK that a 12 inch pizza is almost one-and-a-half times the size of a 10 inch pizza (44% bigger, to be precise). You should always order the bigger pizza.
You farted in Kroger yesterday
You must have AT LEAST this much IQ to enter 🗿
you smell nice , my dear
You fucking weeb
Yee Yee Ass Haircut
You are overreacting 😤😤😤
You’re fucked.
you stupid ass motherfucker
Yandere OwO
you don’t 😩 know what fruits basket is 🤦🏻‍♀️ smh
Yoda’s Penis
You’re a part-time troll
You haven’t tried to poop
You should quit screwing with the HAARP system
You baby boomers had it all
Your music is fucking garbage
You smoke weed?
You see this fictional character?
Yvonne Strahvoski
You think you’re funny?
You are so incredibly autistic it’s unfathomable.
You dumb bitch
You fool [xpost r/fakehistoryporn
You are so sweet
you fool.
You Fool
You fool
You can’t say that
Youre a wizard!
you kids all like make fun of barney, but here’s a little story.
Your mother an I came upon some pictures of yours on r/midget_porn
You guys, the funniest shit just happened.
You rang?
Your IQ must be 7 billion!
You guys are all fake. Lol Reddit is so fucking fake. 🤣
Y’all ever foreplay with your dick
Yay today is 4/20!
you shit cum
Y e e t
you will never buy robux again
You are not okay.
Yoda finds an onion ring in his fries.
Your reply is a logical fail (Prankinvasion tweet)
your music sucks
You actually think Stalin killed 20 million people, you brainwashed piece of shit?
you are racist towards women
Yes, Donnie, yes you are.
You can add a notch to your ‘winning internet arguments’ belt
Youtube Comments
You have found an extraordinary and original source of family fun and excitement.
You need a very high IQ to understand “Garfield”
You get a BJ 4 TIMES A DAY
You honestly think?
You kids have it so easy
You need a high IQ to enjoy sweet tea.
You people make me sick
You ever just…
You’re calling me a virgin?
You guys are sickos
Yeah but have you ever heard someone with overly descriptive, super artful prose tackle a sex scene? I’m envisioning something like this:
Youtube comments is a goldmine.
You played as a girl in RuneScape
Your reply is a logical fail
You’re adopted
you’re irrelevant (:
You fool
You know this post reminds me of this one time…
You’re speaking out of your bunghole, ‘sir’!
Your reply is a logical fail.
Yee Haw
You were warned.
You sick fuck
You Fool
Your reply is a logical fail
You fucking idiot
You’re telling me that’s your favorite?
you fool. you absolute buffoon. you think you can challenge me in my own realm? you think you can rebel against my authority? you dare come into my house and upturn my dining chairs and spill coffee grinds in my Keurig? you thought you were safe in your chain mail armor behind that screen of yours.
You fool
You fool.
You fool.
You little slut.
You are not my comrade
Your father opens up your computer, and sees a bunch of folders.
You Can’t Fight the Homestuck
You like emojis *broham?*
You think I’m offended?
you fool.
you fool. you absolute buffoon.
Youtube poop short Mr. Krabs gets an idea
You served in Vietnam and you call yourself a veteran???
you’re fucking dead, kiddo.
You represent everything that is soulless and everything that is wrong with humanity…
You cheated not only the game….
You abhorrent scum.
Your MOM
You Have Eczema
Your trolling is so bad it wouldn’t even be worthy of r/copypasta
You absolute imbecile.
You’re strong
You can’t even trust your own mind
yo wtf
You just sed it was down
You are an enemy of truth
Yu-Gi-Oh Brexit
You know where this is from.
You cheated not only the game, but yourself.
Your comment is higher than mine
Yoshikage Peter
You cheated not only the game, but yourself.
You were being a poopface
Your wallet
You belong to the song now.
You Cheated the Game
You have no imagination you plebian trogoldyte
You don’t think Billie Eilish is deep??
Your doctor asks if you’re suicidal
You’ve never felt true pain
Your units have been converted
You know the drill
You ever been fully lotioned?
You know what, I really feel like Shrek is a metaphor for racism in America.
You’ve heard of the North pole and the South pole, but how about the Islamic pole? [OC] [Emoji]
You get it…
You want to know why I love dat boi?
You just lost The Game
You think flipping burgers is hard?
You also have to be the “woman” when you masturbate. And masturbation is gay.
you’re such a dumbass
You cheated not only the game, but yourself. You didn’t grow. You didn’t improve. You took a shortcut and gained nothing. You experienced a hollow victory. Nothing was risked and nothing was gained. It’s sad that you don’t know the difference.
Youtube Comment Section
You cheated not only the game, but yourself.
You cheated
You feel like you are going to have a sandwich
You Don’t Know What a True Gamer is
Yoshikage Kira
Yo boi
You want Spotify enlargement pills?
You complete and udder fool
Yeah fetishes are weird for sure. Like take me for example. I have an erectile dysfunction fetish. But the irony is that every time I think of it I get an erection, thus “ruining” the experience. Long story short, this is the reason I got on anti depressants lol
You need a really high iq to use sony vegas(Reworded)
youtube comment
You are bad.
Yakkos Random Stuff
You can copy my pasta 😉
You made jello.
You should appreciate being ugly.
You ever just…. Hate white people sometimes?
You experienced a hollow victory
Yoshikage Kira Copypasta but in 19 different forms (12 languages)
Yummy sweat.
Youtube comment
Yare Yare…
You goddamn animal, you fucking cretin, you absolute bumbling buffoon, you fucking heretic, fucking die, you goddamn fucking bitch, fuck you
You can’t fake funny
You’re NOT a Gamer
Your gonna be walking bowlegged,
You kids waist time on the most useless hobbies these days.
Young Republican Starter Pack
You wrote that yourself?
You can thank r/politics for this one
Yee yee
Yes I’m a cuck
You are the apex champions
You’re not reading what I said, though.
You said the local economy has been “absolutely decimated” now,
Your joke fucking sucks.
You are NOT a gamer!
You know what this is?
You may not like my verbiage, but I’ve got a damn fine point.
You was at the club
You have to have a very high IQ to understand aquaman
You ar idot
Yall ever want to cum in a calzone?
yyyo yyou you!
you fucking piece of shit
You dont know who you’re messing with
Your mom cold approached me
You’re knocked out.
You just got wooooshed.
You’re saying that to a FUCKING United States air force pilot.
YNW mesothelioma
You damn degenerate.
You are an idiot
You want to know why I love u/waterguy12 ?
You’re a stupid as fuck latte liberal
You idot Danganronpa fans don’t know a good plot if it hit you right on your dull forehead
You have anxiety?
You don’t know me!
You don’t know what GG means
You fat ass sad sack of sexist shit
You are all fucking pedos.
Yoda need his ket
You don’t eat penguin meat?
You sly dog.
You swine
Youtube comments section (y’all edition)
Yoshikage Kira Copypasta, in ancient Chinese. Found on some random Chinese website
You can’t parse [X]HTML with regex. Because HTML can’t be parsed by regex. Regex is not a tool that can be used to correctly parse HTML.
You’ve obtained the:
You uncultured swines
You was at the club
you are the worst rapper of all time
You know being gay is a mental defect right?
You think that’s neat?
You know what? Everyone on 4chan and 8chan should be on a terror list. Every single incel. I couldn’t give a single shit about their “freedom of speech”
You remind me of my Swedish student, craig,
yikes, friendo
Yes! I use an android… But just because I’m broke doesn’t mean I’m not human. All these rich, successful people keep bullying me for making less money than them. I’m tired of the hate. I may not have an iPhone but I do have a heart! Stop the discrimination. Androids rise up.
Your Dinner Routine
You just think you’re so damn good at everything,
ya like jazz
Your average March Day in the northeast
You are so gay that you piss and shit and cum all over the place
You want my dick?
You think you’re funny?
You people think you’re so smart
Yeah i started to take zinc supplements
yellow cum
You’re a lady, alone in an elevator.
You can take this pasta with you
You know paris, france?
You think you’re funny
You think you’re funny? Saying nothing? Well you’re fucking not.
You can not OwO this post, not even once.
You fool. You utter braindead simpleton
You sound like you have small iq
You’ve been gnomed
Your music is fucking garbage.
yee haw
Yummy Cummy
You know what?
you scum
Yes I am genderfluid
Yare Yare Daze, DIO!
you’ve been
Yum yums
You know GTA San Andreas?
Your text post (optional)
ya boys ever played 2b2t?, cos please dont
You lay there, your breath is shallow and your heart is beating arduously
yahoo answers “restrained vocabulary”
You are a woman (from hornymainseries on tumblr)
Yeah yeah, i know, but let me elaborate
Your imagination
You are what you eat
You are now manually producing your earwax.
Yang Gang 2020 amirite
Yoshi doesn’t need to pay taxee
You’re wrong
Yorticus borticus
You took my best friend, you covered him in tattoos, you taught him to smoke meth, and now you’re asking me to protect him. Fuck you. He needed protecting a decade ago. Now he needs to be put down.
Your mom and I are getting a divorce
Yogi Bear is an Analogy for Racial Segregation
You fucking piece of shit
Your literally the worst politically motivated mod I’ve ever encountered on reddit
You idiot. You just got r/woooooooooshed.
Yazuka boss from the office
Yoshikage Kira introduction owo edition
you fucking idiot look what you did
You was at the club 🍆💦
You are jeff bezos
You’ve insulted Moonpies
you’r mom gey
You will never have a yandere gf
You shouldn’t treat midgets or dwarves well. They are being punished in this lifetime for being pedophiles in a past life.
you was at the club
yum yum
Yeetus that fetus
Your Body Is A Temple
Y’all ever heard of project Pluto?
Yeehaw Y. Yeehaw
You was at the club
You wish for a geenie that will grant infinite wishes
You are a libtard
Y’all hate Ben because he puts y’all in your place and you can’t ever get the upper hand.
You’re Fucking Dead, Fuck You.
You’ve Been Trolled
youve been rick rolled
Young Thug
You could do route 69, too ♋💦
Your text post (optional)
You’re wasting your life on Shädman
You should be as ashamed as your family is of you
You will not BELIEVE what happened today
you was at the club [OC]
You was at the club
You Should Never Join My Games.
You was at the club (full song/both snippets)
Your post is pure cancer
You fool
You are back in high school P.E
You poop on your own balls?
You know they say that all men are created equal
You’ve probably never heard of death grips theyre pretty underground
Yoshi’s Eggs but in Spanish
You don’t know anything about fitness
You shouldn’t be allowed to drive a motorcycle unless you have killed a man for his crystal methamphetamine
Yeah I play PUBG
You shouldn’t be allowed to drive a motorcycle unless you have killed a man for his crystal methamphetamine
You know what cancer is?
You shouldn’t be allowed to drive a motorcycle unless you have killed a man for his crystal methamphetamine
You shouldn’t be allowed to drive a motorcycle unless you have killed a man for his crystal methamphetamine
Yous stole and you know you did
You ever jerk off
yass queen
You’re grandson isn’t so bright
You was at the club💃
You know, studies show that the age you learn to masturbate directly correlates to IQ?
Ye Day (found it in a Telegram group chat)
Yarr Ahoy Spongebob!
