he saved my nudes and blocked me (from r/teenagers)

im in shell shock rn and don’t know what to do. im so scared.

a guy on reddit reached out to me an offered to pay $250 for nudes. i said yes and we continued communicating on snap. he sent me real visa gift card info that actually worked when i input them in my paypal. but it didnt work when i tried to buy something. i went to go ask him and i realized he wasn’t in my snap anymore. i checked reddit, and he deleted the messages he sent me and there’s nothing left on his account.

he said he was 16 (im 15) so i thought it was okay. i feel so ashamed. i feel like a stupid money hungry whore. i feel like a slut. i want to rip my skin and stupid tits off my body. i want to cry but i cant because my parents are home. there’s a guy out there who knows what my genitals look like. i have no idea what he’s gonna do with the pictures. i am frightened. help me please. my
parents can’t know.

1. i am not trying to make myself out to be a victim. i just want a fucking hug, goddammit.
2. he saw my face in a separate photo, not the nudes.
3. every man i have met has used me or abandoned me. so, yeah. i probably will avoid most guys for a while out of fear, just like how you would avoid most dogs if you got bit by one.
4. i’m not “selling nudes” just like you’re not selling your instagram photos, but hell, if someone offered to pay for you to take some in a pose of their choice, you’d be happy take some.
5. i was only willing because he made me feel safe. he gave me a false sense of safety and took advantage of my trust.

update: i am deleting reddit. please u/p/v0/t3 my c0/mm/3n/t5 so i can defend myself.

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