(help) M(28) get painful and sharp erections from mechanical keyboards

Hello Reddit,

I have been suffering from this condition for many moons now and wondered if any Reditieers suffer from the same ailment.About 3 months ago my friend of bested friends marco,my roommate and only companion,suggested to me I replace my standard(and quite sexy and sleek)magic apple keyboard with “Mechanical switches”.I myself was completely #flabbergasted and told him he just wanted me to get a new keyboard for that fuckwad rgb shit ,but I saw through him.He told me something interesting though, claiming the mechanical switches would give me a gamer edge in my gamer performance,#intregied I was loll.

Anyway I picked myself up a msi vigor gk50 low profile mx brown switches,the same as infamous fortnite streamer pooptrashcan,#mygoat forever and always,anyway I plugged it in and felt something strange a twinge perhaps.I laid my fingers on the keyboard the anticipation of what awaited me I admit,made my tongue slobber and my asshole pucker up just slightly.

I typed a sentence “Hello world”.Immediately, I had throbbing erection which bursted through tight and expensive polo underwear,5.99+tax,it did not help as my roommate and only companion Marco was beside me.He now questions my sexuality and won’t watch star wars with me :(.I thought it would wear off ,but as I kept typing the sound massaged my ears as a silky smooth logenze would massage a throat,I admit it i was extremely turned on. My rock hard erection compelled me beged of me even,but could not climax as I did not want to spoil my expensive polo khaki shorts,12.99+tax .This has now become an everyday problem for me as I work as a software developer for (company redacted don’t wanna get found out lol).

Anyway when i’m at work at Epic headquarters the sound of my own keyboard ,which I’m required to bring from home #workplaceviolations gives me extremely painful erections.I’ve tried putting on headphones but the sound vibrating off the keyboard onto my supple fingertips is enough to cause me extreme discomfort and arousal.I’ve tried switching keyboards,to no avail,all of them cherry mx,akko,gateron nothing works,all mechanical keyboards give me an erection.Does anyone have a solution,I do not want to switch keyboards as the feelings I get from the mechanical keyboard makes me feel wanted,I simply do not want the painful and EMBARASSING erections

.If you want more info you can just PM me to observe and you might want to bring multiple people even to help you observe better.Please just bring anyone to watch ,but this is extremely EMBARRASSING for me ,but if you really want to observe I WILL LET YOU.Any brave and SMART redditeers #braveandsmart enough to help me out and get to the root of this problem?????????

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