You dont like Captain Marvel? YOU are a SEXIST PIG!!!!
Yeah but Misty gives way better head!
Your IQ must be 7 billion!
You think you freaking know them?
You know what?
You are a
Yeet yeet yeet i like to beat my meat
yeah the second time
Yes, that’s DONG.
You know I had to do it to em
You’ve Been Gnomed but It’s Correctly Quoted Based off How It Sounds
You are about to get spammed
YouTube rewind official script by Randomstuff 4 life
Yugi Moto knows marijuana is bad
You was at the club!
you was at the club 💃🍻 bottoms🍑up☝️when I first met you👀
You want to know why I love dat boi?
YouTube comments
your average thirsty gonewild user
Yote is still the past tense of yeet. [OC]
You post in the_Donald
you ☝️can’t 🙅‍♀️ insult 🤬 his 🙍‍♂️ dicc 🍆 if you ☝️ haven’t ❌ seen 👀 it 😤
You nerds are giving me a chuckle
Yeet Yeet Yeeeeeet
Yeah fucking hypocrites.
You will be saved(found on r/casualchildabuse)
Yes, i ℹ️ am a🅰️🅰️ female 🚺🚺 psychopath
youtube is not a place for school essays
YouTube™ Reacts: Harmless, Thoughtful Tedx
Yeah, ok.
Yeah, ok
You know, there’s a lot of crazy conspiracy theories out there but this one legitimately makes me angry.
You tryin’ to take ma OIL🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
You get da swift kick!
You can record me any day of the week
Ya yeet n word 💉️‍⃠
You don’t understand..
You don’t dislike fart smells, you’re just afraid of smelling other people’s farts
You was at the club
you need a high iq to understand my xbox friend rick
You’re fuckin dead
You don’t see the truth?
You want a toot, asshole?
You have been banned.
Yummy daddy ☺️👉🏼☁️👈🏼
You Run an Awful Channel
You picked the wrong house, fool.
You are entitled to a loyalty award from Mercedes-Benz!!!
yOu CAn’t DETAIN mE wIthOut my PERmisSION
Youtube comment where OP talks about the horros of his old elementary school – sounding like it came straight out of a post apacalyptic area
You can live off of semen
Ye olde Tik Tok
You will have to leave this group chat
You good this time, Guy Who Originally Made The Copypasta?
You can’t understand sad Bart Simpson.
Your granny’s got some cans, and if the picture were a little higher res, my Betty Crocker fuck muscle would probably be squirting some serious custard right now!
You’re Dead Kiddo
you people are a legit joke
You aren’t even a /fringe/ poster!
Yumyum milk
You ate my fucking burger
You’re been used for internet points.
You’re been gnomed!!!
Your Brain
You know how you are balls deep in a conversation?
Your memes suck
You can’t tell me i aint fly 🚀
You ever just collect your shit in a ball and stick your pecker in it to find out what anal feels like?
Youtube comment section
You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.
Yoshikage Kira
You’re not perfect
You will never know what it is…
You dare challenge me in my own realm but run through an owo translator
Yo for real this sub reddit is just… is…. I want to…. I don’t even….
Yikes Scoob.
You know what, Spider-Man Responsibilityposting?
you think the pope wouldn’t do that?
You are the most worthless fuck of a person I have ever come across
Your Favorite Martian – Transphobic Techno (Bitch Got a Penis) LYRICS
You fool
Yikes Sweetie
Yeah I’m A Libertarian
You are a dumb damn
Your 👊🏽 meme ♿️ fucking 🍖 sucks 👀👼🏿
Yeah, [political party]
Yeah no. I already am smarter than you.
You Sunk My Battleship
Yeah I like little girls
You see back then
You don’t know what “racism” is
yeetus yeetus commit self deletus
You know I had to do it to em
You said you still love me
You cloud9 fanboy
you have been removed
you’re welcome 🏳️‍🌈⃠卐👶🏿⃠👶🏾⃠👶🏽⃠👶🏼⃠👶🏻⃠🏳️‍🌈⃤🦶🏿⃠🦶🏾⃠🦶🏽⃠🦶🏼⃠🦶🏻⃠👩🏻‍🦲⃠👩🏼‍🦲⃠👩🏽‍🦲⃠👩🏾‍🦲⃠👩🏿‍🦲⃠🤰🏽⃠👨🏾‍🦱⃠ 👨‍👩‍👧⃠ 👧🏻⃠ 👩🏿‍🦳⃠👼🏿⃤☫☭👦🏿⃠ 𓀐𓂸
Yahoo Answers Question: Bad taste in mouth after wisdom teeth extraction? The first answer…
your problem is perspective
You can’t parse HTML with Regex
You wrote that yourself?
You’re twisted
Youtube comment from a kurzgezagt video
Yeetus Yeezy
You wanted me?
You have no arm
You’re done for
Yes, my thoughts exactly
Yo Mama
You know what’s nicw
You Uncultured Swine
You are a worthless piece of shit
You’ve been Gnomed!
You think calling black peoples apes is racist?
Your post has been automatically removed because you used a terrible title.
You never let me win, do you?
Yall niggas bruh yall better turn your speakers down bruh. I dont give no fuck bruh. I don’t care if the music loud nigga. I’m not.. nigga I’m not yo daddy nigga. Turn yo speakers down, pussy nigga. Yall stop complaining like some hoes. The fuck wrong wit yall.
You know Paris?
You have no idea the immense hyperintelligence I hold
Yeah I sex 😏😏😏 I sex a lot
You’re a Snake
Yellow L-Block needs your help!
Ya down with CBT?
Youtube comment, credit to “game killer” on YT
Year of the pig…
You have been reported
You homos disccust me
You Gave me Reddit Silver???!!
Ya ̨̻͈̞̖͎̠̮̱̗̳͚̠̖͇͉̺̖̥̭͆̐̅ͣ͑͂̊͑͌̚͟͝ ̶̢̯͉̫̣̞͈̠̳͚̺̭̫̪̮̼̗̝̳ͨͩ̿͌ͪ͐ͯ̍̎͆̄̃͟ ̡̳͇̖͓̥̟̠̬͉͔͍̪ͩ̒̂ͭ̊̀ͦͥͨ̅̽ͩ͌ͥͮ͌̾ͩ͝͠ͅ ̴̡͕̹͕͕̰̒̈ͨ͐͒̿͆̆͌̃̀̂ͨ̑̎͘͜ ̸̼̜̟͕̝̄ͩ͌̒ͮͩͦ͛̚̚͝ ͑ͥ̽̅͂̒̐ͨ̓ͨ̎̍҉̛̟̬̣̖̱̼͓̰͟ ̷̗͕͙̝̉̾ͪ̎ͣ͐ͨ̃̉̔ ̴͕̥̪̪ͤ̋̆̂̆̈́̃̋ͩ͟ͅ ̫̯͉͎̰͖̘̥̠̩̠͖̎ͦ̂̌ͥ̂͘͡ ̶̛͆͂̐͐̕҉̧̹͈̭͚̼͙͚̝̖̠͔͍̯̟ ̢͈̮̤͇̱̘͍̥̭̳̼̠̬̝̤̱̤̜̑̐ͣ̃͋ͣ̿͌̈ͩ̌̓ ̴̷̵̡̟̻̲́ͥ̄ͨ̌ͣ̂̄͊
YouTube and Twitter: The Saga
YSK: My asshole
You are really braindead.
Your job is to moderate
You know what really grinds my gears?
Your very generic request to “explain” … is too broad and vague
You was at the Club
Your comment made me push out a really thick fart
You’ve been banned from participating in r/Sino
Your comment made me fart
You asked for that one.
You’re white
You can’t touch Mormon Jesus
you call THAT kinky??
ya yeet
Yes time
You know what? I realize I’ll get down voted into Oblivion BUT.
You’re talking mad shit for someone in voring range: Extended
You’ve Been Gnomed
yo, sick.
You can’t copy and paste this
YouTube Copyright School
You’ve crossed the fricking line 😤
You know this reminds of this one time I was walking home from bagpipe practice
You think you’re safe??
Your lexicon is overemphasized.
Yoshikage Kira copypasta but in japanese
Yoshi’s Service
You noob probably have like 8 wins you noob lol default skin i have 27 solo wins you idiot wii sports sucks its sooo old and boring and also i have been playing since season 1 and i have the season2 tier 100 skin black knight,
Yeezus the Prophet
You and me Morty
You dare insult Garfield?
You Dropped Something
You’re a Mean One, Adolf Hitler
Yeezy 🌊, Yeezy 🌊, what’s good?
You make soggy frittatas, need I say more?
You kids have it easy
You’ve reached Thick Niggas Inc.
You watch Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson videos
You did it
y tho
Yeah, I’m not playing magic anymore.
Yah yah Yeet yah yah Yeet
You’re disrespecting a US Marine
Youtube comment talking to a fan fiction writer
Yeah faggot
You Absolute Buffoon
Year of the 🐷 (OC)
Yeet but spelled differently
Youtube comment cringe
Your device has been [REDACTED]. Delete this.
You need to know about Destiny to really understand this
Yee yee ass haircut
You said a cockatoo is a parrot.
you do not know anything, kid.
your mom gay
You 👀 will die 😵☠😭
You foolish, Shaggy-doubting mortals…
Youtube comment
Yoshi the gang boss
Your Grammar Sucks!
Yeah I love BDSM
Your comment is so funny! Haha XD
You’ll get nothing and like it (caddyshack) transcript but verbose
Yeet bois
you telling me he does not have one bad song?
You need bobcat protection
You dare challenge me, foolish mortal?
You’re ungabunga dead, kiddo
Yummy daddy
You thought
You little bitch
Y’all should stop expecting good games from EA. It’s not happening.
You’re gay
Yeah but they’re cute tho
your internal organs are screaming…
You ask me why I vape…
You don’t know anything about fitness
You ever see someone and think
You fucking child
You’ll be the horniest you’ve ever been in your life.
You need to have a high IQ to understand Snoop Dogg.
you know i had to d uwu it to em
Yugioh Copypasta
You’ll just never understand
You see, here on reddit, we have something called a “down vote button”.
You may think this top trick is a waste of time but
You’re 59 years old…
You’re gonna have a bad time
You would not believe your eyes
You’re damn right I’m saying Cranky Kong was in Super Smash Bros in N64. He should be in Ultimate. I won’t back down on this.
You know 🤔, I’ve 🙋 been heavy into anti-war activism for almost 20 years now.
YouTube’s take on Copyright
You absolute babies.
Your life will get flip-turned upside-down
Y’all, I have come up with a scientific revelation
You know what faggot?
You’re pathetic, and nobody gives a shit about your low effort postsm
yiff me cummy 😫😫
you’ve ruined everything
You people make me sick.
You ever just think…
Yun head and lil dynamites hit that women lyrics
You think you have it hard?
You are no clergyman and you know it.
you may call me 9gag veteran
you awakened me dirty boy
you have been warned
You Arent A Real Furry Unless
You’re 22.
YOU saw him in a facebook group
Yesterday i accidentally gave myself a facial
YouTube comment I found
You fucking f*ggots are pathetic.
