How I used my husbands childhood to corrupt him, a wife’s attempt to get my husband further into the fart fetish

For almost 6 years I’ve been married to a wonderful man named Andrew, we’re about the polar opposites though, Andrew is mid 30s, athletic build, massive dong, and a nice plump butt, he’s shy but kind, I’m the opposite, on the outside I’m just another blonde with a big ass, but I’m much different irl, I’m loud, obnoxious, a huge weeb, and perpetually gassy, with a massive fart kink, I fucking love ripping ass for this man I’ve married, and until today he’s basically just been putting up with it, here’s how I changed that

Today’s a record high for our area, over a 100 degrees, The day was mostly normal, I woke up did some yoga, took a shower and then hopped into bed eager to spend the day looking at my husbands naked body, we’re both sweating like crazy and being the needy nasty bitch I am I asked him to eat my ass, with no farts in the chamber it was just a buffet for him, swampy butt with a side of a hand job, however something in me was desperate for more, so knowing my husband was gonna nap once he finished I began to plan, I’d get up and ride my bike into town, about a 10 minute ride there and back, build up a good sweat, grab some Taco Bell, and initiate phase 2, see my husband and I have other kinks, I love to cosplay, and he’s a simp for Android 18 from dragonball, and I’ve dressed as her multiple times seeming as I already kinda resemble her, so what better way to get him to admit he likes my gassy ass then corrupting his childhood, as he slept I ate, dressed for my role, and waited

He woke up to see his wet dream as a kid, the big booty blonde he always adored, expect I wanted something different, I wanted a confession, I quickly planted my ass on his face and staying in character said “ lick, now” in a stern voice, he licked, “ such a big cock, shame I won’t touch it” he wiggled under me, “ unless you get hard from nothing but my sweaty ass, can you do that for me and your wife, can you huff swamp ass and get hard” he licked with purpose and got erect “ good boy, your wife needs me to train you, so until you can take a swampy disgusting fart and keep that boner, you’ll fear no pleasure” for about 30 minutes I just edged him until he finally admitted he kinda liked the smell, after which I layed on my stomach and he put his dong between my cheeks, and he took braps till he was at his limit then went to town on my butt

As I type this he’s currently sleeping face first in my butt, I’ve drained him, and am a lucky lady

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