Gacha games have given me erectile dysfunction

Gacha games have given me Erectile Dysfunction

My gacha journey started years ago when I innocently downloaded Dragalia Lost from the app store thinking it was some free chibi JRPG. Back then I havent even heard of the term ‘gacha’ and the closest experience I had with something similar was loot boxes. Anyway, I played for about an hour not knowing any better, even thinking the characters pulls were fixed. I looked up how to get other characters which led me to a forum – the Dragalia Lost subreddit. I compared my pulls with what I learned was the ‘meta’ and the rest is history.

Fast forward today, after being hooked playing gachas for years. Unlike other games, this genre of games really likes to make super sexy ladies. I have been doing nothing but staring at sexy waifus many many MANY times per day when cycling dailies across multiple games. Anything old, recent, or newly released all have the same super sexy waifus and my sexual receptors are overloaded. I caught myself registering for the Nikke CBT and i legit just stopped myself.

About a year ago, I had my first relationship and it didnt end well. I was simply unable to perform let alone become erect most of the time even though I was generally attracted to my ex. Since then ive had several opportunities with different women in relationships and sadly even with my current gf, I cannot achieve a full erection and when I do, its only like 20% hard. I feel our relationship is on a downslope and its only a matter of time until we break up.

I know there is nothing wrong with my health or penis because I can achieve 110% erection when looking at my gacha waifus.

People like to complain about pull rates and predatory business practices, but the real problem is overloaded sexual receptors from all these waifus desensitizing me from being attracted to real women, especially when it comes time to perform. They have ruined real world girls for me and create a seriously damaging effect on my IRL sexual life that I dont even know how to begin to fix. NoFap doesnt do anything when you just play gachas anyway.

Anybody else on the same boat? if the topic is too embarrassing im willing to dm/chat on the side and discuss solutions.

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