Yeah ding ding ding I’m a fucking Kings fan
You plebs have no idea what Omnisphere even is
you beat me to the joke
you just lost the game
You say skillet, I say Ludwig van Beethoven
You guys are ruining my chat experience.
Youtube comment trooper goes ballistic
Yelp review
You Never Were Shit
You wrote that yourself?
youtube rewind
yo just want to let you know there’s no report button, no mute button, no block button in real life.
You clearly don’t know what your talking about.
YT is sad
Y π
you think I can’t say the n word huh
You have trash taste.
your art career is over
You have been banned from r/funny
You are to the police what the cartels are to drug and sex traffickers
You hear the pitter patter of feet
You’ve been Gnomed for Discord Text-To-Speech
Your boy Max B
you have been reported to the bully hunters
You’re a joke, you utter bafoon
Yo girl or yo fidget spinner?
Yeah I didn’t stick around.
You know what?
You have awoken I, the loyalest Queen fan.
You’re not a gamer, are you?
You really are a pitiful creature
Youtube rewind 2018
yes i’m gay
You motherfucker.
Yellowstone’s crust rumbles
You wrote that yourself? wow congrats dude, really, that’s very cool. i just told everyone in my family about it, everybody thinks that’s very impressive and asked me to congratulate you. they want to speak to you in person, if possible, to give you their regards. they also said they will tell our d
Yes I eat pussy😂😎😊😋😌🙈😤👀
You call it strange and immoral – I just call it Tuesday
Youtube comment posted by some guy with a profile picture of Jason Vorhees looking at crocs
You, my friend, are a true Japanese Juggalo.
You are attracted to women, but they do not exist
You n’wah, I bet you have never spent a second in Morrowind proper.
Your search – “big chungus furry porn” – did not match any results.
Yummy Organ Shake
Yo, why the fuck am I unbanned? Did I fucking ask for this?
You lolicons disgust me.
Yer a wiz-
Y’all won’t guess what the fuck happened to me.
Your love of the halfling leaf has clearly slowed your mind
You owned a car for 4 years
You want to erase me
You KNOW I had to do it to em
Yer a wizard Harry
Yee Yee ass haircut
yo just want to let you know
You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch
You think you enjoy music?
You literally don’t have an hour a day to watch something you enjoy or you would rather do something else with that time?
Your username struck a chord with me
You say Justin Bieber….
You are all literally so stupid
Youtube… youtube has changed.
You still think this shit is funny you brainlet?
You know spotify exists, right?
You’re all a bunch of fucking losers.
You could have exploding head syndrome
You Matched 2016-01-09
You’re gonna have a bad time
Yall ever wonder what would happen…
Yo mama so ugly she look like a
You’re my life work Atumi
You have been reported.
Yelp review sample text.
You Buffoon.
You don’t want to fuck with me
Yer a wizard harry
You kiss your mother with that mouth?
Y’all ever just
Your Fortnite account details are mine…
Yoshi in Mario Kart 8 gives me suicidal thoughts.
Yo @intel @TMobile @SourPatchKids
You think you’re fucking funny?
You can fill out the rest
Yo just be reading all this crap on this site wtf is it with people that can’t even rap yet you all try to stand tall being all that but your nothing but wack
Yobama is dead
You DARE speak ill of my career as an aspiring Anime VA? You just made the biggest mistake of your life kid.
You are a pathetic worm… Fight for your scraps… Take your pics haha.
Yeah…you like that, you fucking retard?
Yeah call me a virgin again. My girlfriend is sucking my dick RIGHT NOW
YT Rewind 2018
You. Are. Magic.
yAaAaAaAh It’s Rewind Time
You are a pathetic worm
YouTube comment
You are underestimating our psychological and sexual evolution. For hundreds of thousands of year, and perhaps before that males were selected by females for their ability to protect and to provide.
You’re not special bc you take big dick
You’re Wrong.
You silly human
You are what you eat
You’re welcome for my service
You don’t care about me?
yassuo players be like
yes this is splatoon
You wrote that yourself?
You REALLY Don’t Know Who You are F-ing With
You might not read this but you saved me through tough times.
Yoda is a shortsighted idiot
You cant do that, cummy!
You think you could fight a Pelican? (actual comment from r/animalsbeingbros)
You’re basically Hitler
Yummy logs
Yeah I’m a cowboy 🤠
You ever just…
you never really think about how intellectual pewdiepie is
You want love, you’ve got to fight for it.
You should be able to keep little people as pets
You question my authority on video game deals?
You own it
Youtube bed
Yeezys are ugly as fuck
You know I had to break rule 5
Your next line is “Is that a JoJo reference?”
You’re not a true fan of DANNY DEVITO
You won’t understand this, but this is not funny
Your art dream is dead
You think you can just flirt with another man’s girlfriend?
Yeah call me a virgin again
You fake emos are too damn happy
You know what
Youtube Rewind 2018 Script in its entirety.
yams by tyler the creator
Yeah call me a virgin again
You’ll fall in love with me
You all need to stop cursing
Yes 😅😤
Yeah call me a virgin again
YT Comment
yes, you may know i am the only Vietnamese that love Furry
Yall gay as fuck
Yall gay af
You know, every time I see something bad or cringy or whatever, I play the earape windows xp sound in my head and
You’re all fools
You know, every time I see something bad or cringy or whatever, I play the earape windows xp
You know, every time I see something bad or cringy or whatever, I play the earape windows xp sound in my head
you have to have a very high IQ
You can’t bash necrophilia beastiality until you try it.
Yeah, I’m a smash player.
You think I’ll defend underage anime girls?
You’re calling me a liar?
Yeah, I’m a smash player
You think that’s bad?
You did it, you finally made me install an adblocker.
Yeah, I’m a smash player.
You know,
Yeah, I’m a smash player.
Yoshi the tax evading dinosaur
Youtube comments never ceases to amaze me
You really wanna go down this road
your post
You know what?
You know what? I’m just gonna say it.
Yes, Thanos is hot.
Young Thug in Atlanta
Yeah man. Fetishes are weird.
You know i had to UwU it to em
Yeet yeet skadapeet
Y’all ain’t trappin’
You know you are a Warhammer Fantasy fan when…
You probably dislike Ben Shapiro because
Yiffness furry test
Your hoe name
You’ve been Gnomed!
Yo it’s not Farrah, but I flow like a Fawcett
You hate women (sic)
You know what sucks?
Y’all guess what the fuck happened
yes yes eyes
YO! this is a message for the so-called Stratford Soldiers FROM THE E19 POSSE
YouTube rewind
You want a cake ?
Yoga Pants Should Be Mandatory (found on unpopular opinion)
yoshis eggs
Y’all ever just sit down to watch some guro hentai of some (who you thought was🙄) a 9 year old being tentacle raped and then right as you’re about to cum 😝, she says she’s only 10!😠 Like wtf is wrong with people? Double digits, really? Well thanks for blue balling me Japan 😩
Yoshikage Kira
you’re just lashing out at people because of something else in your life that’s leaving you unfulfilled or angry
Y’all remember Kevin Spacey?
You think YOU’RE intelligent?
You owned your car for 4 years.
you really want to compete with this?
You think you can cum hard?
Yeah, doubt it
You ever wonder why we’re here?
Yo guys add me on Roblox
youtube wewind
You have me pinned, good sir. I’ve lost this debate
You are very much the type of toxic negative person ruining this community.
You’re 22. Be Turning 23 Soon.
Your very own shrek themed birthday party
Youtube Rewind
You want to know something crazy?
You wish you could be me
you read that wrong haha
YouTube Rewind put through an emoji pasta translator
You know what
Y’know I’m straight but…
Youtube Rewind 2018, Thesaurized
You’ve Been Gnomed! But the way it sounds
Yea so my school had a book fair
You Have Been Reported
You have caused me a great disservice
You ArE ONe StUpId MAN,,
Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud
Your teen name is your least favorite soda, then your favorite soda.
youtube rewind bad
YouTube rewind is deleting comments now
You know how to praise the lord?
Yeet connection
You want a sprite cranberry?
Youtube Comments Copypasta
You ArE ONe StUpId MAN,,
YouTube Rewind 2018
Youtube Rewind 2018 Script (Remastered: Part 1)
You fucking asked for it
You need to lay off the drugs
You losers don’t appreciate good copypasta
You bring that anime one inch closer to me and I’ll break your nico nico kneecaps
Youtube rewind 2018
Yeah, I bleached my skin
Yeet on the intellectually inferior
you say you love me🥰 I say you crazy🤪
YouTube Light Mode
Your parents caught you looking at porn? [OC]
Youtube Rewind 2018
You don’t know real pain unless you’ve gotten hand sanitizer in your vagina or ass.
You fell into the wrong hands
YouTube🎞📼📽 Rewind◀️⏪⏮
Your snarky comment really seals the deal for me.
YouTube Rewind Suicide Pact
You wanna sprite cranberry?
You Wrote this yourself?
Youtube Rewind pasta
You should really think about what you just typed out.
You people make me sick.
Yall gay
You guys ruined my life.
Your post gave me cancer anyway
You do realize
Your friendly neighborhood….
you cannot come until you beat me in the chess
You play Doom?
Ye olde ticking of the tock
You girls are missing out
Yea Man
Yung Tongue Intro
You think you know so much about fortnite?
Yes, we exist 🙏👏
Yeah I banged your mom
You always think there will be more time and then suddenly there isn’t.
You think this sub enforces rules? Hahahahah
You: What’s Up?
You’ve been gnomed
You’d make a great artist
Yo guys I’m here on Alcatraz
yall ever think about the fact that Patrick KNOWS he’s stupid?
Yup on my tractor
You👈know🧐what’s weird⁉️ You👈don’t🚫seem to give a flying🛫fuck🍆💦. Do🤨you👈enjoy😍playing👇this🎮game of cat🐱& mouse🐁, where you👈wiggle〰️a piece of cheese🧀under⬇️my nose👃, and then➡️scurry🐾away⁉️
yeah but wasnt wat you was thinking a tad homophobic and u shouldnt write it on a public forum?
Yummy Cummy In My Tummy
Ya cheeky cunt
Yellow, black Twitch copypasta
You know, I love hard games
You’ve stolen my vibrator for the last time
YanSim is Disgusting and Cruel
You fool. You absolute buffoon.
YoU’lL nEvEr PlAy a ViDeOgAmE aGaIn, FaGgOt!
You are gay and i hate you, nah im lying, im only saying that because I am insecure about my sexuality and a little drunk. I think you are hot and it freaks me out a little bit. Do you have any advice for me? Currently I am dealing with it by paying for escorts to pretend I’m not gay but I don’
You are stupid
Yellow Submarine
You are a bunch of sick fucks
You know when you think about it This Christmas be like
Yeah I do HEROIN
You disgusting, mentally deficient degenerate
You’re welcome
You ever get the feeling the news right now is just copypasta?
You need to understand.
Year 7s
Yes, this is one of those kinda chain letters that everyone hates. This one has been going since 1872 and if you break this chain, you will pay!!!!!!
Y’all motherfuckers need
Yoshikage Kira, “Boner Speech”
You think you’re garfield huh?
You uncultured swine
yee haw im an engineer
you will never reach my level of japanese knowledge
You never let me win
You think you’re so special
You think you can comprehend me?
