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WE PEOPLES OF KOREA HATE SCANDINAVIA. YOU NOT COMING HERE, OK? I WILL KICK YOU OUT BY FORCE IF YOU COME TO DPRK AGAIN. I WANT BISMARCK TO CONQUER THEM ALL OVER THAN SCHELSWIG-HOLSTEIN AND MAKE THEM SLAVES. Hitler is austrian, austrian always lose wars like to prussia, lost territory in czechoslovakia. He says Scandinavian is superior, slavs inferior. He is wrong, since scandanavian haplogroup I comes from HIJK IJK in primitive genes, means they are relate to middle eastern and blacks. If you ever think why they always get fucked by refugee and migrants, this is why. What a stupid government, a degenerate, subhuman people who falsely think they are superior. Their country now, is like hell, ridden with crime, corruption, disease, r**e, mess. They are liars, slanders like the fake Wehrmacht government after WWI who signed the treaty of Versailles, then killed many of its own people. But the Scandinavian are worse. Next, the “european” R genes means they are indians. Some genetically native european origins, is of hidden idea. HOLD HIGH THE ARMS OF SOCIALISM-COMMUNISM AND THE SPIRIT OF ERICH HONECKER, DEFEND THE PEOPLES GLORY, AGAINST DEGENERATE SUBHUMANS LIKE SCANDINAVIANS AND MIDDLE EASTERN. SCANDINAVIAN WILL NEVER CHANGE THE DPRK NATION AND PEOPLES BY THEIR LIES AND SLANDERS. WE WILL NEVER FOLLOW YOUR FAILING PATH. YOUR RACE IS ON TO GENOCIDE. The real korean race is eternal, we will never die or force to evil ways.

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