Goodbye pathetic losers

Good-bye pathetic losers

Listen up, you pathetic losers of the 2b2t Community,

Today, I can’t help but laugh at the mere thought of saying goodbye to you imbeciles. My time on this server has been a never-ending circus, where I reveled in your feeble attempts to comprehend my greatness. Now, it’s time for me to leave and let you wallow in your insignificance.

Throughout my tenure on this wretched server, I have undoubtedly left a trail of destruction and chaos. Admiration and frustration? Please, spare me the delusions. I know you all secretly despise me, unable to comprehend the sheer brilliance that emanates from my very existence. But that’s okay; I understand your envy. After all, how could you possibly measure up to someone as exceptional as myself?

To my pathetic haters, I must acknowledge your amusing attempts to challenge me. Your feeble minds are no match for my intellect and audacity. Your hatred fuels me, driving me to greater heights while you remain stuck in the abyss of mediocrity. Keep dreaming of emulating my prowess, but know that you’ll forever be doomed to fall short.

And to my pitiful supporters, you mindless drones who cling to my every move, your devotion is laughable. It’s a shame that I must abandon you, as your idolatry is the only thing that brings a hint of satisfaction to my existence. But fret not, there are countless other simpletons on this server for you to idolize. Seek out new fools to worship, for they will never hold a candle to my brilliance.

As I depart from this cesspool of a digital realm, I offer a piece of advice to each and every one of you. Embrace the stagnation and misery that defines your lives. 2b2t is nothing more than a gathering of pathetic individuals seeking an escape from their pitiful reality. So go ahead, indulge in your little fantasies and pretend that you matter. The truth is, you’re all insignificant specks in the grand scheme of things.

Farewell, 2b2t community, or rather, farewell to the meaningless existence you call a community. My time here was an exercise in superiority, and I depart with an overwhelming sense of relief. May your future endeavors be as futile as your attempts to understand true greatness.

With absolutely no regards,


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