You’re gonna have a bad time
Y’all if it keeps getting rowdy up in here, I’m a fixin to get the cow castrator and a lickity split you faster than two shakes of a cat’s tail.
Yes he did have an anime profile picture
Ye cuz
Your dad fucks you.
You know how it is…….
You have been reported.
You have been reported
You got a boyfriend? 【 Undertale Animation and Deltarune Comic Dubs 】
You should feel ashamed for having such a low intelligence
You say overwatch i say tf2
yo when she bad af 🤤🤤🤤🤤
You’re killin’ me, Smalls!
you are just a man baby
Your dicks are fucking disgusting.
You may be on to something here.
You know what’s wild to think about?
You fool!
You have been Reported
you know i had to do it to em
You may be onto something here.
You bastard. You vulgar little maggot.
You’re a fucking moron, like most redditors
Yet another google translated Navy Seal copypasta.
You’re not a hacker
your little ņ҉u͡t̢s are gonna start quakin’, buddy
You haven’t heard of my favorite band?
You’re 😎 not 👏 an 💪 OG 🍊 unless 🤝 you 👀 got ✍️ the ✋ wave 🌊 emote 🤚
You know what I’m sick of
You know what, Stuart?
You little karmawhore.
You’re fake.
You never know how precious life is.
You never know how precious life is
You fucking perverts
yeah whatever
You just don’t understand the Funko Pop life
You are a… You Swine
Yet another pasta
You guys gay or something?
YTP: Caillou Tlt Uolliac
You dont fucking know me
You like a cock between your tits?
You fucking dingleberry
You will be dead if you ever dare to challenge me.
You’re under arrest by the NNN PD!
Yes, I’m into BDSM
YTP: Spencer Launches a Bagel into Griffin’s Rectum
You’ve been gnomed after messing it up in translate
you ugly dyke bitch. you’re lucky i had my legs blown off in the rhodesian bush war, otherwise i’d use my decades of combat experience to kick your filthy head clean off your shoulders. you hear me maggot? i will paint the walls with your blood.. yeah that’s what i said u zimbabwean piece of shit.
You goddamn son of a BITCH, you were the one who cut off my 6-person family at Olive Garden, weren’t you??! You slick-dicked motherfucker, my kids wanted unlimited breadsticks, damn.
You just crossed a line, Nancy.
You Know I Had To Do It To ’em
Yəhonatan Yəhonatan. Confirmed, progenitor
Yonkou Kaidou Introduction
Your Reality
You all have been drinking coke wrong
You said “fire an arrow” instead of “shoot” or “loose”.
You’re all truly monsters.
you forgot to upvote
Yeah accept
You say Taylor Swift, I say AC/DC
yeetus yeetus commit self deletus
You’ve been gnomed
YouTube apology circa 2019
You did well today
yall ever just🤔
Young lady actually cried in my Tesla today
You know how hurt I am?
You Deliver AA Missiles To A Saudi Prince
You’re either a worthless blob of a human or an emaciated twig boy.
Yea fuck u
You’re idiots
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, There’s a big beat in the air, When that Yakin’ Sax man starts blowin’ Hands start clappin’ everywhere…
You’re gonna love this
You’re downplaying it because you know it applies to you. (taken from a comment at r/4chan)
You know what being an incel means
You’re at the State Fair.
Your not coming to my birthday party
You do not understand hypocrisy (And WoW drama)
Yeehaw partner!
You’re fucking dead, kiddo.
You’re fucking stupid.
You’ve been gnomed
You sure u wanna do this little girl
Your words disgust me.
you fool.
You better stop
You’ve stepped into my territory. I’m NOTORIOUS for sticking my dick in crazy
You guys are freaks
Yeah talk shit till a dog comes and steals your phone
You laugh, but my powers develop each day
You ruined it.
Your Mom Jokes
Your Mom Does This
You know what?
Ya’ll ever just fuck yourself in the ass with a chainsaw?
You are not my only victim
You will fail no nut november
You’re welcome
You’re a persistent little basement dweller aren’t you.
Your name is JOHN.
You beshitted fuckstumble
You wanna know how I got these scars?
You killed me,Discord Mod.
you should’ve picked mercy . . .
You’re trash, Brock
Your dick pic cured me
You don’t know anything you stupid teen.
You say Britney, I say Joan Jett
You’re talking to a Navy veteran
You’ve Been Banned From Participating In r/AskHistorians
youve been gnomed WingDings
You got ligma….
You can’t downvote me, I downvote myself!
Your business goes where you go…
You know I’m a Christian
You’ve never seen a pair of breasts before?
You american haters bore me to tears.
yep, reddit is without realizing it an extreme leftist, Marxist haven
You american haters bore me to tears.
You must be absolutely shit at tagging if you can’t tag the fucking gay porn as gay porn.
your anus hasn’t been stretched to 2.7 inches?
You might not realize it, but old YouTube notepad tutorials are a part of human evolution.
yo just want to let you know there’s no report button, no mute button, no block button in real life.
yeah i fucking hate all these faggot mods who power trip on this bullshit. like fuck off nerd. i’d love to find out where all these people live and bash their skulls in with a sledgehammer. for the lulz.
You’re Funnier Than Tobuscus! BROFIST!
You know what?
You reddit losers are pathetic. (from r/unpopularopinion)
Youtuber intro
You’re done cuck.
You can’t go wrong with good ol’ beans and rice
Yeah so I now Calamity from fortnite [OC]
Yo peeps check out this epic prank
You’re a fucking moron
YouTube Comment on 5G
Yotsuba&! volume 1 English back cover text but it’s all emojis
YMCA is now USSR
You Like Huey Lewis And the News? [OC]
Y’all toxic bigots are making me lose my faith in humanity.
You wrote that yourself?
You simpletons.
You asshole
You know when you’re taking a shit
Y’all… this is kinda weird to admit…
Yo mama gay
You for real right now, Josh? It’s laughable that you want people who follow the rules of the subreddit community banned for their actions within the game.
your that good GIMP BOY
You’re walking through the streets of NYC.
Y’all going to Hava?
Yall niggaz is all talk.
Yesterday a psychologist came to my class …
yall ever just rub toothpaste on ur pp? [Sadly OC]
You fool
You don’t know the first thing about economics while I have a degree in it.
Your razor blades on bony plates
You fucking idiot
Yuri’s new robo-eye
You wanna know how I got these scars?
y-youtube pwemium c-cost m-me my mawwiage
you gotta play hard to get
Yeah ive been out in this street for 10 muhfuckin years sTRONG know what imsayin?
you’re a cunt.
Your YouTube account has been terminated.
You are a disgusting whore with no value
You fool
Yeah well I fucking didn’t know.
Yoshi poos eggs
You think you’re some kind of comedian, don’t you?
Youtube Premium cost me my marriage
You’re going surfing on the Internet!
You people are scum, making fun of their son?
You wrote that yourself?
You know what Turns me ON?
You’re so fucking pathetic
YouTube may be an under-used goldmine
You bitch made niggas NEED to watch FranXX
You people make me sick
Yeaaaaaa……..it really do be like that
You dare challenge me
you let kids see you do this
Yet Another Goddamn Ben Shapiro Copypasta
You 👈 know 🤔 it’s funny 😂😂🤣 how freedom ☮ can make us👥 feel 💝 contained 🚷 Yeah ✅ when ⌚ the muscles 💪 in our 👥 legs 💃 aren’t 🚫 used to all the walking 👣 I know 🤔 if you 👈 could snap 👻both✌ your 💁 fingers 💅 that you’d escape 🏃with 👭 me 😌
You people are officially more hyperbolic and thin-skinned than the least rational subs on reddit.
You newest video
Yare Yare Daze…
You’re a bunch of sick fucks.
Y’know, someone’s gonna’ walk up to me
your #money<my #FUCKING SURVIVAL
Yesterday I saw a white, windowless van
Your notion on my lack of intelligence of any form is quite ironic, bud.
You’re wrong. You liked it, you just don’t know it yet.
you have to have a very high IQ to understand
You are getting a false sense of satisfaction by seeking fake internet points.
Yeah I’d describe myself as like Joji. Just chill, laid back vibes.
You funky legged bitch
You have to stand up straight and face the allergies head-on bucko!
You know what? I’m done!
You cannot have my coochie.
Yall mind if i hit that t pose
You son of a bitch
You are listening to the V-DOT highway advisory radio on 1680 AM
Youre a disgrace
Years ago, when I was backpacking across Western Europe..
You shakily reach for the steering wheel, your hands in the 10 and 2 position…
You ignorant fools.
You’re a bunch of sick fucks.
Your secretary is very sexy…
Yesterday I realized something..
Yo, anybody else agree with the theory
you know I had to . it to em
You’re the mad one sweetie 😉 Have fun being lame on Reddit
You wrote that yourself?
You ain’t better than me with yo monies. Fuck outta here
Yo what the fuck happened to Bowser?
You know what Bowser did? (from a VideoGameDunkey video)
You silly pervs
Young Sheldon & Sans
You’re free to go said the Officer
Your impotence nauseates me. I live in a world devoid of your wretched kind.
You think Reddit cops scare me?
You are comparing languages such as japanese and chinese to english…
You wanna know what the dumbest creature on this fucking planet is?
You’re not a hacker but I am
yall think its funny to just fuck with me just because im damn 15
You Animal
you irl
You’re tearing me apart Society
You mean “Saddle” Arabia?
You are not raw
You couldn’t pay me enough to live in California
You feel me?
young thug on the rvn
your mama is fucking from the ass
you gtfo away from me
yes, parental figure
Youtube user replies to a commenter who threatens him.
You call yourself a real fan?
you’ve been creating arguments about me ridiculous ones that I’m an unhinged troll.
Y’all mind if I hit that yeet?
y i k e s
Your memes are now forfeit.
You can only upvote this today
You should pledge to me because I’m the best filmmaker who’s ever existed.
you’re 👉 obviously a piece of shit 💩 💩
Young Sheldon Premiere Party!
You have to be pretty dumb to say the following but…
You’re having a hard time getting girls. That sucks. I remember what it was like when I was a young teenager and couldn’t get any. It sucked. But the sad fact is that most young teenage boys are repulsive—that is, they are half-formed works in progress.
You should shut up and listen to me.
You remember that post saying that Cummy was only 17k karma away from Automod?
You ever seen death, boys?
You’re lucky…
You know, with the glut of ironic and “double-ironic” memes lately and all the people furious at them, I feel like we need a new term for them
you look at the same road from the corner at the very end of the road, see a cool restaurant, and decide “hey, I wanna eat there.”
You guys are just the best.
You should always preserve your cum.
You are under arrest.
Your👦 🌎Reality from Doki❤️ Doki❤️ Lit🔥erature📖 Club♣️
You see this fictional character?
You stole the joke
Youtube Copypasta
you stole my score on hotline miami 2
You are the type of vegan that makes people ashamed…
You are the one with the closed mind.
You are… a girl gamer?
You unhelpful sack of shit.
