Found this on 4chan’s /mu/ board

To be fair, you have to smoke a LOT of weed to appreciate Neutral Milk Hotel. The symbolism is extremely abstract, and without a concerningly high dose of THC most of the songs will go over a typical listener’s head. There’s also Mangum’s overwhelming fetish for dead prepubescent Jewish girls, which is deftly woven into the imagery – his sexual fantasies draw heavily from Anne Frank’s personal diary, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have sufficiently strong strains of grass to truly appreciate the depths of these lyrics, to realize that they’re not just nonsense- they say something DEEP about LIFE, man. As a consequence people who dislike Neutral Milk Hotel truly ARE squares- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, that “Holland 1945” references the Holocaust, which itself is a cryptic reference to 420. I’m laughing like Seth Rogan right now just imagining one of those sober simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Jeff Mangum’s fetish unfolds itself in their headphones. What repressed prudes… I bet they vote Republican. Heheheh. And yes by the way, I DO have a “Two-headed boy” bong. And no, you cannot see it. It’s for the ladies’ eyes only- And even they have to demonstrate that they can handle within 5 pot brownies of my own tolerance (preferably lower) beforehand.

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