Got fired from my job over a machine and then murdered everyone, AITA?

So I (a supreme Angel) work in heaven and recently a machine (an Insignificant fuck) didn’t turn back in the layer of Gluttony when I told it to turn back and it proceedes to go further into the layers of this palace (which are not for its kind). As the righteous hand of the father, I should have rend it apart, and made it inanimate once more, but the machine started shooting coins (which is NOT a martial art) and defeated me. I got fired from my job later that day by The Council. I wanted to murder the Machine (an insignificant fuck) so I went to Heresy and awaited it down below.

As the insignificant fuck arrived, I would have cut it down, break it apart, splay the gore of its protfne form across the stars! I would grind it down until the very SPARKS CRY FOR MERCY! My hands would RELISH, ending it HERE. AND. NOW!

But I lost, once again. After I left the fight I decided to think about the whole situation for a bit and came to a conclusion. As I arrived back in Heaven, I murdered the council and showed it off to citizens of heaven.

So, reddit, AITA?

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