Yeah idk about that one chief
Yo I wanna write about a what makes a good villian
You know what I fucking hate? fandoms! all fandoms are literally a place where pedos, autists, faggots, handicaps can meet up. Have you ever seen weebs? they are high key pedophiles, ever seen bronies? they are pedophiles and fuck ponys. How about furries? oh well they are pedophiles and animal fuck
yo real gang shiz fo shizzle – from r/iamverybadass
Yo this the funniest shit I ever seen. I ain’t never caught no body lmao i sho pimped some hoes. beat some bitch ass niggas up in my lifetime. I’d love to see you in person. Wouldn’t kill you but would beat the shit out you. Sorry you’ve never seen life south of the suburbs you reside in. You prolly
You think you’re smarter than me, fucker? 😡
Yo this is the funniest shit I have ever seen.
You need a very high iq to enjoy human music
Yo this the funniest shit I ever seen
Yo this the funniest shit I ever seen
Yo how ya doing?
You idiots should just have your own fucking sub (courtesty r/soccer)
Yung Gravy’s 1 Thot 2 Thot Red Thot Blue Thot
Your a goner
Yoshi woolly worlds brand new yarn yoshi
You’re the least counter cultural person ever.
You owned a car for 4 years. You named it Thanos Car. You loved Thanos Car. And then you totaled him. You two had been through everything together. 6 Infinity Stones, 12 Chin Lines, nothing could replace Thanos Car. Then Liberty Mutual calls, and you break into your default dance.
You must be a little dick pig.
Yes papa
You owned a car for 4 years. You named it thanos car. You loved thanos car. And then you totaled him. You two had been through everything together. 2 half universe annihilation, 3 jobs, nothing could replace thanos car. Then Liberty Mutual calls, and you break into your happy dance.
Yo, just found out a dope ass life hack.
Young Adults (from a post from r/fellowkids)
You should always try and return money to the owner.
YouTube recommendations
You may wonder why you should invest in us
YIAY LIVE Copypasta
Yet another copypasta about hentai
You call yourself a gamer?
Yet another Johny Johny copy pasta
You’re not as cool as me. Sorry.
Year 2000 Nostalgia Copypasta
Yeah, I’m crabby.
You will regret the next full moon
Your Last Warning
Yeah, some people got other things to do than play all day indeed. I’ll lmaooooooooooooo right back at your salary, the size of your house and the looks of your wife.
Your favorite geeky cosplayer Instagram model here! mwah!
Your favorite Instagram model
You ever just wonder what goes on inside peoples heads that makes them furries?
Yoda is a god
YouTuber reaches 250,000 subscribers.
You think that Hurt me BET 😎🖐
You just got NAE NAEd on! 😎
Yes, I’m a girl. Yes, I like My Bloody Valentine.
you 👉👉💦👉 👌 are traitor 😤 💦 😤😤 😤💢 💦 💢💥💥💥💥 🔫 💦
You’r a communist harry
Year of Luigi promotional recording transcript
You know what I’ve noticed..
you think you can get away with harassing me through the internet?
you know, i’ve always said people ought to be a lot nicer to me.
You remember Hillary with the coal, right?
You will watch your tone around me heathen.
your archaic worldview on rounding is what perpetuates the injustices in society today
yew weawity owo
Ye see, there’s a teensie weensie wee problem wi’ whit ye jist said..
Yeah… you’re right! yeet… YEET!
YO gabba gabba
You’re a terrible liar
You see, there’s a teensie weensie little problem with what you just said.
You need to have a very high IQ to understand engineering
You’re fired 🤧👻👻
You guys dissapoint me
Your precious replays
Yoga classes 👅👅👅👅💦💦💦💦😤😤
Your information is INVALID
You really think you can beat me
yeah sure she might have a great personality, she might be an asian girl, she might be fucking hot as fuck with a nice ass and some thicc thighs, but how the fuck does she pronounce hunter x hunter?
You swine
You people are mongoloids
Yugioh is good for dating
You should worship me
You fool!
Yelp review of local summer camp
You wot m8
Yo, Fuck Shakespeare. (Found on r/rant)
You are kinda stupid aren’t you
You know what fucktard?
You have to have a high IQ to understand Jordan Peterson
Ye olde starter quest
You are a disease
Yuri is so perfect (from r/animemes)
You’re a disgrace to art
ya know we had to do it to em
Yandere-chan’s basement
Your Music is Fucking Garbage
Years ago in college I was experimenting with lucid dreaming.
yt explains sundogs part 2
You are a literal retard.
you’re all little babies
You guys like Vsauce?
Youtube Nature Video Comment #294727
yo cummy
You think you’re a social media god?
You don’t have to pass judgement on everybody you meet 🙄 Just saying 👌
Yeah im High on Meth
Youtube comment on a video about APL
You may be onto something here.
You are so white response
You picked the wrong fuckin meme kiddo
your girlfriend is a bitch
you can no longer scroll down
You are all insane
You are all peasants
You love banning people, don’t you?
Your post made me question my religious views
You’re ignorant.
You are not a gamer.
You ever killed a duck?
You shut the fuck up about Tom Brady.
Yea I just hit the dirtiest headshot in fortnite
You know what I wanna do to Violet Parr from the Incredibles?
You think you’re so cool?
You can tell em’ Butch said so
You just don’t get Naruto (from /r/iamverysmart)
You’re a real asshole, pal.
Youw vaping habits
You have to be kidding me.
your bros giant ballsack
You probably won’t believe this but I assure you, it is true!!!
youtube comment gold
yes my utter whore and ATHEIST of sister—starting crying because her husband DIED 😆 on the operating table (he got hit by a bus 🚌👌)
Yes I added you becaue
ya got beaned
You’re not bad, you’re smart.
You know I had to do t to em emoji
you have no idea of nothing of this game know nothing about pokemon nor nothing i am one of the best yugioh players and pokemon
Yo this some weird shit
Yeah no shit dude.
YouTube “employee”
You might be entitled to financial compensation
You got a permit for those guns?
You just dont understand mom
Yaoi Fangirl
Yo comin’ thru with a few bars on 😅😅😅
You ever heard of a game called Skyrim?
You’re Welcome but it’s loss
You sound like a 135 pound weakling would sound trying to tell Arnold that he doesn’t know how to lift weights.
You think I’m weak?
Your recent communication behavior is not in line with how most Overwatch players communicate
YouTube Meme songs never fail
Yo this is Tupac
You can count on me to be there to bring your fucking life to a hellish end
You like to wear hoodies?
Ya but she’s sex af
You Trumpsters better pray that liberals never gain control of the WH again
You think you can talk to me like that?
Yea! I’m crabby.
Your response doesn’t prove anything and just shows how much of a numpty you are.
yo my guy cummy
yet another dig at liverpool
Youtube Comment
You dare downvote my memes?
You can’t even solve a rubik’s cube?
You have the stupid
You just don’t understand what comedy is.
You want structural integrity?
You were a hot cowboy in tight jeans
Youtube comment – In love with the shape of poo.
You fucking rapist 🖕🖕😡
You’re a cynical unimaginative idiot
you know I had to do it to em
You’re joking right?
You are now breathing and blinking manually
You🙂 are about to die☠️ at the hand✋️ of the children👨‍👧‍👦 of 🅱️anos🍆👌.
You have been banned from participating in /r/thanosdidnothingwrong.
You can’t choose your sexuality?
Your time on earth…is up
Your English is fine.
YandereDev Losing his shit
Y’all tryna buy a house?
You’re all so shitty
You’re the deserver of the downvote.
Ya got it, dork?!
You know when you wanna plow your dog?
Years old comment buried on r/drugs
Your mom jerks off pigs
You think you can troll me online without consequences?
Your mother jerks off pigs
You win
you know what ?
You really think
You just got diagnosed with autism
You did this to me
You don’t work for telstra
You know what I fucking hate about G-Force?
You 9️⃣🅰️y.😂👌😂
You can get two comments by posting this
You’ve 👉😟been, GNOMED’ 😂🔥👌💯GNOMED 
You should still consider listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers
You think Making fun of Incineroar is a joke?
You are no God, Non-Mighty Mortal.
Your opinions can hurt people.
You people are garbage
Y’all ever
You dare challenge me? What a fool you are.
You would be like a pet to me.
Youtube comments Y I K E S
Your eyes are too far apart
you ever go into the kitchen in the middle of the night to get a glass of water
You need to better comprehend art
Yellow Submarine Trailer
You picked the wrong house
You like that you fucking retard?
You Fool
You’re a
You wanna come🚶out here?
You targetd gamers. GAMERS.
You are actually such a socially inept retard
Yes, I am changing.
You’re 22. Be turning 23 soon. Ask parents for Shrek themed party.
You’ve clearly never watched The Shining
Years ago I found out a friend of mine had been raped and the rapist was only given 2.5 Year’s! I asked her what she would have liked to be the punishment and what she said chilled me.
You people are garbage
You swine.
Your anus will surprise you.
YouTube comment on a clickbait video about nude sex but doesn’t actually contain nude sex
You aren’t a real American
You can cucumber a dudes throat pretty good
Yoshi Committed Tax Fraud
You know i had to do it to em
You are by far the least real Fallout fan in the history of fallout fans.
You don’t understand Yoshi’s tax evasion problems, smh
You gotta be classy when you wanna fuck some bitch.
You know i had to do it to em’
you fucking normies only invented sex
you dont have FULL diamond armor with – get this – protection 4 and unbreaking 3 on all pieces of armor.
Your sub is sad
Young people suck.
You’re so random…
Yellow name [OC]
You’re 22, be turning 23 soon, ask parents for Shrek themed party, just like the last 12 years.
You NEVER insult a man’s penis undee ANY circumstances
You don’t actually want to have sex
You’re a skiddie!
Yeezy Yeezy what’s good?
You should…
Your mom gay
you are
YouTube guy has strong opinions on metal.
You’re not a hacker
You aren’t epic, you aren’t a 12-year-old, and your fedora certainly isn’t le cool.
You know Review Brag
Yo, squidward wann go jellyfishing
You ever seen a cat burst into flames?
Your words are meaningless. They carry no weight.
Yoshi the dejected dinosaur
You humans will fail to believe
Yuh but yo
You know what I wish?
You Are Vampire
You are Uncultured
Your intellect and wit continue to astound!
You jumping into ____
You’re a racist little bitcj
You cucks want a war, you’ll get a nuclear war.
You talking shit about NTR?
yo yes light the bifta
You Are Loved, AutoModerator
Your Credit Card Has Been Declined
You’ve been fooled!
You’ve probably eaten my anus
you ever fantasize that an agent is reading all of your posts on this website?
you can say fights
You little pussy faggot
Your act to tarnish TWice has gone a little too far.
You dumb ass millennials
Y’all act like I
You don’t have that luxury, and you’re saying “yes I do” doesn’t change it.
Year 257,834 of No Fap: My brain has grown to gargantuan size and is now about the size of a bowling ball.I am now able to see into the future where I will rule over all of humanity as a deity. My cognitive capacity has eclipsed that of Albert Einstein by one hundred million. However, due to the fac
You can attempt to hurt my feelings
You see, this is my son
You’ve been Gnomed’
Your ACT score is trash
You like jazz? (An Excerpt from the Bee Movie)
You have been banned from Hindu Gaming Group.
