Gabriel Ultrakill complete dialogue

Machine, turn back now. The layers of this palace are not for your kind. Turn back, or you will be crossing the Will of GOD… Your choice is made. As the righteous hand of the Father, I shall REND YOU APART, and you will become inanimate once more.


What? How can this be? Bested by this… this thing? You insignificant FUCK! THIS IS NOT OVER! May your woes be many, and your days few!

Machine, I know you’re here. I can smell the insolent stench of your bloodstained hands. I await you down below. Come to me.

Limbo, Lust, all gone… With Gluttony soon to follow. Your kind know nothing but hunger; purged all life on the upper layers, and yet they remain unsatiated… As do you. You’ve taken everything from me, machine. And now all that remains is PERFECT HATRED.

Machine… I will cut you down, break you apart, splay the gore of your profane form across the STARS! I will grind you down until the very SPARKS CRY FOR MERCY! My hands shall RELISH ENDING YOU… HERE! AND! NOW!

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