how I shit in my classmate’s briefcase

One day on the way to school, I wanted to shit. Having overcome my impulses, I decided to run to the school fountain and spew my shit there. But what was my horror when I discovered that the pusher did not work! And I wanted to shit more and more.

The lesson started, but I couldn’t go, I would just shit myself on the way! But when the corridor was empty, I found someone’s briefcase next to me. I had no choice, I unbuttoned my pants, pulled off my pants and started shitting in that unfortunate briefcase. I’ve been shitting for a very long time and would have shat more if I hadn’t heard footsteps. All I managed to do was to pull on my underpants and pants in a hurry on my shitty ass, and then stand at attention. In my hurry, I forgot to fasten my briefcase and this will become a huge problem.

Here in front of me was the owner of the briefcase – chan from parallel, to whom I had been jerking off for more than a year (let’s call her Katya for convenience). I was standing between her and her briefcase, so she couldn’t see my shit.

When she saw me, she blushed and looked down. I already thought that I had shoes or clothes in a dream, but a quick analysis of what was happening made it clear that everything seemed to be fine.

And suddenly Katya started to say something. Seriously concerned about my problem, I practically did not listen to her, but she said something about some feelings for me. That’s all I needed! It was necessary to urgently come up with a way out of the situation.

My situation was also somewhat complicated by the fact that my pants were not buttoned up and I had to keep my hands in my pockets so that they would not fall off.

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