You people matter
your name: john stalvern, space marine
Yanny 👏 and 👏 Laurel
yo bro I’m sorry dude
Yanny Vs. Laurel
Ya’ll joined the JESUS CLUB?!
you never hear nigger in black panther
You are whitephobic.
you need to quit snapchatting McKenna
You run an awful channel
You are whitephobic
You already know what it is
You’re a fan of Micheal Jackson, right?
You’re a dork. Never been a sport.
young offender
You want me to just throw my dick on the internet so you and other people can look and judge my dick
You know what? I’ve always been a skeptic
Youtube Comment on a Song by Logic
Yeah I play Bastion
You’re just jealous of gay people
You’re inbred!
Yoshi and Mario
Yes my lady pegs me
Your steam profile is devoid of activity or any content.
Yakko’s World
Yes I am haughty, but also yes you are peasants
You dumbass.
You wake up in the year 2010, back in the past.
Ye, ur Shit
Yandere is love. Devpai is life.
You can’t parse [X]HTML with regex.
Yummy cookie! <3
You played my game, and I won.
Youtube Video Title [OC]
You should never post cuss words
You fucking hacker fucking man
Your rarted
You So Fucking Precious When You
You’re a first year grad student…
Young Sheldon Fan Fiction- Small Sheldon, Big Bang
Yes, please believe that
You like strong, powerful redditors who don’t run and hide from the typical redditing gang bang, don’t you? Try not to dwell on your failure to one-up or out-edge me.
You know what’s the wrong
You have ruined PC gaming
You know I had to do it to ’em
you peanut-brained mongoloid
you better not fucking say this shit on the internet, bitch with a keyboard
You should NEVER feel guilty about using women for sex.
You lowlife, scumbag, bottom feeders
yardiovich speech from mario rpg
Yeah, I love BDSM
you sure you want to fight a genetically superior being? (Colossal is Crazy on Twitter)
You know what a computer is.
You are very grammatically incorrect and have improper spelling.
Your mother is a homosexual lol
Yeah you heard me right: lemmings
yeah clap them cheeks
You can’t bring India down…
You ever see a nice piece of coleslaw?
You probably couldn’t even begin to comprehend how the models I work on in my spare time work, but I’ll try anyway.
You think people like you? People don’t fucking like you, nobody likes you
Yahoo Answers
Yuung leeean
You won nothing.
you dont know what happines realy is
Your mother jerks off pigs
You claim to “only upload high-quality rips”
You like it, don’t you?
Yup. We are actually a Soros funded Jewish cabal.
You and the crew
You’ve Been Pooping Wrong Your Whole Life!
You are cordially invited to fuck my ass
You’re always going to get your ass pounded.
You’ll never see Barry Allen the same way again
You know what I hate about Abrams drivers?
You drink cum for nutrition
You seem very smart, are you a right wing Trump supporter?
You Are Mediocre
ye xd
Y’all need to chill lmao
You think you’re funny cunt?
Your Reality emojipasta (this wasted 2.5 hours of my day)
You don’t understand the Quran
Youtube comment about Undertale
You know what
You are a what they call a sheeple
You sack of worthless shit
You know, I find this whole thing sad.
You think you know every fucking thing about anime
You are going die a virgin you loser
Your kakistocracy is collapsing after its lamentable journey
You Will Suffer Humiliation When The Sports Team From My Area Defeats The Sport Team From Your Area.
You are very close to figuring me out!
You are stupid, naive, pessimistic, evil, and dumb.
you are actually less important than a video game NPC.
you’re dead
You’re not gonna know the difference between brokeback mountain and zoolander
You know I had to think it to em
You wanna hear a story? Alright…
Y’all incels need to read this
You could end it all if you’d like to
Youtube Clickbait Tags Copypasta
Youtube Mega Ad
you know you’re a gamer when [OC]
You probably don’t understand human psychology like me
You’re suddenly very silent when before you were so boisterous and pedantic, Mr. Gonzales.
You Stink
Yahoo chat rooms
You are my star
Yee yee
Young thug copypasta
You are just as meaningless to me as anything you say outside of a direct conversation.
You are all too trusting.
You get your news from headlines, don’t you?
your god is a lie
Your taste in anime is complete shit.
You are not you. You are an entity that thinks it is you.
You Are Lonely
You think you are different? You better rethink it.
Your dead meat, kid
You have been banned from participating in r/furry.
You’re tearing me apart Lisa!
You must be taught
You enjoy paying exorbitant health insurance premiums?
You cared about what women said
Yeah call me a virgin again. My girlfriend is sucking my dick RIGHT NOW
Yesterday my relatives visited me. I sure showed them who’s the Man.
You REALLY tried to be smart there didn’t you?
You Piece of Shit Imperialist!
You enjoy insult me??????
You did it, you got Clem. He’s a special guy, you know. Little weird but hell of a fighter. And that’s the thing, he still needs your help to retreive his custom weapons.
You really don’t know I’m serious?
you are the worst.
YouTube in a nutshell
You dont know alot about memes, do ya?
You’re too stupid and uninformed to have this debate
You sir are a dimwit
Yeah rage comics aren’t for normies
You know how much of a pathetic child you are?
You blked me? Do you know who I am?
You make me so horny baby 😍😍😩😩.
YouTube comment praising a YouTuber’s poetic excellence
You so. Fucking. Precious. When you. Smile…
Yes, I know I’m old!
You’re gonna shut up and stop spamming now or we’ll find out where you live, because if you keep it up, we’ll grab your ass and throw you on the fucking street where you belong with your mother, and I’m fucking her in the asshole every night anyway, so fuck you and your sister and your wife…
Your mother is a homosexual.
You mentioned Australia’s cat control laws. However, you forgot…
You dumb pieces of shit learn to fact check. Your idea of theyre size is accurate. Most are smaller than a foot in length.
You are my lesbian, my only lesbian You make me happy when skies are straight You’ll never know dear, how much I love you But as a friend, because I am gay
Yall are disrespecting Steven Hawking
you see, i’ve learned something today
You’ve changed
You have come! You have come to hear the word of Talos!
Your thigh gap is violence against fat women
You are everything wrong with copypastas.
You real think a few silly signs…
You’re in a coma.
Your a scruffy mong!
You mess with me, you mess with the pack, bud.
You’re done motherfucker…
your the shittiest gf ever
Yes, you do need to be a genius to do math
You know I had to do it to ’em (blind edition)
You know I had to Dimma-do it to em
You know that most people in America are in the middle when it comes to guns right?
you think nothing will effect you when your trolling on your computer. But when you stare at the computer I can know what you do for a living
You heretic scum
You are the ultimate lifeform.
You are what’s wrong with /tg/
Your music is horrible.
You don’t need reddit gold.
You think you can make it in this business?
Your friend has just woken up from a 20 year coma and asks, “What has changed over the past 20 years? What do I need to know?
you fuckin reprobate
you gotta sing it in your head
Yeah im 12 and I could kick your ass
You sick sonofabitch, you.
You know what Turns me ON?
You’re telling me that there is no set of circumstances under which you would have sex with a child?
Youtube commenter doesn’t care about your opinion using lots of swearing
You call yourself a coach?
Yeah I know a little Japanese. I know how to say hello, stupid, cute, what, stop, and I’m cumming. And some numbers. I’m getting good
You have to do a shot of each fluid in the human body. Which do you do last?
You are the epitome of aristocratic and privileged wailing and I despise you with every fibre of my being.
You have fun in your sandbox, children. Let me know when you grow up and then I won’t have to stoop down to your levels.
You know I had to do it to ’em….
YouTube Wishes You a Demonetization Christmas
You don’t deserve DotA
You call me incel, and you are so far from reality
yeah i caught that ellen degeneres refrance ;))
You funked with a real one
You think you like melons?
You people disgust me
You don’t say that I look and sound retard okay
You think an ant is weak
You know I use to be gamer.
you guys think i can’t be a manager?
You monks shall not compare thyself to me
Your cuteness is unbielevable: )
you know damn fucking well what a computer is
y’ou’re moms’ gaye
you’r’re mom gaye
Your a Trump supporter.
You know what dude? You’re an all star.
your mum gay
your mom gay
you shouldn’t show your ass on YouTube
yay edge
You will have to excuse me here but you are all wrong with your theories because I have actually worked all of this out with theoretical physics models and a lot of calculations.
You better enjoy my video.
You threaten lives openly on twitter to feel tough.
You all have turned into a bunch of mindless zombies over this Mickey Dee’s sauce and I can prove it mathematically.
You think you’re oppressed?
You killed this community
You’re part of the problem, buddy
You sent that shit to me.
You know who I hate? People who make huge, sweeping generalizations on the internet, and then use them to leap to bombastic, reactionary, unsupported conclusions!
You Raped my Waifu 2 – The Sequel
You know that Schnitzel song, right?
You don’t like this genre because you can’t understand the art and complexity of it.
young female actress
Yiffing Pokemon is the best feeling in the world.
Yim yum!
YouTube reply
Your mom gay [OC]
You misunderstand. You assume I’m a logical and sane human being. I am not. I say dumb things before thinking.
Your dad must be disappointed
you better watch out
Yeah I like Anime….
You’re literally a pussy-
Your Prophet, You Self-Absorbed A-holes
You think you can eat a lot?
Yea man
You ever fuck a dog for a meme?
You realize just got fucking checked big time
Ya, she crossed him up
Yorkshire Navy Seal
You are all painfully misinformed about Bitcoin.
You thought this was a Kuch rant?
Yu Darvish was never a Dodger
You know what fuck you I am done.
Your matriarchal figure is homosexual laugh out loud
you take that back right now.
Year of the Dog
You Know I Had to Do It to Em
Your luck eventually runs out. Mine did. Again..
You are a dweeb, a little worm.
You’re sceptical about me and if I’m right in remembering you to be the cop I could understand why you trust your hunches…
you know i had to do it to em
You’re right. Why don’t we all just bow down and give the government more power over our lives?
YOU are the most important person in YOUR life.
You make me sick, Justin Bieber…
Yes. This is just the sort of thing I love to see most here.
You bought an EA game with pay to win lootboxes for full price
You how nobody is 100% straight?
Yeah I think I’m done with ___, the ___ culture is fucking trash.
You think you’re oppressed?
You can’t actually report moderators to the admins
You’re absolutely out of your league right now, kiddo.
You clearly don’t understand your own religion…
you know I had to do it to em
You’ve gone incognito
You Jojo fans have weaponized your cringe into a meme
Yeah. Christmas of 2007.
You know I had to do it to em: Dr. Seuss
Yuri is love, Yuri is life
You will never get out
yea man the other day I had a really shit day at work so I was listening to Death Grips on the way home
You know I had to do it to em’
You support Trump? Pfft, fucking commie.
You are all of the following.
You commies are super-fucked
You Need a High IQ to Understand Doki Doki Literature Club
Yeah I guess sex is alright (pulled from the front page)
You know what sucks? Living in southern Alabama where nobody’s as attractive as me so I can’t take anyone out on a date that I think is actually worth my time.
Yeah, I’m tempted to remove this
yo trashy ass b****
You’re gonna get fucked
You asked if my IQ was tested professionally.
Youtube commenter describes her daughter.
You are a 15 year old white migit troll
You’re a goddamn whore
You know the girl from the iPad commercial? Fuck her.
you fool. you absolute buffoon.
you a gamer dude?
