Dear serbian brothers and sisters.

A very important message for all pro-Europeans, Western lovers, atheists and “human rights activists”

God help brothers and sisters Serbs and other true Europeans! (I don’t mean EU citizens)

In today’s redit post, I wanted to show you the great contradiction and hypocrisy of the Western world (European Union, NATO pact, …)

They stand for freedom of speech, but they suppress all people who do not agree with them and call them fascists, Nazis, right-wingers, extremists, … To make matters worse, they almost always sabotage them on social networks by censoring them. mark as fake news (fact checkers).

They advocate for sexual freedom, but they attack all people who oppose LGBT + (which they won’t invent) or people who are proud to be normal or straight (a transvestite can be proud of his illness, and I, a heterosexual, can’t be proud to be normal)

They stand for freedom of religion, but they attack and ridicule Christians whenever they can.

Free legislation is advocated, but all laws are dictated from Brussels / Berlin / Washington, …

They stand for democracy, but support dictators such as Milo Djukanovic.

They advocate for freedom of movement, but they are closing the whole country because of the virus, whose mortality rate is 1%.

They advocate for peace, but finance the warring parties or cause wars themselves.

They are committed to ecology, but they are one of the biggest polluters. …

Freedom of opinion = imposition of their opinion Freedom of sexuality = imposition of homosexuality Freedom of religion = imposition of atheism Democracy = it does not matter whether the ruler is a dictator or a democrat, it is important for them to listen to them Free legislation = dictation of Brussels / Berlin laws imposition of wars Ecology = pollution

The formula is simple: Freedom X = imposing their X

We are older than most of Europe and we should be proud of that!

Because of that same west, we have suffered the most throughout history. World War I 1,000,000 casualties (30% of the population). World War II 1,000,000 victims (25% of the population, because most of all Yugoslavs died Serbs). The British and French together lost only 3% of the population in both wars. The funniest thing for me is when someone says that it was not the EU that bombed us, but NATO, and 90% of the members are common.

We are older than most of Europe and we should be proud of that! People, you understand, in order to be better, we do not need any European Union or NATO pact, we need to work on our own to make it better. What would Patriarch Paul say: “We will be better when we are better.”

I salute you all!

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