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With my prehensile penis, I boa-constrict my tender ball sack like a mama snake protecting her clutch of eggs. Tighter and tighter I squeeze until my balls are bulging and smooth with pressure.

I flick them with my middle finger and hear the same empty thump you’d hear when flicking a ripe honeydew. Resounding and delicious.

Tighter, my penis, tighter! Squeeze my balls until I can’t feel them! That’s it! My balls go pale, the veins like angry trails in a desert landscape. I caress my numb balls. I delight in tugging at the sparse hairs and feeling absolutely nothing at all.

Drumming, drumming, drumming my ball sack like a snare drum. The snappy percussion echoes in my bedchamber!

Tighter still, my penis squeezes my balls until I’m paralyzed in my bed. My legs can’t move, frozen toes flexed and splayed out. This is it. This is the point I had to reach. Tighter, penis, tighter! This is it!

I command my serpentine cock to uncoil, and it snaps like a whip, leaving a sizeable welt across my shorn stomach. The sudden release in pressure deflates my ball sack like a wild balloon having its butthole unpinched.

But where does this sexual build up go!?

Why straight to that villainous dong of mine! In moments, he is no longer prehensile, but full, thick, throbbing, and immensely hard, constricted like a lunatic in a straight jacket begging for the warden to lobotomize the visions away.

And much like a carnival hammer game, the weight has shot to the bell. My legs still have no feeling as a torrent of spectacularly thick and fragrant jizzum erupts forth! Pump after pump, blow after blow, sizzling gush after sizzling gush. My hands-free ejaculation reaches my ceiling fan and rains back down upon me in giggly warm globules.

My prehensile cock flops down in exhausted ecstasy. Even though he is stunned and giddy, he tries his best to sweep up what little of the voluminous creme has landed on my still quivering stomach.

I pat him and call him a good boy, indicating that I will take care of the mess when feeling returns to my legs, something which doesn’t happen for several hours, at which point my ravenous serpent cock begins to constrict my balls again.

Devilishly, I smile and wink at the naughty fellow and throw my head back into my pillow for another round.

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