Fuck France

my wife said to me “love to go to Paris”, I’ve been and it’s a shithole full of ignorant fucking twats. Kept going on and on about it, so fuck it, takes her on the Eurotunnel train, arrives Friday evening makes our way to the Hotel, and walks in, she is mugged in the Hotel entrance while I am getting out of the cab, the cab ride was like being mugged and so fucker mugs her while I am paying the cabbiemugger. Shit goes downhill from there, the Hotel had our reservation, but dumped us the day before, because – wankers. After we get our issue sorted, we go for a meal at a restaurant table we booked, you guess it was given to another couple. We wait for a table and get bumped for 2hrs. Protests by farmers/lorry drivers/everyone else with burning cars and shit, we were told to stay indoors. Fuck Paris, Fuck France – I would only go again if we were to do a bombing run.

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