Fuck all of you. If you think I’ll shrivel up and die just because I’m outnumbered then think again. Y’all have no idea who and what I’ve seen, I’ve buried men for less. Knock me down 8 times I’ll get up 9 bitch. This is my last straw, you better be ready to run like hell when my demon breaks free.

Hello mine name our Raymond and today am talk
about what is coming this wild game we call brawl
star. I belief brawl talk am coming in this wild date
that we call February 18. Frank has tell me that am
banned from bra star Reddit guess what data I am
has othe way obtain information sol can present it
to this wonderful community. That’s right o said it |
belief that y’all are wonderful community better then
others heh littler they know this subreddit am my
last resort oh wait did I say that out of loud oh yeah
I did heh I think it’s time to go wait look at the time
heh I better run I will we’ll see you soo actually I won’t
because l am making a break for it wait did I say that
out of loud oh yeahl did anyway I’m getting the heck
out of here.

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