Employers can go pound sand up their ass!

I pull in about 35-45/h raking leaves, compared to the highest job offer amount which was 17/h. I am fucking consistently pulling in so much fucking money raking fucking leaves for home owners, this oh well raise you 1$ 2$ after 1 year of working bullshit! go fuck yourself! holy fuck, i pulled in 250 net after 6 fucking hours yesterday, 300 today, 320 tommorow holy shit, in my area of florida employers are so fucking broke, they only wanted to pay me 17 an hour at most. I said to one employer, I would like 22 an hour and they go ” well that is high”. holy fuck I was once had a job I was about to subcontract (basically hired a friend to do it) I was able to pay them 20/h to rake fucking leaves, holy shit, these employers are dealing with much much much more cashflow than I am. Maybe they have high quantity of product sales like a grocery or department or home depot store. Some thing is very wrong when I am able to pull in profit after paying 20/h to someone to rake fucking leaves. you can go pound sand up your fucking ass. workers need to hold the fucking line. there are millions of us and few of them in comparison. this is fucking capitalism. you take a look at the pattern of what a home services business does, they sell on low price first establishing clients. then they consistently put prices up it keeps going up and up. as clientele increases they have more and more people they can tolerate “No” from. they hand out ridiculous prices that reflect inflation. there is nothing wrong with asking ridiculous prices, i learned from another business, he said “it is not my responsibility to make financial decisions for others I can ask for any fucking price.”, if grocery store workers collectively held the line and said we would like 30/h to do this work. make the grocery store go holy fucking shit, I cant manage all my stores in each state, do I really want to pay this high fucking bullshit for my store. holy fuckin shit how do I import this many fucking broke ass fucking teenagers in Bangladesh or china. holy shit how the fuck do i get this many fucking visas, how do i get this many fucking mexicans who speak English, holy fucking shit, holy fucking shit how do i get this many fucking children in my fucking factory holy shit. im not going to make 1 bill this year but only 30 mill, oh fuck how AM GOING TO LIVE ON 30 MILL. what is this fucking bullshit 5 mill is plenty to live on. If we dont get some foreigner broke ass retard or teenager coming in who gets paid a pile of shit or nothing who takes on this 12/h bullshit there would be no problem with this job market. there is nothing unethical about asking for shit ton of money for simple work, large fucking companies hand out ridiculous prices, look at insurance; FUCK INSURANCE COMPANIES, FUCK THEIR PRICES! FUCK EMPLOYERS FUCK THEM, YOU TAKE A LOOK AT THE LUDLOW MASSACRE HOLY SHIT THE COLORADO NATIONAL GUARD STARTING FUCKING MOWING DOWN CHILDREN WITH A FUCKING MACHINE FOR THEIR PARENTS STRIKING AND THE ROCKEFELLERS CALLED THEM IN. you take a look at what employers situation the large employers would have if legislators never stepped in during the industrial revolution, they would have your son getting paid a pile of shit for long hours and they come home without their fucking arm. I know when I show up to quote a cilent on leaf raking if they want to pay me jack shit i fucking leave. “your prices are ridiculous bro” I have plenty of clients who pay me more than I quoted they’re so happy with the work and speed. I hold the line. this fucking asinine situation with “there’s always someone who will do it for fucking cheaper” bullshit, fuck this shit.

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