Does anyone else drunk drive occasinaly?

Sometimes if I have nothing better to do, I like to go on a little joyride. I’ll prepare a few cocktails with the shaker, grab my keys, and go for a stroll thru the neighborhood. I like to do this for about an hour or so. I have a meticulous system; everything has to be planned. I would never drive drunk on the spur of the moment and would rather take the train home after a round of drinks with the lads. Driving after a rowdy night out would be irresponsible because, imo, spontaneity invites chaos. I think it’s pretty safe if its all pre-planend tho. Then I can ensure that I’m not totally inebriated. Typically I’ll have about 3 homemade cocktails before leaving. I’ll put the last one one in my thermos, put on my drunk driving playlist, and hit the road. Sometimes if I’m feeling especially bored I’ll venture outside of the neighborhood to more trafficked areas, like the freeway. I like to bring road beers for those occasions. If you’re not a bad driver, and responsible, I would really recommend giving it a try. It has added an element of danger to my life, and I genuinely feel that I value it more now. There’s no better way to introspect on ones own mortality than being drunk behind the wheel, imo. It’s also a good way to listen to podcasts.

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