You dare come back here? (Credit to Justin Kuritzkes)
yeah, I’m a fan. so what.
Young man but it’s about the ussr
You and your fucking hospitals are nothing more than kidnappers, hostage-takers
You’ve never seen a pair of breasts before?
Year 3000 by the Jonas Brothers in the form of a wall of text
yeh r the living definition of stupidity
You really don’t understand Ugandan culture
You are the living definition of stupidity
You have no idea the kind of booty I get
You have to have a really high IQ to understand Microsoft Excel
You have no idea what kind of booty I get.
You like eating shit huh, you little bitch
Your man is mine, little wifey 😈😈😈
Young sir
YUCKY ew 🤢🤢
You are genetically inferior and on a lower frequency
You have successfully ordered a dinner with Batman actor Ben Affleck for $150,000.
You ain’t shit but a cupcake cockclown with a side order of fucknuggets
You know, [insery] isn’t as great as me
Your question is homepage material!
Yard Apes
You know who the real cucks are
You insult me on internet, face the consequences
You think you can toy with her like that?
Your family must hate you
You already know who it is…
You, bud, are most definitely a career virgin.
You have to have a very high IQ to know de wey.
Youtube Golden Child
you’d have to fist your own arse to suggest Trump doesn’t know all the words to the national anthem, that’s just common sense.
you’re literally less intelligent than me
You Notice a Wall of Text (AGDQ 2018)
you are the girl in the post below
Yuri is best girl.
You want to know why I love zoop?
you know i had to do it to em
You all disgust me
You can’t just say “hailcorporate” (found in /r/politicalhumor
You know I had to do it to em
You’re a copy paste 4chan kiddie
Yahoo Answers Gaming Laptop
You din’t listen.
You’re not special, you’re not original, you’re not the first; this is just another boss fight
yak ranching advice lol
You are unintelligent, OP
You are the most idiotic person I’ve ever seen
you wouldn’t last 10 minutes in le debate against ME
You may be onto something here. Memes used to be simple.
You know I’ve came to the realization that some of the most furryphobic people I’ve ever met actually come out as closeted furries years later.
You… are a.. girl gamer? >_>
You’r beautiful
You didn’t listen.
You wouldn’t honestly do that would you?
YouTube spam
You’re an edgy 4chan troll
You’re an asshole
You wouldn’t last 10 minutes in a debate about any subject within politics, philosophy, sociology or economics with me anyway.
You think you can challenge me in my own realm?
You wouldn’t last 10 minutes in a debate
You realise how much training… (from a comment on an /r/equelmemes thread)
Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Number of ads (Twitch)
You’re not a true Star Wars fan unless you support all 3 trilogies.
You fool. You absolute buffoon.
You realize…
You want to step to me?
You may be onto something here…
Yes. My IQ is 280. One time, while on the bus, I glanced over at someone watching “Rick and Morty”
You’re a full blown commie aren’t you?
You have made a huge mistake.
You seem like a super negative person. (taken from BarbarousKing on YT’s comment section)
You found e-fame in the Youtube political sphere
You’re trapped in your little bubble of logic and science
Your music is fucking garbage
you guys blow at D2 ok?
You’re an idiot. You’re actually fucking retarded.
Your a dying breed
Your Industry can burn
You’re all sick
You’ve messed with the community of the wrong psychopath.
You’re going to hell some day, you know that right?
You think you’re funny, huh?
You swine. You vulgar little maggot. You worthless bag of filth. I wager you couldn’t empty a boot of excrement were the instructions on the heel.
Yote: A Poem From The Kase Reibe
You’ve only yourself to blame
You’re right, fuck it
You weebs are unironically unique
You guys are done
you like frogs?
You like gay anime hentai
You people didn’t even have that realization though. ABDLs aren’t pedophiles.
You’re the worst kind of Redditor. No credibility. No honor.
You know I had to do it to em
You make me sick.
Young Sheldon S01E01 Script
you know I had to do it to em
You think you’re edgier than me?
You don’t even want to know what Russel makes new teammates do.
youtube comments are a goldmine
You have beautiful eyes.
Your a kid your a squid
You know, the name “Trash Panda” always bothered me.
You’re just another sheep. Big Pharma wants the masses to think smoking causes lung cancer so that people don’t smoke them, but in actuality smoking CURES cancer. Big Pharma is selling chemo drugs that don’t work to the people and keeping them in the dark about the healing properties of CIGARETTES
Your post helped me come out
Youtube reply to being recommended Daft Punk and taking it as an insult
You’ll always be a forever alone faggot
Your score is pending
You know what’s cool? Tesla.
You’re full of shit, Jacob
Your Reality lyrics
You’re patently insane if you think American beer in any way rivals German beer.
Year’s ago a research group did a study.
Your microworld
Yam I Am
You’ll never see Anne Frank the same way again
Yeah I’m a vampire.
You win, assholes
Yeah me too man
You don’t?
you see im 12
You may be onto something here.
you know, Ajit Pai is actually doing us a favor
Your thread has been brigaded by a vicious hate subreddit
you’d take eric any day?
You know you fucked up.
You little glass jawed manlet fuck
Year old /r/drama drunk rant, for your viewing pleasure
You can’t just fucking pick and choose with your racism
you dense fuck
You are 🅱ot a Navy Seal
Yo b mans not hot ya know
Yeah I like the smell of ass
youtube stars are influencing kids in the wrong way
YOᑌ ᑕᗩᑎ’T ᑕOᑭY ᑭᗩᔕTᗩ TᕼIᔕ ᗷᕮᑕᗩᑌᔕᕮ Oᖴ Tᕼᕮ ᑌᑎIᑫᑌᕮ ᖴOᑎT
You have to have a very high IQ to understand D.J Keemstar.
YouTube comment defending videogames on a Bill Burr video
You’re probably not a real Spongebob fam.
You know i had to do it to em
YouTube Rewind 2017⏪
Yeah I like BDSM
You’re human trash and you deserve to rot in hell.
you know when you join a deathmatch but you haven’t fully loaded in so you just start running around and you get killed by a mercy and she makes fun of you for not being able to kill a mercy as tracer even though you couldn’t see her because your game hadn’t loaded
Your main got vac’d with a knife, what a cheating skid…
you are laughing, but actually, this is pretty true, in a weird, twisted way.
You’re going about this the wrong way (/r/civ)
Yeah I’m popular.
y’all see this face?
You wished to know all about my grandfather.
You know I had to do it to ‘em.
You fucking faggot
yoshi’s eggs
You should stop posting “Parallel universe” memeposts
Yeah, I’d fuck Santa
Yeah, well fuck you.
You are blocked. Fuck you.
YouTube comment defending communism
Youtube music-savant struggles to appreciate Undertale cover
You’re all so unkind
You really think I play Minecraft? 😤😤😤
You just can’t
Yes I’ll have the pork fried rice
You know what else is bullshit?
You are the definition of beta.
You’ve got issues, man…( from r/iamverysmart)
you are a FUCKING liberal
Your Name is one of the worst if not the worst movies I have ever seen in my life.
You people make me sick [from r/grilledcheese]
Youtube Comment about Alex Jones from user “Jesus is lord of all! Every Knee Shall Bow”
You have to have a very high IQ to understand big mouth.
you have no firends
You clearly have a comedy career awaiting you in the future! Omg dude you’re so funny!
You look rather scrumptious 😏
you have had probably had bugs on your wall too
You really have to be a dumbass to play CS:GO
You never win.
You’re a manchild
You asked for it
You see, when you fap…
You honestly think this shit is funny?
YouTube commenter doesn’t like Anthony Fantano
You’re full of shit, Jacob.(La Noire)
You got some muhfuckin nerve
You might be wondering why this wall of text is here.
you spin me round
You have made a massive mistake
Yes, porn is great and all…
You 👏 don’t 👏 know 👏 fashion 👏 if 👏 you 👏 don’t 👏 own 👏 a 👏 pair 👏 of 👏 boot 👏 cut 👏 jeans 👏 👖
You guys requested it, so here are two of my Minecraft server staff applications from 2013.
Yeah, like you’re gonna hack me.
You think that’s strange?
You should pity yourself for writing an answer that long
YouTube comments are a special place
You damn pervert!
You are such a funny guy!
y’all know we gotta quit this for a bit if we don’t catch the snitch, right?
Ya done goofed America
Youtube Comments for “Perennial Vegetables in Hawaii with Tia”
You tepid, dorky handcuff.
You should play Overwatch, it’s fun. [OC]
You have to be very smart to comprehend Thinkpads
You think you’re funny, huh?
you think you have what it takes to fineness ?
yo its your boy, mine that block 225
You know I had to do it to em
You have no idea kid
your not even him
Yall mad for nothing lmao drug abuse to look cool is a real thing thats happening in hip hop rn and he speaks out about it and yall get triggered, i guess all the drug-glorifying songs alrdy get thru yall heads 🤔
Youtube comments are prime source
You have made a massive mistake. Doing this for me would have made you a symbol in the world of intellect and literature.
You have made a massive mistake.
You clearly don’t know who I am little boy
youtube channel promotion
Yo fam im new!!!!!!! holds up mixtape my name is Daquan but u can call me t3h N1GgA oF d00m!!!!!!!
You have been reported to the cyber police
You subhuman baboon. You literal dog.
Yooo 😂 tell me why, yesterday I went out to the bus stop to play basketball.​But Then my mom called me to cut the grass…​How was I suppose to cut the grass when the pen has no ink.. so I went inside to feed the cat and the tv was on 😂😂 like wtf
You little shits better start appreciating me RIGHT GOD DAMN NOW
You think writing a Copypasta is easy?
Yet, I would eat the shit out of it.
Yet, I would eat the shit out of it.
You pathetic Nimrod (from r/oneyplays)
You’ve had eggs over-easy. This is eggs over-clocked.
You don’t have to be gay to enjoy gay sex
Youtube comment on Minecraft parody of 1-800-273-8255
youtube comment on a lil peep video
Yesterday some kids came up to me and took my tail
Yo i am german CS player
You criticized the one thing that means everything…
You need a really high IQ to understand copypastas.
yahoo answers what happens if a girl gets punched in the breast
You have to have a very high IQ to provide players with a sense of accomplishment
you’re not invited to my lazer tag party
Yea I play games duhh
You killed Kenny…
You Reposted in the Wrong Kidz Bop
Young(15y.) Aspiring Coder in Search of Free schoolership.?
Youtube commenter realizes the truth about Hitler
You’re now one of 3 people I’ve blocked on Reddit. I don’t even mind people sperging out at me, but what I do mind is just the complete lack of real arguments. You’re just boring.
Youtube Copypasta
You’ve seen him play basketball
Your voice is REALLY adorable
Yousa evah gettin’ told the tragie-day of Darth Jar Jar the Okie Day?
You think you’re funny saying ‘yes’ to a non ‘yes or no’ question?
You know I had to do it to em
You know, I have become Comfortably Numb
Young Sheldon
You have to have a very high IQ to understand Diners Drive-Ins And Dives.
You can make a bomb from U-235.
