What “if” this was going to be real?? WOW. You totally missed the whole point of this movie as most people did. THIS IS REAL!! The universe, you, physical matter, it’s all an illusion because everything in the universe is made up of energy (that’s called a Science fact right there, you can look it up). The people that control you (if there’s a jab in your arm from the last 3 years then you already know if you are) like to make up movies that tell you exactly how it is in the world (do you know how many world killing pandemic movies came out just before 2020? If you go and look, it will seriously make your head spin). They are brilliant and devious, they make you think it’s all fiction and then laugh behind your backs (effectively castrating you and separating you from your power). The key to figuring out and winning the ‘game’ is to understand where you actually are and to realize that YOU have the power to affect change in your world even MORE than they do, but to do that you need to open your mind and flush out all the bull they fed into you your whole life. Good luck everyone. I have faith in you!

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