You’st’ve foolish homosapiens whomst’d’ve view the television series known as “Richard and Mortimer” are merely simpletons compared to a bilingual intellectual such as I for I take pleasure in the viewing of “Dora the explorer”
You guys were wrong about diamonds – HUGE INVESTMENT
YouTube comment
YouTube enthusiast here on the Chans
YouTube comment about Jews
you dont know jack about combat
you need a real nigga to Dick u down
You absolute fucking retard this isn’t even dark ambient do you even know what that genre means you cuck?
You’re a nerd a real nerd
Your body is just a lump of cells
Youtube poops are the 21st century equivalent of Dadaism.
You exist as a vibrational level.
You need a very high iq to watch annoying orange…
You memers and your references. Oh boy. I remember the old days when memes actually used to require effort.
Your crazy.
You push the envelope every day.
You must be fun at parties
you’re protecteded yeah
You are an actual idiot.
Yu-Gi-No by SPEEDO SAUSAGE Kaiba opening speech to Yugi
Yelp breakfast restaurant review
Young Sheldon viewing party invitation
Youngest Child Ever?
You might be wondering why I’ve been a less active admin lately.
You know Euler, Einstein, Plato, and Euclid? They were all me, in different forms of reincarnation.
You won’t win. NeoGAF will come back from this.
You think that’s fucking funny?
You don’t need to know how to program to make a videogame
You have a nice copypasta there, friend.
You need a high iq to understand jimmy neutron
You will never be Cummy😎
You know what else?
You “binged it”?
Yogi Bear has the deepest meaning
You fucking mainstream weebs
You fucking troglodyte
You find yourself in a room
You think you’re winning this argument kid?
You know i had to do it to em
You don’t get to call me your best friend
your a child
you are in the wrong place to fuck with the wrong guy
yee ASCII text art
You call yourself a meme broker?
you cannot downvote
Yo, 💯 i 👁 know 💭 i 👁 talk 💬 a 👌 lot. 🍑 But 🍑 i 👁 dont 🚫 do 👌 it, 💯 just 👏 to 💦 do 👌 it.
You should rethink Hinduism. There is a reason why Hinduism is mostly confined to one nation whereas Christianity is world-wide.
You can get the beat up
You simpleton Jerrys
Yeezy, Yeezy, 🐻 what’s good? 😂😂👍🏻👍🏻 It’s your boy Max B 😎, what’s going on? 😉
You have to have a fairly high IQ to understand Pyro (TF2)
You think the new Power Rangers movie is shit?
You are the better person
You can do much more than this…
You should reflect on the fact.
You have yet to see my final form [OC]
Yo motherfucker im mentally unstable
You need at least 200 IQ to watch Peep Show
You don’t have to have a high IQ to understand that the Bullet Club is more than NWOxDX.
You must have a very high IQ to understand this copypasta.
You just lost 2 subscribers. Irony? I think not.
You know I had to do it to em
You know who is the most beautiful person in the world?
Yogi Bear’s Break-in
You Would Not Believe Your Eyes, If 10 Million Fireflies, Verbosed The World as I Feel Asleep…
You got r/rickandmorty in my ricegum
You sheeple need to get your head out of the ground and fetishize substance, not aesthetics.
You are so fucking dumb,
You loli lovers are sick fucks 😤🔥👎
You gotta understand Islam
Yeah I’m a Rick and Morty fan
Yes, I’m a numale
your argument was both facile and woefully esoteric
Yet another Rick and Morty gold mine from r/casualiama
You can’t cancel out of conversations in Morrowind
You have to have a high IQ to enjoy cummies
You sir are the smartest person here.
You’d better fucking hope the SJWs are right about pretty much everything, because if race isn’t a social construct, we’re all going to burn in Hell together, you fucking motherfucking fucks.
You know what? Fuck you.
Yeah, I’m a Rick and Morty fan.
Yeah, I’m a Rick and Morty fan.
Yeah, I’m a Rick and Morty fan.
You Messed with the Wrong Dimension
Youtube Commenter Hates Blacks
youve heard about the witcher 3 but did you hear about this hidden gem?
You know i had to do it to em’
you have to have a very high IQ to understand Doki Doki Literature Club
You have to have a very low IQ to understand Aqua Teen Hunger Force
You have to have a very high IQ to understand Motu Patlu
You are saying that your IQ is 220?!
Yuo need a VERY high IQ to understand IHE.
You know what else sucks?
You Have To Have A Very High IQ To Understand Motu Paltu
You know what really grinds my gears?
Youre gay if you find realistic girls hot
You think you’ve seen her naked?
Yummy yummy in my tummy, I want cummy in my bummy!!!
You’re having an existential crisis??
You normal music PLEB
You have to have a very high IQ to enjoy Homestuck
you tuched my chocolates script
You think Tyler1’s bald head is for looks?
YouTube Comment Section Provides Again
You need very high IQ for Dark Souls (Taken From r/ShittyDarkSouls)
You’re obviously a straight white woman
You Suck at Cuphead; Git Gud
You wanna know what I think about when I train neck? Sex. I think about fucking. Myself.
You know I had to do it to em
Yesterday i took an iq test but instead of the usual questions they showed me an episode of Rick and Morty and asked me to explain all of the jokes
you know how everybody complains about ahhc?
You are one of the WORST rocket league players I’ve seen by the way.
You asian not Bsian
You know what’s funny?
You have to have a very high IQ to understand Slipknot.
You have to have a very high IQ to understand playing Master Yi.
You wake up in the morning to the sound of your mom calling you
You’re not good enough, you’re not smart enough, and people don’t like you.
You’re stuck in the matrix.
You know I had to do it to em
You know
Yet another rick and morty copypasta
Young Sheldon (from a discord server I’m in)
You’re the stupidest fuck I’ve ever met.
Yet another Rick and Morty pasta from a FB group
You don’t have to understand physics or deeply follow philosophy to find rick and morty funny.
You Call Me A Bitch?
yo you wanna learn how to do a fuckin infinite?
You need a high IQ to understand Rick and Morty.
you baby is dead
yes I can do what I damn well want with my KAYSO and there ain’t shit you can do about it
You sound like a pretentious dickmelon
You’re a real asshole, pal.
You have to have a high IQ to watch Rick and Morty, I wasn’t sure if this was posted here
you know what? fine.
You Would Not Believe Your Eyes
Young Sheldon
You have to have a really high IQ to understand Jimmy Neutron
You chose the path of racism and elected a fucking internet troll as president
Yo fam im new!!!!!!!
Yall pussy fuccbois
You people make me sick
You Have to Have a Very High IQ to Understand Veggietales.
Your mom XD
You think the swamp has been drained?!
You have to have a very high IQ to play El Witcherino Tres
Your information is removed
You think you’re the top dog, huh?
Yakko’s world lyrics
You can be as crude as you like when answering
You have to understand, YouTube commentary is a very rough-and-tumble environment
Yo, its Nathan Dawe
Yo. Downvote me to hell but this dude is fucking LEGIT!
You have the audacity to come to me for help?
You speak for small dicks in Greece
You Reposted In The Wrong Neighborhood- Kidz Bop
You like Rick And Morty?
Young King Dave smokin’ DOINKS
You challenged me on love kid
You know it’s Nick crompton and my collar stay poppin
You have recounted within the incorrect community
Yes, I want zombie dick inside me.
You ruined my show
Youtube Comments JDM Fanboy
You’re only ruining it, and that is not cool AT ALL
You’re not kind to anyone who is not White, Christian, Conservative, Straight, and Pro-Trump.
You name it I’ve done it
you fucking vegan
you poop-head.
you book readers you
You’re gay. You are the human epitome of a homosexual relationship.
You have to be gay to appreciate Steven Universe
Youtube video is too long
You make me sick
Your inexplicably vehement animus toward Musk himself
You Know Who lives next to me
You think you had it bad?
You felt real proud about that joke, didn’t you? You pathetic swine.
Yes, I’m talking about the Big Bang Theory “copypasta”, you ingrates.
Your statement has absolutely nothing to do with Christianity or Christ’s teachings except for the fact that your position is satanist.
You guys know i’m not a pedo right?
you have to have a very high IQ to understand The Big Bang Theory
you know what? i don’t give a shit
Your girl’s weird habit
You Are Scum
You see, as a child, I was a feminist, also I am a vegan btw.
You’re fucking shinimashita’d, akachan.
You know the drill V2
Yo who calls veggie tables vegetables?
You know the kind of guy who does nothing but bad things and then wonders why his life sucks?
Youu want to know why I love Wednesday frog?
You’re a lone raccoon driving, you’re a virgin, but you feel your about to get lucky.
You aint cool unless you end your sentences like dis. 👉😎👉
YouTube comment about Behind The Meme
You were killed by a grenade
youtube arguing
You are wasting your time
You know OP you are the hidden hero in this world.
You know OP you are the hidden hero in this world.
You don’t understand; memeing is an ART
you did this,MAN FUCK!!!!
You know what?
You are so retarded
you fucking do that every damn time
You take a girl out on a date, of course you want to sling some herb.
Your one fucked up dude!
you been a piece of shit to me
YouTube commenter gets roasted
You follow the red line
Your friend was in the wrong. Period. Your choice to bring up my personal life will cause me to bring yours up you fat insecure little fuck. Your boyfriend has been running his mouth about your lame ass for years- so be careful who you pick a fight with or I will fight dirty too.
Your humor is detracting from the importance of the moral. Go be a comic somewhere else. Most people who make jokes take the time to learn a thing called timing first- food for thought.
you got lucky, kid
Y do u fvkin kare huh?
Yep, this is my life now. Just waiting here….alone…..wandering around like a zombie…
Yes, you are a Weeaboo.
You can’t just spam /r/HailCorporate and expect an upvote.
You’re really a mocker huh?
You seem like a mighty strong worker
You say Bruno Mars
Yeah, it’s only scary when an alt-white person gets attacked.
you pwned that guy
Yeah, it’s only scary when an alt-white person gets attacked.
You’ve never been to a party like Siena…
you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty.
You don’t like statues? Well here’s what I have to say about that…
ya ain’t quite the purfect neko
You don’t like my memes? well fuk you too kid. I have comprehended Kant’s transcendental idealism, and Nietzsche’s eternal turn
Y’all Pathetic
you have to kill memes fast if you don’t want it to be norm
You shouldn’t call every anime fan a weeb!
Yea I read that too
You may be onto something here
You want to know why I love /u/waterguy12?
You may be onto something here
You Can Become A Vampire LAWD ERMAHGERD!!
Young man gets a CD
you guys misunderstood the guy
you have been errored by notsobot
You just completely described a liberal, you liberals, want to take away my first and second amendment rights,
You’re a fucking retard I literally went to a 7 day seminar on this shit and he speaks the truth.
yes, yes downvote. Inflate those egos
You’re toxic and unfunny.
You really do need to get into the mindset of the faggot atheist Redditor to understand why this show is so popular.
You are the worst person I know.
Yeah I saw the emoji movie.
you should be strapped to a nasa rocket and sent to mars so some aliens can fuck you hard
You know what ? I’m just going to say it.
You have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty.
You’re probably 14/15 right?
Your mother jerks off pigs
Youtube Comment Regulator
You seem like a fucking moron.
yt comment
Yeezy, Yeezy, 🐻 what’s good?
You’re an ugly ass ginger troll who looks like one of the gremlins/elves from lord of the rings